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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 19, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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hate the pieces in the hospital and they think that the internet is big, it's not a crazy idea, we happen to be the only internet based medical records for-- >> are you allowed to say that on tv. >> no, you're not. but management worried about my mouth? don: thank you, dagen mcdowell and "varney & company" is up next, and stuart, over to you. stuart: thanks very much. got him, he's dead the man who orchestrated the paris attack has been killed. there's the headline and good morning, everyone. authorities in france confirmed it. a police raid took out abdelhamid abaaoud the so-called mastermind, that's indeed the headline from paris. the headline from president obama, a veto to any resistance to letting in ref fees. let them in said the new york
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mayor and then an isis threat from new york, we're safe and well prepared says bill deblasio. to the polls, ben carson takes a huge tumble, now tied for third. it was a post-paris poll and donald trump has extended his lead. to wall street, watch out, square, that's the on-line payment system, it goes public today, and as some big money will be lost. the all new and all american edition of "varney & company," that's about to begin. ♪ >> he's dead. french authorities saying the architect of the paris terror attack was killed in the pre-dawn raids yesterday. his name was abdelhamid abaaoud. he also had been linked to a string of thwarted attacks, including the plot to kill passengers on the train in august. that was the one that three young americans helped foil.
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he was identified from fingerprint samples. all right, also this morning, belgian authorities launching six raids and going off the entourage of the terrorist who blew himself up outside of the soccer stadium on friday. they're raiding what's often called a no-go area in the suburbs of brussel. and other areas of brussels, too. and unveiling new anti-terror measures following the paris attack. we have a live report in moments. listen to this, isis says it has beheaded two men, one a chinese national, the other a norwegian citizen and put the word out in the english language magazine. the chinese government said they would hold the perpetrators accountable and norway also condemned the murders. senator lindsey graham came out with it, send 10,000 troops to
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fight isis and now strong words also from jeb bush. roll tape. >> while air is essential it cannot bring the results we seek. the united states in conjunction with our nato allies and more arab partners, will need to increase our presence on the ground. stuart: all right, there you have it. need to increase our presence on the ground. 10,000 american soldiers says lindsey graham. kt mcfarland are here. the republicans are emerging as the war party, fighting in anger in the mideast. >> not in anger, in effectiveness trying to et go the enemy. i think it's bigger than this. the debate, 5,000, 10,000, 30,000, it's so much bigger than taking out the capital of isis. if you could take out the mastermind, we took out usama
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bin laden, was it ended? it's much more. propaganda-- >> you found like marie at the state department, give them jobs and they won't be terrorists. >> we need to do the same thing as world war ii to defeat nazis and the cold war, it's got a military component for sure and we may have to hold our noses and ally with people we don't otherwise like, like, for example, the russians, like assad, maybe even the group anonymous. everybody's got a role to play, we need american leadership, which we don't have. stuart: we're not going to get that. we're not going to have american troops in iraq. >> not with this president he's said-- he's not up to the task. that's somebody else's role. stuart: in 2017, a new president moves into the white house, that's a long way from now. >> that's a couple of terrorist attacks from now. stuart: it's a long way from now. you're not going to get this leadership that you want. you're not going to get the boots on the ground some
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republicans want. it's not going to happen. >> so what's happening is the work around. the french working with the russians and that's where you're going to start seeing-- somebody's going to fill this void because this is an attack against all of western civilization, it's not just attack against americans or belgians or french or russian planes. it's an attack against the way we live. stuart: what happens if there is a terror attack in the united states? what happens to president obama's political standing, put it like that? >> well, i think he's got to scramble. one of the reasons that secretary clinton is going to make a statement later today about her plan to defeat isis and trying to separate herself politically from the president. the president and secretary kerry made it abundantly clear, they think their plan is working and we need strategic patience. stuart: now, hillary clinton has to put some distance between herself and the president, the things are going against the president, and she has to put distance between herself and him. how is she going to do that? >> find out in about an hour's time when she makes a speech in
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new york. what happens if there's a terror attack and isis puts out a video in times square, what happens if that does occur. stuart: the political losers would be president obama, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and most of the democrats and the mayor of new york city. >> absolutely. stuart: lose hands down? >> you bet and we'll be looking for a solution and it won't be there. stuart: thank you. i want to move to the markets. dow futures not much changed. we've had two big rallies recently despite what's going on overseas. we've said it before in this program and we will say it again. satisfies safe harbor investing, the money comes here in times of trouble. dead flat today. the interesting story on the markets is oil, it did move slightly below $40 a barrel yesterday because of a huge amount of oil that we've got. we're swimming in the stuff and down comes the price. 40.21. 40.19 as we speak.
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some good news, gas down again, another penny decline overnight. 2.11 is the national average for regular and triple-a says and gas buddy says we could hit $2 a gallon by christmas or maybe before. gas buddy joins us later. he says maybe by thanksgiving, $2 gas. we'll see. politics, the latest fox news poll has trump firmly in the lead, but ben carson drops way behind. trump 27, rubio 13, cruz 11, bush and carson tied at 9. ebony k williams is near, welcome back. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: why has ben carson dropped so much? because of the attacks in the media or attacks from trump? what's happened? >> unsurprisingly, stuart, i think it's neither of those. i think it's his exposure around his pure lack of knowledge around this national security issue and just caught up with him. stuart: that tripped him up? >> i think big time. i think we've seen him struggle on the issues debate after debate, and i don't want to call it a gaffe, getting it
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wrong about china being, you know, on the ground or what have you, having military interference with syria. he looks exposed and unknowledgeable and that's becoming more and more the main issue in this campaign. and that's worse, stuart, his own people, his own campaign have come out and publicly said despite their severe efforts to try to tutor and get him up to speed he's not getting it and not catching on fast enough and that's why you see the poll numbers. stuart: that poll was taken after the paris attack. >> sure. stuart: so that factored in the polling? >> hugely. stuart: and why drop so much? >> it's the opposite effect. trump is winning with this narrative about protecting the american border, and that launched his campaign immediately and allows him to double down. he gets to say i told you so, look how important it is to protect our border and we're cautious who we let into our territory. we could talk about the merits how he wants to do that, but message is resonating. stuart: that's why he's popular. >> absolutely.
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stuart: i think of you as a slightly left leaning independent. >> you're getting it, getting it, stuart. that's exactly right. stuart: do you know people who think like you, slightly to the left who will back trump. >> who will actually consider, because of the stakes that we're faceening america. stuart: you know these people? >> i talk to them at dinner all the time and talking about holding their nose as kt pointed out earlier, maybe they wouldn't think they'd be voting use of where we are, they're having to consider it. stuart: ebony k we like to call you. >> thank you. stuart: the architect of the paris attacks, confirmed dead. we flew ashley webster right over to paris after the show yesterday. he's there right now. he's spry, he's bright and this guy, he's going to tell us, is there a big sigh of relief in paris, the real bad guy, the architect is dead. ashley: there is indeed, stuart. i don't think i'm spry, but
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yes, there is relief and considered a victory that abdelhamid abaaoud has been found dead inside that apartment building in the northern suburb of-- here in paris in saint-denis. it raises other questions, how on earth could this man, well-known to counterterrorism experts manage to travel from syria to the center of paris without leaving a trace? that is a concern and there are questions being asked about that. in fact, police were put on to him when they received a tip that he was in that particular district of paris. so, it wasn't as though they knew he was there one bit. but that said, there are concerns now he will become a martyr and there are those that say wish we'd taken him alive to bring him into court and have him face the justice. stuart: i don't know whether you can hear me with the sirens in the background, that's what i want to refer to the sirens in the background. is that a common sound in paris right now, police presence and military presence and a city
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under siege? >> absolutely, stuart. everywhere there are security guards, machine guns, people walking around, some of the more famous parts of the paris. the eiffel tower had more police and security officers, army personnel than it did tourists, no doubt their presence here is being felt and being scene. stuart: ashley, we'll be back to you later. if we can, i just want to put up the price of oil on the screen, please. because we're very, very close to breaking below $40 a barrel again. i believe we're now at what, 40.09. 40.08. that is a very interesting barrier and that will have a big impact on the stock market. if oil drops below 40, you can expect to see the dow industrials come down and we will be on it. here is what's coming up for you. isis makes $50 million a month after those oil tankers and the export of oil, illegal export, where they make the money off it. lawmakers on the hill says president obama is not doing
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>> president obama is saying to republicans, if you won't take syrian refugees in your state, you are unamerican. come on in from ohio. bill johnson, republican congressman, ohio is one of the those states which says, no, no syrian refugees at this point. congressman, the president says you're unamerican. your response, please? >> stuart, i cannot think of a time in my generation when we've seen an american president be so small and irrelevant in the face of such global challenges. this is just unbelievable. stuart: have you tapped public opinion in ohio?
9:16 am
are the people with you in saying let's have a pause on syrian migrants? is public opinion with you? >> well, i certainly think so, stuart. i can tell you in my district along the ohio river, we've talked to hundreds, actually thousands of my constituents and overwhelmingly they say, look, we don't need a trojan horse coming here. yes, we have compassion for these people and we want to help them in the region that they are. but to allow these fighting age, potentially isis terrorists to come in under the guise of being a christian refugee or a syrian refugee, until we can vet these people properly, stuart, it's just not the right thing to do and the people that i represent agree with that. stuart: now, you are pushing the president towards trying to cut off the supply of cash to isis, whether it's from the oil sales or whether it's through the banking business. >> sure.
9:17 am
stuart: tell me about the banking part, first of all. how would you propose to cut off the isis from the banking system? >> well, you cut off the cash flow at its source, stuart. that's how you do it. you know, one of the first elements of battle planning, of war planning, is to cut off an adversaries logistics trail and how is isis funding their operation? they're doing it with this oil production. and, yeah, i've seen the articles where we're taking out some of their trucks and their transportation facilities, but we ought to be hitting these oil production facilities hard and worry about fixing them up again later because they're making 50 million dollars a month, a half a billion dollars a year that they're using to buy weapons, recruit terrorists, and influence around the world. that's how you do it. stuart: congressman, we're told the reason why the assets, oil assets have not been taken out before is the problem of collateral damage.
9:18 am
for example, if an oil tanker truck is driving along the road, we see it, we cannot attack it if there's any other truck nearby because we might kill collateral damage. what you're asking for is a change in the rules of engagement so that we can go after any and all targets. is that likely? >> certainly, i think we should go after any and all targets and i'm not talking about taking risk, higher risks of collateral damage. those tankers wouldn't have any oil to transport, stuart, if we were cutting them off at the oil making, production facility. look, in world war ii, how did we go after the nazi empire, the germans when they were building tanks and weapons? we attacked their ball bearing plants and we attacked their ability to produce those weapons. this is asymmetrical warfare and isis is using cash they're getting from these oil sales to fund this radical, jihadist, terrorist operation.
9:19 am
we have to go to the source. stuart: congressman bill johnson, republican ohio, i'm interrupting you because i've got to go to breaking news. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. stuart: now, breaking news, two items, actually from france. first off this, the french interior minister said france did not know the architect of the terrorist attacks was in europe before the attack. second item, the same french official says abdelhamid abaaoud asked a returning jihadi in august to commit an attack in a european country. that jihadi is being questioned by investigators. again, the french did not know the architect of the paris attack was in europe before the attack. didn't know. coming up, donald trump heckled, this time it's about food stamps. but the donald not standing for it. just watch what happens in a moment. varney continues in a minute. >> it's amazing. i mention food stamps and that guy who is seriously overweight went crazy.
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9:24 am
you know, it's amazing. i mention food stamps and that guy who is seriously overweight went crazy. stuart: okay. brought the house down. whether you like it or not. donald trump, you saw it there. ebony, i mean, which other candidate could refer to the weight of a heckler? bringing the house down and get away with it. >> not a one, stuart. here is the thing, it's so ridiculous and petty and childish and people love it. stuart: really? who is petty and childish? >> donald trump is, of course he is, and people love it and this is why. he's transcending everything we expect a politician to be and people are so generally turned off and fed up and just turned away from politicians that-- >> using the guy's weight to go after the food stamp issue. stuart: he's making a joke out of a guy. >> it's petty and childish and immature and people forgive it for him. stuart: donald trump is popular
9:25 am
because he says things that nobody else will tough. >> yes. stuart: okay, he utterly defeats a heckler, gets the crowd on his side by making fun of his weight. >> here is donald trump, people love it because it's anti-pop tigs. stuart: what are you going to do about it liz: i think it's low rent and beneath him. and trump did say-- >> he's winning. winning by doing that liz: you don't need to go after the guy's weight. isn't trump more exciting than the other guys. >> he's doubling down on his entertainment value, liz. it's low brow, but he's unapoll getically lowbrow. stuart: more breaking news, two israelis have been killed and another injured after a stabbing attack by a palestinian man inside an office building in a shopping center in tel aviv. the attacker is under arrest. again, two israelis killed, another injured.
9:26 am
a stabbing attack by a palestinian man in tel aviv. it's almost 9:26. back in a moment with the opening bell.
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♪ ♪ stuart: in about 20 seconds, trading will begin this thursday morning. we're expecting a loss, 30, maybe 40 points, but do remember
9:30 am
we've been straight up for most of this week despite what's been going on overseas. ten seconds from now we'll find out just how far down we go. we will also be waiting for the first trade of square, that's a tech company. it's all about online payments. first trade should come early this morning. it's a new ipo. we will check it out. it could be down. as for the markets, well, there you have it, we're up two points. i'm going to call that dead flat, and i think i'm accurate. helping us dissect what's going on, hillary kramer, liz macdonald, larry levin in chicago. larry, i'm coming to you first. safe haven investing. the market is up despite what's happening all round the world. am i right? say yes. >> yes. [laughter] stuart: safe haven investing, go. >> you are right, stuart, absolutely, no question about it. yes, we've been able to buy bad news, right? obviously, we had this terrible
9:31 am
terror itself attack and drop -- terrorist attack and dropped the market a little bit, but we've seen that a few times. smart traders know quietly when bad things happen, there's opportunity there. but, yes, i agree with you, safe haven is what we've seen, and a continued rally is what we've seen. stuart: am i right, hillary kramer? >> yes. stuart: what do you mean? tentative pause, what's with that? >> we're seeing a safe haven, we've proven to be a safe haven, but this terrorism has also proven that it is not bringing us to a complete halt, a complete stop, right? it's not holding up -- it's not destroying our grilled, it's not stopping commerce. we are still in business in the united states. stuart: one other guest joining us at this point, james freeman, from "the wall street journal" editorial board. he just crept onto the set. [laughter] here he is. this is his first time on varney and company. am i right? am i right? am i right? safe haven investing, america, place to be. >> i think you also have people skeptical that the fed is really going to raise rates and raise them dramatically.
9:32 am
but, you know, in terms of a safe haven, i think it's absolutely right that we've been able to withstand a lot of this stuff, but i'm not sure how long we're going to be a safe haven. isis wants to come here, and i think that's one of the reasons we should be taking this threat seriously. stuart: if we had a terror attack on american soil from isis, a jihadi lets rip in america, that brings the market down? >> i think it's a hit. but from what we're seeing lately, it is terror as opposed to -- >> i think we're overstating it. there's more of an economic hit from the 2008 crisis, there's superstorm sandy or an earthquake than what is going on with terrorism. i think we recover rapidly from that. stuart: so we're a safe haven. >> there we go. stuart: come on in, we'll take your money, we're safe. i want to get back to james' point, the federal reserve. there is a lot of speculation with what's going on overseas, especially in europe, that the fed will not raids interest rates in december. -- raise interest rates in december. do you believe that?
9:33 am
or there's a big question about it? >> you have to be skeptical. they seem to be taking every excuse they can here not to raise. we are seven years of, essentially, zero interest rates and, you know, the recession ended in 2009. so i think skepticism that they really mean it and they're really going to start getting back to normal monetary policy is warranted. stuart: larry, is that a factor in this market? the federal reserve may not raise rates as expected next month? is that at all a factor, do you think? >> yes, it is a factor, stuart, but the reason we saw a big rally into the close yesterday was not because where we think the fed's going to raise in december, they're not going to do much next year. so they're going to raise very, very gradually. really that means really the same thing we've been dealing with, unfortunately, is low interest rates continuing on. free money for the banks, not for me and you, but for the banks. and i think that's the reason we saw a rally yesterday. stuart: how about dealing with the price of oil? we've said on this show and, again, we were right -- yes, i
9:34 am
hate to blow the trumpet here -- >> cue the trumpets. stuart: we did, indeed, drop just below $40 a barrel yesterday, right now we're at 40.21. hillary kramer dying to get boo this. >> proselection for march 2016 we will see 35 a barrel oil. the key is it will weigh heavily on the energy sector, so investors should look to other areas, and they will make their money, but careful. stuart: so if we drop below $40 on oil, that affects the rest of the stock market and hurts the rest of the stock market overall. >> it only hurts the actual energy companies themselves. everyone who's dependent on fuel will do well. we're going to see the airlines do well, chemical companies -- >> shipping. >> the big retailers that have to heat their stores like macy's, it'll be a help for everyone, but this'll be some pressure regionally, places like texas. stuart: james freeman, do you want to see the price of oil go
9:35 am
to $35 a barrel? >> it sounds great. stuart: i'm with you. >> remember, you've got thousands of unstimulated wells in the country that can be drilled in a few weeks if that price goes up. there's reason to think it might go lower. stuart: $40.19 a barrel now, that's just a heartbeat away from 39 and change. i want to watch that because i'm intrigued and, plus, i want the price of gas to go down. thank you very much. [laughter] disappointing sales at best buy. low demand for mobile devices. apparently, that's to -- look at that, down 7% on best buy. hillary, we've talked about a retail ice age. would you put best buy in that category? >> just for this year. the numbers next year look stable enough to me. i think they're going to be fine. the problem here is the online purchasing. people are doing comparative shopping, and they're going to amazon. stuart: yes, they are. you see amazon's stock? good lord. let's deal with that. big name american tech stocks,
9:36 am
we talk about them all the time, they are still close to all-time highs. not apple. apple is up 6% this calendar year, it's at 117. not that close to its high of about 134. but look at netflix. up 140% this year. netflix this morning at 121. now here's amazon. that stock is up more than 100%, more than double this year. and right now it's down a fraction at $662 per share. how about facebook? throughout the year we've been looking forward to going above 100. it went above 100, went to 109, it's at 107 as of right now. those big name techs holding right up there. >> and they're going to go higher. stuart: you think? >> they will go higher because they're seen as stability. when we look at ipos out there, the new tech companies don't compare to being in what we call the fang stocks. stuart: come on in -- i'm sorry,
9:37 am
hillary, larry levin, you guys trade a lot of commodities there. i put it to you. i would have made a whole lot more money trading big name american technology stocks than trading your oil and your interest rates and all the rest of it. >> well, it depends on if you're an active trader and in and out every day like a lot of the guys standing behind me or you want to just buy and hold something, and that would have been smart to do with a lot of the tech stocks. a lot of people don't know until just recently amazon finally became profitable, and now they've got a nice road ahead of them. but, yeah, if you're an active trader, trading oil in and out and doing it well would be more profitable, but if you're going to hold the trades for a little while, obviously, tech stocks would be the place to be. stuart: i'll have to come to trading advantage to figure it out. >> sure. stuart: now, what we're really waiting for this morning is square. it's an ipo out today. they haven't started trading yet, but it is, liz, expected to open way down, isn't it? >> yeah.
9:38 am
at about $9 a share. so its valuation has been cut in half. stuart: $9 a share was the ipo price. >> it was expected to be 15. for the past year the valuation has been slowly coming down. eight straighting quarters of net losses here. square, though, is not an indication of or a bellwet for the i be po -- bellwether for the ipo market. you stick the square thing in a smartphone to do a point of sale swipe with your credit card. stuart: hold on a sec. i plug it into my phone, and the gizmo sits here, i swipe the credit card so i can pay by credit card over the phone. >> right. but jack dorsey tried to make it a hip, buzzy, trendy thing. that's like trying to make a cash register hip and fashionable. it's not the business model that wall street was looking for for square. you wonder when they're going to sell itself because this thing has been going down -- >> and that technology has been leapfrogged forward, especially now with the chip that we have, the way phones are being designed. once you leapfrog over
9:39 am
technology, it's all over. just look at aol. stuart: i do can remember it, yes. [laughter] i remember it very well., that's also a new stock out today, an ipo. nicole, has it traded yet? >> well, it has not traded yet. it is listing on the nasdaq. we have square behind us which is just starting now to give the indications. but it was looking around $12 for match. this is tinder,, okay cupid. tinder has nearly ten million daily, active users. so online dating is hot. stuart: well, we'll see when that thing opens. >> exactly. but here's the thing, and it's the lower end of the range. green mountain coffee roasters, different picture there. the stock is rallying, but you know what? their profits have been sliding. that doesn't usually go together, but it wasn't as bad as expected. stock's down tremendously, about 70% this year. right now though it's up 17. stuart: all right. green mountain is a winner, we
9:40 am
can definitely say that. how about the big board overall? the dow jones average right now is down 35 points, that's it. we went down 40, 45, now we're down 30, 32. that is a very narrow trading range and, in fact, nowhere near the selloff that some were expecting -- >> and we're only 3% away from dow 18,000. >> very good point. >> 3%. stuart: yeah. you know, it's -- people come up to me all the time and say, what's going on? the dow's close to 8,000, and look at this -- 18,000, and look at this. what's going on here? >> keep in mind these tech ipos are down more than 50% this year, so i'm not -- just to clarify, i'm not sure square is going to be that much of an outlier today. but i noticed on your tour of techland, netflix is the biggest winner. this is the company that washington helped by giving them cheap bandwidth with new regulations. we don't like washington to pick winners and losers, but sometimes when they pick a winner -- [laughter] stuart: look at that, 121 on netflix.
9:41 am
cheap bandwidth from the government. i like that, james. all right, everybody, coming up, shocking surveillance footage out of paris. it shows last friday's attack on a café. one diner about to be shot at point-blank range but escaped at the last minute. we've got the video on that. and this, donald trump, he says the paris attacks would have been very different if people there were allowed to carry guns. more "varney" in a moment. ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind?
9:42 am
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stuart: whoa. do i have a bombshell on obamacare. unitedhealth may leave the obamacare individual health plan business altogether. that's according to
9:45 am
unitedhealth's ceo, okay? liz, they're a huge insurer. they're a major part of obamacare. >> yeah. they're the biggest insurer in the country. this deals a significant blow to president obama's signature domestic policy achievement. they had just a month ago said they were going to expand and, basically, offer plans in 34 states. now the ceo says unexpectedly the costs are rising. so you've got to wonder about the health of the obamacare exchanges as well. stuart: you know what's happened here? they haven't got the young, healthy people into those pools to subsidize the older, sicker people. therefore, costs are rising, and they've got to get out. >> that's right. 18-34-year-olds not signing up, opting instead to pay the tax penalty for obamacare. those are the people who would float the exchanges. you need the healthy in there to keep the exchanges surviving. stua federal government will subsidize united health care to keep them in the program with taxpayer money. they're supposed to do it. >> yeah, they're supposed to.
9:46 am
this is a big bombshell. stuart: it is. thanks, liz, good stuff. now watch this. shocking surveillance footage from the daily mail, and it shows one of the gunman firing his assault rifle into a café. the terrorist walks up to a vulnerable young woman to shoot her execution style -- i think you can just make this out. he held the gun over her head, but the rifle misfired. it forced him to change course. the woman was away -- able to get away unharmed. that happened. that was paris. that was friday night. will you look at that? donald trump, he's been vocal about the paris attacks and how he thinks they could have been stopped. roll that tape. >> when you look at paris, you know, the toughest gun laws in the world, paris, nobody had guns but the bad guys. if they had guns, if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry -- [cheers and applause]
9:47 am
it would have been a much, much different situation. stuart: all right. town hall editor and fox news contributor katie pavlich is with us. donald trump is suggesting something there which is anathema to a lot of europeans, the widespread use and carrying of handguns. how do you feel about that? >> well, i think that he's absolutely correct and, look, these terrorists, obviously, have no problem with dying, so they wouldn't be afraid to come into a theater if people were armed. but the point is that the death toll may have been much lower if someone was there to confront these guys. and when you look at the fact that nearly a hundred people were executed one by one inside of a theater with zero chance to defend themselves and their lives, you really have to think about what that means not only in europe, but also here at home. and, you know, people are canning a lot of questions here in america -- asking a lot of questions here in america about how they can protect themselves
9:48 am
against these coordinated and lone wolf attacks. i've been saying for months that people should consider arming themselves and getting some training. it's not a matter of when -- or if, it's a matter of when. stuart: i'm sure you saw the nra ads, there was one in particular that ran recently. i want to quote directly from it, that's the young man who put his face on the ad. he's saying i will call you out for who you are, an islamic extremist who would kill me for my beliefs. katie, that brings, that kind of crosses a line, because the nra is now saying don't just defend yourself against criminals, defend yourself against the jihadis. that's a very different message. >> well, it's true. and, you know, this is the beauty of the second amendment in this country, is that it encompasses all threats. marcus luttrell, as i'm sure your audience knows, was a navy seal in afghanistan. he wrote the book "lone survivor," he's the guy who the movie is based on, and he represents what a lot of americans believe in, that
9:49 am
you're not going to control me with your fear, and we will fight you wherever you come. whether it's a civilian or a military member making that message clear. and i think that americans are really taking a hard look at when they come to our shores, are the police going to be there to protect us? and as much as they try, they can't be everywhere. the threat is real, and it's here. stuart: and yet again, it is trump who brings the issue right out front. difficult to discuss, guns throughout the population, immigration, but he brings it right out front, and he wins because he's direct and to the point. >> right. stuart ten seconds. last words to you. >> well, stuart, maybe talking about guns is difficult, but talking about self-defense and defending your life is not something that's difficult to talk about, and it's a serious thing that americans should be considering, and they are considering as well. stuart: okay. katie pavlich, always a pleasure. thanks very much, indeed. coming up, a warning to america. isis said it is coming for american blood. but president obama not seeing a threat. he says the migrants do not pose a risk.
9:50 am
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stuart: just so you know, i'm going to repeat the bombshell about obamacare, unitedhealth may leave the obamacare exchanges, that's according to the ceo. he says they're losing money,
9:54 am
not enough people signing up. the stock's down 4%. this is a big deal. isis turning its sights on new york city with a new propaganda ad that features times square. now listen to what the president said about refugees. watch this. >> the idea that somehow they pose a more significant threat than all the tourists who pour into the united states every single day just doesn't jibe with reality. stuart: all right. now, the mayor of new york city, bill de blasio, he agrees with the president. bill de blasio has opened arms wide for syrian refugees to come to new york city. mikal solomon with is us -- michael solomon is a former nypd guy. what do you make of the mayor welcoming syrian refugees into our city? >> good morning, stuart. you know, it's amazing because, i mean, our intelligence is only as good as the syrian recordkeeping, and syria doesn't
9:55 am
strike me as the beacon of organizational efficiency. we have trouble keeping track of our own patrol lees and our -- parolees here. how are we going to keep track of people we have no idea where they're from? it's frightening. stuart: we understand that the nypd is gearing up for a military-style attack on new york city involving a dozen separate incidents carried out simultaneously. that's a big threat, isn't it? >> it is a major threat, stuart. it is absolutely a major threat. you have to understand a couple of things. if we look back at all the terrorism over the years, isis or al-qaeda or anybody, they never telegraphed their message. they just turned around and struck without warning. we have to gear up for that, and we have to be ready and able at every moment for that, you know? and people have to realize that if you see something, you must say something. i mean, one of the jokes is that the first person that ever said if you see something say something was paul revere when he said the british are coming.
9:56 am
we have to now know what's going on. stuart: but, you know, people are worried. you say something about someone who may be muslim, and you're worried that you are politically incorrect. >> absolutely. stuart: and offending somebody. there is that going on in this city and all across the country. >> well, it's about time we learned not to be offended. i mean, political correctness has got to go out the window when it's a matter of security, and it's a matter of our lives. this is absolutely ridiculous. you don't take matters of national security and place them within politics. it's ridiculous. and for the president to make a statement that tourists are just as dangerous as terror itselfs coming over -- terrorists coming over here is absurd. you know as a tourist, papers have to be in order to days before you're ready to -- 30 days before you're ready -- look what happened in honduras yesterday. five syrians with forged pass ports. stuart: i've got liz macdonald with me, you've got something on chemical weapons?
9:57 am
>> yeah. the fbi and law enforcement, also the homeland security subcommittee has been worried about and finding plans from jihadists in syria seeking to weaponize things like bubonic plague or ebola and talking about chemical weapons. the fbi's been talking about 70 u.s. residents, isis sympathizers who are trying to detonate -- were charged with trying to detonate bombs here in the united states or kill our military and our soldiers. stuart: ouch. michael solomon, i'm out of time, but thank you for joining us. >> i appreciate it. thanks for having me, stuart. stuart: thank you, michael, and thank you very much, liz. here's what's coming up next hour, students at princeton, they take over the president's office. they won't leave until the school removes president woodrow wilson's name from the buildings. they say he was a racist. and carrie fiorina -- carly fiorina says she would not put boots on the ground to fight isis.
9:58 am
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>> the biggest health insurer in the country say it may leave obamacare. the ceo says it's losing too much money. you can't keep doing that. that stock is down 4%. and then this, new information on the death of the man behind the paris attack. that guy, killed in a raid on a paris suburb yesterday. yes, hour two starts now. ♪ we start with a bombshell to obamacare. united health possibly leaving obamacare exchanges. the ceo has just spoke been doing exactly that. liz, the story liz: they say they've downgraded the forecast because of a hit to the bottom line because of obamacare. this shows that something fundamentally is wrong with the exchange system and obamacare. by reputation and experience, this is--
10:01 am
and assets, this is the biggest insurer in the country. if they can't execute in obamacare, something is fundamentally wrong with it. the exchanges cannot survive without government subsidies. stuart: you wrote some time ago for the death spiral down because of obamacare because of the exchange of health insurers problem. >> i wrote about it in the mid '90 as 2007 and 2008. stuart: the death spiral? >> california tried obamacare. we do not have the younger crowd to float the system and if you do not have it with obamacare it will collapse. stuart: judge napolitano, you have an angle on this. >> this is the intersection of free market, of politics and of the constitution. the pre -- free market is dictating to the largest insurance in the world, if it stays in the model forced upon it by the government, it will lose money.
10:02 am
what business can can stay in business if it's going to lose money. the constitution says you have the right to decline business if it will harm your business, as long as you don't decline it for race, gender, creed, religion, gender, et cetera. and the law, the affordable care act law which everybody said, big insurance companies are behind it because it's going to get them more business, we now know that this big insurance company, the biggest in the land is saying it's choking us, we can't deliver the service that our customers are paying for us to deliver. so we're going to wash our hands of it. the catastrophic blow to the president and if i may, mrs. clinton. stuart: why? >> in the manner in which they preached the solvency of obamacare. mrs. clinton is the precursor to obamacare, the efforts she made in secret in her husband's administration to promote a precursor of obamacare. stuart: look at that, those are
10:03 am
the major health insurers, all of them down 3 or 4% on the news that united health care could leave the obamacare exchange. >> i know the president is flying back from manila. they have to ask josh. stuart: earnest. ashley: how could he explain this. >> i could explain it. ashley: in political terms. stuart: london school of economics. ashley: what do you propose to do about this? >> i thought obamacare said if the health insurers were losing money that the taxpayers would top off resources so they wouldn't lose money and stay in the system. >> that would require an appropriation from a republican congress. stuart: are you sure? >> to pay for legislation that they've tried time to undo. i can't emergency that that money is appropriated. i'm fairly confident, the
10:04 am
reason i'm saying, if they follow the constitution, prohibits for more than two years liz: they're there for two years and go away. stuart: that's bigger than i thought. >> and since tamara is here. there's a human side to this and the human side is, people were told they would get health care and that this government would get it for them. innocent, hard-working people who do not have the jobs the rest of us do. what are they going to do? >> tamara holder, the judge asked the question and you've just been formally introduced, tamara holder. >> the smirk, the smirk. because-- >> this is set up. >> this is set up. it's disappointing because we have a problem in this country with the working poor. that's what they're called and it's very difficult because a lot of them could not afford the deductibles, a lot of them can't simply afford to be on the exchanges and those are the people that need health insurance at the end of the day. what do we do with people at that need health insurance.
10:05 am
stuart: what we've done, medicaid, and totally free, and subsidized. >> mr. varney, that's what happened, it's not for free. stuart: of course it's not for free. you think that health care is expensive, somebody said that. >> people don't want to be on medicaid, stuart. stuart: they doesn't want to be, but it's available, they'll take it. >> this should inject itself-- it's a very democratic debate pretty soon, if you can call it a debate. >> it was p jchlj o'rourke who that. >> it's going to inject itself in both presidential campaigns in a huge way. may put some pressure on the republicans who think how the working poor are taken care of, if you think that's for the government under the constitution. stuart: the news is coming out. breaking news, the department of homeland security says eight syrian migrants have been detained at the texas border. what is this all about, liz liz: two men, two women and
10:06 am
four children, they presented themselves, and appears they were know the trying to sneak in, they went to the authorities and presented themselves, out of port of entry at laredo, texas. the women and children have been put in a different family residential center for processing and the men held at another facility and apparently questioning going on of these individuals. but that's a breaking news that's now developing. stuart: let everybody know that later this morning in congress, they're going to be voting on paul ryan's bill, which would put a pause on the entry of syrian migrants into the united states. >> it's a mistake to do that as a free-standing bill because they'll veto it. if they put it as part of a bill he has to have, then he can't veto it. stuart: i want some more-- i want some more informed commentary on this, so we're bringing in former u.s. army intelligence officer who is
10:07 am
andrew peak, welcome to the program. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: what do you make of this. texas border, people with a syrian background being stopped? is that the wrong word? >> they apparently presented themselves and now they're processed in south texas. stuart: that's the news that they-- >> immigration-- that's right, immigration enforcement officials are on the case here. stuart: andrew, what is going on here? we've got this huge argument about syrians coming here. the president's on one side. the republicans are on totally another side. what's your take on this? >> well, i have to say, i find it a little rich that the man for-- who nearly for half a decade told us we can't do more to arm the syrian rebels because we can't tell the good guys from the bad guys can apparently tell them apart well enough to bring them here, right, with 100% certainty and by the way, he has no compunction about explaining to the american
10:08 am
people the process for vetting. right? that's really all this would take is some basic public reassurance instead of saying trust us, we've got this under control. because after five years of the civil war, it sure doesn't look like it's under control, right? really, i don't think that a lot of americans have trust or sympathy for the vetting procedures either. stuart: the constitutional lawyer, napolitano is here. >> see how smart that young man is, princeton graduate, not london. stuart: i want to talk about guantanamo and you may not comment on this. president obama wants to close gitmo, here is what he had to say about this. >> guantanamo has been an enormous recruitment tool for organizations like isis. stuart: that's interesting. the president says guantanamo prison has been an enormous recruitment tool for isis. andrew, you say what to that?
10:09 am
>> well, i mean, legal status aside, right, it's preposterous that this is a major recruiting tool for isis, right? look, i spend a lot of time monitoring jihadist twitter feed and internet chat rooms, not not in like a weird or creepy way, but professionally and i have to say i've never seen guantanamo bay mentioned ever. you know what is mentioned? the giant, thriving jihadist state in the heart of the middle east that successfully define every major world power put together. right? that's the propaganda problem right now. if i'm some random guy in belgium that's what inspires me to conduct jihad not an issue from a decade ago, right? that's not the problem. stuart: andrew peek, thank you very much indeed. i'm going to give you 20 seconds, judge napolitano on the closing of gitmo which i'm not in favor of, now, don't ruin my day. >> the president has the authority under the constitution because he runs
10:10 am
the jails. he can do it under the cover of darkness, but the president lacks the political will will to do it. stuart: he would do it in the last year of his office. >> when he entered office the first thing he signed was evacuation of gitmo. >> 1993 world trade center attacks pre dates the issue about gitmo so the fact that they think it's a terrorist recruiting tool, the fact does support that? >> the president in his mind it's unconstitutional and the supreme court looked at it said try it or let them go. stuart: ruin my day. square has just started trading, okay? and it is up 25%, okay? now, the offering price was $9 a share. it's now just starting to trade, $11 a share. we were expecting that it would either go down or trade around
10:11 am
$9, which would mean that the big investment banks which have bought into it at $15 a share were going to lose a lot of money. it appears that they may be getting some of that money back the 11.50 now liz: breaking news, united health is dragging on the dow right now, shaving, according to senior editor charlie brady, 32 dow points down, downward because of united health, pulling out of obamacare. stuart: okay. i want to get back to square because this is a very important-- you know, we were told that this is a technology ipo and that how it went would be an indicator of how technology is going. we were expecting it to be flat, maybe slightly lower and look what we've got. we've got a 32% gain from the offering price for square. please, can be is just tell everybody exactly what square does? liz: it's a credit card processing system, a little gadget that plugs into your smart phone and you swipe your credit card through it. it's literally a square. stuart: i would pay with my
10:12 am
credit card through my phone, pay somebody else via square? >> that's right. and it's meant for small businesses, ease of use for small businesses. stuart: ease of use of small businesses. stuart: even i can understand that. >> can you pay me for that lunch the other day through this gizmo? [laughter] >> yes, somebody says, speaking in my ear, ashley, please. i want to go to paris, indeed i do. the french interior minister says france did not know that the man behind the paris attacks was in europe before the attack. ashley, what's the significance of this? >> well, it just ties into your conversation you've been having about vetting refugees or anyone else, for that matter. what's really surprising, since the death has now been confirmed of abdelhamid abaaoud who has been called of the ring leader of the last week's attacks in paris, french authorities and intelligence services didn't really know with are he was. they thought he was in syria
10:13 am
coordinating attacks from there. turns out he was in the middle of paris. what's disturbing about that, he, it's believed, was part of at least four of six foiled attacks since spring here in paris and more sirens going by, stuart. what's really disturbing he's on the most wanted list of not only the french, but also the belgians and how on earth did he manage to move around freely and leave no trace until that standoff with police early yesterday morning? it's a real big concern. stuart: ashley at some point we'll come to you without a police siren in the background. i'm waiting for that. ashley, everybody. up next, trump blasts a heckler at a campaign event. it's an epic takedown. you'll want to hear it and we'll run it for you after this.
10:14 am
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10:16 am
>> we're down 14 points on the dow industrials, but here is the more important news. united health care, possibly
10:17 am
leaving obamacare. that's a bombshell development and it's leading all the other health insurance sharply lower. 2, 5, 6% down. how about square? just opened for trading and you can accept credit card payments with this gizmo, the square, and that stock is up 33%. 12 right now on square, surprise, surprise. the news is breaking all the time from israel, police say two israeli men have been killed, stabbed by a palestinian and the attacker is said to be in custody, but seriously injured. israeli authorities say he worked close to where the attack took place. to the polls, here they come. donald trump holds a very large lead. he's more than double his closest rival. we have trump 27, rubio 13, cruz at 11 and ben carson tied for third place with 9% along with jeb bush. now, look at new hampshire,
10:18 am
bernie sanders, beating hillary by 1 one point. tamara holder, aforementioned and introduced, i'm not reading much into a new hampshire poll with one point apart. >> i'm not either, it's not going to do much either way. i don't have any other explanation, other than i think it's irrelevant. >> other than both candidates are basically socialists and that seems to be where the democrats are headed. how would that grab you? >> if you look at headlines like usa today, it says bernie sanders is going to explain his democratic socialist view and i don't think that those kinds of major headlines across the news networks and the newspapers are going to work well. stuart: hillary this morning is going to explain her stance on isis and boots on the ground or not boots on the ground in the middle east. that's coming up very, very shortly. >> i think that's going to work well because a lot of people on both sides are mad at obama that he's not articulating his view and because of that this is a very good opportunity, possibly, if she says the right things, for hillary. stuart: do you think she'll
10:19 am
want to put boots on the ground? i can't believe that she will. >> i'm not a fan of it. stuart: are you a fan of hillary clinton? >> i'm not a fan of her either. stuart: okay, okay. hold on a second. i want you to look at this and comment on it. donald trump taking on a heckler at one of his speeches, it was last night. listen to what he said to the man who was being removed. >> 50 million people on food stamps, and i'll tell you what, if we had a real-- if we had a real -- hello, hello. you know, it's amazing. i mention food stamps and that guy who is seriously overweight went crazy. stuart: whoa, that guy who was seriously overweight went crazy. direct quote. now then, tamara, not many politicians would tread into that one.
10:20 am
one of the most politically incorrect heckler putdowns i've seen. >> i want to be a comedian and putting down a heckler is a talent. it's a true talent and he's good at it. what's his message and point? donald trump is trying to get out and speak to what i talked about earlier, the working poor. the working poor are the ones on snap, who are on food stamps, they're the ones on it for a short period of time who have families who need to feed their children. they're not-- >> they will like his style. they will love it when a guy says get out of here and makes fun much him in a politically incorrect way because nobody else will talk like that. i'm not defending the guy, i'm saying that's why he is popular, the crowd went crazy. >> that's what i'm saying, being able to deal with heck remembe remembers-- hecklers is a true, true talent. it's not going to get him into the white house. stuart: he's leading the pack at the moment and he's leading the pack because he's saying
10:21 am
things that others will not, like it or not liz: and people will say he'll he can cute and he'll do it. stuart: and he knocked jeb bush down it and now he's done it to carson, ben carson is third. >> he sent rubio water and now rubio is engaging on his 26% or whatever it is, he needs to send rubio more sweat towels or water. stuart: can see yourself voting for donald trump. >> i have it on paper, sean hanni hannity, to him on paper, i might vote for this guy. but where are his positions? does he have a substantive position. stuart: he has a tax plan, flat-out, love it. >> building a wall isn't going to solve the problems on immigration, we have a lot of tunnels and things.
10:22 am
stuart: tamara, seriously, i've got a lot of interesting material, listen to this, isis claimed to have executed two prisoners, one of them is a chinese national. beijing says the terrorists will be brought to justice. what are the chinese going to do about this? their guy was beheaded. we'll deal with it in a moment. it's more than the cloud.
10:23 am
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>> here is that bombshell again. united health care possibly leaving obamacare. the stock is down and so are the other health insurers. how about square? it just opened. you can accept credit card payments on your phone with square and look at it go. 13.75 and now it's up, 52%. look at oil.
10:26 am
yesterday dropped just below $40 a barrel and it's a key level. right now, it's at 40.17. college protesters storming the president's office at princeton, university, they say they're not going to leave until they acknowledge that woodrow wilson was a racist. yeah, that's what they say. gas buddy says we could hit $2 a gallon for gas by prime minister or maybe when the gas buddy joins us at 10:30. what will china do? one of its citizens has been beheaded by isis. no videotape, these days even the cave men understand that gory video makes people mad, but they still did it. beijing says the perpetrators will be brought to justice. i doubt that means defense lawyers and open jury trial or chinese boots on the ground either. there are two likely options that would be very attractive
10:27 am
in terms of retaliation. number one, step up support for the emerging coalition of france, russia and iran. they're in a position to go after isis. the beheading of a chinese national is a ready made excuse to go join that club, the coalition club. after all that would further isolate america and china has no problem with that. second, the beheading allows for a further crackdown on china's existing muslim minorities. some chinese muslims have taken part in terror plots. raids and arrests on home front would please a increasinn incre nationalist china. and you go after by going after their ideology, that's been unsuccessful so far. that's putting it mildly. china is like russia, they believe in brute force.
10:28 am
this may waken the sleeping chinese dragon and go after terrorists with guns, not talk.
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
stuart: it is a dead flat market. basically up one point. 177 is where we are. square. a new ipo. went out on the market. boy, is it. i want to get back to united healthcare. it may be leaving obamacare exchanges. joining us now on the phone is grace marie. we are saying that this is a potential bombshell for obamacare. could be the downward spiral of the whole system.
10:32 am
are we going too far? >> this could very well be the beginning of the dust fire. we have already seen a cascade of full out. the expectation was that big insurers like united had the resources to stay in the exchanges. the ceo expects that they will experience losses of $200 million this year. stuart: the nature of united healthcare's problem is they cannot get enough young healthy people to sign up to be part of these insurance pools so that they can ensure the older, sicker people. >> absolutely right. premiums continue to increase. we see double-digit premiums in most markets.
10:33 am
more narrow networks. people have higher and higher deductibles. young, healthy people are saying it is just not worth it. stuart: is there anything that the government, the administration can do about this? >> build this transfer payment. from the government. from other companies to try to mitigate these losses. they are getting about $0.13 on the dollar of those expected payments. they are not getting, what many people would call, corporate welfare, to help them even this out. with united pulling out among likely pulling out, they have not said for short. that means that you will have fewer. her disappearance and those that remain are then likely to have even more of the sicker people
10:34 am
and fewer of the healthy people. stuart: that is a spiral down if ever i saw one. thank you very much indeed. back to the terror in paris. ashley webster is there. french authorities warning of other types of threats apart from bombs and guns. i think we are talking chemical weapons. tell us. >> we are indeed, stuart. make no mistake, we are not just talking about folding bullets. also chemical and i a logical warfare is something we have to be very cognizant of. in the last few minutes, there was word from iraqi intelligence services whose that they believe that isis is trying to find some sort of nuclear weapon to enter their arsenals. it is a very real threat. something that they are aware of
10:35 am
here in the french capital. wanting to continue the state of emergency. power to track down the terrorist. stuart: thank you. we will see you again shortly. news breaking out of texas as well. they have detained eight syria. they are trying to cross the mexican border coming into the united states. >> greg abbott saying that supports his decision to no longer accept syrian refugees into the state of texas. stuart: i have more on this. refugees coming into america. our next guest says he could have stopped our situation from getting worse and long time ago. you are a big-time donor to republican candidates. rick santorum in particular. address this first of all.
10:36 am
you say that we could have stopped the migrant crisis a long time ago. how would we have done that? >> what every politician -- we have to get boots on the ground. for heaven sakes, the boots are on the ground. they are fighting for their lives. picture someplace is 35 miles away from your front doorstep. that is how far isis is. we have left the kurds out there hanging. i do not know where that fits this for president obama's refusal to properly arm the kurds. i was there recently. on the front lines. they did not even have night goes. simple things. we have treated the kurds so badly that they are willing to fight our war.
10:37 am
they are there in place. boots on the ground. our government decides whether we have to listen to the shiite government in baghdad. carving out $90 million directly to the kurds. they threatened to attack u.s. interests in iraq. i am so irritated. >> you are a wealthy guy. you are a billionaire, i believe. there is some criticism of that. you have a lot of money. you have influence on politics. have you had influence on this campaign with your money? >> i am a santorum backer. he right now is like a demolition derby. writing outside. this event in paris helps him dramatically.
10:38 am
both of these people understand what is happening with the terrorist threat. the name terrorist probably is not correct. we do not have a war on terror, for heaven sakes. our real enemy is the global jihad movement. we try to isolate first taliban, then isis, then has the lock. all of these people are committed to taking down the west. yes, i have put money in campaigns where they do not always pay off. i was fortunate to back kentucky. down 3% in the polls. one by 9%. stuart: you are backing santorum. we know that. thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate you being here.
10:39 am
>> congratulations. one of my real heroes. stuart: we are following very closely the price of oil. we are on the verge of dropping. $40 or $39 a barrel. we are down again. that is a very interesting concept. look at that. 211 is the national average right now. falling about $0.01 per gallon per day. who better to bring in to tell us where the gas prices are going. we have made a lot of money for the guy. he is with gas are you saying that maybe we will have a national average for regular gas right around thanksgiving? >> absolutely. prices are falling. looking at 209.
10:40 am
about every half-hour we're we are seeing another 10th of a penny. another dime by next week. that is certainly possible. fallen a dialogue ready in the past week. it is looking like we could see $1.99 for thanksgiving. that would be a month ahead of what we previously said. >> you have all of these gas stations reporting into you. that is how you track it? that is what you do? >> absolutely. we know exactly what is going on across the nation. stuart: we are now, as of now, $2.09. it is falling boy band $0.01 a day.
10:41 am
i want to leave everybody with that message from gas buddy. >> we have to start with that one. i am delighted. thank you very much. thank you very much. we will see you again soon. princeton students stormed the president's office. woodrow wilson's name from all campus buildings. ♪ your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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♪ nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. stocks are relatively flat at the moment. dow jones industrial down four points. s&p 500 down one. the nasdaq down one as well. the 10 year bond. your dow movers. winners, coca-cola, procter & gamble. on the downside, united health getting hit hard. down about 3% off earlier lows. pfizer in caterpillar also under pressure. jack dorsey was here today. this stock is up 53%. a $9 ipo. price below the range. currently trading close to $14. we are waiting on best buy. the stock is down 5%. start your day 5:00 a.m. fbn
10:44 am
everyday. ♪
10:45 am
stuart: hillary clinton speaking at an event in new york says airstrikes alone will not beat isis. she says we will need boots on the ground. in a few minutes, carly feel
10:46 am
reno on that same topic. you have to say it, the anxiety level is rising all across america. elizabeth macdonald. they will maintain a heightened posture of surveillance to the holiday season. liz: all day yesterday. you will see a noticeable law enforcement residence in major airports and transportation hubs. you are looking closely for local law enforcement and fire department airport authority to make sure that the safety this holiday season is there. anxiety is rising. there is no specific credible threat. stuart: a difference between armed shoulders and canine
10:47 am
control, physical presence on the ground. there's a difference between that level of safety and going after their communications. there is a difference. activists storming the presidents office at princeton university. they will not leave until the school acknowledges that woodrow wilson was a racist. they will rename all the buildings of princeton did joining us now is alexandra smith. what do you make of this? going back 100 years to woodrow wilson. >> thank you so much for having me. there is just the right to be offended or the supposedly right not to be offended. it is incredible to me that the
10:48 am
more liberals have made higher education expenses. the less you get taught there. the less you are allowed to express yourself. president obama coming out to limit speech on campus. stuart: free speech is under attack. this is the suspension of free speech. >> a lot of what free administrators are doing is violating the contract. certainly, they are violating student civil liberties. the administrators on the u.s. taxpayer dime. it is really such a tragedy out there. >> absolutely. i think when we see what is going on out there, there are actual cases of discrimination.
10:49 am
i think a lot of what we're seeing is this idea that i want to be sheltered from things that i do not agree with. it is really problematic. we want to have free discussion or free speech there. they have the systematic discrimination on college campuses. all of americans to see. nothing new that conservatives do. stuart: alexander smith. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. stuart: carly feel reno will not put troops on the ground to fight isis. we will have her saying that in just a moment. ♪ find anywhere else. one-second trade execution. guaranteed. did you see it? in one second, he made a trade, we looked for the best price, and the trade went through.
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say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> welcome back. dating website is now moving higher. it is trading within the middle of the price range it is expected at. we have some ipos today. trading up 10%. moving higher as well. to ipos we are watching for you today. hillary clinton speaking right now. she says we will need boots on the ground to defeat isis.
10:54 am
stuart spoke with republican presidential candidate carly fiorina. putting troops on the ground to fight isis? >> on the republican side, this increasing warlike talk in the middle east. send in the troops. boots on the ground. militarily attack. are you within that strain of thought? would you put 10,000 american soldiers on the ground to beat up isis? >> no. not yet. there are a whole host of things that we should have done that we have not done. unfortunately, i think obama has managed to polarize the debate about what to do with isis. the false choice that obama presents to the american people is if you do not agree with what i am not doing, then the only option is tens of thousands of boots on the ground.
10:55 am
it is simply false. we have had a fairly effective bombing campaign over the last couple days, why have we not done that in the last year and a half? why have we not provided with the jordanians? stuart: donald trump is way out in front. he has increased his lead in the post. why is that? >> strength and weakness. i think we pay way too much attention to these national polls for the simple reason that we know from history that national polls are not predictive and are frequently flat wrong. i think that there is no dow that the american people understand that president obama is weak. they understand that he has underestimated the threat. they understand that hillary clinton has gone and all the wrong things.
10:56 am
it was hillary clinton after all who lie to us about a terrorist attack and then godsey. why is that relevant to isis? our own secretary of state now running for president stands up and talks about a videotape. it sends a very clear message around the world did the united states of america will not do anything when they are attacked by terrorist. >> no boots on the ground to defeat isis. completely counter to what hillary clinton is now saying. news breaking just moments ago. hillary clinton is saying yes, we need boots on the ground to defeat isis. stewart's interview with herman cain. why ben carson is fading. ♪ [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
10:57 am
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♪ with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. . stuart: president obama has had a tough week. his response to the paris massacre and the syrian refugees, that's not gone down well and in the immediate future, his political standing
11:00 am
is not likely to improve. now, the public wants to take on the terrorists directly. even before paris six out of ten were prepared to use ground troops to attack but the president won't have it. he has effectively outsourced the job to russia, france, and iran and that makes people uneasy. why are they running the show? today he said you can't get rid of isis without a political settlement in syria. really? we will negotiate's removal? the president has not been successful as a negotiator in the past seven years, has he? the reaction to his refuge policy, which is let them in has been even more negative, especially when he mocked his political opponents. today he said he would veto any attempt by congress to put a pause on refugee emissions. here's my prediction. if there's one terror attack in america, he will lose his credibility. soon mr. obama will go to the un climate conference, will
11:01 am
commit america to spending an enormous amount of money to help lower the planet's temperature by a minuscule amount. listen to this. from climate change believer he says the emissions cut pledges will cost the world $1 trillion a year and avert warming by less than one degree by the year 20100. how's that going to go over with american voters? here's the bottom line. the president is in trouble, and he's digging himself an even deeper hole. hillary will have to distance herself and donald trump will continue to exploit the weakness of establishment politicians. ♪ ♪ . stuart: all right. everybody, we'll get to my take again in a moment but look at this bombshell.
11:02 am
united health, it may leave obamacare exchanges. united health says losing too much money. well, the stock is down 4%, it is a dow stock so that is driving down the dow industrials, taking about 30 points off the dow. here's betsy mccoy, she wrote the book on obamacare. betsy, if unity health care leaves the obama exchanges, is that the can i sa kiss of death? >> well, it is definitely another sign that obamacare is entering its death spiral. first we had 23 out of 24 co-ops across the country operating in the red, half of them in bankruptcy already. and now unity health care, the largest commercial insurer in the country says it can't make money. overall they lost $2.5 billion selling obamacare plans on the exchange in 2014. the loss has continued to amount in 2015 and as we go into this new 2016 enrollment
11:03 am
period, the insurers are going to say we can't afford these losses averaging $164 per enrollee. stuart: the basic is they don't have enough young, healthy people signing up for obamacare health insurance and that means they've got to charge more because ung people are healthy and they need more of them in the pool to subsidize the older sick people. that's the nature of the problem here? >> that's right. when you try to sell health insurance to healthy people and sick people for the same price, only the sick sign up. it was predictable because you're in new york, stuart, and new york state tried this for years and under went the same deathly spiral. fewer and fewer people signed up for health insurance until only the sick were in the pla. stuart: do you think one year from today obamacare will still be in place as it is now. >> it can be politically in place but economically, it's
11:04 am
entering the death spiral now . stuart: all right, betsy mccoy. you wrote the book and we appreciate you being here on this important day for obamacare. thank you, betsy. now, the architect of the paris architect confirmed dead. ashley webster is live with us now in paris. all right, ashley, now we're hearing that the authorities there are hearing about chemical weapons. give us the news. >> they are indeed, stuart, the french prime minister manual speaking to lawmakers at parliaments today saying, look, this isn't just about bombs and bullets, it could very well include chemical and biological weapons and that is something that they have to be aware of. at the same time little time ago here the u.s. and iraqi intelligence officials actually announced that they believe a branch of isis is trying to acquire just that. some chemical weapons. so obviously a very real threat. the most disturbing news i
11:05 am
think today, stuart, is the fact that french authorities did not know that the so-called ringleader of friday's attacks abdelhamid abaaoud was in france. they knew he went to syria in 2014 but had no idea he was back in europe. and that is very disturbing to say the least. stuart: but they got him, he's dead, and that's it. ashley: he's dead, yes. stuart: thank you very much indeed. we'll see you shortly. >> my pleasure. stuart: just a few moments ago hillary clinton said we need troops to defeat isis in addition to air strike. listen to this. >> support them we should immediately deploy the special operations force president obama has already authorized. and be prepared to deploy more as more syrians get into the fight. and we should retool and ramp up our efforts to support and equip viable syrian opposition units. stuart: the sound quality wasn't great but we get the story. ground troops that
11:06 am
president obama has recommended and more. gretchen, you listened very careful,. >> i think there's a slight change, president obama has only authorized 50 special ops groups to go into syria. she's saying quote be prepared to deploy more. keep in mind this is very interesting. saturday night at the democratic debate, she was pressed on how she feels about isis and what we should do to combat it, and she really astounded like she first staying lock and step with president obama. she got a lot of criticism for that and i think today's speech is a way to differentiate herself by the slight change now. be prepared to deploy more. she was secretary of state. if this does not end well for president obama, she will also take the fall for it. stuart: so she is absolutely beginning to put a little distance between herself and president obama when it comes to combating isis. >> tiny. tiny. stuart: just a little. >> it will be interesting to see if this is in the prepared comments because those were
11:07 am
put in the press 12 hours ago, it would be interesting to see if she changed that this morning. stuart: i think interpreting i'm not going to confirm that until i see those remarks. you're here want to an hour. >> i am here. stuart: let's bring in sarah carter, with the american immediate institute, sarah, the president says want way to take down isis is to defeat their ideology. hillary clinton now says we need troops. now, i'm asking you this question because you were a youngster in saudi arabia, you were raised there virtually, you spent a lot of time in the middle east. can you defeat the ideology without a load of troops? >> this is a very complex issue because according to everyone that i've spoken with, senior u.s. intelligence officials, down to the people on the ground when i was just recently in iraq, this really has to be a dual attack. both on the ideology and against the forces on the ground in iraq and syria.
11:08 am
stuart, if you look at the large territory that islamic state is in control of, it's the size of great britain. they see themselves as a state. so we have to ask ourselves this question and the administration has to ask this question. do we view islamic state as a state actor? or do we just view them as a insurgency group? now, they owned resources, they have capabilities that no other insurgency or terrorist organization has had in the past, they're spread globally and recruiting more and more every day. stuart: i see how you can defeat a state, a set of infrastructures if you like, i see how you beat that with troops. you blow it up and kill the people. i don't see how you -- i'm sorry to be crude. [laughter] i don't see you you change the ideology. how do you do that? >> well, you really have to go to the muslim community to the moderate muslims. that's one of the things that has to be done, and they have to stand up.
11:09 am
both governments, the important religious leaders as well as business leaders within the muslim community. and say enough is enough. and down to the families, families have to be willing to turn over their own children and their family members to stop this. and another thing. we have to be able to tackle it on the internet. we have to be able to track these guys down, shut down their capabilities, recruiting people in the bedrooms and really eliminate that. but that's just part of a multiprong strategy, stuart,. stuart: which we don't have a multiprong strategy. >> we just don't have it. you're right. stuart: all right, sarah, i wanted to bring you in because i wanted a response to hillary clinton saying, yes, we're going to have boots on the ground and that's a very situation developing here. sarah carter everyone. thank you very much. >> thank you. stuart: and back to that big board. the blockbuster story of the morning is for obamacare. united health may leave the
11:10 am
obamacare exchanges, we've had two experts on the show saying that is the beginning of the downward spiral for the whole system of obamacare and united she told down about 3%. that takes some points off the dow because united health is a dow stock. how about looking at square? it is a winner and a big one on its first day. square lets you accept credit card payments on your phone. it opened up this morning first time trading. it's up 48%. there's a dating website. called match. it just went public today. just started trading. it too is a winner. thirteen dollars a share. up 14%. keep following that price of oil, please. we were looking for it to drop below $40 a barrel, it hasn't today, it did briefly yesterday. 40-36 is your quote right now but oil is down big time and that's leading to a downside move for gasoline. don't you love it?
11:11 am
2.11 for a gallon of regular nationwide. that's the average and 16 states have an average frias of below $2. and look who's here this thursday morning, his name is dan and we all love his journal. >> i'm honored. . stuart: from missouri to paris, the left should be held accountable for the ultimate moral orders it creates. you're writing about free speech on campuses, what's your premise. >> well, whether a i'm writing is what went on at the university of missouri and in paris, we spent an entire week what the heck drove the university of missouri to resign and then this incident at yale, other universities as well and you're wondering what is happening to them? this is one of the great american institutions. institutions of higher learning. then we spent a weekend with paris, and i thought to myself
11:12 am
we are in another 9/11. and at that point you had everyone in solidarity over fighting the war on terror and the united states passed the patriot act. it took less than two years for the left to start under mining the patriot act; right stuart: right. >> and they were saying what we were doing in the war on terror was immoral, the interrogations, the surveillance, all of this was immoral and we should not be associated with it. on these campuses these students are saying that the moral foundation of an institution of higher learning, freedom of speech is wrong; right? that is what they were attacking. you cannot attack the moral foundations of great institutions like the universities or national security and not expect something bad to happen and bad things are happening right now, and i think they should be held to account for that. stuart: but are we reaching a turning point? because this suppression of free speech has reached such a point and everybody knows
11:13 am
what's going on here. have we not reached a turning point where we're beginning to say come on, free speeches paramount. >> look, again, in almost case the president of these universities, the ones that haven't resigned, have been taking the side of the protesters, sympathizing with their point of view, under mining their own legitimacy and in terms of the war on terror, it was barack obama himself who said all of these techniques were immoral and the army field for our segregation, and so now he stands there -- ambivalent to which he's going to support france against isis. stuart: i thought we were reaching a turning point. >> well, france is a big deal. we'll see how much this holds up going forward. one would expect that it will . stuart: thank you very much, sir, we appreciate it. back with more varney in a momet
11:14 am
so what about that stock? sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. really? really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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stuart: well, now it is two separate terror attacks in israel. police say three people have been killed in an attack on the west bank. a terrorist rammed a car and fired shots into a crowd. earlier two israelis were killed in a stabbing attack in tel aviv, the attacker in both instances has been captured. and this. jeff flock at world service, a christian group that brings in refugees. so, jeff, this is a very important moment for refugees coming to america. how does this christian group plan to vet the people coming in? >> well, they don't do the vetting. the u.s. government does the vetting, stuart, but i tell you they're continuing to settle the refugees vetted by the government. and the exodus here and the syrian government brought a family in from jordan, a family of five despite the fact that the governor here
11:18 am
says they can't come in. well, they're coming in anyway and they're not alone. put the numbers up just in the last week the number of syrian refugees and iraqi refugees, by the way, that have come in since the state said they can't. they are still coming. and here's the deal. i submit that the obama administration is not doing a very good job of selling the safety of admitting syrian refugees. permit me to do a better job than they are than explaining it. one there is a strong vetting process. if you are a terrorist and you want to come to the u.s., there are countless easier ways than trying to pose as a syrian refuge. just get a ticket, go to mexico, walk over the border. there's plenty of ways to get here. in addition those pictures that we see all the people streaming into europe, none of those people would be eligible to come to the u.s. under the syrian settlement program because they're already in europe. we're not accepting anybody from europe, you have to be in the middle east and then
11:19 am
vetted by the homeland security here. the obama administration could make the point that it's fairly safe to admit these refugees. they're not doing a very good job of making that point. they're just trying to shame people, which i don't think is the best way to go. stuart: all right. jeff flock with an honest report, do you have something to add to this? >> i do because i did a lot of research on this. we heard president obama saying why should we shun widows and children coming from syria. stuart: right? >> turns out since 2011 when they started to come into the u.s., it's more than half men. more than half men. 21% are fighting military age described that way, 21 to 50 years old. stuart: got it. gretchen, they very much for that. now here's donald trump's take on those syrian refugees. watch this. >> merkel, you have have to look what's happening in germany. riots in germany, what the hell is she thinking? what's she thinking? they're having tremendous crime, they're having villages
11:20 am
overrun but this could be the great trojan horse of all time because you look at the migration, study it, look at it, now they're infiltrating with women and children. stuart: the great trojan horse of all time. that's donald trump's take on the migrants going into europe. look who's here. washington times opinion editor and fox news contributor monica crowley. i believe you have an article in the washington times which says almost precisely that. trojan horse. here they come. >> yes. in fact, i called my column today the refugee crisis and used refugee in quotes. the refugee crisis is actually jihad by another name. in islam it's called the hi dra, goes back to the profit muhammad and what it is is islamic conquest through migration. no weapons necessary until they tilt a non-muslim area to a muslim area and gain contro. stuart: you think that's what's going on? >> i think that's what's going
11:21 am
on, i just came from central europe, i saw in austin and germany and i saw the trojan horse happening, numbers are correct with the united states but even higher with europe. 80% are fighting aged males, i saw it with my own eyes at the train station. these are fighting-aged men coming in. a couple of women, a couple of kids, but in minority. stuart: your belief is that they're not fighters themselves, they're not isis terrorists themselves. >> who knows. stuart: but they're coming to muslim communities in europe -- >> they're coming to non-muslim countries like germany and austria with the objective of spreading islam. are there a few refugees who are genuinely fleeing? sure. but it's jihad by another name and unless we wake up to this, we're doomed. stuart: you will now be told that you're an islam phone. >> i'm not an islam phone, activities with my own eyes. a crash course on what's really happening. this is not a question of
11:22 am
compassion, this is about controlling your country. a great nation cannot stay great if we have no control over our borders and own sovereignty. you've got to understand what's really happening here. they are using the syrian civil war, they are using other chaos in the middle east to push by the hundreds of thousands people into western europe. this is hi dra, and i encourage everybody to look at my column in the washington times to see what it is. stuart: you will get good readership. i appreciate this. we're also following another very big story of the day which is united health may leave obamacare exchanges. that's a big deal. more varney in a moment looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them.
11:23 am
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they gave me so much more than a free credit score. credit sesame's money management tools and personalized offers saved me tons of money and helped me reach my goals. i just signed up with their free app. what's my credit score? your credit score is 650. that's magic! no, that's credit you get so much more than a free credit score so do more with your score at credit stuart: news is breaking fast this morning. start with hillary clinton outlining her strategy to fight isis. she says air strikes alone won't do the job. we do need boots on the ground to beat them. gretchen, give me clarity. >> kind of. here's the first thing. she said calling it radical islam she's not going to do that because language is just a distraction. so she stays with obama on that. she did flip-flop on her debate comments from saturday night where she was questioned and waffled but it was
11:27 am
america's responsibility. and now talking about the 50 special that happens president obama has agreed to send to syria, she agrees with that and that's when she said quote be prepared to possibly deploy more. no commitment here about putting boots on the ground. stuart: but that's an opening. >> it's an opening. stuart: to more boots on the ground later. >> and i think she needs to differentiate herself from obama right now. stuart: and put some wiggle room right there with that somewhat vague statement may be more needed. liz: and we don't know if she freelanced that. stuart: we'll know soon. that's the thing. liz: right. stuart: here's another huge breaking story. united health care. biggest health insurer in the country could drop out of obamacare exchanges because it cost them too much. there's not enough young people signing up. it's a big story and look at those stocks go down. more after this i have asthma...
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stuart: we've been running with a big story all morning and that is united health care. it may leave obamacare exchanges. united health is the biggest health insurer in the world actually. doug holtz is with us. knows a thing or two about obamacare. we've had two experts on this program who is if united
11:32 am
health leaves, it's a death spiral for obamacare. is that a little overdone or what? >> it may be overdone but there's real reason for concern. we know that people are losing money in these exchange plans. you know, every insurer has reported losses. the government invented co-ops are going out of business, half of them are gone. and united internet late. they were not eager for this business, they sat out the first year, got in the second year and i think they have looked at their success and thought, well, no, maybe this isn't so promising. stuart: but isn't that probably the same as the other guys, which is not enough young healthy people getting into these pools so they're not bringing in enough money from healthy people? >> absolutely. the pools came in much morin balanced than anyone wanted. this is a product that's so unattractive that it's illegal not to have it, we're giving
11:33 am
tax money to buy it and they still can't get into the pool. there's something deeply troubling about that. stuart: is there something the government can do about this? wasn't it written into the obamacare that the insurers would lose money the taxpayers would top it off for them? >> that is not what's written into obamacare. what's written it n is actually an insurance industry reinsurance pool so the guys who are big winners put about 362 million into a pool and the guys who are big loosers are supposed to get partial compensation out of it. and the same story the losers were enormous. $2.8billion in losses, tiny winnings, insurers are looking at that and saying we've got to get out of here. the other story has been secretary going to congressman saying we expect to have basically the same number of people next year as we had last year. that's not a market that's growing. that's a market that's really in trouble, it's expensive and shrinking and that's not good . stuart: this is a fiasco, again, i'm being extreme.
11:34 am
i know i'm being extreme. but when i hear the largest health insurer in the country is going to drop out of the obamacare exchanges, i'm thinking this is a fiasco. when i look at the deductibles that people have to pay, the rise in premiums, the co-ops going out of business, i can't believe that one year from now obamacare will still be in place the way it is now. >> oh, i think it's clearly been in trouble from day one. you and i agree on that. what you just listed was the list of things i wrote in my morning e-mail this morning about it's the season of disappointment in obamacare, it's not the product you wanted, it's hard to sign up, everybody losing money but the sad part about this is that it means that the bulk of insurance expansion in america has not been private insurance that you can take with you, it's medicaid. and medicaid is a program that needs reform, not expansion. that's a tragedy in my view. stuart: here we go. the british national health service here it comes in america.
11:35 am
don't do it, please. don't do it. we're out of time but i wish we could continue this because it's a fascinating story. thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me? stuart: yes, sir. to the markets. let's go back. gains have been holding. last week since the paris attacks, the markets actually gone straight up. despite the paris attack, despite the refugee crisis, despite the turmoil overseas. with me now is steve moore. he's with the heritage foundation. he's the economist there. steve, i've been saying all week that this is safe haven investing. when everything. >> yeah. stuart: is in trouble all over the world, you come here because we're safe. have i got it right? >> you don't need me today, stuart, you've got it exactly right. you took the words right out of my mouth. any time you get havoc or chaos around the world, we are the safe haven, we are the place that people go to for -- that is less risky and safer than any other place in the world.
11:36 am
so you always see a surge in the dollar and also tend to see a surge in u.s. stocks when you have havoc around the world and that's exactly what we're seeing right now because, look, corporate profits have been okay but that wouldn't necessarily -- if you just look at the profitability of companies, that wouldn't count for this bump we've seen on the upside in the stock market. it's the safe haven. stuart: it is. but what about the this? the other side of the coin is that a lot of economists say, yeah, interest rates are going to go up in december. the fed l raise rates. everybody seems to agree, this is very likely to happen. and yet the market goes up. is this a new ball game? rates up, market up? what's going on? >> well, i've been saying on this show and other fox business shows now for the better part of a year that i actually think that raising rates is bullish for the markets. so let me say it again, stuart, loud and clear. rise in the rates right now will bring some certainty, it will be a sign of confidence
11:37 am
by the fed that they see growth in the american economy, it's the right thing to do, and i hope they do raise rates in december. stuart: okay. i am now an annual -- annual american, i'm going to vote next year, which candidate will lower my taxes and win the election? >> hillary clinton. i'm just joking. look, every republican on the docket is in favor of some kind of art laugher, steve forbes ronald reagan tax cut reduction, it's amazing. every one of these candidates, some plans better than others, but this has been a centerpiece of the republican growth strategy. tax rates down. stuart: steve, i'm sorry to cut it short, i'm out of time, but you were good today. >> okay., stuart. and i've said the last year, a rise in interest rates is good for the markets. remember that? .
11:38 am
stuart: serious subject now. five people killed in two separate terror attacks in israel today. a terrorist rammed the car and fired shots into a crowd on the with west bank. three dead. in tel aviv, an attack, and congressman joins us now. why is president obama critical -- and he has critical of israel's antiterror domestic measures. why is he opposed to them? >> well, i'm someone who personally doesn't believe that the president plays for the same team he is as you and me. it is isn't ours. we should be strengthening relationships with our allies, instead we're seeing rhetoric coming from the state department accusing of terrorist activity, it's greatly unfortunate. and in reaction to with a what we saw today, we had
11:39 am
leadership praising it, calling it bravery, that's even more tragic. stuart: yeah, there's moral equivalence what's going on on the muslim side and what he is going on in israel. it's equivalent as if it's the same. moral responsibilities. the same on both side of that fence. i don't know how they arrive at that situation. i don't understand why they're doing it. >> it's under mining, under cutting our strong ally. and when -- you know, the president took responsibility for a bomb that targeted a hospital in the middle east, you didn't see prime minister netanyahu going on national tv condemning barack obama and the united states. so a year ago when 12,000 rockets were being fired from hamas in the south or the north, yes, the iron dome was successful but what happens next time? because they have now tens thousands of of rockets three
11:40 am
miles off the border in schools, in hospitals, in protective religious sites. what happens when israel needs to defend itself next time with no relying toward trust that the person who occupies the oval office right now is going to have an accurate moral legitimacy weighing calculation that he shares with the international community. stuart: that point. congressman, one last one. there's going to be a house vote i believe today on a pause have syrian refugees going in connection with america. on this bill. you will be voting in favor of it? >> i will. i cosponsored seven pieces of legislation, i'm hoping more continues to get addressed over the course of the coming weeks. this is just a few days -- i greatly value the quick response but, you know, we're coming into a funding fight as well. we need to make sure, in my opinion, that weren't funding a refugee program where we see isis trying to infiltrate with
11:41 am
the iraqi and syrian refugees. so i'm glad that -- we're taking action quickly, and i'm looking forward to being a part of the discussion to do more to make sure that refugee program is stopped and our homeland security is not threatened by someone trying to infiltrate it. stuart: republican new york, thanks for joining us, sir. appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: did i see you studying some news developments of some time? liz: she's working the whole time. >> i'm working whether or not the syrians were detected at the syrian border and whether or not they were trying to get into this country illegally or if there's anything more to that because donald trump has hopped onto this and put out a new web ad. it's unclear yet, fox news has not been able to confirm whether they were doing anything that was out of the ordinary. stuart: but they have been detained. >> it's an interesting story to keep watching today. stuart: here's another big story developing throughout the show, that is united health care could be leaving obamacare exchanges.
11:42 am
that is a big hit for president obama's signature law and all of the health insurers stocks down. more in a minute 's not about ya. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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theand to help you accelerate,. we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. right now the dow jones industrial average up just 1 point. will it make it four days in a row for gains for the dow industrial? seeing it at 17,737, the s&p 500 down one and the nasdaq up 3. taking a look at technologies, apple, ibm, and cisco lead the
11:44 am
way when we're talking about best performing sectors, technologies lead the way we're seeing to be honest health care. and match, match is a parent of, okay. cupid and tinder, it is an ipo today up 14% right now, opened at 13, and also doing well with their pet food and coffee, for the mix. that stock up 8% right now. start your day fox business fbm a.m. every day ♪ i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know
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stuart: to the markets. here's a look at the brand-new ipo called square. it is an electronic payment company. lets you swipe credit cards on your smartphone. it's up 45%. went public today. fox news contributor pete schneider is with me now. all right, pete, i'm told that you've made a ton of money investing in startups. i know this to be true. so i want to ask you. would you put money into square at $13 a share? >> you know, i really liked it at 9. and people were complaining that, you know, it might be overvalued and trying really to take shots at it being an overinflated unicorn, they've
11:47 am
priced it at 9, it's up 50% on its opening day and jack dorsey's the founder's birthday. that rings pretty well. i would have liked it at 9:00 in the morning. stuart: you didn't answer the question. i know you liked it at now because it's now up 50% at 9. would you buy it at 13? >> sure i would. i think it's going to be a growth stock long term within who knows how it goes over the next couple of months but a win other over the long haul. stuart: this is a surprise when you see the stock go up as much as this. a lot of people expected it to be flat or slightly lower. i'm intrigued that you like it so much bearing in mind your background. >> well, i really do, stuart, i think it has a vet smart management team and running two companies is the new running one. i mean who said that millennials were slackers between elon musk and jack dorsey running two companies, this is a guy who's very plugged in, it's the right
11:48 am
product and service at the right time. they're taking a technology bend to square, and i think this is going to be with us for a long period of time. i mean just around new york city, washington d.c., east coast, and san francisco, any small business that you go into has a square in there. stuart: you're right? >> so i think they've been out in the marketplace, this isn't just hype but it's going to work. stuart: and take a pace of every transaction i believe. i said before you made a ton of money investing in startups. >> lower expectations, my friend. i did all right. stuart: i'm told you're a billionaire. >> the donald -- the donald and i went into business a long period of time ago. stuart: now, with all of that money, i know you're a republican fundraiser. here's my question. are you absolutely sure that in the election next year a republican candidate no matter whomever it is will beat hillary clinton? >> i think we have an
11:49 am
unbelievable time and chance to win back the white house. i think hillary clinton is one of the weakest frontrunners that we've faced in quite a period of time. you know, i find it very odd that the media and the mainstream media in particular were all over her e-mail scandal and as soon as she performed slightly well against a couple of tomato cans in a democratic debate, everyone deemed her to be, you know, bulletproof. so, look, what comes around, goes around. i have a feeling she's going to have a really rotten summer and even worse fall and i think a number of our folks if they're the nominee we can win in '16. i'm pretty buggish on it,. stuart: two tomato cans, a rotten summer -- tell it how it is, why don't you? mr. schneider. that was a pleasure. thanks so much for joining us. we will see you again. >> thanks, stuart,. stuart: quick story for you. check out this video, please. volvo revealing its new driverless car.
11:50 am
it's called the concept 26. what you do as you type in your destination, the car just takes you there on its own. >> right. stuart: a wonderful theory. >> you getting one of those? i'm not. stuart: volvo will hit the road -- unfortunate choice of words, hit the road in 2017. okay. donald trump steeling the spotlight once again. you must watch this. >> it's amazing. i mentioned food stamps and that guy who is seriously overweight went crazy (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone.
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stuart: donald trump, we look at that. way out front in new hampshire. 27% of the vote ben carson all the way down tied for third with 9%. maybe trump is in the lead because at campaign events, he does things like this. >> 50 million people on food stamps. and i'll tell you what. if we had a real -- if we had a real -- hello. hello. [booing] >> you know, it's amazing. i mentioned food stamps and that guy who's seriously overweight went crazy. stuart: i mentioned food
11:55 am
stamps and that guy seriously overweight is crazy. gretchen, nobody else would ever say that. nobody would say that. >> well, nobody who is running for president would ever say that. but this is the year of donald trump being able to say whatever he wants and the people like it. stuart: yeah. >> for the most part. it's what people are thinking. there used to be this movie. a movie with helen hunt and mel gibson and she said -- you heard what she was thinking. that's what donald trump is like. he says exactly what he's thinking and people are really tuning into that. now, why is ben carson down in the polls in new hampshire and trump keeps rising? i think it's because of this isis situation. . stuart: okay. >> i think now people are saying okay. between the two of them if they're the frontrunners, who has the more personality, who will really go kill these blanks. not saying marco rubio and ted cruz and others can't rise in the polls but i think right now that's going to differentiate. liz: he has the cell. trump has the cell to make america great again.
11:56 am
stuart: he says stuff which nobody else will say and people are ready to sweep away political correctness, no matter what, he just says it, and he's popular. liz: by the way, with the heckler, we don't know what the heckler was saying. stuart: something about food stamps. but, no, i don't know. >> in the end it doesn't matter about because the headline is what donald trump said. stuart: you've got a show on the fox news channel at 2:00. >> every day monday through friday. we have for the very first time the new spokesperson for donald trump katrina pearson. you will hear from her for the very first time, was with ted cruz now with donald trump. stuart: why isn't she on this show right now? >> she will tomorrow. after we have on the real story. stuart: gretchen, what a pleasure it was. >> you used to like me. stuart: i did. now, gretchen, thank you very much indeed. we will see you again. more varney, the all american varney, after this
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
♪ stuart: i recently became a u.s. citizen. >> i am very happy about that, stuart. i wonder what your ancestors think. [laughter] stuart: thank you to all of you, by the way, who welcomed me to the united states as a newly minted citizen you'd here is one u.s. person. a new citizen and he did it through legal channels. how old-school. congratulations. i like that. if you are going to be an american, you will have to lighten up. i do not know what that means. >> rich people, sometimes, are thought of as uptight. i bet that you will still drink steve.
12:00 pm
stuart: oh, yes. >> you will still have your accent, which i adore. stuart: after all of these years, i have never gotten the american accent right. >> try it. stuart: no. no. new cavuto is on the other side of that camera. neil: t is the only thing you are inviting. welcome to america. almost the very same moment. this is the one that wilcall into question who we let him hear. making sure that we have double and triple checks that they are not terrorists. explaining the urgency of this.


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