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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 19, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> you will still have your accent, which i adore. stuart: after all of these years, i have never gotten the american accent right. >> try it. stuart: no. no. new cavuto is on the other side of that camera. neil: t is the only thing you are inviting. welcome to america. almost the very same moment. this is the one that wilcall into question who we let him hear. making sure that we have double and triple checks that they are not terrorists. explaining the urgency of this. >> if our law enforcement and
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intelligence community cannot verify that each and every person coming here is not a security threat, then they should not be allowed in. right now the government cannot certify these standards. neil: we just had reminders of that. more than half a dozen people were caught, we do not know where they are from. we do know that it looks like a are from syria. we know that they darn near got through. ambassador bolton on that and the timing on all of this. good to have you on that. >> nice to be here, neil. neil: opposing this doubling, tripling down on the background of those trying to get into this country. the refugees in syria. we cannot run the revels in
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syria, we could not identify who they were. we are perfectly fine now accepting refugees even though we may not have documentation to prove who they are. >> america has always been a generous nation. let's keep that clear. i think, it is a legitimate question being raised in congress. whether the administration actually can be trusted when it says trust us, we have a good system in place. you can ask questions. i come up frankly think what should happen is there is a vigorous use of a operation right now. used widely in that intelligence and military committee. they challenge existing government policies.
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i think that after we get through this inevitable veto, and idea for the speaker of the house and president, independent outsiders, look at our policies, our procedures. see how they are working. make recommendations for improving them. neil: a lot of refugees. maybe more later. we are very compassionate. immigrants ourselves, most of us. the argument has been, i guess, be open to that. do you think that this nation in the house today complicates that? the president says that it does. it sends the wrong message at the wrong time. >> i do not by the president's argument. he and his spokesmen are saying that this will somehow increase isis appeal.
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isis is at war with us. they declared war on us. muslims declared war on us 25 years ago. there is nothing new in that. we have to get out of that. we have to find a way to continue to let people in that have been vetted. neil: whether that is based on information that is real because in light of this, that process would have failed. the paperwork would be a mistake. if they were caught in honduras, they were caught because the inner pole, the police organization put out a red flag warning on these guys. somebody checked against that database. i do not know whether the system is as good as the government says it is. i worked on this problem 25
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years ago. it was a problem then. i suspect it is a problem now. having a battle will not solve the problem. neil: ambassador, always good having you. thank you. we have this big debate going on in the house later today. will they vote yeah or nay. democrat congresswoman loretta sanchez. does not really like what is going on here. here is where i am confused. it is very good to have you. the president has argued that you would almost certainly veto something like this. it makes a mockery of the process. argued that it is important we check the background of those that come in. make sure that they are not threats.
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how can you reject something that you have been astounding for a long, long time. >> i would answer to you that this is simply a political issue that the republicans have brought up in the house. we have a new speaker who said he would go through a process. already fallen down on the job because he has brought it directly in without the committees jurisdiction looking at it. neil: developments of the last six days. we had these attacks a kind of interrupted that process. things like news and life. >> i think that it is better for my colleagues and i and the homeland security committee to take a look at this process to have the meetings with the administration and try to figure out if it is the best process
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that we can have. neil: do you think that it is? >> i will tell you something did what i represent, neil, has eight incredible history of resettling refugees in our area. i represent the largest vietnamese population outside of vietnam in the world. from africa now, iraq, now looking at serious. i have had plenty of cases that come into my office of sponsored families who are trying to get their brother or their sister, for example here. there has been a gap in information. where we cannot account for a month or two of what these people were doing. do know what the answer is? if we cannot account for it, you are t geing to o couny.
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i ve aood idethathe oceswe aresings actually working. neil: congresswoman, that is kind of what this legislation is saying. i know your fears and anxiety. a lot of people share them. it is not as if this legislation undoes any of that. just hear me out. we are doing all the things you want to do presumably in this legislation. why would you or the president be against it by sure mark. >> i believe that it is political. neil: all things change. >> my answer to you is that the republicans are bringing in the politics. there is a bet neil: the 129 people that were killed in paris because the belgium national may have been
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behind this and later was killed may have snuck through syria in a refugee system that never would have picked them up. i guess that that is what changed. my point is, outside ... i am crossing the t's on the very things you want, congresswoman. turning your back on something that echoes everything you said you support. >> we are already doing it. i have seen the process. we have a long history of it. i would rather sit down with colleagues that are willing to take a look at this system and say, yes, it is working or maybe we should do this. neil: would you do anything differently than what is on the books now? would you do anything differently now in light of what happened in pairs nearly a week ago?
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>> i believe the system we have in place is a good one did i have been doing. i have looked at it. there is never a problem that taking a second look. we just do not need to be taking votes to stab each other politically over this. this is too important and our image as a nation of immigrants is too important to play politically with it. neil: congresswoman, thank you for the time. we will see how this goes. jeff flock has been picking up how states are handling this refugee situation. thirty odd governors do not find themselves too willing to accept refugees. they would have to. like it or not, this is the case. jeff, how are they dealing with that? jeff: the governors say that they do not want them, but they do not have much of a choice. you are absolutely right, neil. the numbers of refugees since
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the governors have said, how many have come in, put the numbers up. tuesday, even more. wednesday you see the numbers up there. continuing to comment. the chicago suburbs. hoping we settle these refugees. yesterday, they brought, here in illinois, they brought a family of five in. serious refugees that were in jordan. you know, these organizations, they are largely religious groups. they would agree with your last guest on almost all the points. the vetting is already in place. we do not need additional legislation. exodus world service. they say they continue to welcome refugees including serious arriving in chicago because we trust the secure vetting process that the government has put in place.
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they are to feel, as your last guest said, this process, they have seen countless refugees. we can put the numbers up. the number that have come into this country in the last several years, literally tens of thousands. both serious and iraqi refugees. you know, they would also make a point that during world war ii we admitted jewish refugees. among them were many german spies. some of them were caught and prosecuted it does that mean we should not have admitted the refugees in need by sure mark. neil: thank you very, very much. good seeing you again. a lot of people call this a similar thing. getting down to 140. they had these elaborate
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charges. i had no idea what they are. i thought that they were actual candles. it is just a matter of time before you get to 35 and then 32 and then it is over. no chart ever goes that way. that is the fear. i do want to touch on something. hypocrisy could work on both sides. remember the time we were talking about arming the syrian rebels. we did not know who they were. the president said we do not know who they are. we will hold back. i cannot just go willy-nilly here and help the people that i do not know. now we have these serious refugees. we will check out the security and all of that. we are not showing nearly as much aggression. why is that? why?
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you may have to wait a year before enrolling. please don't wait. call now this number and let healthmarkets find the right medicare plan for you. call now! >> i swear i just saw ashley webster running out of the newsroom yesterday. now he is in paris. getting follow-up on the search for who did what and when and whether the mastermind behind those paris attacks truly is dead did if so, how was he able to do what he did. ashley: a very good question. how on earth did you manage to pull this off. we're talking about abdelhamid
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abaaoud. yes, indeed, he was killed in that raid early yesterday morning. french authorities say he was in syria. no idea he was here. how did he manage to do that and leave no trace? that is a concern, no doubt. extending the state of emergency for another three months. what that does is gives the police, the cops and intelligence services more power to detain suspects, more power to search our businesses. also allowing off-duty cops to carry weapons with them. in the meantime, the question is, what and how far did this go? that is the question. we have had nine grades in brussels today. most of that in that district of bolan bank. they are trying to figure out
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where the threat comes from next. today, it is not just bullets we need to be worried of, we need to be worried about biological and chemical weapons which is nothing to calm the nerves here. >> ashley webster. i have my friend john bolton here. having said that, he is here right now. i was joking with john bolton about how almost anything he touches has turned to gold. i think the secret to that is working with district parties and finding ideas. and communicating. the one thing i thought of peter and it is easy to fall over officials after the incident, the communication breakdown again. people not on the same page again. certain potential terrorists
12:20 pm
presence. like in boston. like in new york. like in london twice. like in madrid. what is going on? >> i think that everyone is learning their lessons. people are keeping it for themselves for whatever reason. >> people are very territorial. i will not share that. >> even in agencies and different governments, it is very, very silly. neil: what do you do? guys, this is silly. one plus one equals three, four, five. not to. it does not take away from your power. it adds to your power. when people look around today at what is going on, do let the refugees in, do we not let the refugees in. my mom is a refugee.
12:21 pm
she came in for greece when germany started to occupy our country. what is going on in the news now. these smart. i am not saying turn away refugees in syria, i am not saying that at all. delay it a little bit. just like what the french are doing now. where did we screw up? neil: bears are more sleeping. giving up all rights in the face of the emergency. by the same token, accepting 30,000 of these refugees. >> for our country, do not stop refugees. slow down a little bit. neil: jeff flock mentioned something interesting in his report. not the sympathizers. we let a lot of japanese in.
12:22 pm
we did not kick them out. i would argue it is a little different today. a track record of a particular strain of people that are pretty bad. that is not all muslims. they come from a region. >> a real answer is, everyone is addressing this problem of how to stop this, how to stop that. it is great. why do kids get up and go? no one is addressing that. every mosque in the united states, every islamic organization should tell everyone of their followers, these are radical. >> did you see this soccer game yesterday. a moment of silence. many of them were yelling -- it is crazy.
12:23 pm
they are obviously not being too sympathetic. >> isis is killing other muslims left and right. they are killing one another. worshiping the same exact god. now tying to wipe out everyone else. these are murderers. god does not want you to kill someone you do not know. they have to realize they are dealing with murderers. the sunnis are killing the shiites. tell your congregation. let it be known. they would not be more influenced to go and join what they think is a religious battle to go to heaven. live life.
12:24 pm
there is opportunity. let people just spread the information. be honest about it. >> very successful. very nice guy, too. just be decent. we are keeping a floor vote on this whole refugee thing. if you are hearing your flight is delayed, that is because a lot of airport workers are walking off the jobs. disrupting services. you see them all huddled around. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. ♪ (vo) what does the world run on?
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hewlett packard enterprise.
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neil: barely understanding what this company does. clearing purchases. i do know that it is succeeding in its public offering today. down to $9 a share. it seems to be working.
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the shares are up today. you know what, this whole obamacare thing is killing us. it is dragging health insurance down with them. it could be more of a threat. leaving these obamacare exchanges. they are all of these people that think that they have insurance coverage. it is a mess. 2000 or so airport workers. they want to hire minimum-wage to $15. they are the ones sweeping the floors. baggage handlers, per se. they handled the baggage. a union thing beyond that. now it is travelers having a lot of flights are late.
12:29 pm
causing a flood of disruptions. what are you going to do? not going anywhere. slightly less leading. do you think that they will lose the message here because they are making it very difficult for travelers? >> you are experiencing a temporary disruption. maybe some paint even. the pain that we experience every day making minimum wage may be pretty important, too. neil: i am missing my flight. i am missing my family. some may not even get home to grandma for thanksgiving. it could be a good or bad thing.
12:30 pm
i am just saying. they do not think the inconvenience through. >> let's put this into context. they set spent this in the 2000 race. >> they may be pushed him called. big hearty devices here. they may be pawned. i think we ought to be careful. >> any job and transportation is a sensitive addition. they are sensitive positions. i think what is going on here is they will be used. the reality is, if they do not like their jobs, they ought to just leave them or they ought to be fired if they do not show up
12:31 pm
tomorrow. >> new york major airport. philadelphia, fort lauderdale, boston, chicago. i am told not the baggage handlers, but the guys. in other words, they may have a legitimate beef. they are only making those that could be sympathetic to their cause angry. >> that could be the case. a lot more cases they are getting out their message. look, we're talking about it right now. you may or may not agree with the tactic. the fact that they are getting their message out is definitely something to be applauded. they see you, you better run. >> tell them that you are fired. 95 million people outside the workforce today.
12:32 pm
some of you would like those jobs. $15 minimum wage. >> good job. neil: i do want to take you to the floor of the house right now. nancy pelosi is speaking. talking about how we deal with refugees in this country. this is what republicans say is already out there. surprise that the democrats are against this. they are talking right there. like an italian dinner table. it never is well. never. ♪
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neil: you know, online. how incredibly in-depth they are online that god connell mcshane's attention. >> against the hackers. simple cell phone records that led the authorities to this belgian guy. the guy that planned out the paris attacks, allegedly. social media still at the front of this. now based try to stay ahead of hackers. listen to what donald trump had to say yesterday. >> they are using the internet
12:37 pm
better than we do. they are recruiting people. then the people go out to fight for isis in that we let them back into the country. where have you been? i have been fighting for isis. come back in. how stupid are we? connell: at the first point about using the internet. it is the way that they are using it. the daily beast. employing this at go telegram. not the only company that does this. allows you to send a text message and then have that text message self destruct. it is difficult to track. the anonymous hacker group, the infamous group anonymous had duke -- have declared.
12:38 pm
you have this between the terrorist, isis and the hackers. there you go. here's a picture of gasparino. neil: kind of a weird shot. the other thing i thought was ralph. >> that is amazing. that really is amazing. all right. charlie gasparino here. to connell's point. a lot of world leaders are getting very, very worried. certainly accruing them on social media. going way above on that. they let him back in. >> how stupid is that? you are very talented. one of the greatest. not donald?
12:39 pm
not even in the park. you don't think i am doing it right? [laughter] >> who are these guys. law enforcement officials. they believe that twitter and facebook do not do enough to monitored their sites and use it as a recruitment tool. very long conversation with judge napolitano yesterday. he basically says that it is hard to crack down here and. >> you are compromising. you do not have a right to yell fire in a crowded movie theater. that is against the law. you are talking in vagaries about not saying the word jihad is where it gets into a great area. something else is going on here. twitter and facebook have a business model.
12:40 pm
neil: you cannot bomb on a plane. >> what law enforcement officials are worried about is that twitter and facebook are putting profits and their business models versus the safety of the country in terms of terrorism. we reached out to twitter and facebook. they have taken steps. they have closed down sites. that is the facebook statement right there. basically facebook says -- read it for yourself. we also have a twitter statement. i will say this, one of your producers did a little research. twitter has been a little bit more lax than facebook in terms of going after these terrorists and shutting down sites. one major incidents where they shut down a site.
12:41 pm
>> you shut down one thing. up pops another. >> law-enforcement officials telling you, recruiting for isis and terrorism is social media. facebook and twitter. they are out there. they would like more help from those two companies. neil: playstation or talking that way. >> that is a little more closed. neil: don't believe that. they have to get ideas. charlie: candia police that? >> facebook and twitter. we are on it all day. anyone can get on for free, essentially. i have the complete ignorance. you communicate with people playstation? neil: i have to watch my mouth when my children sit down for dinner. i am sick of it.
12:42 pm
charlie: interesting. that is bad. you tell them to shut up and they never shut up. charlie: mine is better than joe. his was horrible and you said it was good. neil: no. charles: china. neil: millions. all right. in the meantime we are waiting and watching for a crucial vote. trying to find a better way for the people coming into our country. particularly the refugees. a waste of time in the vaults are not there to override a presidential veto anyway. and between the two is some substance here. they are talking past each other. democrats admit we have to button down this process.
12:43 pm
democrats that they may politick all hay out of this. the fact of the matter is you made political hay out of this plus forcing it down our throats. ♪ we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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neil: think about this. go out of staff or out of procedure for out of the votes as speaker of the house. obviously, something happens. the paris attack. killed 129. concerned about how we accept refugees into this country. all the more so the serious refugees. backgrounds are checked. whether we are doing the job. making sure that we are making sure that they are on the up and up. jennifer lawrence on these terrorist attacks. affecting our business in washington.
12:47 pm
what is the fallout of this? democrats saying it is a waste of time. how is it falling out? can you hear me jennifer? >> yes. i can hear you now, neil. i am sorry. expecting it to get past in the house. not nearly the amount of folks at override a presidential veto. >> writes. there is no question that this will be a huge issue in this case. we have r&d seen that happen. national security is always a huge issue in the presidential race. as the president and hillary clinton foreign-policy completely fallen apart, this is an issue that everyone is talking about. our candidates, their candidates or the voters on the ground. neil: do you get a sense of looking at this, and maybe a
12:48 pm
little different as democrat, but republicans are over seizing on this. once again looking to political. i understand their concern. certainly what happened in paris next week is ample reason to do so. simply reinforcing what the laws are ready are on the books. essentially a waste of time. how should they answer that. >> the bottom line is we have a serious national security crisis that we are facing here. president obama is failing on that front. we are dealing with a situation, i beg your pardon, what we saw is a direct result of this failed policy. i think the fact that republicans, and let's be clear, the majority of the american people are concerned about that
12:49 pm
happening here. nobody from isis and nobody are going to make it through this process. even the director of the fbi has been clear that there is no way for us to a short that these folks are saved here and that everybody in this group, that some of them do not present a threat to us. neil: you do not think that if hoover ranks to say that they are looking to be the party of no. can't get in here. can't get in here. >> right. the leaders in the situation. the president asked secretary of state advancing what can only be called a silent policy. it is directly related to what is falling apart in the middle east right now. a direct connection.
12:50 pm
the obama clinton policies to what we see happening in the middle east that has led to this problem to begin with. we have to think. we have to be responsible. we have to stand with our allies. make sure that this is something that does not happen again. i think that that is leadership. neil: well put. i appreciate you stopping by. what is going on here. both sides do say some crazy things. no press response. the president of the united states saying more dangerous than refugees. tourists. all right. there are some questionable to her us. really? the vendors are a problem. they are not gucci bags. we will have more after this. ♪
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call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ >> the idea that somehow they pose a more significant threat than all the to her us every single day. neil: did he just say that something we see every day is more of a threat than some of these refugees? are you looking at that? some of these, a third of these are tourists. lovely people. anyway, more of a threat. they are more of a threat. i am thinking to myself, wait a
12:55 pm
minute. i have to ask someone here who knows that better than anyone. does the tourists from the refugees. you would not mess with them. one difficult question. bill, what do you think about the president and what he just said? >> the tsa, the federally subsidized tsa failed 95% of their penetration tests. neil: what does that mean? >> explosives. going up a plane. 95% fail to go through. when this president tells me we should feel safe, when he tells me the sky is blue, i look up before i believe him. neil: you are looking at the street. i am not necessarily thinking the tourists.
12:56 pm
i am thinking more like the bad guy that slip through with much more on their minds than just checking out radio city. >> right. while you do not pay attention to all the bad work i am doing over here. this president is trying to fool everybody. we are all getting tired of it. it is becoming reflective in the avenue of america. we no longer feel safe. neil: i will not arm troubles and syria because i do not know who they are. it is perfectly fine accepting rebels that may be coming in here. >> this man would be better served as a community organizer. let's look at the crime rate in chicago. i am afraid for everyone.
12:57 pm
i would worry more. very, very sick. >> i've got your back. neil: it is not going to help when you are puking. we have that refugee flow coming up. ♪ ... the future belongs to the fast.
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does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> all right. they're on the vote in the house and it's an important vote because it's an inflection point where politics are playing out for the sausage making glory. republicans who are opposed to just continuing a refugee program, they say it could potentially let in some bad guys and fear might already have with the 2000 or so largely from syria who headed to this country the last few years. the effort here, we already have on the books, to make sure that when we are taking any refugee in, he or she is not going to cause any trouble or blow things up. republican congressman is here, supports this bill to at least pause this refugee program and
1:01 pm
check things out. congressman, i had one of your democratic counterparts here saying this is a waste of time. that we already have the rules on the books that you guys are putting together. i urged and argued with her, you would have nothing against this. she says it's duplicative and unnecessary and you're doing it for show. not you, but republicans. first of all, this is not a political issue, this is a safety issue. second, i was a former prosecutor, federal prosecutor, but i chaired the committee to look at this issue with iraqi refugees and identified two specifically who had gotten through this program who we identified as having participated in terrorist acts in iraq, bragging about having killed americans soldiers. so, i can tell you firsthand that the system does not work as it was designed, even in iraq, you know, fool safe.
1:02 pm
neil: congressman, i want you to react to how the president reacted to your actions. he more or less making things worse. >> guantanamo has been an enormous recruitment tool for organizations like isil. when candidates say we won't admit three-year-old orphans, that's political posturing. i cannot think of a more, more potent recruitment tool for isil. neil: what do you think of that? >> let me start, as if we need another recruitment tool? they've had no problem whatsoever recruiting people to be part of this process and so, i think that is a false leader to try to make that the issue in this particular case. i go back to once again the issue is safety. this is not a political question, it's the adequacy of the background checks that are
1:03 pm
being done. and let me say that there's a real distinction here from what goes on in syria versus what happens in other kinds of places around the world. and fundamentally, it's because we have no capacity to have these original checks have any veracity because we have no presence in syria. there's no government in syria we can cooperate with and we have no presence like we did in iraq, in which we had a long history of american troops and other capacity to have again, you know, -- genuine ability-- >> for those who have no paper work, you can't find out where they're from, you'd just say no? >> i think it's incumbent on the administration to demonstrate how they can be able to do the kind of checks. this, and the fbi does background checks on individuals working in our government. we're asking the same kind of thing be done to vet individuals more thoroughly and that can often be done by association.
1:04 pm
when i was u.s. attorney, they talked to everybody, back to when i was in eighth grade. neil: and that was just a few years ago. >> well. neil: congressman, thank you. i wish, too. i'm in the same boat. thank you very much. i want to get the read from former defense undersecretary who joins us on the phone. secretary, i kind this inconsistent and not in the mainstream media. maybe i'm live a dog with a bone, you'll indulge me. and when the president asked about arming the rebels, he paused and punted to congress, saying i'm not so sure that's a great idea because i don't know who i'd be armings, i don't know who those rebels are, i can't vouch for their identity and make good sense. now when it comes to syrian refugees we're applying a very different standard. i have a pretty good idea who they are, we want to help them all and do what we can, but the standard is different. in other words, it seems inconsistent to me, what do you think? >> well, neil, i think that the
1:05 pm
-- the president's approach on this refugee problem is fundamentally wrong-headed. if you're really concerned for the refugees' best interest for their real humanitarian requirements, then we should be making an effort to address their fellow arab countries, wealthy arab countries in the gulf to admit them. there's also the possibility of creating a safe zone, a no-fly zone and a safe zone on the syrian border. neil: by the way, do you think that would work? that would be analogous to putting jews in world war ii in what we thought would be a safe section of germany. i would imagine that-- >> no, no, i don't think that's the right -- i don't think that analogy works and the situations are really completely different. one of the main reasons they're different, in world war ii there was no country willing to take the jews in and there was
1:06 pm
no jewish controlled country. neil: as we step back, where are the people going to go? if the interim if we're going to tighten restrictions here, it's clear and in france they want to take in 30,000, he just hasn't responded yet to increase how he's going to do that. in germany they're buttoning up tight and fast. so what happens to these, i get all sorts of number. 4 million, could be 8 million when all is said and done. where are they going to go? >> i think the proper way to think about this, there are wealthy arab countries in the region that are not populated heavily, not populated densely, and that have enormous resources, where those-- where the refugees could speak the same language, they could function as professionals if their professionally trained. their children would not be to the schools. the best place if you have
1:07 pm
human concerns for these people, the best would be with their cousins and brothers in the region. neil: well put, but i don't see those countries all volunteering. >> they're not volunteering, but we should have a policy in pressing them. if you look at the way the europeans-- the europeans know how to lean on a country and embarrass if they want to, but they're not doing that in the gulf and it's a big mistake. neil: very good point. doug, thank you very, very much. by the way as he was speaking, just getting some in here, i hope i can find it. from donald trump. he's responding to the syrian development here and saying, syrians are now caught at the southern border just like i said and they're going to be pouring in, we don't know who they are, could be isis. we need a new president fast. he's referring to these-- they're saying they're from isis, from syria, and don't know when--
1:08 pm
from isis, but the syrian connection is there, but they're at our border and in the case of two of them, they voluntarily showed up, but it is what it is and the fears are what they are and these fears are over something bad happening and soon. liz macdonald says that this whole situation with violence playing out goes beyond paris to new york city, what are you hearing? liz: as we reported yesterday, the fbi is again saying it's on heightened alert. it goes beyond new york city, it's for all major cities and we're hearing from the fbi, it's also smaller cities as well that they will have a heightened alert situation, going on through the holiday season. we're just a week away from thanksgiving. you're going to see more of a-- for example, a k-9 presence, a police presence, at places like train stations, airports, possibly football stadiums and what we're seeing on this, too, is coming on the heels of that isis video threat to times square where they repurposed
1:09 pm
and rehashed about 19 seconds of a video that had already come out in april, basically showing jihadis threatening times square. it was in the video just out yesterday, the jihadi's shown, was not physically present in times square. the nypd and the fbi is adamant about this, there's no specific credible threat. they're saying that the video threat that isis put out has them on higher alert. not just in times square in new york city, but throughout the country. and getting back to again, this video where we saw where images of times square and then they roped in a speech, a national address that president francois hollande gave after the paris attack and the video came up on the screen that paris is only the beginning. what is to come will be worse, neil. and now, we also have a war of words breaking out between mayor deblasio and chris christie about the syrian refugee crisis and mayor
1:10 pm
deblasio holding up the image of the drown syrian boy and then others saying they cannot vet the syrian refugees. neil: i do want you to focus on united health shares, they are down and something else that liz was reporting on earlier. all are concerned, that united health has had it with obamacare and out of the exchanges. on the weak numbers and the fact that it's getting hit hard. all of these other health care providers would as well. remember, these are the back stops for the president's health care exchanges. they back out and you can't have exchanges. the money muscle for them vastly overstating the case here. trivializing it here. suffice to say, if they have problems with exchanges and wants out. how soon do you think these other guys want out and how soon about of this whole thing
1:11 pm
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>> all right. we mentioned earlier about this attack at the west bank that killed three. among them was an american, a 18-year-old american tourist reportedly among those three were killed in a palestinian terrorist attack in the west bank. it hits home when you see it hit home. just like there was a young woman who was killed, an american woman killed just visiting paris at the time of the attacks last week. when that happens, it puts the whole world in a much smaller and at the same time bigger perspective. all right. speaking of all things terror and in this case, isis, blake burman how hillary clinton is
1:15 pm
responding to a plan of her own. >> it's a tight line for hillary clinton to walk. detailing her strategy for isis and not trying to upstage her old boss and the party. president obama says he has a plan in place and they're going to stick to it. in a part speech and part question answer, hillary clinton laid it out there. she agreed with one of the central tenets of the president's strategy, sticking with air strikes while keeping tens of thousands of potentially u.s. soldiers off the ground in syria. now, she did say that ground forces could come from the local and regional level and that the u.s. should support them. the former secretary of state did veer a little from the administration saying there might need to be more than 50 special forces operations on the ground that the president ordered up. clinton calls for an immediate surge, as she put it, when it
1:16 pm
comes to building up intelligence capabilities. her overall message was this, if she were president she would intensify and accelerate the strategy. >> it's time to be begin a new phase and intensify and broaden our efforts. to smash the would-be caliphate and isis control in the territory in iraq and syria. >> one area where clinton did not stray from the obama administration, neil, the contentious issue of syrian refugees. she backed the president's stance and cited 9/11 as an example saying she worked with a republican mayor in new york, a republican mayor in the state capital, a republican president in the white house at the time and she said in her words, now is not the time to play politics with this all, neil. neil: thank you very much. blake burman. well, we have all of these chemical attack warnings now as well to add to the angst in paris and elsewhere. ashley webster is in paris with
1:17 pm
the latest on those threats. what do you have, ashley. ashley: you know, neil, with each passing day we seem to get more details about what happened in paris and friday's attacks. you mentioned the possible threat of chemical or biological warfare, that was raised by the french prime minister speaking to lawmakers who said it's not just about bombs and bullets, it's other threats. to back up those, u.s. and iraqi continue -- intelligence stated they believe that isis is trying to get together chemical weapons. the warning earlier from the french prime minister seemed to hit home with that information later in the day. the big news, the confirmation who authorities believe orchestrated the attacks in paris, abdelhamid abaaoud, is indeed dead. killed in that bloody and chaotic raid yesterday in the
1:18 pm
northern suburb of saint-denis. what has come out of that though, neil, is somewhat troubling. the fact that french authorities said they had no idea abaaoud was in paris. they believed he was orchestrating all of this from syria. later this afternoon, german authorities said, you know what? abaaoud actually flew through a german airport and was on a travel watch list, belgium never told us to detain him. an insight into the bureaucracy and lack of communication led to a series of i guess, faux pas that allowed this to happen. neil: and that happened here, and realize at 9/11, and realized it in boston, and tsarnayev, brothers, no one was talking to each other. no matter how they try, they can't get that right. ashley: it's true because it's allowing the terrorists and
1:19 pm
sleeper cells to live under the very noses of people who tracked them down. they only got to abaaoud because they found a cell phone at the concert hall that belonged to one of the terrorists that was killed and that led them to the cousin of abaaoud, the woman who eventually blew herself up in the raid. neil: thank you for the reporting. be safe, my friend. ashley, he was just here a few hours ago. gerri willis is here with us now, on this whole united health situation, they are tumbling, the stock is tumbling. >> it's down about 5 1/2% after the ceo told analysts in a conference call on earnings they weren't doing very well. why aren't this he doing well? because they're losing money on obamacare folks that sign up for obamacare are sicker than anticipated and the insurers like united losing big time and here is what steven hemsley had
1:20 pm
to say, we can't sustain the losses or a marketplace that doesn't seem to be sustaining itself. don't worry about what will replace, it looks like-- don't worry about repeal and replace because it looks like obamacare is imploding on its own. neil: do you think it's an excuse, like the retailers if it's rainy or the weather blamed for a bad month? could it be that it's not all the insurance problem? >> i tend to believe him. i tell you why, just a few months ago he said we think this might work, and we're trying to make this work and seem to be good impulses. and an honest effort. united health care is a corporate insurer, okay, so at fox, at any other big company here in new york city, they're the kind of company that would insurance employees. they don't have to be in this business. it's blue shield, it's the blues that are going after the business and doing more because
1:21 pm
obamacare stole their lunch. they were in the individual business, that's what obamacare is now serving. neil: and this was supposed to be their snack, to compensate, right? and now they're not getting much on it. and let's see they bolt, then what? >> my sources, i've been talking to people all morning long, obamacare is now medicaid, effectively. the only company that are growing are the ones who are under medicaid. more and more you see people migrating to the program because they fit the income qualifications so it's just medicaid on steroids, why did we need to build all of this infrastructure. why did we need to restructure the entire industry when we already had medicaid? >> thank you, that's something that john kasich of ohio has been saying. and a lot of people criticized them. and people could have been in the hospital a longer time, out
1:22 pm
of the hospital, got their protection and imagine what john kasich would have to say about the latest developments. imagine no more, he'll be joining us later. and ail in and out of the $40 level, i tell you about the charts we follow here, we love charts. it gets below $40, you know what happens? it's at 39-something. [laughter] >> stick around.
1:23 pm
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
>> this is short of particularized focus and even perhaps legitimacy in terms of -- legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to and somehow say, okay, they're really angry because of this and that. such atrocities could not be
1:26 pm
rationalized and not be ration ni allized. and that's backtracking and chris christie, your dad with with me on fox news, saying, whatev whatever-- >> the most inept secretary of state since we've had since-- >> i think what he said in paris is beyond the pale. when i first saw this on tv, i wanted to throw my coffee at the screen, how dare you l legitimize-- >> i agree with you, the word he gave out bad, and he can't dial it back. >> maybe this is insight into the obama administration and their sort of apologetic attitude toward western culture. i'm not normally a conspiracy
1:27 pm
theorist, but is there more to this? >> without getting into the details of what the president is thinking, is there more to these attacks? or do you lump them together, crazy is crazy? >> psychotic barbaric monsters that want to end our way of life, why we haven't annihilated it from all resources. this administration is embarrassing, the president is not keeping this country safe. now we have the president of france more aggressive towards terrorism than the united states of america. i feel like i'm living in a-- >> a lot of different signals on that, and maybe help. he's upped the sorties, and working with the italians and russians, but in that tough speech where he kind of keeps the police state in effect, he's also saying and we'll take in 30,000 refugees. >> it's interesting. i don't think we should be taking refugees into the united states at all. i completely agree with all the
1:28 pm
governors protesting this right now. until-- >> what does that open arm policy we've had. >> listen, my heart goes out to these refugees, where was president obama when the red line was crossed and they were being chemically gassed? that's what i want to know. somehow, not politically et correct or whatever you want to say, because i'm worried about the security of this country. neil: and you raise a good point. he raised a good point about arming the rebels because he said i don't know who the rebels are, don't know who the syrians are, now he's much more comfortable saying i can identify the syrians coming in and let them in and there isn't the same discretion and i think that that is a glaring inconsistency. >> a glaring inconsistency and i don't have faith that this president can screen these refugees in the way that-- >> they're not all bad. >> no, they're not all bad. and the overwhelming majority who aren't bad-- >> because if one comes in and
1:29 pm
bombs new york city or any other city and people die because we've let in one syrian refugees, that's on the hands of president obama. neil: couldn't we have said that when we let, actually nazi sympathizers into this country before and during world war ii and did the same with japanese, many of whom we put up in internment camps. >> i think we're dealing with a different type of terrorism and different times. i host a radio show, a lot of people feel differently than i do, but i'm really living in fear right now. if our president had been more aggressive and continued to be and somehow be more aggressive and put troops on the ground like senator lindsey graham said we should do and many other-- >> the senator and your dad said something that jarred me. 10,000 troops, 100,000 troop force, i think something like that. >> i think we can fight them every there or over here and our enemies know that president obama isn't going to do anything. neil: who will we be fighting? >> isis, hopefully.
1:30 pm
but we can't sit back and do nothing. right now our president is saying after this horrible terrorist attack that happened in paris france, saying, it's fine, we're not going to change anything or do anything differently. neil: what did you make of the comment we should be more worried about the tourists who are here and i'm very mad at this slovokian guy and-- >> and to say that about the tourists, that's a little rich. >> i think he's governing like he he's holding a class. there's 14 months more of this administration and i pray to god nothing happens in the next 14 months. the american people have to wake up. because the next leader of the country has to have a vast knowledge-- >> who is it going to be?
1:31 pm
>> marco rubio or lindsey graham. neil: and have you ever practiced the words president trump? >> no, would you like me to. neil: yes. >> president trump. i'd prefer president rubio. anything besides president clinton is fine. neil: i never know where she's coming from, like her dad, she wiggles and wobbles. in the meantime, dan quayle says we're the man out when it comes to isis. and if we're the odd guys out in this fight, then who is in on it. who is not odd? i find it odd that we're not in on it. after this.
1:32 pm
1:33 pm
1:34 pm
1:35 pm
>> all right. you ever get the feeling that we're kind of leading from behind when it comes to this whole terror mess? listen to dan quayle. >> the alliance is russia, assad, and iran. that's who is the alliance over there and that's who we're about ready to hook up with, really. do you think that they're going to solve this thing. neil: italy joining them, and france is joining them and we're odd man out. >> that's the alliance, iran, assad, and russia. neil: all right. is he right? former secretary of defense on the phone, always good to have you. and what do you think what he's saying, the world is coalescing
1:36 pm
around us even it means nefarious characters joining forces. we're odd man out. >> we're only odd man out if we choose to be. the coalition of countries friendly to the united states share our interests in bringing this under control. it is or could be formidable. the idea that adding iran is going to help is absurd and further, emboldening the russians is not a good idea either. they will do what they want to do to suppress isis and that's fine, but we should be organizing our own could he aliahe-- coalition. and i'm wondering if france and italy. and iran is working with russia and other characters, but it's sort of like reverse avengers and we're kind of pointing
1:37 pm
fingers from the sidelines. that's not the united states. >> no, it certainly isn't and it's a massive failure of american leadership. this has been going on for a long time, but we can't take the lead four years ago when we had a whole range of relatively attractive options. now, the options are few and we're still not taking them. neil: richard, when you see the president, steady as she goes, i'm paraphrasing. i don't see that changing in the next 14 months or whatever. >> well, i suspect you're right. and of course, steady as she goes is only comforting if you're going in the right direction and at more or less the right speed and we are going nowhere. it is, as i say, a massive failure of leadership. the president clearly doesn't
1:38 pm
understand or is not prepared to face up to how serious this challenge is. isis is governing more than 2 million people now. it's a real government in parts of iraq where it collects taxes, sends students to universities, provides medical care, and every time they score a success and, sadly, paris will be seen as a success, they get more recruits. we have to take this seriously or we will be subjected to what the parisians saw last week. neil: a scary thought, richard perle former ronald reagan secretary of defense and so much more. always good to have you. >> appreciate it. neil: i want to look at what's going on with united health stock, it's down appreciably because of obamacare, the
1:39 pm
company's chairman says. increasing signs that they want out of those exchanges. you might call john kasich the governor who foresaw all of that. all the people who criticized his expansion of medicaid, i don't know if as many are going to be criticizing him today. john kasich is next.
1:40 pm
>> i'm adam shapiro live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we're watching stocks trade up
1:41 pm
today, that excludes stocks on the dow index, as well as s&p 500. we're paying attention, as neil said, to united health care which considered pulling out of the affordable care act, the obamacare exchanges and united health care trading down. we're watching two big movers. we head to the ipo's four square, as well as for four square which is trading up almost 50%. 46% right now. and priced at $9 and openeded at 11.20. and then and tinder, which is an an on-line global dating application and people coordinating at 4 a.m. walking home. and these are big movers at what wall street expected--
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
>> all right, we're following united health. its stock is down now close to 5%. it's been that way all day and a lot had to do with concerns that the company is dragged down by these obamacare exchanges and now the ceo is saying, you know, maybe it's the better part of valor and get out of these things so we could start making money. a number of health care stocks have followed suit and they're down today and that would sort of, just annihilate the exchanges and their key financing.
1:44 pm
a governor who saw that maybe ahead of the curve was john kasich from the fine state of ohio when he opted instead to focus on medicaid, hoping folks with medicaid to get back on their feet and had a lot of conservative critics. you spend money upfront and save a whole lot later. and that seems to be the case. governor, what do you make of these developments because united health is essentially saying, medicaid is the answer and this jalopy is not. >> well, neil, i think they're all frustrated with obamacare, since it's driven up the cost of health insurance and it's a topdown program. we have worked with the unite health care to try to change the whole direction of health care so that we can now begin to get the health plans to work with the providers, along with the primary care doctor to try
1:45 pm
to drive health care from a market perspective, rewarding the primary care doctor who keeps the issue of quality at lower prices, trying to create transparency with the hospitals so that we know who does their job. rewarding people who do a good job, making sure we move towards quality, not quantity medicine and letting the market reward people who keep us healthy at lower prices. >> governor, i'm sorry, does this justify a lot of the answers you've had to critics who say you're a big government-- i don't like this beast that's affordable care act because it's not affordable and much rather address the problem sooner rather than later and spend more money upfront and save money down. you could be proven right and all of these insurance companies could, could be vindicated in what you're saying. what many' --
1:46 pm
what i'm asking for your campaign, whether it's too late. >> you mean in terms of my ability to be successful. here is what i mean, when you were able to take medicaid and we were able to reduce the cost growth of medicaid from 10% in my second budget to 2 1/2. one of the things we did, we said if mom and dad want to stay in their own home rather than be put in a nursing home, we can. which is a huge saving. the purpose of expansion is basically to give treatment to the mentally ill and the drug addicted to get them out of prison and many things statistics. neil: i see your point, but i also focus on polls and i know you say we're focused on these things to our detriment, we probably are. in the latest poll, ben carson has fallen out of bed. donald trump is still popular, and in light of the refugee situation, claimses' looking prescient and we've got to look forceful on this. and what do you think of this
1:47 pm
latest gyration? >> neil, i think the polls are volatile. what matters in the election, believe me, what are you doing to build the organization to be successful. you can pop up in polls or go down in polls. the issue is do you have an organization to deliver the vote among those likely to vote come election day, both in new hampshire with their process and of course, in new hampshire. in iowa and new hampshire. and, neil, that's what i focus on and here in south carolina, you do town halls and people see you, and organizations are what win elections and that's why when you see results in elections it's because of people who have the organization. and-- >> you know what is period, governor, i don't know if it's just me, the ones that dropped out of this race have been accomplished governors. you may not like what they've accomplished and-- >> oh, they were-- >> my only point, you're a very effective governor and yet,
1:48 pm
it's not resonating and yet, all of these outside the box candidates are, does that bug you? >> neil, it'd be wasted energy. i just have to do my job and i think frankly, experience is going to be counted on more and more and we're a long way from these elections. as you get closer and closer, people get more serious. there are still so many undecided voters, people have not made up their mind and you know, they're going to turn to somebody who's had experience in national security matters, which i've had an experience in fixing the economy and growing jobs, which i've had. so, look, i just think if people see me, that's the greatest challenge. i'm still largely unknown, but as i become more known, we're doing fine. look, i'm not running out of money, i'm not quitting the campaign, i just got on the ballot in virginia, you know how hard it is? i'm the second person to get on the ballot in virginia, these are the things that show you how well you're doing and with how well you're competing.
1:49 pm
neil: i wanted to get under your skin and-- >> you can't get under my skin, neil, you tried for years and doesn't work. neil: it's not working. i wish you were more in that regard. john kasich, good seeing you. >> thank you, sir. neil: in the meantime, we're looking at the house where they're voting on the refugee matter. it will past and probably pass with a little added to in the senate. and the president says he's going to veto, and they don't have enough to override it. is it drama and that perspective more in a minute. the future belongs to the fast.
1:50 pm
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1:53 pm
of passing this measure. that would rein in the process by which we accept refugees in this country. the 10,000 who many republicans argue are let in with no questions asked. and david asman here. where is this going? >> nowhere. that looks like a veto proof majority. it looks like to me. dagen: it's going to get vetoed. >> even if it's vetoed we've got two democratic governors against letting the refugees in and people like chuck schumer. i'm wondering if dianne feinstein is against this, she's been tough on the president. neil: and the senator twisted a little bit, but again-- >> the president keeps saying this doesn't change of much of what the policies are. why the big gun of the veto if it doesn't change much. >> the rhetoric out of white house, is the president trying
1:54 pm
to turn on the people with them coming in, and you make us look like we're divided and helping isis. dagen: i think it's comical to look at the american people and say, you don't need to be worried, trust me, listen. there's been distrust, mistrust building against this administration for years about this very thing, about immigration. are you abiding by the laws of the-- >> and that's your job, to codify what's already out there. why should the president and democrats-- >> again, that's why hitting a little fly with an ak-47 or something, you don't use a veto on something that you basically agree with, which is his rhetoric. the point is his rhetoric is not true. he does basically disagree with the fundamentals of this. he wants the influx of refugees to continue unabated using the techniques that have already been employed in order to screen them which even the fbi director is saying is not enough. mr. comey says that it's not foolproof that some people have gotten in whether it was iraqis
1:55 pm
or somebody else. so it's not working 100% at all. as we've said a million times is one of those refugees turned out to be a spy. dagen: people are asking us do we as a nation have our around the people already here, 900 suspects according to the fbi director jim comey in 50 different states. we've rolled back our surveillance powers dramatically. neil: and 47 democrats agree, it could be 40, is it 47? . dagen: the public is telling pollsters they oppose this, that's one of the reasons that the democrats look at this. neil: we're still going to take 10,000 in? they say they do check their backgrounds. >> big question. dagen: part of this-- >> what does hillary think about this? hillary at some point to going to have to declare, i don't think she said a word about it, she was outlining her isis strategy over there, not talking about her isis strategy over here, which i think is
1:56 pm
more important in the minds of voting public. she's going to have to declare-- millions the need yeah wimps out like they have before, what she thinks about this. dagen: part of the legislation yesterday would shift the director responsibility of vetting these refugees to the fbi and department of homeland security with coordination with other agencies including the fbi, but that's just some of this. neil: and it's not resolving with this, we'll see. thank you very, very much. we've got a lot more on the implications of this and the latest what's going on with the health care stocks, insurance stocks, whoa.
1:57 pm
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neil: all right. so passes in the house, this measure to sort of rein in the process, tighten it up how we get refugees into this country. with close to 47, close to 50 democrats. that is certainly veto proof in the house of the senate with another matter. tinkering with that. will not be enough to veto proof there.
2:00 pm
president will reject policy that is already in place. republicans admits it is codifying already in law. he would veto something he already believes in, which is weird but these are weird times. we're watching it by minute by minute, by minute. here's trish. trish: they are very weird. thanks, neil. senator mccain will be here shortly, will weigh in on all this. breaking this hour, everyone, a bill has been passed by the house that would require any syrian refugees coming into this country, don't forget the president intends, 10,000 of in six weeks time, they would need to be vetted by the fbi according to this bill. you have a number of democrats splitting from the administration on this issue. in fact 47 democrats voted for this resolution. passed 28 the-137. what this would require, any syrian or iraqi immigrant coming into this country as a refugee


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