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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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melissa: refugee passes house. tougher background checks for syrian and iraqi refugees. support from both sides will make it hard for president obama to veto. [closing bell rings] david: stocks in very tight trading range. the dow crossing the flat line, more than 150 times. barry in the red as closing bell sounds on wall street. it is up significant rise in polled but that's in. melissa: adam shapiro standing by at new york stock exchange with some of the biggest movers of the day. adam? reporter: start with the big shocker from unitedhealthcare that they might pull out of obamacare exchanges. i want to give you the reason that stock was down 6% today and why this is blow to obamacare. listen to what the ceo, said, in statement, in recent weeks, growth expectations for individual exchange participation have tempered
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industrywide, not just unitedhealthcare. cooperatives have failed. and david, i think you had a metric that showed nine of these cooperatives have actually closed down. even though department much health and human services is saying that obamacare success, unitedhealthcare putting 500,000 plus people who have insurance through them, this is not working and they're thinking about pulling out of it. also big mover today, ipo for square. this one pricing lower than expectations at the dollars. -- $9. shot up to as high as $14.78. if closed up today as you can see up almost 46% from the offering price. this is pretty good. people thought what is going on here. this is one of the unicorns, with billion dollars. jack dorsey, ceo, of twitter and founder of square. you're a $1.5 billion individual. not bad. match group. this is the dating site,, okay cupid and tinder, the mobile app a lot of
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singles are using. it closed up after pricing at what wall street would have considered lower end of its range. it was up not as much as say square but it was up still. back to both of you in the studio. melissa: thanks, adam, for that. david: nation's largest insurance company unitedhealth is considering dropping out of the obamacare exchanges. unitedhealth says the cost of being in obamacare are hitting their bottom line very hard. could this be beginning of the end? here to weigh in, gerri willis, scott martin, united advisors and jack hough, "barron's" senior editor. it is very simple, you can't run insurance if only people are buying insurance are sick people. you need healthy people for insurance companies to make money but all healthy people are getting out of obamacare. >> that is absolutely right. majority of users of this product, people who are truly, truly sick.
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you don't have young and healthy come in pay premiums andmoney, that is insurers rely on across the country. unitedhealthcare is biggest insurer in the country. if he this can't make it in obamacare, we don't have to wait for repeal or replace. it is falling apart on its own. david: scott, you have only 14 exchanges left. nine of them have failed. and the obama administration is still saying it is a success. i'm quoting now from the spokesperson for hhs, a guy named ben. he says the marketplace is stable, vibrant and growing source of coverage for new consumers. even though these health care exchanges are failing and unitedhealth and others are going to pull out. >> yeah, david, they need to update their figures asap. because numbers ben are quoting there are completely out of date. tell you what's funny, originally it was brought to us
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and told us about exchanges co-ops it would help competition and help price. it has done opposite. this is why healthy people get out this puts jeopardy at risk with regards to our health care system. certainly health of some of those young individuals. david: jack, a lot of us saw this coming. we've been warning here on fox business not just me, neil cavuto, a whole slew of people, gerri willis has been warning these figures didn't make sense. listen to what the cfo of unitedhealthcare said about their situation. united health expected health law marketplaces to develop and mature over time into a strong, viable growth market for us. how could they have thought that? it was a business model based purely on subsidies. >> as recently as last month this company sounded, hopeful that this business would work out and turn profitable in the long run. what they're seeing now -- david: hold on a second. why could they not see it?
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these cfos, i imagine are much smarter than me in mathematics. they can add one and one equals two. they were putting one and one together and getting 143? >> unitedhealth is well-run company. we've written about it before at "barron's." we've been positive. we like the company. you have to wait to see who signs up. what is happening not just that sick people primarily are signing up, that you can jump in when you need treatment and jump out when you don't. if you have people scamming the system like that it becomes very expensive. david: they were toll, also hoping for subsidies from feds to continue which they didn't. >> right. david: gerri, final word is this the beginning of death spiral for obamacare. >> i absolutely believe it is. if unitedhealthcare can't make money at this who can. secondarily what is being delivered is medicaid. obamacare is medicaid delivery system. those are people who are doing well, certainly not. regular mainstream health care insurers.
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david: great stuff. thank you all. appreciate it. melissa: horrifying new video caught on camera, surveillance footage obtained by "the daily mail".com, shows the gunman opening fire at the terror attacks in paris. officials are confirming the suspected mastermind behind the attacks died during a police shootout. ashley webster is in paris with latest. ashley, what can you tell us? reporter: melissa, at least we found out for sure that the believed orchestrator of that attack here in paris last friday night, abdelhamid abaaoud was indeed killed in yesterday's raid in northern part or northern suburbs of paris. what we don't know how on earth he managed to get into central paris without being detected. french authorities today admitting they truly believed he was in syria directing operations from there. they knew he went to syria in 2014. they are somewhat disturbed that
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they had no clue he was here in central paris directing these terrorist attacks. we also know the search goes on for another suspect, salam abdeslam lam. he is one of the subjects that managed to get away last friday. french authorities have no clue whether he is in france, belgium or somewhere else. they don't know whether there are more groups directly linked to the suspects still on the loose. with all of this going on the french prime minister today laid out very somber view to french lawmakers when he asked for emergency, state of emergency to be extended for three months here in france. saying police need the ability to search, to put people under house arrest, without having to go through the courts. in other words, act quickly, if they believed there are terror suspects or signs of a network that they need to get to quickly. so, the upper house of french parliament will decide on that. it is expected to pass. that will give authorities here
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much greater opportunity and more speed tracking down these terrorists. so, certainly i would say nerves still on edge here but certainly good news in one sense that they confirmed the death of the orchestrator of those terrible attacks last friday here in paris. melissa. melissa: ashley webster, thank you very much for that report. eight syrians taken into custody at the texas border. department of homeland security that members of two syrian family, including women and children presented themselves in laredo. dhs officials say there is no indication though that they were trying to sneak into the country. david? david: isis has released a new propaganda video celebrating last week's deadly attacks in paris saying they were just the beginning. in the video isis also threatens to commit future atrocities in new york's times square. elizabeth macdonald standing by with details.
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the head of the fbi was just speaking. what is he saying. >> he says there is no connection between the paris attacks and any activity here in the united states. james comey, speaking moments ago, the director of the fbi, did a briefing with media along with loretta lynch, the attorney general. mr. comey said essentially they are worried about lone wolves here in the united states inspired by isis over the internet. both of them said they are working round-the-clock through the holiday season. listen to news that broke moments ago from the top law enforcement officials of the united states. >> the threat here focuses primarily on troubled souls in america who are being inspired or enabled online to do something violent for isil. reporter: the other thing, loretta lynch, the attorney general, said there are 70 now, 70 individuals charged and arrested for extremist activity including isis sympathizers here in the united states. i will tell you this, we know from fbi sources there are about 50, 50 individuals here in the
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united states who are subject to special surveillance. the law law enforcement, fbi is working with state and local authorities through all 50 states. they are on heightened alert. not just major cities but smaller ones as well. as to the four dozen subjected to special surveillance this. what fbi means when they hold conference calls with fbi field offices delivering message to all their field personnel. they say, quote, make sure you know where all terrorism suspects are. that is going on now. developing story. david, we'll keep you, melissa and viewers posted on latest developments. >> affecting everybody, not just new york but smaller cities. liz, thank you very much. melissa: islamic state aggressively pursuing development of chemical weapons. here to weigh in on all that, republican congressman from ohio
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chris tord. member of house intelligence committee and former air force pilot. thank you for joining us. what can you tell us about the recent reports? how concerned should we be here? >> i think it is obvious they will find any way they can to destroy american values or ideals. whether through the use of chemical weapons or more through their desires to receive and employ nuclear weapons. that shouldn't surprise any of us. i'm sure that it doesn't. we're dealing with an organization that would like to destroy us. we have to accept that and now ask a question that i don't think this administration has yet really come to grips with, that is, how can we counter that? how do we take the, offense against this, against this organization? and how can we actually make this bert rather than, as we've seen over last few months, just kind of muddling through. melissa: i want to apologize.
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we said you were from ohio. you are from utah. i apologize for that. >> both beautiful states. melissa: both great places. you talk about countering what is going on with isis. talk about here at home. of course you voted earlier on that refugee bill and there are folks out there on the other side of the debate from you that are saying that is one of the toughest ways to the united states as a terrorist if you're refugee. takes more than a year. that there is a difficult screening process and that there are so many easier ways of really getting excited about the wrong issue. what do you say to them. >> that is just not right. that simply isn't true. i can promise you from having sat in any number of classified intelligence briefings, we know that we can't adequately vet these individuals. we don't know their backgrounds. we can't talk to their family. we can't talk to their friends. we don't know their work history. we don't know their travel history. we're trying to collect the information in a situation where we don't even know who these people are. the passports they handing us
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actually them? given all that, how can anyone say we can adequately vet them? it may take year-and-a-half but that is not a long time to these folks. they will clearly wait a year-and-a-half in order to have the opportunity to strike us. i just think anyone who comes out and says, we can adequately vet them and we can minimize the danger and we can guarranty we endanger americans it is just not the case. melissa: can i ask you as part of the intelligence committee, we're hearing about threats ahead of the holiday season. we know we all need to be on high alert. what are you most fearful of in terms of our vulnerability here at home? >> i don't know if i can say what i'm most fearful of. we look at paris and tragedy and nightmare not just for france but all of europe is embraced by that. we certainly don't want to replicate anything like that here in the united states. it is a little harder for us here. isolated because of oceans and distance between us. that doesn't mean they couldn't do that same thing here.
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i just think, look we want to protect american values. we want to be the compassionate nation we've been. we want to reach out and help the world when we can but we also recognized fundamental responsibility of the federal government is to protect americans, to protect american interests and i just think that's challenge that we have right now. melissa: congressman stewart, thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate your time. >> thank you so much. david: by the way i want to update one thing. the 12th obamacare exchange, co-op has now shut down. there are now 12 obamacare co-ops shut down and administration continues to describe it as success. just want to update you on that. the house passing a bill requiring a tougher background check for refugees. dozens of democrats voting in favor of the bill in defiance of the white house. melissa: and as president obama's strategy comes under fire, hillary clinton is announcing her plan to combat global terrorism. david: a new shake-up in the polls has donald trump reveling
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melissa: secretary of state john kerry speaking on war against isis in washington. less's listen in. >> with ideas flowing both ways. let me just state here what i said in there which is not classified and that is that we have a three-pronged strategy with respect to syria, iraq, daesh and the region.
4:19 pm
one is to degrade and defeat daesh. that has been our approach from the beginning. number two, to stablize the region. we're working with jordan, with lebanon, with turkey and others to make sure that happens. we're the largest donors to the refugees, to press for, push for, try to achieve a diplomatic solution that comes out of the political process we've been engaged engaged in in vienna. we're now at a stage where the opposition is coming together to choose those people that will negotiate for it and, hopefully there will be a conference in a few days, somewhere in a week, 10 days, two weeks, that will bring them together. and at that point, the united nations is prepared to convene the parties in geneva and begin the process of a, creating this
4:20 pm
transitional process for syria itself. the syrians themselves will negotiate that. we will be there. we will help in ways that we can, encourage the process but it's syrians who have to resolve and decide the future of syria itself. with respect to daesh, president obama has already ordered increase efforts. he has been doing that before the paris attacks. over the course of the last months increased efforts and we're seeing the results of those in ways some of which i could only describe in the room to the intelligence committee. other ways people are seeing publicly with communities being liberated, with additional players who are coming to the battle, flying out of incirlik or engaged with their people on the ground. so we have to be patient and i think it's important to remember what franklin roosevelt said about the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
4:21 pm
in america, we understand who we are. we know what our values are and here we know what our interests are. i'm confident if we stay steady, keep our heads in thinking creatively but also being strong and committed to our fundamental values we're going to defeat daesh. we always it will take time. we began our fight against al qaeda in 2001, and it took us quite a few years before we were able to eliminate usama bin laden and top leadership and neutralize them as an effective force. we hope to do daesh much faster than that and we think we have an ability to do that. so that's the -- david: that is john kerry, secretary of state, back from paris where he istalking about new strategies to fight isis. of course hillary clinton also today coming out with strategies. peter barnes is following this in washington.
4:22 pm
peter, it finally seems to have gotten through to the folks in the administration that the public was not satisfied with the status quo. that they wanted at the very least an update, a clear update of how they're going to deal with things like the paris terrorist attacks which the president wasn't even willing to acknowledge that they needed to a strategy change earlier in the week. reporter: right, david. and so, secretary kerry going in and obviously briefing the senate intelligence committee on latest developments there. we also heard as you reported earlier from the fbi director, said, that there's nocredible threat to the u.s. after the paris attacks. but, we did hear hillary clinton talking about this and while she didn't veer much from the president's approach on battling isis, she did break with him by joining some republicans calling for a no-fly zone in syria. so there's a change there but
4:23 pm
she supported otherwise his position of no combat troops in the region. she called for mainly accelerating what the president has planned for, for more airstrikes and special forces. >> we should immediately deploy the special operations force president obama has already authorized and be prepared to deploy more as more syrians get into the fight. and we should retool and ramp up our efforts to support and equip viable syrian opposition units. reporter: she was also consistent from her comments in the debate among democratic candidates in iowaon saturday night, refusing to say this is a fight against radical islam. she attacked republicans that have called it that. she said specific words, radical islamic terrorism is a distraction that quotes, give these criminalses these murderers more standing than
4:24 pm
they deserve. she repeats she wants to fight radical jihadism. david: she was stiff because she was reading very clearly to script. reporter: oh, yeah. david: kerry coming back saying this, is acknowledgement by the administration just sticking to the script was not working. that they need a change of the public is not satisfied with the status quo. peter barnes, thank you very much. reporter: you bet, david. melissa: race for president newly defined by national security after the horrific attacks in paris. we have all the new poll numbers, who is up, who is down and how this will affect the race. stay with us.
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4:28 pm
line with expectations, 63 cent. street is expecting 3.2 billion. one of the reasons they took a strong hit on the dollar, especially overseas, japan, the stronger dollar was weak for gap. they revised adjusted earnings per share between $2.38 and $2.42 and that stock right now is off about 4.5% in after-hours trading. >> retailers are mixed. walmart up, gap is down. thank you, adam, appreciate it. melissa: tech is alive and well. here's a look at two new companies moving big on debut on the trading floor today. mobile payments start-up square ending up 45%, and the parent company of online dating services and tinder ended up nearly 23%. apparently that's a good business. david: i'm so glad i got married after -- before all that stuff. [ laughter ] >> i'm going to let you dig
4:29 pm
your way out of that one. david: i'm going to dig in deep. gop ramping up refugee fight against the president's plan. does the house passed bill give them the steam they need? details coming up. melissa: plus a close eye on refugees but not for very long. the very short tracking process, you're going to want to hear about this one. that's coming up next. excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch... and making a decision you are type e*. time for a change of menu. research and invest from any website. with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere. jeb bush: leadership means it's not about yappin'.. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working.
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. david: the syrian refugee battle on capitol hill today, the house voting to halt president obama's refugee plan. the bill passed with 47 democratic votes. so a veto could be overridden possibly in the senate. stay tuned. melissa: vetting syrian refugees in less time than you think, according to a state department official that oversees the u.s. refugee program, those admitted are not tracked after being in the united states three months. joining me is dr. zuhdi jasser and we have tony saig and david gershwin, dr. jasser, start with you, your parents came into the country as refugees, what do you have on the dialogue, the way we're discussing this, and do you think the program is too lacks? >> the program is definitely
4:34 pm
too lax, in the cold war we used to ask them, are you a member of the communist party? the vast majority are come for freedom, those take advantage of the trojan horse and be islamists that want to threaten our way of life. we should put the pause button not only are we not filtering, lookag the tracking, absurd the amount of negligence in the program. while they are vetting them, it's taking quite awhile. having said that, the messaging is so important, and we have not been adequately from both sides of the aisle, adequately messaging the effect we are the free beacon for the world, we will have those come here and be free just like my parents. within the refugees are the greatest assets for the solutions within the muslim community domestically and abroad. melissa: tony, how do we balance the two things dr. jasser talked about? >> i agree, i'm the son of lebanese christians, my parents stayed because of a civil war in lebanon.
4:35 pm
there was a huge refugee crisis that occurred as a result of that. i have sensitivity and sympathy to most of the tens of thousands coming from syria. we have a domestic responsibility. you need the verification when they come in, you need the tracking when they're here, and for us to have a reasonable conversation to slow down this process, when we know there is a possibility for infiltration from terrorists, from people who want to do harm to our country. that's totally reasonable. what's upsetting to me and what's going to hurt our country in the long run, when you have hillary clinton and have you president obama saying this is somehow low ball politics, it's not. and what i think is worse, this shows isis the kind of opportunity they're going to have with this administration doing stupid things like this, and calling reasonable measures like pausing this program political. melissa: david, i think one of the problems is, you know, everyone in this country, unless you are native american, you came from somewhere. at the same time, we don't trust the process of the
4:36 pm
vetting and the tracking. you know, we look at what the government has done with the health care website, the irs, the different things they've tried to do that seem similar. in our minds, haven't been run terribly effectively and don't want to put our safety into the hands of the same bureaucracy. how do we tackle that? >> look, i mean the vetting process has already been very robust. it takes up to two years for refugees to enter this country, and they're vetted by intelligence sources and military sources and defense sources, including fbi terrorism center. so if tracking is an issue and funding for additional tracking once the refugees get here is an issue, let's help fund that. melissa: more money. that's always the answer. that's always the answer on the democratic side is more money. hang on. dr. jasser, i want to ask you on, this question of veting. >> put the resources where they're needed. melissa: hang on, people said it is very easy to get
4:37 pm
documentation in syria that says anything, that government officials not meaning harm but having families they want to feed are going to be bribed to get people to come to this country. in your experience, do you believe that to be true? you still have family in syria. is that true? >> not only is that true, the government assad wants to depopulate syria of sunnis, he handed out passports by the millions, that's why a lot of this was coming. from we can't do background checks on an authoritarian regime like syria. this country has gone through world war ii, the cold war, vietnam, and accepted refugees from countries we didn't have trust in. we can do it. we need to convene attack force of muslim reformists who are able to fulfill political ideologies of islamism, and before we do, that hit the pause button. melissa: interesting perspective. we have to bring all three of you back.
4:38 pm
david, we appreciate your input as well. david: stricter vetting of refugees, but the president doesn't think refugees are the real threat. take a listen. >> the idea that somehow they pose a more significant threat than all the tourists who pour into the united states every single day just doesn't jibe with reality, that's not what our law enforcement thinks, that's not what anybody who's looked at this problem thinks. david: congress is introducing a bill that says tourists should be screened. that measure will end visa waivers for citizens of 38 countries but the travel industry is fighting back. joining me now roger dow, let's talk about what president obama first said, are tourists a bigger threat to this nation than the refugees from syria? >> if you take the tourists that come from visa waiver countries, we have all sorts of layers and information on them. they have to let us know
4:39 pm
they're coming. one of the most secure programs they have. no, they're not more severe threats. david: there are two measures voted on. rand paul has one that would really restrict waivers white a bit. senators feinstein and senator flake, democrat and republican, have one that would end the waivers for folks who visited syria and iraq within a certain time period. does that make sense? >> i think it makes a lot of sense to anyone that's been to syria and iraq the last five years, we'd be supportive of them getting much more screening, to delay or put off the visa waiver program is silly, theater. we need to have this great secure program, and every expert agrees, former homeland security directors, security experts. everybody says this is an outstandinprra a w david: okay, well, you know how volatile the political atmosphere is right now. it is possible that rand paul's more restrictive measure may go
4:40 pm
through, if it does, how will that affect your industry? >> well, it will affect the entire united states and our industry. basically 20 million people a year come through the visa waiver program. so we're talking 50,000 people a day will be held out of united states, which again, makes no sense. if they want to do something that really makes sense, get more americans in the program of global entry and tsa pre-check. we could get all of us, you and i, myself, david, are not threats to the homeland. let's get us all in the programs and use the resource we have to really look for the bad guys. david: i agree, those programs make it a lot easier to travel. roger dow, thank you very much. appreciate you coming on. >> always a pleasure. david: melissa? melissa: not holding back, donald trump calling out ben carson over falling in the polls. not so vein, one of the biggest secrets in music history finally revealed! ♪ you probably think this song is about you ♪ i use what's already inside me to reach my goals.
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. melissa: the paris terror attacks placing national security front and center in the presidential race. listen to what donald trump had to say about his rival dr. ben carson's recent poll numbers. >> trump 27, rubio second place, 13. carson 9. he's going down. he's going down! got to know about foreign policy. you gotta know. gotta know. gotta study, got to be able to get that stuff, right? melissa: joining me now former white house deputy assistant steven yates and tony is back with us as well. this is a "fox news poll." put it up. shows dr. carson trailing a lot. this is what donald trump was talking about, do you believe that? do you think that is forefront for the american people right
4:45 pm
now and responding to in these polls? >> i think there's been a very, very strong reaction, maybe a reality check given the developments in paris. i don't know how quickly those kinds of developments can translate into polls easily could be other factors there, but ask someone who's dedicated the last quarter century to national and foreign affairs, i care whether the next commander in chief has background experience and something to say at a time like this. melissa: yeah. tony, when we look at donald trump, he has something to say as steven would say, i don't know he has background experience in dealing with this. he was running an ad over the weekend was it or yesterday rolled out a new radio ad saying he would bomb the hell out of isis. does this make feel good about him as the commander in chief in this type of situation, or does it make you feel like he's a bit of a loose cannon? >> absolutely no doubt that the type of strength that donald trump exhibits the fact that
4:46 pm
america could be dominant once again is appealing to a large part of the primary voters. back to the debates when it comes to syria policy on understanding the intricacies of the different terror groups between iran and hamas and hezbollah, he doesn't understand the nuances. people don't care, they view him through the prism of character, they say he's a strong leader, he's decisive and feel he's comfortable in large part seeing a guy like donald trump president in these perilous times. melissa: steven yates, ask you about another candidate, marco rubio, he is in the bloomberg poll, he is not doing quite as well as the "fox news poll." he put out a decisive plan on what he would do in response to isis and he talks about, you know, temporarily stopping the influx of refugees of hitting isis very hard, unleashing the military. a much stronger stance, but at the end of it, he talk about
4:47 pm
the idea that ultimately he does think you need to get rid of assad. does he project enough knowledge and experience to lead the charge on a national security front? >> right. well he has been in the congress on relevant committees that have been looking into a lot of things in foreign affairs. he has a range of advisers that people know, that would give people some sense that he's been briefed, he's staffed, he's followed these things. when you're dealing with the outsider candidates, those of us who have experience in the field, we don't know necessarily who is actually doing the briefings, who's pulling the material together because going and negotiating a proper deal or business deal is extremely different than the tools and the realities of dealing with tough situations like a syria. rubio has some of that, and i think he's kind of reassuring bridge between the two wings of the party. melissa: yeah, we're going to leave it there. david, over to you. david: whether it's on wall street or main street, here's
4:48 pm
what's making money today, dunkin' donuts starting the day testing a new delivery service system. in addition, bloomberg reporting the chain is testing a smartphone app that allows users to preorder morning cup of coffee before they arrive at stores. carly simon revealing who is so vain for many years? fans have wondered who the singer is singing about in the hit song. she revealed part of her famous hit is about actor warren beatty. canadian mining company lukara mining found what's thought to be the second largest diamond ever. melissa: i love it! >> wow. it wouldn't fit on your finger. melissa: that's okay. david: measuring a whopping 1,111 carats, shares soared 32% after it unveiled the stone which it says is the biggest gem quality diamond found in more than 100 years. it's really this big.
4:49 pm
melissa: i'm blinded, dazzled. arizona day trader started gofundme web page asking for help in paying off $100,000 debt he owes to e-trade, betting the stock price would go down, instead it surged after investor group bought more than half of the company's outstanding shares, sending stock price up 600%. ouch! so far he's raised about $2,000. david: and coming up here, while some think the internet is the key to shutting down isis, do we really want the government to get that much more involved than they already are? we'll debate that with the former fcc commissioner coming up. h hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose. but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we've built powerful technology to alert you to your next opportunity.
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4:53 pm
better than we do. they are using internet, and recruits people, but we have it fake back the internet. >> do we really' government regulates internet more than they do, robert mcdowell, former fcc commissioner, take back the internet, a loaded phrase, is it possible? >> he says a lot of entertaining things by when fighting terrorism, the internet is a tool. law enforcement works closely with internet community. a lot of companies have people emptied for security purposes. but -- >> a lot of us are wary go the government involved in the internet. it is easy to work with because of the freedom is has from government regulation.
4:54 pm
if government gets involved for our own security, might that gum up the work of the internet. >> if you look at international trajectory of what is happened with internets since it was privatized in mid 90s in u.s., it migrated further from government control. overtime we see more government intervention at international level, inter governmental level. david: and, of course, obama administration said they want to regulate the internet like it is a utility. it plays into their hands for that. >> that is being appealed. david: we're going to avoid that term, it makes people's eyes glass over. but bottom line, does the security talk.
4:55 pm
what don said. >> it could well. oveoverall there is still ability to constitutional ability over the free internet. david: infairness on internet companies, there are -- there is some cooperation with law enforcement and the companies. >> it is a tool, you cannot luce it for illegal purposes. the same time, it is a platform for speech, there is a first amendment that even despicable peach is protected by -- speech is protected by first amendment. david: and certain things we're behumid on the technology, like these guys using gaming systems to communicate. robert mcdowell, vlad you
4:56 pm
were in -- glad you were in new york today. melissa. uber will see you now, coming up next. when there is a game, when there is a training, when there is a goal, our duty is to bring that information as fast as possible to the people. real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at the stadium. the microsoft cloud gives us the scalability to communicate exactly the content that people want to see. microsoft cloud allows us to establish a relationship that is more personal, is more direct with the fans. it will help people connect to their
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david: on one of the busiest travel weeks of the air workers at 7 airports in the country have gone on strike, demanding a minimum wage $15 an hour, and eli elimination of what they say against workers trying to unionize. >> customers can use a app to use service. nurse can give up to 10 flu shots at each location at no additional cost. >> not reallyfree. it is 10 bucks. never fall for that. >> there you go.
5:00 pm
it is cheap, i still don't care much for flu shots. >> it was 23%effective last year, but now we get heigh hate mail, everyone, you do you. make your own decision, that is just us, "risk & reward" starts right now. [ sound of gunfire ] >> i am deirdre bolton, authorities say that abaaoud's corps was identified by a fingerprint match, they fired 5,rounds of ammunition during the siege that resulted in arrest of 8 suspected sympathizers, the woman, a


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