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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 19, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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"strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember -- you can't take it with you. [ bat cracks, crowd cheers ] charles: thank you for watching, 6:00 p.m., make sure you catch the show. here's lou dobbs. fox business. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. an unusual display of bipartisanship in the house of representatives. congress today passed a bill to slow syrian and iraqi refugee flow into the united states and to bolster the vetting of each refugee. 47 democrats joined with republicans to pass the legislation with a veto proof margin. and syrians trying to enter the united states illegally. honduran authorities questioning five syrians who tried to cross their border. eight others tried to cross into texas and six afghans and pakistanis were captured along
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the arizona border. we'll have the latest for you on all of that. our top story tonight, french officials confirmed they killed the ringleader of the terrorist attacks in paris. he was killed in a seven hour raid by paris police and french special forces. confirmation of abdelhamid abaaoud's death took considerable time. french prosecutors say because his body was riddled with bullets and bomb blasts. he had to be identified by fingerprint. a second terrorist, a woman, killed in that same raid, abaaoud's cousin, and we obtained new video of the moment just before she detonated her suicide vest following a brief conversation with police. she speaks in french in the audio that you will hear, and at one point you will hear a police officer ask the woman where is your boyfriend? she responds angrily that he is not her boyfriend. followed by gunshots and loud
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bangs. . lou: her body badly mangled in the explosion of her suicide vest. the explosion so powerful her spine landed on a police car, authorities needed time to identify her as well. police in europe still hunting at least two other suspects believed to be closely linked to the terrorist attack. french media tonight reporting that the accused bomb maker of the attacks has turned himself into police in northern france near the belgian border. in paris, investigators are poring over surveillance video of the attacks trying to piece it together, trying tound how these terrorists managed to carry out their plan. newly released video shows the frightening moments inside a paris restaurant as the terrorists armed with a
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kalashnikov, an ak-47 rifle fired at least 30 bullets into the cafe. shocked patrons, scatter, hit the floor, trying to hide anywhere they can. incredibly, not a single person was killed at the pizzeria. one woman came very close. if you look at the spot there, the shadow spot, a terrorist is aiming his gun at the woman's head. she heard it click three times but the gun either jammed or the terrorist ran out of bullets. instead of clearing the jam or reloading, the terrorist turns and leaves. the woman runs, ever so lucky to be alive. national security concerns driving an important vote today on capitol hill. the house strongly approved a bill to implement tougher screening procedures on syrian refugees trying to enter this country. the bill passed 289 to 137. 47 house democrats joined with republicans, enough votes to
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meet the two-thirds majority required to override president obama's threatened veto. top republicans say they are putting american safety first. >> the president says we're scared of widows and orphans. with all due respect to him, what i'm really afraid of is a foreign policy that creates more widows and orphans. lou: joining us now to take up this refugee cries and its proposed changes to the vetting process. the five's co-host columnist for the hill, juan williams. >> thank you, lou. lou: extraordinary vote, 47 democrats, the largest margin on any contentious issue that i've seen. >> right a polarized congress, what you saw today was democrats siding with an overwhelming republican congressional vote that says we want to be sure about who these people are that are coming into the country. now let me say that earlier in the week, the rhetoric was stop it. stop the flow altogether, that's not what the bill says. this bill says we want to be
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assured that the attorney general and the fbi play a larger role and that you have the attorney general and the fbi director signing off that they confirm that these people have been properly vetted. lou: and properly vetted doesn't approach that at this point. we know this now. the state department confirming they don't keep track of these refugees once they're in the country. secondly, no way to proper levet them because there is no government to government basis to identify those who claim refugee status. so it's curious, but it also makes some sense now to hear the reservation by top officials including the head of the fbi that they're doing as best they can? >> see, i disagree with you. i think there is a vetting process. lou: i didn't say there wasn't, i said it isn't a proper one because they have no basis by which they can carry it out. >> couple things to say here. one is francois hollande, the president of france, they're still taking tens of thousands of immigrants despite what happened. lou: 30,000 more they're
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bringing in. >> and germany taking 90,000 lou. we're talking about 10,000 in the coming fiscal year. 10,000. and the vetting process as i understand it requires that these folks are check the out for 18 month to 2-year period before they put a foot on u.s. childr soil. we're talking about children, people over 50 and women. lou: we're talking about the number of widows and orphans in these group of refugees, the president is, well, even reached too far for him. the fact is we are watching at the entry of military age men, and majority moving into europe. so it's going to be a difficult process, and i think we're going to see the same political conflict here that right now angela merkel is going through and hollande who's pressing ahead with as you point out 30,000 more refugees.
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>> this is one of the key political fights going towards 16. keep your eye on it. suddenly it's a big issue for the 16 campaign, and republicans are on the offensive. democrats on the defensive. lou: and 47 of them coming across the aisle. >> that's why that happened. lou: a major indication. juan will be with us through the broadcast. he'll be here later to talk about, an interesting discussion. as we ask the question, are we witnessing the less inclination to authoritarianism and fascism in both its presidential candidates and its legislative direction? thank you so much. >> good question. lou: the department of homeland security today confirmed that eight syrians were stopped at our border tuesday in laredo, texas trying to enter this country illegally. six men from pakistan and afghanistan were caught after illegally crossing the border monday night in the tucson sector of arizona. all of that in addition to the
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five syrians caught with fake identities, false passports, caught in honduras trying to come to the united states using the fake passports. none, none of the illegal immigrants that have been stopped and taken into custody in recent days have any known ties to terrorist acts in paris according to long-term, but donald trump says nonetheless, we should be concerned. >> they're going to be pouring in. we don't know who they are. could be isis, we need a new president fast. lou: and something to consider, those 13 folks from syria who were caught trying to enter this country illegally this week, well, that's five more than the number of terrorists who carried out those attacks in paris. and do we really think they were the only ones trying to cross our border? the fight against the islamic state is intensifying,
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at least in terms of the rhetoric employed by 2016 hopefuls. hillary clinton decided she had to flip-flop on america's role in the fight against the islamic state. and her reversal couldn't have been more extreme, about 180 degrees. during a major speech at council on foreign relations today, clinton outlined her brand-spanking new hawkish view. >> the world's great democracies can't sacrifice our values or turn our backs on those in need. therefore, we must choose resolve, and we must lead the world to meet this threat. this is a worldwide fight, and america must lead it. lou: her statement. that statement today, entirely different from what she said only five days ago. >> it cannot be an american fight. and i think what the president has consistently said, which i agree with, is that we will support those who take the
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fight to isis. this cannot be an american fight, though american leadership is essential. lou: clinton also once again refusing to use the term radical islamists calling it a distraction. if there's anything clinton could use right now it is a distraction. i'll oblige her tonight in my commentary here next. i'll bet she can't wait. we're coming right back. defense secretary carter says he's ready to change the rules of engagement. >> we are fighting every day. lou: what does it mean when a secretary of defense has to say we're fighting every day? and why is the administration, after 14 months, suddenly willing to change restrictive rules of engagement? the president opposed to a pause in the syrian refugee program, and today we found out the state department doesn't even keep track of syrian refugees once they make it to
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personalized offers saved me tons of money and helped me reach my goals. i just signed up with their free app. what's my credit score? your credit score is 650. that's magic! no, that's credit you get so much more than a free credit score so do more with your score at credit . lou: the obama administration is struggling with conflicts
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between policy and new realities. defense secretary ash carter today admitted the rules of engagement against the islamic state have been too strict. he said, quote -- warplanes targets more than 100 of the oil trucks for the first time this week, something secretary kerry was more than happy to boast about. >> we have taken on their oil revenue, which is where they're really getting their money to pay for the tentacles that are reaching out and destroyed over 161 oil trucks and that will continue, a campaign that will deprive them from smuggling to iraq and to turkey from which they get literally hundreds of millions of dollars. lou: what the secretary of state didn't say is that the obama administration has let
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the islamic state's main source of funding, those oil trucks, untouched for 14 months. those oil trucks generate about half a billion dollars a year in oil revenue for the islamic state. adding to concerns about the islamic state, u.s. intelligence officials now say the radical islamist terrorists are aggressively pursuing development of chemical weapons. reportedly setting up a branch dedicated to research and experimentation with the help of scientists from iraq, syria and elsewhere in the region. joining us tonight, former army vice chief of staff, fox news military analyst, general jack keane. good to have you with us. first, let's, if we may, turn to this administration's i think rather coy approach to acknowledging that this is a new reality, and they wasted 14 months with those rules of engagement and not striking a principal source of revenue for the islamic state.
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what do you make of it? >> finally, hallelujah we're going to make changes. what a stunning revelation we have not been striking all this time. and the reason for that is because civilians drive the trucks. think about that for a second. they know who they're driving for. isis terrorists. can you imagine not striking hitler's war factories because civilians work in them, or not striking saddam hussein's ministry of defense which we did because civilians work in them? this is the absurdity what this digressed to. none of the targets get approved by the operational people without lawyers at various levels making judgments about it, and because the president said no civilian casualties from the outset, and no president has ever said that, i'm aware of, to an operational commander before. that is what the result was. 14 months of unabated fuel moving out of isis, making
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money in the black market because civilians are driving the trucks who work for isis. lou: basically giving the islamic state an easy pass to carry out terrorist attacks that killed hundreds, thousands of innocent civilians, and the president, the obama administration, the pentagon didn't do the calculus as to the number of civilians driving those trucks, enabling the islamic state to kill all of those thousands of innocent victims. >> and, you know, lou, what actually got them off the dime here, likely, was russia. because russia started pounding these things a number of days ago. and i think they've taken out 400 or 500 trucks, and as a result of that, i'm only speculating because i don't know the facts. i find it curious after russia struck these things we're finally getting after it ourselves. i'm hoping there is a dramatic
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change in the rules of engagement to unleash the powerful air power we have constraining from the beginning going all the way back to august. there's never been anything i've seen in the military by people at the fighting level so furious with people above them for constraining their combat power that they know they've been able to use in other conflicts. lou: interesting that you say, that general, ash carter, the defense secretary in making those statements about the changes in the rules of engagement, it seemed he was speaking to a broader audience than simply a television audience. it sounded to me at various points he was speaking directly to the pentagon. the leadership of those forces that may be brought to bear. >> that's absolutely true. and listen, there has to be some other shoes to drop. we don't have enough resources helping the ground forces. if we stay at 3,000, this is
11:20 pm
going to drag out, the killing is going to go on. we need to get close to 10,000 advisers, air controllers down at the fighting level. considerably more resources, apache uav's. we got to take the gloves off and say to ourselves, if this event happened in new york city last weekend, what would we be doing now? that's the way we got to be thinking. lou: and the pragmatic politics, geopolitics at least of it, it seems to me, to be straightforward. either the united states asserts itself aggressively with military power in the region and against the islamic state, or it is sidelined by iran and russia, and even france. >> yeah. as sad as that it, who could have seen that chapter? the russians are, i believe, are manipulating us here. they're offering a deal where they will help us with isis, i think that's a moral absurdity
11:21 pm
after propping up assad for four years, 250,000 dead and 11 million displaced, creating this refugee migration problem that we're seeing, and what he wants in return, i suspect, is ease assad out but keep the alawite regime in place so they have the foot hold in the middle east. if we take that deal, shame on us. lou: general jack keane, good to see you. >> good talking to you, lou. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is -- we'd like to hear from you because 47 democrats have moved over to the aisle, perhaps in anticipation of this question. cast your vote at follow me on twitter, "like" me on facebook, follow me on instagram as well, both on "lou dobbs tonight." links to everything,
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next, a few thoughts about hillary clinton's refusal to say the words radical islam, and we'll take up donald trump's many political gifts, including his prowess in dealing with hecklers. >> you know, it's amazing, i mention food stamps and that guy who's seriously overweight went crazy. he w
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11:27 pm
constitutional rights, our heritage and give way to political correctness. hillary clinton today hit back at those who have laughed at her ridiculous verbal contortions to avoid saying two words about the enemies, the radical islamist. here's the former secretary of state speaking at the council on foreign relations today. >> muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. the obsession in some quarters with a clash of civilization, or repeating the specific words radical islamic terrorism isn't just a distraction. it gives these criminals, these murderers more standing than they deserve. lou: did her logic sound like much the same as when she was spewing all the nonsense about an offensive internet video after benghazi?
11:28 pm
hillary thinks the words radical islamist give the islamic state more standing than the paris attacks, my goshgsd she says muslims have nothing to do with terrorism? she can't even acknowledge the truth that some muslims are terrorists! remember, this is our secretary of state who told her daughter the truth about benghazi as she then lied to the american people about that internet video. clinton's advisers try to explain her version to plain talk by saying she does not want to alienate leaders in the middle east if she's elected president. such leaders should never be accommodated by any american president's lies. instead, our president should listen to jordan's king abdullah, just this week, citing the high number of muslims who have fallen victim to the islamic state. he said, quote --
11:29 pm
but clinton's affront to freedom of expression goes beyond islam. she and her campaign are waging a war on comedians who make fun of her. her campaign reportedly threatened the owner of the laugh factory in hollywood, jamie mossada, threatened to put him out of business if comedians make fun of her. and apologist for radical islamists and authoritarian who can't laugh at herself and won't tolerate anyone else's laughter. threaten a business, wage war on comics for crying out loud? and she wants to lead this nation? we'll be taking up her ambitions and bad behavior with juan william and tom shillue here tonight. our quotation of the evening, we turn to one of my favorite writers robert hineland who said, quote --
11:30 pm
and, yes i found our leaders always have the highest and holiest of motives when they lay low the values and founding principles of this country. we're coming right back. there's no kind way to describe what our president has been saying of late. listen as he says so-called syrian refugees are no greater threat than tourists. >> the idea that somehow they pose a more significant threat than all the tourists who pour into the united states every single day just doesn't jibe with reality. lou: when the president isn't insulting republicans, he's insulting your intelligence and mine. rich lowry and a.b. stoddard are here next. and the rise of liberal fascism in america.
11:31 pm
hillary clinton quite the practitioner. she and her leftist acolytes want to control how we speak, what we read, what we hear, and already persecuting those who mock her. hillary clinton now waging a war on comics and comedy, but there's nothing funny about it. the five's juan williams and
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lou: joining us tonight, a.b. stoddard editor of the hill, editor of the national review, rich lowry. a.b., start with donald trump, now at 27% in new hampshire, we're five months into this thing from polling of early summer, i mean, he's making fools out of most of the pundits who savaged him, isn't he? >> oh, for sure, this is a record. you can no longer compare this flirtation with popularity in 2012 of michele bachmann or herman cain or anyone else. he's dominating this race, and what we're seeing post-paris is a real attraction to his message about our borders, securing our borders, securing who's coming in here, and really he's talk mostly about the fact that we're threatened by the policies of this administration.
11:36 pm
threatened by hillary clinton's policies and the quote, unquote amnesty policies of the other republicans in the race. lou: you know what strikes me, rich, it is, as a.b. says, all of this he is prescient whether it's kate steinle and illegal immigrants committing crimes in this country. the list goes on and on, but now the elites still will not yield in their absolute resistance to him, despite the fact that he's clearly smarter than they on foreign policy in most respects. rich, what do you think? >> i'm not sure i agree with all that, lou. lou: i'm sure you wouldn't. >> i haven't understood the rush in conventional wisdom to say he's going to be collapsed by the paris attacks. lou: did you notice that? >> trump is a fierce nationalist who's a hard-liner on immigration. this moment in a lot of ways is
11:37 pm
perfect for him, he projects strength, and people may eventually be more interested in experience than the strength, but they're not now. lou: yeah, who has experience that would give us reason to say, let's let you do what all the other experienced people have done us to so far. that's really a question for most folks. >> a key element of the outsider appeal, for most. lou: is there anything in this which trump could ever be persuasive to the elites, the inside? or is the establishment hunkered down and absolutely stubborn to the death that they're going to find someone that can back, that will do exactly what they tell them when he gets elected. you notice how i loaded that up for you. [ laughter ] >> if that question were any more loaded, it would tip over, lou. >> lou, the establishment doesn't expect to get anyone to do what they want, but they are obviously look for another candidate. when they look at rest of the lineup, when they looked at
11:38 pm
dominance in the polls, they are not confident they're going to be able to have a candidate that can topple him. most admit he might be the nominee of their party. it remains troubling to them, they're watching twitter feeds since friday night, what he said in public. is he someone really interested in conquering isis or just want to do trade deals? you know how much he tweeted about ronda rousey and "vanity fair" and macy's sales since the attacks in paris. when he talks about a large swap of land in syria where people would be safe in one of the most lawless places in the planet, it makes people chuckle. lou: makes people chuckle -- you know many people, including some very smart and wealthy people in this city consider his discussion on all of that rather euro dite, the fact of the matter is he can handle
11:39 pm
each one of those, i have never seen a match by ronda rousey. >> you're really missing out, lou, i tell you. you're not living. lou: found interest in the entire melodrama. >> he's been all over the map. at times we're going to outsource fighting isis to russia. lou: by the way. >> steal their oil and give it to our vets. lou: he's a genius at keeping them off balance in this country. >> that's true. >> you know, tell me which of all these candidates, and let's start with hillary clinton. give her the attention she deserves, the story that is reported that she, her campaign threatened the owner of laugh factory in hollywood. five comedians making fun of her, a.b., she is insisting, radical islamists, i don't care whether she says the words or
11:40 pm
not, when she does not speak knowledgeably about our enemy, she does not look attractive in foreign policy. this is a kind of suffocating liberalism that our friend jonah goldberg referred to as liberal fascism in my opinion. >> she has enough problems and enough baggage and enough liabilities that she does not need to be going after comedians making fun of her. it's ridiculous. it's the last thing she should be doing. but when it comes to the language around terrorism, as you know, democrats like hillary clinton and barack obama cite george w. bush as an example in their careful, cautious language because they believe it's used as a recruiting tool. lou: but that's patent nonsense and shouldn't be repeated. the fact is their recruiting is based on not the words radical islamist, as a matter of fact, when you carry out successes
11:41 pm
like they did in paris, that's the recruiting tool. and people who can't acknowledge who the enemy is because of their contorted language to suggest it's a recruiting -- >> this is the constant argument we've heard, especially in president obama. lou: and george bush. >> supposed recruitment tool for isis. if we don't take syrian refugees, that's a recruitment tool. gitmo is a recruitment tool. the biggest recruitment tool is the radical vision of islam and establishing a caliphate in the middle east, mostly unmolested until now. that is the biggest recruiting tool, and he's done nothing about it. lou: rich lowry, thank you, a.b. stoddard, thank you. hillary clinton started a war on free speech, or has she? campaign trying to kill the video of comedians mocking her? we'll have the audio they find so offensive as we take up the
11:42 pm
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. lou: this is the video the clinton campaign took issue
11:46 pm
with demanding it be scrubbed from the intent by the laugh factory in hollywood. >> there's nothing like a skirt suit with shoulder pads to say i'm all woman. [ laughter ] >> [ bleep ] hillary clinton wears, she looks like she's playing linebacker for t.j. maxx. lou: now or resident critics, "the five" co-host juan williams and tom shillue. your reaction. >> i know him, he's no republican, he lays into the right more than the left. not as if this was a partisan attack. lou: that's good to know, are you offended? hurt? >> no! i was amused. i tell you what offends me, why would you say shut up to anybody? comedy? we're all going to be mocked. she went on "saturday night live" and made fun of herself and her husband. i think she should have some sense of humor. what's going on here? lou: it's peculiar. >> a little shadowy.
11:47 pm
i don't want to doubt jamie mossada, the owner of the laugh factory. he does have a thing for self-promotion, even here. lou: he noted, perhaps correctly, i don't know, they tried to point out he does not have an ideological ax in all of this, i clash the cliches together. keeps me fresh. the idea that the left is now becoming though, it is becoming oppressive in language, the hispanic caucus shows up at nbc and tells one of their top executives, you know, that she can't use the word illegals and they walk out of the dad gum meeting. >> it took her 20 seconds to apologize. that is a long time, lou! 20 seconds between the offense and her apology? >> this is a really serious issue, lou. one, i don't know if you
11:48 pm
remember, i've been fired over this kind of issue. but the reason i say it is so serious at the moment is you go to places that are supposed to be institutions of higher learning, yale university, and what do you see? all of a sudden students are sitting there saying we think it's offensive for someone to ask why it is a halloween costume is legitimate as just fun, and not mockery of a specific race. and you can't say it or have a discussion about it? lou: that's what they're saying, no longer a discussion, a debate. you offend me, you're done. and they go beyond that. there are reprisals. young third year law student at yale writing an op-ed on the very issue, and people going, wait, reprisals? fascism. that's what it is. precisely what it. is a young woman georgia southern university loses her
11:49 pm
job working in a chicken wings joint because they couldn't take the heat from the black lives matter organizers who -- >> they put the number on twitter. did you see it? she criticized this group on campus and put the phone number of her employer and, of course they were so inundated with calls. i can't blame them. trying to get out from the controversy. it wasn't her fault. she expressed her opinion! >> this is what bothers me. as a journalist, the black lives matter group recently said they don't want to do business with journalists unless the journalists attest they are in sympathy with the black lives matter cause. i thought to myself, you mean you can't go in there and just tell the story? you have to go in there as an advocate. lou: they're probably looking at the model of the contract between the democratic party and say the "new york times,"
11:50 pm
and cbs news and "washington post." >> you're going overboard. i appreciate the point. don't tell hillary clinton the "new york times" is on her side. if they're saying that's the model for journalism in the future, our country is in trouble. why can't you say what you want to say? >> great for entertainment, though. i wouldn't let anyone in my theater unless they give me a great review. lou: i think you got a business model. tom shillue, thank you very much, juan williams. >> my pleasure, sir. >> democrats pushing a narrative or story that refugees flooding into europe are widows and orphans. who was that fellow? that was the president. we'll take it up with
11:51 pm
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gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end soon. blume joining us "new york times" best-selling author, newest could -- book code of conduct we recommended you highly and the co-founder of the gaelic which we also recommend you highly. it's good to have you both here. let me be conventional and begin with you. if a man that is a president who says that we have you know that basically we don't need to worry about these refugees, the dangers about the same as with a tourist. what do you make of that kind of nonsense at least i think coming
11:55 pm
from the president? >> i don't know what her decision is framing it like that but i do think there is something very politicized about the fact that the syrian refugees, i mean it's tragic with every refugee family but there are millions of refugees around the world and they are not concerned about the refugees from the other parts of the world. lou: your thoughts? >> i don't know if you are looking the same pictures that i'm looking at what i'm seeing a lot of beards and mustaches on those widows and orphans from 18 to 35 years old fighting age male and enough since this conflict started. lou: brian is referring to the president's remarks about -- trembling about widows and orphans and on that point but me had a little quantitative data there are. previously the number of migrants have been 72% male, 62%
11:56 pm
now of the refugees arriving in europe are male. >> correct end of the syrian refugees we ever be taken in since the beginning of this conflict, only 53 have been christian and almost 3000 --. >> read, have to jump in. why are you making religion a barrier of entry for coming to this country? my people had immigrants who were jewish because we were christian in the 1920s. >> it got worse in the 30s with the liberals and control the state department white house. they had tons of visas. >> the point i'm making is there is a double standard. >> i will tell you why. because christians are persecuted in syria. if you are christian in syria you are going to die. if you are muslim you can get by
11:57 pm
okay. >> you are just completely wrong , brad. people have been christian in syria in the middle east since the time of jesus. do you know why they are fleeing? suffices. >> it's because we are bombing them and it's also because we unilaterally decided to use all of our firepower to bomb a country that congress hasn't said we are at war with. they are seeing -- fleeing violence from their state and our state as well. >> we are not arming them as hard as we should be. >> how is that obeying the constitution and abating the country after congress says we will engage in a war that is constitutionally written? >> written? >> heavily have we invaded syria yet? >> we are bombing them. lou: the fact of the matter is if i may interject here historically we have as a nation brought in those in various
11:58 pm
regions where, i'm trying to say the southeast asians who were brought in were catholic and persecuted. we have done it throughout the course of our history. as offensive as that may be too modern sensitivity i'm just telling you it is the case because they were being killed and oppressed as the islamic state has christians. >> but that's happening all over the world. lou: as fascinating as this is i would like to turn if i make to president as well who is saying that it can be disparaging remarks isn't there some reason why the united states should not assure the security of its people. unlike other circumstances we don't have a government to government way in which to consolidate and fed on these refugees. it's a protracted and difficult
11:59 pm
process and by the way, the speaker of the house today said that he is not putting a religious test on the legislation that passed today. it's a security test so we can resolve that part and move to the other issue. what do you think? >> there are think that people should be vetted more closely before we let them into our borders? e but i don't think it should be anti-islamic. i think countries to have a right to protect their borders and countries have a right to set limits on immigration and shouldn't be politicized. >> yeah by guys listen i agree 100%. i think the vetting should be more serious and i was glad to see the house today put forth a veto proof majority on the republican bill to make it more serious and to make it more difficult for them to slide in. lou: now we will find out what happens when the senate moves in pure politics and pablum if you will rather than a meaningful substandard policy.
12:00 am
i must be wrong to even imply such. naomi thank you and brad thanks for being with us. in our on line poll 97% of you say the president has become an isolationist in the denier of american internationalists. thanks for being with us. good night. kennedy: let's get our eyes on this, someone mark the calendar. this is a very unusual day because i actually agree with both president obama and donald trump. the book spoke truth about guns and refugees and are speaking about freedom which i love every moment of the day. president obama was right about refugees when he said this. >> the idea that somehow they pose a more significant threat than all the tourists that enter the states every single


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