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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 20, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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incident. >> and we don't know what people will hear from president obama. he gave us one sound bite from his business trip in malaysia, where he said we're monitoring the situation. we'll see if the president addresses the american people in the face of all of this fear. good to see you both. "varney & company" starts right now. over to you. >> thank you very much. remember that question, when can we go in and wipe these bastards out? you might want to ask that question again because we with a woke up again to another terror outrage. good morning, america. in mali, gunman storm a luxury hotel, 124 hostages including foreign nationals and some were released if they could cite verses from the koran. others have been killed. and nowhere is it immune from islamic terror. and president obama has been
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criticized from his response to paris and the refugees. he said we're monitoring the situation. investors from all over the world are pouring money into america, this is the safe haven, the dow up 487 points since paris and it will open up again today after this latest outrage. the money is coming here. and the terror plague rolls on over there. "varney & company" is about to begin. all right, let's bring you up-to-date, exactly where we are now. 124 guests, 13 staff held hostage in the radisson hotel. and they include, turks, indians, french nationals, chinese nationals and it's confirmed, americans are in the hotel, we do not know if they are hostages. malian forces clearing floor by floor and terrorists reportedly are on the 7th floor. one of the escaped hostages said they heard terrorists
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speaking in english and southing allah akbar. come on in, christian whiten, the former state department official. if there was any doubt-- there is no doubt this is a global war and terror right at the center globally, right? >> right. and it takes it look very quaint, the administration's bragging about al qaeda and bin laden. it's a larger movement, it's not just isis and the iranian regime and tentacles. >> it's in place all around the world and we see it in france-- in mali, as they've been yelling allah akbar, and there was an attempt to put down partly with weapons from the syrian war. >> it seems like the threat is worldwide. certainly, the anxiety is worldwide and simply, again, it seems to be picking up the pace. paris last friday.
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bamico today, and before that, other terrorist incidents tightly compressed in a time frame. and it seems like go en, straighten me out here, it seems like we're working toward some kind of crescendo of terror, are we? >> yeah, i think so, this has been a theory that some of us have warned, you cannot ignore problems that have origin in the middle east. as much as we'd like to turn our back on the region and done with the wars there, the problems have a tendency to spread. not that these are specifically arabs in the middle east doing this. but you have an ideology, again as adverse as hamas, boca haram. animally is next door to algeria, this is the experience france had with ties to islamism and you have france learned the hard way, you have to learn what they're bringing
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in. stuart: there was intense pressure on president obama primarily especially in light of this latest incident. he has appeared at a press conference in kuala lumpur, he said we're monitoring the situation. >> the president went on his trip and included the philippines right after france was attacked and become so clear that his policy is failing, it's not just republicans like myself who believe this, you even have senators, dianne feinstein from here in california, democrats who are upset about the president's comments that isis is contained and the strategy is working and i think what you'll see from this administration in the final year for an attempt to move this out of the inbox, to seem to be reacting. we have some presence in mali and questions whether those in the hotel might be part of
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detached troops there. but we don't have the will to do much coming from our president. stuart: earlier this morning, jeb bush was on the fox business network and he said we need to declare war on islamic terrorism. roll at that tape. >> that's the problem here, this is a threat to western civilization, islamic terrorism is -- has co-opted a religion and we need to take it out. stuart: christian, what do you think. >> it's a -- what it is is a war on -- back to his brother's administration, a war on terror, why don't we name what it is, it's not taken over religion, it's islamism, unifying mosque and state and
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theocrat theocrat theocrat theocrati theocratic tyranny. it's a lack of clarity. >> what you're seeing on the left-hand side of your screen is the latest available video coming to us from bamako, the capitol of mali in west africa. there's a terror outrage in progress in bamako. over a hundred people held in that country. that would be bamako, the radisson blu hotel. we're one week from the paris terror attack from last friday. an update before those attacks. france had 500 people per day, this is before the paris attack. 500 people per day, we are-- were looking to sign up for the french army.
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after the attacks, surged to 1,500 per day, there's a rush to sign up and fight terror. liz macdonald is with me, i'm not going to say it's war-like attitude in france, but hardening toward terror liz: the french president is expected to call on president obama to do more in the fight against isis. what's happening right now. french troops have been battling al qaeda in the west african nation, now we see al qaeda still active there. stuart: what we've got is 50 french elite police officers making their way to mali as of now. 50 armed, heavily armed french police officers. >> here is what's key. when raqqa, when the highway that provided supplies to isis was bombed, you saw the paris attacks, you saw the same with london and madrid. that was at the height of the afghan and iraqi war. as the pressure steps up in the middle east to attack isis you may see more of these actions. >> let's bring in tammy bruce for the political angle here, president obama, he's in a
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corner here and he's not addressing this directly. he's saying we're monitoring the situation. this man is in a political corner right now. >> yes, and look, unfortunately, right now, the political angle, of course, now is extension, and it's remarkable to have a president who has no comment. in addition to john kerry noted about daesh as he calls it, insulting name for isis, that we're going to neutralize them as quickly and effectively ago we've neutralized al qaeda. the fact is, the group in mali is associated with al qaeda. al qaeda's footprint expanded quietly in the middle east through syria and yemen. the first thing president obama needs to do is to get out of a fantasy world and to face the reality of what we're dealing with here and clearly, he and his secretary of state, apparently are having difficulty doing.
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stuart: yesterday, it passed the house of representative r by a wide margin, put a pause, 47 democrats said put a pause on it, restrict the inflow, and the president says he's going to veto that. does he have to rethink that? >> he does. in 2011 he himself put a pause on the iraqi refugee program for six months specifically because of terrorists that had been getting through within that program. chersharyl attkisson is reporti this is an interesting dynamic. his own actions show he's capable of doing this and he should. stuart: how is is this market going to open in light of the latest terror outrage in west africa, look at it, it's going up. the dow jones industrial average set to open 70, 80 points higher. there's another factor involved here, it's not just safe haven investing. mario draghi, the european
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central bank, i don't know that he said print more money, but accommodate this with worldwide terrorism. how about the price of oil. a moment ago touched just below $40 a barrel. it's right at $40 a barrel now, we could break below it again today. another important indicator. >> breaking news, u.s. defense official confirming u.s. military personnel are assisting the civilians to secure locations in bamako. stuart: they're assisting liz: there are 25 military personnel there. stuart: this is a special, and gunmen taking over a hotel. fox confirms that americans are in the hotel, we don't know if they're hostages. the latest, more on it next.
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>> the syrian refugee situation is closely linked to the worldwide terror war. yesterday in the house of representatives, a bill to hold up, to pause the inflow of syrian refugees into america, that bill passed overwhelmingly. in fact, 47 democrats said yes, put a pause on the inflow of syrian refugees. congressman seth molten joins us now, he's a democrat from massachusetts and served in iraq and he had opened his home to an iraqi refugee. and brought him to america. >> he came to america. stuart: the issue right now is, should we put a pause on the continuing inflow of syrian migrants coming into america? >> no, we should not. the vetting process is strict as any traveler in the united states. works well. 18 to 24 months to come here. the idea is that isis is going to get someone in syria today and send them here tomorrow is completely wrong. even more, secondly, passing
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this bill is playing right into isis' hands. you are making it easier for isis to recruit people here at home and that's how they work. it's different than al qaeda. stuart: if we suggest that we don't want syrian refugees coming here at this time, we're encouraging recruitment for isis over there? >> that's right. no, no, not over there. what worried about is an attack here. stuart: and the domestic population, we take the risk on your behalf? >> no, no, we're not taking it on our behalf. we're trying to make america safer. hard for isis to recruit people here. 'cause that's what they did. they didn't refugees in paris for the attack they had people-- >> and a domestic muslim population, some of whom become terrorists, it's happened in america, and happened in europe and people are dying and you want to expand the domestic muslim population and says that that keeps us safer, does it? >> no, you've got to wrong.
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because what's happening is they' they're radicalizing the domestic population, you hit it on the head. stuart: and radicalizing them, that's-- >> it's saying that the words on the base of the statue of liberty does not apply to syrians or muslims. exactly what isis wants and needs and the propaganda to-- >> the bill supported by 47 democrats in the house simply to pause not eradicate the inflow of refugees, pause it so they can be properly vetted. >> they're properly vetted. stuart: you're sure of that? >> yes, i am. stuart: wait a second, wait a second. if one of those people comes into america that you want to bring in here and one of them kills an american, will you take responsibility for that? >> what happens-- >> will you? >> what happens if isis use this is bill to radicalize.
9:17 am
stuart: did you answer the question? will you answer the question? >> that's what they're doing. you said they're radicalizing muslims here at home. stuart: will you answer the question? >> that's what they're doing. and your bill is playing in their hands >> will you answer the question. >> you're making it easier for isis to recruit people who are already here. stuart: you won't answer the question, congressman. i'm ask it again. i'll ask it again. we bring in these syrian refugees and one of them, just one of them kills an american, will you take responsibility? >> i take responsibility for my vote and i'm proud of it because i know it's in the national security interest of the united states. stuart: you will take responsibility? >> i have fought these guys overseas, i get-- >> for your service, i want to know if you take responsibility. >> i'm not willing to vote for something that plays into the hands of isis. will you take responsibility ises someone who supports this bill if they use it as a
9:18 am
propaganda tool to recruit muslims at home to attack americans. it's interesting, thises-- >> they will use this for propaganda at any point in any way. >> this is how they're different than al qaeda, this is important for americans to understand. what al qaeda has done, is they have recruited people over in places like saudi arabia and sent them over here, long established. sleeper cells, remember the 9/11 hijackers were here for a long time, right. but isis is different, they're not just training people in syria and sending them overseas, they're recruiting them here at home with the internet and with social media and that is the most important threat that we need to address and that's why the director of the fbi, the director of the fbi is opposed to this bill. stuart: clearly, we have a disagreement. i do not believe that you radicalize people in america if you put a pause on muslim refugees coming here. >> oh, they will use this, they will use every advantage they can and we cannot do that. stuart: is there anything-- if we let them in they'll use it.
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>> american values are timeless. we don't have caveats in the americans values not in the 1930's. stuart: and we don't have caveats on american security, sir. we don't have caveats on american security and my wife and children we don't have caveats. >> after four tours in iraq, i understand that. stuart: i understand what's going on. >> i believe in america values-- >> you should take responsibility for what you're saying. >> i also believe in our national security. stuart: so do i. >> and i will not play in the hand of the isis to recruit terrorists at home and abroad. stuart: we appreciate you being here. >> thank you very much. stuart: thank you. coming up, the fight against islamic terror rolls on in france, apparently not here. a surge of army recruits in paris. we're live from there next.
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and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> this coming in. the state department says u.s. citizens might be in that hotel that's literally under siege. 100 hostages taken in bamako in mali. let's move to paris, france. ashley webster is there. ashley, we have updates on french citizens looking to join the military, the new mood over there.
9:24 am
give me the story, please. ashley: yes, absolutely, stuart. let me get to that in two seconds. i wanted to mention on the refugee issue, french authorities, including the prime minister maintain that the ring leader of the paris attacks game through greece and several other suspects involved in those attacks with him and used the syrian refugee chaos in order to get through greece into europe. greece says we have no record of him or any of the other suspects, but admits, admits that they very well could have have had fake passports and-- >> ashley, hold on a second, that's very, very important. if the ring leader came through greece, mingling with other refugees who are flooding into western europe, and he brought some of his colleagues with him, that's a huge break in the story because that's what a lot of people have been saying, they're coming-- the migrant crisis is a trogan
9:25 am
horse for the infiltration of terror, that's a very big story. i'm sorry i interrupted you, ashley, now give me the stuff on french army recruits. >> absolutely. french military saying that since the attacks, one week ago today here in paris, the number of inquiries of people wanting to sign up has gone up by three times from 500 a day to 1500 applications in the wake of the terrorist attacks and the military here saying this is a new phenomenon they're never seen at this level before, stuart. >> thanks, ashley, back to you shortly, we'll have the opening bell for you on wall street in just a moment.
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all backed by an industry leading broadband network and people committed to helping you grow your business. you get a company that's more than just the sum of it's parts. centurylink. your link to what's next. stuart: we open the stock market in one minute. what you are looking at are scenes from bamako, there is a hostage situation, 124 hostages have been taken from a variety of countries including china, indiana and france. we understand there are americans in that hotel but we do not know if they have been taken hostage. some hostages have been released if they can recite versuss from the koran. this is an islamic operation.
9:30 am
if they can recite versus from the koran some of lamar out and those who got out are telling people they heard the gunman speaking in english. that is the backdrop. liz: six american citizens are among those, also special ops forces are in there. stuart: in the hotel? liz: recovered from the hotel. stuart: the market is open, the backdrop is a worldwide terror, we expect the dow to go up maybe 100 points from the get go. we are off and running already. john laz-z-boy field is with us, scott shellady, liz macdonald right here. here is my friend is, the dow industrials, we are up 500 points since paris of last week. i say this is safe haven in
9:31 am
vesting. >> this is a place you want to be, the world is investing in the u.s. but not because of the economic situation but what we have seen worldwide. stuart: safe-haven investment time. >> it is part of it but the only place to be is the u.s. stock market because the fed rates, retail sales are coming in sluggish but if you have an attraction, it is going to sell well. just a matter of where it is going to sell. stuart: are you discounting the saving? >> yes i am. stuart: you are contesting my premise? >> it is part -- as far as a haven. there is no real estate yield in commodities.
9:32 am
the one place to be is in the stock market. stuart: i want to go back to you, to the european central bank has been making noise about accommodating the situation because of terror. does that mean he will print more money? >> i think so. three weeks ago i said we saw the basket for five years ago below negative, but i would like to say this. every big major hedge fund player has been looking at the market and doesn't trust bit but we melt up but the new joke when we talk about it down here is every morning when stock market is up, the hedge fund, they are looking at the fundamentals, they don't like the economy, things don't look good but the market goes higher. that is the conundrum so there will be more carnage on wall street. stuart: with nearly 3 minutes into the trading session on friday morning look where we are, the dow jones industrial average is up 100 points in the first two minutes worth of
9:33 am
business, we are up 91 putting the dow at 17,823. stocks up in part responding to mario draghi, going for the safe haven investing in the united states. maybe john layfield disagrees but we going to move on. we are looking at the price of oil. are we going to drop $40 a barrel. when oil goes down stocks go down. stocks today, oil down and stocks of. what do you make of that? >> to your premise, the economy is not doing well, we have a demand, overssupply for oil, not demanding from the economic situation so it will trade lower. we have stocks on a rally because there isn't anywhere else to put your money in. as managers have to perform, and
9:34 am
they have to -- they will be piling in. they will go lower because of the economy. stuart: stocks are on track for one of the best weeks in a long time. the s and p 500 is true, dow industrials. liz: breaking news from goldman sachs, down in 2016, u.s. oil inventories at the highest level for this time of year in a century. oil will likely go down. stuart: you have been saying this before, going down to the $30 per barrel range, so much of this oil. go ahead. >> as supply issue. little skeptical, goldman sachs going down, they are short and need a buyback of $35 so little skeptical about what they have to say. stuart: you are a conspiracy theorist, i know you are. i take that back, i know you are
9:35 am
not. individual stocks are moving today, start with nike, nike is a dow stock. i know it is up. nike has come out with its seventh stock split in recent years, raising its dividend, has a $12 billion stock buyback program. can we get nike up there? i would like to see that. it is of 40%. as we said, nike is a dow stock, that is a big move. how about the gap, profit forecasts for the year, going out of turn, that is up, cut its profit forecast for the year and stock is up, why are you laughing? what do we not understand? >> the new normal is great news. it is not as bad, it is good news.
9:36 am
stuart: i keep hearing you laughing, please stop doing that. your online payment company, it is up 40%, yesterday and today it is up 3%, square anastasia: 45 as we speak. that is the heyday for jack dorsey? >> 300 million, puts them at net worth, $1.5 million plus, and the dow jones industrial average is up 109 points. >> look it defense stocks in light of this global terror attack. let's look at them, lockheed martin is up 60% this year. it is up a buck and a half today, general dynamics up 5% this year and it is up not much, not much at all, 0.5%, northrop grumman another big winner for the year up 27%, calendar year.
9:37 am
rayceo of make missiles, but another 1%. billing 14% later. where is it now? boeing is at 149 just a fraction. all the defense stocks up this year. is that the defensive play? >> it is. no matter what you do with troops on the ground or one russia does you will need bombs and planes to blow these guys off the map. this is the consensus everybody wants to do. stuart: defense stocks? >> i should have bought them the for all this. now that scott shellady told me 35. stuart: you are like me with apple. those are the days. united health, we made a big deal and rightly so, united health may take its policies off
9:38 am
obama exchanges according to their ceo. cheese says they are losing money and can't keep on losing money. not enough young people signing up for these health care programs. go through it for me. united this morning? >> 6.6% gaining back some of that, 1.5% on the upside. end these exchanges and seeing losses in that particular area. it was the partisan issue. premiums are up and ultimately health care is more expensive. and many people tell you the affordable care act, and what was foreseeable. stuart: a bit of a come back. and the essentially saying they
9:39 am
will walk away from obamacare. >> think if you are held company, and they are telling you 34 million people, and make it worse. and this is something that was not followed through and rushed through and health care reform. stuart: they were backed up by a little bit this morning. >> john etna and anthem, and may not have any choice for the exchanges. and stock market, the plan is committed to offering 2016. stuart: the market just opened ten minutes ago and we are up 117 points but i want to bring
9:40 am
in the health ceo gary lauer. i will say it is up for tool that lets you compare health plans. i got that right. we are saying here is this move by united health to walkaway may be from obamacare, a downward spiral for the whole system. you are part of the system, what do you make of the statement, this walking away is a downside spiral for obamacare? >> it is certainly a step in the wrong direction. these are established fact. over the past few years the cost of health insurance fund these exchanges premiums of ghana. on average there up 7.5%. the other part that is missed is the deductibles. the part you pay after the insurance kicks in is increased. you have 4 to 5,000 deductibles before insurance takes health care. it is terry problematic. stuart: the rise in deductibless
9:41 am
negates, $5,000 on health care, it is kicked in. and catastrophic health care and not much, paying an arm and leg for it. not only compare and contrast different plans, this could be good news for you. give united health and the others may be leaving the exchange is you are in good shape, aren't you? >> our business is good with all of this. we were the first exchange, largest exchange, this is what we do. for this legislation to working in the united health and others and balance of the system and what united said it is they have a lot of individuals using the policies and nodding of individuals that are healthy that are not. it is simple arithmetic. you got to have more premium
9:42 am
revenue coming in and claim payments going out. all parts of insurance. i don't like to see united health talk about leaving the market place. another issue that is interesting goes to partisanship goes to presidential candidates, something i feel strongly about. you have bernie sanders on one hand and donald trump on the other railing about corporations, wall street and all this stuff. and interesting fact most people don't know, corporations deduct the cost of health insurers, 100%. if we buy our own health insurance we have to use after-tax dollars. we got to pay income tax on that. there is the fairness issue whether it is obamacare that can help with affordability which is let's make this fair. let people who buy their own health insurance -- of least get the same treatment as a large corporation deducted from your taxes just like you can a home mortgage. stuart: can we get toward
9:43 am
reform? would that be good? i am out of time. i know you are agreeing with me on that. thank you very much. we are up some more, of 125 points. john layfield can ally still wrong about safe haven investing? >> what you are seeing is companies that work. the place to be is the u.s. market and amazon like effect, you are seeing products sold but where will they be sold. stuart: we're 123, you are absolutely right. big day coming up, hotels siege in mali, this is a breaking news situation, things are breaking very quickly, fox news confirms americans are among the people inside the hotel. full story in a moment. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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stuart: new york governor andrew cuomo says his state will welcome syrian refugees. the polls show a majority of americans do not welcome them. certainly not a mass influx. congressman chris collins from new york joins us now. earlier this morning i had a democrat on the show who said if we restrict the entry of syrian refugees that adds to the recruitment and america of basis sympathizers. what do you make of that? >> that is ridiculous, let's face it, safety and security of america should be coming first the we have a president, a governor who are not putting safety and security of america first. they are pandering for some reason to the liberal left and in doing that putting americans in danger.
9:48 am
stuart: president obama is in malaysia, he has been asked questions about this attack in bamako and said we are monitoring the situation. my question is is the president in such a difficult political corner that he has to shift its policy and may be agreed to a temporary pause in the influx of syrian refugees? what do you think the president is going to do? >> i don't know. i have a feeling he will double down. he is embarrassed that he -- a week ago he said they were contained. she continues to refuse to call them out as radical islamic terrorists. this is a president who has doubled down more than once, pandering to the far left as well as hillary clinton and andrew cuomo, our governor. it should not be partisan politics. this is about the safety of americans and taking a pause. fbi director stated very clearly
9:49 am
they do not have the ability to properly that and guarantee these refugees will not pose terrorist risk in the united states when the director of the fbi, makes an affirmative statement that it is time to pause and fortunately we had 22% of democrats yesterday in congress agree that safety and security of americans comes before partisan politics but we did have 78% of the democrats' fault in line behind obama, nancy pelosi and hillary clinton and trying to turn this into partisan politics which is not. stuart: congressman chris collins from new york, thank you for joining us. what do you have on the paris raids? >> these are important numbers that tell you the difference whether something is neutralize or contained, french police in the past week have done 793 grades, 182 last night alone. 90 people have been detained, 174 weapons have been seized,
9:50 am
164 people are now under house arrest. this is clearly massive but clearly nothing is under control when you are able to do 793 grades in the general region area of the suburbs. stuart: what stuck out to me is 174 weapons, this is france, this is europe, they don't have weapons in europe. >> we don't have details, they are going to be in one case in belgium they found chemicals for automatic weapons and handguns, looking at combination of explosives and firearms. >> after 9/11 the 9/11 commission said this is about a failure of imagination, we need more imagination and expectation that isis is on the march, senator dianne feinstein said. stuart: on the dow jones industrial average we are up 152 points.
9:51 am
i understand mario draghi in europe suggested accommodate the ongoing war on terror that is happening around world. maybe that means he will print more money. maybe that is helping the market but also america as safe haven, we are up 153 points, as yet another terror outrage around the world. more on the breaking situation in mali, americans and the hotel, they are there, we don't know whether they are hostages, live report from africa in one minute. you both have a
9:52 am
9:53 am
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stuart: more on the situation developing in mali. joining us from johannesburg is paul kill lee. ilee. ilee. itlee. lee. iillee. slee. i have seen the mall attack, explosions in nigeria and now i am seeing bamako, a hostage situation, islamic terrorists are in charge. africa is now the new front on no war on global terror? >> you're quite right to suggest that. in the latest global terrorism index which was only published two days ago it was said four of the top ten countries for being the most deadly in terms of terror in the world are africa and nigeria has overtaken isis
9:56 am
in terms of now the most deadly terror group in the world. b this isn't necessarily boca h a har haram, but if it is linked to isis it is even more likely it is linked to al qaeda. let me give you some figures about american citizens as well. we learned the u.s. military has confirmed six americans were among the numbers of people who were released who have been freed from being hostages, state department says other americans may be inside the hotel as hostages and indeed the pentagon has confirmed to as that u.s. special forces are involved in trying to help special forces in trying to resolve the situation. stuart: thank you, i want to add our argument in america this morning is about the influx of syrian refugees coming in to
9:57 am
america. you have figures from germany. how many refugees have entered germany this year? liz: more than 900,000 according to the interior minister. stuart: 900,000 in germany so far this year. liz: that is the news breaking. stuart: we are arguing whether we should hold up in coming syrian refugees coming here. liz: that would not defund refugee intake which it would say pause, common sense. stuart: not saying no you can never come in but hold on a second, wait until we can that you properly. that is the argument of the moment. i wonder where president obama will come down on this one. >> obama's policies have affected the displacement of millions of people. why not bring in 10,000 to show how good you are. this is the problem we have with this administration. stuart: coming up much more on this terrorist outrage in mali. americans are in the hotel that
9:58 am
is under siege and we have congressman peter king, a member of the house tell lay security committee here at 10:45, the second hour of "varney and company" is two minutes away.
9:59 am
10:00 am
stuart: 10:00 eastern time the big story, america wakes up to a deadly terror attack this time at a luxury hotel in mali, west africa, gunmen stormed the radisson. hotel in mali's capital bamako. reports that three people have been killed in that attack. 124 guests, 13 hotel employees still held hostage. we believe on the seventh floor of that hotel. foreign nationals are among the hostages including french, indians and chinese nationalists and fox news confirms there are some americans in that hotel. 80 hostages have been released, some of them were released
10:01 am
because they could recite versus from the koran. 25 members of the american military are in mali and they did help first responders. french special forces are on site at that hotel and that is what you are looking at, the hotel in bamako, a capital of mali, west africa. senior naval analyst of the study of war, you say there is power shift within the jihadi movement. tell me. >> there is a struggle going on between al qaeda and isis for leadership of the global sunni jihadists movement. for good point and al qaeda was dominant in the struggle. only last two years has isis grown up, taken over territory in eastern syria and western iraq and established a caliphate and because they have such over the top radical brand of terrorism be hitting people on tv and conducting spectacular terrorist attacks in france where they are targeting individual journalists with the charlie hebdo attack etc. isis
10:02 am
is taking over from al qaeda for leadership of the global sunni jihadists movement. you can say this attack in mali was an isis inspired or isis directed attack but has all the hallmarks, right now you see a lot of these jihadis and pledged allegiance to archive are shifting their allegiance to isis. is bad news for us in terms of our security situation moving forward. bernard: when it occurs to me the tactic is very similar in nairobi, kenya, a mall was attacked, a small number of gunman firing indiscriminately going for the maximum body count. very similar attack in paris where people were executed in the concert hall, may be the same thing in bamako, there is heavy gunfire heard in the hotel, that is the latest we have from their. the tactic seems to be the same the world over. at small number of heavily armed people, don't care if they live
10:03 am
or die, preferred to die, get the maximum body count, maxxam outrage and an close down a city or institution for a day. very effective tactic. >> absolutely. historical analogy as u.s. navy pilot or retired navy pilot about what happened during the pacific war against japan in world war ii, for the end japan lost the ability to conduct the mechanized warfare they unleash their kamikaze attacks, very small cadre of highly trained dedicated personnel who were willing to kill themselves to inflict damage on the enemy. we see a similar tactic now from these radical sunni jihadists. a small group of highly trained men that are willing to die can inflicted tremendous amount of damage and we are not talking about people who are killed and wounded and that is the primary subject but the terror spread through the rest of society. stuart: you are a military guy, use of the war and military tactics. i am told that if we, america, wanted to get rid of isis,
10:04 am
eradicated completely on its home turf in that caliphate, if we wanted to do it we could do it. is that true? >> absolutely. we have done it before. al qaeda and iraq 2006-2008 we defeated and, general david petraeus put forth a plan known as the surge, intelligence sells, technical intelligence, significant number of aircraft to strike what we call time sensitive targets, just look at the flow rate as a financial guy is an analytical, you can appreciate this, we are only flying ten sorties the day against the islamic state. the totality of the time we are finally ten sorties that day, actually put forward targets, that is just a miniscule amount as compared to the targets that exist, we recently, america hit over the last 96 hours, over 100 oil tanker trucks from isis. my question is why did it take us this long to do this. that is how isis finance
10:05 am
themselves, let it these guys. stuart: a valid question and we appreciate it. liz macdonald with me, you have got numbers on russia's attacks today. how big? liz: the team cruise missiles off of russian navy hits 6 hitting 7 targets in -- one of the targets, 600 rebels killed according to russian top officials. russia has killed 1300 terrorists and al qaeda since september 30th, two thirds of those are considered terrorist combatants. number of civilians have been killed as well, nearly 500 civilians including women and children. stuart: all right, you have one more number and i want to hear it again. germany has admitted how many refugees from north africa this year? liz: more than 900,000. is nearing the 1 million mark by the end of the year according to estimates. stuart: that is the argument.
10:06 am
do we less in the north african migrants? do we met syrian refugees in right now? do we do that? the president says yes. many in congress, a majority in congress said no we don't. here we have germany admitting 900,000. that is a political risk for angela merkel. liz: both sides of the political aisle want to accept immigrants, they have an open stance, republicans and democrats. what is being asked here is common sense and vetting whoever is coming in to this country. stuart: as all of this is going on in europe, the middle east, and in africa, look at the dow jones industrial average. this is called safe-haven investing, there's a lot more than just that. bottom here, you have safe-haven investing. bring your money here, it is safe, the dow it jones, 144
10:07 am
points. and it is down 5, almost 600 points up since paris last week. stocks up, oil down, $40.24 per barrel, often in the recent past we have seen stocks go down when oil is down, not today. safe haven investing seems to cancel at out. oil at 40. market watcher is with me now, what do you say? am i out on a limb with the safe haven investing? do i have a point? tell me. >> i think you have a really good point and even a bigger umbrella over why the safe-haven investing is working and that is the resilience of the cumin spirit and resilience of a free world and the resilience of capitalism. since 1992 we have had 19 different terrorist attacks, now 20 county what is going on in mali, that is new since i did my
10:08 am
research and 14 of those 19 occasions within two days the markets around the world were back higher than they were before the attack. terrorists are trying to attack global economy and it is not working. stuart: if you are a foreigner and -- i used to be a foreigner and you are looking at the united states and think that is a safe-haven, i will put my money there, where do i put my money? seems to me it has been flowing into the amazon, microsoft, apples of the world, defense stocks, even gunstocks. if that is where the money is flowing? >> it is. first of all congratulations again on being a fellow american. i think defense stocks are great place right now, you mentioned those so-called -- facebook,
10:09 am
amazon, netflix, google that are doing well, continue to make new highs, money flowing where it is treated well or making new highs those defense starts are interesting place to be if you have new money to put to work because if the market has a hiccup down the road defense stocks traditionally don't fall as far as the broader market and where we have a heck up and i like lockheed martin in that space because you are doing a lot more than the fed. you are one of the top cybercrime-fighter's out there and there ago to co. when big corporations need to do that kind of bring in specialist consultants. it is a good place to be. stuart: we thank you for being with us, thanks very much. look at those defense stocks. all of them are up again today. they had some very solid gains all week. yesterday house lawmakers voted to slow the stream of syrian refugees entering america. all of this, the president up
10:10 am
until now i believe is saying i will veto that. we are not going to pause the influx of syrians coming here, we are opening -- liz: senator harry reid's office saying we will muster the 46 democrat votes to basically block the house bill. whether it gets to the president's desk remains to be seen. paul ryan is saying he doesn't understand the administration's stands, the fbi and law enforcement says we need to that the syrian refugees. stuart: more numbers to our viewers, we had these earlier today, the rage that have taken place in france. there are now 793 raids have taken place in france, 793 raids, 90 people have been detained, 164 people are under house arrest. this is most important, police have seized 174 weapons. this is europe. they don't have weapons in europe but apparently some do
10:11 am
and they seized them. remarkable story. later this hour congressman peter king, republican from new york is a member of the house homeland security committee, he is on this program at 10:45, good man to have at this time and donald trump is taking heat for comments about fighting terror. he says we need a database to track muslims in the u.s.. we will deal with that after the break.
10:12 am
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stuart: look at it now. dow jones industrial average is up 170 points, they want safety, you want safety for your money america seems to provide it. the price of oil touched a low below $40 a barrel earlier this week, right now holding at $40 a barrel. then we have hillary clinton laying out her plans to take out islamic terror. liz, you have been looking through this carefully. did she say yesterday she shifted a little more?
10:15 am
liz: i read the speech, it is a sweeping hawkish foreign policy speech, here is the quote, the u.s. is conducting this fight for more than a year, time to begin a new phase and intensify and broaden our efforts, for u.s. soldiers to be embedded with troops on the ground, call for more strikes and also calling out turkey and gulf states to do more to defeat isis. stuart: you are looking at scenes from outside the hotel in bamako, mali where islamic gunman have seized what we believe to be 124 hostages, 13 hotels staff members. those hostages come from a variety of nations, france, india, china, the state department says or is trying to confirm that americans are in the hotel, whether they are hostages or not is another story entirely. some hostages were released if they could recite versus from the koran. we understand three have been
10:16 am
killed. in what circumstances we do not know but there are three dead in this hostage situation as we speak. now this, donald trump says as president, he would increase surveillance of muslims in this country suggesting they be registered in the database. "national review" editor richard lowry joins me now. rich, that is probably not going to happen but it is a muscular response and that is what people want to hear. >> trump has been a nationalist and hard-liner and immigration but we can agree databases on u.s. citizens for no reason other than their religion. that is unconstitutional, counterproductive and it is never going to happen. stuart: how about the argument we are in now about the influx of syrian refugees? the house of representatives by
10:17 am
an overwhelming margins as hold on, pause, wait until we can that some properly, the president says he will veto that. he wants those scenery and refugees to come in as schedule. do you think the president in light of what is happening today might have to back off that a little? >> he has really dug in. i think it is a shame. if he were to come out five minutes from now and say i hear about these concerns about syrian refugees, understand them, here is my $2 billion plan to actually help many more syrian refugees in the front-line states like jordan and lebanon and turkey are not taking 10,000 syrian refugees, taking millions of syrian refugees to held long the ground, that would pass immediately and instead we have is poisonous and mostly symbolic argument over these refugees. stuart: and yet the argument is bigger than that.
10:18 am
it is about do we wish to expand the domestic muslim populations of europe and america? putting it in rather crude terms we have numbers this morning from germany, they have admitted 900,000 north african refugees in this calendar year. the real question is does europe wish to expand its domestic muslim population and does america, maybe i am treading on the third rail of ethics but it is a question that has to be asked. >> germany's policy is ridiculous and angela merkel's -- bears some responsibility for what is happening because when you say we're going to take anyone who comes, everyone on the offense considering whether to come or not is going to come and these people are not going directly from aleppo to munich. that is not possible. they're going to other places that are much safer, turkey for instant and then deciding to go on to europe.
10:19 am
the obvious solution, help those front line states developed a places for these people to stay safely, then settled less syrian conflict and have them go back to syria. stuart: jeb bush on the fox business network with maria bartiroma said we need. on the ground in the middle east and we need now. that was a very strong response to what is going on in bamako this morning. what do you say? >> anyone had said that two years ago they would be laughed out of the room and it would be an absolute political killer. that is not true anymore. public sentiment has shifted on this issue especially in the republican party and if we're going to take isis on it will require more u.s. troops. that is the fact. we can do more from the air but the problem cannot be solved from the air. stuart: thank you for joining us. if you didn't watch "varney and company" at the top of the hour
10:20 am
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10:23 am
stuart: i hesitate to call this the terror rally. we better call it a safe haven investing in america rally because we are up 170 points, not far away from 18,000. a quick look at united health may need does obamacare exchanges according to ceo, they're losing money, can't do that, signing up, bouncing back today, back up 3%. and now this. if you miss the 9:00 a.m. hour of "varney and company," you miss this interview, he wants to let syrian refugees get in.
10:24 am
>> the bill supported by 47 democrats in the house, to pause, not eradicate the refugees but to pause it and that them properly. >> they already are properly vented. stuart: you sure of that? >> yes i am. stuart: if one of those people comes into america's that you want to bring in and one of them killed an american will you take responsibility for that? >> what happens if isis uses this bill to radicalize -- radicalize people at home. because that is what they were doing. there radicalizing muslims here at home. that is what they are doing. your bill is playing into their hands. stuart: answer the question. >> easier for isis to recruit people who are already here. stuart: answer the question and i will ask it again. i will ask it again.
10:25 am
we bring in these syrian refugees and one of them, just one of them killed an american, will you take responsibility? >> i take responsibility for my vote and i am proud of it because i know it is a national security interests of the united states. stuart: i thought we would run a little bit more of that. you were sitting there as i interviewed the congressman, i know you wanted to jump in, your point of view? liz: demonstrably wrong when he was saying the bill has no religious test, it doesn't defund the refugee program. it says pause it, take time to that them. the fbi director basically -- not say whether he supports or is against the bill. he is saying in law enforcement, there are gaps in the refugee program, finding out who these people are. that is a serious issue. the fbi repeatedly said sleeper's cells are not triggered by legislation. they sit and are activated by
10:26 am
the warlords overseas, they are dormant for years. we have 70 charge in the united states, immigrants have been charged with terrorist activities. stuart: have been charged. >> 40 been intensely monitored by the fbi. whether they are home grown or radicalized or came in from overseas that is what is going on, those of the fact. stuart: i was looking for a statement of responsibility, you let them in, they killed one american, the you take responsibility, that is my question and i did not get an answer. up next, more on the mali situation, terrorists holding a one hundred people hostage in a hotel in bamako, the capital of mali. a big blow to obamacare, the nation's largest insurer offering plans through those exchanges, we are dealing with that with an expert after diss.
10:27 am
10:28 am
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10:30 am
i've said it before safe haven investing in merck. 179 for the dow up 161 with terror going on around the world. proos of oil an important indicator until today often when oil goes down, stocks go down. not today. ole down at 40 dollars barrel but stocks going straight . i want to get bock to that being story capitol in mali stormed that radisson hotel earlier today they took 170 hostages total that included many foreign nationals. some have been wees leased if they could recite from the qur'an. reports that three other three to be precise have been killed from the heritage foundation dakota wood is with me right now. it o considers to me there are many, many soft targets that's exactly where these jihadis go.
10:31 am
>> absolutely why would you want to go into the teept of an armed guard or marl compound if you can hit a kids' football game. shopping mall, restaurant. a point of an open society ands that's what they're targeting. >> that makes us all vulnerable every country, city has many, many soft targets. >> absolutely, and yeah, this is the fear of in response to that of opposing a marlized surveillance state which is a path we absolutely do not want to go down, and yet maintaining these civil liberties that we all really cherish so how do we strike that balance between bias towards civil will be thes yet enabling our law enforcement and intelligence communities to provide protections against these attackers that's the nature of the debate today. >> it is on a program earlier morning i had a democrat congressman who said that if we pause on the influx of sure i
10:32 am
can refugees coming from america if we have a pause on it, then we radicalize more muslims already living here. that was his lodge egg for allowing more in. what do you make of that? >> well i think it's completely redc louse. these folks are animated noser for or their hatred against the u.s. and what it represents. not that you need to give them cause in terms of foreign fighters or sympathize rs but they're attacking anyway. so i think we have no only gags to inflict upon ourself it is cultural suicide, by opening up our arms to anybody who wants to come here. we need an aggressive filtering process and if folks living in the united states are good americans, they're going to support that approach, i believe. >> at this point could i say that this waver of terror has been success in the sense that the body count is huge. there's throughout the world and anxiety throughout the world and
10:33 am
that is the intention of the terrorists at this point. would i be going too far out of lean to say they're anding? >> yeah, i think so. l i think that this is a man pes taigs of a violent strain of evil. people are necessarily worried about it. in appears you've seen a solidarity that has come together to not let these jihadis deter us from conducting our leaves so rational actors among the people in particular. i think it is rational to be concerned and one to be more protect of. but i don't see us going overboard in that. i don't to accord, you know, these terror element its that ty are vaccine tore use in a larger sense. it will tack time and figure out best methods to do that. >> to heritage thank you for oning us we appreciate that. here's an interesting development. lee carter is we many she's with
10:34 am
with partners, and she has a clip, of president obama after the paris attacks where you put them to a focus group. >> yeah. >> you ran cleps of what president obama was saying. >> a focus group was watching, and they can respond with those dials so when they approve line goes up and disapprove goes down. a clip where president obama was saying this was a setback to tack in appears was a setback. roll that tip and let's hear how they responded. >> l this would be a long-term campaign. there will be setbacks and there will be successes. the terrible events in paris were, obviously, a terrible and seckening setback. even as we grieve with our french friends, however, we can't lose sight that there has been progress -- >> i saw a dip at the end what he was referring to our frerchg friends and a blip up when he
10:35 am
was referring to a setback. how -- what is your interpretation of this? >> when we were talking about how they were reacting they told us they're waiting for him to say something strong. something being, this is a big time. people are afraid they want leadership. they want us to acknowledge it. so when they're watching setbacks they go okay. about to say something, and then he department. he said nothing and they dip down. people want leadership. people are afraid. people are terrified people are angry, all sorts of things if you about this a leader should behave saying we're going to be okay. do everything to stand by these people. you don't have to choir. that's not what they heard. >> the audience that was controlling the diet giving their response, a cross section of people. republican, independents and democrats you didn't self-select an audience which you knew which the result was going to be.
10:36 am
>> republican and in democrats o interesting this doesn't happen or very often is they reacted it in a different way. republican more negative but thought independent would act the way republicans. but the support for obama and democratic loam right now is softening. >> next up, here is a radio clip, a recent radio ad twal that is from donald trump. you put the tile on people again. roll that tape please. >> no strategy to defeat isis and now preparing to let hundreds of thousands of refugees from syria into the united states. i will stop illegal immigration. build a wall on southern border a and yes also we cannily and decisively bomb the hell out of isis. >> now what's your interpretation of the response. i don't know how to read lines, what was the response so i'm gong to bomb the hell out of i.c.e. seis? >> some are look let's do that. people are not may behaving rationally.
10:37 am
but people said he's strong. he's had threetion a plan. whether or not you agree with a plan people were on it. but thing i found really, really interesting is in the gng he blames obama. doesn't have a plan. people are saying enough, this is not tomb for us to be going after each other want to hear what are you going to do to make it better. >> that's the focus group you ran? >> yeah. >> thank youen deed. fascinating. >> i love to have some doils on people reacting to this program. [laughter] >> any time. >> unfortunately. >> i think maybe we have a bombshell for obama carr that is united health maid leave the obamacare exchanges. that's according to their ceo, he had a statement he said look we're losing money on this obamacare accident chanks not enough healthy, young people are incooing up.
10:38 am
goodnight mouthbreathers.
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>> fbi director james comey speaking publicable the security. >> yesterday he said that they're tracking closely monitoring dozens of potential loan wolves or isis terrorist
10:47 am
sympathizers and they said there's 4 dozen they're closely monoor toking. that means you're watching somebody 24/7 wherever they go, whatever you do we're doing that to four dozen people in merck. >> put the word out to all of the field offices monitor them. >> and how many people does it take to watch one person? >> no indication at that. >> a lot of people i'm sure. new york republican congressman and community member is peter king with me right now. congressman, you heard that i believe. that we have 48 or four dozen poem under intense scrutiny. can we scrutinize the people that are here already in a way that makes sense to say we got them? we're looking at them. >> director is dong the best that he can. i think that had there's been some limitation put on surveillance that is carried out by the fbi not by director comey
10:48 am
by justice department. limited it surveillance as far as mosque is concerned that's one of the reasons that i think back to the boston marathon bombing even though the fbi was dong an investigation of the tsarnaev brothers they didn't go into the mosque over the years nypd has done more intense surveillance of muslim, anyone who is in terrorist target here. but done a great job. fbi has done a great job. could have chose their command but doing the best they can. >> if you're going to surveil one person 24/7 you need at least a half dozen people to do that. they need more staff, correct? >> yeah, of that 48 that jim comey is talking about could have hundreds surveilled they narrowed it it down to the wonings they feel are most dangerous. but hundreds of others that are watched. director said he's active investigations going on in all 50 states involving isis, and al
10:49 am
qaeda. i know in new york for instance, again, a large number of individuals who the north dakota is concerned about that's just one state and one city. >> this is a difficult question to ask. but i'll ask it because you're in a position to answer. should we be really concerned about a major attack inside america in the very near future? >> we have to be on our guard but i can say right now from all i've seen there's no evidence of any credible threat. what we're more concerned about right now is isis puts out these videos that attracting people on the fringes to carry out attacks which are very deadly to those. they don't have a large impact on the population as a whole. but for instance, last year when they put out videos calling for the -- murder of police and morel, we have a attack on canadian parliament and saw here in new york a man with a hamp et attempted to kill two new york city police officers so able to attract people on frings that's what we're looking for here. the loan wolf.
10:50 am
yet the lone wolf may have a bomb and carry out some random attack. >> i've got 20 seconds left literal lit but do you improve of the pause of refugees to america? >> absolutely. iftion i was one to say we cannot vet. when the president continues to say that that is r that's why people have lost faith in him. this is the best we can do let's make it better. for hmm to say there's real vetting gong on is wrong. no databases, nothing to judge against, and president is wrong. he know it is, and now congress is spoken. at least the house has. >> congressman peter king thank you for being with us on a difficult day. appreciate it. we've learned more about attacks in germany taken in 900,000 refugees in france around paris mostly 793 raids, 190 people have been -- 164 people under house officers. -9d 0 people detained.
10:51 am
look at this, 174 weapons recovered. weapons in europe? recovered -- out of sight, a live report from paris, coming up. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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10:55 am
al qaeda footprint expanded quietly in the middle east through syria and yemen. the first thing that president obama needs to do is to get out of the fantasy world, and is to face the reality of what had we're tealing with here, and clearly he and his secretary of state apparently are having difficulty doing that. very busy friday morning, a lot of breaking news, that was just one of the highs from first two hours of varney & company. remember to tune in every day 9 a.m. eastern sharp. don't miss a american. as to webster live in paris, ashley i don't think you may not have slept since leaving, you know, since maybe you slept what 5:00 in the morning on wednesday that's when you got up. headed out to appears, ashley what do you know now about where those terrorists are coming from and then raids going on in pars right now? start with french frustrates putting out numbers that are quite remarkable.
10:56 am
one week since attacks were unleashed here in paris friday night, november the 13th. french authorities say since then may have conducted 793 raids. detained 09 people. recovered 174 weapons. 186 those were military-style firearms, 84 rifles, 68 handguns and 168 people placed under house arzt they're remarkable when you can think it is not highly thought of that guns are a big part of life here. so illegal gun market in europe is alive and thriving clearly, and there's calls now for countries to better share information to try to clamp down on these. but we're also told more raids will be of course carried out in coming days and weeks. >> more raid and marl weapons recovered in raids. coming up next hour, republican presidential candidates reacting to the terror tack in mali. governor mike huckabee joins us at the top of the hour and donald trump says that he wants
10:57 am
a database to track muslims in america. we're gong to tack to newly hired spokesperson katrina pearson. more varney, just three minutes away. stay with us.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: a week since perez. a week since president obama could have taken a fight against islamic terror. he did not. president obama seems to be in an petulant denial. it has not on unnoticed. look at the washington post this morning. obama now speaks embittered from the ruins of our national security policy. the article is a complete dismissal of president obama has
11:01 am
a leader. he is petulant and peeved. this president reserves the anger for republicans. a president whose wartime leadership inspired not by winston churchill or fdr, but by rachel man out. this morning, we wake up to a new terror attack. will he still veto it? will he want boots on the ground. even relatively going on. the airways are jammed with military people. this is war. leadership is the focus. president obama has not led. he has petulantly aimed his fire at his critics, not at terror. he cannot take charge. history will judge his presidency a failure.
11:02 am
♪ just pointing us. let me bring you up to speed on the attacks in bali. 174 people taken hostage. they say that gunmen are holding no more hostages. exactly what that means, we do not know. we do not know what has happened to the hostages. all we know is that the security minister says no hostages are being held by the government. backtrack a little. they were among those hostages. including americans in the building. indians, people from china, certainly people from france and
11:03 am
turkey, they were hostages. some of the hostages were released early, but only if they could recite passages from the carotid. it was a religious test from their freedom. earlier it was reported that two people had been killed in the early part of that attack. ralph, i do not know what you are heard, i am quoting from the washington post. absolutely trashes president obama as a wartime scholar. what does the president do now? another terror attack. >> i believe that he is still a midst. back in 2009 a broadband assaulting americans, praising religion of peace that the world did not respond and have peace
11:04 am
in our time. someone who can never admit he is wrong about anything. the background in indonesia as a child continues to romanticize islam. partly dysfunctional. the savagery. islam is extremist movement. plural. it just seems to get through to the end of his presidency without doing anything that insult any muslims ever. stuart: given your brothers, what would you do. as of right now? >> first thing you do is recognize you have a problem.
11:05 am
we have this tremendous military with great capabilities. it does not matter what the latent capabilities are as long as you use it. i would take a much more aggressive use. there will be casualties. we have 300,000 dead in the area. i would use american ground forces. i would not try to rebuild broken countries in our image. killing islamic extremists wherever they are. russia does not get a pass on ukraine. you have to do it them intelligently. we should have stepped up
11:06 am
immediately. blowing off president hole -- holland. real forces. putin saying to strategic offers. stuart: wants 18 cruise missiles today. i am sorry. i am out of time. i have a presidential candidate on the phone. i had the governor of arkansas. governor mike huckabee. thank you for being with us at a time like this. i know you were listening to what ralph peters has to say. he is all for boots on the ground. limited operation. go after them and kill him.
11:07 am
would you say the same thing? >> the kernel is 100% correct. expressing what really should be done. you can only destroy isis. they are a malignant tumor. these guys are not benign. you radiate the surface around it. it is just that simple. >> paris. do you think the public mood has shifted to the point where americans would welcome american troops going after isis and killing them. >> i think americans would welcome american leadership did we cannot have an american president who instead of closing our borders like the french president did in declaring war on isis like the french president did, he wants to open our borders. the only people appear to be
11:08 am
republican governors and any republican that wants to make americans safe. more interested in protecting the reputation of islam than he danny is the safety and security of the american people. stuart: real fast, governor. we had a democrat congressman on the show that wanted to bring in the serious refugees. if we continue to keep them out, that will be a recruitment tool for isis within america. what do you say to that? >> it is nonsense. there is nothing we do. now, i get it. this is insanity. this president we are not dealing with reasonable national
11:09 am
people. they have their intent to kill us all. what happened in mali this morning is a great example. if you could not recite a verse from the koran, you will be killed. give up your guns and learn a verse. that is insane. stuart: i have to run. all kinds of things are happening this morning. thank you for joining us. >> this information is preliminary. they saw some 27 bodies there. preliminary word of caution here. this is preliminary information he had. stuart: source from you and keep papers -- peacekeepers. donald trump.
11:10 am
big controversy. a database to track muslims in america. you work on the national campaign staff for donald trump. what did he mean? a registry? was he serious? has some thought come into this. >> first, congratulations. let me just start by saying that mitch mcconnell has written previously about radical islamic terrorism. before 9/11 even happened. we're talking about vision here. he will not rule anything out. now everyone is saying that it is all trump. he is not taking anything off the table. we are watching terrorism unfold all over the world.
11:11 am
mr. trump takes it very seriously. he has said from the beginning he will not give his national strategy. >> you do know that there will not be a registry of muslims in america. we do not do that. you know that. >> absolutely. we do have a terrorism watch list that is out there. it remains to be seen. mr. trump is not taking anything off the table when it comes to keeping americans safe. stuart: surveillance cameras inside mosques. how about that? >> there was discussion about that on another order. the boston bombers. they are owned and operated by a convicted terrorist. when eusebius types of things coming out of one mosque, they have to be looked at.
11:12 am
stuart: i hear you. thank you very much for joining us, katrina. i then said this with us. you were shaking your head vigorously during the interview with katrina about donald trump. what is your problem? >> trump was saying that he would not rule these things out in response to a reporter. there was a follow-up interview with nbc news. a reporter drill down on this. he said he would certainly implement that. and then he was asked what muslims be legally obligated to sign into the database. trump responded "they have to be. they have to be." her talking points are made. we want to be accurate. the migrant crisis after the break. we will speak with someone who
11:13 am
agrees with the president. we should let the theory and migrants in now. ♪
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
stuart: i will update a story. the terrorists are no longer holding any hostages. un peacekeepers say they saw 27 bodies on the scene at that hotel in mali. west africa. liz: a worker was one of the individuals killed. detaining a young man on suspicion of committing a terrorist ryan. stuart: happening thick and fast. i want to bring in gordon chang.
11:17 am
two days ago, isis executed a chinese national. i want to know what you think the response of the government will be to this outrage. >> they do not want to be in the crosshairs of terrorists. engaging in some forceful response. they are censoring all internet postings. actually doing something. i think that there will be rhetorical support. nothing in the way of military action. stuart: a further crackdown on their own muslim minority. >> more than a decade did what we saw at the g 20 meeting in turkey, chinese president and the foreign minister try to enlist the international community to help them hunt down leaders. that will probably not happen.
11:18 am
nobody outside has really bought onto this campaign. stuart: would it not be in china's interest to go after isis dilip hiro is. >> probably. they are thinking that they probably do not have to. we have seen a muscular french and russian reaction. they will continue to do what they have been doing now. free ride on everyone else. stuart: we thank you very much. we appreciate you being here. our next guest agrees with president obama. we should be letting syrian refugees into this country now. welcome to the program. good to have you here, sir. if we allow the syrian refugees to come in, one of them commits an atrocity in america. would you take any degree of
11:19 am
responsibility for bringing that person in? >> first of all, i do think that is a possibility. 784,000 refugees since 9/11 did that is more than the population of washington, d.c. what i take responsibility? i do not think that is up to an individual person to do so. stuart: okay. what about the president or congress. an atrocity in america from some of these people that have just come in. who takes responsibility for that? >> well, you know, like i said, historically very little possibility of this happening. we have taken hundreds of thousands of refugees in. there has been no terror plots from refugees in the united states.
11:20 am
this is a normal possibility to begin with the end we do have intelligence background checks going on. we are not letting people in willy-nilly. stuart: no. i do not wish to expand the domestic population. am i -- >> i think that may fall under that definition. stuart: you do not think i have a point? >> i think people always say why aren't modern muslims coming out in force. after the paris attacks you have a group of a prominent muslim american organizations. stuart: on the internet, i believe. >> no. a press conference. have we ever had a street
11:21 am
demonstration in the united states, 10, 20, 100,000 modern muslims. get out of here. have you ever seen that kind of demonstration. that is what americans want to see. >> i have not seen that personally. you do not have been speaking out all the time. frankly, all the religiously goes across the country speaking out on this. stuart: this is the time to do it. >> it may be the time. a lot of our politicians. a lot of ordinary muslims may not feel comfortable coming out in public. stuart: okay. we appreciate you being here with us today. very important subject. thank you.
11:22 am
after the break, we will take you to paris. crews flooding army offices in france. 1000 more a day than usual. they want to sign up. join the fight against islamic terror. more in a moment. ♪ looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet?
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11:26 am
stuart: to paris. recruits they are our flooding army offices in france. 1008 day more than usual. they want to join up and fight islamic terror. ashley webster is in paris. the mood is shifting their big-time. go. ashley: i think it is big-time. one of shock to one of anger. the number of applicants tripling in the weeks since the attacks. the french military saying this is a new phenomenon. we did see something similar to this following the attacks. they say there was a pickup and army recruits then. they have seen nothing like this. people wanting to join the french army to fight isis terrorists. stuart: thank you very much, ashley. now this. a new ad. it is from donald trump. it goes right after president obama. roll tape.
11:27 am
>> i do not think that they are gaining strength. somehow start equating the issues of refugees with the issue of terrorism. >> you would like them to accept at least 10,000 syrian refugees. stuart: there you have it. it was brief. it was on social media. >> i think it was smart to go after president obama on this issue broadly. he precipitously with true from iraq. it left this power vacuum with that region. he abandoned his red line in syria. his policies helped the rise from isis occur. secretary kerry yesterday calling al qaeda neutralized. they have carried out an attack in mali. these guys have to stop spouting off. stuart: you may or may not agree
11:28 am
with what donald trump says. responding to what is going on. liz: for that gentleman to call you that, to iraq terrorists were admitted into the country in 2011. they were killing american soldiers in iraq. they came in as refugees. stuart: security sources are saying the hostage situation is over. two gunmen dead. how they died, i do not know. the hostage situation is over. let me update on that one. wanting to bring in the serious refugees. wanting to bring him and now. >> it is not that i believe it is untrue, it is actually untrue. we can have a difference of
11:29 am
opinion. fast-track these refugees or beef up the protocols. that is a fine debate to have. the process of intimating you are that. there has never been a refugee that has been accused of a terror plot. this is a nonexistent phenomenon. it appears that dozens of terrorists were admitted into the united states through the refugee program coming out of iraq. two of those terrorists trying to buy weapons in the united states to carry out an attack in kentucky. stuart: guy benson. thank you very much indeed. isis making money from oil. here is a question. who buys that oil? we will deal with it next. ♪ big day?
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stuart: this is a safe haven country for your money. dow industrials up 128. we have another terrorist outrage overseas. 17,800 is where we are. a tax against-isis. john-is with us.
11:34 am
we see these tankers going across the desert caring isis oil onto the black market. making money out of it. who is buying it? >> there is a whole underworld out there buying whatever they can buy. people will care. they will have a raft to a refinery. they will sell it to that refinery. who knows it could go back to iraq. stuart: the shipping point somewhere on the golf, i guess. getting onto a ship. don't we follow that ship? nato has a tremendous surveillance capability. they watch ships that are leaving nigerian waters with stolen oil. no reason they couldn't watch it in the mediterranean sea. they will never get to see which comes from isis. it is reversing back to iraq.
11:35 am
it will be sold by people that are not part of any legitimate commercial operation. stuart: take the oil -- >> it has not empowered nato to intervene to stop that stolen oil. it is applicable decision. >> a buildup of pressure to do something here. the europeans are calling for a cut off. shortly, we could ask nato. >> you would think that america would also caught off for a source of income. one has to have a backbone and a spine to enter into the risks associated. there are a lot of programs going on in that part of the world did a lot of people will be getting their cut of the take. >> you mentioned a lack of tact
11:36 am
on. why didn't he have a tougher program before the tragedy in paris? why have we not attacked known sources. when we hear military people talk about the lack of effect of rbob runs in syria, many planes returning fully loaded with their weaponry. you wonder who is in charge? is anybody in charge. stuart: our pilots see a tanker truck going across to the desert, they know it is a target. any other truck, any civilian, they cannot take it out. >> people died because of that. people die in other parts of the world because of that lack. stuart: do you think that it will change now? we have an embodied group of
11:37 am
politicians. they are building their legacy. they are a legend in their own minds. you and i may intervene. stuart: thank you very much for joining us. all right. a terrorist attack at the radisson blue hotel earlier today. here is what we have right now. the hostage situation is over. that is when the authorities, specifically. two gunmen are dead. two gunmen are dead did that is a report we received. peacekeepers have seen 27 bodies. that is interesting. josh from heritage foundation is with us now. your specialty is security in africa.
11:38 am
there is no security in africa at this point, is there? >> it depends on which part of africa you are talking about. in some places, very, very safe. unfortunately, in mali we are seeing areas that are not safe. it is particularly concerning about this attack. this is an escalation. a deeply concerning one. stuart: do they draw on the local islamic talk relation? are they flying people in to take part in these operations? what is the basis? >> this is part of this wiser battle that we have on our hands. as far as a war against groups that claim they have a fundamentalist interpretation. they believe that they are called to wage war against
11:39 am
anyone that disagrees with them. most of the victims are fellow muslims. they also love attacking the west, of course. i think that is what we are seeing here in bob. we do not know if it is true. the choice of this target, a hotel very popular with westerners, it is telling. stuart: we appreciate you being with us this morning. and lot going on today. the heritage foundation. thank you. we have hillary clinton. she said she is prepared to add more boots on the ground. prepared to do that. joining us now from los angeles. leslie marsh. you now have this bamako situation. i suspect hillary clinton will want to put more distance
11:40 am
between herself and president obama. you are on the left. do you agree with me? >> i was always a hillary girl. they have not been in step with one another with regard to syria. secretary of state. a bit different now that she is running for his job for the future. always talking about it. stuart: let's look to the future. we just had to outrageous terrorist attacks. this is a fluid situation. you have to believe that hillary clinton will put more distance between herself and the president. >> absolutely. stuart: the president has not been well-received. she will move to a more hawkish situation. >> that is what i am saying. this is nothing new. even more hawkish than president
11:41 am
obama. i wish you democrats would have elected her and barack obama. that is in hindsight with what has happened around the world feared i am not surprised. i do not think -- i just think she is more vocal about it. >> it is guy benson. i am trying to get a handle on what hillary clinton's actual position here is. a while ago she was against heavy boots on the ground. then the president put in special forces and she supported him there. she said it would be a mistake just yesterday. even in the wake of an attack hereby isis. do you understand what she actually believes when it comes to boots on the ground when it comes to isis? >> quite frankly, i think that she is doing, and i think any reader of any nation looks to those that are top brass in their military.
11:42 am
you know as well as i do that we can get right now 10 people that are former military that our generals, that are kernels. there will be disagreement among them. >> i understand that. she is running to be commander-in-chief. i am wondering what her mission is. >> i think she has been very clear with her position. it does not mean that we wage war on the ground. a civil war that many people feel is not a winnable situation. to put american and international troops on the ground. you have to look at what is the containment issue. isis wants the united states to come to serious. helping with the perception that we are and you me. we are occupiers. invasion of an occupation did. stuart: wait a second.
11:43 am
>> problems with the taliban and afghanistan. stuart: jeb bush was on fox news and fox business this morning saying troops should be therefore a limited zero patient. in, kill them and out. >> those in the military that are experts and have been, which jeb bush is not, say that is easy to say, not as easy to do. he was supposed to be in and out with afghanistan. we are still there. stuart: i understand. we are out of time. i do not mean to cut you off like this. >> i understand. stuart: all right. more varney in a moment. ♪
11:44 am
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it's the look on their faces that makes it all worthwhile. but, hurry, these offers end soon. thank you santa!!! nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow jones is up. 72,857. the s&p up 12. the nasdaq up 33. major averages of about three and a half% this week. the best percentagewise since last october. in paris last friday and mali today. lockheed martin hitting all-time highs. down four times, for example. these tomahawk makers and the filmmakers. at not.
11:46 am
saying something different. it is not really affecting them. united health that their forecast. 34% higher. start the day 5:00 a.m. fbn every day. ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
11:47 am
stuart: our next guest says the world needs silicon valleys help to fight terrorism. gordon is with us now. welcome to the show. i want to talk about this
11:48 am
metadata if i am pronouncing it correctly. enormous amounts of data. >> that is right, stuart. before 9/11, we did not collect it. we allowed 9/11 to happen. while we had little bits. we were not able to connect the dots. it is running out the rhythms. in the last couple of years they have weakened our intelligence by disallowing the collection of metadata or running the algorithms. whether it is e-mail, text messages or phone messages. that is one of our best tools to prevent terrorism as it happens. stuart: preventing it before it happens and some people say it does not work anyway this guy
11:49 am
did it. who has he been talking to all over the world? track down the bad guys. they changed their loss to allow the collection of metadata. black boxes. they are going to be able to go back and track what they missed. we are not able to do that. stuart: that is unconstitutional. you have to name an individual that you are looking at. the collection of records are is therefore unconstitutional. >> the fourth amendment says reasonable searches are allowed.
11:50 am
identifying and individual. it identifies potential suspects the court has to say, yes, let's take a look at that data. hopefully do that before the attack. >> what are the thoughts that we go back to a system of metadata collection. >> just what happened in paris. another attack in the united states. we will have enough access to metadata to at least match the french. if we do not have enough access, i regret to say it means we are not being serious about preventing the next attack here. stuart: thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. if you are not watching at 9:00 a.m. eastern time, you missed this one. my very heated debate with a democrat congressman who wants to let the syrian refugees in ce now. we are preparing a couple
11:51 am
highlights in a moment. ♪ it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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11:55 am
the house. pause not eradicate the inflow of refugees. just pause it. what happens? >> they already are vetted properly. if one of those people comes into america that you want to bring here, if one of them goes an american, will you take responsibility for that? >> using this bill to radicalize people here at home. radicalizing muslims. here at home. your bill is playing into their hands. isis at recruiting people that are are ready here. stuart: i will ask the question again. i will ask it again. we bring in the refugees. one of them, just one of them
11:56 am
kills an american. will you take responsibility? >> i take responsibility for my vote and i am proud of it. it is in the best interest of the united states. stuart: there you have it. i thought it was good stuff. guy benson. >> whether that bill was a good idea. what we should be moving forward. we heard it from leslie marshall a few segments ago. anything that is done in response to any of this is somehow helping isis workgroup. if we are passing bills in congress, that is helping. this is such a silly line of argumentation. if he believes that and the president believes it. the current system is there a row. the fax. explain and persuade us. explain how it is sufficient at
11:57 am
the moment. that is the attack of the president. he is completely ineffective. stuart: what happened in paris exactly one week ago. what happened in bamako. you cannot just willy-nilly say come on in. you are properly vetted. if you do that, you have to take responsibility for what happens to those people and what they do. >> there is a senate bill that is different. i say terrific. let's do both of these things. let's have the debate. do not claim that your argument is helping recruit. stuart: you should come on the show more often. >> thank you for having me. stuart: more varney after this. ♪
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: it has been an extraordinary fracking.
12:00 pm
we opened up with news from encage the hostage taking, we are closing with the dow jones average of 108 points and the news from mali is a hostage crisis is over. the security minister says at least 20 dead. my time is up. neel, 8 is yours. neil: that situation is over in mali. the details coming to was are haunting and a lot scary. we will get that to you shortly. needless to say a week of this sort of thing back-and-forth all over the world has people on high alert all over the world including in new york, times square where we are told police presence is triple what it normally is. we will keep you posted on that but if this is rattling investors last week and this week it has a funny way of showing it. all through this week a funny way of showing it. the dow in positive territory on both year, the isn't the on track for what could be its


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