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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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you wonder if the aclu will jump bin have tried to stir things up but frankly the way things are going and eppley have plenty to report "risk and reward" starts right now. deirdre: 19 people dead with a terrorist attack in west africa gunmen storming the american luxury hotel in a seven and a half hour siege taking 170 hostages. a number of citizens were staying at the hotel when the attack began. the attackers were taken out by special forces. our fox news reporter is with me with the latest.
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for starters they were in a car with diplomatic license plates? >> no. the state department just said is not the case. that was a false alarm but everything else is write-up until now but this is how the siege ended when the attackers new they have played all their cards with a special forces were about to cut into the door to end the siege is reported they executed all the hostages with them at that time so now the u.n. says at least two of the attackers have been killed and then the attacker struck leading a delegation trying to find ways to have peace all of those that were protected by the special forces troops were evacuated out of the hotel safely while security
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officials have said 27 bodies have been found but that could go up or down the hotel is still being searched. also saying to have walked along corridors to debt and eight grenades as they went. with those hostages' release were six american civilians and other special forces personnel based permanently assisted in the rescue there were not on the "frontline" was and what with the commanders in the command control center to claim responsibility the al qaeda faction in led by veteran algerian terrorist claimed they killed in an air strike in june to be invited back with the attacks of the french interest to push the
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al qaeda group's in 2013. isis is not known to be directly related to any groups of west african but all of them pledged allegiance to isis. chairman of the house foreign affairs committee said that we cannot afford another safe haven for a radical jihadist. deirdre: joining us with the latest. survivors of the attack with people to reside parts of the caribbean that 80 hostages were freed after they successfully recited certain verses. so with me now al qaeda seems between muslims is
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this a line of questioning so with this particular incident? en to see isis uses this before with a technique and what we see here regardless of the group led to factions of the same body and doing it to be really, really dangerous and. deirdre: that is clear but in the western perhaps some say. >> yes.
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it comes from al qaeda isis actually believed the leader of isis really about the al qaeda leadership was too weak so isis has built upon a the platform of al qaeda and is a lot more aggressive with the mastermind of today's attack because of the fighting. >> is there any silver lining to the terrorist groups that are fighting with one another? >> they're fighting for years now. isis is gaining momentum around the world and al qaeda is not. and isis is attacking to be more reflective but we are seeing some fighting but not
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enough to have them implode. deirdre: clearly those types of weapons but the expertise is another. our thoughts to those caught in violence than the posted numbers are they to call for help had ucb allied air group? the former cia reviewers still working in that role would you think anonymous is helpful or would you be anxious about the agenda? >> don't mince words it is a criminal organization period. tens of billions of dollars this group where they might have a common enemy dole told any of our interest so anonymous is also an enemy
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of the state in the american people and american business >> so with the attacks against paris you say don't be fooled by have their own agenda the mayor may not have anything to do with us. >> with u.s. government and businesses they continue to cost as many and we may have a common enemy to treat them like he rose but they're not to with those destructive actions bowling to burn down the white house going after the president obama.
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james komi gave his opinion. >> we're not where the day paris type attack we have seen no connection battle between the attackers and the united states. isis and supporters put out videos and magazines but that is not credible intelligence operative course we investigate all this propaganda threat. >> how do you separate the real threat ted what is just noise? >> i hate your viewers will be confused by the statements. threats are threats. the average person could not or should not distinguish if it is the threat with the actual ability to carry out
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is there is an incredible threats against the united states and europe and rome. >> in this post 9/11 world is it better at protecting itself in its citizens? >> and then as a threat changes it evolves going from al qaeda into isis in l.a. hardcore threat to undermine the culture. we have to be more vigilant as a threat and we can do a better job of that. deirdre: great to have your insight.
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this is seldom able paris speenine key is the date mastermind he is a lowlife. he is a bomb. he is a bomb. i bet he doesn't have the name the iq. deirdre: new details of the terrorists in charge of the paris attack one week ago barbarians' attacked paris the largest scale attack since world war ii. general jackie was with me at the time he will share his take on where we stand now. it's more than the cloud.
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deirdre: extremely sad news this is a live situation looking at pictures right now and video from our partner on sky news. 26 people confirmed dead by the ap. still trying to determine if these three spots were coordinated, the three attacks it is pretty clear they are. >> we had reports of grenades going off. >> there is more information coming in now they're in a hostage situation. >> we're getting reports that around 100 people have been taken hostage some say to gunman seemed to be
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involved. , we can hear the explosions. >> this is an attack not just on paris not just on the people of france and the universal values that we share synecdoche is making a call to every member of the police everyone is on notice. general jackie is with me now. -- jack keane is with me now. >> still we do not have a comprehensive strategy by the united states of america or its allies.
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>> if you were with us you new paris was under attack. to call on the fellow citizens to mark the one week anniversary with the outpouring of the noise and the gesture is the exact opposite of a moment of silence to show the world that vibrancy will not be silent. when next guest was with me shirley after the attack started. now one week later he was killed in a shootout in the parisian suburb in one of the terrorists who killed citizens that a french cafe drove the car to the concert hall and is still on the run. you're looking at his
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picture and is believed to be somewhere in belgium. the total number death is 130 victims someone in the hospital died from his wounds. you were with me one week ago today. the french government confirmed the emergency standing this morning. also over the next three months their increasing checks on citizens. can the defeat the 30,000 terrorists? >> absolutely. with the united states which should be their guide post and now what happened in
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washington d.c. but the reality is, and it is frustrating that solely at war with american civilization. i am not convinced it is not at war certainly the plans and resources and our sense of resolve and urgency none of those would indicate. >> should there be an international department of all land security to be renamed? >> no. we have this about right. :security so with the way game. they're very good at what they do. so with those criminal organizations and then they
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just don't have anything to do with crime bill just counterintelligence to threaten the security of the homeland. deirdre: the only terrorists from friday that may still be alive one of their brutal cafe attacks and indications are that the image recently released by the french police to show him in a big and glasses you know, what it is like to be in charge of a large military operation how can information be shared better? >> i hope they get this personalized. so we can get some valuable intelligence from the
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network and how they did this. the you put your finger on the challenge. but how do we share military intelligence? the truth is the agency knew don't do as well as they should. coming of the horrific events to look at the details and what went wrong. they ask themselves a tough question and the other thing to note is the french are absolutely swamped. to all the people they're trying to do surveillance and all of the targets they have in the country from the hundreds of fighters that returned from syria.
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and the suspects that they have. >> 11200500 at the very least said the visors so good to have you with us thank you for your insight last week. a new report set the scene being killed on wednesday's raid my next guest says government bureaucracy is preventing authorities from taking action to save lives. >> we have to go and knock fell -- out of people. [cheers and applause]
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deirdre: ended five and a half hour raid in a suburb of paris the french police killed three tourists on wednesday including the ringleader. the 26 roles woman also killed was part of the rate initially reports she blew herself up but now they think she was not a suicide bomber but a cousin. position like to go out and party and drink a lot. now the national security and terror expert not understand to be a modern muslim but to reach out to the young people to offer them these extreme roles for
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past behavior? >> select the the the player of the big show so they draw them in but she is not unique. seven 9/11 hijackers, ks them, u.s.s. kohl were frequenting prostitutes in brothels and drinking. she is not unique in a long list of people who have engaged in massive terrorist attacks and have strayed from the tenets of their religion was a radical mosques with the weak minded young people? >> it is a form of blackmail it may be that they know about their proclivities or do it because they're capable to be coerced and
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also there with the unpure life that the same time but we just don't know. deirdre: the terrorist ring leader after the massacre witnesses are reporting with drinking whiskey and smoking pot. so how do you reconcile this with the terrorist efforts? >> he is willing to break the law into whatever it takes to seek the ultimate goal. and so he is a hypocrite and a criminal and a terrorist. deirdre: why would he stay in paris everybody had to know they were looking for him. >> because it is the counter intuitive thing to do. everybody thinks u.s. back
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to syria or somewhere else but if you stay in plain sight like the boston bombers. it is counterintuitive but they found him. >> thank you so much. with the heritage foundation. the woman who died in the raids was under surveillance because she was involved in a drug trafficking case civil liberties really hurting our ability to track down terrorists to announce an attorney who says that is what is going on. with this state of emergency in france civil liberties don't exist if you don't like to your friends are. is this the right response? >> in paris and in france it might be to of a
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constitutional protection with unreasonable search and seizure looking at ways to streamline our intelligence here in the united states to allow a counterterrorism expert to route this out even in the united states. >> does seem as if we're in a whole new world to examine how we handle these cases. do they say you cannot do that? >> the opinion is mixed looking at rand paul he feels the government should never look at anything phone calls or emails or communication unless a warrant. but the of fighters accord
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to get the warranted we can do that here but the problem is that our laws have not kept up with the technological audiences. the terrorists are very sophisticated. and with the x box and beaming systems end technologically for this attack if they seem to be a dash. now looking at 10,000 refugees democratic senators will filibuster the idea. >> apparently they are scared of widows and orphans coming into the united states of america.
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show compassion to shelter those of torture and repression. deirdre: senate democrats are joining president obama to a filibuster legislation to allow assyrian refugees into the u.s. at the usual pace they had accepted in the past. a new goal from bloomberg shows half of americans do not want to except refugees right now. and our fox news contributor and democratic strategist with the three your tracking process. is that the right move? >> and with ever witnessing was harry reid to protect president obama and with
5:36 pm
those poll numbers americans are very concerned about safety and security of but it is that a knee-jerk reaction? but that 70 percent of the refugees' right now? 750,000 have come since then 11 without any domestic terrorist arrests. >> that is what the country is founded on based on the idea the victim's of violence that they are welcome here. that is what we do and who we are and currently at this point in time there is no link between syrian refugees so with the paris attacks
5:37 pm
and they are children now that will keep us a for we're missing the point right now if you are on the watch list you can purchase a gun. why not do something about that? >> people are worried from a humanitarian stance when people are not threatening there is a worry that the paris attacks use the refugee status to come to the shores. donald trump to the very strong stance with a national database. >> and then with the lot of systems.
5:38 pm
>> we have to have all -- a wall. i would implement absolutely >> with stop people from coming it illegally. >> it is just good management good management procedures. >> different places but it is all about management. >> the key is people can come to the country but they have to come legally thank you very much. deirdre: jeb bush and george pataki already publicly denouncing trump's proposal calling it an american.
5:39 pm
there are more reverence is being made and what they did to the people in the '30's. >> there are a lot of conflicting stories coming out and he will go on the air in a couple of hours to clarify. he did say he would look into all kinds of aspects and security measures to keep our country save it and keep the individual data this country better terrorist and want to do less harm. deirdre: day you think donald trump just says what he thinks people want to hear or does he have a point? >> he doesn't have a point at all. it isn't constitutional to do with he is talking about at all. it is completely ridiculous if you look at george w. bush someone responsible for more people he goes to the
5:40 pm
washington islamic center after men 11 to say is long is peace he represented all the people in america not just firing up the bases a lack of leadership and the lack of understanding for the constitution. deirdre: i remember people were upset about that at the time but a it is about a show of unity. thank you for your time. after the attacks european union will crack down on cyber currency saying they are helping to finance terrorism my next guest knows where they're hiding and transporting their money. after this. >> that's the problem with western civilization islamic terrorism has coopted a religion.
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deirdre: europa is cracking down on cyber currency such as bitcoin to curb terrorism funding. with the research center it does to these kinds of currencies to allowed to transfer money more easily? >> there is a risk that they could use digital currency to move funds but as the director of the agency said earlier this week it isn't a greater threat or risk of four ways to move money those were prepaid or in cash.
5:45 pm
>> so the way that they move money with unique ways to have an ovation so the best thing to do to add controls to allow the authorities to monitor. >> what is that when we talk about it to pop up with the bank secrecy act that operate in the digital currency space to report to the government any suspicious activities they are willing and comply about these rules.
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the state department expresses its condolences to friends and families they have no further information at this time. we will keep you updated. the dow closed more than 90 points, the s&p 500 post the best game of the year. weekly of that year. so why are stocks moving higher with the free world is attacked? >> i think this is people having more certainty with the notes from the fed governors. on the other side to go into a short week next week there is opportunities for dumber volatility and unless you are fully invested the you have new dollars i would rather see how next week
5:51 pm
homes. to have new capital and best we have a light tells her verses a triple 88 and nike announced as a stock split and buybacks and just how high can they go? >> much higher if you're looking at a retail sales last friday when you combine of consumer sentiment job openings that the all-time highs is jumping up our screens in taking this basis point in stride to be
5:52 pm
cautious about that. but i am positive about america. deirdre: what does this do to the stock market in your view is the psychological trader affect the overall we asked about the santa claus rally when you look at the diversified global portfolio we don't have news and don't take this week the careful what you wish for.
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deirdre: the user data market has much higher to go. what about your target but the prior beneficiary from higher interest rates you will see those funds increased almost immediately i am not worried about global growth. if the consumer in america with the height of the the savings rate and we will lead the rest of the world and was to take initiative the equation with the repositioning of oil that is masking a lot of the global growth positive on america
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weakens the 20% next year. deirdre: thank you very much major terrorist attacks in less than a month of global terrorism arise. we will look at why next. x can a business have a mind?
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what effect will this have on the global committee. >> unfortunately this will bring a little shallow we have not seen a concerted effort to combat terrorism so we don't see it with al qaeda or isis or hezbollah to be sponsored by iraq. >> do you think this makes a difference that any country that is capable of fighting should start fighting now? >> i share in his sentiment but don't think that is much of the difference. i am glad he said it but we have a mass despite it in
5:59 pm
terrorism worldwide. isis sees upside potential with over 70 islamic terrorist attacks that is more the last three years combined but isis is the big dog so to join isis is there a take away if they are done by parisians or belgians yes or no to the anti-terrorism effort whether homegrown or
6:00 pm
outside we have the oscars that is going to combat it all still dash for the time and expertise making money starts right now. >> the state department has just announced one american was killed in the hotel terror attack westerners were the target and the stakes are climbing between isis and al qaeda as bulls are becoming more brazen and much more deadly concerns are making the west more vulnerable than it has to be. the stock market soars to hint at a year-end rally. making money starts right now. ♪ charles:


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