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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 20, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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that is going to combat it all still dash for the time and expertise making money starts right now. >> the state department has just announced one american was killed in the hotel terror attack westerners were the target and the stakes are climbing between isis and al qaeda as bulls are becoming more brazen and much more deadly concerns are making the west more vulnerable than it has to be. the stock market soars to hint at a year-end rally. making money starts right now. ♪ charles:.
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>> breaking news one week after the terrorist attacks the zero hotel al qaeda at and now we're learning of those with american citizens we cannot confirm the death of a u.s. citizen on the radisson hotel in mali we express our deepest condolences to the friends of the deceased. we are providing assistance and of respect to the family. no further information at that time. it is over the special forces to free the hostages to trap that the top.
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remember it is the former french colony the perfect symbol to western success. >> former senior from the national security cancel this is one of the things it is getting worse to get closer together is a tragic day but at this point is a group and then it is doubling down to say we are tough but nonetheless the number of attacks in such a short period of time raises a question about what we will do about our policy.
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charles: sub-saharan africa with terrorist violence mali, two years ago isis almost took over the country but french forces here's the irony to have a democratically elected president to try to do the right things and isis thinks you should wedge away from the west. >> apparently our leaders have not heard the saying if you don't learn from history will repeat itself. i remember looking at world war ii movies and isis is doing the same thing today. now they have their grips in europe and africa and guess what? been here if we don't wake up. charles: with the bush/cheney presidency with the door for and the
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massacres the press was unrelenting that was racism and everything else and now the body count under president obama because of terrorism has gone through the roof. >> it has with the decentralization of libya there are problems there is travesties across the continent this remains a goal will movement we try to slice the salami focusing on iraq or syria is global reach their threatening us it is a serious global problem. >> but isis was contained
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with feels like it is anything but ended many cases it feels like we're looking the other way. >> we are. there is no appetite with the administration to engage the threat abroad. there is a political desire to not deploy a lot of troops but we can't tonight -- deny we did not get a vote if we have a role the allies will trust us and rely upon as we have to support them under threat. charles: you made the point just looking at them to go with germany to take out chapel slovakia and poland everybody looks the other way don't worry they will not go any further.
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>> we have over to madrid 80 terrorist attacks in some shape or form this year so far. over to a hundred 80. kidnapping, a small even if most are not reported but it is happening all over though world. we're not fighting the war we need to. but now it means they cannot be contained. in the way we are fighting. charles: president thomas says it is a war of ideology to take 20 years stick she is right is a different type of war. the global reaches into our neighborhoods to get the local police involved now intelligence needs to be a strength between the military. >> it isn't fear mongering
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we have to fight it like a war. >> isis is always in the news but today there is the al qaeda link to terror attack. both groups are competing for recruits piquancy them d.c. despite -- do you see the spike? gigantic with more than 100 people killed. in a single day. how did we fight a global war? >> you can give you don't name the enemy or define the mission our strategy. so the inability of the
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allies to know we are a reliable partner to help them defend themselves it is extremely terrible in the wake of the paris attack we did not consider article five of the agreement the french had invoked immediately after line 11. it degraded the notion of alliances we cannot do anything global. charles: could the french invoke article five? could we step up to the plate? >> that is for an issue for discussion to put pressure on the united states. >> with 900,000 refugees virtually the unleaded refugees from the war-torn areas that we know contain operatives.
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so despite the carnage they are committed to 30,000. so with the appetite of the fight that is coble so when we play around on the fringes. >> some things that our important with a difficult challenge that is an understatement. we have the foreign-policy. charles: how does a look? >> we don't have one. >> how should a look? or maybe a the old school chicago and. >> it is not the complicated a clear mission with the support of the american people. with an 70 percent of americans support action against isis. you need to have the intelligence compounded we have had weakened intelligence over seven years that have of a weaker position.
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to have a very clear immigration policy that we can enforce and adhere to. we can work with the rest of the world. >> with american leadership to realize this is a war. we need hillary clinton saving the world. is america's fight i challenge her to look into the eyes of many american families who will suffer a catastrophic loss in the event we get attacked. this is where we need to define it as such. >> we in the midst of world war iii and the longer we come to grips with it the worse it will be for us. >> cry before world war ii and winston churchill will go up to say we're in a world war.
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charles: and we have to wake up. >> is like a game of russian roulette. you have this zunis and she is backing some and not others it is confusing to americans and it breeds fear to have a clear policy to help people understand what is going on in the world. >> if the president sits and in particular those two nations to say it is time to get the job done. >> our allies that have benefited from the cover for decades now where do they set up to the plate? where do they bankrupt us? >> i am told and from
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playing a larger role. with the impact so i think there is some discouraging signals coming added the administration and if you're not willing to go big then go home. >>. charles: use of the chart i about fell lot of my chair. if you think about what happened in paris then at what point will there have to be 300 people how likely is that to happen there is great risk in 2016 i want to say that to be optimistic about a presidential year
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with a brighter future but with the window of opportunity are they might worry of carter policy is put in place in 2017 making closer their moment to strike. charles: en the likelihood of a terrific --. >> first so far everything isis said they will do they have done. charles: leave it there i will bring you back. suicide bombers were fingerprinted on november november 3rd and then to blow up of budget kids at a nightclub today one week ago.
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charles: breaking news the state department announcing an american was indeed kill the hotel attack in mali this morning after each you come to find out the as so many they were on the radar is to orchestrate the paris-match this occurred in paris. he had three chickens with the paris police he was on the suspect list he had to check in and did not even come to the meetings. >> with those migrants increase weeks earlier.
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event representative stuart it is so infuriating to find time after time after time the west had these bad evil people to know something was wrong in the stock watching. >> it just shows the enormity that even with the couple dozen or a couple of hundred they know they have been radicalized and have traveled to iraq and afghanistan and syria to come back into europe and there is no possible way to monitor them. >>. charles: with a terror suspect you make it to check given weekly and he skips a champion for -- a check.
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i get the manpower so how many people belong to syria? the relatively small pool of people why can we stay on top of them? >> don't misunderstand of a rusting because it is a challenge but trying to explain they dug themselves a whole idea of how they dig themselves out. but the visa program allows them to travel and then it allows them to come to the united states so don't misunderstand me announcing it is the big problem so we take the failure but this is a huge challenge and we have got to do better so we go from here to the united states to look at this syria
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refugee program they have said we will use the refugee program to infiltrate into the united states. charles: what sense of urgency with the house intelligence committee and what changes might be put through? now the american public demands that? >> one is the encryption we know that the terror cells can communicate with impunity and complete anonymity. they know who they're talking to. that is one of the things we tried to work with private companies as well it is very frustrating we cannot do that at this point. the other is the waiver program we send a letter to the president yesterday to say we need to tighten
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restrictions event understand this could endanger citizens. charles: thank you very much. we hope you come back soon with good news. >> it is a dangerous world i look forward to that. >> with self radicalization is a lot we want to defend ourselves somehow they are winning the recruiting war we will find out why. no matter how
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>> that is part of the domestic population. >> it is not on our behavior would dash be have tried to make a harder to recruit people here. they don't just send refugees into paris they recruited people. charles: it got even more heated them that with stuart varney this morning. sparring over the obama assyrian refugee plan the congressman thinks stronger teeeighteen have a stronger number of terrorist ben stuart disagreed. but what is attracting these young people born or raised in the united states to radical islam? why so much hate for the nation that took seven? >> we have our legal analyst and former assistant director of the fbi in the city's political reporter
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are in the house. how does this happen? it is one thing to say they are grateful but it they just come with their clothes on their back with freedom of america that all this time they are receiving -- seating mad. >> they come to this country and they refuse to become assimilated. they bring a different way of life they think they can continue that here. but the individuals that are marginalized not getting what they think they should get free they morph into the terrorist attitude. we had people come from germany and italy and the u.k.. catholics and protestants and jewish people, to this country.
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you don't have to give up your religion and to live here but you do have to abide by the rules and assimilate. the leaders of the islamic communities need to get a handle on this to support that attitude to become part of the community antenna of a separate entity. charles: looking at photos they're nothing but rubble. if i landed in new york city i would kiss the ground and be so thankful i had children forget about it. it is a religion but assimilating to have respect to become part of the fabric of your new country. >> the vast majority say that is what happens but comparing the assimilation and process compare to other countries. the mastermind of the terrorist attack are both
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from brussels in belgium that neighborhood is an assimilated part of the city. they have more trouble getting assimilated into belgium decided -- society. charles: they have trouble or they refuse? >> of course, anyone who has radicalized but the united states is in a better position because we care more about culture. >> it is all about the welfare so probably pour me. but for me the problem is the emphasis on them but not the person in these countries with zero justification. we saw the brothers and a
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guy in tennessee inky drove a convertible past the recruiting station and here's the thing and we saying their aesthetic is different they look different it is a sociologist the disney they should be responsible cannot say for better or worse and they become vulnerable to these types of terrorist process that put is at risk and we have to read knowledge that. charles: i turn on the tv it just goes on and on. it is so belligerent looking like the trial process and
6:30 pm
to hurt the kids to make them easy targets for isis. >> but i believe many households don't understand what their children are doing when they're in the household or when they leave. but to try to blame it on the united states we didn't give them enough, add a half to assimilate it is it difficult? of course, it is. to that make me turn against the country? absolutely not. >> you are right but it is said twitter the other this is the opportunity for the comprehensive effort to end a vacuum.
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charles: they give very much. russia calls out the big dogs and then they can only watch how often they have been told to stand down. we will be right back.
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. charles: this week russia began using long range bombers and hitting isis targets with pinpoint strikes.
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but our pilots, they've been denied the same opportunities. u.s. military piloting who have returned from the fight in syria confirmed that the obama administration policies have actually blocked them -- get this -- from dropping 75% of their ordinance on the targets. that's a russian video right there. so any chance the administration will somehow unleash, joining me now former u.s. navy seal, januar jan, former secret as far as agent. you were over there, you fought, you understand what's at stake here. now the world is understanding just what's at stake here. no one's happy with america's approach. >> well, it's ineffective and, you know, i've got friends that are over there and we've got some outstanding u.s. military personnel that are working their tails off to do adds much damage as they can but their hands are tied. charles: how do you tell special forces on the ground, how do you tell tribal leaders and others, hey, we've got your back. when our pilots have a target,
6:36 pm
they radio it in and say, no, don't hit it. but for whatever reason 75% of the time they make them veer back to base. >> well, the frustration there is that if, you know, that guidance comes from the top. and if the commander-in-chief says zero civilian casualties, that's not a possibility. so if the answer is to destroy isis, we've got to take the gloves off and hammer eyes this. >> steven, your boss has gotten the sort of -- almost characteristi characterized as the left-wing media to go out and kill other people, and yet the american people now longing for that kind of leadership and understands that you must kill the bad guy before they kill you. >> especially over there. or they bring it to our shores. really this guidance about having zero civilian casualties in a war zone. what it really does is increase the value of human shields. i mean basically they don't have a choice between war and
6:37 pm
not war, they have a choice living in cities dominated by isis year after year or the short-term risk that an explosion will disrupt their neighborhood. those are really the only two branches of that decision for them. charles: you know, daniel, last weekend i took a little time out to sort of check out the market reacted to past terror attack, and i was shocked to discover just how many of those attacks occurring around the world -- almost every day or every other day somewhere in the world these monsters are striking. how do we continue to go and not fight the most effective fight we can fight? >> well, at home we're going to have to do something about it our surveillance capabilities, charles to stop this. this soft target attack, the preference for soft targets. this is a dangerous development for terrorist groups. pre9/11 they have their spectacular attack to send a message. what they realize is the mall attack they can do the same
6:38 pm
type of damage to the country's economic system with a small arms tactical assault on a population center. we're going to have to increase our intelligence sharing and our surveillance capabilities within the united states in addition to engaging in changing the rules of engagement overseas as well. charles: do we change the rules in engagement in america? because let's face it, it's a big topic right now. what should the rules look like to keep us safer? >> well, right now we're putting unnecessary limitations on their surveillance capabilities. we had in new york city almost an outright ban in surveillance in mosques. that's absolutely absurd. if you're using mosques to radicalize people, then sure that should be a viable target for surveillance. charles: before we move on, you and i have talked about the idea that a small amount of special forces with the locals might be able to win this war. should we go that way or should we just go to a larger
6:39 pm
overwhelming force and just get the job done quickly? >> well, we do need a larger overwhelming force, but it doesn't need to be reinvasion with 100,000 troops. i mean i think what that looks like is maybe that's five or 10,000 troops. we need certainly a clear defined mission but to pull ground combat operations off the table entirely -- charles: it's not going to get done by air alone. >> came the air power will not win this war. charles: thank you all, very much. registry for american muslims, i'm not talking about what any presidential candidate said or didn't say. it's about what you're telling me. i did a poll on twitter, and you said, yes. yes, the majority of you said "yes." give them a special id because the risks are too high. go to twitter take the poll. we'll discuss it when we come bk ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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special id for american muslims but denies those comments. in the meantime hillary's onboard and another person. we'll be right back
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>> there should be a lot of systems beyond database, we should have a lot of systems and today you can do it. but right now we have to have a border, you have to have strength, we have to have a wall and you cannot let what's happening to this country -- >> oh, i would certainly implement that. absolutely. charles: donald trump facing another media firestorm over allegedly supporting a federal database of american muslims. >> i'm a big fan of donald trump's, but i'm not a fan of government registries. the first amendment protects the religious liberty and i've spent the past several decades defending. what i do think is important is that the government be if a
6:44 pm
more vigorous going after radical islamic terrorists. charles: that is trump rival but something like a friend, but donald trump denying any support for such policy. in fact, today he tweeted quote i didn't suggest a database, a reporter did, we must defeat islamic terrorism and have surveillance, including a watch at least protect the americans. ebony williams, cathy taylor back with me. trump fans, i've got to also tell you guys. they came at me pretty hard today. we covered this yesterday but also to a certain degree -- and steve, you're back with us as well -- that donald trump is going to have to be a little bit more careful. listen, the drive by media has the gop specifically in their scopes and if it's ambiguous, then it's going to come out the wrong way. >> donald trump is the john wayne of the 21st century. we need a man like him who's going to stand up and tell it like it is. the man is twisting the story. i never heard the word
6:45 pm
database come out of his mouth and later clarified he's talking about a watch list. about saving american lives. charles: but when someone says are you open to a possible database or id and pause i -- if you don't say a definitive "no," then uncomfortable leave yourself open. we know how people have been set up so far in this election. >> they're interpreting what he said. >> come on now. we just saw the footage and, look, i'm with charles on this. there's a savviness and this is where political inexperience rears its head. i think trump's run a fantastic campaign for where he's at so far but as he gets further and further, he's going to have to step up his savviness and see that a mile his way. that was a setup coming a mile away and he stepped right into it. >> this is the power of trump like it or not that he's been able to put his finger on the polls what american people on thinking and then say it and then over the course of the
6:46 pm
couple of weeks dial it back to something able more reasonable. let's remember a few weeks ago it was trump who said why putin handle rices? why shouldn't we be there? and he's not saying that today. charles: here's the thing, guys. what about the this issue? because i tweeted it, i did a poll today where i'm approaching 1,000 people taking this poll, and i just said, you know, should we demand that american muslims have special identification? 54% said "yes" because the risk are too high. you said donald trump has a way of touching the american public. is it something we don't want to talk about in polite society but it may be something people feel. >> it may be something people feel but, unfortunately, it's not the root of the problem. it's not islam per se, it is these groups and a national registry, a national database doesn't do anything, and he knows that. freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom is at the core of america, at the core
6:47 pm
of the republican party -- charles: right. but here's the thing. we do protect things like hate speech. we do have limitations with respect to the constitution when it endangers the greater good. >> charles, in my view, donald trump believes i think like many of us do that we are going to be engaged in a war on unlike anything we've ever seen before in the history of this country. charles: are you okay with the ids for -- >> i'm okay with ids, yes, for individual groups. okay? charles: no. i'm talking about american muslims, do you think they all should have a special identification? >> no. i do believe this, though. and i believe he believes this. not about all of them but anyone who comes up on the radar, they should be watched, and they should have special. charles: what did she i agree. i think donald trump was sandbagged. >> yes, he was. charles: but he's got to be careful. i've got to tell you that right now. by the way, it was a huge week for the stock market. western markets and journals sent a message to the terrorists but you know what? there might be another message in there too but about where stocks go from here. we'll talk a little markets
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charles: well, you know what, it was a huge week for the stock market and i'm not just talking about here and united states but also in france where all the hell was unleashed a week ago for so many people, though, this all seems counterintuitive, and i get it; right? the factual of the matter is that the market for the year, it's unchanged and what might be happening right now is a combination of two things. first, symbolically. if the dow was off, say, 500 points this week, let's face it, the terrorists would have won. it wasn't just our market, by the way. france was up more than 2% this week and germany, their market did even better than the dow. now, historically the stock market has been a harbinger of things to come, we're talking
6:52 pm
six months maybe a year down the road, and i'm saying that all of this turmoil in the world right now that is going to be addressed. that's right a year from now. og to be dead, attacks going to be spoiled. the markets suggesting that if the proper and smart steps are taken that the trajectory we're living through today could be the victory tomorrow. what this market is also telling me that there's a lot of excessive selling, semi conductors, cyber security, retail stocks in particular, the gap warned was down, closed up 7% today. on that note, go to my website for a free copy of the retail stocks that i think are buys right now. new rules, got to be decisive, going to be big winners in that space, w in the meantime you don't want to miss season two of strange inheritance. jamie colby has four new episodes that all start at 9:00 p.m. right here on fox business. well, the mali 27 dead in
6:53 pm
that terror attack in a luxury hotel at least a dozen americans did escape. just one week of course after the paris attack killed 130 people. so are we safe in america? we'll discuss it. next the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? . charles: breaking news, the state department announced before the show began that one american was killed in the hotel terror attack in mali. retired senator saxby chambliss said we should hang edward snowden for leaking information about the nsa. the big question is americans we know they want to feel safer, but how do they feel safer, does it mean we give greater power to spy agencies. bill, i want to go with you on this, the nsa, edward snowden,
6:57 pm
we know the story. was there such a knee-jerk reaction that we left america and the world vulnerable now? >> i think the world is more vulnerable but i don't think it is solely because of edward snowden. what we're doing right now with this end encryption is the bain of intelligence that can keep this country safe. that's a given fact. we criticize nsa for the data mining and metadata retention, that's keeping facts in the warehouse in an inert condition. can people's privacy be violated by intrusion into these? absolutely they can. but there's a lot of checks and balances for taking care of that too from congress, both the senate and the house, from judges and what not, to take care of that. trying to take that out of the hands of nsa is like taking a
6:58 pm
police officer and one guy violates his trust with his gun, so we disarm all of law enforcement. that's what we're looking at here and doesn't make sense. charles: daniel, here's the thing, this week, the paris authorities, they had 79 3 raids, 182 in fact last night. they detained 90 people. they found 174 weapons. 164 now under house arrest. these numbers are amazing. and you wonder why they didn't go on the offensive sooner? >> we're limited right now, charles in what we can do. think about this, the nypd has, depending on last estimates i saw, 28,000, 30,000 police officers. the entire secret service is less than 5,000 agents. the fbi is somewhere around 20,000 agents or something like that? there is not enough people. it's strictly limited by the amount of manpower. i can't emphasize to you enough, charles, how restricted we are federally, in our
6:59 pm
physical surveillance capabilities and intelligence sharing capabilities because of the artificial silos we've put up in the alphabet soup of federal agencies that are unnecessarily relgated to the individual silos. you have dea, fbi, atf, secret service, created walls among the agencies. if the american people only knew what was going on the inside, it would be a scandal. charles: what do you think, cathy? >> i think they're absolutely right. and we have to have intelligence agencies and an intelligence process that focuses on the task at hand. charles: probably got worse because we have more agencies and more power. >> actually after 9/11 a tremendous amount of progress was made and enormous number of threats were thwarted. now you have a situation where some of the critics say that intelligence is focused not enough on the gathering and too much now on hunting, and that, look, the reality is if someone wants to break into your house, if you have a security system, they probably will.
7:00 pm
we've got to find a way. charles: yeah, but we understand that, but i think to everyone's point, we could be doing a whole lot more. before we go, a salute to american success, the cycle bar, indoor cycling company, we salute you and all like you, we also salute lou dobbs. he's next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. radical islamist terrorists strike again. this time storming a radisson resort in the west african nation of mali. al qaeda affiliated group claiming responsibility for the attack. one american killed, at least 18 others in that attack. we'll have a full report. also tonight, a tremendous shift in the european values and security in one week. france calling upon its european union partners to take immediate and decisive action to toughin and tighten the eu's borders and prevent the entry of more radical is


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