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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 20, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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charles: yeah, but we understand that, but i think to everyone's point, we could be doing a whole lot more. before we go, a salute to american success, the cycle bar, indoor cycling company, we salute you and all like you, we also salute lou dobbs. he's next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. radical islamist terrorists strike again. this time storming a radisson resort in the west african nation of mali. al qaeda affiliated group claiming responsibility for the attack. one american killed, at least 18 others in that attack. we'll have a full report. also tonight, a tremendous shift in the european values and security in one week. france calling upon its european union partners to take immediate and decisive action to toughin and tighten the eu's borders and prevent the entry of more radical islamist terrorists.
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the development comes as french police continue their manhunt for a key suspect still at large, exactly one week after the paris terrorist attacks. and a new poll shows americans overwhelmingly disapprove of the way president obama is handling the war against the islamic state. majorities of americans want increased use of military force, and more than half oppose the admission of any more middle east refugees into this country. clearly, the public rejecting mr. obama's remark this week on the republican fear of widows and orphans. >> but apparently, they're scared of widows and orphans coming into the united states of america as part of our tradition of compassion. >> i find it absolutely hypocritical for anyone to say let us shut our borders to people who are victims of violence, the innocent people who are fleeing a humanitarian crisis. that is un-american.
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>> turning away orphans, applying a religious test, discriminating against muslims, slamming the door on every syrian refugee, that is just not who we are. we are better than that. lou: we'll take all of that up with former director of national intelligence, ambassador john negroponte here tonight. our top story -- an al qaeda linked affiliate is claiming responsibility for a terrorist attack in the west african nation of mali in which one american and 18 others were killed. gunmen armed with ak-47's stormed the radisson blue hotel in the capital city of bamako shouting allahu akbar. they took 100 people hostage, some were freed after showing they could recite verses from the koran. five u.s. military personnel assigned to a u.n. stabilization mission and to the u.s. embassy were in the hotel at the time of the
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attack. the pentagon says all americans made it out safely. two americans, special operators also helped the mali special forces and first responders. one at the hotel helped move people to a secure location as they fled, and another in a joint operation center helping to coordinate the response to the attack. two of the terrorists were killed. those attacks timed obviously to further torment france as that nation mourns dead and wounded from last friday's islamic state attacks in paris. northern part of mali is under the control of radical islamists, and france has stationed 3500 troops in northern mali to battle those terrorists. european union nations today promised to take control of their borders, trying to prevent more terrorist attacks. the development comes after investigators determined through fingerprint checks that two of the paris attackers
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entered europe through greece. fox news correspondent steve harrigan with our report. >> reporter: the manhunt continues for at least one of the paris attackers as french police carried out 182 raids overnight and seized 76 weapons. in addition, police discovered a third body at the site of the massive siege north of paris wednesday which forensic experts are working to identify. also killed in the raid, the terrorist ringleader abdelhamid abaaoud and his cousin 26-year-old born to parents who were moroccan immigrants. the death toll from the attacks has risen to 130 with 57 people still in intensive care. one week after the shootings, wider impact is felt across europe. at an emergency meeting in brussels, interior ministers agreed to restrict free movement between european borders and strengthen external borders. they also agreed to store data of passengers flying from european cities for one year.
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the moves reflect the frustration of french authorities after reports abaaoud, one of the most-wanted men in europe was able to move freely between syria and belgium. we must leave behind empty promises, procrastination and slowness, if not, europe will lose its way. >> what i can tell you is we estimate there are 5,000 european nationals that are classified as suspected foreign fighters. these europeans that have been radicalized often on the internet, traveled to syria and iraq and radicalized by the experience. >> reporter: russian long range bombers and cruise missiles destroyed 15 oil refineries controlled by isis in order to choke off cash flow to the terrorist nation. russian president vladimir putin praised the military action but says there is a lot of work to do to eliminate syria's terrorists and protect russia from possible attacks. french warplanes continue to strike isis positions in syria while the russian military has
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intensified its attacks on isis since confirming a bomb destroyed a russian passenger jet over egypt. the french senate voted today to extend france's state of emergency for another three months. that gives more power to police and security services and the ability to act without judicial oversight. french authorities are still on the hunt for at least one of the suspected attackers. french police carried out more than 180 separate raids overnight. in paris, steve harrigan, fox news. lou: steve harrigan. in washington, senate democrats vowed to filibuster legislation that would impose restrictions on syrian refugees entering this country. yesterday 47 house democrats defied president obama's veto threat and supported the bill. enough to override a presidential veto. now republicans predict democrats will pay a price if they try to block the measure.
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fox news white house correspondent kevin corke has our report. >> reporter: as president obama landed in the malaysian capital for the latest in a series of summits with world leaders, intense battle within his own party over the fate of syrian refugees raged on 9500 miles away in washington. yesterday 47 house democrats helped to make up a veto-proof majority in passing a bill that would implement stricter screening procedures for refugees, requiring homeland security director jeh johnson and james comey and james clapper to certify a refugee before he can come into the u.s. there are limitations to vetting refugees. >> we can only query that which we have collected. >> reporter: undeterred, white house officials say the president would veto anything that restricts the united states to help the vulnerable. >> the fact is that america has always been open to allowing
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people from war-torn countries who are subject to incredible hardship and oppression and violence to find refuge in our country. >> reporter: whether the house will get a chance at a veto override vote is uncertain at best. senate democratic leader harry reid vowed to block the house bill from getting to president's desk. this as third ranking senate democrat new york's chuck schumer called for a pause in the plan that would allow 10,000 syrian refugees to enter the u.s. over the next year. clearly republican senators think the battle is far from over. some believe they can secure the votes to outflank the white house on the issue. >> we have peculiar rules including the need for 60 votes. i think we can get the democrats, four, five, six, seven, eight democrats to come on board. >> it is the essence of reasonableness to say we shouldn't be bringing in tens of thousands of refugees who may include isis terrorists. >> terrorists have a time-out
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on syrian refugees until we can figure out what we're doing. it is clear that isil and other groups can infiltrate the refugee flow, but the refugees are symptom of a failed policy. >> reporter: what the white house is telling us they would like to do is tweek the visa waiver program. right now that let's people from 38 different countries come into the u.s. for short periods of time without the need for a visa. but given the security environment domestically to say nothing of internationally, lou, critics say that amounts to little more than political sleight of hand. lou? lou: kevin corke reporting. the obama administration today asked the supreme court to overturn an appellate court order ruling mr. obama's illegal immigration amnesty fiat to be unlawful. legal papers filed today call for the supreme court's immediate review of the president's plan in which he shields some five million illegal immigrants from deportation. the solicitor general argued
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the executive order is, quote, a great national importance, end quote, and that without it millions will continue to work off the books. texas and 25 other states opposed to the obama fiat now have a month to respond. if the justices don't agree to hear the case by mid-january, o decided until after president obama were to leave office. for those counting, there are 426 days left until mr. obama does just that. we're coming right back. one week after paris radical islamist terrorists strike again. this time killing dozens in the north african country of mali, and why won't our president destroy the islamic state? and is the fate of the islamic state now up to putin? former director of national intelligence, ambassador john negroponte joins us next.
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lou: according to the latest polling, americans increasingly fearful of a terrorist attack here at home. 54% said they disapprove of the president's handling of the threat of terrorism. the worst rating of his presidency, that according to the new "washington post"-abc news poll. 54% oppose the admission of refugees from syria and the middle east. more than half of adults not confident in our government's ability to identify possible terrorists among the refugees. joining us tonight, the former director of national intelligence, a five-time ambassador, john negroponte. ambassador, good to have you with us. american people obviously upset about the president's handling of the war against the islamic state. the issue of refugees being admitted when we cannot thoroughly vet the refugees, and the president comes out rather lamely and scoffs at
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republicans for concerns about national security, your thoughts? >> first of all, we have as a nation responded very generously to refugee situations in the past. i worked on the vietnam boat people issue. we took in 12,000 a month, not a year. here we're talking about 10,000 refugees coming in over a one-year period, and a lot are in camps before they come here. if you read some of the stories. some have been in camps for a couple years already. even in the camps they could be vetted fairly carefully. i think that the truth of the matter is it's probably a little easier to vet these people than some people are claiming. nonetheless, i think the real problem is how do we stem the flow, the hemorrhaging of refugees out of syria and into europe, and hold that tide back? and i think more has to be done by way of trying to deal with the problem at the source, and obviously, that has to do with
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defeating isis and getting back the territory that has been lost to them. lou: let's get back to a couple of issues you raise. one, that it is perhaps easier to vet the refugees than some of our top officials and national security now acknowledge, and certainly, the president and his administration has not assured the american people that they can vet, and the lack of a relationship with the syrian government doesn't improve the odds of successfully vetting them, i think you would agree. >> right. lou: certainly over the past 14 months, this president has done nothing to do what he promised. that is to degrade and destroy the islamic state, which is the source of the millions of refugees that are hemorrhaging from syria into the region and, of course, into europe? >> right, and i think we've got some other countries that have a common interest with us now, who have suffered very serious terrorist attacks in the recent
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days and weeks. russia and france and more, and more has and can be done in the future. we've certainly made some progress in iraq. recapturing a couple of the cities surrounding mosul, getting ready to recapture some of the other lost territories. i think the really difficult one, the tough one we're all struggling with is how does the lost territory get regained in syria? that one i think is still a very difficult problem. lou: there is another front that has opened up, that is our southern border where, hondurans have taken into custody syrians traveling with fake passports. we know they came up through from brazil. we found afghans and iraqis at our border in arizona. in texas, more syrians trying to enter this country. for what purpose?
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we don't know, and there is no evidence they are in any way related to the specific group that attacked paris a week ago tonight, but the reality is we're under threat, and this is not an administration that is acting to secure our border or our ports. would you agree with that statement? >> well, i think -- not entirely, but i think obviously there's an issue, and we're going to have to see how exactly what the -- who these people are, and that will be, i'm sure, we get a better handle on that as time goes on. let me say one thing. after 9/11, our cooperation with the country of mexico increased dramatically on security matters. it's been good. it's reassuring the people are detected and captured. i guess you could ask yourself, how many others are getting through that we don't know about? and obviously no one has the question. lou: the border patrol offers an answer that is not encouraging, because they use a
7:20 pm
ratio of one in three for each person taken into custody trying to cross our border. they assume actually that two others have made it in successfully. they assume for every one there are three illegal immigrants actually on the border. so let's hope that does not apply. >> let me make this point, though, lou, i think it's important. lou: very quickly, if you would. >> the threat we face from these kinds of migration or flow of people is incomparably smaller than what the europeans are facing now with the tremendous situation of the huge islamic populations they have in the country and the flow that has occurred. we're talking about onesies and twosies, in the case of europe, it's in the thousands, hundreds of thousands. lou: i understand, but that is also, i think, illustrative that the europeans, unlike the united states, are taking measures right now as we speak to secure their borders, which
7:21 pm
is in point of fact, an utter contravention of the european union's founding itself, that's how dire they consider the situation. john negroponte, good to have you here. ambassador, appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll tonight -- we'd like to hear from you on this issue, it's going to come up sooner or later, we thought we'd be the first to propose it. cast your vote at propose the question, not the solution. we'll wait on that one. follow me now on twitter at -- it's important for me to be liked and important to be liked on instagram. links to everything on i'll have a few thoughts on the ongoing war between the republican establishment and political outsiders who want to
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farxiga. we are everyday people. ♪i am everyday people. yeah. yeah.♪ ask your doctor if farxiga is right for you and visit to learn how you can get it for free. . lou: a few thoughts now on republican establishment that just doesn't seem to get it. and their pitiful efforts to take down the front-runner donald trump. it is if they can't control the nominee, therefore they don't care whether hillary wins. hard to imagine that. surely not. but consider that a group of establishment goppers led by a former rnc operative are planning a guerrilla attack as its described, a guerrilla attack ad campaign against trump. the front firm for such purpose
7:27 pm
is dubbed trump card llc, it is not a pac, you notice, but an llc. and the donors behind the dirty drive against trump, therefore can remain secret, as they try to run trump out of race. warning in a memo obtained by the "wall street journal," quote -- the stark, i underline stark reality is that unless something dramatic and unconventional is done, trump will be the republican nominee and hillary clinton will become president. another group scared to death of trump's plain speaking ways and outsider status is aligned with ohio governor john kasich. super pac new day for america planning to spend more than $2 million targeting trump for another negative ad campaign.
7:28 pm
trump fired back at kasich in a series of tweets. he said, quote -- trump may be forced to do so because in a matter of a little more than a month, the airwaves will be filled with attack ads, and the politics of personal destruction by attack ad will be intensifying. greatly. the gop establishment can't find a candidate to overtake donald trump, so they're supporting several. after top of the state and national polls has finally galvanized the establishment. and with just over 70 days until the iowa caucuses, it appears the establishment is committed to a scorched earth policy, and the business roundtable, the club for growth, the koch brother, that is charles, the chamber of commerce and the rest of the party leadership are just the folks to carry out such a
7:29 pm
cynical political strategy against our middle class, our small business leaders, our working men and women and their families. like president obama, the gop elites insist they're on the right side of history, and let me say to you with absolute certainty, both obama and the d.c. elites could hardly be more wrong. they're aligned against trump on issues that matter most to what trump calls the silent majority. the issues he's advanced in this campaign would likely not have been under discussion. illegal immigration, border security, the fraud of the trans-pacific partnership, so-called free trade. our military, our veterans's needs, the war against the islamic state. the list goes on. the issues that trump almost single handedly pushed to the forefront of the campaign and the national debate for which, in my opinion, he deserves credit, if not the white house. this race for the republican presidential nomination is now
7:30 pm
shaping up to be between the establishment and their candidates and our middle class and the middle class's candidate. who wins that race will be historic, and i believe largely determine what kind of nation our children and grandchildren will inherit. i believe it's that simple and that complicated. now our quotation of the evening, if i may, this one is -- well, it's not offered cynically but rather as a caution, a political quotation. it's on the contest between the elites and our middle class between the powerful and the people. normally i wouldn't even be quoting a lefty, if you will, in campaign season. tonight i've turned to, well, one of the sternest communists they could imagine, joseph stalin. it was he who said --
7:31 pm
that's why we are watching so carefully, very carefully, and we'll be doing so, well, right through 2016 and beyond. we're coming right back. so-called syrian refugees by the dozen testing our southern borders, some with stolen passports. the question becomes who is president obama protecting? matt schlapp with the answers. and the liberal left media goes wild trying to attack trump. that was the fellow who raised the question. so what does it mean when the liberal left media and the republican establishment both want trump's head? or is it just his scalp? we take that up here next, right after these messages. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction
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that we all bring to our communities. technology is the tool to make an impact. it is the tool to make a difference. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time we can invest in our athletes, our work, and changing the world. lou: joining us now, american conservative union chairman, former white house political director migrate to have you with us. fox news contributor, republican legend, i think it's fair to say. >> in my own mind. lou: in mine as well. great to have you on the show. this is interesting. the establishment is making it known that they are going after donald trump and suggesting that is the way to save the election hillary clinton when it seems to me
7:36 pm
the inverse is possibly the outcome. >> it is actually what happened that they were laughing at him up until a month ago. he was a joke. then the polls study. no one has been able to knock them out. lou: over four months. >> and now they are panicking because they can't tell him what to do. more importantly, it's about the money. he doesn't need them. you know, politics is about the money. everyone is panicking because there won't be anyone making any money off of trump. lou: is donald trump, is he the republican party's michael bloomberg? is that the kind of force he could have? obviously aa much bigger job but have the same kind of impact. in his mind, i love these
7:37 pm
people who call him a reality star dismissively. something that they might recognize. >> as if every politician does not want to be a reality tv star. that would love to be in people's living rooms every day. it's a 5050 thing. he has a very unique personality and a celebrity, but there is the other side. he is a smart guy. he knows how to connect. is delivering a clear message. more than anything else, his message has been an orphan. it is unique, and it is reminding people about what they see is wrong. for these other candidates trying to rip them down, listen to his message. steal it, rob it, use it. it is lurking. lou: as you know, some of
7:38 pm
them have. i am thinking of a host ofa host of issues where we have seen mind melding a minor candidates. this is a campaign about big things. described them without once talking about a billionaire businessman. >> a fine human being. lou: as are you, and it scares people. someone could be that rash that bold, that new and unorthodox and anti- orthodox. >> he does not ship the mold. what makes them also stand out is the fact that all the other candidates, typical politicians that their talking points. he says what he wants to say and what everyone is thinking. lou: we are not endorsing
7:39 pm
his candidacy even though we are talking a lot about. it is only to keep some balance. while say radical islamists, turnover e-mails. this defies characterization. your thoughts? >> i think she is a very plastic candidate and can be molded in almost any form that her advisers want to put her in. she is the person who created the obama foreign-policy. now she's trying to separate herself. we are living through what we are living through today because of the failure of the obama clinton foreign-policy which is the opposite of ronald reagan's, a piece through strength the
7:40 pm
spreading war through projecting weakness. lou: you get the last word. >> running for the presidency since she was first lady, longtime. and she is good at it. lou: we might quibble there. >> very loyal. she knows how to talk to them. now, i have to say, i want to give her credit for how long she has lasted. lou: i know who to give credit, democratic voters. they have earned it. >> and they make it what they want. teesix absolutely. it is delightful is delightful to think of the prospect. i love the mind games to suggest that they have a duty to burn down. that, my friends, is considered some of the most torturous logic and reason i have ever heard, but, but a
7:41 pm
nice try on the part of the establishment. thank you for being with us. frightening airplane video coming in from overseas. the pilot flying in to the airport in ireland, forced to abort his landing because a strong crosswind. watch this. just a split 2nd as he -- we are not done here. he takes off. that is not a good angle. high wind to blame for another planes turbulent ride at birmingham airport. watch this one. man. there is two, three. crosswinds reaching 70 miles
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7:47 pm
black justice league. what is going on? they are listening to blabber and nonsense from black lives matter who won't acknowledge that all lives matter. what is going on? >> look. i am neither a fan of woodrow wilson over princeton has become. it does seem that the patients are running the asylum. unfortunately, these separate liberals are turning it over to them. instead of kids getting an education, there getting lessons and indoctrination. they have indoctrinated these kids to be revolutionaries instead of being patriot to be idiots instead of in flex. frankenstein has turned on his creator, and they are giving them everything they want. it is a sad day for our country.
7:48 pm
lou: top democrats are confirmed. top staffers from clinton, sanders, and campaigns will be in attendance. and aa large group of students last night from the university of north carolina taking over the school's townhall giving them a list of 50 demands. this, one student wrote in an op-ed, his proto- fascism on our campuses, make no mistake. do you agree? >> absolutely. the sad thing is in my view this goes back to the president of the united states. not spent any time on bringing people together, healing people. instead he has unleashed house of racial help.
7:49 pm
and very sadly we are seeing it in cities, on college campuses from everywhere. and i keep saying we have to focus on the future. one nation under god. we say we put our hands on our hearts. nobody seems to want to focus on that. we go into this marxist revolutionary mindset command we have got to stop it. lou: go to those campuses and pray for just that. do you think that we would be welcomed with open arms? >> ii don't know that we would be welcomed with open arms, but have seen pastors all over this country, so many black pastors who love this country. they have a kind of people in need to be on these campuses speaking truth to youyoung people and to the young people who are about to go to college. go they're to get an education, not to try to take over the campus.
7:50 pm
lou: the president talking all of this nonsense. he has done exactly the same in kuala lumpur talking about the country and deriding this nation on foreign soil. there is no shame in our president, as best i can tell whatsoever. always good to have you with us. lou: and astronaut generating a lot of talk about ufos. scott kelly tweeted to photos, including this one. photos featuring an unidentified object in the top right corner. what is it? well, it is to lights and they are mysterious. alien life, space debris, something we could never comprehend. we will let you know as soon as we find out. if you find out, let me know.
7:51 pm
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. lou: forheirst te, milania trump, she hasiews on her husband's candidacy, and she says she pushed donald to
7:55 pm
run. >> i encourage him. >> you did can do for america. he loves the american people, and he wants to help them. lou: trump also revealed that she told him to tone it down after a couple of debates. joining us now radio talk show host on wpht in philadelphia don giordano and host of mornings on the mall on wmal in washington, editor at large larry o'connor. gentlemen, good to have you both with us. let's start with the scorched earth policy that the gop establishment is announcing against trump. don, go to you, what's your thought? >> well, that will only increase, lou, the volume of calls and the pro-trump calls i get and how hardened trumps voters are. they are not moving back and forth.
7:56 pm
the more they do this, the more establishment fingerprints on this, the better trump is going to be. lou: larry, how do you feel? >> absolutely true. where is the logic in the strategy? you are john kasich, right? looking at six, seven candidates, shoulder to shoulder with carly fiorina and you attack donald trump. think this through for a minute. you are a donald trump supporter and see an ad hammering donald trump from john kasich, you're going to stop and say wow, i hadn't thought of that before. john kasich has my vote. are you kidding me? you think you're going to go from trump to kasich? it's a suicide mission! >> the american people say by a significant margin, 54% that they do not want any more refugees from syria or the middle east in this country until some people can assure the american people of their safety. your thoughts. >> well, that's right, lou, all this week, they've gone through every litany, talked about people on the eve of world war ii coming here and how they
7:57 pm
were turned back. and talk about the christ child in bethlehem some kind of refugee. whoopi goldberg even said hitler was a christian. why are we worried about muslims coming in. and even john kasich said reasonably these people have to be vetted. will you personally assure this person won't try to murder us? and nobody will sign off on that. until they do, i don't think this is going to move forward. lou: in fact, the head of the fbi cautioning everyone saying they can't assure it. larry your thoughts. >> no way to assure, think it through. if they're in the database, maybe we can cross check them. if not, we're relying on documentation from the assad regime. they're our enemy, a failed regime. there's no way to cross check these people. don is so right. the fact that this is a conversation we're having right now, instead of having a conversation about protecting
7:58 pm
our citizens, securing our nation and defeating our enemy, instead our president overseas with sanctimonious platitude what most americans are supposed to be thinking. lou: can you believe the president's description in kuala lumpur speaking to those folks describing us as a nation whose political parties are divided by race? >> lou, i get callers and i'm sure don gets the callers that say the president hates america. and i try to push back. listen we disagree with him, but let's not assume. when he says things like this, it makes it very hard for me to not agree. why would he say that overseas and criticize our nation in such a way. >> lou, that is a great point. i speak for a lot of our brethren in talk radio. we don't want to talk about and be bashing the president of the united states. i love the office every day, but when he says things like that, the callers are angry. yeah.
7:59 pm
lou: there's an anger in this country, a fear, that's more profound than the -- the fear is more profound than the anger, not just of the islamic state or terrorist radical islam, of leadership that no longer finds it necessary to make sense and use common sense and to at least tip their hat to the will of the people. >> i think that's right, lou, that's why trump is doing pretty well. he's an imperfect vessel in my view, but people like his instincts, they know instincts are toward making america great. lou: larry, you get the last. go ahead. i want to agree with don. this in a nutshell, days after the terror attacks in paris, again, president obama arguing with reporters peevish, angry, petulant because he has to explain his policy. what did donald trump say? he said i'll bomb the hell out of isis. that's what a leader does. lou: larry, don, thanks for being with us. >> thank you, lou.
8:00 pm
>> thank you very much, lou. lou: and our online poll, 78% of you say if the president vetoes the syrian screening bill, it will affect candidates at the polls. that's it for us tonight. monday, ed rollins and k.t. mcfarland. good night. >> 129 innocent people dead. [ sirens ] . john: how can government protect us? when politicians spend so much time obsessing about other things. >> drugs are menacing our society. john: government orders colleges, make sure students feel safe. >> just want to be together. john: some politicians are obsessed with gambling. new york's attorney general issuing a cease-and-desist order. >> let people play, who cares! >> if you're a rich businessman you may get your cronies in government to forcibly take people's property.


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