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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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bully, a threat to liberty. i won't vote for him. that's our show. see you next week. say the president has become an isolationist in the denier of american internationalists. thanks for being with us. good night. kennedy: let's get our eyes on this, someone mark the calendar. this is a very unusual day because i actually agree with both president obama and donald trump. the book spoke truth about guns and refugees and are speaking about freedom which i love every moment of the day. president obama was right about refugees when he said this. >> the idea that somehow they pose a more significant threat than all the tourists that enter the states every single day just
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doesn't jibe with reality. kennedy: someone saying it by nate, aren't tourists the worst especially the corporate ones with selfie sticks. it's easier to poke around in the berkshires and yosemite than it is to go through the 18 to 24 months getting in as a refugee. viewed with more suspicion than the gym carrey drama. i'm surprised it hasn't a clip sooner but finally big gun control hacks are out full force planning for the need for more gun control. france and europe are filled with black mark against and in belgium it's easier to get an ak-47 than it is to get a giant wall -- waffle. the number of firearms floating around the 65 million. you can get snow globes and rocket launchers in a three pack. maybe donald trump was onto something when he said this.
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>> paris is one of the places in the world that's toughest on guns. it would have been a totally different story. it would have been a shootout at the o.k. corral. kennedy: why does he turn into joe pesci sometimes? is easier to tote apply u.s. logic to western europe but how do you stop the black-market? u.n. prohibition whether it's drop your guns when you open up a legitimate stream the black market dries up. the problem is europe is so saturated with illegal weapons instead of opening up legal means of protection my money is on the worst thing is possible and the borders. i will only serve to keep guns in terrorists and while leaving money and jobs out in the cold. on the show tonight is u.s. foreign policy makes the isis danger worse. and navy s.e.a.l. tell us how they would destroy isis and hillary clinton's campaign
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reportedly tried to -- standup comedians who make jokes at her expense. is hillary ephratah for good punchline? 's nlaugng mter. let'get it. the fighter for refugees continues meanwhile isis has released a new video in which two fighters hailed the terrorists who killed dozens in paris last week they then threatened to carry out war attacks in both the white house. julie rucinski "fox news" contributed and gavin mcguinness hosted the gavin began this show and guy heads and political attitude make up the party panel tonight. welcome gentlemen and lady. guy come i'm going to start with you. let's talk a little bit about terrorism and refugees. much more dangerous than
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terrorists. >> i i think there are two bills being discussed. one passed the house of representatives with a veto proof majority today which deals with the refugee side of things. there's also bill on the senate introduced by dianne feinstein and jeff flake which deals more with western nationals who might be radicalized, people from europe who are already jihadist who can just get waivers for some of these various programs and papers they would need to come to the country. kennedy: work visas, travel visas. >> these are both legitimate threats. if you look at the paris attackers and collaborators many of them are homegrown jihadist read some of them appear to have pose as refugees today think that is responsible and reasonable for our representatives to try to handle this two-pronged threat. kennedy: some of these presidential candidates were singing a very different song just a few months ago but what is it about the vetting process
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that is causing so much consternation on capitol hill? >> that's a great question because i don't think anyone supports this bill can point to what part of the 13-point process they don't agree with or what more you can do. this is the most exacting process you could undertake. people taking 18 to 24 months to coming here. if i were committed to blowing up times square i would come as a european citizen. i don't need to wait 18 to 24 months to come here when it's easy to be a homegrown western terrorist, get on a plane. that's the way to do it. you look at the mastermind who really wasn't a mastermind of the guy that organized the terrorist attacks and a look at the people who so far have been identified in paris, all our european nationals. kennedy: they were petty criminals. >> the problem for me is you are punishing people who have arctic been punished enough. only 2% despite all the hoopla
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only 2% are single men traveling alone. the vast majority are women, children and elderly. kennedy: you have a very different set of statistics. they say 70% of the refugees are economic migrants and their single men traveling alone and that some cause for alarm but gavin at a question for you. who said this? we have welcomed refugees that tired huddled masses in history and we should continue to do so. >> bernie sanders quest. kennedy: ted cruz. he said that last year. are you talking about the conflict with isis or are we talking about the terror attacks? >> donald trump woke up the country to the problem of hispanic immigration and before the jihadist woke up the world to the problem of all these refugees. you are saying it's mostly women and children and i heard you on the show say it's mostly men burst first because they have established themselves first. yes, you did.
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you are seeing mostly men first because they are establishing themselves in them that call for their families. kennedy: i'm a political refugee myself so i'm telling you the facts. >> this isn't your father's refugee. kennedy: just because they are muslims? >> refugees have changed. kennedy: i was coming here at the height of the war. are you most concerned about terrorist? >> i'm concerned about a total lack of assimilation. >> i am concerned that you have not turned a rare off on your phone. kennedy: that sounds pretty important. you are. >> you are conflating people coming in from central and latin america with syrian refugees and members of isis. that's not the same thing. >> they both have a disproportionate number of threats to america of rapists, of murderers and killers. the date of assimilation are over.
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these radicals have radicalized over there they were radicalized by fellow refugees that you guys seem to love so much. they are supporting a culture. >> and i ask a question? what is the culture you are reporting because it sounds to me what you don't like about is the fact that they are muslims. >> the problem with muslim cultures you have a disproportionate number of radicals to the tune of 25 to 30%. >> excuse me, were you getting back? p.. >> pew studies say -- that is being sympathetic to extremists. kennedy: i have to tell you i know plenty of muslims who are productive members of society. this country is so islamaphobia. >> they don't have phones in syria. i am from pew and i just learned learned --. >> they do studies on muslim
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countries and they have studied virtually every muslim country in the world and the data on how many are sympathetic to extremists is stunning. kennedy: so they should let anyone from an islamic country in this country ever and that includes indonesia? we should let anyone --. >> how about we start with -- kennedy: we are not a christian country. >> where 75% christian. >> take it back right now. kennedy: we have more with the panel and just a little bit but first navy s.e.a.l.s will tell us what we need to do to destroy isis. later i will ask why american foreign policies making the rise
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could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at kennedy: welcome back. earlier today hillary clinton gave a speech about her plan. >> we should immediately deploy the special operations force president obama has already authorized and be prepared to deploy more as more syrians get into the fight and we should retool and ramp up our efforts to support and equip viable syrian opposition units. kennedy: she doesn't know she's
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talking about. she needs to deploy a hair deploy a hairstylist. she's goodbye she doesn't want to use the term radical islam so what should we be doing to defeat ice is questioning me navy s.e.a.l.s and co-authors of the book extreme ownership. it is a fantastic read. secretary clinton. welcome gentlemen. very nice at the above. secretary clinton said we need more air, more boots on the ground. we need more human intelligence and she sounded a little bit vague. you guys were there. you guys when some of the bloodiest battles in the iraq war. you are responsible for victory in ramadi. it's overstepping the bounds? >> may be slightly. we supported the army and marine corps and we were proud to contribute to the operations that they lead which certainly lead to victory in ramadi. kennedy: how do you beat isis? >> we can expect local partner
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forces. hillary is talking about when you to create viable syrian partner forces. the way you do that is to put u.s. combat troops in the lead to go and smash isis military capability and all of a sudden you have people that are able to stand up against them. right now there's no one to work with. kennedy: jay said he could operative forces such as yourself and what he called boots on the ground whatever that means and you have more airstrikes and a coalition of the willing various countries who want to defeat terror where it stands. then when he left with? that's the big question i have because let's say you defeat them where they stand right now. let's say you commit 50 to 100,000 ground troops. then what? >> yatra member on the ground in iraq and syria we have been to iraq and the same thing is existing in syria and that is that you forget there are human beings there are.
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they want to live normal lives, if they want to raise the kids and have a job, have dinner on sunday night. >> do they want freedom so? >> if they do. their version of freedom is different but i will tell you what they want. they want stability and they absolutely want peace. like leif set up we can smash the enemy, isis to the point where they are no longer relevant than those people can live in peace and able to their best to control further uprisings and if they need help in the future they know they can count on us to do it again. kennedy: my worry is that we are stuck there for decades and we are nation-building because they seem to be in the middle middle east lost causes and my feeling has always been that people don't want democracy they don't deserve it and we shouldn't be the ones imposing it or giving it to them. >> certainly it's going to take generations. we are still in japan. we are still in germany. when we defeated those horrible regimes we stayed there for
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decades and we might have to do that there but it's in the interest of our national security to make sure that these breeding grounds for islamic extremism don't continue to grow. they shouldn't exist in the first place peppiat so we can let them grow so that means any doubt these help these people on the ground to defend themselves. kennedy: i just don't know if we have come up with a system that can replace something as magnetic and affect it as radical as islamism. i want to talk about the book because the book is fantastic and kind of the primer are people who own businesses. i think the themes are very libertarian. about personal responsibility and owning the choices that you make and i think one of the things we are lacking, i think it's responsibility for the choices that we make. >> there's no doubt. responsibility, there's nobody else to blame and aaron nokes uses that can be made but it's also about owning mistakes that
5:17 am
you can change the behaviors that cause those mistakes and come up with a plan to win. it's a mindset and attitude. whether you are applying for national security against isis when you look at what happen are we producing the results we hoped to produce? if you are not doing that, if you are not achieving those you have to alter the strategy. you have to check your ego and say listen this is about me. about the missions let's alter the strategy and do something different to achieve the results we need. kennedy: jocko and leif thank you for being here. coming up, find out the joke hillary clinton hate so much she's in a fairly tried to squelch about my panel returns. donald trump is way ahead in the polls. is he going to
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kennedy: it's great to have bloom berg politics -- still in the lead followed by dr. ben carson and marco rubio coming in third. who is the strongest choice to fight islamic terror trump trounced him on handling putin 52 f. and that he panel is back to discuss numbers. we will start with you because you got pushed out a bit. >> that was quite a segment. i was right though. kennedy: let's talk about donald trump still having a robust poll numbers in the wake of the paris attacks. does that surprise you? >> nothing surprises me anymore about donald trump.
5:22 am
he can say and do anything and his hard-core group of supporters don't care. you know he likened ben carson to a pedophile multiple times. his new plan on syria is to buy some land in the middle of syria and make it safe and put the refugees there. okay, he has said multiple times in american wages are too high. as one of his new talking points nothing matters. kennedy: they are winning make $10 million. how is terror hurt some of the other candidates? >> well i think you see people like chris christie who are so desperate to get traction they are turning away covers now. the problem is everyone is trying to out talk to each other because people like donald trump gained traction.
5:23 am
she said don't underestimate that this would -- kennedy: i thought this would hurt ben carson. >> he doesn't know what it's talking about with foreign policy. kennedy: two of the senior advisers have said just that. he stumbled on o'reilly when he was pressed about foreign policy what to do with isis and still people love him. >> may be donald trump isn't going to be the next president. >> the doctor is losing that is obviously something that. that's why we are hearing all the stories about what a tough guy he is. i wanted cruz to win. kennedy: have you given up on cruz? >> cruz or bp was found. kennedy: do you think rubio is coming on at the right time? >> rubio would open the borders and allies talking about is his own assimilated immigrant parents who dropped the ball is. [speaking farsi] agendas. his story is that a failure.
5:24 am
>> in what way? >> come on guys, get with it. kennedy: here's my question. an odd i am still writing in gary johnson if he doesn't win. >> the irony is we will all be safer with trump. >> oh god. coming up dr. ron paul is in the bullpen with a warning about how we can make terrorists much worse. the presidential candidate and carson unexpectedly turns up in there's something out there. it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces.
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the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. special olympics is really about celebrating differences, to create a world where we can accept and appreciate the gifts that we all bring to our communities. technology is the tool to make an impact. it is the tool to make a difference. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time we can invest in our athletes, our work, and changing the world. kennedy: this is the soundtrack. let me strum your pain with my fingers and serenade you with news. this is a topical storm. topic number one, dr. ben carson
5:28 am
is not only a celebrated cerebellum surgeon, he's also a hammer wielding temperamental chemist who is bragged about his violent exploits for years and maybe that's why voters love him what's the one thing missing from the doctor's life story? medals. >> up after people with iraq. i would hit people with hammers and rocks. i picked up a large rock entered at his face. i threw rocks and broke someone's glasses. it was so much fun. i would had flashes of temper. i had a terrible temper. struck him in the for it with my fist. punch somebody in the face. i tried to hit my mother with a hammer. kennedy: he is so metal he will probably have reduce death metal band run as his vice president. topic number two, this week the latest installment of "the hunger games" hits theaters that
5:29 am
you can find out how she fares in a rebellion against evil presents no. what is it worth filmed in the 1990s? vulture re/max did just that. >> in the world that is powered by violence,. a generation. son in tradition. here is where it shall be decided. kennedy: i wonder if betamax has any cool shows to compete with it.
5:30 am
let's go to topic number three. there it is, a man named joseph griffin has reported the single greatest travelogue in the history of las vegas and i know that's saying something. expertly detailing his experience as a modern-day marco polo in gambling although there is one minor problem in his video experience. he accidentally found the entire trip on his cell phone selfie mode. take a look. >> that view is looking north. that's looking at the desert. kennedy: beared is looking into the desert.
5:31 am
that's amazing. i hope the next steven steve -- steven spielberg movie is just like that. topic number four. one of the most magical moments is when you tell your parents that you are about to have a baby and it's mostly intentional you can always do it over the phone but it's much better to set up a riddle or a game to drum up support. one future mom had her parents play the lipreading game from jimmy fallon to see how long it took, and grandpa to catch on. >> you are going to be. >> you are going to be in. >> you are going to be a -- i'm going to behave. >> a grandfather. >> i'm a father. >> grandfather. >> grandfather. i'm going to be grandfather? i'm going to be grandfather? i'm going to be a grandfather. i'm going to be grandfather?
5:32 am
kennedy: that's so sweet. that's adorable and good luck to the family. topic number five, you thought drunk history was good, and it is because it keeps working through the fog of booze but i have one better for you. it involves the deepest warmest recesses. what happens when you give drunk girls puppies? everything. >> oh no. [laughter] [laughter] >> oh my god. >> i should not have drank whiskey. >> look at this.
5:33 am
kennedy: those are just tears. that is grain alcohol running down their faces and gives up loose and taco bell go well together. well done ladies. if you want to see them a topical storm tweet me at kennedy nation and instagram use the hashtag -- hillary clinton's campaign reportedly wants the name and contact information for five comedians who fired joke torpedoes. torpedoes. but punchline has you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. torpedoes. but punchline has suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right innovative sonicare technology
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kennedy: hi. we are back together again. hillary clinton's campaign reportedly going after five
5:37 am
comedians who made jokes at her expense at the laugh factory in hollywood to club owner said the clinton camp threatened him, demanded he take down the videos and asked for the contact information of the comedians. here's a taste of the jokes her campaign wanted to censor. >> there's nothing like a shoulder pad to say i'm all woman. she looks like she's playing linebacker for t.j. maxx. [laughter] >> i would love if you become president and you marry a [bleep]. kennedy: that's a good joke. can hillary not take a joke or is it just pre-sanitized by "saturday night live"? we reached out to the clinton campaign but we have not heard a response. guess who is here, comedian jack
5:38 am
mccandless and guy benson are back. jimmy you are comic and you go on stage and tell jokes for living. are you surprised that she is not a lot more fun? >> the optics of this are terrible. they are trying to cultivate this issue that she is not cruella de vil and she is a attacking a called the laugh factory which really does look bad. i do want to say though that my conspiracy is that it wasn't her. i do believe it might have been dashed. >> this is the clinton campaign that i want to name but those comics. >> it might have been to make her look bad in the polls. that's my guess. kennedy: are most people in hollywood -- with advanced? >> is not voting voting for sanders. he is voting for hillary. kennedy: she has gone so far to the left side. >> all of the comedians were saying flattering jokes about how they wanted to be president
5:39 am
with one silly caveat. it was private but that's not good enough for her. stalin, one of his top guys made fun of his mustache and he was off to the gulags. kennedy: you look a little bit like uncle joe. now guy, this is an area that you are familiar with. shocking that limiting speech is coming from the left. >> i can imagine. why would anyone assume that could even happen or write an entire book appalled -- about it called and the discussion which is available everywhere. kennedy: is that uptight citizens brigade collects. >> well done, good memory. i'm a little bit skeptical about the story because the club owner says he doesn't really know who was from the campaign who made this demand so i'm going to actually give them a little bit
5:40 am
of the benefit of the doubt. i'm sure she has very little sense of humor about herself. one of the favorite things i've read a long time was the onion op-ed by hillary denton entitled something like i enjoy fun and it was hilarious. this focus group piece explaining why she enjoys things that are fun and laughter something she also enjoys like we all do. kennedy: this will bring a little giddiness to you. this month the university of vermont held a three-day retreat for students who self-identify as -- to confront their white triplets at the university of vermont offering at no cost to white students covering all expenses including meals and yes it was a faith-based. one of the questions they asked gavin was how this whiteness affected your? >> it does affect me in many ways. it affects me when i look back at history and those that besides being the worst people in the world we also invented electricity, cement, buildings,
5:41 am
standup comedy, cars, tires, fun , solar panels. i think it's a conference when these people get together unfettered by people screaming at them. they are going to end up inventing more awesome stuff. this might easy -- it will be like the camp david of a graded mention. we will come out with cell phone to donate to be plugged in. >> i can't believe he didn't trust not the end. >> by putting a steam engine on the side and separating church and state you are pretty much responsible for everything. kennedy: where do you think they had a? >> that's what i'm saying. the white kids get to go on a fancy retreat. to talk about their privilege while all the students of color have to hang out on is? kennedy: vermont is known for its racial diversity.
5:42 am
>> is probably the widest campus. they probably went on a retreat so they could go somewhere to see a black person. that's why there was no privilege in the whole student body. kennedy: how much fun is it that we are wearing matching edge -- matching eddie bauer outfits. >> i'm so sick of white shaming. i think the hashtag, the hashtag for the event was white light still matter. i think that is what they are going with. it's ridiculous and they do at like all right listen system has been what it's been for the amount of time and we are showing so much progress in this whole idea that people are giving stuff to us in 2015 is not true. i'm 30 and i shop at old navy. there are no easy games on the schedule. kennedy: you are somewhere in between eggshell and marshmallow white. >> it's gone awry.
5:43 am
i apologize. kennedy: panel thank you. it's good to see you again. gavin and jimmy welcome back. dr. ron paul joins me to answer this question is american foreign-policy making derisive ice is worse? he's about to get off fiery. please stay here. surprise!!!!! we heard you got a job as a developer! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train?
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kennedy: this week former mayor of london ken livingstone said in apparent can't happen because western foreign policies come back to haunt us so has american and western involvement in middle east in jeopardy to the
5:47 am
rise of ice is? joining me now is former texas congressman two-time presidential hopeful and host of the ron paul liberty report, it's dr. ron paul. welcome back. >> thank you kennedy. good to be with you. kennedy: i will ask about his remarks. do you think it caused the terrorist acts in paris? >> of course we can she read to it significantly. we are blowing back all the way to 1953 and our -- interaction to iran. not like people sit around in these arab countries, said around and say young people get together and they say gonzalez commits suicide and let's go kill americans. they have too much freedom. it's absurd so this whole idea that they come here because of our freedoms and our prosperity makes no sense. they have become very violent and you can ignore that fact.
5:48 am
if we ignore motives we are lost and we have been ignoring any motives. since 1991, 3 million muslims has been killed. shopping lot of alms, starving kids 1 million plus in iraq and people know about this and any of these terrorist if they ever get interviewed they list these things. they don't say they come here to destroy american freedom. america will do that for themselves. kennedy: they have got religious motivations and that's a huge part of the picture. i guess they feel about blowback the way i feel about pretty in psychology. it's really interesting explanation for something that going back and saying i'm in love with my mother and therefore i'm a serial killer, it doesn't do much about going forward. we have to look at the landscape now and my challenge to you is,
5:49 am
instead of just putting it in the blowback category which i might disagree with you on the percentage of the blowback cause but what do we do now and what do we do going forward? >> the first thing you do if you don't recognize the motivation, he can't solve the problem but then you say what do we do about the killings in paris? would have the killings had been in moscow or in china or new delhi? what would we do? we wouldn't decide we had to bomb somebody and just to listen to some of the candidates. this go kill some more. killing people is the motivation the challenge for me and others who believe this, what do you do with people who are violent? you have to deal with the violence but if you deal with it without saying why they are violent, but people who are prone to violence in the know about it, you have to have security but that doesn't mean
5:50 am
you have to round up everybody. it's the face of islam that does it. if i were church is think of a country that has the most muslim , indonesia. they have 220 million. how often do you read stories, that muslim country in tunisia is where all the violence is. kennedy: there have been bombings in indonesia as well. i understand it but it's just not enough moving forward and to say we understand your pain, we understand we have caused some of this pain is not going to take care of the problem. it's not going to take your the fact that you have got extremists on every corner of the planet regardless of how they got there. what do we do now? two of the most capable dealing with it and perhaps changing american foreign-policy but also dealing with the present situation. >> what if the truth is that nothing will be improved unless
5:51 am
we change our foreign-policy then you are in a bind. you have to support the foreign-policy that we have to be there and we never backed down and never take responsibility for anything. you can't possibly find an answer and that is where we are right now. nobody will accept the answer that we can should be to this and we inspire individuals to become violent. this whole idea that islam itself, you see presidential candidates saying we need to put batches on everybody who believes in this country. the desire to destroy liberty here, just think what has happened since 9/11. kennedy: that is absolutely wrong direction but i don't think they answer lies just with the blowback policy and the neoconservative propaganda
5:52 am
bombing campaign in boots on the ground and military intervention. somewhere in the middle. that's where the truth lies but unfortunately we are getting ripped apart at the extreme and we will never find the truth and never find a satisfying outcome is that is where we reside. dr. paul thank you very much. >> well i think you are looking for the extreme. i would love toward our foreign-policy of constant occupation bombing and killing people and hastening this hatred toward us. if you don't deal with that you have a lot more and right now to predictable. as soon as the russians started running i said watch out there's going to be retaliation. a plane gets shot down so it had to be foreign intervention. france started bombing a month or so ago. they have 10,000 people in that region and most people think the french are just staying at home. kennedy: they have military involvement in france -- it's not enough of an explanation and
5:53 am
it also doesn't get us any closer to where we need to be. i appreciate the discussion and i think your son has some really solid ideas on this and i hope discussing civil liberties will put him back in the proper spotlight so he will take his ideas are what they are which is noninterventionist and smarter than most people running for president now. thank you very much dr. paul. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up next bernie sanders spent this day talking to college students about how great socialism is. why the karl marx dream is why the karl marx dream is pretty much bad fo
5:54 am
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kennedy: well hello. i don't want to end it. earlier today bernie sanders summoned his angry jury to her jack child socialism at students.
5:57 am
>> democratic socialism means we must reform a political system which is corrupt, that we must create an economy that works for all, not just the very wealthy. kennedy: here to tear socialism anyone is jonathan is astounding member of the capitalistic hedge fund and "fox news" contributor. >> it's a great to be with you. do you mind if i start with the little gmr wax. >> why don't you please take me home? kennedy: you have landed in paradise city. >> bernie sanders said he is no paradise city. kennedy: if he is elected he is going to destroy --. >> people don't know what socialism is. socialism is nice and kind. capitalism is mean and angry.
5:58 am
fundamentally capitalism is a system of private harpy and socialism is a system where private property is abolished. you don't exist for your own sake take your job is to sacrifice for society, for the greater good. the greater good that's greater than u.n. critic to me so your life is -- kennedy: someone else decides what the greater good is. you don't have individual choices. someone is imposing that on you. oftentimes by force because they are the ones with the guns. >> let's talk about what is society? society is made up of individual people. socialism, bernie sanders is going to decide what is in your interest. your job is to shut up and follow orders. they know everything. kennedy: my worry is these people are so backward and they have been bought by entities like unions that they're willing to sacrifice progress and real
5:59 am
prosperity and growth in this country for their own myopic ideals. how can socialism lead to terrorism? >> i mean socialism is dead. essentially when you don't think for yourself, you shut up and follow orders and a productive society is where people are left free. a free society, you don't have to go to war. you don't have to go to terrorism but a socialist society that's just a cog in the wheel. why not go to war? no one has a right to his or her life anyway so socialism is a system of tyranny. you wouldn't know it from bernie sanders joyous geriatric rhetoric. kennedy: i hated that we have to go. radical islam is its own form of bureaucratic tyranny. jonathan come back and visit me. it's great to have you. >> thank you. kennedy: love lucky jacket. you can watch on the episodes of kennedy monday through thursday
6:00 am
on the fox business network. i love everything about you. their target, abdelhamid abaaoud. the belgian man accused of masterminding the attack. although they confirmed that he


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