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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 23, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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tax rates, move headquarters to ireland. futures indicating weakness this morning. we do have the dow jones industrial about 30 points today. gdp out this week and holiday short week with thanksgiving on thursday. in europe. take a look. down about 3 quarters of a percent in paris and dax index in germany third of a percent. but the data out of france show it is economy there continues to slow sinister ris attacks. in asia, nikkei close for holiday, but you did have weakness in the shanghai and kospi was up.
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stronger dollar and oversupply concerns. oil at $41 and 69 cents a barrel. these are new polls fresh out yesterday morning. front runner donald trump widening his lead but senators marco rubio and senators ted cruz moving up fast. both at 14%. ben carson at 18%. trump making comments over the weekend. he's now saying he's open to run as an independent. listen to this. >> well, i'm going to have to see what happens. ly see what happens. i have to be treated fairly. you know when i said this, i have to be treated fairly. if i'm treated fairly, i'm fine. all i want to do is a level-playing field. >> maria: chicago resident digging out from 11-inches of snow. west coast is braising for snow.
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two seconds left in the game. cardinals kicker nailing a 32-yard field goal, 34-31 win over cincinnati bengals. big victory there. music's biggest names hitting the stage at last night's music awards. all those stories coming up this morning. the breaking news of the moment, brussels and paris remaining on high alert this morning following terrorist attack a week ago. ashley webster on the ground. good morning to you, ashley. >> good morning to you, maria. serious and immediate threat. 16 arrests, 22 raids overnight in brussels and authorities there say it's not over yet t fear that other terrors could be operating and ready to strike as much the same fashion as they
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did in paris ten days ago. the search for attackers still goes on, he's considered armed and dangerous and authorities still cannot catch up with him. paris meanwhile have released picture of what they believe is the third suicide bomber. they believe he got through the france as a syrian refugee with a fellow jihadist who came through greece. they are trying to get more information on him. british prime minister david cameroon visiting with french president françois hollande today. they took time to visit one of the attack sites and in a news conference david cameroon saying he is calling for a step up in cooperation in the fight against isis. >> we must share information and intelligence to better protect ourselves from these brutal terrorists. the uk and france are already doing this but today we've agreed to step up our efforts
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even further and to work more closely with european neighbors. >> and, maria, scheduled to travel to washington, d.c. tomorrow to visit with president obama and moscow on thursday to meet with vladimir putin. but it's certainly having an impact on the economy. restaurant sales down 44% in the last week compared to the year earlier. hotel bookings down 57%. conferences canceled. there's no doubt that the threat of terrorists having a big economic impact in paris as well. >> maria: those are big numbers, ashley webster in paris. the latest fox new channel poll highlights, growing concern over terrorism with the issue rating higher than the economy and immigration. joining us right now heritage legal senior fellow.
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thank you so much for joining us this morning, what are your observations a week after the horrible attack in paris? >> i think we are seeing a national conversation, maria, where -- and reminds me of 2006 when critics of the bush administration and the iraq policy started to come out of the woodwork. over the weekend in the last few days we have seen former secretary gates and former secretary of defense all come out and say that our current strategy is not working and we have to step things up.that's gf pressure on the administration to do more and talk less. >> maria: do you think the obama strategy will get sharper as it relates to isis? >> well, i only think time will tell. the fact that the president said our goal is to defeat isis, he came right out and said that as oppose to degrade or any other word. i mean, you know, the american people are going to remember this.
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as we go into elections in 2016, they keep saying they are going to defeat isis, they put a lot of pressure on his party to defend their record. >> keith: that's nice of them to say to defeat isis. i just wanted to -- strategically do you think he's checked out so hillary can look stronger on foreign policy? >> you know, i don't know, the fact is that when you send in 50 special operators, only 50, that's just not enough. air strikes, you know, we have a lot that are flying but a lot of those aren't dropping ordinance. it's going to take more whether it requires building a coalition or empower soonie muslims.
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if they don't go out to isis in raqqa, they're really not doing enough. >> dagen: how does this play out in the presidential race and you mentioned hillary clinton. we saw in the latest polls that you have ben carson falling back a little bit and certainly seems like national security is not his strongest suit, do you think that this becomes more of an issue as evidence in that fox news poll about the number one issue for people? >> well, it is right now, dagen, you are stock expertsz. -- experts. i don't know whether national security is going to be the number one thing. i suspect it would be. you see marco rubio and laying out a specific plan which has layed out before about impowering soonie muslims in the area, hitting critical infrastructure, calling
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backgrounds and in sharp contrast to what the administration is not doing. >> maria: we will see you soon, sir. by the way, you know, so far, guys the market has not reacted to this in any way, look at those numbers that ashley was showing. down 57% restaurants. down in double digits in terms of shopping. that's the kind of stuff that wakes up markets. >> keith: has the ability to sniff out getting these terrorists, though, it's almost like wow, we have the bad situation but the end of the day it's going to be over. that's a big part of last week's rally. at the end of the day the companies have to report retail sales, holiday sales. this, i don't think the a win. >> dagen: it's very france specific. i hope it's self-correcting with the euro weakening it's been
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attractive to traveling overseas. if you sea airfares come down you will see a shift in travel. >> kevin: we have seen that from other attacks that have happened. it only delays consumer spending habits. it doesn't impact them over long-term. it would be alarming if we saw the numbers a quarter from now. we haven't returned. but what we see is immediate reaction from governments. >> maria: pfizer and allergan agreed to merge. it's going to be the biggest deal of the year. the stock in cash deal to create the world's largest drug maker. it will also relocate pfizer headquarters to ireland cutting the tax rate for pfizer from 25 to 15%. actually, i did read somewhere
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else a couple of months ago that allergan paid under 10%. >> keith: yeah. look at what the u.s. could do. instead of arguing back and forth, down 3%, s&p is up 1. if you have a good week -- >> maria: that's right? i didn't check that. >> keith: corporates have fiduciary responsibility to find you and they will go there. i salute the irish. [laughter] >> dagen: they specifically have cut -- it is a special tax on research and development of product, any product. they are more and more aggressive about lowering their corporate tax rates. >> kevin: here is the crazy part that comes out of the deal. pfizer is looking to save $2 billion in taxes next year
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alone from doing this. but that's even bigger than viagra sales which are looking $1.9 billion, that is a really staggering number. that goes back to showing that the u.s. needs to do something about their tax policies. i mean, the fed is taking all the way to here. even if we can export the money back here. there's so much the congress can do. >> maria: two-thirds of the voters want tax reform. the number one issue for congress. [laughter] >> dagen: hillary clinton came out with more and more tax breaks to people, resident spending programs. >> maria: she's also raising, what is it, capital gains taxes, doubling them. >> dagen: making it more
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complicated. she is proposing to make it complicated. hillary clinton has a tax credit for you. one of the laid lines in wall street journal. keith >> keith: i live in the wonderful state of connecticut. people want less government, lower taxes. >> maria: you're absolutely right. when we come back vladimir putin channeling his inner james bond. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind?
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>> maria: welcome back, more than a dozen people injured after a shooting in new orleans. >> cheryl: at least 16 people were injured after shooting at a park in new orleans. hundreds of people gathered for a block party when two groups opened fire on each other. the victims listed in stable condition this morning. authorities in crimea declaring a state of emergency, russia's energy ministry that almost 2 million people without power today. and finally, we want to show you the photos, maria.
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russian ministry of defenses brand new 3-tiered multibillion dollar control center revealed. some are calling james bond. vladimir putin arrive -- arriving. this is very similar to what the pentagon looks like here but, of course, in typical president putin style. he says this is three times better than what the pentagon has to offer. [laughter] >> keith: i thought that you were going to say that was a trailer to stars wars. the russian guy. >> dagen: why that green screen? do we really know it exists. >> maria: they look scary. [laughter]
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>> cheryl: take that over the russian ministry. >> keith: anything autoof line with what putin says you could lose your hand. you see that, the parting of the read sea every time he gets the puck, everybody gets out of the way. >> kevin: a message to isis that the russians are crazy. >> dagen: you heard donald trump over the weekend. >> maria: former chess champ. coming up two candidates, while one surges the other false. let's take a look at the latest fox news polls and what people are saying about it. back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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>> maria: welcome back. donald trump still on top. a brand new fox news poll shows donald trump. blake burman in washington. good morning, blake. >> blake: the margin continues to grow. the billionaire leads the field by a wide margin. 28% among republicans. that is a 5 point drop for carson in the past month alone.
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he is followed by ted cruz and marco rub i. both of them are at 14. just four points behind. on democratic side, steady support for hillary clinton, she is supported by 55% of democrats and holds a 23-point lead over sanders. when pitted against the top republicans in the field, clinton loses to six of the top seven. here are the five. you could see the arrow, red arrow pointing down. marco rubio has the widest margin. even donald trump, should it end up being trump versus clinton, he shows a 5-point edge. certainly a good news for trump this morning. >> maria: so you're saying all those people would beat hillary
6:24 am
in a matchup? >> blake: they would all beat hillary. the only one is carly fiorina who ties clinton. all top hillary. >> keith: the spread of that does imply that trump is less likely to beat hillary head to head than even rubio for that matter? >> blake: clinton had been top on trump. he flipped that in the last weeks or so. had you been looking at that number in august or september it would have been clinton on top and now closer to the new year is trump on top. >> maria: interesting. they were saying that the democrats were most afraid of rubio. right, that was the talk. >> keith: yeah, of course. you have intelligent immigrant who can communicate on foreign policy. >> maria: he has the latino vote
6:25 am
. >> kevin: he's also unrelatable. you put marco rubio against her, the guy has charisma, comes across very well. going back, the way he handle jeb bush. >> keith: don't forget that hillary lost to a younger man before and his name is barack obama. that generational difference is misunderstood. >> dagen: with national security and terrorism front in center in the minds of voters, maybe she will actually end up paying for what happened in libya and benghazi where you remove go gedafi . i think rubio's plan, look at jeb bush.
6:26 am
ben carson, that area of his resume needs a lot of work but certainly jeb bush and marco rubio are very strongly. >> keith: he came in here and i thought was the most presidential as he looked. >> maria: he came out obviously during that very important moment when we were all looking for leadership from the president by the way. let's take a short break. it's going to create the world's largest drug maker. we are looking at pfizer-allergan. back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are.
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brussels under lock down this morning for a third day in a row as man hunt continues. for mastermind of the terrorist attacks, the transportation system, school, and museums all closed this morning. in paris british president prime minister visiting françois came out saying that the u.k. should carry out air strikes in syria along with other nations to defeat i.c.e. o sis. big story of market pharmaceutical giants agreed to merge in a $150 billion deal this makes it largest of the year. as a result pfizer will remove to ireland. lowering corporate tax rate considerably. higher on news. broader markets looking at selling this morning. you have the gdp report out with durable goods. good slate of economic data this week in a condensed week and markets are closed on thursday
6:31 am
and closed early on friday. in europe sleight decline and manufacturing data from the eurozone nonetheless we see selling this morning in the f, cross and dax index. markets there closed for the holiday. you have the shanghai down half a percent. hong kong down a third of the percent. and crude oil getting crushed, 3% lower. 3% right now, and a tack you live to the c and e group. under pressure as well as other commodity this is morning. first to the campaign central. the latest fox news polls are out. donald trump widening his lead. but senators marco rubio and ted cruz are moving up as women. no stoirl book ending meanwhile for nascar driver jeff gordon retiring after a hall of fame run with four championships. at the box office, hunger games
6:32 am
mocking jay part 2 took the top spot with 101 million sales weakest opening for the entire hunger game series. back on wall street, pfizer, reportedly agreeing to merge in a deal worth better than 150 billion dollars that creates a world largest drug maker. high or on the news i want to bring in right now jpmorgan head of equity strategy thank you for joining us. you've liked it the whole year. >> recovering somewhat. i think this deal solidifies our stance that m and l are drive evaluation higherrer. for us it's really about finding earnings growth this year, when it is challenged and we think health care still looks pretty good heading into next year. >> do you think that u.s. regulators want to stock this? they don't want to lose in merck. would they? >> i think they're going to try.
6:33 am
that's been reported in the media that they're not happy about this. so we have to watch it. i think, you know, perhaps the timing of the deal getting it through so quickly might be a factor in this whole thing. i think regulatory overhangs a being part especially on m and a side a big spread in the halliburton hughes deal that is supposed to happen right now. i think that's a big thing. we saw alergan waiting for new tabs aversion rules those were -- >> aversion is smaller company is buying bigger one to get the tax treatment. >> american corporation will go lower tax rate and down will so they don't have to pay higher tax rates here. >> back to earning story on health care, in 2016 but we wrote a note on friday that basically we want through demographics and deflation being a potential threat to what has been a fantastic health care
6:34 am
pricing story. as you know it is 50 dwhreers we've been health care prices is there a regulatory or hillary overlay of this that concerns you? >> more volatility drug pricing debate is going to be front an center. but we've got to numbers. we have haircut drug, haircut companies that have been agrass eve in pricing and we come with the with a growth rate in 2016 that's better than overall market. this year was tough. we have 2% earnings growth more or less. overall for the market looking at 5 to 6% and health care probably couple hundred bases higher than that. so our view on the market is given more evaluation diewpght to go for earnings growth and health care is one place where that is today. >> can we see multiple expansion where that is 16 times to go to 18 too manies given that there's consolidation in the spaes that you mentioned before? >> possibly you could. but our base case is not assume multiple expansion based on the
6:35 am
fact that we're trading close to historic average in materials of multiple. much more about the earnings growth. >> we have the earnings growth in 5 to 10% because this strong dollar is reeking in copper crashing to new lows again. how do you deal with first half and second half of earnings with the setup are. >> watching the price of oil and dollar an those two things hurt by 6 to 7 percentage points. throughout 2016 both headwinds become benign. >> second half -- >> i want to know where you stand on the s&p sectors had its best week in about three years. >> yeah. >> you had names like not just home depot, t.j.maxx, stores they were on fire last week. >> one of the top picks. i have a little bit more concern into how much sectors run. if you look at what retailers
6:36 am
are saying core parallel retail ergs it is not great. so this season is one of winners and losers. you have to be positioned in e-commerce. you have to be positioned in companies that sell to the home and you have to have a hot product. >> a major luxury retailer breaks its sale tomorrow. prethanksgiving you break your major sale usually starts in december. yo this is big. and then pile on terrorism on top of that. we saw what effect that's having on paris restaurants and stores. you have to believe if there's a freeze out there that people are afraid of terrorists they're not going to shop. >> you have to be sensitive to retailers who rely on tourism and retailers with exposure in europe so something we're watching for. >> tough for modties. ole and copper getting a big hit. florida at the group right now. phil. reporter: gorge it good morningt
6:37 am
is about terror and rushing across the board. yes it's about dollar, demand expectation. take a look at copper, six-year low we have nickel hit limit down today so another market that hit the low test level that we've seen since 2003. in a combination of factors. you can't put your finger on just one thing. you can point to the dollar, you can point to the federal reserve. talking about razeeing interest rates, we have the fed president jim williams this weekend saying that a december rate hike is more than likely but a strong case for that. but will that case change if we continue it see the depressure. a wild start to the day. oil, of course, the key they think for that is to see if it can close below 40 one they think that hangt been able to do since the chinese stock market crash so we'll see what happens today maria. >> glad you connected dots to china. because that's a big story of cop or phil.
6:38 am
right now, keith you heard about this this morning copper is crash. down 1.8% alone. >> so we have oil down 30% but copper down 30% for the year today. if you ga back to july when storkt it was levitating commodities started to dislocate from that. big length that we've been looking at is deflation to earnings so earnings deflation these things are uniquely and intimately linked at this stage of cycle again i would be surprised if people remain complacent at this pervasiveness in the destates for me. >> you look at copper breaking your two is a big single especially on global growth so that's indicating numbers out of china in the emerging markets that they're slowing down and pretty significantly right. so in showing that u.s. is coupled from global growth. right we're growing over here. but 40 dollar a barrel oil puts the most efficient operators in a bind.
6:39 am
can you imagine all of the nonefficient operators? >> that's a big deal. if you look at last week and the dow you would say stocks are up. but mlp that is a lever space to what yowx, they were down over 1.55% last week they're down 30% for the year to date and a lot of people in high net earth earn for yield. >> we've been selective in energy space and underway to material space so we're not concerned with what's happening to copper. i think it goes back to transsession in china away from manufacturing and industrial led my to consumption it is not bringing demand back. >> your position that way. a lot of guys mess this up. they were long value and cyclical space and didn't get that side right. that's a good position to be in. >> copper is an industrial metal to used in what -- homes? building houses, producing cars. i mean, it's a real industrial metal which is very indicative of the global economy. >> it wasn't just that maria. last week we have nickel another
6:40 am
one down 5% of the week. it is down 40% for the year to dat. that's even worse. >> also industrial. >> i scoff at gold it doesn't tell you anything but what people are buying and selling. >> gold is not. is money. gold is, you know, ahead. >> uncertain times we're starting to get into the tax here. but does that -- >> gold is falling, though. >> copper price help home builders because we vnt seen them gain eat over the last quarter but copper so low, the cost for their buildings is really -- >>ening for builders that's a demand story in the u.s. and demand for housing that is strong. so ting there's some opportunity there. we're not stepping in and buying material stock and select eve in energy right now. because i think the price could go lower because there's a lot of people that can't make money at current levels but take time to come out of the market. so probably another three to six months ahead it have choppy waters. thank you so much for joining us.
6:41 am
global head of equity here in our studio wal-mart meanwhile steps up plan for monday. nicole petallides is on that story next. >> wal-mart will keek off cybermonday a few hours early this year pushing deals to sunday nooght at 8 p.m. eastern time. large test retailer looks to better compete with in the online retail space. amazon began to offer its special holiday discounts this past friday, a week before black friday. wal-mart says that the internet has changed seasons those early days of cybermonday and most americans actually now have high speed internet at home. deeming unnecessary to wait till monday morning to run to their office computer to doer that shopping so trying to step it up to get your cash in the national retail federation, of course, an 8% rise every year. 105 billion total and mobile a being part of it as well. get ready for holiday shopping. >> how are you shopping?
6:42 am
>> family on thanksgiving run the and go shopping. >> online. on black friday, not the leakily, though. >> start your day every day with nicole on fbn5 a.m. before maria weekdays nicole petallides. >> how it would affect your holiday commute, back to you.
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>> welcome back just in too many for thanks giving winter freeze hitting the midwest. cheryl watch that and other headlines it is this morning. good morning. trchght winter arriving early in the midwest. 20 degrees or loss are reported from north dakota to illinois and in chicago residents digging out from more than 11 inches of snow highest number total in 120 years for the windy city this comes as triple ax says stronger gas prices means thanksgiving travelers expect more congested highway it is this year but cheaper gas prices, 47 million people expected to travel the 50 miles or more for holidays. automaker going to offer benefit to employees spouses and children.
6:47 am
back in may fiat announced plan to offer to the dealer employees. facebook chief executive disuker bring plans to take paternity leave it was a personal decision he points that when working parents taken time to be with newborns it is better for children and family. so facebook the company gulfs employees in the u.s. to four months maternity or paternity but does the ceo he dunts work in accounting. runging a trading company. i have a problem with this actually. >> cheryl sheryl sandberg the me they brought her in. she's managed it from just being a silicon startup in actually great company that is in the nasdaq 100 that's in s&p 500 leading earnings across the board in this market.
6:48 am
>> she takes maternity -- >> but that you can't. what if he's sec. did you have to have that depth of talent at the company and offer it to the employees. >> tack it come on. >> how much did you? >> there's no days off. i have to work for a living. >> my parents ran a small business. not in the hospital when i was born. >> i have a problem with leading square as well as twitter. i wouldn't touch any of those. if mack wants to attack a couple of months off for his kid i'll give him benefit of the doubt. >> only one that bothers me that the ceo founder is taig too much off. >> apartment of this. you have to set the example that he's encouraging employees to attack it. great prude in having grinded
6:49 am
it. people say you know you can ask our people if that's true or not. but when you have to do it every day and not ask for any sympathy people do their job. >> you agree with shearl. >> absolutely. >> so merse mariah both ceo. >> two months? >> no, more. but she's having the kid. obviously -- >> men don't nurse. >> so -- the difference. but if she can do it so why can't mark? >> a good debate. thank you very much. coming up that turkey you've been craving costing more than ever. we'll fell you why. in time for america's favorite day to eat. offering new ways to entertain your guest. we have new ways, coming up.
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>> welcome back turkey prices hitting record high ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. the cost of a 16 pound turkey on average will cost consumers over $23 but it is up from $21.65 last year. and if you're planning on entertaining family and friends this thanksgiving new york city famous murray cheese knows better than anyone how to wow the senses with eddy holiday cheese platter. myrrh can i cheese owner rob is with us right now. he joins us with some cheese on the set. ron good to see you. happy thanks giving.
6:54 am
>> you have great stuff. walk us through what everything is. >> will certainly do that. this is a hudson flour this is a cheese that we age in our caves in long island city with our partner old up in klumia county. this is a special red cheese in the red crock is st. marx our version. it is a wonderful french cheese that unfortunately is no longer available in the united states. >> what's so great about these two? >> besides the flavor? [laughter] >> it is various herbs that we age in our cave that's a very creamny thing that i would love to give you a taste of. >>i don't know how messy you wat to get there? >> messy. >> 7:00 at night i would be all over this. here we go. point over there. that is traditional blue cheese.
6:55 am
>> stinky cheese. >> that's the one on the train after work -- >> then we have a two-year-old french mountain cheese. and one of the great cheeses of the world which you must try. >> i want to try this and that one. this one you saidage in your own on cave. >> brought our cheese amongers here today . >> how's business going? i'm sure it is onlightning isn't it? >> we have two shops here in new york as well as a wholesale business. most of the restaurants here that serve cheese in new york buy their cheese from murrays, but we have cheeses the in kroger supermarket out there in the rest of the united states. real world i call it. we have about about 250 shops now and opening about 100 shops a year. kroger i'm sure you know is leading supermarket chain. >> this really does have herbs
6:56 am
in it. >> this stuff is awesome. my wife always has this setup in the house. i wonder how much of the stuff do you have in do you have rooms full of this stuff or what? >> we have giant refrigerators full of this stuff. >> how long does cheese stay? your fridge? >> different cheeses stay different links. fresh cheese -- >> something leak this how long will it last ?jts one week better than two. >> some people leak it really smelly. >> and we have plenty of those. don't be afraid of the stingy cheeses they taste better then they smell. >> price for cheese? how is pricing? >> price is steady with the euro in our favor. one tiebl buy well especially for 250 shots now. >> i love cheese.
6:57 am
good toe sou you murray's cheese in new york still ahead on mornings with maria. grand master gary is on the set. back in main.
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. ..
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>> maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. with me dagen mcdowell and keith mccullough. third day in a row, manhunt continues for the mastermind behind the paris attacks. the city's transportation system, the schools and the museums all remaining close this morning. in paris british prime minister visiting françois hollande. cameron said that the u cu should carry air strikes along side other western countries in an effort to defeat isis.
7:01 am
they are confirming the two giants reportedly agreed to merge in 250 billion-dollar deal. the largest of the deal in terms of mna action. pfizer move headquarters to ireland. take a look. pretty good rally there for the maker of botox. looking at the broader market this morning. the dow and s&p and nasdaq under water this morning. fractional losses expected. we have half a day on friday. in europe we are sighing slight declines there as well in early activity. as you can see data from the euro zone out to today. data out of france continues to show the economy slowed since the terrorist attack a week ago. fractions among here. japan is closed for holiday, so
7:02 am
no nikkei on your screen but shanghai and hang seng lower this morning. oil and copper both crashing. crude slumping 3% and stronger dollar and oversupply concerns. as you could see, oil down one and a half%. turning to campaign trail, donald trump widening lead but senators marco rubio and ted cruz moving up fast at 14%. trump at 28%. trump making controversial comments. he is now saying he is open to running for an independent. watch this. >> i will see what happens. i have to be treated fairly. you know when i did this, i said i have to be treated fairly. if i'm treated fairly i'm fine. all i want to do is a level-playing field. >> maria: latest on 2016 race coming up. winter weather grips the midwest. chicago digging out from under
7:03 am
11-inches of snow. the west coast braising for snow. get ready. get this, two seconds left in the game. the cardinals kicker nailed 32-yard field goal, 34-31 victory over cincinnati bengals. music's biggest names hitting the stage at last night's american music awards. one direction for artist of the year. top story. brussels and paris remaining on high alert following terrorist attacks a week ago. ashley webster in paris right now with the latest. good morning, ashley. >> and good morning to you, maria, the search salah absedlum, slipped away in paris ten days ago after dreadful attacks.
7:04 am
we are hearing reports that he was, indeeding spotted in the belgium city at about 7:30 p.m. last night. he managed to elude capture. he was last seen headed to jordan. the police believe that at some point his luck is going to run out, prosecutors saying today they arrested a total of 21 people from a series of raids overnight by both police and army, but so far has not turned up any of the wanted terrorists, just people wanted for questioning. paris police meanwhile have put out the photograph of a person that they were trying to identify and are asking for the public's help. the third suicide bomber. he had papers on him, identifying him m al mamoud. they are trying to find out who this person is.
7:05 am
they do believe he slipped into france after pretending to be a syrian refugee with another jihadist coming through greece in early october. as you mentioned earlier, british prime minister david cameroon meeting with french president françois hollande, they visit it had concert hall where people lost their lives in attacks, also calling for unity and cooperation and the sharing of intelligence as they try and track down the terrorists that they believe are operating as we speak, maria, back to you. >> maria: all right, ashley, with the very latest in paris. we'll get back to you ashley. joining us right now maverick, morgan. >> i think it's no surprise that terrorism is up and the economy are the biggest concerns among voters. i think it clearly goes -- when you were looking at president
7:06 am
obama's polls, they go hand in hand. not convinced that he is doing the job that they need. >> keith: if you look at what trump said over the weekend, it's almost like he wanted his daddy to treat him fairly. is it game time or are we going to have a real debate and people are going to attack him on tangible issues like the economy? >> morgan: what he did is what everyone does whenever they're not in the lead, they attack the biggest enemy. what he is saying now, what i said earlier, it's called politics. this is what happened. you get hit. this is how every presidential race is one and fought and lost. as i said on your program many times, what i'm more concerned about in the year, somebody, hillary, jeb, whoever, russia, iran, it's time to have a very serious conversation about who has the temperament and not who is going to run for a third party.
7:07 am
this whole stuff is ridiculous. >> dagen: this plays into trump's style because the american people, which you see in these fox news polls, are tired of a president and democratic leaders that will not refer to radical islamic terrorism. so trump is a natural kind of opposite or just positioned to the lack of language that you're getting or the lack of what people want to hear getting from the administration. you get -- you might be getting tougher tone from donald trump. >> morgan: i totally agree, dagen. they're afraid of terrorism. they're afraid of what's happening globally and they want someone who is going to stand up and win and somebody who is going to defeat.
7:08 am
>> keith: bomb the hell out of it it's po -- polarizing as obama take the weekend off. >> morgan: he had 27 different flag officers that came out and supported him. excuse me flag offers. i think the people that have come out with clear plans, jeb bush, even chris christie. the rest has been politics. >> maria: can they beat hillary? >> morgan: i think she has -- what's interesting to me in the past two weeks, specially since last debate, she consolidated her base. an early states, excuse me, she's pretty much locked up in terms of infrastructure and having people on the ground. the concerns of terrorism and
7:09 am
the democratic party have just totally knocked bernie sanders off of his beat. >> 92% tax rate. [laughter] >> kevin: we are seeing whatever donald trump is doing continues to work. he doesn't need to change the course. they expect this from dt. they expect him to be -- say crazy absurd things. >> morgan: interesting he's talking about as an independent. >> maria: we keep hearing stories that the republicans want to get him out of the lead and that they're going to launch this attack. i think that's what he's reacting. >> morgan: the people launching the attacks, governor kasich are competitors. >> maria: you don't think traditional rnc wanting him out?
7:10 am
>> morgan: i haven't seen any signs of that. considering the poll numbers are so high, rnc should want to back whomever. >> maria: you would think so. >> morgan: iowa and new hampshire and i think that it's -- iowans are still deciding. >> keith: trump has never really tested. i want to be treated fairly. he was born on third base and tells the whole world that he earned it. rubio is going to take him to task. the treat me fairly. you're mr. big time why do you need to be treated so fairly? >> morgan: what you face in the primary and political campaign is far less serious than what you face as president.
7:11 am
the challenge is the next president is going to face pails in comparison. so the point of me saying that, you have to be able to handle this stuff because it's going to get a lot worse. >> maria: what did you think object obama and secretary clinton in the face of those paris attacks? >> morgan: i saw the secretary gave a pretty weak response. i think that she has to say why she's still in president. she can't run against him. anyone who has known hillary or her people it's not really in her heart to give response to terrorism. i think, i kind of have no words for the president's response. nothing that i would say on television. [laughter] >> maria: thank you. breaking news. pfizer and allergan making it official. deal valued at $160 billion. largest deal of the year. also creates the drug maker. pfizer will move headquarters to
7:12 am
ireland. take a look. indicated to open on this news that pfizer and allergan have just confirmed this 160-billion dollar deal this morning. take a short break, more mornings with maria. commodities are down at a 16-year low. ♪ le ♪ >>i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that makes it all worthwhile. but, hurry, these offers end soon. thank you santa!!!
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>> maria: welcome back. chaos in new orleans after shooting in a park. cheryl casone with the story. cheryl. >> cheryl: at least 16 people injured in that shooting. hundreds of people were in the park last night for a block party and a music video filming when two groups in the park opened fire. victims were either directly shot or suffered graze wounds but all of them were listed in stable condition as of this morning. also in new orleans, a suspect
7:16 am
identified in a shooting, 21-year-old york cane, shot him in the stomach when gold said he didn't have any money. the gun malfunctioned when he tried to shoot gold in the head. finally say hello to winter. the midwest in the grip of a deep freeze. first snowfall of the season. 20-inches of snow. 11-inches just in chicago following the big storm. so bundle up. it's here. winter is here. this is it. >> keith: canadians love to see that stuff. >> dagen: snow damages your eyes .
7:17 am
he's not going to disagree with me. >> keith: that's true. >> dagen: i know my eyes. >> keith: my dad had the fire truck and blast with fire truck. it's awesome. [laughter] >> maria: let me get you take on why the stocks are down, we are going to look at this because allergan shares are down and you know why. we are going to come back to this. 160-billion dollar merger, pfizer-allergan. stays with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know?
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>> maria: welcome back. we have breaking news. take a look at the markets, complete turnaround in the last 15 minutes. keith mccullough knows why. >> keith: if they are ready to cooperate. what that says to me, maria, that the saudi does not want to see oil look like copper. they do not want to see it blow to 35. they don't want to see it in lower lows. oil was down 3 full percent now barely down on the day. >> maria: saudi arabia says it will cooperate with opec and nonopec countries. >> kevin: this is huge. we are going to shake out the shell producers in the u.s. we are going to take the pain and let them shake out and it hasn't happened. >> dagen: they kept pumping oil
7:22 am
trying to stay in business. they kept pumping and kept pumping and completely misjudged. >> keith: this is coming from other producers in opec that pushed them to do this. now that we know that they've did a reversal and listening to counterparts, that's a huge, huge -- >> maria: i love breaking news. this is happening right now as we are talking. pfizer announcing deal of $160 billion, not only creating the world's largest drug maker, but the largest deal of the year. joiningous steven -- joining us is steven. >> yeah, because there isn't a cash component. this is coming in underneath the deal value. this is coming at 363 and no cash. that's pretty significant.
7:23 am
>> maria: what's more important, steven, the drop in commodities or the huge deal in the pharmaceutical sector? >> it is a central bankers world. the european bank is a central and the united states. so the commodity situation reduces inflation pressures which means the fed is going to go up next month, they feel like they can but in the future very slow and europe is going to do another round. it's positive for risk asset. >> keith: isn't that the cat lis. the saudis are the central catalyst for the markets. are you remiss not to call what it is? >> you were just describing. this is the world in which we live. [laughter]
7:24 am
>> keith: at least you're being honest. >> they misplanned in my opinion. 100 bucks a barrel and now 40ish of price range but central planning, you have the u.s. who came out last year, probably going to be less aggressive. [laughter] >> the europeans are going to be printing more euros, chinese on the cusp of liquidity measures. we need to figure out how to deliver that. >> maria: you want to buy europe right now. >> exactly. and that is the case. if you're looking at europe, interest rate differential and the problems in europe that led to positive environment. the economy a year and a half ago was not doing well, earnings were not doing well, which said to us that european central bank was pretty much inavoidable.
7:25 am
>> keith: they still provide deep value to counterparts but performing just as well. >> it's almost like gravity. over time, you know, valuations are very important. relative to the u.s., you have an opportunity, negative yield space and the competition rate you have to hit, one, two, three, 5% in institution. that's the game central europe is playing. they saw the success that we saw in the united states and want to reproduce that. >> maria: you want to buy u.s. stocks or not in. >> globally diversified. global equity. japan, second, u.s. will be a third. but then needs to be fixed income. >> dagen: who doesn't find it distressed that pfizer is leaving the united states? you look at me mad about that. >> maria: i'm not mad because i
7:26 am
blame the regulators and the people who have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. i'm not mad at exactly is going to continue to happen. >> dagen: i'm mad at what you just said that this is the environment we created. >> kevin: that's the bottom line in the pfizer deal. >> maria: health care? >> regardless of politics that seems to be stable earnings in the environment. [laughter] >> maria: politically correct this morning. good to see you. coming up as one candidate maintains lead another slips. garry y kasparov on the threat that vladimir putin poses to the coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ can a business have a spirit?
7:27 am
can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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maria: welcome back happy monday everybody good morning. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday, november 23, with me fox business network dagen mcdowell, nhling. cheryl: ceo keith mccullough
7:30 am
recon cap toll kevin kelly top stories 7:30 a.m. on east coast, brusselsn lockdown this morning, for a anywhered day in a row as manhunt goes on for the mastermind behind paris attacks transportation you museums of remain closed, story in pfizer allergan deal affordable giants agreed to mernl, in a 16 -- 160-billion-dollar deal the largest m&a transaction of the year as a result electrifyinger will motive haushgdz to ireland lowering tax rate dramatically allergan pfizer shares lower on the amuse, because no cash component for this deal apparently according to kevin looking at broad market futures indicating a higher opening a complete reversal of are to chuns in the markets, because saudi arabia said that it is willing to cooperate with opec, that means, on its production and as a result oil prices moved up, stocks followed suit, wild moves in commodities crude oil reversing sharp losses earlier oil had been down 3% before
7:31 am
that saudi arabia headlined, saudi arabia reportedly rad to destabilize oil prices, on to campaign trail we go latest fox news polls out front-runner donald trump wide with lead senators marco rubio ted crews moving up pretty kwlooig no story book endlessing for jeff gordan finished 6th place in his final race of the career retiger after hall of fame run four championships, kyle busch won winning first sprint cup series championship ever, donald trump still winning on top, a brand-new fox news poll shows trump's plead is widening blake burman in washington with the story, blake. reporter: hi maria tops republican field but donald trump, is not ruling out the possibility of running as an independent should that change. now this comes as the "the wall street journal" reported that gop operatives are planning to launch what they describe a guerrilla campaign against trump top republican donors beginning to line the
7:32 am
pockets of groups, targeting trump, for example, the super pac supporting kasich launching 2 1/2-million-dollar ad buy np new hampshire, focused on taking down the republican front-runner billionaire businessman has did is aswoud super pac was asked about the potential third party run yesterday. >> i am going to have to see what happens i will see what happens, i have to be treated fairly, you know when i did this i said i have to be treated fairly, if i am treated fairly i am fine. all i want to do is a level-playing field. >> for the moment that is all speculation, because the latest fox news poll shows trump lead is widening, he now holds 10 point edge over dr. ben carson support from 28% of republican voters. maria. maria: blake, garry kasparov on set with us he reminds everybody didn't trump sign a contract a pledge would not run independently. >> he signed that pledge, a couple months ago, after the fox news debate but first
7:33 am
debate he raised his hand, and then he signed the pledge but did say at that time, he wanted to be treated fairly. and in this interview yesterday he said he wanted to be treated fairly whether he views super pac money as treekt him fairly that i guess is a question. >> wait is he not being treated fairly? >> i mean. >> it that you have have to ask trump i guess he used this super pac money as unfair he says he is not going to have a super pac disavowed that kind of what he is pointing to here. >> blake burman. >> crimea in dark this hour, nearly two million residents of the area look at pictures, taken by russia in spring of 2014, without any power, this after unnamed activities blew up four main lines kaerpg electricity from ukraine into the krim mean peninsula want to bring know former world chess champion authorize political activist garry kasparov thanks for joining us
7:34 am
putin to meet with françois hollande on thursday first your thoughts on that meeting, as well as what is happening in crimea. >> the big question is hollande, obama obama the leaders are they willing to fight or want to win, because if they want to win need a strategy that does not include putin iran, other he focuses in the regional behind -- the progress, because so long as putin is calling the shots so long as iran has been gaining power, by the way, iran one of main supporters hamas hezbollah terrorism around the world as well, there will be no peace in the region, isis, isis, has full support of the sunni tribes in the iraq and syria they could see, shia government in baghdad, in in syria as main threat as long as this situation -- remains, we don't expect piece in the region. maria: if you were obama you were playing to win what would you do?
7:35 am
>> i -- too late for obama, because -- because. maria: question. >> because you have to make credible threat, the problem is nobody will believe obama. maria: are no more credibility. >> that is a problem, you find -- end up a big war imposing no-fly zone means that it is if russia violates it you have to shoot russian planes, obama loss all credible, natural putin will foragitest you complicated but still worse than -- recalling u.s. strategy, 2008, went in peace was made, sunni tribes offered protection you quote win hearts and souls from 30,000 feet bombing this region is not going to would improve situation it will push sunnis, to -- >> are you disagree with tumble's let's bomb have hell out of them? >>, no you can bomb you can bomb the hell of that, hell on ground because mill yopz of
7:36 am
sunnis fighting with assad iran you guaranteed millions from region will support isis. >> is there a reason u.n. security council can actually do something. >> security council. >> yeah china saying -- russia in mix one time they could do something. >> my reaction, too, though, security council, what are you going to do. >> bombing not going to work you need a worldwide cooperation to get something done, right. >> cooperation, cooperation means, that you have at one point common ground you looked a world war ii with at least stall ip had same goal destroying -- nazis. >>est port advantage not against isis, against american backed rebels putin needs conflict as long as in regional uranians align with him do everything to make sure situation is complicated, let's not forget, just next door. >> you are saying, putin needs conflict because his economy
7:37 am
is -- is plummeting oil prices have plummeted, he needs to look like big tough guy saving the country. >> in -- in last year putin gained reputation of a tough guy who cab change things, and he has more power now diplomatically than united states everybody will take -- nobody taking -- seriously anymore. >> how could u.s. have used the bombings the terror attacks in paris to forge a better relationship because -- this is a question, could we have moved in and been the best ally of france, along with u.k., because, it is putin, and france, and then we are a marginal player. >> america marginal player. >> but we are. >> do you disagree with that. >> no but a result of the seven years of retreat, the obama administration has created -- vacuum there putin filled vacuum the only way recovery by bringing nato -- >> together, and coming up
7:38 am
with a plan, i don't know i am not -- advocating for boots on the grounds eventual you have to create a force cable of taking isis as long as stays in damascus nothing will change. >> any candidate you think has right plan when it comes to foreign policy anything you heard you are impressed with? >> look. it is -- i understand all very cautious, advocating boots on the ground that is not particular, but definitely now want to hear from -- about bombing, and waterboarding, he can play nice, with voters, but not long-term solution i could hear -- doesn't have plan i think again, probably too reserved because you know he can't -- the long-term solution because it might it might -- damage your -- campaign. >> one thing before you mentioned is israel is right there if trump says let -- let
7:39 am
russia you know, kill isis let them do it. >> isis -- >> israel the sport of israel. >> absolutely by the away russia supporters hamas hezbollah, one did he mandz russian delegation at negotiations in vienna with americans, and other, was to remove hamas hezbollah from terrorist -- and you know iran -- declared many times that -- nonnegotiable. >> glaikts on book garry kasparov author of the new book winter is coming. >> it is coming yes for sure. >> winter is coming. >> i like that. >> -- ahead of us. >> dark and ten i wouldn't youous times ahead of us always a pleasure good to see you sir we will be right back. rig.
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maria: welcome back police yefrlth a suspect in killing of a pregnant woman in indiana cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: good morning we have been following this story, police in arrested 18-year-old man in shooting death of pastor pregnant wife fatally shot in the headed during apparent home invasion, back november 10, she was 13 weeks' pregnant that child did not survive. >> winter arriving earlier in midwest, chicago, residents digging out from more than 11 inches of snow highest total
7:44 am
in 120 years, comes as aaa says lower gas prices mean thanksgiving attractively can expect more congested highways almost 47 million to attractively 50 miles or more from home during the holiday. finally walmart putting a new twist on cyber monday, the company says for the first time ever all of its cyber monday deals will be available to customers starting on sunday evening november 29. at 8:00 pm eastern time. walmart to provide convenient experience for customers on the web on sunday night, waiting to do showning i am a big fan of like jamies shopping -- post turkey day done and done, you know. maria: you want to do it in your house. >> all. >> you know why? you go to clothes store could be empty standing at a rack of clothes one other woman in store going to stand right next to you that is why you shop online. >> it works, last week i sat down with north america
7:45 am
president jennifer morgan, growth forum in palm springs we talked about how sap is keeping up with demand companies large and small grow dependent on technology. >> we have tremendous momentum coming of them q3 earnings growth shows momentum 116%, operating profit 19%, stock price 20% higher than back this time of year ago the momentum is really strong you just look at things are changing so fast in this industry, and never move this slowly again that gives a lot of great opportunity playing this digital economy. >> where does momentum come from going forward in terms of specifically the cloud business. >> yeah, so i think the cloud gave companies an ability to be more agile move faster invait the pace of adoption innovation faster and faster they need to continue to pivot when you look at a business,
7:46 am
right, all that change is going on in digital economy, there is a few things that have not changed, most businesses have customers, they have a workforce, they have suppliers, and they have assets a lot connected the key is really how do you with respect a digital threat across all that business so you can run a real-time business that is the differentiator. >> what is ahead i guess some analysts talking about a great quarter we didn't necessarily get upside guidance we wanted. is there not a lot of visibility when you look out six months. >> no i don't think it is that, look we have great memorand momentum focused on closing q4 feel very kwst on that job at hand right now when we look into next year, you know, we continue to see that momentum growing, i mean, our business is growing, we are hiring people innovation continues, so, very positive. >> is it health care i feel like a revolution going on in health care probably a big opportunity for sap. >> we have a lot of passion,
7:47 am
you know, in that space -- quite a bit passion for experiences he had, and that is definitely an area when you look at information sharing patients you look at doctors, typically patient might see three or four doctors for specific condition, that they have, or maybe a surgery they had, the key is that information is not being shared, so, how can we use the concept of the business network in health care, so that patients can share information doctors can share patients have better outcome i think so much innovation that is to happen in health care, on behalf of patients. maria: any time you talk abo digital revelation you have to talk about security how data is protecting what are you doing to make the case you want to partner with us, because withdraw yaur date is safe. >> absolutely, so when you look at your constantly innovateing look another security layered approach
7:48 am
intelligent rock-solid make sure you've got right people managing that, you have to make sure, that you have right processes in place the right governance compliance, so it is very layered process when you are constantly innovating that means patriupdating softwa at top of agenda with every ceo cio that i meet top of our agenda, so, we're very, very focused on it we have to be, commerce k depended rely on us. >> i feel like the -- the -- >> funny, i feel like the -- you know, attempts at hacking are increasing by the day, i mean from china, russia, do you get a sense of where the attempts are coming from? >> i think it is something that -- everybody iss there is a paranoia out there people are watching people just want to understand you what are we doing, and making sure that there is the a transparency, and the money we are investing in that we spend about 2.3 billion in r and d across a product a big area focus has
7:49 am
to be has to be. maria: what is your business clients look like, in terms of -- you know where they're coming from it is a small business largerly or are you talking largely you know, larger business i know it is all the above, but where does growth come from small midcap large. >> it is actually, coming from all three. now when you look at some of the big changes we service big xerz we've had sometime those customers are looking at how they position themselves for the next wave of growth, digital economy quite a bit on large enterprises we probably add 1,000 neither new logos in small business space every quarter seeing growth there, too the number of customers probably have lows to 80% customers in smart and medium stooized businesses. maria: great numbers in most preeminent quarter where does growth come from call it the next three years. >> the growth is o going to come from the cloud, the growth for customers, standardizing our digit core going to allow business to compete in digital let's be
7:50 am
honest nobody is immune from the digital economy change happening the curators of birth that we see. >> businesses are looking at 016 putting budgets together what does 16 look like. >> i think momentum continues i am bullish on a great 2016, after a fantastic year. maria: thanks to saapple north america president jennifer morgan market higher this morning, commodities are coming back after huge sell-offs earlier big ceo taking a major stance on appleternity flooef details next back in a minute. ♪ wake me up ♪
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7:54 am
.. >>. >> welcome back, mark levin shaking up family leave plans to take two months off for paternity leave after his daughter is born should ceo of a multibillion-dollar publicly traded company take two months off. dagen: he should if four months paternity leave, to back to employees taking half of that if you can't take time off for whatever reason, then just -- >> he has he didn't take any time off, he is ceo of hedgeye didn't take time four kids. >> igen x, whole thing going on with maybe we can do a little would definitely not sign up on a two month leave for probably the biggest stock in the u.s. stock market right
7:55 am
now this -- >> are give -- up 25% year to date. >> i was not can you cite one ceo in u.s. history major ceo that has gone on two month leave for paternity leave. >> maybe doing it for -- for his to do it symbolically, but not going to be taking time off he is going to be i mean not -- from the company. >> performance of the stock has done well earnings well a deep bench sandberg the company is going to run just as it should, myers taking plenty of time off yahoo! the thing is. >> huge difference between somebody about to give birth taking time off and somebody -- >> this is unheard -- >> i am a performance how job has been. >> we've had a great year i don't deserve two months off because we had great year you got to get out there have a great year next year. >> beautiful moment let him have two months shareholder of the company it is like great with it. maria: good with. >> it totally not good with
7:56 am
this, this is so lame. >> welcome to the world of ask silicon valley everybody gets everything. >> you know what i got with my new daddy, what. >> four hours of sleep. >> she is worth it. >> i don't want i like it. >> next hour former homeland security counterterrorism advisory under president george w. bush, we are talking oil stay with us. looking for 24/7 digestive support?
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try align for a non-stop, sweet-treat-goodness hold-onto-your-tiara, kind-of-day. live 24/7 with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the undisputed #1 ge recommended probiotic.
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maria: good mopping morning i'm maria bartiromo monday, novak 23, with me fox business network dagen mcdowell, hedgeye ceo keith mccullough,
8:00 am
and recon capital kevin kelly stop stories 8:00 on east coast brussels under lock down gain third day in row manhunt continues for of masterminded behind paris attacks schools museums of closed this morning, british prime minister cameron visiting françois hollande at joint conference cameron said u.k. should carry out air strikes, in satire, alongside other western nations, in effort to defeat isis, stories of the markets pfizer allergan deal is official, pharmaceutical giants agreed to merge, in a 160-billion-dollar deal, that is the largest transaction of the year, pfizer will move haushgdz to ireland,ing lowering tax rate considerably allergan pfizer shares on news likely no cash component here, looking at [markets futures searching down reversed upwards now the market traded down again to look flat on session, a host of economic
8:01 am
date out this week including home sales today, durable goods odds wednesday gdp tomorrow in europe slight declines in early action this morning, manufacturing data from eurozone, slightly above examinations, looking at declines down 25 on the a. 100 cac quarante down 35 dax down 36 points in asia markets there mostly lower japan was closed for market holiday, that is why you don't see nikkei on screen shanghai down half a per cent hang seng hong kong down a third of a per cent wild movers in the commodities market this morning, introduced oil, moving between gains and losses, saudi arabia reportedly says it is ready to cooperate with opec, to stabilize oil markets. there you go oil now 41.80 a barrel down quarter of a per cent turning to campaign trail fox news polls out you front-runner donald trump widens lead, senators marco ruby yoo ted crews moving up fast, trump making several controversial comments over the weekend says he is now
8:02 am
open to running as an independent. . >> well, i am going to have to see what happens i will see what happens, i have to be treated fairly, you know when i did this i said, i have to be treated fairly, if i am treat fairly i am fine. all i want to do is a level-playing field. >> the latest on 2016 races come up winter weather gripping the midwest ahead of a busy travel week obviating, chicago residents digging out from under 11 inches of snow look at pictures, now the west coast bracing for snow arctic temperature as well. a wild finish for the arizona cardinals last night two seconds left in the game! cardinals kicker,nailed 3 .
8:03 am
8:04 am
ask total of test test test test test test test. hollande meeting with cameron this morning, saying that answer from will intensify its strikes against isis, putting the carrier de gaulle eastern mediterranean more flights to attack ices in northern iraq, and syria, war on home front, and in the middle east, back to you. maria: sure does, thanks very much, live on the ground in paris this morning latest fnc
8:05 am
poll highlights americans concern over terrorism the issue higher than economy and immigration, joining us rights now former homeland security counterterrorism advisory under president george w. bush good to see you thanks for joining us, no sfroif terrorism is up moneying most important you look at candidates, who do you think is best to address that issue? >> well you know, look, american people want is to be reassured, we have looked at polls americans are not reassured by president obama's approach to sir to unifies, and that is what they are going to look for going to look for somebody can give them a plan they have confidence in will protect them at home, part of that is, we have to admit this iraq first strategy against isis has not worked frankly failed. given what we have seen in paris attacks the president united states, and our allies are going to have to switch to syria first policy the threat the terrorism threat for us at home western europe is emanating out of syria now.
8:06 am
>> do you think that somebody needs to be as polarizing as trump has been on saying look bomb the hell out of them or somebody needs to come in give specificity. >> i specific what are you going to do sire first what you want to do is specifically, look at that borderer between iraq syria defy advises so you isolate them you need increase air strikes, to loosen rule of engagement more than 50 submerse operators you need arab troops a safe zone so you stem the flow, of refugees here to united states western europe, number of things, a candidate needs to be specific about what steps he is going to take. >> why yvnt we gone into syria why iraq first situation doesn't make sense that we know where caliphate is we know raqqa headquarters within their supposed why haven't we gone there what is reluctance.
8:07 am
>> exactly the question a mystery. >> hard for me to defend this right i would say to you i think what administration would say is we had an air campaign, i would say air campaign alone is not enough you need air controlers americans can spot calling bombing strikes. >> missing targets with these air campaigns? >> you know it is interesting, because i was in the region not -- two weeks ago you hear from arab allies a good deal of frustration, about their bombing runs and american pilots come back with majority of thelack intelligence to hit targets u.s. allies hit 283 islamic state vehicles in oil facility but we miss misjudged revenue from oil striking at heart of isis economy it is now a self-containing economy we thought that we underestimated by four hundred million dollars, a year, in
8:08 am
just oil revenue we were hitting refineries, when isis moved away from refining oil, was just selling the raw crude. >> that is right, one of the when i say we need to loosen rules of engagement what you hear from military they weren't aloud earlier to hit convoys of oil, because it was concern about collaterally dangle we need to make judgments about what is important priorities are you see along rules of engagement saudis say we don't want oil prices down further to dagen that is probably good headlined for isis how do we step up say let oil go down to 3025, why don't we strengthen the dollar deflate -- >> in my experience, during my time at the white house, this saudis are not exactly real open to us suggesting what theyout to do with prices of oil, there is the a lot of times in our economy we would like to have some -- there
8:09 am
they are not exactly -- you know. >> in times of war if we declare war should be on the stable should it not. >> absolutely. >> there was a headlined earlier that said saudi arabia now is open to cooperation with opec, so this is the first time we're hearing this for a longtime, of course, they were unwilling to stop production, lift prices earlier in the year. >> where are arab allies in the region why around the they helping attack give intelligence 2010 us go into syria, i mean, where have they been? >> so in fairness, in terms of counterterrorism, isis al-qaida you've got some best allies, the intelligence stopped bombs in stockton suicide at aqap, we need you are right we need their help on intelligence i think they were frustrated wanted assad to go a key part of the policy, and because it wasn't they pulled they are not doing air strikes emirates and saudis any more in syria they pulled out to focus on yemen.
8:10 am
>> they wanted to focus on yemen when iranians on their southern boarder. >> i think that is right our friends in middle east do not trust strategy do not feel u.s. has a strategy, running -- >> they also feel, as though they were -- they have not they will never forgive us over abandoning mu barack the first, second the red line the iranian deal our sunni-arab partners feel very much abandoned by u.s. foreign policy. >> totally agree. >> thank you very municipal for insights so good to see you appreciate very much, coming up a big day for m&a two biggest drugmakers agree to 150-billion-dollar deal more on that headlines we are watching this morning, the "the wall street journal," j.p. morgan hacking points to israeli's entity yr belly challenger wins presidential runoff in south american crunch i.r.a. urged to focus audits on wealthy according to new inspector general report
8:11 am
we will try to bring that report you to next, stay with us. ♪ ♪ .
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
maria: welcome back, early blast of winter hitting midwest hard chefl chefl with the story headlines good morning. cheryl: good morning, maria yep the midwest, and grip of a deep freeze across six states first snowfall of the season up to 20 inches of snow, 11 inches in chicago, alone, and this comes as transfigurement a, says stronger economy lower gas prices means thanksgiving travelers can expect well more congested i highways this year gasoline cheaper take that almost 47 million people expected to travel 50 miles or more from home during the holidays, this week, are about also developments this morning in new orleans, police say at
8:15 am
least 16 people injured after a shooting in a park last night. hundreds of people had gathered for a block party, and music video filming two groups in the crowd opened fire on each other. the victims this morning listed this in stable condition, of course, official, talking about it all morning pfizer allergan merging in a traction worth 160 billion dollars, biggest drugmaker by sales take over would allow pfizer to move abroad take advantage of lower corporate tax rates, artic alle maker of botox saying combined company will really you know, be when it comes to like the pricing of drugs that iss what we got to determine, but pfizer leaving u.s., we don't -- job cuts, what does in this mean for new jersey garden state. >> tweeting this morning found in brooklyn 1800s major
8:16 am
supplier of -- >> company. >> during world war ii not american any more our tax system is totally fouled up. >> tax rate so simply this one. maria: everybody has been saying it for so will years why can't we just change the tax code? why can't we lower corporate taxes? is to that kaenz don't leave america. >> two things coming out of this this is a largest m&a deal of the year, and this rein forces that we're in infancy of bull market in health care, this is a move, that is going to do really well not only for shareholders but also consumers but i also think, this is going back to weave got to refoechl tax policy it is better, for foreign companies to invest than u.s. companies. >> i don't blame them for doing it. >> you brought this up in fox business debate with gop xatdz a big point of discussion, it is the candidates are smart they are going to jump on this right now today. and say look what is happening to american corporations,
8:17 am
dagen said largest founded companies in the country. >> they are going to get this company is going to get one-two punch from democratic candidates mad about price of drugs, now going to be angry that it is leaving, by the way, the treasury put in place rules to prevent, this kind of -- merger but analysts don't think the treasury will get in the way of this. >> if you read those rules came out with that last thursday, stop -- anticipating the newest coming out it was a nonstarter, those type of rules, that the treasury is putting in place is going to hit smaller midsized businesses more than a company like pfizer. >> regulate to prevent it change your tax code? -- >> you only need to change the code change the rate -- >> somebody should simplify not big words repatriation things don't mean anything to anyone, it is your tax rate in u.s. the corporate level is higher than japan, canada's at this point, cut corporate tax
8:18 am
rate this is a brainless thing for somebody to do. >> american jobs overseas to other countries, i sound like o trumpet i am sorry. >> pharmaceutical peers. >> maker of viagra successful, botox. >> pneumonia vaccine a more than are making. >> going to save more in taxes than on viagra sales. >> unbelievably, on markets volatility first, oil is down 3%, we started rally back that took stocks with it now looking at lower opening again for broader averages. >> saudi arabia, they kind of capitulated if you go back to oil we got from earnings 50 dollars a barrel is really kind of worst-case scenario majors playing out thought that is stable level we have been beneath that. >> 41.
8:19 am
>> you know 41 sucks too companies bloub at 51, 71 that is 2 problem we have deflation, we have economic do at, the darnedest thing has to get reported gdp 1 1/2% i this i. >> 1 1/2%. >> global economic indicator copper almost breaking two six-year low z. >> can i give you a high five all of you? >> --. >> don't oh, in the "new york post." >> whoa. >>. >> "mornings with maria" right back. stay with us new poll showing donald trump leads the way once again, stay with us. welcoa
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
one of a canned apprentice program mission to promote diversity develop careers inside television news industry, the program created by chairman ceo romer ailes in 2003 the 11th graduating class honored in new york city, take a look at some highlights from this year's program. >> ♪ you all have a challenge we all have a -- come up the question is, whether you are going to let that challenge become -- >> how you react in situations. you have to tell yourself you are unstoppable. >> day's event marks incredibly proud moment for all those involved in the program. we have watched the members of the current class grow and develop into prong young leaders we are all here today, to honor the apprentice graduates, to honor this man, one of the things that i
8:24 am
absolutely love admire respect he has those memories of what it is like to live on the downside of advantage. to be discounted. he knows that he has been in your position. graduate, and he gave you a chance. >> our program, is to create people who will step forward, and lead not just in the television business but in any kind of problems, that we might have. these people are going to change the world. they are the best hope for this country. ♪. >> about mr. ailes vision of a diversity program as rich complex, and beneficial as this, i would never had blessings working with so many journalists. >> i look forward to continue to build a relationship. and moreover embody the ailes brand working hard er learning new skills being respectfully
8:25 am
and genuine to everyone. >> ♪ mr. ailes is a visionary he saw an opportunity to elevate talented young professionals help them blossom takes a special kind of person to see potential in others. ♪ mr. ailes, thank you for such amazing opportunity, and truly honored and inspired to be on this stage. it is my goal my wish, to give back the support, and encouragement and love that i received from you all. thank you. [applaus [applause]. maria: congratulations to all graduates congratulations to roger ailes what a great program i want to say i have a -- on "sunday morning futures" graduated last year spectacular shaffon white. >> i wish ever ceo big or small in this country would
8:26 am
look at roger's diversity program here in ailes apprenticeship program do same thing what a different world would it be. maria: true training makes a difference. >> i think what you are hearing from the program graduates, expreliminariphize how we feel working here we feel sported and there is a level of mutual respect, are there is never a moment where you can't ask for help. and be guided and mentored, when we'll come in this building it changes your life. >> couldn't agree more cult you' unbelievable tomorrow graduates from the program don't miss that stay with us tomorrow american retailers breathe big on black from my we preview some of the best deals a jump-start on holiday shopping, new fox news polls out donald trump still ahead in the race for gop nomination can he hold that lead you are watching "mornings with maria" on the fox business network, back in a moment.
8:27 am
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8:30 am
>> welcome back, donald trump still on top. a poll showing that he is his lead is widening and ben carson slipping in the number two spot. they came out yesterday. >> yes, the lead is growing for the moment for donald trump. the republican front-runner has a wider lead according to the fox news poll and trump received support from 28% of republicans, puts in ten clear of dr. ben carson who has seen a five point drop since the beginning of this month. despite the large cushion,
8:31 am
trump who signed a republican loyalty pledge opened the door yesterday to a potential third party run should the race not break his way. >> i'm going to have to see what. i will see what happens. i have to be treated fairly. when i did this, i said i have to be treated fairly. if i'm treated fairly, i'm level playing field. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton enjoys a 23% lead from bernie sanders. when pitted in hypothetical general election matchups against top republican contenders, she falls to all of them except for one tie and the best margin there goes to marco rubio who hits 50% against her. maria: all right, i'm glad you showed that shot of donald trump signing the pledge, that he wouldn't run as an independent because if he were to run as an independent, people would be very upset with him, i think. >> he would break that pledge. of course he raised his hand at the fox news debate and would
8:32 am
not commit to it and then a month or two months later signed the pledge and here we arement that was early september. we're in late november. you've got the caucus coming up, the first one in february, where does he stand. maria: the reason, if he were to go independent, he basically splits the party. >> hillary wins. maria: and hill wins, he splits the party and voters and gives the election to hillary, people would be upset with him if he does that. >> that's the fear. certainly for republicans, but i would point out according to our poll, he's got a ten point lead so it might not get there, but he certainly is opening the door to this possibility. maria: blake, thanks. >> it's like an empty threat, really. maria: maybe it is, you're right. all right, the war on coal continues. murray energy is calling out the obama administration, filing a lawsuit to halt the president's clean power initiative. a judge indicates ordering epa administrator gina mccarthy to
8:33 am
investigate the targeting of the coal industry. i want to bring in robert murray. thank you for joining us. your suit comes at a time when the president's ratings are at an all-time low. what do you want to happen here? >> well, the president's so-called clean power plan, maria, is really a no power plan. recent studies show that it will raise electric rates in the united states between 22 and 30. and 45 states will have double-digit electricity rate increases. 25 states will have 15% increases. maria, 115 million americans get energy assistance right now. half of the world's seven billion people do not have access to reliable low co cost electricity.
8:34 am
half the homes in india don't have a light bulb. and the president and his followers are a destroying, reliable, low cost electricity in the world in america for no environmental benefit whatsoever, ma'am. maria: so what do you want to do about environmental issues? what do you want to do about carbon emissions in the air? >> well, first of all, we filed six lawsuits against the obama administration. murray energy has been joined by 27 states now, maria. they agree with me that what he has done in bypassing the states, in bypassing the utility commissions, in bypassing the house and senate and putting the epa in charge of electricity is totally illegal. that's what we have done and we will overturn this no power plan. dagen: bob, assuming, it's just a guess, let's say a republican
8:35 am
wins the white house in a year, doesn't that -- can you survive that long? can you get through that long? couldn't a republican president roll back these initiatives and regulations? >> the coal industry is bankrupt, maria. we lack 45 billion dollars in funding our liabilities right now as a whole. it's questionable whether the industry can survive and it certainly won't survive it intact the way it is now. we have to get a new president. we have to overturn this, but it's more than just the coal industry, ma'am. he's destroying reliable low cost electricity for people who want to manufacture a product for the global marketplace. maria: we're looking at the coal company stock prices down since january of 2009. let me ask you to explain to our viewers the epa regulations
8:36 am
and why they're so onerous. bob? what do you think is the worst part of this epa regulation? by the way, you're not the only industry complaining about the epa rule making and the most recent rules. so tell us what's so onerous. >> what's so onerous, ma'am, is that obama administration is putting the u.s. epa in charge of our electric power grid. they have no expertise at all in regulating in the electric power grid. he's using a section of the 1971 clean air act in a totally he will legal way and we actually have six lawsuits. we'll overturn the no power plan because we already won one of those six cases before the supreme court. maria: is it the cost that's so onerous, the cost or a whole new set of rules to follow? >> it's not just the cost, maria. the 214 billion dollar cost, that's just part of it, ma'am.
8:37 am
he's destroying the discharge of the electric power. people are going to flip their light switch and the power isn't going to be there. maria: i see, all right. bob, good to have you on the program, thanks for making the case, we'll be watching the developments. >> thank you, maria. maria: bob murray there. murray energy. don't forget mornings with maria starts every day at 6 a.m. eastern on the fox business network, before we go to break. here are the best moments that you may have missed this morning from the program. >> and do the guys in the chair actually talk? >> come on, shep's news deck is cooler looking than that. >> the best part of that. it sends a strong message to isis that the russians are crazy. i have a bigger problem with jack dorsey leading square as well as twitter as an investor, i wouldn't touch any of those. >> that's a creamy, gooey thing i would love to give you a taste of. i don't know how messy you want to get.
8:38 am
maria: i'm ready to get messy. >> they expect this from donald trump, they expect him to say crazy absurd thing and that's what they want to sloet for, how is the establishment going to separate. >> it's interesting he's talking running as an independent considering he's the one leading in the public polls. and an advisors to the united states, and get a cheaper tax rate. would you be mad about that? >> they're leaving the united states. >> i'm not mad because i blame the regulators and people who have the highest corporate tax rate in the world.
8:39 am
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8:42 am
>> welcome back, the death toll in a massive slide in myanm myanmar. cheryl: it's near the jade mine and 100 are missing this morning. a rose by any other name may produce electricity. you heard me right. researchers from sweden introducing circuitry into a rose's vascular system that could result in new ways to study plant's biological systems and may be an i with a to-- a way that a rose could be a power plant. sorry. and end with this, a dog named daisy is running for the first
8:43 am
time ever thanks to her new prosthetic legs. maria: oh. cheryl: i can't stand this. this dog was set to be euthanized and she's not new owners and the animal hospital helped her get amazing new legs and might be the happiest dogs ever and hope the story will inspire people to help other man ales with availabilities or at least go to a shelter and adopt. >> i love that story. >> and love that video. >> it's amazing. >> and rescue a dog and save them all. >> 100%. maria: mark zuckerberg shaking up corporate family leave. >> yes, taking two months, two months. there's a question whether or not it's good, but it's a personal decision for him. he'll take two months of paternity leave after his daughter is born. in a facebook post he said it's a very personal decision and he pointed out studies that shows
8:44 am
when workers take time to be with their newborns, it's better for their families and gives employees in the u.s. as many as four months as paid maternity or paternity leave within the first year a child is born. right now the u.s. government does not require paying leave after a child is born for any company. so, it's part of the ongoing competition, too, i would say between amazon and google and the different companies that they look, we're going to help you out when you have a kid. >> earlier in the show i was too aggressive and i think i called i am lame -- him lame for ceo. since fox dominates now, i'm going to take two months off because of the success. maria: you're not allowed. you're part of it. >> and i do put my children first. we bond instead of being here at 6:00 in the morning, we'll bond and have a wonderful time. so, thanks for the idea, mr. zuckerberg. >> a great company takes care
8:45 am
of not only the shareholders, but stake holders, including employees and it's a great policy that we have and creates a great corporate culture and getting back to one of the reasons why the fox family is a culture. dagen: as one who chooses not to have children and works all the time and never gets a benefit. maria: and two months. dagen: i get a lot of hate when i say that. but it's true, if you make the choice not to have kids. maria: that's a separate conversation. >> and she's just saying-- >> who specifically is for kids. dagen: or for 40 years, i'm the one who jokes, that you don't have to worry about your kid moving back in with you. >> you don't have to take it, right? [laughter] >> my father is still afraid i'm going to move back in with them to this day. >> it's the first child for him, a beautiful experience, let him take the time off. he's probably going to get
8:46 am
itchy fingers, knowing the way he's left the company he's going to want to work. maria: he's not going to sign off. >> an interesting point, what do you think about that? we're in the air of it's different this time, super young ceo's who are actually at this point in their life where they really think about it differently by virtue of their aid. jo: you can do some comparing and contrasting. marisa mayer took a leave and she was criticized for not taking enough leave and she built a nursery next to her office. zuckerberg is saying this is my decision. there's no one named in the interim while i'm going. dagen: i think he's doing it in part for a publicity stunt. attention and promotion. jo: i don't know if it's a publicity stunt, but by sharing it-- . dagen: hey, i'm taking two
8:47 am
months, come on. maria: the stock off 37% this year, i'm good with it. and as far as i'm concerned, he's performed for shareholders. >> and the other leaders in the company, cheryl -- sharyl samberg has done a great job. dagen: when he comes out and says i'm taking two months, it's a way of selling their policies and perks. >> the ultimate arbiter of this story is the stock at this as an all-time high looking backwards? don: it's on track and hitting all-time highs. >> they have so much growth overseas to take care of. mobile growth. they are the social network. dagen: so you still are a buyer? >> absolutely. >> on this news i'm a seller. dagen: one photograph of your kids in the halloween costume is enough. we don't need 50.
8:48 am
maria: jo, good story. thank you so much jo ling kent. and pfizer and allergan deal. we're going to take it to the new york stock exchange next. find out where the action is next. back in a minute. ♪
8:49 am
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8:52 am
allergan buying the bigger rival, pfizer gives them a better tax rate abroad both of the stocks are to the down side. and lyrica, and naming a few. it's $160 billion deal and the companies exchange 11.3 pfizer share for every allergan share. the ticker symbol will be tfe and the new company name pfizer, and much more "mornings with maria" when we come back.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
welcome back, thanksgiving week. the big holiday season kicks off and items that fly off the shelves, children's toys, parents looking to get a jump start on stocking stuffers. and toys "r" us are opening on their doors a day early for
8:56 am
shoppers who want to hit the list right away. dave brandon, good to see you. >> thanks for joining us, an and we're hearing chirper. >> he's entertaining us. maria: how important is this upcoming weekend for toys "r" us and the entire industry? >> it's important, a disproportionate amount of our volume are done and people are in the shopping mode and we'll get an indication the next seven to ten days, what the season is like. >> on-line or in person, what's more important for you. >> yes and yes. >> talking while we talk. >> a moose toy, you can program him to speak with you, swing on the swing and eat for you, get in his cart and ride across the room. maria: welcome to "mornings with maria." [laughter] >> that's going over great with my two-year-old. maria: it does. >> it's a pet, you don't have
8:57 am
to clean the cage. >> this is 39.99. dagen: you're opening on thanksgiving day again. how critical is that for you? is that an option for you to not open. driven by two, what do the customers want. we've seen a lot on thanksgiving evening. we want to be open to service the customers when they want to buy and part of it's driven by competition. if there are more competitors open you don't want your doors closed. we open at 5:00 and we'll do a significant amount of business. maria: can you tell us about this guy? i like this guy. >> this is smart toy bear and we have a smart toy monkey, too, which is similar. this guy is incredible. a camera and scanner in his nose. and you can program him with your phone. mom and dad can literally program him to speak interactively with their child, learn their name.
8:58 am
and there's cards you can flash in front of the scanner, which will get the bear to teach a young child how to brush their teeth on when it's time to go to bed. >> how old for the child for this. >> from three up until 8:00. >> and for me. >> this is like my childhood in a microcosm, not the doll. >> and that guy does a little of everything. he actually will interact with you, he's got voice activation and voice recognition, he spins, he goes front wards, backwards, he makes the noises you hear on the movie. he has a light beam that will shine up on the wall, a picture of princess leia. >> it's "star wars," get the corporate taxes and when your kids are done playing with it. >> the light sabers are going
8:59 am
to be big, and that's an interesting one because it's flexible. multi-configurations to give kids a chance to customize. dagen: that would have lasted two minutes in my house, and i would have smacked somebody with it. >> have you seeing a big sales push with the "star wars" movie coming out? >> you bet, you bet, with that movie on the 18th, it's just an unknown for us, we're all stocked up and ready to go and you can see it ramping up, last night, you know, they keep peeking out a little bit more what's happening in the movie. as you get closer to the movie and release, you're going to see and more and more action. >> an exclusive to toys "r" us? >> journey girls is an exclusive brand to us, we design that, that's a beautiful day it's a collector's item and
9:00 am
we do a good job with that. >> and this is one of the hottest items for the season, he will teach you how to count and spell and he's very-- he's a very busy guy as relates to is had movement. maria: a lot of technology. thank you so much. good to see you. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. maria: keith mccollough, dagen mcdowell, thank you very much. "varney & company" begins right now, over to you. stuart: thanks very much, maria. over there, terror shut down the administrative capital of europe. over here, terror shifts the political needle. high anxiety everywhere this thanksgiving week. good morning everyone. more raids in belgium and brussels remains on lockdowns, the city that runs europe's government has no schools, no public gatherings and no subways, they haven't caught the guy they're looking for either. terror moving the political leader. donald trump's hard line sends


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