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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 23, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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we do a good job with that. >> and this is one of the hottest items for the season, he will teach you how to count and spell and he's very-- he's a very busy guy as relates to is had movement. maria: a lot of technology. thank you so much. good to see you. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. maria: keith mccollough, dagen mcdowell, thank you very much. "varney & company" begins right now, over to you. stuart: thanks very much, maria. over there, terror shut down the administrative capital of europe. over here, terror shifts the political needle. high anxiety everywhere this thanksgiving week. good morning everyone. more raids in belgium and brussels remains on lockdowns, the city that runs europe's government has no schools, no public gatherings and no subways, they haven't caught the guy they're looking for either. terror moving the political leader. donald trump's hard line sends
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up up in the polls and president obama's approval rating sinks. and two out of three voters oppose bringing in more syrian refugees. the gas pumps. gas keeps falling, around $2 or less in most of the country this thanksgiving holiday. but america is about to lose a giant pfizer maker of viagra heads to ireland to escape u.s. taxes. here we go. get ready for a very big show, "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ brussels enters its third day of lockdown, more than a thousand security personnel deployed. take a look, they look like shock troops, machine guns and all. the city has been at maximum alert since saturday, authorities citing an imminent threat. 16 terror suspects have been arrested in 22 raids.
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now, salah abdelslam, he's suspected of carrying out attacks or helping, and there are reports he was escaping from a car in germany and brussels is shut down. president obama says he wants to defeat isis, but he's making no change in overall strategy. roll tape. >> in addition to hunting down terrorists, in addition to effective intelligence, in addition to missile strikes, in addition to cutting off financing and all the other things that we're doing, the most powerful tool we have to fight isis is to say that we're not afraid. destroying isil is not only a realistic goal, we're going to get it done. stuart: all right, we will have more on the president's statement later, but first,
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take a look how the market is going to open today, this monday morning. dow futures indicating flat to ever so slightly lower. all of that turmoil around the world, to save money, is coming here, it looks like it's staying here, too. remember, we will be opening ever so slightly lower, but that dollars a very big up week last week. what we are seeing is a possible negative for our market, the continuing selloff in commodities, copper, a six-year low, oil, threatened to break below $40 earlier is back to 41 right now. as oil goes down, the stock market, also tends to go down. we'll be watching that for you. here is the good news, gas prices down a penny overnight. down quite a lot over the weekend. 2.07 is the national average right now. the cheapest gas in all the land, henderson, kentucky, where there are six, count them, six stations with a gas price for regular. 1.41, you don't have to drive down there yet. okay. it's 1.41 in kentucky.
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>> venezuela, goldman sachs, say that oil could go to the $20 range next year, and watch for this to come down. >> that's interesting, because last week some were saying, it could be $30 a barrel and now it's monday morning, could be $20 a barrel. any advance on 20? could i hear 10, please? >> what you're looking at right now, or are about to look at, here we go, look at this. that's the new york city police department conducting what's called an active shooter drill in a lower manhattan subway station. you see this? the anxiety level goes straight up. got that. now, listen to what the washington d.c. police chief, i repeat, this is the d.c. police chief. listen to what she said about protecting you against terrorists. roll tape. >> if you're trying to take the government down, take the government out, it's the best option for saving lives before police can get there. that's counter intuitive. what the cops tell people.
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don't take action, call 911. don't intervene in the robbery. we've never told people take action. it's a different-- this is a different scenario. you're telling them that now then. stuart: this indeed is a different scenario, correct. joining us ralph peters, you usually concentrate on big picture overseas events. will you address that. the d.c. police commissioner saying maybe you better take a part in getting to grips with terrorism. maybe you should use your gun. i'm astonished at that, ralph? >> well, there are a couple of things here. first of all, it would be nice if the d.c. cops actually did their job instead of just enforcing parking tickets. beyond that though, the police chief, who is doing her best to be fair, she's right. i mean, if you're witness to a terrorist attack, if somebody whips out a gun you go at them. you behave the way the young earns m did on that train in northern france earlier this year. but when it gets to the idea
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that well, that means everybody should carry a gun, that's where i stop. i don't want to live in a society where i need to carry a gun to go to the movies. i don't want my wife to have to carry a gun in her purse to go out to lunch. let me be clear, i need to be clear. i like guns. i spent part of the weekend mounting a beautiful 1941 moisten legat rifle above my classics of literature. civilization is important and we shouldn't have to carry a gun everywhere because the primary reason we have a government is it to protect its citizens and i want the cops to be enabled to do their job, not curtailed. and the government to do its job. stuart: and i brought it up, ralph, that seems like a turn around in the war on terror. and it shows me, it shows everyone, i think, the level of anxiety which we've now reached in america. >> yes. stuart: okay, i think we agree on that one. look, president obama, he's
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sticking to his plans on terror, we shouldn't overreact to the paris attacks. the big picture, ralph. what are we doing with the war on terror. >> the president isn't sticking to his plans because he doesn't have plans, he has prejudices. he has bigotries, but this idea that his insistence his plan is working, he's managed to insult the french repeatedly as john kerry has done and made the case through john kerry that really the terrorists have some justification and i think he believes that. the ultimate problem of the many problems with this president is that he still cannot accept the fact that islam is part of the problem. you look at a map and a present map. where islam goes, jihad follows. that does not mean that every muslim or most muslims or even a large plurality of muslims are violent or hostile, but he's got to face the fact that
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islam is, as practiced, especially in the middle east, by fundamentalists, is part of the problem and he will vilify the west and vilify our military and this is a president so trapped, you know, he's trapped in the amber of left wing mythologies, ala 1970's and we're in, as my old drill sergeant used to say, beaucoup. -- >> i didn't mean to laugh, but. >> military is working well with women in roles, but one thing it did, it killed beautiful folk poetry of kay dance. --
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cadence. >> i can't get into it. stuart: this used to be a high rated segment, you know that. >> terrific. stuart: i want to move on to the latest fox news poll. and trump remains the g.o.p. front runner. 28%, carson 18, and rubio and cruz tied. and no more candidate had more than 3% support. now, donald trump is hinting that a third party run is still possible if the g.o.p. doesn't play nice with him. roll that tape. >> i will see what happens. i have to be treated fairly. you know he wh i did this, i said, i have to be treated fairly. if i'm treated fairly, i'm fine. all i want to do is a level playing field and i think people are surprised that, you know, their politicians and they've been doing this stuff all their lives, i haven't. stuart: now, we should say, look, he's also talking about waterboarding terror suspects. look, mary kissel is here, wall street editorial board. address this trump suggestion
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that he'd run as an independent if the g.o.p. isn't nice. >> i think that trump sees everything through the eyes of a businessman and that's a tactic. and running as a third party, he promised not to do it. stuart: he stakes out a negotiating position which he's prepared to change later. >> his comments are outrageous. when the political left says we're going to divide people by race, gender and religion. and when donald trump, not that i support that, but he's looking at political correctness. 83% of americans think that a terror attack is imminent. 66% think we're at war with radical islam. so when donald trump comes out ap speaks honestly about the threat on terror, i think that speaks to the fears of a lot of people feeling. stuart: 82, 83% liz: more than eight out of ten. stuart: a terror attack is imminent or likely?
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that's extraordinary. >> when the president speaks in a detached way, he looks completely out of touch because he is out of touch liz: quickly, those guys who did what they did in paris could easily come to the u.s. on a visa waiver if he had eu passports. that's one thing to consider, that's why we have to be careful. stuart: the bottom line, this is the monday morning of thanksgiving week and america is anxious, there's no question about that, highly anxious, the president is not doing much to assuage our fears. >> what did the president say? he said we can't be an n i-- afraid, and cut off financing, which is, by the way, he's not doing. and air strikes, and that's not going to destroy the caliphate. he's completely out of touch. stuart: and president obama, an overwhelming number of people say they don't want syrian refugees to be settled here at this time. yes, more varney in a moment.
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>> to paris, a number of hazardous material suits. hazmat suits missing from a locked room in one of the hospitals. ashley webster is in paris. is there any significance in this ashley, are are we making a mountain out of mole hill here? >> well, i think it's, you know, prudent, stuart, given everything that's gone on that anything that could be considered suspicious should be suspicious. it was mentioned last week by the french prime minister, look, we could come under biological or chemical warfare, these protective suits were taken from a locked road, a coded, locked room and where did they go? where did they go indeed? there was a report yet to be confirmed they were testing the water supply or tests of water in the paris area to make sure there was nothing in there that shouldn't have been. we've heard very little about it. it hasn't been picked up by everybody, but, you know, in this atmosphere, stuart, of course, you've got to be
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suspicious. >> listen to this one. the financial times reports that last week, french authorities gave the antidote for nerve gas to their police officers. that tells me there's a food of high anxiety, extreme tension and even anger building in france. you're there. is that what it's like. ashley: absolutely. i think there's certainly some, obviously, people are a little afraid. the shops were remarkably empty this weekend. however, there is anger as well or wanting to fight back, not to be, you know, not to have tlar lives disrupted like this. when you hear things like that, stuart, it's very, very sobering indeed. let's be honest, they're capable of anything and that's what authorities believe. when protective suits go missing, you have to wonder. stuart: ashley webster in paris for us, now this. something else that's new.
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the prime minister of russia, medvedev, he says u.s. action led to the rise of isis. that's what he says. here is james jeffrey, the former u.s. ambassador to turkey. mr. ambassador, i'm sure you heard that. this is news to me. what does this tell you about international relations at this time? >> what it tells us, we have a huge problem in the middle east, isis, but we have a growing competitor to that problem, which is russia and its new friend, iran, trying to exploit the fear and the danger of isis to establish a major foot hold in the middle east. not by going after isis itself. russia's done little of that, but basically leveraging the situation with isis to push us out of the region. stuart: mr. ambassador, i don't want to put new a difficult position, but is there any justification in what medvedev is saying? he's saying it's our fault, the failure of the obama middle
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east policy that's given rise to isis. do you agree with na that? >> he's not a point of -- not really, he's looking back at the bush administration, isis is an off shoot of iraq, going into iraq in 2003 the u.s. unleashed this. he believes that the bush and obama administration, as does putin, unleashed these forces by supporting democratic revolutions throughout the middle east. i simply disagree. stuart: i've only got 30 seconds left. you were america's ambassador to turkey, you know that country well. turkey wants to be a part of the european union. i'll ask you this, is there any hope, any possibility that turkey will become a member of the european union in light of what's happened with terror? >> i think a lot depends how the turks act against isis, against the assad regime and how much they stand with europe on the refugee issue and on the fight against terror, turkey
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has a good relationship with europe and it should build on it. stuart: okay, mr. ambassador, i'm sorry for the short time available this morning, but we thank you for your expertise. much obliged, sir, thank you. >> thank you. stuart: strong words from pope francis about christmas, calls it a charade. we'll explain that in just a moment. there's a difference when you trade with fidelity. one you won't find anywhere else. one-second trade execution. guaranteed. did you see it? in one second, he made a trade, we looked for the best price, and the trade went through. do the other guys guarantee that? didn't think so. open an account and find more of the expertise you need to be a better investor.
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>> all right. listen to this, pope francis not feeling the joy this christmas season. here is the quote. it's all a charade, he says. the world has not understood the way of peace, the whole world is at war. >> liz, we'll make you the correspondent today. it sounds like the pope sundays a bit like president obama almost chastising people. >> he's clearly looking at what's going around the world. he doesn't like that innocents are slaughtered that the collateral damage leaves children without parents and that's the message, the catholic message and that's the message and said in the same sermon that war can be justified. we need a more pointed response to the fact that islamic jihadists are creating these problems. >> i think so. i think i could go with that. >> mary, i believe you're a catholic, no religious test for appearing on this.
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>> it's kind of a dog bites man story, the pope calling for compassion, and that's what the church is about caring for the poor and in need so i'm not surprised by the comment. stuart: you're mary elizabeth and you're elizabeth mary. >> elizabeth mary, regina. >> and you, stuart. stuart: i'm an episcopalian liz: what's your middle name, do you have one? >> google it. >> let the viewers guess his middle name. stuart: we're not having a contest. let's move on, shall we. [laughter] try this, please, bad pr for chipotle, there's a segue for you. the e. coli outbreak spreading to six states. chipotle is down a couple of bucks, but down. and this, pfizer, call that an all american company, can't you?
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>> he's got to face the fact that islam is, as practiced, especially in the middle east, by fundamentalists is part of the problem and he will islam, vilifies christianity, vilifies our military. stuart: ralph peters no fan of president obama. and remember, that was the top of the hour, we start every weekday 9:00 sharp, you want the good enough, 9:00 sharp here we are. we've got 35 seconds before we start trading. this is monday morning, it's the holiday week, thanksgiving comes up on thursday, of course, i'm a newly minted american and i'll be giving thanks. [applause] congratulations. >> i had to get one out there. and the bell will ring and it
9:30 am
will start trading this monday, holiday week as i said before, in about 15 seconds. now as i look at the futures market, i'm expecting the dow to be pretty flat. up a little, down a little, but pretty flat. remember, we're coming off one of the best weeks in months, actually. and it's straight up and we're only what, a few hundred points away from dow 18,000. okay, the trading has begun. we're down on points, we're down six points, there you go. a pretty flat opening, basically. >> i want to take a look at oil before we go further because we've got a lot of wall street types who say, as oil goes down, stocks will be going down. so we're following stocks and oil this morning. and joining us for this discussion, liz macdonald is here, of course, and mary kiss kissel wall street journal and keith fitz joining us from the pacific northwest, i declare. scott, you first, oil as an indicator, i'm not going to ask you whether it drops below 40.
9:31 am
i'm going to ask you, if oil keeps coming down, will that eventually drag our stock market down, will it? >> yes, you know, i was in a conference last week and i told everybody there, i think the two main drivers are going to be oil and what oil does to save the equity market or what the dollar does oil. oil is key going into next year, we've got an oversupply and not using it in the economy like we should be. if we can't get out of bed and oil gets up to 2008, that energy sector, if we don't have that here, it's going to be bad and hurt the economy. oil will be a lane driver next year. stuart: keith fitz, what do you say, oil as a driver of the stock market? >> absolutely, here is why, stuart. high prices mean there is excess profits and those come from oil producers that in turn reinvests them in the security of the u.s. markets. lower prices mean they don't have the excess profit and they'll take the money out. >> by the way, energy is the drag on the market thus far today.
9:32 am
energy stocks are basically down and that accounts for some of the losses of the dow, we're up four points. mary anything to add on this, oil as an indicator here? >> i think it's an indicator of shrinking global demand for energy, shrinking global gdp, reductions in global trade. i think that's why you're seeing the prices down. >> how about this? terror turmoil around the world and the safe money seems to still be coming here and it's staying here, we are in fact, what, well, pretty good rally, a big rally away from 18 k. what do you say to that, keith fitz? >> oh, i think we'll hit it. it's going to be volatile, but we're going to hit it. too much money looking for too much safety right now. >> scott, come into this one as well. >> yeah, now what? i said this maybe last week, sometime. but every time we see the stock market open higher, it seems like another hedge fund goes out of business because they're too smart and don't think that the economy is going well. we'll see equities higher for two reasons. number one, the money parked
9:33 am
here against the stronger dollar and number two, yes, some sort of fear factor rally there. although i don't think it should go higher, those two things are going to kind of support it and that's why we've done so well as of late. >> i'm looking at war on isis stocks, that would be defense stocks, all of them are up again this monday morning, especially lockheed, up another buck 43. mary, before we go any further, i've got to ask you about oil. i think it's unadulterated good news, but as far as gas keeps coming down. >> sure, great news for consumers, but, you know, you have to think of the other weight on the consumers, higher health care costs and higher taxes. stuart: sure. >> these are also big drags on the economy. i saw another number, stuart out there from david malpass. he said new businesses are producing a third less gross new jobs than in previous expansions, so, lots of drags there.
9:34 am
i'm not, not very-- not optimistic on that. >> i still think that cheap gas is all unadull ter rated good news. pfizer is getting together with allergan, a dublin-based company and they're getting together, because of u.s. taxes liz: they're cutting down to the 17% range virtually in half to what they could have been paying. and it's also on a collision course with the administration because the treasury department just recently tightens rules for these kind of moves. and we'll see if it happens and anti-trust issues as well, but pfizer and allergan say they could split into two by 2018. >> it's so backwards, they're moving because we don't have competitive tax rates and
9:35 am
president obama and by the way, democratic front runner, hillary clinton, let's raise the taxes higher here in hurricane and push more of them off shore liz: by the way the health care companies are merging because of obamacare and they need that size and heft. stuart: and the pfizer move going irish, scott. >> once again what the administration is doing all along. we're treating the symptom not the problem. mergers and acquisitions, stock buybacks, do they do anything for our economy? no, we'll see them until we actually get the rates lower and call it what it is. stuart: i want to check health care stocks. please remember that last week, united health care dropped a bombshell that says it could leave obamacare exchanges because they're losing money. not enough young, healthy people are signing up. at the time united health care stock went down and took with it all the other health insurers and they bounced back at friday and somewhat of a bounceback today.
9:36 am
no question united health action will hurt obamacare. let's move on to chipotle. the e. coli outbreak spreading to six states. nicole, i see chipotle up 2 1/2% this morning, what's going on. nicole: it hit a 18-month low on friday and this morning at the opening bell hit another new low of 532.03. now, it's back a little bit. taking a little back. this is down 16%, we're talking about this month. so, you're talking about six states, washington state, also oregon and it's spread to california, ohio, new york, minnesota, but there is some resiliency here at least with the stocks at the moment and you had one student at colgate university who said i'm aware of the e. coli outbreak and i have bigger things to worry about than e. coli, what? in the meantime, they're closing restaurants and it won't affect their sales for
9:37 am
the next six to 12 months and all the analysts lowered targets on the company. stuart: it's up 15 points. >> it reminds me of living in hong kong, you read the newspapers and you don't die because of the foods coming out of china. it seems we have a mechanism here to price into the stock surprise, and the company uses the activities. >> the shares are reversing course from pre-market. this is dangerous for chipotle. it was first thought to be a regional issue. if this is a national issue now in ohio and new york, that's an issue for the company. stuart: it's a modest bounce compared to that chart. i want to look at thanksgiving week. the preclude to the christmas and the holiday shopping season, look at some of them go. would you look the a the top there? amazon, that's at 674 per share. up another near 1%. i can't give you the percentage gain for amazon thus far this
9:38 am
year, but i believe it's double. the bricks pan mortar guys, best buy, j.c. penney and macy's are unchanged to slightly higher, but they're running this retail week if i could put it like that the running by the on-line king, that's amazon. 6.74 as we speak. how about wal-mart? they're starting these cyber monday deals, actually starting on sunday night. liz, what's with the deals? what's this all about? >> wal-mart is taking on amazon, trying to go back at amazon, what did wal-mart do? they looked at search and demand queries for what the customers wanted so they ramped up on their inventory, they tripled the number of "star wars" toys and did multiples more of the drones in their inventory for sale. and also, they quadrupled the 3-d printer and accessories. >> they're fighting amazon? >> they're fighting a many son, the battle taking place here. >> and deeper discounts on electronics up from best buy and costco and watch that as well. stuart: i have to show you gain
9:39 am
stuff, less money coming in because of lower software and hardware. ♪ . we're playing the organ music, death watch. hey, keith, what do you say to that, death watch for gamestop, any opinion? >> yeah, having just shopped at that store yesterday, i'm one of the few people putting revenue into that company. i agree with the deathwatch, the online retailers and gaming is taking that away. stuart: what did you buy for your youngest son and how old is he. >> our youngest son is 13 years polled and we bought a rally game because he's a big car game like i am. stuart: i was going to have a go at you for a second. buying some-- >> we're in the northwest, we've got to drive in the rain a and practice. stuart: you're so nice in the northwest. stuart: liz, any comment. >> no, no, i see this one.
9:40 am
stuart: here is what i want to talk about, facebook, stop laughing, everybody. facebook, ceo zuckerberg, he's going to take two months of maternity leave. the company-- facebook, lets him take up to four month total parental leave time. mary, i like this and i tell you why i like this. this is a private enterprise company, offering a benefit to employees to attract good employees and keep them. this is not a government mandate. >> no. stuart: thou shalt give-- >> no, out of the administration, mandating that companies behave in certain ways, all it does it raise cost for everybody and actually reduce their ability to offer policies like this that may be attractive to the top employees whom they want to employ. stuart: scott, come back in. you heard what mary had to say, i'm sure you're in agreement, please? >> i absolutely am in agreement and think it's funny, again, you're right. the government thinks they know
9:41 am
what to do with your money and lifetime style than you do. why is a guy worth 50 billion only taking two months off and not-- >> probably because he's married to his job, that's why. you know, i didn't mean that. keith, come in, please, i say that private enterprise should volunteer the benefits if they can afford them and the government should not be forcing them the. what do you say? >> i totally agree with you, stuart. this is absolutely the law of unintended consequences. they've never seen how private enterprise works. they're ham strung now by regulations they didn't want in the first place and can't afford to have now and which to mary's point is going to spring the economy along. stuart: i can't understand why you live in the pacific northwest, and utah for a guy like you-- >> the democratic socialist republic of washington is a great place to live. stuart: still raining. pretty flat this monday
9:42 am
morning, we're down 11 points, that's all we've got, 11, 12 points, 17-8 is where we are. with all of this going on in the world, but i want to check amazon one more time, please. $675 per share and that's a fresh intraday lifetime high. how about lions gate films, they made hunger games, something-- this is rather soft ticket sales for the last chapter, franchise low, some think it may have been the anti-g.o.p. comments, the anti-republican comments by the star of the movie. that may be to partially to blame. am i out on a limb with this, liz liz: possibly on a limb. i think it word of mouth was luke warm about this movie, it's not basically creating buzz as the other hunger game movies have done. jennifer lawrence did say if donald trump becomes president, that will be the end of the world.
9:43 am
stuart: didn't seth rogen say something negative about republicans and his movie bombed as well. wait a minute, wait a minute. >> why do we care what these guys have to say about politics? >> i want an indicator that the public is beginning to listen to what these people say and votes against with their wallets. >> movie stars, you've seen with the films that are anti-military never make any money, for example. stuart: wait, wait, keith and scott, i want to know is it possible we're seeing a change of heart not by hollywood, but the rest of us, we're not consuming the movies that the left is putting out. keith, am i might? say yes. >> yes. i think there's something to that and i think because of the psychology of the marketplace changed. people are understanding the message as well as the actors. for a long time those two things were separated. stuart: scott, ten seconds, say yes. >> yes, you're absolutely right and stuart, there's a lot of candidates for the republican parties and things have to
9:44 am
digest to get out there and start learning on their own and discount what other people say and going against that liz: i don't think that people want actors and actresses talking about l l liber and rolling stones are right. stuart: somewhat muted, where are the huge crowds and outrage, i'm speaking to a muslim spiritual leader next. more "varney & company" in a moment. ♪ jeb bush: we do not have to be the world's policeman.
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we have to be the world's leader. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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9:48 am
>> why don't you or some of your supporters or some of the people in your organization just get a sign, a big sign, a walkout side in new york city or washington d.c. and say, hey, you, isis, we're coming to get you. >> stuart, thanks for suggesting that, i will get the sign made and we will do it here in washington d.c. stuart: that was mike from the american together foundation which represents some muslims. he did make the sign and there was a vigil against isis. and another man who was there, a spiritual leader at a muslim center outside of d.c. joins us here in d.c. this morning. welcome to program. >> thanks so much. stuart: that was not a huge turnout of people. >> yes, that was the beginning,
9:49 am
but we have called all american muslims in major cities to do the same. you have to understand, this is a movement, the beginning of a movement. 0 to stand against isis and extremism. stuart: i think americans want to see muslims get out on the street and demonstrate publicly. not an e-mail message, not a website message, but people in the streets shouting with signs, get out of here isis. but my question is, imam, do you feel intimidated doing that. >> we have to stand against violent extremism and against those organizations which have taken lives. 80% of victims of violent extremism are muslims. we're not afraid of isis, not afraid of any terrorist organizations, we're going to tell them and match in the
9:50 am
streets of khartoum and other cities around the world. stuart: you're going to do this around the world. remember the school in pakistan, the children were killed. people were in the millions on the streets. stuart: millions? we did not know that. >> yes, yes, in pakistan. stuart: do you think you can get 10,000 on the streets in a major american city, do you think you can do it? >> let me explain, muslims american have been standing against violent extremism. stuart: it's got to be loud and noisy and close the streets down and say get out of this. >> muslims have been doing this for a long time and we'll continue doing it, this is the beginning of it. stuart: when are we going to see 10,000 american muslims on the street? when are we going to see it? >> you will see more of this, of muslims on the street
9:51 am
speaking against violent extremism, but i'd like to say the muslims have done village gills across america, hundreds of thousands of people objected to the violent extremism many times, but what is unique, what we did on friday, asking muslims to come together and we would like to have sunni and shia across the america and across the world against violent extremism because people try to divide the sec as well. stuart: we'd love to see it. tell me, tell me when it's going to happen. i want to know. >> i would like american, fellow americans to understand that american muslims have served this country and died serving this country and whoever says islam is a problem are feeding into the isis narrative. stuart: let's see you on the street. thank you. >> my pleasure.
9:52 am
stuart: here is what we have for you coming up. mark zuckerberg is taking a two-month paternity leave not because of some government mandate, oh, no, a full discussion mode on parental leave.
9:53 am
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9:56 am
>> the ceo of facebook is worth about 50 billion dollars. his name is mark zuckerberg. he he's announced plans to make two months of paternity leave when his daughter arrives. christina, the senior technology correspondent for-- >> mashable. stuart: i've got it written down. i think it's great. i think that if private enterprise wants to offer this, and get the talent and keep it. >> this is the only way to attract good talent, there's so much in the technology sector that offer benefits like this, is one of the ways to convince people to go with your company and not go with a start-up. >> if you offer more money, it's taxed away, isn't it? >> this is true. it's increasingly for millennials to have children and think about parental leave and having that as an option. it's encouraging to see a ceo like zuckerberg taking the time
9:57 am
himself. stuart: do you think that the department of the must mandate corporate you must offer x number of maternity or paternity leave? >> it's complicated. i think for companies of a certain size they should not be mandated to do that because they may not have the money to do that. stuart: over a certain size. >> i do think that. stuart: why? >> us it's important for the parents to have the time. stuart: why? >> it's something that should be considered a standard. it should be kind of like health care, should be considered standard when it comes to our benefits. we spend so much of our time at work and so much of our lives are spent a the work, many people won't take the time unless it's mandated and feel comfortable coming back. it's not so much the money, but-- >> it's a good job, but i'll take you on, that it's wrong. come back.
9:58 am
happy thanksgiving. my fellow american. donald trump leads by ten points in the latest poll and now he says you might want to bring back waterboarding, what a show we have. hour two is on the way.
9:59 am
10:00 am
stuart: precisely 10:00 o'clock eastern. the second hour of parting company starts right now. this is the monday before thanksgiving. twenty-one arrested. the city is at the center of europe's government did that is where the bureaucracy is. new fox news polls. trump takes a 10-point lead over ben carson. and, wait for it, six republicans beat hillary clinton in a head to head matchup. pfizer moving headquarters. and it's basic company. ireland. "varney & company."
10:01 am
the second hour starts right now. ♪ stuart: we have the number for you. it is an important number. existing home sales. existing home sales at an annual rate of 5.6 million. >> a slight miss. coming up. wages are not coming up. homebuyers still struggling to get to the market. stuart: we were hoping for better performance. a big deal. i seem to remember back in 06 it was more like six and a half% on year. people with low wages still
10:02 am
struggling to buy existing homes. stuart: month to month, and existing home sales are down just over 3%. interesting number. no change for the dow industrials. down eight planes. all right. one stock i really want to pay attention to today. amazon.fresh lifetime high. $78 a share. that stock has more than doubled. the price of oil. here is an indicator. the price of oil is down today. not by much. not sure what that means. as oil goes down, if it dropped below $40 per barrel, we would see the stock market drop. right now we are at 4167.
10:03 am
sound the trumpets. you are looking at the national average for gasoline at $2.07 a gallon. it was $2.821 year ago. in other words, down $0.75 a gallon from last thanksgiving. gas buddy says the cheapest in the entire country, six stations all out $1.41 in kentucky. $1.41. almost worth driving there. the third day of total lockdown. more than 1000 security personnel. patrolling the streets. the city is on maximum alert. twenty-two rates over the weekend. twenty-one terror suspects arrested. salah abdeslam was expected to be part of the paris attacks. still on the loose.
10:04 am
did not find them. headed to germany. now, this. donald trump. we should bring back waterboarding. world tape. >> i would bring it back. yes. what they did to james foley when they chopped off his head, that is a whole different level. i would absolutely bring it back. stuart: ambassador. you heard donald trump. you know all about what goes on with waterboarding. what do you say? approved legally. it is being conducted. no legal problems.
10:05 am
then as time went on and we got further and further away from 9/11, the system started doublecrossing these people. you should not have done it. even though we gave you a letter from the attorney general saying that you should get the other is really kind of interesting. the only kind of torture were several journalists and authors volunteered so they could write more persuasively about it. it is done to all of our special forces as part of a training. it is not torture of that sort. i think it is pushing it to call it torture. it ought to be used in a very limited way. hundreds of lives on an airplane or use waterboarding terrorists, i would use the waterboarding.
10:06 am
stuart: we are told that it did not work. >> there is a debate about this. whether you look at the direct or indirect effects. you have a strong argument. there are points to be made on both sides of it. he was the only one, the head of operations for al qaeda, the only one that was done many, many times. it is basically a mohammed tests. he did give up a huge amount of information. directly or indirectly. there is an argument about that. you said that edwards noted has blood on his hands. you said it. would you explain what you
10:07 am
meant. >> what he turned loose was not something obscure. it was information that was used quite legally under a supreme court decision. by those who were trying to bunch together, essentially, metadata. keeping track of collections. phone calls. e-mails. even though they could not look inside without a war and. it was still collected. it was great help to nsa and the people in europe. the nsa helped track terrorists to be able to at least have the addressee, the return address and the date and time of a message that had been said. it is legal under supreme court decisions for first-class letters and what has happened
10:08 am
over time is the number of messages have increased rapidly. you have billions of messages and set of thousands. yes, there were more addresses and return address is being held by nsa. they were not being looked into the substance. by getting red of what we were able to do, i say snowden, yes, has blood on his hands. stuart: america is in a state of high anxiety. i want to bring you to the latest fox news poll. donald trump. 28%. carson 18. down five points since the start of september. no other gop candidate had more than 3% support. those for pulling away. now another fox news poll.
10:09 am
if the election were held today, the gop would beat hillary clinton with rubio as the best performer in a one-on-one with hillary clinton. he gets more than 50% when he is matched up with hillary clinton who gets 42%. lisa is here. why would that be? rubio is the best competitor with hillary amongst all republicans rubio and his background and to he represents, he understands people with everyday problems. people like hillary clinton are extremely out of touch. hillary clinton is just seemingly very out of touch. part of that. i think that, marco rubio is someone that is perceived very
10:10 am
strongly on issues like foreign-policy. it puts hillary clinton in a tough spot. stuart: post paris, post bamako, could you say a very general terms and political terms, trumped up, president obama down. can you say that? >> trump has really defied some political logic. a lot of people inside politics have said for a very long time that he will drop off. stuart: he has gone up since these paris terrorist attacks. president president obama is down to a 40% approval level. very close to his all-time low. >> you are right. his lead has not dropped at all. after the paris attacks, americans across the country will really be looking for someone they perceive as a really strong leader.
10:11 am
people perceive them as incredibly weak on the issue of terrorism. even diane feinstein, a top democrat, has criticized president obama on isis. we have failed to contain isis. the policies are not work. look what happened in beirut did look at what happened in mali. isis is not contained. we absolutely need leadership. that is something that we are missing on the world stage. that is something that voters will keep in mind. stuart: lisa, thank you very much indeed for joining us. let's move on to the big board. check this out, please. one really good rally away from 18,000. the world is on fire. our market is staying very
10:12 am
resilient. 178. james is with us. james, how are you? >> good. good to be with you. stuart: the same for you as it is for me. people know who we are. they say what is going on. >> the american economy is doing reasonably well. the consumer is powering ahead at a 3% growth rate. stocks are not cheap. you have low interest rates which are not a problem for the valuation. you have a lot of mna and stop buybacks. not a lot of other places to invest. there are risks to that outlook. we are being pulled down by slower demand overseas. the strong dollar is hurting manufacturing. if you add energy back in, profits are falling, not rising. valuations are above the long-term average. you have a little bit of stress
10:13 am
in the market. the risk is that we get pulled down by what is going on. stuart: if i put my money into a bank cd, i get half a percent, maybe. 2%. 3%. maybe. i would make you the case for high-quality stocks. global exposure. good balance sheet. stay away from the lower quality stocks. the lower quality bonds. the stocks that have valuations that are not sensible in the long-term. stuart: amazon? >> it is very serious. you take the nasdaq. the world is in such a low gross motor. people are gravitating. i do not have know how to value amazon. stuart: everyday i look at that stop. thank you very much indeed.
10:14 am
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stuart: bring out the winter clothing. breaking records in the midwest. jo ling: probably glad that you missed it. it is not even thanksgiving yet. this weekend they were hit with 11.2 inches of snow. that is the biggest ever first snowfall of the season according to the national weather service. 17 inches. $1.2 million for a dress? how about the dress from the wizard of oz. that is how much is is expected to sell for. only 10 dresses like this were made. other of for auction are the trenchcoat and hat from dick tracy. the final installment of hunger
10:18 am
games. they did not break any records. just $101 million. the weakest sales in the history of the franchise. $20 million below expectations. gerri: stuart: just $101 million. stuart: check out the big board. we are going up. that would be a 20-point game. oil is leading the stock market. how about amazon. look at that. fresh lifetime high. there you have it. up another 10. how about that. the big technology names. look at go pro. down again this morning. $19 a share. tesla is down as well. 1%. it was down more than that earlier. tyson foods.
10:19 am
strong demand for chicken products. 8%. that is a big game. another from the fox news poll. terror rising to the top of the list. that is up from 11% in august. the economy is now second to terror. 24% say terror is the most important. steve moore is with us. you have to be disappointed. to you and i, it is all about prosperity. all about economic policy. we have been waylaid either terror threat. >> this cannot be good for our business. it is interesting. i was looking at the polls for virtually the last 10
10:20 am
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>> is this popular in the house and congress because it would stop the flow of muslim immigrants generally to the united states? and the back of your mind are you trying to keep number of muslims in the united states -- >> but to stop the syrian refugees that we have no way of vetting stuart, but the bell that we pass in the house would slow it down a little bit. but the real test now that we passed it that, we know how people are feeling, they're getting the message from themen
10:34 am
people. the real test will be in the only o omnibus that's a must sign bill or he shuts down the government, and so the real truck, we have got to get something that puts a pause on the syrian refugees coming within the omnibus that's where we have to get it in. >> republican texas thank you very much for joining us on this holiday week great to have you. >> great to talk with you. >> thank you very much. mega merge or pfizer all american maker of viagra, merging with with irish company alligan we've lost those blue pl viagras going green. this is all about taxes. >> it is all about taxes. ceo pfizer said he does not like the corporate tax system in the united states. yes pilesser or is moving to ireland.
10:35 am
it effectively is a purchase setup to lower corporate tax billion down to 17% could add $2 billion to merger bottom line by 2017. now, it is throwing down to the treasury, administration, and congress including the speaker paul ryan to do something up to 6 of corporate tax system in the country. >> ceo of pizer is laying down the law he's determined that he will attack that pfizer, that company out of america's tax system. he's determined to do this. he's pushing this. >> so lower the rate or you do away with the double taxation of taxes overseas. >> that's essentially clean can cut. i understand that. thank you liz. >> check that big board please. we're up 2eu points. a federal rate hike could be coming to the general agreement that is probably coming in december. question, would that be good or bad for stocks. market watcher jeffrey is with us.
10:36 am
jeffrey tell us, everybody is telling me that well, we've got a pretty good shot that the fed is going to raise rates in december. is that good or bad for the dow industrials? >> well, i don't think it is stuart. i think they have already priced in that fact of the market. the rate it has jumped 25 basis points but might give us a little bit of a rally. >> so it could produce a stock market rally. the dow could go up some more if they raise rates? yeah? >> that's correct. i think we can see a little bit of an increase here. half had of the stocks in the dow are down here today but there's a couple of stocks that are doing well disney, home depot, and caterpillar. >> how many amazon? got straight to the moon begun today, 679 a assure. now i know you feel that some strong movers are overvalued. is amazon overvalued at 6.79? >> 950 times pe or price to
10:37 am
earnings stuart, i think that's a little bit overvalued probably most overvalued in the market right now. >> so the additional evaluation of companies what's the stock price versus their profits on that traditional evaluation basis, amazon is off the charts. >> it really is. the price to earnings on s&p right now is around 22.7, and amazon is just through the moon on priced earnings. >> you wonts touch it. >> i wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. >> any other big movers that you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole? >> facebook is at 107 times value price to earnings. google is 42 times price toe earnings right now, and 90% of the revenue cools from advertising so you have to question if that's going to continue. didn't have a rocket product that's going to propel them into the stratosphere and that flex is price at 300 imtoos price to earnings those three stocks really have taken a -- stocks refer to as fang have taken a huge bite out of the
10:38 am
market, the past 12 months. >> where would you be putting your money right now? >> i would be looking at probably stocks pay a decent rate 3 to 4% i would focus on. they're stable. there's half of a dow that is doing well. other half is not doing well. i think the other half of the dow will helicopter to do well because their numbers are promoting them. they won't be affected by rates. >> i'm cor i didn't mean to interrupt you. microsoft well known that i own microsoft stock but i own some that's my retirement fund. they pay me just urd under 3% dividends at current prices. am i on to a good thing, or shall i sell it? >> you're on to a good thing long-term. if i was going to have microsoft i would want it long-term. >> jeffrey small thank you for joining us sir we you with dow industrial up 26 points. thank you jeffrey. appreciate it. >> thank you stuart. frmpleghts the latest fox news poll.
10:39 am
this one, 66% of americans two out of three say we are at war with radical islam. france and russia, we have the latest news from russia to e did did -- detail for you right after this.
10:40 am
>> i'm nick nubbing with your fox business brief we've had mixed action after on wall street where major averages seen more than 3% each right now. u dow up 248 points.
10:41 am
about s&p 500 up 5. nasdaq 15, and on the dow pfizer agrees to merge with allergan and take a look at home builders fell 3.4%. in october, but they're arriving in tighter inventory has been challenging to buyers, and we're seeing stocks across the board, and all with up after rose. wal-mart announcing it will start the cybermonday sales on sunday. as customers now have fast internet and home on their smartphone and tablet and the like. we want you to start your day every day, fbn:am 5 a.m. all of the breaking news that you need. puck it up at 5 a.m. on fox.
10:42 am
10:43 am
stuart: if you follow credit suisse they say kellogg cereal people have a new price target expected to get to 76 on that note, kellogg is up 3% this morning. to 68. now this, a jailed washington post report has been had sentenced to an unspecified prison term in iran. convicted last months on charges that included spying. washington post is vigorously denied those accusations. liz, what was the latest on this? >> no word on a length of a
10:44 am
prison term. 20 years in prison and served 487 days. washington post coming out really strongly saying this is a sham that they could release him and injustice and they're saying essentially there's no evidence they've heard of any wrong doing whatsoever in the part of their reporter. ferlg he's a hostage. all right liz thank you. this, russia prime minister medvedev says u.s. action in the middle east have helped isis gain strength that's what that guy said. gabriel act for america cofounder now joins us u. all right putin says he's not going to let off syria until their punished there's boots and tanks on the ground in syria. and we -- looks like we are losing our place amongst the leadership in the middle east. looks like putin is running away with the military leadership, and he's closely followed by françois, we're nowhere in sight. what do you make of this? >> we are, because we have a
10:45 am
president right now who does nots even believe we are at war. while russia and france acknowledge that we are with -- at war an they are fighting that war and they're fighting to win and dedicated to crushing their enemy while president obama does nots want to hurt civilians. i heard yesterday that he was even not letting our -- our bombers bomb tankers oil tankers for isis because he did not want to hurt civilian because a civilian was driving it. that's why we're losing the war in the middle east. >> françois is coming to washington i think tomorrow. he's going ask president obama presumably some kind of military help. he then goes on to russia, moscow i believe on thursday or friday presumably he's going to ask for more help from the russians it looks to me, do you think president obama is going to comply with the request from françois holland? >> he will comply to a certain extent only for so depending what françois will ask for.
10:46 am
because president is going to ask for more military support. at this point with our rules of engagement under president obama, whatever we do is going to be ineffective just like what we have been doing for the last year. russia was a able to complush more against the war in isis and winning whatever victory far more where they've been bombing isis than our presidents has accomplished in a year. so holland will have better operation from russia with no function about killing civilians in order to win, while our president is signing hands of our marl in order to protect the enemy so he doesn't kill civilians. >> affiliate things that people don't understand when they look at europe and in europe right now, see these raids in paris and in brussels raiding what we're called no-go areas, 700, 800 raids, what people don't understand is why now? why not a year ago?
10:47 am
or two years ago? why not? >> because two years ago, they did not want to acknowledge the severity of the problem. they thought if we keep it under the carpet, it's not going to be really as bachelor's degree and we may not have to deal with it. i'm sure you even remember a few months ago we in america couldn't even talk about the no go zone. because supposedly they did not xition. now, they are urban, urban sensitive zones that'ses what they are called. france alone has 725 of them. and finally after the paris attack, they are realizing that we must go into these zones, and we must start fighting the radical islamist plotting attack against us within these zones because these zones are now used as operation command head quarter for islamic radical all throughout europe whether in bel gium france, and forcing europeans to go in and perform surgery taking out terrorists in
10:48 am
these cities. >> gabriel thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you again soon. thank you. >> thank you. >> how about this a riot postponing a big soccer match in greece over the weekend. two top soccer team what's the store? that's a running battle -- >> look at this. you're seeing flairs look at the explosions there what's happening is some fans try to get into the venue without paying for the tickets, so the the police were called in, and police have said this is too dangerous, conditions are unsafe, they've called off the match. but collision between the police and the fans are continuing. we've not seen a riot luke this in the pitch in a very long time. >> our producers telling me that is an entitlement mentality, and not funny, but that's interesting angle and entitlement. >> but the fact that they were flares also at the players and hit one of the guys, soccer players in the leg that's really bad. >> lunacy. >> thank you liz.
10:49 am
anecdote or for nerve gas given to police officers in france, we've got a live report on that from pars in just a moment. and an all new season of the hit fox business show, "strange inheritance" jeremy has tonight's episode why don't you have a sneak preview. here it is. >> hit the break.
10:50 am
10:51 am
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>> i think a lot depends on how the turks act against isis, against the assad regime, and how much they stand with europe on the refugee issue and fights against terror. turkey has a good roup with yiewrm and it should build on it. >> this is one of the only ways they can attract good talent there's so much competition especially in technology)÷z secr for talent that offering bents like this is one of the ways you can convince people to stay with your company and not go to the next start yum. >> his lead as not dropped at all. i think right now especially after paris attacks americans across country are really going to be looking for someone who they perceive as a strong leader if you look at poll after poll throughout president obama's presidency people perceived as
10:54 am
incredibly week on issue of keeping country safe. >> those are highlights from the first two hours of varney & company. tune in every day 9 a.m. eastern time sharp to catch all of the action. brussels now on lockdown. security at borders across europe, being stepped up. ashley webster is in fors. ashley what are they doing to stop the bad guys from getting away? it's not easy one of the attackers -- remarkable been already ten days. they can they cannot seem to catch him. in the meantime, they do have a picture that's been released of another suspect. he was the third suicide bomber at the france. lis say they need the public's help in identifying him. he had some papers with hem that told that his name was
10:55 am
abdelhamid abaaoud they know what he came through greece with a fellow jihadist and mixed him with the refugees, and then was able to make his way to france. very disturbing -- account if you like it. how easy it is. for these trusts to slip into the country. another sobering fact is a conserveative 5,000eu citizens have gone through syria to fight with isis, at least 1500 of those have come back. the question is where are they? they know where some are but certainly not all of them and on high alert especially if brussels remains in lock down right now, though, the 30s in belgium just about to start is a press conference where we will find out if they will, in fact, relieve some of those restrictions put in place. but liz in the meantime i can also it tell you it is confirmed with fox news that here in they've stepped up security of
10:56 am
the city's water supply, this after some protective suits were reported missing from a local hospital raising fears about biological and chemical warfare so certainly a lot of people still nervous as this unfolds, liz, back to you. >> thank you ashley webster with the very least what's going on with pars, and the raids in belgium. hour two of varney on the books here's what's coming up. muslims on the march in washington, d.c. protesting isis, zudi at the top of the 11 aiming a.m. harl. also in the next hour within of the navy seal who is helped defeat the terrorist in the battle of ramadi and go to ask him had about more boots on the ground and whether that will defeat the terrorists. hour three of varney starts in just three minutes. don't go away.
10:57 am
10:58 am
>> >> >> >>
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: capital of the european union on lock down. twenty-one arrested in raids related to the paris attacks. france says it will intensify its airstrikes against isis in syria and iraq. meanwhile, here at home, the dow is up. twenty-nine points higher. one solid rally away from 18,000. would you like some good news? this is thanksgiving week. average for gasoline is $2.07. last year we were paying $0.75 more per gallon. fill it up. get out there and drive. our three of varney starts right now. ♪ let's get right at it did
11:01 am
american muslims march to the white house friday to condemn isis and the terrorist attacks in paris. our 9:00 o'clock hour. roll tape. the mac we have time. taken many lives more than muslims. 80% of victims are muslims. we are not afraid of isis. we're not we are not afraid of any of those terrorist organizations. stuart: we are told that about 100 people showed up to that rally in d.c. on friday. judy doing does this now. one hundred people is not enough. i am not trying to speak on behalf of america, but i do believe what america wants to see is tens of thousands in the streets. demonstrating vigorously. what happened?
11:02 am
>> well, you know, hats off to them for trying. i have been doing this for quite a while, as you know, stuart. they are a little tone deaf. they do not see the urgency. they do not see the ownership. they do not feed the responsibility. they want to play the race card. we have a multiple number of obstacles. you will be hearing from me about a group of leaders that will be getting together. you start with leaders that are courageous performers taking on the establishment. remember, moslems are barely 1% of the population. stuart: let me use that expression moderate moslems. are they a afraid to go out on the street? you have faced death threats,
11:03 am
haven't you? >> yes, we do. saudi arabia to iran. certainly creating a culture of fear. my family is dodging bombs in syria and radicals. the egyptians went to the street to fight against the islamic. 10 million against the brotherhood. in america, we protect them. will a no threat of the islamists taking over. no sense of urgency. no set of responsibility. america's biggest hit. those are all things that prevent the voiceover form. stuart: i need your opinion, zuhdi.
11:04 am
seriously. some of the things that i say, i am accused of being a islamaphobe. i was asking a gentleman about what my opinion, and i said am i a islamaphobe. roll the tape, please. >> am i a islamaphobe if i say i do not wish to expand it. >> i think that may fall under that definition. if i believe that maybe we do not want to add more muslims inside america, i realize the position i'm suggesting here, that would make me and islamaphobe.
11:05 am
it is a religion. it is an idea. does not have rights. you are certainly not one. i think what the problem is we do need to thread the needle between separating muslims versus islamists who are a threat. anti-american from coming into america, we cannot do that so americans say we do not want muslims. freedom loving. a lot of immigrant narratives. i hope we can make that distinction. stuart: we are all in. we are all happy. thank you very much, indeed. now this. a new poll.
11:06 am
this one shows tromp still very strong in the republican race. the latest poll. tromp with 28% support. dan carson slipping several points down to 18%. it seems to me that in the aftermath of paris, to some degree, tromp up is strengthening his position. >> i do not hang that it is at also pricing. obama in the wake of the paris attacks reminded us of all the things we do not like of him. he is politically correct. he has no emotional leadership. this is a time where people would have actually like the president to come out and say we will be okay. instead of really unbelievably taking pot shots at republicans and sort of making this into the smallest possible argument.
11:07 am
he does not get it. tromp does. tromp understands people want a strong man in the white house. that is how he is portraying himself. >> he said it did he says what is on a lot of people's minds. he is not afraid to say it. he gains strength just by saying it. >> that is exactly right. people may question whether he has a policy to back it up, but right now they do not care. >> tired of people. there is this corrosive moral relative. people are saying, you know what, you should not be saying anything. when you do that, you get agencies and you are basically not helping those that want to understand to these pillars. >> dealt with that.
11:08 am
well said. check the big board, please. i am going to call this market dead flat. still one good rally away from 18,000. if you want some action in the market, look at this. a fresh lifetime high. that is amazon. >> breaking news. there is a carrier strike in iraq. we have not seen that. now going into iraq to bomb targets. >> they give very much indeed. pfizer getting together with allergan. a $155 get together. this will allow the american drug company to move to ireland and avoid u.s. taxes. market watcher joins us now. you know, this really is all
11:09 am
about taxes. nothing to do to get together in the healthcare business. >> there is something about all of these healthcare companies. overcoming the extra cost of obamacare. however, this certainly is a tax that version strategy. down and down pretty big. several reasons. number one, it seems that pfizer is really overpaying for this. they can get the future tax benefit and the synergies they say. there will also be some headwinds about antitrust. will the u.s. fight this move? there still is some uncertainty. stuart: pfizer goes irish. incredible.
11:10 am
you have to tell me about chipolte, though. another e. coli outbreak. the stock is up five and a quarter percent. do you want to make sense of this for us? >> taken out to the woodshed and got a good whipping on friday. today is a couple of things. a rebound rally. they really probably, the buyers and sellers overreacted. there is a couple of good things that is happening which a full day. there has been no new outbreaks in the original two states of oregon, washington. they brought in some additional safety consultants. there are some good things happening there. i really do not like to pull day. i like their food. the intermediate term, when we had outbreaks like this back in the '90s, and in tocco bell in the 2000, their same-store sales
11:11 am
dropped for over half a year. if that happens, this stock -- stuart: i have to ask you about game stop. keith fitzgerald put it on death watch. watch that just for a second. >> he just shot that that door yesterday with my youngest son. i do agree with the deathwatch. the online retailers. the online gaming environment. real fast, deathwatch. game stop. you say? >> i agree. about eight years ago. it was bustling. today, not so much. i think everything that everyone is doing is pushing this whole business online and more importantly mobile. that will hurt game stop going down down down.
11:12 am
>> thank you very much indeed. beating isis. stay the course. the overcoming fear is the most powerful weapon to fight islamic terror. what would ronald reagan do? >> open this gate. [cheering and applause] cared down this wall. [cheering and applause]
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
stuart: a great big soccer match in greece over the weekend. some detail of this over the weekend. >> these are surreal images. they ripped up. they do other things at the cops.
11:16 am
they responded by firing tear gas. they attempted to disperse them. stuart: nothing to do with terrorism. islam, european migrants. >> this is about fans wanting to get in for free. >> society on the edge. now this. polls from fox news. 66%. that is two out of three. we are at war with radical islam. >> it defies imagining. the entire country is on board. president obama is odd man out. i think it disturbs it in his mind. he was going to do that. basically taking you know the place of george w. bush.
11:17 am
driving these two worlds apart. he does not understand it. he never well. stuart: 82% of the people say that we are likely to have an attack very soon. they see that the government is not keeping us safe. they are not doing what needs to be done. they continue to put out messages that are very contradictory. a very alarming group. our next guest says if ronald reagan were still present, our war against terror would be very different. after ordering uss airstrikes. roll tape. the slaughter of american
11:18 am
civilians and american soldiers whether in night clubs or airline terminals is simply not enough american tradition. anywhere in the world, on the direct orders of a hostile regime, we will respond. see. stuart: the author of the book. what do you think would be president reagan's response. you have to know that reagan was tough. i thought it some point that there was nothing.
11:19 am
it is important. we are the strongest nation in the world. we have more power than the roman empire when they controlled most of the world. eleven aircraft carriers. maybe the other countries have one. we must -- stuart: i am not reminding you, i think you obviously know, that after the beirut bombing, president reagan withdrew from the middle east. >> no. no. not exactly correct. 241 were killed in the barracks. the mission they were sent therefore had been completed. they were about to go back on their ships. they requested help from the two factions. they withdrew.
11:20 am
stuart: a leader in the sense that he got out front. he would get out front and say what he is going to do about it. >> yes. he would tell them in advance. with iran they happen to know he was tough. that is why he freed our hostages. history does repeat. we have to learn our lessons from that. i wish the white house would focus more on what reagan did. stuart: i have to ask you. do you have a guy amongst the rubble of plug-ins, perhaps, that you would like to see president? >> no. i think it is very important to have experience. a lot of it is just publicity.
11:21 am
you have bush as a governor. people forget. case was 15 years in the congress. was in charge of the budget. stuart: mr. ambassador, thank you very much for in joining us. they do not want to take any more refugees. the left does not want to hear it. if you share that view, you are un-american. my take on that is next. ♪ ♪ the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again.
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11:25 am
liberty mutual insurance. stuart: here is that we have for you. former navy seal. he helped turn the tide in iraq. systematically defeating the terrorist. we will have his take on adding more boots on the ground to defeat isis. 11:33 a.m. on this program this morning. could you imagine waking up in brussels, belgium this morning. no school. no subway. your city is locked down. you are waiting for a tripling terror attack. you also know that just down the street only a few miles away is the suburb of mullah beak. the people in brussels, the people of europe are not happy. these are americans.
11:26 am
two out of three opposed to bring a more serious refugees here. do not bring them in right now. over here that are is great anxiety about islamic terror just like over there. the left however is not listening. your fears are groundless they say and you are un-american. president obama mocks your concern. as we look more and more like europe, you are dismissed as an islamaphobe. this is thanksgiving week. you will be seeing machine guns and combat fatigues on public display. a society that is understandably anxious. you have to hear breeders expressing anger about anxiety. it would be just great to hear president obama name that threat. so far, he has not. on this uniquely american holiday week, we are dangling.
11:27 am
waiting for another attack. not that different from europe. ♪
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
stuart: of 10 points. i call that basically flat for the dow jones industrials. you look at amazon for a start.
11:31 am
home depot was up. lowe's is up. amazon has almost doubled its lap friday of last year. that is quite a performance. the expected paris attacker. salah abdeslam. his travels in the month before the attacks. ashley: he was in italy last august. he was not a wanted man at that time. managing to slip through the net. frustratingly, he was stuck close to the belgium border but was let go by police that did not recognize him as being one of those suspects in the friday horrible attacks here in paris.
11:32 am
5000 eu citizens. fighting for isis. it is also known at least 1500 are now backing europe. what is frightening is they have no idea where some of these people are. stuart: okay. we just lost it right there. 5000 european union citizens with eu passports went to fight for isis. 1500 have come back. they could move freely around europe. the president talked about these individuals. those guys could easily come here on the cell waivers. >> not even security. a huge issue. they do not know where they are
11:33 am
from. it is a security issue. stuart: this free movement of people. it has the deal. that will stop it. >> i think that european leaders once after you solve them begin to talk about this. that is true. it is the free stop at the end of this union. president obama says stay the course on isis. more boots on the ground is not an option. national security advisor van rhoads. "the lessons of the last decade shows that a u.s. ground force cannot impose stability or new system of governments on countries were average by extremism and secretary of them. local forces have to do that,
11:34 am
with our support." you are one of the guys that did fight. few were the boot on the ground. you beat them. the army soldiers and marines that took back the city. no one thought that it was possible. the most dangerous place in 2005-2006. the vast majority to the most stabilize and secure place outside the turkish areas in the north for seven years. stuart: these guys, where they any good? >> some of them, certainly. they cannot stand to the u.s. military. we have the right leaders in place. this is not impossible. there is a military solution to
11:35 am
this. the local people rose up against al qaeda and iraq who now call themselves isis. how many american troops did this? >> about 5600 u.s. servicemen and women. >> 56 who actually beat them. took it back. >> yes, sir. >> that is quite a performance. >> right here on the front lines. i hear that coming from the white house. it is absolutely false. giving them the support that they need. stuart: you favor boots on the ground? >> i think everyone understands that can tame containment alone and air power alone will not destroy isis. liz: what about this idea that you cannot bomb ideas. you need to talk to these people and get them on board. >> where would we be today? we destroyed not see, germany. as a result of that.
11:36 am
defeated that ideology with our military. stuart: i have some breaking news. the defense department says it has destroyed 283 oil trucks in eastern syria. this is an effort to cut off a big form of funding. 283 trucks. why didn't we do this six weeks ago? >> there were restrictions on the white house. zero civilian casualties. it is not possible to win with these kinds of restrictions. >> i have another one for you. the washington police chief. she says the best to defend against a paris style attack is for private citizens to fight. listen to this.
11:37 am
>> to try to take the government down, to try to take the government now, out, the best option for saving lives before police can get there. we always tell people, do not take action. call 911. do not intervene. we have never told people to take action. speak to take action. that is from the police chief of washington, d.c. i find that extraordinary. >> i think that is extremely accurate. american citizens to help them. stuart: a call for get your gun and use it. that is what it sounded like to me if you look at how israel
11:38 am
prevent these attacks, armed citizens, members of the military, the bulk of terrorist attacks before they get there. the u.s. navy seals leading. >> yes, they did. you tell them what happened. >> we talk about it in the lessons learned. stuart: we should all read it. extreme ownership. thank you very much for joining us. good stuff. next story. pfizer. merging with allergan for $165 billion. moving to ireland. avoiding american taxes. what you say about that? >> affectively moving out of the country. this is provoking a big uproar
11:39 am
in congress. the secretary of the treasury has put out a tax guideline in order to stem this. congress needs to take this up. our corporate taxes are simply too high. this is why companies are moving. they are not allowed to bring back u.s. earnings to the u.s. without double taxation. this is a huge problem. once they move out, they're ruining it here in the u.s. big problem congress is they have to address this. a great deal of pressure on the administration. agreeing to some kind of deal. lowering the tax rates. you bring that money back. a gigantic boost for america's economy. >> that has been talked about.
11:40 am
it has continued to happen. they have got to do something. preventing it. that cannot happen. stuart: president obama president obama and hillary clinton and certainly bernie sanders. they do not wish and will not have a lowering of the corporate tax rate here it they want to be increased. this is a giveaway to foreign countries. all of those countries that are benefiting from that, they are doing extremely well. much lower tax rates in the u.s. stuart: new documentary. it is documented as spymasters. pre-and post- 9/11. i will ask the films producers. better able to defend this against islamic terrorism. >> working very hard. we can't let these terrorists fry or we can try a different
11:41 am
plan. some future president is going to decide to waterboard, he better bring his own bucket. ♪
11:42 am
nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. up arrows for the dow and s&p. seventy-five points. top to bottom. the s&p 500 up four points. the nasdaq up 14 points. we have some clear winners and
11:43 am
losers. coca-cola and home depot as winners. pfizer's striking a deal with allergan. under pressure now. apple down $1. amazon. amazon hitting a lifetime record high today. exactly doubled. look at that. a big run. s&p 500. reporting earnings and sales. a .8%. 5:00 a.m. fbn a.m. the local
11:44 am
11:45 am
>> there is a new documentary. spymasters. investigating one of the most controversial times at the cia. roll tape. >> every lead lead nowhere. it was pretty frustrating. we were after this. >> we could let these two arrests plot or we could try to disrupt them. >> some future president deciding to waterboard, he better bring his own bucket. stuart: all right. what did we learn from back then? executive producers.
11:46 am
what have we learned from them that is useful to us now? >> we earned a great deal about the cia directors. every living cia director in this documentary. one of the lessons about isis that we learned from 9/11 is that george tenet would be the first to tell you if you allow terrorist to consolidate in a sanctuary, you will pay the price. this happened in afghanistan prior to 9/11. despite warnings from tenet and others, the u.s. did nothing about i qaeda and afghanistan. now, you have the palisades in syria and iraq. stuart: i do not need to summarize your program, but could i summarize it by saying you have the caliphate, what you have learned from your documentary is you will go get
11:47 am
it. he talks about specifically in the program about the climate that we have right now. pre-9/11. bad guys telling you we are coming here. stuart: are we talking about the president, the cia director? >> more the public. people were not ready to implement. stuart: what do we know about the issue of being a islamaphobe. taking action against areas that are muslim dominated and isis dominated.
11:48 am
you can be accused of being and islamaphobe. is it the same concern? >> we say in the film that it is almost a battle for the soul and the cia. the directors are divided. michael hayden, for example, let's be candid. this is about islam. the current administration does not want to put it in those terms. hayden would say it is not about the profit. it is not about one of the world great -- it is about the way religion is being misused. leon panetta. you know, i think this comes down to evil. you always have people in this world that claim jihad or the power of the church. the bottom line is people people. stuart: fascinating. you are on saturday night. showtime. one hour, two hours? >> two hours.
11:49 am
stuart: starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern. this coming saturday on showtime. thank you for being with us today. we have rand new episodes of strange inheritance. they aired tonight. how does they have ogan dollars of shrunken treasuries sound. >> finding her becomes the up session. ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end soon. woù est...mon...hotel? we have a reservation. nous avons une...reservation.
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11:53 am
stuart: will you look at this. twelve points higher for the dow industrials. i will call that platt. some names are really going up. amazon going up 12 points. 680 earlier. home depot, lowe's also at new highs. how about triple date. the e. coli outbreak. six states. six states. is this stopping the public from writing off to lunch? a good question to ask gerri willis. are they lining up for burritos this morning? >> three or four people online. stuart, it is a little early. maybe these will come later.
11:54 am
talking to people that are already walking past your restaurant. they say that they do not care. they do not care about the reports of e. coli. one fellow told us that he eats here four times a week. very loyal following. forty-five people. the biggest states impacted washington. twenty-six cases. or again with 13. california, minnesota, new york and ohio. this thing is pretty big. the cdc says they do not know why people are getting the e. coli 026. they thought it was produce. that has not been found to be true. testing continues. if you get this, the result is diarrhea and abdominal cramps. it can be lethal for people very young or people very old. stuart: i think we got the point there, gerri. they give very much indeed.
11:55 am
a family and heritage 17 century shipwreck. that is all in tonight's brand-new episode of strange inheritance. >> her name is western signora. finding her bread becomes the session. >> today is the day. we will hit it. >> it was just there sticking up. >> the boat capsized saturday. it increased our determination. >> look at who is here. new star of fox business. jamie colby. welcome to the program. is this mel fisher? he died, right? >> yes. this is their strange inheritance. the cash of jewelry and coins. it continues to overwhelm.
11:56 am
stuart: have you seen it mean that i have seen it. stuart: and emerald crucifix. >> all of this came from spain. putting it into the rope chains and they believe that was for possibly the pope. the rosaries. being brought over. stuart: have they figured out who owns it? who has the rights to the money? the state of florida? >> they arrested the rack. it is not a conviction. they went all the way to the u.s. supreme court. mel fisher. the guy that owned the dive shop did it turns out that he owns the wreckage and all the contents. his kids own it, too. he has been paying the state of florida. off key west. they wanted the whole thing as soon as they saw what it was. they are still going down almost
11:57 am
daily. today is the day, happens more and more often. mel fisher, one of his son and daughter-in-law were shipwrecked. he lost a child. in search of this treasure. the family said we must continue for our father. stuart: tonight. what time? >> two new episodes. 9:00 o'clock. fox business network. these guys are definitely prospering. stuart: thank you. more varney after this. ♪
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> try this for size in the pfizer deal that would take pfizer to island. bernie sanders says the merger would be a disaster for consumers and president obama should block it. quick comment, liz? liz: within the letter of law right now, unclear how the administration could possibly block. >> the only way they could block it is antitrust grounds, which is shaky, it will impact taxpayers. >> yeah. how does it affect
12:00 pm
consumers? higher prices for viagra or something? >> heaven forebid. >> but my time is up, neil cavuto, it's yours, neil. neil: that last nine was the line of your show. heavens forbid is right. touche. more on that in a minute, i want to bring you. you to date on the search where this paris attacker is but now increasingly where he was. and apparently frequenting italy as early as august and reports he may have made it from syria to greece as part of that first refugee wave, we don't know. he was a busy fellow and very busy trying to find where the heck he is. all of this at the same time we are beefing up air strikes against isis, more like oil positions or those trucks that carry black market oil to and from god knows who.


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