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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 23, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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planned parenthood plans to sue texas over blocked medicaid dollars. no which we fund state level on medicaid money planned parenthood. saying no you aren't. we'll see you if you even try. here we go again, trish regan taking over. trish: neil, breaking this hour, new intel of quote imminent threat in brussels as city remains on lockdown third straight day. schools, shopping senters closed. authorities warning people to stay indoors. gel began police conducting series of raids as they try to hunt down the fugitive. the ateth suspected terrorist. authorities are questioning them as we speak. in a southern suburb of paris, french officials located explosive belt without a detonator. and hazmat suits. they are missing from hospital, amid reports that isis is trying to gain access to chemical
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weapons. welcome to the intelligence report. we have a lot of breaking news. a lot back here at home as well. americans overwhelmingly against the president's idea to bring syrian refugees into this country in five week's time. nonetheless, he remains adamant. we'll get to general jack keane with a prescription to take down isis. "the atlantic"'s gram wood, author of the article, what isis really wants. he says the president doesn't understand something pretty basic. the islamic state is islamic, very islamic. first i want to go to our own ashley webster with you are breaking news. what are they trying to do to find the guy. the 8th terrorist right now? reporter: it has been a frustrating go, there is no doubt about that, trish. by all accounts he was spotted in a city in belgium. he once again managed to stop and slip through the net and is
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headed to germany. at least that is the belief of authorities. but again, efforts to find him after some 22 raids in brussels overnight and leige failed to turn him up. four people charged in brussels with terrorist attacks. the explosives belt had no detonator, thank goodness. literally 3 1/2 miles south of my location in southern paris in the community of montroge. it was found by a street cleaner under some trash. police are analyzing to see if it has any connection to the attacks on november this. we should point out the paris police are still trying to find out identity of a third suicide bomber who killed himself. they believe he snuck in with syrian refugees and we're hearing more and more stories like that, trish. certainly, authorities are on
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the look out but at this point, salah abdeslam, very hard to find. they still don't know where he is. back to you. trish: ashley, thank you very much. you heard ashley talking about refugees that may have slipped in here at home. there is a lot of opposition to the president's plan to bring refugees into the united states from syria. new "fox news poll," shows terrorism is number one issue facing our country. 2/3 of americans believe one syrian refugee could come here and carry out a terror attack on u.s. soil. just 28% are comfortable leaving refugee program as it is. the president seems not to understand this. watch him here speaking in malaysia. >> the notion that somehow we would be fearful of them is not representative of business of who we are. as long as i'm president we'll keep on stepping up. trish: all right. he is moving forward.
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there are serious concerns, everyone, about our current visa waiver program. any of these terrorists living in belgium or france or anywhere else in europe, they could come here to the u.s., kind of whenever they want. you have 4,000 people currently living in europe with european passports. they have said to traveled to syria, with isis, to train. and we have an open border program with europe? we'll have more on this in europe. i want to get back to the president's lack of strategy when it comes to dealing with isis. here is senator dianne feinstein coming out aggressively against president palm on "face the nation this weekend. >> i don't think the approach is -- i'm concerned we don't have time and we don't have years. we need to be an aggressive now because isil is a quasi-state. this has gone on too long now. and, it has not gotten better. it has gotten worse. trish: maybe he doesn't have the
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right approach because maybe he doesn't understand the enemy? i have been telling you all since last week about really exceptional article in the "the atlantic," entitled what isis really wants. i recommend you all read it. it is available online. i have the author here, graham wood. he investigated isis. he investigated the roots of the terror organization. he joins me with more of his intel. graham, welcome. >> thank you. trish: really outstanding piece. the one quote i cited numerous times since i read this was your remark, what people may not understand here or they want to not recognize is that islamic state is islamic and you go on to say, very islamic. does the religion itself play a vital role in terms of what these terrorists are doing and what they want and how much does that hinder our ability to go after them. >> when the president says that isis is not islamic or has nothing to do with islam he is just factually incorrect.
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they certainly derive inspiration from religious texts. there are others who derive opposite information. most muslims don't agree with isis. they are absolutely in the islamic tradition. they take their inspiration from reading with texts they know as well. trish: this is radical islamism, this is extreme islamism? >> that's right. we might compare it to the way david koresh who is kind of christian rejected by most christians. but is reading bible? yes. reading it in his own way. no question that isis knows the koran and finds very, very barbaric interpretation of those texts. trish: does it make them much more challenging as enemy, given they go back to the historical document, the koran, we can take solace in this? we have our power from this. >> it is awfully difficult to challenge them or to fight them if we don't understand what they actually think. and absolutely, you have to look
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at the sources that they cite to find out exactly how they think of themselves. so, if we say that actually they're all baathist, actually they're all secular people, as some people do we misunderstand why they are so appealing to so many people. you quoted 4,000 europeans. why are they doing this? because they think that the islamic state is fulfillment of some dream and religious dream. trish: you talk about that religious dream and that religious dream is the caliphate and the apocalypse. you say they have derived all the power not just from the religion but through the creation of this caliphate they have long wanted war they have a state that they can govern in this religious fashion. so in order to really destroy them, do you need to destroy the caliphate? >> well, by having a caliphate they really think if you take a piece of territory and you rule it in a proper islamic way, then all these steps will fall into motion leading to the a pox list. so if you though -- apocalypse.
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show them no, you don't have territory, don't have a place to fox to, you might tell them that your dream is a false one. the caliphate that you appointed is not the one that is foretold in prophecy. trish: right now they have a place to recruit where people can go and train that are sympathetic to isis. let me ask you about the reporting in this. how did you do a lot of this background investigation? you were telling me you actually looked at twitter, for a lot of it. >> yes. a lot of recruitment happening, especially a year ago was happening openly. read conversations people were having between syria and say london and find out exactly how they were presenting themselves. i watched that. i tried to intercept as much of that as possible. they were pumping out statements at really furious clip, saying what they thought. so i read all of those. finally i went and found supporters of islamic state. trish: you spoke to them? >> i spoke to them like i'm
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talking to you, over meals and coffee. i asked them, what the heck are you thinking? what is motivating you? what do you believe the islamic state is all about. trish: that you were a journalist? >> i told them where i was. when you approach these people with journalistic inquiry they think it is their obligation to talk to you and educate you about these things jo must have been hard? as a journalist, to do that? it is kind of thing you know, makes your skin crawl and you're there talking to them over a meal. >> they would be telling me why sex slavery is good thing. tell me why cutting hands off of thieves is the right way to deal with that particular crime. so, yeah, they would say things that absolutely would give you the willies, but, you know, to find out what they think, you have to ask them. trish: well it's very important piece and people should read it. thank you for your reporting, really outstandingings that for joining me here today. >> thanks. trish: amazingly despite
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american fears, and these are very legitimate fears, about isis and about refugees coming here, hillary clinton is doubling down on the president's refugee plan, tweeting out and i quote, our values are stronger than fear. slamming the door on refugees just isn't who we are. the democrat national committee, also slamming republicans in a new add for using term, radical islam. >> are at war with radical islam. islamic terrorism. >> you have a problem with is rahmic terrorist. >> radical islamic terrorism. trish: you know, you just heard from grame wood, author of that piece, what isis really wants. he was saying this is religion and terror group all intertwined with islamic extremism and radical islam.
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i'm all for idealism, but how about reality here? isis has said they intend to seed these refugee groups with terrorists. are we really bad americans here for taking them at their word? here to weigh in, political analyst, ebony williams and fox business analyst, gary smith. the president and hillary clinton might be expecting a little too much of themselves and rest of the country to think that americans would not be can concerned and wanting to have dialogue who is coming into this country at a time like this. do you agree? >> exactly. you have hit so many good points, trish. for one, this is the will of the public. and you know, in all my political science class the president and potential presidents are, reflect that will. the other thing is, that the common argument is that, well, these aren't our values and this
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somehow makes america look bad. i think we're kind of past that point. the point you alluded to, there is danger, real danger in letting these refugees in. why don't we just kind of close the borders to this, to them even temporarily? i don't see the downside? trish: i don't see the downside either. until you can be confident you can vet all of these people. let's not forget, ebony, members of the president's own administration, saying vetting process is good one here. this is challenging you. you can't really know. with that in mind, is this politically, i point out, hate to make this, hate to make this political, such is the world that we live in. is this politically dangerous for hillary clinton? as i tell you, i talked to a lot of democratic supporters, a lot of people were supporting her, they say they can't get their head around this one. if she is bringing 10,000 people in here, maybe 65,000 as she said in the democratic debate in five weeks time, they don't know
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if they can vote for her, ebony. >> trish, you're absolutely right on this. this is getting to be a very bipartisan issue. american safety that is not republican issue or a democratic issue. that is an american issue. new poll came out with fox news, 65% of americans, including 39% of democrats, almost 40% say they're not pleased with the president's strategy on isis and his aggressiveness towards this issue. this will be more on the rise. your piece earlier highlighting senator feinstein and senator barbara boxer, these are high-profile democrats acknowledging seriousness of this issue at this point. trish: security will trump everything, no pun intended. i don't want to get into donald trump just yet. it really will trump everything. it is hard to talk about the economy and income inequality when you don't even know if you're going to have a place to go to work in the next day because you're not safe. >> the stakes are incredibly high. here's the other point. your guest was talking about what islam wants and we need to
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get to that. how can the president, have a strategy how to attack this when he doesn't even know if he can trust his intelligence. he was in malaysia yesterday, he has to investigate his defense leadership and talking to pentagon and inspector general, can we trust reports how effective we've been on this? he can't even trust his intel. before we come up with strategy the man has to trust his intelligence. he is saying that he can't do that. trish: eboni citing intelligence report that it was painted morose sy to please the executive in chief. thanks to both of you for joining me. we continue coverage with the manhunt underway, for salah abdeslam, europe's most wanted man. according to one report he may have slipped through authorities hands again. is it time for europe to shut its borders? is it time for america to shut
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our borders? the managerrably most vocal on border control making more headlines over the weekend. >> when the world trade center came tumbling down, and i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. trish: you mean muslims overseas or muslims back home? our intel on "the donald" coming back up. we'll see you right here. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. trish: all right. in a brand new "fox news poll," not one, but six gop candidates stand a shot at winning the general election against hillary clinton.
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meanwhile republican frontrunner donald trump making fresh comments over the weekend suggesting that he will not rule out a third party run. this comes despite the fact that he sign ad pledge over the summer that would support whoever the gop nominee is. fox business's blake burman with more on this developing story for us. hi, blake. reporter: trish, good afternoon to you. donald trump leads in all recent national polls. when you look at early voting states of iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, his margins in many cases are even larger. that has some within the establishment side of the republican party ready to launch an attack on front-runner. "wall street journal" reported that gop operatives planning to unleash, described as aguirre rail -- guerrilla campaign against trump. yesterday, trump was asked if he would reconsider a independent run. as you mentioned in september he
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signed that loyalty pledge. he was asked if he would consider an independent run if there was rub republican-led effort to take him out. here is what he said. >> i will have to see what happens. i have to be treated fairly. when i did this, i have to be treated fairly. if i'm treated fairly i'm fine. all i want is level playing field. reporter: i reached out to the trump campaign so see exactly what treated fairly means. we have yet to hear back. trish? trish: we'll be waiting for it. thank you so much, blake burman. thank you very much. president obama just returning from his trip to malaysia and while overseas he seemed a little tone deaf to american concerns. >> i want to be as clear as i can on this. prejudice and discrimination helps isil and undermines our national security. trish: prejudice? the problem is that doesn't seem to be what is really happening here. we'll talk about it next. and what our response should be, idea five weeks from now, we
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>> as long as i'm president we're going to keep on stepping up and making sure that america remains as it has always been, a place where people who, in other parts of the world, are subject to discrimination or violence, that they have, in america a friend, and a place of refuel. -- refuge. trish: that was president obama over the weekend in malaysia, saying as long as he is president we will take in syrian refugees. it may be that he just over there, overseas, is a little tone deaf on this one. he is not hearing the american public. he is not hearing the concerns of voters. he is not hearing the concerns of governors. 30 governors from across the country have voiced their concerns.
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and he is not hearing the concerns of congress. i mean you have representatives and senators alike, including senator dianne feinstein who came out saying we need he a better strategy when it comes to dealing with isis. this is number one issue facing the country. new "fox news poll" shows american vote remembers most concerned, number about the terror threat. what you also saw in that poll, is that this is pretty much bipartisan. 65%, the majority of americans right now, say that the president is not being aggressive enough when it comes to dealing with isis. only 28% of americans actually think his current plan to bring in 10,000 refugees in five weeks time is a good idea. and again, this knows no party lines. 62% of democrats say it's likely a terrorist will sneak into this country and carry out an attack. 91% of republicans will say
2:26 pm
this. americans are worried. so why isn't he listening? john mccain has one theory. he told me this. >> i think it's also frankly a matter of ego. he doesn't want to admit that all of these policies of his have failed, particularly in light of the fact, to be honest with you, lindsey graham and i predicted all of these events. trish: i'm sorry, you're president of the united states. the number one goal should be protecting your people, protecting the country and listening to everyone, listening to voters, listening to other lawmakers. there is a lot at stake right now. it can't come down to ego. donald trump, everyone, he is coming out swinging on how to combat islamic extremism in the united states. >> i want surveil license of certain mosques, okay? if that's okay. i want surveilance. [cheers and applause] you know what? we've had it before and we'll have it again. trish: details on "the donald's"
2:27 pm
controversial proposal. that's next.
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trish: expanding investigation, when centcom edited intelligence reports to paint rosier picture where we stood in fight against isis. fox learned two emails exposed pressure centcom people were under. they were told cut it out and toe the line.
2:31 pm
more shocking, former pentagon official said there was attempt to destroy the emails. fox news national security analyst, kt mcfarland. former official during the rage span -- during the reagan administration, join us now. i wonder, the concern is that the people at the top, maybe the president himself, basically, indicated, that he wanted to hear one thing and, i mean, ask you, is there pressure? you were a former pentagon official yourself. is there pressure ever for employees to do the bidding of the president? >> i mean, sure. the political officials certainly want to hear better news. the difference is, a professional, intelligence or military professional, they will be there long after this president left office, long after there is a new administration. they have got to live by whatever analysis they have been offering. they want it to be right. their job is not choose the
2:32 pm
policy here is our intelligence. do you think that that person, politically, was feeling pressured? >> absolutely. that comes from the very top. that comes from the white house. do not bother to send that to us. >> i was making the point earlier, your job is to keep everyone safe. that is the number one thing. give them the world that we live in. if you are getting reports of a terror threat, would you not naturally do everything in your power to make sure you had every bit of information that you had just to play it safe. >> yes. what if this president came out and said, hey, look, do not
2:33 pm
worry about it. just a bunch of computer hackers. describing them as some sort of weirdo nerd and grannies basement. while he is saying that, what is happening around the world. indulge him, children are not allowed to go to school today. >> total lockdown. we anticipate there could be chemical attacks in france. while the president is dismissing this, oh, nothing much to look at here, you have your up and locked down. trish: unbelievable. pink. i want to ask you about donald trump. he was making some comments over the weekend. we need to do more in the way of intelligence. on our mosques here in america. i want to get your reaction, kt,
2:34 pm
to this. >> i want surveillance on certain mock mosques, is that okay? we have had it before and we will have it again. trish: we have had it right here in new york city up until the new mayor took over. that whole program was dismantled. do we need it again? >> europe, four years, has said everything is fine. you can say whatever you want under the freedom of free speech. the guise of religious freedom. preaching and showing how you could follow the rules and go abroad. learn how to fight, come back. they let that happen. i think that trump is absolutely right. this is not doing anything wrong. trish: a reality out there.
2:35 pm
watch this, everyone. >> it has nothing to do with islam. >> factually incorrect. a very extensive report on isis. what it wants. what it is about. this is an organization that is islamic. if you do not understand that, it you do not understand me. >> the most significant study. you can laugh at the fact that they say we will usher in the end times. we want this to be the crusaders versus islam. we want the end of the world. they actually believe that. bring it on. we are convinced that we have been chosen, violently chosen to
2:36 pm
conquer christianity. we will prevail. trish: we cannot put our head in the sand. >> not unless you want to get it shot off. trish: thank you. just when you thought that the world could not get any more politically correct. under pressure from the president. just in time for the holiday. no christmas music. no wishing veterans a merry christmas. it is all against the rules. you have to be secular on this one. it is all coming up. ♪ jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn.
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as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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trish: it is unofficial, everyone. pfizer finalizing a billion-dollar deal to merge with allergan. the deal will relocate pfizer headquarters to dublin. you know what this allows, it allows the company to avoid those extremely high corporate tax rates. on a returned that other companies will do this. meanwhile, a restaurant chain to full day today. the e. coli outbreak. including new york, california and ohio.
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coming up, we will have more intel after this. this facility trying to ban christmas music over the holidays. political correctness. ♪
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trish: the holiday season. not for the decorations, music and on the end of holiday cheer.
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the veterans medical center in virginia is coming under some heat. it decided to ban christmas trees and public areas. other religious holidays like kwanzaa and honda -- not a lot going on there in virginia. management sent an e-mail. christmas music cannot be played. it should be secular. appropriate to the work environment. it is just going too far. i'm not offended if someone says happy chanukah to me. if i say merry christmas, are they offended? if we play christmas tunes in the office. welcome. thanks for having me.
2:42 pm
let me start by pointing out they always have a huge christmas tree on its lawn. christmas is part of our tradition. i believe we still give federal employees the day off for christmas. a paid holiday. has this facility gone too far? >> it looks like the one christmas is starting early. yes, they have gone too far. government employees do not sacrifice their first amendment rights. the reality is, by telling people that they cannot say merry christmas and engage in other typical communications like that, not only is it not required by the constitution, it actually violates the first amendment right of those employees. trish: what about the music? music travels. they may be offended. if they say, as they do say
2:43 pm
here, you cannot have holiday music, as long as it is not christmas music, anything religious, that violates free speech. you are discriminating based on the viewpoint that someone is adopting. a free size of religion. explicitly held did things like christmas trees do not violate the establishment. trish: they have to back off that one, interestingly. they came out and said, okay, you can have a christmas tree. you have to have the kwanzaa display in the chanukah display and everything needs to ." there are a lot of holidays out there. you can come up with more than just three. what will the lobby look like then? >> that is right.
2:44 pm
section 6103, christmas is over shall he recognized as a federal holiday, as is thanksgiving, this week, to give thanks to god. we have two holidays that have a distinct religious foundation here. if your viewers check out our website, we actually talk about in the first amendment rights that people have in the workplace and they can make sure that their rights are being respected out where they were. if they are not being respected, if they call us, we will take care of them. trish: they are free to play as much silent night as they want this christmas. president obama is sticking to his guns. welcoming refugees come january january 1. the majority of america including john mccain opposing it. >> why don't you get the smart guy that made the surge work like puts ray s and general
2:45 pm
keane? i could go down a long list. go to the white house and say, hey, what do you think we ought to do? >> the president may not be getting him over the white house. they are coming right here on the intelligence report. i will see you right back here. ♪ sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business. we spend days booking gigs, then we've gotta put in the miles to get there. but it's not without its perks. like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it.
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trish: president obama is set to begin welcoming 10,000 refugees into the united states on january one. five weeks from now. isis promising to exploit the plan. john mccain sharing with me what the president needs to do to defeat isis before opening our
2:49 pm
doors to the refugees. listen to this. >> we need to establish a no-fly zone. a place that they can be protected. train and equipped. send in a force of about 100,000. another european country. we have 10,000. you take out isis. you have to destroy them. they also made it clear that the president needs to start talking to some experts. general chat keane. you would know how to handle this. >> why don't you get the smart guys that know how to make it work. i could go down a long list. what do you think we ought to do? >> all right.
2:50 pm
joining me right now. one of the men on the senators list. army general jack keane. good to have you back on the show. has the president called? >> no. at the beginning of the crisis, the chief of staff did call. >> you look at the situation that we are in right now. if he did call and you were talking to him today, what would be your prescription for fixing this mess? >> first of all, i would start with leadership. we are conveying that we are not serious. the first thing we have to do is drop this policy of strategic patients. it will take us years to defeat isis. they will keep killing. trish: you could change your rhetoric. >> yes. commitment, determination. those words are important.
2:51 pm
once and for all, let's send all of the advisors, air controllers and trainers that we actually need. not just some. that would go from 3000 to about 10,000. second, let's give the special operation forces to do large scale raids on important nodes. the central capital. we have the capability to do that. in and out. much larger this is a force that is destroyed and to kill. we are very good at it. we did it very successfully in iraq and afghanistan. the air campaign. we all know that it is not satisfactory. safe zones like senator mccain talked about. two locations in syria.
2:52 pm
one in the north. >> that is where you would put the refugee. >> and international force. they have to be protected. also use coalition. we can also be smart and bring down missile defense. use that to contradict any missiles. trish: one of the concerns all along is would you really see the forces. you have that will. you have france in a situation where they are angry. they want to move on this. you have russia, of all places also extraordinarily upset. it is russia and france doing the bombing. >> this goes back to the leadership issue. the french president is coming here tomorrow. and then he will see putin later in the week. he really wants help.
2:53 pm
the united states, one of the things we really wanted, the only thing that we have always done is we have provided leadership. also, though moral to stand up. it actually helps take some of our allies fear away. when the united states is all in, it is easier for them to make the commitment. they trust us. they know that we will be there. they do not trust us anymore. trish: obviously, a clear miscalculation on the president's power. i wonder as it was happening if he was sitting back saying this is great. democracy will triumph. when you create those kinds of power vacuums, your experience around the world, you will not
2:54 pm
wind up with a beautiful situation. you will not wind up with the united states of america. you do not have george washington and, jefferson hanging out. you have lots of power grabs. that is in part what has happened. >> this really is at the doorstep of pennsylvania avenue. the president initiative was a nuclear deal with iran's. it trumped everything we are doing. i am convinced that there are no other policy conditions. iraq, libya, syria. make a deal with the iranians. that will make the middle east a better place. that has blown up in our faces. it is a constant failure. the president will never admit that. he will not admit failure with iraq and certainly not with syria.
2:55 pm
there is still time here. we have to stop the blood bath. trish: you mentioned the refugees and creating safe zones. it obviously has a lot of americans very concerned. very fearful. terrorists in these refugee groups. we have evidence of that overseas in europe. should we be taking these people here or should we be finding other places for them at this point in time? >> i think that we can do both. 10,000 is a very small number. given the numbers that are out there. 4 million plus. i think congress has taken an action. let's make sure that this process is what we think it is. let's make sure all the details are in this process. trish: put it on pause. >> make sure we have the right process and let's do it. use common sense.
2:56 pm
is a terrorist really going to dissipate in a process that will take the better part of two years to get into this country? their spotlight will be on in the mail or young woman. as opposed to using a phony passport. therefore using an open visa program. 4 million people coming through the country. they will take the path. >> any of them could get here at any point. we have a program with europe. maybe that needs to change. a lot of things that need to change. >> happy thanksgiving. trish: same to you. we will have more intel. we will see you right back here. ♪
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trish: all right. tomorrow on the show general keith alexander, the man who was the head of the nsa during the
3:00 pm
whole edward snowed been revelations. he's going to join me to talk about the growing threat of isis and the president's response to the recent terror attacks. that's coming up tomorrow, see you right back here n. the meantime, we're going to head over to liz claman now. liz: thank you, trish. you have to wonder at this hour if all of these scary headlines are affecting the markets. are markets are jittery and in red ink right now, but this is breaking moment by moment, a street cleaner in paris has discovered after digging around an explosive suicide belt in a pile of rubble east of paris. the streets of brussels are virtually shut down, but suddenly the u.s. is shifting its strategy. u.s. war planes now taking a different approach, attacking the conga line of trucks transporting the islamic state's black market oil. military officials say in just one single strike they've pulverized 283 isis tanker trucks. you're seeing that right now on your screen.


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