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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 24, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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combat isis. >> would approve water boarding? in a heart beat. don't kid yourself, folks, it works, only a stupid person would say it doesn't work. >> maria: later in the program we will hear from gulliani. higher than the first estimate. keith mccullough has an issue with that number. [laughter] >> maria: let's check out futures ahead of the numbers which will set the tone for markets, lower beginning for the day in terms of trading, dow industrial indicated down 80 points. s&p and nasdaq also under water this morning for tune about half a percent on each.
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implications are y and z, we have those for you this morning. we are seeing weakness there. the cac and dax in germany all down between 1-2%. once again we see a slowing economy. in asia overnight, nikkei average in japan at highest level since august. up quarter of a percent. in football last night the new england remain undefeated and improving to 10-0. leading 20-13 throwing for touchdown. following the latest development in france as explosive was found on paris suburb. ashley webster is there.
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>> ashley: belief that that explosive vest was, indeed, to one of the most wanted men in europe. it is believed that he may have decided not to go through with an attack on that friday night, 11 days ago, instead of driving back to the city, south to the city and dumping the vest in a trash can and calling his friends to drive him back to belgium. it contained the same kind of bolt that is were used in the attacks that night. strong belief now that salah abdeslam is on the run. suggestions that he could be headed to germany. at this hour, still no word. noo the meantime french president françois hollande on diplomatic offensive as you mentioned he'll be in washington meeting with president obama, he comes back to paris tomorrow to meet with german chancellor
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angela merkel and then on thursday with vladimir putin. essentially hollande wants russia and u.s. to put differences and focus on one coalition to take on isis. obviously on that front there's a diplomatic mission and here we should mention the streets of brussels remain in lockdown although we understand that schools and subways may we open tomorrow. back to you. >> maria: we will continue to check back with you. the breaking news of the moment the turkish fighter jet shot down a russian aircraft near the syrian border. turkey is saying that the war plane had violated airspace. i want to bring vice president to foreign policy christopher. thank you very much for joining us. explan -- exfloodplain implications.
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>> right, this is always a risk. i think people that have been following all along, this is one of our greatest concerns. initially you see turkey and russia where it was, was it over turkey space. if the russians retaliate turkey what will be the nato response including the u.s. response. >> maria: this is a really serious situation. you've got two pilots unaccounted for. report that one pilot is dead and the other captured. they ejected themes from the plane and landed on their -- with their -- what's it called? >> keith: right. >> dagen: deconfliction or recon application. is there any way to know where this goes from here?
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>> both sides are going to cite technical information. the russians are going to claim that the plane was over syrian airspace. you have a lot of people in the united states talking about imposing a no fly-zone over syria and these sorts of incidents, these types of incidents we would be talking about this every day. if we impose a no no fly-zone. >> meanwhile the turks are obviously out with their version of the story. i expect that we will talk about it all day long. as authorities said, it would be very difficult to determine who is in the right.
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the greater concern again is what is russia's recourse in terms of retaliation if there is one and then what will be the response of the united states and other nato allies if nurky is, in fact, attacked. >> maria: basically he said what he has been continuing to say, russia wants to trade in conflict. they need as much conflict as possible so that it looks like putin is the big guy saving the world, its economy is crashing. do you agree with that, chris, in terms of -- because that opens up a can of worms for putin. he can take anywhere he wants. >> it does open a can of worms for lots of people. vladimir putin has had nose bloodied. so the russians are learning what it's like to play in the middle east. a lesson that the united states has learned over a many-year period. they are paying the price. more seriously, you know, this
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-- this is already disextract attention somewhat from the isis attacks last week in paris and the attack in mali by apparently al-qaeda affiliate. all along the concern of actual fighting between u.s. and russia or russian and u.s. allies, that was always in my mind a greater concern and low and behold we are talking about that today. >> keith: they are on the hills to joining the french, now they are shot down. i don't know if putin, maybe he needs to trade in conflicts. he has an opportunity to look like he was hurt, harmed. >> maria: he's in turkey airspace. apparently they told him several times to move. >> i think there was a reasonable chance and i still think there's a reasonable chance that russia and france will collaborate to some extent against isis.
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there is always been a common interest there but other french allies have been warning against that and the obama administration affirmed that they would not coordinate with the russians in fighting isis. >> dagen: so what are we going to do in fighting isis, still be a marginal player? >> i don't think we're a marginal player. we have people in the united states calling for that. again, lessons of iraq are weighing heavily on the minds of most americans. we are likely to continue to see air strikes from the u.s. and even ramping up. but i still think that given our experience in the middle east over a 15-year period there's going to be great reluctance to put troops on the ground there. that's the right decision. the united states does not need to be on the ground in that region fighting as we have been so long. >> maria: do you think the air
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strikes have been working? >> i think they will degrade isis capability. at the end the fighting will have to be done at the ground but should be done by the forces severely threatened by it and ult -- ultimately that the iraqi government they would ultimately get their act together and learn that their threat is isis and not their own citizens. >> maria: we will leave it there. thanks very much. let's take a look at markets. futures erasing gains this morning. turning lower on russian jet. once again, you see a nervous market going into a long holiday weekend. keith, dagen, what's your take? >> keith: the market has three up days in the last week. two up days and everything else is big concern. again, this is getting closer to the reality of the matter which
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is gdp today. the gdp has downward numbers. i don't think that this terrorist activity is going to boost consumer confidence. that's not my view. so again, we are getting important economic data today. i think that's going to corroborate with some of the weakness you see. markets have a funny way of finding a reason to go down. obviously this turkish-russian situation is a good one. again, we are going to get to the economic data and it's going to continue to be weak. >> dagen: we will start to sea potential economic impact. investors -- you might have a reaction to the downing of this russian plane, but they want to see real quantitative.
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about what here in nueva york city? are people not going to be able to come to new york now and to the end of the year? participate maria you are can expecting a 1% down -- >> keith: this is what happens to gdp. they have been adjusted to the downside and not the upside. as we get closer to the cycle. it's superlate cycle. you get a recession. i don't think it's going to be recessionary number. we are obviously in the middle of q4 and it's slower than q3. >> maria: ceo myers struggles to find direction of the company. details and a look at yahoo next
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. 7.1% in xerox, companies are digging up record in amount of copper even as prices hit lows. we will look at copper. why finding deals this season has gotten a lot more complicated. you heard what ceo told us yesterday? prices come down. ♪ ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought.
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>> maria: welcome back, protestors in minneapolis turning violent.
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sending as many as people five in the hospital. >> cheryl: good morning, police say that five people were shot near protest site in minneapolis overnight. none of the injuries are life threatening, protesting of a killing of a black man and called for two police officers involved to be prosecuted. there's hope for volkswagen, it has approved from regulators to fix 70% of rigs. they don't apply cars sold in the united states. finally this morning, maria, time running out for marissa mayer, that's the question, the key executives are losing patients and jumping shift despite promises by mayer that she can turn the company around
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with time, called the meeting with senior executives asking to sign agreements to stick around three more months. why is that important? january she's doing to do the alibaba spin-off. they are saying dozens of executives have left. >> maria: was that a contract for three years? >> cheryl: three months. stick around for three months. >> maria: wow. >> dagen: the market has recognized this. the stock had lost more than a third of this value this year. you compare -- we were talking about mark zuckerberg taking leave, marissa mayer is not going to take as much time because the company is struggling and she's the leader. facebook at an all-time high. >> keith: stock has gone down in
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the summer time 46 and piked down to 26. alibaba is start to go recover, it's becoming more attractive. to me yahoo looks -- >> dagen: bounced -- >> keith: kind of mid-20's to 33 bucks. this thing was collapsing. >> maria: some people that were buying just for the alibaba spin-off. at the time that was where the value was. >> keith: alibaba is not crashing. >> cheryl: the tax status is in question, she's dealing with the irs over that. if she loses that fight, does that mean that the alibaba spin-off -- >> keith: there are a lot of smart people involved. a lot of huge stakes in yahoo. i don't know if they understand the tax implication.
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she didn't neither, evidently. i wouldn't know what to do with this. >> cheryl: tough fight. >> maria: thank you. donald trump doubling down on controversial 9/1 # -- 9/11 claims, trying to him down. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> would i approve water boarding? you bet your ass i would approve it. [cheers and applause] >> in a heart beat. don't kid yourself, it works, it works.
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only a stupid person would say it doesn't work. >> maria: wow, donald trump standing by his comments about bringing back water boarding an an interrogation tactics. calling it peanuts compared to isis. people are cheering him on. >> keith: my mom is canadian but she would not vote for mr. trump. you just heard what he said about the a word. come on, man, at the end of the day -- >> maria: it's working, resinating with people that want a tough leader and someone who is going to keep america safe. >> keith: i don't understand that. >> dagen: that's not really a potty mouth. [laughter] >> maria: dagen will tell you what a potty mouth is. >> keith: people still respect and --
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>> dagen: two articles on wall street journal. why donald trump survives the way and the wall street journal page has one. they suggest it's because trust in government has hit such an all-time low. he's outside of government. he speaks plainly. nothing gets him in trouble. in alabama he made the comment about he saw thousands and thousands of new jersey resident celebrating when the world trade center went down on 9/11. he saw them. he referenced a washington post article that said that some people were being looked into because they were celebrating. there's a difference between seeing it and reading a couple of lines in washington postback -- post back in 2001. >> keith: it doesn't hurt him in
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the media, at home there's a lot of conservative that watch languages and they're little but they add up to a lot. that's my personal opinion. i've been completely wrong on trump. i didn't predict he would be far in the polls. fox has the poll, he doesn't talk like that. i think it's going to help him. >> maria: he's certainly the one that the dems are worried about. two hours of the second reading of gdp. futures are under some pressure, we are expected lower averages. we are going to talk about the economy and what to expect in the markets and end of year. back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind?
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a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? ..
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maria: i am maria bartiroma, it is tuesday november 24th, joining me is dagen mcdowell and pete wakulla. your top stories at 6:30 on the east coast, breaking news at turkish fighter jet was shot down a russian aircraft unit turkey/syrian border, the russian aircraft was word several times to get out of turkish air space and did not. russia is denying that claim that the downed jet within terriers the. we have will latest as developments come in. the pilot ejected themselves and we have the whereabouts on those two. the latest developments out of paris, suicide deaths found, authorities believe it belongs to the attacker who is at large. brussels was on lockdown again,
6:30 am
but global travel warning in the wake of terrorist attacks in europe. french president francois hollande will meet with president obama in washington with the two will hold a news conference which you can watch on the fox business network. we will take at conference live for you. the latest reading on third quarter gdp, a report expected to show growth of the economy of 2.1%, hired an effort expectation and the first estimate, the readings on home prices and consumer confidence as well. look at futures, looking at a lower open for the broader averages today, dow jones industrial average down 60 points, nasdaq and isn't be featured this morning, futures erasing gains on the news of the russian aircraft being shot down. taking action in europe week day at on germany way not markets, the isn't the 53 points, the cac quarante and dax index down from a one% to 1.5%. similar story in asia, weakness in the hang saying in hong kong,
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the nikkei average him japan at its highest level with a gain of 1/4%. in football the new england patriots improving to 10-0. tom brady led his team to a 20-13 win over the buffalo bills. hbo teasing die hard game of thrones fans with the latest promotional poster john snow. it is displayed front and center spurring speculation that he lives on. >> big game of the game of thrones. >> the second reading of the recorder gdp, it did not set the tone for markets, a economists looking for an increase of 2.1% from the original reading of
6:32 am
1.5% and the reading on consumer sentiment ahead of the shopping season. joining us is craig and come adviser and ceo david, good to see you. is the gdp number important and would you expect? >> it is slightly important and relates to what is going to happen in fourth quarter gdp numbers, it is old news at this point. when you got to the first release of third quarter gdp it was a pretty good number even though the headline was 1-5, the biggest factor was the big inventory drawdown which dragged the number down 1.4% so it is not inventory coming down, 2.9%. really a pretty strong number to begin with, we think the inventory drag was not as big as was initially estimated sell the revision of to may be 2.1% but it is not a huge thing. the biggest thing to look at in this report would be corporate
6:33 am
profits, in the third quarter and that is the most important thing to look at. maria: what you're looking at? >> corporate profits if you are in the investment business you can't buy and sell the gdp, stocks, bonds and sell stocks and bonds and this report i agree. is old news. we have a much bigger thing in the world now. we have europe going into recession, we saw the first signs of it in the french hospitality, the latest data, high-frequency data and germany turning down and bought volkswagen thing is getting worse, the two largest economies in europe are going to show up worldwide over it the next week to quarters. >> correct me if i am wrong but you were one of the only people to buy europe when it was on its knees going all the way back and here you are actually saying this is a cycle that is running into the terrorist event.
6:34 am
>> do you bite your currency hedged with mario draghi taking negative rates more negative and stocks cheap? >> of lot of -- a lot of european investors love mario draghi. they want the cow bell, they want it. do you agree with that? >> of the interest rate is zeroy medical value of an asset is infinity. what is it -- to infinity? at that price investors like assets, on the gross aside and you are in europe and can't get a job and things are contracting or part of that in the u.s. which is not recovery you have trouble. maria: one more meeting of the ecb after thanksgiving. we expect to see more stimulus than. what about the u.s.? does that impact u.s. markets and at this point do you think
6:35 am
we will get a good job number? did they indicate anything to you? >> one of the big implications is the ecb is moving, facing deflation again, weak growth began, weak growth coming out of asia, japan, second quarter of contraction, canada had two quarters of contraction, globally all these challenges, the fed is on the principle of raising rates, funds futures 32%, in december, and a ten year treasury 224. what is happening in the euro zone affecting the u.s. markets, down to 39 points. keeping longer yields anchorage which is a stimulus for stocks. >> everything you said is important. when you look at the disconnect led the price and the stock market versus what you see the credit markets and commodity market is telling you, does this look a lot like late july to you or not in terms of that is
6:36 am
connect? >> it is similar but i also think i think there is a more realistic chance of seeing a rate increase this time so if that happens and you continue to see weakness and stocks grindings sideways but as long as the euro zone effect of keeping longer interest rates is in play, it is going to continue to be helpful for stock valuation. maria: raising it to a slowdown. >> we haven't seen the fed raised to a global slowdown. a fed raise of a quarter, mario draghi goes down, switzerland goes down, denmark goes down, sweden goes down, the spread between short-term rates there and here widened, dollar soars, we have yet to begin the scene, the strength in the dollar as time allows. dagen: what the bat on based on
6:37 am
that? >> there is an issue, banks need more capital, there is a real question about the big banks, regional banks, smaller banks our goods sector, big banks now how to play in the environment they keep getting in. >> tie it to corporate profits. the strong dollar certainly the isn't the 500 profit terms and not a tail wind, can you go through the profit cycle? >> if profits are flat in reported earnings in the s and p, 125, that is not very dramatic but if you are earning them in a $1 comparison with the stronger currency and you are anywhere in the world where is the flow from? same in the bond side. if you are sitting in sovereign walled fund in of lou dobbs wheat would you rather own a ten year german bond and get paid 40
6:38 am
basis points or ten year treasury and get two? we are a bargain. maria: not seen any impact of the terrorist attacks on markets? >> markets are resilience but here's the question. was paris their version of 9/11? or another sequence in what is an ongoing terrible stream of things we are going to see for a long time or was it a game changer? i think it was a game changer they there's debate about that. maria: and markets should react. negatively. >> the markets, the economy is react but offsetting central bank is more negative interest rates markets will go up in the face of the trouble and tragedy. dagen: that is probably what happened last week. >> a new low of 40 basis points. >> we have 2 trillion in sovereign debt, trading with negative rate now and it is growing every day. maria: kershaw county country
6:39 am
your team for st. jude's children's hospital. we are rooting for you. dagen: go st. jude's, thank you. happy to see you both, appreciate it very much. tesla finally unveiling details on the models x crossover. we have that story. nicole: says let releasing pricing details on luxury electric suv. the price tag for this one, the basic model is $80,000 plus $1,200 in delivery charges, the model-s is eligible for federal tax incentives of $7,500, pre order customers are able to choose battery capacity and the color option for their new crossover car. the all wheel drive as you see can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in six seconds. one of its most talked-about features are the full out falcon wing boards. tesla shares are down 11% for
6:40 am
the past year. we will continue to watch those this morning. if you want the traditions you can have seven seeds, and after $4,000, great sound system is another $2,500, about the subject zero with a package another it towson. it could be $100,000. maria: thank you so much. when you are in for 80 k you are in for 100 too. dagen: attacks incentive that you need a tax incentive. the funny you get tax incentive. >> bernie goes with 92% tax rate you might get half off. other things we can do. dagen: the design, i predict the design advancements they made in the calm wind up in a bunch of other vehicles assuming they don't have -- maria: technology of there. start your day every day with
6:41 am
nicole on "fbn a.m." every morning beginning at 5:00 a.m.. see you tomorrow morning. how low can they go as gasoline prices tumbled, on the verge of a nice thanksgiving treat when it comes to gasoline, that is next. tucson.
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maria: forget the pumpkin pie, drivers on the verge of another thanksgiving free, guess money predicting the price of gasoline with it $1.99 a gallon for the first time since 2009. phil flynn is at the cme group. below $2 by thursday? >> that is a big drop overnight and a tall order, we have to prop $0.06 a gallon over night but gas buddy has been pretty good in the past, they may be able to demand will depend on california and chicago where prices keep the national average high and 47 states are below $2 a gallon and don't know what we are talking about the leather below $2 a gallon for some time. the other interesting thing is look at demand for this thanksgiving holiday, it will be the strongest we have seen since that economic crisis began, 47
6:46 am
million americans will travel 50 miles an hour, got to love glow gas prices. >> all the snow birds, my dad drove to florida for the winter, loves gas buddy. maria: he follows them closely. joining us now is chief energy strategist chris can then man. what do you think? below $2 by gas by thanksgiving? >> it is a good time to buy oil. we have opec next week, we have increasing geopolitical tension, and the global market. in 2016, we expect lower 48 declines to accelerate and shine at demand the hold. maria: looking at oil and gasoline, both got. >> gasoline refined product. >> at that meeting, what the expect in terms of further
6:47 am
details. >> a huge event for the market. and oil trading down 20% or so. everyone we talk to is positioned like it is a non event, opec is not going to cut, they will pursue their market share strategy pressing prices lower, pressing customers in shine. we talk about volatility, derivatives. because of how one position is it might be worth owning volatility going into the event. it is the positioning mccall and more broadly. dagen: going to the opec meeting. >> volatility. >> that is something people don't follow this needs and explanation, oil volatility instead of the vix and equity markets, is unbelievably high, 45 still here. you could get 50, 60 again? >> we do.
6:48 am
future positioning is 1-sided going into this meeting. dagen: in terms of the upside, crude, have enough shale producers gone out of business that that has removed that supply from the market permanently because you haven't seen that? >> no. dagen: they can crank it back. puts a lid on prices. >> we agree with that statement. there's a lid on prices. without a sustained cut crude prices are trading in the range of 60 to 70 over the long term. a short cycle investment acts like a shock absorber in the market, leveraging the balance sheet and asset driving production back up. and horrible conditions. and it is a question-mark. dagen: a word on china and
6:49 am
demand, the key part of the world where you see any demand, a second official basically reiterating the economy not doing well. >> in national development reform commission central planning, and in the last two weeks basically said the reading is downward pressure, and raises rates, bringing back the fed because it is still slow. the demand story in oil. >> talking down the dollar. in front of the fed hike. the china demand is one of the most interesting development markets this year. we have seen a shift from diesel that drove a lot of the heavy industry, defining the last 20 years of investments to gasoline
6:50 am
and really an overnight shift. retail story, consumer story, in line with economic reforms the politburo is pushing. >> that links up to the consumption story the chinese are pivoting from industrial blowout dickens commission and give it is gasoline you say that is that miss understood story. >> that is exactly right and why we are bullish on demand at least holding up over 2016. maria: thank you. break-in news nato ministers, the meeting will take place at 5:00 p.m. eastern today, we want to find out what nato is saying about this. stay with us.
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maria: breaking news on the downed russian warplane and syria turkey border. ministers are meeting to discuss this incident. cheryl casone in with the latest. cheryl: turkey is a nato member and all of this developing in the last few hours, nato ministers will meet, they will discuss the russian plane that was shot down this morning, that will take place at 11:00 eastern time, the turkish jet shot down an aircraft near the turkey/syria border, conflicting reports, fox news reporting the russian aircraft was anywhere from 3 to 10 times to get out of turkish airspace, russia denies that claims that the jet was in turkey and aerospace. markets turn lower this morning, futures point higher so all these headlines across, and in d.c. meeting with president obama trying to get a coalition, he wants to include russia to go after isis, now you have this jetblue is one of those russian
6:55 am
pilots has been killed, syrian rebels say they have video footage of the body, we are working to confirm that. all this happening on the backdrop of the terrorist attacks donate no getting involved. this is at the very tense meeting not between obama and francois hollande but nato members. maria: we knew going into this that russia was over syrian airspace the offending serious presidents and turkey, they want bashar al-assad out. there is that element, russia appears to be fighting isis but in fact they are dropping airstrikes on those people they're trying to push bashar al-assad out. dagen: the united states is backing. russia is going after the u.s.-backed rebels. dagen: earlier in the show, so many people, republican presidential candidate and hillary clinton called for a no-fly zone in syria. this is the kind of thing you
6:56 am
would see on a daily basis, the conflict, potentially we try to implement that. cheryl: can't imagine what that will look like coming that because this has happened so quickly. this started breaking 4:00 a.m. eastern time today. everything changing so fast. francois hollande wants to meet with vladimir putin himself as well after his meeting with president obama. all of that putting francois hollande in a comfortable position. >> we fly alongside, can you lift economic sanctions and get obama, good to see is working, obama is going to have to basically is he the leader of nato? will he have leadership? maria: what keeps coming up is article 5 in 80 which says if somebody attacks one member of nato you have attacked all of them so we will see if article 5 comes up and what they will do
6:57 am
to russia. >> they go. if obama -- can he wake up? if he does it is today. maria: back in a moment, stay with us. you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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maria: happy tuesday, maria bartiroma, with me this morning, hedge i ceo keith mccullough, top stories at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast, breaking news, a turkish fighter jets shot down a russian aircraft near the turkish/syria border, the russian aircraft was warned at least three times, some reports a ten times to get out of turkish airspace. russia denies the claim. native ministers at 11:00 a.m. at 11:00 a.m. we will see what comes out of it. now that turkey has shot down a russian plane. now the latest out of paris.
7:01 am
a suicide that was found, authorities say belong to the attackers still at large. brussels on lockdown for a fourth day in a row, issuing a global travel warning to americans. and in february of 2016. french president francois hollande will meet with president obama in washington later this morning, they will hold a news conference we will take live, you can watch right here on the fox business network at 11:30 eastern. the global terrorist threat to top issue on the campaign trail. donald trump doubled down on comments about bringing back water boarding to combat isis. >> what i approve water boarding? you bet your ass i would approve it. in a heartbeat. don't kid yourself, folks. it works. only a stupid person would say it doesn't work.
7:02 am
maria: new york city mayor rudy guiliani and presidential candidate lindsey graham, will get their take on new developments this morning. a big story, latest reading on a third quarter gdp, expected to show growth at 2.1% higher than the first estimate, readings today on home prices and consumer confidence. looking at futures ahead of those numbers, take a look. the dow jones industrial average down 70 points, nasdaq and the is and be 500 down 1/2% on each, erasing gains on news of the russian aircraft being shot down. that certainly is impacting markets this morning, checking action in europe we are looking at lower performances there as well. the cac quarante and the dax index down 1% between 1% 2%, week day out of germany weighing on markets. in asia overnight mostly to the upside the nikkei average in japan at its highest level since august, the moves coming before
7:03 am
the russian aircraft were shot down. made a ministers will meet today to talk about the russian warplane shot down by turkey earlier overnight. want to bring in nebraska senator and former member of the 9/11 commissioner bob kerrey. thanks for joining us. your thoughts on these developments overnight? >> nothing to talk about, you cross their airspace and we should your plane down, our nato allies, we got to work on the ground, you are bombing our allies. case closed. clear plan across the aerospace again we will shoot the next one down. maria: how does vladimir putin reactors that? >> i don't care how he reacts. the fact is turkey is the nato ally, russia across to bomb our allies on the ground and we taught -- shot the plane down. that is the rule. dagen: do you believe the people in conversations whether it is
7:04 am
within nato or in the united states, people we turned to to speak publicly, will they use the same language we are using? >> probably not. it has to be cut and dried. this is a clear violation of turkey's aerospace. we will say to them we are not going to warn you, you are bombing our ally on the ground, turkey is a nato ally as well, absolutely. dagen: doing it almost on purpose, he is there for a reason, fighting isis, fighting u.s.-backed rebels who are trying to get bashar al-assad out. >> i am not interested, and that psychology in this sort of thing. turkey is a nato ally, shot an airplane down, and next time we don't warn you. >> what are the odds of him doing stuff like this?
7:05 am
>> i don't know. probably, once you are back in the united states, inside public opinion, press conference overseas, created lots of problems for his democratic allies as well. and what we have in afghanistan in the 80s, having contained in syria and didn't have been contained in syria. and people from outside what is contained war zone. >> with earnings, we believe volatile and uncertain economic conditions in the u.s. and other regions are affecting consumer spending, this is a major u.s. company, the most recent data point, obama has to wake up in america and say this is affecting american psyche. >> watch what is going on in mali or paris it doesn't put you in the mood to buy jewelry. maria: i want to ask you because
7:06 am
you were on the 9/11 commission we have donald trump saying -- dagen: he's a new jersey residents albritton when the world trade center towers went down. >> would you call somebody who sees something nobody else has seen? what do you call them? >> may be a presidential candidate. >> he saw something nobody else saw. what do you call somebody like that? you call them crazy or delusional. you certainly don't credence to them. nobody saw it but donald trump. he is the only human and you watch the news all the time, he is the only guy that saw it. what else did he see? maria: why is he resonating with america? >> this is the hundred anniversary of the general theory of relativity. it is weird.
7:07 am
i don't know. maria: part of the issues people want the american president to be tough and he is saying things that are tough and it disempowering for the people. >> the thing i disagree strongest on is an alternative strategy, lay it out. mike vicars, intelligence chief act dod who was part of the effort to drive the russians out of afghanistan and private taliban out, laid out in politico a strategy to defeat isis. it takes much more bombings, a few more troops on the ground, you have to aggressively say we will drive them out and you can, you can retake mobile, you got to say that is the objective. the republican candidates are all saying we have to defeat isis rather than contain the man that is doable but you got to do it. maria: hillary clinton's isis strategy was an extension of
7:08 am
obama's strategy? >> maybe albert einstein. it is laying out i would say a completely different position. the president was saying we will contain, they are contained hillary is saying they are not contained, the objective has to be to defeat isis. can you do it? the answer is absolutely yes. mike vickers' laid out in politico an exact way to do it, we did it before in afghanistan. you don't have to put hundreds of thousands of troops on the ground and occupied the nation state when you are done, you can be gone after words. >> this hole being tough, sounding tough, the islamic terrorist looks like a modern-day caveman and how he is thinking about things, does trump put himself in a position that he doesn't actually looked awful, he looks like almost like a belligerent give man just yelling words like stupid, he used a different word, is an opportunity for someone to lead
7:09 am
with a specific plan and say this is what we should do right here and now? >> if you read mike vickers's piece he lays it out in detail. vickers says that is what needs to be done. and it can be done again. maria: is that plan resonating? >> i don't know but i hope so. my guess is the white house is paying attention -- vickers is the respected die? he knows what he is talking about. >> he is forced in the next year to do what we were doing right now. >> the american people are afraid. no reason to be afraid. dagen: his language has changed, he is talking about. john kerry's comments seem to be leaning forward as well.
7:10 am
they are going to respond, either gas or hope for the response because it is a genuine eggs essential threat and something we can defeat. maria: what goes on at this meeting today with nato begin discussing the turkey shooting of the russian plane, we will see what happens at that meeting. >> i don't know. we are nato in lots of ways. i said what i said at the beginning, you crossed our air space, nato ally and we should the plane down, not debatable. we won't wring our hands and say this is terrible, we won't get any relativity on this thing, you shot down, you cross your space, we shot you down and we will do again. maria: gary kasparov was on the show, he said isn't it just the beginning, this will get a lot worse. based on what we have seen some of aren't terms a terrorist activities, do you think it gets worse? >> we will take down your king if necessary.
7:11 am
we have the capacity and demonstrated that capacity, he pushed beyond the rules. crossing the airspace of a nato ally and his plane got shot down. you cannot equivocate. that sort of stuff, you are in trouble. there is the iran deal. what does that yield? >> hard-liners in charge, makes it difficult to negotiate on anything. made a terrible mistake, the president had the international community, but syria crossed the red line and used chemical weapons and double right war inside syria. dagen: good to have you on the program, thanks for joining us.
7:12 am
the new quinnipiac poll just released shows donald trump still on top in a i love. new contenders are on his heels, we are following breaking news where russian aircraft was shot down, we will be right back. stay with us.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
maria: quinnipiac polls, donald trump in the lead in iowa with ted cruz making a big jump in. lake berman in washington with the latest. >> there is of major change in eyewall according to the latest quinnipiac university poll. ted cruz has surged into a close second, a virtual tie with donald trump in the first-ever early voting. trump does regain his lead and sits atop the polls 20% support from likely republican caucus goers. ted cruz is behind him at 23 and as they climb, dr. ben carson is
7:16 am
at 18. marco rubio the only other in double digits. this is a huge contrast the shows the contrast from one month ago, ted cruz has more than double his i ellis support seeing a 13% increase while carson has lost 10 points. carson defended his sagging poll numbers on the kelly file. >> people begin to listen to what i say, not the volume at which i say it, i think they will recognize it is exactly the right formula. >> reporter: part of the reason for his rise in iowa is he is the choice for republicans to identify themselves as evangelical, very conservative or out member of the tea party, those are groups carson had locked down which seemingly it seems which to the senator from texas. maria: cruz has been tough. one thing i have been saying around the debate, if and when he gets into the highest office
7:17 am
he will read the iran deal to shreds. that is what he said. >> the issue ted cruz resonates the most according to this hole with voters in iowa is foreign policy. that isn't stage in the next few weeks. >> the account some people think he has, his image problem a be coming more of a tail wind whereas he talks to people and gets all over this topic in your debate in particular, he did quite well. dagen: i can tell you anecdotally conservative voters, republican voters are beginning to look at ted cruz, beginning to go to his rallies, drive a couple hours just to hear him speak, we haven't seen him, we have seen ben carson, we have gone to see marco rubio, now we will go out of our way to see ted cruz. it connects, he has the tea
7:18 am
party, but he is strong on foreign policy because he was against the nsa phone data program. >> people are questioning whether we should put privacy issues aside when you get government to follow the terrorists with this metadata. take a short break, coming up, blake berman, people -- mail held an emergency meeting after a russian jet was downed near the syrian turkey border.
7:19 am
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maria: busy morning, breaking developments on the downing of a russian plane by turkey. cheryl casone will latest on this and any urgency meeting this morning. cheryl: all these headlines causing in the last 20 minutes
7:22 am
or so particularly when it comes to nato. we are just finding out is going to hold an emergency meeting today in brussels on the downing a russian plane by a turkish jet. we will have more on that story throughout the hour. also looking at other news headlines, pfizer announce a deal with allergan, reports already this morning that the be he met his up, 5 seconds a hundreds of millions of dollars in moving its tax headquarters to cairo and, that has been a controversial subject, the inversion we talked about earlier, more headlines we are getting in with regards to turkey, this nato meeting, and that interview you did was fascinating. and any nato member attacks a
7:23 am
country. and you have obama and francois hollande meeting today. and the nato meeting, >> and russia, syria and iran. >> the rules are the rules, the plane, be clear, the firm, be tough. it is it something to take.
7:24 am
and -- up and american muslims, i get that but this meeting with francois hollande, would have to address this. >> obama cares about his reputation. you wake up now he's back into the american media, he is not popular right now. and to potentially pivot. does he want to wake up and say this is a no-brainer, i get to be tough on vladimir putin, lay down the law, stand there and leave nato, why wouldn't he do that? i would be shocked if he doesn't take that opportunity, ted cruz will say something like that. maria: john kerry is in israel today. he is not even in europe currently. just another component of it. what happens to israel?
7:25 am
this year ran the light keep bringing up because it is a situation where we have got the supporter of terrorism globally, we all know iran is a supporter of terrorism, we did a deal with them and they are basically partnering with russia and syria. >> certified train wreck. cheryl: in a point that basically vladimir putin wants to protect bashar al-assad. that is who he wants to stay in power, doing it, going after our forces in syria, rebel forces we have back and put our lives behind. no respect for america. maria: we have a preview of third quarter gdp number an hour from now. and marissa meyer may be on the chopping block after reports of low company more out, bringing the latest there. we are back in a moment.
7:26 am
7:27 am
7:28 am
minister. >>. maria: good morning. i'm maria bartiromo, it is
7:29 am
tuesday, and november 23, top stories 7:30 a.m., on the east coast. this morning, a turkey fighter jet shooting down russian aircraft fox news reporting it was warned at least three times some reports say 10 simes to get out of tuck turkish air spaiz russia is denying the claim cheaper in turk aboutish airspace ministers are holding a meeting this morning to discuss shooting down of russian aircraft latest out of paris a suicide vest found authorities believe it belonged to the attacker at large mastermind of the attacks in brussels a lockdown for fourth this day in a row u.s. this morning issuing a global travel warning in wake of tris attack in paris basically the terror warning in place they say until february 2016. françois hollande the meet with president obama in washington two will hold a news conference, you can watch on fox business network we
7:30 am
will take that live for you. markets today latest on third gaerlt gdp out to about an hour, to show growth 2.1% higher than the first estimate we will also get readings today, on home prices and consumer confidence, futures lower opening for broader averages take a look where we wander dow jones industrial average to open down 80 points gdp was very likely set tone as well as the consumer confidence numbers futures erased gains earlier on news of that russian aircraft being shot down excepting a weaker opening to the tune of one half one per cent similar in europe this morning check the action there we got weak date, on the german economy pmi out of europe all week continue to show a slow growth story, really no growth story in europe, european averages this morning down between 1 and 2% overall, following latest in france, this morning, as an o explosive vest was found in a preys suburb, ashley on the
7:31 am
ground in paris with the very latest. good morning to you. >> good morning to you maria yes, indeed, investigators believe that suicide vest that didn't have a detonator was a link to salah abdeslam the man maintained to escape authorities is still on the run at this time. it is believed he dumped that belt there was picked up by friends escaped to belgium in hours following attacks in paris 11 days ago, french investigators questioning a man essentially rented out his apartment in saint-denis to abaaoud the man believed to have orchestrated attacks here being questioned could become first person charged in direct connection to the terror attacks he maintains he had no idea who the people were, that he was allowing basically giving shelter to also he says has no idea what they were planning, but he has to be charged today or released so
7:32 am
we are following that. we are also finding out paris businesses will be given access to an insurance poll to help offset losses in the days since the transistor attacks, a state backed insurance pool if you like business can access up to 600,000 euros, that is going to be important, because businesses dropped off dramatically, just found out that air flights to france in the week following the attack fell by 27%, maria back to you. >> that is kind of fundamental response that in fact markets will react to at some point thank you very much ashley webster on the ground in paris our market moving story we are one hour away from the latest reading, on the health of the u.s. economy third quarter gdp to come in 21.appears compares to reading 1 1/2% the numbers to move markets, your money this morning with more on number what it means forts global economy, and what we're seeing in terms of investor flows i want to bring in bob mccann ubs america incoming
7:33 am
chairman, now to tell you if ubs incoming president fox business exclusive good to see you thank you for joining us before the impact of what we're seeing out there, let me get to your news and bob you are stepping down as president of wealth management of americas becoming chairman the end of the year tom you are taking over as president of the americas, beginning on january 1, congratulations to you both. >> thank you. >> why make this change right now? bob? >> well, i think -- our group ceo wanted to make changes, at this time of the year, to get the team in place that is going to lead the business next year. as far as my own personal situation, i started talking to sergio the middle of the year about want to go make magazine changes in my life have more time, and be able to stay with the company and focus on the things that i enjoy and i will be spending a let the record further reflect time with clients, in flare, i have a background, in the markets, as well as welt management i am very comfortable talking to ceos,
7:34 am
cios as well as wealth individuals, that is what i am going to spend my time focusing on. >> you've been overseeing a division that has been one of the jewels for ubs tom you are coming in taking over at a time that investor flows solid down all macroevents in the world do your priorities differ from what bob has been putting in place. >> no maria i was bob's cfo six years ago when he came in worked on strategy together, the team has been executing over the last six years, right in line with what we laid out. i think as you look out over the course of let's say five or six years, if first five was about how we make a billion in this business next five is how we make the second billion. >> wow what are you seeing in terms of investor flows are you surprised that markets do not react to the terrorist events that we've been talking about so much for example? >> yeah the combination, of both -- the geopolitical also
7:35 am
concern about monetary policy both, the fed and also the ecb moving, really in two diametrically as opposed positions puts clients in a position concerned they want the wait and wavp i think you are seeing that in the current level flows. >> because in recent quarter, investment bank did very well investor flows slowed down, bob. >> they slowed down a bit the last quarter, but to go back to your question i am actually not surprised, the way clients are reacting to the markets, again perhaps it is my early background in the business but i do believe in the collective wisdom of the markets, and it is horrific as events in paris were last week, and for all of us if you live in new york or boston, d.c. it immediately takes you back when you had that horrific event in your city i think the markets understand very well and made the conclusion came to the conclusion that that wasn't going to have permanent economic effect because of that you get the muted reaction, i think, actually
7:36 am
more troubling than the tomorrow attacks in paris came down overnight is lockdown in brussels the kind of thing that slows economic growth that is the kind of thing that investors will look to over the intermediate longer term. >> when you have a lockdown like brussels people freeze don't do anything what kind of 2016 are you expecting tom. >> 2016 the first thing, that the clients are going to have to erect to in the markets have to react to is fed will they or won't they clearly seems leaning in the direction that they will. and unless there is some surprise from geopolitical standpoint that changes that. so i think that adjustment to a -- a gradual process of tightening is going to be the market story for 2016. maria: and how do you address that the i mean do you knees to xhaings in your allocating capital in your running of the business? if in fact the fed does raise next month. >> we we've been for quite sometime, prepositioning ourselves for the change and monetary policy for the fed
7:37 am
and if you actually look at wealth management in particular, ubs group as a whole we benefit substantially from rigs short term interest rates in the u.s. >> you want rates higher. >> higher rates in a gradual way would actually be good for our business, and with respect to clients, our chief investment office, we expect to move in december we. the rate increase in the united states, to be more gradual than it has been historically. we expect easing rates in japan and europe. and we still favor risk assets we like european eurozone equities japan equities in particular right now. >> you like, europe and japan. >> yeah. >> even though those economies are japan in recession i guess. >> yes. >> europe quite slow let me get your take, on -- on something else, and that is really what you are seeing in terms of investor flows right now the fact ubs is a large bank, with a lot of capital we know that, but yesterday we heard from federal reserve dan
7:38 am
basically saying major banks have to raise capital are you going to need to raise more capital. >> so if we look -- the swiz regime is toust in the world, the new too big to fail legislation, that has been negotiated in switzerland announceed a few weeks ago puts switzerland the highest capital requirements, in the world. so for us, you know, work on it happen c, the specific point that he was bringing out for us we believe we are well prepared for that with the swiss regime. >> for wall street you are looking at bonuses right now 2016 what do you want to tell employees, today, given the fact that people are worried that we are having more job cuts? are you done with the cutting? >> no i think if you if you look at 2015, 2016 the environment backdrop is one more favorable for our industry we still have a bit more to go, in terms of our overall program, he is
7:39 am
effectiveness and efficiency globally but investing in growth areas of both the americas, and asia-pacific. here in united states hiring finance minister advisors looking to bring talent into organization going to have 7,000 financi7 th7,000 advisories we are interested in in other talent for the organization people have client relationships, and in particular, financial advisor we changed our business in 2009 tom and i started workering together 32% of invested assets ubs from clients who had less than a million dollars, with our firm, today 83% of our invested assets come interest clients have a million dollars or more with our firm 39% comes from people who have 10 million or more, so tleptsdz men and women that are
7:40 am
financial advisories there is a applies. >> thanks for make being those investors risk aveers or sitting on cash. >> yes, across our clients, that we pole they have 20% in cash. >> that is a big number. >> it is. >> bob, tom congratulations this you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> we will be watching developments happy tax payi thanksgiving tou both. >> the russian aircraft shot sundown nato holding an emergency meeting later day back in a moment with more details, stay with us. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual?
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maria: welcome back, turk shoots down you a russian fighter jet nato is hold emergency meeting cheryl casone with latest. cheryl: that is right we continue to follow development turkey has called that emergency meeting for 11:00 a.m. eastern time after turk f-16's fired on a russian plane they say crossed the boarder into turkish air spa is. >> they are insist it was over syrian territory shot down turkey says completeness followed on return jet after it ignored self-warnings, one report says washed 10 times russia denying all claims we
7:45 am
will follow the russian jet and turkey, also fog big entertainment news, big money maria, adele's album expected to set a new record in the industry, her album sold more than .3 million copies in u.s. -- 2.3 million copies first three days on market, music says adele will break that one week record for an album, last one set by in sync in 20002.4 million a lot of money for her, finally this, tesla unveiling a price for model sxi., suv not cheap the vehicle costs you get this 80 grand, before delivery charges i am sure you are waiting to buy that, that is 5,000 more than the lowest priced version of breakthrough sedan that was model, so customers are saying we are going to basically who is going to order it now and drive away another year at least that is big question for tesla, condition you produce cars as fast as getting orders.
7:46 am
maria: wow, all right. we will see, thanks so much yashgs hoa ceo in hot set a struggles to turn company around jo ling kent on that. jo ling: in hot seat three years yahoo! ceo facing pressure as more are struggling leaving the company, 13 major players now yahoo! left this year alone, including, executives in the media business "wall street journal" reporting morale new allow in the company brought in consultants from mckenzie service executives signed agreements to say they will stay with wahoo at least three more years few have done that developments come almost a week after activist investors urge yahoo! to drop plans to spin off alibaba instead sell core business a referral of that position because therl -- pushing to separate from alibaba we are taking a look at stock right now it is down,
7:47 am
1.6%, year to date, and company, sometime plans to go with spinoff not proved by irs not commenting further on appall of this morale inside the company. >> i don't understand where they changed position. >> it looks like core businesss are not growing ceo case doing well in mobile video, and ads apparently isn't enough they think more valuable to hang on to alibaba down 33% year to date. dagen: you spin alibaba off wipe lip soon-to-being ostick o. >> thats about own oinker this stock, is really a dog, that is really what the people at the company are basically saying, how do they rerefute that. >> what they are trying to do is saying look at things we're doing well, video, but then, they are trying to deflect
7:48 am
that search is not able to compete video not doing so well actually struggling in so many ways they want to take on google netflix unable to do that all executives. >> that is family issue pregnant with twins i think that she is due next month, it is this is all going on so you still got to run the company. >> has said takes multiple years to revive growth not necessarily good indicator. >> good as also a ailes apprentice program celebrating diversity success among grouts meet the graduating las next. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
7:49 am
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and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience.
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and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. maria: another fox we have a
7:52 am
one off of a apprentice to prome diversity develop careers inside the television news industry the program created by chairman ceo rodger ailes in 200, 11th class honored in new york city joining me this year's graduates, from the end here -- good to see you congratulations good morning. >> so interesting, to learn how you progressed in this program first off, what was the most exciting or best part of this program. >> one of the more exciting moments for my, was having the opportunity, to interview rita moreno actress broadway star just happened to have an opportunity to speak with her, and about her experiences, in the industry, just kind of -- >> pretty important, special thing that you were able to interview someone of her caliber what about you?
7:53 am
>> well, i am so sorry i had -- an opportunity to travel to san francisco, and it was a moment of pride for me i went there for diversity journalism conference to be there to be able to represent fox news, was amazing, because really special feeling to work for a company that not only believes in you but that you also belief? >> that is apologize, i want to get to you, you actually were able to travel. >> yes. >> something california sunshine didn't hurt at all. >> what about you? >> i think i am -- i got to travel to minnesota to go to nadj, an awesome experience, i got to meet so many people, that are in the industry that are awesome so influential that was amazing. maria: just being a force to interview people have a rapport and have to do the work, in education. >> yes definitely. maria: what about you?
7:54 am
>> the opportunity to work on long form dock meant release the highlight. >> what strikes me you are able to do something you think you are good at that you love, and pursue it. >> one of the best things about the program is you have an opportunity to kind of spread your wings around a country learn skill sets for me an opportunity to hone into producing skills, do packages out in the field, studio, a great experience is for me. >> all comes to story telling as well to be able to like sit in edit rooms work with the legalitied producers editors highlight for me i really wander to practice my on air camera skills got to do that going out in the field, shooting stand-ups reporting, so it all comes together. maria: real-life experience, i got to tell you what do you do now with all this experiencing that you've gained last year congratulations on graduating now what?
7:55 am
now -- put skills to use, i spent a lot of time in background learning about booking, producing shows, yesterdayiting packages, i get to put skills to the test. >> was it what you expected when you get out there booking somebody on the phone, was it what you thought it would be. >> i think, it is -- a lot less glamorous than i thought but so much fun. >> people think -- we know it is not. >> hopefully i can -- i've been working with documentary for years make more specials. >> how about you -- >> i think what mr. ailes said this is a leadership program time for us to use skills we learned exemplify leadership looking forward to doing that. >> having this on résume has to be huge ailes apprentice graduate what do you do with experience, for me all the exposure culminates into an opportunity to continue to
7:56 am
spread wings around the company learn skill sets would like to climb the corporate ladder. >> you want to run the place. >> bottom line, good to know congratulations to all of you, just -- terrific work congratulations. we will be looking for you to be running the show. sitting on that set so that we can interview you up next former new york city smair rudy giuliani with us with senator lindsey graham on russian warplane shot down by turkey a lot happening stay with us we will be right back. powered by active trader pro.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
. . maria: good morning. i'm maria bartiromo a, welcome back it is tuesday, november 24, with me this morning, fox business network dagen mcdowell, hedgeye ceo keith mccullough, and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. in the house. first top stories 8:00 a.m. on
8:00 am
east coast, breaking news this morning, a turkish fierth jet shot did you know shooting down russian aircraft parked me near a turkey satire boarder fox news reporting russian aircraft was warned at leastfully times some others who are saying 10 times to get out of turkish air space before turkey shot down that plane nato mirandizes meeting this hour to discuss incident at 11:00 a.m. eastern time this morning, russia denying the claims moments ago, russian president vladimir putin said the russian pilot did not threaten anyone, and downing of the plane will have serious consequences, for russian turkey relations futures extending losses this morning as we are 30 minutes away, from the second reading of the third quarter growth number. >> the gdp report out in 30 minutes, as you can see, the markets have detier eighthed lastly half hour as we got that response from vladimir putin says a showing down his
8:01 am
plane will have serious consequences, now to latest developments out of paris this morning, a suicide vest has been found, in a bar game pale authorities say it belonged to attacker still at large, in brussels, there is a lockdown under way for fourth this day in a row u.s. as well has issued a global travel warning, in the wake of the terrorist attacks, this attractively warning in place until february, 2016. apparently, frechl president françois hollande will meet with president obama in washington later this morning two will hold a news conference you can washing right here fixingh fox business network we will take that conference live. >> we will harry from republican presidential candidate senator lindsey graham on breaking news this morning, back total breaking news of the moment that is nato mirnz meeting today to discuss russian warplane shot down by turkey today year turkishir syria boarder peter. >> good morning that is right let's take another look at video believed to be on the border showing a fighter jet
8:02 am
darting across the sky a portion appears on fire as it pluksz knows down moments later, it flies behind a hill or mountain a dark plume of smoke rises above it, turkey says it should the down that architect after it ignored o multiple warnings for violating its airspacerun officials dispute that staying fighter skwlet was on syrian side of the border, russia has been $5 odds with u.s. and allies for bombing missions inside syria u.s. says are mainly, targeting moderate syrian fighters who oppose assad regime as you mentioned in brussels later day nato members will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the shooting down, of the russian jet and here in washington, a pentagon official says u.s. was not involved in any way in this incident that official says u.s. is closely monitoring the activity in the region, and the incident will surely be on agenda between president obama, an his from each xaurt françois hollande when they meet at white house today two will hold a news
8:03 am
conference, later this morning, president obviously has a lot on to discuss, with president hollande who is trying to get the u.s. more involved in the fight in isis post the attacks in paris, maria back to you. maria: peter thank you so much peter barnes we are taking a that press conference live 11:30 a.m. eastern when president holy headline meets with president obama in studio fox news kroernt former navy fighter plooilt pleaa grab realm, and latest good to see you thank you for joining as you say mayor rudy giuliani, mr. mayor good to see you -- >> good to see. >> you your leadership another the september 11 was unmatched we know that, and now we are sort of in this leadership vacuum where rush has taken control. >> amazing, i mean president hollande you read is coming to the white house to urge the president to get more involved, [laughter] >> should have gone to paris. >> should be o other way
8:04 am
around we should be the one urging people to get involved in effort against isis legislated nleakeding not following first of all, terrible from point of view the morale of american people people say there is a lack of leadership. america is strongest country on earth every respect, where the biggest military in the world, we should be leading the fight against one of the most dangerous forces that puts the western world at risk. that is what we have a president for. remember? presidents supposedly leader of the western world. >> yeah. >> president hollande leader of the we were world. >> quote, that earlier in the week maria and i with advertised about what i am not supercedeing into posing assuming some notion of the merp leadership. >> america winning. >> whatever that means. >> i am not sure he knows what it means leadership means you set a goal, then you urge other people to follow you, to
8:05 am
achieve that goal have goal should be destruction of isis we should be leading it other people should be joining with us, in destroying isis we should put together, a grand coalition, of countries, that are affected by it we now have us affected belgian france,england we should lead that. >> now jabz back and forth now on the wires you've got putin saying, this is a stab in the back, you go the the prime minister of turkey saying it is turkey's right to respond, if airspace is violated. >> how do you see it. >> well it is absolutely, turkish's right to responded as much a shot at u.s. our leadership in the region as it is absent russia, you know, back in october, russia was push that airspace that they are crop offing into turkey airspace turkey shows restraint warning russian jets for locking on to turkish jets, they were basically saying sorry you know, we to accidentally went to airspace because of weather now russia
8:06 am
is going to lie den counter accuse say we around the in your airspace we are actually shot down by somebody other than about turkish airplanes lie den counter accuse that is what vladimir putin does look what is going on across the black sea from turkey crimea taken by russia now on turkish southern border russia building up focuses, in building up forces russia strengthening the region a huge threat to turkey right now turk sees that, and they are responding, and they are not joking around. >> corey yesterday gary was on the show, he said look number one this is going to get a lot worse number two, putin has to do things like this because he thrives in conflicting he. >> he does to show russian people don't worry about it you've got no money your economy you've got no jobs oil prices have plummeted, i am the big tough guy in the room going to save the day by oi by being tough, because of all this conflict, by the way, the conflict that he created corey.
8:07 am
>> yeah, i think that is right. the russian military has been engaged in provoctive dangerous behavior almost two years proeshdz air defenses of nato countries flying with transponders off, those are kinds of things that create conflagration the russians have a lot of explaining to do why in turkish airspace why they didn't respond to turkish probes to get them out of the airspace. the recurrence have been bathe this confined of behavior a long time. >> -- proves actually in power of vacuum, right, so where is the vacuum the rack no american leadership in the region, we sort of invited them into syria, when president obama over last five years, drew 12 red lines said, if -- assad uses chemical weapons or any other form of weapon of that sort this is consequences, there were no consequences rode line turned into a pink line, then --
8:08 am
>> yellow line. >> have that isn't funny. >> it is absurd we have left a vacuum. >> meantime watching russia billed inactival forces russia billed up force admiral ferguson the a top commander in europe says russia building an arc of steel from arctic to med military forefathers naval focuses missiles into nato countries this is a huge concern this is not just something happening in that recently this isn't russia growing power around the world and russia if you met someone will shake your hand smile at you and then do exactly the as opposed to of what they just said, that is russia that is vladimir putin, and that is what is happening in this region. >> romney knew it said russia is one to watch during the 2012 election, and obama said that romney was a -- um, a
8:09 am
cold war dinosaur. >> he did. >> what changes between now and next november? >> well, i don't think much changes except for the fact a presidential debate that might push the president to act a little bit more did he says toively. >> white for us to get to -- >> -- that is what i think it is positive are to listen to what some candidates are saying when people are making the decisions at home as to who they want to vote important important to listen to when a some candidates are saying about russia there are candidates out there think russia is our friend, that is extremely naive. >> that is why ted cruise in the toll -- >> what do you think about cruz rubio who is going to bring thunder not call people stupid and talk about. >> i think somebody has to talk seriously about building up military power reminds me of carter reagan succeeding carter did a massive reduction in military finally the end started to build up trying to
8:10 am
run for reelection. >> president real estate georgian had to rebuild our military president bush had to do same thing after president clinton think a the peace dividend, so i think we're going to need a president rebuilds our military, what can at it this way, here was the gap between let's say, china is another one, building up its navy south china sea this is the gap between our navies we were here they were there we are reducing the size of our you navy making their ability to catch us easier what they can do according to gorbachev you read his book quote spent soviet union out of compensates closest quote 5% of our compd or 60 cents on military they have to spend, 15, 16, 25 gdp, this man you doesn't understand that, doesn't get it. >> wants to cut. >> he don't you upset budget, military power, i don't know -- i mean just -- >> one point to be made about this administrator indiana shootdown of russian plane is
8:11 am
that we will be able to piece together where the russian plane was when it was shot down, that is information we will find out right now, diplomacy has to be strong we did not want to -- that is why we that is why we came up with mou with russia over communications that airspace this is stall what we did not want to happen. maria: and i would say that it is probably exactly what russia was planning, escalation. >> final word from you let me ask you this putin on wires saying there is going to be real skwengs for shooting down my warplane, what does that mean in your view? >> what are consequences. >> well, i noticed of that putin focused it on consequences with turkey, and this is something he has done before to try and pick off nato allies, and frighten alliance into not standing in unified way smart for turks to
8:12 am
ask nato countries to invoke article v the mule defense pledge, so that the russians are actually facing a united west i agree with come at a timeors president obama has not required them to do. >> russia saying it is legitimately there because it is there by invitation of syria don't forget that. >> russia in bed with syria. >> calling you turkey terrori terrorist. >> protecting his assets, wants sanctions lifted. >> of course. >> lea thank you for insights as always lea gabriele corey goods to see you joining us as well president obama will meet with french president françois hollande today 10:30 a.m. this morning is when the meeting will start the first meeting since deadly terrorist attacks in paris coverage that have fox business network take a short break more on this russian warplane shot down, by nato ally turkey with nato set to meet later this morning senator lindsey graham on possible repercussions back in a moment.
8:13 am
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8:16 am
. maria: welcome back, breaking news on downed russianplane fox news he wroerth wreckage that have plane founded in syria, cheryl casone joins wahs the latest. cheryl: that is right we are getting this from jennifer griffin fox news channel, a low the of things developing according to jennifer griffin the wreckage in syria but u.s. official pentagon official telling her that the fractures show radar tracks do show that jet was actually above turkish airspace u.s. officials pilots heard that the fact that the turkish pilots were telling russian polites you are in that airspace get out. this meeting today turkey called for emergency meeting 11:00 a.m. eastern time, after that turkish f-16 two of them actually fired on russian plane, turkey again says that it crossed the border, into turkey syrian bored turkish airspace russian defense
8:17 am
minister sin sitting over sign territory downed by fiery. >> former nebraska senator bob kerrey was discussing this with you earlier on the show. >> the fact is, turkey is a nato ally, russian plane crossed airspace to bomb our ally on the ground we shot the plane down we will do it again, and that that is the rules that is how we're going to operate oi turkey says its planes fired on return jet after it ignored several warnings again hearing from jennifer griffin out of d.c. this morning from fox news channel indeed that american pilots are supporting what the turkish pilots are saying happened in the airspace over turkey and syria a lot going on back to you. maria: insurer is, you've got mayor rudy giuliani in the studio with us, basically u.s. is saying look, we hear this, on tape that they are urged them to get out of the -- the space, the turkish airspace, mr. mayor, i want to also get your take what senator kerry
8:18 am
said earlier. >> well i think he i think he is right, the reality is going -- this is the one time accident to be one thing but this is going on quite sometime, russia is pushing the envelope, turkey is very unhappy with russia doing in syria anyway what they are doing is killing, what we would regard as moderate fringe. maria: u.s.-backed, they are killing u.s.-backed rebels. >> muslims opposed to extremity group trying to keep assad in power a tragedy for the syrian people i can't think of a man who lawsuitered more of his people in the last a ducked that is what the core of this russia trying to push envelope as much as it can trying to get away with as much as it ka-get away with america out of the picture, there is no -- there is no big strong guy on the politic, to protect anybody so you can -- push a country like turkey around zhoo a. >> why russia is new strong guy on the block.
8:19 am
>> he left a vacuum clear left by president obama, in that area, started when he started drawing red lines, not following through on it, putin saw it, and -- i think putin took measure when he first became president and gave up the -- the defense of the czech republic and poland, he comes in just gives to it reset relationship. i disagree with that completely, i worked for ronald reagan nuclear defense is a necessity, think of israel. maria: absolutely. >> if you are going to give it up, it will me what he got for it? >> root. >> gives things up recognizes cuba gets nothing for recognizing cuba, i mean maybe he gets a release of some prisoner maybe joann is back. maria: the iran deal. >> iran deal we can't forget that, and they put an american in jail. in iran "washington post"
8:20 am
reporter we've got a lot of analysis coming up stay with us.
8:21 am
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what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. . maria: welcome back brand-new quinnipiac poll coming in earlier today on gop front donnon in the lead in iowa senator ted cruz making a jump upwards, blake burman in washington with the latest. >> there is a major change in iowa this morning, according to the latest quinnipiac university poll, ted cruz has surged into a close second basically a virtual tie with donald trump, in the first of the earlier voting states, trump does regain his lead and does top of the poll 25% support from likely iowan republican caucusgoers cruz right behind him 23, as they climb dr. ben carson is now 18, marco rubio only other in
8:24 am
double digits, i want you to look at this a huge contrast from a month ago, cruz has more than doubled his iowa support seeing a 13 point increase, while carson has lost 10 points again that is over the last few weeks. carson defended his sagging poll numbers on the kelly file. >> if people really began to on there what i say not the volume at which i say it, i think they will recognize, that it is exactly the right formula. >> back to cruz for a moment part of the reason for rise in iowa at least according to this poll top choice for republicans who identify themselves as evangelical very conservative or member of the tea party. >> blake burman latest there nato ally turkey shooting a russian warplane out of the sky last night prompting rjz meeting of nato ministers
8:25 am
senate armed services maine lindsey graham reacts, arrive third or got gdp due after the break back in a moment stay with us.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> welcome back, we're moments away from the second estimate of the third quarter gdp. futures near the lows of the morning amid escalating tensions between turkey and russia. the key 2.1% growth we're expecting, which is better than what the initial estimate was. >> best and bad maybe. there's down revised through this. the actual gdp data peaked in the first quarter. when you look at data and an economic cycle, you have to study this series of the cycle and the cycle is five years deep, seven months in, peaked in the first quarter. so we would expect that not only to be slower here, but slow in the fourth quarter. we're halfway through the fourth quarter and obviously, financial market conditions including deflation have gotten
8:29 am
much worse. so, again, that's where we're at. whatever this number says i'd have to view the q-4 gdp lower than-- >> markets don't react to terrorists or global events, mr. mayor. talk to us about after 9/11. initially people were afraid and stopped doing anything. so this terrorist issue is going to be on top of what already is telegraphed. >> we've had a week of that. a week of fear over what happened in paris. now, we see turkey and russia in what could be a confrontation. i personally don't think putin wants war i think that putin wants what he can get. push, push, push, until he gets pushback and hopefully turkey is going to rally the other nato countries to make a strong statement that, you know, will defend turkey. they can't be left out there by themselves. and that's why we have nato and article 5 exists.
8:30 am
an attack on one country is an attack on all countries and probably our most sacred treaty, got us through the cold war. every american president has utilized it in one way or another. article 5 was used one time, after september 11th. maria: we'll see what happens. we'll get the gdp number. and 2.1% is the gdp number out just crossing the wires right now. dagen: and no upside, no reversal at all you're seeing in the futures. they're about where they were when the number came out and dig into the report, that's key. but can we point out that tiffany came out with this earnings report that was just horrible, which points to a very, very weak high net worth or high-end luxury retailing, anecdot anecdotely i've seen across new york city.
8:31 am
>> nordstrom, kohl's, wa wal-mart-- >> honey, nordstrom is not low end. >> i live in the heart of connecticut. >> and dollar stores are doing well-- >> and people inclined to talk up the economy and obfuscate it. this is what the environment looks like, it's slowly. i have to give credit to the overall on the number. 2.1% is the first time they've nailed the number in five years. they're way too high on q-4 and likely a one handle or less in q-4. the fourth quarter has been worse than the third quarter. it will be interesting to see if if the fed will raise rates into a slowdown. we've never seen that before. dagen: this futures reaction is
8:32 am
a different risk. >> the federal reserve-- i've heard about the federal reserve, those futures are down another 100 handles, the federal reserve is on hold. all they care about is the s&p 500. they seriously have some narrative drift on what the economic data has done in rate of change terms. again, if the s&p is down and they can blame something going on in thes middle east, that would open up the door for a no-rate hike, which would be a huge surprise, wouldn't it. >> they're so desperate to raise from zero in the face of the slowdown, but mr. mayor, this terrorist action and this new normal that we're living in, it's scaring people. the american people are afraid. >> and isis seems more unpredictible than al qaeda was. al qaeda, it always appeared to me one of the things that safety valve we had with al qaeda was the fact that bin laden had to outdo himself, something bigger than september 11th, that was really hard to
8:33 am
do once america put its intelligence in place. isis is will have smaller actions. the attack in paris, and 9/11 was 2000 people. and isis, since it has so many people come from america, from england, from france. isis understands us better. they understand you can hit us in a shopping center, in a restaurant and it's going to have almost the same impact because we value human life in a way that they don't. maria: do you found it interesting that the saudis said no refugees? >> yes, and actually there should be no refugees. what there should be a no-fly zone. we should establish a no-fly zone in syria and protect it with nato forces, and we should protect it with our air force
8:34 am
and then anyone who wants to not be involved in the combat in syria should be in that zone. they shouldn't be coming to america, shouldn't be coming to france, shouldn't be coming to hungary, they should be in the no-fly zone, when this war gets resolved they can be relocated back in their own country. why are we moving them out of syria. maria: it sounds logical, i'm wondering why we haven't done that. let's bring lindsey graham into the country here. because the turkish shooting down a russian military jet fighter after several warnings to the pilot. and the wreckage of the crash, has been found in syria. and russian president is calling the action by turkey, calling it a stab in the back. there's an emergency meeting at 11 a.m. eastern time. and russian president putin is meeting with the president of jordan. he said there will be consequences, listen to this. >> is the blow that has been
8:35 am
given to us in our back by the accomplices of terrorists. maria: he said it's a stab in the back and there will be real consequences to turkey's relationship with russia. and joining us south carolina senator lindsey graham from the campaign trail in new hampshire. always an honor to see you, thank you for spending the time. >> thank you. maria: your observations of the morning? >> turkey punched russia in the nose, good for turkey. r you shall sh-- russia is vo provocative, they'he's a weak champion of freedom, i never thought i'd lived long enough to say this, i wish the american president is as bold as the french president. maria: unbelievable.
8:36 am
>> lindsey, how are you. >> happy thanksgiving. rudy for president. [laughter] >> you have for some time, lindsey, as i recall correctly, called for a no-fly zone in syria. >> right. >> if we had a no-fly zone in syria, the refugee problem would be easily solved by having the refugees in that no-fly zone, right? and protected by nato forced protected by our military and make us a player in the region and not create this vacuum that obama has created. >> exactly. i heard what you said, it's absolutely right thing to do, but here is what's so sad. three years ago, obama's entire national security team along with senator mccain and senator graham advised a no-fly zone when assad was on the ropes and the army was intact, ted cruz and a few others on our side and democrats voted against it or suggested not to do it and president obama went along with
8:37 am
ted cruz, no-fly zone and train free syrian army three years ago this war would be over. syria would be repairing itself. russia wouldn't be there. assad would have been kicked out by his own people. so it's sad it's gotten this way and it's never going to get better until obama changes his strategy. maria: senator, let me ask you what you think will happen next in terms of russia because putin is being very clear. he says there will be real consequences to turkey shooting down my plane. what do you think those consequences are. >> nothing. they've got 12 planes, six can't fly. at the end of the day, i'm not worried about putin. he's got a pair of two's, we've got a full house. maria: wow. >> i'd go to turkey, go off to the arabs threatened by isil. they never believed saddam was going to come and take over his country. he was a bad guy. they believe that isil will make them part of the caliphate
8:38 am
and cut their heads off. and in turkey, a large percent making sure they're not alone with france and pull the caliphate up by the roots and take raqqa back, the caliphate would fall like a cheap suit and help iraqis, and turn to assad, russia and iran and say you've got to go. we'll let the syrian people pick the next president not syria and iran. i don't think that the h-they'll fight for damascus. i'm not going to give another capital in the arab world, and let's get this done before we're hit at home. maria: and it goes back to the whole strategy of foreign policy. >> yeah, i mean, that is what-- >> my niece is in the second grade, she could figure this out. [laughter] >> why can't president obama then? >> the regional-- >> so, senator, why can't president obama?
8:39 am
why has his foreign policy failed? ? why doesn't he listen to his advisors? >> because he's tied up in knots. he doesn't want bush so bad he's letting the world to fall apart. and he promised no end wars, and he started about 12. and he's locked into his own rhetoric and looks like a zombie when he talked about isil. john kerry looked like the guy on animal house saying don't panic, be calm. the whole world is falling apart and we're doing nothing about it. we have no sense of urgency. >> is that the point, he wakes up thinking about his legacy and that's, sadly, that's the fact? >> i'm not dr. phil here, but i can only tell you this, he pulled out of iraq against sound military advice. everybody, including hillary clinton said a no-fly zone, he told us isil was the jv team, bin laden was dead, isis was decimated.
8:40 am
>> the reason he doesn't want the no-fly zone, he doesn't want to commit troops? >> he doesn't want to commit the american military. air force or as he said boots on the ground. >> we're not going to wind without ground forces. dagen: senator, nothing changes between now and inauguration day in about 13 months? >> oh, no, a lot changes, we're going to get attacked here. if we don't put isil on the run, they're large, they're rich, they're entrenched. if i were president they'd be small, poor and on the run. if we do not disrupt this terrorist organization and put them on the defense, we're going to get hit here at home as sure as i'm talking to you. our leading candidate, donald trump are putting our soldiers on diplomates at risk by the american muslim. firing hard-- rhetoric by trump is not helping our cause. we're trying to bring people to
8:41 am
our side, not drive them away. so, it's kind of chaos back here at home now in terms of politics. maria: what about hillary? hillary had had an isis plan she revealed last week. >> yeah, she had to change her plan because obama's plan is so pathetically weak and she's running from obama and carrying bernie sanders on her back. she has the no-fly zone, but won't commit americans as part after regional force. she changed her plant not because she wanted it, but because politics demanded it. i've had a plan because we need american boots as part after regional force in iraq and syria before we get hit here at home. so hillary clinton suggesting politically not really militarily. >> the reality, you can't have a no-fly zone without the commitment of the american troops. >> right. >> they're going to have to be there to be a part of it. the other point that senator graham made that i think is very important, when we have them on defense, that's when we
8:42 am
are the safest. after 9/11 until '08 or so, we had no attacks. and people would ask me, didn't you expect that there'd be a lot of attacks after september 11th, the answer was yes, i was dpekt dpekt-- expected it and told it by the fbi and cia and we didn't because we had them on defense. the minute you let the pressure off them, he can this make plans like things they did in paris and the things that senator graham is worried about. maria: exactly what they're doing right now. senator, good to have you on. >> yeah. maria: senator graham. >> thank you. you know, you're worried about putting your kids on an airplane and going to the mall. if i'm president the terrorists will be worried about making a phone call and getting in a car. we need the pressure on them, and ground component. let the region be part of this war and destroy isil before it's too late. rudy god bless you for the leadership in the country, nobody i admire more for
8:43 am
understanding terrorism. maria: thank you, senator, we thank you for your service to our great country. senator lindsey graham. we'll be right back. type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are. man woman or where you're from. city country we're just everyday people fighting high blood sugar. ♪i am everyday people. farxiga may help in that fight every day.
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8:46 am
>> welcome back, serious issues right now. russian president vladimir putin speaking out after a turkish fighter jet shot down a
8:47 am
russian military plane near the turkey-syrian border. cheryl: we're getting more details. vladimir putin says it will have consequences for the relations with turkey. the comments sending dow futures down further when he made them and putin says the russian jet was shot down for syria and carrying out for the state. and there were warnings to get out o of turkey's air space, an jennifer griffin validates that, and american crews heard the warnings for the russians to back off and get out of turkey air space. the nato ministers at 11 a.m. eastern time this morning to discuss it. 11:a.m. eastern time president obama and french president hollande will be having a live
8:48 am
news conference. maria: the latest developments out of france. thank you, cheryl, an explosive vest was found in a garbage pail in a u.s. suburb. the u.s. is extending a travel warning extending into next year. ashley webster is in paris right now. this warning from the white house is basically broad-based saying be careful to americans travelling abroad. ashley: yes, multiple locations, maria. they mention isis, they mention al qaeda, they mention boca haram. they say this is a dangerous world right now and that travel alert is in place for the next thee months. in case you didn't need reminding, there are dangerous areas out there. and of course, it's the randomness of the terror attacks that makes it so difficult for investigators to finds it so responsible. and i can tell you that paris subway stations were closed as police responded to what turned out to be a false alarm.
8:49 am
they could take no chances and the subway is running as per normal. and everyone is very much on edge. as for businesses here in paris, we're told that they will be able to tap into what is called city hall aid. it's kind of an insurance program to help offset the losses that they are suffering because of these terrorist attacks and as you can imagine, those businesses, that are being sealed up by police as they do their investigations have suffered the most catastrophic loss of the business. >> we'll check back throughout the day on the fox business network. ashley webster is on the ground in paris and we'll bring you live coverage of president hollande, beginning at 11:30 a.m. eastern. stay with us, rudy guiliani is on with us. we'll be right back.
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>> i'm nicole petallides live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we've had a few things going on here. first, u.s. gdp expanding more than first estimated. coming in at 2.1%, that was more on the estimate. we are seeing stocks to the down side and seen accelerated telling this morning on the news that we did have a russian fighter jet shot down by turkish military over the syrian border. russia fought back on this. s&p futures down 14. we're also watching tiffany and company under some pressure here, we saw weaker sales cut the outlook and that name will be under pressure. travel stocks as this is almosting, the airlines and much more on "mornings with maria".
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8:56 am
>> welcome back, we've been with former new york mayor rudy guiliani about donald trump's comments about 9/11.
8:57 am
we thank you so much for your leadership after 9/11, it really saved so many of us and really put calm in the air, but donald trump says that he saw-- what was the quote, dagen, he saw certain muslims celebrating when the buildings came down. dagen: he said he saw thousands and thousands of new jersey residents celebrating when the world trade center came down on 9/11. maria: did you see that? >> no, but i've heard reports from that day forward of certain groups celebrating including in new jersey. i didn't see it, i can't tell you it was thousands, but i've heard of that. we need to be careful that this terrorism affects the entire religi religi religion, it's made up of people who have the same motive
8:58 am
that you and i have. it's an ideological war if we try to engage it in one of the entire religion. might have been the last thing i said on that night. people of new york should not engage in group blame because if we do, we will be do the same thing they do and you're never going to win that battle. also, people should go about their work, their business, they should go shopping, they should take advantage of the thanksgiving holidays. lindsey graham is right, there's probably going to be an attack, i can guarantee all of us at this table are going to die of something other than terrorism. a lot of things can kill you, but terrorism. maria: people this weekend-- >> people should be more afraid of driving. if there is a terror attack, it will be one or two and the whole purpose of it is to get us to act like this, the whole
8:59 am
purpose is to act frightened, to not go shopping, not going to the theater, know the go to the ball games. they want to exert their authority over us to show that they have terrorized. dagen: we need more voices like yours. we're resilient here, but we need leaders-- >> let's fight back and fight back by showing they can't stop us. the other thing i did that night, asked the people of new york city to be stronger. twice as people live in lower manhattan today than before september 11th. every single one of those people are saying to the terrorists, you know what. [laughter] >> right. >> that's what to say. we need a churchill right now, and i'm afraid to say it sounds-- you look at the whole-- >> here is francois hollande, the president of france arriving at the air force base, he's visiting, of course, with president obama today.
9:00 am
do you think anything comes out of this meeting, mr. mayor? >> yeah, i think he's going to get. i think he's going to force obama to get more involved. he's not as involved as he should be and the most common phrase out of this president's mouth is, no boots on the ground, no boots on the ground. maybe we could have the soldier wear shoes instead of boots and then we could put them on the ground. it's ridiculous, no boots-- this is a no boots on the ground president and we have the strongest military in the world and if we used it intelligently there will be a lot less friction in this world. maria: i've got to get to stuart, it's been an honor having you this morning, rudy guiliani. "varney & company" is next, over to you. sorry about that. stuart: thank you very much indeed. good morning, everyone. it's all action on a variety of fronts, would you look at this. turkey shoots down a russian war plane, a big problem for the fight against isis.


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