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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 24, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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do you think anything comes out of this meeting, mr. mayor? >> yeah, i think he's going to get. i think he's going to force obama to get more involved. he's not as involved as he should be and the most common phrase out of this president's mouth is, no boots on the ground, no boots on the ground. maybe we could have the soldier wear shoes instead of boots and then we could put them on the ground. it's ridiculous, no boots-- this is a no boots on the ground president and we have the strongest military in the world and if we used it intelligently there will be a lot less friction in this world. maria: i've got to get to stuart, it's been an honor having you this morning, rudy guiliani. "varney & company" is next, over to you. sorry about that. stuart: thank you very much indeed. good morning, everyone. it's all action on a variety of fronts, would you look at this. turkey shoots down a russian war plane, a big problem for the fight against isis.
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a new worldwide alert for americans travelling overseas issued today. watch out, be vigilant says the state department and machine guns, they're on full display at airports this thanksgiving week. francois hollande meets president obama at the white house and he wants america to use its power in the war on terror. we'll soon find out if hollande gets what he wants. new reports just coming in that canada will say no to male syrian refugees. this is a very big day shaping up. and look at that stock market. it's going to be down triple digits. yes, it's a nervous world this thanksgiving week. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ all right. turkey blows a russian jet out of the sky, says the jet was flying in its air space. putin says the russian fighter
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was in syrian territory. putin says its pilot didn't threaten anybody and calls this a stab in the back delivered by accomplices of the terrorists. all right. that happened early this morning. look at dow futures. we're going to be down triple digits. dow futures had been positive until that shoot down occurred and then we fell out of bed. down about 100 points. about 28 minutes from now. putin says this will lead to serious consequences for turkey. walid phares joins us now, good morning. please explain the significance of the shootdown and what is the danger? >> this is the incident that shouldn't have happened because it leads to escalation. on the one hand turkey is member of nato, which means all members of nato should be concerned with this, including the united states, and russia is a superpower and everybody's operating in the syrian air space. now, there is some background for this. it's not just one single incident.
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a few years ago, a couple years ago, there was a turkish jet coming close to the syrian coast. it was downed by syrian air force or syrian anti-aircraft, probably manned by the russians, so turks were nervous about that. and two times where russian jets went inside turkish air space and the turks said next time we will shoot. it did happen. it did have an escalation and the russians will respond, i'm not sure what way. stuart: putin says there will be consequences for turkey. any idea? >> the turks, according to the russian have supplied the syrians with anti-aircraft missile downing syrian jets of russian fabrication. the russian may do the same, may give some materials on the ground to down turk-- that has to be plane against plane. stuart: that's not much of a coalition, is it? i want you to address this.
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canada agreed to take 25,000 syrian refugees by the end of the year. but single males are likely to be excluded. we're getting reports that single males will not be accepted in canada. why can't we do the same? >> well, first of all, let's understand why canada did this and then we will have the same argument being debated here in the united states. i mean, canadian authorities and intelligence services realized a large number of single males have been moving without any family, a few of them, by the way, on social media have been seen with weapons in syria and then for facebook or twitter once they reach europe. so the canadians said we don't have to take all of these young male singles. let's take some families because there is a risk, security factor. stuart: it's an interesting situation developing on two, three, four different fronts this morning, thank you for joining us. we have this happening, too, france's president hollande is
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meeting with prime minister, -- president obama. and it's taking place right now. cat, i bet you never thought francois hollande demanding military action from a president? >> when you put it that way, but france was just attacked, you look at the united states, 14 years of war, a lot of people are kind of sick of it. it's not surprising after 9/11, have to do something, it's surprising because it's france. stuart: is president-- we'll find out later, of course. is president obama going to respond to in? we've got the most powerful military in the world, 11 aircraft carriers, for heaven's sake. are we going to use them? >> i don't think he wants to, he wants to hold off as long as he can. it depends what people think in this country.
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a lot of people are affected by what happened. i don't know how long he'll get away with the nonanswers. it's clear that he's hesitant liz: the people in the united states are upset after the ""arlihebdttac,nd he's talking about the song, you've got a friend-- >> really bad. stuart: who would have thought that canada, open arms virtually to everybody, suddenly said, no, no syrian male refugees. >> now that one really got me. that surprised me to see canada coming out and be like nope, we're taking a stand here. canada, canada. stuart they're going to take later on. but countless newspapers, including "the guardian" from britain, hard left newspaper, they say nope, they're not taking syrian males.
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who would have expected that from canada at a time like this? >> that's right, it has to be noted there are 36 affiliates of isis, it's not just syria, you have to look at others to get in and wreak havoc. stuart: we've got these stories, the shootdown of the russian jet and syrians not going to canada if they're male and in brussels, the fourth day of a terror lockdown. ashley webster is over there for us. give me the mood there. i have to believe that people are pretty sick and tired of this. getting kind of angry, aren't they. ashley: they are, they're sick and tired. they want something done. what was fear and shock has turned to resolve, resilience and yes, a good piece of anger. they want president hollande to go to the u.s. today, tell president obama there should be no discussion, we're all in this together to wipe out isis. they want the u.s. and russia
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to put aside their differences over the policy toward syria, and act as one coordinated coalition to wipe out isis. in the meantime, people here continue to go to the restaurants and bars, there's certainly been a drop off, stuart, from tourism. people here say it's time to hit back and they want the u.s. to play its part. stuart: very interesting. ashley, thank you very much indeed. we'll be back to you shortly. now this, it's happening right now, french president hollande arriving at andrews air force base and he'll meet with president obama at the white house minutes from now, going straight from andrews, straight to the white house, they hold the meeting and then they hold a news conference, i believe a news conference, side by side making their statements. we've got this coming at us, too, this wednesday -- this tuesday morning. fox has learned that analysts at the u.s. central command were pressured to ease off negative reports about the isis threat. and we're even told in an e-mail told to cut it out.
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that's a very far cry from what the president said on this on sunday. roll tape. >> one. things i insisted on the day i walked into the oval office was that why want intelligence shaded by politics, i don't want it shaded by the desire to tell a feel-good story. stuart: that's what he said. now, listen to what the former director defense intelligence agency said on the kelly file last night. roll that tape, please. >> this issue of not meeting a narrative out of the white house, which meant don't talk about radical islam. don't talk about this as being a form of a radicalization of the islamic religion, which in fact, it is. it's a cancer inside the islamic religion and the white house and the president, frankly, has not wanted to say that. nobody can sit here today, no one and particularly the amount of intelligence that the white house got, and say we didn't
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know this was a problem. i mean, give me a break. stuart: how about that? the bottom line here is this, president obama is engulfed in a controversy about the intelligence he's been receiving and what he said about it in public. and by the way, members of his own war cabinet and senior democrats are questioning the commander-in-chief's strategy on isis. karl rove will give us some clarity on this next.
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>> i've got news for you. the islamic state claims responsibility for an attack on a hotel in egypt at the sinai peninsula. it was hosting judges supervising election. all were killed in the attack. more, liz liz: 12 wounded two suicide bombers and a gunmen. one of the suicide bombers got
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in and detonated his vest. others were killed. stuart: that just happened, virtually. we've got the turkey shooting down the russian jet. the machine guns at airport and worldwide travel alert for americans going overseas this weekend liz: that's right. stuart: the meeting in the white house. francois hollande wants more more in the mideast and then this, remember the teen who brought a clock, resembled a bomb and brought it to school the president called him a hero. his family is now suing for $15 million in damages. meanwhile, the president has no comment on american teen ezra swartz being killed in israel. and what's going on here? >> it's obviously disgusting and goes to show that the president really only gets involved when something supports his political agenda. i mean, this kid was told to
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put the clock away once and took it out again and face the consequences and then gets $15 million. i don't like this kid. stuart: the family moved to abu dhabi, someplace in the mideast. >> come on, getting murder, a little bigger of a deal, obama, maybe talk about this. the clock kid, i'm done, we're done. stuart: the teen is killed by terrorists in israel, no mention from the president. the young man brings a clock to school that looks like a bomb. >> right. stuart: they throw him out of school. the president brings him to the white house. now he sues for 15 million. >> 'cause that fits obama's political agenda, the teen doesn't. stuart: i've got to move on before i explode. let's move to the 2016 race, latest quinnipiac poll from iowa, shows donald trump on top, ted cruz right behind and ben carson to third and marco rubio the only other person in double digits.
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look at cruz coming all the way up to 23. the outsider and the-- i'm going to call him an arch conservative, ted cruz liz: underdog. stuart: well, at this point he's moving up fast. any explanation for this liz: he hases -- has a lot of appeal for someone who stands up to the white house. and when he says stop criticizing from an i-- abroad and take us on at home. stuart: the elite hates what he has to say, but donald trump has 25% in iowa of all places and walking away with this. >> ted cruz makes sense in iowa with the social issues, i don't agree with that. santorum won iowa, ted cruz would make sense. stuart: let's wrap this up.
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we've got a russian jet downed by turkey earlier today. russia's president putin says it's a stab in the back. a big deal about this shootdown and we have machine guns, if you go out today. you go to an airport and travelling, you'll see machine guns this week. >> major tour operators say they will suspend any trips to turkey and now russia is trying to move economically against turkey. >> we're a few moments from the opening bell on wall street. we're looking at the dow industrials, between 19 points. after the shootdown. we're working on karl rove trying to get him on the set. we'll see if he makes it, but we'll be back with more on this extraordinary day in just one moment. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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>> this is indeed a news alert. defense analysts told to stop with the negative reports about the isis threat. karl rove is here. by the way, he's got a new book "the triumph william mckinlemck, can you tell our viewers what's going on? >> we have to step back. in early 2014, isis comes screaming out of syria and
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retakes fallujah and ramadi, two critical sunni cities in the anbar province. june 10th after a six-day battle they've taken the second largest city in iraq and there's a lot of consternation, why didn't we see this coming, the president says in essence, the intelligence agencies didn't get it right. and they say, wait a minute, we warned you about these concerns. come forward to today. analysts at central command in central florida, has responsibility for military operations in the middle east. catherine herridge on fox has done the coverage on it two of the analysts were told several times, tone it down, stop being so concerned about isis and this is now in the hands of the inspector general. it's been in the hands of him for a number of months. there's a large investigation underway, supposedly are e-mails that were destroyed, and what the-- what the inspector general is looking into, whether someone inside central command or above
9:23 am
it was pressure analysts to cook the intelligence that they were deeply concerned about isis and what was going on and were they being pressured to tone it down. stuart: so the president is in the position of -- what's the president's position here? why is he in trouble? >> well, the president is in trouble for two reasons. one, in 2014 when he was told by the intelligence agencies we've got to be concerned about them, he downplayed it and then tried to blame them. now he's in a situation, fairly or unfairly, there's a serious issue about somebody pressuring somebody inside of centcom to tone it down and how far does that go to the food chain? i don't think it goes all the way to the white house, if this is true and accurate, we're likely to find somebody in centcom, saying don't do your job, turn it down. diminish the threat there and you're overwrought about it. stuart: and this is in response to america's response to isis.
9:24 am
inadequate and incomplete and now they're running the show, why is that? >> the fundamental mistake was withdrawal all troops from iraq. the iraqis wanted u.s. assets there in the conduct, they wanted air assets, in the country. they wanted special operators in the country. can you mantel what happened if we had u.s. aircraft attack helicopters and ground attack jets, as those isis trucks rolled towards ramadi and fallujah or towards mosul, we would have had a killing zone, instead, we had our aircraft based somewhere in the gulf, not moments away from the front, but hours away. stuart: i do want to talk about the book. the triumph william mckinley. he brought in nonwasps into the republican party. contrast mckinley with what's going on in the republican party today, where donald trump is going in the opposite direction? >> mckinley comes at a period
9:25 am
24 years, five presidential elections in a row, nobody has won 50% of the vote and he comes along, the system is broken, two parties are fighting against each other, 25 divided government, he wins the election for the next 36 years, the republicans dominate the political landscape and he does it by drawing in immigrants from central europe and catholics never been part of the republican coalition. the first republican candidate, the bishop of st. paul endorses him and it's a huge event. stuart: the exact opposite, you think, from what trump is doing? >> he believed in politics as addition and added to the coalition and ran it all for the next 36 years. stuart: karl rove, good book, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. thank you. turkey shoots a russian fighter out of the sky. down goes our stock market. we're looking at a loss of 90, maybe 1 is--
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100 points at the opening bell. we're following your money closely next. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> according to the russians have supplied the rebels in syria, inside syria with anti-aircraft missiles which downed syrian jets that are russian fabrication. now, the russians may do the
9:30 am
same. they may get some materials on the ground, some weapons to down turkish-- it doesn't have to be plane against plane. stuart: that was walid phares giving us the back drop to today's trading which is the shoot down of a russians jet by turkey. we've got machine guns all over the place in america as we start this thanksgiving week and the opening bell has rung. we're down 40 points. and dow futures were up until the shootdown of that russian jet and then we start to go down. we see that video of the russian jet being shot down. and here is something, on that story, that's just crossing. a turk brigade in syria, i don't know what that means, what it is, but it's described as a turk brigade in syria. say their forces shot dead the
9:31 am
two pilots as they descended in parachute. >> and we've got a 50 point drop off for the dow industrials. we've got a lot to go at. all of them trying to make sense what's going on in the market and the basic yes for everyone, is terror catching up with our market? >> no, i think that the slow global growth is affecting our markets. oil isn't moving off of this. if you see terror catching into it, the oil would spike, that hasn't happened. i think the global growth is factoring in. stuart: you've got $43 a barrel, i'm not saying a spike, but it's up. >> even the more efficient operators are buying at $40 a barrel. even bps, ceo's, $50 is what everybody has been forecasting. at this price there's going to be a big shakeout.
9:32 am
if it was growing we'd see 50, if terror was a big thing, it would shoot up 8%, 9%. stuart: is terror catching up with our markets? go. >> good morning, stuart, no, i don't think so. i think that money is always the key driver and until the u.s. becomes not the place to invest they're going to continue to invest in u.s. stocks and equities because of what's happening globally with the other economies. the terror effect has really not shown us, we saw the paris terro terror'-- attacks last week and no one is concerned. big funds are driving the u.s. equities. gold is stagnant and overall we're seeing no indication that the markets are going to be worried about this as the money flows in. it's probably just another buying opportunity. stuart: very interesting liz: many' going to give you a
9:33 am
different geopolitical take on the oil market. nigeria, angola, all saying to the big guys, you have to raise oil prices, we're facing societal unrest. opec will meet december 4th. if you have societal unrest, due to low oil prices and ref gu streams, that means the in the middle east and the smaller states, you could see more terrorist activity out of those states. >> on the left-hand side of your screen, you're looking at video shots of a russian jet being downed by turkey. and that's what's set off the market movement, much earlier this morning, when the dow went straight down triple digits. we're now down 81 is points as the trading moves on. we've got three and a half minutes of trading and we're into this day and down 80 points. take a look at airline stocks. i've opinion saying this all morning, if you go out and about your travelling this holiday week, you're going to see machine guns at our
9:34 am
airports and train stations. so look at the airlines and we also have a worldwide travel alert and issued a new travel alert, by the way, issued this morning by the state department. and look what's happening to the airlines, all of them down, not a huge amount, but all of them are down. liz. >> 36 affiliates, with isis. that's all you've got to know. it's not just isis, it's affiliates that wreak havoc in the world. that's part of the warning, the other thing, too, when you start to close in on the terrorists they may get des pras desperate and propaganda-wise. one guy could explode a suicide vest when it's cornered. >> i have to go back to the brussels in lockdown and paris what happened there and restrictions on their movements and the shootdown. there's high anxiety.
9:35 am
>> there's a lot of high anxiety, but this week is focused on data that the fed predicated on for the november meeting. what we've seen is basically the u.s. market, and investor and economy have decoupled from the world-wide. stuart: it sure has. >> it's completely baffled. and we're the safe area to invest. whether it's the airlines or anything else. airlines are almost-- >> his corporate profit story is right. the worst quarter since 2009, down dramatically over 3% and revenues are down for the first three quarters for the s&p 500. stuart: i'm just trying to get used to the idea that it's a very, very nervous world. there are developments every hour on the terror front, we keep showing it right there, and yet, the dow is down only 85 points. >> the russians consistently poke their nose where it hasn't belonged.
9:36 am
they don't want to adhere to no-fly zones and put ships where they shouldn't be, ie, sweden. and they're in turkey's air space and turkey did contact them. whether that's true or not, you have a high anxiety region and then an incident like this happens. nobody can really be too surprised and i think investors in this market, it's like, listen, this is par for the course for that region. stuart: we're down 80 points for the dow industrials, the airlines, the worldwide terror alert for americans travelling overseas, all of the airlines are down 1 or 2% thus far today. can we see, please, i want to take a look at a couple of defense stocks, which have done very, very well recently, bearing in mind what's going on overseas, a couple of them reached all-time highs yesterday. can we show this morning, where are we now? because that would be a defensive play. go to defense stocks where the world is in turmoil and we're down. and raytheon is down a buck and lockheed martin down, they
9:37 am
moved up yesterday and the week before, but this morning, despite the shoot down we're down a point on raytheon and down on lockheed. any comments, kevin? >> you're going to see the market move in lockstep with each other so the factors and everything, and everyone is basically trading on macro news. stuart: both of the stocks are up 17% this year. so that's a very, very modest pause. >> right now you're not seeing any news, particular to them come out. it's general market sentiment happening, everyone is waiting for the fed and-- >> okay, you've all convinced me that the terror threat is not a big deal on wall street and i'll take your word for it. how about the price of gasoline? a total shift. let's have a look at that. i believe that the national average on gas is now down to $2.06 a gallon. literally, 2.06, down--
9:38 am
we're falling about a penny per gallon per day. tom horwitz come in, please. i want some good news, i'm pounding the table for $2 gas by thanksgiving morning or next week. am i going to get it? >> you are going to get it because gas buddy says $1.99 by thanksgiving morning and you're going to see what you-- you got your wish a month early because you actually wanted it for christmas originally and now you're getting it for thanksgiving. you'll be buying gas at $1.60 in new jersey. stuart: yes, about 1.78 a moment as i drove in this moment on route 4, 1.78. look, if we're saving all of this money from lower gas prices, todd, tell me, why is the economy not expanding in a better than 2% growth rate, why not? >> because i don't think we're seeing real growth. the middle class themselves have never come out of recession. look at the jobs number, but the overall guy has to work more than one job just to pay
9:39 am
his bills. and the extra money getting back from the gas pump paying their rent and mortgage, kids in college, whatever, they're paying to live rather than paying to enjoy and that's the major disconnect between the policies that we've been running and the overall expansion on wall street compared to what's happening with the middle class. the middle class has not been a benefactor of what's happening on wall street here. stuart: i want to go to the new york stock exchange. more on the travel alert. nicole, how about the cruise ship lines. nicole: you mentioned, stuart, the airlines are underpressure and the cruise lines are under pressure. here is a look at royal caribbean, 2.2%, had been down 3%. how about the other one, carnival cruise line, also to the downside as we have the thanksgiving holiday coming, christmas, hanukkah, the winters travel. and everybody is worried about global ban, global terror, and they don't want to be in big groups, and both are down 2% each.
9:40 am
>> we've got it, good stuff. i want to wrap it up. i guess i'm wrong, kevin. i thought the world on fire would finally hit wall street, but look we're only down 55. i'm going to give you the last word out of the kindness of my heart. >> thank you very much. the world isn't on fire, i think you're seeing a lot of geopolitical unrest in the middle east and so that story has been baked into the market and everybody has already been seeing this and i think another thing, this goes back into, is go into the health care and tech, these are the names that are growing revenues in this market and in the currency terms, as well as beating on the earnings side liz: more breaking news on escalating tensions between russia and turkey. the foreign minister of russia has canceled the visit to turkey november 25th. stuart: wrap it up, please, i guess i'm wrong. a world on fire doesn't hit wall street, at least not that much today. go. >> it doesn't. yeah, the biggest thing i would
9:41 am
say is hit the individual emotionally and for the first time in 36 years as a member of an exchange this morning, i had to show my i.d., even after i put my badge on to get the idea. they're checking i.d.'s, there's a fear emotionally for people. the fear on the market it's gotten out there because again, people that don't fear, they're investing and want that yield, nothing else bothers them. stuart: well done, put it all in perspective, nicely done. canada not letting in single male syrian refugees. next, a congressman who thinks the u.s. should be doing exactly the same thing. and listen to this, the epa, that's the environmental protection agency, giving $30,000 to a church. here is the question, why is the epa giving money to a church for anything? more varney in a moment. ♪
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>> look at that, we're only down 45 points despite the tension around the world after a russian jet was shot down. there's a further development on that story. a turkmen brigade, they call themselves, in -- they said that they shot the pilots. the turkmen brigade liz: russia's foreign minister canceled a visit to turkey. tensions escalating there. stuart: they certainly are. that's the shootout story. canada, refusing to take in single male refugees from syria. yes they'll take the women and children, but not the single men. joining us is a congressman from utah. you've been ott show before.
9:46 am
why aren't we doing the same thing? i think there will be a broad acceptance, we'll take the women and children and not the military age men, why don't we do the same? >> i wish we would. many in congress have been fighting to see if we could make that our policy. we're a compassionate people and country. i suggested last week that we bring in orphans, for example. there are tens of thousands of children over there who have no family at all, but here is the truth, stuart, we can't vet these individuals and neither can canada. once they're in canada, equally troubling, canada said that some of them won't be vetted until they're in their country. and once they're there, they can so easily come to the u.s. stuart: why -- if canada says we're not taking single men, not going to let them come in with this wave of refugees, why isn't the left saying, canada, you are islamophobic, because they've been saying that about us because of what we're doing, you know, some states are saying, no to these syrian refugees.
9:47 am
why is there a double standard here with canada? >> you asked why the left isn't doing that. i would say if they did, it would be one of the first times they weren't showing bias in this. there clearly is a double standard. the things i've been told and called, because i think it's important for us to protect our country. it's important for us to recognize the federal government's primary responsibility is our national security and we want to be compassionate. all of us do, but on the other hand, as i said, isis has demonstrated already in paris and said all along we're going to use the refugee program to infiltrate terrorists in the west and we have to recognize that's an honest threat that we have to respond to that. stuart: what are they saying to you? i know you do not want to take in syrian refugees at this time without proper vetting. when you said that publicly, what was said to you? >> oh, my heavens, you can imagine some of the conversations, that i'm islam phobia, again, to use the phrase that you did,
9:48 am
compassionate, uncaring and betraying the american values. again, we're a compassionate people and why i suggested we bring in orphaninorphans, but w to protect our people as well. stuart: and we've got a shot of president obama changing his stand, after canada says this, do you think there's a chance of that. >> that legislation passed the house with a veto proof majority and there was broad support for this. i don't know how anyone could go home and say this isn't a piece of legislation that i supported. i don't see how they do that. a lot will depend what's happening in the senate now and the senate is that great rest home where all good legislation goes to die and we'll see what the senate does for this, i hope they will he move it forward. they should. i hope we get a veto proof majority. if not, i hope that the president will be reasonable and recognize his responsibility to protect us.
9:49 am
stuart: chris stewart, republican, utah. appreciate it. >> always good, thank you, stuart. stuart: the pc police are at it again, the university just suspended all of its yoga classes, citing cultural insensitivity and the epa, the agency that brought you this orange river, now giving money to a church. now, why give money to a church from the epa? we will have an answer and that's next. ♪ i'm definitely able to see savings through using the car buying on usaa. i mean, amazing savings. i was like, wow, if i could save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit.
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>> we're down to 40, 50 points, that's it. the back drop to today's market is what you're looking at on your screens. the russian jet shot down by turkey. by the way, the turk men brigade, that's what they call themselves, they're operating out of syria and they say they shot the russian pilot dead on the way to the ground. and vladimir putin is vowing revenge. and traveled-related stocks are airlines are down, cruise lines are down, roughly 1 1/2, 2% or
9:54 am
more. then there's this, the epa, environmental protection agency is giving a $30,000 quote, environmental justice grant to a church in florida. first of all, explain to me which church, why are they getting the money and why is the epa giving any money to a church at all. go. >> well, yes, this grant went to the universalist unitarian church of boca raton in, florida. it's out of a 1960's unitarian movement and described itself as a liberal religious community and they received $30,000 from the epa to talk about sea level rise and climate change in the area to help people, he said. the interesting thing about this so-called church, their most recent teachings are about
9:55 am
what they call white privilege to reflect on how racism, they think, is their own congregation is, so they're getting this money from the epa. e epsayst's t an endorsemenof their teachings, it's for climate chan change. and why them with climate change. stuart: i have to get to this. the university of ottawa, canada. the university of ottawa in canada is dropping yoga class because of cultural issues. gotten to the point we can't do anything. stuart: what is culturally oppressive or insensitive about yoga? >> no one knows.
9:56 am
some students complained we're taking the spiritual yoga from india and now we're taking it to canada and somehow it's a problem. i have no idea, but you've gotten to the point that the basic impulse of the university is, okay, we're going to shut down the class, okay. stuart: hold on a seconds. liz macdonald has-- what is culturally insensitive about yoga liz: they're saying it came from india. the student body is rejecting the classes because yoga comes from india, which was basically where genocide, oppression, colonial and western supremacy was practiced there and they're mad about that, so the teacher is saying-- people will find anything to be offended at, that's what the teacher is saying. stuart: that's utterly ridiculous in the extreme. what on earth, liz, what on earth has india got to do with colonialism, other than they were the subject of colonial oppression, if you like, by the
9:57 am
british 50, 60, 70 years ago? >> it's nothing. literally, people will find anything to be offended by and they want to shut things down immediately. i mean, the government is going to be concerned about this happens because we're spending millions on mindfulness and yoga for children in schools. and canada is shutting down the yoga and mindfulness stuff and our government is going to have a problem spending a lot of money on it. stuart: and they didn't want to called yoga. mindful stretching. they rejected that, no, no, yoga is out. liz, thank you for that inexplicable story, i'm going crazy here, my head is exploding. how about this one. the youngster arrested for bringing a clock that looked like a bomb to school is now suing for $15 million.
9:58 am
we're talking to an attorney who thankfully says this is an absurd lawsuit. and then we have brian kilmeade, he wrote the book how america took on radical islam 200 years ago and won. he's joining us. the second hour of "varney & company" is two minutes away.
9:59 am
10:00 am
it is precisely 10:00 eastern time, this is happening now. the president of france meeting with president obama at the white house. he wants america's help taig down islam egg terror. turkey shoots a russian jet right out of the sky. vladimir putin he leaves russia, and says there will be konls consequences and donald trump doubles down on wart with boarding. varney & company hour two starts now. >> news from the white house as we await the state department is
10:01 am
issuing a worldwide travel warning to americans. there is increased terror chatter they say no specific terror threat. as a result, look at this, the airline down, call them travel stocks all of them, one, two, 3% more down today. turk shoots down a russian airplane flying in its air spaes. the turkman air grow gade shot and killed to earth. vladimir putin said there will be consequences. that shootdown sod we've come back, the dow industrials induse down 50 points. we have more on the situation. >> david cameron saying the world is fighting to destroy the resolution, that'ses what david
10:02 am
cameron is signing a possible vote before christmas u.k. may, may join the fight in syria. >> here's what's happening. dow industrialings are down 50 points despite this back drop of terror threat and action all around the world. by the way there was an isis attack in jept egypt today four people killed there. that's the back drop to what's going on on the dow. there's also a political scandal breaking there intelligence scandal if you will. fox news has learned that analysts at central command were pressured to ease off negative assessment about the isis threat. told to just cut it out. as a far cry from what president said about this on sunday. roll that tape please. >> one was thing i insisted on the day i walked into oval office is that i don't want intelligence shade bid pleks, i don't is shaded by the desire to
10:03 am
tell a feel-good story. >> listen to what the former director of defense intelligence agency said on the kelly file last nooght. wach this. >> the issue of not needing narrative out of the white house which meant don't talk about radical islam, a form of a radicalization of the islamic religion, it is a cancer inside the islamic religion and white house and president frankly has not wanted to say that. nobody can sit here today. no one and particularly intelligence at the white house said we didn't know this was a problem. i mean, give me a break. >> nobody can say that we didn't say this was a problem. former navy seal karl joins me now. i'm trying to get to grips with this to mac it clear for the audience. intelligence community went to president obama and said, isis is a big threat. president obama says -- no. i didn't hear that from my intel people.
10:04 am
it was a bug threat. >> being done it since he first took office in the iraq war. they said don't pull out. >> a navy seal they were in the action there, who you do you feel about your commander in chief saying this about the sption back then? >> indicative of policy coming become and denied the fact there is an enemy at all. we can't defeat enemy that we're unwilling to admit that it xeses. that this is islamic extremism. >> he's in a pll political corner there's an investigation into who told the president what about intelligence. >> a waste of resources look, at this point he's of office in a year and a half so he can do whatever he wants and reach get away with it. what are they going to do with him? >> he's setting the policy saying no boots on the ground not in any significant numbers. [laughter] >> amazing this is why we're losing the global war on terror
10:05 am
right now is because we have leaders unwilling to admit the enemy. he's denying intelligence because of a pure political agenda. >> what's the feeling within the marl? you've retired you know what's going on within the military. what do they ?ai >> all of the guys agree with me. they say look it is time for international assembly to have isis because it is a prevalent problem. >> you have thread on the thirds round. >> i said the n word. >> are you serious? >> guys in the marl gray with me. not launch a nuclear streak but discuss threshold. >> way out there to the extreme. >> these are -- the american troops are men and women that are willing to die for this country and thet to do it if it is going to make sense. but they doapght want to fight a war on someone else's political materials. >> karl i have to tell you i don't believe there's that much support in the marl and american people, the public, so even
10:06 am
talking about the nuclear weapon. >> i think we need to determine the threshold for it. >> what is your threshold? >> expansion to the region. beyond geographical borders. >> by the there. i.c.e. expands sol more you would consider the use much nuclear weapons? >> i think it needs to be not ruled out right now. here we have 4100 troops have died in the war in 13 years in iraq and afghanistan. we lost 2800 troops in agent hours in normandie when do we see enough is enough? wed ended a war with that. i hope we never have to use it but the fact that the presence of the possible need for it is there at this point. >> karl we do hear you. i think you're way out there on a limb. >> i don't wish for it. >> but you are way out there on a limb. >> i think so. >> you are. >> okay karl thanks for coming on we appreciate it. interesting times we live in.
10:07 am
karl, let's get to politics. the let's quinnipiac poll is from iowa by the way. that's the caucus state. i think that's in january of next year so seven or eight week from the caucus in iowa. this is poll from quinnipiac, donald trump still out there in the lead only just. he's got 25%. they would cruz is number 2 at 23%. carson he's dropped down to 18% and rubio is at 13%. they are only candidates in double dental as we speak. that brings us to this donald trump he he should we would comt isis and bring back waterboarding. >> would i approve waterboarding, you bet -- you bet. i would approve more than that. and don't kid yourself folks, it works, okay. >> all right. former bush white house spokesperson mercedes is here.
10:08 am
i think of you as part of the gop establishment. >> you always say that, stuart. i don't know. i'm kind of, you know, i'm a mixed bag. what can i say? [laughter] well i take it that the establishment which you may or may not represent does not like what donald trump is saying. especially about waterboarding. >> i have to tell you stuart i agree with waterboarding and i would say former vice president dick cheney also agrees with donald trump on waterboarding. why? because when you look at khalid sheikh muhammad and came out in 2005, when he would not give any answer its during the interrogation. what we saw is with waterboarding we were able to obtain critical information and basically discover second wave of terrorist attacks that muhammad it was planning along with al qaeda. so question did get critical
10:09 am
information from waterboarding. it is one of these enhance interrogation tech theeks that may need to be brought back if we can't get answers from terrorists they are detained. >> what would you say if a establishment. moderate republican, rubio for example, if he keam out and said yeah. waterboarding. what would you say? >> so did governor jeb bush said we might need to revisit this. i think this is an issue that if we detain terrorist are, isis terrorists and we're unable to get information we need to remember isis terrorists what they're known for is beheading excuse, crucifixion. these guys no no end toture. when you look at waterboarding this is not torture this is some of the techniques that need to be used in order to obtain critical intelligence. it works with several of the detainees back after the 9/11 attacks, and again it should be
10:10 am
an option if it comings that we need it. donald trump will say it in dramatic fashion, right at it, and that i think makes him popular. the source of his popularity. people are looking for strong, top leadership you compare that to president obama who said we've got isis, contained. you know he's calm, cool, collective. the american people are concerned. we're very concerned that there could be a terrorist attack again. and when we're looking at republicans for leadership in the national security areas that's where you're seeing a lot of candidates start focusing their campaign but statement that's why donald trump is being or very strong. he's not afraid to use this bold language some of it crosses a line. a lot of it, some of the gop establish element not agree with. but americans need to ensure that we're using every technique. every resource that question of to ensure that terrorist attack
10:11 am
does not occur in the united states. >> where is hillary in all of this? very, very quiet actually. >> trying to differentiate herself and separate from president obama. but again i don't think shoos clearly laid out a strategy on how to defeat isis it's a big complicated challenge. but with that being said i think what president obama has -- presented has been an option where his strategy is just -- dysfunctional. it is not working. and begun the american people want to feel that our borders are protected. that any refugee that comes to the united states is really vetted. that we ensure that terrorists do not enter this country an that terrorists has been here, that are in hiding so far, that were able to finding them and make sure that another terrorist attack does not occur. >> women, children, orphan let them in. mercedes much oblige to you. there are other stories that have made being news todays. jo ling kent has got them
10:12 am
altogether incase you missed it. >> stuart good morning. this sounds cool ikea has furniture from anywhere in your kitchen to charge your phone. students nrmings found how to use excess heat from a coffee pot. run through a thermal generator and then push that to a wireless charging dock embedded in ikea able so you can charge your phone wirelessly. faa drone task force has new regulations of drones and this will be -- rolled over next year. getting drone operator to get it similar it a driver's license. but individual drones won't need to be registered. by the way, the faa predicting about a million drones will be sold on black friday. a new inspector general report says that irs is spending too much time auditing people who mac two to 400,000 a year and not enough time going after superwealthy americans. "the wall street journal" reports irs will reconsider how it conducts its audits going forward.
10:13 am
and gets this, stew you'll love this. auditor can find more than 4500 of additional taxes an hour according to the journal that is far less for those lower income brackets. that's the rational. >> we hear you thank you. then we have ted cruz he made wave when is he challenged president obama last week. we'll tell you how his comment resonated with the public literally, after this break.
10:14 am
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10:16 am
: travel related stocks taking sympathetic something of hate with a worldwide travel tbarng americans. cruise lines are down, airlines are down. one, two, three percent. there's a hit on travel related stocks today.
10:17 am
audience responses to what mr. speakers is actually saying, the response you know, when you see it can be really telling case and point. ted cruz's recent tell it to my face comment directed to president obama. one lookings at the dial and watches that are response. welcome back lee. let's roll that tape. the reaction to ted cruz and what he said. go. let's have a debate with syrian refugees i prefer in the united states and not overseas where you are making the insult. >> not sure if i saw the line. reallies were in the red all the way at the top. in thes they loved it. probably one of the most polarizing candidates out there today. i would say more so than trump. but i also think that host one the most underestimated candidates because of the
10:18 am
intensity reaction to him is so strong. intense that people are really starting to listen to him leak what he's saying. it was a soundbite to get zingerses in and creating a narrative that people are responding to. >> a huge gap. >> republicans hated it potential >> and comments that the democrats made and sent in were just phenomenally personal intense can't stand them. manipulative. calculated but get off the script. they really do not like him at all. polarizing. drurp donald trump is talking about the surveillance of muslims. roll tape. >> i want surveillance of certain mosques okay, if that's okay. i want surveillance. you know what, we've had it before, and we'll have it again. >> you know what i saw there was that yellow line plunging was that independents?
10:19 am
>> they didn't like it. started by loving what he had to say and dial down because thought it was too much. too extreme. if you saw that the line was pretty flat and he's not as polarizing as cruz at all. what i heard from folks that he's liked he's so strong he's going to say something and standing up for american people an they respond to that which to me is quite surprising because the way you see a lot of coverage people are say he's out of control. the worgs and it is really not the way people are reacting. >> president arrived to the white house we're told they'll have a joint statement some time later this morning around lunchtime that françois arrived at the white house that meeting underway right about now. one more tape which want to run. this one is from been carson and comments comparing refugees rav i
10:20 am
ravid dogs. >> in your neighborhood you're not goapg to assume something good about that dog, and you're gong to put your children out of the way. doesn't mean you hate all dogs by any stretch of the imagination. >> police vehicle -- like it and then they don't like it. if you didn't agree to begin with, some people got insulted some said come up with a better analogy. problem is we're tag about human beings. comparing to dogs does not help your causes at all. you saw that dip saying what is interesting there is that democrats responded more than republicans or independents and we're talking about ben carson. >> fascinating i love the instant reaction. thank you.
10:21 am
>> so check out a stock please. credit squeeze has cut its price target on chipotle cut the price target to $6.75. stock at that i don't get it. chipotle is up 82 cents. did you know america you thought farad call islam years ago and won. could do that? ryan wrote the bock on this about with and he's next.
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. >> we've got a back drop of terror threats. russian jet shoot down and a big board we're down just 50 points that's all we have got. price of oil that is up 2.5% nearly 43 a barrel. gold barely budging hit a five-year low yesterday.
10:25 am
bonged just lacet. gold is up 1%. got that. we have new video on the big story that we're following today that's the russia pleanl shut don by turkey if you look carefully pair floating to the ground. we have an outfit called the turk men brigade shot them down while they were still in the air. russian foreign minister canceled plans to visit turkey but putin says there will be consequences. i want to update the other story. hotel attack in sinai, egypt. seven now dead that happened today. pooghting fighting terror. our problem with islamic extremism began in 1785. my next guest wrote the book about this called thomas jefferson. brian joins me live on the radio.
10:26 am
brian, it's a great book and i read it cover to cover. you detail how we went after islaming terror 200 years ago. my question is, isn't that a template for today? can't we do the same thing now? >> how many times have we talked about the constitution and what our founding fathering intended. when it comes to war why wouldn't we tap into that. if you want clues as to what george washington, benjamin franklin did all you have to do is read this become and look bag at how they battle simply -- islamic extremist taking our ships inflating our crew. taig our cargo, and in the end demanding money to get it become and extortion like the mob in order to use the mediterranean. i'm talking about new morocco ad tunisia, and where that hotel was hit in mali that is the
10:27 am
country right next to those four on the rim i just discussed and people that -- country that used to control those four was turkey. these countries have one extreme and used qur'an as that are crutch. >> bottom line that i got from the bock, america took in the earliest years as an independent country, america took an extremely hard, aggressive line. they sent american navy over there. young american navy, and they went into belittle, and then they won. hands down, they won extraordinary story. >> thing is as you know stuart. probably alone with neil cavuto qk to read it. we kid around eat when you gave me that review the wind in my back to be honest. but to review what happened jefferson did sthng that adams didn't want to do. adams feared a long war and didn't think america had the sum
10:28 am
for it. probably right so jefferson rts is it starting ponging from the sea and started a land war from egypt and derna and beaning subsidy and scared daylights out of the day, then in charge and said okay let's cut a deal. madison would and the war and get them to stop to talking prisoners entirely to abuse their own people to go after us. sit was in the end that pope sad we've done more to christianity than other nations have done in their -- >> best seller list already. brian kilmeade, read it everybody it is good. thank you brian we'll see you soon. >> sure thing. >> hopple land electric cars all the rage. but they depend on dirty coal to do it. my take on that is next.
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
10:32 am
stuart: and some parts of the world they jump through hoops to be zero so green. sometimes they end up making things worse. huge tax breaks to buy them. gas is $7 a gallon. electric cars are much cheaper to drive. there are charging stations all over the place. the dutch really want to be green. here is the problem. they produce coal-fired power plants. bolting out more carbon from coal then they are saving with green cards. why do they do this?
10:33 am
holland, home of the windmill, find wind turbines unsightly. no juice from wind. oil fired power plants, oh, no. it just happens to be incredibly cheap kid is specially if it is bought from america. three new coal-fired power plants to provide tesla cars. which, by the way, it makes holland its european hub. next month, president obama will admit to being zero so green. making promises. china can do what it likes for another 15 years and try to cut. at the end of the day, the world is supposed to spend $3 trillion a year to reduce the world's temperature. back off.
10:34 am
a sustainable mobility advisor. commenting on the unlike her car problem. from an energy per spec if, it is not ideal. you've got that right. stuart: i am sorry. here is professor, at the university of maryland. the world spend a trillion dollars a year in order to reduce the planet's temperature by the end of this century, that does not seem like a real good economic deal to me. >> it is a terrible deal. unfortunately, it is china, two. generating the electricity to run those fact there is. raising the cost of manufacturing in the united states and europe. shift those jobs to china.
10:35 am
research at harvard did the university of california irvine. it clearly shows outsourcing jobs to china increases co2 emissions and global warning. it will actually accelerate the process. what can i tell you, this is the same guy that tells us we are winning the war against isis. stuart: sarcasm is another form of wit. prince charles. he is joining the chorus. he says climate change helped cause the refugee crisis in syria. i have recently become an american citizen. i do not mind if you want to bash british royalty. >> it has never been known for its high intellect. it is absolutely absurd.
10:36 am
basically backing this accord. and in variable think tank. right now it says solar, alternative energy forms are more cost-effective than fossil. that is absolutely absurd. the only way it is more tax effective is if you tax out of gasoline. >> the counter tobacco is there are droughts in brazil and south africa. that is a fact that i am weighing in on social media. let's just ignore the expansion. pretend that isis does not exist. be very afraid of the climate. whether you agree or not, i do think that climate change is happening. isis is on the march and it is
10:37 am
not just because of climate change. we had the latest read on the economy. that is not that bad, is it? >> the underlining numbers are pretty good. continuing to grow better than 3%. and inventory adjustment that we should not expect to repeat. i think we can look forward to growth at about 2% for the next four quarters. the next quarter will be better than that. the recovery is gaining some steam. consumers are in somewhat better shape. the economy at this point growing up four and a half percent. getting ready for thursday night football would actually have jobs. >> i remember it well. putting me into part of the
10:38 am
american dream. they give very much, indeed. you remember the team that brought a clock resembling a bomb to school. that young man is now suing. $15 million worth of damages. katie, welcome to the program. before you pass judges on the merits of this wall on june lawsuit, what is he is suing for? >> siding to the 1964 civil rights act. a part of the united states code that speaks to civil rights and protections to those afforded to the constitution. texas school procedures would not allow what happened to him when he brought the clock to school. stuart: because he is a muslim did.
10:39 am
>> also to the school district. he had a muslim sounding name. he was singled out, targeted and harassed. stuart: what do you make of this lawsuit? does it have merit? >> stuart, you will bring this lawsuit, if it actually survives, to give before a jury. do you really think a jury will give him anything close? >> he met the president. he does not have the damages that will sustain this lawsuit. putting it out of its misery. stuart: i like your style. will i go to a jury? will it get that far? >> it is possible.
10:40 am
you attack the efficiency of what is being put forth initially. you get opportunities to amend any complaint that is wrong. this is not a lawsuit yet. 5 million against the school district and 10 million against the city. he does not even live in the united states anymore. stuart: would you like to be a part of this lawsuit? you may walk away with $5 million. >> i am glad that you brought this up. the name on the demand letter is a small law firm. he joined a small law firm in texas. specialized. it could be a publicity play. i also want to people know as
10:41 am
well that he is claiming that his reputation has been permanently scarred in the local community. the sister is a one that brought it to social media. she is a one that brought it to the forefront. is he going to sue his sister? i do not think so. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. time for the sector report. look who is here. >> it is definitely today. these are the stocks. i actually expected it. i am kind of surprised i am watching it on the screen here. stopping by with the downside.
10:42 am
these are the names that you will want to watch. the only one that is up right now is halliburton. known for being very active in the middle east. on the ground contracts. similar thinking going on. this stock will have to watch. stuart: the dow is almost at its low for the day. the backdrop to today's action, that is not a big significant decline. this is perhaps the story of the day. the pc police strike again. the university banning a yoga program. it is culturally insensitive. the canadian government says they will not bring in single man as refugees. more in a minute. ♪ in our investment experience around the world.
10:43 am
call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. jeb bufrom our president:h you will not hear we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
10:44 am
♪ nicole: i am nicole fett not with your fox business brief. we see stocks under pressure here as tensions grow in the middle east. russian jet shot down by turkey military. s&p is down 14. chevron to the upside. this is some of the oil and gas companies moving higher. apple also. united technologies under pressure. you talk about political
10:45 am
tension. the airlines, the carnival and loyal caribbean cruise line. all to the downside. tasered. good news here. got a contract to outfit its officers with body cameras. start your day at the end a.m. all the news you need. ♪
10:46 am
10:47 am
stuart: now this. if you signed up for yoga class, you can leave your mad at home. do not even bother going. the students are calling it cultural issues. it may offend the students going to that yoga class. >> they are arguing that yoga comes from india. we must do away with the old up. the center for student disabilities. you know, people seem to be offended by anything. she even offered to change the name of the course to mind stretching. the students did not want that either.
10:48 am
>> very good. now this one. canada has agreed to take in 25,000 serious refugees by the end of the year. single males were reportedly excluded from purple strategies. i like the sound of this. you want to lead and women and children and orphans. you want to exclude not properly vetted young man. why are we not doing the same as canada? >> one is this is a new prime minister. 25,000 refugees and by the end of the year. you have about five weeks. it is easier to prioritize family, women and children. really trying to move forward. you know, get it moving.
10:49 am
i personally think that it is something that is more problematic here. maybe something we should look at. >> 30 states which say, no, we do not want the syrian refugees in our state. why isn't canada being called islam a phobic? >> we have only accepted 1800. we are only committed to 10,000. fleeing the same people that we are fighting, that we are opposing. i do not know that it is so much islamic, but refugee. stuart: i think that canada is right. >> i think that america has that wrong. the refugee program since 9/11,
10:50 am
only three people out of 800,000 have been linked in any way toward some sort of terrorism. i think that we are approaching these refugees completely the wrong way from top to bottom. stuart: okay. you think canada is right to exclude men? are they right to exclude men? >> family, women and children. maybe it is something that we should be looking at. stuart: very interesting story. we got it. thank you very much. it is robots that can deliver your groceries. we are on the story. we even have pictures. ♪ ♪
10:51 am
10:52 am
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> welcome that. the creators of skype. letting you talk to your friends and family face to face over the internet. it is a video app. these creators have a new invention. a car that can pick up your groceries. joining me now is the co-inventor of what is called the starship self driving car. thank you so much for joining us, sir. how much does it cost and how
10:55 am
much is that worth? >> it is a local delivery robot. intended to deliver parcels to your doorstep. going to push the cost of the liveries to your doorstep. down below $1. ultimately, we will make it pretty much free. >> how much does it cost to buy that robot, though? >> we are not intending that you are buying the robot yourself. they are buying those robots in the maintenance and operator service. then pour in is for the consumer and this $1 per delivery. liz: do you guarantee that the robot will not cause accidents or it will not be stolen by
10:56 am
somebody? >> these robots, the robot is going on the sidewalk, not the road. eventually, it does not cause damage. they have the intelligence built in. even if it would, it would not cause the damage. it is guaranteeing the contents of the parcel. >> okay. the coinventor. the grocery cart. thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> the fallout continues in turkey. shooting a russian jet out of the sky. we had the very latest at the
10:57 am
top of the next hour. check this out. amazon stock near an all-time high. the shopping revolution is upon us in a big way. the third hour of varney and company is just three minutes away. ♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
. stuart: dare we call this a tale of two presidents? the meeting is underway. it is an illuminating contrast in style and, yes, substance. first franc to france. he's moved an aircraft carrier closer to isis territory and intense bombing has begun. he's seen the threat and calling it what it is. islamic terror. also closed his country's borders. he is taking action. now to post-operatively and here's the contrast. he insists the border stays open. he insists on taking syrians now.
11:01 am
he has not so far used the expression islamic terror. he will not change his strategy against isis. he is not on the warpath. he favors diplomacy and political change. in an hour president obama will stand side by stand. the backdrop of this is truly stark. terror attacks, a worldwide travel alert for all americans, machine guns in the streets on this thanksgiving week. he wants action. president obama has played defense. trying to secure a legacy of peace maker. it is indeed a tale of two presidents. thrown together by global terror. we'll see if they can bridge their differences within the hour. ♪ ♪ . stuart: you will get more on my take in just a minute. headlines.
11:02 am
a russian jet shot down over the turkey, syrian border this morning. turkey says they warned the russian pilots multiple times before shot it down. vladimir putin says there will be consequences. russia's foreign minister has canceled his visit to turkey. and 124 people are being charged since the paris attack. a suspected gunman in the original attack. ashley webster, he's -- well, no, you're in paris; right? but we've got brussels locked down for four straight days. i have to believe. ashley: yeah,. stuart: that in paris where you are now, the anger is kind of bubbling up and semilock down in france. ashley: well, it really is, stuart, and to your point about françois, he's in dc talking to president obama right now, he comes back tomorrow to talk with germany and off to russia to st. pete with putin and now we
11:03 am
understand that the president of china is coming to paris on thursday. so a whole slew of leaders, the message of france is let's get together, let's wipe out isis. it will be interesting to see the tone and the reception from president obama on that message today from france. as for this fugitive, there's a fear, stuart, that he may use the syrian refugee crisis to slip his way back to syria. as we know two as many as three of these suspects in the paris attacks used the syrian refugee crisis as a cover to sneak in through greece and make their way to belgium and then onto paris. there's a fear first down don't catch him soon, he could get back into the relative safety into syria i can't. stuart: so many concerns on so many levels. good stuff. ashley, thank you very much indeed. i want to get back to my take. i am saying president obama -- identify painted himself into a corner with isis and with the growing intelligence investigation and maybe the scandal there.
11:04 am
ebony williams is here. ebony, i say president obama is in deep political trouble at the moment. what do you say? >> i agree with you, stuart, he's got a big problem. here's why. this is not your classical right versus left issue, we're so used to in washington, any idea lock politics; right? where he gets to look stong by standing up for his quote profile. they've got high profile who are also saying almost as if for shake him mr. president, we've got a problem here, and we were willing to give you lead way to fix it your way but that's not working so you need to now come. stuart: and you are precisely right. i get the feeling from senior democrats, for example. >> yeah. exactly. stuart: they wanted to shake him. they want to say, look, mr. president, you're not doing anything. >> we tried it your way but we're out of time and the amount of evidence is insuramountable at this point
11:05 am
and to protect his strategy -- you're not running for reelection, who cares at this point the political consequences. now it's time to fix it and do what's effective. stuart: i think it's a political problem when it comes to this intelligence discussion going on. >> sure. stuart: too many questions. . stuart: well, the intel people say going way back when isis first appeared, they were warning the president that it was spreading, that isis was getting stronger. >> sure. stuart: president obama says, no, that's not what they were saying to me. that's a contradiction and you can't have that. >> best case scenario even if you give him the benefit of the doubt, stuart, it's naïve, worst-case scenario it's a conspiracy, worst case it's naïve, we don't have the benefit from that as a country. stuart: this is a new poll, quinnipiac, a poll from iowa, and it shows trump holding onto the lead. got 25% but just as important, look who is now in number two
11:06 am
it happen p. ted cruz, only two points behind at 23%. what are your thoughts on that poll? now, this is iowa, the caucus there in january i think it is. seven or eight weeks away. >> yeah. and they do it their way at iowa. i'm a bit surprised here not to do so trump out front. this unfortunately paris attack works if his favorite politically. stuart: yes. >> but to see cruz really taking a leap out in front, i expected to see cruz and rubio almost equallily but it's not equal at all. what you see is cruz clearly coming in the front of the pack in iowa and that's the way it's going to work out. stuart: trump is the outsider telling it how he says it ask people respond to that. >> yeah. stuart: ted cruz is an arch conservative, and he now leads the political pack. >> i would say he's the most conservative guy and it's been that at that way a long time about now in light of what's happening, people are saying that's important. earlier on, i think three months ago, late september that issue of how conservative
11:07 am
the candidate was wasn't so important but now this is becoming very critical to conservatives because i think of what's going on terrorism being so important. stuart: how clearly they speak on the issue of terrorism. >> number one thing. stuart: you know what trump says. >> sure. stuart: who knows about water boarding, you may not like it, but he's speaking directly to it. president obama is not. >> yeah. stuart: he's not addressing this directly. >> and that's the distinction, whether you like it, whether you can do it legally, he's getting into the discussion of legitimate fear that makes people feel better. stuart: i'll ask you this. could you see yourself voting republican? i don't know who the candidate is going to be. >> not only could i see it, stuart, it probably will go that way. absolutely. we've got a lot more weeks of this, stuart. it's going to be good. it's going to be very good. stuart: i'm shocked. utterly shocked. >> don't be shocked. stuart: you're such a welcome guest on the program. thank you very much. see you later. >> uh-huh. stuart: look at that big board, we were down nearly
11:08 am
100, now down 70 points. kind of an up and down day. not huge movement so far for stocks. how about the price of oil? i've got a rally for you there. 2.5% higher, $42 per barrel for the price of crude. how about gold? with all of this going on in the world, you might expect a rally in the world, up just $7, bouncing off a five-year low. no inflation, gold stays where it is. how about this one? christmas shopping season, some people are not hitting the mall. roll tape. >> i don't want to get trampled. >> i don't want to fight with the crowds, so we did try to do what we can before and then maybe some things online. so probably won't do much black friday. >> just because you can get some good deals and if you can work around the crowds, it can be a fun day. >> recover from eating good, thanksgiving.
11:09 am
and just sort of hang out. start going through christmas decorations at home, get ready to decorate and sort of hang out with my husband. stuart: how about that? >> that's a sign. stuart: matthew shay is with us, the ceo of the national retail federation. matthew, a pleasure to have you with us today. >> hi, stuart, good morning. thanks for having me. stuart: you know, you guys are being reduced to showrooms. i suspect there's an -- i take that expression off your face because this is serious stuff here. >> we'll talk about it. stuart: there's an awful lot of people going to walk into the store, have a look around, touch it, feel it, walk outside and order online from a different organization. what do you say? >> well, i'd say we are that organization. so i would say retailers are the internet, the internet are retailers. it's one enormous piece of commerce. stuart: do you represent amazon? >> amazon are involved with us and they are a supporter of many of our policies as are walmart and many other of the
11:10 am
traditionally big box retailers. but the way stuart you have to look at this is the way consumers look at this and consumers don't differentiate between retail and online, they say this is when and where i want it and there are times they want to do it on the macy's website and times they want to go to seattle do it on the online store. so it's getting increasingly hard to determine what's before this accident and motor and what's. stuart: no. >> look, i do take your point. it's a good point to be made but my bottom line is we don't need all of this before this accident and motor real estate that we've got all over the country, do we? >> well, i think that's a related but a separate conversation that goes to the development did -- stuart: am i right? there's already ghost malls. they exist. they're out there. i've seen them and i think there's going to be a lot more of them.
11:11 am
>> so what i would say is ask the developers because developers do what they do, which is developers develop. what we're seeing is retailers and developers are evolving as customers shopping and spending habits have evolved as well. so it's probably true and this is not our area of expertise because we don't represent the developers but probably true. there haven't been a lot of new malls built in the last four, five, six years, but the real estate is being repurposed and used in different ways because consumers shopping different ways and demographics are changing, did technology is driving some of this, social factors, where people live and work and the way they want to interact with realters. so i think the key is really two things. focus on the consumer experience because that's what it's all about from the consumer side, what do they want, when do they want it, how do they want it? and from the retailer side, focus on the level of engagement that you can achieve. so engagement may come online, it may through smartphones, tablets, and maybe in stores. i think you have to look at this in its totality. you can't any longer anymore than consumers say this is
11:12 am
online and this is online. consumers don't look at it that way and that's the wrong framework. stuart: i think they do, math pupil i think we've got a disagreement here. >> i think we do. yeah, we have a -- stuart: we've got a real disagreement here. i don't think consumers think online, before this accident anbricks and motor, exactly the same. they say i love that mall, i don't want the crowds, i don't want to park, i don't want the trampling, i want to go online. that's what they're saying. >> well, i think you're mashing a whole bunch of things up here, but i think the truth is -- and it makes for good tv. but the story line in the narrative here should be that this is about retailers driving change. stuart: right. >> so we've seen the whole black friday weekend has evolved, it's the evolution of black november, this whole season so a lot more to go, i would say stay tuned. stuart: good luck. it was good tv you're right there. >> it was nice to listening to you.
11:13 am
thank you, stuart,. stuart: listening to me, get out of here. you can come back. i've got something entirely different for you. growing human vocal cords in a lab. could be a reality sooner than you think because we have the researcher behind it. this will be good tv. back in a moment ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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11:16 am
stuart: now we're down 72 points for the dow industrials. all kinds of action overseas. not much action to the downside at least for american stocks. now this. the state department issue -- has issued a worldwide travel alert to all americans. the terror threat is very much with us.
11:17 am
gerri willis is live at jfk international airport. i can't see behind you, gerri, but i'm guessing that inside that building the crowds are still there in droves, aren't they? >> that's right. stuart. yeah, we've seen people inside the international terminal right behind me already, and they are listening to what the state department is saying today. that three groups are planning assault attacks. isis, al-qaeda, and that particular people americans traveling international need to be on guard. they advice extra vigilance, particularly in public places like airports, like football stadiums, you're going to the thanksgiving day parade, you need to be more careful. of course it's very difficult on a holiday weekend because you'll probably want to be at some of these events. but say nonetheless pay particular attention. now, if you want assistance, if you want alerts to your phone telling you what's going on so that you're updated from the state department, go to
11:18 am you can get your name on the list so that you can be protected. again, some 28 million people coming through this airport last year. you've got to think a lot of them will be traveling during this holiday season. stuart, back to you. stuart: and you're right there in the middle of it. all right, gerri, thank you very much indeed. we will see you later. this is a terrific story. a medical break through. scientists have grown human vocal cords in a lab. first time it has ever happened. joining me now the leader of the study. dr. nathan. you've blown us away, doctor. now, you've got to tell us what this is about. are you growing a human voice box from dna samples or actually building physically a box and then inserting it? what are you doing? >> good morning. we are -- we have been working to create new tissues to
11:19 am
replace the voice of some of our patients who have the worst problems or outcome of the tissue that has been taken away due to serious disease or cancer. so we've been creating these tissues so hopefully in the future -- we've just made the first step so far. but in the future hopefully bring voice back to those who have lost it. stuart: so you're growing new tissues, that's what you're doing? >> that's correct. that's correct. for some patients who have maybe cancer of the vocal cord, very severe scarring or other disease, we have never had good ways to help and treat those problems. stuart: okay. >> we thought the best approach. stuart: wait a second. i've got some questions here. >> yes. stuart: can you give someone a really good voice, for example, for me a tenor or base singing voice. can you do that? >> that's a great question. so this kind of emerging treatment or regenerative
11:20 am
therapy can help with some elements of the voice, particularly if it's very, very rough or missing, it is not going to make a poor singer a great singer. it's not going to make a base a baritone or anything like that. you know, if you put a string on the violin. stuart: have you done it? has somebody got the new tissue and it's there and they've got a new voice? have you done it yet? >> we have not put these into patients yet. we've just taken the first step. and there's a number of things that need to happen before we can do a human trial. . stuart: how long before you actually do a human trial? >> i think this is something that needs some additional testing and to move these kind of therapies into the clinic, we have to meet a number of regulations and satisfy the fda. so there's a lot of work to do. i think five years, ten years perhaps in we're we're there. stuart: okay. i'm coming to see you in five years, and i want an american accent.
11:21 am
dr. nathan, i believe you're from south africa, i'm getting from from your voice. south africa an? >> new zealand actually. stuart: i'm sorry. i'm terribly wrong. thank you very much indeed for joining us. we will see you again very soon. >> my pleasure. stuart: white house secretary job earnest says members of congress are bored and paid for by corporations. we did our own research. wait until you see president obama's big corporate donors the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
11:22 am
11:23 am
11:24 am
and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around.
11:25 am
stuart: white house press secretary josh earnest criticizing the pfizer, they said congress is paid for by corporations. roll tape. >> that's what you get when companies are bought and paid for by members of congress. it serves the corporate bottom line of some of these companies but certainly doesn't advance the -- it certainly doesn't strengthen the economy of the united states and enhance the pect for middle class families. stuart: we did some resin, how many corporations bought and paid for president obama's campaign? on the right and left-hand side of your screen, you're going to the 2008 list of
11:26 am
corporate donors scrolling up your screen. some of the largely include goldman sachs, microsoft, jp morgan, google, liz, what am i missing here? it's a long list. >> also city group and ibm. you're going to be on the menu. these guys know that and they pay money. it's like play to pay. but the these guys needed a seat at the table and they got in by paying. stuart: you should say look at the list of universities that paid money too. liz: yeah, that's try to. stuart: an extraordinary amount of money that went to president obama. liz: that's right. stuart: canada. these are college donations. you're looking at it right now. the university of california, well over a million dollars? that's extraordinary. huge amounts of money go straight to president obama. liz: that's right. stuart: then we've got canada is something geoaccept 25,000 syrian refugees, a british newspaper says canada will not take young men. back in a moment
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
stuart: moments from now, president obama is going to hold a joint news conference with the president of france. monica crowley is with me for the next half hour as we get ready for this press conference in washington d.c. you can see them getting ready right there. that's the newscasters doing their stand-ups before this thing begins. just watch them for a second and here's monica.
11:31 am
now, françois comes to america, he's going to ask -- earlier wants american military support for what he's doing in the middle east. i think he wants american boots on the ground. is he going to get them? >> he wants american leadership, which is entire world has been missing over the last seven years under this president. paris was just hit by global jihaddist coming out of isis but all part of the global jihadi movement. what the president will say today, you know, thank you for coming to america, we welcome you but the soths already doing its part. we're already carrying out air strikes and that's basically the limit of what i am prepared to do. he's not going to ramp up the effort, stuart,. stuart: but any moment now, you're going to see the two leaders appear on the left-hand side of the screen, and they're going to stand next to each other, and they're going to have to point together a joint statement. how will they square his demand for military help from america and president obama's reluctance to give it?
11:32 am
>> well, the president will say we are engaged in this fight. he'll say all of the right things to make it sound like there's not a risk. but as soon as aland leaves and goes back to europe to deal with the global jihad, the president is not going to back up anything he might say today. he's not going to escalate the u.s. military presence there. there are not going to boots on the ground and frankly that's the only thing that's going to be needed in order for isis. stuart: do you think president obama is going to dig in his heels again change his previous policy? >> absolutely not because he's a great rhetoric kion, he's going to say the thing about greater global terror, he will not use the word islamic, he will use the word extremist. he white washes everything. but he will say things that appear to be right. he just will not carry through
11:33 am
on any of it. this man for seven years has said one and things done something else. nothing in his behavior, nothing in his past has suggested that he is going to change the u.s. policy now. stuart: i agree with you. i mean i can't see any occasion in the past where the president has retreated at all on his set policy objective. i've never seen him do that but you have to admit the man is under extraordinary political pressure right now and the great pressure comes because we do face the possibility of an attack inside america. >> yeah. stuart: and knotting attack inside america, this president is toast, and he knows it. >> well, then all bets are off. then the whole dynamic has changed. but remember this is a man who won the nomination from initially '08 from being antiiraq war and basically antiwar. and his whole mission was to retreat the united states from middle eastern wars. he is sticking to that no matter what, no matter how the circumstances and the facts on the ground change. he will not change. stuart: if you travel today
11:34 am
anywhere in america, you take a train, you take a plane, you're going to see guys in combat, machine guns, and helmets. that's the atmosphere on this thanksgiving week in the united states of america and the president knows it. is he going to come out there and not offer an aggressive vigorous policy? >> he will not because that's not who he is. and like i said -- stuart: he loses ground politically. >> you talk about the political pressure and that's absolutely true. it's not just coming from conservatives and republicans anymore. it's coming from his fellow democrats. stuart: yes, it is. senator dianne feinstein, others who have said this is completely outrageous, we are not countering isis in any nea, but, you know, stuart, he doesn't care. will see only one person in charge of all of this and that's barack obama, he controls the white house, controls the democratic party, controls the military, controls the justice department, it only matters what he wants and what he wants is no escalation of u.s. military effort in the middle east. stuart: here's something else that's going to come up today
11:35 am
because the president and françois, they'll be answering questions from the media. i'm sure that one of those questions will be about the intelligence mess that's going on. now, just step back a second. when isis first reader its ugly head a year and a half ago, the president was told that isis is expanding. it's growing in its power and prestige. he ignored it, walked away from those intelligence warnings. in fact, and he went said, no, we're not getting that advice from our intelligence people. now the intelligence guys surface and say wait a minute. we were telling you it was awful from day one. and you rejected our advice. and you turned around in public and said something different. he's going to be asked about that today. >> yeah. and we'll see how ethanals. question "the new york times" wrote a great piece this week . stuart: they did. >> where they talked about the possibility of how intelligence on isis was, in fact, doctored to minimize. stuart: right. >> the threat. the question is who ordered that to happen? how far up did that go?
11:36 am
did the president of the united states -- and this is an open question, did he order the intelligence to be manipulated because he had no intention of going back to the middle peace fighting these jihadis. stuart: i'm quoting from james rosen. members of the presidential war cabinet and members of his party have begun since the paris attacks to openly question the commander-in-chief's isis strategy. that's people in the war cabinet and democrats like dianne feinstein. now, you can't ignore that kind of pressure, can he? >> well, he can. he has in the past. when it's coming from your own party, it's a little different here. when you talk about intelligence manipulation, one of the great ironies, stuart, is that the left pounded bush for so-called lying on the intelligence about and i can be sadda saddam hussein's weapon of destruction, remember bush lied about the
11:37 am
wnd and so on. here in this case you might actually have it an administration that has manipulated intelligence. that might actually be factually true. and what -- a tremendous irony when you talk about political pressure, this president does not care. if american lives are taken by jihadis here on homeland or abroad, it changes the game. or remember we've lost americans to isis, james foley, there are several others and this president hasn't barrel lifted a finger . stuart: stay right there for a moment, please, because i've got to update what's going on in the financial markets in what is a very big newsday. if you take a look at the dow industrial average as of right now, it's turned positive. we were down about 100 points in the very early going now we're up 2, but we have turned around now with just about dead flat. take you back a little to very, very early this morning. news came that a russian jet had been do you understand by turkey. russia's president putin said
11:38 am
there will be consequences to this. so that was the -- there you can see it right there. that was the news that broke first thing this morning. and when that news broke, when we all saw that video, the dow industrial average just about fell out of bed and also in the news background this worldwide travel advisory issued by the state department to all americans overseas. watch out. scrutinize everything, says the state department. that's a state of high anxiety created inside america and around the world for all americans. that is the backdrop to what's going on on wall street. furthermore. earlier today there was an isis attack. it was in egypt in the sinai peninsula. a hotel was attacked. seven people dead, latest count. that hotel housed judges who were overseeing a parliamentary election in the sinai. it was attacked by isis, seven people dead. this backdrop of terror on going terror, that's what's affecting the financial markets, but it didn't push the market all the way down,
11:39 am
in fact, we've come back to a break even point. what we're waiting for now is a news conference, a joint news conference between françois hollande of france and president barack obama. they will marriage now and issue some kind of statement and then take question and answers. answers to questions, put it like that. now, we don't know what this joint statement is going to contain. we do know that françois hollande wants support from america from the action he's taking in the middle east. we don't know whether president obama will accommodate what françois hollande actually wants. everybody's there, they're all waiting, this is a big deal. i want to go back to monica for one second, please. because i want to raise another issue with you. which you touched on on this program last week. specifically canada. they said they're going to take in 25,000 syrian refugees. they're going to do real fast. there are reports in a british
11:40 am
newspaper, the guardian that canada will take in refugees but not single men. men of military age. they will not be allowed into canada. nobody is saying, hey, you canadians, you're islamphobes, when we did that in america no syrian refugees at all, we're islamphobes. >> what's interesting about this is that canada has a new charismatic young, dare i say barack obamaesque liberal prime minister who's just coming in, and it's interesting that now if this report is true, that they may be considering blocking certain refugees. stuart: yes. >> from coming in. i told you last week i was in central europe i went to the train staying station, i went 20 minutes outside vena to do the main station where they're holding the refugees and i saw with my own eyes, 80% were fighting aged males, there were few women and children,
11:41 am
but in the distinct minority. and they're taking full advantage of the fact that the european union will not enforce its own borders and it will not enforce its own laws. sound familiar? looks like here. with our own border. but this is what is going on and they are pushing into central europe, pushing into western europe, and they're there for a lot of reasons. people talk about replenishing the workforce. but what they will tell you, what the muslim refugees will tell you, yeah, we're fleeing war and persecution. actually that is not true. when it comes to europe, only about 10% fleeing syria. the rest of the 90% are coming from elsewhere in the middle east, north africa, and places like pakistan and indonesia. stuart: and you said on this program that those refugees, those migrants, they are a trojan horse, very silent invasion of europe by islam. that's what you said. >> jihad comes in a number of different forms. we're obviously very worried about the urgent and immediate threat, which is violent
11:42 am
jihad. but the mori more insidious form is what you're seeing across europe and it comes all the way back to the -- not with by weapons and violence but through migration. stuart: okay. now what do you make of françois hollande? that you think on thanksgiving week you and i would be sitting together about to hear a press conference from françois hollande of france. he's a socialist, a committed socialist, and he's coming into this country and demanding military action from an american president. >> do you remember several years ago there was a report in the new yorker, it described something something on the inside of the obama administration saying the president's whole approach to policy was to quote lead from behind. well, president hollande is coming to beg him to finally lead from the front which is what the french doing and, by the way, what the russians doing. everybody's agendas are different here. but they are leading from the front and this president will
11:43 am
continue to lead from behind. stuart: monica, stay right there, please. you know, every now and again we have to pay the bills in television. that means we go to a commercial break right now. but the presidential news conference and monica, back in a moment so what's your news? i got a job! i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works. (proudly) i programmed that hat. and i can do casaba melons. i'll be helping turbines power cities. i put a turbine on a cat. (friends ooh and ahh) i can make hospitals run more efficiently... this isn't a competition!
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>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. right now the dow jones industrial average off the earlier lows, weight on stocks but right now the dow is down about 8. the s&p 500 down 4, dow is now
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stuart: we are waiting for a joint news conference between françois hollande of france and president barack obama. they will jointly appear and issue a joint statement in that room that you're looking at on the left-hand side of your screen. monica crowley is with me and i've got questions for you, monica, about hillary clinton because she is affected by what's going on in the middle east, affected by president obama's policies. is she negatively affected? >> well, when you look at the polling, it shows you that the majority of the american people are not right with president obama's foreign
11:48 am
policy generally in particular with isis, it's upwards of 65% disapprove with how he's handling global terror isis in particular. those numbers are affecting her which is why she tried to head this off last week by giving a speak in new york at the counsel and foreign nations and walking a very fine line and you can see it in that speech. she can only put that much distance between herself and the president. why? because she's the secretary of state for four years. she was the steward of his foreign policy. libya was her portfolio, and now we see the result of his foreign policy. the world is the flame, the middle east is aflame. so he's walking this fine line. but what's interesting, stuart, is that his weakness, especially in the face of these isis attacks are now elevating republicans. remember national security was always a republican topic. it was always a strong republican issue. republicans over the last ten years or so have reseated to the democrats. now the country is come coming back to the grown-ups, coming
11:49 am
back to the republicans saying donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, i don't care which republican but they're all perceived stronger on national security than the democrats and that's against hillary clinton. stuart: we've got a -- wait a second. hillary clinton was secretary of state, and she did the reset -- hit the button, the reset button with russia. that did not turn out well. this morning, we have a russian jet downed by the turks we believe and russia says there will be consequences. you now have turkey and russia at each other's throats for heaven sake and they're supposed to be -- not exactly fighting on the same side but both fighting in the middle east. what's going on here? >> an incredible dynamic what's happening. a couple of weeks ago you had isis shooting down a commercial jetliner and vladimir putin who doesn't play, he's no barack obama, they went and ramped up his air strikes against isis. now you have the turks who said that they repeatedly warned this military jet fighter pilot to get out of
11:50 am
the airspace but the russians say we were never in syrian airspace. so now, now you have a good conflict here but splat mere putin does not lead from behind, he leads from the front. and what you're seeing, stuart, is world war iii. stuart: whoa whoa whoa. world war iii, repeat that. world war iii has started? >> it's already been underway. it's been a throw grade throb since 9/11. the war in the west, that's the top layer of this. but now you have more conventional nations entering into this of course the middle east is the tinderbox, where all three of these nations are colliding up against each other. and this is why you've got the turks shooting down a russian jet and the russians will respond. but remember, what complicates this is that turkey is a member of nato. so then the question is what is nato prepared to do about this? and will turkey invoke -- an attack on one is an attack on
11:51 am
all. stuart: isis and assad, are they sitting back and laughing at this? >> can you imagine if you're assad, a mass murderer, but sitting on top of what remains of syria. what is going on in his country? he's got isis running are guilty wild, the muslim brotherhood running wild, now russia with the presence there, his sky is full of aircraft, american, russian, you name it, turkey now. if you're assad, i think you sit back and let the chips fall where they may because you're backed up by two great powers. russia and iran. stuart: okay. i want to backtrack a little. i want to bring everybody up to date as some of the dignitaries are being seated there right in the front row. i believe the joint press conference is imminent. but i want to backtrack a little bit here to outline the news events that we've seen so far today. first, a russian plane shot down by turkey. it happened right on the border syria and turkey, the russian plane shot down.
11:52 am
russia's president vladimir putin says there will be consequences. that happened first thing this morning. then in egypt the islamic state claiming a responsibility for an attack on a hotel in the sinai peninsula. seven dead. there were judges in that hotel supervising parliamentary elections. isis walked in i believe there were suicide bombers and gunmen. seven dead. next case. the state department warned people about travel. warning all americans when you're overseas, be vigilant they say, and this is a new warning that came out today. at the airports all around america, machine guns, i keep saying this but they make a big, big impact on me. there are machine guns all over the place in america today because of the terror threat. and now moments from now, you'll be seeing president obama and françois hollande talking about the situation in the mid-east and what america is going to do with françois hollande.
11:53 am
monica, still here. >> i am still here happily. stuart: you would fall off your seat if president obama came out and said you know françois? you're right. more boots on the ground. >> i hope the president proves me wrong today, i hope he comes out with hollande and announces a brand-new strategy to defeat isis. nothing would make me happier to be wrong about this. but given his past pattern of behavior, nothing suggests to me that he is willing, ready, and able to change his tune. stuart: what about the in the house and the senate? the house pass a veto-proof majority saying pause on the syrian refugees. >> right. stuart: it's going to go to the senate, i don't think harry reed will allow it to get the 60 votes necessary. >> harry reed last week said don't worry this bill won't pass. what he's saying to the president don't worry it won't have to get to you to vote owe because we won't pass it. but the american people should worry because we now know there's this islamic tsunami
11:54 am
coming into the europe and now the united states. we have terrorists coming in. stuart: listen to this. i've got breaking news, and it's happening right now. an explosion has hit a bus -- sorry there you are. a has hit a bus carrying military and presidential guards in the capital still of tunis. the cause of the blast, not immediately clear. one witness said there had been several casualties. okay? now, sounds like more terror overseas. i cannot confirm that because these are very, very early reports. but six dead i'm now told. six dead in that bus explosion in tunis,. >> and what you know? we'll see how this plays out if, in fact, it were terrorism. but what's disturbing about this is that tanesha was considered one of the success stories out of the so-called arab spring. tanesha started it in motion they were successful because they were keeping the islamists down or at least contained. if this is isis, if this is
11:55 am
al-qaeda, then that shakes that whole model that you could have a successful democracy that was nonislamist come out of the spring. and if this is, in fact, isis that isis has a global reach now. we know this. we saw it out of paris, we saw it with the shooting down in the russian commercial jetliner in the sinai. stuart: one thing after another. >> and it's global reach. that's why we have to understand in america because we're surrounded by massive oceans, we've tended to think isolationist, we've tended to think we're safe and lull ourself into thifalse sense of security. the difference between this enemy and our past enemy whether it's the nazis or japan, you name it, stuart, at least with those past enemies, we knew who they were. they wore uniforms and they were not religiously motivated. this enemy is a completely different ball of wax. stuart: i want to backtrack again to go through the list of terror attacks that we've seen i think in the last two weeks. it was an isis bomb directed.
11:56 am
i think it was 43 dead. in nigeria, i think it was a bomb that killed i think 25 people there. and then came the paris attack. 130 people. brussels locked down for four straight days. >> uh-huh. stuart: and then came the attack in mali, central to west africa. that was 23 or 26 people dead at that point. today, seven dead in the sinai peninsula, an isis attack on a egyptian hotel. moments ago, news of a bus explosion in tunis, i think the latest body count there is six dead, we cannot confirm it's isis terror but it's an explosion on a bus in tunisia. all of this happening after another, i think this is had it world is intensely nervous at this point and i would like to see it expressed at that news conference. >> well, at least we have a strong american president full of resolve -- i'm sorry, stuart, but the reason there's so much uncertainty is because the world looks to the united
11:57 am
states for leadership. we have not had it in seven years. and now that -- as i call it world war iii is escalating, we still can't count on the american commander-in-chief to take it to the enemy. stuart: i want to see the president's demeanor after this string of terror attacks with a huge body count that approaches 500 around the world. i want to see how the president approaches this. normally -- i say normally. in the past, the only time he's shown real fire and emotion is when he's attacking americans and republicans. >> right. stuart: will he show the same kind of resilience and power and strength now that he's with françois hollande and maybe going after the isis in the middle east? i mean his demeanor will tell me a lot of things. >> i wish he would demonstrate that kind of passion and fire against america's enemies and the enemies of western civilization but, again, nothing in his past suggestions he will. he just doesn't have the fight in him.
11:58 am
remember he comes out of a deeply anti-american far left tradition. frank davis, he said in college he sought out the professors. these people were not friends of the united states. the thinking that he has brought into the white house is that american power has always been a source of evil in the world. therefore we should apologize for it and retrench that's what he's done over the last seven years. i don't think if he will turn it around. stuart: you see those gold currents? you know what's going on behind those currents? and on my president hollande are talking about what they're going to say moments from now when they hold a joint news conference. they're trying to discuss how to make the differences between them so that they'll come out purposeful when they make their announcement and also -- from whom are we going to take questions?
11:59 am
which journalist will get pointed to in that assembly later on this morning? >> well, and henry from fox news gets one of those questions. doubtful. i love it. i hope he gets a question in. look, they will put on a unified front because diplomatically -- stuart: they have to. >> that is required by the moment so, yes, that is exactly what they will do here. but when it comes to action, stuart, do not look for this president to change policy with dealing with isis in the middle east. stuart: i would say this is one of the more news conferences of the entire presidency because he's under intense pressure to protect america. if necessary, attack to make america safe. >> the president has one job. it's to protect and defend the constitution and to protect and defend the american people. i guess two jobs. but this president has not done either. and what will be very interesting to watch in this dynamic here with hollande is if hollande is more aggressive and more of a natural leader
12:00 pm
in this circumstance, it will make this president who's shrinking anyway given that he only has a year left, make him look small indeed. stuart: vice president bind has taken our seat, our time is up, monica, i want to thank you very much. neil cavuto it's your as the president walks in. neil: indeed they're going to combat the terror, we've had a terror attack or what looks like one in tunisia. the president. >> it has been an honor to welcome you to the white house before in happier times than this. but as americans, we stand by our friends in good times and in bad, no matter what. so on behalf of the american people, i want to once again express our deepest condolences to you and all of the people of france for the


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