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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 24, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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in this circumstance, it will make this president who's shrinking anyway given that he only has a year left, make him look small indeed. stuart: vice president bind has taken our seat, our time is up, monica, i want to thank you very much. neil cavuto it's your as the president walks in. neil: indeed they're going to combat the terror, we've had a terror attack or what looks like one in tunisia. the president. >> it has been an honor to welcome you to the white house before in happier times than this. but as americans, we stand by our friends in good times and in bad, no matter what. so on behalf of the american people, i want to once again express our deepest condolences to you and all of the people of france for the heinous attacks that took
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place in paris. we're here today to declare that the united states and france stand united in total solidarity to deliver justice to these terrorists and those who sent them and to defend our nations. in that spirit with heavy but strong hearts, i welcome you here today. françois, with your understanding, my statement today will be a little longer than usual. i've been traveling and this is an important moment for our nations and for the world. this barbaric terrorist group isil or dash in its murderous ideology, poses a serious threat to all of us. it cannot be tolerated, it must be destroyed, and we must do it together. this is the unity of purpose that brings us here today. on your visit here last year,
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you said that the french love america. well, we love the french. sometimes we americans are too shy to say so, but we're not feeling shy today. we americans love france because we dedicate ourselves to the same ideals that all people deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. france is our oldest ally. you helped us win our independence. we helped liberate france from fascism. we owe our freedom to each other. we love france for your spirit and your culture. the americans have recalled their own visits to paris, visiting the eiffel tower or walking along the sand. we know these places. they're part of our memories woven into the fabric of our lives and our culture.
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i am very grateful to the french people for the hospitality they've always shown me. and when they welcome michelle and our daughters on their first visit to the city of lights. by my bed in the residence is in the fate of the french people, we see ourselves. lou, white and red. americans with candlelight vigils have joined.
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we have never forgotten how the french people stood with us after 9/11 and today, we stand with you. noted that the terrorist did not direct the attacks against the french government or military, rather they focus their violence on the very spirit of france. by extension on all liberal democracies. this is an attack on our free and open society. coming to celebrate and saying and compete. targeting venues where people come together around the world. killing citizens of nearly 20 countries, including america. people of different races and religions and backgrounds can live together in peace.
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in short, this was not only a strike against one of the world's greatest cities, it was an attack against the world itself. the same madness that has slaughtered the innocence from nigeria to sinai, from lebanon to iraq. for more than one year, the united states, france and our coalition of some 65 nations. today, president francois hollande and i reviewed our progress. thousands of airstrikes combined with local partners on the ground. pushing isil back from territory in both iraq and syria. today we agreed that our nations must do even more together. u.s. assistance has supported
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recent strikes in theory up. we will keep stepping up that ordination. as we saw with the attack in mali, it goes beyond isis. sustaining our support including airless and intelligence. working together to root out terrorist networks in africa. we will do even more to prevent attacks at home. building on our recent intelligence agreement, they will continue to shared threat investigation. growing recognition among european nations. they need to wrap up additional efforts to prevent the flow of terrorist fires. i am calling on the european union to implement the agreement that has been in the works. we can do more to stop foreign
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terrorist fighters from entering our country. i am prepared to send teams of our experts to work on this. regarding the broader crisis in syria. president francois hollande and i have agreed that russia's strikes against the moderate opposition only polls from the assad regime. we agreed that russia could play a more constructive role if it were to shift the focus of its rights to defeating isil. the best way to bring peace to syria is through the principles reaffirmed. active russian support for a cease-fire and a transition away from assad to a democratically elected resident.
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finally, we understand that one of our greatest weapons in the fight against isil is the strength and resilience of our people. i want to speak directly to the american people. what happened in paris is truly horrific. i understand that people worried that something similar could happen here. i want you to know that we will continue to do everything in our power to defend our nation. we have taken extraordinary measures to strengthen our homeland security since 9/11. federal, state and local, they have prevented attacks and they have saved lives. they are working every hour, every day for our security. they did so before paris, they
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do so now and they will not stop. they are the best in the world. it is not just our security professionals beating isil and other terrorist groups. as americans, we all have a role to play in how we respond to threats. it looks like isil cannot defeat us on the battlefield. trying to share rise us at home. against soft targets and civilians. against innocent people. even as we are vigilant, we cannot and will not succumb to fear. nor can we allow fear. that is how terrorists win. give them the victory of how we go about living our lives. the good news is, americans are
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resilient. we mourned the lives lost out ford hood, the boston marathon, chattanooga, but we did not waiver. our communities have come together. we have gone to ball games and concerts and gone shopping. men and women that want to serve our country continue going to military recruiting offices. we are vigilant. we take precautions. we go about our business. those that want to harm us, our actions have shown that we have too much resolve and too much character. americans will not be terrorized. i say all this because another part of being vigilant, and other part of defeating terrorists like i sold is upholding the rights and freedoms that define our two
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great publics. that includes freedom of religion did that includes equality before the law. there have been times in our history and moment in fear when we have failed to uphold our highest ideals. it has been to our lasting regret. we must uphold our ideals now. each of us. all of us. we must show that america is strengthened by people of every faith and every background. i want to know that under president francois hollande, france plans to welcome 30,000 additional refugees over the next three years. here in the united states, refugees coming to america go through up to two years of intense security checks. nobody who sets foot in america
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goes to war screening band refugees. we are prepared to share these tools with france and our european partners. as francois hollande has said, our humanitarian duty to help desperate refugees and our dude did -- our duty to securities. they go hand-in-hand. the gift from the people of france. there are words that we know so well. give me your tired. your poor. yearning to be free. that is the spirit that makes us american. that is the spirit that binds us to france. that is the spirit we need today. in closing, i want to salute the people of paris for showing the world how to stay strong in the
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face of paris. even as they grieve, returning to the cafés, riding the metro, going to stadiums to cheer for their teams, crowds gather, including a mother who brought her children, she said to let them see that we shall not be afraid. one said, paris will always be paris. next week, i will be joining president francois hollande and world leaders in paris for the global climate conference. what a powerful rebuke. when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children. so, president francois hollande, my fellow americans, let's
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remember we face greater threats for our way of life before. world war. along cold war. each and every time we have failed. we have prevailed because our way of life is strong. we stay united. even as we are relentless in the face of evil, we draw on what is best for ourselves. the character of our countries. it will be no different this time. make no mistake. we will win. i am standing with allies like france. continuing to show the world the best of leadership. god bless the united states of america.
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>> ladies and gentlemen. president of the united states, barack obama, make you for the solidarity that he has shown. we have talked about the terrorist attacks. the first one to call me. it was very late in france. 2:00 a.m. when he called. the president of the united states. has r&d expressed his solidarity towards france. his emotion, his compassion did. on that night, he meant to tell me that the united states stood by france. it could be provided to france, no limit.
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pulling our forces together and fight terrorism. i do not forget either, all of the messages that the american people sent to the french people over the past few days. the french color, the french flags, all of them in many gatherings. candles and places that represent france. here in the united states. official germany. it is true that 9/11, we all felt american did after the 13th of november, americans felt french. we emerged as one.
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sharing the same emotion. the willingness to fight for freedom. to stand for our values. we each have our own history. we have our own culture. our own background. we shared the same trust, the same faith in freedom. it is france that came under attack on the 13th of november. france, for what it is, the country, france came under attack for what it represents. for what it stands for. as well as our values. our principles. by targeting france, the
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terrorist, the murderers targeting the world, in these restaurants, in these cafés, as well as the concert venue, men and women, most of them young came from 20 countries. they shared the same passion for life. that is the reason why they were murdered. my thoughts are with the friends and family. came as well to share in the culture. our culture, we are together to bring the same.
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they were hit by terrorists. facing the terror group which organized itself. they are striving. human beings. since the beginning of the year, the head. many companies marked in asia. cherokee, egypt. russia. taking down the russians. together, with president obama, today, we wanted first of all to share. to share our determination to
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fight terrorism everywhere and anywhere. we meant to tell the world that we will not allow those who want to destroy what we have built. we will not allow them to do it. generation after generation. not be able to damage the world. france and the united states stand together to bring that response. no matter where they are. it is about taking out their financing, launching their networks. taking back the land we control. we therefore decided, president obama and myself, both in syria
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and iraq, broadening that group our intelligence sharing regarding this. the priority is to take that key locations in theory up. it is also a matter of urgency to close the borders between turkey and syria and prevent terrorists from crossing the border and coming to europe or other places we also took a decision to work together with our partners in iraq and support all of those that are fighting on the ground. the aim is to make sure that these forces can be supported, helped.
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all the countries willing to act militarily to the strong attacks. the security council that was voted unanimously friday. after being intruded by the united states. providing the clear basis to act. this is what france is guaranteed doing. our aircraft carrier to the east of the mediterranean. others enjoying more capability. yesterday, we trust russia. needing some assistance into iraq. the coalition. both president obama and myself have strengthened the operation
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as early as right after the attacks. i would not command everything that is being done. intelligence and information available can be used to track terrorists and to follow their movement. we could prevent them from doing what they want. doing what they want is somehow spreading fear everywhere so that we'd dow, so that we make decisions which are exactly contributed to what we want in terms of freedom and rights. with that being said, we have to defend ourselves. dramatically, we are working on a political transition in syria within the framework. i commend the work done by the ministers to agree on a timeline
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that agrees on a cease-fire. we will lead to the departure. we cannot imagine the syrians getting together, gathering around a leader who is responsible for most of the 300,000 dead in a few years. the unity is acquired. that must lead to the departure. the syrian crisis is directly relevant. also, because there are millions of refugees fleeing the regime. if we were to abandon them, we
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would betray what we are. this is the reason why. identifying migration and terrorism. at the same time, we must come forth the border. today, people are risking their lives. to flee. when they travel between turkey and greece. turkey plays an important role. it is together with turkey that we make this mission neared the refugees can stay close to their country of origin. we need to make sure that the required control are implemented on thursday, i will be heading to moscow to meet with vladimir putin. france can work together with
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russia. if russia fully commits to the political position in syria. this is what we want to do. we want together all country, all those that are willing to find the coalition in syria. we do not want to exclude anyone. we want to make sure that it can eradicate terrorism. lastly, on monday, we will be hosting in paris a climate conference. i certainly, could not imagine that this conference would be taking place against such a background. at the same time, they cannot be
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any better symbol but to hold this in paris where the attacks took place. in terms of security protections as well as our values. no greater symbol then holding this conference in paris. from 150 head straight and government. never before did france host so many leaders of the international community. welcoming the climate challenge. to work and to find the right agreement so that we can e-mail greenhouse gas emissions and make sure that our children and our grandchildren can live
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better, or simply leave. expressed their support to freedom. to the fight against extremism. for that, radical islam which is coming. yes, all of them are coming. going back to their religion. the same principle. the same values. with the same word. yes. life. and if the reason why i am so pleased that president obama will allow us to succeed, i commend his recent statements over the last few weeks and months. i also commend the commitment he
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has made in the united states and the world. it was very important that one of the most powerful countries in the world is not the most powerful and therefore the highest level of emissions could also be there it would be like facing history. what we will be doing early next week in paris means that we can continue to live, as well as protect our life and the valuable children. france and the united states, given their history and the values, the founding values of both our nation, we both have that duty to act rather urgently. against terrorism. at the same time, to prepare for
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the future. being with barack obama to send across that message to the entire world. thank you. >> we have time for a few questions. >> thank you. this is a question for both of you first. what is your reaction to turkey shutting down a russian plane today? had to keep this from spiraling out of control. what difference does this mean for future prospects of military coordination, more military coordination by russia. president francois hollande, ahead of your trip to moscow on thursday, given what happened
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today -- >> first of all, we are still getting the details of what happened. i expect to be in communications , potentially, directly, with everyone sometime over the next several days. turkey, like every country has a right to defend its territory and its airspace. i think that it is very important for us to make sure that both the russians and turks are talking to each other to find out exactly what happened and take measures to discourage any kind of escalation. i do think that this points to an ongoing problem with the russian operations. in the sense that they are operating very close to a turkish border and they are going after moderate opposition
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better supported by not only turkey, but a wide range of countries. if russia is directing its energies towards that and isil, some of those conflicts for potential for mistakes or escalation are less likely to over. i also think that this underscores the importance that we move this political track forward as quickly as possible. like president francois hollande, our view from the start has been that russia is welcome to be part of this coalition that we have stepped up. there has never been a point in time which we have said that we do not want russia or other countries that may have differences with us on a whole host of other things to avoid working with us against isil.
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the challenge has been russia's focus on propping up of thought rather than focusing on i so. i had a conversation with president putin in turkey. i indicated to him at the time that they could make that strategic shift. focus on the vienna process where they had been instructed to bring all the parties together. try to execute a political transition. one that all parties would agree to. we focus the attention on going after isil. in norman's capacity for us to cooperate. until that happens, it is very difficult. it is difficult because their priority is attacking moderate opposition that may be future members of and exclusive government. russia will not get the support
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of us or a range of other members of the coalition. i do think that there is a possibility of cooperation. the sooner we agree to this political process, the less likely that you have the kinds of events that took place, apparently today. >> we can only regret it. turkey is providing all of the information to nato so we can find out what truly happened and whether turkey's airspace indeed was entered into. we must prevent any of the
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nations that would be extremely damaging both. the fight against terrorism. this is what we must do. all of us. we, turkey, russia, we can see what the risks are otherwise. therefore, i will be traveling to russia this week because we have this meeting with the security council. it does show that we must take action against terrorism. that has been prompted unanimously.
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then we will ask president putin what i have told a number of russians already, against terrorism. those are threatening the russians. like france targeted. therefore, coordinating. making sure that we are all act against. part of a political. one that may lead. we all know what these are or are not. we know that there is a deadlock today.
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the aircraft carrier. the mediterranean now. as a matter of fact, there are also some russian forces. we must share our intelligence so that we can act in coordination. we must not go out it ourselves. >> mr. president did the americans have some special forces. beyond words and the on what is happening, we you send special forces to syria? mr. president, beyond this beautiful statement, for more than a year, we heard you saying
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it is necessary in syria. can you tell us? >> i have the translation. you said president. we have two presidents. [laughter] >> i will not provide with a date because it will be as soon as possible. that is one of the requirements. at the same time, allow me to underline something. there is a new mindset now. it has been going on for four
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years. probably it more than 300,000 dead. this is not just relevant to the countries of the region. it is relevant to europe in the entire world now. those who believe, many cases far away. do not realize that we have an influx of refugees, that the risk is everywhere. we therefore must act. you also asked me what we were going to do, what more, we are willing to intensified the strikes. more specific target to make
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sure that they resource there means including their command centers. the trucks carrying oil. they're trading centers where they prepare terrorist attacks. we will continue and we will intensify our strikes at the hearts of the cities. france will not intervene militarily on the ground. we have been supporting them for a number of months and we will continue to do so. they will do the job on the ground after our strikes that will enable them to do so. france does not think that it is absolutely necessary.
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>> let me make a couple of broader comments about the operations against isis. as was already indicated, we have taken thousands of strikes. thousands of isil fighters, including top commanders and leaders off the battlefield. we have squeezed their supply lines. we have empowered and armed local groups that are pushing against them, including most recently. we are providing training and assistance to the iraqi government. as they prepare to take places like robot he. we have seen some success. the question now is how can we accelerate it? even before the tragedy of paris, i had gathered here with
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my national security forces. it had been a year to review where we had made progress. what worked and what did not. we had put together a plan to accelerate in advance the pressure that we can place on isil. we intend to execute on those plans, but we also think that there may be new openness on the part of other coalition members to resource and provide additional assistance both to the coalition as a whole and to local forces on the ground. with respect to mister assad, we have to let the process play itself out. it is the best opportunity. and so, the notion that there would be an immediate date in advance to us getting a broad agreement on that politic oh process and the details, i think that does not make sense.
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as soon as we have a framework for political transition, potentially a new constitution, elections, i think it is in that context that we can start looking at mister assad choosing not to run and potentially seeing a new series emerge. it will be horrible. we should not be under any illusions. syria has broken down. it began to break down the moment mr. assad started killing indiscriminately his own people. isil was able to move in all part of a projection of the assad regime. a power vacuum emerge.
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it will be a difficult, long, methodical process to bring back together various factions within syria. to maintain a serious state and institutions. and to create the kind of stability that allows people to start coming back in and rebuilding their lives. it is possible. the urgency that we have seen, even before paris out of countries like russia, indicate that they recognize they cannot be there too long and, ultimately, military battle successful. >> thank you, mr. president did mr. president, could you tell us whether the russian plane did in fact reach turkish airspace.
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how concerned are you that there may also be a military component, if not in turkey, perhaps expanded in syria. >> regarding what happened today, strengthening the cooperation on the intelligence end of it, months or weeks ago, do think it would have invented the terrorist attacks? >> we do not have all of the information yet. i do not want to comment on the specifics. we will be gathering that information. i am sure that the russians will have information. we will be able to confirm what happened to our own tracking record in that area. as francois hollande indicated, my top priority is going to be to ensure that this does not escalate.
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hopefully, this is a moment in which all parties can step back and make a determination into which it is best served. the russians had several hundred people of their own killed by isil. the flow of foreign fighters out of russian areas into serious poses an enormous long-term threat to russian territory. there is a potential convergence of issues between the various parties. it requires us working with them to make the kind of strategic shift that is necessary. i have talked to putin about it for five years now. it requires a recognition that the existing structure cannot
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gain the legitimacy to stop the war. until you stop the war, you will have a vacuum in which these kind of terrorist organizations can operate more effectively. let me say one last thing. i tracked the question that you posted did what could or could not do have been prevented. all of our personnel here in the united states, across the atlantic, work tirelessly, as i said earlier, to disrupt plots and prevent terrorist attacks. the vast majority of our success is not advertised. you never hear about them. we are not for the dedication of those intelligence and law enforcement and military professionals, this would be a much more dangerous world.
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you have to be careful about speculating about what if and could have and would have in a situation like this. it is hard. you have eight individuals with light weapons. that is a hard thing to track. what is true, though, we can do a better job at coordinating between countries. i have been talking to our european partners for quite some time now about the need for better intelligence sharing, passenger name records, working to ensure that when people enter into europe, particularly now, that the information across various borders is shared on a timely basis. biometric information.
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making it more accurate. it does not mean it will always be 100% full proof. one of the challenges has been, frankly, in the past several years, that we have different legal predictions. concerns about privacy. several liberty. all are entirely legitimate. i do not think that those can entirely be a gourd now. those are part of the values that make us who we are. i do think that this is a reminder that this is a dangerous world. rooting out small bands of terrorists groups that maintain good operational security and are using modern technology and
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the ways that are hard to track, that is a tough job. i think when francois hollande goes back to europe, his leadership, the leadership from other presidents and prime ministers around this issue will be as important as anything that we do. >> going back to what this truly is. it is somehow an organization. a terrorist group occupying iraq and syria. they want to enforce rules.
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this is what they are doing there. this is what they are trying to do in other countries. everywhere they can. then we have to deal with a member of experts, more of us organizing the number of countries that are being used for these terror attacks. like cicely and paris, we know that they had the plan prepared in syria. and then organized in a number of countries. also some accomplices and france given that some of the french, those that committed the acts of
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war. if we want to tackle terrorism, we must act where they are in serious and iraq, but we must also dismantle and destroy these networks. first of all, intensifying our strike by taking back these territories thanks to the local forces on the ground which we can support by finding the system in syria i making sure that the territorial integrity, this is what we can do. protecting our territory and our people. this is what i announced in
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france. this is what you have to do to eradicate these networks in france. some of them just arrived. others, have been there for a long time. they are not necessarily in france. it is necessary that we strengthen. carrying out the attacks. that is not enough. compassion, solidarity. i take note of it. for a number of days now, trying to convince all the countries that can act to do so. i met with david cameron yesterday. taking enough measures to his
12:54 pm
parliament. the sensitive and coherence as well. tomorrow i will be hosting german chancellor angela merkel so that european countries, including germany, can face up to their responsibility. also travel to moscow so they can take action against isil. and then, i will receive ramsey, the head of the government and we will have the ability to talk to all of that european leaders.
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it is all of that that must get it together. enable coordination, cooperation so that we can act. it is that strength that will enable us to succeed. >> both of you today talked about coordination, cooperation. does it mean that this single coalition is gone? it is inconceivable to have the russians and americans work together under a single command? you said you cannot could not put a date on the departure. doesn't mean that it is not preamble?
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>> regarding the coalition of international community, approved by all of the security council, enabled us, now, the entire world is committed. then and traveling to moscow. we need one single goal. that is to tackle terrorism and fight against isis. militarily. we can have operation and coordination militarily. at the same time, we have to be clear. the one that will enable us. they suspect the fed did al-assad cannot be the future of
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syria. we are already working with all of the countries. they do not have the same sense. turkey, islam, the united states, france, affording all of those to find the solution. we've got a coalition of 65 countries who have been active, and pushing back against isil for quite some time. france has been a central part of that coalition as have the
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european countries, arab countries, countries as far-flung as australia and countries in southeast asia are part of that coalition. russia right now is a coalition of two, iran and russia supporting assad. given russia's military capabilities, and given the influence they have on the assad regime, them cooperating would be enormously helpful in bringing about a resolution to the civil war in syria and allow us all to refocus our attention on isil, but i think it's important to remember that we've got a global coalition organized.
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russia's the outlier. we hope that they refocus their attention on what is the most substantial threat, and that they serve as a constructive partner, and if and when they do, it will make it easier for us to go after isil and daesh. show i think it's also important to recognize that the kinds of airstrikes that they're carrying out, just like the kinds of airstrikes that we're carrying out in and of themselves are not sufficient, and the work that we do to bolster local fighting forces, the cutting off of supply lines, financing, oil, reducing the flow of foreign fighters. the intelligence work that needs to be done. all that is something that we're doing now, and that they
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can supplement, but that's going to be a process that involves hard methodical work. it's not going to be something that happens just because suddenly we take a few more airstrikes, and that's the kind of hard work they know france is prepared to do, the united states is prepared to do, and perhaps in the future russia will be as well. okay? thank you very much everybody. neil: all right, have you watched the last hour a joint statement and press conference by french president hollande, we also heard from president obama, but if you are looking for new or clearer strategy as to how each in both countries plan to deal with isis, you didn't get a lot of clarity here. both men oppose sending additional troops to the region but would up their air attacks. francois hollande making it
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very, very clear, we have to scale up strikes in syria and iraq. president obama adding that we have already done that, and will continue to do that with our allies. hollande was very big on talking on closing the border between turkey and syria to prevent terrorists from entering europe. both men were asked about the russian plane downed by turkey over the border. the president said this is the risk you have when you are essentially flying without air traffic control, as we've said, paraphrasing here. but the charge seems to be that we do not know whether that jet that violated turkish airspace. what we do know is that nato is saying that the russian jet did sneak into turkish airspace, we're getting follow-up reports in a rescue attempt for the pile of the plane, a russian soldier has died. we don't know much more than that. the upside we have renewed
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terror fears in tunisia, nothing has changed in our strategy regarding how we go about taking down isis. reaction from admiral jim loy, also joining us peter brookes, former deputy assistant defense secretary under bush 43. gentlemen, welcome to you. admiral, begin with you. we didn't get the clarity. obviously both leaders are talking about renewed and intensified strikes in and around syria and iraq, but beyond that, no additional manpower being the french soldiers or american soldiers. what do you make of that? >> i think the commitment with regard to the ground troops that you point out was certainly reinforced by both the two presidents that that's not going to happen at least in the near-term. what was reinforced was the other elements, the information sharing, intelligence sharing, the airstrike support, training
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and outfitting of local troops on the ground. so as to escalate the effort undertaken against isis militarily. i think the words from president hollande were crystal clear, said words and emotions are just not enough. we have to anothers and i think the sense of that phraseology dominated the news conference. i think you're right, there is no additional categories of activity going on, it's going to be intensification of what we're already seeing. neil: peter, to the russian jet that was shot down. the president wasn't answering as to whether they knew the the time whether it veered into turkish airspace. nato separately was saying that it did, which was a risk the president outlined prior, happens with these type of stepped-up airattacks where this can happen. in fact, was some surprise by defense analysts that it hadn't
1:04 pm
happened sooner. nonetheless, in order to rescue the pilot, the copilot died in the crash, a russian soldier died. i'm wondering if it's escalating as we speak? >> yeah, this isn't good news. obviously, it's the issue of isis, the war against isis, but also it's possible, neil, that the russians will drag this into a nato context. there's been a lot of tensions between nato and russia especially over ukraine and crimea, and so as the president tries to talk russia and the french president will talk russia into abandoning assad and joining the anti-isis coalition, focusing on isis, this turkey situation. remember, turkey is a member of nato is certainly going to complicate things, and once again if we had been dealing with the issue sooner before russia got involved, we could be at a different, totally different space than we are now
1:05 pm
with the increasing tension between ankara and moscow. neil: on a fast-moving news day. i apologize for the brevity of this. late-breaking developments concerning the search of an additional suspect in the paris attacks extended to belgium. ashley, what have you got? >> reporter: hey, neil, we got word that a fifth person is named as a suspect in connection to the attacks here in paris. international arrest warrant has been issued for a mohammed abrini, he was seen with salah abdeslam two days before the terrorist attacks and seen driving a car in brussels that was used as part of the paris attacks. four others charged with participation in the paris attacks. starting to put the pieces together as to how all of this happened. three rental cars were hired by
1:06 pm
ibrahim and salah abdeslam, ibrahim set off the explosive belt, as we are starting to believe, salah did not and drove south out of paris, dumped his belt into a trash can and drove back to belgium. his whereabouts still unknown. the french interior minister putting out numbers this afternoon or early evening what's happened here in paris. 1233 anti-terror raids. 165 arrests. 230 weapons seized. so slowly but surely, the news is starting to tighten on everyone involved in this operation. concern is how many other terror cells are out there, and how are the suspects linked to those? back to you, neil. neil: ashley, separately we're hearing a number of the attackers came back to go to the scene of the crime after the fact to check it out. there are reports of apartment
1:07 pm
of more suicide vests found, weapons, there are more out there, in belgium or wherever the source is. seems the aggressive manhunt following where they went. interesting how they found out that one of the assailants went back to the scene of the crime within minutes of the attacks? >> reporter: yes. yes, and you know it's surveillance video shows who they believe was the ringleader, abdelhamid abaaoud on a subway train with another suspect, perhaps the ninth person that was involved in the paris attacks. as they dig deeper and go through the countersurveillance, they realize that perhaps there were more involved in this. the fear is abdeslam will be able to use the syrian refugee crisis in reverse and get back to syria. so far they haven't been able to nab him. neil: thank you very much for the late-breaking developments. we want to pass along what happened in tune -- tunisia, it
1:08 pm
should ring a bell, it was a tunisi tunisian resort that a gunman opened fire on 38 vacationers killing them all before he was gunned down by authorities. tunisia a hotbed of this violence but comes at a time in the backdrop you have more violence, still more examples of extremist activity that is rampant worldwide. in the middle of this, we have president hollande, hopping a jet back to europe, meeting with angela merkel tomorrow in germany. the irony is he's saving the best for last, what will be a global summit on climb change at the end of the week. 138 world leaders now. at first blush, you might say climate change? we have more pressing issues for the time being, but that is not the way the two leaders saw it today. to charlie gasparino and dagen
1:09 pm
mcdowell. what do you think of that climate change? >> i thought it was offbase, offtone but common when you talk about president obama and what his interests are. neil: this was already arranged, break it off. the terrorists, et cetera. it was a big global summit planned to. cancel it would send the wrong message. what do you think? >> i think this is important to them, and it seemed like some tone deafness in this press conference, if you will. i was listening for what is new, what are you saying that's new about fighting the islamic state, given the terror attacks in france, and you didn't hear that much that was new. it wouldn't seem so off-kilter for them to talk about the climate change summit, if they had said more, hollande and obama what they're going to do, we got increasing strikes in syria, sharing intelligence,
1:10 pm
more cooperation. somebody count how many times cooperation was said in the press conference. i think one of the bigger things that hollande mentioned closing the border between turkey and syria. neil: what's interesting function about it, charlie gasparino, the market's resilience in the face of this? >> obviously the markets push political leaders to do things out of the box. one of the things is with the markets fairly stabile, global markets fairly stabile. we're looking at the dow constantly. i don't see a rush to bonds or gold right now. >> the european markets are down, but not a lot more. >> why would president obama and president hollande veer from the leftist agenda? they have an agenda. climate change is big on that. no way they're going to do that and put more emphasis on terrorism until you see massive flights to safety. people blowing out of stocks.
1:11 pm
european markets upended, and that's what would cause it, and it's not. neil: there's no reason to go crazy. >> but i think the ramifications are fairly big from a domestic standpoint. how does this play out in both the republican primary? i think it gives a big advantage to donald trump, i don't care how many people he sees dance or allegedly saw dancing on a roof in jersey city. neil: reinforces suspicion. >> and i think it helps -- hurts hillary clinton bigtime. not only is she walking into a 2% gdp right now. maybe the headline unemployment number is growing at 2%, but not going to grow out the 2% print it has today. she's going to walk into trouble around the world. those are two very bad things for her. >> the republican candidates need to get and the american people will demand greater specificity about what they're going to do, and there's been a whole lack of that among a lot of these candidates.
1:12 pm
marco rubio has gotten specific what he wants to do with syria and iraq. neil: but not a one save lindsey graham talked about more boots on the ground. >> lindsey graham has been the most specific and the toughest. you can't say i'm going to bomb those suckers which is what donald trump said. >> guess what? his poll numbers have gone up. >> i doubt it. >> think about what he's saying before we attack him. he's saying i'm not going to commit ground troops but bomb the hell out of them. that is in the sweet spot of the american public. >> he has advocated for ground troops in iraq. >> i want to thank you very much. we are getting more word that the russians are not responding to this suggestion on the part of both of the leaders that assad has to go. the russians have been keeping bashar al-assad in power. the french president saying he's responsible for 300,000 dead and he -- this must lead to his departure. barack obama echoing the same,
1:13 pm
but, of course, there's no indication out of the russians, especially now after the downing of the russian plane apparently over turkish airspace if that's going to happen any time soon. you have the conundrum assad is still in power, and have you vladimir putin in light of the downing of a russian jet saying he's in no mood to do so. so not much has changed outside of this. the world is still a mess. stick around, you're watching fox business. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear
1:14 pm
from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it.
1:15 pm
we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end soon.
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i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. . neil: all right, we've got gerri willis joining us at jfk international airport amid this global travel alert. a lot of authorities said you might want to get to the airport more than the customary two hours early.
1:17 pm
2 1/2 hours at a minimum. hours after that, have you reports there's a global travel alert in effect. talk about scaring people. gerri willis, what are you hearing? reporter: i'm going to tell you, neil, talking to people all morning long, and one woman from panama city, florida told me there is no way she'll stop traveling. she has all the confident in the world about america and the worst thing we could do is sit at home. the warnings from the state department are bleak. they're saying isis, al qaeda, boko haram, three groups planning attacks in regions yet to be named and americans should be on alert. americans traveling internationally in particular exercise vigilance in public places just like jfk. they say be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid large crowds. this is difficult for folks over the thanksgiving holiday. all you want to do is go to the parade and see the game and be with friends, right? but the state department says
1:18 pm
you have to take extra caution this holiday week. they have a tip if you want to be on the alert and get information, go to smart traveler enrollment program. the website is, they will text you information you need. if you are traveling internationally, the london embassy, you are in the country and you will be on the list of americans traveling abroad. so we talked a lot to folks, neil. i got to tell you, nobody seems scared. everybody seems caught. they're just watching the folks around them. back to you. neil: a little extra careful. thank you very much, gerri. we are finding more about the latest attack. talk about a dramatic back drop to the leaders of france and the united states talking about how to combat terror. in tunisia, an explosion killing the presidential guard. a dozen were killed.
1:19 pm
just keeping track of. this tunisia, no stranger to this, the third time this happened since june. the luxury beach hotel was struck by a lone attacker, and he gunned down 38 people, european vacationers and then a few months later, attack in tunisia's museum, that attack killed 22 people. this region of the world no stranger to this activity. i want to get the read on all of this on the global terror threat, because now it could be building amid signs that russia and turkey are going to be at odds over that shootdown of a russian plane, now we're told by nato did, in fact, slip over into turkish airspace. that's not going to mollify critics of what, but what do you think? >> i have to tell you, my first reaction to the terror alert that the state department put out was at last.
1:20 pm
here's a sense of urgency we've all been waiting for since the paris attacks. didn't come from the white house, didn't come from dod or centcom, a mildly panicky press release by the state department. the issue with the state department's travel alert, they are based on broader geopolitical instability, right? they look at syria, they look at lebanon, tunisia, they see the instability and issue warnings. i think in that context specifically in the terror threat to the homeland and to americans traveling abroad, yeah, it absolutely exacerbates the danger. neil: you know what i wonder about? and i think you and i chatted about this not too long ago, we knew that russians were flying the sortie missions against what it said were isis elements. we said no, they were trying to overthrow assad. be that as it may, no air traffic control over those skies. so if we were going to fly
1:21 pm
sortie missions. the french were going to do so, the italians, the brits, obviously any one could be bumping into the other. i'm surprised it didn't happen earlier. >> right. neil: now you have the escalating international crisis, and the russians aren't tamping it down, nor the turks, they're saying you veered into our space, we acted appropriately, but now getting separate reports of the syrian plane dinged by rapid gunfire. i think this is going to get out of control if cooler heads don't prevail and fast. >> no, absolutely. look. it is difficult to overstate how unprecedented it is that russia is operating in the middle east with absolutely no pushback from any other great power, right? never happened before in history. somebody has always stepped up to balance them. and usually over the last 400 years except for during a cold war, it's turkey or the ottoman
1:22 pm
empire, right? so from a pattern recognition point of view, it's a little reassuring that turkey is putting a few left and right limits on what the russians are doing in syria. neil: it's not as if the airspace isn't busy, right? if the french are conducting the sortie missions, the u.s. is, presumably the italians. i don't know where they're flying and how they avoid bumping into each other, but the risk of veering out of their respective airspace, we proved it with turkey that it can happen, right? >> right. really the only safety you have is that so far the russians have been mostly hitting the more moderate anti-assad rebels in the western part of syria, and the u.s. has been hitting isis and nusra in the eastern part of syria. the malfeasance hitting everyone but isis kept us safe. absolutely, this is an increasing danger, particularly
1:23 pm
because now the russian have to respond to turkey. they have to do something back. it's not in the playbook. neil: both the french and the american presidents are saying, look, we can get on the same page here, if you get this guy out of here, and the french i thought might have been soft on that given what they were saying about working with the russians. apparently they're not. still insisting that assad go, but the russians play a key role in doing that. how likely is that? >> actually very interesting, right? the french and the american, that sounded tough the talk on assad during the press conference. if you listen to what they're saying, they conceded, as have we, that a coalition government and cease-fire between the moderate rebels and the assad forces are going to happen before assad leaves, right? so russia is going to be okay with this, because they know if there's a cease-fire, they get the moderates off the
1:24 pm
battlefield, assad doesn't have to go anywhere, regardless what they agree, right? this has been a major concession over the last week ever since kerry and sergey lavrov met in vienna to talk about it last saturday. very interesting. neil: very interesting, very interesting. andrew peek, thank you very much. how one marco rubio could be a beneficiary in so far as warning about the dangers of unfetterred access to skies over syria. whether that's helping with a big donor, we don't know. today it's helping with a big donor that we do know. if you're nervous about this unrattling the world. the guys at the corner of broad and wall have a funny way of showing it. look at that, stocks are up.
1:25 pm
1:26 pm
. . . .
1:27 pm
1:28 pm
neil: we told you a little earlier that nato is firmly convinced that russian jet veered into turkish airspace, not syria space. turkey said multiple warnings. russia said no such warnings and it was in syria airspace. be that as it made, nato general offered support for an kara after the shootdown and stands by turkey. if this scares you, look at travel stocks. if you're looking to travel anywhere, these look like dicey investments of late. but again, these things shift in the wind. another thing in the wind are poll positions in politics. we have a very tight race going on in iowa. all these candidates vying not only for voters attention but money guys attention. one of them tripping over themselves at least on republican side for billionaire frank van der sloot's attention. he was former romney national finance co-chair. he has huge influence in
1:29 pm
financial circles, to put it mildly. uses his influence when coronating potential winners. right now he is coronated or seems to have one marco rubio. frank, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. neil: why rubio? >> when we first set out 10 months ago to set out this endeavor to vet all candidates we asked ourselves who would be the best president and number two, who would likely be able to win a national election. in the beginning we were worried about maybe two getting answers. one might be the best president and one might be most electable. in the end turned out to be in our mind, far and above, one person, marco rubio. neil: not donald trump? >> not donald trump. neil: why not? >> why not donald trump? oh, i think many reasons. number one, i don't think donald trump would make a very good president, number one. i also don't think he is electable. i think he would lose the election. but donald trump has never, he has a track record.
1:30 pm
look at his track record. he has never looked out for other people other than himself, in my opinion. neil: he has tracked the rage. >> i love he speaks out and is not politically correct. that resonates with me also. neil: right. >> i like the fact he says things as we see them. we need a president that will do thats, but in the end i previous we'll see he is pretty shallow on international affairs and we'll see how plays out. neil: your guy, young, inexperienced in international affairs? >> well, he is serves on international affairs committee. neil: right. >> he has got a lot of depth, i believe. as we see him articulate his position, i think it will clear he is the best informed and the most articulate. i think that bodes well for someone who not only will lead the country but is seeking nomination of either the republican party or the election itself. i think that he will shine above all the others as those debates
1:31 pm
play out. neil: interesting. suzanne and ralph, extend this a little bit here. obviously very interesting. let me ask about some of the others you passed on of the jeb bush comes to mind. he was runaway frontrunner before donald trump emerged. why not. >> many of my friends from the beginning were behind jeb bush. neil: right. >> he is a great man. i think he would be a good president. but we need a great president. neil: what affects your decision? our obviously shrewd investor. know what you're doing with your money. what makes him look like a bad bet? shoe articulate your position in way will resonate with the average person and get behind you and support the decision that you made. neil: how do you know he couldn't? he did it for eight years as florida governor. >> we've seen him in the debates. neil: debates were crucial, weren't they. >> the debates were pretty crucial. in the beginning i thought he would do better in the debates than he actually did. but i thought from the beginning i thought there were several who
1:32 pm
would outperform him in being able to articulate a message. that proved to be true. neil: let me ask you a little it about about the ted cruz phenomenon. he has the best percentage gain since the last fox business debate. what do you think of him? what do you think of that surge and passion behind it? controversial, you know, polarizing but strong? >> he is right on all the positions. or at least most of them. i believe, i can support him on his positions but, when you look at him versus marco rubio, the difference is how they articulate their positions and in a way, i think marco, i think we need a president that will unite this nation and get people who disagree with you, also on board, not just galvanize one versus another. i think that is where marco rubio really excels. he can -- neil: they said that about barack obama eight years ago. they said that about george bush eight years prior. that they look like they could be unifiers and get the two sides.
1:33 pm
never happens. >> well it didn't happen in the case of barack obama. but i believe it will happen in the case of marco rubio. neil: why? >> well, because he hasn't attacked individuals ever in his career. he attacks issues. and he articulates issue. he takes a stand that not only he studied out but that he can explain in a way that people can arrive at the same conclusion that he arrived at. i think that is part of leadership. being able to articulate your position in a way other people get on board. that, whether it is congress, other members of the congress or the people at large. >> do you think he is electable and go all the way? he got the nomination go all way? little more concerned with ted cruz and a lot more concerned with donald trump. >> i would be concerned with ted cruz or donald trump as far as being electable. >> do you worry it goes on too long without one man or woman without delegates necessary to get nomination. >> i think that is real possibility. not many people are talking about.
1:34 pm
i think that is a possibility but we have got the system we've got and i think it will play out in a way that will allow marco rubio to show that he has the best grasp on issues, both domestic and internationally. neil: you're committed. i. there are other rich individuals, other people come to mind. they are holding pat. what do you make of that? so many with so much money holding pat. >> i talked to many of the people. a lot will hold out until first three or four primaries. i think that is dangerous to do. i think we could easily end up with republican nominee that is not electable. we experienced that. we have -- neil: donald trump if he is not treated right and mad at establishment, bolts as a third party candidate? that would torpedo republican ticket. >> it would torpedo -- i would hope he has better character. neil: he said establishment is piling on. is that true? >> i don't know. i don't know. i think that, i think that, i'm
1:35 pm
sure he is not part of the establishment and i think people disagree with is had approach and i don't think he is at all prepared to become president of the united states. that will be evident as they talk about on international basis. he has a good grasp of domestic, especially economic issues. neil: you think terror issue pivoted marco rubio to the forefront? >> i don't think it has yet but i think it will. neil: we're told mitt romney, your financial co-chair, actually likes rubio best of the bunch. >> i don't know. neil: i this you know. >> he hasn't represented to me that he liked, when anyone particular the best. i know that he likes marco rubio a lot. neil: all right. very good seeing you, frank. frank van der sloot. talk about influence and power. he commits his money behind his candidate, marco rubio. that could be a big game-changer. we'll follow it closely. we're following latest what to do about isis now in back and
1:36 pm
forth do we strike them, do we strike them with troops on the ground. retired army master sgt. jason beardsley on that. what we're seeing far, as i understand, sergeant, that the russians erred first off on jet straying into turkish airspace but i'm also hearing criticism of the turks for knowing that, they might have warned pilot but shot it down anyway, that didn't help anybody. what do you make of that. >> sure, always a pleasure, neil. we saw this a long time ago as russia started to enter this fray. it was pretty evident vladmir putin, he is propogandist. he wants to take advantage of the void that the united states has left -- neil: how does this help him? how does this help putin. >> great question. he is looking one to back his ally assad in the region. but number two, he is also creating dominant space using air to ground tactics. they have been pushing boundaries ever since they have been in the airspace. turkey has warned them.
1:37 pm
they knew it would come to blows. he is getting away what with he is being let get away with it. neil: i like that. he is getting away with what he is letting being getting away with it. isis taken out hundreds of oil trucks. others say that is greatly exaggerated. that is not true. what is the deal? >> we want to be real skeptical and cautious when the russian propaganda machine goes into effect. they're trying to dominate the space psychologically. when they come out and make a claim they have destroyed precision strikes on 1000 tankers. we need to vet that carefully. we don't have assets on the ground to do that. we know that russia is proven propogandist tool. we want to be careful. they don't have the technology and equipment. they're dusting off old tactics and getting air to ground capability back to exercise capability. it will take them a while. takes everyone a while in new conflict. we're watching that unfold. we ought to be very careful with those claims. we know they're pounding the
1:38 pm
ground. but they're not going to be much more effective at this point than us air capabilities which we have the best military in the world. it is difficult for us to do. it takes a while to ramp those tactics up. we want want to be skeptical he. neil: to quote donald trump, we've been successful pounding the hell out of isis but yet the terror attacks keep coming. >> you need ground assets. thank you again. neil: i appreciate it. meantime, look at this, we have surge going on wall street in middle of concerns of multiple terror attacks, new developments in type tune. reports that it was much wider in paris than we thought. some bad guys are still on the lamb. in belgium, a talk of a fifth suspect and he is on the loose. wow. more after this.
1:39 pm
1:40 pm
>> time for your fox business brief. i'm connell mcshane. we are focused today on some of the travel-related stocks. state department with the worldwide travel alert. all other news going on. that alert, because of increased terror threats as they described. nothing specific against the united states. we've been talking about it all day here. but the department warning that isis, al qaeda, boko haram, other groups planning number of attacks in number of regions. we urge minutes to use caution traveling overseas. the travel stocks as group are moving lower even with the market turning around. so that would be predictable. airlines first,
1:41 pm
american airlines, united continental, jetblue, they're all down. delta air lines, southwest, all lower as well. quick look at cruise line operators which would be in focus today, also lower. 3% and 2% there. and neil's coming back with more "cavuto: coast to coast."
1:42 pm
neil: you're not seeing much volatility certainly in the stock market. stocks are up.
1:43 pm
you're seeing a tad more activity in the oil markets, even though oil is pretty low, a little north of 43 bucks a barrel. lindsey piegza how that is tell graphing something. what do you think, lindsay? >> we're seeing continued decline in the commodities market, signaling not only slow global growth but painting a dismal picture for the domestic economist. we certainly saw upward revision in third quarter gdp. still leaves us on track for very modest 2% pace we've seen since end of recession. really no signs of further upward momentum for global or domestic economy at this point. neil: if oil pops up a little today, you would disregard it, given fears and attacks, the one in tunisia third since june? you put in perspective, say, more be like a in the moment jitter? >> i think we're talking about very minimal volatility.
1:44 pm
you mentioned reflection what we heard from saudi arabia comments. result of political tensions we've seen. neil: explain the saudi arabia comments. they will do everything and anything they can to support the price of oil. >> they're talking about stable prices. whether or not that actually comes to fruition i'm a bit skeptical. another reason why i expect energy prices oil specifically will remain at these levels for quite some time. neil: lindsay, time for one of my famous very dumb questions, but if you're looking at federal reserve, looking what is going on, he one says you will raise rates, increased terror attacks increased concern what is going on in syria, other countries planes getting shot down, international incidents, wouldn't better part of valor be to stand down, hold off, what's the rush? >> it absolutely would. if they're looking at international volatility that is a case in and of itself to wait on the sideline but i think the fed is focused on or more
1:45 pm
focused on the domestic economy which is still growing at very modest pace. we're seeing sub200,000 hiring gains on monthly basis. manufacturing is under pressure. neil: what if they don't do squat? >> remember here's the thing the fed isn't necessarily focused on data at this point although they keep telling us that. they are focused on more on this promise they made to the market to raise interest rates by end of the year. they're focused on calendar, not the data, making their decision very difficult in december. neil: it is always a mistake where you draw a line in the sand. we learned that in couple other areas right. >> they anticipated economy would be an much stronger footing. neil: they did and didn't pan out. lindsey, good to see you again. >> thank you. neil: meantime we told but the dalliance donald trump floated about there bolting from the republican party. everyone says, oh, he is quitter. not really a team player. what if i told you the team, the republican team that is not being a fair player to donald
1:46 pm
trump. the establishment and the cabal to take him down that now has "the donald" all fired up
1:47 pm
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if you're medicare eligible, call now... and talk to unitedhealthcare about our plans, like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ neil: we've been hearing a lot about donald trump and his dalliance that he might bolt from the party. a lot of folks seem to think, all right he is not really a team player. is that the because the team isn't being a fair play toward donald? this talk about a cabal forming to take down donald trump to make sure post-scott walker, remember when he raised it to quit the race, find establishment consensus candidate to take the guy down because he will take the party down if he gets close to the nomination. charlie gasparino, noelle nikpour with all of that. what do you think? >> i should point out the fox
1:50 pm
business network was first to report in august, before labor day, there was, it was talk among various campaigns, establishment campaigns we should point out walker was still in the race, about an anti-trump attack ad blitz. do it through their pacs. we're seeing mainstream, "new york times," "washington post" picking up on that. i will say this, when i first broke the story i broke it on your show at fox news, at 4:00. we wrote something about it. the outrage by the walker campaign, rubio campaign we would report something like this. they tried to leak a story to breitbart saying we to the the story wrong. yes, that is how insane they were that we uncovered that first. neil: if you're donald trump, noelle nikpour, if you're donald trump, whatever your opinions of him, has validity and truth, report has truth to it, doesn't that exonerate trump somewhat,
1:51 pm
if this is way party treated me why am i criticizing for not being a team player? >> yes, exactly. this is both taking trump even further to the top. a lot of americans are angry. they're angry a lot of times at the establishment. look, bush, bush represented the establishment. and you see how far down the line bush actually is, as the base moves further and further to the right. you see a lot of american voters on gop like donald trump because he is not a conformist. i think that is why a lot of megabillionaire donors are angry, because they're angry at the fact they don't have somebody that they have any control over. look, this guy is not taking any money from anyone. most of the guy, you know, are used to being able to kind of having a politician, not really in their back pocket, but somebody they can, kind of have some great dialogue with.
1:52 pm
>> you mean in their back pocket? neil: one exception to that might have been frank van der sloot i talked to a short while ago. billionaire donor. i think co-chair for mitt romney. >> right. neil: here is what he had to say. this is about donald trump right. let's take a listen. >> i think that people disagree with his approach and i don't think he is at all prepared to be president of the united states and i think that will become more and more evident as they talk about what is going on on international basis. >> we've been hearing that for how many month. neil: he is the first big billionaire, others might be sitting in the wings, he is moving now. >> right. neil: this is the guy i think if i finance and help out will make a difference, marco rubio. >> he is financing marco rubio. yeah, i wonder if it matters in this campaign? i will say this. i think -- neil: donald trump will use that against rubio. you're in the hip pocket of these guys. >> right. donald is better, looks like he loses enthusiasm for this thing when you leave him alone.
1:53 pm
when you attack him, fight him -- neil: like you. like you. >> you get his irish up going. neil: is he irish. >> no. it's a term. it is -- neil: i'm half-irish. i've offended. >> cliche. i think donald is german to be honest with you. in any event when we first broke the story in the summer about this, donald came on maria's show, i was on the set with maria, he was talking about well, let them come after me. i will come back after them. i will go after marco rubio then. he relish -- neil: do you think that is accurate impression of donald trump. >> donald i heard likes my impression. neil: really? >> he likes my impression. better than joe piscopo i think he relishes fight. if they do the attack ad, he will come back in spade. neil: noelle, you bumped he will money for candidates. you outlined it beautifully in the beginning here. the rap against candidates who depend on that is that donald trump can go back out and say you're bought and paid for.
1:54 pm
one billionaire, big one, frank van der sloot, comes out for marco rubio does that help or hurt rubio? almost all the candidates need money because they don't have trump's fortune what is so bad about that. >> neil, you're right. frank is right. what i'm hearing about a lot of bundlers. i have talked to about 18 billionaire bundlers, they are expressing same views as frank did. they are irritated trump is sitting here and won't go away and doesn't look -- neil: that he will go down in flames and lose. >> who says? >> he is not. it is reality. because american voters are ticked off! >> i agree with that. i agree with that. brilliance of trump is this, follow recent controversy. throws stuff out there, vagueries, talking about having databases for muslims but when you really come down to it's not.
1:55 pm
we get five days of coverage about what he said or what he didn't say. he comes out, he says he didn't say it. rewind the videotape. doesn't sound like he really said it. he sounds like he is the guy that is tough on all these sort of national security issues. that is his brilliance. i don't think people have ever -- neil: republicans if they thought they had a guy who would win and go all the way they would back lucifer, right. >> yeah. neil: they are obviously panicked, they don't become billionaires if they're idiots. he they are worried for sure loser for republicans and nomination will lead to barry goldwater blowout. why do they say that. >> who we're waiting on mainly the bush donor. the bush donor is sitting in him bow. a lot of cruz people and lot of rubio people, because it looks like rubio-cruz if trump falters, that is going to be, you know the go-between. i think a lot of donors are
1:56 pm
wondering which one do i choose. neil: van der sloot might have moved. >> isn't it scary, nicole, the whole modest operandi, on donald folding, not them winning? >> who knew? who knew? >> they have to wait for this guy, who has been playing with from the day he started running to fold and he hasn't. that is losing strategy. neil: they have been playing that. we watch, very, very closely. to inabout you up-to-date. frank van der sloot, billionaire donor, the manu haval in mitt romney campaign, cofinance chair, committed to marco rubio. he told me a few minutes ago on this show he thinks other billionaires might be holding their powder dry, keep their wallets shut but that sheldon adelson and koch brothers might soon follow. who knows. you're watching fox business.ic stick around. everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you.
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neil: all right. before i throw to my buddy trish regan i want to bring your attention to something in the middle after world churning about terror and future and how things are looking, people panicked to fly. look at stocks, they're up. does that telegraph better times ahead? i have no idea but they're up. amazing. trish? trish: i hope so, neil, i'll take that. thanks so much. breaking right now, everyone, the world on edge as people across the globe question where the united states is in the fight against isis and whether wonder whether france will be forced to turn to vladmir putin for help, help that should be provided by the u.s. welcome to "the intelligence report," i'm trish regan. not to say he intends to step up the war with isis, not to say we stand united with hollande and we will do whatever it takes to defeat these islamic terrorists. rather the president used this platform to say, we must bring these sy


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