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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 24, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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before i throw to my buddy trish regan i want to bring your attention to something in the middle after world churning about terror and future and how things are looking, people panicked to fly. look at stocks, they're up. does that telegraph better times ahead? i have no idea but they're up. amazing. trish? trish: i hope so, neil, i'll take that. thanks so much. breaking right now, everyone, the world on edge as people across the globe question where the united states is in the fight against isis and whether wonder whether france will be forced to turn to vladmir putin for help, help that should be provided by the u.s. welcome to "the intelligence report," i'm trish regan. not to say he intends to step up the war with isis, not to say we stand united with hollande and we will do whatever it takes to defeat these islamic terrorists. rather the president used this platform to say, we must bring these syrian refugees, a
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population that we know isis has already seeded with terrorists, we must bring them to our soil. and if we don't, if we allow emotions like fear to prevail, we are somehow failures as americans. watch this. >> there have been times in our history in moments of fear when we have failed to uphold our highest ideals. and it has been to our lasting regret. we must uphold our ideals now. each of us, all of us, must show that america is strengthened by people of every faith and every background. >> okay. while he has a plan to bring syrian refugees here to the united states, the president offered no new plan for isis. he promised to keep the status quo saying he is already working with france to bomb isis. 8,000 bombs have already hurt the terror organization he said.
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maybe it is not enough. i don't know. maybe he is going to have to do a little bit movement we're going to talk about all of this with former pentagon official kt mcfarland, the former head of the nsa, general keith alexander and a former u.s. special forces on. but first, to our team of reporters across the globe. peter barnes at the white house with more on the president's speech. ashley webster in paris with news of more than 120 suspected terrorist arrests and gerri willis at jfk international terminal as the state department issues global warning for you as travelers. i begin with peter. peter, you talk about our oldest ally, france, how would you describe the tone between those two leaders we saw today? >> well, trish, the president clearly use the press conference to express solidarity with france as our oldest ally, going back to the revolution and wars
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in europe, including world war ii. he also invoked a image of a gift from france, a monument from france to the united states when he argued the paris attacks should not be an excuse for refusing to allow syrian refugees to come to the u.s. that monument, of course a symbol of the millions of refugees and immigrants who have come to the u.s. >> on the statue of liberty, a gift from the people of france, there are words we know so well. give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to be free. that's the spirit that makes us american. that's the spirit that binds us to france. >> now, hollande continues his shuttle diplomacy in the fight against isis after the attacks in paris.
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meets on thursday with russian president vladmir putin to try to convince him to drop his support for the syrian president bashar assad, and that support according to president holland is an obstacle for the two countries and others to work more closely with russia in the fight against isis. trish? trish: peter barnes, thank you very much. i want to go to ashley right now. we have breaking news out of europe. 124 suspected terrorists have been arrested. a fifth person has been charged in belgium for ties to the paris attacks. you're looking at a picture of the man on the loose that authorities are trying to hunt down. i want to go to ashley there live on streets of paris. tell us, ashley, what do we know about the fifth person being charged? reporter: it is interesting, trish. his name is mohammed abirini. he is 30 years old. belgian police say he must be considered dangerous and probably armed.
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they say he was seen with salah abdeslam, driving in a car, seen in a gas station on his way from paris to belgium, two days before the attacks took place. there are a total of 11 suspects they believe involved in those attacks here in paris, 11 days ago. one of the main culprits, salah abdeslam, as we just said, still on the run. the question now is, where is he? there was belief he maybe slipped into germany. there are fears if he makes it further south, he could use the syrian refugee crisis as a cover to make his way back into syria. but slowly but surely, trish, they are getting a better handle on what happened here, but maybe it is just, maybe 11 days too late. back to you. trish: thank you very much. ashley webster there in paris. meanwhile the state department issuing a high alert warning to anyone traveling overseas, urging travelers to be vigilant. gerri willis is at the jfk airport for us here in new york.
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gerri, how are travelers responding to this threat right now? reporter: trish, we've been out here at jfk all day long, and i can tell you american international travelers are not scared, they are unabashed and in fact defiant. we talked to many said we are not changing our travel plans. they will be more watched and more cautious but keep on traveling. here is what the state department told travelers. there are three groups planning attacks all over the world. isis, al qaeda, boko haram, and they suggest exercising vigilance for the american travelers. i can tell you state department has something to help, if you're one of the people traveling overseas, go to smart travel enrollment program at, get information on the flight that will help you and your family stay safe as you travel this holiday weekend. back to you. >> thank you so much, gerri willis there at jfk all right, want to get back to the
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president here, staying the course, announcing absolutely nothing new in his strategy to deal with isis today. however he did of course make a pretty politicized argument saying we need to do everything we can to open our arms to bring in syrian refugees. he wants to bring in as many as 10,000 next year. this is beginning in just about five weeks from now. all the while, we continue looking at isis gaining ground. i'm here with kt mcfarland, former pentagon official, fox news national security analyst. with her thoughts on the press conference. i have to tell you, i was telling you this earlier, i went into this morning thinking maybe we hear something historic. maybe he will get up there, hold hands with hollande and saying we're in this together. we'll take them down no matter what it takes. but then again, i'm sometimes a little too idealistic, kt. >> you're too naive. hollande came to washington
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looking for leadership. we're going to defeat radical islam and he didn't find it, going away empty handed. >> he came here. that is important thing to find out. the president of france. we didn't go there, he came here looking for help. >> we didn't give him anything. as you point out, the president got far more eloquent talking about america accepting refugees. in the question and answer he was asked, what are we going to do? he said here is how we'll deal with terrorists. we'll show them we're not afraid. we'll have a paris climate change conference. trish: climate change -- daniel telling me with have that. another example of him saying how we're going to stand up to islamic terrorists by insisting we are a free nation, by taking in more refugees. watch this. >> we can not and we will not succumb to fear. nor can we allow sphere to divide us.
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that is how terrorists win. we can not give them victory changing how we go about living our lives. trish: okay. so, that's his big eloquent speech there. we'll continue his plan to bring in refugees to this country, despite the fact a lot of people are very concerned about it. despite the fact isis has said they will seed the refugee groups with terrorists. despite fact we already have saw that unfolding in europe. back to this idea, how do we actually defeat them? we need to be working with other countries. we need to be working with france. do we need to be working with russia. >> frankly, we've done this before. we did it during world war ii. we did it during the cold war. we know how to defeat totalitarian -- we did it before with fascism and communism. now we have it with islamic extremism. trish: you talked about fascism, you talked about communism. you're now talking about islamic extremism.
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but you have a president who won't even say those words. >> won't even say those words, you're so right. trish: i don't know how you defeat whether you're not recognizing enemy at gate. >> he made it very clear he is not leading. that is why hollande tomorrow looking around the world to see if anybody leads. on thursday he will go to putin. in fact i have a 10-point plan on fox news website. alliance, not obama is talking about, 65 countries that signed up. real alliance. hold your nose. deal with people you might not otherwise like because you have to use them as allies. trish: maybe that means putin. >> maybe it means putin. trish: maybe iran and saudi arabia saying we have to come together because if we don't, these guys want us dead. >> that's where they go next. this is a movement. a man named grame wood. you had him on other day. why do these guys want?
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they can be deterred. no, they want the fight. they say bring it on. because we think it is the end of the world and we're preordained to win. we have idealogical and economic, political, military, we have to have a comprehensive plan. that takes american leadership. and that is what didn't show up. trish: it's a missed opportunity. it is sad, because this is america's oldest ally and they stood with us during the american revolutionary war. when they need us we're not there. kt mcfarland thank you very much. >> thank you. trish: terrorism threat is front and center on voters minds. it is number one issue in this election. the new poll has donald trump, trumping them all. a surprise spike for ted cruz. i think it may have something to do with this. >> let me suggest something, mr. president. if you want to insult me, you can do it overseas, do you it in turkey and do it in foreign countries. i would encourage it, mr. president, come back to insult me to my face. trish: americans didn't like
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what the president was saying overseas there in the philippines. we'll have more on the cruz rise. a new campaign designed to take down "the donald" on works right now. but can it actually do a thing? maybe not. that's next.
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>> you tweeted out that whites killed by blacks, these are statistics you mixed up from somewhere at 81%. that is totally wrong. whites killed by blacks is 15%. yet you tweeted it was 81%. >> bill i didn't tweet. i retweeted somebody that was supposedly an expert. >> you shouldn't be tweeting. don't tweet. give it up for lent. >> okay. >> give it up. trish: that is a little advice from bill o'reilly to donald trump last night.
2:16 pm
bill is right on this one. "the donald" needs to be careful on twitter. that said, you know what? haven't heard him thus far. americans are loving this candidate out there that can defy all resemblance of political niceties. he just doesn't care. he says whatever he thinks, simply doesn't worry about it. but trump's popularity is causing a lot of people in the republican ranks to worry right now. they are so worried in fact, everyone, they are reportedly plotting a guerrilla style campaign against donald trump to prevent him from getting the republican nomination. political analyst, gina lowden joins me with more. >> good to see you, trish. trish: i hear about the guerrilla-style campaign, this might backfire. they can go after him all they
2:17 pm
want but he says look the establishment hates me. doesn't that make him, gina, even stronger? >> precisely. you encapsulate this so well. this will end up backfiring on him 100%. all he has to do is turn around and expose shempp. these aredthem. these people lost jobs on establishment campaigns because they're not raising money because trump is in the race. these are people behind the pacs who attack trump. these people will not have jobs if establishment candidate doesn't win. this is not in any way benevolent. hassing to to do with beating hillary. head-to-head against silly trump does really well. >> say the establishment. it is more than just republican ranks. people that need to be employed by these campaigns. there is also reportedly money coming into this or they're at least trying to solicit big dollars because a lot of top republicans with big pockets,
2:18 pm
they also don't like trump. why not? >> well, because they can't buy him off. you can't buy off a multibillionaire. they're used to being able to write a check and get what they want done. whether small favor or big favor, doesn't matter. they're used to get that done, trish. they don't want a president trump that they can't influence. i, to me this is so easy and mathematical. i think that trump in his simple, straightforward, marketing way that he talks i think he will be able to explain this to the american people. i think these people will be sorry they ever did this. trish: gina, what about when he says stuff that is just kind of wrong? i mean over the weekend he was quoted there, down south saying that he sue thousands of people in jersey city, muslims cheering when the towers came down. let me share that with you right now. >> when the world trade center came tumbling down, and i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and
2:19 pm
thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. trish: now see, i will give him there were thousands cheering but not in jersey city. i mean they were cheering in pakistan and they were cheering in saudi arabia and in saudi arabia. we saw that footage all over the news. i thought to myself he will back off this one. he really meant overseas. he didn't. he doubled down. said he saw them. there were some reports of a couple of individuals being questioned by police but you know, to know extent were there thousands of people cheering in the streets. will he get away with this stuff? gina, do people really care? does it matter, oh, i agree with everything else he says? >> yeah. it is entertaining, i can't deny it. you know my background is schoolgy. this fascinates me -- psychology. the fact is, trump will not be held to perfectly polished packaged politician standard.
2:20 pm
people expect someone like a jeb bush to be packaged by his consultants. always saying right thing. if he ever says one wrong thing they will come down on him. people don't hold, psychologically people don't hold trump to that standard. not only that they relate to him when he missteps. so there is just, he really, truly, has midas touch in marketing that i think people are very attracted to. trish: it's pretty amazing. we'll continue watching it. he, latest polls is topping them yet again, gina. >> yep. trish: do you think he will be the republican nominee? >> i think that for the first time people are taking the fact very seriously that he could actually be the republican nominee. you know, you can't make predictions in this particular election. i think, if i have learned anything else, that is probably it. but i would say he has strong shot, maybe stronger than just about anyone else. i think we're starting to see the field start to narrow. he is still there in the very top. i don't see why not. >> thank you so much.
2:21 pm
gina, good to have you here. >> thanks. trish: everyone, americans, they want to defeat isis. this is what each of the political candidates are talking about right now. they are telling america exactly how they'll do it. we heard from donald trump. he has some choice words for it. this is what jeb bush has to say. >> only way to resolve this problem is create a coalition led by the united states, where we have safe havens in syria, where we have a no-fly zone. where we lead the world to destroy isis. trish: how would that work? coming up next, a former special forces team is going to tell us what ground troops would actually be capable of accomplishing overseas. see you right back here in two. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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2:25 pm
this is -- wounds. according to a report coming to us from reuters right now. northern france, near belgium border. there is hostage situation going on. i'm joined for more on this with retired navy seal officer leif babin and retired navy captain chuck nash. fox news military analyst. we're also going to have ashley webster joining us from paris shortly. leif, i want to go to you. we've been following obviously the situation out of france over the course of the last week, since last friday night, very carefully. everyone there in europe has been on high alert. they have had thousands of raids. they have arrested 100 -- 124 people. five people have been charged. a fifth we learned today in belgium. leif, they haven't got one of the guys, the 8th attacker in paris. that is obviously a big concern. now we hear about this hostage situation.
2:26 pm
is it possible that any of that could be related? >> certainly anything is possible at this point. and i think, what that shows is just, how deep of a problem this is for countries like france, belgium, that have, they have got some, they have got large population. trish: of islamic extremists there. 4,000, according to graeme wood, author of the piece from "the atlantic what isis really wants. 4,000 people, chuck nash, that have ties, sympathies to isis. of course they are able to travel freely throughout all of europe right now. , given borderless environment they have there. it must make it extraordinarily difficult for authorities to track them down? >> it does make it very difficult. the other thing is, most of the muslims that live in europe have
2:27 pm
not fully a simulated. in fact they -- assimilated. they live in areas, whether there are special areas in france. i think there are over 600 of them there. so you don't have a lot of insight in there because there aren't a lot of public services in there because they're not allowed to go in there. they have walled off, not walled off, but got socially, concentrated areas of folks who have not a simulated into the society. and about which there is very little-known about the goings on daily basis in there. trish: again, i want to remind our viewers, we've got breaking news coming to us right now. according to reuters there is a hostage situation in northern france. it has been said there have been several gunshot wounds sustained there. northern france, near bottomedder with belgium. -- the border with belgium. belgium is such a focus and area of concern. when you look at all of europe
2:28 pm
right now, you obviously have a problem in france. we have known about that for same time. what is it about belgium has been so challenging? >> belgium has same issues. they have a very large muslim population. you know, probably most of those folks are good people but within that population there is some sympathy for terrorists. you have got some folks cheering on the attacks in paris certainly. it is a major, major issue they have to deal with. only way we prevent this problem is actually, instead of playing defense, is instead of going offense with isis, so-called caliphate. trish: getting people like you in there, officer. this is what you used to do, go in as a navy seal and hunt people like this down. i do want to just reiterate to our viewers, we do not know at this point, whether this hostage situation that, we're getting reports of, is actually linked to any islamic terrorism. but of course, given the events that have unfolded recently,
2:29 pm
it's, it's natural that people are worried about that, given the warnings that europeans have been living under. i mean you think, captain, nash, about how brussels has been in total lockdown mode since friday, being on high alerts there. people not even being able so go to school out shopping go to a restaurant, because authorities have been so worried about an imminent attack. >> you know, we've got little snowflakes in our own country on our college campuses, protesting posters that advocate free speech. everybody wants to be protected, everybody wants to be secure. on college campuses in united states, we're talking about being secure from people that challenge your ideas or your own prejudices. they call them safe zones. you look at western european countries. that need for security and protech me, protect me, gotten to the point, where here you are
2:30 pm
living in free society, western european country like belgium, and you lock down the capital of that country three days because of some threat on internet and some intelligence chatter. people are giving up their freedom for security. you got to get out. you have to go after the bad guys. then you have to relentlessly hundred them down and acknowledge them for who they are. isis is merely the current face of a virulent ideology. radical islam. trish: with that in mind were you disappointed at will with the president? we saw him give a press conference with president hollande. there was some expectation from some that he would come out to show really united front. president holland was coming to the united states of america to ask for help in his war against isis, president said we will keep the status quo. we already bombed isis 8,000 types. let me ask you about that, 8,000 bombs there on isis soil. help us understand for those of us not in the military, what
2:31 pm
that means? >> two things. the narrative was that osama bin laden's dead, al qaeda is on the run and isis has been contained. well, only thing that we know is, that osama bin laden is dead. the other thing is, lead, follow, or get out of the way is common statement inside military. we had a chance to lead in syria. we didn't take it. choices remaining are follow, or get out of the way. politically we can't get out of the way. so what is happening is, vladmir putin has come in, played an absolutely terrible hand, so brilliantly that he is going to wind up being savior of this situation, at least as far as the french are concerned. no, it is a mess. there his real thing is, getting russia back on the step, as a -- real true world power and regional power. guess what, this could be unraveling of nato, if the united states fails to lead and russia does lead, they're europeans.
2:32 pm
we're an ocean away. i'm interested to hear what vladmir putin will really say to president hollande next time they meet. trish: this comes in the face of course of russia flying into turkey's airspace and that flight being shot down earlier today. i want to get our viewers up to speed on breaking news situation we have out of northern france. they're on the border with belgium. we don't have link to islamic terrorism, given recent events. they are on high alert. armed men have taken hostages after gunshots fired in this region. i believe pronounced robe in northern france. police sources recording this reporting this from reuters. not clear whether the gunman are linked to paris attacks or is lump ake terrorist links. of the reuters said according to
2:33 pm
who is, hostages were taken, gunshots were fired and neighborhood has been cordoned off. bank director and his family may have been taken as hostages. medical and fire services are confirmed. operation is underway to deal with this we have no further details at this moment. i want to bring into the conversation retired four-star army general, keith alexander, former head of nsa. general alexander, welcome. >> thanks, trish. how are you doing? trish: good. we just got this news crossing however of a hostage situation there on the border with belgium in northern france. said a bank employee and has been taken hostage. we don't know of any tie to the paris attacks. you can imagine, europe is overall on high alert. brussels in lockdown last couple days. people unable to go to school or
2:34 pm
shopping or go to a restaurant. the world is in a pretty serious and pretty alarmed state. what do you make of some of these headlines as we gather them crossing right now? >> well, i think it brings up three key areas. one, how do you protect the homeland. what types of collection do you have to protect the people in your own country. two, what are practical things a country must do like russia, france, united states against terrorists. what is the strategy long term to take this on? i don't think, especially the third part, what is our strategy, we're so embroiled in tactics and political debates in our country we haven't looked across the middle east to see what that strategy will be. as a consequence if we don't address the third party we're
2:35 pm
stuck in tactical engagements and discussions on civil liberties the next several decades. we have to get out in front of this. trish: cap pan nash was talking about this, brussels in lockdown mode. the concern here is our freedom, as individuals has completely been threatened by these terrorists. you took a lot of criticism at nsa. and people, you know, they don't like the idea, that anybody could be tracking anything online. a lot of this isn't necessarily about that right now. you know i was talking to graeme wood yesterday, the author of the piece, what isis really wants. he was saying, he was able to establish connections with a lot of these islamic terrorists online in order to do some of his reporting. they were out there, in the public, communicating, on social media. how much in the way of investigation is happening right
2:36 pm
now into the social media presence of some of these people? >> well, i think first, to look at what our collection is. we have to go by the laws. to collect, to protect us. how do you ensure the collection of civil liberties and privacy? when you look at that, what was done under the metadata program. they had great oversight by the courts, by congress and by the administration. i think, actually, we need to set that right now before we have what europe is. i think folks like jeffrey stone, the acting university of chicago law school, i think our
2:37 pm
country can get to the right place. we can do both. we have to step into this. i think we have so slanted this discussion through civil liberties and privacy. now we are jumping back to securities. let's get this set in the middle where it belongs. protect our people. go onto these other two points. trish: well put. i do want to update our viewers on the hostage situation. a ran downtown there on the border with belgium. it does have a terrorist past. there is something called the gay which targeted major event and has links to al qaeda in the 1990s. ashley webster joins me right now from paris.
2:38 pm
i do not know how familiar you are with this region. again, this coming in, this is an area that has targeted major even. back in the 1990s. we do not know, it has not yet been confirmed, i pointed out to everyone, given that you then set out unfolded since last friday, it is hard for one's mind not to go there. everyone's minds have been on such high alert. >> that is exactly right. we know that shots have been fired. there is a hostage situation. it is about 140 miles northeast from paris. bride on the belgium border. yes, it does have a history in the past, but not recently. you are absolutely right. there are concerns.
2:39 pm
everyone on heightened alert. no confirmation that this has anything to do with islamic terrorists at all. obviously, a very fluid situation. we are continuing to follow it. trish: information coming to us via reuters. after these hostages are taken. trying to save these hostages. they did hear gunshots. gunshots were fired. the neighborhood has been cordoned off. we are getting reports that a bank director and his family may have been taken hostage. we have also gotten reports that this is a community, this is a town that has been down pretty much on its luck. they are in northern france. said to have ties to al qaeda. going back into the 1990s.
2:40 pm
i believe i still have with me captain nash along with the officer and general alexander. and ashley webster, of course, in paris. if you were a new york capacity, there are things that you can't can tell us in things that you cannot. putting together this puzzle in figuring out how vulnerable other spots in europe may be. how vulnerable we are here at home. >> that is a great question, trish. foreign intelligence collection agency. they would be conducting foreign intelligence with partnership with france and others. sharing that information. they want to put together the networks. who is talking to whom and what is happening.
2:41 pm
work with the host nation country. tell them what we know. get back and see if we can enrich the data. learn even more about the networks. it comes back to a concern that you and i had talked to earlier. maybe one year ago. with all of the snowdon leaks, that has become increasingly more difficult. it is important for our nation to work with other countries. in syria and in europe. trish: i remember having this conversation with you. responsible in part because of our intelligence staffers. helping to stop a number of attacks. has that been diminished? >> oh, absolutely. that was our concern. they are overstating the threat. now, we see that that is not actually correct. the threat is there.
2:42 pm
we have lost some of our capability. the terrorists have learned how to get around it. this will be a huge problem. that is why, in my opinion, we need a setback. as a nation, i agree with what they are saying. we need to step up and say what is the strategic camp lane plan for solving these things in the middle east. get countries like russia and europe all involved. if we do not do that, we will be stuck where we are for a long time to come. trish: i want to update our viewers on the breaking news situation we are getting out of northern france. a town they are at the corner. we can tell you exactly where this is happening. the corner -- there is a hostage
2:43 pm
situation happening there at a gas station. a bank director and his family may have been taken as hostages. there have been gunshots fired. telling reuters, the operation is underway. authorities have gone there to try and save the hostages. once again, i want to point out that we do not know if this hostage situation has anything to do with islamic terrorism or anything with the terrorist attacks that we saw in paris last friday night. nonetheless, everyone is on high alert. i am here with general keith alexander. the former head of the nsa. along with an officer. here on set with me. talking earlier about the importance of really recognizing this threat that you are up
2:44 pm
against. he was there in a press conference with president thomas carney earlier today. we will fight this together. we did not get so much of that numerous, numerous military experts. they have came on the program and said we need to do more. what does doing more mean? if you had been in the operation, still in the military, what would that mean? >> what they ask for. what they need. the resources. lifting the constraints on them so they can actually succeed. strong allies and members of the administration have come out very strongly against the campaign against isis. we have not seen an inability for him to admit that the strategy is not working. we have some outstanding military servicemen and women.
2:45 pm
working very hard. unfortunately, their hands are tied. you have to be able to give them what they ask for. making it happen. making a difference. trish: people really will be continuing to live in fear. keith alexander just pointed out, you really will struggle continually with this balance of privacy and security. we have to get this right. we have to do so. a hostage situation unfolding in northern france. happening at a gas station. sources telling us that there have been gunshots they are. authorities are there on scene trying to contain it. perhaps a bank employee and his family they have been taken hostage. once again, we do not know if this has any connection with the terrorist attacks that happened last friday.
2:46 pm
whether or not this is actually isis related or terrorist related in that way. joining us right now is ashley webster. ashley: yes. there are reports that this all began at a check point where several were several subjects were stopped and then it escalated from there. this town is about one hour west of brussels. it is also believed to be the hometown of mohammed. he is accused of supplying the suicide vest and detonators to isis militants. we do not know if there is a connection. if this information that we're getting through, certainly there is a connection. one of the suspects hometown happening right now in france. just about one hour west of bell jump on the french bell jump border.
2:47 pm
trish: i do want to ask you as well about the man that has been on the loose, jihads. they actually had him at one point and he wound up being let go. they are continuing to hunt for him. could he be related in any way? >> he could. well, that is a good question. he very well could. it has been a big battle. who is connected to who? it appears that there was a lot of coordination prior to the paris attacks. as investigators dig deeper, they dig up more names. another man believed to have been with two days before the attacks. in the car with him. a number of suspects continuing to grow. the question is is this hostage
2:48 pm
situation playing out at a gas station, does that have anything to do with the paris terrorist attacks? trish: i want to reiterate that will for our viewers. a hostage situation unfolding. right on the border with france and belgium. where the suspected bomb maker behind the terrorist attack is originally from. trying to piece all this together. one would think that this is important. >> absolutely. i think as you lay it out, if they were stopped near the border at some point, more concerned that this may be part of another group. of course, we do not know if that is true. it comes back to this increasing problem for europe. creating a problem for the west
2:49 pm
in multiple places. you are seeing that with the russian airline. what happened in lebanon and paris and going on. trish: taken place over the last several days. authorities trying to hunt down these terrorist. how difficult is it, really? >> it is huge. possibly 10, 11% of the people in france are immigrants. a large portion of those are muslim immigrants. when you add to it, the lack of intelligence that they really need to come to the right place, you have what is going on now, it really plays into the hands of the radical jihad. look at what they are doing to our country in paris. in brussels. >> this plays into exactly what they want.
2:50 pm
it really was a terrific piece. he made the point. islamic state is islamic. very islamic beard that is one of the things nobody really wants to admit. nonetheless, it is so much a part of the g hottest message. they are getting their strength, so to speak. their interpretation of it. in other words, they want general alexander to create an environment where it is us versus them, them versus us. you can see that it will have an effect. >> more people to do copy cat type attacks. it is really underscoring the need to not only win tactically,
2:51 pm
but to solve the strategic problem. we have to do both. all of these issues. i think the u.s. should take a leadership role. really has to step out on the strategy part as well. stuart: a lot of people calling for better leadership. i do want to let our viewers know that there is a hostage situation in france right now. northern france. on the border there. it apparently happened at a gas station. you are looking at a map they are. a little bit down on its luck. it has had some tough times previously. it then associated with islamic terror. going back to 1990. some al qaeda groups linked to their. the town where the suspected bomb maker in the terrorist attacks their last friday night is originally from.
2:52 pm
we are talking about mohammed. supplying the suicide vest and detonators. again, this hostage situation is said to be happening at the gas station. joining me right now on the phone is lieutenant bill. we do not know whether this has any relation to isis. nonetheless, when you hear something like this town from this situation that is happening, you know it is a suspected on maker. how do you interpret that? >> there is a reasonable chance. the french or belgium's have been looking for. two things that jump out. ashley said that they were stopped initially at a
2:53 pm
checkpoint. they were not prepared. some people injured. it probably would have been the police shooting. whoever they were trying to stop shooting. remember, again, isis will not go against it. trish: i want to jump in quickly. this is crossing the wires right now. apparently not linked to the paris attacks. this is according to police sources there in france. stay with me. i have general alexander. i want to go to ashley webster there that has more intelligence on this for us in paris. ashley. >> very easy. jumping to conclusions. reports now say that the chap way was actually a police stop because of a car doing an illegal turn.
2:54 pm
they believe it was a robbery that had just gone astray. being taken hostage. children involved. now it is believed it is not terrorist related. a bank robbery that has just gone wrong. hopefully, it will get resolved without any injuries. certainly understandable given the atmosphere that we live in these days. people could just perhaps be related to islamic terror. it is a very fluid situation. >> this happened in the same exact town where the bomb maker in the paris attacks is from. ashley: gas. sorry. no. a lot of people do not believe in coincidences. giving the feel of a terrorist attack.
2:55 pm
>> we are also learning that while there were shots fired, it is not clear that there were any casualties. as ashley just reported, as we have been reporting to you, the hostage situation near belgium there, northern france, not to be believed to be linked to the terrorist situation. perhaps, this is not at all in isis related event, but simply a hostage situation. it is unfolded. shots fired appellees. it has not been clear if there are any casualties. understandable, colonel. when you get reports like this and you know brussels has been in lockdown for the last several days. when you hear that this is the town where the suspected bomb maker in the paris attacks is from, it is hard to not at least
2:56 pm
question whether it is an isis related situation. >> i would not totally discount that yet if i heard ashley wright. maybe there were some ak-47s involved. i guarantee you the french police are not running around with ak-47s. when you look at being a family of a bank manager, that is a logical way for a terrorist group or criminal activity certainly do want to get into a bank and get money. we know that the organizations were looking for money. there are conflicting pieces of the story get. i would definitely say that there is a terrorist element to it. trish: stay with me. i am still here with the former head of the nsa keeps alexander. general alexander, what would you be advising europe right
2:57 pm
now? what would you be advising the president of the united states right now? >> i think two different steps. the way we will collect and share information. the european union has looked at this problem, not in light of all the actions we have seen and are concerned about. for the president, i think a tough job, obviously. the strategy for the middle east that brings in russia, brings in countries to the middle east to solve the middle east problem. what we cannot do is fight the tactical things or have an exit strategy as our strategy. our strategy has to be how do we make the middle east a more peaceful place. the only way i can see doing that is to build it back up here and give these people something to live for other than fight jihad.
2:58 pm
trish: if you are going to take over an area, you have to have a plan for how you will see that area through. there has been a lot of criticism of george w. bush for getting into iraq in the first place. there should also be a lot of criticism for getting out of iraq too soon. >> trying to link the invasion of iraq to the situation we have in isis. the exit out of iraq is definitely a substantial problem. it is about influence that we pulled out of iraq. under barack obama, we made a decision as a nation not to have any influence in the searing conflict. it persecuted sunnis and
2:59 pm
inflamed the situation in a big way. we have our eddie defeated. trish: thank you so much. appreciate all your analysis and
3:00 pm
help, and i do want to, again, update our viewers, the hope right now is that this hostage situation is not in any be way related to isis. we are getting reports from local police that it may not be, however, the colonel still has his doubts. liz claman will continue to follow it for you right now. liz: medical personnel rushing to the scene, to this hostage situation in the northern french town. several people have been shot, the hostage takers are heavily armed according to french media. the counterterrorism unit railed, as it's called -- raid, as it's called, has just now arrived on the scene, but we immediate to stress this, folks, it is not yet known whether the incidents are connected to the manhunt for several suspects in the terror attacks. we do know the area has been cordoned off by police, a local newspaper says the hostage takers have kalashnikov writers. a bank director and his family have been taken hostage right


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