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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  November 24, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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help, and i do want to, again, update our viewers, the hope right now is that this hostage situation is not in any be way related to isis. we are getting reports from local police that it may not be, however, the colonel still has his doubts. liz claman will continue to follow it for you right now. liz: medical personnel rushing to the scene, to this hostage situation in the northern french town. several people have been shot, the hostage takers are heavily armed according to french media. the counterterrorism unit railed, as it's called -- raid, as it's called, has just now arrived on the scene, but we immediate to stress this, folks, it is not yet known whether the incidents are connected to the manhunt for several suspects in the terror attacks. we do know the area has been cordoned off by police, a local newspaper says the hostage takers have kalashnikov writers. a bank director and his family have been taken hostage right now.
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at the moment we need to stress it is not 100% sure, in fact, not even 50% sure any of this is related to the deadly terrorist attacks on november 13th in paris. amazing that it's right there on the border between paris and belgium where there are checkpoints galore. you can only imagine how tense the situation is. right there in that town it is actually where one of the ringleaders of the paris attacks is from. i want to get to ashley webster. ashley, you've been grabbing headlines, what do we know right now? >> reporter: yes. well, to your point, liz, very uncertain at this point. we do have a quote from french media, from a police officer on the scene who says he believes he is 9 9% sure this has nothing to do with the paris terrorist attacks, that it's to do with a bank robbery, but these headlines change quickly, it's a very fluid situation, so we'll keep an eye on it. there is, perhaps, a coincidence that it is happening in the same
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town as one of the believed bombmakers is originally from, making those bombs for the paris attacks. we should also mention it's not that far from belgium, right on the border, not far from brussels where belgian authorities announced they are after a fifth suspect. they've already arrested four in connection to the paris attacks, now they have a fifth who is on the run. he's 30 years old, he was seen driving with salah abdeslam, they were seen together in a car at a gas station heading towards paris two days before the november 13th attacks. so he is considered dangerous and probably armed, say the belgian authorities. we know that now as the pieces are put together of what happened prior to november 13th, it's believed that abraham and salah abdeslam hired three cars in belgium over a period of
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time, the three cars that were used in the attacks. alabama rah him -- iowa rah ham detonated his vest, but salah apparently didn't. pieces are coming together, the question is, is it 11 days too late? liz: ashley, interrupt us if you get anything. amazingly, and i know you'll perhaps be surprised to hear this, the dow and the s&p are actually holding up under very, very extreme stress on these breaking news hits. we just saw the nasdaq turn negative. it's down by only two points, but i like to stress this because perhaps as the nasdaq goes, so go the rest of the markets. the russell is still up just half a percent at the moment, and the s&p is clinging to gains of just three points as we look at the markets right now. that apparent -- i'm stressing apparent -- false alarm in france just highlighting the fear of terrorism around the globe today. especially it comes on a day that the fight against isis was
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complicated by an international incident as a nato ally shot down a russian fighter jet. that is a picture of what happened, the aftermath. french president francois hollande at the white house today trying to convince president obama that working with russia, with russia to destroy the islamic state, is indeed in the nation's interest. the french president seeking a, quote, grand coalition to take on the terrorist organization that's using black market oil largely to fund its so-called caliphate in syria and western iraq. president obama saying today that the terrorists are a scourge that threaten all of us. okay, we knew that, but dodging the question of working with vladimir putin and the russians to stamp it down. calling russia and iran a coalition of two, two nations supporting the regime of syrian president bashar assad which we mow the united states would like to see removed. two of the smartest men in the room are reading between the
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lines, bob hormats, cliff may as we look at that, gentlemen, the increasing threat of terror attacks prompting the government to issue a global travel warning. we're going to take you live to jfk in just a moment to see how international travelers are taking the news. it's so much to swallow here as we watch all of this. i want to get right now to bob hormats because this is a situation and, again, we're talking both of the questionable hostage situation and whether there's any relation at all to what's going on, that's the breaking news right now. what happened today at the white house? did it clarify anything? calm anybody down? did you hear anything new, because we did, only one thing, and it came from francois hollande, shut down the border between syria and turkey. >> well, i think that is one element of it, but it's a very complicated set of issuings. on one hand you have the russians and iranians who support assad. on the other hand, they have a lot of firepower in the region
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if they were to turn it to isis, that would be very useful. but the fact is for the moment many of them really seem to be aiming more at our friends who are anti-assad than isis itself. that's one complicating factor. the other is you need turkey, and the united states has to be demonstrating its support for the turks. they're a nato ally. shutting down the border would help, but that is something the turks -- liz: i mean, we can show this plane going down again, and it was a russian jet who was warned ten times in five minutes by, with all of the details of it, turkey saying it shot down that plane as it crossed into territory from syria. the two planes, there were two of them, ignored several warnings that they were nearing turkish air space. i mean, as i'm telling you, ten warnings in five minutes, planes kept going, did not retreat. the incident marked the first time i think, bob, in half a century that a nato member has downed a russian plane. russia is insisting that the
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plane stayed over syria. president putin said turkey's action is, quote, linked to a stab in the back delivered to us by accomplices of terrorists. i cannot qualify what happened today as anything else. but you look at that, and you say, well, we're not going to have a friendly relationship right now are with russia to say let's all band together against isis. >> no, we're probably not. and the white house has been very doubtful about working with the russians in any case because it may well be that their primary be objective, which is to keep assad in power, is not consistent with our primary objective which is, a, to deal with isis, but also we've concluded that assad being in power gives ammunition to the sunnis in syria who are supporting isis because he's going after those sunnis. liz: and it's horrible to say, but it is the truth, folks. we had two terrorist attacks today alone in egypt and in tunisia. cliff may is with the foundation
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for the defense of democracy's president. are we defending our democracy enough? because these situations are seemingly spreading and creep, there's terrorist creep, as i guess i'm going to call it here. does it come to us? >> yes, it has come to us on various occasions, not just 9/11, the tsarnaev brothers, of course, in boston. we have seen over the recent years terrorism spreading into more and more countries and more and more groups being involved in terrorism, and they are not enemies, they are rivals. you have al-qaeda, isis which is a splinter of al-qaeda, and you have the islamic republic of iran. iran is the arsonist that is now pretending to want to be a firefighter, and part of the problem here is that russia has aligned itself with iran and with its puppet, assad. and i think what bob said is very key. if you want to fight the islamic state, you have to have sunnis in syria and iraq on your side, and they will not -- if the
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prize for fighting with you is that they will be dominated by shia-persian iran. liz: and as we look at, as we look at the creep because you've got thanksgiving two days away, people are terrified, very concerned about this, you wonder what's going to happen. we still have the syrian refugees lapping down our doors. -- banging down our doors. canada is saying they will only accept refugees who are parts of families, women, children, no single, unaccompanied males. do we need to do that? >> yes, we need to have a pause, i think that's right, and i think we need to have a very robust -- more than we do now -- vetting process. there may be among these refugees people that will be very useful to us because they'll want to work with us in terms of intelligence and go back and fight, that sort of thing, but we cannot bring into the country people who either are agents of the islamic state or are likely to become agents and be recruited later on. right now is not the time to have massive immigration from
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the middle east, from syria, but not just from syria, from other places too. i think this is a time for us, and i would say the europeans, to be very cautious and think about other things you can do about what's going on in the middle east beyond simply letting hundreds of thousands of people into your country who may pose tremendous problems in the days, months and years to come. liz: let me get our viewers caught up here. we now see the market tacking on another ten points, the dow jones industrials up 54 at the moment be, perhaps on the news that this latest hostage situation -- by the way, involving kalashnikovs, people shot, hostages taken at the border between belgium and paris -- still happening right now but may not be related to any of the attackers who were in paris november 13th. bob, former undersecretary of state, the u.s. state department has issued a global travel alert. cliff outlined the sort of panoply, we've got al-qaeda, isis, let's not forget boko haram in nigeria, but our markets are holding up, and yet
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we do have terrified people in this country who are wondering how do we keep ourselves safe? the president said i finally understand how you feel, you know, he mentioned that during the meeting with hollande. but what do we need to see versus hear? >> well, i think we've got to see a number of things. first of all, this is metastasizing. there are, there's a lot of evidence that isis is not just in the center of what it calls its caliphate, but has these what they call distant or foreign provinces. so they're actually adopting relationships -- developing relationships in sinai, they're developing relationships with boko haram, relationships all around the world. and they doubtless have cells or people here who are influenced by them. we have a global phenomenon be here. we can't simply fight in the region, although i think we have to deal with the power that's at the center which is syria and iraq. but also we're going to have to work very hard with other
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countries with good intelligence to go after them wherever they are. and they're in a lot of areas. liz: well, the word "metastasized" is really disturbing, but i think it accurately portrays what's going on. we want to thank you and cliff so much. breaking news is developing as we speak. bob and cliff both really articulating the concerns right now, but it's a global, jittery atmosphere as we have a hostage situation underway in paris right now. as soon as we get more details, we will bring them to you. it's right there on a very tense belgian/france border at the moment. those terror attacks in paris and mali and today's new attacks in egypt and tunisia prompting the government to warn american travelers as i just mentioned heading overseas to be wary of another attack. fox business spanning the globe with reaction from travelers here and those who have already arrived. we will be right back. dow jones industrials up 56 points. boy, that sure looks like a peaceful picture. >> find some way of working with the russians and iranians even
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liz: it is the day before one of the busiest travel days of the year, thanksgiving just two days away. it's actually been a record year for travel in the u.s. this year with nestic flights through august up 5% from the year earlier. but a lot has changed since
3:17 pm
then, so we sent gerri willis to jfk, one of the busiest in the world, i can only imagine the chatter right now. now we've got this hostage situation developing on the border of belgium and france, perhaps unrelated. as you know, as you've heard ashley talking about this terror attack, but nonetheless, inspiring unbelievable fear. >> reporter: that's right. and i have to tell you, you would think there would be fear here at jfk, but we have spent the morning talking to people about how they feel, what they make of this new alert from the state department. they are undaunted. they want to travel, they're going to travel. let me tell you about the state department alert. the state department telling americans who are traveling overseas that groups are planning attacks in multiple regions. who are those groups? isis, al-qaeda, boko haram. here's what the state department says you need to do if you're traveling internationally or at all: exercise vigilance in public places like the airport, and be aware of your immediate surroundings. they say don't go to places
3:18 pm
where there are lots of people gathered. now, that is going to be super difficult this holiday. over thanksgiving, people want to go to public places, they want to go to sporting events, parades, they want to see their friends and get together. so one piece of advice that the state department is giving that you shield to hear, enroll in their smart traveler program. you can find that at step.state.dove. you enroll there, and then you get texts to your phone, information about areas that might be in trouble, places to avoid, where you don't want to go. and you can also tell embassies in other parts of the world that you're an american travel anything their country, then our country will know where you are as well. so just caution, steps to take as you make your plans for travel over in this holiday season. a lot of people are worried, but i've got to tell you, liz, the americans here at jfk are undaunted and are continuing to fly. liz: they're thrilled to be here, thank goodness.
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i'm going to alabama for the alabama/awe bush game. [laughter] -- auburn game. >> reporter: all right. go, baby. liz: gerri knows, if i ate chipotle yesterday, i'm still going to alabama. [laughter] wu unafraid and undaunted at fox business. as you look at, for example, we thought we'd show you the international, specifically the international airline carriers, they are moving lower today after the u.s. state department issued that global travel warning of increased terrorist act tifd around the globe. but we've also noticed the regionals like southwest or jetblue are also moving lower at the moment. everybody down about 2% at the moment. the closing bell, we're 41 minutes away, and we are keeping our eye on that developing story as well as what's going on around the globe. but a hostage situation still underway on the border of belgium and paris, and we're watching it. it's not possibly related, we
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have to stress that too, all of the terror that's going on. it could be a robbery gone bad. just stay with me, and i'll keep you posted on that. in the meantime, we did get a pretty interesting gdp revision that wasn't as bad as people thought. trash picking may be the new way to read the economic tea leaves. is garbage an accurate indicator of the u.s. economy? we don't need an economist to translate what all those amazon boxes and torn gift wrapping mean, we've got this guy. we're going dumpster diving with the ceo of waste management to feel out how we're really doing. ♪ ♪ but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform,
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liz: boy, these guys on wall street have pretty strong stomachs, because the market is holding up under extreme breaking news at this hour. we are actually now getting new details on the november 13 beth attacks that aaged paris, so we're going to get back to ashley webster who's got some breaking news. what is it? >> reporter: yeah, liz, it
3:25 pm
makes for some pretty interesting reading. the paris prosecutor saying that the ringleader of those november 13th attacks, abdelhamid abaaoud, does, indeed, have blood on his hands. it's believed he was in a vehicle that plowed down dozens of people prior to the attacks the gun and bomb attacks on the cafés and bars of northern parts of paris. it's believed he then drove the car that was involved this that, dutched it off on the outskirts of paris and came back into the city center on a metro, on a subway train. and at that point he started to walk around and look at those terror sites as they were being targeted, looking at the handiwork, if you like, of his colleagues including cell phone records that show he was outside the bataclan music hall while that carnage was going on inside. the prosecutor also saying that there was, in fact, a tenth person directly involved in the paris attacks.
3:26 pm
his identity is still known, it's believed he died in that raid some seven days ago at that apartment. he is yet to be positively identified, but they believe he was the one who drove the car to deliver the café be shooters. also being confirmed that they were able to thwart another attack that was planned for six or seven days after the november 13th attack, it was centered on an area of paris that's a commercial section full of skyscrapers, corporate headquarters. there's a shopping center there. it was believed that was the next target about six days after the friday one. but that was thwarted after abaaoud was killed in that bloody shootout. all sorts of information and, by the way, liz, since november 13th attacks here in paris, 1233 raids have been conducted by french police and military units. liz: well, not for lack of trying. and we have this, french jets
3:27 pm
have destroyed an islamic state command center west of mosul in iraq, and that's coming from a french official. ashley, thank you. and i do just want to get our viewers up to speed on what's going on. till no word on whether ere's a direct relation to the armed hostage situation involving accomplish that cover -- accomplish that cover -- kalashnikov riflemen just at border of france and belgium in the town of roubaix, and it's not immediately clear if they're links to the november 13th attacks. who can be sure? we have medical and fire services on the scene, and they are trying to get us more information. we'll get it to you, we promise that, as soon as possible. back home we have the latest economic growth numbers that came out, the second revision of third quarter gdp, revised higher to 2.1% from 1.5 %. so, look, you could argue that's in the rearview mirror, but
3:28 pm
we're about to give you a window -- albeit a dirty window view -- into what's coming for the fourth quarter. call it trash is treasure indicator. the more people buy, the more they throw out, the better the economy's doing. from amazon boxes to cans full of crumpled wrapping paper and voila, you have a loose gdp estimate for the fourth quarter. thanks to this guy, see you of one of america's largest trash haulers or, you've got a direct line by gauging what they're throwing away? >> absolutely. when you throw it away, we're going to take it and recycle it, and it'll be back next christmas as another box. liz: oh, i am the recycle mama in my house. this has to be recycle tokinged. but looking at -- we talk about the amazon cardboard boxes, they're everywhere. what can you tell about current economic situation? >> yeah, well, you know, other than christmas i mean, obviously, retailers and people like that, they make their money during christmas.
3:29 pm
but when we look at the broad economy over the course of the year, we sort of see steady as she goes. and that's, you know, i like to say that the new normal is that the economy's doing okay. and after 2009 i think we all are pretty happy with okay. liz: i'm not. >> we have got to see it break loose. liz: i would love to see better than okay or at least sort of good. [laughter] is this enough to say, for example, get you to increase your business? >> yeah. so for the first time since 2009 in 2016 we expect to see positive volumes. you know -- liz: oh, that's news. >> we've got a big cost structure, and a lot of that drops straight to the bottom line, so we expect volumes to get better throughout 2015, into 2016 not only from retail, not only from boxes and recycling, but also from the manufacturing and industrial space. liz: so see that trash pile on the screen? in a possibly smaller -- >> smells like money to me, by the way. liz: yeah. it's got green in there for you guys, but it was in paris that a
3:30 pm
similar pile of trash revealed somebody found a bomb belt. they found it, it was without the detonator, but it is clearly from one of the attackers of november 13th. >> yeah. liz: what kind of protocols, i'm just interested to know, do you guys have in place if you find a weapon or bomb-making materials? do they know what to look for? >> we have found so many pieces of evidence from crime scenes both committed and to be committed, and it's interesting, literally it's like looking for a needle in a haystack, and we cooperate with federal and local authorities all the time. andst truly -- it's truly amazing, because when we put that waste in, we map where it is all the time so that if something's in there, whether it's evidence of a crime or a crime to be committed or, for that matter, someone threw hazardous ferrell -- material this there, we can dig it up. three times since i've been ceo, we've had folks lose their wedding rings -- liz: and you found them. >> every time. liz: we'll take wedding rings over bomb belts. >> absolutely.
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liz: it's fascinating. trash is treasure for you. >> absolutely. absolutely. liz: happy holidays to you and your family. dave steiner is the ceo of waste management. the closing bell, we're exactly 30 minutes away, and the markets still holding on to decent gains. to the election trail, donald trump still leading the gop pack, maintaining his front runner status with brash attack on his opponents that up until about 19 hours ago went unchallenged. it's changed as one candidate's pac that's behind it, political action committee, kind of fires a shot across the bow. we're going to tell you who produced the ad you're about to see next on "countdown." watch. >> somebody's doing the raping, don, i mean, you know, somebody's doing it. it's women being raped, well, who's doing the raping? >> wolves this way. this way. [laughter] >> be -- how stupid are the
3:32 pm
people of iowa? jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. if ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps i'd be dating her. [laughter] >> oh, that's so weird! >> i have a great relationship with the blacks. i've always had a great relationship with blacks. >> the blacks. liz: it's a best of sort of worst of of of donald trump. that's just part of the ad a super pac has released attacking donald trump. he's the first to deliver that kind of blow, this after "the wall street journal" reported that the gop establishment was planning a, quote, guerrilla campaign against trump. trump's lawyer told cnn this morning that if republican
3:37 pm
donors band together as a little army of sorts for an anti-trump campaign it would be, quote, a bad, bad idea. let's bring in john hart, editor-in-chief at opportunity lives and hank sheinkopf, a democratic strategist. hank, who done it? >> you know, the establishment republicans have done this. they would like donald trump to disappear, and maybe it's not the greatest idea because the great beneficiary for the republicans is hillary clinton. liz: john hart, do you think it's kasich behind this? it's actually a guy running a pac who is now in new hampshire, but is now in ohio. >> republican primary voters want to hear are what the candidates are for, and i don't see this ad as a game changer. many of these things are old news. it's a fun montage, but what is a game changer is what's happening in syria, what happened in paris. and i've argued for months that trump is weak on foreign policy, you know? carson is weak.
3:38 pm
he has a confused rather than commanding presence. so i think news is going to have a bigger impact than these ads, ultimately, on the race. liz: on our screen we've got donald trump at 25%, this is the latest quinnipiac poll, ted cruz just 2% behind which is virtually a dead tie because, you know, with the margin of error. what does that tell you? ben carson at one point was above donald trump in polls, it's a fluid situation. >> these kinds of extended primary presidential elections, things tend to change. now cruz looks good, he's going to go into iowa, and he may very well win iowa because carson's dead. liz: santorum won iowa, huckabee won iowa, neither of them became -- >> you weren't at their press conferences at the white house? president huckabee, you missed it? liz: i missed the christmas invitation. [laughter] where do we go in here? a lot changes between now and february, does it not? >> of course. this process is a lot like buying a house.
3:39 pm
you go out house hunting, you find a few houses you like, but when it comes time for the home inspection, there's only two or three that -- liz: oh, i like that analogy. >> i don't think trump and carson are going to pass the home inspection whereas a handful of them will. liz: i just bought a house -- [inaudible conversations] but sometimes you take it thinking that it'll get better, you know? hank, you were saying that donald trump is -- or, john, you were saying that donald trump is weak on foreign policy, but he's strong, hank, on the bullhorn, on the large mouth, the big-mouthed talk. and that is working with some voters right now, especially with the fear and loathing going on in the world. >> yeah. but what john said a few moments ago is, in fact, true. people want to see what that house really has, and what donald trump doesn't have is a clear foreign policy position. what he has is populist rhetoric. liz: what does jeb have? he's in south carolina today, john, and people are waiting to see if he's the guy that the establishment republicans can finally sort of move up front at
3:40 pm
a certain point. this is a live picture, by the way, of jeb right now in south carolina at the moment looking natural, calm, excited, interested and focused. >> well, i think what's happened in paris, tragically, has created a contrast between not just republicans and obama, but democrats and obama. you know, president clinton had a very forceful response in kosovo 16 years ago. we had 183 strike sorties per day versus isis back in july we had 11 per day. so we've seen russia come into the power vacuum, that's why we've seen the downing of a russian jet. so jeb bush is qualified to fill that vacuum, marco rubio, i think, is as well. but that's the dynamic, because you have a president who's created a situation that republicans are trying to solve to. liz: okay. by contrast, does hillary look strong? >> if you look at the data, her numbers are coming up. why? because obama's are going down. she's filling that hole, and she's back to the person in many
3:41 pm
ways who she used to be, the hawk on defense. liz: great to see you, thank you very much. the dow's losing its gains right now be, it was up about 36-40 points, at one point up 54 points during this hour, right now up 17. we're watching it for you. some of you didn't think it was a good idea -- i don't know why -- for me to eat a chipotle veggy burrito bowl yesterday in the midful to -- middle of an e. coli scare. now we've got another, the breaking news on that ahead. and baby buffett still struggling as his pershing square fund falls amid the valeant pharmaceutical scandal. charlie gasparino tells us if bill ackman, though, might have the last laugh. this as ackman doubles down on the stock, he's owning more and more of it. billionaires, they do crazy things sometimes. we'll see. ♪ ♪
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call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ liz: we've got some breaking news on costco and e. coli. the outbreak not just confined to chipotle, now the colorado public health department is investigating this, at least 19 people from seven states have been affected with the e. coli strain linked to costco's rotisserie chicken that was mixed into the chicken salad sold at costco. the majority of the cases are in the western states. costco shares spiking all over the place as this news breaks, in fact, we saw it drop pretty significantly. this is the intraday picture. now it's down to $1.12 to $162.23. we'll keep you posted. yeah, it's getting a little
3:47 pm
worse here. meanwhile, shares of chipotle moving higher by 3% after a messy e coli outbreak connected to the restaurant chain spread from the pacific northwest to a number of other states including here in new york, and i'm still here. i challenged what could have been a dreadful fate by eating my beloved veggy burrito bowl -- >> you can't get it from that, because there's no chicken in that. liz: they use the same utensils. you can see what happened -- >> oh! [applause] liz: austin says don't eat it. marco? >> do. liz: marco wants me dead anyway. [laughter] >> wow. liz: i'll eat this whole thing. i could eat it in one sitting. >> wouldn't it be great if you did a little exorcism right there? green stuff just -- liz: my head started turning around. i am happy to report so far that everything's fine.
3:48 pm
>> you're not going to puke on me, are you? liz: oh, it has a 10-day incubation period? >> when did you do that? liz: yesterday. [laughter] we asked all you guys on facebook and twitter, here's how some of you responded. one said, nice knowing you, liz. ann tweeted that she's waiting for the chipotle vaccine, and steven posted on facebook if we don't see liz today, does that mean she got sick from chipotle? i'm alive and well. i survives the burrito bowl. >> the name chipotle makes me a little ill. liz: oh, grow up. >> no, i don't like it. [laughter] liz: i don't like it, i love it. let's get to -- >> wait, are they an advertiser? liz: not yet, i don't think. >> if they are, i'm sorry. liz: speaking of loving it, charlie, ackman, the billionaire, cannot love valeant stock enough. it does continue to climb higher, and ackman has doubled
3:49 pm
down on the embattled company pushing his holding to 9.9% from just 5.7%. stock is up three-quarters of a percent, but if you stretched it out to the past three months you can see, charlie gasparino, this stock was hammered -- >> right. it's down, i mean, it's down tremendously since -- liz: there you are. >> am i? [laughter] you looked over my shoulder like something was happening. liz: believe me, when somebody sneaks up, i won't be telling you. >> a hammer. [laughter] valeant, he's upping his stake. now, we should point out that -- liz: doubling his stake. >> this is typical bill ackman. if you follow his investments, this is a guy who makes a few concentrated bets, and he doesn't back off. now remember mbia eventually, you know, basically imploded during the financial crisis, ackman began singing, basically, warning about mbia having problems of bond insurance tied to mortgage, residential and
3:50 pm
commercial mortgage-backed securities and it would be problematic for the company years before, and he stayed with it. so that's ackman. he stays with his bets. he has two that look like losers right now, herbalife -- liz: we're looking at val i can't. >> and now it's valeant where he doubled down on his investment. that's ackman. we should point out that since it's hit its lows, valeant has spiked a little bit. so, you know, the markets see some positive in this thing. but i will say this, bill ackman -- and this is where, you know, what happens out there? why do we report this? a lot of investors copy these guys, right? they go out there and they model their portfolios -- liz: people copy buffett all the time. >> so this is what we do. we should point out that if you're copying ackman, remember, this is a guy that is wildly right and has also been widely wrong. so just be real careful with this thing. this guy plays the market, he hedges his bets.
3:51 pm
he's a sophisticated investor. his wrong might cause more damage than you plague -- less damage than when you play his wrong. he's going to hedge, he's going to do stuff that protects himself. we should point out that if this investment does not turn around this year, ackman could be down -- he was up, like, 40% last year. i mean, it's not out of the question that he could be down 30-40% this year. he's down something like 20% from what i understand. great investor, but he's been wrong on a lot of stuff, he's been right, that's part of his game. you accept that if you play with him. liz: i've got some nice costco rotisserie chicken. >> john testifier will tell you the easiest way to get sick in a restaurant is from workers not cleaning stuff, not washing their hands because of e. coli and chicken. you've got to -- listen, when i cook chicken at home, i'm
3:52 pm
spraying down everything where bleach. a lot of these places don't do -- liz: i pour purell directly on the chicken. [laughter] no wonder my kids don't eat my food. >> it's more important, and i worked in restaurants as a killed, to clean all surfaces where chicken, where the water from the chicken and, obviously, get fresh chicken. liz: and get hepatitis vaccines. now that we've gotten everybody upset about eat toking ahead of thanksgiving, we're apologizing. charlie, thank you. >> you asked me how to do a turkey. i told you. liz: it's called whole foods. >> wash it with vinegar. it kills a lot -- no, it kills a lot of the germs, and you don't get -- liz: and then the purell? >> don't use that, that's bad. liz: closing bell ringing in eight minutes. now we're up 13 points, 17,80 for the dow. up next, speaking of thanksgiving turkey, it isn't the only thing at risk of being overstuffed. is a market correction on the horizon?
3:53 pm
how do you play it? our countdown closer has a specific strategy. you could actually make money in these last eight minutes. stay tuned.
3:54 pm
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3:56 pm
liz: all right, we need to say this, stop the insanity. marco, be quiet. and, no, we are not talking about the terrifying global headlines. are we setting ourselves up for another correction? joining me now, don shriver, you say this has nothing to do with the exogenous events and the worrisome global headlines. >> what we have right now is people focusing on, for a very long time, this backstop that we have that the fed be gave us of qe, quantitative easing and low interest rates, zero interest rate policy. liz: okay. i've herald this preamble a million times, we're going to have a huge correction, but you're still sticking with this prediction. >> you bet. 2014 earnings started to decline
3:57 pm
quarter over prior year quarter, and they're accelerating on the downside. this quarter, the third quarter, looks to be a -13 or 14% over last year at this time. stocks typically don't continue to rise as earnings continue to fall. liz: okay, but see these divots? can we go backing to year to date on s&p, and you will see that same divot on nasdaq that happened around the time china had a tantrum in its stock markets. china is rebounding just a bit, and what do we see? we're pretty much where we started before that point. it's almost even there on that thing. so why should i worry now that that correction didn't even hold? >> well, that wasn't really a correction. it was a 10% drop in -- liz: sounds like a correction to me, but go on. >> okay, well, we expect a much more significant price based on huge fan between fundamentals and where we are in terms of prices. that tends to reconcile. usually takes about four quarters of negative earnings for the market to wake up and realize, for investors to
3:58 pm
realize. liz: four quarters. >> things are not so good. liz: what is the strategy. >> only invest in stocks with positive trends of the you can still find stocks with decent value and have growing revenue and growing earnings. about 30% of the s&p companies still fit that criteria. liz: that is not a huge percentage. you did work for our viewers. hasbro, web co, fair isac, fair isaac is fike -- >> these are kind of companies we need to be looking at. they're still pretty pricey. most of the stocks are still selling relatively high p-e. you have to be careful an have risk mitigation. we believe risk mitigation having stops under your securities if things start to turn.
3:59 pm
liz: you might be busy that day. >> yes. liz: might be putting purell on the chicken. don as we look what is going on, we know the federal reserve meet 15th, 16th of december. will they race rates, should they raise rates? >> i think it is wrong-minded for the fed to raise rates. only typically raise rates economy coming at recession overhetz, 5, 6% growth rates. we're still 2% growth rate. liz: i'm listening to you right now. we'll see what happens. great to see you. don schreiber. >> thank you. liz: dave, melissa we have a bit of -- david: i want to know what purell was on a chicken. melissa: saw that on real housewives. david: thank you, we have serious business here. russian jet shot down over turkey near the syrian border. things are getting gnarly than ever. is this what happens when we don't lead?
4:00 pm
melissa: men taking hostages in northern france. authorities don't believe the situation is linked to terrorism or deadly attacks in paris. david: refugees, are they after the good life or a threat our safety? a journalist traveled from turkey to greece with a boatload of refugees, with a shocking report what he found. melissa: stocks not deterred by terror ending the day in the green. [closing bell rings] look where we're ending the day. david: all indices to the upside. interesting oil had such a huge bump. as people try to figure out what the fed's next move will be. melissa: while markets wait for tomorrow, here is everything you need to know right now. turkey shooting down a russian warplane over syria, claiming it violated turkish airspace. jennifer griffin standing by at pentagon on


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