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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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melissa: men taking hostages in northern france. authorities don't believe the situation is linked to terrorism or deadly attacks in paris. david: refugees, are they after the good life or a threat our safety? a journalist traveled from turkey to greece with a boatload of refugees, with a shocking report what he found. melissa: stocks not deterred by terror ending the day in the green. [closing bell rings] look where we're ending the day. david: all indices to the upside. interesting oil had such a huge bump. as people try to figure out what the fed's next move will be. melissa: while markets wait for tomorrow, here is everything you need to know right now. turkey shooting down a russian warplane over syria, claiming it violated turkish airspace. jennifer griffin standing by at pentagon on escalation of
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tension between the two countries. jennifer. reporter: the radar contacts validate turkish claims that the russian plane entered turkish airspace. authorities released the map showing path of the russian plane. u.s. pilots heard the warnings on the guard frequency, mandatory radio frequency in all aircraft. >> we were able to hear everything that was going on. obviously these are on open channels. i'm sure there are others who heard it all as well. reporter: tushes say they issued 10 warnings in matter of five minutes. military sources i spoke to after the plane went down, told me two turkish f-16s were involved. one fired an aim 9 sidewinder a heat-seeking missile, normally fired at close range. russian state media confirms a russian marine was killed trying to rescue downed pilots that
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parachuted out of the plane. they are shooting a u.s. toe anti-taping missile as they tried to rescue pilots at scene of the crash north of syria. they confirmed one. russian pilots is dead following crash. russia deployed a missile cruiser off the syrian coast, ordering it to target any anything that poses danger to its forces. turkey of course is a nato ally. melissa? melissa: wow, jennifer griffin, thanks so much for that report. david: downing of the russian jet coming hours before president obama held a joint news conference with french president hollande white house t was a plan to discuss the white house response to the paris attacks but that is complicated by the new russia-turkey tensions. peter barnes standing by at white house with details. peter? reporter: president obama used his press conference with
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president hollande to take the opportunity to comment on downing of that russian jetfighter by the turks. he used it to put pressure on russian president vladmir putin to drop its support for the assad regime in syria. >> i do think that this points to a ongoing problem with the russian operations, in the sense that they are operating very close to a turkish border, and they are going after moderate opposition that are supported by not only turkey but a wide range of countries. and if russia is directing its energies towards daesh and isil, some of those conflicts or potentials for mistakes or escalation are less likely to occur. reporter: now as far as next joint steps between the united states and france, the two
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leaders talked about accelerating and ramping up airstrikes in syria, against isis. more intelligence and information-sharing between them and other countries in europe. hollande is on a diplomatic blitz right now. he met with the british prime minister david cameron yesterday. he came here to washington to meet with president obama. meets tomorrow with german president angela merkel. he flies to russia to meet with vladmir putin to try could vince him to drop support of the assad regime which has been a major hurdle for close cooperation between the united states, russia and others in syria against, and iraq against isis. david? david: three words, what a mess, the whole situation right now. peter barnes, thank you very much. at the white house. melissa? >> tensions remain high overseas. gunmen take hostages in a northern french town.
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officials say it doesn't appear to be linked to terror but a robbery gone wrong. fox news's benjamin hall in brussels with the latest. benjamin? for the port melissa, we're hearing same things from you. we don't know if it is terror attacks. not likely, not sure. we'll keep you updated on the situation. here in brussels for the hunt for salah abdeslam the paris attacker that got away as well as isis cells may exist in the city waiting to commit another attack. there is a wall of silence between the authorities and french people and belgian people here and that is causing tension on streets. raids of sunday yielded very little reward. there were two people arrested of 21 total. only those, one has been suspected of attacks connected to paris. but today mohammed abiri was texted with the paris attacks. he was seen with fugitive salah
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abdeslam two days before the attacks. he was seen in the rented rio used in drive-by shootings. this is the fourth day of lockdown. security level remains high, level four. that suggests serious and imminent attack. the prime minister announced schools and subways open tomorrow. the threat level will stay through monday. today the city of brussels is a ghost town. people tell me this simply can't continue. the economy here is starting to hurt. hotels are emptying. tourists are canceling trips and people are frankly afraid. some residents even started to do question whether the government has any solid intelligence at all. the police have now started searching throughout the country, for saleh, and they added security to borders in case he flees to syria. the german-belgian border is heavy on security. here on the streets tensions remain high. people ask themselves whether or not the threat of terrorism
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versus shutdown much their nation is justified. there are many questions ahead about whether this has been handled in the right way. we hope nothing will happen in the coming days. back to you. melissa: yeah. definitely, ben jane in, hah so much for that report -- benjamin. david? david: now we have a global travel alert of the just as millions of americans are getting ready to travel for thanksgiving. how is this terror warning complicating travel? gerri willis has traveled to jfk international airport. she brings us details how all this could affect your holiday travel. gerri? reporter: that's right, david. what we're hearing from the state department, a warning a global warning, a terrorism threat from isis. al qaeda, boko haram, these are groups planning attacks says the state department all around the globe. american travelers leaving the country being warned about travel overseas. and david, i have to tell you, we talked to lots of americans here at jfk. they seem unafraid. listen to this. >> we can't let anybody stop us
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from traveling. life has to go on. no one will stop america, i'm sorry. we're the greatest and we're going to continue to be greatest. >> if you start to dial back on the amount you travel you're empowering terrorists and ultimately, giving them what they want, to start to break undo our system. reporter: so even so, the state department is cautioning folks to be vigilant when they're traveling. make sure that they're careful and exercise caution particularly in public spaces like the airport here but also in big gatherings of people. this is hard to do at thanksgiving time, right? you're going to games, going to parades, et cetera. it will be difficult for a lot of people to look over their shoulder all the time. that is exactly what the state department wants to you do here. one piece of advice, david. state department has something they call the smart traveler program. if you want to enroll, easy to do. go on that website. get texts directly to your phone
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about issues that might be arising in places you're traveling. also, you can put your name on a list at the u.s. embassy in foreign countries so they know you're there and our government knows you're there. this is the best way to stay safe if you're traveling overseas. david, back to you. david: be vigilant but be not afraid. gerri willis, thank you very much. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: foreign policy, number one issue facing the country today, on last major day of campaigning before thanksgiving, candidates putting forth their plans to take on isis and terrorism. our very own blake burman has the latest. break? reporter: foreign policy front and center along the campaign trail. voters feel terrorism is the most important issue facing the country according to the latest fox news poll. in caucus state of iowa, senator ted cruz appears to be a beneficiary of foreign policy refocus. a new poll released tuesday morning from quinnepiac university, cruz surged to a close second, statistical tie
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with donald trump. 25% of likely republican caucusgoers back trump. but cruz is right behind at 23. as they climb, dr. ben carson drops to 18. marco rubio is only other in double digits. this is a big contrast from just a month ago. cruz has more than doubled his iowa support. seeing 13-point increase while carson has lost 10 points. cruz has yet to clash with trump and hinted before the release of this poll, that is unlikely to change anytime soon. >> there are awful lot of republicans go out of their way to smack donald with a stick. i'm not one of them. i am glad he is running. i think he generated a lot of excitement. he focused a lot of people on this race. that has benefited our campaign enormously. reporter: in that "quinnepiac poll," 24% of iowa voters feel cruz is the republican candidate best suited to handle foreign policy that topped the list. david, melissa?
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melissa: thanks, blake. david: we have a good panel coming up on cruz's rise. that is coming up. also president obama ordering the pentagon to get to the bottom of altered isis intelligence. but a top general is firing back claiming that the president ignored, and i'm quoting the general, very, very clear warnings about the terrorist group. melissa: the battle over refugees in the u.s. bill o'reilly is sounding alarm, warning that the bad guys are already here. david: plus, behind the escape. one filmmaker traveling with syrian refugees, as they make the dangerous trip to europe. he is going to be here. >> [inaudible].
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david: earnings alert. hewlett-packard reported fourth quarter results. results are not looking good in after-hours trading. lori rothman on floor of new york stock exchange with the numbers. lori. reporter: closing chapter on hewlett-packard as it stands. the company split into two. i will get to that in a sec. miss top and bottom line. you see shares down in the extended session here. 9 cents a share, versus expectation of the 7 cents per share. -- 93 cents versus 97 cents. the street forecast was tore 26.36 billion in revenue. the main culprit, no surprise, lower pc sales. this has been a theme practically for years. also slump in demand from businesses. you have very last time, two ceos of the now split companies will announce the results and kind of look under the cover of course on those results. ph ink will be printer and pc seller.
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hewlett-packard enterprises will be computer vendor. we'll have earning results from both the companies. this is the last report, of course this is carly fiorina, closing the chapter on hewlett-packard, hpq. david: bottom line the stock is down 5% after-hours. lori rothman. thank you very much. >> president obama does not understand he has lost all credibility in matters of security. allowing 10,000 syrians into america would not endanger us anymore than we already endangered. the bad guys are already here!, waiting to do their damage. the signal being sent to the president is, we don't trust you to protect us. so no more generosity to overseas visitors. melissa: you heard it, no more generosity to overseas visitors. a feeling that some americans at least share in the wake of the paris attacks. joining me now is imam mohammed majid, spirit all leader -- spiritual leader of all dulles
4:17 pm
society, a large muslim community in virginia. thanks for coming on to help us with this conversation and understand what is going on. first of all, what is your reaction to bill o'reilly's interpretation of what is going on? >> america is a land of immigrants. we welcomed refugees from afghanistan, from iraq, from different parts of the world, and having us to believe we give up into the fear and propaganda of isis now is against american values. would i like to say that american muslims, for example, work very closely with law enforcement. who% of the plots in america have been reported by muslims. that having us to really, to give up our values for the violent extremism, actually would play to nariman behravesh tiff. melissa: yeah. >> i would like to say, speaking on behalf of hundreds of religious leaders, christians, jews, hindu, others in this country saying we should welcome
4:18 pm
refugees. we have the jewish organization, evangelical christian leaders, catholic, all the others all of them saying it is wrong for us to say that we will close our border -- >> i appreciate what you're saying. i want to ask you questions we can understand better. i know one of the things you work on very hard personally, dealing with people being radicalized by isis. so you know the problem does exist here because you're one of the people working to stop it. so do you understand the fear and how can you assuage that when you know that there are people here being radicalized or coming and wanting to do damage? >> but the evidence, and many american muslims are the evidence we are the first line of defense. that is why we have less people in america, united states, than europe. that we have to know that american muslims are very integrated in american society. they are doctor, engineers.
4:19 pm
they lost their lives defending this country. i myself presided over a funeral of a young man who lost his life in iraq. a young man who is defending this country. and many people in law enforcement and in the military defending this country. and having people to think that american-muslims are the a bunch you potential terrorists that is wrong. melissa: i completely understand what you're saying. how do you respond to the idea -- actually let me play a sound bite from marco rubio. let me get your response to the other side. let's listen. >> sure. >> if it's a 6-year-old orphan, if it is 90-year-old senior citizen or chaldean priest in the middle east, you can vet people like that, that is common sense. if there is some one we don't know about, there is no database. i don't care how many databases they run these names against, there are no databases reliable to vet thousands of people coming from an unstable part of the world and document documents
4:20 pm
are forged. melissa: that seems logical to a lot of americans. do you disagree? >> no. i disagree. you need to sit with people in authority vetting refugees. we have refugees from different countries with the same situation. who, from the syrian refugees or iraq refugees commit terrorist attack in america? give me one evidence of that? we're playing on people's fear. we need to stick to the facts, not fear. melissa: okay. thank you, imam for coming on and further furthering the conversation. we appreciate that. >> thank you. david: we have breaking news on situation with e.coli. investigators are confirming cases linked to chicken salad sold at costco this time. cases turned up in four states, colorado, montana, utah and washington. they say people who bought the chicken salad, purchased late october or early november. so it is not only chipolte. melissa: i know. david: donald trump's frontrunner status in a little
4:21 pm
bit of jeopardy today. a new poll has him in virtual tie with ted cruz in iowa. is cruz about to get the trump treatment? coming up the terrifying journey from refugees flee from the middle east. our next guest made the trip. he has an incredible report who is in the boats. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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david: now that is exactly how
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tens of thousands of refugees have made their way from, to greece from turkey. of course there is evidence that terrorists have been among those making this dangerous trip a trip our next guest made to figure out exactly who the refugees are, and what they want from their new hosts. the filmmaker producer joining me with his inside look at lives of some of these refugees. it is a long road from lehman brothers to doing what you do now. you were really risking your life here. about 3,000 people have died making these trips, right? >> they have. it was one of the dumber things i've done to be honest with you. this is such an important issue not making as much news as it should be. you're talking about a massive migration of syrians into germany which is making a huge demographic shift that is really almost unprecedented. david: after paris, of course, one of our biggest concerns a lot of these people, or some of these people, unknown number of people who are among the refugees are terrorists. did you get a sense talking to
4:26 pm
them, either on the boat, on that trip, which i guess was brokered by turkish mafia folks. >> yeah. david: or by the people you spoke to in berlin? did you get a sense anybody was pro-isis? >> no. they're very careful, particularly the migrants who are in germany. they're trying to get residency status. they will not tell you exactly who they sympathize with. i will tell you this, while i was in turkey, ostensibly fighting with us, to fight against isis, my fixer walking down the street, that guy walking there, that guy is isis. see that guy over there? david: among the refugees. >> people recruiting refugees. david: interesting. they would take people off the boat and say we want you? >> essentially. david: what they want, you did go to berlin, talked to some refugees. got responses. let's play that and get your responses. >> to a certain extent germany must adapt to us. germany will have to make changes for us. the german government hasn't done much. i have been here for three months and only got one payment.
4:27 pm
david: seems like these people want germany to assimilate to them, rather than other way around? >> amazing thing. germany is opening up doors to these people. to be clear a lot are happy and respectful germany taking them in. the real takeaway for me, the narrative out there these are, they're running for their lives. these are people who are running from imminent death in syria. so the question remained, why do so many males -- david: the answer is? >> they're looking for economic opportunity. looking for educational opportunity. for jobs to suck off welfare benefits, to do damage to us? >> no question about it. france shows that unequivocally. david: i'm curious, did you tell any immigrants why jewish? a lot of them were clearly anti-jewish? >> yes. i tend not to expose my jewish roots. something i do for comedic purposes on camera. in this case it was a little too dicey to expose that part of it.
4:28 pm
david: bottom line, do you have a personal feeling whether we should change our policy vis-a-vis refugees? >> listen, i'm product of immigrants. i could not be more supportive of legal immigration in this country. the fact remains bringing in a million syrian refugees is nothing but damaging to germany and would be deathly damaging to us i think. david: ami horowitz, went from lehman brothers to doing what he is, you're having more fun now, aren't you? >> sitting here with the great david asman. of course i'm having more nun. david: ami, thank you very much. melissa, over to you. melissa: nation's domestic product growing at 2.1% annual pace, not the 1.5% as previously reported. david? david: turkey shooting down a russian fighter jet that enenterred its airspace. both sides exchanging harsh words. is the syrian conflict spiraling
4:29 pm
to something bigger? is this what happens when the u.s. just leaves? melissa: allegations that the president had clear warnings on rise of isis but did not act. we have the latest coming up next. ♪ snow. i have asthma...
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turkey's airspace. president obama wasn't taking sides at an earlier press conference. >> i think it is very important for to us make sure that both russians and turks are talking to each other, finding out exactly what happened. an take measures to discourage any kind of escalation. david: here to weigh in, jillian turner, former national security staff to president bush and obama, fox news contributor. chris harmer, institute for the study of war, naval study of war, navy analyst. chris, how does all this change things? >> it doesn't change anything in the short term. look, the russian aircraft had been patrolling turkish airspace all along. i don't know if this particular russian aircraft violated turkish airspace. looks like they did. this was clearly a preplanned response by turkish government. this was not a couple of turkish pilots -- david: forgive me for interrupting, wouldn't russia have known that? that is a pretty risky bet? apparently one of the pilots
4:34 pm
apparently lost their life. >> you doesn't know it until you know it. certain things you don't know until they happened. every time i went to the persian gulf on american aircraft carrier, we assumed there were rules and restrictions on enemies but you don't know what your enemy will do until they do it. what happened, turkey stood up and we'll not allow russian aircraft to violate our airspace. the russian aircraft bombing in support of assad regime will have to stay entirely within syrian airspace. that restricts their manueverrability a bit. doesn't change -- david: jillian, isn't all this exactly why we need u.s. coordination, u.s. leadership and coordination of all the different parts and players happening on our side over there? >> yes. but i also agree, moye inclination this was another russian provocation. that is because president putin has been disinagain just about his intentions since he launched
4:35 pm
incursion in syria. he said it was crewing to find isis targets. everybody knows there are not isis targets. even president obama said as much in his presser today. david: everybody knows the united states is not taking a lead on this in the past we gone to the u.n., gotten support or declared certain provisions of nato could get certain action. without u.s. leadership things are getting out of control. the former direct are to have defense intel under president obama says the president chose not to lead in the fight against isis. listen. >> i will tell you that accuracy and warnings that have been provided on the rise of radical islamists over the last few years have been very, very clear. nobody can sit here today, no one, particularly the amount of intelligence the white house got and say we didn't know this was a problem. give me a break. david: so, chris, seems more and more like u.s. inaction was
4:36 pm
really inexcusable here? >> i think u.s. inaction was always inexcusable here. isis has been a threat all along. not as if this is new terrorist group. this is current iteration of al qaeda in iraq which broke away from al qaeda core. this is not a brand new terrorist organization. we knew all along who these guys were. we now all along what they were keep ab of them w he specifically fought against them in the surge in iraq in 2006 and 2008. this was preventable and predictable. the united states chose to sit out the battle up front. david: what besides putting boots on the ground should you do? hit all oil tankers. give weapons to the kurds who are willing to fight, very strong, very hard against isis, neither of which we were doing until very recently. >> the other really important part of the equation is, something the president has identified himself, over and over again. that is that there is not going to be entirely military or
4:37 pm
political solution to this problem. we have to really combat the ideology and we're doing not a very good job of doing that for someone like the president who insisted from the get-go that is at the core of this issue, i can't support to single thing we're doing impacting that narrative right now. david: it is not encouraging our allies. gillian, did you get the sense, i did, listening to hollande, the french were expecting a little more out of the united states? >> yeah. i think that france as well as our other allies here in the west are really hoping, we're really hoping that last week's paris attacks were going to re-energize and reinvigorate the nato alliance. i think it was really important step they convened this emergency meeting. because they have been a little absent from the get-go on the isis problem. whether or not this leads to real tangible results and real resolve, remains to be scene. -- seen. david: gillian and chris thank
4:38 pm
you very very much. melissa. melissa: half of americans are employed by small businesses which create most of all new jobs. we have questions for a member of the president's cabinet how the government helps or hurt this is critical job creator. ceo marissa mayer receiving sharp criticism over her performance at yahoo! dozens of top executives have quit in recent months. what does it mean for her future at the company? we have the latest next.
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melissa: small business, big challenges on and big impact on u.s. job growth. creating 55% of all jobs, impacting half of our nation's workforce. independent businesses face challenges often from the government. we have the administrator of the u.s. small business administration. she is also a member of president obama's cabinet. thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate having you on today. we've been telling people on
4:42 pm
social media we would have you on and asking small business owners to weigh in with questions and concerns. i have to tell you, pretty much every single one had to do with the cost that was coming down on small businesses that they felt like they were struggling to deal with. whether it was regulation, in general, obamacare, minimum wage, they just feel like the cost pressure on them coming in part from the government is too much. what do you think about that? >> what i know is, what i'm hearing from small businesses is, they're really delighted we have taken so many regulations out of cost structure. melissa: like what? >> for example. we zeroed outfies on loans under 150,000. for our vets we zeroed out fees for loans under $350,000. we launch ad national campaign with the national league of cities to engage mayors with the same question in program we call start up in a day. this program seeks to put an online solution so entrepreneurs can go into city hall and not navigate through several windows, go online through one
4:43 pm
place to get all permits they need to launch their business. melissa: here is one here, fees, fees, fees, you're killing me with fees. you're saying it has gone away. obviously some people out there are not feeling it. is there more you can do? >> that's what i'm saying. there are different fees. at sba we zeroed out fees for nascent entrepreneurial journey under $150,000. there is fee structure at local level. i feel having a seat at president's cabinet, represents entrepreneurship, starting three different businesses with same experiences, i'm going to city halls across the country to fight for them. we have gotten couple hundred mayors who joined the pledge and taking out more and more regulation at the local level as well. melissa: let me ask you about one thing that speaks to that. we have guest coming on for small business owner. we asked her for her question. she said is the position of the administration, that franchisees are individual business owners
4:44 pm
and controlled at local level, controlled by their employees. if i can interpret that for regular audience, who may not understand, what she is trying to say, she may be a franchisee but she is small business owner. she feels like in structure and a lot of fees and regulations she gets lumped in with these bigger owners. have you heard the complaint and what are you doing about it? >> this is question we study, honestly different franchises have different relationships. we look at that, when we, at sba, what we do guaranty loans for those marginally qualified. some people don't have a wealthy uncle but with sba they have uncle sam. sba guaranties gets to yes with their banker. we provide counseling strategies for those questions. third we provide access for markets for people. today we're supporting all entrepreneurs across the country and small businesses with small business saturday, to address these questions. but to your point about the franchise question, let me just say that there is some franchises that have
4:45 pm
franchisers, they have more control over the franchisee. so not all relationships are same. each instance with we see loans come through, we analyze what the relationship is, how much independence the small business has. if they have independence and they own their inventory and make the decisions, then we see them as a small business. melissa: do you take the message to the president that small business owners feel like they're being held back? with so many emails said, take regulation off. take the fees off. whether it is raising minimum wage or obamacare, we feel like the government is killing us. do you take that sentiment to your cabinet position? >> thank you. melissa, you know what i actually hear from small businesses that more of them were able to start their businesses as a result of aca because they had opportunity to leave their corporate environment and take their benefits with them. we're seeing more small businesses start from people who were able to get aca, take their benefits and launch their business. melissa: i never heard anyone say that, maria. all people responding we are definitely not hearing that. but you must be talking to a different group.
4:46 pm
we appreciate your time. thank you so much. >> shop small this saturday, between black friday and cyber monday. we hope people get out celebrate what is made in america, our mom an pop shops. melissa: that is something we agree on thank you very much. here to react is someone who knows about challenges facing small business. she is the franchise owner but nothing bundt cakes, get it? bakery change in california. mara, thank you for joining us. what do you think of what you just heard? >> very interesting but let me tell you in the last month my fifth small business loan. i will tell you, my franchiser has nothing to do with that and that personal guarranty came from me and my business. and the sba wanted information about me, and how well i would run my business, and let me tell you, they want life insurance policies on the franchisees, on
4:47 pm
me, because they recognize, that the ones who are running the businesses are the franchisees, small business owners out in the field. i appreciate what the sba does, i'm grateful for the loans but let's not kid ourselves. it is all about the small business owner. melissa: what is the climate like out there? she is saying people are grateful to the government for what they're doing. we're hearing on social media, granted could be our audience. people say they feel like they're being overwhelmed by government. what does it feel like to you and are customers coming in? what's business like? >> let me tell you, i will tell you what the threat right now is to small business. let me list it. government overreach, government overreach. and government overreach. right now, what we're dealing with is the nlrb, national labor relations board in august came out with opinion changing definition of joint employer. and basically for my model, the
4:48 pm
franchise model, which is the backbone of our economy, provides nine million jobs, to tell me that i am essentially a middle manager after all of my time and my sacrifice and my hard work, to build a business from scratch. melissa: okay. >> here in my market of san diego is insulting, and absolutely ridiculous. and so, i would say, absolutely that's the number one threat, that we face as small business own years mara, i love it, before we go, hold up your nothing bundt cake here. it will be small business friday or saturday, after black friday. small business saturday. there it is right there. i'm ordering the chocolate chocolate chip i about the way. >> awesome. thank you. melissa: we are all rowing in the same direction here. david, over to you. david: i put my money on mara any day of the week. yahoo! ceo marissa mayer said reviving growth at company would take many years. but insiders are beginning to lose patience.
4:49 pm
for more details, deirdre bolton joining us. >> david, they are indeed. a lot of executives marissa mayer brought into yahoo!, are fleeing, david, to the point in august, she reached out to a lot of top brass, keep in mind, these are people she brought to help her with the turn around and she said, listen, you need to sign contracts. three years or more of commitment. the finance chief, ken goldman is the only name that we have. our colleagues at "wall street journal" confirming that he actually did sign a three-year plus contract. no one else that we know of has signed it. we have heard as well that she has hired mckinsey consultants. trying to figure out which parts of yahoo! could be sold off. and at the same time, david, she has starboard. you know the activist investors getting in there to start to kick the tires and start to give very public advice. so at the very least, she is under a lot of pressure. david: tough times.
4:50 pm
deirdre, thank you very much, see you at top of the hour for "risk & reward." right here, trump is still towering but "the donald" is facing new competition. the candidate who is hot on his heels coming right up. what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am... do you know what ge is?
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. david: senator ted cruz has doubled his support in the key state of iowa in the past month according to new poll just out today. cruz now stands at 23%, just two points behind frontrunner donald trump. that is a virtual tie. joining me ashley pratt of fp-1 strategies, "wall street journal" dan henninger, and democratic strategist and fox news contributor julie roginsky. why cruz, dan? >> oh, i think cruz has support among the evangelical vote out there, and i think it has a little bit to do, a lot to do
4:54 pm
what happened in paris. i think ted cruz is someone who can speak articularly about national security, public policy, where as donald trump is projecting a style, a mood about these things. as people focus on it, they wonder what we're going to d ted cruz, at least in iowa connects with them. david: ashley, after paris i thought chris christie might get the biggest bump because he has his experience as prosecutor. he was governor during 9/11, et cetera. it hasn't helped him that much? >> that's fair. i think this will go up and down, up and down as a result of all the talks of national security. i think with ben carson fumbling around a bit on national security, donald trump having a heavy hand but jeb bush having foreign policy experience, there will be a lot of factors at play. iowa is one of those places as just mentioned, there is definitely a evangelical base. that is something ted cruz definitely plays to. at the same time if cruz goes head-to-head with donald trump,
4:55 pm
this whole time they are thinking they have same base of supporters, that is why they have formed some sort of alliance, thinking one falls out one gets their supporters, i think that will be leading interesting toss-up in iowa. leading to someone like jeb bush or marco rubio to come back up. david: let me let julie in here. rubio, i was wrong with this, hillary because of her connections with benghazi and set up some arab spring projects that tell apart as we're now seeing, that she would fair badly, but in fact a new "washington post" poll yesterday, showing any gop candidates on issue who can handle terrorism best, she beats the gop. >> this is the problem with benghazi, right? this is republican obsession. david: what is happening over all the middle east. >> i don't disagree. she spent 11 or 13 hours answering for benghazi not republican base but everyone else seemed to assuage concerns. what is happening in middle east she bears responsibility for,
4:56 pm
came out a few days ago and tried to distance herself from obama's tenure. david: that speech, that very plastic speech where she was reading intently from the prompter. >> nevertheless, if you read the transcript of it, you saw in the papers what she was trying to do. david: dan, quickly. >> chris christie gave a strong speech to council on foreign relations. i think he is putting it together. keep an eye on him. david: dan, ashley, julie, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: working hard to defeat isis hours after president obama pledged to destroy the terrorist group, barbra streisand and steven spielberg are set to receive our country's highest civilian honor. cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap,
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...of fixodent plus adhesives. they help your denture hold strong more like natural teeth. and you can eat even tough food. fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. fixodent and forget it. melissa: president obama about to award the medal of freedom to steven speilberg, barbra streisand and james taylor at
5:00 pm
the white house. david: remember they brought james taylor in after one of the terror attacks, as if it would solve one of the problem. that is it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: turkey shoots down a russian jet fighter near the syrian border, this is "risk & reward." i am deirdre bolton, global tensions running high. fox news, conner powell joining us now, turkey's version of events and russia's versions different. what details can be verified? >> pentagon officials tell fox news that russian jet ignored warnings from turkey to avoid this airspace. and it did according to radar


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