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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the white house. david: remember they brought james taylor in after one of the terror attacks, as if it would solve one of the problem. that is it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: turkey shoots down a russian jet fighter near the syrian border, this is "risk & reward." i am deirdre bolton, global tensions running high. fox news, conner powell joining us now, turkey's version of events and russia's versions different. what details can be verified? >> pentagon officials tell fox news that russian jet ignored warnings from turkey to avoid this airspace. and it did according to radar
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tracking cross in to turkish airspace. however it was there for a few seconds, likely did not pose a threat according to nato ask u.s. officials. still, turkey shot plane down. one russian pilot is missing, another is dead after syrian rebels backed by turkey killed him after he parachuted from his jet, moscow confirming that a russian marine was killed and a rescue helicopter of destroyed by syrian rebels while sitting on the grounds in syria looking for pilots, this is the scenario that military leaders and world leaders have feared for in a long time. russia supports al-asad. and has been bombing rebels moderate rebels and isis in the last few weeks, turkey backs the syrian rebels, including turning a blind eye
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to isis fighters, many of them come in and out of turkey, the larger question, does this escalate between turkey and russia, is there something more? nato is calling for calm. russia says, vladimir putin says there will be grave consequences, what that means is not clear. but the tension and chaos that we've seen from syria seems to be escalating. deirdre: thank you connor powell from jee jerusalem. probe probe is taking -- troab troab ipresident obama is taking turker's side over russia. >> turkey has a right to defend its territory and airspace. i think it is important right now for us to make sure that both the russians and the turks are talking to each other. find out what happened. and take measures to
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discourage any escalation. deirdre: for his view, christian whiten is with me now, this is the most serious clash between global powers. what kind of fighting the undermine the international effort to combat isis? >> i think the idea of a granda, lines with u.s. and russia potentially iran and turkey against isis was always half baked. russia will 58 ways find a way not to be helpful to us in the middle east, they are there to shore up assad, and syrian government, this actually may be a clarifying moment, turks have done us a favor on a number of levels, they have shown vladimir putin, what a real red line is, for them that is crossing into their territory, and bombing ethnic
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turkoman in syri sir. >> coming up against ryalty in form of turkey military. deirdre: speaking of russia. defense ministry reporting that airstrikes are destroying more than a thousand isis oil tankers, but, christian, u.s. defense tomorrow told us that it is nearly impossible to destroy that many tankers with russia's unguided bombs, to your point, is putin lying? >> i think that probably is an e exaggeration, i would trust our own pentagon before a russian estimation. but it is important to note, that russia, to extent it is targeting isis or other radicals in syria is doing so with a lot fewer restricts than our own forces, the
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u.s.-led coalition now a year and a half to this bombing campaign with very little to show for us, compare to what russia has done, russia does not go to war with an army of lawyers, i think a thousand is a bit high, but i would not be surprised if the damage they are doing is considerable. deirdre: president obama about how he sees the u.s.'s success in hurting isis in syriand iraq. this is part of the statement. >> we have squeezed their supply lines. we have empowered and armed smoke local groups that are pushing against them, include. providing training to the iraqi government. we have seen some success. but the question now is how can we accelerate it. deirdre: i heard when you said about the u.s. having to go to
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war with know an army of lawyers, what could the u.s. be doing better? >> well, we could, when we decide to go to war, just decide to do so with overwhelming force to win, i am not in favor of going into war with half baked plans. if we decided it is time to kill isis, we should kill isis with overwhelming force, we don't need to turn the place into beverly hills or build democracy, we could turn it over to sunni tribesmen and get out that is what french do in africa, but more important, is in syria you should recognize this is a global contest, we're at war not just with isis but with radical islam, and ideology, learning to fight that, to fight a fight. and if you notice, isis is not just in syria, it is in paris, belgium, egypt, and libya.
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taking a broader view, when you decide to fight, fight to win. deirdre: a lot of people saying that recruitment is done easily in europe, via social media. i want to talk about larger consequences. marco rubio saying because turkey is a nato nation, the u.s. would be obligated to respond to the plane going down. >> it is important to be clear that we will respond and do defend turkey if they come under assault from the russians, otherwise the entire nato -- comes into question. deirdre: what is the biggest international piece. >> it is worrying to see an nato ally in direct combat, if you will, even if it is just one incidents with russia. the other problem, turkey is unhelpful in there are way,
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they most the muslim brotherhood, they host hamas, and stoked flames of hatred against israel. we should agree we want american troops to be safer, turkey, our ally obstructed that, it is irks some to have a so-so ally writing blank checks with our signature. upside is that turkey -- believe in nato, france, turned to brussels, and to the e.u. and has not done much in terms of diplomatic verbage of standing with france, turkey recognizes role for military. >> okay, speaking of that escalating tension between turkey and russia. international fight against isis and other terrorists, that is what brought french
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president to white house. right now we're showing a livefied o feed, a handful of celebrities receiving presidential medal of freedom, some critics say that the president should have cancelled this even because hollande was there earlier, do you think letting this even happen is bad optics. >> it should have been canceled. the president should not have taken his trip to philippines and malaysia after paris coming under attack. and giving out highest civil ya-- civil civilian award, that is a big. to give them to people, you know barbra streisand, when i
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was there i met people who put their lives to the line for the united states, to see these awards going to people like barbar barbra streisand like people in white house trying to burnish their rolo dex with who they are going to hang out after they leave the white house, and i think it is kind of gross. deirdre: we want to let you know we're following a hostage situation, happening right now in north of france. by the belgium border. on fourth straight day of their lockdown in belgium, we'll bring you the latest development after this.
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deirdre: reports say a group of arm men have taken hostages in a northern french town of roubaix. it is near the border with bill yum, ashley is -- leve belgium. ashley webster is joining us now. >> reporter: they are 99% sure this is not related to the paris attack, this is a tense situation they believe this is a bank robbery, a bank director and his family taken hostage, there are reports they have gotten away safely, it is now a standoff between gunmen and police authorities, when the news broke first thought was a terrorist attack. this and i town an hour west of brussels on the french side of the border.
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meanwhile today, a fifth suspect had been named by belgium as someone wanted in connection with the paris attacks, mohamed abrini, seen with salah abdeslam two days before the attacks in paris, seen driving toward paris. he is wanted and a warn has been issued for his arrest, we found out from paris prosecutor office that 123 3 raids have been conducted in 11 days since the attack on paris, 165 arrests, 230 weapons seized, they are still on the trail of salah abdeslam, he is the man who seems to have slipped through the net more than a couple of occasions, it feared he could try too slip back to syria, by heading back through greece, in the syrian refugee chaos.
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he is the world's most wanted man at this hour. city of paris remains muted, the atmosphere, and in brussels as well, where the threat level remains highest, we're told that some schools and the subway will reopen in brussels tomorrow. perhaps a sign of a little more encoreragement there. deirdre: ashley webster, joining me live from paris thank you. >> as we mention, french president hollande traveled to white house today, to meet with president obama. >> today president hollande and i agrees our nations must do more together, u.s. assistance has supported recent french strikes in syria. >> french president is on a world tour of sorts trying to
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drum up support to combat isis. with me now, shawn henry, glad youing here, should hollande have to go around the world in person, and more or less beg for help with isis, isn't it in everyone's best interest to have this group destroyed. yeah, you would think we would see world leaders all standing up and calling for a coalition, this has to be a global response, isis is a threat to all peaceful nations. a threat to a lot of different people who did not side with their jihaddic rhetoric. they need to share intelligence, and capabilities and share resources, that is only way we'll defeat the and get away with this. deirdre: to your point, the
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world is coming together to fight the so-called islamic state. we know that the french president is speaking with the russian president next. will russia do more than the u.s.? >> that is to be seen, president putin has shown a willingness to launch airstrikes, there may are other operations ongoing. we've seen russian citizens killed recently not only the bombing of the plane but in some of these attacks, russian have made pretty bold statements about what they are going to do as it relates to the islamic state, this is a threat to everyone, it is not going away. unless the nations are able to share intelligence, and cape bill ties, we're not going to get ahead of this. it is not going to be something that we can do via attrition over multiple years.
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deirdre: in chicago, a police officer, being charged with first-degree murder, after shooting a african-american 17-year-old, chicago preparing to release a video of the encounter. at any moment, a press conference is scheduled to follow in the next 10 minutes, we'll keep you up-to-date. deirdre: in meantime, pentagon inspector general investigating some pretty heavy allegation that u.s. military's central command intelligence analyst saying their supervisor revised their findings to make themselves look better in the nice
5:23 pm
against isis. former defense intelligence agency general michael saying that investigation should start at the top. >> focus of this investigation, should start at the top, intelligence starts and stops is at white house, president sets priorities, he is the number one customer, if he is not getting the intelligence he needs and not paying attention something is wrong. no one can sit here today. say we didn't know this was a problem. give me a break. >> former cia operations officer, joshua cats is with me now, on a sober note, did you see colleagues, downplay their failures, or up sell their successes to the point where it influences military decisions? >> so, as a former cia intelligence officer, we never would have changed oral
5:24 pm
entered our -- altered our human collect, that is the rawest form of intelligence, that is goes toes integrity, the trust that american people public puts on us, when that gets ag gated. what happens there, i have heard from colleagues that there are issues and some pressures of changing intelligence reports. deirdre: you say it is possible that military leaders, high level, thought that perhaps, the u.s. was stronger in iraq and in syria than we were? >> i am they were under a lot of pressure, and made the wrong decision to change things that may knew were factualy incorrect, these were reports these changes were not and where in semblance of fact. deirdre: does this go straight to the top? >> absolutely, we've seen since the beginning of this
5:25 pm
administration they have forced people out with different opinions, created a false narrative about how we're winning against isis, how it contained. that is all we want to hear, that is unfortunate that some people, have given them, but that is not true, in american people public deserve to know the truth. deirdre: u.s. homeland security secretary johnson advises americans to go on with their holiday plans, but a former nypd commissioner saying he is less certain? >> we have no specific credible intelligence about a threat of the paris-type directed at homeland. >> i think based on what happened in paris, american traveler should be careful when they overseas, and be aware. we should be concerned here at home as well, there is tremendous threat here in america. i would hope they would raise the alert, make sure that
5:26 pm
americans are aware, when wal sauce say -- always say, see something, say something. there is no logical reason we could not be the victims of what happened in paris. deirdre: your take? >> it goes without saying, when you travel overseas, know where you are going, and understand the throat environment, have the -- threat environment, have the right information, right now because of the paris attack that is no different. the threat is not different, we're finding out more about the threat, and brought it to light. but i would say anybody going overseas, needs to understand where they are going and understand that threat and how they will deal with it. deirdre: josh thank you for coming. >> thank you. deirdre: joining me there well trump is playing defense after his campaign team retweeted what some call a ratist tweet -- racist tweet, we'll update you on where he and other candidates stand after the
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deirdre: a chicago police officer jason van dyke charged with first degree murder after
5:31 pm
shooting an african-american teenager, the attorney for the teen said that the teen was shot in the back, while carrying a knife. so the city is prepared to release a video of the encounter at any moment, we'll monitor the press conference that is scheduled to start. >> in meantime, donald trump has made extra -- provocative comments lately there would i approve waterboarding? you bet your ass i would approve it. thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. i want surveillance of search mosques okay. >> i would bomb the hell out of isam isis yes. >> we have to go and knock the [ bleep ] out of these people. deirdre: some pundits call him teflon trump, taking back the
5:32 pm
lead in the quin quinnipiac poll. in latest fox news poll, trump maintains his front runner status with 28% support, with me my political panel. first and foremost, noel, is trump untouchable? >> it seems to be the case, it is really surprising, a lot of people in the business really thought you know let's just wait and let him have his day, then we'll get to the real candidate, woops, look at now. he is here, to stay. it is really, i think it really made a lot of the donors mad, a lot of people that want regular show to the road, it does not look like he is really going away. he is resonating because a lot of americans are angry. >> that is a point where made.
5:33 pm
we spoke about this in past, people feel, he is honest and unfiltered and unpackaged that said, i want to know what you make of ted cruz gaining steam over ben carson. >> donald trump is definitely unfiltered. ted cruz is been playing the long game, speaking about the issues, he is the most disciplined candidate in the race by far. he has a good ground game. he was waiting for someone like ben carson to mess up. now compare to donald trump, who the pundits have been talking about how unfiltered he is, but he knows his issues, he is talking about what the republican base wants, the economy, still
5:34 pm
polling well with th the economy. number one issue. and immigration, and security. he is doing well. so does ted cruz, ted cruz also is taking about those issues. deirdre: speaking of statistics. this is donald trump on with bill oriley last evening, trump defending his presentation of inaccuracies stats on crime. >> i didn't tweet, i retweeted someone that was supposedly an expert, and also a radio show. >> why? >> bill, am i going to check every statistic, i have millions and millions of people. >> you have to. >> fine, but this came out of radio shows. >> come on radio shows? >> i didn't -- excuse me, all it was is a retweet, it was not from me, it came out of a radio show, and thor places.
5:35 pm
deirdre: all of the candidates are prone to exaggeration, but how tolerant will voters be at the end of the day when it comes to vote are for a candidate? >> with donald trump, he gets away with this. like the norm. he is brush it off. look, the proof is in the pudding, he is leading in iowa, and he also leads how he is handling terrorism, he leads by 30% with that as well. a lot of people say his answers do not have good substance, i think a lot ofp people agree that ted cruz or marco rubio have a better answer on foreign policy, but trump is leading, we have continued to that i guess, what you said is right. he has a teflon brand, a lot of americans, ven though statistics may be wrong or identifier to number are not
5:36 pm
right, i guess they don't care. deirdre: all right, we'll leave it at that for the moment. conversation to be continued another day. thank you to you both. >> aclu suing governor of indiana saying that the state will block syrian refugees from entering the state. our legal eagle with on whether the government stance is constitutional. >> you can vet people like that, that is common sense, but someone we know nothing about, there is no database, i don't care how many databases there is no reliable database for us to use to vet thousands of people coming from a unstable part of the world, and documents are often forged: .
5:37 pm
the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> we shouldn't be taking any
5:40 pm
we have no idea where they come from or who they are, we don't know if they are isis, we don't know if they have evil intentions. >> if it is a 6-year-old orphan, a 90-year-old senior, you can vet people like that, that is common sense, if there is someone we know nothing about, there is so database for us to use to vet thousands of people coming from a unstable part of the world, where documents are often forged. deirdre:2016 presidential candidates are make their views known on the syrian refugee crisis, as are governors, more than 30 have vowed to block syrian refugees from being accepted in their state, immigration group and others are challenging the legality of that call, achu is suing indiana governor mike pence, his office responding that the governor is confident he as the authority to suspend
5:41 pm
the state a participation in resettle am of syrian refugees in indiana and will not reverse course until the administration and congress take action. with me legal experts. can governors say we're not taking refugees. >> on its face, no. he is not taking any. he saying i am not taking these specific refugees. deirdre: syrian. >> right that is where you get in trouble. if he said under emergency possession for safety of the citizens of my state, which i have taken an oath to protect i am not allowing any noncitizen of u.s. into my state. >> i'm coming back to you, as
5:42 pm
to where aclu is focused on indiana more than half of the other governors niger it seems they can say we don't want refugees, and leave it standing at that. what is your take on this as a citizen? i think that you know, mike pence i believe with 29 other governors, democrat and republicans are being responsible leaders of their state, they are saying, yield up, we have a crisis in syria. you don't have a credible government in place, and hence database where you could properly cross track the type of refugees that might come in, in the case of mike pence, indiana. the courts will decide this, but mike pence's popularity in
5:43 pm
state of indiana has gone up. deirdre: why indiana? we saw the map, 30 states, including new hampshire. are saying no? >> to bring any lawsuit that needs to be a real issue, there needs to be real litigants involved, people to be harmed in some way, a couple with their son got permission to go to indiana, they get to jfk, they are told they cannot go to indiana, dan malou, governor of connecticut said, i'll let you in, and governor of indiana saying i'm not saying you could never come in but i want to know who you are, i need congress, to do the appropriate background search this is not an endorsement but with senator rubio makes sense, common sense must de must dictate.
5:44 pm
deirdre: niger, what is your take, how much at risk are we if as author said we're talking about widows, orphans and priests? >> look, common sense should prevail. but i think you know, one of the unfortunate things is folk like the aclu, a lot on the progressive level most -- left, almost make this is a civil right -- immigration generalry is somehow a civil rights entitlement, i love argue the u.s. constitution, i can guarantee you the framers of this constitution never envisions that immigration was a constitutional or civil or moral right. it is something that is done within the interest of the american people, mike pence is right on target in protecting the interest, and the statey of the people of indiana.
5:45 pm
deirdre: all right, niger hole thahold that thought, i am glad you are here, we're bringing you latest from chicago, a police officer charged with first-degree mid, after kills a african-american teen, you saw that room in chicago, officials are prepared to release a video of the encounter as any moment, we'll keep you up-to-date on that. deirdre: bezo's succeeding where musk fails, successfully landing a rocket after this traveled to space, we'll give you more details in a minute. ♪
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deirdre: jeff bezos, founder and ceo of amazon, he is also owner of a private space company, blue. first reusable rocket to land iin tact. bezos tweeted out it the rarest. rocket, musk responded not quite rarest. "wall street journal" veronica dagger with me now. this is a geek-off but bezos in fairness beat musk. >> in this en stance. elan will say, we were in orbit, you were not, a little splitting hairs that way. but bottom line the two
5:50 pm
billionaires with their rockets debating ho is better and faster, you have big egoes, a lot of money, and a lot of ennovation that is a good thing. deirdre: the fact that both of them want to do this does keep us and our space program moving ahead. >> that is a big difference, more of bezos' personal money, that brings us closer to private space travel for the individual. deirdre: on a day where names make news, yahoo! dro ceo facing big challenges, a lot of people she brought in, are leaving. in droves. what is your take on how investors and insiders feel about yahoo!? >> people are getting frustrated, she has been at this over 4 years now.
5:51 pm
they are not see results they expected to see, her issue, yahoo! does not know what it is, what it wants to be. that is what a lot of investors say. deirdre: she came in, it was already at least a troubled company by as far as strategy. >> right, they still have not yet figured it out. the content, it fantasy football? it not making the money it needs. deirdre: activist, also circling starboard urging yahoo! to sell-off certain parts, is it a death watch for company? >> i think what is happening with aley baba --ali baba will be interesting, it is a strateg strategy.
5:52 pm
some of these big investors are not willing to take that risk. deirdre: activist, bill aikman doubling down on valiant, and carl ir icahn looking at xerox. >> they play a big role in the market, if you look at a guy like aikman, he is committed to the company, he is hopes his bet pays off issue you look at investors in pershing square capital they are not having a such a good year, here is getting pressure on that end. deirdre: timing is everything. >> right. deirdre: veronica thank you. joining me from the "wall street journal."
5:53 pm
>> we want to let you know we're monitoring this press conference from chicago. this is a livefied. it just started. jason van dyke is a prove, he has been charged with first-degree murder after shooting an african-american teenager, 15-year-old la quan mcdonald, his attorney said he was shot in the back as he was the holding a exief, we'l knife. >> and actor leonardo dicaprio investing in a start up, next.
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♪ diamonds are all i need. deirdre: in 2006, leonardo decaprio starred in a movie called blood diamond, it showed hardship for those working in the diamond industry. >> which one are you? >> they tell me you are here to make a difference. >> you are here to make a buck. >> in america it is blix, bling, out here it is bling bang. deirdre: they have invested in a start up that could produce hundreds of real diamonds in just a few weeks, producing ethically and morally pure diamond, the founder martin rush isen is with me now, what made you want to to this? >> our team worked 10 years on solar power technology, one of first companies in silicon
5:58 pm
valley to go for sow solar power technology. we could not quite make is a commercial success, but our team decided we have certain engineering capabilities and we can apply that to other industries as well, we pick a high-value material that is 500 times as valuable as gold, we figured it all be would be hard to make gold. deirdre: did you pitch leonardo decaprio or did he learn about your start up? >> we have been in stealth mode until last week, but through the the grapevine his team learned about us. deirdre: so for many people, that is -- after that movie there was a lot of people who said we don't want diamonds any more as gifts because, many children, lose their lives, local populations and the earth are exploited. you worry about the markets factor that somehow people
5:59 pm
look at these, say, they are not real? >>, this is really based on a new technology. for starts with natural diamond taken from the earth, we expand on that. and we slice it off, and regrow it, several times in a row. it is a new technology with a clear lineage to the earth. and yet at the same time, as pure morally as it is pure. deirdre: but not cheaper for the consumer? >> it is a little bit less expensive. but, it is basically priced similarly to the market that exists in the diamond industry this is large industry. deirdre: martin thank you for coming in and bringing the
6:00 pm
stones for us to see, martin is joining me now, founder and cre cro-- ceo of diamond foundry, thank you for joining us on "risk & reward," "making money" with charles payne starts now. charles: turkey shoots down a russian warplane, then syrian rebwil rebels shoot down a russian helicopter. america seeks a new ronald reagan. >> i do think that this points to a ongoing problem with the russian operations.


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