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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 25, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EST

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a republican can win next year if the republican can force trump to run as an in dependent. that's substantial. it for us. major general bob feels as my guest tomorrow night. good night from new york. kennedy: i'm watching more polling data. the at public policy polling have done some hard-hitting research and they have come up with some very interesting data where politics and thanksgiving naturally me. they asked the board shut-ins which presidential candidate is the most likely to run thanksgiving and overwhelming 46% of work and stop wearing dish fans chose donald trump. now this can't possibly be true because if you're lucky enough to be shuttled to donald trump's thanksgiving luxury confab in this solid gold chopper you wouldn't even be that turkey.
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>> drumsticks or agent protection to provide the ultimate in tenderness and flavor. if you like your steak you will absolutely love trump steaks. kennedy: you know who would really win the big male? bernie sanders. not only would he show up late and smell like mothballs and maple syrup and cheese and crackers with his mouth open he would go for the mashed potatoes to make sure everyone got their fair share when he went to grab a slab of rest made he would change you into taking a leg because you know dark meat matters. hillary clinton has spent so many decades as a career driven ice queen you know the woman has never in her life cooked a thanksgiving meal. we know bill has stuffed a few birds but hillary in the kitchen must look something like this.
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>> hillary would tackle to prove she is so brave. ben carson would talk slower after his l-tryptophan, and bore you to death with stories about how he killed his own turkey one year by throwing a rock at his head and stabbing him in the abdomen. marco rubio was voted the least likely to run thanksgiving but he would start jabbering on and on about his parents. >> my parents were never rich people. my father was a bear to -- are tender and my mother was a maid. they worked for a living. kennedy: marco would tell you -- so you on ambrosia. it's not what much but it takes a lot of hard work to make and it's good enough to put the kids in the sugar, the. the one thing people in the poll agreed on it's too soon for christmas music. here here, let the turkey cool.
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please let that progress before you celebrate jesus birthday. on the show tonight president clinton stood by friends to buy the devices. the talk to kt mcfarland on the breakdown between the french president. get ready for the psychology of isis and you will be shocked at who's leading the person of the year poll. it's not pope francis and it's not jennifer lawrence. it's me. i'm kennedy. in the latest quinnipiac polls ted cruz has moved within the margin of error to beat out donald trump in the big caucus. trump is still in the lead with 25% but cruz is getting at those well shod heels with 23% followed by carson and rubio.
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we need to talk about this with a party panel and tonight the cohost of red eye and anthony fumio returning the host of the anthony tamayo show and will is so important. wearing beige again which i adore and is also the washington bureau chief and matt still an impressive job. >> i'm going to nod politely. kennedy: what will it take for ted to cruise to victory in iowa? >> i'm from new york and it's all pretty much the same place. so it's totally plausible that ted cruz went by with this point. he is a guy that's good at talking to conservatives and he conservatives and diaz insider credibility because he's a u.s. senator. at the same time he is outsider credibility because he's the least popular senator pity is a non-lying lying conservative and
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a true believer in letting us speak the language. this is the guy they could win iowa and could win the nomination and if he doesn't he's likely to be one of the last guy standing? kennedy: i thought would be a would have vested cruz at this point and of the whole thing is fluid and rubio has a couple of good shots to land on cruz glass job. mike questioned to anthony is cruz crazy enough to win iowa? >> we love our cruz's and iowa. trump is that initial allure. that would be hilarious, let's give him to be president. it could be wearing off a little bit and people are looking at viable candidates now and like you said is doing great. i think as a conservative candidate very good. >> he appeals to the very conservative voter. he doesn't do so well with the moderate republicans evangelicals and he has been
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undergoing a massive campaign to win over the hearts and minds of people who would other wise love and carson until they hear him talk. i think ted cruz and i know a a lot of people who watch the show love ted cruz. they send me hate tweets. but isn't he too much of a no it all to be elected? >> a little bit. i think a lot of people are like me and when they look at these candidates. there are wonderful people. they judge based on performance and i think ted cruz has actually gotten better at speaking less like a preacher. as i spin the issue with me when ice came to see him. he really kind of got a little more real. i think that's what people want to see but i do think like you said it's very fluid. i know i'm drinking a lot of fluids this christmas season and in the top four if anyone's game.
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kennedy: i think you're absolutely right. i compare it to a bike race. trump is still at the top but were what remains to be seen and maybe you will be the one deciding it is whether or not he will pull the lever. donald j. trump earlier this month mr. trump hosted saturday night live counting other republican candidates to say nbc gave him an unfair amount of airtime under the federal equal time provisions. monday nbc agreed to give mike huckabee, lindsey graham james gilmore and lindsey graham for prime-time over the weekend. i want you to dream big here with me for second. i think this is an important moment for both of us in the country. what are the chances that lindsey graham the most impressive and stunning song and dance? >> i would be amazing. i can't wait for the sketches that will come out of this, the comedy routines. i love the idea of non-press,
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different scenario to get to know the candidates. kennedy: in vaudeville. >> yes, right? >> doesn't make them look like a bunch of babies that they are whining about the nbc standards? >> jim gilmore has so much to lose at this point. i think this is great. i think it's fair and following the law and 12 minutes of jim gilmore is going to be fantastic to its going to be so sweet and poignant. then he tells us why jim gilmore salmon man who can lead our nation. kennedy: anthony you have always said you are gilmore republican. what is the main? >> i always say that. i have no idea what that means. why would anyone want to do what trump did? go on snl and do some sketches but there's no way you can get
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the lindsey graham up there and he would come off looking better. kennedy: they are going to get promos and extra commercials and way too much time. they think and be saved because the lebron mainstream media -- they are giving them just enough rope to hang themselves. am i wrong about that? >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> what nbc is doing is trying to cool the herd. am i right about that will? >> you can get to know these candidates and realize you don't like them. >> what about george pataki? kennedy: very tall. >> and john kasich when these -- a lot of people who suffer from giantess and oftentimes do this. >> they overcorrect. kennedy: the panel is returning
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and thank the glorious angels in heaven for that. donald trump says president trump with a bonus for you he said he would be very, very very unlikely to start a nuclear war and later president obama met with françoise hollenbeck to discuss how to deal with isis. tucson.
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kennedy: donald trump told gq interview that he would be different as person than a candidate. i would imagine it would be feeling differently about things as president right now. inviting a lot of people and the president i would be more measured. he's like a baker. also regarding nuclear weapons he said it's highly, highly, highly, highly unlikely that he would use them. my panel returns, will run, anthony cumia and joanne nosuchinsky. will we do start with you. this is the one thing that enthusiasts might have a problem pulling the lever over. >> m that nuclear thing. everybody says it isn't that the guy that you want with the football. >> is the one question the kind that gives you pause. >> nixon have them and he was a little batty. kennedy: he actually is to toss
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them around on the south lawn. >> was kind of. >> i don't know if like the highly, highly, highly. as the person i believe you're not supposed to take anything off the table so that's a normal response. i like trump. he's fun to watch. i hope is there until the end it doesn't become president but i want him right there up until the last pot. kennedy: we talked about this in the segment earlier. he sort of like buying a pt cruiser now. you can drive your friends around but. >> i watched wargames. kennedy: is a good bet that he will tone down the rhetoric? you don't do that when you're president. >> m that's true but it's kind of a retro question mark the cold war question the finger on the button thing but if you are a voter and you are out there walking into that voting booth than you think about the
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candidates and you think who is the guy who actually want to be in charge of the nuclear arsenal enough people make that decision that donald trump is their guy and donald trump is the guy we want to give nuclear weapons to. america had a nice run. kennedy: is a lot going on in the world. >> it was nice while we had it. kennedy: it's more than they had >> that's a good point that i think about that often. but journalists are gq gq was asking donald trump these questions after he was having fun and donald trump says e i'm having a good time comments great running for president and then the writer gave him this quote this quote that he used years ago, the fun is the getting, not the having. is that problematic for someone who is running for president? >> i think it's a human mindset definitely. as a woman i like the chase and not the catch when it comes to
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men. kennedy: so is winning the white house the ultimate state? >> i think so but i plan on early -- leaving early and not paying for it but i think a lot of this rhetoric is childish. i don't think a candidate should respond in a childish way like jeb bush is doing. do you want this guy to have his finger on the net but in? what candidates should do is challenge him on his foreign-policy on national security and on the things that he can't articulate which other candidates can? kennedy: you think is a grand conspiracy within the republican party to unseat him? >> oh my god right ring conspiracy as someone once said. i appreciate getting in having having -- it's not like you get there in and stop stopped. there are other things you might want to achieve. >> i think the current president was enthralled with the getting.
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the president hates being president. he hates democrats. >> he hates everybody. >> well said anthony comey up. anthony cumia. "time" magazine has a controversial person topping the list. who might that be? is that vladimir putin, bernie sanders or donald trump? first president obama promises his french counterpart the u.s. will stand in solidarity with dan -- france against isis and kt mcfarland. we'll talk all about it type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are. man woman or where you're from. city country we're just everyday people fighting high blood sugar.
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president francois hollande met with barack obama. u.s. president promised solidarity with the french and their fight against isis. >> we have squeezed their supply lines. we have empowered and armed local groups that are pushing against them including most recently sinjar and we have are providing training and assistance to the iraqi government. we have seen some success. but the question now is how can we accelerate? kennedy: ceo concerned veterans for america and a "fox news" contributor and kt mcfarland "fox news" analyst welcome to both of you. very nice to have you here. katiyah was there with you. why not let france take a lead on this? >> trance trances trying to find someone to make the leap. francis in a position to do that. it doesn't have political clout or the international moxie. doesn't have the hat economic
12:22 am
power. kennedy: neither did the in early world war ii. >> united states is always that the two lead and along came the united states today came to the white house saying i need a partner. what are we going to do about this and if you watch the body language between the two hollande is going away empty-handed and as a result he goes to european leaders in vegas european leaders and then he goes to putin because he knows that's where he's going to get a response. kennedy: that's exactly right and how does putin complicate things with not only france but was very a? >> putin when you look at france in the capability they don't have the ability to lead even if we wanted them to. kennedy: what is their military. >> a couple of years ago we had to transfer them with airplanes. they have great intelligence services but the capability to maintain a long-term effort they literally couldn't do it so now you have someone like putin and the complications of the shootdown over turkey you have
12:23 am
some serious coming up a lot of leadership that would forge a coalition. to hear the president of france talk about building a coalition personal promises we have a coalition of 65 nations. it's the sham coalition not getting things off the ground. kennedy: i feel bad for hollande because he wants him on behalf of his people to avenge their destinies in these terrorist attacks. he is talking very tough. tarbert for him to back it up for now he's stuck between us and putin and now with the side france wants aside to go and putin is propping up the regime. what should the united states do? >> the united states should do a whole lot of things which we are unlikely to do. they are under lockdown. the french prime minister has come out and said we are worried about a chemical attack on our water supply. belgium has been on lockdown for several days.
12:24 am
the schools are closed and you're you were not supposed to take the subways and you are supposed to shelter inside and they state department except for americans traveling abroad don't take public transportation. all of europe is on lockdown and nobody knows where the next advances coming and what is president president obama's big contributions press conference? he said we better choices that we are not afraid. we better have it climate conference. kennedy: is that the opposite of not showing them the blanket's travel warning like that to all americans? it was so vague. if you are taking your family overseas on one of these holiday breaks and you are told to take the train, good luck to you. >> the color-coded system doesn't tell you anything. they clearly means they are hearing chatter and their something they don't have a good handle on. if they had more for focus on
12:25 am
where would be her when it would be they would issue such a broad threat and i think there is some cya going on big-time. they want to let people know we did a something was coming but they don't have a handle on it. europe doesn't have a handle on it in our prisons is asleep at the wheel. this kind of warning up the ante on anxiety that everyone is feeling. kennedy: it up the anxiety but also send messages and i think that's what his administration is really good at. you talk about assad and you talk about putin to talk about what's going on in syria and iraq alone. such a quagmire and is not getting any better and i don't see how massive military involvement is going to make a better long-term. it's kind of scary. >> it's not just military involvement. we have tried everything in the last 15 years. we had a big land war in iraq and that can work. obama pulled out of the region and that didn't work so even if we leveled the islamic state which might not be a bad starting place where would they go next?
12:26 am
we had them in pakistan and went to iraq a makeup in iraq and they went to syria. now they are in boko haram. kennedy: i don't know pushing compared them to cockroaches or bed bags -- bed bugs. they won't die. a little later in the show will talk to a forensic psychiatrist to figure out the mind of the terrorists and would you if anyone can do to change that. pete hegseth and joanne nosuchinsky thank you very much. we have run out of time. always long on charm. darth vader tries to rob a convenience store and fails convenience store and fails miserably and a fire tornado.
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topic number one. the fashion trends of armed robbery are fascinating, in the old west people used to use bandanas, then the nixon mask years followed by the classic panty hose over the face. this season the vogue disease is a man dressed as darth vader. he held up a convenience store with a darth vader mask and a gun, not even a blaster. a store employee says he threw a bottle of wine at his face and darted out before making unsuccessful getaway. evil skywalker anakin demasked. i got wine in my beard, it turned it red, using a gun instead of a lightsaber was a mistake number uno. mistake number two was using a car instead of a more elegant
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escape vessel, like this guy. topic number two -- alligators are a lot more than florida death lizards, they are adorable temporary pets who enjoy the same things you do. sunning themselves, going for a swim, disavowing toddlers and he enjoys a mellow picnic with friends. that video shot by a couple of university of florida students, you know, the florida gators. if that beast reared scaley head in seminole camp country it would have been stuffed and turned into gator fritters. topic number three -- delightful mother-daughter duo helping out fair fowl, knitting sweaters for rescue chickens and the birds just love it. look that the guy. so happy.
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you heard it here first. stop vomiting. very good. topic number five -- everything looks cooler in slow motion. we all look. that except for sloths. they're too slow, and ben carson that is also too slow. with sloths you want to speed up the footage to make it look like they're moving at a normal speed. one of the things that looks most awesome when it slows down, of course, a fire tornado. and look at that miracle. almost a biblical column of holy hell unleashed on earth. torchnados very rare in nature, sometime you can encounter them in jazz clubs. >> whoa! >> that's what happens when you play flute. if you have weird stories you want to see on "topical storm" tweet me, you can find me on instagram and as always use hashtag "topical storm."
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the panel will be surprised and horrified whose topping "time"'s person of the year poll. it is not president obama and not robert downey, jr.
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. kennedy: hi there. bernie sanders trailing behind hillary clinton in the polls. but he's at the top of the list when it comes to online votes for "time" magazine's person of the year poll comfortably beating everyone from pope francis to adele, the heresy. it's joanne nosuchinsky, i know it's tough, who do you choose? bernie in the pope? or adele? >> of the three --
12:38 am
♪ >> adele for sure. i might say bernie, he's the one who want would it the least. i think he would be like, i won something, great. kennedy: okay, moving on. you know i don't know that it would mean as much to him as it would to me jennifer lawrence. >> she would pay a publicist an extra $55,000 if she could get "time"'s person of the year. who do you think it should be? >> bashar al-assad, i would say. that's a bummer way tend to the year, but the guy, the entire world has gone into fight and start world war iii. >> it hinted on the fulcrum, doesn't it? >> someone went to college, yeah, yeah. no, it's bashar al-assad. bernie sanders thing is the least surprising thing in the world. that's what his supporters love to do, they win online polls. kennedy: just voting for things, i'm going to vote for bernie sanders. click. enter. >> they convinced all the ron
12:39 am
paul people from 2012. rand thought they would show up for him, no, they all went to bernie. all the exact same bro. kennedy: they are, interesting. i think it's the same type of person, but i think the ron paul supporters have maybe moved on, not to rand, otherwise he would have it on his side. >> a bunch of 25-year-old white dudes that say a lot. they love online polls. >> they love online polls. anthony, completely honest, brilliant marketing by "time" magazine, this actually means something because it totally doesn't. it's the stupidest thing on earth. >> people don't understand how polls work. you're absolutely right. the people doing this are near computers, have phones, nowhere to go, and other people like other candidates might not be as savvy as they say. i think jen law, she's got to relax with getting a picture out there. we remember this happening.
12:40 am
i remember it. what! i'm still remembering it, every time i see her. kennedy: did you find the pictures? >> i did and i was appalled. kennedy: disgusted. keep looking at them to make sure that sinful image burned into your brain so you knew. >> and the world of crafts crowd that loves bernie combined with sitting on the little rascal's scooter in the atlantic city crowd, that's what his crowd looks like. kennedy: is that bernie's demo? >> yes. kennedy: ahmed mohamed drew headlines when he brought a homemade clock to school, after the school called in a bomb threat! that's not good. he and his family are suing the county and the school district for 15 million dollars. 15 million dollars in damages, obviously because of the emotional distress of having mark zuckerberg and the president praise you. how difficult. now anthony, please, right my
12:41 am
vessel, maybe i've drifted off-course. am i wrong to think it was supposed to look like a bomb? >> absolutely supposed to look like a bomb. wean the whole story. it was a clock he took out of a case. did not build a thing. put it in a different case, it looked like a bomb. it would never get on a plane. kennedy: there it is. >> this would never get on the plane. even the president's invitation, he wouldn't bring that into the white house. that's how much of a bomb it looked like. and left the country, america is great, litigious, let's get money out of this and probably settle something. kennedy: they have better tasting water and good cell service. infrastructure, that's why they came back and try and get all that money is. ahmed's clock, is that like showinger's cat? >> showing off that education. because they're both real or not real and dead, i can't follow that. i'm dumb. what a minefield this story is. kennedy: yeah.
12:42 am
>> i hate this story so much. kennedy: it's so divisive. if you even question the kid's intention like all of a sudden you're a horrible damning racist. >> yeah. kennedy: not you, specifically will. >> i like everyone except for the romanians. and the kid, you know i don't want anyone to do anything mean to the kid. at the same time, 15 million dollars is a lot of money. kennedy: too much money are in. >> and turned him into a big celebrity. he's like i'm getting the hell out of this country. all a very strange story. kennedy: maybe he's earned the money and maybe mark zuckerberg who took an interest in his life and future career as a programmer. maybe zuck should pay the tab? >> maybe. he probably will be. this guy will probably be working for him in the future and paying his salary. i don't think 15 is enough. why not 50? and the first born child of every texas taxpayer.
12:43 am
kennedy: make america great, duh! "zoolander 2" isn't out yet but trailer is, stirring some in the lgbt q xyz community, here's a taste. >> meet the biggest supermodel in the world is all. >> are you a male model or female model. >> do you have a hot dog or a bun. kennedy: how activist sarah rose is petitioning to boycott the film saying benedict cumberbatch's character is over-the-top cartoonish mochrie of nonbinary individuals, this is the modern equivalent of using black face to represent a minority. i actually think they gave up a great opportunity to put all in black face. >> great point. isn't black face the modern-day black facea. point off the bat. and these people are upset that
12:44 am
"zoolander 2" isn't going for cutting and incisive commentary. kennedy: you're going to boycott this, right? >> absolutely. i won't touch that delicious hate chicken and i won't see this movie. i don't know where i'm going with that. >> they don't understand the capacity for outrage. when is the last time you were upset about something that did not directly impact you or someone you know. >> gosh, i don't think i have the energy nar anymore. >> i know. i just want to sleep all the time. >> i want to nap. i just say a kenneth cole ad featuring a transmodel. >> soup ads with two dads and the kid for the barbie doll thing, it's all coming out quite frankly and literally. this -- i don't know, over-the-top, insane kind of version of a transmodel. that's parody, satire. i think it would be more offensive to them or they would have more argument if they
12:45 am
played it completely straight. then it's like you're exploiting the popularity now of transgender lgbt, blt. kennedy: we're making fun of ourselves, anyone we can't make fun of. everyone is off-limits. >> maybe benedict cumberbatch. only him. kennedy: yeah, he didn't win the oscar. >> what about the models? no one is thinking about them. this film is awful, the way it treats models, its representation of them. i know some really nice ones. i call them friends so this is not good. did you sneeze on air? kennedy: i did. [ laughter ] >> i have an allergy to models. i sneeze any time they come up in casual conversation, my throat is going to start swelling up, i need benadryl and an epipen soon. thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: you deserve a glitter
12:46 am
beard and you are a dream come true. >> they say nice things about me. i'm never coming back. kennedy: that's not true. anthony, will and joanne, thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, what is the psychology of the terrorist? we'll climb inside the mind of isis. stay with me. we live in a pick and choose world.
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. kennedy: well, hello there. jihadists come in many forms ranging from the common street thug to the evil scholar, from poor to super wealthy, most are men between the ages of 15 and 25. what is the psychological cause between the psychos and is there a silver bullet we can use to shoot terrorists dead? let's find out from dr. michael
12:50 am
welner, a forensic psychiatrist and chairman of the forensic panel, examined islamists and conducted research to find standards of criminal evil and what a great place to start. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: let's talk about the sickos. what kind of a mind is necessary. what are the necessary ingredients, psychologically speaking to turn someone into a murderous jihadist? . >> well, it's helpful at least from a forensic psychiatric perspective to divide this population into two. the people who are radicalized abroad and people who are radicalized here in the united states. kennedy: is it a different process for both? >> yes, the lure for overseas is islam. it's not psycho, they're not sick. they're attracted to what's sold to them as a purer form of the religion. kennedy: is it a cult mentality? what happens. >> it's a utopian society. kennedy: people are sold on
12:51 am
utopia, from scientologists. >> exactly. kennedy: there is a big gulf i think between buying into utopia on religious grounds and murdering innocent people. how do you straddle this? >> we feel that way because we've got the american reference point. here in the united states, the people who are drawn are of a different pedigree. they come from prison, disaffected backgrounds, they may be people who have a criminal burn and a violent propensity and drawn into the idea of jihadist expression, which is very different from the idea of someone who is devout who isn't necessarily given to violence but operates in a culture that has a much more fratricidal character. these people hate these people and this family wipes out this family. culturally it's something people can relate to and so packaged as part of the process of revolution.
12:52 am
we romanticize revolution, we don't see it the same way as jihadists across the ocean do where they experience violence and wiping out nonbelievers. >> i'm an objectivist and i than cowardice is not celebrated in any culture, justice is celebrated. there are things like that as plato talked about, the moral forms which are universal and exist beyond eternity. i think that's a part of human nature, i don't think that where you live can you become a murderous psychopath. do they have a personality disorder? >> i think that what we call murderous psychopath they call war. we fight what we call just wars. people who are fighting wars in the name of isis fight what they believe to be a just war, doing things they justify because they know how it scares everybody, from the people who live in the communities to our own president.
12:53 am
they realize that being dramatic, doing the beheadings, doing the outrageous to make a big, big production that reverberates around the world. they attract others by demonstrating the perception of potency and cower others. kennedy: they do, but cowardice again is not a moral ideal. what do you do to change it? is it a silver bullet? how do you reprogram people sold on the bill of hellish goods? >> the most powerful weapon of the west is humor. capacity for ridicule. the capacity for irony, the capacity for denouncements. what we have as an american ideal that other countries do not. that's why cowardice in the united states is so counterproductive, because the one weapon we have is the freedom of muslims here to get up and say this is ridiculous what's happening to our own religious. christianity can do it, judaism can make fun of itself.
12:54 am
islam cannot make fun of itself and here's why. the dominant intellectual and political form of islam in the united states is radical islam which is why you can't criticize it. so what it does -- kennedy: i don't like anything i can't criticize. thank you so much for being here. coming up, the new word of the year, emoji. we'll get reactions and ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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12:57 am
. kennedy: all right, the oxford dictionary word of the year is emoji, specifically this emoji. squirting tears. one man hit the streets to find out people's reactions to the news. >> what word do you think oxford dictionary chose to be 2015's word of the year? >> emoticon. >> twerk. >> twerk. >> twerk.
12:58 am
>> insurgency comes to mind. >> insurgency. >> this is the word of the year. >> my god, what is this? >> emoji! >> emoji. >> what the hell did you just say? >> come on, guys, this is not a word. >> one of the runner-up terms was enflique. on point. >> another runner-up word was lumber sexual. do you know what a lumber sexual is? >> someone that loves wood. >> a lumber sexual guy lives in the city but cultivates the look of a lumberjack. >> that don't make no sense. >> looks like he might sink. >> you can use the terms lumber squall and enflique in a sentence together.
12:59 am
>> when i first heard about -- i can't do it. >> what we got here is failure to communicate. >> to be a lumber sexual you got to get your beat enflique. >> i wonder if a lumber sexual can have enflique sex. kennedy: don't mind if i do. weird we back slid into hieroglyphices, most of us stopped using several thousand years ago. i will roll with it. that's why i come up with my own emoji. yes! it's the rand paul emoji. which can you use like this. i like liberty! yes! rand paul emoji to win, trophy emoji, but donald trump, angry face emoji is in the lead which makes me sad. sad face emoji. tune in next week when i
1:00 am
translate emojis, it's going to be so good, and good night to you. >> announcer: the following is a paid program for silk'n flash&go hair removal, sponsored by silk'n. silk'n is the global leader in professional aesthetic devices for home use. >> i am very, very pleased. i can honestly say that i have no hair currently in my underarms. >> the one that's really exciting are the bare patches that you have, and also when you have absolutely no hair, and it's only been four or five weeks. >> i had one dark hair on my chin. i used the flash&go three times, and i haven't seen it. >> zoom in on that. [ chuckles ] it works. it absolutely works. i love it. >> i can say i've taken a permanent vacation from shaving, thanks to flash&go. >> announcer: all these women have discovered a new way to


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