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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 25, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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he knew this happened 12 months ago. every one of the police officers that saw the shooting, they need to be fired and go to jail. >> dagen: we will be covering the story in the morning. this is police surge for another suspect in the terrorist terror attacks, a live report from paris is coming up. one and a half percent gain on the cac in france there and here in the u.s. it is the last full trading day of the week, but a busy morning on the economic calendar. take a look futures across the board. you had gabes yesterday on the market thanks to the bounceback in oil, tensions in the middle east means oil moves up, exxon two biggest gainers yesterday in the dow. busiest travel of the year. what you need to know from
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security warnings to the forecast coming up and history made in the nba. the golden state warriors now 16-0 defeating rival la lakers, 111-77. on your top story international fallout over turkish downing of fighter jet continues with russian president putin warning of serious consequences over incideat. russia confirming that one pilot was killed, the second alive and well in an air base in syria. president obama commented on the matter yesterday saying he wants to prevent an escalation and the two countries should talk to one another. this is one the the big others clashes in half a century. how are gop candidates respond to go this? hay, blake.
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>> blake: forng policy has consumed not only white house but campaign trail. president obama host françois hollande and better coordination with european allies while also defending the plan to taking refugees. that stops short of the vision of the hopefuls on the republican side to call to be scrapped or halted and for an intense if i to count isis. both jeb bush and ted cruz questioned the president's sternness. >> everybody thinks he's just waiting, running out the clock to leave and leave this to this next president. >> blake: we've reached out to many of the campaigns, dagen and
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the contenders are like the rest of us, about to head into the kitchen. >> dagen: i'm sure donald trump will not stay off twitter. blake, thank you so much for that. we will have political analysts but i want to go to john and mike to discuss the lack of negative reactions, you had an incredible rally, best wining of the year for s&p. futures down early in the morning, mike, it seemed reacting to that russian fighter jet being down but then oil popped up, energy stocks came back and you still had a gain in the broad market. >> mike: the markets when major terrorists attacks happen you see the markets rally, what's leading the markets down is oil, you saw oil about to break and it did break and the market didn't like that. it was a negative week, we are down almost 4% in the overall
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markets two weeks ago. you have the terrorist attacks, oil can push back to $50. it's down a little bit this morning, but that should push the markets higher, seasonally november and december typically very strong months for the market. >> john: but i don't think oil is the kind of transmission mechanism for crisis that it used to be because of the american tracking boom. people got worried that there was going to affect the american consumers and economic outlook here at home. it doesn't happen now. even if there's a supply shock in the middle east we know that they can turn the wells back on and effective. >> dagen: i want to bring mindy in. she's joining us from washington, d.c. she's a former digital director from the mitt romney presidential campaign, empowered women, mindy is joining us with
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analysis with the presidential candidates. mindy, does -- let me back up. do these candidates need to get specific about what they're going to do to fight isis because you have some, say, marco rubio, for example, even a lindsey graham who is the most specific in terms of his plan, but the leaders in this presidential election so far are donald trump where he's kind of here there and whatever connects with people at the moment? >> well t most important thing for the candidates right now is to show strength, that's where the american people are. they are concern about this threat. there's a reason that the house voted to pause, accepting syrian refugees into the country. so right now showing strength as most important, you see it from many of the republican candidates as well as hillary clinton. as we get close past iowa and
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new hampshire and voters are making final decisions and the party is making final decision, they're going to be pressed to get more specific. >> dagen: mindy, donald trump to bomb those suckers, is that the kind of strength, maybe that's what people want to hear. they don't want to get on how many troops need to be on the ground, they don't want to get the small details about this very complicated situation. they just want to hear we are going to go get them. >> the problem here is that the president is viewed as being weak on this issue. the american public opinion is that the strategy to combat isis has failed and that's why we are at this point today. ultimately that's going to be a challenge for hillary clinton in the general election because she as the state department that's one of her core departments why she's qualified to be president, her experience, it also puts her
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in architect in obama strategy. looking for that strength, ultimately when there are voters that are looking for more specifics, i think it is important and why we see certain candidates like a ted cruz rising in iowa is that he appeals to the same types of voters for carson and trump and is getting more specific on the issue like combating isis. >> dagen: mindy i want to get your comment on this. president obama with french president françois hollande, take a listen to this. >> next week i will be joining president hollande and world leaders in paris for the global climate conference. what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists, it will be when the world stands as one and show that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children.
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>> dagen: is this the tone the president should be taking, mindy? >> i don't believe so. i mean, look, nobody wants to be in the position of america cowarding in fear when there are attacks around the world. the president is saying in the past that we will not retreat in fear. that's the right tone. the problem is he hasn't shown understanding of the very real fierce that american people face while also saying taking a calm tone as our commander in chief and the leader of our country. so the president i think honestly the last week has been some of the weakest times in his presidency when it comes to how he has responding in the wake of paris, putting republicans in the position of enemy or kind of making fun of them for saying they're fearing three-year-olds and widows and orphans. >> mike: clearly the move is to
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be antiobama. that's what we are looking for in the candidates in the republican debates coming up, but how do we look ifs a voter at home how do we look for someone who is clearly trying to win an election and someone who is actually talking about a plan they are going to carry out if they're elected as president? >> i think what you do is you do look for those specifics, voters haven't really -- candidates who don't have specifics doing well right now. you look at those specifics, what is that plan. first are they saying it's radical islamic terrorism, they can qualify and quantify the threat. they have a very specific plan, whether we will put troops on the ground, whether we institute a no-fly zone. they have specifics. they talk about important piece that the american people are used to hearing plans, at what point do we go back and measure whether it's successful or not and whether it's time to shift gears. that's what you do in a business.
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you put forth a business and you do analysis and determine whether it's been successful or not or do we need to shift course as oppose to letting years two by as it's not. >> dagen: happy thanksgiving. mindy flynn in washington for us. an arrest warrant for the new suspect of the terrorist attacks, ashley webster is live for us in paris with the latest. hey, ash. >> ashley: good morning to you. he was seen two days before the paris attacks, seen in a car at a gas station heading towards paris. salah himself is on the run, belgium authorities say they are still looking for about ten suspects who could have they say some connection to the paris attacks, talking to belgium in
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brussels this morning the lockdown goes on although partially relieved. some schools open today and also universities, the subway system is up and running but only in the city center, it does not run out to suburbs and the threat level still remains at the highest level. we just heard from president obama they are talking about the climate conference here in paris. it's a nightmare for local authorities, the timing couldn't be worse. 140 world leaders coming here at a time when the threat level in paris also at the very highest level, authorities say that they will, indeed, tightening restrictions, they will be putting in very strong border controls and so that is something that, you know, authorities here they say they have to look out for. dagen, we had two occasions with the subway stations closed for false alarms, suspicious packages, those kinds of things.
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certainly everybody still on edge. >> dagen: americans went on well, it went after 9/11. certainly we are all on guard. we will see you a little bit later. coming up a cover-up, tried to hide deadly flaws in the products. we have the latest details. before we go to break, headlines from wall street journal. falling corporate profits, read that one, the justice department investigating whether comcast business practices and 5 billion-dollar sales market violate law. giving first profit outlook, we will be right back. can a business have a mind?
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>> dagen: protestors take into the streets in chicago after authorities released dash-cam video after police officer shooting and killing teenager. >> cheryl: this is incredible. hundreds of protestors blocking traffic and circling police cars shortly after the video of the shooting was released. the protestors chanting 16.
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some resident are looking further up the chain of command for punishment. >> rahm emanuel needs to be impeached. he knew this happened 12 months ago. every one of those police officers that saw the shooting, they need to be fired, they need to go to jail. >> cheryl: also following another headline, amazon beating to the punch. a company successfully landing a man rocket on earth, the landing part has so far alluded musk project. tweeted congratulations before reminding that space has been going into orbit since 2013. so you know, geeks tweeting at each other. finally this, employees have been raising concerns about air
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bag issues for over a decade, this is according to wall street journal. shows that employees raising concerns, was con con con dozens of injuries that resulted in the recall 19 million vehicles, i mean, this -- to have something that's a cover-up for years and years who has suffered as a company, this is a big blow to these guys, dagen. >> dagen: four larger makers, first being the four automakers saying we are not going to use takata inflators anymore. nissan, toyota and honda. >> cheryl: there you go. this is a big story, jon. >> jon: it seems like we look at scandals like this, the government looks at scandals like this as a chance to take
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money from the companies as oppose to figuring out who did something wrong and prosecuting individuals. the story today mentions $70 million, i think, of fines that were hit by takata, who was behind this we are documenting the whole cover-up, who made these things happen inside the company and go after the people. >> mike: positive is that it has come to light. i think the market as dagen pointed out is dealing with the company. nobody is going to be using their air bags and rightfully so. the company in and of itself is going to cease to exist. who is responsible for it -- >> cheryl: but to have employees and warning you for years that it was dangerous, you have eight people dead. this is beyond business, i'm sorry. >> dagen: it's not unlike what happened to general motor with
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the ignition switch problem where they knew about it for extended period of time and never fixed it. >> cheryl: exactly. >> jon: this is a safety issue, if your ford or gm or some other company you can go to another supplier. >> dagen: thank you, cheryl and gentlemen. millions of americans will hit the roads over thanksgiving holidays. we check your gasoline prices and wait till you hear some good news. keep it right here. ♪ ♪ ♪ type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are.
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>> dagen: millions of americans hitting the road this week and likely some traffic will be in store but a bit of good news t lowest gasoline prices in about five years. phil flynn. hey, phil. >> phil: it's actually further back than that. it goes back ten years. that comes as americans are going to hit the road in near record numbers this holiday weekend. now the bad news is there were a lot of predictions that we would hit a 2-dollar national average, that may not happen with the war plane being shot down. intrisingly enough a few weeks ago if we got a report it would have been negative for prices because of the concerns on impact on demand, there's a huge energy component because of the
6:25 am
sensitivity between russia and turkey. >> dagen: we will see you later, i certainly hope. a major concern for travelers hitting the road and take the skies over the weekend, fox meteorologist maria molina has what you can expect. >> maria: we are not expecting any issues at all. as a matter of fact i have good news, anywhere from the northeast to parts of the southern plains and the southeast we are going to be seeing temperatures on a warming trend and we could be looking at them potentially near record across many areas out there. we will show you the numbers in a moment. i want to take you out west. we have a massive winter storm. it's bringing in heavy snow from californias including parts of montana and wyoming and even some blizzard warnings in parts of wyoming.
6:26 am
that's going to be producing some white-out conditions. some higher elevation could be looking a foot of snow. that's a big concern out there. some showers in the forecast from texas to warts to wisconsin and minnesota and that storm eventually ramps up across the center of the nation producing more snow, but take a look at new york city thanksgiving day. 60-degrees for the forecast high temperature. not bad at all. >> dagen: thank you for that, maria molina our meteorologist. putin warning of serious consequences after turkey shoots down one of russia's jet fighters and near the syrian border and accusing turkey of directly supporting isis. we have the latest next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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dagen: good morning, i am dagen mcdowell, maria bartiroma as of. it is nov. twenty-fifth and with me today, getting his coffee ready, pumpkins vice lot day. wall street journal economics correspondent jon hilsenrath and ceo mike murphy, good to see you both. top stories this 6:30 a.m. eastern time, fought from turkey down in a russian fighter jet russia confirming one of the pilots of the plane was rescued and is a better russian air base in syria. more on the tension heating up from russia straight ahead. chaos in the windy city, chicago video of what black teenager being shot by xi jinping, officer charged with first-degree murder. protestors filling the streets and blocking traffic in some parts of the city and you could hear the outrage from demonstrators. >> rahm emanuel needs to be in peach. we noticed this 12 months ago.
6:31 am
they need to be fired, and they need to go to jail. dagen: lockdown lifted, public transportation, schools opening again, police search for another suspect in the paris terror attacks. markets head higher, 1.5% gain on the cac quarante in paris, england and germany up as well. in the u.s. the last full trading day of this week, busy morning on the economic calendar, john can talk about that. futures showed gains and we had gained in the market yesterday the jump in oil and energy stocks. oil might have been up yesterday, gasoline prices head lower, busiest travel day of the year, millions hit the road, take to the skies for thanksgiving, what you need to know from security warnings to the forecast coming of. tech times go head to head over outer space.
6:32 am
amazon ceo jeff bezos's space venture blue original launching a rocket had it successfully land back on earth, something elon musk and space x have struggled with. elon musk highlighted his company has been successfully launching into space for years. nice ego. first our top story, international fallout over the turkish downing of a russian fighter jet continues with russian president vladimir putin warning of serious consequences, russia confirming one pilot was killed, second is alive and well at an airbase in syria. president obama commented on the matter saying he wants to prevent an escalation urging turkey and russia to talk to one another. rush of foreign minister saying the country will not wage war against turkey but will seriously consider relations. joining us is peter brooks. i want to focus on the
6:33 am
discussion, what was said and what wasn't said in the press conference held by president obama and president francois hollande of france. it is increasingly difficult for france to bring russia into the coalition to fight isis. >> it will be difficult, diplomatic efforts the president and secretary of state john kerry talked about have been holding in vienna includes turkey and russia. this complicates the situation significantly not only in the ground militarily in syria, but that the diplomatic table, with a solution for oppose bashar al-assad regime syria. dagen: vladimir putin did not want to oppose bashar al-assad regime. he wants to keep bashar al-assad in power, there has been the bombing of enemies of bashar al-assad. it is not in the business of getting rid of isis. i want to know we are assuming russia has not brought it to the
6:34 am
coalition to fight isis, that france 01s to build. what happens then? how does russia react? how does vladimir putin react? >> this is very complicated. russia has gone by since targets recently because of the downing of the russian airliner over the sinai. most of the bombing and military efforts previously in support of the bashar al-assad regime against and 5 bashar al-assad group some of which we support, some which turkey supports the would is a very complicated situation in the skies over syriac and on the ground. one reason turks shot down this aircraft was ethnic turk men who turkey supports in syria. this is very complicated stuff and as we go forward here, it makes difficult to bring russia exclusively into the isis coalition as well as get in to look beyond bashar al-assad though there have been hints
6:35 am
that they would look at something different that looks at the bashar al-assad regime but someone who would be friendly towards russia. >> what threat does this pose to nato itself? are we potentially seeing a moment here where russia moves its own ambitions from the periphery of nato into the nato alliance. >> obviously nato is concerned where russia did in crimea, the ongoing situation in eastern ukraine, ukraine is not part of it, a front-line states in the baltics, very concerned. turkey as part of nato immediately called a meeting of nato which russia highlighted. the russians may at some point for internal propaganda or external propaganda use talk about this says the nato russia issue, not just a turkey russia issue. it could increase tensions,
6:36 am
tensions between nato and russia very high. you saw the president and the nato secretary-general called for calm and restraint and russia and turkey to talk about the situation and prevent something like this happening again. dagen: in the news conference with president francois hollande but said this. >> next week i will be joining francois hollande and world leaders in paris for the global climate conference. what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and shows we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children. dagen: of the president sticks to his agenda, he will not waver even in the face of a horrific
6:37 am
terrorist attack. >> you make a good point. on the face of it it looks terrible considering what we are facing, a worldwide terror threat that came from the state department, continuing violence going on in the middle east, the terrible effects in paris, down of the russian airliner. the fact is the president -- a lot of people, a lot of us were hoping he would talk about uping the game against the islamic state which we didn't get. he is staying the course, his strategy is sinking, people on the left and right are disappointed in it, and darker days could be ahead. to deal with this evil that is embodied in the islamic state. dagen: good to see you, thank you so much, take care and have a great thanksgiving. first it was a public, now another major food retailers dealing with an e. coli outbreak. nicole petallides has details on
6:38 am
this story. >> costco is hit with any coli outbreak, the cdc says 19 people in seven states have become sick, most of the midwestern united states after eating rotisserie chicken salads sold at costco. no debt set in reported the five people have been hospitalized, two developed a type of kidney failure, costco has already pulled the product from its shelves, in the hills of chipotle closing morrison 40 stores earlier this month after e coli struck nearly 2 dozen of its customers, shares of chipotle and down nearly 15% since the news of that outbreaks of we have seen the stock dropping, the difference between chipotle and costco, costco, rotisserie chicken salad, if you have any get rid of that even if you don't feel sick, but police seems determined as to what the e coli came from.
6:39 am
dagen: jacoby is a different story because chipotle's entire brand is based on freshness and health venus of their food and when you have an e. coli outbreak, that goes right to the core brand. >> it sure does, you see people going into the store, it shocks me there hasn't been more reaction in the store and are in the price of the stock. >> this is what i was going to say. i have a 12-year-old, he wants to eat chili seven days we, at three meals day. chipotle -- because kids want to eat -- keep going back. supposed to be better than that. dagen: let's take a break, let this play out. >> leftover halloween candy. i will take chipotle. >> my son said look at the long line at jacobi, i don't understand why we can't be
6:40 am
there, eagle eye is done. and here is the point, the kids loved chipotle, jack in the box had the situation in the 90s, up 6% the following quarter, 22% to the downside, it took a year but everybody came back to jack in the box. this takes time. dagen: these outbreaks are even more common because we tracked them better and the supply chain for food becomes more complicated. you can see them popping up. thank you. that delicious story ahead of thanksgiving. don't forget to start your day and read day, every weekday with nicole petallides and lauren simonetti, "fbn a.m.," check it right here on fox business, 5:00 a.m. monday through friday. we are breaking down what it means for you, we have john here, nasa celebrating thanksgiving in space. we have all the fix since,
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freeze dry suspect. keep it here on fox business. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear
6:42 am
from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction.
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dagen: a busy one it will be in terms of economic news. and to break that down. pnc wealth management chief investment strategist phil stone. we got the gdp numbers -- >> of the revision was really, and for me, and reports this morning, will all look a little better than the previous month probably, don't think it changes the past the fed is on in terms of likely raising in december,
6:46 am
even if something came out, enough to >> reporter: that have -- -- and friends, relatives, why is it going up, with paris under attack, powerful threat is -- they are able to attack a major city in the world. >> the market still goes up. >> the market generally becomes desensitized. the human toll is horrible.
6:47 am
>> the other factor is these are happening outside this united states and something happens in the united states, the other thing going on, starting to raise interest rates. the interest rate, not on the global front, it looks like the fed is filing and will start raising rates and do very slowly, very cautiously. it is looking forward into 2016. there's some uncertainty going up, 3 of four every years, and i
6:48 am
would argue, companies learn to deal with it, and profits improved. luxury sales in the united states, and they put all their clothing on sale. and luxury is wretched. and other parts of macy's, nordstrom. and the economy is strong enough, economy strong enough going from. >> it has confounded people, and we will set an all-time record, number of autos olden united
6:49 am
states, amazon and online. dagen: >> -- >> job growth is picking up, gas prices are falling. people -- >> dollar 3. >> shopping at tiffany's. you have to take a break while the rest of the country gets into a higher year. >> delaying greed because you said i shared pumpkins vice latte. dagen: what are you doing? you got me back. i am going -- you are going to say something. >> to go back to the terror thing the one thing the came to
6:50 am
mind, if something happens in the u. s, a sell-off. maybe some of the connection historically is when you saw the attack would spike up, that is a distinct danger of the global economy, no pressure on oil prices, that makes a big difference as well. dagen: with greater terror threat. good to see you. phil stone from pnc. scary news, holiday travel season for anyone who stayed in the hilton hotel over the last year. we will be right back.
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dagen: breaking news, updates on the downed russian fighter jet. fox news has learned its the video depicting rebels shooting of a pilot is real, that could be a war crime. on top of that there are new questions about the path of the missile, at and see reporting initial indications show the missiles may have been lodged -- launched when the russian plane was in turkish airspace but the timing of the flight may have followed the aircraft back into syrian airspace. these are issues that certainly nato, turkey being a member of nato, will have to deal with along with russia. yesterday president obama said turkey and russia need to be talking to one another. new developments in the shooting attacks that targeted protestors in minneapolis. cheryl has more on that and other headlines. cheryl: a lot happening overnight. police are arresting three
6:55 am
suspect accused of firing on those protesters, five demonstrators were shot on monday but none of them sustained life threatening. s. >> white supremacists had begun -- they posted videos to anyone who believed in the classified matter here. we will not bow to fear or intimidation. black lives matter exists to fight against this type of violent white supremacy. dagen: protesters have been camped out in minneapolis, a black man was shot and killed by police officers on november 15th, it got very heated in that city. we are looking at this. hilton worldwide says malware compromised its payment system, hackers targeted card holder name, card numbers, security codes, held in advises customers to use one of its hotels april to july of this year, november to december of last you to review your statement and make sure you are okay. got to give you this. how about a thanksgiving meal in
6:56 am
outer space? nasa astronauts showing how it is done 220 miles above the earth aboard the international space station. they don't need much time in the kitchen preparing dinner well done, two steps, you grip it, you read it, got some good news, the astronauts will -- guess what everybody will be watching some football. i will throw it out now. dagen: romo is back. cheryl: he is of little sore. dagen: because you are cowboy can use that cowboys -- is painful. dagen: we are going to -- thank you. in the next hour of "mornings with maria," i am joined by forbes media chairman steve forbes to get his take on the 2016 campaign, foreign policy, the latest on the international fallout between turkey and
6:57 am
russia. this will be right back.
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dagen: i m dagen mcdowell, maria bartiroma is off this morning wednesday nov. twenty-fifth, wall street journal's chief economics correspondent jon hilsenrath mike murphy and coming up steve forbes. you don't want to miss him but your top stories, the fallout from turkey downing a russian fighter jet, russia confirming one of the pilots of the plane was rescued and is safe at a russian air base in syria. now threatening a coalition to take on isis. details straight ahead. calfs in the windy city, police releasing video black teenager being shot dead by a police officer. that officer charged with
7:01 am
first-degree murder, protestors filling streets and blocking traffic in some parts of the city and you can hear the upset and outrage from demonstrators. >> rahm emanuel needs to be impeached. he knew this happened 12 months ago. they need to be fired, they need to go to jail. dagen: walked down lifted in brussels, public transportation in the school's opening up again as police start for another suspect in the paris terror attack. live report from paris coming up. european markets are heading higher this morning shrugging off any potential terrorist threat there, across the board the biggest gainer at the moment is the dax in germany. in the united states the dow peaked out a small gain of 19 points, futures head higher again. we have a bunch of economic numbers to get through at 8:30 eastern time including jobless claims, durable-goods orders and
7:02 am
the like, all of that for you in an hour-and-a-half from now, futures up across the board. moving on, where are we going from here? busiest travel day of the resilience hit the roads for thanksgiving, what you need to know including security warnings that your forecast coming up. history being made in the nba, beating their in-state rivals, the l a lakers, 111-77, warriors have the longest unbeaten streak to start the season. top story this morning, russia's president vladimir putin warning of serious consequences for turkey following the downing of of russian fighter jet yesterday morning, first-time i nato country fire on russian military plane in 50 years. conner powell is in jerusalem with the latest. >> trying to they escalate tensions with russia but moscow
7:03 am
not having any announcement, anti-aircraft missiles to their bases in sea area and expanding their naval presence in the mediterranean around that area. according to pentagon officials telling fox news the russian jet ignored multiple and repeated warnings to leave turkish air space and radar information confirms turkey's claim the russian plane flew into turkish territory but the russian jet was only in turkish territory for a few seconds according to officials and that is very common. what we are seeing now is the go-between between what russia says happened and turkey and a real possibility this could escalate even further. dagen: in jerusalem, president obama curiously highlighting global warming conference next week in france as a powerful response to the latest round of isis terror attacks. >> next week i will be joining
7:04 am
president francois hollande and world leaders in paris for the global climate conference. what a power forward duke to that terrorists when the world stands as one, we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children. dagen: steve forbes is here, chairman of forbes media, please explain that to me. >> maybe he is trying out as a scriptwriter for saturday night live. is a caricature. dagen: it is not funny. >> that is one reason his poll numbers are starting to slip, people feel he is not changing his strategy, strategy has failed in the middle east, in europe, in asia, people are wondering, the world is going into chaos, when will the wake up and realize he has to change his approach? dagen: dagen: what happened with the russian fighter jet being downed by turkey?
7:05 am
where did that leave russia and potentially joining this coalition? francois hollande would be less enthusiastic about bringing russia in, about a 65 member coalition at this point. president obama has at least refused this idea, president obama has not been in favor of bringing russia in. >> he allowed russia to come back in the middle east after throwing the russians out in the mid 1970s, that shocked our allies, we have a presence in the again, vladimir putin made clear he wants to control the oil from the gulf states with iran and saudi arabia and put pressure there for a self interested reasons. in terms of turkey, they bombed ethnic turks in northern syria, they have been going into turkey, turks said enough and we will see what vladimir putin does in response. the key with all of this is
7:06 am
america has to take a firm lead. if we don't take a firm lead will be amorphous, chaotic, we got to take the lead. >> what does this mean to americans back home? development in the middle east, is this a threat right now to our economy? our standard of living? or is this about the united states standing up and taking a leadership role for the sake of people in the middle east? >> it will have political consequences, which have economic consequences. security concerns about saudi arabia and the gulf states, that is huge and europe is going to take note of that. we all know economically even with a microscope, find little slivers of growth in europe but not enough to make a difference. this will hurt the economy, one reason they keep downgrading growth, dollar growth. >> obama can take a passive role because americans tune in until all ac it, we see it affecting our own way of life here.
7:07 am
dagen: on that note do you sit back, struck by terror. they make is that what we are waiting for? >> it already happened. what happened in paris, they feel it could happen there with french intelligence, it could happen here. in that sense psychologically it happened. one thing the american people assume about a president even if it is not headlines each day, good things on foreign policy. >> clearly the answer is to go to a global warming conference the week and all agree on that but what do we do between now and the election? how can we assure safety here when the president is talking about blowing to a global warming conference in response? >> if he coupled that with an announcement to work with allies to establish safe haven in serious of millions of people have a place to go red in europe and the united states that would be firm leadership, stepping up our bombing campaign with a couple weeks in kosovo in the
7:08 am
1990s with bill clinton did more bombing raids in a couple weeks that we have done in two years in the middle east and people there see that, and that is why isis looks so strong. militarily the kurds have shown, they can be those psychopaths but don't have the equipment to do it. dagen: we will move on but i will say this, listening to the president yesterday i think people would listen more carefully and have more respect for what he said yesterday if he hadn't been so off base and stone deaf right after the paris terrorist attacks. >> not calling president francois hollande because he was too busy. that is not. dagen: stay right there. we want to talk about the presidential race, the race for the white house is expected to take a brief pause for thanksgiving, candidates have a full slate of the events, blake berman has details. >> very briefly, these candidates will finally be able to breathe, maybe catch up on
7:09 am
some sleet. we reached out to many of the campaign, just like many of us into the kitchen. most all are taking today through friday off and heading home. marco rubio will be one of the last on the campaign trail as he heads to south carolina but it is back to family. >> we watch as much football, spent time in a truly unique american holiday. >> it is a huge weekend of football ahead and jeb bush will try to take advantage on saturday. he heads to the ole miss mississippi football team which is a big deal down there. is also an easy way to interact, when ted cruz re-emerge as people do so in iowa, a ted cruz test six planned events saturday and sunday. >> ted cruz in second place in
7:10 am
one iowa poll. the past couple days, how to fight isis. we get specificity from marco rubio instagram but it is not a whole lot different because the president francois hollande yesterday, to increase the amount of strikes. cut off the border between syria and close the border between turkey and syria. bear greater cooperation on intelligence. any question from hillary clinton and a lot of these republican presidential candidates who don't get specific about troops on the ground. >> they want more air strikes and they do more than one obama will do, the key thing is lindsay graham is the only one
7:11 am
saying it now, tend to 30,000 troops on the ground if we are serious about the middle east and republicans have been leery about it, supported a bill with the nsa is doing in terms of intelligence gathering. dagen: do you think that hurts him? >> he hasn't been hit on the debate. dagen: rand paul and chris christie got into that in the first debate, why are they talking about this? >> the nsa being questioned at the december debate, we have ground forces in the middle east. dagen: ground forces and metadata. >> there's a split in the republican party between those who want to scale back what the nsa is doing and those like chris christie who say we should be doing more. by the same token we have the same kind of split with troops in the middle east, it will be interesting to see how
7:12 am
republicans sort that out. >> one thing we have pressure on is requiring companies like apple to make it easy for law-enforcement to get data. post paris people's attitudes have changed, they have changed. dagen: the fbi director has been pushing and pushing and president obama backed off because he knew it wasn't working politically. >> this is lack of leadership, for a while polls may show people are not as focused, that is changing. you are supposed to be even if it is just in the headlines. dagen: so great to see you. you haven't picked candidate yet. >> it is like the dating game. i am seeing who is this. >> when will you make your decision? >> probably january. dagen: a couple names you had to scratch out because they did something or said something you didn't agree with? >> on the tax thing is huge,
7:13 am
every republican candidate, some plans are better than others. that is the sea change from what you had four years ago. that will be a mandate after 2016 and the fact that people like ted cruz bringing up monetary reform at the federal reserve. >> i don't take sides, it is an interesting debate. i don't know whether the fed should or shouldn't be. you have to look carefully, what are good ideas of bad ideas. dagen: great to see you. outraged protests taking to the streets in chicago after the release of a graphic dashcam video showing a police officer shooting a black teenager. we have details of that story and stock alerts, deer and co. shares jumping on earnings news, results were down from a year ago, but they handily beat expectations, stock up 5%. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear
7:14 am
from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea powered by active trader pro.
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7:17 am
y protested stick to the streets after dashcam video of jason bent and shooting and killing 17-year-old laquan mcdonnell year ago. cheryl casone hazmat and other headlines. cheryl: that the deal is described as graphic and hundreds of protesters blocking traffic, circling police cars shortly after that video of the shooting was released. the protesters were changing 16 in reference to the number of shots that were fired. officer jason van dyke was charged with first-degree murder
7:18 am
but some president that the looking of the fed chair in of command for punishment. >> rahm emanuel needs to be impeached. amy to be fired, go to jail. maria: in chicago we will keep you updated as the sun rises. amazon's jeff bezos beating elon musk to the punch, blue origen's successfully landing an unmanned rocket honor after traveling into space. the landing part has emitted elon musk at space x project so far. finish the tweeted congratulations, reminding jeff bezos space x has been going into orbit since 2013. finally this this morning, costco pulling its rotisserie chicken salad from its shelves after an e. coli outbreak.
7:19 am
the cdc says 19 people in seven states have become sick most in the western region of the country. this continues to be more of a problem for companies, publicly traded companies. they had an apology from the ceo a and you have people besides nicole petallides who don't want to go to jacobi, costco is a bigger risk for investors and customers. dagen: you drink ale and cashew better shape for breakfast. where do you fall on this? >> what i drink is healthy but costco is a little different because people go to costco for a lot of things other than rotisserie chicken salad. people will continue to go there and spend a lot of money. dagen: is not associated with food directly but false products. you don't think costco -- cheryl: you don't walk around
7:20 am
costco and eat all the samples but it is free. dagen: i curse people who do that. you go and do that. >> i agree with you guys. people were in costco aisles for a lot of reasons. fortunately it is part of their business. i am in the camp that says there are a lot of kids out there who say they keep eating chipotle and where their parents down and they will be back. dagen: i don't want to wake up wednesday morning and talk about another eagle eye out right, this is getting old. >> there is an element of people tooting this out. people move on with their lives. dagen: are risks that you live with. thank you so much. millions of people hit the roads in and take to the skies for thanksgiving but will it be smooth? a look at your weather forecast. it is not ready, coming up. we've got trouble in tummy town.
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dagen: if you are hitting the road are taking to the skies weather is one of your biggest concerns. here is a look at your holiday forecast. >> millions of people are taking to the roads today. conditions across the east coast look fantastic. interstate '95 if you're traveling into the ohio river valley or in good shape. into the gulf coast guard as well, clouds and rain breaking in the center of the country. most of the issues lie to the
7:25 am
west. a big storm system across the united states, that rock makes its way to the southeast on the water vapor, a plume of moisture across the points will continue to move to the east and contribute to the chance for heavy rainfall. in terms of winter storm warnings and winter weather read pfizer rees, they are across the sierra nevada, pushing in the rockies tonight and the same storm system pushing east into thursday and friday, warm moist air, we are going to see a chance for heavy rainfall setting up from dallas no. 2 oklahoma city as we head towards kansas city, we have the situation on the back side of this thursday into friday, a chance for rain, this situation alone could cause significant issues. dagen: if you for that. had a great thanksgiving. up next with one suspect still on the run another identified in the paris terror attack, all coming that.
7:26 am
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dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell, maria bartiromo is off this morning, it is wednesday, november 25th, and with me today "the wall street journal" chief economics correspondent jon his wrath, mike murh murphy top stories 7:30 a.m. eastern time, the fallout from turkey downing a russian fighter jet russia confirj that one of the polites of that plane was rescued is safe at a russian bares in syria. more on the tensions heating i want with russia straight ahead. >> chaos in the windy city, chicago police releasing a graphic video of a black teenager being shot by a cop, this happened more than a year ago. that officer, charged with first-degree murder, protesters filling streets blocking traffic, of and you can hear the outrage from some demonstrators.
7:30 am
>> rahm emmanuel needs to be impeached! he know this happened 12 months ago. everyone, all those police officers saw shooting need to be fired, they need to go to jail. dagen: the lockdown in brussels lifted, public transportation, and schools reopening, this is police continue their search for another suspect. in the paris terror attacks check out your european markets, today, how they are moving higher, despite the unrest in the situation that is still in play across europe. you have gains across the board with biggest winner the moment being the dax in germany, in u.s.,ful trading day of the week one hour from now a host of economic news jobless claims durable-goods orders, you name it permanent income and spending we will cover that all for you, one hour from now. futures up across the board. on to campaign trail, the latest democratically polls
7:31 am
out of iowa quinnipiac university says hillary clinton's lead there, is virtually unchanged 51% the lead for hillary bernie sanders 42%, martin o mall o'malley 4%. >> busiest travel day of the year mills hit the roads take to skies for thanksgiving. we have your security warnings that you need to know about, and including, your weather forecast, all of that is coming up, but the latest out of european, belgian authorities issuing arrest warrant for new suspect in the terror attacks arvey in paris with the latest, hey. >> good morning to you dagen the terror threat level remains at a very highest here in paris, and in brussels, as you mentioned, with the city of brussels is been in a lockdown four days but today schools universities, and at least some of the subway trains running in brussels even though terror threat is at the very highest level
7:32 am
manhunt goes on for two suspects, named by belgian police salah abdeslam on run 12 days managed to avoid capture, arrested, a warrant was issued, for 30-year-old month hamed abrinei, driving towards paris with salah abdeslam. of course, we are gearing up here in paris for the claimant change conference that gets under way on monday, 147 world leaders did he endocrinon parise say they are pulling out all stopped to put what we saw here 12 days ago back to you. dagen: thank you so much ashley webster in paris, another top story this morning international fallout over the turkish downing of a russian fighter jet related to the fight against isis, russia president vladimir putin
7:33 am
already warning of serious consequences over that former dep director for intelligence retired air force colonel, so great of you to be here, i want you to look at what happened with turkey, with russia, and the firefighter jet but, again, the russia has been egging turkey on attacking people who were enemies of assad, clearly. but how do you relate this to the -- more coordinated fight in coalition that we hope will take on isis? >> well, good morning dagen, yeah, that is a good question. the main concern that we are looking at is certainly the turkish rules of engagement and what caused that, and when you do that, you have to bring in the fact that turkey being a nato country, and nato has a string of what we call combat air operation centers across
7:34 am
europe one of which is in turkey, they are the ones who -- really do the tracking of aircraft, potentially looking at incursions as we saw here. and they have the real intelligence and the real information of where that aircraft actually was, and until they give an authorization for the turkish fighters to fire on an intrueding aircraft in turkish airspace, turkey military is not going to fire on it so it is a combination of the rules of engagement what nato controllers in operation centers saw which indicates indeed the russians were overflying turkey. >> colonel talk about though it would seem as if and we have france president françois hollande meeting with angela merkel today and then vladimir putin. it would seem this there would
7:35 am
be some reticence to bring russia into coalition aimed fighting isis given the situation that it is going on there, how do you expect that plays out? >> you know, well that has been an effort from the beginning, when russia first entered the situation. how to bring russia in as part of the coalition, how do arrange and set up as i said the rules of engagement what they are going to play by russia kind of unilaterally decided they were going to do this on their own, you know pretty much vladimir putin pumping his chest saying i am in control now, and taking over. so to speak. they will go back to the planning board, and try to work this out. and see if they can get some fidelity in making this happen the way it should happen. more to follow on that. and it -- right now we're
7:36 am
dealing with a tense situation russia angered over this, so any negotiations that happen are going to be you know, testy at best. >> colonel, there is a lot of discussion, these days whether objectives should be to contain isis, or to defeat isis, can you talk about what would it take at this point, from the united states to defeat itself what has to happen on our end? with a kind of investment do we have to make? >> well the first thing we need to do we've been talking brtsdz f about this well over a year we've got to come up with a strategic coherent strategy to both go after isis go after not necessarily in militarily, but using other powers of government, and coalition to address the radical islamic issue which is feeding certainly isis, and, you know, until to the that hasn't been discussed yet the current
7:37 am
administration doesn't want to address radical islam the single biggest factor in doing so until we address that issue we are going to continue to deal with this on day-to-day bays as we have. >> colonel one last question from me, we have a president, he had to mention climate change that climate change conference in the press conference yesterday with françois hollande you know if you -- don't you protect our oceans you send a message to terrorists radical islamic terrorists i guess what he was trying to say in not those words do you think anything really changes in our strategy to fight and defeat isis between now and next inauguration. >> really not. we will be in a -- in a situation to contain them because that is all we have right now. we don't have a strategy, we don't have a -- a real policy, that is designed to defeat and
7:38 am
destroy isis so until we come up again, as i said with a coherent strategy, the best we can do, is contain, and how we do that certainly is going to be a critical piece in the next 14 months. >> colonel good to see you thank you so much, happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you. >> downed russian plane causing a spike in oil prices why you saw dow up exxon chevron moving higher yesterday prices excuse me not pulling back down nearly 2% phil flynn can tell you all about itly from the academy cme. >> they're pumming back if a market saying that the fare of escalation the impact on oil supplies may be limited, and that is why we are pulling back. but that doesn't mean that geopolitical risk is going down we are seeing it rise overnight, in fact there is a late-breaking story right now,
7:39 am
that russia is going to cut off natural gas supplies, to the ukraine, this is in retaliation, to the damaging of some electricity plants in crimea by russian opposition in that part of the ukraine former ukraine caused russia to retaliate, and demand high payments nor natural gas that could impact uber 16% of the gas goes to europe back to you. dagen: thank you so much for that phil in less than for you from kwhi, straight ahead set your lineup fantasy football xiekz off a early this thanksgiving week, butdafanduel draftkings, they got problems, johnny football no more cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel won't be seeing any more snacks this season, keep it right here. ♪ ♪
7:40 am
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7:43 am
. dagen: new developments in shooting attack that targeted protesters in minneapolis chrl cheryl has that for you and other headlines. >>. cheryl: good morning police arresting three accused of firing on prefrths, favor demonstrators shot money noun
7:44 am
sustained life-threatening wounds camped out in minneapolis since a black man was shot and custodial by police officers november 15. how about a thanksgiving mail in outer spays nasso astronauts showing how it is done 220 miles above earth borrowed international space station preparing dinner two sets grip it rip it going to watch football, and speaking of football, guys, dave video shows browns quarterback manziel partying merged demodest to third string manziel declared starter the rest of the season just last week but yesterday, browns head coach announced josh mccowan would be starter dagen manziel, spent 10 weeks in treatment facility off season initially for undisclosed reasons you watch video can surmise what was going on here, police pulled him over
7:45 am
accused of abusing girlfriend third string now. >> this is me editing myself, thank you, so he disappointing. thank you cheryl, charl. >> fanduel draftkings to court to dispute new york attorney general general's request to shut down -- the attorney general claiming fantasy sports is gablgdz issue, period gaming sports law attorney will attend that court hearing joins us now, dan you are going because this is a fascinating story really this will -- what do you. to happen today, and what happens, to these two sports sites. >> both sides asking the court to force other side to either declare a fantasy sports illegal gambling in new york theening to is asking judge toish a preliminary nary
7:46 am
injunction to spot down sites fanduel draftkings asking same judge to a driver their contests -- skill not illegal gambling there are dueling motions i wanted expect a decision if not by the end of the day today certainly within one to two wookz. >> is there any way to know how judge rules on this. >> i suspect that the new york standard for constitutes gamble low threshold captured to most states require a predominance of chance, new york only requires, that chance be material, or that the betors conset offants are exercise no flews or control. >> you only need to prove basically there is some luck involved in it correct. >> right. >> that is not insignificant, that rises to the level of being important. >> is not there an element of hypocrisy from a state like many states you'ves lottery
7:47 am
sales lottery cards to a great extent to raise revenue itself isn't that gambling. >> that is definitely gambling but state legislature made a policy choice, as it did request casino gambling lot preforming of activities constitute arguably gambling have been legislatively authorized and regulated. >> control the state wants to control our fantasy sports. >> not necessarily -- >> they want to -- a the state wants to outlaw it; right? >> so they want to say that this is a game of skill, that is the argument from fanduel and draftkings, is not it true that very small portion like one per cent of people playing on these sites win almost 90% of the time so they are winning almost all money so doesn't that translate to a game of skill versus a game of chance. >> not -- well, the focus, the focus of the industry has been on so much skill, that the test under new york law is what role does chance play not how much skill there is undoubtedly there is tremendous amount of skill required to play fantasy
7:48 am
football does not for close a material amount of chance. >> trigger illegal gambling violation. dagen: if the ruling goes against a fanduel and draftkings in new york state does it put them out of business. >> not nationwide the attorney general's action just affects new york state. >> do you think other states follow suit. >> potentially, there are 8 other generates new jersey among them washington state hawaii, alaska 8 other states have same test as new york, and new york being the financial capital of the world, the banks, payment processes, credit card and sports leagues are going to play close attention to this outcome. >> i want to point out, robert kraft and jerry jones the stakes in the draftkings, and owners meeting is nebulous month will they be forced to do something with those stakes, and 21st century parent of this network also owns a stake in draft kings we should point that out it is good to see you keep us pofd e-mails let us know. >> it could be hours away from
7:49 am
a decision. >> thank you so much dan, coming up millions americans hitting roads taking to skies for thanksgiving, how much should you worry about traveling with this warning from the state department? we also have your weather. all you need to know, if you are traveling. stay with us.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
de. . . dagen: the state department issuing a worldwide travel alert following the transistor attacks in paris, over the last two weeks officials warning americans that terrorist groups plan attacks in multiple reenlz urged u.s. citizens use caution exercise vigilance in public places or using transportation the alert will be in place through late february, so three months alert joining us is travel
7:53 am
exert o'hare airport, jeff tell me how things look looks kind of busy just my you know half blind eyes. >> i have only been doing this about 35 years i tell you, of all of the years this seems to be one of the lightest years if increased security fairly transparent lines moving quickly no weather in the system that helps as well i tell you gas is cheap, who knows maybe people are opting for the car as opposed to the plane. >> talk about, though, because what was unnerving the state department issuing this warning that you have official saying no credible threat put out this warning it was a little bit -- should people be concerned. >> i don't think people should be you know, too concerned i mean there are issues definitely traveling busy time of the year no matter what there are ways getting around, are, lengthy lines long travel for sure arranound holiday.
7:54 am
>> we are having great weather in new york city tomorrow, the travel alert says, be aware of very crowded places, you are going to have thanksgiving day parade here, certainly, the -- the police officers and security focuses in new york city are on higher alert how do you judge that, if you want to take your family to a parade? >> i don't think you know, as just me, i don't think you let that affect you at all. i mean i don't think -- he there is any reason to me, to change your attitudes at all, you mentioned the weather, i give you the boards out here no delays i don't see any delays only thing i see in terms of change times flights restrictiving earlier than scheduled i don't know, i don't see a sense of fear out here at all. >> i was going to say there is things you can do arriving 45 to 90 minutes earlier is a
7:55 am
good tip especially if you find yourself in a security line obtained slow moving family making that once a year hollywood trip. >> why are you looking at me? >> -- like 20 children -- >> how many -- >> five. >> okay. >> here, of course, pack small remove laptops liquids quickly so you don't hold up line, keep vavenl items on you just in case your bag gets lost, or gets delayed for any reason. those kinds of things are going to help you get through. >> do people change behavior when we get these kinds of warnings kinds of events overseas does it affect what we do. >> i think people become more aware how they are going to travel more afraid of plienz for sure how long to travel, again, with roads, when you are traveling via roads the things you can do to be more aware when usual driving, too. >> not -- events so randomly impossible to change that much. >> well i am not walking through times square to get home i am walking north around or i am not walk owing i am
7:56 am
not going to be dumb, are i don't want to walk into -- walk into a crowd where you can barely walk there are so many people there. >> you need to live your life. >> i would recommend continue to travel the way expecting to give yourself more time than usual. >> thank you. >> thank you very much have a good -- >> thank you so much. >> mr. flock we will see you next hour coming up you do not want to miss retired colonel author rob peters going to be here will weigh in on what is happening with russia, that is his wheelhouse, monica crowley the famous monica crowley will be back in a few moments. can a business have a mind?
7:57 am
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. . >> good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell, maria bartiromo is off this morning, it is wednesday, november 25th with me "the wall street journal" chief economic jon
8:00 am
his wrath ross cliff capital ceo mike murphy joining us this hour is martha crowley. top stories fallout from turkey downing that russian fighter jet russian confirming one pilot of that plane was kwud safe in syria tensions heating up the question remains what will this mean for war on isis, details straight ahead. chaos, in the windy city, chicago police releasing the graphic video of a black teenager being shot dead by a cop this happened more than a year ago. that officer now charging with first-degree murder protesters still in the streets, blocking traffic, you can hear the out remain from some of the demonstrators. . >> rahm emmanuel needs to be impeached! he know this happened 12 months ago. everyone, all those police officers, saw shooting need to be fired. they need to go to jail.
8:01 am
dagen: lockdown lifted in brussels, public transportation, schools reopening, this is police continue the search for another suspect, in that paris terror attack a live report from ashley webster in paris coming up. european markets reacting to the upside, you have gains across the board, with the dax in germany being your biggest garner, this wednesday up more than 1 1/2% in united states, we are about 29 minutes away from a whole bunch of economic news, coming out jobless claims durable goods personal income and spending rightly now, you have a very calm secure market dow jones industrial average up 45 points bsdz travel day of the year as millions hit the roads, take to the skies for thanksgiving. we will tell you everything you need to know from security warnings, to the weather forecast coming you mean will goen state warriors making nba history now 16 and 0, 2 warriors beating l.a. lakers
8:02 am
111-77 warriors have longest unbeaten streak to start any basketball season. >> top story this morning, russian president vladimir putin warning of skiers kwepgs for turkey following downing of russian fighter jet yesterday morning the first time a nato country fired on a russian military plane in about half a century. fox news in jerusalem with the latest. >> scenario people worried about in syria a military confrontation between two many, many countries operating in and around syria coming together, russian president vladimir putin announcing today, that his country will send antiaircraft mils and adding several ships to the naval fleet in mediterranean turkish president seems trying to did he escalate the situation following the downing of the russian jet what we know from pept
8:03 am
officials is that the -- radar information it seems to support turkish claims this russian jet did fly into turkish airspace did ignore repeated multiple warnings to leave that airspace, however, it appears that russian jet was only in it can turkish airspace for a few seconds, according to most military officials doesn't -- prompt a missile being fired at a jet. still, turkish decided to shoot down this about russian jet one pilot killed another was rescued by commandos we understand a russian rescue helicopter, up roushan mean killed a lot of anger in moscow vladimir putin not getting this go away turkish officials in nato trying to deescalate the situation the question is what happens next does this change anything in the fight against isis turkey continues to support rebels on the ground including, turning a ballooned eye, to isis,
8:04 am
because they want get rid of assad. russia with a wants to support assad continues to attack rebels in syria, this is the overall situation in syria isn't changing no matter what is happening with latest incident. >> thank you so much, conner powell in jerusalem retired lieutenant colonel, now what? >> now what? putin is in absolute remaining. the good news dagen, is somebody finally stood up to vladimir putin. the bad news that is it was president of turkey a mischief maker, so, we've got a real problem incredibly convoluted struggle in the middle east what will putin do i think it is pretty straightforward in addition to telling rush no the to take vacations in turkey, what he is going to do
8:05 am
immediately probably already is doing today, is hitting the turkish backed cyber rebels harder putin not worried about collateral dangle svn lives he will hammer the dates daylights out of them he will watch for chance to human i will eighth turkey, the nato country somewhat restricted in reaction longer term most interesting, he may host kurdish allies giving them weapons we won't give them coming out in his case for a free kurdish state would i support not backed by rish, using kurds to deis it stabilize turkey machiavellian plotters on a level that is hard for the both of the american democrats in general
8:06 am
to deal with, we are stuck, of course, with president obama, who is -- is a baby in the woods with a solid diaper. >> now what monica how do we react as a nation what do we do if anything with the president there more than a year. >> just to dovetail what colonel peters is saying i agree with everything he said the complicating factor that you have a number of great powers in the region who are seeking regional dominance while we talk about urgent immediate threat of isis, that is merely a pretexting for what the big dynamics what is going on in the regional, you have seeking a nuclear weapon turkey the turkish president given speeches he indicated he intends for turkey upon new caliphate not isis you have vladimir putin reestablishing strategic foothold long term in syria for rush his on the not smashing isis that is a pretexting his argument is
8:07 am
control over the world oil supply which is why he there is which is why he has expanded military streaming presence there all forces are no i colliding, and as colonel peters points out we have an american president you theerly disengaged from recently will not reengage that is not who he has, has 14 months as president in this case could happen this is hill introduces period. >> colonel, you don't believe that we will regadget in aengag way what do you see united states doing next year and change. >> well, president obama, is even more about pure cosmetics that happen kardashians, he wants to make everything look as good as possible, so no, he will not engage sufficiently he just wants to coast through final months dump this in lap of next president, it really is a terribly difficult situation that is capacity for extinct wildly out of control does affect us we cannot withdraw from the situation, you know, again, on top of
8:08 am
what my pal monica was saying it is so convoluted that president of erdogan turns blind eye to isis uses isis against kurds in syria counterbalance there so many layers on this bret baier called it three dplengsal chess i call it 3 detentional ches played by psychopaths. dagen: with we're going to shst to war on isis front and center dove tails with what colonel and monica were talking about we want to hear from those who want to be in the white house, about one year from now, blake burman in washington, with more, from the campaign trail, blake. reporter: the foreign policy focus consumed not only white house yesterday but campaign trail president obama hosted françois hollande committed to continue air strikes against
8:09 am
isis better coordination with european allies defending plan to take in 10,000 syrian refugees at one point the president also krooitsdz going to a global warming conference in paris, as a reprimand against terrorism. >> next week, i will be joining president hollande, and world leaders, in paris for the global climate conference. what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when world stands as one shows that we will not be detered from a better future foreour children. >> gop candidates couple after that the question president's seriousness at about looping isis in middle east jeb bush said the president is trying to run out the clock ted cruz reduced the president to isis strategy to less than a joke. >> got to point i think "snl"
8:10 am
an parody this poth president. >> off the campaign trail for the moment next three days as they head home for thanksgiving break, back to you. >> thank you blake, blake burman in washington colonel we're going to fight terrorism preventing the tides from rising. >> well, i am -- fox business on this i am something of advisorimentalist lunatic to i imagine islamic state is impressed holding a climate controlled conference in paris the republicans candidates made sensible comments about this ultimately the fundamental problem is that for obama, this isn't his you allege willingness to engage seriously against these monstrous terrorists svnt just about amazingly political left
8:11 am
wing base he has dwelled romant sighsed romantic advised sue, the administration views on some level the islamist terrorists have some justification legitimacy the world view you theerly skewed it is impossible to get him to do what he has done the brutal fact is drug dealing with fanatics, have no reverse a gesture cannot be reconverted cannot be renegotiated with only thing you can do he 2 -- as 2000 years of history show the only thing is a war of extermination obama is not going to do there. >> i want to point out, something about the adjudicationa position of climate conversation what is going on in syria in or conversation right now, when people go to paris next week, to talk about the climate there is a lot of discussion
8:12 am
about how climate change can cause refugee crises, could cause conflict poor countries could cause human suffering, death, we've got all that happening right under our noses, right now, in syria. >> right. >> yet we are not engaged in that problem we are engaged in a prospective problem. dagen: and you just highlighted the -- people look at that comment think it is insunday a. >>, of course, but this is what you get when you install leftists in power put them in charge of national security this is not a big surprise, look, they keep talking about climate change they switched from global warning when indicated earth cooling not getting warmer has nothing to do with that issue for the left it is all about a global wealth redistribution scheme they keep pushing it in face of facts that fly in the face of defiance, cupped sings everything else why president is pushing it has to do with going to be able wealth
8:13 am
redistribution an economic issue. >> the refugee crisis right now why are we so concerned about refugee crisis that could happen -- saying climate change is what has caused what happened, in syria to begin with. >> really, quickly, colonel, just -- i will give you final word there. >> okay, well, yes, it is obviously, die-hard leftism i think the thing we are missing is a refugee crisis really an economic migrant crisis to large extent the democratic party hard left commitment to social engineering anything that makes america look less like founding fathers welcome to hard left a fem part of their ideology. >> great to see you, colonel tieriffic have a great holiday be well. >> you too one candidate using a unique approach to gaining sport over thanksgiving weekend involves attending college football game and the popular app snapchat.
8:14 am
we'll have the latest. ♪ [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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>> was protesters taking to streets of chicago, last night after authorities reefldz video of police officer jason van dyke shooting and killing 17-year-old la quan mcdonald it happened more than a year ago. cheryl casone has that, and more of today's headlines. >> that is right you had hundreds of protests blocking traffic, and circling police cars after that in view offed la quan mcdonald shooting released we're not showing you it is graphic, protests chanting 16 reference to the number of shots that were fired. officer jason van dyke was charging with first-degree murder, some are looking furth
8:18 am
you mean chain of command for punishment want impeachment of mayor rahm emmanuel. >> looking at this, malware compromised payment systems hackers target cardholder names, numbers, and security codes, hilton reviving customers who use one of their hotels from april to july this year or from november to december of last year, to review their credit card statements, and the republican presidential candidates ted cruz targeting college football fans, in the south, in particular, this weekend. the texas senator reportedly purchased ad space on snap chat on phone screamings college games friday and saturday basically when you open you are your snap chat app on your phone, it is like an advertisement place get to snap dhat targeting states who have primaries this march 2016 drastic is 18 to 24 year olds going after i will let monica tell me --
8:19 am
>> he has a very strong ground game stourn states that are after iowa and new hampshire that come later in the primary season. >> smart conservatives republicans jement have been very slow to get into technology game in terms of microtargeting the use of social media, this is really smart of him i remember 2008, barack obama's campaign was so intelligent about this they could microtarget young supporters, at like jay-z send tweets we are campaigning in smoke signals 2008, this is light-years ahead of where they were where they should be. >> kasich did a little bit, not only is i doing it but really well a la democrats ground as well around this to to have on sec football games 100,000 people every stadium brilliant, and that is why i think are seeing a lot of
8:20 am
people follow on to cruz campaign you watch numbers they are moving upward also. >> does this mean he is going to be making his stand in the south that he is already looking beyond iowa, and -- new hampshire. >> beyond iowa. >> second place. >> i think the new of the fox poll has him neck and neck. >> specifically even with donald trump in iowa that is due to carson fade carson was ring very strong among. >> also, tea party home schooling have gone to cruz that is where some of the -- >> exactly, iowa so new hampshire, might be more of a firewall for establishment candidates, like chris christie, come back there, but whether you talk about south, south carolina is third in line, then, of course, you have the -- the super tuesday -- and -- >> he actually his campaign very concentrated southern
8:21 am
states alabama louisiana all so important to them. >> thank you more discussion we'll be right back.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
coler air behind it westernmost storm warnings if dark advisories lighter blue pushing into detons we are going to continue to see this pull to the so you can't and east so tonight, starting to impact rockies farther east, but looks fantastic, here east, of the mississippi in that yellow shade going to look for the clouds to increase drizzle possible, not huge, huge issues just nuisance ones going on here, cold front though is going to arrive on thursday, and with the colder air draining on the back side of this storm system we are going to have to watch for some unifying developing, around des moines southern minnesota through kansas even toward amarillo, thursday, thursday night and even friday morning here in colder air you want to watch parking lots roadways runaways and sidewalks as well, of course, wish everybody safe travels happen thanksgiving back to you.
8:26 am
>> you too thank you so much, coming up "the wall street journal" clos-- wall street clod for thanksgiving normal buzz this morning, durable gooz initially jobless claims you name it we got it analysis, next.
8:27 am
8:28 am
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was going to clean better than a manual? he said sure. but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists. with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean. oral-b know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. >> we're about 40 seconds away from some major economic news. the markets, of course, closed tomorrow, but we're going to get jobless claims, durable goods orders, personal income and spending. john, which one of those is the most important? >> the one i'm going to look at in about 30 seconds, is the inflation numbers embedded in the income and spending report. that's the feds--
8:30 am
how the fed decides whether they're off and on target. they've want to see a pickup, the they've been below. >> i don't think we'll see something that the fed is going to see. >> it will be the jobs report for the month of november, won't it? that's a changer. >> you really need a soft jobs report to get them not to raise interest rates. the last jobs report was enough they're ready to go it confirmed their expectations. dagen: durable goods orders were up 3%. i know this tends to be a volatile number. jobless claims at 260,000 according to our headline there, that's below expectations, but a good thing, the lower the better on that note. so durable goods up 3% and we are a waiting for personal income and personal spending to come out and i'll get you those. >> the durable goods, that's a pretty good number. dagen: can you read into that
8:31 am
though, it tends to be volatile. >> it's above expectation, so, you know, it could be below expectation next month, but it's a little bit of good news today. and the jobless claims numbers, the job market has really improved a lot in the last few years, and we can't ignore that. dagen: personal income is in line with expectations and the consumption was up 1/10 of a percent, that's personal spending which is below expectations. so what, you look at all of this, you've got jobless claims that came in under estimates, they were down 12,000, durable goods better, personal income-- the only miss here is your consumption. >> on consumption and we've talked a little bit today about the high end retailers suffering, struggling right now. dagen: you made fun of me for being concerned about it, about the high end luxury retailers. >> i'm not worried about them or about consumption. i think maybe it's off, but
8:32 am
overall american consumers are in pretty good shape. dagen: we still have gains across the board. >> a lot of people are out buying pumpkin spiced lattes. >> you have to stop saying that, i've never consumed-- i demand a retraction, i have to sit across the table from my brother tomorrow and he's going to be teasing me mercilessly if he thinks i drink pumpkin spiced latte. dagen: there's a lot of sugar in that coffee you were drinking. >> straight sugar. >> the numbers aren't too different from where we are and bare why we saw the futures barely budge. dagen: let's talk about what we expect for november and the month ahead. the vice-chairman, so we have the november jobs report. you don't need the-- this is a snapshot, the numbers that we just got, but what about the overall month and month ahead, alan. >> sure, i think we're on a steady recovery.
8:33 am
we've seen that, nothing to write home about, it's not explosive, but the last couple of times i've been on, we talk about it being a little choppy and i think, you know, i think that the jobs earlier. in the month ahead, i think it's steady as we go, but i think there's a theme around this consumption issue. we've been adding jobs, we've been adding jobs that don't pay a lot. so the numbers, notionally look good, but in reality, i don't know that we're putting enough spending power in the hands of folks. dagen: you have major retailers, wal-mart, target, mcdonald's, raising the minimum they're paying the employees, do you see better wages, but less job creation potentially in parts of the economy? >> for low skilled workers they're not going to benefit that much if there are jobs for lawyers or high-tech computer programmers, they need the low end jobs, as we were talking about earlier, this might be a moment when things are starting to improve for the little guy
8:34 am
and not the guys at the top of the food chain. dagen: i know one area of focus for you, has been the use of robots and more automated processes, whether it's in factories or maybe even fast food restaurants. that doesn't help job creation? >> no, so the data going out ten years is both exciting and scary depending how you look at it. let's go back to the initial industrialization of the country. job creation was explosive. we created middle class job opportunities when we had the industrial revolution. we created factories that never existed before and good jobs for people to have with moderate skill. then we have a developed economy and then we move to another level of development in terms of next industrial revolution. the idea of intelligence and robotics. we'll look at situations where low skilled jobs are going to be replaced. and 27% cheaper for robots and
8:35 am
another 27% ten years from now. >> that's scary, but i think the great point, industrial revolution versus what we have right now with technological revolution. i think what you're seeing is a lot of innovation in this country and that's why you're seeing a lot of start-up companies and a lot of people going out realizing the higher paid middle class jobs aren't there and they're going to be replaced by robots. so i think you're seeing a push for a lot more entrepreneur entrepreneurialship and you're seeing people and the next wave of people. >> are you looking for placement? >> we've seen them, our business across the board has always been about helping companies grow, so every stage we've seen them. i wouldn't say it's any more or any less, but it does kind of look like 2000, 1999 again, but nothing secularly impressive. dagen: he want to bring you in here because all of the republican candidates, their strategy and speaking to people about the economy and wages,
8:36 am
and job creation, is about their tax plans. >> right. dagen: in some ways, if you're going to cut corporate taxes or simplify corporate tax code that might speak to that issue, but are they doing enough to kind of reach into people's hearts and connect with them? >> they all have very strong pro growth messages which is what the american people need to hear and what they want and the u.s. economy needs growth. they're putting their eggs into the tax reform basket, which is smart policy-wise, but in terms of messaging and communicating with voters, middle class voters that have really been squeezed. working class voters, doesn't necessarily translate. you know, conservatives have always made the mistake of talking in numbers, tax rates or the national debt or deficits, trillions of dollars and percentages. while those are factually true, numbers are cold and hard. some things that they've done brilliantly is casting in emotional terms. what i want to see is a more
8:37 am
emotional appeal and-- >> like the economy, it's going to be big, huge. >> it's going to be fantastic. >> the point that dagen is making. >> it's an emotional appeal. based in national honors, yes, we're going to get this economy moving again. whether i'm talking about emotional appeal to voters. >> i think at that point you're making is that growth is more than tax rates, there are many other factors that go into whether a company expands or a new start up emerges, than what the tax rate is going to be. i think your question is, what are republicans doing on that front on issues like productivity. and-- >> obamacare. >> the work force. >> obamacare, regulation, all the things that are keeping a wet blanket on the economy. dagen: deregulation, jeb was very strong on that at that fox business republican debate and didn't take him anywhere. >> and carly fiorina talking a lot about technology and bringing technology back to the center of this economy, which the kids, the millennials will responds to, but that hasn't
8:38 am
gained her much traction. dagen: the final word alan. >> and be quick. >> the next ten years is going to be both exciting and a big shift in the way we go to work every day. dagen: alan, thank you, of korn/ferry. >> nice to be here. dagen: and mary -- maria starts every weekday at 6:00. and moments you might have missed, shame on you, earlier in the show. >> the president mate -- made a plug for the climate thing and upping against the islamic states which we didn't get. >> this morning, will look better than the previous month, probably. i don't think it changes the path that the fed is on in terms of likely raising in december. >> maybe he's trying out first, script for "saturday night live," that kind of thing, a caricature. dagen: it's not funny.
8:39 am
>> it isn't and that's one reason why his poll numbers are beginning to slip. dagen: do you drink cale and cashew for breakfast. >> the juicy drink is healthy. >> we don't have a strategy, we don't have a real policy that is designed to defeat and destroy isis and so, until we come up again, as i said, with a coherent strategy, the best we can do is contain. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear
8:40 am
from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> new developments in the shooting attack that targeted protesters in minneapolis. cheryl casone has that and other headlines, cheryl. >> that's right, dagen and good morning, police arresting three suspects accused of firing on the protesters. five demonstrators were shot monday, but none of them sustained life threatening wounds. protests have been camp out in minneapolis since a black man was shot by police officers on november 15th. a one-day only, hitting the skies. 99% off on certain flights. the deal ends today at midnight. there are some rules to follow to get the deal. you cannot fly on fridays or saturdayses , some are not included. >> and wide receiver bailey has
8:44 am
been shot in the head and miraculously in stable condition. he was serving a suspension for four games and he was to play against the lions. but there's no word on the cause of the shooting, but another person is in much more serious condition. dagen: jeff bezos is beating elon musk in the space issue. and the reaction. jo: he had a successful rocket landing and musk doesn't like it. and bezos privately funded blue origin, successfully landed an unmanned rocket and that landing part eluded musk.
8:45 am
and he may be unaware that vtol flight ban in 2013 or our water landing in 2014 and the orbital land landing is next. bezos has been secret on his side about blue origin's plan until now. >> all the rockets we've flown as a civilization have been expendable. we use them one time and throw them away. the rocket you're seeing behind me is completely reusable. that's a game changer because it changes the cost structural of travel completely. >> so far space e and elon musk has failed to land on an ocean platfo platform. >> it's nice to see as you make all of that money in your career, your thin doesn't get any thicker. jo: apparently not. dagen: give it to bezos, i'm
8:46 am
waiting for a drone to deliver that package. coming up, triple-a says people will travel more than 50 miles from their home. will a worldwide alert put a damper on the plans? next. ♪
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8:50 am
of seven trading gains. yesterday squeezed out because oil did well. we're seeing oil pull back. the dow is holding on. futures up 43 points and s&p futures up 4. we're keeping a keen eye on deere, the largest seller of tractors and harvesting companies. they've had lower results and haven't seen the demand for these things, but gave an outlook here that revenue would look better in the year ahead and that's why we're seeing an up arrow. looking at $79 and keeping an eye on caterpillar, back to you. dagen: thanks, nicole. please start your day every day with nicole at 5 a.m. eastern time, fbn a.m. catch it here on the fox business network. and let's talk about this data quickly. so we came durable goods 3% up, that was good news. >> right. dagen: nondefense, capital goods exaircraft my personal favorite up 1.3%, i'm the nerd. but you're going to look at the inflation numbers and personal income and spending.
8:51 am
>> right, what we're seeing in the inflation numbers today is important. basically it was no change. if you strip out food and energy prices which are volatile. so, this matters to the fed a lot. they want to start seeing inflation pick up because they don't see any reason to raise interest rates until they're a little bit comfortable that inflation is going to lift. we're not seeing it there. so i think they're going to raise interest rates in december because the job market has looked very strong. but because inflation is still soft, it's going to hold them back from doing increases, number two and three and four next year. dagen: real quick. >> that's a good point. but as the markets lifted up here recently, it has to do when the fed raises rates, not if, the play book that it's not just starting, it's going to be slow and gradual. that's what the market likes, less uncertainty and a positive for the market. >> right, that's exactly because of those low inflation
8:52 am
numbers, so today, you're going to see the market strong today because i think it confirms this very gradual pace of rate increases that investors have been talking about. dagen: makes me feel good. mike has been telling me i'm a scrooge, but i'm not. we'll be right back. ♪ i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at
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>> >> >> >>
8:55 am
>> the state department issuing a warning urging americans to be cautious. jeff flock is that old hare airport in chicago with more. what does it look like right now? jeff: just talking to people out here. >> i started way early. i panicked when i heard the report on my radio. i panicked and i called. they said it would be about 20 minutes. i had the cab, early.
8:56 am
jeff: this is a horror story that we like to hear on days like this. smooth sailing. good luck, by the way. you are expecting ms, no mess out here. paralympic athletes. a sled, paralympic sled hockey player. and a paralympic swimmer. >> it is great. really surprised. the lines are not too crazy. people are happy. jeff: happy to meet a paralympic hockey player, swimmer. all sorts out here. dagen: things like that that just make you feel good. stuart: the resiliency of our nation and people. we are almost dirty three
8:57 am
minutes away from the opening bell. i was a stage manager. now he is here. these are, they look like very small turkey drums. [laughter] his mom gave him that headband last year at the holidays. he saved it and wore it to work today. that makes people feel good. we will pass the headband on. you can keep it. you can take it off if you are uncomfortable. >> a little bit. i think it is important to realize we have a lot to be thankful for. when you bring that back to the country here, there is a lot that we have to be thankful for. i think that is one of the reasons why we see the market moving up until the year end.
8:58 am
dagen: to your brother, i retract the accusation that you are drinking a pumpkin spice latte. >> we have a lot to be thankful for. this is a resilient nation. despite all the bad news we bring people. dagen: the economy seems to be okay. dagen: look at mike. >> what is your biggest worry? >> lost a sense of dynamism. what will bring that back. dagen: can a presidential candidate do that? >> i personally think we put a little too much emphasis on our politicians. >> i think that they are redeemable.
8:59 am
perhaps after seven-eight years of barack obama and the radical left in charge of this country, they have changed the nature of america. i worry about that. the second thing i worry about his national security. all the other issues, none of that matters. we need a strong commander and chief who is willing to do this. dagen: do think anything changes between now and the election or the next inauguration in terms of our positioning? >> a lot worse under this president. he will not change american policy. that is why i think the next 14 months our problem with the most dangerous of his presidency. dagen: what about the red eric coming from the presidential candidates? >> i think most of them, if not all of them are producing strength.
9:00 am
remember, the president is a personification of how the american people want the country to act. that is why donald trump is succeeding. dagen: happy day. big hugs. a big hug and a handoff to mr. stuart varney. stuart: thank you very much. the reviews are in. they are not good for the president. good morning, everyone. no change in the fight against terror. that was the message to france. mr. obama said that the parents climate conference is a powerful rebuke to terror. what do you think the answer to that was? ridicule from the right and mockery from some of the left. however, it is thanksgiving week. we bring you good news. gas prices at the lowest in seven years.


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