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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 25, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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neil: just in time for black friday. we're hearing protesters plan to march on malls in chicago. they don't have enough to worry about chicago, they're targeting malls. what? trish: i new you didn't like shopping. neil cavuto, breaking right now. president of france is on his way to russia, to ask for vladmir putin's help in war on isis, after our president volunteered nothing. welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report. francois hollande heading to russia after his meeting with president obama, no bigger plan to tackle isis. instead obama turned the meeting into a political attack on anyone who doesn't report syrian refugees, un-american if you do so. >> on statue of liberty, a gift from the people of france, there
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are words we no so well. give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. yearning to be free. that's the spirit that makes us american. that's the spirit that binds us to france. trish: now just moments ago to looked to national television, reassuring americans of strategy with isis. saying that the government knows of no specific credible plot on the homeland. watch this. >> so far military and our partners conducted more than 8,000 airstrikes on isil strongholds and equipment. those airstrikes, along with the efforts of our partners on the ground have taken out key leaders. have taken back territory from isil. even as america already supporting french airstrikes in syria. yesterday, president holland and i agreed that our countries are going to step up the coordination even further.
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trish: but you know what? most americans, they don't think it's working. i'll tell you, france definitely doesn't think whatever we're doing is working. which is why today, hat in hand, holland is looking to another world leader for action. and he is asking for putin's help, as if it wasn't hard enough to ask for putin's help, we have new details everyone, emerging on russian warplane shot down by turkey that is complicating discussions most definitely right now. senior defense official indicates that the russian yets, fighter -- jets, may have moved back into syrian airspace seconds after turkish missile was launched. this is video taken, if authenticated seems to show syrian border rebels, shooting at pilot as the he parachutes from the plane, that action, would be considered a war crime. we're getting analysis right now, from former vice president, dick cheney, national security advisor, john hannah.
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john, welcome to the show. let me ask you, how does all this information about this, about this plane, how does it affect global talks happening on isis in your view right now? >> i think it throw as big monkey wrench into president hollande as desperate effort to look like set international statesman in the aftermath of attacks in paris to put together a grand alliance to put to russia and the united states, now with this simmering kind of conflict between nato and russia, i think it makes it all the more difficult russia to get into this alliance against isis, because russia, wasn't into this alliance in the first place. its priority remains bolstering with assad regime,. trish: this is the challenge the world is facing right now, because putin can't to keep al-asad in his seat.
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and wants to get rid of isis. if he is not offering counterpoint to run syria, what have you got? what are you left with? >> yeah, no, that is exactly the choice. that putin has been working, to confront the world with. you either got isis, either you've got the assad regime. there is nothing in the middle, because putin is eliminating everything in the middle. that is what he is spending all of his bombs and ordnance and strikes on defeating all of those semimoderate rebel groups that the united states and our allies been trying to help. his priority, he will fight isis but only once the rest of the world including the french, say, okay, assad can stay, he is the not the best there is but a hell of a lot better than isis. trish: what is likelihood of that happening? i was just stating, watching president holland and going to
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president putin hat in hand, essentially, u.s. is effectively doing nothing at least from all, all that we've seen, not doing anything to really increase its presence and increase its attacks on isis. so if he goes to putin for help, what is putin going to hold out for? is it going to be backing of bashar al-assad? >> two things. i think backing of assad and france and europe are almost there, because they can not afford another strike on europe. it will tear european, europe apart and undermine completely entire european project of open borders, everything we've heard about. the second thing, that putin wants, is clearly europe, lift the sanctions for our intervention into ukraine. and our seizure of the crimea. he wants those sanctions gone. trish: we'll be watching. quickly before i go, what is the likelihood that putin is successful this he get what is he wants in europe.
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>> i think french will signal, weaken back assad, but don't make us say it. i think he can get that. trish: people need the help. they need to fight this territory. john, thank you very much. good to have you here today. new reports everyone, out of belgium, the molenbeek marry seized a list of terror suspects one month before the attacks. that list included ones involved in deadly paris attacks. this news coming as brussels emerges from four-days of lockdown. one of the suspects, apartments, it could even be seen right from the mayor's office, pretty incredible. belgium issuing warrant for another man's arrest. a man seen helping salah abdeslam, at a gas station two days prior to the paris attacks. looking at his picture. abdeslam, one of the eight terrorists shooters in paris.
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still remains at large. fox news foreign correspondent benjamin hall joins us live from brussels with the latest on the investigations. benjamin, welcome. where are investigators at this point in the search for fugitives on the run? >> to be honest that investigation has been quite secret. they're just not announcing any details. that is one of the big problems here and people on the street really feeling that. there is no information coming from the government. so people continue to feel left out and afraid. eerie calm has fallen over this city. after these four days of lock down, but that shadow still hangs over its head. abdeslam, attacker who is still at large and other problems going on here, namely attack which sim meant here. today schools and subways were reopened with additional security in place. parents have been asking exactly changed? why should they feel safe when the government says there is still imminent threat.
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government -- they also suggested it was heightened security which was working here. yesterday, as you said the belgium federal prosecutor's office issued another international warrant for a fifth belgium suspect. mohamed abrini, they don't know whether he is in this country or another country. shops opened up again as tourists were braving the streets. military presence is high and there are still questions. life goes on here. people are trying to get over it. they won't be afraid of terrorists but questions being asked and no answers coming. trish? trish: benjamin, thank you very much, good to have you here with us. i want everyone to take a look at new video, from associated press coming in to us showing the tunnel, isis soldiers dug in iraq to avoid getting killed by 8,000 bombs, we heard president say we've been firing at them this year. according to kurdish forces, there are 30 to 40 of these tunnels that these militants
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have dug. as much as we're trying to attack airstrikes, we're not getting guys, not getting terrorists themselves. part of reason for this, may have to do our rules of engagement. we tell them when we strike and they go underground. we don't want to kill innocent people. of course north. that is not who we are, but without ground troops, how do we get at these guys, in these tunnels? do we have enough intelligence to figure out who needs to be taken out on the ground right now? former cia director james woolsey joins me with more information. ambassador, welcome. >> good to be with you. trish: what is it in your view we need to be doing differently. what should we be doing differently? how can we gather intelligence to take these guys out? >> well, we don't want casualties of people who are not combatants but the obama administration has taken this to absurd length. there were well over 100 tank trucks for emple, sitting for
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a long time, full of oil, which about a million dollars a day, that went to isis, from their selling their oil. and, we wouldn't attack them because they had truck drivers, isis truck drivers. trish: let me just stop you there, ambassador, because the truck drivers were working for isis, right? >> truck drivers were what? trish: they were working for isis? they were on the isis payroll? >> sure. trish: they were driving isis trucks. >> sure. trish: but we can't attack trucks because they have truck drivers working for isis in there? >> yes. that is the why the barack obama administration talking this to ridiculous lengths. they don't want anybody who could be argued not to be part of the eni m you can't effectively fight a war that way. it's a shame occasionally people are going to die who are not immediate participants, but, it is, you can't be effective doing
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what he has been doing for months. trish: so given where we are on this, and knowing what we know about vladmir putin, and perhaps him not playing by the same kind of rules, do you think that the world plight turn to him? we have hollande going to putin and asking for help in this war against isis, while our own president, really is offering nothing in the way of additional support. i mean, is vladmir putin and russia going to be ones to potentially lead this fight. maybe that's not a bad thing if our own president isn't stepping up? >> i think putin will try to look like he is leading the fight. he really does not want to undercut or kill members of the isis. he wants to undercut anybody who is a problem for assad. and, so, i don't think he is really going to take that role but people will come to him and he loves prestige and he loves
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being over all someone that is looked to. i think he is going to keep kind of noodling along the way he is now, and not help us at all. and, not really go after isis at all but to try to look like a strong statesman. trish: ambassador, is france strong enough to do themselves? with the support of other european nations? >> not really. the other european nations, even britain these days, doesn't really have much of a military. they have, they have tilted things so hard towards their domestic economy, they don't really have effective military. there are a few, pools of excellence, some of the french special forces, some of the british special forces, but they don't have the numbers that are needed, kurds are in part of that region have the numbers that are needed, they could be a help. what we really have to do if we want to succeed, recruit number of tribal heads and on sunni
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side of things in iraq especially, that fought with us in moving, into the surge and anbar a i wakening several years ago and so forth. they are not going to come with us if we just basically fiddle around. we're not even leading from behind. we're fiddling around behind. trish: do you think part of this fiddling around is just to he wants to get through his term? >> i can't tell what he is doing. not even remotely close to being effective. whether the thing that is hard to deal with, with this administration is that think start with the narrative, as they call it. and if a fact comes along that doesn't fit into the narrative, then they sort of fiddle with the fact a bit in order to try to make it fit but they start with public relations and work backward what they're going to do. instead of deciding what to do and figure out how to sell it to the world. trish: ambassador, this brings
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me to the centcom issue. we have reports that intelligence may have been faulty coming out of the pentagon. >> yes. trish: that they were painting a rosier intelligence picture for the president and his top lieutenants there because they effectively needed to do that to your point. there is an answer, that somebody wants to hear and people are working to solve towards that answer as opposed actually gathering real information. what is your thought on this investigation now? >> well, there is really no greater sin in intelligence than telling the boss what you think the boss wants to hear instead of calling it straight. you exist to call it straight. and if you're not doing that, and you're not willing to call it straight to stand behind what you say, you're worse than worthless, as part of the system. and it looks as if we've had perhaps at least a few people. i don't know whether it was a large number or came from the top or near the top or what. but, it looks like there have been at least a few people
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getting investigated now who were definitely not calling it straight. trish: ambassador, we appreciate that you do call it straight. thank you for sharing all of that information with us today. >> good to be with you. trish: everyone, protesters have taken to the street in chicago for a second day after a new video surfaced that shows the killing of a teenage african-american boy. we'll bring you the latest from the the streets of chicago next. plus donald trump in rare, well maybe not so rare form. >> this is what i call a real supporter. are you married? are you happy with your husband? she said yes! she fantasizes that he is really the real donald trump. trish: we'll have latest from the campaign trail. also enjoy it. enjoy it while it lasts. the christmas tunes. you're hearing right now that we're playing. they are about to fall prey to political correctness.
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why another veterans facility is outlawing christmas music all together. details coming up. stay with me. ♪
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trish: all right, everyone, chicago seeing another round of protests after dash-cam video was released showing a 17-year-old african-american boy, laquan mcdonald getting shot 15 times in 16 seconds by chicago police officer jason van dyke. van dyke is charged with first-degree murder. we're not showing video. but look at some of these stills right now. there is mcdonald there, walking in the street. he was carrying, what was said
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to be a three inch knife. the police are approaching him there, from the side. do we have the next photo? you can see they actually, van dyke shot him. he laid down on the ground. he was shot, as we said again 16 times in 15 seconds. now rudy giuliani, former mayor of new york weighed in on the situation on "fox & friends" this morning. he said this. >> first it is, he committed a crime. second, the police had a right to stop him. the question do you shoot him 16 times including in the back? that sounds like you're going beyond what -- >> of course it does. >> what you should be doing. trish: former new york police department detective bo dietl joins me with more on this story. bo, welcome. how do you shoot 1 of times in 15 seconds? >> well, i saw the actual raw footage of this and, there was a pause, believe it or not in between. when they first shot him he went down. then when he was on the ground, the officer then emptied the gun
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into him. and i saw the video. i'm sorry to say, as a former law enforcement, there is no way that i can stand up for this cop in any shape or form of what happened then. the point i really don't understand, they have this video for 13 months. they know that this guy went far and above committing this crime. it was a crime as far as i'm concerned, there will be a lot of people that will get angry at me. i support the police -- trish: charged him with first-degree murder. >> i support police more than anybody. i hate when they take a broad brush now and paint all cops working so hard doing their job out there today, and now they're all going to have that taint because of this one bad apple. and this one guy, as far as i'm concerned, no one can justify what i saw. if it happened in south carolina, charleston, when the guy shot the man in the back, you can't justify this. you have got bad guys. there are millions of interactions, millions of
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interactions around this country every year but my heart goes out to that family, the one that died, i really feel that way because -- trish: let me ask you something. this guy had history of poor performance, aggressive, verbal abuse, excessive force. there were 20 allegations against him in his file there, that the police had put together, as well as there was a jury decision, and jury decided against van dyke and his partner for using excessive force back in july 2007, against a black man, awarding that man, the victim, $350,000. how do you continue to keep your job when you have 20 incident on your file and a jury award? >> let me ask you that, when you're an active cop out there, you will get complaints. people understand, when you try to arrest somebody they don't want to be arrested, you have to use necessary force. i have 40 complaints.
2:23 pm
i arrested thousands of people. i never killed anybody. the point when you're active, in the midst of locking people, of gang members and all that you will get complaints. i throw that out the window. trish: okay. >> one thing has nothing to do with the other thing. i really, really don't like that -- trish: do you think psychologically he should have been evaluated? was there something that just snapped in him? again, to be shooting that many times? >> i don't know what was in his mind but all i can say from the video raw footage, when on the ground, marmful to nobody, getting pummeled with bullets. question you asked me when we first sat down how do they get rid of actual bullets that fast, there was actual pause. i can get rid of 16 bullets in my gun 2 1/2 section. there was pause. he fired. the guy went down and again emptied his gun. this is horrific tragedy occurred to the young man. police out there, that are doing their job and -- trish: working hard right now for you are.
2:24 pm
>> don't want that to anybody, trish. trish: thank you very much. >> have a good thanksgiving to you and your family. trish: not just islamic radicals from europe. authorities are worried about the 10,000 ref gees from sir i can't think president -- refugees from syria the president wants to bring into this country, five weeks time, despite comments like this from his own administration. >> we'll not know a whole lot about individual refugees that come forward from the u.n. high commission on refugees for resettlement and vetting. >> my concern there are certain gaps, they don't want to talk about publicly, in the data available to us.
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>> 47 million americans traveling for thanksgiving this week in the fbi and homeland security releasing a bulletin to 18,000 members of law-enforcement warning of
2:28 pm
copycat attacks following the deadly terror strikes in paris. what do we do right now to control who is in our country right now? consider a few facts, 20 million people coming to the country and the waiver program, traveling to the united states with very little vetting and researching. meanwhile intel reports indicate there are 4,000 people in europe right now with european passports that have ties to radical islam and the paris at tax, they held european passports. why are these europeans able to travel yourself really? in addition, perhaps even more alarming, there are more than a thousand investigations in america right now into people tied to isis. the author of that new report that talks about the homeland threat, counterterrorism instructor for e fbi and special forces, welcome back to the show. >> thank you for having me back.
2:29 pm
trish: perhaps the most alarming thing in your studies this conclusion that isis, i quote, isis has the necessary supporters in place and financial means to carry out an attack here in america. what evidence do you have compelling you to say that? >> we have collected all the unclassified open source information over the last 20 months in america related to the introduction of isis suspects. the facts speak for themselves. in that year ago we had 82 people arrested or killed on u.s. soil involved in isis plots. of those people 50% wanted to go fight jihad in the middle east in iraq or syria but the scary news is 30% of those people we intercepted as isis supporters, isis recruits have no intention of leaving america and fighting jihad in the middle east. they decided the best way to serve the new -- to serve isis
2:30 pm
is to kill americans on u.s. soil. those are just the facts of the matter. trish: we heard from the president that there is no credible threat and no reason for people to change their behavior and no reason for people to be that worried but nonetheless when you speak i get a little worried. >> the president clearly isn't listening to his own director of the federal bureau of investigation. he has testified in open session on the whole the we have isis, not al qaeda, isis investigations on going in every single state of the union. that includes alaska and hawaii incredibly. thanks to judicial watch, document recently, we now know from upstate law enforcement agency that there are more than 900 on going investigations. either the president isn't
2:31 pm
listening to his own director of the fbi or he is spinning a yarn to support his continued assessment that isis are the jayvee team. trish: let's talk about that. we saw pretty sophisticated attack unfold in europe. when you look at who our government is gathering intelligence on, communicating right now on social media are these people sophisticated? are they capable of doing something like we saw in paris? >> absolutely. if there's any jayvee team to date is al qaeda, not islip on all open source metrics isis is much more dangerous than al qaeda. they have thousands, tens of thousands of members, 60,000 members in isis right now. they have more money and al qaeda ever dreamed of, they are making according to the financial times $500 million a year, that is between 2 to $4 million a day.
2:32 pm
with that you can find all kinds of attacks so they are definitely a real threat to america right now. trish: we were talking about that, trying to strike at their oil trucks but we have to warn them when we are going to do it because god forbid we get one of the drivers of the isis oil truck in the process. are we not approaching this the way we should be? understanding this really is an enemy? >> this is like of that joke. in world war ii we didn't tell the people supporting the nazi front-line troops get out of your trucks because we are coming in an hour. this is in saturday. never tell the any what you are going to do in advance because they will adapt and you will not be able to crush them. we need to crush them. they need to destroy as and we have to be serious about our response. we are not taken seriously either by allies or more
2:33 pm
importantly by isis. trish: thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. trish: democratic support is growing for none other than socialist bernie sanders in new hampshire and iowa. we have uncovered some intel that should, should give voters pause. it is worse than you think, eisenhower rates, we get details next. >> there has to be real tax reform, where the wealthiest corporations will pay. on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪
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jeb bufrom our president:h you will not hear we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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trish: we heard the president say if we do not open our arms to syrian refugees, he has been stressing this over and over and over again, whilespeaking with francois hollande yesterday at the white house. i want to show you something. new quinnipiac poll shows democrats in iowa, must be the kind ofdemocrats the president likes, i bucking the trend we're seeing nationally, most democrats do not like the idea of refugees in america but in iowa, 81% of democrats there want to welcome to assyrian refugees which it may put hillary clinton in a tough spot because they want the refugees in iowa, you have a democratic governor in new hampshire that said no, we are not going to take the more put upon this, and
2:38 pm
for about the rest of the country most democrats do not want refugees. what is the top democratic candidate to do? joining me is a republican strategist mark soprano, welcome to both of you. i am surprised that many democrats in iowa are in favor right now of refugees coming into the country. this is bucking the national trend. >> it certainly is. i can tell you coming from ohio, not far from iowa, democrats there including my own member of congress who is a democrat, homicide -- there are significant concerns and the poll in iowa on may be reflective of the fact that there seems to be a major politicization if you will of this issue on both sides whether it is as you said in the intro, if we don't accept these
2:39 pm
refugees what is going to happen is we are not tolerant of diversity, on the flip side i think there are some that are stirring the scene of phobia pot but at the end of the day we have to be careful, we have to recognize the national security is top priority and democrats and republicans alike need to be protected. we need to make sure we take a pause. that is my opinion and that is the general consensus. trish: you are a democrat. >> i represented democratic leaning district. trish: let's make sure we are safe. how do you played this? if she has got most of the country feeling representatives -- how does she balance this with what she needs to do in iowa in the here and now? >> i am not surprised by the poll results. democrats side generally more liberal, liberal democrats want america to be more humanitarian, to be more safe and secure.
2:40 pm
kdka trish: you can be a humanitarian and be safe and secure. >> hillary needs to put this in simple terms for iowa democrats, build a parallel from today's headlines. this is chicken salad from costco. we need to ask them your question, if costco has a program to suspend chicken salad sales to improve the vetting process for their chickens why not support a program, for refugees, from costa because it might have the goal line. trish: as mike huckabee said i hand you a bag of peanuts and tell you a couple of the may be poisonous to you going to eat those peanuts? let me turn to another issue happening in iowa? they sure are something because they think socialist bernie sanders is top on the economy despite all his rhetoric, stuff
2:41 pm
like this. >> what this campaign is about is whether we can mobilize our people to take back our government from the handful of billionaires and create the vibrant democracy we know we can and should have? >> taking it back from the billionaires', effectively taxing those billionaires'. he is trying to play it safely promising not to go back to eisenhower tax rates which would actually be in the 90th percentile. >> we haven't come up with an exact number but it will not be as high as the number under dwight eisenhower which was 90%. trish: not much of a socialist compared to eisenhower. maybe he is even more of a socialist intelligence report uncovered something i would democratic voters ought to know. at this. we have information from former
2:42 pm
reports there that say -- can we bring this to you? a dream of basically 100% tax on income above $1 million a year according to a report quoted in 1974 concentrated well, causing economic illness and he says, quote, he would like to make it illegal to amass more wealth than a human family could use in a lifetime. doing this by having at 100% tax on incomeabove this level, $1 million a year effectively would work in his view. in 1974 he told the burlington free press that, quote, nobody should earn more than $1 million. both of these stories have been picked up by bloomberg and politico. he egis saying you can turn that much money. this is no -- you are no fan of hillary thatyou are a democrat.
2:43 pm
would you think of this policy, you cannot earn more than the one million dollars, i will make it illegal for you tear earned more than a million bucks a year? >> it is and leon american. >> i don't feel the burn, that is pretty clear. you are taking statements from the mid-70s. >> i want to point out, a 40-year-old statement. he has intimated. anytime -- the government wants to take 1 and presented your money, you are not a clinton fan or bernie sanders fan, you are democrat. >> i was very much pro joe biden.
2:44 pm
that is not an option right now. at this point i will cast my vote for secretary clinton in the ohio primaries but many of us would like more options. trish: good to have you here. stay tuned. the president hasn't built any trust with world leaders, that is next.
2:45 pm
>> check these markets for you,
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21 points is the gain on the dow. is somewhat higher. a couple stocks, making it new lifetime highs, 90 which is not only running up to record high, the best performing stock on the dow so far this year. we are keeping an eye on shares of home depot which is hitting a new high today. this is the seventh consecutive record after somebody reported better than expectedearnings. coming up my intel on how president obama is failing in his duties as a world leader, he is putting your safety at risk, politicizing recent world events. "the intelligence report" will be right back after this.
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>> a new poll confirms what many of you already know. americans do not trust the government. 90% of americans say they trust the government always or most of the time. incredible, 19%. granted congress has not been much of a role model with all the infighting and political bickering over the last eight years. i know management is everything,
2:49 pm
the ceo of a company sets the tone, that is the reality, shareholders punish ceos when they are not successful in your strategy. president obama will have quite a legacy. he has made a political world even more political. think about his comments about republicans being afraid while the was traveling overseas and the philippines last week. >> apparently they are scared of widows and orphans and coming into the united states of america. trish: and yesterday he continued his politicking by using the joint news conference with french president francois hollande not to lay out a plan of attack, promising isis would be destroyed, for legitimate concerns for opening up our borders for refugees. >> we cannot and will not
2:50 pm
succumb to fear. nor can we allow fear to divide us. that is how terrorists win. we cannot give a the victory of changing how we go about living our lives. >> i have been saying all along this is not and should not be a partisan issue, security is not politics. the president needs to lead and he needs to assure everyone, all americans, members of congress and 30 governors from across the country that don't want refugees in their state, he needs to talk to them, hear their concerns and needs to promise the countries that he will have this discussion. americans, we want to be safe and the tone starts at the top. all right. coming up next, the new war on christmas has gone to the next level. my next guest is the pastor and was told he can't sing christmas
2:51 pm
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trish: enjoy that music while you can. the salem virginia senator in virginia at the vacenter is banning the christmas music in public areas. the ban is designed to make sur the government doesn't promote any particular religion, in this case christianity. my next guest is getting more christmas pushback, he is past tour of a church in virginiaand was told he is not allowed to sing christmas songs at his local va facilities this year.
2:55 pm
joining me is rock pike, baptist church senior pastor, john signs junior. good to have you here. tell me what happened here. you wanted to sing, you were asked to sing at a local va facility in virginia and you assumed you would sing christmas songs. >> yes, it is a pleasure to speak with you. it is my southern heritage. trish: go ahead. >> a couple months ago a lady who attends my church, reside with a group called the ruling under chapter iv that ministers, focusing on hospitalized veteran that asked if i would come, travel all over the country as a singer-songwriter and evangelist to promote the cause of christ and asked what i come and entertain veterans while the group provides a spaghetti dinner for christmas. we put a date together and all
2:56 pm
was right with the world. and then they said by the way, there are no christmas trees about, no caroling, you can't sing anything religious or christ related, you can't have a blessing before the meal, there can't be any prayers, just completely closed it all off. who would use the to? she gave me the name and number, call him and got his side of the story, listened to him and said i hear what you are saying, but your time would be best served if you figured out how to provide medical care for the veterans and let me worry about the songs. trish: i don't know what is going on in virginia because you are the second one we have been reporting on this week, we are hearing you can't play christmas music this holiday season. >> i can tell you by friday of last week, by end of day thursday last week, that had been resolved and i was given a
2:57 pm
clean bill of health to do whatever it is i wanted to do, i told someone i talked to them that i was not going to be one of these guys who want to wait easily and was not going to roll over and play dead. trish: senior pastor in virginia, good to have you, liz claman, everyone.
2:58 pm
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liz: i am liz claman. good afternoon. green on this green for the markets. russia is upping the ante in serious at this hour. new video showing russian aircraft dropping bombs in northern syria. vladimir putin also reportedly saying state of the art missile defense systems preventing this. all of the moves come today. one day after turkey is shut down. the other rescued. the threat of a military


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