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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  November 25, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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liz: i am liz claman. good afternoon. green on this green for the markets. russia is upping the ante in serious at this hour. new video showing russian aircraft dropping bombs in northern syria. vladimir putin also reportedly saying state of the art missile defense systems preventing this. all of the moves come today. one day after turkey is shut down. the other rescued. the threat of a military
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confrontation just not higher. president obama today, there is no credible terror threat right now. the busiest travel day of the year. spending the thanksgiving holiday with friends and family. former ambassador has been on this high level security threat for the past week. what you should know about how our government is handling the danger. we have this breaking news. another israeli soldier has been stabbed. shot to death. this is secretary of state john kerry meeting with benjamin netanyahu. what would israel do to take down isis? the former israeli prime minister led many missions that kill terrorists. here in a fox business exclusive.
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we have our eyes on the markets. economic data. higher by 25 points. less than an hour to "the closing bell." we will start the countdown. ♪ the turkey truck is beginning on wall street. stocks volume much lighter than average rate now. a solid holiday thanksgiving. running about 25%. below the one-month average. why the green on the screen? the data came out today. first, durable goods. a rise of five tenths of a percent. looking very strong. up 1.3%. jobless claims falling more than expected here at down 1000 years
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home sales up. the consumer is saving more than it is spending. the markets, yes, moving higher right now. the s&p up to an a half percent. we have the nasdaq up 18. the dow industrials up 26. the last hour of trade before the holiday. we are really glad you are joining us. keep the tv on and stay with me. the nation is on high alert. and international incident. a wider conflict in syria. president obama today trying to ease the minds of americans. here is what he is saying. >> i want the american people to know and during the holidays that the combined resources of our military, intelligence and homeland security is on the
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case. liz: serving as deputy under george w. bush. you have a unique expertise on how turkey and the middle east are uncovering right now. it is a worry to many of us. should it be? frankly, i thought a lot about this. i am actually glad that somebody did stand up, finally, to president putin. he has been aggressively pushing on that area that is very sensitive. a lot of serial claims. he has been pushing his aircraft into nato airspace again and again and again. we are almost positive, from what i have heard from the
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administration, that that aircraft was in turkish territory. the turks have a right to do that. >> russia has said that there were no warnings. we gave them 10 warnings over five minutes. who do you believe? i am guessing you are believing turkey on this one. >> this is not even a close call. his nose would be a yard long if his name was pinocchio. there are no isis terrorists anywhere near this aircraft. the u.s. military has confirmed it heard 10 warnings that the turks gave russians to stay out of their airspace. this is a follow-up to an incident that was very dangerous in october. they did not shoot anything down. liz: turkey is a nato ally. this puts us in a tenuous and,
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perhaps, uncomfortable position. it looks like it is going after isis. not initially. one of the jets shot down over egypt a couple weeks ago. how carefully do we have to tread this very fine line? >> again, i am very suspicious of russia going after isis. expanding its influence in the entire region. not out to destroy isis. that is not putin's primary goal. u.s. aircraft and russian aircraft in syria. as far as i know, it is working okay. the russian intrusions into the middle east is an extremely dangerous and game changing move. strategically, as well as tactically. liz: to the security question.
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you have been in all of these high-level security meetings in the past. what is happening right now? should we be worried? we have the macy's thanksgiving day parade. all kinds of preparation going on getting ready for this. at this point, when you start to think about all of the masses of people throughout the united states, not just here in new york city, there is great concern. should there be? >> first of all, in any position, particularly overseas, you should be concerned and take some prudent steps. we are americans. we do not run from these people. we should go to parades. we should go to shopping centers. we should have police and security ready in case something happens. liz: the pope was just here one month ago. he went all the way through central park. you want to talk about a target.
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nypd handles 80,000 people to keep the pope francis save. i think, okay, we can do this. am i right? am i wrong? am i to brave? am i not being realistic? >> the best football team in the world cannot guarantee that the other teen will not score or at least get first downs. that is a problem we have. there is no better security anywhere in the world except israel and the united states. one or another form of a terrorist attack is possible. extremely unlikely. liz: we have the former israeli prime minister here with us. ambassador jeffrey's, thank you. we wish you a lovely thanksgiving. >> thank you. to you and all of your viewers, two. liz: we will not.
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this is superior court mendez. against draft kings and its rivals fanned dual from accepting fees. this is extremely important. a huge weekend for football. we have eagles playing the lions. cowboys will play the panthers. the bears will played the packers. business here in new york. we are watching this. we will let you know everything that develops. "the closing bell" is ringing in 15 minutes. over the river and to the woods to discounted gas we go. this will be the busiest thanksgiving day travel dates and nine years.
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holiday drivers who are hoping to get $2 a gallon gasoline by christmas will get an early gift. how low will gas go? we have somebody who knows. holiday air travelers facing a trail with high security. jeff flock live at o'hare airport. missions to free hostages. the raid. terrorist that murdered at the 72 munich olympics. the former israeli prime minister here in a fox business exclusive. just minutes from now. ♪ so what's your news? i got a job! i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you.
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so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. ♪ liz: all you hear heading into the shopping season is everything is more expensive. no, it is not. gasoline has done it. it will go below $2 tomorrow. the national average for a gallon of gas will be $1.99. today, $2.05 pennies. $1.99 would be the lowest since 2004. that means, when liz lands in
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atlanta, yes, i am going to auburn, alabama, there ain't no airport in alabama, i will get in a rental car, the alabama bowl, only going to cost me $60.34 for the entire round-trip drive. liz, i have ub. carolina. jim snapped this photo. $1.89. do we have $1.69 in our future? $1.59? you moved from plaque. >> obviously, still keeping my hand in oil. as soon as i left, the market crashed. liz: operating for the folks in texas. the big oil industry. let's just get to the point. $1.59? >> there is really nothing out
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there that would show a turnaround in oil. that outlook looks all very bearish. even the people that are bullish say they do not see a recovery coming until the middle of next year. globally, the one where the market is the tightest. first quarter next year. the market start to loosen up. the people are looking at pretty strong demand figures for this year. increases in demand next year. opec will meet next week. the week after. it will be a very calm meeting. what they are producing. liz: we are looking at all kinds of things. i have people in texas saying they are at $1.79. arkansas, very, very cheap. just give me a number. national league, in two weeks. >> gasoline right now is probably a little bit elevated relative to crude.
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though crude market does not want to seem to break much through 40. liz: why are we not seeing higher oil? we do have a refinery outage in new brunswick. that is a problem. the east coast rices, yes, i am hearing that he had talking to one of our hairdressers. she says i have below $2 in new jersey. why aren't these headlines gyrating the prices? >> fundamentally bearish. you are asking me before about isis oil facility getting bombed. maybe 30,000 barrels a day. 95 million barrels. that is nothing. liz: great to see you. >> you, too. happy thanksgiving. liz: enjoy the new gig. >> enjoy the army bowl.
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liz: who are you picking? i have to pick auburn. great to see you, john. thank you. closing bell. forty-three minutes away. airport security is on high alert. millions of americans board planes for destinations around the globe. we send jeff flock 20 o'hare airport. jeff securing the skies. jeff: and unbelievably quiet day at the airport. this is the busiest terminal. why is it like this? possible answers in just a moment when we come back. ♪
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liz: we are so close to the thanksgiving holiday we can almost taste the turkey. for some across the country, look at what is on your screen. a white thanksgiving. colorado. a winter storm. that is well, actually. already dumping more than a foot of snow. numerous storm warnings and advisories. there is a lot of pictures. right outside our window. cannot complain. temperatures are supposed to be in the high 50s. right now, 49 degrees. this is perfect pigskin weather. perfect let's bake a pumpkin pie with a gingerbread crust. i am going to attempt that. where usually i attempt making reservations.
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i am attempting to make that. i will let you know how it goes. americans are taking to the roads in the skies today in what is expected to be the busiest travel days of the year. we have been telling you, still in effect right now. security, you will notice it. they were checking purses. that never happens. it is happening now. it is really happening at transportation hubs across the country. a look at how thanksgiving travelers can expect to be impacted by the increased security. >> the headline so far is they have not been tremendously impacted. a remarkably quiet day out here. the security is tighter. we know that it is. it is reasonably transparent. you may start to see some backups here at terminal one.
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it has been an incredible day. put the numbers up. it is really remarkable. usually, on a day like this, and average of 4000 delays. today we are 626. cancellations probably about 350. today, the total is 26. unbelievable numbers. some people decided instead of trying to wait for that wednesday before thanksgiving, a lot of people decided to just jump in the car and take advantage of those low gas prices that you mentioned. whatever the reason, it has been a calm and quiet day. not only here at all here, but around the u.s. as well. liz: i am ready to drive to arkansas and fill up their and then come back to new jersey because it is so cheap there. jeff and i go way back. he knows my cooking abilities.
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jeff: or skills. liz: many skills. not that. jeff flock, good to see you. give yourself a lot of time. that is really original. you never know. especially now with all of the extra security checks. star wars taking on a new meaning today. competition between spacex elon musk and amazon. the spacex dragon capsule was quite comfortable when i got in it way back in 2008. the first business news reporter to get inside that thing. the only one trying this stuff. now, the latest chapter in a budding intergalactic rivalry between billionaires. another rivalry here on earth. how would the israelis handle isis? former israeli prime minister led many missions.
3:27 pm
the most decorated soldier in israel's history is with me right now in a fox business exclusive. prime minister, we are glad you are here. we will hear you would we come back. ♪ jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world.
3:28 pm
the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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liz: breaking news. armed forces on the west bank. a palestinian was shot and killed i israeli forces after stabbing and severely wounding an israeli soldier. unrelenting two-month way of violence. we have more breaking developments in the fight against isis. the french parliament voted overwhelmingly to defend isis.
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515-four. the scenery and civil war explodes. isis tries to terrorize the world did is it a fair question to ask, is any of this working? what can we do to shut isis down? free hostages. hunt down terrorists. the former israeli prime minister here now and a fox business exclusive. welcome. thank you for being here. dealing with this palestinian uprising on a daily basis. people coming out with vegetable peeler's. how closely is israel watching the situation? >> it is up to the world and to the other world to solve it. we are being vigilant. we are focused now on destroying
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this. we have no compromises. the same way we have the previous ones. at the same time, we have to look around. we still have certain silver lining. liz: people listen to you say that that is not your situation right now. is it possible that isis could indoctrinate the palestinians as they live in israel? are you guys worried about something like that? >> it is frustrating. i do not think that isis is -- following around these events.
3:34 pm
it is worn by your son's denial. in this world, the choice is very knowing. defeated or be defeated by it. spieth. liz: the challenge for russia. france. it is wounded by everything that has happened in paris. you are the most highly decorated israeli soldier. freeing hostages. you help track down the palestinians. who had killed the israeli athletes. you are good at this. how would israel handle isis? >> that is too hypothetical.
3:35 pm
i do not believe it could be solved within four minutes of our interview. >> that is true. it effectively, the internet, the abilities of the society and all around the world. successful in shooting down the russian airplanes. great significant achievements. they cannot be won unless they are defeated on the ground. it should not be led. it should not be led by muslims and arabs. liz: saudi arabia. >> ideal players. their own price for
3:36 pm
participating in it. access to the european union. the world became a global village. the west could lay its own role. in syria. it did not happen. putin is they are with his air force and unit. >> there was a lot of diplomatic focus and energy put into iran and striking and iran nuclear deal. do you believe, people have said the road is clear for iran to make a nuclear bomb. are they working on doing that right now? >> the first few years. benefiting these deals. i still believe that in the longer term, the triumph of the
3:37 pm
experience. reality, i believe they are trying to follow in the footsteps of pakistan. and up -- they are still, i believe. in the meantime, assad, the iranians, has bought and russia, the recent developments over the last few months. it is time to start to coordinate. we need the intelligence. beyond anything there. leadership. ready to cooperate with others. china. europe. readiness to act. not just to talk.
3:38 pm
isis will not evaporate on its own. liz: former prime minister of israel. we thank you for joining us. safe journeys. thank you very much. "the closing bell" ringing in about 23 minutes. pilate of success at amazon. now he is going all astronaut on us. succeeding in space. and all our space race with fellow billionaire elon musk. we are looking at that story straightahead. the family campaign trail message for campaign holiday. the family. amazingly no outrage from republican presidential candidates from the one of our fathered friends. work countdown is on the way. >> time flies. even though turkeys don't.
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let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ liz: breaking news. we are watching president obama. it is slightly awkward. it is an interesting moment. a bit of an american tradition. the carving of the turkey. president obama pardoning that guy. california foster farms. tom one and tom to. the names were submitted from hundreds of kids in california. not so creative, though. tom? compared to last year's bird, doctor roni and cheese. hey, how about brad and john. those are are -- that is our
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next guest. letting them run free and develop and grow. blue horizon, it is called lou origins, backed by amazon jeff bezo successfully landed a rocket. elon musk not impress. maybe you are unaware of this, spacex did this back in 2013. orbital landing 2014. orbital landing next. bezo tweeted a video. musk response -- okay, that was elon musk. not quite there. spacex grasshopper rocket is still around.
3:45 pm
shots fired or shall we say rockets fired? which side are you betting on? tweet me at liz claman. you can like my facebook page. website liz years and years i have been covering spacex. it is fascinating. the president is not the only one preparing for the thanksgiving day feast. republican candidates campaigning in the south. calling the fec primary. donald trump entering a new phase of his campaign. ringing out the whole family last night in south carolina. the "new york times" editorial board is not buying trumps attempt to look more presidential. sister trumps applause. distinguishing himself as fast as to dive to the bottom.
3:46 pm
count on mister trump to say it. often, it is no easy task. i am joined now by george w. bush and john messenger. president of -- great to have you both. brad. the "new york times" is sharpening the knives they are. it is nothing that some other people have said, including bill o'reilly who challenged donald trump on his fax. yet, he continues to rise in the polls. does anything really penetrate or just bounce off? >> perhaps if people actually go to the polls we will have a better understanding of trump's popularity. that is where the real trumps will begin. not with the iowa caucuses did there basically living room conversations held in schools and churches and other places. the important battleground
3:47 pm
state. that is when there will really be a measure of whether trump is catching on. it is up to the republicans. >> exactly. do the fact checking. extremely important. the whole we are family. is this a new stage? do we start to see hillary bring out the grandchild? >> that is a great question. i do not know how soon we will see her. trump has been ruffling a lot of feathers lately. really really hard to -- i guess one would say the ranks. the southern strategy a couple decades ago, the folks i resisted integration in the first place. registering muslims. roughing up black digesters in alabama.
3:48 pm
this is not done by professional republican politicians. trump just does not play by the rules. liz: fighting over senate voting records again. how do either of these candidates avoid the same criticism that president obama has faced. that first-term senator battled. >> let's bring it back to the business world. no one could work for a corporation that they were going around interviewing for other corporations. politics become part of the norms. as a taxpayer, i do not like it. if you are elected to do a job, you need to do that job. if you don't want to, resign and run for higher office. i'm not a fan of any of that. it seems to be the norm. it does not seem to be an issue that is effective. we do have breaking news.
3:49 pm
president obama is still at work right now. he has just signed the fiscal 2016 national defense authorization act. there is a big effort right now, john, to pile it on. granted, it has really only come in the last 24 hours. coming out and saying something other than let's keep allowing syrians to come in here. look to your own citizens first. he came out this morning and said, be vigilant. really, americans are very aggravated right now. >> they have been seeing what happened in paris, of course, which is horrific. it may or may not have something to do with serious refugees. they want to confuse the issue. there were no serious refugees involved in the paris attacks. liz: how can you say that?
3:50 pm
we know for sure. >> they were all french and belgium refugees. liz: the greeks have confirmed that. the french have confirmed that. >> that is a huge problem. people that camp, go. in terms of the u.s. screening process, we have let hundreds of thousands of people in since 9/11. all very well screened. no problem with them. it is like iraq all over again. we need to learn this rather than let ourselves get so scared. overreacting actually hurts us. liz: right now we are up only 10 points. brad, it is good to see you. happy holidays. have a happy thanksgiving, all of you. we have "the closing bell" about 10 minutes away. be sure to turn into the second season of strange inheritance. all new episodes. watch jamie colby. i have this question for you.
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will the grinch steal this years christmas rally? charlie gasparino. he is no grinch. i was told to say that. one of the juiciest stories on wall street today. a big development for him in the media world. a millionaire. ♪drivin ♪ mr. grinch ♪ your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend.
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3:55 pm
how old is he first of all? >> he is 92. he had a couple caretakers, his girlfriends too. these are all court documents got released today. one of the girlfriend put in court documents basically said she was improperly fired a couple months ago. liz: how do you fire a girl friend? >> she was a girl taker. his new taker phillipe dumont, ceo of viacom. what is fascinating about this, it is confirming, if you believe her, a lot of what analysts and investors know, that sumner redstone is very old now. he is 92. he is less, and less capable to run the company if you believe this lawsuit. redstone's people are denying allegation, she basically says, he is losing it. he is crying uncontrollably at times. there was a couple choice quotes if there. this is all over the press right now.
3:56 pm
we should point out this lawsuit was filed hours ago. so you can actually get the lawsuit. liz: why is the stock moving higher? that dumont is more apartment to take control company? >> i think that's it. i think that's it. liz: why not les moonves? he is running cbs and done very well? >> that's a good question. what about his daughter? liz: sherry, brilliant. >> last time i saw sumner redstone back in 2002. i was having dinner with bo dietl who was dating a 40-year-old. he was 80. the reason stock is going higher, not lower. this is what confirms a lot of people think about sumner. that he is getting old and less an less capable of running the company. at some point, the board will make or trust, remember there is a trust involved here, if he is incapable of carrying out his
3:57 pm
duties, i guess he is chairman, right? the trust takes over and appoints somebody. looks like we're getting clarity on that, as this lawsuit gets out there. we should point it the lawsuit, this is woman that was fired, right? she was fired by his people and, you know these are allegations. that doesn't mean it's true. seems like the street believes it's true that we'll get clarity and someone running the company full time. liz: i heard nice say i fired my girl friend when they want to dump them. i guess this is different term. >> yes. liz: charlie, not the grinch who stole christmas. bring in hank smith, haverford trust, chief investment officer. we got the santa claus rally in october, did we not? does that mean we're empty with our stockings for december? >> that's right. not grinch stole year-end rally. it was october. that being said i think glide path toward year-end is higher, not lower but maybe not really
3:58 pm
today 3459 being ascent. -- dramatic ascent. it is time to have favorable investments and three, so many active managers including hedge funds have underperformed this year they can't afford to be on sidelines. you combine all that, we trend higher. liz: i think it is interesting you're picking retailers here. macy's target. you've thrown in ge, proctor & gamble and gamble and chevron. chevron was winner yesterday but not so much today. hank, the fed, we know, i'm asking everybody this, because it could or could not gyrate the markets if the fed decides to move at end of the december, what could it do to all the names on the screen and everything else out there? >> i think it is priced in already in this way. we're not just going to get our first rate hike in seven or eight years, or even longer.
3:59 pm
it will be surrounded by dove irlanguage. we'll have confidence we'll have lower rates for longer period of time. it will make these higher-yielding stocks you just mentioned look very attractive relative to the alternatives. liz: my friend, have a lovely thanksgiving. >> same to you. have a great time down at iron bowl. liz: can i tell you, i'm getting real anger thrown at me because of alabama fans because i'm rooting for auburn. my cousin bruce pearl is the basketball coach. it is football. what am i going to do? i'll survive it. great to see you, hank. that will do it for county down to the closing bell. for -- "countdown to the closing bell." to alabama and auburn fans, have a lovely thanksgiving. i'm trying to be diplomatic. david: happy thanksgiving. melissa: that's right. nation on high alert, two federal agencies issuing security warnings as millions of americans hit the road to celebrate the thanksgiving holiday. david: there is oversears and
4:00 pm
russia and turkey, still in blame game mode over downing of russian fighter jet. moscow is now moving anti-missile systems into syria. could this be a risk for our planes? melissa: go green and fight isis? president obama's plan to fight the terrorist group with the climate summit. [closing bell rings] first last trading day of the week. stocks basically flat as closing bell sounds on wall street. david: this is where we're ending the day. a mixed bag. flat and very light volume on this day before thanksgiving. friday, we get half a session on that day. nothing significant to report today. melissa: here is what you need to know right now. the fbi and homeland security warning that extremists in the u.s. could try to launch a paris-style attack on our homeland. this as millions of americans are set to travel this weekend but according to president obama, there is no credible threat facing the united states. here to sort out all the


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