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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 25, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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russia and turkey, still in blame game mode over downing of russian fighter jet. moscow is now moving anti-missile systems into syria. could this be a risk for our planes? melissa: go green and fight isis? president obama's plan to fight the terrorist group with the climate summit. [closing bell rings] first last trading day of the week. stocks basically flat as closing bell sounds on wall street. david: this is where we're ending the day. a mixed bag. flat and very light volume on this day before thanksgiving. friday, we get half a session on that day. nothing significant to report today. melissa: here is what you need to know right now. the fbi and homeland security warning that extremists in the u.s. could try to launch a paris-style attack on our homeland. this as millions of americans are set to travel this weekend but according to president obama, there is no credible threat facing the united states. here to sort out all the
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details, is fox business's peter barnes, live from desee. peter? reporter: hey, melissa. the president met with his national security team at the white house situation room this morning in the wake of the paris attacks and as the u.s. enters the holiday season he sought to reassure people that the federal government is taking every possible step to keep the homeland safe, citing the nice against isis, border security and intelligence sharing. he repeated government declarations there is no specific credible intelligence of a domestic threat at this time. he said law enforcement is working overtime to monitor threats. and he urged americans, to go about their usual thanksgiving activities. >> i want the american people to know entering the holidays that the combined resources of our military, our intelligence and our homeland security agencies are on the case. they're vigilant, relentless and effective. in the event of a specific credible threat, the public will
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be informed. reporter: the president's statement came two days after the fbi and the department of homeland security sent a nine-page bulletin to federal, state and local law enforcement officials on the paris attacks and lessons learned from them. the bulletin contain ad session on active shooter profit calls which each department has and which officials should be familiar with in train of their personnel. melissa. melissa: thank you. peter. david: after lockdown of schools and businesses in brussels this as manhunt continues for two suspects from the paris terror attacks. ashley webster is in paris with the latest. ashley? reporter: brussels trying to get back to some sense of normally and as well as some sections of the city's subway system as the manhunt goes on for salah
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abdeslam, and mohamed abrini, two men soon together two days before the paris attacks. questions being raised about border security within europe. the so-called transport freeh area, now pack trolled strictly by numerous countries within the e.u. all of this of course as paris is getting ready to host a huge conference on climate change set to get ready on monday. it will include president obama. 147 world leaders coming to a city that remains under a threat level of the very highest nature. back to you. david: ashley webster, thank you very much. melissa? melissa: tensions ratcheting up between russia and turkey a day after turkey shot down a russian military jet. the country is launching a war of words so far while russia deploys anti-aircraft missiles to syria. here with the latest is fox news's john huddy. john? reporter: well, melissa, the flight navigator he said
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survived he said at no point was the jet in russian airspace and no warnings were given. this of course contrary to what turkish officials are saying. now turkey released today audio recordings, they say prove that officials say prove warnings were given, 10 warnings in the course of about five minutes. and also turkey also released the flight track, showing the russian jet and they say proving that it was indeed over turkish and in turkish airspace. if so though, it was only for a matter of seconds, raising the question, about whether this was an overreaction by turkey? that is something being brought up at this point. turkey however though we know has warned russia and both russian and syrian jets about straying into its airspace before. that said, as we know, both the pilot and the flight navigator ejected of the pilot was killed though, still unclear how. syrian rebels on the ground that are packed by turkey say he was
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already dead by the time they found his body but in one of the videos they put out i can clearly hear machine gunfire as it appears they're firing at pilot or one of them as they're parachuting down. a russian marine also was killed during the 12-hour rescue operation to get that flight navigator who, as i said survived. so the question, at this point, how will russia respond to this? russia deployed the s-400 missile system to its base in western syria, about 30 miles from the turkish border in the region where all of this happened yesterday. and today, russia's foreign minister said this was quote, unquote, planned provocation and that russia would again seriously reconsider its relations with turkey, though he said, he stressed that russia has no plans to go to war with turkey and also turkey's president said the same. but there will likely, melissa, be both political and possibly financial repercussions.
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i say financial because russia is one of turkey's largest national, natural gas suppliers and also both countries did about, trade between both countries right around $33 billion last year. so clearly a lot is at stake both politically, financially and certainly concerns about any military action again by both countries. a lot at stake. melissa: a lot at stake here. john huddy, thank you so much for that report. david. david: for more we turn to fox news reporter and former navy pilot lea gabrielle on all this. l-ea, they say they got no warnings. turks say they sent 10 warnings. will we ever know the truth about that. >> that's a good question. i fly a little cessna, near boston logan and ipad, moving map, all of sudden went kaput. i turned away from boston logan airspace and visually navigating.
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these are professional pilots. if they're that close they have to really be watching what they do. this is not the first time russia violated turkey's air spies if they did. it happened in october. turkey warning about it. russian pilots were locking on to their aircraft. they have been provoking this. they pushed things too far on this one. david: in the end what did them in was, this air-to-air missile that was fired bit turkish plane, i think f-16. >> yeah. david: were the russians outgunned by the turks? because the russians clearly had some anti-missile system on the plane? >> now that's a good question. so the f1 8s i flew, we carried a-9 sidewinders reported what is used in this case. that is medium-range missile. that is 15 miles away, a heat-seeking miss silt. what could happen, we don't know if the russian pilots were hot on to the f-16s. if i'm pilot and flying f1 8 in
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my territory and country, another jet locks on me, i will have bells and whistles going on in my cockpit. david: unless you think you can get away with it, clearly the russians done it so many times they felt like they would get away with it this time. >> this is situation where cool heads have to prevail. you asked about whether or not they received warning. there are reports on international frequency, they did warn. even rush is a says they were half a mile, little over half a mile from turkey's airspace. come on, you have to be very careful if you're doing that. you can't cross those lines. david: finally russia is setting up these new surface-to-air missiles in syria because obviously they're friends with assad who runs syria. could those surface-to-air missiles could be a threat our planes? >> they absolutely are. i would not put it past vladmir putin to be using this as way, a reason, a excuse to move surface-to-air missiles into that territory. tough look what he has there.
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he has the naval base at tart tis, that is huge asset that vladmir putin does not want to lose. david: is that why he is so chummy with assad because of naval base. >> that is huge part of it. naval power equals world power. we've seen vladmir putin beefing up world power. moving more armed forces in that air and base at tartis. look at crimea which he annexed not too long ago. the big thing of crimea is warm water port. vladmir putin is careful about naval assets and military assets. there is big picture here. david: you warned two weeks ago, that something like this would happen without u.s. and power vacuum. >> absolutely. vladmir putin is growing his world ininfluence. the wold war never ended for him. we all is to be aware of that. david: lea gabrielle, former navy pilot. thank you. melissa. melissa: millions of americans set to fly over holiday weekend, security is increased at u.s. airports following a travel
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alert from the state department. fox news's jonathan hunt at los angeles international airport with the latest. jonathan? reporter: hi, melissa. in wake of international travel warping from the state department the threat of a terrorist attack is obviously on the minds of a lot of travelers. extra security procedures have been put in place at lax and at every major airport across the country. some of those security procedures are obviously for good reason unseen by the traveling public. some of them are very visible. for instance, here at lax, we have seen a lot more cops than usual and they are carrying a lot more lie -- high powered assault rifles than usual. all those security measures put in place should make the traveling public with more comfort. >> you will see a random vehicle checks. you will see a lot of officers on foot beat, on segways on
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bicycles. see our k-9 explosive detection dogs with their handlers. high visibility here at airport and that should reassure passengers. reporter: and travelers that we have been hearing from today say that even if they do have concerns about terrorism, they're not about to allow that to stop them from getting to family or friends this thanksgiving. listen again. >> i definitely read about it and saw about it but we never hesitated and we never even discussed changing our plans because it just wouldn't, we're going to keep living our lives the way we always do. >> it is always, something to think about but nothing that we would ever, i guess, let influence our decisions at this point. reporter: amtrak is expecting a record number of passengers riding the rails this thanks giving. they too have -- put in extra security procedures to assure passengers. on roads it will be extremely
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busy few days. 47 million americans according to aaa will travel at least 50 miles over the next few days. many of them of course choosing to drive. many of them doing so because gas is cheaper than it has been since 2008. the average price for a gallon of gas now just a shade over 2 bucks. that, melissa, is something for which we can all be very thankful. melissa. melissa: there you go, absolutely. jonathan, thank you so much. david: meanwhile in chicago protesters are threatening to shut down the shopping district on black friday if their demands are not met. melissa: terrorism, americans number one worry today. so why does the president keep talking about climate change? david: interesting question. the terror issue on the campaign trail. republican candidates are talking tough while hillary clinton criticizes a foreign policy she helped to create. all of that and more coming up. ♪
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david: outrage in chicago today after release of dash-cam video showing a police officer shooting and killing a knife-wielding teen. protesters warning they will shut down parts of the city if the mayor doesn't meet with them. fox news's mike tobin is here with the very latest. mike? reporter: and, david, given the feel of city right now, in the business district known as the loop, it is really business as usual but there is a lot of anticipation about what will happen tonight. we saw last night, skirmishes with police and demonstrators. about a handful of skirmishes. there were five arrests t would be inaccurate to call the demonstrations last night violent. it would also be inaccurate to call demonstrations big compared to what we saw in baltimore and
4:17 pm
ferguson but there is a lot of outrage once people see the hash reality of the video. the city's black caucus noted it took more than a year for the state's attorney, anita alvarez to bring charges. they're caller to ouster of the city's police superintendent, gary mccarthy following viewing of that videotape. beyond that a group of demonstrators marched into city hall up to the fifth floor where mayor rahm emanuel demanding meeting with the mayor. if they don't get the meeting they threaten to go to the heart of the city's shopping district, magnificent mile where it is located, to disrupt black friday shopping. there is small group threatening that. you have father pflager who has affiliated with minority community. he has been particularly calling for a sit-in on michigan avenue right in the heart of that shopping district. we're looking to that and
4:18 pm
looking to tonight to see how the demonstrations manifest. david? david: mike, are there any plans to change thanksgiving plans, parade routes, anything like that? reporter: no, nothing to that effect. the city seems to be on track business as usual. police superintendent gary mccarthy made it clear chicago police will accommodate and facilitate, accommodate the demonstrators and facilitate protests as long as they remain lawful. lawful is kind of a flexible term. they disrupt traffic and block intersections. police allow that to continue to avoid friction with demonstrators. you had a handful of arrests last night. but no major disruptions how the city is doing business or parade routes or anything like that. david: understood. mike tobin reporting in chicago. thanks very much. melissa. melissa: a few other stories on our radar. pope francis arrived in kenya today, kicking off his first tour of africa.
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a major focus of his three-country visit we'll focus ethnic tribal and religious differences on the continent. a bombing after hospital in afghanistan run by "doctors without borders" finds it was quote, tragic mistake primarily because of human error. u.s. forces misidentified the hospital as another building. two lucky turkeys were pardon dorned by the president today, honest and abe. weighed in at 42 pounds each. wow, those are whoppers. they will live their lives on nearby farm in virginia. good for them. lucky ducks. david: this may be the first thanksgiving i doesn't have turkey. we'll see how that turns out. melissa: ah. maybe we'll bring you leftovers. david: i wouldn't mind. melissa: gop candidates mixing football, faith and family on the campaign trail this thanksgiving. millenials spending more on themselves and less on others.
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are they selfish or savvy? you don't want to miss this one. stay with us.
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>> call it the fcc primary. republican candidates hit the campaign trail this weekend. fox business's blake burman in d.c. with latest. blake? reporter: family, food and football have presence for race for white house during thanksgiving. many candidates take a break thursday and friday, a couple will return targeting specific audiences. with scheduled events in iowa, ted cruz will have major presence in the south through snapchat. snapchat users near stadium alabama, mississippi state, university of oklahoma, kansas state and clemson will see cruz ads on snapchat app on friday
4:24 pm
and saturday. four are in college football southeastern conference and so-called sec primary has been a major target for many of the republican candidates, including cruz. that the southern states with voting dates in early march. a cruz spokesperson said of the snapchat strategy, quote, the sec states where these will run will be important battleground during the ggop primary. we have chance to reach thousands of people during the games. we're optimistic impact they will have. cruz will not be alone. jib bush at sec battle between ole miss and mississippi state. an easy way to get in front of thousands of voters. back to you in new york. melissa: thanks so much for that. david. david: go ole miss. last trading day of the week for the markets. adam shapiro with the nyse's biggest movers. adam?
4:25 pm
reporter: talk about these if you're buying athletic gear. nike. home depot closed at 134.$65 and change. it was up almost 1%. barely .8 of a percent. it hit a high of $135.25, so that was good for home depot. we got the new home sales numb burst out there. a lot of people going to home depot to fix up house they already have. nike, now nike expected to have a big retail season especially with the holiday shopping season. so it closed today at $134.13. it was up 1. it%. -- 1.2%. hit all-time high of $142 and change. consumer sentiment fell a bit. it is up to 91.3 according to the survey out of michigan. we also got numbers that consumer spending was down for october, and not exactly what wall street expected. but a good day for home depot and nike. david: adam shapiro, thank you
4:26 pm
very much. adam, appreciate it. have a good thanksgiving. president obama says there is no imminent threat from terrorism here at home. he says, don't worry, he is tackling the real threat to the nation, climate change. melissa: hmmm. as nervous americans hit the roads and airports for the holiday, how wilhitenned security affect your travel? we have all the latest coming up next. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future.
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melissa: president obama, telling worried americans today there is no credible threat to the nation right now. the president gearing up for a climate summit in paris next week, which he says will be quote, a powerful rebuke to terrorists. joining me now is steven hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard," fox news contributor. tara mueller, former terrorism analyst for cia and mark rossini, former fbi special agent. steve, let me ask you, he says what a powerful rye buk this will be. they gunned down hundreds of people, he will talk quietly about the weather. that is powerful rebuke. is it? >> yeah, i don't think it is. i don't don't think isis spends a lot of time thinking about climate change and world leaders getting ready to talk about it. certainly that is not reflected in the their glossy magazine or much of the propaganda that i read or heard.
4:31 pm
the president is trying to say we'll get the world together, and a show of solidarity. even shows of solidarity don't have much effect how jihadists want to hit us are thinking. i don't think they're deterred by it. melissa: tara, what do you think? what kind of message does it sends to get together for summit or what kind of message is the president sending in general? >> i think the president tried to do in the comment and tried to get through the comment today, americansproceed as well through holiday season. things are going on in paris and world leaders are gathering there. he is trying to outline the strategy taking overseas with airstrikes, building a coalition and president from france is in d.c. working on this as well. i think they were just trying to show united front of the i don't think he was making argument gathering for climate change is fighting terrorism. i think he is showing there was united front. melissa: as life will keep going on just the way it was before.
4:32 pm
is that powerful enough message? or should it be like france that we'll come and get you an kill you and we're not going to let it go on any longer? >> combination of both. british had famous saying during world war ii,. they want us to be afraid. keep calm, carry on. melissa: you have to do something also? >> this is major, major point. when i was in the government, particularly when i was at cia we were always talking about the ggwat. global war on terror. a phrase coined by the bush administration. what is the gwat? do we call it a war or continue what we're doing now, essentially a police action or criminal investigation using the fbi and cia and our intelligence-gathering apparatus to combat them? melissa: steven, what's the answer? i'm the one supposed to be asking the questions.
4:33 pm
which of those two things do we do? >> look, whatever benefits there might be to showing solidarity i think we can agree or i would hope we agree what the president has been doing, hasn't been enough. we heard rhetoric from the president, downplaying this threat, not just over the past several weeks where you had the president say they were contained, where you heard him describe paris as a setback, to his terror strategy but really over course of seven years. even if you don't think that this needs to be front of mind for americans as they proceed with their lives on day-to-day basis, i think this president has a clear and demonstrable record of downplaying the threat to such an extent i think people are not paying enough attention to it. melissa: tara, the bottom line, it is hard to say okay, we'll keep going and ignore it when things are definitely getting worse, not better. that's the problem. >> i don't think he fully said that he said round the check intelligence analysts will be watching and vigilance like they always are.
4:34 pm
they're working through holiday season and looking at signals source intelligence and open source intelligence and human intelligence. at end of day that will proprotect us against a threat on homeland. protect us against homegrown or small cell in major citying. yes, there remains a lot to be done in fight against isis. i'm not defending president's strategy and defending every step and move the administration has made. but at end of the day life needs to go on and law enforcement and intelligence will keep working to keep us safe. melissa: thanks, guys, appreciate it. david: security is being tightened at transportation hubs all over the nation just as millions of folks take their planes, trains and automobiles. joining me is jeff flock at o'hare international airport and how all this could affect your holiday travel plans. jeff? >> i tell you, to me the headline, david, the news is, that there's no news. out at airports today has been remarkably calm day. we would have thought that things might have gotten gummed but really that's not the case. largely i think it is because of
4:35 pm
the weather. if you take a look at weather map out there, this is o'hare, by the way, a little bit of a ghost town almost of the weather has been good. when you get good weather on whole system that certainly helps travel. but if you look at the plane map flightaware does where there are delays, delays usually 4,000 a day, today less than 1000 delays which not too much of a day left to go. cancellations were way down also. here at o'hare, a lot of people are piling through here. all is going very smoothly. to me that is major headline on day like today which is typically day when you get a lost lines and frustration, that sort of thing. not happening here, good news. david: does not look like the day before thanksgiving, that is for sure few times i tried it. jeff, good stuff. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: as millions hit the road let's check rick reichmuth
4:36 pm
at fox weather center how the weather will affect your travel plans. rick? >> sometimes you're lucky what weather happens on what travel day. today the weather is fine. tomorrow big problems. we're kind of lucky with today's travel. if you're traveling tomorrow obviously there will be some problems. entire map across the u.s., as jeff was saying, green. no delays, no significant delays. go towards minneapolis and there is 15, to 30 minute delays. that is all we have across the country. a storm coming in across parts of the west. a pretty potent one and bringing snow across parts of the west which is great news. you want snow pack especially across sierra nevada. that is good news. you have to be thankful tore that even if cause as few problems across parts of california. that is really good and we'll get good skiing conditions out from at that as well. this storm, however, will pull across parts of the high plains tomorrow and then we'll see a very different story. we have winter storm warnings and watch, blizzard conditions
4:37 pm
across parts of wyoming, inner mountain west, not that atypical. here in the plains where tomorrow, tomorrow night and friday we'll start to see some problems. here is a future radar. you see how this goes, throughout the day on thursday, you see this pink here develops. parts of kansas into nebraska and iowa, a bit of an ice storm. that will be pretty dangerous across some of these roads if you're driving tomorrow through much of the day. a lot of rain ahead of that. by tomorrow night that moves in here across parts of panhandle of texas and oklahoma with potential icing right there. you notice very heavy rain along with this, across parts of texas and oklahoma. we'll see a lot of moisture, maybe some additional flooding across that. maybe by saturday, some spots sees up to 10 inches of rain. big problems tomorrow. you notice this is all the central part of the country. the east, under high pressure. look at this, 60 degrees, melissa, for thanksgiving day in new york city.
4:38 pm
you can do on a outside jog if you want before you eat. it will be great. same towards the southeast. here are stormy conditions. if you're one of those people that like to shop on friday, here you go, that same storm system making some bad conditions from dallas up towards chicago. east is looking great. west, very, very chilly. melissa? melissa: i'm not jogging before i eat. i'm eating before i eat. thanks for that though. >> is that what it is? one day of the year i will jog you have to do it. melissa: i'm eating whole time. thank you so much. david: eating before. eating after, eating dinner. melissa: leftovers. david: a billionaire smackdown who has the biggest and best space rocket. i'm not making it up. our own deirdre bolton on the billionaire space race. terrorism has become the number one issue for american voters. who has the best plan on the campaign trail to keep america safe? stay with us it is the struggle that will determine
4:39 pm
the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the (vo) rush hounose.und here but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we've built powerful technology to alert you to your next opportunity. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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david: exactly how child hillary clinton is distancing herself from a policy she helped to equate here to weigh in, steven hayes, "weekly standard" writer and ric grenell. both are fox news contributors. i have to ask you about turkey and russia and very latest w happens next? >> well, i think turkey is going to be punished somehow by putin. putin will not let this go. u.s. officials in brussels and new york have been complaining for a very long time that there's no u.s. leadership, either at nato or at the u.n. samantha power skipped actually debate and vote at u.n. to talk about what to do post the paris attacks. really atrocious the leadership
4:43 pm
that is the not present at these two world bodies. and i think you will see evidence of turkey doing their own thing, france doing its own thing and russia trying to play a little bit of politics. david: rick, you've been involved in some discussions at the u.n. and elsewhere to try to coordinate actions, of all these bodies on the same tied of a terrorist security issue. when you don't have the u.s. leading you inevitably will have issues like this, aren't you? >> no question. we have so many different policies, different priorities, everyone looks at the person who is sitting in front of the placard that says the united states. i have walked into the security council a million times. everyone is looking for the plan. without that plan, both nato and the u.n. just can not function properly. david: now steve hayes, you think of hillary clinton in this environment. she is of course trying to distance herself from the obama administration. she formulated her own plan, announced it last week.
4:44 pm
but she is so responsible for a lot of what has happened in the middle east, i think, for example of arab spring in 2011. she was pushing for the changes, some of which have led to the situation we have in syria. all over the middle east, for that matter. in fact they were supporting the muslim brotherhood in egypt? >> yeah, at time actually our ambassador in egypt was forbidden taking meetings with any other group other than muslim brotherhood which is extraordinary statement about our approach to that country but i think the biggest opposition research document republicans will use against hillary clinton is her own book, "hard choices." she lays out her role in great detail, some would say, boring details, including negotiating peace with the afghan taliban at very same time they were working hand-in-glove with al qaeda and al qaeda dean juror leadership. laying groundwork for the
4:45 pm
nuclear deal and approach to jihadist terror more broadly. she will have a lot to answer for. david: steve looking at republican candidates, and let's start with trump the leader right now, do you see a clear contrast what is hazy with hillary? >> there are varying degrees of clarity i would say. a lost the candidates share some base being views -- basic views, no fly sown, with boots on ground. some have differences to put u.s. boots on the ground, more boots on the ground. donald trump is take making a case people understand that he wants to bomb the blank out of isis. may not be sophisticated plan. it speaks to people who look around and say what in the world the obama administration is doing all this time? it is easily most quotable of all the republican proposals. david: rick, whoever is the next
4:46 pm
president will have to fix up a big mess, aren't they? >> yeah, look they're not only going to have to fix up a big mess but have to have an actual plan. too many republicans are calling for, fingerprints, a no-fly zone in syria. that is the last thing we need right now. we need to actually fly over and kill isis. no-fly zone, it is too late. we're 18 months past that we also have candidates who talk tough and who say, we need to take on isis, but they're unwilling to make the sacrifices or take the political hit for saying we need intelligence officers on the ground, boots on the ground mean accurate, timely intelligence. if you are not calling for boots on the ground but calling for airstrikes, you have the same position as hillary clinton. you have the same position as barack obama. because he wants to drone strike from the air, without having the accurate intelligence on the ground. you can't do that. republicans need to just say, this is difficult.
4:47 pm
we want to keep them safe but we need accurate, timely, intelligence. david: i remember in 19789. seems like 1979 the world seems one big mess. steve hayes, rings grenell. thank you very much. appreciate it, gentleman. melissa: jeff bezos rocket venture blue origin, releasing a video showing its latest accomplishments. however spacex ceo elon musk was not apparently to let bezos bask too long in the glory. for more details. deirdre bolton joins us now. >> elon musk said congratulations that was the first tweet in response to what you just said. that is to say, jeff bezos posting a tweet alongs with the video. jeff bezos of beasts, controlled landing. not easy but done right. looks easy. he did link what you mentioned that video for takeoff and landing. elon musk says congrats, even though essentially he was
4:48 pm
scooped. he goes on to say jeff is maybe unaware, spacex suborbital flight began in 2013. did a water landing in 2014. these are the two innovators pushing each other, melissa, for space travel but what is exciting about jeff bezos who many know through amazon fame achieved with the blue origin rocket, 62 miles above the international boundary everybody recognizes is space and then this vertical landing which he did pull off in texas. so as many engineers say. this gets us all, humans closer to space use, spaceflight, space tourism sooner than later. >> i can't wait. let'slet's go to together, deir. >> all right. melissa: we'll watch you at the top of the hour on "risk & reward." look forward to that. david? david: we have breaking news. president obama signing a
4:49 pm
$607 annual defense bill detroit provisions prevent him from transeeriering gitmo detainees to u.s. prisons. this makes it difficult for him to fulfill his pledge to close the gitmo facility before the end of his term. melissa: get ready to spend the big bucks this year but not on who you might think. amazon is here to say thanksgiving. a last minute item you can purchase online in hour or less. i love it. let's start. david: okay. we live in a pick and choose world.
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will deliver last minute bottle of wine or stuffing mix or dv. if you still have one of those machines. melissa: i will do it for fun of it. the joy of holidays is in giving to loved ones right? that may not be the case for a lot of millenials. young adults planning to spend big this holiday season but on themselves. they expect to spend 47% more this christmas than they did last year. that is a big up bump up, spending most of the cash on luxury goods according to study from pricewaterhousecoopers. here to weigh in, steve moore, heritage foundation, distinguishing fellow. he is not our millennial but fox business contributor. we have danny pascarella. how to say the name of your company. >> imbibe. melissa: i'm not millenial. i failed old person's test. millenials spending more on themselves. they're making up 57% of luxury shoppers. how much money do you have?
4:54 pm
>> millenials have a lot of money actually. just this year we became the number one cohort of the u.s. workforce. so lots of wages there that we're earning. on top of that, a lot of millenials are actually doing a smart thing living at home with their parents. so that disposable income is going way up which is how many millenials afford luxury goods. melissa: steve moore, they're choosing to live at home with their parents so they can spend more on stuff. is that wise, mature, or immature what do you think. >> melissa, i have one of those millenials living at home in my basement. melissa: you do? so you're an expert? >> i can not wait for him to move out. melissa: you said that on television? ahead of thanksgiving. shame on you! >> to get his own place. somebody else has to tell the millenials the joy of christmas season is giving, not receiving. idea of spending so much money on themselves, i would question where they're getting money.
4:55 pm
i would bet if you're 24, 25-year-old you're not making $100,000 a year, if you are you're doing really well. they're taking money from parents and grandparents. they are spending on themselves. i think that is rather immature. melissa: dani, i worry they can't do math. i know your website helps them understand better about financials and they might need. merrill lynch's study says they're planning to spend more and save more next year, which only way that math works if you're making a lot more money. they said currently 2/3 of millenials don't save at all or haven't even tried s that your experience? >> that is absolutely my experience. savings rate for our generation is negative 2%, which is a little crazy. melissa: oh, no. >> i think millenials can really educate themselves better and really, that's what we aim to do at invibed and to educate millenials to understand what they are doing financially and
4:56 pm
to prepare for sustainable futures. melissa: i'm glad you got the name at the top invibed. david: almost time to chow down at the thanksgiving table but how many calories and stuffing, turkey, cranberry stuff provide to you? we can provide with you a more tasty alternative? melissa: what? no. david:
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
david: "beast mode," only way to describe it. and stay to by thanks and eat a lots and lots of turkey. >> average american eats 4500 calories is that possible? compare how typical thanks giving feast stacks up to miles. seven burger king whoppers, or four chipolte burritos.
5:00 pm
>> or seven slices of pizza hut pisa. david: four dairy queen hot fudge sunday days. >> or seven mcdonald's side salads. david: i will skip last one. i do not want to eat 15 sundaes. >> there you go. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> remain calm. all is well. [screaming] all is well!. deidre: two days after a massive terror alert, president obama says there is no credible risk to the u.s. welcome to "risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton. in a brief press conference earlier the president made a statement about national security. >> right now we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland, and, that is based on the latest information i just received in the situation room. deidre: the president says there is no active plot, you just


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