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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> or seven slices of pizza hut pisa. david: four dairy queen hot fudge sunday days. >> or seven mcdonald's side salads. david: i will skip last one. i do not want to eat 15 sundaes. >> there you go. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> remain calm. all is well. [screaming] all is well!. deidre: two days after a massive terror alert, president obama says there is no credible risk to the u.s. welcome to "risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton. in a brief press conference earlier the president made a statement about national security. >> right now we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland, and, that is based on the latest information i just received in the situation room. deidre: the president says there is no active plot, you just
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heard him say that. but on a local level, fbi and department of homeland security sent a bulletin to 18,000 local law enforcement agencies, urging them to look out for suspicious people. the author of the al qaeda factor, plots against the west, is here. he is also former nypd -- mitch silber. mitch, you wrote a piece -- welcome, first and foremost -- in "the wall street journal" yesterday, called, why paris could happen here. you make the case, saying, weapons, manpower, permissive environment, are factors that american cities share with paris. don't you think we have learned anything from 9/11 or from the boston marathon bombing? >> well, i think that is exactly the point. when you hear the president make a comment like that it's a little disconcerting because terrorist plots and attacks, most law enforcement
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intelligence officials don't know of a particular plot until it happens. certainly that was the case in paris. while it is reassuring they don't know of a particular plot, the fact that fbi has nine hundred investigations going on, that means at least 900 isis related individuals in all 50 states. you have the fbi and dhs pull bin means -- bulletin, means there is some level of threat. we just don't know after particular plot. deidre: do you think police and intelligence agencies from the resources? when you speak about all 50 states, that gets everyone's attention. >> it certainly does and in order to fight terrorism, it requires intelligence, it requires analysis, and to spread out the resources over all 50 states, there are locations or states that probably don't have as sophisticated resources as places like new york, like washington, like los angeles. deidre: okay.
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when you talk about this potential presence of radicalized citizens, i just want to bring in some comments from former fbi counterterrorism expert dr. ses ban shun gorka. he says this is the element among our citizens we should be most worried about. listen in. >> if we look at the fact the unclassified documents tell us there are at least 4,000 westerners that have gone to join isis. those are people with western passports, american passports, british passports, they will have freedom of movement. that is the threat to america. it is real, it is actual. deidre: mitch, you more or less told us that as well. so i take it you agree. i am curious about, since we're talking about the refugee status, that the two brothers who were responsible for the bombing in boston at the marathon, came here in kind of a protected status. i looked this up, what they were doing, it was, they had sort of
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a temporary visa, and then claimed asylum. is that different? should we be reassured that is different category than the refugee category? >> you know, i think there are go ways to think about the threat. there is a threat of individuals coming from overseas, and as sebastian talks about, 4,000 westerners having gone to iraq and syria, those who come from france from the u.k., from germany, they can come to the u.s. without any type of visa. what i think about scenarios i am concerned about, someone goes overseas and because they have a european passport they don't get the same level of scrutiny. there are individuals from the united states who radicalize here without law enforcement or intelligence being able to detect it. that is where the tsarnaev brothers fault into that category. one of the brothers went
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overseas to the caucasus, of them said, hey take a look at him. the decision was that they were not a threat. people coming from both overseas and the u.s. and population of the united states that is radicalizing to violence. deidre: mitch, glad to have you here. thank you for your thoughts. mitch silber, at thor and formerly nypd intelligence director. americans are hitting the road and the skies ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. for those going overseas the state department's international travel warning is worth monitoring. fox business's jeff flock with me from chicago o'hare international airport. jeff, what is the mood like there? reporter: well you know, deirdre, travelers may be at some risk today, but they're being rewarded by a remarkably calm and easy travel day. i have never seen one like this in all my years of covering that day, that getaway day before thanksgiving. take a look at numbers in terms
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of cancellations and delays, rackable. -- remarkable. normally 4,000 cancellations on average. today, less than a thousand. those are delays. cancellations, usually about 350. today we're less than 30. pretty amazing these numbers out here today. a lot of people think that everybody was expecting a terrible day but actually, a lot of people didn't show up maybe and so it wasn't so bad. but however you want to cut it, weather was good. that's always a help. but it has been a good day out here. deidre: do you see more security? are they visible? do you see baggage going through twice? is there any sign that you can perceive security is heightened? reporter: it has been reasonably transparent. occasionally you see dogs coming through but you see those on regular days as well. no, i would say most of the folks we've seen out here have not seen any kind of a upped presence. if it is happening it is happening transparently. deidre: all right.
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jeff flock, thank you as always, reporting there live from chicago o'hare international airport. after the paris attacks many are on edge in their home cities, on edge ahead of traveling. recently republican presidential candidate rand paul spoke about the boston marathon bombers, their political asylum visas and drew a link to the national conversation on accepting refugees. >> the boston bombers came here and as refugees, we coddled them, gave them free stuff and gave them free housing, and yet they decided to attack us. there is a great risk. it is a mistake for the obama administration to downplay the risk. we'll be fighting them. i fighting them all week in the senate. i promise you this battle is not over. deidre: former homeland security advisor, francis townsend is with me now. >> great to see you. deidre: we were talking, you were beside me for the conversation with mitch, this idea that maybe there are different degrees, different
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levels of security. there is a refugee status. there is asylum status. you have a very big picture view of our vulnerability. what is it? >> sure. first let's talk about what the president said about nothing specific and credible. the french didn't think there was anything specific and credible thursday before the friday attack. we didn't think there was anything specific and credible in the united states on september 10th. deidre: this is remarkable, france was meant to be on heightened security since january when the journalists were killed. >> exactly. it doesn't mean we know the exact time and place. that's why you see travel warnings. you see the law enforcement warnings. deidre: why there are so many mixed messages is what you're saying. >> exactly. it confuses people. deidre: what would you advise, since we're ahead of this weekend? what would you say, just international travel that people should be verifying? what can the average person actually verify or is it literally in god's hands?
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>> you hear a lot about this if you see something say something. the idea you want everybody to be alert and aware of their surroundings. look, vulnerability is much greater than -- for international travel because the united states doesn't control the screening process. i don't worry so much here in the united states even with issues with tsa. it is behavioral, people looking for behavior, it is screening and multiple layers, i feel pretty confident inside of the united states. >> the inside the united states. canada, this gets back to the refugee question is actually slowing down. instead of accepting all they were supposed to accept they are trying to reduce the number. let's listen in. >> some of you may be asking why did we delay the arrival of these refugees. i have been saying time and time again, that yes we want to bring them fast but we also want to do it right.
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and i have heard canadians across this country saying yes, you have to do it right and if it takes a little bit longer to do it right, then take the extra time. when we welcome our newcomer friends with a smile, a smile alone is not sufficient. deidre: what do you think about the u.s. plan to push ahead? >> truthfully i wish we were hearing those words out of president obama, right? most of the refugees who come in get thoroughly screened and there is not a problem. deidre: three to five-year process, right? >> right. this time it is about two years, 24 months. it is pretty thorough, it is not perfect. nothing else. this is balance much offsetting risk. we know two guys in kentucky whose fingerprints were found on ieds in iraq trying to kill our soldiers. so at that point president obama stood down the refugee process and strengthened it. the answer given what's going on in paris, there are lots of good reasons you want to bring the refugees in. like the canadian minister said you want to do it safely.
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deidre: safely and with a process and i am reassured you said for general travel purposes we do have a process? >> exactly right. deidre: francis, thank you. great to see you. joining me there. to you too. demonstrators took to the streets of chicago last night after release of a video showing a fatal shooting of an african-american teenage by a chicago police officer. we're on watch for another night of protests. we'll keep you up-to-date. meantime on international scale, president obama took turkey's side over russia over the recent incident of the downed plane. my next guest says russia may not be at fault. back to domestic politics, republican candidate ted cruz challenging president obama on climate change conflicts. >> it got to the point where i don't even think "saturday night live" can parody this president anymore. deidre: more in a minute.
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god advice from america's mayor rudy giuliani, before we head into the holiday weekend. >> americans have something they can do about terrorism within their control. and that is they can be resilient and not let this thing, you know, play on them. you are probably not going to be the victim of a terrorist attack and you will die of something else. don't worry about it so much. let the police worry about it. let the fbi worry about it. lit the cia worry about it. keep your eyes open, if you see something suspicious report it. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin.
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find out exactly what happened, and take measures to discourage any kind of escalation. deidre: new reports show the flight path of the russian plane that was shot down by turkey. we have general mcnerney. this is the first time a russian plane was shot down in half a century. is that significant other than amount of time? >> hugely significant, deirdre. this is irresponsible act by the turks. president erdogan had to preconceive this plan to do that. it violates all rules of engagement on intercepting aircraft. i had a great deal of experiences in the alaska norad region. i'm intimately familiar with the rules of engagement t was provocative.
5:17 pm
it was only over turkish airspace for 17 seconds. auld they had to do was fly up next to it and escort it out. deidre: general, turkey said it issued 10 warnings. will we ever able to be truly verify that. >> deirdre, if they issued 1,000 warnings it would not have mattered. you do not do those actions when it was not a threat t was heading 108 degrees in accordance to turkish radar information i have. it was no threat. it was over a desolate area. because of those conditions the turks should not have done that pgh deirdre: general, let me ask you.
5:18 pm
why would turkey be soing a agressive especially now? >> i like the term aggressive as overreact. president erdogan has different agenda. when i used to go to turkey every three or four months t was very secular society. today, president erdogan moved it into an islamist society. it is very troubling what they're doing. i believe in the long term he would like to create a rift between russia, the united states and nato. and our objective should be to get together with the russians. we want to work with them because that's the only way we're going to bring about a political solution to what's going on in syria and we must do that. deirdre: general, i know that the express is politics makes for strange bedfellows but is putin really trustworthy? >> i don't know if he is
5:19 pm
trustworthy but i know he will cut a deal because he doesn't want to be bogged down there. he wants to protect the assad regime. there is nothing wrong with that the fact is, if we had, there is going to be a alawhite, syria, and a sunni syria. that is the only way they're going to resolve this and sooner we make those decisions and do it, the less problems we're going to have with the emigration into europe of the support of turkey. turkey has been one of the biggest supporters of isis. they take their fuel. they let foreign terrorists come through turkey. a whole host of things they're doing to create instability there. deirdre: isis is anti-kurd as is turkey and i'm sure numerous other facts. we love having your clarity, general. i want to ask you before we let you go, tensions obviously high everywhere but president obama confirming his attendance at the climate change conference in
5:20 pm
paris next week. >> next week, i will be joining president hollande and world leaders in paris for the global climate conference. what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children. deirdre: republican candidate ted cruz criticizing the move. >> now he's saying what a powerful rebuke it toys isis that he is going to a global warming summit. president obama and john kerry have both said that they think essentially your suv in the driveway is greater threat to our security than is isis, than is a nuclear iran and, it makes no sense whatsoever. you know what it would be real rebuke to isis? when we kill the terrorists
5:21 pm
before they carry out another terror attack here at home murdering innocent americans. deirdre: some strong words, general, from cruz. does president obama think climate change is a top priority? >> well he does but obviously senator cruz doesn't, and i don't. senator cruz could not have said it any better. all i can say to what senator cruz said, he is spot on. this president must align his priorities that are going to have the greatest impact on the american society and our freedom over the next several years. he is not doing that. deirdre: general, thank you so much for the time, for your insight on all these topics. it is valued. we are glad you're with us. general mcinerney joining me there. there are protests in chicago since last night. release of a video showing a policeman shooting a teen armed with a knife. that is causing what you are seeing here from the scene last night. right now it is calm. we will keep you up-to-date if
5:22 pm
anything changes. >> all the police officers that saw the shooting, they need to be fired. they need to go to jail, just like the man that shot that boy down needs to be convicted for murder. a deer leaps into the road and you don't even have time to hit the breaks. the air bags go off... suddenly the police are there. when you call the insurance company, they want to know everything... how fast were you going? were there any witnesses? how much damage was done? the only thing they don't ask is, are you okay? at liberty mutual, we never forget that policies are about people. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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of the protesters and i have got to say i don't know how anyone watches that video regardless of your politics does not think that 17 year old man was savagely gone down. by a understand being curve of protestors i never condone violent protest but i do understanding your from the young black people in chicago. >> that definitely is justified in this case.
5:27 pm
why has it taken one year for criminal charges to be brought against a police officer? >> you bring up the important pointed took over one year for the city of chicago to not only bring charges against of police officer but it also took over one year to release the video and there are questions if from a manual the democratic mayor of chicago in concert with the city council paid his relatives $5 million as hush money there is a lot of unanswered questions it looks messy and it looks like they knew the police officer was a bad cop. it has racial overtones because the officer was a white when you watch the video i am the last person to bring race into a discussion i always look objectively but in this case
5:28 pm
, after he shoots the young man and he falls to the pavement his legs are dangling like spaghetti is sitting -- seen shooting again and again unloading his complete magazine. smoke is rising from his head area per our watch it several times it is like what you doing? making sure he was really dead? come on. deirdre: we will continue this conversation thank you for your time. our black czech lager with me. donald trump and tops the latest national poll and other g.o.p. candidates are challenging him. >> there thousands of people cheering it is not true
5:29 pm
purpose of this country was under attack people are ripping greet there was no cheering. >> anti-aggressive trump message? >> somebody is doing that. it is just women being raped then who is doing the raping? >> house stupid are the people of iowa? i have asthma...
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>> when the world came tumbling down and i watched in jersey city and new jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down, thousands were cheering. >> there were not thousands and thousands of people cheering. that is not true. this country was under attack and people were in greek but there was no cheering. he doesn't know what he's talking about. deirdre: the top g.o.p. contender is donald trump and with me is our conservative commentator brian starting with kirsten.
5:34 pm
will jebb attacking trump be a game changer? >> for jeb bush? unfortunately probably not he is around this place is debate performances are not stellar it is very expected response as his brother was president during that time. but whoopee is to put down donald trump is helping those in second or third place to rise to the top so he is doing something but not for himself he is not going up any time soon do you think there is a wine or our people justified to call him teflon trump? >> absolutely. what you have seen their making a lot of nice city keeps rolling they will say
5:35 pm
something done but he keeps saying it and he keeps rolling. there is a new ad to adopt a famous'' to apply it to donald trump. >> they may not care if the muslims were government you may not carefree says he will roundup of hispanic immigrants because you are not. you may not care if it is okay to rev up the protesters because you are not. >> the implication is a trump becomes president he should hope there is somebody laughed to speak for you.
5:36 pm
first and foremost, and does this go too far? ltd. is a political ad so they will all go too far but he is right but they already have this with their courage administration and then not showing of with any policy conversation but then with those just pulls with that conversation is for someone who needs to create an atmosphere we can grow on people's fears. >> the fact that we base all these conversations to say
5:37 pm
times have changed but to pick up on what you said earlier. even if he attacks trump mood does it bring down the most? >> i think it is marco rubio who will see it the most. as a strategist knowing that they will play this. so it is a smart thing to do. it is a brilliant move that didn't cost a lot of money but people are frustrated and want to see real results but i think it will be marco rubio.
5:38 pm
demonstrators are in the streets and were last night after the release of the video showing the fatal shooting of an african american teenager by a police officer. that is life right now. we well let you know, of that changes. there is an alarming new report the leader was planning a second strike-- later. more on a plan that the police foiled after this.
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>> officials are looking for
5:42 pm
a new suspect the leader was planning a second strike for days later so in a police state the next three months police can go into any home anytime for any reason it did not like your friends or media is this proof we are learning of attacks such as strong responses are right path? >> 6,000 extremist but they're picking up a fair amount of information to the people they have arrested to
5:43 pm
insure the safety but it could sweepback i assume french intelligence is learning a lot as they go about their duties with their methodologies but they have a long way to doug -- to go. >> that is to have the defense stronger and is he has a terror suspect list one month before one of those who is currently on the run. the result of high ranking official than to say we failed. >> deirdre you spend a lot
5:44 pm
of time over there for those who told me from his perspective belgium is a failed state. so to give what is his responsibilities? go. the failure is of the belgium government to give the same list to the french authorities so going forward as relearned the fbi and cia for policy reasons for not sharing reformation as they should have they need a more robust exchange of the information with high profile of a likely terrorist. >> looking at the of boston
5:45 pm
marathon to give them the names they said a social media our profile to go to the caucus region. is this just easier after the fact but this report shows a concert hall and this is the greatest number of casualties took place. some saying the s.w.a.t. team waited too long been based on what you know, is that logistically possible is it a fair criticism? >> bad is the great observation. at the moment what they tried to deal with was six different incidents. seconds, with a s.w.a.t. team arrived they need to
5:46 pm
know the best information they can get. what do they look like? i think there is a combination of trying to react to so many things to determine whether they were dealing with. but after they hear that for shot and i don't know the time frame. >> supposedly 35 minutes. >> been there is the absolute failure because said retrospect if you're the first shot it is time to go in the building even if there is only one or five for ted you don't have to wait forever betty to get there you ever responsibility to be inside to take down those people. >> those were threatening to
5:47 pm
the head is above the of hostages and they didn't care if they got out alive i hope we will not have to go through any event like this in the future. we wanted to let you know, there are protesters now in chicago walkie down the streets looking fairly peaceful and response to video of a chicago police officer shooting an african-american teenager fatally. we will have more for of chicago in just a minute. also more on the market's because investors are affected by the rate decision. when next guest says you can make some money on the move
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deirdre: there is some movement on the streets of chicago. a crowd gathering walking down the street together there were reports last evening after the video was released killing a young african-american. all those affected by the rate decisions us light increase could come as soon as december but. >> there is an interesting phenomenon right now those that are running some of the biggest hedge funds are doing something very odd. investing in mutual funds that anybody can buy. in the business world
5:52 pm
everybody admires that you have access to. >> for those that are holding bonds and bagels and other credit instruments and a lot of these funds are trading at big discounts from the bonds that they hold like the discount. and the discount will diminish over time. >> but it is liquid you could sip - - so every day and only pleded $1,200 per year. >> they are mutual funds everything is one manager percent accurate. but a lot of these bond
5:53 pm
funds is $0.90 on the dollar. ended the meantime it gives some cushion they have already take give their hit getting the income on top of that. deirdre: should we admire the hedge fund managers? >> and were ever if they see a black friday's sale of the bond market they are in an. >> that it is good to know their egos to be in check as well. target when gender neutral you may remember is in their toy section it got a lot of
5:54 pm
push back the total -- to live many stores are caving to the politically correct police. next. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible
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for the content of this message. :
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. deirdre: this is a live shot from chicago right now. you can see demonstrators in the streets. there was a group last night as well, after that video was released of a chicago police officer killing an african-american teen. a 17-year-old who was carrying only a knife. we are going to keep you updates on the situation, but you can see right now it is relatively contained. we are in the gift buying season, one social media controversy may change how you select kids' gifts in the next few weeks.
5:58 pm
ohio mom posted an image criticizing target's categorization of boy toys and girl toys, they got rid of gender specific labels. toys "r" us updating u.k. website to deemphasize gender. debbie sterling started goldie blocks, a toy product aimed at girls 6-10 years old. great to see you. >> thanks for having me. deirdre: you're an engineer, you said there are not women, have you erector sets, lego sets aimed for girls, how are sales? >> sales growing year over year, and i remember our big news when he launched was getting into toys are us and disrupting the pink aisle and this year launching in costco and walmart. we're only growing. deirdre: what do you make of
5:59 pm
the retailer decision to go unisex is that a page from the book or wait i wanted to be in the girls aisle and stand out more? >> page from our books i couldn't be more thrilled. what it means for me when i started this, it was the pink aisle and the blue aisle and the pink aisle was dolls, cupcakes and fairies and the blue aisle was construction and building, i wanted to make sure girls had the opportunity to also build, to be inventors to code, to build the future. that shouldn't be a boy play pattern, to say any toy is for any kid is what i believe in. deirdre: all right, i know for a second year in a row you're going to have a float at the macy's day parade. jordyn sparks one of the celebrities on the float. what visibility does this give the company? >> this is huge, 50 million people watch the parade. floats are engineering marvels and we're the first company ever in the macy's parade to
6:00 pm
have a float can you build yourself at home. inspired by our toy pieces, it's amazing to see kids watching and building along with the parade. deirdre: debbie, great to see you, debbie sterling goldi blox founder. charles payne is here. charles: president obama says there is no specific and credible threat for ison its homeland. and protesters gather for a second night in chicago, but it might be time for them to protest the leaders that have orchestrated the demise of this and other great american cities. wages are up bigtime last month, so is savings. why is main street hoarding money? "making money" starts right now. . charles: americans are on edge toni


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