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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 25, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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show 6 p.m., if you can't catch it dvr it, happy thanksgiving, lou dobbs is next. happy thanksgiving. >> good evening i am tom sullivan in for lou dobbs, no specific credible threat is the message from white house to the public, with concern over a terrorist attack like the one in paris two week ago, president obama saying his administration is taking every step to keep public safe. but critics are concerned about the travel warnings. i'll have a full report coming up. also tonight, tensions essca lit in -- escalate in middle
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east after turkey shot down a russia warplane. warplane. russia announcing they will deploy antiaircraft missiles to syria. i'll take that up with major general robert scales and the president of the foundation for defense of democracy cliff ard may. chicago braces for more possible backlash with the release of dashcam video of a white believe of police officer shooting a plaque teenager. our top story, conflicting messages from dodge on terrorism. -- administration on terrorism, president obama playing down fears of terrorism as we head to this thanksgiving weekend, president holding a news conference he said it is understandable that the public is worried.
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but the public should go about their normal activity. but that does not scare with what the fbi -- square with what the fbi is saying, warning us to be on look out for suspicious characters, james rosen with our report. >> reporter: pardoning a 42 pound turkey, president obama said we live in challenges times, hours earlier, president sought to reassure americans before holiday weekend, saying he has seen over evidence of a -- seen no evidence of'. of a specific and credible threat against the homeland. >> in the event of a specific credible threat, the public will be informed. informed. >> reporter: commander in chief vowed to continue go after isis, where it lives even as they claim responsibility for a mass casualty suicide bombing in tunisia tuesday.
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>> our president is not a particularly affective leader in helping us through this. we don't get that sense of leadership we should get from the top. i think this leaves people a little bit worried. >> reporter: in london. prime minister cameron said lawmakers should not wait for a political settlement in war torn syria we should act new with allies it is about keeping our own people and our own country safe. >> it is an every man for himself strategy, look at russians, turks are shooting down russian planes, the french having sorties by themselves. >> reporter: with paris still mourning they await arrival of president obama for a summit on the climate change, a summit he linked to the attacks. >> what a powerful rebuke to
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terrorists it won't be when the world stands as one and shows we'll not be deterred from building a better future for or children. >> reporter: others say climate change poses as much a threat than isis does. >> greater consequences that can cost hundreds of billion, trillions of dollars, lives, and the security of the world. >> reporter: republican president canad candidates ridicule. >> that is the most los most -- ludicrous comment i heard. >> they have declared war on us, we respond as though it is a police operation. >> reporter: president obama today signed a $600 billion defense authorization bill.
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it bans him from removing any prisoners in the guantanamo bay. >> you covered state department, how do you explain or did the president or white house explain why they came out with worldwide travel warning when the president said, go about your business? >> reporter: the administration would say there is no real contradiction, a official told me, we still want folks on travel, we just want them to be vigilant, they are not so rare those worldwide travel alert, obama administration by fox news counted 6 of them in the last 4 1/2 years. >> james rosen thank you. >> thank you. tom: in europe, belgian and french authorities peevin biefing up their security. abrini was seen on video
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alongside abdeslam at as go station outside of paris, he is now being tracked by the belgium and french police, the belgium capital remains on highest alert level for a possible attack. schools and some subway stations reopened today, in turkey and russia, hardening their stance over what led to downing of a russian warplane, turkey insisting that the plane was warned after it crossed into airspace from syria, that. they released audio to prove it, russia not having any of it, the russian pilot who was rescued said he received no warnings from the turkey jets. fox news national security correspondent je jennifer griffin with our report. >> reporter: one day after a turkish f-16 shot down a russian wa warplane on syrian border, russia and turkey
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moved one step closer to war, lavrov saying that it was planned. >> we have doubts it was unprededicated. it looks like a provocation. >> reporter: video shows them shooting and killing one of the russian pilots as high pai-- he parachuted to the ground. a war crime according to defense officials. he vowed to return to flying to avenge his copilot's date death, saying their plane never entered turkey. actually there had been no warning, on the radio or visualy, there had been no contacts, if they wanted to showarn us they could show us on parallel courses, but it never happened. >> turkey issued a audio tape of the warning.
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>> reporter: russian plane was shuts down 1.7 miles inside of syria, a official tells box that the indication suggestions that the turkish air to air, missile was launched while the plane was in airspace. it followed russian aircraft out of turkish and syrian airspace. >> turkey accused the russians of seeking syrian rebels allied with turkey who are fighting the aadd regime. -- asider assad regime. that explaineds into turkey and covers most of syria, to jordan and israel. >> after who wha what happened yesterday, if they occur we must somehow respond. >> reporter: that new russian air defense system could threaten u.s. military aircraft flying strike missions over syria, an american plane in southern
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turkey, all now within the range of russian surface-to-air missiles. tom: thank you join for. -- joa jennifer. a investigation claiming that the crew mistook a hospital for a cume bowen tha com powngsd that was taken over by the taliban. the crew relied on visual discrypt scription -- description not knowing it was a doctors without borders hospita hospital. >> we're coming right back. >> russia is escalating the conflict in middle east,
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moscow is sending more military hardware into syria in response to turkey shooting down of a russian warplane. major general bob scales will join us next. >> scores of protest are flooding downtown chicago in wake of a fatal shooting incident, an undit o update on the protests coming up next, stay with us. you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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tom: the islamic state claiming responsibility for a deadly terrorist attack in tunisia capital. investigator say that attacker used more than 20 pounds of explosives in the bombing, this marks the third terrorist attack claimed by the islamic state in this country, this year alone, joining me now. fox's military analyst. listen this -- let's talk about russia and syria. what is your assessment of what is going on happen from here? >> i think the russians got this wrong.
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they have a long history of using air force to intimidate western countries. they did it in ukraine, they bumped up against british airspace and our own in last few years, the turks have told themselve rally -- them, several times do not violate our territory. the turks said do this one more time, we'll shoot you down. that is what they did, they called russia's bluff, a lessen to mr. putin, you can't intimidate everybody all of the time. tom: i understand that. i heard that from others beside yourself. many times it is not even moscow but commanders in field saying go for it. but that map, they were 1.6 miles in this little tiny area, in a jet fighter that is traveling 600 miles an hour.
7:16 pm
that is a blink before they are in and out of that little territory. >> but, tom, they have done this over and over and over again, it was going 350 knots, but it does not matter, the bottom line is turks have been very specific. they are sensitive about their southern border. they shot down syrian jets who ventured in before. this bologna about this an accidental instruction is not true. they have the russians have first rate avionics, they can ballo plot their course to within a meter. this was intention rall intentional or just blew off the warnings by the turks, the proof is in the pudding, the turks have a video recording of several warnings made to
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that pilot on guard, the russian chose to ignore them. tom: you think their avionics is state of the art. >> right. tom: what happens from here? does putin try to beat the war drums a little bit or retaliate? >> i think it is suspect opposite, all day today, on russia television a propaganda war against the turks, turkish leadership and military. this is a smoke screen by putin. what is putin afraid of? of losing the confidence of russian people, the russian will defend the mother land, they will suffer tens of millions of casualties too protect their own territory, but when it comes to foreign adventurism, russian public is fickle about that.
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so putin is afraid he will be embarrassed by the loss of marine, and a air force pilot. so he tries to paper over the mistakes, the russians do not have a high tolerance for casualties when they are involved in foreign adventurism. tom: egos have started wars. >> you are right. and president erdogan is also a guy with a reputation of being a chest thumper, but putin is involved in a foreign adventurism, he has been pulled to two wars, one in ukraine, and one in syria, he has not won either one. he has a media blitz going on to paper over his mistakes. >> thank you so much major general bob scales. >> thank you. tom: vote in tonight's poll, a political question, with some conservative super pac now
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going after donald trump, trump saying those attacks break so-called loyalty pledge that he signed with the g.o.p. back in september. so as a result, now he may run as an independent, the question is, do you believe that republican party could turn out sufficient voters without donald trump on the ballot in 2016? yes or no? cast your vote at tom: two american astronauts are about to have a weightless thanksgiving, nasa scott kelly and shell lindgren wish the people on earth a happy thanksgiving, they are grateful for much. even their freeze dried space meals. >> the canned yams -- they are -- man. they are delicious. >> good stuff. tom: good stuff. this holiday, they enjoy the day off, football?
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tom: demonstrator gather in downtown chicago for a second night, protesting the shooting death of a black 17-year-old by a white police officer, this happened over a year ago. the officer has been charged with murder, but dashcam video released has contributed to new protest, the protestor
7:25 pm
demand that top cop be fired. mike t poe bin -- reports from chicago. >> reporter: demonstrates are armed with new slogan, the chant, referencing the chilling dashcam video released yesterday where officer jason van dyke is exiting his vehicle, and unloading shots into 17-year-old laquan. they say that the mayor, and police attorney sat on the case before over a year. >> city hall black caucus is after superintendent gary mccarty.
7:26 pm
>> we have called for resignation of mccarty. >> reporter: demonstrator marched to city hall, threatening to shut down black friday shopping. >> if we do not hear from the mayor, there will be an uprising. >> reporter: a city plagued by violent, 411 people killed by gun violent this year, most of them black people killed by black people. why is there not a outrage when there is black on black violence. >> crime is going to happen wherever you go. crime happens, people here to serve and protect are part of that problem. >> reporter: out here live, on historic michigan avenue bridge, where the demonstrators have blocked traffic. this seems to be an extension of people who went to city hall today. now on the michigan avenue bridge.
7:27 pm
a large presence. you can see behind them there is a large showing of police officers, i describe them as with a soft profile, they don't have riot gear, a lot of bike cops, traffic is stopped on michigan avenue bridge, leading into the high-end shopping district in chicago. it seems they are making good for short-term on that threat to shut down shopping in magnificent mile in chicago. tom: earlier they were there then they were not there, what happened, how big is it? >> reporter: it seems to grow, and shrink, there was rain earlier, they had a sit in by historic water tower. they sat down there. right in the street that is where a lot of the high-end shop, then a cold november rain, you saw numbers thin for a while, then they marched up michigan avenue, heading south
7:28 pm
the numbers supplemented, mostly gathering people off of the street, we're on michigan avenue bridge, you can see traffic is stopped in both directions. >> interesting. tom: mike tobin in chicago thank you. >> turning to national politics now. race to the top with marco rubio and ted cruz is in a dead heat, they have seen their poll numbers surge since the knock business debate -- fox business debate that means that the attacks and counter attacks are becoming sharper and more intense. mike ayman yell reports. >> in south carolina feud between senator marco rubio and ted cruz was on full display. with rubio taking a swipe against cruz for his vote against nsa surveillances.
7:29 pm
>> god forbid tomorrow morning there is a terrorism attack in united states, first question everyone will be have why did we not know about it, why did we not stop it. >> reporter: also an ad that they are spending $200,000 in iowa to air against cruz. >> our leaders must keep america safe, but when ted cruz has a fight to chance barack obama's weak interrism policies, he did not. >> reporter: cruz communication director said that establishment is in full panic mode after not getting jeb bush, now settling on his protege marco rubio. last night, cruz punched back at rubio on immigration. >> they want to try to change the topic, because i think that marco's campaign is determined his long time support of chuck schumer and barack obama's amnesty plan particularly, making it easier
7:30 pm
to bring syrian muslim refugees into this country that is they are worried about it now politically. >> reporter: latest fox news national poll of republican primary voters out sunday revealed cruz and rubio climbing as dr. ben carson drops, that likely explains jabs between the two senators. a new quinnipiac poll out of iowa reveals that democrat race is frozen. hillary clinton maintains 51% support, of likely democratic caucus participates, bernie sanders stereo%, and former maryland governor, oh, male is third, in single digits, in colorado last night, clinton spoke again about defeating isis. >> we need to defeat them, and destroy them. we need to fight them in the air, and fight them on ground, and fight them on-line. we can do that by bringing together a coalition of other countries, and people who share our beliefs. >> reporter: the economy and
7:31 pm
jobs are key issues in the quinnipiac survey. the one area where sanders leads clinton by five point, 47% said, these would be best to handle the economy. tom. tom: all right, thank you mike. >> the white house is asking supreme court to save president obama's executive orders on immigration. before he leaves office. 26 states have so far blocked those orders which, go easy to illegal immigration, hillary clinton is anxious to lock in the hispanic vote. bernie sanders said he will go further, he wants blanket amnesty it does not get more straight forward, we're coming back with more stay with us.
7:32 pm
>> donald trump signed a loyal tie pledge with the g.o.p., all bets may be off. including this ad, linking donald trump to nazi germany. >> if he becomes president, he might get around to you. >> how is trump responding? we take it up here next. and the driver of that track hoe in alabama is lucky to be alive, we'll tell you what happened, show you the video, coming up next.
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. tom: joining me senior writer for the weekly standard and fox news contributor steve hays and daily column senior editor steven weinstein. this business about iowa, tell me about this again, because i look and i see where in 2012, rick santorum won that, and so who wins iowa? do they -- don't always go onto win the nomination? >> no, it's true, and i think what's so interesting and fun to watch about iowa this time is you've seen people come up and come down, surge and recede, and it looks to be a pretty competitive race.
7:37 pm
the most interesting development over the last several days is ted cruz surging to second in a recent poll, i believe it was the quinnipiac poll that has cruz at 23% to donald trump's 25%, which is fascinating, given where we are in this race, you haven't seen ted cruz take many shots at donald trump in a direct way. you haven't seen him challenge it at all. i think cruz has certainly benefitted from the descent of ben carson in recent days. the big question going forward is whether cruz will have to challenge trump and whether trump will take on ted cruz, specifically in iowa. tom: jamie, i heard so many people talk about the fact that the polls don't matter, we're so far out, the selection not until a year from now. the road to the first caucus state iowa is not that far away, so it does seem like the polls are getting to be more important. >> i think, you know, there is truth to the fact that you are
7:38 pm
a little under 70 days away and a lot of things can change. you mentioned in 2012, rick santorum came from no where. i remember doing a story in the cycle at this very day saying why hasn't rick santorum had his moment in the sun and ultimately had his moment in the sun? we're seeing the three top contender in iowa and elsewhere. marco rubio, ted cruz and donald trump about to go into a battle royale to see who is going to win the nomination. i don't see any of the other candidates going to mount a surge any time soon. tom: sounds like it's more strategic if anything else, not so much if you win or if you come win, place or show, so that you can, a, help with the fund-raising and, b, is maybe get the next state down the road to poll better in your favor? >> yeah, right. you know, so much of what comes out of iowa in particular is the story, right?
7:39 pm
the narrative, the discussion that happens in the days following iowa. between iowa and new hampshire. marco rubio's campaign would be thrilled with a top three finish in iowa, if they were to end up in the top three there. better than expected in new hampshire, they like chances to do well in south carolina, which they view as a state that sort of -- where marco rubio will have specific appeal, and then they can go from there. ted cruz seems clear he's playing a lawn game, looking at delegate battles, spending a lot of time in the so-called sec states that are going to be decided later on in march and playing a lawn game. to coast out of a good performance in iowa. if cruz didn't have a good performance in iowa, it could be trouble for him. i expect him to have a good showing there and they're counting on one. tom: jamie, listen, the democrats, i thought hillary was now in coronation territory, and when i see the
7:40 pm
iowa numbers where she's only nine points ahead of bernie sanders does, that mean anything? >> well, do i think that hillary is cruising to this nomination with the one thing we have to mention is we don't know what's going to happen with the fbi investigating the way she handle e-mails. if there is an indictment who knows what that means. when joe biden didn't get in the race, when elizabeth warren decided she wasn't going to run. bernie sanders might do well in iowa maybe new hampshire, hard to see bernie sanders pulling a barack obama that 2008 and taking out hillary clinton. he isn't the guy that people look at as presidential material. he might do well in iowa and new hampshire. unless i see indictment against hillary clinton, looks like she will be the democratic nominee. tom: certainly does, but the outsider still has the appeal and i think obviously that's what's going on. steve hayes, jamie weinstein, thank you, both. gentlemen, good to see you. >> thank you. tom: be sure to vote in
7:41 pm
tonight's poll. donald trump says the new attack ads break the loyalty pledge he signed with the gop a few months ago, and as a result, he may still run as an independent. so the question is -- cast your ballot at meantime, scary moments for an alabama construction worker after a smokestack demolition, well, just didn't go as planned. hundreds gathered to see the nearly 160 foot tall landmark reduced to rubble. why, i don't know, but it fell the wrong direction landing on top of the excavator, a worker was inside, miraculously he was not hurt. >> the cab is made nar thing to turn over on top of it, you know? i was safer inside the cab. god bless.
7:42 pm
tom: you can see he escaped with a couple of scratches and coating of soot. we are so fascinated by things coming down. aren't we? . vladimir putin promises retaliation for turkey's downing of fighter jet. and a family enjoying the beach in florida witnessing a scene right out of a horror movie. we'll show you that video here next. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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. tom: russia stepping up military presence in syria after a russian warplane was shot down by turkey. putin deploying a state of the art airdefense missile system in syria and stationing a missile cruiser off of the coast of syria. my next guest says that putin has shown restraint so far, despite his latest military move. joining me the president of the foundation for defense of democracies clifford may. clifford, this question about what is putin going to do, you are very much familiar with russia. you've got a russian certificate. you know a lot about them. what do you think he's going to do? >> putin is not one to leave insults and offenses unanswered. but he is going to be deliberate about it. he is somebody who believes as they say that revenge is a dish best served cold. he is angry at the turks, and
7:47 pm
has to answer isis for bringing down a passenger jet over sinai not long ago, and there will be repercussions from all of this. the important thing you expressed he is not getting out of syria. he is doubling down. he is going to defend assad, and he is angry and there will be consequences, we just don't know what the option list he will pick. tom: that's the problem is that a lot of people look at him and general scales was on earlier and saying he's got to look good in front of the people, and so, with turkey, if he does retaliate some way, what happens? they're a nato country, can they invoke, what is it clause 5 or whatever the term that says we have to defend them as well? could this get as the pope said incrementally into world war iii? >> it's a very dangerous situation. you're talking about article 5. nato members are meant to defend one another. it hasn't been invoked yet.
7:48 pm
but, yes, if there is an attack in some way and you mentioned the s-400 system he's bringing in against turkey, it could be invoked. the question is will nato come to turkey's defense? there are two possibilities. one that nato will and you'll have an escalation, the other is nato won't, and if nato doesn't, can nato continue to exist or does it look like an absolute paper tiger. that's why this gets into a very, very dangerous situation. among the long-term ambitions and i think we know putin has, one would be to see nato collapse. he'd think that's a very good day for opening vodka and celebrating. tom: seems like he's poking at it. certainly the paris matter is a total different matter. paris could say we need to you get involved militarily with us president obama. you said you'd back us up, and seems on the turkey matter that putin is poking at nato and saying how far will you go?
7:49 pm
>> yeah, i think it's true. nato is looking largely irrelevant when you have both turkey being hit by russia. well, not turkey hit by russia, but turkey's borders invaded by russian aircraft, and more important, have you isis attacking on french soil, and nato essentially doing nothing about it. what's the purpose? people have thought for a long time that putin might want to see if he can collapse nato for example invading estonia and latvia and lithuania and seeing if there is a response. the nato members do not have tremendously good military capabilities. the second biggest military after the u.s. is turkey. and the other thing that's important to recognize and important to point out because i think french president hollande is wrong about this, he thinks that russia can somehow be an ally. what the russian planes were probably doing is hitting turkoman positions in syria.
7:50 pm
i think erdogan of turkey thinks he needs to not leave the turkomans who are his allies undefended. this is why it gets so complicated. tom: very complex. clifford may, thank you, appreciate your expertise. >> thank you. tom: florida beachgoers had unexpected company while playing in the water. a shark feeding frenzy broke out near the shore of panamaa city beach, as dozens of sharks fought over bait fish swimming in the shallow surf. a crowd of spectators watched the spectacle safely from the shore. i'd stay on the shore, too. up next, donald trump finds his ultimate supporter. this is great. an impersonator with what trump calls a big beautiful head of hair. we'll tell you what else trump said that generated some headlines. and i take it up and a lot more with red eye's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky coming up here next. ♪
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. tom: donald trump meeting his match at a rally in south carolina. listen to this exchange with a supporter dressed just like him, wig, the whole bit. >> this is what i call a real supporter. >> are you married? are you happy with your
7:55 pm
husband? she said yes! she fantasizes that he's really the real donald trump. can you believe it? [ cheers ] >> oh, my. joining us two guests that no one would dare impersonate. nope. nope. joined by co-host of red eye on the fox news channel andy levy and fellow red eye co-host, correspondent for the greg gutfeld show and former miss usa joanne nosuchinsky. >> great. that's fine you. >> like the donald trump line about the fact the impersonator's wife fantasizes about him? >> yes, i love it. trump was an entertainer and i was entertained. of all the things he's been saying over the last week or show, this is welcome. i love these kinds of stories. it makes me feel good. tom: andy, people that walk around with donald trump wigs on their heads. >> yeah.
7:56 pm
tom: don't they scare you just a little bit? >> there's a term for people like that, cult member, i think that's what's going on. his wife probably fantasizes she has a husband that doesn't look like donald trump, is my guess. tom: i wonder how the wife feels about him looking like -- honey, i got this great idea, i'm going to buy the blond wig. >> does he take it off or wear that all of the time? tom: that's the, yeah, only his psychiatrist knows. yeah. speaking of psychiatrist, there's a couple turkeys that came very close to seeing their match, but this is the annual deal where the president pardons. they'll get two turkeys pardoned today, honest and abe. >> this is the dumbest national tradition we have. >> what? >> dumber than ethanol subsidies. >> what? >> how did this become a thing that we have to watch every year, watch the president make really, really bad jokes about, and pardon turkeys.
7:57 pm
>> you know who we can blame is honest abe himself abraham lincoln in 1853 he pardoned a turkey on christmas because his son didn't want them to kill the turkey. it started with him. tom: you're saying abe lincoln's son was an animal rights guy. >> a spoiled millennial. >> we're all overlooking honest and abe are both male turkeys, can a female not be pardoned? really? we have to take it that far. tom: gay turkeys, i don't know, it's a gay thing, i don't know. >> we're all for being inclusive. tom: turkeys don't live that long, they go to a farm and way overweight and die within a couple of years. the republicans that got involved in this thing today, and decided that they wanted to pretend like they were going to be president and pardoning turkeys. let's watch. >> but we roast one, the normal way, and the others we fry them. >> we are pardoning the turkey
7:58 pm
so you go onto find yourself a nice tom and create some turkeys that maybe will get eaten next year. >> i pronounce you pardoned turkey. are you happy? tom: what's worse? the real president pardoning turkeys or wanna-be presidents pardoning turkeys. >> at least obama is real about it and admits it's a lame tradition. but of the three we saw, i would want to see ben carson doing it. i think he was just so aloof. it was enjoyable. carly's take was sexist, like the turkey needs to marry and pro create. and rubio took it seriously. tom: speaking of the controversial things, do you have somebody at the family dinner table that's like the odd person in the family that's awkward to talk to? >> if anyone it's me, i plan on spending thanksgiving alone watching football the way the
7:59 pm
founding fathers intended. tom: exactly. any crazy uncles from the other side of the political aisle. >> no, all of my family watches fox news. so thanksgiving is just a pat on my back. it's wonderful. >> why does it always have to be an uncle? tom: uncles are crazy. >> not all uncles. tom: yes, they do, they all live in an attic somewhere. >> i'm an uncle. >> no you're not. joanne, andy, happy thanksgiving to both of you. in our online poll, 55% of voters said that they have never seen a less engaged, less effective and more morose lame-duck president. wow. you don't mince your words. and time for a few of your comments by the way. diane commented on facebook -- meantime, alisha tweeted out --
8:00 pm
that's it for us tonight, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. thank you for joining us, and again from all of us here at fox business and from the lou dobbs show. have a happy thanksgiving. thank you. good night from new york. . kennedy: hello there, and welcome to the show. it's going to be a good one, and i am kennedy. tonight we're going to take a look back at very best segments and interviews over the past few months. always fun to do that, including blink 182 drummer travis barker, lived large, survived a plane crash and spoke to me all about it. "duck dynasty" star explains why he thinks donald trump can make america great again, and personal fine instructor tony robbins is here to tell me how


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