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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 25, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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that's it for us tonight, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. thank you for joining us, and again from all of us here at fox business and from the lou dobbs show. have a happy thanksgiving. thank you. good night from new york. . kennedy: hello there, and welcome to the show. it's going to be a good one, and i am kennedy. tonight we're going to take a look back at very best segments and interviews over the past few months. always fun to do that, including blink 182 drummer travis barker, lived large, survived a plane crash and spoke to me all about it. "duck dynasty" star explains why he thinks donald trump can make america great again, and personal fine instructor tony robbins is here to tell me how
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i can become a billionaire. kick things off with "topical storm." when bears have broken into your house and stolen your turkey, come to me and we'll order take-out of news. here are some of my very favorite "topical storm"s. topic number one. desi is like all english bulldogs, cute, dumb and very skeptical of aging. this is what happened when the wrinkled fart parlor came into contact with fire for the first time. desi no like the candle on the pup cake. watch. >> it's your birthday. it's your birthday! you don't like birthdays, hu? jim: -- ancestors had a similar reaction, they were clever enough to extinguish the flames with their own feces.
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he took too many shots to the bean, here he is coming up with a brilliant idea of wrestling an alligator on a golf course. >> you're in the frame. >> you're in the frame. >> are you sure? >> yes. >> are you sure? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> you really can't blame him! alligators are the goons of the golf course. i'm sure he would have given that scaley bastard the what for if that thing hadn't slithered away like a cold-blooded coward. alligators can do all sorts of damage even to the best intentioned golfers. >> i have his head. kennedy: rest in peace, chubbs, you were taken too soon. if jeremy roenick keeps up the hijinks and shenanigans he's going to be joining you in heaven soon enough. hey, topic number three.
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one magical tyree thought he stumbled into a musical version of cocoon at a flo-rida concert, he put his toes at the edge of the stage and flung his 62-year-old self into the waiting loving arms of the much younger audience. what an optimist. ♪ going down for real . >> oh, the irony, it was going down for real. and when he touched down after the crowd parted like the red sea to his moses, he ruptured his spleen, broke both legs, four ribs, lost 14 pints of blood and fell into a fit of applexy. the showmen flo-rida not only kept the show going, he
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launched into a hauntingly beautiful impromptu version of everybody hurts. >> everybody hurts ♪ ♪ sometimes >> gets me every time. topic number four -- when life gives you flooding, make a slip 'n slide, that's what enterprising lads did with a wake board after hurricane patricia slapped baton rouge with an aquatic carpet. >> oh! [ laughter ]. kennedy: oh, that will send you into a fit. luckily flo-rida was there and launched into a beautiful version of everybody hurts it. worked really well until it didn't and smacked into the pavement when you are skating on two inches of water. you really are skateboarding on a moist parking lot behind a
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car. unlike the time my own campus flooded and i learned how to surf. ♪ >> that's right. go bruins. topic number five -- there is no reason on earth you can't become better at activities as you get older. i plan to take up swing dancing and shoplifting when i enter golden years. if you're a musician, there's no reason you can't keep tearing it up. ♪. >> that is bob wood. i don't know why i'm laughing, so impressed. sometimes when i'm impressed i lava nervously. he's 80 years old. he was at the time of this video, an award-winning guitar god and veteran of jamboree usa in wheeling, west virginia.
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bob, if you are watching, keep it up, and maybe set your guitar on fire. don't get too carried away if you swing back into stardom, because that's when injuries happen. ♪ going down for real >> i love that so much. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen sat down for an intimate conversation with one of the most controversial vice presidents of the last 50 years, dick cheney. >> i love what i've been able to do. i've been privileged to be involved in historic events over the last 40 years. i don't feel sorry for myself or feel i'm unjustly or unduly criticized. kennedy: rosen's conversation with vice president cheney is detailed in the book, and james recently stopped by for a discussion with moi.
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at the white house correspondent's association dinner, earlier this year, president obama had one of his funnier quotes when he said a few weeks ago dick cheney said he thinks i'm the worst president of his lifetime which is funny because i think dick cheney is the worst vice president of my lifetime. why does it make the president prickly to this day? >> i have a piece on about this. the question that haunts barack obama which is what would cheney do? he tends to bring up dick cheney all the time, even when he's not prompted. in case you mentioned at the white house correspondent association dinner in april, i was there for the joke and the comments of dick cheney that barack obama was responding to were from my interview with dick cheney. kennedy: absolutely right. >> this book is called cheney one on one. i interviewed the former vice president for ten hours in his home, in his study in northern virginia shortly before he was going to turn 74 years old.
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you have never seen dick cheney open up on his childhood, on christian faith. on the five presidents he's worked alongside or directly with including ronald reagan. on the world leaders he's met, on 9/11 when dick cheney was running the federal government for a brief but important time, and in terms of the iraq war, the mistakes he was willing to having made with george w. bush in various stages of that conflict. kennedy: interesting, i think of him being unapologetic in terms of the middle east but about 41 and 43 because ask youed about relationships with bush the younger and bush the elder, he was cagey, he didn't give you the straightforward answer. i'm guessing he liked 43 a little better. what do you think? >> he said 43 was like barbara bush with a tart tongue and 43 didn't have quite the foreign policy portfolio that his father did assuming the presidency. i think he liked them in different ways.
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wasn't a chummy relationship with george w. bush. i said do you miss him? and cheney said do i miss him? i said yeah. he said i feel i can reach out and touch him at any time. kennedy: did he want to run for president? >> he did explore a run for presidency but came up against the hard reality he wasn't going to be able to compete in a fund-raising sense with some of the other candidates at that time. kennedy: interesting, i visited the pentagon the summer between my junior and senior year of high school and he was the secretary of defense and sat with all of us at girls nation and gave an extra hour of his time. i think there is something about him that is misunderstood. people say he is the darth vader of politics. >> he's not darth vader. and my book cheney one on one really rescues this man from caricature, he's too important from that. stood at the pinnacle of power for four decades unlike anyone in this country and a profound
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impact especially post-9/11. i wanted to hear from him in his own words and that's what you have here, ten hours of unedited transcripts complete transcripts with dick cheney with overview by me, cheney one on one. kennedy: coming up, travis barker with tales of his time as blink 182's drummer and cheated death by surviving a horrific plane crash. and willie robinson why he likes donald trump. his reason may surprise you. yeah, willie.
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. kennedy: hi, there great to see me. blink 182 drummer travis barker went to hell when a plane crash almost killed him in 2008. he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. battled addiction for years and chronicles all of this in the memoir, can i say living large, cheating death and drums, drums, drums, and hopes the book will help others battling similar demons. the book is out now and stopped by to talk about his harrowing experience. watch. >> i always disliked flying, always afraid of flying but it was something i had to do on a daily basis, sometimes couple times a day, but yeah something i hated, i medicated myself to the point where it was like abusive up until the time of my accident. kennedy: yeah, and after the
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accident, it had to have gotten worse because you burned over 65% of your body, and you were suffering from not only survivor's guilt but post-traumatic stress disorder, and we know from our veterans who return from war how debilitating that is. how far deep down the hole of addiction and depression did you go? >> you know, i actually went from abusing drugs and using drugs recreationally to being in a burn center for like four months on morphine and every other drug that they gave me. that when i actually got out i refused to take pain medication. i didn't take much of anything, within three weeks i got off of all of the other drugs that they had me taking that were like bipolar and different things. three weeks out of the hospital i was taking nothing, and stayed clean ever since. kennedy: now one of the quotes that you had given after the
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birth of your son landon was that kids give you superpowers, and i can only imagine that it was your two young children that took you through those darkest moments. you talk about in the book offering your friends millions of dollars essentially to kill you and put you out of your misery. was it your kids that kept you alive? >> oh, yeah, there was times in the hospital where 65% of my body was burned, i couldn't have visitors. i was so prone to infection and i had 27 surgeries in there. i woke up during 11 of them because they couldn't get my pain meds right because i was such -- i was dealing with medication, abusing it before the crash. so yeah, there was really -- i had the lowest of lows in the hospital, but once i got out, i was around my kids, they were -- i needed to overcome
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everything and i needed to lead by example, and once i got to see them, i knew there was a reason why i was still alive and i was blessed and i had to make the most of the life i still had. kennedy: yeah, your best friend adam goldstein who was in the plane crash with you, he overdosed. he did not make it through this. he is no longer part of this world. was there anything positive about his situation. what did you take from that? >> i mean, we were each other's support system after the crash. we knew we weren't going to meet very many people that survived a plane crash or buried two of our best friends that were like family to me and also lost the two pilots that were in the plane, so we weren't going to meet a therapist that had been through that. we were each other's therapists. we were so much to one another,
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and he was such a positive role model on me. he made me want to be sober, and he always challenged me to be a better person. so i knew he was dealing with the crash in a different way. i was almost, you know, i got over the physical part of healing and then the mental part of healing was i think somewhat easier because i had my children and i needed to bounce back and they needed to see me in a good place. yeah, i know adam used to -- i kick myself constantly because he gave me clues. the last words he said to me is i feel like doing a bunch of drugs and saying f it. i wish i would have took that and heard and saw it more clear. kennedy: i'm glad you didn't say. that will you fly again? >> i'll never say never. right now i have a tour bus they built after the accident because i knew i wasn't going to be flying any time soon.
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and right after it happened, i really didn't ever want to fly. i take the queen mary ii to europe. kennedy: you take a seven day boat trip when you go to europe. >> ten days. ten days. kennedy: my gosh! people have to read your book, can i say living large, cheating death and drums, drums, drums, check it out. it's a great read, incredible story you're still living. thank you so much, travis. >> thank you so much. kennedy: coming up, "duck dynasty" star hunter and renowned beard enthusiast willie robertson why he likes him some trump. and later, it's time to get freaky with tiki, former nfl star tiki barber is on the way. stay tuned. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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. kennedy: hi there, welcome back, he's also outspoken on politics, and recently caught attention for appearing on stage for donald trump at a campaign event. willie explained what happened when he visited me in the studio. >> i happened to be in oklahoma city. i just heard randomly that trump was going to be there and going to be speaking, and i thought, shoot, i'm going to see. kennedy: how do they rn it's you and not a guy dressed like you. my husband was you for halloween last year? >> well, his son and i are good friends so i texted him and i said, hey, your dad's in town, tonight see him. you think it's possible? yeah, go down there. we hung out and talked at the rv, he's so funny, just like out on the stage. and he started the speech there.
8:23 pm
he is. kennedy: there you are together. >> i still think that's billy gibbons. >> i didn't know he was going to call me up. >> would you have worn a different bandana. >> i was comfortable with old glory. he starts talking, he forgot i'm here, he stops and goes, where's willie? the blood went out of my head. kennedy: i haven't prepared remarks. >> i won't say anything. i'll just wave. kennedy: did he ask you to be vice president? >> he said do you love trump? at that point there was 15,000 people there to see him. i came over and said i do like me some trump. i explained we're both business guys. we have successful television shows and married people who look way better than we do. i share a lot in common with trump. kennedy: i need to ask you, this he had a hard time growing up and heard a lot of no until
8:24 pm
his dad made a small loan, a tiny pittance loaned him a million dollars, would you ever loan one of your kids a million dollars? >> i hope i get to the point one day when i consider a million dollars a small amount of money. but i guess it's perception. where he's at in business and life, i thought about it myself, i give him a thousand bucks, and i use that and someone may go, a thousand dollars is a lot of money. i thought what he did and built off the million dollars anybody would be impressed by. that but i don't know. if my kid needed a loan, a million bucks is a lot of money. kennedy: i am your child. we've never spoken about this. you are biologically my father. >> are you going to ask me for it? kennedy: i'm going to beg you for. >> i've had a lot of people. i think my favorite letter i got said that it was from someone who watches our show and said, look, god told me to tell you that you're going to
8:25 pm
give me, i think it was $34,000. kennedy: nice solid number. >> and you know what i said? god told the wrong person. he should have told me that, not you. that he didn't tell me that. i've had a lot of request for money over the years for sure. kennedy: that's weird. who would ask you for money. >> ask donald trump. kennedy: let's talk about the fine piece of literature, american hunter. and i agree but that our country is the great place it is because meat tastes better when you shoot is yourself. >> you know it's not shot up with anything weird, and it's not been preserved. kennedy: i've never seen a male bison with breasts. >> farm to table, it is the ultimate. i get to look at what i'm going to eat, take it out, clean it and go prepare it and feed the family and nothing better. the freshest meat can you get, it's what's worked for us and also going back hundreds of years and we go through that. kennedy: davey crockett, daniel
8:26 pm
boone, lyndon johnson, ernest hemingway. >> lyndon johnson takes jfk on a deer hunt in texas and has two different endings, you got to decide which one you believe, whether it was the kennedy version. so cool. one of my favorite stories. he had his cadillac rigged out so he could deer hunt. definitely a texas thing. he had it rigged out and driving and shooting deer on the ranch, sounds like a lot of fun. kennedy: oh, willie. great guy. coming up everyone's favorite socialist bernie sanders playing the bongos. how you cannot wait to see that? a defense attorney releases an ad that is so amazing, you may move to texas and break laws to hire them. another "topical storm," that is next. >> detect the war hawk. >> you a loved one have been arrested.
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. kennedy: all right, it's that
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feeling you get when you jump onto a bean bag chair, it pops open and all the joy of the world jumps out to greet you. that's right! it's time for another "topical storm." topic number one -- if you've been arrested as many times as i have, you get to know how to pick a good criminal defense attorney on the fly, or where to find an attorney to represent you in an international war crimes tribunal from which i was entirely exonerated. one attorney pieced together an advertisement that is half wall, half chuck norris on steroids. check this out.. >> texas law hawk. brian wilson, the texas law hawk! challenge of justice! due process? do wheelies! it's hot out here.
8:31 pm
brian wilson. [ speaking spanish ] . kennedy: that is amazing, and half tempted to fly to fort worth and commit grand larceny to see how good he is in court. topic number two -- bernie sanders has sent young and old hearts aflame, he works in perfect rhythm with statist progressives, but also beats the drums of redistribution. bernie is such a political virtuoso, naturally someone went one obvious step further and replaced bernie's imaginary percussion with bongos. watch. ♪.
8:32 pm
kennedy: hillary's cackle is the worst sample ever, it gives me eczema. that reminds me of one of my favorite jokes. what's worse than a drum circle? nothing. topic number three -- this week dozens around the world paid attention to elections in canada which apparently is a country located north of buffalo in new york. our northern friends elected justin trudeau as their new prime minister. the son of former prime minister pierre trudeau and footage of confident dance moves recently surfaced from a punjaby song association of an event. check it. ♪ eck it. ♪ ♪. kennedy: someone put a tongue depressor in his mouth. he's having a spasm! that is impressive. can it hold a candle to our own
8:33 pm
rhythmic politicians? ♪. kennedy: baby, she always doing the stanky leg. they might need a lawyer to defend them. >> brian, the law hawk! >> topic number four -- yesterday we celebrated back to the future day, marty mcfly and doc brown use that to guide them to the present day where unbeknownsted to them they were on tv with jimmy kimmel. >> people are watching on tv right now. most people will honestly watch on their phones on the toilet
8:34 pm
tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> the future is now. hoverboards may not be lining the shelves of every toys "r" us, nike made good on the self-lacing shoes from the second back to the future. and here is alex p. keaton showing off his rare kicks. >> they lace up on their see? [ cheers ] >> wow. awesome. kennedy: and on an even more positive note, proceeds will be donated to the michael j. fox foundation which raises money for parkinson's research. topic number five -- want to you feel better about pumpkin skills, we showed you a fella who shot strategic holes creating a perfect pumpkin face, not everyone is leonardo da vinci with gords. look at these.
8:35 pm
i call this one good-bye kitty. this looks like rocky dennis developed smallpox. this is almost a pirate pumpkin, sort of a one-eyed jack-o'-lantern, dear, god. and welcome to the tragic kingdom as though mickey mouse was in a radiation accident. those pumpkins are so bad, they're almost criminal. >> brian wilson! the texas law hawk! challenge of justice. kennedy: if you ever have any weird stories you need to see in the "topical storm," tweet me -- . coming up, after seeing the fantastic commercial from the texas law hawk, had to have him on the show! the man, the myth, the legend joins me later on. ronda rousey dives into the gender wage debate and kicked my head. fun. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world.
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the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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. kennedy: hi there, so glad to have you, a few weeks before losing title to holly holm, ronda rousey gave her take on the gender pay gap debate. >> i think that how much you get paid should have something to do with how much money you bring in. i'm the highest paid fighter not because dana and lorenzo wanted to do something nice to the ladies. they do it because i bring in the highest numbers. they do it because i make them the most money, and i think that the money they make should be proportioned to the money they bring in. kennedy: hadley heath manning, director of health policy at the women's forum joined me to weigh in on the debate. are you surprised to hear the wage gap discussion go in this direction? >> well, it's a little bit of a surprise but i think it's reflective of the evolution of this discussion nationwide. we had a debate where democrats mentioned pay equity a couple
8:40 pm
of times but thankfully didn't mention the 78 cents on the dollar, it's a statistical average, i believe the comments from stars jennifer lawrence and ronda rousey are we're moving in a more honest and fruitful direction when it comes to talk about women in the workplace. >> i want to talk about jennifer lawrence, she brings up a really good point. this is one of the reasons why women oftentimes don't see pay equity with male counterparts is they don't ask for more money. >> that's right. and i think there are two unhelpful extremes that this discussion sometimes goes to. people say sexism isn't an issue, women should quit whining and their fault if they're not earning the same money. on the other hand, if women aren't paid the same as men, that's a result of the patriarchy and refreshing to see jennifer lawrence say i have agency, i have control over what happens in my career, have the power to negotiate and
8:41 pm
stand up for myself. i think this is a more nuanced discussion about pay equity but a helpful one. kennedy: and she did get paid a million dollars less than each of her male counterparts but worked fewer days. in all fairness, she could have revealed that fact as well to round out the debate. you are absolutely right when you talk about the 78 cents on the dollar. you know, that's one of those meaningless statistics, like the 1% because it only tells part of the story as you pointed out and hillary clinton cannot stand on stage and cite that half fact when she herself was guilty of that paying her senate staff. >> that's right, and you know, this is another one of those moments where i'm afraid that fact checking comes in handy. when you talk about 78 cents on the dollar. this is not a measure of equal pay for equal work when you mention the number of days that jennifer lawrence worked on american hustle. it doesn't take into the number
8:42 pm
of hours people work or what fields they're working in, how many vacation days they have, flexibility on the job and women are the ones who want the option, who desire to have flexibility on the job and work in fields that are more attractive for whatever reason. we want to have a discussion whether or not women and men are treated fairly in the workplace, this is not a partisan issue, everyone agrees equal pay for equal work is a value what we believe as americans, not something democrats favor and republicans are against. it's important we bring the issues to light about negotiation and market forces. as ronda rousey pointed out she's valuable, that's why she is so well-paid. kennedy: former new york giants running back tiki barber recently came by and told me what he's been up to. last year you ran the new york marathon in 5 hours and 14 minutes. the year before i ran in 4 hours and 43 minutes. i beat your time over a half hour. >> what? kennedy: and i had a broken foot at mile 23 and kept
8:43 pm
running. >> you knew you had a broken foot? kennedy: i told myself i've been through natural childbirth. >> no drugs? fully natural. 26.2 miles is a grind. kennedy: you're doing it again this year? >> doing it again for c.c. and amber sabathia's foundation that helps kids fulfill dreams and have self-esteem. doing it with the help of k.t. tape which is what i'm here to talk about. i tore my acl in the nfl. i had a lot of laxity in that joint. running has been a challenge. k.t. tape because it's elastic stretch support-type material has been fantastic. kennedy: i love, i really do love k.t. tape, i have been injured so many times. i'm a clumsy person.
8:44 pm
>> but you keep running. why aren't you running this year? kennedy: because i broke my foot two years ago. >> that was last year. kennedy: will you come back and get freaky tiki? >> yeah, what does that mean? kennedy: that was hesitation, but i like it. there is still a chance. >> you're saying there's a chance. always a chance kennedy. kennedy: yeah, that was good. every once in a while i like to go out among the people and mix it up and sniff their hair. what's scarier? monster movies or things politicians say? i hit the streets to find out. monster politician, you tell me if it's a monster or politician saying this. trump or chuckie. i'm not ashamed to be a killer. i'm proud of it, and it's not something you should have to hide in the closet. trump or chuckie? >> trump. >> trump. kennedy: that was actually chuckie. that was the monster!
8:45 pm
>> i'm not ashamed to be a killer. i'm proud of it. kennedy: monster or politician. hillary or hanible. we came, we saw, he died. hillary or hanible. >> hillary. >> hanible. kennedy: we came, we saw, he died. hillary or hanable monster or politician. you will not persuade me with appeals to vanity. >> hillary. >> hillary. >> hillary. kennedy: no, hanible lechter. >> you will not persuade me. kennedy: is it ted cruz or freddie krueger. yes your world is on fire but mommy's here. >> cruz. >> freddie krueger. >> monster. kennedy: no, that was not freddie krueger, that was ted cruz. >> that's a monster. >> the whole world is on fire. >> you know what, your mommy is here.
8:46 pm
kennedy: the souls of the children give me strength. >> cruz. >> ted cruz. >> it's freddie krueger. >> really? my gosh. >> the souls of the children give me strength. kennedy: well, i'm not a fool and not capable of being fooled not even by a woman, norman bates or bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders. kennedy: bates or bernie? >> bates. >> bernie. kennedy: you think that's bernie sanders? that is norman bates. >> i'm not a fool and not capable of being fooled not even by a woman. kennedy: is it leprechaun or lindsey graham. one thing to shoot yourself in the foot, just don't reload the gun. leprechaun or lindsey? >> that is lindsey. >> one thing to shoot yourself in the foot, just don't reload the gun. kennedy: monster or politician? coming up personal finance instructor tony robbins is
8:47 pm
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. kennedy: amen, sing it if you know it, tony robbins served as adviser on the psychology of leadership and peak performance to leaders around the world. worth magazine named him one of the 100 most powerful people in global finance, life and business strategist and one of the largest human beings i have ever met. he was here with some advice. i have a simple request from you. >> yes, yes. kennedy: how can you with your expertise, knowledge, and mojo help me become a billionaire? >> it was a millionaire they asked on the way.
8:51 pm
in you're already to a billionaire. kennedy: want a billionaire, go big or go home. >> it's simple. you know sara blakely. kennedy: the youngest female billionaire. >> how did he do it. kennedy: getting rad. >> took control top panty hose and made spanx. you got to find a way to do more for others than anybody else is doing. find a person you fall in love with as a group, i'm going to do more than anybody else and find a way to do it. she did it with spanx, got oprah to put them on. kennedy: oprah immediately lost 20 pounds in tv weight. which is important. instead of having the inventors aha moment to service a demographic. >> if you own a business, you need to fall in love with the client because the product and service needs to change, everything is changing at a different tempo. kennedy: you have to be
8:52 pm
adaptive. >> what is the need, the desire and spend your life trying to figure out how you blow them away. how how you build a brand. kennedy: a lot of people said that you use neurolinguistic programming, nlp, as a form of hypnosis, i'm wondering how can i use that to get closer to a billion dollars. is it possible? >> it's true i started my career people with lifetime phobias had been in therapy for seven, ten years and learned that in an hour. kennedy: you have a phobia? >> no. kennedy: never had a phobia? >> no. kennedy: no fear of flying? water? >> i'm a skydiver. you know that hot dog question, that got me going there. my question is when is a hot dog really a sandwich. kennedy: like one of the things in buddhism that we'll never answer. >> meditate on it. my focus has been for 38 years, give people the tools to have better quality of life. body, motion, relationships and finances. and i'm an obsessive person and
8:53 pm
i want to know the answers. i always tell people i'm not an idiot, most people are not passionate in the relationship. do not love work, not fit and strong, not financially set. a few who are, i study them and show people how to make that happen. kennedy: i love taking systems, breaking them apart, reverse engineering and figuring out how to apply it. >> and teach it in a way that's fun. most people have attention span, you know what it's like in television or online. most people won't sit for a three hour movie and i do a four-day seminar that's 50 hours. 65 countries, and nobody leaves and we go 50 hours in the four days and nights. kennedy: and no one was hungry and one of your other passions is feeding people. in a country as rich as this no one should go hungry. she keeps food in her car to feed people, and shampoo bottles. >> really?
8:54 pm
>> 49 people in the richest people -- 49 million people that don't know where the next meal is coming from. i grew up that way. when i was 7, somebody fed my family. when i was 17 i said i'm going to feed two families. in the last -- i fed 42 million people, i'm interviewing the multibillionaires and watching them cut food stamps by 8 billion dollars and that means every family that is helped goes without one meal one week out of 12 months. i got more inspired so i wrote a check and fed 58 million people this year, if you've got matching funds go to feeding america and i will double. kennedy: feeding america, that is a prime example how private passion will do so much better than the government and the public programs which ultimately fail people. tony robbins, thank you so much. >> wonderful being with you. kennedy: i'm a billionaire emotionally sitting next to this guy.
8:55 pm
i love it. i'm already counting my money. coming up, one of my favorite introduce ever. the attorney from the texas law hawk commercials. i'm going to talk to him. do wheelies. >> someone just called me. you know you need a warrant for that. know your rights. call brian wilson, the texas law hawk today! can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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8:58 pm
. kennedy: a little earlier in the show, i showed you the greatest lawyer ad in history from the texas law hawk. >> brian wilson, texas law hawk. challenge of justice. brian wilson, the texas law hawk. hunger for justicement brian wilson, the texas law hawk. kennedy: the man behind that commercial is, of course attorney brian wilson, and after seeing his ad, we invited him on the show.
8:59 pm
he said yes, fantastic. what is the main thing you tell people when they're pulled over for drunk driving? >> well, the main thing i tell them is you don't have to say anything other than handing your driver's license. that's focused on texas law specifically. but just shut up, man! the less you say the better for the most part. kennedy: brian wilson, i know you are a major league pitcher and founder of the beach boys, are you a real good attorney or fun to party with? >> i hope both, but i'd say i really focus on my clients and clients come first before partying, though. kennedy: that is giving, brian wilson texas law hawk, thank you so much. >> thank y'all so much. appreciate it. kennedy: indeed, i'm in new york, i'll get arrested and can you bail me out. >> no. y'all take care. kennedy: hopefully you have been caressed by the talons of justice.
9:00 pm
you can watch all new episodes of "kennedy" on fox business network, follow me on -- thank you for fluffing my neck. good day.n floor, a treasure hur with a simple motto... >> today is the day. >> today is the day. >> today is the day. >> ...hits the mother lode. >> ...a shipwreck, which had 40 tons of gold and silver and copper on board. >> when his heirs cash in, collectors grab a piece of the action. >> a gold chalice. $100,000 to open the bid. >> but this treasure hunt is far from over. >> is it true that there's a 40-pound bag of emeralds down there? >> it's 70 pounds of emeralds. >> could you look harder?


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