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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 27, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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war on isis for now that warned that there's a risk if there's another ib kiddent like the russian fighter jet being shot down by turkey. turning to markets, a couple of brokerage firms there are being investigated. here in the united states markets are open until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. futures are up across the board after a slight gain on the dow on wednesday. it was a big day for football. green bay continue to struggle fail to go score on last-midnight drive. the chicago bears taking the 17-13 victory. the carolina panthers remained undefeated beating the dallas cowboys 33-14. panthers defense return twog interceptions for touchdowns and as cheryl casone predicted this loss -- >> cheryl: i did.
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>> dagen: things got worse for tony romo, left after injuring his collar again. was it a break? >> cheryl: they don't know. >> dagen: i bet against her and i would have lost. our top story this morning the fallout of turkish russian fighter jet. the u.s. was aware of the flight path of the downed aircraft. joining us john hart. where does this go? we had the president of france meeting with vladimir putin yesterday and still pushing for cooperation but what does this means, where do we go? >> john: let's talk about why we are here. we are seeing the consequences of what i call the obama doctrine and that doctrine says the united states should not have aforeign policy until a there's a refugee crisis or b there's a terrorist attack, so
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the fact in syria there's been a power vacuum for years because the united states has not lead, vladimir putin recognized that, he stepped in and i'll provide leadership. putin is not interested in fighting terrorism. he's interested in protecting assad the dictator and main -- maintaining access to military in the mediterranean. >> dagen: we as a member of this coalition, france, they don't want russia involved unless there's some agreement on how to treat or remove assad from power. how does it progress? what does russia do? >> john: russia is in a position where vladimir putin is playing to domestic audience. the message we need to send to putin is essentially to not escalate. they're going to create a security problem in the middle east.
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>> cheryl: the fact is putin is not going to stop. he and some would argue mónica that turkey is just as capable as russia is of making sure that assad stays in power. they actually want assad to stay there. what do we do with turkey, what do we do partner that some say are actually working against us? >> john: well, i think what we have to do is number one we have to articulate what is our foreign policy in the middle east. with this president we simply haven't had one. we've seen terrorist attacks, arab states and say number one, assad has to go and number two bring in the conflict and number three to create a safe haven request refugees can go home. the best place to syria is
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create a place the where refugees can go back. it's a consequence of power vacuum that the united states allowed to create and putin is filling. >> dagen: i want to point out really quickly, john, an editorial in the wall street journal today that's pretty telling because it's about syria and the islamic state essentially doing business together. despite what you hear from russia, despite what you hear from assad claiming that they are against isis, that they're fighting the islamic state, there's now evidence that u.s. treasury department sanctioned four individuals in six entities providing support to the syrian regime and they include, they include people who are associated with isis and i just think that that is basically an assad ally who is buying oil from caleefeit.
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>> john: right, this is what happens when we don't have a plan. you can criticize for george bush for decisions we made but he had a foreign policy. he would go after threats that he perceived to be a threat to the united states whereas obama is procrastination and wait until there's a crisis until there's a jet shutdown until we have a discussion about what is our vision and policy. >> putin is clearly driving a bus here. this is not first time turkish have warned the russians about it. you have to almost argue that putin did this on purpose, sooner or later there would be an incident and give them the excuse to bring missiles into the theater. >> john: he may have. he clearly, putin's interest again number one to build support for political position
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within russia and how he is doing that is trying to create russian military and in syria that means with siding with assad that will help him get access so this makes putin look strong at home. we didn't provide leadership where putin fell like he could go in and just act at will, which is what he's done, and so now we have an an escalating situation. imagine what would happen now if israelis felt like they had to do the same. if assad stay stays in power russia has added capabilities. then what happens? and again, this -- this is the scon sequence of the obama doctrine of not having a foreign policy. >> dagen: john, i will point out that one financial goal for
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putin and russia to keep up, drive up the price of oil because they ran through the military budget. they have to keep oil elevated and certainly what's going on here helps at least a little bit. john, thank you so much for being here. happy thanksgiving. >> john: like wise, bye, bye. >> dagen: chicago's mission avenue well known for upscale shops but protest over the shooting death of a black teenager may shut down the shopping district on one of the busiest days of the year. jeff is in chicago. jeff, what's going on. >> jeff: magnificent mile, not much going on at this hour, as perhaps you see the lines forming outside some of the stores, so far not having a chilling effect on black friday shopping but remains to be seen what will happen in the rest of the day. the shopping plaza that perhaps
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you see may we poke our heads inside. this has been opened until -- since i should say midnight and people have been coming and going, so no chilling effect yet, but this protest is not planned until 11:00 o'clock local time. that is noon eastern time and as you see folks here doing their shopping. not in tremendously large numbers. at this hour in the morning typically not that way anyway. i take you out to may i approach gain avenue, i think a more of a chilling effect as a result of a weather here. we are getting a lot of wind and wind-driven rain which has made it unpleasant. protests have been happening in chicago for the last three days since the release of cam video. there have been largely nonviolent. some arrest and damage to property. people did -- some people tried
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to tear the lights off in the chicago try. there's a lot of lots in michigan avenue but the call has been for a nonviolent protest but jesse jackson in a robo call sponsored by the union that went out yesterday for thanksgiving dinner for a lot of people, the call was for people to come to magnificent mile and shut it down, whether that happens or not remains to be seen. dagen, we will be watching it all morning. >> dagen: to your left across the street there's a top shop and a top man which i think speaks to you, go in there a buy a hat or something. you look cold. >> jeff: you know the temperature has fallen since we started this morning and i did fail to bring gloves. so that's a great idea. we will take you up on it. >> dagen: top shop, top man, go and get some gloves.
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shopping and protestors coming up later today. let's do a quick check on market, flat open on the shortening trading session. thanksgiving day the markets were closed, of course. they close at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. we are going to gear up for next week. but any indication of how sales have been going yesterday and today. remember home depot and nike two dow components near record high, hitting records high on wednesday. check on global markets. major selloff in asia. shanghai composite down, authorities launching investigation to two major firms after violation of security rules, that's shaking up stocks there. more on the action coming up. americans are hitting stores and fighting for deals, you are looking at live pictures out of -- let's see where we are
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looking at. >> cheryl: virginia. >> dagen: that looks like a bath proshop, buddy. [laughter] >> dagen: who hasn't been so proshop and buy some camo. all the latest in black friday sales coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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>> dagen: black friday. an official start to the holiday season. i need to correct this. this is -- this is a shot from maryland. this is a bath proshop. i said it was virginia. it's not it's maryland. i'm a virgian, no offense to
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maryland. beautiful state shop. [laughter] >> cheryl: we are looking at the numbers start to go come in. let's look at the national retail federation. some left the table early. a lot of people got a head start last night. large crowds gathered in front of a best bye actually several of them across the country as shoppers got a jump on the sales. macy's says about 15,000 shoppers were at the opening in manhattan last night, one thing we were looking at. if you missed the north lawn of the white house was on lockdown for three hours while the family was inside having thanksgiving
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dinner. clinching a binder in his mouth. likely he's going to face criminal charges. finally, dagen and i were talking a minute ago, carolina panthers undefeated in first ever thanksgiving game day. two interceptions from quarterback tony romo, there he is. romo reinjured his collarbone, reports say me may be out for the rest of season, here is the thing, jason garrett the coach of the cowboys says he won't rule out yet. i thought romo was coming back too soon. >> dagen: you predicted that they were going to lose. >> cheryl: i'm tired of being disappointed. i'm going to find another team.
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>> kevin: maybe dollars cowboys should doubt whether jerry jones cannot be general manager. he gets reinjured or in harms way. i think that's a big thing specially because the season is a bust anyway. >> dagen: packers lost to the bears, i blame oh -- olivia, remember when romo dated jessica simpson. >> kevin: he did. >> dagen: the eagles, talk about getting their face grounded to the -- >> kevin: yeah, before the season even started. they traded a bunch of players.
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moral wasn't good. going into this season. >> dagen: a girl can dream for her redskins. no. [laughter] >> dagen: cheryl is going to go into bookmaking. >> cheryl: that's a good idea. >> dagen: will it spillover into the markets? we are going to break it down for you next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> dagen: let's check on your market in trading.
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in asia the shanghai composite fell about 5 and a half percent. authorities launching investigation in two major chinese brokerage firms over violations of security rules. let's talk about today these sales kevin go to you first, these sales aren't necessarily an indicator of the overall holiday shopping season, could they still move markets today and next week? >> kevin: you know, i don't think so. we saw from last year, overall sales down about 11%. >> dagen: over this weekend. >> kevin: we saw overall sales up in the year. more than 4% and we are seeing a lot of sales going to mobile and we have seen black friday span out. now we see deals go even
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starting the week before thanksgiving, you know, lumping black friday sales. >> dagen: all apparel designer merchandise on sale 40% off store wide because the sales had been weak because you wouldn't do that too early. >> cheryl: we saw a gain of last year so far to this point just for thanksgiving, they are projecting a 26% increase from last year from online sales, that's volume but still. that's the consumer. >> dagen: targets, pardon my glasses, target put out a press release this morning about a quarter past the hour that they are seeing record setting online sales and strong in-store traffic to mark the start of the holiday season. you see target, wal-mart and all the major retailers really trying to take on amazon.
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>> dominick: we had a guest last night and the thing that he says to me there's no major hot product that was going to drive to consumer into the stores t sales, discounts were going to get the people in. there wasn't that one item that i have to go out and reach. that might be an issue. i haven't heard anything like that. >> kevin: the savings rate was up 5.6%, highest since december 2012, maybe consumers are going to spend this holiday season, maybe it won't be this weekend but over the holiday season. >> dagen: that was for october. >> kevin: we know the majority of sales are actually the ten days leading up to christmas so this isn't actually the major sales in the fourth quarter. ten days before christmas. >> cheryl: they are actually still below 4%. people are known when they have value in their home, foreseed
6:25 am
value, they are more confident. >> dominick: we were hoping that the save frción gasoline, fuel, increase in earnings, that was going to drive consumer spending. it really hasn't worked all year. savings are way up. >> dagen: buy a gift to somebody. go out there and give. sometimes in next two and a half hours we are going to talk about my favorite promotion. cheryl and i are in the story. >> dagen: what you need to know next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear
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from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell, maria bartiromo has the morning off. it is friday, black friday november 27th, with me cheryl casone from fox business. we have to talk more about that. she does, it's going to be excited, you want to stay chuin of what's going on. also kevin kelly and dominic tavella. black friday, maddens well underway. many of people didn't finish wait finishing thanksgiving dinner to begin to shop. $1.7billion. in chicago, meantime protestors will look to disrupt the magnificent mile today, they continue to demonstrate in the day following the the video of
6:30 am
black teenager getting shot by white police officer. tensions still high from russia and turkey. his country will still cooperate on the war on isis for now but warned that is at risk if there is another incident like the russian fighter jets being shut down. turning to markets, shanghai composite sliding almost 5 and a half percent to brokerage firms. they are under investigation by authorities. here in the united states markets are open for about half a trading day, closing at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. dow just down slightly by 6 points. now to paris, a special memorial service underway to honor 134 people killed in the terrorist attacks that took place two weeks ago today. greg live in paris. hey, greg. >> dagen, whether he get to the memorial in a moment.
6:31 am
first a little bit of new terror news coming out of germany, berlin, two people charges to plotting on state, no word on what it have been been but copy cats and a man arrested for selling online 4ak47 style automated rifles. those ak's were sold to the terrorist attackers. the manhunt continues for a suspect. 130 killed in those attacks. president hollande, presiding the names and ages of those killed including 23-year-old
6:32 am
american noeim gonzález. a quick final note, dagen, putin promised cooperation with france but took a dig at the united states suggesting that the u.s. might have supplied coordinates. >> dagen: thank you so much for reporting. vladimirvladimir putin saying the country is ready to coordinate military action in syria with the u.s.-lead coalition. joining me now fox news analysts matt graham. will that really happen? you have putin's interest in the middle east is with assad. his tied with iran and he is with assad. will he agree -- do we have to be careful if he agrees to do anything if it doesn't involve getting assad out of power?
6:33 am
>> matt: we have to be careful in everything we do. what we see is the bearing out of politics makes for strange bed fellows. the fight that is going on with radical islam and with isis and isil and off-shoots of al-qaeda it's based on theology, not a political position. it's going to tra kenned -- transcend borders and we see in traditional states and now in ideology. >> dagen: i want to bring up something, what is the u.s. doing and what we will do. u.s. underestimated isis, we need to do more, we should do more. we did have the president along side françois hollande of france saying, we will up the air strikes but beyond that, what are we going to do in the next
6:34 am
year? >> matt: what we are seeing with a failed foreign policy is difference between administrative reality. an architect can draw plans but a builder needs to be able to build what will physically work. we can do air strikes, we can have the big grand ideas of but -- seuthopia, if we move towards a targeted killing platform, we've been using drone strikes, we can use special operations troops on the ground, we can use a multinational and arab and western force, we know who we need to take out in order to be effective. so if we systemically work down the list through a series of air
6:35 am
strikes and limited special operations troops in order to take those individuals out. >> cheryl: matt, good morning, what's the number? what kind of number of on-the-ground troops do we need? we have to go in further. what's the number of troops we need to put on the ground there? >> matt: well it's not a conventional force, so the numbers really -- it's really not a conventional force. we are not sending airborne in tanks, what we are sending in are specialists. >> cheryl: how many of them? 50 was a joke. 50ops was a joke and we wasted lives. >> matt: 50 is a good start. 50 trained operations personnel can take out quite a few terrorists regardless of where they are, what we need to do though is continue to move forward. if we have that first foot in
6:36 am
the door of 50, then build on that. this is a nonconventional war and we've not been fighting it as a nonconventional war. we are taking a conventional idea of what the president believes is happening and it's not bearing fruit, so we need to shift it so it's in that failed strategy we have to be able to adapt to that because this fight is not a traditional fight. >> kevin: hey, matt, it's kevin. we have seen vladimir putin start to have sway over there as well as france president. why is there a big reluctant to fly this year to bomb syria, we know where calefeit is and uk has hesitance. we bomb area in iraq but when can we start bombing syria and
6:37 am
making headway in calefeit. >> matt: part of the issue with that is we are seeing a nation-state war to theological war. that's coming home to people. we are at war with radical jihadist islam. not with the nation state. radical jihadist islam is creating the calefeit. putin has been dealing with this for decades and now france is at the table and so when they sit down together and president hollande did the sequence properly, these are the things on the surface and these are the things under the surface and went to russia and had the same conversation.
6:38 am
everybody is start to go see that traditional response isn't going to work. we need unconventional nontraditional ways to deal with this. it makes it dirty. >> dagen: matt, thank you matt. matt graham thank you for being here so early in the morning. matt graham on the fight against isis. take care. >> matt: have a good day. >> dagen: recall vegetable mix believe to be source of e. coli in chicken salad. nicole has story. >> nicole: that's right, dagen. 19 people have been sicken and the number expected to rise. health officials urging people that bought salad to just throw it away. the latest e. coli outbreak
6:39 am
comes days after scare, more than 40 people were affected in six states there. a lot of people loved the chipotle brand but the stock has been hit 15% to the downside. >> dagen: thank you, nicole. don't forget to start with lauren simonetti. deals upon us. many struggle to keep customers coming back after the sales. the secret to keep the maddens going next. ♪ ♪ ♪ more "sit" per roll.
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>> dagen: it's black friday, we are all here working but we are having way too much fun for work. alcohol is not even involved. there are bargain hunters every where. one mall is going the extra mile to lure in the shoppers. let's go to peter barnes. what's happening? >> hey, dagen, that's right, it's called the fashion center, one of the most popular malice in the dc area, just going
6:44 am
renovation to try to keep it cool and hip. it has jumbo tron to advertise and make the experience for interesting and all of the things that they've done here to pull people in and get them away from online shopping because that's the competition is they've got the digital photo both, which is a lot of fun, they have hot chocolate stations and greeters coming around and giving them gift cards, hey, thanks for coming in. people want to come here for the bargains. we have all the big stores here. macy's, nordstrom, ann taylor with 50% off black friday special. if you want to get the deals, the mall has its own app. there's 170 stores more than a 100 have their black friday
6:45 am
specials on the apps. gap 50% off and 10% you can stuff in your bag. food court charging stations. >> dagen: there's no quick way to get your phone stolen in a food court. i love the idea, though, peter. go buy asking, we will see you next hour, i think. go and pick up something, show us something, a hat, gloves, give us some ideas. let's talk more black friday, time for consumers to get the best deals. what's in store for the holiday season but steep discounts and sales leave retailers needing more, our next guest has tips for retailers to turn one-time shoppers into repeat customers. richard thank you so much for being here.
6:46 am
how do you make a sales shopper -- return a sales shopper into a loyal customer? >> richard: it's really about relationship, relationship, relationship. you really need to build a human connection and, you know, i'm surprised in retail that people don't talk about repeat business, they talk about the increase, you know, over one year or over next, no one focuses on how we can get the customer back in the store. >> dagen: name of the companies, retailers that do the best jobs? >> richard: it's not really a company, it's macy's, coffee shop. it's not really a company. i mean a company like nordstrom does a pretty good job of that, all right. typically it's typically a person at a store that builds a relationship with another person. >> dagen: do retailers, though, i want everyone to jump in here, do they do enough to identify those people -- those employees
6:47 am
who do that? do they do enough to reward them in terms of commissions in terms of bonuses because you really from the management, lower management level up have to really be on top of who is doing the best job? >> richard: that's a great question. as a general rule, no. i think what happens is that retailers are foolish and somebody gets to a certain level and they would rather have an entry-level person instead of somebody who is capable of building relationships. >> kevin: richard how important is the omni channel, we talk about people going in and getting them in the mode of shopping exclusively on your site and does that include having exclusive when target has the collection and that was a great campaign for them, does it include that getting that, getting exclusives? >> richard: now you have all the channels, you have stores having
6:48 am
app, overall companies need to gather all the data, if somebody goes in the store, they also know that this is a high-volume customer and what are you going to do differently for the customer. >> cheryl: i can't tell you how many emails i've gotten. you're a vip customer. i feel good about myself. maybe i will check out what you're selling. >> richard: emails are good but they can't be an e-mail blast. every day we get an e-mail from sachs. now my computer recognizes that as junk mail. >> dagen: i have 1500 promotional emails that go directly into basically junk foiledder because of g mail. i get promotions all day long and i never read one of them. >> richard: i understand that. that's why -- if you, dagen, do
6:49 am
you have somebody at the store that you go to that really knows what you're looking for and knows your taste -- >> dominick: when the retails are hiring part-time season, how are they supposed to create that connectivity to the customers? >> richard: in a lot of cases if it's not the specific person, it could be the manager of the store or actually the people at the checkout counter if they're consistent they can build relationships. i mean, when you think about it, when someone -- when a checkout person is scanning all the merchandise, it's not just an item, a sweater that's online for their girlfriend or a box of candy that someone is buying, if someone says, that's a good deal, i wish i had bought that, that can help build a connection and then everybody has a credit card or a debit card to pay.
6:50 am
it really was a pleasure doing business with you today or shopping at our store, even the checkout counter at wal-mart or any grocery store or any chain store, they can make a significant difference and i would have those people be professional yet part-time people in other parts of the business i would have full-time professional people at the checkout. >> dagen: happy holidays. come back, please. he is author of welcomer edge and soon to be published endangered customer. the film the nfl doesn't want you to see. why the controversial movie con cushion is causing some trouble for the national football league. we will bring you the latest star wars trailer. there is another one. stick around. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> dagen: it's being described the film that the nfl doesn't want you to see but an ad at the movie concussion already targeting nfl injuries. >> cheryl: that's right, dagen,en ad for -- an ad of the film and opens up on christmas day. will smith who made the first discovery of the football-related trauma cte in a professional player. it's black friday. unofficial start of holiday shopping season. national retail federation says about 100 million people across the country expected to shop today. target saying before 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving the number of
6:55 am
order on in-store pickup increased compared to last year. citing the operator of a drone flying over the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the on the operator found and issued a summons to appear in court, administrative violation. no floats were injured in this. also the new extended trailer for the highly anticipated star wars relaunch, a deeper looking at the villan and harrison ford. i still thinks he looks good. no sign dagen of skywalker. what's going on? >> dagen: he's gone to the dark side. the force awakens hits theaters december 18. >> cheryl: we are all going.
6:56 am
>> dagen: right now we want to get the stocks. futures are down slightly on the dow. down for the week so far. one group is energize. >> nicole: energy stocks, oih, oil services etf, we are seeing up 3 and a half percent for the week. we saw spike in crude oil, natural gas, up about 5%. this is a group, no doubt, that's been beaten down in 2015 but certainly shining this week. we are looking at that etf in particular. the market oil services etf. that's a winner and seen biggest gains in seven weeks. we have much more mornings with maria so do stay with us right after this break. ♪ ♪
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dagen: maria bartiroma, it is friday, november 27th and with me is cheryl casone, kevin kelly, and diversified financial's domenic, the biggest shopping day of the year is here. black friday. the madness well underway. many people don't wait to finish their thanksgiving dinners before starting to shop. adobe thanksgiving day sales alone in the one$.47 billion. target has an online record for thanksgiving, sales are brisk there and everywhere. chicago protesters are looking to disrupt the magnificent mile today, they continue to demonstrate following the release of a black teenager being shot and killed, live report later this hour. tensions high between russia and turkey, vladimir putin saying his country will still cooperate in the war on isis. what seems at risk if there is
7:01 am
another incident like the russian jet fighter being shot down. on to markets and stocks, asia setting the tone overnight, shanghai composite falling more than 5% as brokers are being investigated, two brokerage firms in the united states. let's look at futures, they are essentially flat at one moment that any news we get out of these retailers could move stocks, many retailers have been on fire lately, nike, home depot at record highs. it could be a good day for the nfl, green bay packers' offense continuing to struggle failing to score on a last-minute drive, barest taking the 17-13 victory. carolina panthers remaining undefeated, the dallas cowboys are being, the defense returning to intercept with a touchdown and things got even worse for tony romo. select the game at the end of the third quarter after injuring his collarbone again.
7:02 am
something cheryl casone predicted. tony romo is back, he could be the panthers and the panthers are ready for this, i would not even do that. it is black friday which means the unofficial start of a holiday shopping season, is the official start 6 of the people to start shopping in july like my mom. the national retail federation expects 100 million people across the country will hit stores today. jeff flock is in chicago. the weather is not cooperating at the moment but he has more. jeff: not a pleasant day out here anyway but there may be of further chilling effect in chicago in addition to the chill from the weather, perhaps you see it, better perspective, this would be the scene later today of a protest, the latest in a string of protests in chicago after the shooting of a teenage black male by a white chicago
7:03 am
police officer. there is hope that perhaps this protest will be non-violent, but the plan is for them to, quote, shutdown the magnificent mile which is what you see here, this mile roughly mile long stretch is not quite a mile of shopping, such an important day, black friday. the hope is perhaps because earlier this week the officer in that case was charged with first-degree murder, that will have some chilling effect from the intensity of the protest, the situation in baltimore for example, people in an outcry for an media action. they are calling for the ouster of the police superintendent and local estate attorney who took over a year to make the charges in this case so there is reason for protests. but hope is it will continue to
7:04 am
stay calm as the earlier protests had largely been. and damage to public property during the earlier protests, but the call today by reverend jesse jackson as well as the president of the chicago teachers union is for non-violent protest but disruption of black friday shopping on michigan avenue. south of where i stand, a march up here to water tower place which is in some sense locus of the shopping district. we will be here throughout the day, the weather perhaps having more of but chilling effect on shopping at this time than any protests. dagen: you covered black friday for years and years. how many stores are open right now and how does this compare to years past? i can see the wind and those polls behind you. it is terrible. you are hiding it well.
7:05 am
>> reporter: black friday started at midnight here at water tower place, many stores were not open but stores like macy's where. so people have been coming through the night, based on my experience of coming previous black fridays, a lighter crowd that has been before but that could be weather-related at ford and blue all night in chicago, the plan, the forecast is for it to tapers some by the time of the protest which is at 11:00 local time in chicago. dagen: did you buy those gloves? >> right here. dagen: you bought a more someone loaned them to you? jeff: $58 but a door buster at macy's got it down to $28. fox business accounting.
7:06 am
dagen: good luck with that. i don't believe i would have said that. we will see you shortly. the stock about retail. what you watching for? >> in terms of companies or sales? dagen: whatever you want to talk about. >> in our household the discussion revolves around which the war they will hit, which car and where they go at midnight. none of that happened and they have their ipads and i postponeds to search, figure out what they want to buy. >> you are hitting the nail on the head. this is a convenience factor, reshaping black friday to a tea and we are seeing that come out from other retailers like target kicking hand-to-hand combat, they love that convenience and if you look at target where they came out with earnings they were anticipating 40% in online sales, they could come to the number, they are anticipating it
7:07 am
to grow 20%. dagen: they hired a bunch of stuff for in-store pickup. they found out yesterday they didn't hire enough. dagen: people on stores for online order pickup. it was a huge hit for that. >> somebody like wal-mart, really hurt the sales, not up to speed on the technology side of it but whether it is a bellwether you have to be careful. dagen: a best deal i saw, amazon if you shop on the mobile apps, $150, $149 for a 50 inch hdtv, started yesterday afternoon. let's turn to another important issue, the war on isis and rising tension between russia and turkey and how the u.s. fits into that russian president vladimir putin with french president francois hollande yesterday was agreeing to tighten cooperation, exchanged intelligence in their ongoing campaign against isis, sounds a bit like what we discussed with francois hollande when he was here.
7:08 am
joining me is senior fellow at the cato institute. what do you make of this? where do we go from here in fighting this global terror threat? >> first it is to try to dampen tensions between turkey and russia. we want them shooting at isis, not at each other especially where we have but nato relationship. that is where we are at the moment, francois hollande was in moscow talking with the russians, there's a lot of tension, russians want to take on ice is the russians support bashar al-assad, we don't, we have to find a way to square that circle, focus on isis, that is the threat for us and the west. dagen: can we move ahead without russia being involved in this coalition? >> with you call it a real coalition or not the russians are there. they put their 400 missiles into very serious anti-aircraft system, that is a threat to the turks telling them don't play this game again. we have to deal with them.
7:09 am
and some cooperation that does the most damage to isis. we can't ignore them but i wish we could. dagen: russia backs bashar al-assad. they are doing business together. ever treasury sanctions recently, treasury department sanctions and six entities from the syrian regime. they were sanctions, identified as a syrian businessman, says the middle man, from isis, they are doing business together. the self sustaining isis economy.
7:10 am
bashar al-assad and his regime are buying oil from isis, a lot of double dealing with >> turkey has been very helpful with isis being allowed material, they have allowed men to go in. and supporting jihadists, and an extraordinary message, everyone playing for their own interests. dagen: we are planning for our own interests as well. to nut fully back us getting involved in this conflict, it is probably going to take coming to our shores for president obama to do something, do you agree? >> the people who have the most at stake are the biggest in the region. they have a 400,000 man military. the point is they don't want to. it threatened them far more than
7:11 am
us. get more engage because it really is their problem and they have the manpower. dagen: thank you for being here, from the cato institute. take care. shoppers across the nation, shopping for the best holiday deals, staggering number spend on black friday next. ♪
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
dagen: black friday shopping madness in full swing. cheryl: cool graphics and all kinds of stuff happening, 7:14 on the east coast, black friday well under way across the country, plenty of pushing and shoving, shoppers lined up with for hours with a chance to sign up for the best deals, expect
7:15 am
thanksgiving day sales alone to hit the one$.7 billion in revenue. we will keep you posted another security breach at the white house. a man scaling fans on the north lawn yesterday as the first family was celebrating thanksgiving. the number was draped in an american flag. want to jump every did a little high five for himself but was detained by the secret service, he will face several charges and they beat the security at the white house. and finally look at this, this is a trailer for the new movie concussion. it aired for the first time during several nfl games, the movie stars will smith, it will shock many nfl fans and exposes years of neglect from the lead to the head injury victims, a lot of scare buzz for will smith, this is the movie the nfl does not want you to see?
7:16 am
dagen: it will take a lot to see this. jo lin: huge football fan but i know it is a critical issue but if you are making choices about what kind of movie to see it might do well. >> the first 20 minutes of up was hard to handle so i can't imagine sitting through this because it is hitting so hard at home we are seeing legends, it is hard to see this and the nfl has come under fire lately on a lot of regards whether it is domestic abuse, it would be good for the nfl to do something in the best benefit for these players. they are trying to smooth everything over but they need to do more, get in front of it. dagen: it will be hard, the family of frank gifford came out and said frank had chronic traumatic and settle what the fee which is the brain disorder we are talking about. >> we are only scratching the surface, we're seeing more cases
7:17 am
come out. dagen: i am a big football fan. i love nfl football and i want to see this. as much as i love the game miles above the players, i have a big fan of the players so i think about their safety and don't want to see these kids go out on the field, a quarterback recently hit the field, had a concussion, the coach didn't see him hit the hard hitting. >> there's a specific referee that is supposed to watch this. >> think about the high school kid, junior high school kid. it is my son or daughter a don't want him playing. >> the exact same thing, kurt warner said i am not going to let my son play football and that is an nfl future hall of famer, he won superbowl and the exceptionally well and doesn't want his kids to do that. dagen: this needs more attention at this movie will do that. markets might be closing early and 1:00 p.m. eastern time. you must stay tuned to market coverage, coming up we will give you a look at the big jobs
7:18 am
report. can we promote cheryl casone on all day long covering retail at toys r us, times square, kill me now but i will be there for you because i love you. bless you, dear child. keep it right here. no matter how fast the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains.
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dagen: check your markets on this shortened trading day, u.s. futures point to a slightly lower and open on the dow futures, the s&p and nasdaq in the green. in asia the shanghai composite fell 5.5%. authorities launching an investigation into two major chinese brokerage firms over suspected violations of security rules. all your asian markets were trading lower.
7:22 am
let's take and look at the week ahead in stocks. big jobs report next week but all the economic numbers we got on almost all of them on wednesday were pretty doggone terrific. capital goods, aircraft, up 1.3% higher than the highest expectation. your jobless claims were lower, income was up nicely. >> home sales on monday did very well. we saw very in data heavy weeks this week in the market, reaffirming a fed rate hike falling into december. people and not expecting any surprises. dagen: it would be a stinker for the fed to back off. >> this would surprise everybody across the board. it would have to be pretty cataclysmic, we are seeing inflation. dagen: i say sting grandview's a cataclysmic. i use the word stinker and use a
7:23 am
cataclysmic. i don't say cataclysmic because i can't say it. >> it would have to be a terrible jobs report. looking at federal funds target rate, it is important to take away from this chart you can see in the past the fed used to raise sequentially and they do it consistently. what has been telegraphed from this federal reserve and why the market has done well going into the rate hike is they think it will be slow and gradual so they will do away one rate hike, 25 basis points and we six months or a year and do another one. is lower for longer and the market has rewarded stocks for that. dagen: the inflation numbers and personal spending was extremely low, move once. >> the last jobs numbers we got, actually wages started going up and that leads to healthy inflation and that is what the fed wants. >> we had a horrible number for employment in august and the last was a rebound off of that horrible no. but i agree we get
7:24 am
any kind of decent number we will see a rate hike in december and i don't think that is terrible. we need to diskette -- but this discussion of the table, focus on the economy and stocks will do better. dagen: black friday, a lot of retail stocks, we talk about consumer discretionary has really bounced heartily in the last few months. some retail stocks, 90, home depot, hitting all-time highs, stores like t. dagen: dollars 3 have done extremely well in the prior week. i wonder if these local little frothy. this is a live shot from this is a mall in wisconsin. don't we love wisconsin? all in milwaukee. cheryl: my cousins in wisconsin ten blocks, to your point about home depot and all those guys still going to do well but i think we will get the december rate hike, those guys under pressure after the first of the year, that is a home improvement store and a lot of that will
7:25 am
change when interest rates go up, we are below 4% on 30 years. has far as the consumer goes, it was wednesday, about luxury, luxury is in trouble, what that could mean is a shift to more discount names, that could be good if walmart gets their act together, target is doing better, macy's is in trouble but they are closing stores, that could help them out. >> 30%, j.w. nordstrom. doing great, walmart is not. cheryl: the ceo is closing a bunch of stories and actually not so long ago, not telling what stores they are going to be because sales would be as strong, enjoy their last days without knowing they are losing jobs. dagen: i want your insight into what has happened. you saw big lines coming to
7:26 am
work. >> it was amazing seeing around the block outside 8 and am everyone was clamoring in front and that is across the street from macy's so you saw huge lines at 5:00 a.m.. that is what the retail season is about. dagen: luxury is over and out. that is why you see incredible discounts. let's move on as the nation's leads off its thanksgiving speech, the rays in full swing again. we get you the latest from the campaign trail next. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me.
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7:30 am
off, it is november 27th. with me is fox business's cheryl casone, kevin kelly and domenic from financial. your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern time on the nose. it is the biggest shopping day of the year, black friday. the madness is well underway. so many people didn't wait to finish thanksgiving dinner before they went out and started to shop. they were shopping at the dinner table on their phones. adobe expects thanksgiving day sales alone to hit $1.7 billion. in chicago protesters are looking to disrupt shopping today on the magnificent mile. they continue to demonstrate in the days following the release of the video a black teenager being shot and killed by a white folies officer. and officer ties with first-degree murder. a live report later this hour. tensions high between russia and turkey, russian premier --
7:31 am
vladimir putin says his country will cooperate in the war on isis. there is that risk of another incident like a russian jet fighter being shot down. in markets in asia setting the tone of the night, shanghai composite sliding 5.5%, two brokerage firm is being investigated. in the united states markets are open until 1:00 p.m. eastern time at futures have been mixed this morning. we see some losses in the dow futures right now, off by 12 points, a slight gain gandhi s&p and nasdaq. what is thanksgiving about if not food? is is about football. big day for the nfl. the green bay packers' offense continues to struggle, failing to score on a last-minute drive to win. the chicago bears take at victory 17-13. the carolina panthers still undefeated beating the dallas cowboys 33-14, pending defense returning two interceptions for
7:32 am
touchdowns and things got even worse for tony romo. injured his collarbone again. philadelphia eagles losing big time against the and detroit lions. that was ugly. the cowboys lost and the eagles lost. i am riding high. we never get the chance to gloat ever so i will take this opportunity. their record is not that great. let's turn to the race to the white house. most canteens' kept a low profile over the holiday. joining me now is dan how her. let's start with ben carson who announced he will travel to jordan today to meet with syrian refugees. what does that do for its campaign? >> is a risky move. he has been slipping a little bit ever since people got serious about terrorism and terrorist got serious about
7:33 am
killing westerners, we see at a paris attack a lot of people looking at the presidential candidates, saying can people defeat these guys? ben carson has been slipping since then and move going to syria, to jordan to meet the syrian refugees to put at ease these concerns over his foreign policy and his knowledge on foreign policy. is risky because he will have to talk about the syrian refugees and after meeting with the auto wops, all do we expect him to come back and say don't let these people into america, that is a little strange. i am not sure the exact reasoning why these people in particular, he is trying to bone up on foreign policy. dagen: at what point did these candidates who already offered specifics to fight isis, at what point will they provide a level of detail, do they even need to? donald trump tops in our poll in the fox news poll and he is
7:34 am
offering it is kind of hard to pinpoint what he really wants to do, during the fox business debate he wants to build up the u.s. military but wants to let vladimir putin fight isis and doesn't want to be the world caught but doesn't want to spend money on the military. >> especially with donald trump the only reason he would talk in more detail about it is if it would benefit him and right now it would not and he is doing very well as it is just continuing on the track you have been on, why start getting into policy details and things that could bog you down corporate you up later why not just say we want to bomb them to smithereens? dagen: bomb those suckers is the line, something he said. >> online we can't use on tv. he wants to destroy them. that satisfies a lot of people, people who like donald trump. as we predicted all along donald
7:35 am
trump number one after thanksgiving. obviously in very good going into that election next year. details, you will see candidates benefit themselves. that is obvious so if details would help you, lindsay graham made a calculation that would help him, it hasn't but laid out his plan. dagen: laid out a plan would clear specifics because he wants 10,000 troops is the number he put on. >> donald trump, that won't benefit himself i don't expect to hear much from him. marco rubio and ted cruz are more traditional candidates. they have to go into more details than they presently of ford. dagen: good to see you, take care. thanks for being here this morning. it is black friday, bargain hunters galore opening their wallets trying to get the best deals across the country. one ball going the extra mile to more shoppers. i sent peter barnes on a message
7:36 am
to buy something at the pentagon city mall in washington. what did you buy? >> this is one of the most popular malls in washington d.c. area, get 16 million visitors a year in part due to a lot of tourist traffic. it is across the river, a hop, skip and jump from the national mall and the smithsonian. gets twice as many visitors as the lincoln memorial which gets 7 million visitors last year and the mall is going all out to try to get shoppers to come in here rather than sit in front of their computers and shop online but social media is a big part of the strategy. take a listen. >> we use facebook, twitter account, instagram, with the photo. we have in place, we want people to tweet and hash tag, spread of this holiday season to get the
7:37 am
word out. >> for folks who might have trouble getting around because they are so stuffed with turkey they have emergency bags with water and energy bars and things like that. anything they can do, they get folks to get them over here on black friday. dagen: free food? free water, free energy bars? >> oh yes, hersheys kisses, give cards, come on down. dagen: stay right there. we will bring in jeff flock live from chicago. what are you seeing? you look just miserable. >> he is having a lot more fun wherever he is and i am. this is not a day that is conducive to black friday shopping particularly after the magnificent mile which is sort of an outdoor mall, the indoor water tower, requires people to
7:38 am
come here, to see what effect to what is having on this is a weather shoppers want to wade through what is the potential riot, certainly a potential loud protest but to what extent the weather has, i don't think we will know the true impact of the protests because our weather will have a chilling affect on people coming out here as well. dagen: kevin has a question for peter. sorry to leave you hanging but go ahead. >> earlier you mentioned people -- you mentioned there was a mobile apps and they were providing this. have you seen anybody using that are talking about it? what is the effect of that? >> reporter: i did ask the marketing director whether or not all these efforts are starting to have an impact or helping them and he says yes,
7:39 am
people are coming in here. there was a big renovation, this mobile apps, he says all of them combined are helping to get folks here. for example the mall opened last night at 6:00 yet he set a lot of people coming in, using their mobile devices to look at all the specials the stores were offering so is working. dagen: i want to go back to jeff flock. cheryl: it is cheryl, i used will there? here is the deal. you want to cross the street at macy's, i will pay for them. i feel so bad for you this morning, is freezing out there right now. >> reporter: it turned very cold. we had an incredibly mild thanksgiving day, temperatures 36 degrees in the 30s. i appreciate the offer. i can handle this on my salary.
7:40 am
cheryl: seems like little foot traffic. >> reporter: admitted the for perspective, black fridays tend not to be -- it is not a great parking situation so if you're going to go to one of those outlying malls for the earlier one, later in the day people come in here and that is when this protest is scheduled for so we will see. dagen: i told you to buy something in the mall earlier, suggest a tie perhaps. >> reporter: i was going to wear my santa tie today but i thought it was kind of casual friday. dagen: jeff isn't the driving range in chicago, but a tie on. >> i have colors, seasonal, as,
7:41 am
pink shirt, blue jacket. >> he has free water. free water, energy bars. sorry, jeff, get back to work. cheryl: you look very dapper. dagen: a sweater vest. gentlemen. we will see you later. peter barnes and jeff flock in d.c. and chicago for us. straight ahead, zachof doing better than offering deals for shoppers this bill black friday. how about adopting a dog? details next.
7:42 am
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y a song called allah ackbar shooting to the top. cheryl: pretty controversial land could get more so. is is a dance track by an anonymous artist, is number one on spotify. ♪
7:46 am
cheryl: that phrase allah ackbar means god is great but terrorists have been known to shout those words when committing their attacks. some music industry analysts said the song is meant to be satirical after recent terror attacks and probably in poor taste. there is also this. the extended free liquor the highly anticipated star wars launch was released on facebook, the tv spot gives ended deeper look at the movie's villain, harrison ford making another appearance as han solo but no. scott walker. where is luke? we don't know. online footwear launching a new pet adoption campaign from black friday through cyber monday covering the cost of adopting a dog or cat from 150 shelters across the country, these are the good shelters. for every had adopted they will
7:47 am
donate an additional $150 to animal society, that money will go to food, immunization, medical care. dagen: best friends has incredible animal sanctuary. i just think this is the most incredible idea. if you want to build loyalty with your customers, do something like this. i have two dogs. there is ramon in the front with a stray dog in puerto rico, landscaped by the organization save him, we adopted in the united states. charlie behind him was dumped earlier this the year at animal control here in new york city. there is charlie, he just got a haircut, he was on the 24 hour kill list because he was sick.
7:48 am
was an elder surrender horribly neglected, wasn't abused horribly neglected. at his tea for rotten out and needed eye surgery. cheryl: these rescue organizations, the work they do they go in at the last second and get some of these amazing animals out but it costs money and i am so glad they are doing this. dagen: when you rescue a dog the cost of adoption is several hundred dollars because it is to cover the ring and to help support the organization's those picking up the cost -- >> dagen mcdowell's dogs are the sweetest. dagen: do not go into a pet store and buy a dog ever, you are supporting puppy mills period. there are so many dogs that need homes, go get one and it will fill up your life. i am done preaching.
7:49 am
coming got black friday shopping in full swing. there is an apps that will award you for stepping into a store next. want bladder leak underwear that moves like you do? try always discreet underwear and wiggle, giggle, swerve and curve. with soft dual leak guard barriers and a discreet fit that hugs your curves. so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always
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dagen: more to tell you about this black friday, one company helping you find the best deals and getting rewarded not just for shopping but get rewarded for walking into a store. explain how rewards program works? >> download the apps called shop cake and when you have it you walk into a store, what literally into macy's in new york, or best buy, targets, any of the stores you love and when
7:53 am
you walk through the door you're getting kicks, if you turn them into gift cards of your choice, you can get macy's target gift cards but also movie tickets, dinner vouchers. dagen: just for walking in. >> walk-in, open your apps and you get points for being there. dagen: what do you get if you shop in the store? >> you get even more. you can link your credit or debit card and get more cakes, you can get kicks for scanning a product for holding up in the store, scanning the bar code and keep accumulating these kicks and before you know if you can get movie tickets or free gift cards or perfume, all of to you. whatever your heart desires. >> what retailers seen from this program? >> it to four years to get to the first billion dollars of sales that were dropped for our partners.
7:54 am
this calendar year 2015, and $1 billion on top in this year and that shows you the range of $800 million to $1 billion, black friday and the holiday season, $800 million or $1 billion. cheryl: is that enough? the reward from the apps is that enough to create loyalty. i can get just as the deal using my credit card when i go to shop. why would i want to just get points? >> it is an amazing thing that you contrive behavior with small rewards. when we started the company we went to retailers, it had never been done before so we walk there and i said what if you could replace a 30% discounts with a $0.30 a reward and achieve the same behavioral change you are looking for and most retailers thought i was crazy and they sent me home. so crazy they wanted to try it, it turns out it works.
7:55 am
30% -- dagen: how many did you have? >> we have 30 retail chains, 300 brand partners, everything from american eagle to best buy to j.c. penney, macy's, all these stores are in mayor. >> which are the retailers, download your apps and which are the best retailers now? >> the best benefits at best buy and macy's and targets. >> as long as you have the back door promotion -- >> promotions as well. the typical shopper, and a new apps in every store they walk into. you know how many apps this shopper have on the phone? 40 apps and how many are they
7:56 am
using on a monthly basis? 5. dagen: i only have the five on the phone. thanks, report back. co-founder and ceo of shop, take care. i will give you two seconds for final words. >> i think we will have a good year end in the markets. dagen: i love it. thank you so much. coming up black friday deals and discounts and wait for no man, bargain hunters, we have the hottest items, we have actual police here. keep it here, fox business. we've got trouble in tummy town.
7:57 am
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dagen: good morning, maria bartiroma has the morning off, it is november 27th. with me this morning, cheryl
8:00 am
casone, kevin kelly, and we sing his praises in the break, wall street journal -- we are all excited. incredible insight coming that but first your top stories. biggest shopping day of the year is here. black friday, the madness well underway. so many people didn't even wait to finish thanksgiving dinner before they started shopping on their phones. people expect record online sales or at least a percentage of online sales at a record yesterday. adobe says sales on thanksgiving will hit $1.7 billion. in chicago protesters looking to disrupt the magnificent mile, michigan avenue today, the major shopping thoroughfare. you expect to see demonstrations, continued demonstrations after following the release of new video of the black teenager being shot and killed by a white bull police officer who has been charged with murder. a live report a short while from now.
8:01 am
tensions remain high between russia and turkey. russian president vladimir putin says his country will collaborate with the war on
8:02 am
collar bone. so the cowboys fell, so did the eagles lost to the detroit lions. >> tony romo getting injured and eagles getting glittered. it is black friday which means the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, the retail federation expects 100 million people across the country will hit stores today. jeff flock live from michigan avenue in chicago with much more. jeff: good morning from the middle of michigan avenue. later this morning may be flooded with shoppers as well as protestors continuing to roll up
8:03 am
with shoppers down here. that is what they're trying to have happened today. we got breaking news which i want to clue you in on. we talked about this dashcam video of a shooting, there's another high-profile shooting in chicago which got a fair bit of attention, a 9-year-old boy was gunned down, stalked and gunned down. a particularly horrific shooting. this morning chicago police announcing they made an arrest in that shooting. perhaps that may have a tempering affect on this protest but a lot of people in chicago very upset and deciding to come out here today, not do what protesters for example in missouri did or in baltimore did which is to say trash the neighborhood where they live, decided to come out here to make a statement in a neighborhood where perhaps black friday being disrupted would have more of an impact on people like to get the
8:04 am
message across to. dagen: jeff flock in chicago. i want to turn to you, talk about retail sales, the retail environment goes to the heart of our economy. >> talking about the cold in chicago, it will help with apparel sales. dagen: originally blaming lack of cold weather. >> the warm weather keeping people away from the stores. a lot of micro and macro things happening here. micro things are that sort of large micros things, savings are up, approaching 6% again. dagen: three year high. >> that is half of where a lot of financial advisers say it should be, but interest rate going up reflects a cautious consumer. consumer confidence is relatively high drifting down over the last couple months. people see layoffs, they see
8:05 am
answer in economy, wage rates rising very slowly. overall the economy is in better condition than it was two, three years ago but you have a cautious consumer. cheryl: i think they are going to start to spend this holiday. >> we have seen a shift with black friday. it is more black week. sales starting sooner especially on line. sales last year 1.1%, they expect black friday sales 3.7%. overall sales season should be good. we have seen retail stocks up 3.5% over the past month where broad averages are 1%. we are seeing them peak. >> 2% economic growth, 3% retail sales growth not bad but not great. this is not a robust economy. the macro that is happening here
8:06 am
and consumers are aware of this, all but intermediation we have been talking about for months and now years, sales going to on line as opposed to retail stores. the majority of sales are expected to happen on line for this season. that means fewer people in retail stores, the consumer sees that happening, financial technology will come -- >> the best time to the consumer, convenient to shop. >> jobs at risk. causing people -- you have an aging population, savings rates go up. it will be a fine retail season but not a blowout. dagen: let's move to another story, i can't wait for john to weigh in on this, france and russia agreed to cooperate in the fight against isis, vladimir putin saying he met with francois hollande from france yesterday saying russia is now ready to award made its military
8:07 am
actions in syria with the coalition the u.s. is part of. joining me is the vice president of foreign and defense policy studies, good to see you. where does russia fit into this? do you think they are part of any kind of firm coalition? >> no. dagen: i love once the lancers on tv, thanks. >> russia is there for one reason, to prop up bashar al-assad wishy does a lot of things for them, provide a buffer to isis which is important to russia, russia has economic interests, a lot of people operating there and they use support so they have plenty of serious strategic reasons and as long as they are pretending to do this they are distracting from people, meddling in the ukraine and georgia so russia has a lot of reasons to do this and the russian/france discussion means nothing. russia will continue when it is doing, propping up bashar
8:08 am
al-assad. dagen: john has a question. >> russia has lost a passenger jet over egypt. it has lost a fighter jet over turkey. it lost a pilot from the fighter jet, it lost the rescue helicopter and a marine on that helicopter. at what point does russian adventurism play badly with the domestic population in russia? a population that remembers the misadventures in afghanistan for russia. >> that is the real important question. if you follow the russian internal domestic media they have been emphasizing that we are way smarter than the soviets and this is not afghanistan. we won't get sucked in. we will be smart about this and they are trying to reassure the russian people and they have limited objectives and that plays to their advantage but beyond that the rest of it is part of the russian
8:09 am
disinformation campaign downplaying the bombing of the plane in egypt because they don't want to have a death struggle with isis, using the issue to distract from the ukraine is important. we ought to be clear the russians have a concern about the region in which they were trying to operate because turkey has been supporting opponents to bashar al-assad and that is a place where they want to cut into so you understand why the russians would want to get in and get at them but it is not about getting isis but protecting bashar al-assad. dagen: what are we going to do? we promised greater airstrikes, more airstrikes with friends. there will be greater cooperation on intelligence. do you believe we do anything significantly more than we are doing right now? >> it is unjust to say the air strikes are a feel-good measure but this kind of feel-good
8:10 am
measure, the bombings of out of existence, after literally hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands of bombing runs, we would be done by now. this administration i don't think is going to seriously change its strategy for dealing with the middle east between now and when the president leaves office, there is no sign of that. something like paris didn't do that, you can only imagine what horrific thing would have to happen for the president to change course but we can be fairly confident that the strategy we are seeing today is the strategy we will see the day the president leaves office. dagen: thank you so much. the heritage foundation, take care, happy holidays, come back before the end of the year. and thank you for the -- using more than one syllable answers. thanks. let's make a deal, the mad-to save big on black friday next.
8:11 am
five years ago, on any given night, you know, almost 75,000 veterans experienced homelessness. we have reduced those numbers by almost half, but despite the great progress that we have achieved, there are still too many veterans who still need a place to live. this project is a comprehensive rehabilitation of the center's facility here in downtown boston to create permanent supportive housing, transitional housing and service spaces, a facility that really delivers on society's commitment to people who have served in the military. citi® was the financial partner because they were able to come with the resources, both the capital resources and also the human resources, the experts in their fields, and without citi's partnership we probably would not be in construction right now. the goal for us in this project is to be more effective in the services that we provide so that veterans who have committed to put their lives at risk
8:12 am
to protect this country have a home in this country.
8:13 am
8:14 am
dagen: breaking news jeff flock reported, an arrest has been made in the shooting death of but 9-year-old in chicago. the 9-year-old tashawn lee. cheryl: trying to piece together what been no. we expect a news conference later on this morning so we don't have a name yet but we do know chicago police did make an arrest in the shooting death of tashawn lee. it was allegedly gain related. police will hold a news conference in a little bit, but we did already know they
8:15 am
believed he was specifically targeted and they have a suspect. we will find out that suspect has been arrested but there has been an arrest made. we will keep us on that breaking news and want to bring you this. i am curious if you think tom brady will have a new gig. dressed up as a turkey. dagen: tom brady dressed as at turkey. that is his daughter. those are his two kids. his daughter looks petrified and falls over, she can't get away quick enough. cheryl: tom brady, parent of the year. dagen: they posted that on facebook. cheryl: we are talking about black friday so i want to bring you an update. a lot of people hitting stars to treat themselves to a nice holiday gift. basically according to the national retail federation 60% of americans are now self
8:16 am
gifting so what we saw alot of volumes of sales, people shopping for themselves. i did it myself. i bought a sweater yesterday. >> i have sisters who are like what the one gigabyte and they will say you bought it for me and wrap it up and give it to you. i don't have a lot of time. dave cheryl: i got a lot of gifts, no clue what anyone is going to get. dagen: i used to enjoy going into stores and that is how i would pick out gifts and i struggled to figure out how to actually shot on line. that is the division between online shopping particularly someone my age, i like being in stores that don't like the crowd? >> who has not become the enamored of online shopping, something on the order of 60% of shopping that will occur, sales
8:17 am
that will happen over this long four day weekend will happen on line, 60%. that is because you get an idea, your in your living room, go on line, there is, you procure web site, amazon and the next day or two days or even that day it is delivered to your home. talk about immediate gratification. did doesn't come -- beneficiaries of that, mobile advertisers, who benefits from that? facebook, a lot of it is going on mobile so you are seeing facebook from benefiting tremendously from that. >> to doesn't benefit from it are the brick and mortar retail operations. do we really want to get in our car on the bus on the subway too. >> to see if things fit. dagen: not necessarily. online retailers, if you order in the morning in new york city, they're in a couple hours and you could send it back same day with no extra charge. macy's, is that what happened, part of what is going gone on
8:18 am
line? cheryl: they came up with an online strategy and the web site has been doing well but not well enough to support the cost of the real-estate, the brick and mortar store. the ceo is going to perform the underperformer. dagen: we will talk more shopping coming up, sales on black friday expected to hit $2 billion this year. look at the best deals driving the madness next.
8:19 am
8:20 am
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dagen: let's check your futures, markets will open in an hour and 9 minutes from now. dow futures down 6 points, stocks will stop trading at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. in asia we had a nasty sell-off on the shanghai composite down 5.5%. authorities launching an investigation in two major chinese brokerage firms over suspected violations of securities rules and all of asia was lower. police hard hit pretty kospi and south korea. let's look at these markets. i want to go to you first, what to make, of all the good news we had factored into stocks. >> rolling back on china we said this before. this is not the stock market, a is a casino. they're finding irregularities, big surprise. it is down 5% but from a year
8:23 am
ago it is up 32% and -- that is what people are worried about. we are seeing that across the board, look at the price of copper, flipping through the emerging markets. sometimes they confuse the stock market for the economy and they should not. they make in our stock market seems like that worry about shine at slowing dramatically, has it been put -- >> is metabolized. it went down so sharply. after having risen 130% in the previous 12 months it went down in august and came back up, people just got numb, realizing this is not a bellwether for the global. it may be an indicator for the chinese economy, it is -- >> priced into our market a you have seen that. one reason the move was so drastic in august is they were
8:24 am
worried about the stronger dollar and what we have seen -- >> what that meant for the economy -- cheryl: point happen again. that could affect the market. it is a gambling operation. it disappeared. >> you see across the globe developing markets, including europe. whether they are p.m. is, it rebounded and drive the markets. dagen: there has been no reaction. >> maybe there has been. the consumer is retrenching little bit. consumer numbers drop a little bit. i won't take that vacation, don't want to fly to europe, or
8:25 am
be traveling. as far as china is concerned, let's get and that off the table. next time it affects the market is the next indicator the chinese economy slowed more than we think it has slowed. cheryl: i never believed chinese economic data. >> the regulatory overhang that the happen going into an election cycle when we cut back and business spending, they don't know -- >> that is another good reason, the politics look so -- dagen: thank you. we are going to talk more about islamic state. there have been more ice is related raids in europe overnight. we have the latest on the fight against global terror next. ing )
8:26 am
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>> turning to the latest in the war on isis, the rising tensions between russia and turkey.
8:29 am
russia's president vladimir putin saying russia continued to cooperate in the fight against isis, but if that nation is threatening economic revenge on turkey for shooting down a russian fighter jet by imposing sanctions. joining us now is former u.s. spokesman for the united nations. it's so great of you to be here. i begged them to get you on the program so thank you for joining us, it's early out there. >> it's black friday so i'm up early anyway. >> it's shopping at the fabulous stores in palm springs, i think. i want to bring up something because francois hollande has been quite busy, obviously he was here and met with angela merkel and then met with vladimir putin, but germany has stepped up and plans to send a warship and reconnaissance planes to help support the fight against isis. now, germany is not going to join-- like germany won't have an immediate combat role in this, but is this the -- we talked about russia and what russia
8:30 am
doesn't want to do, but is this a significant step? >> well, it is and it isn't. i mean, the germans should have been playing a larger role a long time ago. i think the fact that the russian-tu russian-tu russian-turkish problem is starting to increase is the reason that germans are getting involved. they like to have an order where everything is calmed down. they're very good at making sure that the planning portion comes off. so i think that the germans and specifically merkel and her relationship with putin, there's probably a sense that, you know, the german coordination is missing here, we need to bring in the german coordination. the fact is that the ghermans should have been in a combat role a long time ago. they were hesitant at the original iraq--
8:31 am
i should say the second iraq war, during the bush administration, the second bush administration. we really had to bring the germans along, even though german intelligence was showing us exactly what our intelligence was. so, i think that without u.s. leadership you're not going to get the germans to be at the forefront of being in-- >> we just lost rick. i jinxed it. >> yes, you're right, it's 5:30 in palm springs. >> we need the germans to help with the leadership. dagen: thank god you're here. you can pick up where rick left off. >> picking up on what you were just saying, that it is interesting. i haven't thought about this, he was talking about it from the german organizational standpoint, that they need to be sort of helping to organize. look, i think the u.s. military is pretty doggone good at organizing and the french, too. the point about earthqua merkel relationship with putin.
8:32 am
that's a different cat. there's much tighter and a business relationship between germany and russia. she can be an intermediary with russia for france, for the united states where our tensions meet. >> and they have a close relationship with turkey, that's the main thing, the germans can help with our turkish allies. >> the economic relationship between russia and turkey was already on the-- putin is the one that wants to keep turkey happy, why? that's where a lot of the energy is bought. turkey is buying energy from russia, if we turn around and say, these two to go to war, the truth is, never going to happen, never. dagen: rick grinell is back with us, have mercy on us. so, rick, they picked up what you're saying about germany, but one thing i want to follow up with, in terms of additional bombings you've seen, the additional air strikes going after the oil tankers and
8:33 am
trucks, a lot of this begs the question, something that john bussey brought up earlier, why now? because it seems like we should have been doing this weeks, if not months ago, and we had the capability of doing this, we should be doing this and now, all of a sudden, everybody wants to be involved. >> look, the fact is, we have old intelligence. you get old intelligence when you don't have boots on the ground. this political promise to not put boots on the ground from president obama, it sounds good when you're in the cornfields of iowa in 2008 and trying to convince people you're going to be a president different than president bush, but the fact is, when you commit to not putting u.s. men and women on the ground, you're committing old, unlimely information. that's just the facts. so, what we're trying to do is know where to drone, know where to bomb and know which precision exactly where the targets are and command and control center is. the only way to do that is to
8:34 am
coordinate your intelligence so that you're also human intelligence on the ground that can say, hey, joe, start bombing from the air over in this specific place. that's exactly how human intelligence works. dagen: as evidence of that, we were and the strikes done on oil facilities, the islamic state controlled oil facilities, we were going after refineries when isis increasingly was not refining the raw crude. was not refining the raw product. they were selling the crude to people who wanted to buy it or individuals and organizations that wanted to buy it and we were basically making unnecessary strikes and not really making a dent on the oil revenue. >> yeah, again, that's old information. we're not there to see what they're doing with the oil. to see where they're shipping it, where they are pulling it out or who is buying it. you can't just rely on satellite imagery. you cannot just rely on a drone campaign.
8:35 am
and pretend like it's going to work. look, we arrived at some safe houses to arrive at u.s. hostages only to find they had left those safe houses like three or four days earlier. >> rick, it's cheryl casone. i asked this earlier and didn't get an answer, if we go with troops on the ground against isis, what kind of number is that? 'cause 50 doesn't work. >> 50 doesn't work. i'm not a military expert, i think you've got to listen to your generals. the generals are saying things like 5 to 10,000. i would go with your best general and use their expertise. dagen: john, do you have more questions? >> look, rick, cheryl and dagen and i were talking about this when you were off air for a second. now you have france, germany, the rest of europe, essentially because of the terrorism threat there. the united states, russia, all focusing on syria, particularly and iraq secondarily and turkey is involved and even china has a put more skin in this game at this point. is that a good thing from your
8:36 am
standpoint that this is kind of an international effort forming that can put the squeeze on this area or is it a to your of babel that's taking shape? >> it depends which issue if it's the tower of babel. we have large countries with difference of opinions. when it comes to fighting isis, everybody says we want it defeat isis. we should be able to do that. let's get intelligence on it and use the powell doctrine, which is using overwhelming force when you decide to go in. we're not doing that. i've always been worried the press conference where john kerry and the russian foreign minister labrov got together and everything was fine and coordinating. we knew there was no possible way we were agreeing especially when you see two major powers disagree whether assad should stay. they pretended we're
8:37 am
coordinated and on the same page and seems crazy especially this light of the turkish-russian problem here, the military problem. so we need to coordinate more and we need to face the music and we have a difference of opinion what to do with assad and yet, two major powers have major operations, air, and about to be ground there inside syria. that's a recipe for disaster. we must coordinate more and i think that's why the germans are stepping in to kind of take control. the u.s. usually wouldn't allow that, but we have no leadership in washington d.c. there's no leadership, u.s. leadership at nato or at the u.n., our ambassador is missing at votes, post-paris resolution at the u.n. samantha power won't there for the discussion, she wasn't there for the vote. it's really ridiculous how the u.s. coordination is just completely gone. dagen: rick, so good to see you. think so much for being here. richard grinell. >> thank you, dagen.
8:38 am
dagen: the weather will be more lovely there than anywhere else. >> you can guarantee. dagen: happy holidays. we're about an hour away from the opening bell. let's go to nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange, you're looking at disney. nicole: i mean, indealed. a dow component and under pressure. roughly 2% to the down side. closed at 118 and change, booking in the 116 range, news came out in regulatory filing on wednesday and now it's time for the markets to digest the fact that they're losing subscribers across the board. let's break it down for you. beginning with espn lost 3% of subscribers, that's 7 million subscribers the last two years and less than 100 million now. how about abc family, they lost 5 million there and then we bring it over to the disney channel. losing 4 million. so, you take that across the board and disney is likely to be under some pressure this morning and again, dow will
8:39 am
look for negative points on the dow out of disney. faying. >> nicole, thank you, start your day with nicole on fbn 5 a.m., nicole and lauren. don't forget mornings with maria, here every day 6 to 9 a.m., here are moments you might have missed from earlier in the show. >> putin is clearly driving the bus here, this is not the first incident with jets flying into turk ish space. and it's not the first time they've warped russians about it and you have to argue the putin might have done it on purpose. dagen: and the packers lost to the bears. and i blame it on the dating. remember when romo dated jessica simpson. >> the radical islam with isis and off-shoots of al qaeda show it's based in a theology, know
8:40 am
the a political position. so it's going to transcend borde borders. we can see in the past the fed would raise sequentially and consistently. what has been telegraphed from this federal reserve why the market does done well going into the rate hike, they'll do one rate hike, 25 basis points and maybe wait six months or a year and do another one. we think it's lower the market the stocks have rewarded stocks for that. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul?
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>> breaking news, an arrest made in the shooting death of a 9-year-old in chicago. cheryl casone has the details on this developing story. >> that's right, dagen, we've been following this breaking news, just happened about an hour ago. chicago police now announcing an arrest, has been made in the shooting death of tayshaun lee. he was shot dead while going to a park to play basketball. this shooting allegedly gang related and police are going to be holding a news conference later today. we don't know who is a suspect or who the arrest was, but we'll find out later today. we'll keep you posted. and also this week found out, a mix of died celery and onion may be the cause of the issue at costco. anyone who purchased the salads on off before november 20th, throw them away immediately.
8:45 am
and then this,. >> have you felt it? >> that's right, a brand new extended trailer for the highly anticipated "star wars" episode 7 movie released yesterday on facebook. this new trailer faces a deeper look at the villain. and the teaser has been viewed 1.5 million times since posted. it opens on december 18th. dagen. no sign yet, still of luke skywalker, he's not in the trailer. the plot thickens as to the fate of luke skywalker sfloo i think he's done to the dark side. >> and maybe we've seen it, and ky kyle-- >> are you a "star wars" nerd?
8:46 am
>> i'm going to be a wet blanket. dagen: please, i'm a huge geek. >> this is going to be a mammoth hit and incredibly popular. there was so much hype, the impression out of blade runner, matrix, or "star wars" for the first time. blow you away with cool new thinking or technology when in fact i'm looking at the trailers and it feels a bit like the james bond may have just came out, which is like all the other james bond movies. dagen: this won't be as lousy as the last three "star wars" movies because they're gone back to a lot of live action. >> i disagree with you respectfully, they're bringing in old fans from the first three movies and then their children, that are going to get up-to-date and come into the new series and why there's so much financial anticipation. >> it will be a huge hit, i'll be wrong from the commercial side of it. as a personal impression, i
8:47 am
really want that blade runner experience. dagen: 20 bucks says you see it before january 5th. [laughter] the madness of shopping continues. millions of people are hitting malls and stores across the country. the latest on black friday coming up. ♪
8:48 am
♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end soon.
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> you're looking at crazy video from louisville, kentucky last night. two men fighting during the black friday madness. a police officer forced to break up the fight.
8:51 am
the reason for which was unknown. do you really need a reason? let's go to peter barnes live at pentagon city mall in washington. hey, peter. >> hey, dagen, that's right. the fashion center at pentagon city where the theme here is spread love. okay? that's the marketing theme here. nobody getting into fistfights to try and get all the hot products here, but social media, a big part of trying to get people in here. there's an app that shows the specials that the stores in the mall. 170 stores, more than 100 of them with promotions you can get at the app on your iphone, the gap offering 60% off and additional 10% off on the stuff you can stuff in the tote bag and on the theme of spread love, they have a digital photo shop. want to show you some pictures we took this morning with our producer silvia hall and our cameraman dave friedman out there trying to spread the move this morning.
8:52 am
and the mall wants you to post these on twitter at #spread love to try and get the traffic going. and, dagen, for giving me a hard time earlier, not having a tie. well, now i have a spread love tie, what's going on, for the rest of my live shot here. dagen: i approve. >> spread the tie. dagen: all right. >> all right, everybody, spread the love come on down to the mall. dagen: you say that stuff, it sounds dirty, okay, peter? thanks, peter barnes in washington. the pentagon city mall. it's black friday and we're getting the hottest toys and joining us with his own idea, and tech expert james oppenheim. what have you got. >> actually, i'm with my sister is oppenheimer portfolio. that's the difference. and i've got great holiday
8:53 am
toys. my favorite of the year, which is on key overdrive. it's the 21st century answer to slot cars. there are no slots and you just put them on the track, away they go, but you control these with a smart phone. so they actually-- >> who is driving them now? >> right now it's artificial intelligence you can play against the artificial intelligence. dagen: that didn't work. >> they've got additional wipes and jumps. dagen: i love cars and tell me. >> this is little bits. it's an electronics kit to put together and the way it works, you snap them together to make the robotic kits, 199. this is a robot that you can actually make with it and you can control it with a remote control. >> i love that. that's super cool. dagen: i want to talk "star wars." >> it's huge, right. dagen: i love "star wars" because i'm a nerd and
8:54 am
collected the little figures, my brother did. >> these are the new figure, infinity, 3.0. the way it works, you collect the action figures, but when you want to put them into the video game, you put them onto the platform like this and magically they appear in the video game. in the video game, disney 3.0, this is the first opportunity kids are going to have to be able to play with the force awakens and to play it with the characters from the video game. right now, it's available right now, this is the starter kit and then coming up, the same day of the film is going to be the film's action heroes, et cetera. dagen: play mobile, i love it. >> i love the idea kids should not just be playing with video games, but in the real world. play mobile, the kids get to build the set and play with it. this is the nhl set. there are actually, here is-- >> i've always wanted a zamboni, my opportunity to have one, right? >> absolutely. you can drive it across the track.
8:55 am
what is cool, the figures actually work. you can see the pucks there. get the zamboni out of the way and boom, you can make them work. dagen: i'm terrible at hockey. >> part of the beauty. almost, almost. part of the beauty is kids are using their imagination to play. dagen: thank you for bringing this in. >> merry christmas to everybody. dagen: merry christmas, happy new year and come back before then. we'll be right back, everybody. final thoughts when we return.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> final thoughts and cheryl casone who isn't the mood to go to time square. >> i'm so excited. the person who doesn't have ki kids, i'm going to toys "r" us. this store is closing at the end of the year.
8:59 am
we'll have him live. >> we don't know yet bye there's talk of them opening up, but new york real estate. >> be constructive on the market and selective. we've seen retail index up 3.7% into this black friday, but tends to lag the broader market into the year end and also, energy is trading at a high multiple. exxonmobil saw it in 23 times, so, be constructive on the markets and be selective. dagen: always constructive. >> sales will be in the 3 about percentish range for this weekend and that doesn't sound spectacular, but in an economy like ours, in keeping with the slow growth of the u.s. economy and be optimistic about that and watch the continued trend shift to on-line sales from the retail stores. dagen: what do you need for a gift this holiday season? >> i could use a lot of things,
9:00 am
and-- i could use a new bike helmet because i just got a new bike. dagen: i love it. is it a dura. >> no, a scott. >> you want some "star wars" toys. dagen: we've got to go. my final thought, adopt a dog and it's always about charles payne who is in. thank you, gentlemen. charles is in for stuart varney. charles: hey, dagen, merry, merry-- happy thanksgiving. stuart varney is enjoying his first thanksgiving as an american. first, nearly $2 billion spent on your smart phones. it's the year that america is turning to mass consumption because so far in-traffic stuff is looking good. and perhaps low fuel prices, we're marking toward $1.99 on


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