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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 27, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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number of the state legislature and said i need to do what i need to do on the street rather than be in the state legislature. i can do more on the streets. reverend jackson again. >> you all come a little. >> perhaps they are in the midst of organizing the beginning of this march, which is just about to start here. we've had the prayer, we've had the admonition from reverend jackson and we are starting to move again, it's unclear to me at this point whether we will attempt to go down the center of michigan avenue or whether we will be walking on the sidewalk, which i think would be more palatable to the police
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authorities. but let's see. >> do we have the spirit to bring it together in this way? here we are. we come on our stars and we meet today -- tomorrow we're going to take this theme to a higher level. >> perhaps this may just be the start. reverend jackson saying to those assembled here that they intend to continue march down, this is not like ferguson, missouri where it took place in the community was but marching down michigan avenue, which is a big street of commerce here in chicago. stay with us. >> all right, jeff flock live in the streets of chicago for today. i'm connell broadcasting on this shopping day,
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black friday in the united states of america, the popular destination for many americans today, we will talk more about that over the next couple of hours about for now let's stay in the breaking scene in chicago where jeff is covering the beginning of these protests which are to start this hour, you've been watching it live over the last few minutes. jeff, take us what we expect to happen next. as i said we're broadcasting from the shopping mall in new jersey, michigan avenue is one of the most popular shopping streets in the united states. >> certainly an interesting counter point between those two scenes. what we expect over the course of the next hour i suspect is that this march begins here at the corner of the chicago river and michigan avenue and for those who know anything about the geography of chicago, they will march north on michigan avenue all the way to the water tower shopping mall, which is an indoor shopping mall, a fairly high
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end one. they tend to be shopping towards the streets, and i think we're goofed out here -- it looks to me they're going to go into the street. and as i said, trying to shut the -- if you're trying to shut the commerce down, it strikes me you might be better off on the sidewalk. but it appears that they're headed for the street. yeah. let's loop around, david, and see if we can get a better -- as we come around and see that the police have mood off of the northbound lane of michigan avenue and apparently opened that up and i think they're going to allow some police bicycle escort will allow the marchers to march into the middle of the street. i think it's worth saying that the police have been approached this all over the last several days, we've had protests every day have approached this all very
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calmly and without any attempts to engage the protesters, a lot of times they've been face to face with them and been taunted and the police i think have done a pretty good job of allowing people as i said they would to joy their first amendment rights to march, to talk, to chant, but if they destroy property or otherwise break the law, they are not allowing it, but beyond that and there have been a few arrests but limited arrests, beyond that, they're letting the marchers march and the protesters protest. and -- let's see if we can get a little closer to this. but the whole mass is moving. and, again, i'm trying to get a sense of the numbers. it's hundreds i don't think based on what i'm seeing that we're in the thousands. and if you wanted an effort from the polic number of
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police, i would say in the hundreds also. right now we're in the middle of michigan avenue, which is the mile. it's fair to say that they have succeeded in shutting down michigan avenue the commerce on michigan avenue is shut, i don't know as we march down, we will see the streets, and we will see the shops and the people and talk. i think one of the things we've got a little bit of a shoving situation here. these things can be -- a bit of a conflict. there are some people -- different strategies. reverend jackson and, again, there are other protesters who
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may be advocating a -- i guess a more active -- it appears there's a conflict. let's see kind of what happens in the midst of a protest. as reverend jackson pointed out, chicago was no stranger to all of this. in fact, bobby rush, talk about the need for a new state's attorney. for those of you who don't know, that's the district attorney robbie rush, the
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victim a police raid and state attorney in pastimes, those back in 18960 congressman rush a member of the policy and the state's attorney at the time. reverend jackson was pointing out what they're asking for right now. it appears we have two groups of protesters. this is one leading the way, and i think reverend jackson and his group have paused it appears back there and not quite sure what -- we're talk about the protest here, sir. >> look, look, look. let me say something. listen, raised in the city of chicago, you know how many police took me to the alley and beat me up, handcuffed me
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and beat me up, like, for no reason. i didn't have nothing on me and they just beat us up. man, i hate the police. i'm sorry. if that don't make the news. >> you just made the news. so that's fine, you're entitled to your concern. >> they've been beating me up forever. >> everything is bogus out here, they killed that little boy, you ain't got anything to say. >> you're going to have multiple opinions expressed but i tell you in the black community is not an uncommon view people experience with the police. and this is one of the things the mayor and the superintendent said they would like a change. they would have difficulty solving because they don't get corporation from those in the community. but i submit to you, connell, that chicago could be in a crossroad at this point because obviously this
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movement and that video has really crystallized a lot of things in town and perhaps the city cross that or not. and cities like detroit did not solve it very well, and we hope it goes better in chicago. connell. >> and we'll be watching throughout the day, jeff flock will keep his video up on a big shopping day around the country in new jersey where we're broadcasting from coast to coast, connell filling in for neil today, and as we appear to see some arrests being made. continuereverend continues to lead that protest and as we do, weems how the commerce in that city deals with the stores that are getting some of these shoppers in, you can
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see it's raining in chicago. the former mayor of cincinnati is with us now talking about the protesters disrupting the retailers and whether that is a way to make their point. what do you make of what you're seeing, mr. mayor? >> well, it's unfortunate as you know capital seeks the past of least resistance and great opportunity. and at a time when chicago needs more investment, more job creation, ask more corporate community corporation and propelling chicago forward, it seems as if reverend jackson and others are more concerned about making a statement in terms of the corporate community than actually pulling chicago together left, right, individual communities, church community to stop the killing. it's not just the misuse of
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force by the police but the slaughter of innocent black children in the streets of chicago. so i think it's a missed opportunities, folks are more concerned about advancing a narrative than getting at the fact. >> this particular case, though, is especially chilling for so many people who watch the video of the man being shot and the police officer is facing first-degree murder charges, took more than a year to come to fruition. but in this particular video you can see why people are so upset of what we've all seen by now? >> absolutely. i think the fact that it has taken so long is a fundamental problem. all too often justice the latest justice is denied and
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the fact that it has taken all of these months to make this transparent is a real problem. but the bottom line now the system is working. this guy has been charged, the process is working, the family is calling for a calm, forward movement of the justice system, and i think that's what we're getting. but the mayor has lost some credibility, as well as the restate attorney for dragging it out much, much too long, and i think it was probably for political reasons given the election that the mayor was concerned with. >> yeah, keep in mind the timing of this, october is when the shooting took place, mayor emmanuel was up for reelection. jeff flock, we thank you for joining us as we get started
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on cavuto coast to coast, it's a special shot today because we're covering all of the shoppers in new jersey also all of the breaking news with jeff flock in chicago. steve forbes here at the mall and coming up next. keep it here on cavuto coast to coast
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connell: we're back, breaking news on the fox business network, live in the mall in new jersey, we're covering news in chicago where the protest that jeff flock was talking about a few moments ago, we go back there on the streets of chicago where they're changed among other things, 13 months, 16 shots for how long it took to get
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prosecution against the police officer who shot 13 months before the how far was charged, 16 of course the reference to how many shots fired. here at the mall in new jersey cavuto coast to coast and we talk a lot about shopping in the past couple of hours, of course it's black friday and the other thing as we watch the protest, issues that have may not been at the forefront, communications at the police and of course relations. it looks like they're back. what do you think that will mean? >> well, i think this all goes to the economy we have. perhaps the american workforce while wages are still lower than they were five, six years ago. they don't see big coming, people are frustrated, why aren't things getting better? of course the white house pointing out big problems in these areas in america, states almost want to claim rather than get to thoughts. connell: so you think there's a lot more to it and as i said
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in our last section, it's fair to say that most people who see it this is outrageous, it's horrible what happened to this young man, regardless what they were investigating him downing. but you think there's more to it? it's simply that, simply a video of people being upset. >> well, people would be upset and feel that the economy is not moving, the only way to get raised to get a minimum wage, retailers are under real pressure, walmart's earnings are down and because the stagnant economy also gave grace to their worker. that's the bottom line. connell: we're here at a shopping mall, one of the busiest shopping days we'll see this season and there are a lot of people here and a lot of people at the mall, it's very touch for us to quantify percentage-wise, on black friday what the sales will be, but how is the
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economy doing in your view? how would you describe it? >> still on second pier, liberals are right that most of this recovery recovery has fallen to the top 10 erst of the economy and the other 90% are struggling and half of the workers are -- connell: you don't think we're starting to see some signs, and this mall, by the way, this is the high end, there are some high end stores. you would be comfortable here, mr. forbes, i don't know about myself, but you would be comfortable anywhere. but the idea is that the numbers -- and sometimes the numbers don't connect directly to what the ant anecdotal evidence sells. the jobs numbers are getting a little bit better, the economic numbers seem to say -- you still think we're not at the point where we're able to do it. >> where people feel, hey, the future's good, i'm going to
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splurge now, that's why our low gas prices haven't hiked if we're paying down credit card debt, just unsure that this is for real. connell: we're going to talk about it later, oil price, gas price, seem to paying nothing for gas and that would really have led to more than it has; right? >> this is a real contrast to the 1980s where you had a collapse in oil prices and the booming economy. but back then we had massive tax cuts, deregulating, the economy was booming, but people -- gas price went down and, yes, this is going to have to shop. people are r still so shell-shocked today, not from what happened and this recovery they're saying better be a little cautious. let me go back to chicago -- connell: let me go back to chicago for a moment. just forget about the democratic race for a moment and hillary clinton there and bernie sanders and what have you. but on the republican side, the fact that these are the pictures we're looking at in
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chicago today, the fact that this story is back in the news along with the foreign policy story with terrorists and everything else. what do you think -- >> well, the whole thing happening overseas things are just spinning out of control. the attack on france was almost an attack on the united states. it happened on paris in that scale, by golly, it can happen anywhere. the. connell: the deal, it helped trump, it's helping rubio, cruz is playing off of it, so is chris christy is jeb bush. the refugee camp in jordan has made the news and he's been hurt by this; right? >> he has and rand paul has been hurt as well even though he has a good base. people saying, look, we have to take extraordinary measures, things are real, the nsa wants to try to correlate their phone calls, that's
12:22 pm
fine, do a little data mining, we need to do it. connell: good to have you here. maybe you can shop here while you're here. >> stimulate the economy. connell: do your part. steve forbes with us here in new jersey, as you're watching pictures of the week those photos -- the footage coming from jeff flock there and reverend jackson leading a protest through michigan avenue, one of the more busy streets in the united states, and we'll continue to cover that, we'll go back across the river to new york as well. in time square, the ceo joins us see how their holiday outlook is shaping up. that's next cavuto coast to coast. we'll be right back
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connell: we're back with breaking news on the fox business network live pictures
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of chicago where a protest continues there, the young man who was shot, the video was released earlier in the week and the police officer now facing first-degree murder charges, the protesters walking on michigan avenue, the shopping strip. back with jeff flock in a few minutes with that. the other thing, and it's quite the contrast the mall in new jersey where there are many shoppers trying to take advantage of black friday specials, we're seeing shoppers out at the regular locations while protesters are out in the streets at one of the biggest shopping locations. now, speaking of shopping locations, let's go back to new york right now. toys r us in time square, cheryl is there talking to the ceo of toys r russ. >> that's right. it is black friday as we've got massive crowds here in new york city and time square whether or not there could be a terrorist attack, protesters, there's large
12:27 pm
scales of people and customers going in stores and they're targeted and that's one of the things i want to bring up, the ceo of toys r us right now, in chicago over a murder, they're targeting retailers, they're trying to disrupt shopping. if this is happening right here in time square today at this store, how would you handle that? >> most important thing as you protect the safety of the workers and the customers. and even though we don't have any of those kind, we make all kinds of trepidations to the nypd, you bring in more people, and you make you're protecting the team members. >> certainly 9/11 in new york city has been a target a very
12:28 pm
busy, crowded day. let's talk about -- how are the numbers so far and the traffic? >> we had a pretty good day in our stores and we also had performance on our web store. so pretty good day, we're glad it opened up, we had 2,500 people lined up waiting outside of stores. >> we were talking about toys and things earlier, i know star wars are the hot hot toys. what kind of bumps -- i'm sorry it's not going to be a big -- >> well, we have inventory on a vast asupporter, we have a store in a store, you feel like you're entering into your own star wars world and we have a enormous number of skews. >> this closing december 30th,
12:29 pm
we all want to know. >> if i knew, i would tell you. the store around here, we're looking hard this weekend to find another location. >> all of these kids want you to find -- >> amen. >> i just wanted to say that. all right, connell, we're live here, busy day, a lot of crowds, we'll see what the numbers are because i'm sure as you're finding out, it's all about online versus brick and motor today. we'll get those numbers back to you in new jersey. >> thank you very much, cheryl, we'll look into it. and speaking of numbers, let's look at the stock market for a moment because and in case you don't realize, closing at the top of the next hour. short trading this friday after thanksgiving and we will cover the closing bell on cavuto coast to coast, pretty much a flat market, we'll get back to that and also in a moment get back live to the streets of chicago. our own jeff flock covering these protests on michigan
12:30 pm
avenue today, protesting the police shooting and disrupt some of the shoppers out there in the high end stores in chicago. we are there and here as coast to coast continues. there's jeff in just a moment ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end soon. but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea
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connell: all right, we're covering a business alert on the fox business network, the oil price. we were talking earlier about the drop we've seen in the gas
12:34 pm
prices and the effect on the consumer. get into a little later on, but another 2.5% drop today, closing in at the $2 mark. depends where you go for gasoline, but you get some pretty good prices around the country. all right, a rarely-used global alert issued by the u.s. state department this week, this global travel alert that we've covered closely here at fox business. so should travelers be watching out? lee's with us here at the mall in short hills where many people stayed home and didn't travel for thanksgiving. it'll be interesting to see what the travel numbers are. lee, by the way, your claim to fame, i think the youngest guy that ever traveled to every country, is that right? >> yeah. connell: that's pretty cool. the rest of us sitting around here doing nothing. what'd you think of this alert? they felt the need after paris to issue it, the effect on the psyche. >> i think it's rare, but i don't think it's at all surprising. they seem to do these knee-jerk
12:35 pm
warnings, so to speak, after big events like the bin laden killings and certain anniversaries. people have to realize it's an alert, not a warning, it's basically just the government telling us to be vigilant as if we didn't already know that. connell: it sounds like that you don't really think it helps much, is that true? >> i mean, me personally, i wouldn't think twice about doing anything. i was just in dubai and china right after the terrorist attacks, and i never thought twice about changing my travel plans, and i urge americans to not let the terrorists win. just be smart, use common sense. connell: stuff we should be doing all the time. >> exactly. connell: is there anything you do differently overseas that you wouldn't do nestically? >> i just do the research, you know? just know where you're going. i wouldn't suggest going to syria right now, but if that's not in your travel plans and you're just going somewhere in europe or asia, south america, wherever, just do your research,
12:36 pm
know what's going on, know the political climate and keep a low profile. don't wear expensive stuff and just don't be a jerk basically. it's common sense stuff. when the government does stuff like this, it really raises, you know, craziness in people, and it really, to me, has the inverse reaction of what they're actually trying to accomplish. connell: we'll cross syria off the -- >> yeah, yeah, it's a lovely honeymoon. connell: thank you, lee, very important information you've brought to the table. seriously, good to see you. here with us at the mall in short hills, as i said earlier, to get into the shoppers that are here as well. but there's breaking news to cover, and we're doing it from the streets of chicago where the protesters are out, and tear trying to -- they're trying to disrupt the shoppers. jeff flock, back to you. what's the latest? [inaudible conversations] connell: we're getting jeff flock there.
12:37 pm
i was having trouble hearing him earlier because i'm broadcasting from our remote location as well but, you know, he's out in the middle of a protest, and it's raining there. i see jeff, can we -- >> reporter: i am hearing you. i do hear you, connell. if you hear me, i hear you, yes. connell: go ahead. >> reporter: i can report to you at this hour that the plan was to, quote, shut it down? well, that, in fact, is just what's happened. both sides of michigan avenue have now been shut down by these protesters. and i would point out, this is a very diverse crowd; male, female, young, old, black, white. and the predominant chant that i've heard is "16 shots." the fact that folks here can't seem to get be their arms around the fact that an officer could discharge his weapon 16 times into, into a suspect, regardless of what happened.
12:38 pm
that, i would say, that's your headline. as i said, we are now completely shut down, the magnificent mile. we are -- can you see chuy garcia, by the way, david? have we lost him? i was trying to get to in the crowd -- where is he? there is the fellow who lost to mayor rahm emanuel in the last election. do you see him, david? i think he may have walked past us here. i had him for a moment, but i think i may have lost him. there had been some question about the handling of this investigation and the length of time that it took for this tape to come public. some have suggested that it was, perhaps, mayor emanuel who sat on the tape fearing what the impact would be on his re-election should he have released the tape earlier. the mayor says he didn't do that, that was not the intent, and i wanted to try and talk to the fellow who lost, who he lost to, who lost to him to see what
12:39 pm
his perspective was, but i think i've lost him in the crowd. as you can see, it's a very loud crowd and one that has accomplished by all accounts, has accomplished its goal here in terms of shutting down the street. we'll continue to watch it. we're only about halfway down on this marching route, and we will continue to watch it as we go. connell: just real quick, jeff, before we take our break, there's very few people actually out shopping in those stores which would normally be packed? is that fair? >> reporter: well, curiously enough, there are. you know, if you look along the side, you know, as i said, when they march down the center of the street, they've blocked traffic. they haven't blocked the foot traffic. there's a young lady with a bag, you see? there are shoppers. so, you know, have they shut the commerce down? i would say not so much. i think they've made a point, but if the intent was -- now, of course, the chilling effect of
12:40 pm
all of this, i think, is unmistakeable in addition to the bad weather, the chilling effect be of having this kind of protest going on, and it was well publicized. a lot of people just decided they weren't even going to bother coming down there. this fella here, he's been doing plenty of shopping. [laughter] connell: yeah. >> reporter: the commerce has not been completely choked off, it's fair to say. connell: it is interesting. i was wondering about that, because we've known about these protests for some time. apparently, some have shown up. they've shown up here in new jersey, which we'll get back to. remember, the closing bell is going to ring at the top of the next hour on wall street, we'll be covering that as well. more to come as "cavuto coast to coast" continues. we'll be right back.
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12:44 pm
to these protests on michigan avenue. as jeff tells us the shoppers, some of them, are still out, but a new scene we're seeing on a black friday normally reserved for heavy shopping across the country. that's what they're doing here in new jersey at the mall in short hills, and here's a scene we've become all too familiar with on black friday, shoppers kicking and punching each other in a food court of all places, louisville, kentucky. it's the video we'll show you first, and this type of stuff has happened over the years and also in kentucky today we have shoppers fighting in a different location over a pair of air jordans. and physically getting into it. and if that's not enough customers fighting over some televisions at a walmart in el paso, texas. i guess it wouldn't be black friday if we didn't see this kind of thing somewhere. larry winget on what he thinks of people fighting, seems like every year, larry, what do you
12:45 pm
say? >> you know, this is truly the degradation of core values. we should have parents teaching their kids that that's an alternative other than punching someone in the face when you didn't get to grab that pair of air jordans you just mentioned. it really does say a lot about who we have become and what's important to us. saving a few bucks, even when they didn't have the bucks to spend on them to begin with, probably, seems to be more important than common courtesy. that's a darn shame. connell: i wouldn't be the first one to point out that it is ironic in the country that on a thursday in november we all get together with our families, we all sit down, and we all say, you know, we give thanks for everything that we have. we're very thankful for what we have, and then the next day we literally fight with each other to get more usually material goods. it's crazy. >> absolutely. and we're so thankful for what we have, and yet we sometimes don't sit down and realize how much debt we have that gave us what we have. sadly, in this year we have a
12:46 pm
lot of people out there on black friday right around you there in the mall that are paying still for last year's christmas presents, and they're going in debt for this year's christmas presents. buying stuff they don't want from people they don't like, and they're just trying to impress. we need to rein that stuff in. [laughter] connell: don't want for people they don't like, i don't know how many of them would admit it, but i'm sure if you got them at a weak moment, they would tell you you're right about that. >> exactly. connell: what's your thought on chicago as well? we've been watching, interesting, and you're right. here many new jersey we have so many people out at many of the high-end retail stores here at the mall. and at the same time we have people in other locations, we've shown you video literally fighting over the items they're going to buy. then in chicago, these protesters in the street using today to make their point about this shooting and the video that came out. what do you make of that? >> well, they are hurting those businesses. i wouldn't go down there and shop. i'm not going to go shop in the middle of a protest.
12:47 pm
it's a peaceful protest right now, but protests can turn in a minute. and i think that will affect how many people go down in that area and spend money in the stores which is going to hurt the store. which means that the store isn't making their money, and we all know a lot of stores count on this day to sort of turn the tide for their retail year. that's going to hurt their employees, it's going to hurt the people who stock the shelves and deliver to them and manufacture to hem. it's going to -- to them. it's going to hurt a lot of people. there are sort of some unintended consequences that happen when you try to hurt businesses like this, and this will hurt businesses. connell: in this case -- thank you, larry, for coming bonn on, by the way. some of these might be quite intended. they're trying to make this point for exactly what larry talked about, to disrupt the shopping on black friday, so their point will get more attention and so that the shops will have trouble getting people in and out of them. that's the exact purpose of walking down michigan avenue in the fashion that they're doing.
12:48 pm
now it is, as larry rightfully points out, a peaceful protest, and most of the protesting in chicago this week has been peaceful. we'll go back to that city next and get the very latest as "cavuto coast to coast" continues. i'm connell mcshane in for neil, we're back in a moment. you both have a
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connell: we continue to cover the breaking news out of chicago. let's go back to one of our regular chicago-area guests. if you watch cavuto or fox business on a regular basis, you know scott martin. he's actually in madison, wisconsin, today, but good to see you, scott, as always. what do you make of what's happening in your home city here on black friday? >> it's frightening, connell. it's unfortunate, obviously, what happened to mr. mcdonald and, certainly, the time it took the kind of get the police to justice on this was certainly
12:52 pm
longer than everyone expected. but i'll tell you, i mean, a things that is exampled today, protesting what is a good day for retail, what is a good day for a lot of americans to go out and shop and create economic growth and interrupting that to make a point when, to me, they're not really linked, the shooting and today's economic growth or the capitalist spending that's out there seems misplaced to me. so it's unfortunately that, i think, the protesters are going this route. while i do understand their point, i don't like the way they're delivering their message today. connell: agree on the understanding part after seeing that video and certainly understand what you're saying as well on the timing of today's protests, but that is their point, they did it on purpose knowing the attention of the cameras would be focused on them on black friday. if we could back up just a little bit -- you see the reverend jesse jackson talking to these protesters on the street now as jeff flock's been
12:53 pm
covering for us. what's the -- we hear so much about chicago and about the violence in the streets, and we know about it because of the shooting that took place. what's the economy like there right now? >> the economy, connell, is? jeopardy, frankly. and -- is in jeopardy, frankly. and i think the city itself has been suffering under terrible leadership for decades now be, frankly. and certainly the state can say the same thing about itself. i think the problem here is that just in the situation that we have now with the chicago police, they are seen as an extension of the city government, another arm of city hall. and, unfortunately, the way the economy is with taxes very high in the state, forget the fact that the state and the is city are collecting record amounts of revenue from businesses and individuals, the deficits and the debts are higher than they have ever been, the economy's suffering because, frankly, people like myself, small businesses and other entrepreneurs, are looking to
12:54 pm
move business elsewhere or not do as much business in the state because they don't like the tax situation, and they don't find the business environment favorable. connell: we've heard a lot of people -- have you done that yourself? moved out of chicago for that reason? is that what you're saying? >> i'm still there, connell, because i still find things that i want to do there. but i will tell you many friends and colleagues of mine have moved out of the state or are looking to do that. and i think that's their right. that's one of great things about this country. as ore opportunities -- other opportunities open up, they can do things elsewhere if they don't like the environment they're in. connell: give me your quick take, scott, while we have you, on the markets because it's a weird day on wall street. the markets are going to close here in a few minutes, it's one of these half days, not a lot of people around. what do you make of these markets here with a month left in the year?
12:55 pm
>> i think we've seen a lot of the gains that we're going to see in the fourth quarter, connell. you know, one of the things that's happened that's been nice is the markets haven't really been disrupt by a lot of this terrorist activity that has bubbled up again certainly overseas. the one thing that has been going on while a lot of us haven't been looking is the u.s. dollar's been strengthening. and remember, with s&p 500 companies doing more business overseas than they ever have as the domestic currency here in the united states strengthens, that hurts their earnings and their revenue overseas. so watch that to impact a lot of these big multi-national companies that many of you own in your 401(k)s because they don't sell as much stuff overseas when the currency here strengthens. connell: looking at some of the retailers while scott is speaking to you about the items that might affect the way you trade in those stocks and companies. scott, always good to see you. happy thanksgiving a day late and talk to you again soon. scott martin from be out in wisconsin, but a chicago guy
12:56 pm
talking about his city today which we'll continue to talk about. we are life on "cavuto coast to coast" from the mall in short hills, which is in new jersey. we'll talk about the shopping that's being done here, the crowds that are on hand, the outlook for retailers both in stores like the ones behind me and online, and then we'll shift back to chicago where we're covering the protests. and on top of that, we'll coffer the close of the stock market. t all ahead on fox business. keep it here.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
connell: okay. we are back here on cavuto coast to coast with a business alert from the mall in short hills in new jersey. i'm connell mcshane, we've been broadcasting the show here following the shoppers and the trends that go along with it. but the other thing that's about to happen is the close of the stock market. we're going to take you live to the floor of the new york stock exchange and listen to the closing bell ring three hours earlier than it normally does on this friday after thanksgiving. we have the early close.
1:00 pm
we showed you the market largely has been flat today and always volume is going to be lighter than it normally would be on a friday afternoon. that said, there are larger trends in the market to talk about. there's certainlyly plenty of ns whether it be the protests in chicago or the shoppers here and other places, and we'll have time to get into all of it as they close up those markets on wall street. let's go to nicole petallides on the corner of wall and broad inside the new york stock exchange where she's covering the big winners and losers. good to see you, nicole. >> reporter: well, just going into the close of the nasdaq and the s&p were higher, and the dow is lower. the dow is settling though, down about 12 points. for november we saw financials and also industrials doing well. and on the downside we saw utilities and telecoms coming under pressure. much of in this has to do with -- much of thises has to do with rates overall and everybody's anticipating what will the fed do in the month of
1:01 pm
december. we're also seeing jpmorgan, citigroup, goldman sachs have been the winners. netflix, that's up 150% for the year. all-time high for nike, and amazon pit highs on fond -- hit highs on monday of this week. those are some of your clear winners, and it's kids' day here, so you see some of the kids here having some fun. [laughter] connell: nice little friends. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. hi, guys. that's always nice on a friday, and here in new jersey we have a couple of market pros with us to talk about this market, what we have seen, what we will continue to see. and throughout the hour we're going to talk about what the shoppers are doing. a lot of high-end stores here at the mall at short hills, so maybe not the same experience as other malls around the country, but there is -- and i'll use this language rather loosely, a
1:02 pm
good crowd here. it's always hard to judge on black friday, but the parking lot's full, and there's a lot of people walking around. that's our analysis. steve and joe are both here on the markets and what we'll see to finish out the year. dun any shopping -- done any shopping? >> it only took ten minutes to park, which is not a good sign. early numbers are 20% increase in online shopping, that's coming from somewhere. these stores are probably taking 20% of a hit. connell: well, it is a good point. i was thinking the same thing, steve. even at my house last night my wife and one of my daughters were shopping online, you know? great deals, from what they said, and this is something that's been happening for years. i don't know if we're at a tipping point where it's really taking over, but what do you make of that? >> looking at the numbers,com, it just doesn't -- online shopping just doesn't account for enough to make up for the shortfall, in my opinion. i mean, the data point that really just sticks in my mind
1:03 pm
over the past, i don't know, few months is walmart. now, they did post a little better than expected earnings, but walmart is so much larger than amazon. i mean, many times larger. and the fact that they're only seeing 1% same-store sales growth, something like that, that's not a good sign for this economy. connell: okay. so your point is the economy's still in trouble because the online, yeah, we're doing better, it's just never going to be enough. >> right. i think the economy rather than in trouble, it's not a strong economy. and what the fed is going to do probably by raising rates, they're going to make the dollar stronger, which is going to really hurt manufacturing, and they're basically not dealing with an economy that is really being driven by consumers. at best you could say bifurcated. connell: right. >> places like this may do well. the rich are doing very, very well, but there's such a bifurcation in, you know, the median income in this country just cannot support the consumer -- connell: all right.
1:04 pm
i have to go back to chicago, this is a breaking story we've been covering in a moment, but, jonas, maybe a quick follow-up on some of steve's points in terms of online making up for what's happening at the brick and mortar stores, because there's some investment -- there's jeff flock in chicago, back in a second. but the investment, there's some investment thoughts that could be worked in there as well. what do you think? >> i wouldn't counter the inequality comment, but what's going on at wal-mart is not because the economy in general is weak. it's not spectacular, but it's strong enough to drive good sales growth at all the hot companies. there is a shift going away from walmart to amazon, the apple store. so those companies are gaining those billions lost. t not like the economy's having less retail sales than two or three years ago. connell: so net-net -- >> but, jonas, you're not seeing the strength to really drive the economy in any meaningful way. suddenly, the goals are about 2% growth. that's really less, much, much
1:05 pm
less than what we've experienced. and if you look at wages, median wages -- >> but it's so much more than what other countries are experienced. >> well, yeah, but just talking about the u.s. china -- connell: all that really matters -- hold on a second, all that matters from an investment perspective, is that what you're talking about? or from an economic per spect sniff. >> any perspective. if your country's doing the best in the world, like ours is -- >> we're not! >> what country is doing better? >> china, much. 7% growth. >> did you see the chinese stock market? be it was down 5% in a i da. >> ours was down 37% -- >> not today. >> in 1987. china's is a very immature stock market. they have $3.2 trillion in their banks to backstop all the -- >> you think china is in much better shape than the -- >> much. >> i think that'll prove -- >> one of the few ports -- connell: don't get him started on china. >> no. we've never been in a world in
1:06 pm
which the leading trade nation is a developing economy. connell: i hear you. >> years ago you could have made this case -- >> and you were right. and you were right seven years ago because seven years ago they were clear number two. now they have the highest purchasing power parity in the world, they're becoming a reserve currency, and you are dead right. connell: i've got to go, guys. sorry, jonas, i want to get back to jeff in chicago and these protests in the street. interesting discussion. what's the latest, jeev? are things -- jeff? are things picking up? >> reporter: we have reached the end of the march, and reverend jackson and congressman rush, congressman davis are addressing the crowd. i think it's fair to say that they feel this has been a success in that as they're framed, perhaps, against the historic chicago water tower. this is the old water tower pumping station, framed against that. they are attempting to talk to
1:07 pm
protesters, but as we reported earlier, there are different factions in this crowd, some who would listen to reverend jackson and those in congress, and there are others who have a different agenda, may be advocating for stronger words and actions, and they're kind of battling it out right now. and perhaps you hear concern let the youth speak, is what they're saying. as these protests sometimes go, there's not always singularity of opinion about strategy. so we're in the midst of, in the midst of that right now, and i don't know that we've got any resolution. but suffice it to say it's been a big crowd, it has been a diverse crowd; white, black, young and old. it's been quite an outpouring. at this moment michigan avenue in chicago remains shut down,
1:08 pm
and that was the stated goal, that commerce on black friday on michigan avenue, chicago's number one shopping district, would be shut. i don't know that commerce has been completely shut, but the street certainly has. that's the latest, connell. connell: all right, jeff. and that is the story that one of the biggest shopping streets in the country shut down on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. let's bring in niger ennis and get his viewpoint, these protesters and the fashion that they're doing it. what are you thoughts? >> well, look, i've got a lot of sympathy for misguided youth, if you will, or misguided energy. i think that what chicago needs is dramatic reform. it needs dramatic political reform, it needs dramatic economic reform. you know, i believe albert einstein said, you know, when you do the same thing over and
1:09 pm
over and over again expecting a different result, that's the definition of insanity. well, unfortunately, when you hear the kind of prescriptions that are coming from the leaders of the black lives matter campaign and from, you know, god bless him, but from reverend jesse jackson, they're really more of the same garbage that has been pumped into these cities across our country for decades. and what is needed in these cities is a dramatic change of leadership. connell: what would it look like, let's use -- and you could disagree, obviously, if you'd like, but let's just assume for a moment that the cause of the protests, the idea that it took so long to bring charges against this police officer, the idea that the shooting was in many people's minds unjustified. let's just say for a moment that they have a reason to be upset and have that as a given for the conversation.
1:10 pm
what needs to change in terms of the reaction? what are you referring to specifically? >> well, let me say this. first of all, i believe the police superintendent does need to go, absolutely. so they've got a point there, and there's a lot of legitimacy with their frustration. what i'm talking about in terms of a dearth of leadership, if you will, and these poor young folk having misguided energies, if you will, is that some of the solutions to the problem that i keep hearing from those that are leading the black lives matter campaign -- reverend jesse jackson -- these are the same progressive, quite frankly, socialist agenda items that have been pumped into these cities for decades. what is needed is dramatic capitalist reform in these cities. what is needed is an injection of capitalism. you know, the sad thing about these protests is that it's actually going to cause some of these brick and mortar stores
1:11 pm
that provide jobs, they're going to get hurt economically by many of these protests. and a lot of the jobs that can be provided to these young folk are not going to be there. if these types of protests continue. so it's a tragic situation that we have unless some, a leadership void starts to get filled in these communities. connell: interesting perspective, niger ennis with us today on what's happening in chicago. and we'll get into some of the protests regarding walmart maybe a little bit later on in the show, and that plays into the $15 minimum wage debate. more from chicago in a moment as we continue our broadcast here on "cavuto coast to coast" from the mall at short hills in new jersey on black friday. we'll have more on the shoppers here and what they're -- what the trends that maybe are emerging early on a black friday, and we'll get into
1:12 pm
what's happening overseas in terms of the terrorism fears that have been in the economy, the stock market and in the travel warning that we talked about earlier. terrorists gunning for your wallet? well, there's cyber worries. not just coming to a place like this, not just going out in public, but shopping online, something we talked about earlier, and how dangerous that might be. that's up next, "cavuto coast to coast" continues in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪
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connell: we keep covering it from chicago, let me go back. you sew the reverend -- see the reverend jesse jackson standing by with our own jeff flock. >> reporter: a success today, would you say? >> an amazing success given the winter weather. the people are trying to say
1:16 pm
something, mass marching matters, disciplined nonviolent protests matter. we're saying to the whole city we've spent a half billion dollars on police misconduct laying off teachers. there are more tapes not only on this case, there are other tapes of other murder cases, 450 have been killed. we deserve some justice -- sphwrr you said earlier this may be just the start. will you continue to march here? >> we will escalate marches on michigan avenue -- >> reporter: on michigan avenue? >> until the city, the beneficiaries of our largess are able to come -- why is all the public housing closed? foreclose private housing. so you have 20,000 homeless children going to school, for example. >> reporter: are you worried about the harm this does to the economy, to the local economy and jobs that you'd like to create? >> i have to prioritize the death of innocent children.
1:17 pm
i have to prioritize our inability to walk to school. they closed 50 public schools, 50 drugstores, 75 grocery stores. we're living in hell. we deserve better. and so this is wealth for some but life options for another. we want to have -- we want to have a good city. we want a great christmas. but it's amazing how the homeless child has aroused this interest. but the first group, this was about a homeless children. >> reporter: lastly, sir, is there one voice speaking here today? it seemed to be that there was a little bit of conflict. is there a difference in strategy? is there a difference in opinion? >> there are many voices with congressman rush, congressman davis, reverend meeks, reverend anderson, aldermen. >> reporter: you are the leaders, but is the street speaking differently?
1:18 pm
>> there's some amicus in the crowd, but i remember when dr. king was marching in memphis, we had several thousand marching to get their right. the march was about garbage workers, and so the ones that are here, the mass marches of teachers who are losing their jobs and police whose jobs put them in jeopardy, this is a massive march, and i'm delighted with the turnout. >> reporter: reverend, thank you so much. reverend jackson talking to protesters -- talking to us at the end of this. he addressed some of the protesters as well. as i said, a little bit of conflict out there, but it's a big group. you don't always have complete agreement in a big group. connell? connell: all right, jeff flock there with reverend jackson. we'll talk about it more from new jersey. i happen to have a security expert with me at the mall at short hills. a number of topics on a black friday we would address, but now
1:19 pm
that we're watching the breaking story out of chicago, it's interesting on a day in which here we talk about shopping and the economy and are people safe and everything else that's associated with that, we have this as the backdrop. now, it looks -- and we've been just watching the pictures. jeff's been describing it to us, but it looks like the chicago police department's doing a pretty good job of keeping this under control. i know the protesters obviously play a role in that as well. >> you're hitting the nail right on the head. chicago pd's doing an exceptional job with balancing the ability for the community to protest peacefully and allow them their constitutional rights, but by the same token, keeping order and putting a line in the sand as to what's acceptable -- connell: even here in the eric garner case, there was criticism that the mayor at first at least allowed too much, allowed the protisters too much leeway. so there is that fine line. >> well, there is, and i think it's a great example. what mayor de blasio did, in my opinion, was absolutely wrong.
1:20 pm
the way that he took care of that and managed it was far too one-sided. what chicago is doing is managing as a police department should. you know, allowing the citizens to do what they need to do, but within reason. you've got to remember this cop's already been charged now with murder. so the city of chicago has sent a very strong message; unacceptable. this is murder. regardless of what uniform he's wearing, he's going to be charged. connell: but these people are telling us that it took too long. >> and, frankly, i'd have to agree with them because if that was my family member, i'd feel the same way. at the end of the day, it's happening, it's working, and the protest early are allowed to -- protesters are allowed to speak their piece. connell: what about if you're a member of a security force, i think it would apply to a military force if you're in a place like iraq. what do the people -- maybe not you personally, but the people that are in the streets don't like your organization. in other words, they have a beef with you, they have a problem with the police department itself. that's got to be extraordinarily difficult for individual police officers to handle that.
1:21 pm
>> no question about it. you know, police officers are trained right out of the academy, they're held to a higher standard. police officers know that they're going to have to take a little bit more than the average citizen. connell: right. >> that being said though, citizens have a right to protest, but it's peacefully. cross that line -- connell: what is that line? >> you don't disturb public peace, and you don't start vandalizing things, and you don't rid other people of their constitutional rights. connell: you must have to be consistent even with that, because if you don't enforce that, things start to get out of control. >> no question. as long as it's equitable across the board, it's fair. connell: it's important to point out what we've seen over the last few days largely has been peaceful. >> no question. connell: we'll get back to some of the other big stories, and we'll do it from here in the mall at short hills. do you know gas prices just hit a seven-year lowsome you would think, boy, that's really going
1:22 pm
to boost the shopping in places like this around the country. they may be about to go even lower than what they are. what effect that may have, you'll find out after. tucson.
1:23 pm
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connell: all right, here we go with breaking news out of chicago. we've been covering it for the better part of this early afternoon and late morning/early afternoon in chicago, illinois. protesters in the streets protesting the shooting over a year ago of a young black man by a white police officer who now faces first-degree murder charges. sixteen shots from the police officer's gun, it took 13 months for him to be charged. reverend jesse jackson joined our own jeff flock a few minutes ago, and we will keep covering it as that protest, by the way, wraps up on the famous michigan avenue, the magnificent mile in chicago, where the retailers are doing business today. we get back to what we would
1:26 pm
normally be talking about on a black friday, and that is retail sales. and we have this seven-year low putting a little extra cash in shoppers' pockets. remember, we're broadcasting today live from the mall at short hills, new jersey. i don't know how sensitive shoppers are to gas prices, but tom would, and he joins us here at the mall. it's good to see you in person. we normally talk on the phone, but you're a new jersey guy, and you're out at the mall today. a lot of other people are. this affects -- the lower gas prices, everybody go crazy and start shopping more. i don't think we've seen that, but what do you think prices will do? even lower from here? >> i think this is a critical week. you do have an opec meeting on friday, and i would probably handicap it about 15 or 20 to 1 that you get anything happening from there. but we're about 2.04 nationally. the median price is actually about $1.97, so it's much cheaper than that, and we're anywhere from 75 cents to, like, $1.15 below last year.
1:27 pm
so people have about $2 more per year. a typical motorist -- connell: that's a good way of looking at it. i do want to mention briefly because i'm told from jeff flock in chicago that some of those protesters have wrapped up their march on michigan avenue and have now started to block the businesses which was their purpose. we'll get back to you in a moment, tom. jeff, what's the latest? >> reporter: this was some of the conflict that we were talking to reverend jackson about. he was, in some sense, content be the march and making the statement, but others not content with that, wanting to when they say shut it down, literally shut down the streets. we've now got protesters blocking the accessway to various businesses. this is banana republic right here. a police officer just came in to give somewhat access but, potentially, there you see a police officer escorting folks in and out. they're being asked by the crowd, who do you protect, who do you serve? this is not the only establishment that's being
1:28 pm
blocked right now. the police are not forcing the door open, although they went in and out. but it's not just here. if we walk down, you'll see this is, i believe this is ralph lauren down here. this is also being blocked. and this is, as i said, i wasn't sure exactly what the strategies in conflict were, but the more vociferous, perhaps stronger-willed folks say we want these businesses shut. we're going to block the doors. we're not going to let any commerce come in or out of these buildings whereas the others are more content to have blocked the street, and, you know, made their statement. the police, as we said, there you see, they're out in the street. they're allowing this to go on at the moment, but as you see, it's not just here. across the way at nieman marcus,
1:29 pm
that one's also being blocked by a group of protesters as well, and there's a lot of folks here. and so this goes on. i'm not sure where we go from here, but perhaps the goals of all of the protesters are being met as we speak right now. connell? connell: well, many of the high-end retailers there on the mag miff sent mile in chicago -- magnificent mile in chicago we see here in new jersey. get back to jeff. we were talking before we left -- tom close is still with me -- about the general state of the american consumer. let me, first, apologize for cutting the interview short today. but that idea of $2 extra in your pocket, that should add up to more -- i think we should see more headlines, is that fair to say, where people are out there shopping and spending? why don't we see that, do you have any idea? >> you know, i think maybe a little bit of that is there's been so much bad news abroad and so much fear that it manifests itself a little bit in travel.
1:30 pm
that's one of the reasons why world prices are so much challenged in the next three months or so. it's the real threat of things happening with travel across the globe. i would mention though that it's a lot more than $2 a day for some people in terms of the benefit of energy. if you're among the few million people in the northeast that use heating oil, you're actually going to save 3, 4, 5, 6, $700 this winter. connell: exactly right. >> this mall's a little too upscale for me. connell: you and me both, i think. we're going to go back to chicago. thank you, tom, it's always good to see you, tom close with us here at the mall in short hills. you're watching pictures of chicago, illinois, today where they are protesting in the streets and blocking the entrances to some of these stores. jeff flock is there. jeff? all right. i'm not hearing jeff at the moment, and that is what
1:31 pm
happened earlier. i don't believe anyone else is either, so we will continue from here in new jersey. is he god now? okay. -- is he good now? okay. you're watching the streets of chicago, and there is the noise, hopefully jeff flock can hear us now. all right. again, it looks to me like we're having trouble connecting with jeff in terms of the audio there. correct me if i'm wrong, ralph, and then we'll continue to watch what we're seeing. -- we're trying to get jeff back online. you can imagine it would be difficult to broadcast from a place like this and do so live. now, here's a quick reset, if we can, of what happened. the protesters started at noon eastern, that would be 11:00 in the morning central time, with a march down michigan avenue in chicago. and for anybody who's been to chicago, you know that's the famous shopping strip where all
1:32 pm
the high-end stores are located, the e equivalent maybe of fifth avenue in new york city. and they marched all the way down there to the end of michigan avenue, i believe, and we thought the protest then was wrapping up. it was. but the protesters hung around, and they started to block some of the advances to the stores -- entrances to the stores. that's where we left jeff flock, and he rejoins us with the latest. oh, we're losing jeff again. that's fine. let me bring in the former presidential candidate ralph nader who joins us by telephone. he was going to be our next guest anyway, and we're watching some of these pictures of chicago. somebody who focuses, obviously, over the years on consumers and would normally be talking about a completely different story on a black friday. what are your impressions of this protest that we're -- >> i'm looking at trees, not news. so i don't know what's going on. connell: right, i know. the picture was tough. it was going in and out.
1:33 pm
as i said, what we've seen is after the shooting of laquan mcdonald and the video released have chosen today, big cay for consumers to do their point. they've shut down this main avenue in chicago to the best of their ability. your thoughts on using a day like this to make a point like that. >> well, nonviolent civil disobedience is as old and as american as apple pie. it worked for the army not being paid after world war i when they marched on washington, the civil rights. that's all i can say about it, because i don't know anything what's going on right now. connell: right. you haven't been following the story as closely as only other people have, i a young man was shot over a year ago, and the video was released, subsequently, the police officer involved has been charged with first-degree murder, but the protesters are upset that it took so long for the video to be released among other things.
1:34 pm
that said, maybe i could ask you a few other questions about what's happening in the economy. speaking of protests, there were some going on at some walmart stores going on today which i believe you would go -- you would know a little more about. maybe it's somewhat related to what's happening in chicago. people upset about their position, whether it be economic or social. the walmart protests related to the $15 an hour minimum wage. your thoughts on that. >> yeah. this was a long time coming. there's over a million walmart workers still making under $11 an hour, many of them $9 an hour, and the boss makes $12,000 now, people are starting to say, hey, this isn't america, this is ridiculous, and they've got to get a living wage and put food on the table and spend more money and generate the consumer economy which creates more jobs so if congress is going to turn its back because other big box
1:35 pm
stores, the people have to start mobilizing as the preamble of the constitution advises us we, the people. i'm all for that. and it's going to be in stages, the $15 an hour, it's going to be in stages and it's long overdue. if they adjusted minimum wage for inflation, it would be $11 an hour, you can't live on a family with 11, 12, you've got to go to 15 in three-year stages >> right. and that's what a lot of people are talking about, sorry for cutting the interview short but we're covering breaking news and that protest at the walmart, the $15 an hour minimum wage is part of the breaking news. the shoppers here in the mall were broadcasting from is part of the breaking news but the biggest story we've had today is in chicago, you've heard
1:36 pm
from jeff flock a number of times and now we are able to reestablish our connection from chicago and there he is. with what's the latest? >> yes. as we reported before, we have now resorted to blocking the entrances of these businesses, this is tiffany here and i don't know if they're able to see through the windows but some very concerned faces on the folks inside, not shoppers, they were either work there or exited. but each of these businesses is essentially being shut down. david, walk with me if you can, that's tiffany's, neiman marcus across the street, this is sacks, the big sacks store and also people at the entrance of the sacks store as well. and as we said there's a bit of a difference of strategy. some people march down the middle of the street and shut
1:37 pm
michigan avenue down itself which in itself is extraordinary, there was not a permit for a march, they allowed it, and they allowed for the street to be shut. but others were not content with just marching down the street, they want to block folks from walking inside. [chanting] >> trying to gain entrance, this fella -- >> are you prohibiting me from going in? so this is a peaceful protest? i'd like to enter. this is what chicago has turned into. the one day of the year which provides thousands of jobs and they're prohibiting something that has nothing to do with
1:38 pm
the actual incident to go inside and this is what it is. why don't you take it to the precinct on the south side instead of affecting everyone. >> you want to respond to what he says? you don't want to say anything? do you want to respond? does anyone want to respond directly to the question of whether you're eliminating jobs by cutting off -- >> we need to stand up in chicago, stand up for some. [chanting] >> counting the number of shots that were fired, brave guys there walking up trying to enter the fact i'm going to tell you there's not too many folks like that. i want to continue to walk down the block because we have a real unfolding situation here. there's a larger number. i'll be honest with you, this
1:39 pm
is not a old versus young, a white versus black, these protesters are as you can see perhaps from the shops drav, our photographer is bringing us, this is a diverse crowd of folks, and i just want to see how far down this continues, i want to see how far this continues. i'm looking across brooks brothers also appears to be shuttered the disney store across there as well. what else can you see, david? what else can you see? and those kind of confrontations i've seen a few of them. the police originally were trying to assist if somebody wanted to go in, the police would open the way for them. at this point, they have ceased doing that. here we've got another one. again, this gentleman who we saw earlier is attempting to enter the men's store here.
1:40 pm
let's see if we can -- if i can get people to have their voices heard on both sides. this fella walking away again. i don't know. maybe -- and this has not been -- i'm going to say this has not been a violent protest. there are has been no violence that i have seen. there have been a couple of folks arrested but i have not seen any violence. these guys -- i'd love to hear both sides >> i went to high school with will. he's with the protest; right? let me ask you something. how many jobs on this provide jobs to black african american and women? how many of these stores? >> when you ask the fact that 321 million have been cover up police brutality, i think one day -- >> hold on.
1:41 pm
let me finish. >> when you spend $321 million at the end of the day to cover up >> that wasn't my question. you see you're reredirect. will, look at me. i own your respect. how many jobs downtown chicago provides to young african men and women -- let me ask you this -- >> minimum wage, these are bottom jobs where people can't even survive. eight dollars is not going to do. so these are the jobs in which we deserve more >> how many men and women are taking the same exact salary >> you say what? >> at the end of the day this is a protest, it's nothing personal. >> are there any black and africa american men and women
1:42 pm
working jobs? >> we did get both sides there. >> it's america. i tell you. you know, as difficult as the situation is, it is great to be able to see people have that discourse and discussion and continue, and i think as long as people are talking, that's not a bad thing. but i tell you. it's happening right here on the streets of chicago right here in america. and it continues -- i just -- as i walk down this street and it is they say a magnificent mile, it is short of a mile if my calculations are correct. that is the apple store over there, also being ringed by protesters and the police as we walk across as i said, they have been given these protesters a pretty wide -- and maybe you see a group of them out in the street here.
1:43 pm
they're here, they're making certain that no -- i guess no laws are technically being broken that there's no violence, nobody is destroying property and no one is. but they certainly are and to look into the apple store, here's a shot with everyone in the apple store raid with their orange, you know, the orange get up of the uniform of the apple workers, there are some people clearly inside this apple store unlike the earlier stores that we showed you, there are multiple people inside there, they are not allowing it appears to me that any other folks walk in. so that's the object. they say that's the object is to -- and have you been successful? >> yes. i think so. >> we've been really successful. >> we've been seeing this up and down the street. was this the strategy all
1:44 pm
along? >> yes. shut down on black friday, shut the shopping down. >> i hear you. okay. as i said, there was a bit -- as we said earlier a bit of a difference in strategy. well, i think we're seeing the strategy play out. the march is done, the march is long done and this protest continues. and as i said, police are giving them a pretty good birth, connell >> let me ask you one thing, jeff, it's remarkable to watch that gentleman have the discussion -- or the two gentlemen have the discussion which was heated but quite frankly respectful. how many people are out there like that man or just out shopping trying to get into the stores versus how many people have given up and saying you know what? the shopping is not for me today. is there a lot of that going on? >> i have seen personally three people try to enter. two of them got police escorts and went in. that fella is, you know,
1:45 pm
somewhat of a brave fella and wanted his voice heard. and to his credit and to his friend's credit, i don't think they settled anything but they did. this is the nike store, by the way. this is the nike store and inside -- i want to try to see inside because i can't see what's going on inside. it appears there are people that are in there shopping but i tell you. i don't see any additional folks go in. and maybe you hear the chant. no peace, no profit. fair to say that the profits on michigan avenue today in chicago have been severely limited. i think that's safe to say. >> all right, jeff, we're going to stay on this as the story develops and as jeff mentioned, you know, at this point we have expected it to slo down a little bit because this protest -- this development we're seeing with
1:46 pm
protesters walking arm and arm and blocking the storefronts of chicago is something that was not expected and something that has changed the dynamic yet again. but so far it's important to point out what we have been watching is peaceful and saying that line for the police officers to walk is a thin one. they have to be very careful about when they're going to enforce or what they're going to enforce. as jeff keeps walking, let me bring in jessie and when he has developments that he wants to expand upon, and he can rejoin us there from chicago. we're here in new jersey just as a reference of the mall of short hills and it's really interesting with the international shopping centers this year, we're at a location that four-page stretch it out this mall and put it on a street, it would look like michigan avenue in chicago just because of the types of stores that are here, high end stores that you see in, say, 5th avenue in new york. but the scene here you have
1:47 pm
people walking arms and preventing people go into the stores. i know they're trying to make a point and many people understand the point. someone that watches retail, what do you make of today? black friday? >> well, yeah, the number one thing here is that from both the retailer side and the shopping center side where we are today, safety. that's number one key and that's the most prioritized thing i think from both sides of the aisle right now. you want to make sure that it remains peaceful and you're right. it absolutely has, which is a good thing >> yeah. >> but obviously they're trying to make a point and retail is in the communities where they serve. whether it's here in new jersey in a mall or whether it's on main street. you know, one and 11 jobs are in the retail sector. so it really is an important part in the community >> just because we're at a remote location as is jeff in chicago, but that discussion was between a man trying to
1:48 pm
get into the store and another man that was blocking -- and he's trying to -- the guy getting into the store seems he was making your point. saying, hey, don't you know how many jobs are provided by these retailers? the other guy's point is, hey, it's one day, we have one point to make and it's very important for the businesses. you know the numbers. it's an important day; right? >> it is an important day but not a day. only 7% would have to be completed by cyber monday. so there's a a lot of shopping need to do. >> we have another confrontation was anybody else trying to confront those people. we had another confrontation there. and these folks turned him away. will you continue this?
1:49 pm
why don't you tell your story >> i don't want to talk to you. you have no power. you have no power. >> i'm letting you talk. >> i don't believe anything you say, >> why? do you know me? >> because there have been 16 shots and a cover up. >> make whatever point you would like. that's all you want to say. i heard that part. i wish you would take the opportunity to say whatever it is you would like to say. okay. i tried. i tried. this is an evolving situation and what can i tell you? this continues. i was -- that fella, i wanted to talk to him because he was going down with the bullhorn
1:50 pm
earlier and -- i'm not sure if this was a strategy that was well thought out or whether this evolved as it went. i wanted to talk to him -- because he had been going down with the bullhorn saying people, don't be in the street. go to the businesses, block the businesses, and i don't know if that evolved as this went on or if people, you know, had planned this in advance. but it is working remarkably well because there are a lot of people blocking a lot of stores and blocking this off. and as i said, if you think that this is a black protest, i offer the shot as you saw just there, i would say there are more african americans out than white people but fairly close in number. i agree i was just saying -- i said it was about 40, 60,
1:51 pm
would you agree or disagree? i do sure. >> i'm sorry i don't want to interrupt here. >> no. this is both -- i'd love to hear you >> i am standing next to a bomb wom who is not the same race. we are in this together, do not try to divide this >> i was trying to make a point that it was a diverse crowd >> you're not here to make a point. you're here -- why don't you answer -- why don't you answer a question that you were. what do you want to know? >> i was making the observation that it -- >> what do you want to know? what do you want to know? and us a question >> i was interested in the strategy in terms of blocking help you. had that been planned in advance? >> i'm not one of the organizers, but i would say this is the strategy. these are the only people ron cares about. the only people they carry
1:52 pm
about are the tourists were these business owners get tax breaks and these are the only people ron recognizes. he has left most of this city to die, to live in poverty, to get an inferior education and his marginalized are not a majority and you guys need to get that >> and what you are looking at right now is the tale of two cities. chicago is the tale of two cities. you have somebody being executed on camera where the whole city covers it up and then other people shopping like nothing happened because they are privileged enough to keep their head in the sand, and we are tired of it. you are watching, mechanic, the tale of two cities. the tale of two nations. we are living in two nations, and we are tired of it. it is time that we wake up because this is not the america that we want to live in >> i understand. i understand your point. >> and i am a bernie sanders delegate and from the 5th congressional district in illinois >> uh-huh >> and he's the only candidate
1:53 pm
who is standing up not only to this racist republican party, he is the only candidate who has -- excuse me don't interrupt me, a comprehensive platform on ending institutionalized racism in this country. >> i appreciate your confidence, you've been on live television, we can't distort live television, i don't think we can take out the words there were said there, we could but there you go. you know, as i said this is evolving in front of us and here's another shot attempting to gain access this is the harley-davidson store. >> people are in there but nobody is getting in. >> shut down today. sorry, buddy >> as you can see fairly
1:54 pm
successfully shutting the stores down. and as i -- i hate to keep repeating it, but it continues that as we walk down the street, this is one that we haven't seen yet, that also shut down. there are some shoppers inside, but they are fairly limited. so i don't know what more to say, connell. it's an extraordinary day. it's an extraordinary black friday that i think has turned into a black lives matter friday perhaps. folks emerging. let them out, don't let them in they say. seems to be working. [chanting] >> in chicago, illinois, for those of you who joined us and those of you who have been there throughout, just remind you the breaking news we're
1:55 pm
covering our plan here for the immediate future to continue to cover it, both in chicago and new jersey where i am on a black friday with shoppers at a mall where they're all out shopping and in pretty good numbers. what's happened over the last hour is a protest -- which was planned. which we knew about, black lives matter movement, it was led in part by reverend jessie jackson, march down in chicago, the shooting of a young man over a year ago, a police shooting in which the officer was charged with murder but wasn't charged for 13 months after being shot 16 times. the chance you've been hearing throughout the day of 13 months, 16 shots. now, as the protest wrapped up at the end of michigan avenue, the protesters got together and linked arms and started blocking up the high end retailers in chicago and that's pretty much where we are now. it is still a breaking and developing situation, so we will stay with jeff flock and continue to cover it from there. we were as this is a shortened wall street day on the fox
1:56 pm
business network going to go to the top of the next hour to a episode of strange inheritance. however, instead because we have breaking news tokov and a developing situation at that, we will stay live and continue tokov this. both from our ensued new york and from the streets in chicago. with me here at the mall of short hills, we're going to talk to you, vick, about the number of shopping trends that are going on and the use of technology and the number of different issues but as many of our guests were shifting here today and the protesters from your area of expertise what we've seen in many cases and i'm sure here in chicago, and i think jeff did a good job, by the way, handling a situation where he was agreeing with the observation -- the observation that those two women were making, they were talking past each other, which happens in these situations. but what happens is you've seen organization done online, through twitter, through these elements, and you have seen a diverse group of protesters turn out with levels of
1:57 pm
economics or racial diversity. i'm sure a lot of that has to do with the online developments, do you think >> it does. and what you've seen on tv has multiplied 100 times so the social media landscape. you've got video coming out of vine, you've got images on instagram, you have direct messages to a lot of coordinations going from the operatives to specific people that, you know, are private and focus on creating some disruption and then twitter is announcing the whole thing. >> those people there. you heard jeff talking to some of the protesters, i believe he has a police officer with him now. jeff? >> i did. they don't want to go on camera. but the officer told me privately that we would like to get these people out of here. but we're not being allowed to. and i asked him if that was, in fact, a strategy and he
1:58 pm
responded, yes, it was. and these are the police officers, they're not doing anything to -- he said, well, we're told that the people are being asked not to enter the store. i said, well, it's not only that they're not being asked, they're not being allowed. and i said, you know, are you going to take any steps to do anything about that and he said that is not our strategy. so i think they're going to let it play out. i presume it will play out and be done at some point. but at this point, we have reached that point. so there you go. >> all right. we'll talk more about that strategy that policing strategy as we continue. we're talking to paul about it, as a matter of fact, earlier in the broadcast and we'll get paul back and talk about that in a moment. but vick is with us now and we were talking about the use of twitter. even in a situation like this that i know we answer this quite frankly by broadcasting
1:59 pm
the live images where people see it and maybe say, well, this is going on, this is turned into something that wasn't planned, social media somebody today says, well, there was a protest planned but they didn't know about this point that they were going to block the retailers at the end of the protest. someone takes a picture of it and puts it on instagram and next thing you know it's a bigger protest than we thought; right? that's pretty much how these things develop >> yeah. it's a viral thing. you pretty much have a situation where maybe a few people were ready to do this, it spreads through direct messaging, it gets a very large audience very quickly, very targeted because people are all focused on the specific hashtag, like, block the stores. and also something that might have been a little bit more focused >> right. >> has now turned into a news story for the day >> it's a hashtag literally that starts trending. so you log into one of these services and here we go block the stores. well, what does that mean? you click on it, find out, it's the protest going on in chicago and you get on the subway, the bus, and you're
2:00 pm
down there >> yeah. you're in a situation where even if you hadn't heard of it and you heard a little tidbit somewhere, you type that in through a search, all of a sudden you get a whole stream of messages about that very topic. that's the power of social media but also the reason why this thing is escalating >> one of the other things that's interesting about not only the protest like this in chicago but some of the news events we've seen is what all the technology companies have in all of this. sometimes it's just as you say, regular people posting on social media, other regular people picking up on it, they're down at the protest, they're expressing their rights as americans and what have you. but there's another element to it that sometimes there are items posted on there that -- there's a line. are they crossing it? should the technology companies be providing information? what's your take or your thoughts on the role that the technology companies themselves play in all of this? >> well, those are great questions and they come in times like these. i think t


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