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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  November 28, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> the world is a safer and better place when america is the strongest power in the world. >> we spend more than the next 10 countries combined. >> we need to try the free market where people have to compete. >> if you raise the minimum wage, you make people more expensive than a machine. >> this is baggage with all of these cronies. it's a sick assumption, and it's jaded for you to make. >> i'm happy with this candidate. >> arm our enemies. >> what libertarians think.
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>> how is it conservative? >> the elephants in the room, the good, the bad, the ridiculous, that's our show tonight. >> and now, john stossel. >> the people running for president are starting to sound more sensible. some of them anyway. rand paul finally broke out of his stupor, and pushed back with republicans who want to have the military policed more in the world, republicans like marco rubio. >> there are radical jihaddists in the middle east, beheading and crucifying christians, and iran is trying to get a nuclear weapon. chinese taking over the south
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rubio on increasing the child he said that's welfare and it's refundable from the payroll tax, and we're going to lose $2 billion because of that, and where's the money going to come >> if you sound like morning morning, it's like what the democrats say, but a different
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emphasis. wedsm#mó can have the world's te strongest military, whatever, and what rand paul did in that exchange was great. talking about no-fly it zones.%ñ >> do you realize that that's going to do? we have to shoot down russian planes over syria, and what's wrong with you? and that put everyone on their heels. >> and the people in favor of no-fly zones are in favor of hilliary clinton in that. he pointed that out. >> and what we spend compared to other countries, it's more than china and not russia combined, plus great britain, france, india, saudi arabia, germany and south korea combined. it out to be enough. >> i think that the american people are in favor of a strong military. but how it's used, and what we have heard from marco rubio is he's going to use it and use it a lot in a lot of places, and i think that the opportunity is to build on this and have a further debate on what kind of a foreign
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policy the american military should have. >> we spend a lot of money, but people are so deathly afraid of going after a specific weapons program, and there's a lot of corruption in that red cross, and rand paul did bring up. >> my favorite was donald trump, we have to make the military bigger and better and stronger before so nobody members was us and then he said we don't need to be the world's policeman, but we need to spend it on infrastructure. and i think that president obama has said that we need to spend more on infrastructure in every speech that he has given. >> one part in the debate, when ted cruz messed up. he tried to list the five agencies that he proposes to cut. >> five major agencies, the irs, department of commerce, department of energy, the department of commerce and hud, and then 25 specific programs.
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>> you probably notice that he said the department of commerce twice, and he forgot the department of education, which should be cut. and later he tried to laugh off his slip. >> i think that the department of commerce is such a base of cronyism, we need to eliminate it twice. >> that's a good one, how much happens voluntarily? and it's you. >> we had a cover story years ago, and what are we building in there? the department of commerce, and it's hard to figure out. i like the fact that ted cruz is out there being specific about what to cut, because a lot of republicans say, i'll have a balanced budget amendment no, you won't because it will never pass, but he and rand paul, and cruz naming things like green infrom a instruct program, the endow want for the arts, and the catfish inspection program. and the department of labor and ago kurt. we can have agriculture without a department. and why do we want to he propose
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cutting that? because the farm lobby is too important. >> the fact that marco rubio is engaged in this let's have entitlements for our people f they're going to be takers, let them look like us. and it sets a sen airio, where you send more money to it families and based on your own priorities on how the country should look, but you're not willing to stakeout, here's what i want to cut?o9mikç back on sot have to tax other people. >> ted cruz got a good dig in at rubio about the sugar subsidies. >> rubio never defended it. >> because he can't defend it. that's why he can't bring it up. >> and he didn't make it neglect. that was for him. >> i feel like that was a setup for a future debate. >> reporter: rubio takes money from the jewel family, and supports the billions of dollars that the sugar industry gets and
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shouldn't get. >> i was going to say, cruz flubbed up on commerce twice. it's what you bring to the table. people believe that he is an intelligent man, and he let it go. >> rick perry was cut in three departments. the one to get the nomination is marco rubio. how do i know that? he's behind trump and carson in the polls, but that's shallow, and prediction markets are much more likely to tell us what happens in the now. prediction markets operate much like stock and commodity exchanges, and people put their own money on the line. prices change constantly. but today's price is the best reflection of what the future will bring. in america, no good prediction market exists for politics because foolish american
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politicians ban internet gambling, so we have to go to one based in england, and it's called bet fair. and useful as it is for americans, it's basically unintelligentlable. and prices are in pounds, and it's tough to see who is ahead. but look at this website. this is understandable. because foxconn certified bet odds into percentages, so we americans can process them. as you see, hilliary clinton is a huge of favorite to win the democratic primary, and on the right, she has a 50% chance of becoming the next president. in the middle of the odds are the republican primary. marco rubio is 20 percentage points ahead of donald trump and then ted cruz, jeb bush, carson and the others. and sadly, my choice, rand paul, is near the bottom. can you check these on my web side, john
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and they update every 5 minutes. since the start of the debate, rubio and cruz and hillary gained the most. hillary, oh, boy. my fight with donald trump and also our brilliant panel on republicans, democrats and inequality. it seems to be worse in cities run by democrats. . >> .
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>> people need to be educate on the minimum wage. every time we raise the minimum wage, the number of jobless people increases. >> it's good to hear that from ben carson this week. previously he said nice things about the minimum wage. maybe the doctor earned some economics in the meantime. when you raise the price of something, you get less of it. but the big government media ran fact checks, and economists disagree 40%. we're not sure if aiç&;ççó higr minimum wage will reduce unemployment. economists say that we're not sure, but most are pretty sure, because 85% of the studies in the last 25 years show raising
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the minimum does cause a little job loss. will report fairly on this, but i was glad to see that the republican candidates now get the principle. >> you raise the minimum wage, you make people more expensive than a machine, and that means all of the automation replacing jobs is only going to be accelerated. americans support raising the minimum wage. >> they support it because they don't know what the ramifications are going to mean. it sounds like more money in your pocket but it means fewer people having fewer jobs, and cutbacks, and longer hours for those -- >> republicans seem to be getting it now, but it's an education process. >> they need to hone those arguments right now, and do a better job than that. every time they have done it means that itñ]ñoxgnç is less jd there of been a couple of cases but making the moral argument and the practically large argument is important, because
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bernie sanders is going to push hilliary clinton further and further to the left on this issue, and i think that republicans don't understand to the extent that the lefty economics 20 years ago doesn't necessarily play very well. democrats get hammered all over the country outside of certain zones. >> really? i think that it plays well, free stuff. >> the new normal in the minimum wage among liberals and democrats is $15 an hour. you had the rally, the fight for 15, and the big protest on that tuesday, but all you need to do is listen to any ceo that runs say a fast food chain or restaurant chain. the ceo of buffalo wild wings says that we're likely not going to open new restaurants in places likepñd seattle, san francisco and los angeles and elsewhere because a lot of our people are very young when we hire, and we are not going to take a risk on somebody and have to pay them $15 an hour.
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>> and the larger issue on the left is income inequality. >> middle class in this country is collapsing. we had 27 million people living in poverty, and we have massive wealth and income inequality. >> we have income inequality. the rich got much richer and the poor got poorer. we say that all the time. but the poor didn't get poor. over the past 30 years, the rich dramatically increased their wealth. and o'but disposable income grew in all groups. the bottom fifth 48%, and yet they get away with the lie, the poor are getting poorer. >> it really is a lie, and i think that it's also indicative of how backwards the economic approach is. you heard the president a few weeks ago talking'áabout the rel crisis for the middle also america, with the decreasing strength of unions and things of that nature, they have a very
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backwards, 1970s view of this economy, and they don't understand that a lot of the programs that they're criticizing are due to their own policies. >> i fear that the public doesn't emphasize. >> rand paul talked about the federal reserve and i disagree with some of what i was saying, but the easy money policy since 2008, it's hard, but i disagree with what he was saying about well, he was saying that the dollar depreciates and you get less for your money, and in fact, since 2008, the dollar is up about 22%, and inflation is not going anywhere. >> at the moment. >> more important than what people's incomes are, account mobility, and do you have the chance to move from the bottom to the top? peopleóéñ+hevv of that crunched the numbers, economists at harvard and beckly crunched them on 40 million tax
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>> today, almost 40% of americas are not working and are not looking for work. why? i would say that it's largely because of the quietdv[mw3ç[yçt kills opportunity. regulation. the burden of it. the americans stuck in the slowest economic recovery since the depression, and politicians rarely talk about regulation except ask for more of it. and i was glad to hear carly fiorina's rant about okeechobee. obamacare. >> it's tens of thousands of pages long, and we need to do a top to bottom look that hasn't been done for 50 years. >> it's nice to hear that, panel. >> it is, and the point that she made about the fact that we didn't have a free market healthcare system before obamacare and the fact that we have one that's designedjq to drive the taxpayer dollars toward that is a real recognition on her part that many politician haves demo
6:26 pm
goinged. they have gone after obamacare, but not the entitlement system. >> and george w. bush ran it, and he be appointed 90,000 new regulators. and once you're in power, there's a whole machine, and you have to do more. >> i thought that jeb bush was actually the strongest on this at the debate. he went after three major, programs, and he said that i will repeal these. he said that we need to rework them. >> as governor, he got rid of them. >> the regulation act and the clean had hour and water act. he stood out. >> fiorina said that this is how you create crony capitalism. you don't get the little guy going up. and she's very good, and rand paul had a couple of points, but i would like to see big chunks
6:27 pm
of deregulation. let's get rid of entire it systems of regulation. >> if carly wanted to win on the healthcare debate, all she had to say, she started talking about states running high-risk pools. and it's just state government. ijf(t( wanted her to say, we'reg to take insurance out of companies providing it, and i want all individuals to have to buy it on their own. >> the thing is it wouldn't sell. but you take the tax policy, and you make it -- >> businesses are fine with big government because they can afford to hire the people that deal with the regulator and to help write the laws, and small businesses and innovators get crushed by them. >> but dodd/frank and obamacare, they are like, we'll figure out the regulations next year on this, and that was never been done before. so everyone is waiting for what the rule making is going to be. >> you don't elect the rule makers.
6:28 pm
this is all congress. >> i would see regulators barely able to beat them off because they got big before the regulations. so we never know what we'll have. and it's good that finally some republican candidates are talking seriously about that.scç >> i think that we need to repeal every rule that barack obama has in terms of work in progress. every one of them. >> what we have done now is let the creep of regulations turn into a stampede of regulations, which is involved in every aspect of our lives. if we can get that out, it makes a big difference. >> i never hear democrats talk about this at all. >> you would, if you looked at jimmy carter campaigning for president in $1.80. look at the one debate that he had with ronald reagan, and he spends five minutes talk about
6:29 pm
how he's goingb> to extend deregulation, and everyone thinks that only reagan and margaret thatcher were against t. >> i think about drones. amazon has been working for years to deliver package biz drones, and the faa is so far behind, they can't deep up with the innovations to allow them to do that. >> and you see that as well, the regulations that require the companies to push more regulations in people's directions rather than people's paychecks? that's why the people don't see an amount going up. >> the combe appliance department is growing. >> exactly. >> democrats treat companies like its free money, what they tell a company they need to spend on. whether it's for minimum wage, or health insurance. and wal-mart makes big profits anyway, if the money is not free, people last name get hired. >> some day we'll see a stossel
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>> we're back with our all-star panel. so panel, several republicans,
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>> we should worldwide. and that's the great point.
6:39 pm
that's one of the points of free trade. it helps everybody get out of poverty. and we become richer in the process. >> wal-mart, sold goods made in china and elsewhere oversea, changed the quality of life where i grew up. it changed the way that people lived. >> in the very rural south. and it completely altered people's quality. and i don't think that folks understand that anymore. >> donald trump's ties, it's cheap to make them. >> facebook crashed me for this, but from michael cell, america will be great again, and it america's trade imbalance is terrible, and everything will be wonderful, you're going to love it. a trade imbalance? so what? he says win and lose and terrible over and over again. and i think that he hopes that
6:40 pm
we don't listen to any other words in the sentences because they don't connect with one another. >> coming up intersection my fight with the donald. >> in the old days, they came with thugs with clubs, and now lawyers go to court. >> other people may have used us today. and i don't want.
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>> while we're talking about elephants in the room, the biggest one, earlier in the campaign, has been donald trump. and i have some history with him. so let's leave the debate for a moment to talk about that. >> now, i kind of liked trump when i wanted to interview a rich guy and how high-tech rates don't often bring in more revenue, and he was pointing out that people like him can leave the country. >> i know these people. and they're international people. whether they live here or a place like switzerland doesn't matter to them. >> you haven't left. >> i haven't left yet. >> he's right about texas, but wrong about eminent domain.
6:45 pm
a law that lets government take your property and use it for public interest. >> what do you think of eminent domain. >> well, i think that it's wonderful. they get a lot of money, and you need a house in a certain location because you're going to build a massive development that's going to employ thousands of people. and you're going to build a factory and you can't without this little house. >> what's he referring to? trump once tried to use government force to grab a lady's force so he could expand his casino parking lot in atlantic city. trump offered to pay for vera's house, but she said no. and so he got together with jersey politicians to clear vera's house and blight it. they ruled that trump could use eminent domain to take her
6:46 pm
property. and vera had turned down $1 million, and now she was being forced to sell to trump for a fourth of that. i gave trump a hard time about it. >> you are bullying these people out. >> for you to use the word, bully, john, is very unfair. this is a government case. >> it's donald trump, it's you and your cronies together. >> for you to call them cronies is unfair. >> that's not what's happening. >> i think that it's a sick assumption, and it's jaded for you to make it. >> yeah, well, i'm pretty jaded and eventually an appeals court ruled that trump could not take her property. he built around her house, and turned out that he didn't need all of the parking space because his casino didn't do well and went bankrupt. vera kept the house for a long time. but in that case, trump revealed
6:47 pm
himself to be a bully. tim sanders, he works on eminent domain cases, and you take people's laps, but with the exception of a casino parking lot, how does trump build railways, highways,m-(g#[tsóç e keystone pipeline without the eminent domain? >> the law has always differentiated between public and private entities, those things are not run for private profit. and they're allowed to use eminent domain, but whereas a shopping mall, they're used for private, and when you break down thing distinctions, you have donald trump able to steal somebody else's private property
6:48 pm
foroys hen profit. >> it's not exactly stealing, he has to get the politicians to approve it. but trump argued, hey, i'm going to build this big shopping mall in atlantic city, and that will bring in a lot of taxes and that's for everybody. >> by that logic, you can use the power of eminent domain to take all of the poor people out of your city entirely and then your city will be made up entirely of rich people. the whole purposev%7[çok of emt domain in our constitution is to protect people that don't have political influenceúp and can't persuade people, like vera, who all they have is the constitution to rely on. people like donald trump and other crony capitalists, they can use their money and influence to get the government to do their bidding. but you and me, we have to rely on the constitution, which says that government can't take private property for the private use of other people.
6:49 pm
>> among the candidates, trump has an ally in chris christie, who said that it's more to be it against eminent domain to private businesses. >> they wrote in the constitution that the government can't take private property from one private person and give it to another private person. but it's a big shopping mall and the public gets to use it. >> sure, they might be able to enjoy indirect benefits because the government gets more sales taxes out of it. but it's a problem. they end up destroying as many jobs as they create. in the 1980s, the general motors corporation destroyed an entire neighborhood of detroit in order to build a car factory. said that it would create 5,000 jobs, and it ended up destroying 5,000 jobs because it tore down all of the small businesses in the neighborhood and that nearly
6:50 pm
always happens. >> the supreme court said that they were going to take her house and buildup all kinds of things, and it's now a garbage dump. >> that's right, it's still vacant land. and in fact it was used as a garbage dump. >> at least some of the republicans are on your side. marco rubio said trump is wrong, and one of the most important rights thatlfvq americans have s private property. jeb bush, state government must be frugal in the exercise of this power. rand paul, i would call it one of the worst things that government does. >> that's right, rand paul has been particularly outspoken, and jeb bush presided over florida's law that banned these kinds of eminent domain seizures. very soon after the rule came out, florida passed a law prohibiting all sorts of condemnations of eminent domain of all blighted property. it was one of thestrongest in the country, and jeb bush stood over and are supported that law. >> coming up, my take on the
6:51 pm
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we've gotpeptocopter! ummy town. ♪ when cold cuts give your belly thunder, pink relief is the first responder, so you can be a business boy wonder! ♪ fix stomach trouble fast with pepto. >> every debate. i think when what the candidate said or didn't say. if i were running for president, i would do better, but that's really dubious, because"9ç5 debe is hard to stand here live with
6:55 pm
your opponents ready to pounce, and remember the facts about budget numbers, or government programs or provinces in iraq. that's difficult. could you do it, audience? what do you think? >> no. >> that's an honest answer, and i know that i would struggle. especially when the questions are random or stupid. tonight's questions were pretty good. but the previous debate, here's one. >> what is your biggest weakness, and what are you doing to decrease it? >> how are candidates supposed to answer that in a political debate? mike huckabee was clever and he got a laugh when he said this. >> i don't have any weaknesses that he could think. hewuñnç went on to joke that hie could name his weaknesses. and governor bush said, i can't fake anger. that's his biggest weakness? senator rubio said thank you for that question.
6:56 pm
why? it's a bad question. and donald trump said i trust people too much. that's his weakness? carly fiorina came up with this answer. >> after the last debate i was told that i didn't smile enough. [ laughter ] fixed it, she was a little put down, but it's hard to give useful answers to questions like this, but like this from the last felony debate. >> the united states secret service uses code names, and ronald reagan's name was rawhide, an homage to his performances in westerns. >> he went on to ask the candidates, what should your code name be? i wish one had said cnn hater, andí3 i resent your flippant questions. but i really wish that they would say this, i will cut back
6:57 pm
the secret service, because america is going broke, we have to cut government. and the secreter service, like all government agencies has grown into a giant beast, so incompetent that they let a stranger walk right in the front door of the white house, but they're so big and intrusive that they disrupt all life when a president travels. i once appeared on nbc with john snow, george w. bush's treasury secretary. hardly anyone wanted to know who snow was, probably more people wanted totj kill me than snow. but because snow had his government position, four secret service protected him and ordered everyone else out of the room. we have to protect this gentleman. when i'm president, i'll have a much smaller security detail. and no, i'm not going to announce my code name to the entire country on your show. but i guess candidates cant talk like that.
6:58 pm
>> but i wish one would, and would go on to say, the secret service is just a tiny example. if you students are to have a future we have to cut most things government does and reduce the growth of government. people my age collect much more than they put n. and there are not enough of you to pay for on us old people. after all, when social security was created, most didn't live to 65. and now on average, it's 78 years, and life spans increase on averagele hours per day. government can't pay for all of us, but i want my medicare, i rudely refuse to die. are you guys ready to turn over almost all of your money to people like me? cover my healthcare? no? well, you shouldn't have to. but because most of the candidates here around me will not support any major cuts, your
6:59 pm
future is toast. the democrats are worse. heck, they want to spend more on social security and give people more free stuff. freev college, phones, and free birth control. as if all things come from government. your future will be good only if we cut or at minimum reduce the growth of government to 2% a year. 2%, that's still more than inflation now. does government have to grow twice as fast as inflation every year? but every year, more inflation because my political opponents won't cut anything. we should end all bailouts, foreign aid, corporate welfare, cut regulation by half, and so on. i doubt we'll hear that. not from the next few debates. but neighbor, someday, and that's our show. see you friday for a new show at
7:00 pm
our normal time, 8 p.m. eastern time. [ applause ] -- captions by vitac -- e troubled. have a good weekend. see you back here monday. >> winning the presidency, what does that take? a strong debate. >> i'm paying for this microphone. >> this is all theatre. it's theatre and politics. it's trying to get people to come in to the theatre and take a look, see if they like your play. >> yes, we can. >> you have to learn to see campaigns through the lens of the camera. >> campaigns are made of moments that everyone remembers. >> the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull, lipstick. >> there you go again. >> where's the beef? >> senator, you're no kennedy. >> commerce, education, and the -- what's the third one there? oops. >> tonight we take you behind the scenes. >> see if they can do this


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