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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  November 29, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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see something, say something. time to forget about people's feelings and get tough. time to use common sense. i don't think we need ahmed's clock to see that the time is that is what we are here for. >> of course, walks into a bar. the bartender says why the long face? it is offensive. >> we always try to be politically correct. >> i just keep my mouth shut >> because somebody is always offended and in some countries they will kill you. now what has come to america >> shooting outside of a conference center least two people dead. >> but it does not stop racism.
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watch what you say. no offense. on the show tonight. ♪ john: i work about offending you i should not be on tv because i say provocative things to entertain myself but here i am and i have kept myself out of trouble but it is getting harder because it is declaring that word to be forbidden what is the future like? may be like this. >> a straight white male? >> we killed them all.
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>> going all the way around one to use a time machine to go to the future in this is what he would find. he is in blackie is african-american. >> we don't have names anymore. >> it is discrimination. >> we are just given numbers at birth than they are offended if the number was too high. that sounds horrible. she is not used to men disagreeing with her. what will she do christ the ratio of bed jail sentence to disagree with a woman. john: over the top but funny because there is truth my guest is with the group called race forward talking about racial injustice a and
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you notice that is nothing more to mock individual level issues without others choose to identify. what does that mean? >> satire is a very important tool. john: to make fun of you? to make it speaks to the challenges we all have to talk to one another. but in a subtle way for the systemic issues with race and class and gender with the wealth gap between whites and non-whites. >> i agree with her to a certain extent i thought the video was too heavy-handed to be effective with political correctness the latest on campus now does the opposite it encourages them to be traumatized with
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those that they don't want to hear for them to feel very fragile and traumatized >> where sentimental language to be traumatized one so they will confront the actual violence. john: recently in texas there was the draw muhamed contest in we have to demonstrate because we have free-speech pamela had every right to organize the comtesse day everybody had the right to participate but i was disturbed to hear a number of commentators from fox news through "new york times" suggest she was somehow at fault because she
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provoked to this. john: "the new york times" editorialized it was an exercise of bigotry and hatred posing as a blow for freedom. >> i thought that was shocking coming from "the new york times". >> for her to do that to flame the fire. i am not interested. she can do whatever she wants. it doesn't matter one people responsible for violence. >> but i said people are responsible for importing of violence in regardless of what she did her what she said. >> you think driving a cartoon of muhammed deeply offends people on the way to inflict violence? finigan images can be violent but i think she has
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a responsibility. >> i absolutely do not. john: but then you should be happy and these other countries in denmark to have any lawfully religions community could be jailed for four months for when finland on assault of race could be jailed two years. >> is important to be very clear to use those languages and images and what we do. >> should we have schools? john: illegal? forbidden? >> we should avoid demonizing language. >> to save those images can inflict violence i think only physical action can inflict violence and the notion that words are action
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the elimination of the distinction is that the heart of the censorship campaign that we see today. john: going on to the hillary clinton campaign says do not use these sexist words in these comfort -- coverage entitled, war now, ambitious, will do anything to win we will be watching and protesting the coded sexism. >> i think that was a stupid directive coming from her campaign and will be counterproductive. >> they can do whatever they want people understand serious journalism does not have to resort to sensational language i would consume news without resorting to that language for vital have a problem with what they are doing a.
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john: they have won the argument in much of america they have a stupid quiz called terms of tolerance what is the correct term to describe someone that is not physically attractive? ugly? eyesore? visually challenging unconventional beauty? our producer tax a quiz to times square. >> what correct term describes some of the was not attractive? >> probably visually challenging. john: according to a website that distracts english teachers. >> a person who weighs more than most? >> i would say caloric we challenged you to go to jail for using the word chubber. [laughter] it is ample you are calling
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this an illegal but with a serious political issue of immigration we have to deal with. >> talk about immigration both sides use language of political ways and there is a competition to seafoods will prevail. that is fine. five did out for cosi whose words the journalist once used but ugly i don't think there is a reason to call somebody ugly and i don't
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mind if they refrained from using that word as long as there is no rule against it. john: visually challenged? to mcfadyen is ridiculous because you don't know what it means. >> the correct term to describe a woman who picked a career to raise her children. >> housewife. >> housewife. >> domestic into there. >> domestic engineers. >> get rid of the word housewife? you are a wife and you take care of the house. >> domestic goddess. [laughter] john: that is the correct term somebody that has a dog? >> pet owner? >> pet owner?
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>> that is no longer politically correct you cannot own animal. it is slavery. >> pat guardian congratulations. john: finally men who signed the declaration of independence? the founding fathers? dead white males? the exploiters? >> that is not sensitive they are the founders the founding fathers is patriarchal. >> but they were all men but we don't want to say that. >> note we do not. they thought there was the language cop over their shoulder. >> i just keep my mouth shut. >> when people become
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offended we invent new words john: only one woman did not >> does it concern you that you might be offending people? >> the truth hurts but pc puts it underground. >> battle have sympathy from someone he refrains from using the word because he is afraid of their people will get mad the way we tell students to have thicker skin but not be traumatized by the language may need to tell speakers they need to have thicker skins in not being worried about being yelled at for using the o wrong word. john: lawbreaker is not okay. fender and ex convicts were called returning citizens an executive order from the mayor of philadelphia.
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>> according to the campaign that is responsible for there is a correlation between the use of words like illegal and the increase of hate crimes against latinos and america. john: so that cause crimes? rick there is a correlation the way we use them and how we treat human beings. i just said let's be of better human being. >> to do a better job we have to respect other people's freedom to speak. john: tuesday obnoxious things. thank you both. joined the argument and join me on twitter. use #offense doorpost on my facebook wall. what about at work? in the quieter than white gentlemen's agreement.
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black market and right-hand man to even master bedroom is problematic. john: extreme sensitivity what is wrong with master bedroom? this wal
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john: people pay a lot of money to go to college to prepare themselves for the real world but college is anything but the real world and students are protected from anything that might hurt their feelings some schools canceled servicing -- showing of the sniper in iraq. >> was supposed to be screened at the university of maryland but has been postponed indefinitely the university of michigan canceled the screening. >> i don't think it should be shown. >> i don't know that it does but even if it did a large student supposed to be exposed? campuses are smothered in politically correctness but one college professor says they are wrong a historian
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whose steady student activism. >> what you see in american campuses is a willingness to argue when they find something obnoxious. >> isn't there much more political correctness? >> people never used to get punished for what they said. >> baer rarely punished now but what we hear more often is people get yelled at or criticized harshly. >> what if condoleezza rice was not allowed to speak of rutgers. >> she was allowed but she withdrew. john: you are correct but some students were protesting calling for a war criminal. [chanting] >> condoleezza rice will not speak at commencement record
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university. >> the most recent on every degree was given to her last week so it isn't as if she is not being permitted to speak. john: brandeis, berkeley. >> some of the in-house card cancellations or they withdraw but who gets to decide who speaks on campus? one of the things we are seeing is students particularly in the case of commencement they had a say in terms of who will address them. >> let's talk about trigger warnings. but it says number one we may be dealing with stuff that is dramatic or
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psychologically if we have that issue let me know in advance. john: students to the need this before. political correctness is not worse. >> but that doesn't mean the professors are using their authority in the classroom. john: with columbia there should be trigger warnings. >> if you talk about rape give students a heads up the they talk about rape if a professor teaches to moderate students in one year those who have been sexually assaulted the last 12 months shouldn't that reflect the fact of speaking to a classroom full of people? john: so you said i will warn you? >> this week's reading
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includes sexual assault. john: arizona state pedestrian pathway walked only zone is a micro aggression to the safety of people. >> that smells like somebody who is trying to hard. i was on crutches for five weeks i felt uncomfortable. >> not somebody who has the ongoing chronic disability and i agree. john: there is more hypersensitivity on campus? >> yes and it is a good thing. john: up next i met my wife at work should i be fired for that today?
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. john: have you gone through your sensitivity training session yet? many companies have them, you know what they're like, they're like the scene from the tv show
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the office. >> you cannot make fun of a person for something or some action that they have done that they regret. you can only make fun of things that they have control over. like oscar is gay. that is his choice. we can make fun of that. john: all right, that's obviously satire, workplace sensitivity is usually not that stupid. but sometimes it is stupid. it's a huge business now, big enough to be featured in media, something companies do. >> case of puerto rican woman or fat chinese guy files a lawsuit against the fdny or god help us another disgruntled firefighter, they can't be prejudice, they took the sensitivity training. john: is that what it's about. brad fedderman with f and h solutions group which sells sensitivity training to companies. that's obviously unfair but?
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>> it's different for different companies. some companies are trying to manage compliance, they want to make sure they cover themselves. john: compliance, cover your rear. >> sometimes when they do, that the training doesn't work. they spend a lot of time on do's and don'ts. you have to build a culture, a culture where people engage each other in a productive way. john: employees roll their eyes when people like you come in. >> they roll their eyes because 80% of the people get it. it's the 10% on either extreme. have you ultrasensitive people and have you ultrainsensitive people. john: do you tell the sensitive people toughen up? >> can you tell the sensitive people to toughen up, you have to find out where the line really is. there's a big difference between sensitivity and harassment. sensitivity and bullying. there's $64 billion lost by companies every year because of these kinds of. john: lawsuits?
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>> lawsuits. it costs between 125 to $250,000 just to go to trial, and then you've got to -- john: even if you win. >> if you win, if you go to trial, even if you win. the awards 250 to 500,000 on average and some of the awards in the millions. an award was 168 million dollars against a company thought. can devastate an organization. john: yeah! your company charging a thousand or $8,000 make everyone more hypersensitive and more likely to sue! >> it depends how it's done. when you come in, first of all, some companies have to do it. in california there's a law that managers have to go through a certain amount of this training regardless every couple of years. you don't do it, you're in trouble. secondarily, companies that engage diversity and inclusion in a meaningful way, they build it into strategy rather than doing training, and they focus on building a strong culture.
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they do perform better. john: harvard business review article says a study of 800 companies showed diversity training had no positive effect in the average workplace. >> i'm familiar with that study. training by itself as an event doesn't produce a lot of results. millions were spent on training resulting in, well, nothing. >> i agree. >> if you put people through diversity training, and a company doesn't care about diversity, it doesn't matter. it's about building and fostering a culture where people feel valued and respected on a stint basis. >> how careful do we have to be? one magazine says we should never use man words, manpower, it's work power or staff. it's not man made, it's synthetic. the mailman who brings your mail, he's a mail carrier. in college, you're no longer a freshman, you're a first year. and if you work for the british government, be aware certain phrases have been retired. >> retired sayings include
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whiter than white, gentleman's agreement, black mark and right-hand hand. master bedroom is problematic. john: why is master bedroom a problem? a master? >> i'm assuming because of master. my wife uses the word master bedroom. it's okay in my house. john: force magazine says men should not use you guys, inaccurate if women are present. >> there's a point where it gets ridiculous. you guys. john: women say you guys say it to each other. has it gone too far? i met my wife at work. we flirted before we dated, and she didn't directly work for me, but i was higher in the ranking. is that illegal? >> it's not illegal. have we gone too far? in some cases we are. they build rules to cover their rear, in many cases and hamstring everyone else in the company when they do that. i met my wife at work as well.
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and we actually had to leave that company to be able to explore our relationship and see if we wanted to get married. and we got married. 19 years later we're still married. john: thank you, brad. coming up, race, do i have to call the next guest african-american? i'm white, what's wrong with calling him black? is it racist if i say that?
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. john: race is understandably one of the touchier subjects for politically correct people. some white people are uncomfortable around blacks, they're not sure what words are okay to use. when i was young both whites and blacks used negro, colored people, the naacp stands for national association for colored people. now it's not okay to use those words. oops! some say african-american is
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the right word, but deroy murdock says it's an awful term, why? >> it's awful for me. i'm not from africa, i'm from los angeles, california. i'm an american. i don't like the fact this was cooked up by jesse jackson. john: what do you mean cooked up. >> invented this term african-american. i never heard it before. all of a sudden in the late 80s i heard it from jesse jackson and everyone is african-american. john: every syllable counts. a lot of people say, i'm afraid to just say black because somebody might be mad at me. >> i tell people, they say african-american and i say it's okay, you can say black. they are relieved when i say that. john: universities are creating a safe place for learning, they have speech codes because they don't want a student to be uncomfortable. does it stop? hate speech? of course not.
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this video emerged from the university of oklahoma chanting this. this is clearly nasty. >> very ugly stuff. >> the speech codes in a way encourage this in secret? >> forbidden fudge is the finest of the term, people want what they can't have. it erupts in unusual ways like this. what i do think is interesting about the very unfortunate episode is what the reaction is. people say it proves this is a racist country. within 24 hours the kids who led the chant were kicked out of school. they were kicked off campus, the fraternity was shut down. the national fraternity headquarters disowned them. and the country said my god, this is disgusting. i see this as a glass that is 5% empty and 95% full. john: nobody raised the free speech issue. this is a state school, you're
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supposed to be able to say horrible things and stay in school and have people criticize you? >> this is true. if this were a private school, you could get booted. if it's a state school, they could have the right to bring that to court if they wanted to. john: don't they have a double standard? recently, this duke professor posts something and says at my school virtually every black has a strange new name that symbolizes their lack of desire for integration as opposed to asians who assimilate more. he's drummed off campus by contrast a black boston university professor mocked white rape victim on facebook with the hashtag white girl tears, and said why you get to play the victim, go cry somewhere since that's what you do. no response from her university. >> amazing, both double standard in those cases and the level of aggression and anger and hostility that you see in that second comment, presumably
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the boston university professor, it's okay to rape someone as long as she's white. where on earth -- john: i don't think she means to say that. >> sure seems it. if you're a white rape victim, she is mocking her, appalling. john: people say the owner of the washington redskins should change the team name. >> racist and offensive name that needs to be changed. >> just a matter of time before he's forced to change the name. john: now a year later and the redskins haven't changed the name. however, he did make overtures what he called original americans. he created the washington redskins, original americans foundation which does things like buy winter coats for members of a sioux tribe in south dakota, a backhoe for a tribe in nebraska. stephen colbert did this. >> the washington redskins original americans foundation. folks this move by dan snyder inspires me, my show has frequently come under attack
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for having a so-called offensive mascot. my beloved character ching chong ding dong. i love tea. but i'm willing to show the asian community i care by introducing the ching chong ding dong foundation to sensitivity for orientals or whatever. john: asian activists demanded an apology. there are 19 million of us and we will not tune in for race-baiting. he took grief for this. >> he's a comedian, should be able to make fun of things. i grew up in the 1970s. we had blazing saddles. tv shows like all in the family. the jeffersons and sanford and sun where we made fun of racial differences. we made light of these things. john: it's forbidden now? >> you can barely bring these things up. if we treated it more lightly, we would get along better, instead people are terrified of saying the wrong thing, people
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are walking on eggshells, it makes it difficult to have a conversation. john: since this show is about political correctness, it's not politically correct for a black person to be conservative as you are. >> this is terrible. if you're a black conservative, people say you're a sellout, uncle tom, all the awful terms and my response as if you don't like our ideas, how is liberalism work for you. baltimore, black mayor, black city council, black school board, black police department, the black police chief. half the people arrested in the freddie gray case were black. look at baltimore, look what a mess that place sfchlt you don't like black conservatives, what have they done for you lately. john: thank you, deroy murdock. next, more sensitivity toward asians, are they the one group entertainers feel safe joking about? >> i wrote i love chinks.
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. john: political correctness often makes life dreary. one weapon against its suffocating rules is comedy, joke is sometimes funny because
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it breaks the rules. a comic says something funny and we laugh because it makes us uncomfortable. >> if i'm in a gas station late at night, and a young man comes in wearing a hooded sweatshirt, if he's white, i'll think, he's athlete. if he's black, unless he has a big smile on his face, i become mildly racist and this is what i think. i think that's fine. everything is fine! [ laughter ]. john: that's funny, but there's a line between what's funny and what's just nasty, hateful and that line is -- i don't know what that line is. recently jon stewart said when he leaves his show august 6th, comedian trevor noah will succeed him. almost bumped into a jewish kid crossing the road. he didn't look before crossing, i would have felt bad in my german car. is that funny? i think it's kind of funny, but some people said they were
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outraged. they would never watch noah because of that. so what can a comedian say today. comedian gavin mcinnes says political correctness is a war on fun. >> yeah, george orwell said within every joke is a tiny revolution, i don't think we should trivialize how important jokes are to american culture. comedy is about fun and i think fun sets us apart from a lot of the world. and i think this is actually good that political correctness is starting to infringe on stand-up comedy. john: really? >> people say whoa, whoa, whoa, don't mess with my fun. i think and i hope that comedians are starting to say enough is enough. david till said stand-up comedy is dead, chris rock said he's never doing colleges again. john: because? >> comedy has a free market of ideas. like you're watching a scientist at work in the lab. he might make a rape joke, or
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use a joke with racial epithets and it will bomb. that doesn't work, the comedian will scrap that and you got to see it live. john: he's scrapping colleges. >> they would record it with cell phones and that would be on the guy's record forever. that mistake that he felt. when someone starts a business, it bombs and they are forever associated with the failed business, it's not fair and bad for the economy. john: aren't we sad that the students don't laugh? >> yeah, it is really sad. i did a show recently and i was with a female comedienne, she said i'll have a white wine spritzer, a lady drink, and the bartender didn't laugh and said that is metro normtive, don't you think? john: jimmy kimmel used to have a segment with kids fable, conversations with kids. here's one that sparked protest from chinese people. >> america owes china 1.3 trillion dollars.
4:50 am
how should we pay them back? >> kill everyone in china. >> kill everyone in china? [ laughter ]. >> interesting idea. should we allow the chinese to live? >> yeah! no! >> they will all be killed. >> they're going to all be killed. john: and so on. he's dropped his kids segment. the chinese government complained. >> yeah, well, i love that story because it's such a great example of fake outrage. the chinese were not genuinely offended by that. mao almost did kill the chinese, he killed 77 million. if you go to shanghai today, there are giant statues to the man everywhere. and commies walk around with pictures of mao. he makes hitler like an underachiever. jimmy kimmel is a villain for letting kids be kids. john: a word that may offend
4:51 am
chinese people. next to a person of asian ancestry. >> you got to fill out this form and you send it in and randomly selected and i don't want to do jury duty. >> no one does. >> i'm filling out the form and my friend said why don't you fill out something inappropriate like i hate chinks. i don't want people to think that of me. so i filled out the form and i wrote i love chinks. [ laughter ] >> again. people say it's just wrong to do ethnic humor, racial humor. >> okay, then wrong is funny. that was a funny bit, and interesting case because that happened in the early 2000's when there was a pc break from 2000 to 2005, comedy was thriving, and combh when she was forced to apologize she accused the guy from theation american society of going pee-pee in her coke.
4:52 am
and you juxtapose that with ex-boyfriend jimmy kimmel and he can't make enough apologies. he made three, and so did the network. john: times have changed. thank you, gavin mcinnes. coming up, why i'm so obnoxious? >> you're like a cancer, you're spreading a bad thing that costs a lot of money and doesn't do any good? >> and i'm a good cancer. john: you're a parasite fe
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. john: i don't mean to offend, except i do. i've made a career of confronting people and that means offending people. >> you're like a cancer, you're spreading a bad thing that costs a lot of money and doesn't do any good. >> and i am a good cancer. john: you're a parasite feeding off the taxpayer. we don't need you lawyer tyrants. john: i say nasty things like that because sometime truth comes out of it. we learn through confrontation, as jonathan rauch points out, science blossomed in america because here no central authority. no governor, no judge can tell people you may not say that. ideas compete for acceptance, and usually eventually better ideas win. most people rikki interviewed in times square for the show wanted to censor themselves. they wanted to say the nice
4:57 am
thing. >> i usually keep my mouth shut. >> when people become offended we should invent new words. >> exactly. i support being politically correct all the time. john: and that's fine, if it's their choice, i hope they know in america thanks to the first maerjts we don't have to be politically correct. but remember the first amendment is all about limits on government. everyone else, colleges, comedy clubs, businesses, can have speech rules, fox can fire me for something i say tonight. we have lots of schools and businesses, if i don't like fox's rules, i can search for another job. the founders worried about government censorship, we own the have one government. they were scared of that. and now i'm a little scared of the political correctness movement because it's gotten good at convincing lots of people that there's one correct way of speaking. they basically say thou shalt
4:58 am
not hurt others with words. this is a bad commandment because it shuts people up. and some of those people will have a point. their ideas ought to be heard. the censor's goal is noble, create a kinder, more civil society, but who decides how much hurt is okay? usualy it's the victim. when victims get to the side, they compete to be victimized. this invites censorship that will never end. the disabilities activist at a stuttering organization demanded porky pig be taken off the air to protect children. >> that's all folks! >> now i stuttered when i was a kid. i hated those cartoons. other boys used them to mock me. it was cruel! didn't i have a right not to have my feelings hurt? no. i didn't, and i don't. once the national federation of the blind demanded disney
4:59 am
cancel a mr. magoo movie. >> now where, is that raulto theater? around here someplace. ah! there it is! >> federation claimed mr. magoo movies caused blind children to get into fights. i confronted him about that, and he answered adamantly, our lives are at stake here! if you accept his logic, censorship will never end. we must change the hunchback of notre dame to the physically challenged bell ringer and so on. america sadly is moving in that direction. it's not a good thing if politically connected people have the power to say that's hurtful. you can't say that. learning progresses through argument. we debate sometimes angrily. the arguments often hurt people's feelings. tough. the openness will let us argue our way to the truth. that's our show, see you next
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week at 9:00 p.m. on fox business. next month my show moves an hour earlier to 8:00 p.m. eastern time. goodnight from new york. >> i am here at freedom fest the world's biggest gathering of people and tonight's topic is the american dream still achievable? the founder of whole foods the head of the restaurant chain carl's, jr.. and the man who helped to build modern lowe's vegas and made a couple billion dollars to read it. our topic, what happened to the american dream? that is our show. tonight.


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