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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  November 29, 2015 8:00am-8:31am EST

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see something, say something. time to forget about people's feelings and get tough. time to use common sense. i don't think we need ahmed's clock to see that the time is ticking like a bomb. i i i i i great, wait until tomorrow. we will see you again. ♪ talk about bad timing. as the holiday shopping rush kicks off, protests kick in. black lives matter protestors blocking stores in chicago, and pro uniform said to be tarting walmarts across the countries. with retailers struggling for business, could all of this backfire on the economy? hi everybody, this is "bulls and bears." here they are this week. welcome to everybody and see lisa the economy is already rock can can i as we go into the
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holiday shopping season, now add in protest and retailers, what does that mean? >> well, it's problematic in the month of november because they're expected to do 20 to 40 percent in the annual sale in that month alone. i think that it's important to look at these movements in itself. the objective is to intimidate people and disrupt. if you look at a movement like blackw a lot of people don't go into the stores anymore. >> well, here is the question. if a protest happens in the woods in the fall, does anybody hear it?
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they say go to where the people are. you have to be seen, so you want to be there and disruptive, but you want to be respectful. i think that all of the organizations are trying to bring in organization, and good for them to talk about it on saturday morning and making sure that people are bringing the issues to the forefront. the retailers have lost the shopping to online people like me that don't want to be approximate in there fighting with people when the doors open any way. >> don, chuck brings up a good point because this is a good strategy for the protestors, and it may continue. what kind of impact do you expect it to have on the holiday season? >> i don't think that it's going to have that much. i think that chuck is right that most people are going to online. you look at stocks like walmart is at a three year low and something like under armor that's up and nike. people are still buying products.
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wherey they buy is different. they're shifting to online. macys and others saying that sales were down. people said that thursday and friday of this week the sales were down. people are still buying stuff, but it's where. do the protests help? absolutely not. you see people going and screaming, you may turn around. there not that big. >> i am not sure if people will turn around. we have seen people stampede and seven people have been killed and almost 100 hundreds and so are the protestors going to stop anybody. >> no, i agree with john. protestors are not going stop anyone expect the retailers the brick and more or the retailers. it reminds me of when the detroit union workers wanted
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higher and higher wages and got them and finally brought the industry down. that's what i see p happening in retail. most of them are directed at the mcdonald's or walmart where they reside. we have seen it affect teen unemployment. it went to 16 percent after the last wage hike. they employee less and less people and enable to give less and less or talks like they did and go out of business.pv we already have competition as others have pointed out and chuck primarily in the online area. where do you think people are going go if walmart has to raise prices because of the higher wages? >> they're going to go to the amazons in the world. in the end it's going to be the retailers and employment that >> well, i see where you want to have a protest and people said there were people that did not know that they had the protest.
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you have to be careful because some may not get the goals. if you shut down the retailers you want mi ultimately, does that make it a wage and you do not see it. one time they protested the worker conditions, and we have basically moved that and outsourced the sweat mehhops. they did not go away. we do not get to see the visible bad work sessions. there's a fix and it's all behind and warehouses and amazon either. i wonder if the goals are going to work long hall with the problems that they're raising. >> what do you think of the issues that they brought up and that the protestors could be hurting the people that they could help because of the retailers firing people and may be hiring and the minimum wage won't go up? >> well, that's part of the competition when you e vail wait
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a and the times are changing. i am one of the people that know how to trank a tractor from the front, but i buy my fishing shirts online. that tells you that things have changed, and we have come a long way. you have to evolve. i have evolved. >> i know that john knows how to crank a tractor. >> yeah, me and chuck maybe the only ones that spent a lot of time on a tractor. every country song is written about a tractor for some reason. it's me and chuck. gary b has describes this in the past of seeing people like walmart. walmart is responding to free market. this is how it should be. they're going to be a $10 an hour and the average is $13 an hour. they're spending over a billion dollars raising salary and training people. they want to give you better and customer service. they have grown over the last number of years. the last time they were in the growth was in 2008.
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they're responding to this. i don't understand why people are protesting walmart. they're raising the wages and doi doing all of the things. i no e where they are, they want the 2.2 million workers unionize. it's a matter of survival. >> watt mart went from to $10 and gary, i am not sure that you were the tractor driver of the group. >> no. unless it's a little kid cans tykes tractors. i am willing to venture that it's the small retailer that's hiring the minimum wage person. the other thing is that chuck mentioned that he went to protest 101 and the problem is that they do not teach economics in that. when you charge more, you consume less.
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for were those people out there wanting minimum wage, you should flip it around and say how would you like the unemployment among teens go up ten percent? they would say maybe this is a stupid idea. maybe that's what they should add to protest 101 and how economics work. >> you have 20 seconds to respond. >> i wish that i would have been paid something to be in the house. i could not figure that out. >> okay. thanks guys. knneil, what do you got? >> heyab brenda. the white house response. you're about to find out and forget terrorists getting into airports. why a top security guys worry that is they're already in airports. we will see you soon. >> thanks neil. fbi reheat squad tracking what they're calling high risk isis suspects. when it comes to surveilling
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when it comes to surveilling terrorists, does
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news stay with us here all day on the fox news channel. not it's coincidence to me that this happened after the aftermath of restricting the programs and >> chris christie suggesting intel failures are to plan for the paris attacks. as with e hear that the fbi is
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tracking 48 high risk)é isis suspects here at home, geary says that we need to stop cracking down on the intel agencies, and give them more power to protect them. >> yeah, we need to ramp them up. we're fighting a whole new war here. it's similar to other wars that we thought were 1)/÷unwinnable. the war against organized crime and the cartel. all of those wars or thoughts to be wow two strong or too tough or organized. how do we crack organized crime through intelligence or paid enforcements. we did not crack them by dropping bombs, we tracked them by the same kind of paid in formentes. the same way that israel does it. they say that the last line of defense is the armed guard. they help to get it before them. we need to really ramp this up. i understand that there's privacy issues, but things like wiretaps and all of the other
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things that i talk about and the paid in fortunement, we need to go to what1 doing and work from the inside and ralth than outside and just send in the drones and stuff like that. it's not been affective. >> lisa, do you expect that american willingness to accept them will increase as we see the terrorism increasing? >> yeah, i do think it will. i think that governor christy, there's something broad er going on here than what he said. the things that we have conceded and syria and iraq to isis and as a result they have had the ability to operate and grow and carry out an attack that we saw in paris. that was a multiprong attack ek cute because they had the grounds in syria and iraq to do so. this is a broad er intelligence and we're going have to take the fight to isis and syria and iraq. it's much bigger. >> chuck, isn't this a slippery
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slope when you take away the privacy? do we have anything to worry about? >> people started to backtrack on this privacy thing because we had not seen terror attacks, and now you see them more and more. what we see in the public polling is people willing to give up the rights and feel more protected. it's a slippery slope, and you have to give and take. the more that you see things happening in your neighborhood and closer to home, the more that people give up the privacy. it's a new world and you have to evolve, and it's a new technology and we should be using everything that we can to stay safe. >> anything is an intelligence short fall and announcing that is an incite to the matter. i am more also verses the military activity too, but that does not mean that you need the rights stepped on to catch the
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terrorists. there's al intelligence way to do it, and i am not sure if we're doing it. everybody does not have to getn the shoes checked for a bomb when they realize that you're not the type of approximate person that's going to bring a bomb in their shoes. they can do that with a lot of privacy things. you can identify people in advance that are not going buy bomb equipment, and you do not have to go through the mae ile- and stuff. does not mean that we don't have cameras and does not mean that everybody has a phone call. >> john, you say that we use every tool that we have got. >> yeah, absolutely. we're at war right now. i was at an event last sunday and a survivors event where i do commentary and it was an event to blow up the building that we were in in atlanta. the reason thatq and that building that we were in was because anonymous had hacked into the website.
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let's thank them for doing that. it's because we knew about this alleged threat. the government needs to be doing things like this. this is a different type of world and they have sleep er cells and spend years being in the country and thn activating and doing something like this so you need every tool available to you. we really are at war. >> we're thankful that you came out of that safely. >> gary b? >> well, we need and in every war that we have proven and fought we need to adapt and change. we need to -- before world war ii we had minimal arm. we built up thaanks and fire ar, and we were not used to it. roosevelt said this is how we're going fight it. now we're in a third world war.' we need to find new ways and they're mostly intelligence and wiretaps and things like that. get inside the organization.
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we must be willing to adapt and change or otherwise we will see a paris attack. >> good. br >> brenda the problem that we're seeing is because isis can grow the way and infiltrate cities and countries across the world. if they're able to grow and get bigger, we're not going to be able to cut down and crack down on all of the incidents across the orld. >> okay. thank you. cashing in from over an hour from now. eric, what do you have coming up? >> hi brenda, even though they're on high terror alert, canada is going to take in 25 you thousand refugees. can the northern border make it vulnerable on us. what took them so long. cashing in to you at 11:30. >> thanks we will be there. up here first. while we're about to take in more syrian
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they keep on coming . syrian refugees seeking rev you in the rest and they're not taking enough in. john said that has to change and fast. >> yeah, it has to change. this is a clie sis that's going on. i don't want to diminish that. they're not knocking on the doors by the way and they're not showing up in florida or central
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american refugees. we're havot3ç to fly over there and get these people and bring them to america. we spent $1.1 billion last year relocating 70,000 refugees. we can not afford to do everything. we have 50,000 homeless veteran in the country right now. our congress should be ashamed of themselves that they spend
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what do you think of that? >> well, on the other hand if all of the normal people that don't want to be an isis it does not leave a lot to stop some dictator and a will the of the country is iran and then the normal iranians came to america and cannot throw the cults that leave the country. you don't want anybody toe leave because what is going to solve the problem of the groups there. >> i just want to get gary in quickly. >> well, look whether they should or should not is -- that's another discussion i think. what both ers me is when we feel that we should tell other countries what they should do. i hate that. i think that they should do what they want to do. >> thanks guys. thank you lisa and chuck for
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predictions. gary b take it away. >> my daughter already has tickets to star wars. it's going to be huge for disney. stock up. >> walmart is on customer service and online has the stock up 20 percent in a year.
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>> akorgd ccording to the releae iphone could be and we will need more sunscreen and up 15 percent. >> you're always inmiami. well, neil takes up the heat right now. all right. so look who is putting the white house on defense now. the president's own defense secretary. what? >> the president's defense secretary appeared on your world with neil on november 16th and said, "the president of the united states and world leader need to recognize y not a time to just sit back and hope that somehow the enemy will go away. the other secretary gaits appeared on november 20 and said that we have all along underestimated isis. these are coming from the people that work with him. do you acknowledge them? >> they're entitled


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