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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  November 29, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EST

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let's have a wonderful thanksgiving weekend. keep it here. "cashin' in" starts now. as america questions letting syrian refugee s, our neighbors to the north is rolling out the welcome mat. can his new prime minister bound to take in 10,000 of them by the end of the year and another 15,000 by the end of february. so as we worry about the southern border we now have to worry about the northern border, too. i'm eric bolling. welcome to "cashin' in." our panel will join us in a little bit. thanks, canada. some americans are now concerns refugee s and possibly terrorist wills sneak across the northern border. is this a legit concern?
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>> absolutely. they say we shouldn't be concerned because they won't let in young men -- just women, children, families. i don't know where they get the idea that only young men regina isis. isis has been successful el in luring young women to be in isis. if you look, many of them -- especially in minnesota are refugees or children of receive -- refugees. now we have to worry about the northern border? that's porous, too. >> i think you guys are not only fear mongers. you're like chicken little. oh, my god. the canadians! the skies are falling. the canadians are falling. germany has taken 90,000, 90 #,000, something. france had a recent attack. >> that worked out very well, juan. >> you know, again you interrupt and say something that none of the people that attacked were
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refugees. >> one of them pretended to be a refugee. he had a fake passport. >> did you say fake? so in other words, why are you demonizing all refugees, people suffering who have been killed by terrorists and who seek refuge with america. >> he pretended to be a refugee, went to paris and committed an attack. yes, there are refugees who may be dangerous, juan. >> also there are reports and i will do this carefully. there are instances of crime within the refugee camps and also in the general population. >> we have never heard about crime in america. get all those criminal americans out, out, out. >> what about, john, canadians taking in 25,000 refugees -- good idea, bad idea, don't care? >> we are in a state of war. until that's resolved, everything is a threat. think about it. before the islamist attacks started we could welcome
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everyone. canadians, south americans, africans, even people from the middle east. now whether it's refugees, people on visas, work permits, vacationers, americans -- even native-born americans. even, everything is a threat until militant islam is gone. >> weigh in on this. we'll talk about visas. weigh in on canadians. how many refugees are you taking in, jessica? >> i'm happy to take as many as will fit in my studio apartment. what i would like to start with is the facts about how secure the border is. in a pre9/-9/11 world, the canadian border was open. but now it's been mexicanized they call it. in michigan there is a $30 million war room for security there. we have drones, helicopters, low-flying helicopters. i'm not saying there is no way
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across. i don't want to have that fight like i did last week with the southern boarder. they are not all walking across. it is fear mongering, juan is correct about that. >> let's talk about the visa program jonathan brought up. there is a huge problem. to go back to you, jonathan, talk about not being able to vet or not properly vetting people for visas and then frankly also 20 million people a year. so we don't follow them. they jump the visa, the expiration of the visa. go ahead. >> that's the point. it's the idea that needs to be destroyed. everyone is a potential threat. people coming on visas, vacationers. even native-born americans. people say we can keep an eye on them. every year it's less free. you have to come two hours earlier. not just the one like after
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9/11. we welcome less free. >> it's a small price to pay when you talk about the global challenges. >> why not actually address the enemy, defeat the enemy. we don't have to worry about the border, homeland security. >> you don't have to worry about a bomb in his shoe. we have this issue at home. we know it. >> we aren't worried about naziism, shintoism. >> barring we wipe out islamic radical jihad, isn't it time maybe to step up how we vet the visa program people and how we follow them? >> i never thought i would hear the same comments from president obama i hear from eric . this is what president obama is pushing. let's do a better job with the visa program where we get the waivers.
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it's 39 countries. i'm so struck that jonathan, michelle, the conservatives who have been about border security for the first time are realizing there is a problem with the visa program. most of the illegal immigrants overstay visas. thank you for coming. >> i agree. >> it's also the border. >> there you go. >> in terms of the visa program, boston bomber, that's how they came here. >> i'm glad you're coming around, kid. go, go, go. >> one doesn't exclude the other. >> no. >> don't be foolish and say, oh, it's all about the mexicans which is trump-like. there are people coming from europe who come -- >> juan -- >> they over stay their stay here and don't report. >> juan had a little bit too much coffee. he 's so amped this morning. >> no, no. >> you forget we were turning
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away people because we said, oh, they're communists. >> juan, first of all -- >> jonathan, that's not american. >> if they were part of the communist party we turned them away, absolutely. >> jews, jonathan. >> well, they weren't part of an organized -- [ all speaking at once ] >> i'm trying to agree with you, juan. turn it down a notch. >> let it wash over you. >> homeland security won't make us safe. be builder a wall won't make us safe. the only thing that makes you safe is destroying the enemy. end of story. >> jessica? >> i'm excited by all the agreement. i would like to throw my hat in the agreeable pool and say we can tighten restrictions. president obama talked about airlines sharing more passenger information. dianne feinstein -- >> great, more nsa, more spying. >> it's not spying.
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just give you the information. >> we have to suspend people coming from countries -- >> and they won't allow anyone in who's been to iraq or syria. >> do you know what i think? >> oh, great. the watch list. >> there, i said it. that's how people die in america -- gi buns. >> we have gone down every rabbit hole in midtown, chicago, l.a. and d.c. we have to leave it there. a year ago this week, i wanted to create a place for conservatives to debate issues affecting america. i looked for the right vehicle and stumbled upon a dormant twitter hashtag that summed up my sentiments. # wake up america was there, unused. i brought it and you ran with it. fast forward a year. it's one of the most used hashtags for political discourse, averaging tens of thousands of mentions per day.
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president obama must be a fan of "cashin' in." he's finally listening to us to go after isis and their oil.
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here we were months ago suggesting the same thing. >> would cutting off the oil be a good way to cut off funds? >> absolutely. >> we have to go after their wealth, pick up the air strikes. there is more we can do on the ground. certainly the air strikes toward their oil fields. >> we warned there could be consequences the longer we waited. could paris terror have been preevented? michelle, he's listening, but we called it a long time ago. >> it's ridiculous it's take thn long for him to realize maybe we should disrupt their financial flow. this should have been happening a long time ago. the oil is almost as important to isis as weapons or as guns or bombs. this is what is financing the terrorism. this is financing their entire infrastructure. i think it is also ridiculous that we gave them warnings, 45-minute warnings and dropped leaflets to people transporting the oil. if you're translating isle for isis, you shouldn't get a warning. >> we all called it a long time
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ago. bomb the oil fields, bomb the trucks. wayne? >> we did, eric. they didn't listen to us. >> they do. it took them a long time to come around to it. >> i know. it's true. but the fact of the matter is they are not going to listen to us. they are going to listen to themselves. they think they have the right answer. they don't. they proved it to themselves. you think that alone would be a wake up call that someone would say, gee, i tried and it didn't work. what should i do? holy smoke, maybe i shouldn't be doing it. >> juan, do you think president obama had "cashin' in" on his dvr at the white house and finally got around to the show we taped a few months ago? >> i'm positive. on saturdays he loves "cashin' in." can't get him out of there. you've got to remember if you want to rebuild syria. if you are looking for a
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solution, destroying the infrastructure, that doesn't help. >> i don't know. it makes sense, john. >> your thoughts. i don't think you wanted to do this. i'm not positive. where were owe on this? >> i don't think the islamists are motivated by money. terrorism is cheap. a couple of pressure cookers bombs is not a lot of money. rather than break their income you need to break their spirit. their will to fight. the ideology. if they are not getting it from oil they are getting it from wealthy donors in qatar and kuwait. as long as the ideas are supported they will find the money to spread terror. >> the fact they have all the money gives them legitimacy and makes people want to join them. they look like they have so much power. i think going after the money is a good strategy. >> they get it from taxes,s extortion, kidnapping. oil isn't the only way the criminal enterprise -- >> you know, john, you hit on an interesting part.
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the ideology yolg, they don't care about the money. i remember al baghdadi, first time he was seen on television he did a big speech and was wearing a gold rolex. >> money matters to everybody whether you are in manhattan or the desert, you like a nice rolex. i'm surprised you haven't seized upon the idea that we can fight them on all fronts. they are making $50 million a month off the oil. take it away. fantastic. i think it's great. i would add that, you know, this is something we should be giving president obama credit for. even late to the party, fine. at least he's there. we are hitting -- i have been fun of before on this show. i believe my first kwoez cash where i said we could drop propaganda pamphlets and people made fun of me. foreign policy by kinko's. >> jessica just fixed the isis
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problem. drop a lot of pamphlets on them. michelle said if you are driving an isis truck with oil. they are not isis fighters. they have been forced to do that. so it's humane to warn them. >> now they want to make sure all the pamphlets aren't blown away by the heavy winds. >> we are going paperless. >> we'll leave it there. coming up, president obama blaming the media for hyping terror coverage. are we hyping it or is he
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>> the immediate i can't needs to help. one thing that needs to happen is how we report on this has to maintain perspective and not -- you know, empower in any way these terrorist organizations. >> president obama giving the media a lecture on covering terror. are we type hyping the terror threat or is the president playing it cool? jonathan? >> people should be outraged by this. the media is the people. in a free society the immediate i can't is a check on government. is the immediate i can't outraged? are the people outraged? yeah. just think. in '79 the american hostages held by the iranians or islamists for 444 days. this washington post reporter has been held for 490 days. yeah.
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the people are outraged about this lackadaisical response. >> president obama suggesting it's the immediate i can't's fault. if we are talking about something that could tick off the terrorists and they could attack us. >> they have attacked us wrongly. not only that. president obama hasn't helped himself in this situation either. he hasn't supported the immediate i can't that much. so i think there is a problem with them as that much. so i think there is a problem with them as well. >> how about it's okay for the media to create a sense of urgency? i think it's urgent, this terror threat that we do something about it. >> we are doing something about it. i didn't understand the early wrer response. the united states is in the fight. the thing about media is, look, that frenzy, it pumps up the ratings. people get more anxious. everybody is watching. everybody wants to know what's coming, what's next. >> are we over thinking it?
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>> this is just a big ratings sweeps promotion. >> come on. >> i'm not saying that. >> people getting beheaded. are the paris attacks just hype? >> tell it to the 120-plus people. >> we have taken so many steps to harden targets in this country. we have not had another one. something happens in france and all of the sudden people are acting like, oh, my god. >> it could have been new york, juan. >> michelle? it's your fault, the terror. >> that's not what juan or president obama said. >> i think the president under estimated how poufrful isis is. he called him the jv team. the spokeswoman of the state department said we can't just bomb our way out of the fight. people need jobs. as if this is a group of teens upset because they couldn't get
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a job ott subway. >> he called paris a setback. he called isis contained. >> there was more he said. the jv comment, everyone agrees that was a problem. hillary clinton obfuscated about it. the jobs fair line you guys use was part of a larger thing. paris being a sets is back was part of a longer speech. i'm not saying the president has been tone deaf. he's talking about bad information especially out of politicians. >> coming up, remember the kid that got arrested for going to school for a clock that looked like a bomb? his parents are demanding payback.
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i want to say thanks to the "cashin' in" crew for joining us. head to to see wayne and jonathan's stock picks. time to wake up america. remember clock boy ahmed mohamed? he made a clock that his school thought looked like a bomb in a briefcase. why would anyone want to make a huge clock like that anyway? it seems suspicious to me.
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with the national terror alert at its highest level and the attacks here imminent it's wise to err on the side of caution. you see a ticking briefcase you take steps to make sure it's not a bomb and make sure it is just a really stupid science project. maybe there was more to that. just an opinion here. maybe the clock was meant to garner attention for ahmed. he does seem to like attention. check it out. get this. he and his family are threatening to sue the city of i have beening, texas, for $15 million for the bad timing he had during all that. bad time? you were offered a visit to the white house. you met the president. i have never been to the white house. i'd love to meet the president. maybe i should start making clocks. by the way, weren't you invited to meet other big time players like facebook's mark zuckerberg? i'm not sure your $15 millionle is deserved. i could be wrong. terror is imminent. time to stop playing nice.
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see something, say something. time to forget about people's feelings and get tough. time to use common sense. i don't think we need ahmed's clock to see that the time is ticking like a bomb. >> announcer: the following program is a paid advertisement for the food lovers fat loss system, brought to you by provida life sciences-- practical solutions for better living. >> i'm annette, i'm from studio city, california. i'm a mother of three, i weight 155-1/2 pounds. this is the heaviest i've ever been. i'm a size 10. ...and this is me now! i lost 25 pounds and went from that size 10 to this size 2 in just 12 weeks. how did i do it? i became a food lover. >> i'm a food lover and i lost 36 pounds. >> i'm a food lover and i've lost 50 pounds. >> i'm a food lover and i lost 60 pounds. >> i'm a food lover and i lost 82 pounds in eight months.


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