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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 30, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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thanks for joining us, we'll see you tomorrow same time, same place, "varney & company" is next, stuart, take it away. stuart: i will, mary -- maria, i'm sorry i have a maria next to me. we boldly proclaim that 2015 is the on-line turning point. if there was any doubt, the numbers from the thanksgiving holiday make the point. more of us clicked than went to the mall and spent way more on-line than last year. no wonder amazon is the stock of the year, we are going to take you to one of the gigantic fulfillment centers and by the way, the stock is going up again this morning. there was another big story for you. the paris climate conference. president obama is there. he's pushing a trillion dollar a year agreement to cut the temperature of the planet. the rioters are out as well. not the best way to gain public support in a city wracked so recently by violence. how about this?
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a sports headline, the patriots lost. i'm told the patriot haters are rejoicing. we're just happy to be here and the newly minted american, i have the best thanksgiving ever. "varney & company" is about to begin. yes, it is! ♪ yes, it is the big on-line shopping day this day. and amazon is the big on-line shopping company. we're live at one of their fulfillment centers, robbinsville, new jersey. you've got to show us the place, give us the numbers on the sheer size where you are. >> this is a massive store, take a look behind me, all the packages, 14 miles of conveyor belts. last year amazon sold 500 packages per second and this
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year they're telling us they're going to do more. i want to swing you over here and show you the sheer size of the place, a million square feet. stuart, that's 28 football fields, 4,000 full-time workers here this morning. we drove in well before dawn. there was a traffic jam, that's how many people are working here. amazon expects this year to be absolutely massive and the national retail federation agrees. you may have referred to this earlier, 103 million, that's how much people spent over thanksgiving weekend on-line and then if you look at what is in the store, only 102 million dollars worth of stuff was purchased. so, you see this ongoing bifurcation, what's happening on-line versus what's happening in the store, stuart. >> you give us a good impression of the sheer size. place, one last one. can you tell me how many transaction they fulfill at that center every second or every minute or every hour, what are the great statistics?
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>> yeah, well, we know that 500 orders per second last year on cyber monday and they're saying that they are well above that. so, it's a pretty serious number and amazon's future outlook of how business is going to be is very positive for the quarter, stuart and that's why you see the stock continue to climb e jo ling kent will be there all day for us and we'll go back to you for stuff like that. thanks, jo. one of the themes we're following is the win for on-line over what's called bricks and mortar. total sales, black friday down 10% that's at the bricks and mortar shopping malls of the world. however, the other side of the coin, online sales jumped 14% friday compared with last year. liz macdonald, i'm saying this is the banner year for on-line, 2015. the turning point. is that another varney exaggeration? liz: no, it's not an exaggeration. you were so moved in your opening because mary kissel is here. stuart: that's right liz: here is the thing.
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when you go into the store, you get irritating offerings to sign up 10%, get 10% off a credit card and by the way, when you go in the store, we noticed in shopping major retailers that they still don't have the high security computer chip swipe thing still in place, and major outlets like tj maxx and zara's and whole foods. even the cries of the major hacks into target and home depot, there are no computer chip security card terminals. i noticed when i used the visa computer chip card it took slightly longer for that card. if you've got a huge line at the department store, that extra bit of time gets on your nerves. >> that's true. stuart: more on that later. look at dow futures, this is monday morning, it's the day after the long holiday, thanksgiving weekend, if i can call it like that, and we're going to be up. the dow jones industrial
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average set to open maybe 33, 30-odd points higher. remember, a big jobs report comes out friday and even if it's mediocre, no matter which way it goes, the federal reserve will the raise rate next month. >> we'll have more on that. how about the price of oil, 42.30 per barrel and news for for people like me, cheap skates of the world. ♪ >> i didn't ask for the trumpets. 2.04 is your national average for regular gasoline, i'm paying a buck 80 in new jersey and i love it. and ahead of the climate summit. where the world leaders are gathering. they're going to haggle how much they'll do this by the end
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of the century. it strikes me as arrogant the temperature will be this. >> the president said i'm a better speech writer than my speech writer and i'm a better policy director than my policy director. the president has been trying to convince americans in the worldest 's poorest countries to convince them and he caled in copenhagen and he's going to fail. stuart: it's not going to be a treaty that he signs, that would require the approval of congress. make an agreement. that's all you could do. >> he couldn't convince the democratic led nancy pelosi congress to sacrifice the kind of money and the tax hikes you'd have to put in place to achieve the targets he's talking about, stuart. stuart: okay, so it's legacy building?
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>> it's legacy building. eyed lodge -- ideologically, he's a climate believer. and that's where he has taken this party. you'll see hillary clinton, i would imagine, mouth the same kind of rhetoric because she has to please those big donors, it's not the labor unions, anymore, stuart, it's the environmentalists who run the left. stuart: one in five people in britain think it's natural. a couple of months ago it was one in 14. >> no one is against the clean environment voters are saying we have to have the costs reason-- we have to have reasonable costs and you have to have the benefits outweigh the cost and the president isn't proposing to do that, he's simply proposing to give tens of billions away from taxpayers and put the burden on the poorest in the economy. stuart: and one of the themes of the program is the need to grow the economy. joining us right now is state
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senator from arizona. last week, our guests switched from democrat to republican over the issue of growth. congressman welcome to the program. i'm sorry, state senator, good to have you with us. what's your argument with the democrats. why don't you think they are the party of growth? >> good morning, thanks for having me on this morning. well, it became quiet apparent that i couldn't solve the problems in my district, the largest legislative district in the country by geography within the political party i was in. for example, we have the highest unemployment rate in the state of arizona in my district. the highest also drop-out rate, the lowest graduation rate. last year as an example, i ran a school choice and program bill, was ridiculed and criticized within my own party of trying to improve the quality of education in my district. these are the future work force, the future skilled work
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force of the communities in my district and unfortunately, these are policies that should be empowering our communities and our families for a better life. stuart: hillary clinton over the weekend said, proposed a $300 billion infrastructure spending program which she believes will create growth. where do you stand on that? >> i support infrastructure and i especially support of type of infrastructure to economic development, but we have to do it very smart in a way that empowers these communities. part of the reason why i switched to become a republican is because the republican party is a party of self-empowerment, and self-determination. we're talking about communities that again, have the highest unemployment rate. what we need to do is empower the communities threw education, school of choice programs, empower these communities with infrastructure funding that at least gives them the leveraging abilities to move the communities ahead themselves. to me, infrastructure is
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directly tied to economic development. those are smart investments, but we've got to do it without more regulation. >> what are democrats saying about you in arizona? >> well, it's expected much criticism, but for me i was elected-- i think for me, it was, i ran for office because i wanted to represent the voice of my district. i'm elected to be a voice for a community that has long been ignored, especially in rural areas of the-- travel areas of the state that really have not got much attention and we jokingly say here in arizona, the state of maricopa. the state of maricopa is not arizona, there are rural troubled areas of the state that make up the future of the state of arizona. stuart: state senator, thank you for joining us. come again soon. >> thank you. stuart: the big headline from the nfl on sunday. the patriots lose in overtime to the broncos, look at this. that's cj anderson and the patriots running for the touchdown, what did he run, 48
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yards? there he is. the patriots will not go undefeated this year. how about this, the catch of the day, maybe the catch of the year, once again from oh, no-- we're going to see it, oh! didn't water. the giants lost to the redskins. we'll be back. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. >> are you prohibiting me from going in? 16 shots! >> is this the protest? >> 16 shots! >> i'd like an answer. >> that was friday in chicago. our own jeff flock was in the middle of the protests on the magnificent miles, and demonstrators blocked stores and more protests, they're calling it moral monday. targeting big business and possibly the people who trade
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commodities on the chicago exchange. we're there and we'll keep you up-to-date. stuart: the government's most controversial surveillance program is over. the nsa will no longer connect data from our phone calls. judge napolitano is here, and i know exactly what he's going to say, it's still going on. you may have a point that if you collect the data in bulk, you don't necessarily stop a terrorist attack before it happens, but my point is, after the terror attack, i want to know who called who. i want to roll out the network, i need the nsa to collect bulk data. what's the problem with that, he said in a long introduction. [laughter] >> first of all, it's good to be back. stuart: yeah, right. >> secondly, a belated happy thanksgiving from one american to other. the and get a warrant. get a warrant.
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let's talk about france where one of the murderous thugs left a cell phone at the scene. get a warrant, and then the treasure trove is yours. if you don't get the warrant, you're watering down the constitution. stuart: if they're not collecting the data, how can i go back to the data to roll out the network. >> you get a warrant to get phone records. in the united states of america, the nsa computers are at the phone company, all they have to do is press a couple of buttons. in america they don't bother getting a warrant because the statutes which purport to go around the constitution. stuart: you've got to go to a judge for a warrant of every single search of every single individual of every single phone call that they've ever made. >> yes, and no. first of all, the oath that you took a few weeks ago, protect and serve the united states, the constitution which has the warrant requirement in it.
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it's not anything that i've made it up. it's not a piece of legislation, it's the constitution. here is what you don't need a warrant for. let's say we have a warrant to go in the cell phone, to go to the phone company records and get the phone calls of every person that called that cell and every person that was called by that cell. the warrant covers all of that. stuart: okay. >> and in this environment where we're trying to catch a bad guy, unfortunately, the damage is already done. this is not prophylactic. >> if i go to court and-- they could say that's inadmissible, get lost? >> that would be inadmissible. stuart: that terrorist could go out and kill somebody else, but you would not-- >> and the constitution. stuart: awe and the constitution prevented me from capturing the other terrorist.
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>> no, it's the plain words, something you said when you rejected her majesty. breaking news, i have to break away for it, but you'll be back in the 11:00 hour. >> my pleasure. stuart: we won't continue this. [laughter] because i won. from paris, president obama met with vladimir putin and they talked about syria and-- >> no details on the discussions about syria, but the president according to reuters offered to basically suspend economic sanctions against russia if russia abides by the minks accord the cease-fire in the ukraine. and he's basically making overtures to mr. putin now at the climate change summit. stuart: we've gone to putin with an offer. >> appears that way. stuart: that's negotiation. thank you, liz, very much. >> sure. stuart: there's a lot of hype surrounding the new "star wars" movie, you've seen it on this program, the movie opens in less than three weeks, there's a frequent guest on this program who made fun of the
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movie and she's now receiving death threats. she's not backing down. she tells her story. the dark side of social media is next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> the latest and much hyped "star wars" movie is about two weeks away.
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however, hour next guest made fun of the hype, made fun of the movie and to some degree made fun of the fans. and now she's receiving death threats. and cat, welcome to the program. this is on red eye that airs at 3:00. >> it was satirecal program and i've never seen the program and i was not interested in watching space nerds poke each other with our nerd sticks and i said i was too cool to watch. and just today, that we my family can't be murdered fast enough and sexual things with light sabers and gross, specific. stuart: you obviously weren't expecting that? >> i was not. they didn't do a great job of convincing me it was a cool
9:24 am
thing to like. stuart: i mean, it's just so outrageo outrageous. >> at the end of the day it's just a movie, guys, just a movie. i know everybody that likes the movies don't like this. but i never cared about anything this much. and i'm a passionate person. stuart: do you know if it's just one. >> no, hundreds and hundreds, probably a thousand by now threats. stuart: over a thousand. >> twitter, e-mail, it's been going on, and this is i think the 10th day and it has not stopped. because i didn't apologize and i'm not apologizing for a comment on a satire show about a movie. no, i don't like "star wars." stuart: have you gone to the authorities and cops? >> i've had to eventually. they got more specific. stuart: do you want to make a statement? >> well, yeah. stuart: a record of what's happened here? >> and do we talk about harassment of women on the
9:25 am
internet? i haven't had any sort of feminists say, see, maybe because i work at fox, i don't know why. i haven't had any support and i think it's ridiculous and still not going to see "star wars" and not sorry for making a joke at 3:00 a.m. stuart: thank you for being with us on this issue. i think that people should know what's going on. >> yeah. stuart: we appreciate it. thanks, cat. there's a very big jobs report that comes out on friday this week. however, no matter what the report says, we're told that the federal reserve is going to raise interest rates anyway and by the way, the dow will open higher this morning. as for world leaders, they're in paris and this is the last chance to save the planet. we're talking to the guy who says trillions of dollars could be wasted. more varney in a moment. ♪ nothing seems to fit ♪ ♪ those raindrops are falling on my head, they keep falling ♪ ♪ so i just did me some talking
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to the sun ♪
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>> >> >> >>
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>> did a warrant. let's talk about france. left a cell phone at the scene.
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get a warrant to go into that cell phone. you are losing liberty by watering down the constitution at a time of crisis. stuart: that was judge napolitano. he has all the good stuff. the dow jones industrial average. the stock market has just opened this morning. 17,800 is where we are. the dow is up being. there we have it. a look at amazon. the most interesting stock to me. we will use this as a proxy to online shopping. amazon opening up another $2. 676 right now. joining us for the opening of the market. elizabeth macdonald. scott. amazon. all-time high.
9:31 am
is it a buy? >> it is doing very innovative things. it is doing things that are beyond traditional retailing. stuart: liz. >> yes. my sister and i went. surprisingly, not as crowded as expect it. bracing ourselves. nervous about the brawls that broke out in the shopping malls across the country. stuart: look at that. liz: chicago protests. jeff flock has covered them. one woman said cyber monday. why would i want to put up with this. stuart: keith, our viewers can see a brawl going on in el paso, texas.
9:32 am
>> i like that first-hand knowledge about the stuff that we cover. i went to several balls here. parking was not a problem. mall shopping down 11% over the four day weekend. 5% spending less at the register. if we do not see it online, retailers are in serious, serious trouble. stuart: real estate. you are right. originally, it went up because of real estate. maybe that is a liability. people not building into the real estate. >> supporting their market value. real estate meant trust right now. the results of the breakup value of radioshack. that is what people talk about with their real estate for rent.
9:33 am
stuart: names that i would know that benefit from online shopping. liz: online shopping, yes. we know that walmart is trying to transition towards online shopping. meanwhile, amazon's market cap is 20 times walmart. look at t.j. maxx. wow. it is popping. t.j. maxx was closed thanksgiving day. that is how strong it is. home depot moving very strongly as well. it, too, was shut on thanksgiving day. stuart: pricks him order versus online here and the battle. i think online one. i want to go back to amazon. a delivery drone.
9:34 am
aiming toward 30 minute delivery. amazon says regulation is standing in the way. would you believe that? >> nobody at wall street believes that either. serious concern. pilate seeing those drones. 650 sidings over the first few months of this year. they have to have a kill switch technology. it has to be beyond the department of motor vehicles for these drones. it is a safety issue right now. stuart: scott. we have been on the air almost five minutes. i neglected to ask you, did you go shopping at the mall this weekend or are you an online guy? >> i am an online guy. i am not a big ball
9:35 am
i am not a big guide. let's not forget about apple. is this the stock to buy? >> absolutely, i do. as you know, it is that you go spirit with this company. stuart: you know what i like, that big new ipad. i find it a very attractive product. >> i think it is an attractive product for engineers and architects. [laughter] >> i have old eyeballs. i like to have a big print. stuart: a guy my age looking at
9:36 am
a screen. i need to see things clearly. you know things as well as i do that the big ipad is a good product. >> stuart, i agree with you. it is the reader's digest of ipad. i can see things a lot clearer. stuart: i think it is very funny. his name. a big mover. nicole: in the red again. packing on the losses that we saw on friday of 3%. now it is down another quarter of a percent. a dow component. also, abc family and the disney channel. everybody flocks to the internet for television instead did also, their movie over the weekend. "the good dinosaur." it had a slow start. it will continue to be a winner
9:37 am
throughout the holidays. it had a rough start. worst start since 2007 router to lead. stuart: my grandchildren went to see that movie. we found it overly violent and scary for the kids. nicole: that is an important review. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. thank you. seven minutes into the trading session this morning. we were up 35 points. the paint job to report that comes out friday. no matter what the number is, we are told that the federal reserve will be raising interest rates next month. >> only two things that would stop them from doing that. if you start to see stocks, say
9:38 am
5%, i think that they are stock price sensitive did they said that when they put china in as a risk. i think the in plate of the equities and policies. i do not see it happening. i think we are on for, yes. does the stock market go up or down? >> the fed is playing a game. they will raise rates. a knee-jerk reaction. a slow raise over the next 12 months. i think the market will do just fine with the initial stock. stuart: climate change. $1 trillion a year. keith, are you a global warmer? are you buying this? >> i am not a global warmer.
9:39 am
who knows. that is off the table. plenty of opportunity. all of which we need because of the fact that the earth is changing. stuart: we will come to you with some names. scott, do you have any protesters outside the chicago exchange today? stuart: today is one of those days where it may come into play and be positive. i do not think it will be that big of a deal. that figure will profit the exchange or what things happen down here, it does not really have to do with anybody here. they're actually barking up the wrong tree. it happened before. i think we will be just fine.
9:40 am
>> to some degree, hurting the city. shooting themselves in the foot with this one. >> black friday. that seems like a contradiction to me. >> why are they stopping us from shopping? it did not make any sense. >> 130%. that is how much more employees are playing right now. up 130% what we employees are actually paying. >> it is almost double. yes, we are raising. a major health consultant. they are raising deductibles. they are raising co-pays. surcharge on anybody in your house that gets offered health insurance from another company. at the same time, or a 2 million
9:41 am
people do not have health insurance. stuart: all the money we save on gas we are shelling out extra on the deductibles on a healthcare plan. stuart: check that big board. we have turned around. we are now down 12. how about lulu lemon. some investment firms concerned about growth. they have cut their target again. down 6%. our favorite environmentalists is coming up next. doing very little to actually lower the planet's temperature. ♪ the pursuit of healthier.
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it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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stuart: more details on that meeting that took place between president obama and vladimir putin in paris. there is news on the turkey russia five. liz: that is right. president obama expressed his sympathy. at the same time, breaking news, russia airport says russian fighter bombers in syria for the very first time flew with air to air missiles. a move that if anybody tries to shoot down their planes. stuart: president obama is offering a soft hand to president putin. he does not have much in response.
9:46 am
liz: the president did say, basically, we will be escalate our sanctions against russia if you abide by the cease-fire in ukraine. stuart: okay. several big stories breaking today. the biggest, most profound is the climate conference in paris. the guy that came up with that number. that number is the world has to spend a trillion dollars a year to lower the plaintiff's temperature by less than 1 degree i the end of the century. that is your number. is that an accurate number? >> 3 degrees fahrenheit. fundamentally, it yes, we will spend a trillion dollars to achieve very little. stuart: you believe that global warming is real. that it is man-made. you do not agree with what we are going to do about it.
9:47 am
arrogant thinking they can do this within 100 years from now. it does not seem realistic to me. >> remember, we do not put out co2 -- the great news from paris today, i do not know few sought, will dated a lot of the government are now promising to increase the spending of green r&b. if you can do that, great new green product that is cheaper than fossil fuel, you do not need to subsidize them. get them to buy more. you get everything. the chinese union, everybody else to buy these products. really we started a new chapter here. instead of just subsidies.
9:48 am
stuart: that meets with your approval. >> absolutely. stuart: new technology to replace fossil fuels. that is where you want to go. >> exactly. they found that it is the smartest way. for two reasons. partly because if you get new innovation, you get much better product and ability out much lower prices. it is much, much, much cheaper. instead of spending a trillion dollars on achieving this, we could spend $100 billion. actually generate amazing opportunity for this kind of growth. not just cheaper greener energy, but also discovering much better
9:49 am
things for cell phone batteries and other things. stuart: let's see if the paris conference comes up with that kind of a solution to climate change. >> they won't. unfortunately. stuart: thank you very much. president obama thinks climate change, not terrorism is the biggest threat to the country right now. terrel peeters will join us on that subject in our next hour. the fight for $15 minimum wage. the ceo of duncan, as in duncan davis says that is outrageous. he is here. next. the local
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♪ stuart: if you did not know by now, that is adele. selling 3.4 million copies in the u.s. in the first week. good stuff. we have kobe bryant announcing his retirement. five championships. he says, it has nothing left to give. how about amazon stock. how about that.
9:54 am
682. up $3 this morning. did very well in the thanksgiving holiday. dunkin donuts. that is a good story. now we will get to it. we have the minimum wage. $15 an hour is absolutely outrageous. he is an englishman. >> i want to congratulate you on joining the proud to be an american. stuart: are you an american citizen and yet? >> about seven years ago. the two of us. stuart: we are fine experts. >> we are very proud. stuart: a quick comment from you. the minimum wage. that would really hurt your business and employment?
9:55 am
>> we are very focused. always being very clear. we fully support and encourage discussions about the minimum wage. particularly in high employment. we have high unemployment. we fully support it state-by-state. every state has different economics. we remain very focused on improving our franchise economics. today is an exciting day in our history. designed to drive more traffic into our stores in the afternoon. stuart: what is a pm break? something special if i go in in the afternoon? >> a latte for $1.99. a store here in florida am a normal price. $3.49.
9:56 am
big discount in the afternoon. you can relax with some of our donuts. [laughter] stuart: i will give you another commercial. i am now drinking one of your excellent cups. it says joint on it. you can see that. i will actually drink your coffee. >> thank you. stuart: it is the best fast food , can i call it fast food coffee, i really like it. it is really good. >> we are delighted you enjoyed it. we are delighted with the fact that we are giving joy to all of our customers in the holiday season. here is the commercial. a great pm break in the afternoon. many online activities. we are moving down the route. fast food channel. stuart: you will be back on this program frequently.
9:57 am
you have loaded up the set with donuts. all kinds of goodies. i have this great coffee. you, sir, newly minted american, seven years ago, you will be back away thank you. >> thank you very much. stuart: next case. pope francis. bernie sanders. climate change is linked to islamic terrorism. congressman. a decorated former navy seal will react to that in a moment. we have been carson visiting refugee camps in jordan. they do not want to come to america. they want to stay in their homeland. esther carstens newly appointed faith advisor. "varney & company" two minutes away. ♪ ♪
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9:59 am
stuart: president obama in paris for the big climate summit.
10:00 am
less than 1 degree by the end of the century. ben carson visiting a serious refugee camp in jordan. he said the refugees he talked to do not want to come to america. they want to stay there. going after traders at the chicago exchange today. online sales. they blew the bricks and mortars retailers away. the second hour starts right now. ♪ check that big board. it has turned negative. all of the major averages are now slightly on the downside for the day. amazon stock reached a high of 682 last week. 675 this morning.
10:01 am
downgrade. down 6%. as for the price of oil this morning, down. they went up. $42 a barrel. we will sound the trumpets. i think you got that. $2.04 a gallon. in most states, outside caforn, yocan nd a least one station. regular for less than $2 a gallon. the for example order people. sales down 10% from last year. up more than 14%. i would say that that is a turning point. online now winning.
10:02 am
liz: the growth rate. this is a trend that has been going on for at least 10 years, jug tamsay. you know what is really interesting, it messed up the gdp number. the retailers did not know how much inventory they should stock on their shelves. i am talking bricks and mortar. it even had an economic impact. the inventory number was fighting around for the past several quarters. stuart: i am delighted to see online winning this battle. so much easier. protesters in chicago. planning to disrupt businesses for a second day today.
10:03 am
jeff locke was out there with them on friday. jeff. a different group. a different message today. jeff: yes. you missed quite a day on friday when you are having the turkey soup there. this is what it was. this was completely shut down. no traffic. just put traffic out here. people blocking the entrances. jesse jackson told is live on the fox business network, somebody else was covering this. he said that there would be more protest the same. at this point, no evidence of anything out here. i think it will be difficult to top that. this place was a mess. police did nothing to try and allow people to gain access to the stores.
10:04 am
i want to bring in crystal right on this issue. it is economic performance. we see jesse jackson, so-called black leader leading blacks down a misguided path. shutting down michigan avenue. you disrupt black people that are trying to shop. you barricade them in the stores and they cannot get out. tell me how that is not violating the shoppers write. trying to go to work in the stores. make a living. the people that are protesting
10:05 am
are the mayor. it took the mayor over one year to get the state's attorney to release the video. many people say that the reason he agreed to pay the family $5 million was hush money so he could get reelected. the person that they should be protesting the most is democrat and the police chief. stuart: i am interested in how many people they actually brought out to protect. we are running video. i cannot put a number on it. it looks like hundreds of people. how much support do the protesters actually have in the city of chicago? >> several hundred to maybe 1000. it seems like from the news reports and watching fox news
10:06 am
coverage there was general support for people to peacefully protest. i do not know how barricading shoppers, how is that peaceful protests. i would tell you what i would have done, i would have said look, you have a right to protest, that i have a right to shop and get out of the store. general support for the idea of peaceful protests. that did not look necessary peaceful if you're blocking people in stores. >> what does it do for the image of people in the community. what does that do to the image? >> if paints black americans in a very bad light. we have seen this over and over again. you have black people protesting. many times, violently protesting. looting and tearing down their own communities. this is not a good thing.
10:07 am
when i saw the video of the donald being gunned down by officer van dyke, i think we all agreed that that was heinous. stuart: crystal right, as always, thank you very much for joining us. let's get to paris. a climate change march that was canceled. it turned violent when it actually happens. more than 200 people were arrested did police used tear gas. that is a video from paris this monday morning. president obama. calling it the biggest rebuke to terrorism. joining us now is ryan the former navy seal. a relationship between climate change and the rise of terrorism. >> absolutely not. cutting emissions will not defeat isis.
10:08 am
you look at going to paris. prioritize climate change. climate change will not defeat isis. stuart: a member of seal team one and seal team six. is that accurate? >> it was. what could a few of you guys do against isis given free reign? >> it is interesting. the president has suggested that we have 50 special operations groups. if you put people like special operations in harms way, you have to make sure that you supported. he has waxed vision on how to defeat isis. this president, i just do not
10:09 am
have any confidence at all that he has a plan or that he has an idea of how to defeat isis. over the weekend, some republicans, including john mccain, have put a number on it. 20,000 u.s. troops. i am paraphrasing. they come up with that number. they say they can do that job. >> you want to make sure that anytime any time you put our troops in harms way, you want to make sure the right training, equipment and rules. putin is strapping bombs. we are dropping pamphlets. until we get the rules of engagement right so that we can fight, when we put our troops into harms way, they have the right equipment. i think probably a brigade is appropriate. this is where the military
10:10 am
analysts had to look at it very, very carefully. >> if we wanted to beat isis, really knock them flat, we could do it. we need the political will to do it. do you agree with that assessment? >> i agree with you 100%. he does not have the resolve. talking about cutting the emissions, that is a joke. >> ironside, which state. >> montana. stuart: the only state i have not been to in america. i do apologize. >> i've been to london. i was stationed there for three years. great city. >> i am an american now. thank you for being with us. >> always a pleasure.
10:11 am
employees now paying 100 dirty% more than they did one decade ago. hillary unveils a new infrastructure plan. she wants to spend $275 billion over the next two years. the unions are jumping for joy over that one. steve moore is next. ♪ [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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one of the country's biggesties financial services firms? or 13,000 financial advisors who say thank you? it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. stuart: pretty flat on the dow industrials. a big job report on friday. we have our clays. wearables seem to be a winner already this holiday season. now this. hillary clinton were rolling out their infrastructure program.
10:15 am
275 to $10 over five years. i said 10 earlier, a five year period. in the unlikely event that hillary clinton came to you for economic advice, what would you tell her? if you want more infrastructure, why don't we build the keystone pipeline. it probably is 10,000 high paid union jobs. why not do that one. we need pipelines. $275 billion of additional costs on top of a $4 trillion budget that we have right now. in terms of all of these things. all of these other programs.
10:16 am
we are getting very close to $1 trillion. i just do not know that we can afford it. >> chuck that money out there. preschool were more broke than -- road they had bridges. >> there's no there is no question we need more roads and highways in this country. bipartisan support. what she is talking about, actually kind of clever. private companies. it sounds a lot like what we have in housing with fannie mae and freddie mac. it will not really cost that much money. that is exactly what a lot of people said.
10:17 am
this is making money for the government. we had to bail out fannie mae and freddie mac. i am very skeptical of this idea. i think you getting another government-sponsored enterprise. taxpayers are on the hook. i want to bring up an article that you wrote. how do we raise the grievance organization? that caught my attention. you are comparing the millennium protesters. you do not think much, do you? >> i have visited diverse six, seven campuses. the locals there are a grievance generation. this is generation used to say, this generation believes they have some kind of constitutional
10:18 am
rights. it is very troubling to me. a university should be places where you have total free speech. the free exchange of ideas. that does not exist anymore. now they are saying, if you violate the code, you have to go to sensitivity training. >> would you change that grievance culture if we were to have four or 5% growth? make some money, get out there. >> i am not sure. i am all in favor of more growth. this generation has grown up. this is a generation that has been given everything that they want. their idea of a woman's right violation. their iphone does not work. i think the problem, there are
10:19 am
too many kids in college. twenty-two, 23 years old. i have a radical idea. you want to make college more expensive. they will be wise consumers. to under $25,000 a year for teaching three hours a week. the biggest is higher education costs. twenty-two or 23-year-old work for that education. >> i cannot answer your question. i take your point. i really do take your point. >> you have to take me on a mission. stuart: i will see if i can fix that one. i would kind of like to go to montana. that is it. thank you very much indeed. how about this. a huge increase in healthcare costs.
10:20 am
employees, that is the one i am a paying 131% more for health care than they did 100 years ago. >> it is basically a nonpartisan . it will break the 5000 barrier next year. a brain in healthcare costs. slowing. in those numbers, their rate of growth for companies. that is what we are seeing. not a lot of medical innovation. healthcare costs are continuing to go up. not really using their health insurance. >> the the duck the bulls are huge. liz: health insurance and out-of-pocket costs. >> war money in your pocket does not mean that you spend it at the supermarket.
10:21 am
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p2 the new york post reports that antitrust regulators are preparing to block staples acquisition of office depot. stocks are down on that news. 2000 troops being deployed to iraq and syria. will boots on the ground help pete isis? colonel ralph peters on the program this morning.
10:25 am
carson takes a trip to jordan. the refugees he talked to do not want to come to america. we talked to his newly appointed advisor. it did not take me long to figure out why online shopping is taking over. i went to a department store. the simple act of buying something. it is no longer simple. it is no longer fast. you get inside the store. you find what you are looking for. then you have to buy it. you have to complete the purchase. new to the job and does not really know how to handle the computer. cash or credit. store credit. would you like to sign up for our credit card. the person in front of you has
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10:27 am
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10:30 am
>> the dow is trading at a narrow range today we're down just 17 at the moment at 17007. how about the price of oil? we're still at 42 a barrel. up a little bit today for the price of gas loon helicopters to fall. national average is now at 2.04 a gallon. how about this? president obama he's in paris for the climate summit. he call it is biggest rebuke to terrorism. we asked what congressman ryan thought about that earlier on this program. roll tape. >> any time you put our troops into harm's way make sure right training, equipment to win decisively. putin season dropping bombs
10:31 am
we're dropping pamphlet. until we get rule of engagement right so welcome fight when we put our troops into harm's way we have the right equipment and engagement and force package. probably a brigade is appropriate. >> you heard that probably a brigade is appropriate. ralph peters is with us. first of all, ralph you're a global warmer. do you believe that global warming, climate change has created this wave of tresm in the mideast? >> i'm just a warm-hearted guy, stuart. >> i know that. [laughter] >> i hate that term climate change it is so politically loaded. say climate change, republicans tell you pollutions patriotic and democrats tell you the world will end tomorrow because somebody bought a charcoal grill. what is undenial there's severe environmental degradation among much of the globe, and it -- >> that's result of climate? that's not the result of climate.
10:32 am
that's politics. that's civil war, famine that's what it is. >> we do not know -- we do not know, we don't to the extent to climate change is natural. change over for the plane ya for the human effects just saying tack reasonable steps to preserve and protect the environment reasonable steps, the problem in paris stuart is that obama it is belief, core of his creed that american business has to be punished at the same time he's endull gent to great polluteers of china, india. i can tell you, one they think, the link between -- environmental degradation and terrorism is -- and mother nature is -- earthquake, et cetera.
10:33 am
>> from mccain and lindsey graham suggested that 20,000 troops in syria, iraq could pex the problem. would beat its sis. you're a military guy. 20 thorks troops. would that do it? >> no. they're falling into the trap that obama fell into another respect putting hard numbers saying this is what we need. they have a de facto el krooing. 20,000 troops. we don't know exactly how many troops will be needed until you truly define mission in clear terms. and the objective it is that very to be achieved and what are had second and third order affect. i respect mccain and graham very much. gotten too close to the problem they need to step back and realize they're not coming back. iran owns iraq, fighting islamic state destroying islamic state is worthy objective in such a way without americans dying to
10:34 am
advance iran or putin's agenda. so this is tough. just talking arbitrary for even semicalculated number look 20,000 troops it has -- backward. first define the mission. >> the mission were to create a safe zone. i don't know how big or exactly where. but in that area, 20,000 troops could do that. that would stem flow of refugees in america, wouldn't it? >> that would step for a while until they figure another way to come. accomplish a safe zone if you have air to air combat with vladimir putin airs to. that horse is out of the barn. safe dison now to establish a safe zone one, two, three, four years ago would have -- caused disgruntlement. now it would require a fight. i don't think we want to do that. >> okay we hear you ralph peters we appreciate it.
10:35 am
you try to log on to the target website you're out of luck. site is down. says high traffic is causing delays how about that onlean people. they say they're back up u soon. liz. >> target announced a website wide discount on everything on target online site. a 15% discount on all things on it. so we have 121 million americans shopping online. those guys just crash target website saying we're back up shortly. they crashed in april with the pulitzer line for women. they crashed then too. ten years on -- tenth year of cybermonday. you know, this is you're rooght. now we're seeing turning point right now. what's going on -- >> extraordinary to crash the entire website. they've come a lock way from the credit card -- hack. that's right couple of years ago. tom trying get discounts. >> 15%.
10:36 am
not bad. here how about amazon. it's a huge day for that company. jo ling kent sad -- at the big fulfillment center? robbinsville, new jersey. >> i want to take you inside tack a look 4,000 full-time workers working packing up their stuff. taking or thers making it happen. and among them is eric. i'm going to introduce you to a worker at amazon organize oing packages. erika sorry to interrupt you. but what's been the most popular thing so far? >> we're seeing affiliate toys. anything "star wars," video games, everything. you're working with 30,000 robots to send it home to people for the holidays. what's it like working with a robot? >> convenient. they make us have a fast pace at amazon. >> how is it this holiday season
10:37 am
compared to monthses ago. do you feel things are amping up? >> it is busier but we have new employees at this too time so it helps maintain a more calm environment. >> erika here, very busy working with the robots that amazon acquired about a year ago. you know, they're expecting at least 500 packages per second to be ordered by consumers if not more. stewart if you look at what campaign is expecting it is their best holiday season of. so we'll have to wait and see what happen numbers look like at the end of today. back to you. >> 5 00 a second. thank you indeed good stuff. i want to stay on amazon i've called it stock is of the year. it is more than doubled by the way. jayson pride is with us. focus on amazon please because i find this company and stock amazing. would you buy it right now i think it's around 672 dollars share. would you buy it?
10:38 am
>> there's a lot of stocks out there to purchase at the current evaluation staying away from amazon. we're finding there are a lot more opportunities out there in the broad investment marketplace. not to sigh that it doesn't have a very interesting place in the overall economy and setup. i mean, there's delft a migration from spending at brix and motar likely to continue. but estimate there's a sense of what point is the evaluation just full enough? and we think -- >> that's a fair point to make at 760 a share couple of hundred times above that promptibility. profitability. >> thousands of stocks to pick from that people can invest in. >> give me a stock which is going to do a lot better than amazon.
10:39 am
talking about place in a space. a dollar tree and home depot bipt from similar broad spending of the consumer. you know, in particular in the home improvement space by that home improvement and home sales trend that qeng is still coming along. and yet their interestingly insulated a little bit from the amazon creep of online spending because when people go to buy those particular io items they go to a store o opposed to ordering online and not that traditional creep. retail reverse trying compete but the reality is that's lowering their margin of their business with businesses less profitable. so there are some home depot and family dollar that they distant that. >> jason pride thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. i want to move on to ben carson he visited jordan actually went to a syrian refugee camp there. he says arab countries, not the united states should be accepting these refugees.
10:40 am
we're talking to ben carson eetion faith advisor, next. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
10:41 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief we've had some back and forth action on wall street. right now dow jones industrial average down 17,789 looking at a win for the month of november. s&p 500 down 2,s nasdaq composite down 3 right now. as we're seeing commodity on the rise and oil rises energy such
10:42 am
as exxon and chevron leading the way with on the dow jones industrial average up 1.1%, and diamond up 1.5%. opec meets later this week. no change in production and no cut especially. and we're seeing right now oil moving higher by about 50 cents. penting home sales came in lighter than expected, in fact, peaked in may. look how it is dropped when sales came out for dow peaked once again. target the website down on cybermonday. with heavy had traffic. start 5 a.m. on fbn:am. and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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10:44 am
>> if you try to log on to target website right now, that's what you'll see. you can't do it. out of luck offering 15% discount on everything online. they crashed the welcomes, how about that. now this, chris christie winning a key endorsement over the weekend from new jersey's newspaper that's the union leader, the publisher joe mcquade liz details please? >> he's fifth out of 13 in the state right now. chris christie if he gets to new hampshire in iowa he's still in the game. the newspaper is saying we're -- that he was elected twice in the liberal state of new jersey, took on the public unions tried to reign in spending and taxes
10:45 am
so now christie is full board new jersey trying to seal that, that win there for the state. >> i can't blame the big endorsement. jo mcquade the establish of the union leader will join trish regan 2:00 today to discuss this endorsement the intelligence report 2 p.m. today. this network -- now this, ben carson visits refugee camps in jordan listen to what he had to say about it. >> their main desire is to be repatriated in their home lanked. the reason the campus are not full is because they are not supported by the international community. it seems like everybody in intergnarl community is spending more time saying how can we bring refugees here rather than how can we support a fulfillty that is already in place that refugees are fighting when it is perfectly funded. >> joining us now newly
10:46 am
appointed faith advisor good to have you with us. >> good to be with you. >> ben carson says look, stay in those refugee campus or go to arab countries. a lot of people are saying okay, ben carson doesn't want more muslims in america. what's had the story here? >> not at all. ben carson isn't saying stay there. he's stay saying people are telling him they want to go back to their homes. stuart i've been going to that region for a long time. i was in those very camps within months of the syrian campus, and still hear hadding it today. 4 million syrian refugees. 6 million displaced people they have one dream to go back to their homes. everything is affected best scenario. >> would you, do you believe that ben carson wants some kind of religious test for those who come here? christians first? muslims second? is that his policy? >> no, his policy is just to have sensible compassion.
10:47 am
that's his policy he wants the united states to do only what the united states can do to solve a global issue and whether united states believes it is a wants to be soul superpower in the world. we can't deny the fact that we're the only country in the world to do certain things and we've mismanaged the middle east year after year now for the entire administration and now we have a catastrophic situation in the middle east. what i love if ben carson is that he's a man that puts people before policy. people will always precede policy in a carson administration. he went there and looked in eyes of the people and he reported back to them something that might be different from what pundits are saying but they want one thing. they want to be able to raise kids in their culture. by the way right on jordan. jordan has done more than any country in the world help to these people. and jordan would do a lot more if the world would support jour dap in great or ways. united states would also mous pl around to get more minority sunni countries to attack people in. not that this is a religious
10:48 am
test but because these people want to live in a culture that they know and recognize, learning new language. adapting to a new culture is complicated things. solution for millions of displaced people isn't spreading them over the world but let them have their life as close as they used to have it. >> you're the u newly appointed faith advisor that's your official title. faith advisor what exactly is that? >> i have the privilege of being a voation on bhf of ben carson and evangelical and advising campaign when it intersects with religion many different baips christians in this country they don't speak political language but the language of authenticity. one thing i love it be ben carson is he's a genuine human being most amazing person i've met in my life. the guy has dozens of hon rare doctorates won most distinguished professors at one
10:49 am
of the most distinguished at the most distinguished and on the board of jail for -- yale for goodness sax. you can't question his heart. at a time when everyone wants christians to be their saving grace in this country and we're faced with such a part in politics with the privilege of telling people of faith in this country that ben carson isn't a politician first he's a person first. >> do you think it would turn off vote whors do not share ben carson profound faith? >> no, i don't think so. at all -- i think every single politician running for office in this country has some sort of belief system. they have some faith governing what they're doin, and talk about it in different way and a very authentic way. he said what he means is who he is. like it or not you can't question that he's trying to deceive you. he's nots a politician first, and by the way, stuart i think this is really look the vision of america to begin with it was
10:50 am
people who were successful in life. that was in the political system but successful in life. with a later part of life decided to serve this country. and this happen it is to be a man who not only is one of the smartest people on planet earth but one of the peel with one with of the best hearts. his faith -- >> you're ben carson newly appointed advisor. we appreciate it sir. thank you. >> pleasure. >> online shopping over o the black friday weekend up over 14% from last year, and more money is pouring into online retailers today. we have the hottest shopping websites for you in just a moment. in the next hour, lieutenant colonel oliver on the link between climate chain and a rise of islam tech terror if there's such a link. 11:00 sharp. with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force.
10:51 am
their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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10:55 am
shop for retailers today? >> amazon and new egg, producing solid offers bus what we've seen in recent years is brick-and-mortar establishments have solid offers so target, wal-mart came out with their ads priority black friday this yore and, of course, you know target website going down earlier today but that 15% off plus 75 virtual or door busters. wal-mart rolling back 2,000 productses really good opportunities to save. >> you think target has the deals? >> depends how you shop. doles you'll see aren't as deem as black friday where xbox is discounted instead of a 60 dollar gift card to target a 24.99 value three month sub to xbox live. >> steepest discounts? >> afarm is -- apparel because that's not something that they discounts on
10:56 am
black friday as much. site offers express 50% off, forever 21, 21% only a day a year that they give that discount overall. >> top five that you think are best websites for discounts? >> i thinking, obviously, with offers being as strong target out there. amazon, sears solid offer as. new egg and best buy looking for electronic products. >> slick happy cybermonday. senator mechanic cane and lindsey graham calling for 20,000 troops on ground in iraq and syria to fight isis. oliver north joins us at the top of the next hour about a filmmaker who embedded himself with syrian refugees fleeing into europe . says that he witnessed isis recruiting with his very own eye. we're going to hear from him at 11:15 eastern time.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
speed to if you want drastic action doing with climate change, you have a political problem. you have to convince voters that their sacrifice is worth it. president obama is trying to move america away from coal. big job losses. coal powered plants. increasing the carbon. american voters feeling about those paying the price for them. another political problem. the paris climate conference, president obama will promise even more. trying to stabilize its innovations until 20 dirty. we cut the world's largest carbon polluter, they can keep on going. no wonder donald trumps opposition to china it resonates with so many voters.
11:01 am
the world will spend $1 trillion a year. 1 degree by the end of the century. i am glad i am not a politician trying to convince voters it is worth it. a very tough argument to make. especially to a shrinking american middle class. they are not politician so they do not have a political problem of selling the climate change agenda they both support. president obama is a political leader. he is avoiding politics. he will not be signing a treaty. he will bypass we the people. he will kill coal with executive action. it will downgrade the energy and manufacturing sectors without our approval. that is why the paris conference without political backing is largely symbolic. america at this point is not convinced that the sacrifice is worth it. global warmers have not made a
11:02 am
convincing political case. ♪ we will get to climate change and china in just a moment. first, let's get to chicago. more protests expected today. jeff flock on the ground right there. what is happening, jeff? jeff: nothing in evidence. later today, the officer that perceptive dated this, the shooting, jason vandyke, he appears in court today. a bond hearing. he could potentially get out on bond. this, coupled this situation with what they call a moral monday request. a scene of the protests on black
11:03 am
friday. a similar sort of thing and saying we need to tax the rich to pay the budget deficits in illinois. protesting at various places. >> all right. jeff flock. back to my take. world leaders wanting to spend $1 trillion each and every year to try to cut the planet's temperature i less than 1 degree by the end of the century. linking climate change to terrorism. lieutenant colonel oliver north is with us. i am laughing because i know what you are going to say. are you going to tell me that there is a link between climate change and terror? go ahead. >> it affects our national security, stuart. the money that we will waste could be much better spent building better defenses for this country, protecting the american people.
11:04 am
this whole thing shows the desperation in the so-called green movement. the drought adds to a refugee crisis, no doubt. rising sea levels are not causing mass evacuations. the greatest threat is not increase temperature. it is a nuclear armed iran. radical islam is, no matter what brand name they use, using climate change in their propaganda to recruit jihad. >> we have kind of forgotten about the iran nuke deal. you just raise the issue. paris, bamako, etc. etc. you just brought back the center stage. you say if they get a bomb, and i think you believe that they will, that is our biggest threat. >> no doubt about it here at the
11:05 am
prospect of them being able to get a bomb is adding to the terrorism we have seen spike ever since that deal was announced several months ago. the whole ideal of what isis is up to will not be solved by changing the climate. it will be changing the way in which those people can operate in a safe haven. yesterday, striking me as the answer. i do not think that we need more american boots on the ground, we need the right kind of boots on the ground. >> they said, 20,000 american soldiers in there and you can beat isis. what is your problem with that? >> i do not aim that you need that many. we are not doing that. the french are doing their thing, the prints are doing their thing. planes are bumping into each other and getting shot down. the best thing we can do right now is to support the
11:06 am
independence movement. the beneficiary of the discord. american leadership is the only answer. the night islamic radical groups. safe havens anywhere. the way to defeat. these are franchises from hell. no radical islamic safe haven. starting by doug playing two carrier groups. launching heavy strike in syria. places where isis now has a footprint of its own. these controllers on the ground. real anti-isis fighters. if we directly arm and support them, they will take the fight to isis. they are the only ones who have.
11:07 am
stuart: thank you for coming back to us. >> great to be with you, stuart. we're down 16 points. look at amazon. it says it is shipping 500 items every second today. earlier, amazon was approaching 680. it is falling back a bit now. how about target. that stock. if you try the target website right now, you are out of luck. it is still down. 15% discount. back to amazon. a new drone delivery prototype. flying in the air like a traditional plain.
11:08 am
>> it will always fly under 400 feet. they can carry an application up to 5 pounds. they are pretty light. it would be good for them. what we see is the landing. the backyard. that seems to be the sweet spot. land in your package and your backyard. >> rural areas. >> 30 minute delivery. the drone can go up to 55 miles per hour. you could get your package in 30 minutes. >> i am waiting for the first accident. >> next story.
11:09 am
some news on the second largest stock exchange operator going public next year. >> global markets. they slug their first go at it or years ago. a software glitch. going down. the chairman got booted after that. another public offering. >> it is all-important. we follow gas prices on this program. a new app. it is called purple. you fire up this app. delivering right into your home tank. they will deliver it to you.
11:10 am
a founder and ceo of purple. joining us now. i have this right, i think. this is a financial program. >> we are just taking it from the gas. we just charge $1. stuart: hold on a second. i have to get to grips with this. if gasoline, a nearby station, i ordered $10 of that to dollar gas delivered to my home, the liver to my driveway, my driveway is rd 5 miles away, how much to deliver that $20 worth of gas to my tank? how much? >> just $1.
11:11 am
stuart: how do you make your money. >> with a spread of gas, we charge $2. we pay our driver. a new margin for purple. stuart: california. that is where you are starting out. correct? >> we started a month ago. seattle. stuart: you have to tell me how
11:12 am
many deliveries you have made so far. >> less than 100. we are 10% more. we are going even higher than that. we have more than 5000 members. one order. one-stop to use the purple. it is a huge business. stuart: i can see it. congratulations. a terrific idea. a man who traveled to turkey. what he witnessed. isis trying to recruit searing refugees. he will tell us what he saw in just a moment. ♪
11:13 am
no matter how fast the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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11:16 am
stuart: we have some numbers on online shopping for today. adobe says between midnight and 10:00 o'clock eastern, people spend $490 million shopping online. cheryl? >> we will see analysts predict about a 60000% jump. year-over-year. it is incredible. if your website does not crash, you are in good shape. we had website problems. the trend is going online. cyber monday, i think for the first time, a true cyber monday. stuart: this is the turning point. we are live at eight amazon the film its center. jo ling kent is there for us. i am still stunned.
11:17 am
how big this place is. >> can you see me? have you ever wondered what it is like to be inside amazon? 4000 full-time workers. you have 14 miles of conveyor belts. sending them all across the country. packages to arizona. you can kind of feel it here on the ground. you can see all the workers here organizing. it is quite a sight to see. stock picking up. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. twenty-eight football fields. even i understand how quick that is.
11:18 am
i know you are there all day. traveling with serious refugees going from turkey to greece. on their way, supposedly, to western europe. the filmmaker joining us right here right now. welcome to the program. tell me what you saw. how in isis recruiter try to go after these refugees. >> the point where all the serious end up coming. they leave from greece. they are all over the city. finding an opportunity to get out one of these rafts, he kept pointing out. see that guy over there, he was recruiting serious refugees. stuart: how did he know? >> known to the community. trying to recruit these refugees.
11:19 am
stuart: a southern turkish, i believe. loading on boats to go across the mediterranean. stuart: are you regard this as a political story? a security story? >> and economic story. i will tell you what i mean by that. the narrative out there is that these guys are refugees running from him and it death to syria. why are they 80, 85% male. when i got to berlin, why are you here in germany. we are here because of the
11:20 am
economic opportunity. that is why we came. stuart: they are migrants. economic migrants. they are not classic refugees fleeing terror. >> germany is taking them in. germany is looking for labor. they need able-bodied men. yes. maybe part of the humanitarian. >> a short video. how do i watch it? >> you can go online and watch it there. stuart: the isis recruiter's. do i see them in this video? got to you have to be very careful who you film and how you film. i get in trouble if i did not film anybody but myself.
11:21 am
mr. varney became an american citizen. [laughter] you have to drop the accent. [laughter] stuart: i cannot. i have been in america 40 years and i still cannot get an american accent. >> let's hear you try. stuart: no. [laughter] >> thank you very much. stuart: thank you very much. wait for it. this is pretty unusual stuff. cards against humanity. they offered a black friday sale. spend $5 get nothing. there is a full explanation for it. michelle's dotted in a moment. ♪ ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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on their auto insurance. wouldn't a deal involve two parties discussing something? a little give? a little take? because last time you checked, your rate was just, whatever they say it is. why not give you some say in the matter? or -even better- let your driving do the talking. liberty mutual righttrack finally puts you in control of your rates. all you have to do is connect, drive and save. in fact, safe driving could save you up to 30%. with 5% off just for signing up. for righttrack. and the discount is good for the life of your policy. to get started, visit a local office or call liberty mutual today at
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take control of your rates. visit a local office or call see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance ♪ stuart: how about lulu lemon. the yoga pants people. it is down 5%. lulu lemon and now this. cards against humanity. that is a popular adult themed card game. a black friday sale. you give them $5 you get nothing in return. i really do not get this. cheryl, explain. cheryl: they did it.
11:26 am
they cleared out the whole site. you get nothing back. donating multiple times. stuart: cards against humanity. >> they are known for giving money to charity. many people thought that they would actually -- stuart: a joke place. getting to the website. you play a game. all kinds of highly political -- cheryl: donate $5 for nothing. i can buy that physically. i get all of these questions. what kind of questions? >> appropriate for television. it is sort of like adult mad lib. you get to finish it with your card.
11:27 am
it is an adult games at adult play. it really was not that funny. >> the really funny ones. here is what we have to tell you. they are known for giving money. a lot of the money they raise they will give away. he will by 760 pounds of cat litter. paying off her students death. paying off her students that. the joke is on the user. give me $5. >> nonetheless. americans are ready willing and able to help syrian refugees. even after the paris attacks.
11:28 am
they are giving money. akin a moment. ♪
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
. stuart: stocks moving dunn a bit, off 46 points now, 17,750 is where we are. how about target? try to log onto the target website and a lot of shoppers are finding it still down.
11:32 am
they're offering 15% off all products online. liz: at least. that's right. 15% off everything online. so that includes apple products, apple ipads. stuart: really? liz: the apple watch, apple ipods and even steeper discounts on things like the xbox or kitchen appliances offer clothing. you could see 50% off things like kitchen appliances and cameras. stuart: the discounts are so good. especially on apple. i haven't heard that before. liz: yeah, me neither. >> they normally don't offer that. stuart: but that's what crashed them? liz: it could be. people flooded into the site, it was down and earlier gradually coming earlier, they're beating black friday and thanksgiving sales. this is going to be record sales for target today. stuart: i'll bet. 15% off apple stuff? out of sight. i'm glad we got that in. our next guest says we are still very willing to help syrian refugees.
11:33 am
even after the paris attacks. world vision president richard sterns joins us now. richard, world vision is a christian organization, i believe? >> that's right, stuart,. stuart: and the money is really pouring in for those syrian refugees? >> well, we've raised more money in the last couple of months than we have in the four years. so the attention that the refugee plight is getting in our country is really helping americans to see the human side of this conflict in the middle east. and they're responding with donations. . stuart: now, ben carson very committed christian, he's been to the refugee camps in jordan, and he says that the refugees that he has met want to stay there. they want to stay in their homeland. what is world vision's position on that? >> well, he's right. they very much want to stay and go back to syria. i was in lebanon last month, i've also been to the jordan refugee camps and one of these things that the refugees have is they have the keys to their home.
11:34 am
they all had a key ring hoping that some day they could go back and unlock their front door and go back to their home. so the large majority of them want to return to their home country of syria. and right now the humanitarian community wants to support them in the region, in lebanon, in jordan, in turkey until they can go back and there's a peaceful solution in syria. stuart: so if i donate money to world vision, then i am donating money to an organization that will help refugees where they are now, now. it doesn't help them migrate from europe to america. it's to help them in their position in their country. >> that's right. what we're doing over there right now is working with children, getting them kind of psychosocial care, they've been traumatized, food programs, clean water, hygiene, education, those are the kinds of things we're doing for the syrian children half of these refugees are children. stuart: those who are in those refugee camps.
11:35 am
not the ones coming to europe because we hear that's 80, 85% young men. you're saying that people in the camps, they are largely children. >> yeah. they're about 75% children and women living in the camps. and it's a very tiny percentage of the refugees, maybe 3% that are trying to get into europe or the united states. stuart: may i ask how much money you've raised since the paris attacks. >> something around a million dollars i would say since the paris attacks. and since september we've probably raised $2 million after we saw that heartbreaking photo of the little boy on the turkish beach who died. stuart: yeah. and you're specifically raising money for those refugees? >> that's correct. i mean we're responding all throughout the region. world vision is one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world, and we're just trying to help mothers and fathers and children who are in a really terrible crisis in their lives right now. stuart: okay. we appreciate you being with us. congratulations on bringing in
11:36 am
so much money and doing such worthy humanitarian work. we like that. richard sterns, appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: back to the markets let's see where we are with various movements, the price of oil going up today, 60 cents higher at 42.30 and, liz, you have a story that relates to the drop of oil prices. liz: yeah, that's right. we know goldman sachs has been saying oil could go to the mid-20 range next year. stuart: yeah, they did. liz: capital markets is saying uh-oh, watch out, it could crate societal unrest. they're worried about five countries. iraq, nigeria abalgeria, and venezuela, we know that isis is operating in many of those countries. so we know that saudi arabia is -- can, you know, go into the bond markets and borrow, they can cut spending, we know one country has done that, but
11:37 am
when you have oil plunging and slamming the poorer countries, there's a fear that terrorists could basically take over those countries and we're certainly seeing that fear in places like libya. so that's high on the radar screen now for. stuart: also $42 a barrel as we speak. liz: could be cut in half next year. stuart: so says. liz: countries like goldman sachs in venezuela. stuart: couldn't imagine that. black friday numbers. instore sales -- which is bricks and motor sales down 10% compared to last year. online sales up more than 14%. cheryl. >> i want to give you the online perspective. 15 out of 100 prosecute products right now according to dobie are already sold out. people are getting to the check out button and they're finding 15 out of 100 times that their item is not available. that's happening this morning. and the numbers we're getting between midnight and 10:00 a.m. eastern time just
11:38 am
today, we're looking at a $3 billion day for online today. just today. 3billion. stuart: and that's a very large number, isn't it? >> very large number. that's why you see the walters of the world, the targets of the world trying to combine their online sales and go hand and hand with their brick and motor sales. if they had their websites together, they would have a better story but that's where the trend is going. the numbers are astonishing. 15 out of 100 items out of stock right now, that's pretty big. stuart: yes, it is, and it is disappointing for those people who want that. liz: this could be the u.s. post office who has been on the brink of bankruptcy. amazon has been moving to use them for sunday deliveries. maybe that's the way to go. stuart: that's true. amazon have dominated online shopping so far, that means all the items that they ship, a lot of them actually go through fedex. i think i'm right in saying that.
11:39 am
liz: ups. stuart: come on in, patrick fitzgerald, from fedex who joins us from memphis, tennessee. what's your projection in the increase in shipping this year from fedex compared to last year. >> so for fedex we're looking at the black friday period christmas eve a 12.4% increase at 371 million packages, which is an all-time record for fedex. stuart: 12% better lan that know last year. now, is there any specific reason you can account for that? >> well, it's e-commerce, and it's a continuation of a trend we've seen over several years. if you look back eight years, including the years of the great recession, we have -- on our busiest days this year we're more than double the busiest days of eight years ago. and that's all really related directly to e-commerce and consumers buying online and getting packages delivered to their homes. stuart: your margins, profit
11:40 am
margins must be really slim because you've got intense competition. ups, the policy service, thin margins; right? >> not necessarily. we're very proud of our profitability and the success of the business. so it's not -- it's not necessarily a profit margin concern. stuart: you must just love cheap gas. >> well, for us, the price of fuel and how we account for it, it's more complicated because as e-commerce rises and residential deliveries arrive, we have more stops, greater distances in between stops, so it changes the way we consume fuel and how much fuel we have to consume and that's really how it affects our business. stuart: now, earlier today we were showing scenes from inside an amazon fulfillment center in new jersey. the size of 28 football fields. a gigantic place. do your trucks back up to that kind of fulfillment center, load them up and ship them straight out?
11:41 am
>> amazon is a significant customer for us. so, yes, we do provide service for them, and they use a broad portfolio of fedex. from fedex smart post to fedex express for our overnight express delivery. stuart: are you going to cope with it this year? you don't have any tight spots, no blockages any place. plane sailing? >> we like to see the tight spots coming. so we work year-round with our customers, the largest retailers are really driving this surge and solemn, we have to work with them to understand because it's not just about the number of panels, it's the type of package. for example, if there's a large screen television that a retailer is putting on special or promotion, "we" to understand that because it has special handling requirements and we see it well in advance. we have to know where they're coming, so what part of the country, where we're picking them up and delivering them. and also whether they go ground or express so we could
11:42 am
have the right nurses place and stand ready to deliver and really the last two years with the weather challenges in particular in the northeast, we are very proud with our ability to provide outstanding services despite the weather challenges that were there. stuart: all right. fedex predicting a 12% increased in shipping this year. that's why this man has a smile on his face, his name is patrick fitzgerald, he's with fedex. thank you, sir. >> thank you for having me. stuart: maine wants to stop people from using food stamps to buy soda and candy. what's so bad about that. judge napolitano will tulsa spotlight features parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. parnell is focused on delivering innovative solutions to unmetanimal health needs in the 70 billion dollar pet market. we have core competences in drug discovery and development, regulatory filings, we have our own fda approved manufacturing facility and we have a significant commercial presence in 14 countries. zydax is our
11:43 am
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11:44 am
we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it. >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow jones industrial average down 46 points, we are seeing down arrows across the board, we are talking in gains for the month of november. the dow at 17,752, the s&p down 5, the nasdaq down 15. caterpillar a winner today, we have some news with which i'll tell you about in a moment, microsoft, chevron also under pressure, and disbarment nike, a lot of retailers under pressure today despite being cyber monday. and struggling with sales and farm equipment and with that, they may announce layoffs, they've announced that they're going to layoff about 220 employees, the stock currently up about 1%. we talk about retailers, columbia sportswear, and deckers, which is a parent of
11:45 am
all downgraded and cut, price cut. much more fox business coming up
11:46 am
. stuart: maine is proposing a ban on food stamp recipients purchasing candy and soda. they say you can't do that, we don't want you to do that. the state even says it will seek a federal waiver to prohibit the purchase of junk food items. judge andrew napolitano this
11:47 am
is -- wait a second. this is outrageous. this is that wicked government telling people what they can eat. it is unconstitutional, it is flat out wrong, and i'm sure you're opposed to it. >> it is that wicked government taking your money and giving it away to others. stuart: yes. >> that's what's wicked about it because that's not what authorized you are not the constitution. i will tell you what is authorized, when the government gives money to individuals or to the state, it often attaches strings and the supreme court has said you don't like the strings, don't accept the cash. as long as the strings, whatever they may be, will repay the federal highway in your state new jersey if you lower the speed limit. if the state doesn't want to lower the speed limit, it doesn't take the cash. we will give you a couple hundred dollars a month to buy food but block out candy and soda, don't like the strings? don't take the cash. this is interesting here because this is federal money and the state is seeking to intervene. the state has no say in this. [that's right.
11:48 am
>> and maine is about the 8th state that has asked the department of agriculture, which administers the program and they say it has to come from congress, we can't write our own laws because there's a problem in your state. go to congress. stuart: the states do not contribute any of the money that goes to food stamps. >> correct. here's the argument of maine, the states do contribute money to .
11:49 am
stuart: this is legit. >> not of me approving it, ate matter of when similar issues have gone before the court. strings attached to federal dollars. the court has said if you don't like the strings, don't take the cash. they can put the strings on there as long as the strings don't violate the constitution. for example, they couldn't say if you take food assistants cash, you can't vote for the democrats. that would violate your right to vote. so they can't force or induce or bribe you to violate another clause of the constitution. stuart: you like that stuff? i was almost bursting out laughing because i know where you were going in this. >> of course in my world this wouldn't exist and the rational understanding of the constitution this wouldn't exist. stuart: it's your interpretation, you know that. >> i knew you were going to say that. stuart: you're a tiny, tiny minority of those people. >> you know who's in that minority? the guy who wrote the
11:50 am
constitution, james madison. stuart: he's not around. >> exactly. stuart: you're a successor for james madison? >> that's one of the highest compliments you could pay me. you're asking or telling? . stuart: i'm telling. i'll give you the compliment. why not. judge, you're all right. thanks for joining us. >> pleasure, mr. varney. until tomorrow morning. stuart: dow industrial now down 60 points. we've taken not a tumble but a turn to the downside. off 60. now this. check it out. a haul cost survivor leaves behind a secret diary, that kicks off a search for nazi looted art, that's on strange inheritance tonight and host jamie colby joins us. >> he didn't understand what i was talking about. my father took the package, and we went into the bedroom for three days. you totalled your brand new car.
11:51 am
11:52 am
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11:54 am
days.. stuart: tonight on strange inheritance, a haul cost survivor leaves behind a secret diary, the information inside it kicks off a search by his daughter for art looted by the nazis in world war ii. roll tape. >> this is a particularly disturbing drawing for me,
11:55 am
electrocution by choice. >> people had been dehumannized, they could no longer think and this was an option. >> why do you think your father made thattan k choice? >> he lived so he could show the scenes he witnessed. that was a powerful reason for his survival. stuart: joining me me now the host of strange inheritance. that would be jamie colby. explain that sound bite there, that's the daughter i presume. >> correct. stuart: got the dairy, found out there's art, and got the art. that wasn't the art displayed there; right? >> well, her father was a commercial artist here in the united states after the war and she knew he had painted portraits of their family members in order to stay alive. what she didn't know in order to stay live he not only painted the portraits but had another wife and another daughter merriam.
11:56 am
she isn't the first merriam, she believes her little mother and girl were killed in the gas chamber. on better note after the war he thought it would be important to go painting to painting scenes and if there's any doubts of the haul cost of what happens, this episode is one to share. but electrocution by choice is what he shows in the paintings, they literally through themselves at an electrified fence because they couldn't take it anymore. he's a survivor, she's a survivor and she will not stop until all of her father's art looted hidden in europe is back in her hands. stuart: i've got 30 seconds because there's another episode airing for the first time and that's the i love you letter. >> yeah. i think i cried more in these two on set than i did with the orbson sons because these are two children that learn how much they love them but late in life.
11:57 am
and the architect he built not only julie art but some of the buildings here, the pan am tower and all over the world. he becomes an architect trying to escape his father's shadow and in the greatest at the end he could be is his father's son. stuart: two episodes starting at 9:00 eastern tonight on the fox business network. >> only on the fox business network. stuart: thank you very much. strange inheritance indeed. thank you very much indeed. >> thanks, stuart,. stuart: more varney after this
11:58 am
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>> what happens by shutting down michigan avenue as you disrupt black people who are trying to shop, you barricade them in the stores, and they can't get out. tell me how that is not violating the shoppers rights and people, black people trying to go to work in these stores and make a living? . stuart: all right. that was conservative editor crystal right on protesters in chicago disrupting their own city. now, we asked our viewers if
12:00 pm
you joined in on the black friday craze. first of all, tara says can't be board, i would rather shop small businesses in my area. and david said i did. i have three kids to provide christmas for and the deals were great. all good stuff. i'm out of time, neil cavuto, it is yours. neil: you know, i was thinking about you, stuart, and i'm thinking about the black friday sale and also a noted penny pincher. stuart: yeah. neil: so we were asking here would stuart varney tackle someone for a flat-screen tv? . stuart: no. [laughter] neil: okay. i lost. i lost that bet. stuart: wait. wait. wait. don't get rid of me yet. depends how big the person was. [laughter] neil: touche. touche. thank you very much. we were curious but you did not answer exactly the way i thought. all right. we are focusing on a couple of things here. not only stuart's spending interest but what's the interest for spending on the


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