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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 30, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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you joined in on the black friday craze. first of all, tara says can't be board, i would rather shop small businesses in my area. and david said i did. i have three kids to provide christmas for and the deals were great. all good stuff. i'm out of time, neil cavuto, it is yours. neil: you know, i was thinking about you, stuart, and i'm thinking about the black friday sale and also a noted penny pincher. stuart: yeah. neil: so we were asking here would stuart varney tackle someone for a flat-screen tv? . stuart: no. [laughter] neil: okay. i lost. i lost that bet. stuart: wait. wait. wait. don't get rid of me yet. depends how big the person was. [laughter] neil: touche. touche. thank you very much. we were curious but you did not answer exactly the way i thought. all right. we are focusing on a couple of things here. not only stuart's spending interest but what's the interest for spending on the
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corner of wall and broad. not much in stock thus far but it looks at this early stage about four hours of trading to go that even with the down draft in stocks, we will finish this month to the upside again. way too early to tell but if that is the case, it would represent a continued turn around of going into the final month of this quarter when we were down what? close to 10% going into the fourth quarter. so that fourth quarter turn around very much still in place, even with the down draft today. now, back to something that is getting the world's sustainings or at least 150 countries of the world's attention. all the premier giants all gathering in paris and it's the climate summit. you know that by now. but it also hinges on two degrees. these protests and everything's not withstanding, it's two degrees. connell mcshane, what are they talking about? >> two degrees celsius, neil so that we're clear. there's a journal in the wall street journal brings up the argument that climate change scientists are having
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about how significant this figure of two degrees celsius it is. now, for years going back some time, scientists have argued -- researchers have argued that if the average global temperature goes up by two degrees or more over preindustrial levels, we basically have a disaster on our hands. all kinds of -- just catastrophic conditions that would affect the world. you're looking at the melting when people talking about the melting of the ice caps and floods you've never seen before just a complete disaster. now, that has been largely suspected until recently when some scientists -- not politicians, but scientists started to question that and say, well, where did that number come from? and their argument is it's not a scientific number and they look at the mainstream research in global warming or climate change debate, you don't often find the two degrees celsius figure, instead it's a political number they argue. so then -- and this is a big economic story of course because i know climate change gets talked about in political terms all the time. but economically if say there's an agreement that
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comes out of this paris summit and you have higher costs for businesses, and it's based on a faulty number, then we have all kinds of problems. so with the chinese president and the american president and all the big world leaders on hand there and protesters on hand as well outside of the paris summit, people are wondering now whether the assumptions they've made for years are right. and where the two degrees celsius and the client by more than that really would be doubt all of a sudden. neil: you know, what's weird, connell too, two degrees celsius is 3.6 degrees fahrenheit. >> very good. neil: so the lower number sounds more doable. >> don't even get me started about the 3.6. neil: i'm on it so we're on it. all right, connell, thank you very, very much. republican senator mike lee in utah says no matter how you're looking at this, celsius or fahrenheit, it has him bothered.
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you're saying this is an iffy stretch to put it mildy; right? >> yes. especially to put it in a binding agreement on the united states. i want to make sure that the united states senate. any agreement that comes out of paris needs to be submitted to the senate for ratification. if it's not, this won't have any meaning, at least beyond this president's tell me in office. neil: all right. but he will go ahead and sign or do something; right? senator? can you pull that back or will the new president, assuming you want to do so a respect in office just disavow that and what any deal when traveling abroad. >> well, that's exactly the point. yes, a new president could disavow that and i think that's something this president needs to take into account when he reasons with himself, within his own administration, with bolder leaders in deciding with to what extent he's going to commit the united states to a long term commitment.
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knowing full well he's putting this in place online as a political agreement. i think he needs to be honest with the committee and under the constitution presidents are required to submit international agreements like this one to the united states senate. and unless two-thirds the senators decide that this is worth ratifying, it cannot become the law of the land. it cannot become a treaty and have all the incidents of a treaty. you know, what's interesting, it's a year after the president's executive order on immigration policy to say all it is millions of people, you know, senator, you were a critic on that when it first started but i think this is significantly bigger than that because this commits us to glol caaignnd o that will be much, much more expensive. tens of billions of dollars for the u.s. alone. and we are footing the bill for this. so to me, it looks like an unstoppable train, but what am i missing? >> well, yes, it's an unstoppable train in a sense that this president appears to be committed to doing this. i hope he will reconsider his plan, especially considering the fact that president obama
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himself has acknowledged for many years. anything that we do in this area, necessarily cause ergand s will be footing a very substantial bill. what that in turn means is that it's that much more important for the united states senate to follow up a constitutional process set in place 230 years ago nearly and consider this be given the opportunity to advise and consent on any international agreement, including this one. neil: all right, senator, thank you very, very much. good to see you again. all right. well, i don't care where you stand on this great climate change debate, whether you quote celsius or fahrenheit or whether it's two degrees or 3.6 degrees, to christian white, there's more important things to worry about at the time being. isis and yet the president is sending a signal that's very, very dangerous and probably missed time. very good to have you, kristen, but explain what
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you're getting at here. >> well, the president buy his own admission and he said this speaking to graduates of the coast guard, that climate change is a big threat and senator kerry being echoed that as well, before paris there were attacks in copenhagen, the list goes on, east, west, and north resembling war zones. so to say climate change regardless of what you think that the 4% carbon that the human activity contributes to the carbon cycle regardless of climate change seems ludicrous to think that's the biggest national security threat. neil: and you're not the only one saying that. carly fiorina among others over the weekend saying much the same thing that on this the president just is in another world. listen to this. >> it is delusional for president obama and hillary clinton and anyone else to say that climate change is our near term most severe security threat. president obama continues to think that somehow our
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behavior causes terrorism. so he says the climate change summit is a powerful rebuke. no, it's not. the terrorists don't care we're gathering in paris other than it provides a target. neil: part of their argument if i understand it right if you're looking at drying river beds and lake beds in these, you know, regions, very, very poor regions, it encourages recruits, it encourages those who are forsaken to join a cause that might change their fortunes around. i think that's the gist of it, it sounds like a stretch to me but what do you make of that? we're going to see more of this desperation. >> it seems extremely abstract and, again, look at recent polls the fox news poll had 60% of americans who are at war with radical islam and some like 90% of americans think there's a serious threat. so if democrats want to go to the polls with the solution being, well, let's do more about climate change, it seems
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like a political loser. also the question it's not antienvironmentalist to say that this is a waste of time and money. every year half a million people in the world die from malaria, hundreds of thousands of people die from dirty drinking water, one out of every five children who dies below the age of five, it's from dirty water. if we devoted to resources to environmental issues like that, you would save a whole lot of lives, not focused on something that's euro dispute . charles: and, by the way, no disputing that most of these terrorists going back to the 9/11 terrorists come from upper middle class, not even very wealthy families. bin laden himself was an hare to a billion dollars fortune. it just seems a stretch to me to use terror to climate change, you know? >> that's right. if you look also at arab string, the turmoil started over corruption, spread across the middle east and was islamists
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by the middle east trying to convert secular government by tyranny. so this has been in motion for a long time and, again, go back to the science of climate change, the earth stopped warming in 1998, the warming since then is negligible, all of the models say we should have tremendous warming in this period, especially since the last decade in the economies in europe and all booming, the data isn't there, it's been manipulated ask frankly what's going on in paris looks a lot more like diplotourism. neil: well, i think we will agree on that but thank you very, very much. good seeing you again. >> thanks. neil: i want to bring you up to date on the imf doing something that is expected but, again, a punch in the teeth here looking to make the chinese currency the reserve currency or among the reserve currencies. many are interpreting this as a fall back to the dollar and potential competition down the road for the dollar. you wouldn't notice it today because the dollar's very, very strong.
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but watch it very closely, my friend. this is the world effectively saying we can plan an alternative to the dollar because we don't have much faith in the united states. and including the chinese currency making it a premier alternative currency is a step in that direction. i'm telling you this might seem nerdy but watch it. we will be all over it. all right. the chicago protesters that are plan for today the windy city on how out of control they could get. >> so this is a peaceful protest? [chanting] >> i'd like to enter. [chanting] you both have a
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neil: all right. well, you've heard about beating out bricks and some of the traditional retailers taking it on the chin, they're all down today, having their lunch handed to them by by the likes of amazon and online shoppers feingold it's easier to point and click rather than go out and shop. i've been telling you this for years, but with the process of processed meats and cheeses, you haven't listened and amazon more than doubling on its excuse to sell. we should see, though. and on this show on friday simply trying to shop. good luck with that. take a look. neil: all right. i was going to show you that my buddy jeff flock, i apologize that, jeff, there's confusion here because as you know, jeff, the battle over celsius and paraphernalia height, but i do want to talk to you what's going on in
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chicago. what are they calling this today? certainly not cyber monday more like a morally monday, what's going on? >> there's something called moral monday neil for several months now. largely in illinois and this is a protest suggesting that the wealthy and the business community should be taxed more heavily that the tax code isn't fair and particularly here in illinois where there's a huge budget deficit that the taxes on the wealthy and business should be raised. we're outside city hall, though, because there's a confluence of protests, mentioned on black friday the folks that were concerned about the young man came to the magnificent mile and essentially they said they were going to shut it down. and i think what you were trying to tee up, which was the shutting down of the magnificent mile. people linking arms, not allowing shoppers to go inside
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those stores and shop. it was an extraordinary violent, ther there was no violence, the police did not intervene, there were shoppers that were quite upset but the protesters stood their ground and largely no one got into their stores unless they snuck around the back way somehow. it was a very interesting turn of events. this is going to continue today. the naacp holding a rally out here in about 45 minutes outside city hall. that police officer that committed the shooting has a bond hearing today. it's possible he would make bond and get out. that could potentially lead to some more unrest. jason van dyke is his name. chicago in a bit of -- well, it's something of a crossroads i think, neil, it was an interesting day on friday, and it continues. neil: all right, jeff. be safe yourself. jeff flock in chicago. now, this was the incident with the special guest on friday who simply was not judging whether there should be a protest but a protest that blocked others from doing what they wanted to do.
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that was an entirely different matter. take a look. >> are you prohibiting me from going in. so this is a peaceful protest? [chanting] i'd like to enter. [chanting] >> this is what chicago has turned into. the one day of the year which provides thousands of jobs and they're prohibiting something that had nothing to do with the actual incident to go inside. neil: back with us, ajdluka says that blocking business retailers doesn't win over any fans here. how was it there today and your fear then people are free to protest but just trying to shop or do business; right? >> right. absolutely. charles: so tell me what happened. >> so i was taking my wife to a morning breakfast, something we look forward to every year, every black friday. as soon as we finish, we
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wanted to go into zara and a few of the other stores. we were aggressively stopped. we were told we could not enter. now, we understand that there's some turmoil that's going on but, you know, the one day out of the year that we get to the shop and enjoy and really experience chicago for the diversity, we were forbidden from entering, and i was just not going to have that. neil: technically protesters are not supposed to block the entrance of stores. >> right. neil: that was clearly not the case here. so you couldn't get in even if you tried; right? >> well, you know, i was pretty stubborn. neil: i see that. >> i did speak on to one of the managers and told them i would like to get in and once i got in, i was surprised that there were a lot of shoppers inside but they were prohibiting anyone from coming out as well. so this was not by any means a peaceful protest. neil: now, you're a pretty successful businessman, you're
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the blue box investing ceo, a well-known entrepreneur. >> thank you. neil: but pro chicago, obviously pro chicago business. >> yes. neil: this protest and the kind that might be planned today if they get even half as heated block that business. and last time i checked chicago badly needs it; right? >> absolutely. you have 780 businesses on the magnificent mile. now, the corporations and the businesses and the retails, we have 120 million tourists that come and visit throughout the year. one of the major days that we do generate money, which helps to fund a lot of community involvements and projects and give jobs. let's face it neil, the corporation and the advertisement budget and everything everything spent took place before october 20th of last year. i don't understand the correlation here at all. so chicago needs the revenue and we're going to fight to keep it going. neil: what is going on in
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chicago? obviously with the high sales tax going in effect, highest in the nation, by the way, and these protests a few weeks back demanding tax to pay for all of these city benefits and all of that. >> yeah. neil: there's seem to be an antibusiness wave gripping the city if not crippling it. now, i know they're a loud minority, but where are the majority that want to see chicago get back on its feet, to see it for a place of business again. where are they? >> you know, i think if we were to take a look chicago and consider the surrounding suburbs and some corporations are weaker and some corporations are doing really well. so i think in the city what chicago and its officials are trying to do with this tax increase hike, they're trying to reinvest and there's nothing wrong with that. you know, if you want to live in a beautiful city, and you want to have a lot of support and
12:22 pm
you want to have jobs and nice things, someone has to pay for it and the golden goose and the egg has to be laid. neil: well, you're a pretty brave guy. you go radioit into the valley of the beast and take on those that are protesting, at the end no blows are thrown but it's a testament to you. and you support the right for people to protest just not when it impinges on the rights of other people. >> i think the protest should be a march. i don't understand what blocking stores has anything or what it's accomplished. it's breaking trust, it's a holiday season for forgiveness and unity, and am i not seeing that in chicago. neil: no, we're not. thank you, aj. >> my pleasure. neil: more on this on monday or whatever they want to call call it in chicago, half the world away in afghanistan they're on the highest alerts right now and u.s. citizens
12:23 pm
particularly in that region of the world are being urged to hunker down or just get the heck out. what's behind this latest threat that apparently our top security officials are taking very, very seriously? more after this at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow!
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[martha and mildred are good to. go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer,
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but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. neil: all right. we've got one of my favorite guests here, former secretary of the navy, you're hearing of these latest developments we're getting out of the u.s. navy and otherwise, under threat in afghanistan, for at least 48 hours, that was eight hours ago so i would assume for the next 40 hours or so that something big, something bad could happen very, very soon. seth, good to see you. we were talking during the break about when these threats go from those you should share to those you should urgently, you know, bring across. what does that?
12:27 pm
>> well, when it's -- when it's an reliable source or sources and there are specific times and dates and places, then -- neil: so they obviously have specific times and places here. >> they've got -- in afghanistan they've got to have something rather. it can't be just a rumor, a possibility, something raising discussion. the phone is that sort of off limits right now. neil: yeah. >> it has to be what the intelligence community would call actionable. neil: do any of these get to be head fakes you have to watch out, they're saying afghanistan but, in fact, they're targeting another locale? hard to say; right? >> well, look, that's what the business is about. it's being able to filter out what's real from what's background noise and when we
12:28 pm
do it successfullily and aided by things like being able to collect metadata so forth. neil: and that expired today. does that make us more vulnerable to this sort of thing? >> absolutely. absolutely. that presidential policy directive 28 that ended it was done in the heat of the moment without thought to the consequences. neil: so what stopped to date, though? what effectively deadline today? >> well, the deadline was tonight. neil: right. what can't we do right now? >> well, what's required is that phone companies keep the records and there's a long and prohibitively regulatory list of requirements that the government has to go through in order to reach that data. this is just the transactional data.
12:29 pm
the phone calls were taken place between this number and that number. it doesn't even speak to the requirement of the court say let's open the records and see what's happening. so it's discouraging, and if time is important in frustrating a terrorist threat or identifying where one is likely to materialize, then we're -- we have big problems. neil: but i'm wondering between this i'm probably saying there are probably a few more problems to time being and if i'm a bad guy, maybe isis, i would be looking at this and having a good chuckle. >> yeah. you would be having a long chuckle. the idea that climate change is somehow rather responsible for isis is i think it was described yesterday by some of
12:30 pm
the presidential candidates as delusional. neil: but it is creative if you think. >> it's nuts. neil: yeah. >> did climate change -- was climate change responsible for putin invading crimea? neil: didn't hear it was. >> was climate change responsible for the chinese turning wreaths in the south china sea into islands and then arming them? i don't see that. and i don't see anybody making the argument. neil: while i have you here and sort of from your perspective of former under secretary of state of the navy the big fear seems to be all of these refugees, millions of them stuck not going anywhere, that's breeding anger among group and angerrer males could
12:31 pm
turn them to attacking. what do you think some of that. >> well, i think the one thing that's turning young men and their senior fathers toward isis is that our policy is aligned with the rulers in iraq. and they are on the opposite side of the fence politically, religiously, ethnically from isis. so isis and the sunnis, and the sunnis including -- including saddam's former political intelligence they look for the wind and they look for somebody to protect them. they look for some sort of -- they see the militias that we've been supporting, and they because to isis. so we're connected with that. we're doing -- it has an affect. it has consequences. neil: very good seeing you.
12:32 pm
finally in person. >> neil, it's a measure. neil: in the meantime here we are getting a little bit more news on who's who at this big climate change summit, and we can alert you to the fact that a certain ceo was not invited. not that he doesn't like paris or paris i'm sure doesn't like him. but he's not there. but, boy, is this cold titan furious. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? parnell pharmaceuticals, spotparn on nasdaq.
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neil: we are getting more details on the cyber attack. up to 5 million people. the company is saying we are aware of the breach. we will be looking into it. they declined to elaborate. a humongous data breach. the concern here is the kids were the target. we do not know to what extent. obviously, the parents are very concerned. shoppers should be concerned as well. we will keep you posted. the big fossil fuel ceo. not welcome in paris these days. waiting for that. it is yet to calm.
12:37 pm
there is good to have you, my friend. thank you for coming. >> is now taking his constructive climate change plan to the united nations. committing our country to the actions that will absolutely destroy reliable low-cost electricity in america. >> you knew about this. you had to lay off a lot of folks in preparation. was there any attempt on your part, your industries part to work on the administration or to point out we are burning coal a lot more cleanly now. the smokestacks that are not producing nearly as much. was that just a non-argument.
12:38 pm
do they just not want to hear it? carbon dioxide admissions. no danger to the world. down 27% in the last 10 years. >> they wanted to get it down more. no one moved to work with the other. >> well, that is true. they are insane. this dangerous power plan wanting to impose through the united nations will cost america $214 billion between 22 and 30. it will raise all electric rates for nearly half of the states. no environmental benefit at all. the other nations, they will not be bound by any agreement in
12:39 pm
paris. they say that they will be bound, you are right. for the united states senator constitutional issues. he does not have the power to do this. in the name of, you know, cleaner air, do you think that it is worth it? >> no. of course it is not. neil: what is it? >> it is not worth the destruction of low-cost reliable electricity in america. $214 billion costs. no environmental benefit at all. that is exactly what vladimir putin said it is. it is fraud to restrain the developing countries of the world, including russia.
12:40 pm
the european union. those countries will not be bound by anything they agreed to. not said what they will do then. they were just found to be understating their carbon dioxide emissions by 17%. committing the united states. destroying reliable low-cost electricity while the other countries are just looking at the foolish individual. >> the one quick argument they have used is if we were on top of climate change, we would not see terrorist groups running amok. what do you think of that? >> that is nonsense. you could close down every plant in the united states. it would not even change the
12:41 pm
global temperature. 0.0.16%. >> where does that stand. >> against the obama administration. neil, i have been joined by 27 states. over half of our states agree with me. that is what he calls his clean power plan. it is really the no power plan. destroying the reliability of our grid and electricity in america. they are pushing back. over half of our states against this arab president. their supporters that include white house and schumer and other senators. neil: i assume since hillary
12:42 pm
clinton supports that, you are supporting her for president. >> no, i am not. giving $30 billion to my coal miners after she destroyed the jobs and she said he will, she will continue his policies. >> hang in there. keep up the fight. thank you. >> thank you, neil. this one marked target. november. it looks like either with the losses today, we were on track for another monday for the month of october. we were down on all the major outages. going into the final quarter of the year. we have made up all of that ground right now. and even shot of him being positive. like it would be the first time
12:43 pm
in eight years. what will be december brain? we are on it. ♪ this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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neil: a quick peek at the dell. normally we do not over of excess over this. two months of which are coming to a close. whether this can complete a market. again, nowhere near the end of the year. troubled by the fact that they have high numbers, the dow, the s&p. quite established bear market. >> absolutely. 65% of the market. mainly commodities. i can go through gaming. typically, when you rally up
12:47 pm
with the our market. i think we are okay throughout december. i am really worried about december. if they start to get the amazon, google, facebook, then we will be in for some real big trouble. neil: markets have climbed this wall of worry. what do you think? >> we have had our correction. it peaked in 08. a lot of these companies will fail. one subject. everyone wanted to go everywhere. medals. loyal. there has to be a major correction. neil: wherewith that correction
12:48 pm
be? >> it is mostly a merging markets. anything natural resources in the u.s. it does not have a lot of oil already. i think it has not fully happened. i think you will see a lot of bankruptcies. a lot of defaults. here is one thing that happened today that no one knows was on the radar. adding the chinese currency. sort of a reserve currency. while that is hardly causing reverberations today, it could as the world seeks out an alternative to the dollar. the dollar being what it is. eventually, it will succeed. >> i am not so sure. i really do not trust the law
12:49 pm
that comes out of china. economic numbers. shrugging it aside. >> wanting to find alternatives. >> i agree with you about china. i get what they are saying. anything i am worried about with this country. 19 trillion in debt. the printing of money and 0% interest rate. that is where somebody comes in. other than that, i am not so concerned about a currency move like that. >> they do something that makes it look stupid. they have to do a better job and no one has done that.
12:50 pm
it will be us for a long time. neil: dispute -- i love both of you. thank you very much. interesting to watch. we have been telling you about amazon. despite the down draft today, amazon stock has more than doubled this year. they are adding drones to the mix. let's just say that uncle sam is not too pleased. ♪ when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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12:54 pm
trooper. understanding what is motivating customers. right now they are into anything amazon. also, drones. catching the government's attention as well. what is the latest? jo ling: amazon moving ahead. i just want to take a picture for you. now, the fulfillment center. we are onto robots. robots are what are helping us speed up. you see them moving around this company. buying amazon. 30,000 of them. the idea is to get the robots to continue to increase efficiency. ps common. what we learned is that even though they cannot technically four ideas into your backyard, they are getting closer into getting something together that
12:55 pm
would actually work. it would place the package right into your backyard. anything you would like to order, it is possible. it will still be several years before it actually happens. >> moving by themselves. what is moving them? >> they do kind of look like room buzz. they are moving across the floor. what they are doing is they are grabbing different stacks. they are bringing them to the other side of that. those workers are taking stuff off. putting them into boxes. shipping them down the line. >> that is very good to know. thank you. i appreciate it.
12:56 pm
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neil: something going on in paris right now. 165 countries right now gathering in paris. we told you at the top of the last hour, connell mcshane told you how they are trying to control. 2 degrees celsius -- we do the math for you. this trouble some math is flawed
1:00 pm
right from the get go. allowing the idea. intimidating them in the process. here in the flesh. >> it is nice to see you. in the meantime, you are looking at this and saying, spending tens of millions of dollars. a waste of time. >> saving .01 celsius. temperature rise over 33 years. >> .01. >> that is the u.s. version. we shut down the economy. >> they say that it is proof over the last 70 years. the earth has been warming up.
1:01 pm
>> no significant warming since the 1998 el niño. flipping the pacific ocean. it is warm right now. ten years. the pacific flips every 30-35 years. so does the atlantic. what do you think happens to the global temperatures from when the ocean is and it's warm cycle. the big question is coming up. like they were in the 60s and 70s. >> all the covers and all the magazines talk about a global freeze to come. that was the consensus. you have to prepare for this big freeze. >> we know that cooling is much more at devastating than warming
1:02 pm
is. >> let's get to this. no linkage between co2 and temperatures that you can see. >> the geological timescale. secondly, the national center for environmental prediction, every six hours, they initialize the global temperature. we have been running almost real-time temperature of the globe. it shows none of this going on. the earth temperature spikes up. neil: what kind of pattern is that? >> it is back and forth. it is the earth's attempt to balance out what it never could. the design of the planet with
1:03 pm
the sun, the oceans, the fact that you have all the land in the northern hemisphere. it rotates around the sun. it goes back and forth and up and down. these people think it should be 75, below 45. that is impossible. the climate is the earth's attempt to balance out what it cannot balance out. you worry about a lot of other things going on. we were told that there was a big drought in nigeria. twenty years above normal. twenty years of precipitation way above normal. we have been having big coffee crops. it has nothing to do with that. it is like there is a bold charging you. look over there, there is a
1:04 pm
squirrel. no one wants to look at what is actually going on. there are a couple that will be bunk to whole thing. i do see an understanding argument. i do believe that man has something to do with it. this is the number one threat to mankind today. no, i do not think so. you are a genius. brave enough to take this on. >> i do not see what is so brave about it. let me tell you something, the temperatures do not drop back down again after this el niño, i am wrong. the el niño will were averse late into 2016.
1:05 pm
it will start to get hot again. neil: great news. always great seeing you. >> david asman. expanding to fight the wrong battle, i guess. billions worth spending. no one is asking me whether we should be spending. this is what you have been talking about all day. no one has spent more on that and president obama. that is three times, more than three times what we spent the previous five years. the question is, what did we get for it. carbon energy to renewable. what we got was a 1.7% increase.
1:06 pm
it went from a .1%. you spent 150 billion. the goal is for much more than this. 20% of our energy from renewables in the next 15 years. that will be impossible to achieve. we do not have enough money. cutting back on our gdp. on the amount that we grow. the industrial progress. they do not want to cut back even more than they already have. the major concerns. they are more interested in terrorism. the economy. when you hit the climate change.
1:07 pm
that is a key issue. the president just keeps on spending. keeps going to these conferences. neil: very well reported. you only see it here. it is not covered. >> thank you, my friends. >> we are also being lied to. all of these billions of dollars that we could be putting into terrorism that are a real threat. instead, in paris right now, being put into something that is created for those lining the pockets of friends. it is completely wrong in every way.
1:08 pm
neil: renewable energy. a use of precious resources that we have. even climate change deniers. it is just most of the cost that it hurts me. >> it really is. >> i will get back to you. >> i can see your concern. i do not think anyone is taking their eye off of terrorism and fighting terrorists. we are trying to make sure that we take the long view and renewable resources. taking our eye off the ball now. being quick footed with the bill. this is something that we will
1:09 pm
have to make some sacrifices on. we are making a huge bet on it. just as we were told to make a huge bat a few decades back. it was wrong. wondering whether we are making that now. >> a science to make sure. whether expanding or contract date. they cannot decide whether it is global warming or global cooling. they cannot decide. they do not even know that there is even an problem. this is really about crony capitalism. this is really about the next
1:10 pm
election. this is about obama and his friends coming together and creating a problem that may or may not even exist. the government was to be the solution. >> whether you agree agreed that climate change is an immediate problem or not. it is distracting us far more pressing concerns. >> i do not think that it is a distraction to terror at all. we will have to govern our entire universe. you have to look at every aspect of what we're doing. you cannot ignore climate change. you cannot deny climate change. you can try. neil: a man made element. >> i think you see them talking about climate denial. that is really where we are right now.
1:11 pm
we are pretending that that did not happen. a manufacturer problem called climate change. >> we had this meeting arranged. if we cancel it, we will look bad. ladies, i want to thank you both very, area much. more money in chicago. they are still protesting. a chicago area police man. months ago. we know that they are under pressure. ♪ people talk about "deals"
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1:15 pm
right now. an interesting prospect. the shooting death of that african american teenager. fourteen months ago. your point is what ever happened to this young man, it is not worth the entire city of chicago turning on police. >> you are exactly right. painting with a broad brush. all police officers are bad. what happened to that young man 14 months ago. that cop has been indicted. probably wind up going to prison. let's take a look at this. does he represent the entire chicago police department? absolutely not. some of them would never have done the same as that officer
1:16 pm
did. what about those five. they did not do anything wrong. i think that it is unfair that some of the protesters protest against all police when they are bad. neil: how do you reach out and talk to young african-american males when they see a deal like that? much like what they see and ferguson. it is a young black guy being targeted. they feel the world, authorities, police are out to get them. >> here is what i would say to them. i actually mentor a number of young african-american males. you know where it starts, it starts in the home. it starts with yourself. you have to have self-respect.
1:17 pm
you have to respect yourself before anybody else will give you respect. police officers, dentist, accountant, nobody will give you respect if you do not respect yourself. until they turn not image around, they will continue to annoy you. i think for the most part it doesn't resonate. >> there are a lot of them that come on this show. one thing for a white kid to walk through a bunch of policemen. white another for a young black male. do they have a point? >> i think that they do, to a certain point. you and i have talked about this many, many times. racism is alive and well throughout various entities. law enforcement is no different than any other occupation.
1:18 pm
we have a responsibility to weed that kind of stuff out. be fair and just about everything that we do. to say that it does not exist would be me lying to myself. it does not exist with everyone. thank you very much. good seeing you. the thing about chris christie, the energizer bunny, he does not stop. in the state of new hampshire higher. chris christie. that has secured him over 100 key endorsements. including one hairy big one. a huge one. in end of itself could change his race. ♪
1:19 pm
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1:21 pm
neil: 34 governors may not like
1:22 pm
the idea of all of these refugees coming to their state. the white house is promising they will provide more frequent updates on these syrian refugees and where they would be resettled in the states they do not want them resettled in. i wonder how that will go. chris christie. this guy that was there in the battle of the war on terror. then he went to new hampshire higher. all of a sudden adding that with top officials as well. you have union leaders saying the governor has a good case to make for the president. that is negative editor on that and what he makes of this search. the union leader does not always -- i think last go round there were looking at newt gingrich. there is no guarantee it will lead to success. they did rescue senator mccain.
1:23 pm
how big of a deal is this for chris christie? >> the numbers suggest that it is a very big deal. the union leader endorsement seems to carry real weight. at least it has since 1980. endorsing ronald reagan and, on average, candidates have picked up a point from the moment they were pulling. the two actual election dates for the primary. a bump for chris christie would be a very big move for him. it could be even higher if christie waits for other candidates to drop out. it will not put them anywhere near donald trump. neil: it would move him up measurably. how relentless chris christie is. he has not stopped. you either like or hate the guide. he is passionate about it.
1:24 pm
he is relentless about it. he is like the energizer bunny. securing the support of top well makers of the state. he is very good at the ground game. do you think that it pans out for him in the primary? >> well, it could. if he could pull out a win there, also, definitely in new hampshire higher. it could be a huge proposal for him. winning in iowa and new hampshire has acted as a propulsion for any candidate. chris christie is very good at retail politics. he has had a lot of success meeting with people. neil: does he have to win? back in 1992. coming back in. >> not winning is in the math for a lot of candidates this
1:25 pm
cycle. delegates come up until florida, all of the state states that go ahead of florida, in some way, are proportionately divided among candidates. if christie clears 10% in the state of new hampshire higher, they will get some proportion. it will become a math game. i would not be surprised if we begin to see a lot of explainers from both you and me on what it means on counting the delegates out. you suggested in the past that this could come down to a convention. a lot of people thought that it would be impossible. at this rate, it is very possible we could be looking at something like that. it is a win-win. neil: i cannot lose on this one. neil: think you, my friend. the shooting in colorado, separate issue to republicans planned parenthood office. it has nothing to do with their
1:26 pm
urgent demand that we repealed planned parenthood altogether defunded a one-two punch to get rid of obamacare. it is not the issue. with the issue remains is that planned parenthood and so many other offices like it do heinous things themselves. they are now getting covered up by a nut. more after this. ♪
1:27 pm
. . . .
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neil: all right. we told you about these protests planned in the windy city today. jeff flock with the latest from chicago. jeff? [shouting] >> it has to be truly within the city -- reporter: i'm listening in to cornell brooks, live on the fox business network. from the naacp. what are you hoping to accomplish today? >> what we hope to accomplish is make the chase for fundamental change in the policing in the city of chicago and yea across the other country. reporter: what form does that take? does it take the ouster of the superintendent? >> what it takes accountability, not just in terms after civilian review board. important, but when we think about the police accountability, i should say, review board, ipra, we need fundamental reform.
1:31 pm
what that means here is, you can't have 10,000 complaints filed and only 19 disciplinary actions. reporter: do you support the action that took place on black friday, the shutting down of michigan avenue in chicago? do you think that fits within your strategy? >> what fits with our strategy are all forms of non-violent, peaceful protests that may make clear the people have had enough. reporter: you're going to keep this up? >> we're absolutely going to keep it up. not only keeping it up in chicago but minneapolis, new york, staten island and cities and towns all across the country. we have to be clear the same people you're seeing in the streets of chicago are the same folks, the same citizens that you see in streets and towns and cities all across this country. this is not a public relations problem to be managed. this is a criminal justice -- reporter: you feel that is what is happening in chicago? >> what we've seen here is great
1:32 pm
pr and poor accountability. reporter: mr. brooks, i appreciate your time. thank you, sir, perhaps you see a fairly large crowd. perhaps you see he, also, symbolically, neil, caskets to represent those who have lost their lives in chicago. as we reported on black friday, this is a movement that, i think fair to say continues to grow. obviously anyone who saw that tape as many of your guests today pointed out, very difficult to watch but this has sparked a movement i think goes beyond that and we will continue to batch it. neil? neil: all right. we will go back to you, jeff as the conditions wanter. jeff flock in chicago. chicago one of highest crime rates in the country, these police issues notwithstanding, black on black crime as it's known, highest in country on per capita basis.
1:33 pm
many will argue those caskets could just as well be speaking for them. meantime while we keep an eye on chicago we're keeping an eye on energy prices. they're attempting a bit of a comeback from very, very depressed levels period. lizzie macdonald on fallout especially countries fighting terrorism. ma'am? >> rbc capital markets says there are five countries they're calling fragile five, that will be hit by plunging oil prices, goldman sachs, warned that venezuela could see oil in the mid 20 range next year. the fragile five that face severe problems, iraq, libya, algeria, nigeria and venezuela. so the fear too is that many of these countries have terrorists operating in there. so as oil plunges, will they have social unrest from, you know, operatives, doing terrorist activities? neil: that is what happened in the past, right? >> you're right. in the '80s and '90s, you
1:34 pm
remember when oil crashed, was in the $10 range and $20 range in the 19890's. 1990 saddam hussein invaded kuwait because oil revenues were plunging. coup in the '90s in algeria. not saying that will happen now. bigger countries will come to the table and cooperate like saudi arabia and russia which is struggling. you will probably see oil prices go up after opec meets december 1st. iraq is pumping at record highs. but still going into the bond market to borrow 6 billion bucks. what is going on there. libya oil production fraction what it was when gadhafi was in power. there is concern there will be societal chaos and unrest in smaller countries that can't do things like go into the bond market. neil: thank you very much. our own lizzie wicked brilliantly-smart mcdonald.
1:35 pm
we have chief of staff andy card. nsa phone data examination ends. when said program ending many argue that we have a window here where it could be a field day for terrorists. andy, your fear with this ending and this program expire something what? >> first of all, you're always looking for points of information and metadata that comes in, had come in the past under the nsa program allowed us to have a lot of dots. connecting those dots are the key to preventing the next attack. remember after 9/11 the whole discussion was about connecting the dots. we got to the point that we had dots to connect. process eliminating access to metadata that didn't listen to phones calls, wasn't content but who is calling whom from the bad guys overseas, to maybe giving them instructions. and would allow us to have dots to connect. neil: andy, i'm sorry, my
1:36 pm
friend, those who protest this say we go too far. we start collecting millions of americans phone records to go after a few. even going after a few, our track record isn't that great. you say what? >> i'm a privacy freak. i want privacy, i understand that i understand the president's job is to protect us. information coming from a phone call coming in from a place overseas, two places in the united states, should be valuable information to our intelligence community to see where the dot is. if that dot represents something that is a credible risk we should have access quickly to be able to find out whether the dot was credible, whether it's a source of concern. then you go to a court to ask permission to pay attention to the content that might have taken place. but i think it's a mistake not to have these dots and to recognize the calls do come in, the emails come in. we should know where they are. not necessarily what they are,
1:37 pm
but where they are, to see if there is credible reason to go forward to investigate further. the fbi understands that. most of the intelligence community, most of i'm going to say the law enforcement community recognizes this as a very valuable tool. they're not looking to snoop on everybody in america. they are looking to protect americans. that's critical, that you connect these dots. the whole debate connecting the dots dominated the debate after september 11th, 2001. i don't want to have that debate after an attack in 2014, 2015, 2016. but that could happen, i'm sorry it's the truth. we have to have access to the dots to see if they're going from someplace to allow to us say that is credible place where a threat exists in 2015. we'll have to address it. neil: showing video of that fame must incident you whispered in
1:38 pm
president bush's ear that we had attacked and incidents that ensued after that. the president will meet tomorrow in paris. turkey after shoot-down after russian jet they expect some response hopefully not militarily but this is contentious to put it mildly. what do you think happens? >> first of all, this is very scary time in the world, extremely scary, and i do think isis represents the preeminent threat right now. i'm not sure bashar assad represents an imminent threat right now. i would focus on getting rid of isis and make sure there is coordinated worldwide effort to get rid of isis. i understand the turks. they are loyal allies to the united states. although they didn't step up to help during initial stagers gulf wars. i would like to see them more engaged to defeat isis. we have to get rid of isis in order to meet the next challenge.
1:39 pm
i think bashar assad is bad guy but let's go after isis first. neil: get priorities right. andy, thank you very much. i don't know if we're capable, guys, go back to chicago, day of protest they're calling moral monday. many people focusing on this being cyber monday. chicago still reeling from the video released 14 months after the fact of a shooting of a 17-year-old african-american boy now getting more attention. they're even using caskets to illustrate their point. when it comes to crime in the windy city, and you are an african-american, it is not fair, it is not right and today it will not be tolerated. we'll have more after this.
1:40 pm
1:41 pm
>> it is time now for your fox business brief. time for monday, seems like a sensible time to focus on retail stocks and many of them are coming under pressure today. the specialty retailers, those in the apparel business especially, are down the most. this is a etf, exchange traded fund, or a basket of these types of stocks. it is down much more than the broader market. 2% decline for spdr retail etf. some individual names, express, big lots, sears, they're down percentage wise. five, five, 2 1/2. dillard's, jcpenney american eagle, big percentage declines, fairly large, much broader than the restf thmarket. no clear reason. if you look at headlines you can
1:42 pm
come up with some things. numbers are suggesting more shoppers online than in stores. speculation sales won't picks up the rest of the season. we don't know yet. we do these stocks are having a tough day. overall market is down and neil is back in a moment with more kos to kos -- "coast to coast."
1:43 pm
neil: i know what they think, consider the source. but syria's bashar assad there are indeed terrorists among
1:44 pm
refugees making their way to europe saying this in a czech television interview. those that don't necessarily like assad either, there are bad guys in the midst of those refugees. overwhelming majority want asylum away from the war-torn country. if assad is like, others echoed point, even if you dislike the guy, some bad guys and isis elements slipped through. we'll see. focusing on markets non-plussed in this final day of trading for the day and month, a month up for all major averages and housing despite mixed data. certainly compared to where we were seven years ago. housing analyst and katrina campos, what the rate hike will happen when it comes to pass. we're told it will come to pass later next month. if that is the case tell me what happens to housing? >> low interest rates and steady jobs helped the housing market as you know.
1:45 pm
what i'm experiencing with a lot of buyers, anticipation, interest rates will go up got them off of the fence. so they're eager to find the house which many times can be frustrating for them, there isn't a lost inventory for them to choose and they feel pressured to settle because interest rates will continue to go up. one of the biggest obstacles isdown payment, especially younger generation. a lot are living with their parents waiting for perfect time to buy and saving up for the down payment and this interest rate hike is actually probably going to hinder their ability to move forward. neil: the fear is obviously with one rate move, that in of itself doesn't change the equation, tim, but never is the fed, rarely is the fed one and done. there are a series of moves that could leave rates prohibitly higher than they are now. do you think that hurts housing? what do you think? >> they certainly acted pretty tentatively when you have this kind of guidance that talks about explicitly maybe.
1:46 pm
that is kind of guidance that is not very helpful. like asking a girl out to the prom, she says if everything else falls through, maybe. neil: tell me about it. tell me about it. but your fear this is, we're not appreciating the gravity of this? >> well, so, in isolation, an interest rate increase should stem some of the demand for housing, just from a affordability standpoint but what we're seeing as long as it is reflecting, positive, stronger, strengthening economies it is perfectly fine. borrowers have more confidence. they find that lenders are more liberal lending credit when they see the economic conditions are rising. neil: that is interesting. katrina, history suggests, not all of the time but a lot of the time, when interest rates go up, house does pretty well. i don't know if it is fence-sitters, getting off the fence or to his point things are getting better out there and i guess it depends how many rate hikes we're looking at, right? >> right.
1:47 pm
that is such a valid point. how many hikes will we have because i think one or two will not really affect the overall housing market. if anything i think it will strengthen it but i think in the long term how many hikes are we going to have? historically again we're still we have really low interest rates historically speaking. the housing market i think will not be affected in the short term but let's see how the long term it is affected. economy is doing well and people have jobs. let's see what happens to the rest of the world that could ultimately affect our country. neil: gotcha. knock on wood, whatever. thank you guys very much. i want to go back to the chicago where protests are building new steam and they call it moral monday and effectively stating their case. they're tired of shootings and this has to stop. the latest from the windy city after this. so what about that stock? sure thing, right?
1:48 pm
actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. really? really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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1:51 pm
neil: all right. it might be cyber monday to you. in chicago it has more doubtful tone where they're calling it moral monday, to protest shooting as video came to light 14 months after the fact and no one can seem to forget it. jeff flock is there. jeff? reporter: neil, you've seen earlier in the broadcast admittedly a bit of street theater with the caskets and the like, but i tell you the black friday protests which we covered live on fox business, i think were real turning point. there are two pieces to this movement. one is, the more conventional piece led by the likes of jesse jackson and more organized organizations. then there is a real grassroots piece to it as well. i think on black friday these two pieces came together and really achieved something that
1:52 pm
had not been done certainly in chicago before. they did shut down the magnificent mile. you have the president, national president of the naacp speaking back there behind me. they just held a rally and marched around city hall. i really think chicago is reaching something of a crossroads on this. clearly this shooting, something that is so dramatic and pictures so dramatic and taking so long to come to the public attention. the fact inside of this building we stand outside of here, city hall, people inside it approved a $5 million settlement with a family without having released tape. many of them not having seen the tape. raises a lot of questions that a lot of people are wanting answers to and people not just in the black community and not just south sides and west sides of chicago but all over this city, both black and white. it will be interesting to watch how this plays out. neil? neil: thank you, jeff. we heard as jeff was speaking,
1:53 pm
online threat to kill 16 white male students or staff was in a hatching stage in retaliation for this shooting of seventeen-year-old laquan mcdonald. that forced the university of chicago to cancel classes and close the hyde park campus on monday. "the chicago tribune" is reporting that one person was taken into custody in connection with this threat to the campus. everything is all right. it seems to have eased but the protests continue. we'll have more after this.
1:54 pm
1:55 pm
1:56 pm
still early in the season. consumer savings. we have dagen mcdowell and the host of strange inheritance
1:57 pm
jamie colby on cyber monday. how big of a deal will this be? >> cyber monday started on cyber saturday. what is going on here? doing everything that they can to get us to shop early. neil: very few. not as many as before. what we are also seeing is the deals that they are promoting today are just repackage as the same black friday sales that you saw last week. people already got a lot of their shopping done as retailers start promoting black friday sales the beginning of november. dagen: a lot of people shopped online as they shopped in stores. >> too soon to tell overall sales numbers. thanks to you, you start talking about christmas in july.
1:58 pm
people that started disconnecting in december. neil: your comments on maria. pedestrian, at best. >> you have online winning out. mobile, shopping on your phone. too lazy to get up off the sofa and go to your computer. you can sit there in your dirty sweatpants. binge watching homeland. neil: on some level, toshi's scare you? >> no. why even go into the store? retailers are fulfilling online orders faster. you get the deals in your mailbox sooner. >> the smartest thing retailers did this holiday season, you go
1:59 pm
in and do buy things. you get gift cards for your next purchase. >> bonus points. who could resist that? >> stores like bloomingdale. they give you like $15 for every $100 that you spend. they cannot get it for you that day. for amazon, does that mean that the wind is still at its back? >> you see prices online. they can change prices based on what the competitor is offering. based on the time of day. >> you big nerd. between november 1 and november 19. amazon.
2:00 pm
changing prices 666 times. neil: 666? dagen: yes. >> within one day, i sell prices jumped by $50. if you are not tracking the prices, you will overpay. >> strange inheritance tonight. >> you'll you will definitely want to watch strange inheritance. thank you. i will be watching. we have breaking news to get to right now. a program that allows more than 20 million foreigners a year to come to this country with very little screening. the state department will all spend the next 60 days evaluating our current system. in the meantime, how vulnerable are we? i am trish regan. welcome to the intelligence report.


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