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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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hard, utilities, telecom services consumer staples, energy, among others. while market closes there, we'll give you everything you need to know. president obama, more than 100 other world leaders multitasking at the climate summit in paris. the climate change is taking stage at the conference but the president is not alone in pledging to attack global warming as a way to fight terror. peter barnes has details from washington. peter. reporter: melissa, president and his top advisors said climate change is threat to global security because of possible instability it could cause. he hinted at that position again today, calling decision for 150 world leaders to meet in paris two weeks after the attacks there, an act of defiance against terrorists, a stance republicans again criticized. >> nothing will deter us from building the futurewer want for
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our children. what greater rejection of those who would tear down our world than marshaling our best efforts to save it. >> rather than trying to unite the world against isis, rather than trying to find a solution to syria, rather than worrying about how we protect the homeland in a way that is effective, he is talking about this other stuff. reporter: some commentators called the connection between climate change and terrorism, a stretch. one study said the severe drought in syria from 2007 to 2010. it caused widespread crop failure and caused families to go to urban areas to raise the environment for isis but the he had are of to vox media said climate change can be only considered one factor that led to the conflict and it is impact. melissa: if even.
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peter, thank you very much. david? david: a meeting of superpowers in air paris as president obama was shaking hands with russian president vladmir putin. they discussed conflicts of syria and ukraine on the sidelines of today's climate summit. president obama repeating his request that putin target isis militants instead of syrian rebels we support. joining me a man that knows vladmir putin's movements as well as vladmir putin does, russian chess master gary kasparov. also author of the new book, "winter is coming." does president obama have any hope getting putin on our side going after isis instead of assad? >> absolutely not. it's a pure stunt. it is about a impression creating they're doing something. same with french president hollande, goes to moscow couple days after a russian plane violating turkish airspace in turkey.
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instead of showing solidarity with turkey, a nato member, hollande sits there and basically giving putin a green light to keep bombing turkish-supported rebels in syria. yesterday, russian planes intentionally bomb ad market. david: don't we have any common interests with russia? russia has a problem with islamic terrorists. we have a problem with islamic terrorists. doesn't that make a common interest we can work on? >> with russia yes, putin no. david: only leader of russia. >> he is dictator. he is believes he is russia. so far he has been throwing resources of our country into the flames. and in syria his interest is the opposite. he wants more conflicts. he wants to stoke conflict. that is the only currency he can trade inside of russia to boost his popularity. david: he is also a supporter of iran.
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iran of course controls large parts of that region including lebanon. >> exactly. putin and bashar al-assad they're allies. they're supporting terrorist organizations like hamas and hezbollah. also it is important and recently revealed by the u.s. u.s. treasury department that russian banks have been bankrolling -- transit for oil trade between assad's regime and isis. david: so the russian banks are actually helping isis to bank money they make from selling their oil? >> absolutely. everybody knows the assad regime is buying oil from isis. also they have been buying electricity since the hydropower stations are ultimately controlled by isis, still being operated by the regime guys. david: final question, how should we be dealing with putin? i mean he is the only leader that we can address in any forum like the one in paris? >> no, that is actually wrong.
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the problem -- david: how do we deal with him? >> you don't deal with him at all. david: just ignore him? >> problems of the middle east america walked away. this is the policy policy of president barack obama who wants to leave the office as peacemaker. i'm terrified for our prospects for the next 40 months f it continues there will be more things left for the president to deal with. david: gary kasparov's book, "winter is coming." >> definitely coming. it is getting colder and colder. david: melissa? melissa: we have breaking news from the state department. releasing 8,000 e-mails from hillary clinton server. they were received in 2012 and 2013. fox business is reviewing emails. we'll bring you news as soon as we sort through them. authorities in paris continue the manhunt for two
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suspects in the paris terror attacks. new details emerging that one fugitive reportedly purchased detonators at a fireworks shop in paris before the assault, after asking repeatedly about the reliability. also, unconfirmed reports today that some investigators believe the suspects may have fled to syria now. david? david: well the senate intel chairman blasting president obama's assertion that isis is contained in iraq and syria. take a listen. >> to talk about containment is really a joke. the reality is isis may be geographically contained in syria and iraq but their efforts around the world to project terrorism and to commit terrorism is as robust today as it's ever been. david: of course president obama made the remarks about containment a day before the deadly terror attacks in paris. melissa: the u.s. embassy in afghanistan is urging u.s. citizens to take extreme caution around the country's capital of
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kabul. the embassy warns it has received credible reports that an attack is planned in the next 48 hours. the state department says the alert is not a threat to the embassy or to u.s. citizens but is refusing to say where the threat originated. david: it is a busy day and we're just getting started. protesters in chicago today tick taking to the streets in anger over the police shooting of laquan mcdonald. the latest with our own jeff flock who is at the send tester action. jeff? reporter: lots of developments, david, indeed. lot of protests in the street. shutdown of lasalle street outside of city hall. people ringing city hall, carrying caskets to symbolize the deaths of african-american men in chicago at the hands of police. six arrests by my count, including the national president of the naacp. all of that going on as a university of illinois student
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was taken into custody for apparently a social media threat saying that he planned to kill 16 male students and staff at university of chicago. as i said, the threat was posted on social media. they shut down the university of chicago today. he made very specific threat, saying specific firearms he had and how he planned to go about it. he planned to kill himself as well as many white police officers as he could. in addition the white police officer at center of all of this, jason van dyke, he received a bond hearing today. the judge set his bond at $1.5 million. he apparently will make it. he only has to post 10%. he will be out on the street today. it has an about extraordinary several days in chicago. david, you remember back to black friday where protesters successfully essentially shut down the magnificent mile. it is interesting times to say the least in chicago. david: it is indeed.
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jeff, thank you very much. glad you're there. melissa? melissa: hillary clinton's list of campaign promises getting longer and unfortunately a whole lot more expensive. the democratic frontrunner's latest $275 billion infrastructure plan, brings her total government spending to one trillion dollars. she says that middle class taxpayers will not be paying for her spending spree. here to weigh in, art laffer, former reagan economic advisor, laugher associates and founder and chairman. time to check the math on some of these things. let's start with the big one how we pay for the whole entire thing and start with the details [laughter] >> it is great. melissa: editorial board said vow not to raise taxes on anyone worth more than quarter of a billion dollars by taxing wealthy is not mathematically possible. it is implausible they say. >> they're correct but let me just if i can, there is a
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principle here, melissa, if i may. whenever you redistribute income, take from people who have more and give to people who have less, by taking from people you have more, you provide them with disincentive and they produce less. by giving people who have less, you provide them with alternative source of income so they also produce less. the theorem here is math. it is not republican or democrat or liberal or conservative, left-wing or right-wing, it is math. when you redistribute income you reduce total income of the more you redistribute the further you reduce total income. when you finally get to a hillary world where you have total redistribution of income, it will only come when there is zero income. everybody will be equal making nothing. these -- melissa: we'll be laying around eating fruit until it is all gone. nobody is working -- so logical. i just don't know how people don't understand the basics of it. >> they should. melissa: let's drill down on some details. she wants to spend $6,509,000,000,000 on --
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$650 billion. 350 billion, on college thing. even federal reserve bank of new york, impartial, federal reserve bank of new york, just math, for every dollar you give to support federal loans, to help people pay tuition, the cost has gone up 65 cents. >> i know. whenever you do something like that, all you're doing is asking colleges -- melissa: inflate the price. >> of course you're doing that. that is exactly what happens. the one thing we found, when states dues income tax, one thing that happens, civil service pay goes up. nothing else improves. the schools don't improve. nothing else improves. that's what happens. this is just another classic example of this. melissa: what is wrong with paying for infrastructure? we always see stories how our bridges and roads are crumbling. it puts people to work. builds the nation, great for everybody. it is a win-win. why not. >> it is not a win-win. great to do infrastructure given government spending where it should be spent. should not be spent on paying
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people not to work. should not be spent giving free education. should not be spent on all these awful things they're doing all over the place. it should be put on increasing productivity in the u.s. infrastructure, roads, way ways, bridges, all is the best form of spending but frankly we can't afford that now. you have to cut back on lots of other spending to be able to ford that types of infrastructure. melissa: not only that, last time around, you check for the money set aside, it never gets spent. shovel-ready jobs, it got skief foned elsewhere. >>offs. that is always what it does. hillary is the worst example professing silly economics. she has no respect for her voters. she should know better than to do this stuff with people. sorry, melissa -- melissa: we got to go. >> you're great. thank you, melissa. say hello to david for me. melissa: he is right here. david: we've got breaking news. the state department just releasing nearly 8,000 pages of emails from hillary clinton.
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our own peter barnes in washington, d.c. where he has read every single word of those 8,000 pages in just the past three minutes. go ahead, peter. reporter: just starting, david. want to give you highlights. 5100 new private emails, over 7800 pages covering president clinton's time as secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. this time around the state department retroactively redacted 329 of them because they are now judged to have contained classified, secret information that should have been classified at the time these emails were sent under state department rules. now here's one effort mail, a couple quick searches here for key words. here is one on iran from may of 2010 which was about the time that the administration and she, were involved in secret talks with iran on a possible nuclear deal. and here is another one about a conversation with israeli prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu and as we've reported before, any email involving conversations with a head of state or a high-ranking official is automatically deemed classified because of the nature of the call. this one now classified in hindsight by the state department. david, we'll keep plowing through these. david: iranian nukes, who wouldn't think that was classified? iranian nukes? you know. anyway, boggles the mind. peter, thank you very much. reporter: okay. david: politics now, not backing down, donald trump insisting he was right and has no plans to take back his controversial comments about what happened on 9/11. melissa: busiest day of the year for amazon, going inside of the world's biggest retailer. do you know where your packages are? i'm looking for my packages. i'm missing a few right now. david: i'm tracking them. end of an era. basketball fans saying good-bye to one of the greatest players of all time.
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david: we have breaking news. new york assemblyman speaker sheldon silverman was found guilty on all seven counts. served two decades as assembly speaker. one of new york's most powerful positions before he resigned in january. preet bharara was u.s. attorney who prosecuted. he said today sheldon silver got justice and at least so did the people of new york. melissa: cyber monday expected to be one for record books. amazon showing off new delivery drones ahead of holiday season. joining me with details, fox business's jo ling kent at
4:19 pm
amazon fulfillment center in new jersey. jo? reporter: right now i want to show you packages on the conveyor belt. these are all destined for a truck. amazon says in the future it wants to put them on drones, fly them to you in your backyard and land them and take packages of about five pounds or less. but for today, amazon already setting some pretty impressive records. more than 500 orders per second, melissa, are being processed right now on cyber monday. amazon is poised to have its best cyber monday in history. and as it continues to compete, it is facing new challenges from google shopping, from target, despite their delays today. of course walmart which sin vesting billions of dollars in its e-commerce. what is surprising in the fulfillment center, we're looking at 14 miles of conveyor belt. that red like you're looking at there, that is scanning all the packages to sort them. then they go directly on to the
4:20 pm
trucks to be delivered all across the country. arizona, pennsylvania, right here in new jersey. it's a big day for amazon. we'll see how it stacks up. we do know retail sales have been relatively weak. online sales eclipsing what we're seeing in your traditional brick-and-mortar stores. melissa. melissa: that is amazing. i had no idea they moved that fast. i'm pretty sure i saw my baby wipes go past you. >> i saw your name. melissa: perfect. david: keep that tracking number more people first time ever online than actual stores on black friday weekends. are all the online sales really worth it? join being jonathan hoenig, capitalist pig hedge fund founder and a retail analyst. i give you something very anecdotal. a lot of people went online said
4:21 pm
we couldn't find deals. the stuff we wanted, we couldn't find discounted on the web. we got discounted but all deals seem to be for stuff we don't want. >> right. david: is that just anecdotal or is there some evidence to back that up? >> no, that makes complete sense. national retail federation came out with a report that 57% of people went shopping prior to black friday. got most of the shopping done. most of it used by millenials using mobile payment systems like paypal. so they have been doing this for a while. makes sense a lot of inventories have been depleted. i spoke to ceo of google e-commerce, he says a lot of sales. black friday is not necessarily black friday anymore, like gray november, or gray november. the retailers have been spreading out deals the past couple weeks into november, early october, into november. so makes complete sense. inventories will be defleeted --
4:22 pm
pleated, people can't necessarily find them. david: jonathan, maybe there is hope for us all. >> i think that hope is fading this is transformation going on many years, from the wells fargo wagon, from the pony express to the sears roebuck catalog now to amazing line there. cyber monday has grown 50% in just the last three years. so the trend is very much intact. in fact you look at millennial, david, this is generation weren't born before the internet. 90% of them are choosing online options. david: jonathan, let me stick with you for a second. when you look all the data that comes in what happened over past four days, is there any stock or company that builds websites or something that appeals to you that you would invest in right now? >> well, david, unfortunately retail stocks are getting hit ahead of this holiday season. so they're among the very weakest. for retailers to really do something in my opinion, this is her bailiwick they will have to provide experience, whether
4:23 pm
celebrities, special event to get people out in the store because a door-buster isn't doing it anymore. david: she is i can shaking her head no. go ahead. >> i don't necessarily agree with that price retailers, tj maxx are doing incredibly well. part of the reason why, that inventory people may not find, david, like newest stuff, but the old stuff they're getting rid of it quickly and sell it quickly to the off-price retailers. what you will see everyone flocking to the tj maxxs and rosss of the world. that will translate into higher revenues next couple quarters. david: thank you very much. good stuff. appreciate it. >> thanks. melissa: the nanny state is back with a new strategy to get you to stop drinking so much soda. if it is successful it will cost you plenty. coming up what is ben carson doing campaigning in jordan of all places? why the presidential hopeful taking the race for the white house overseas. ♪
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>> adele is first artist to sell 250 million am bums -- 3 million albums in one week. her album, "25" is best-selling album. tom brady losing first game of season. calling it career. kobe bryant announcing that he will retire at the end of the season. five-time nba champion, two time mvp, two time olympic gold med todayist and 15-time all-star. i think he deserves a rest. david: that is nothing compared to "strange inheritance." two new episodes tonight. this time jamie colby heading to
4:28 pm
portland, oregon for hard-warming father and son story. this second generation architect inherit as house done by his famous father but tries to escape his shadow. >> i became international celebrity. >> do you remember your dad was special. >> i kind of picked that up when i was in college and he was the commencement speaker. i said, whoa. >> blessing and a curse? >> that's what i went through for who years. david: joining me now, jamie colby, host of "strange inheritance." first of all, that's a great soap opera. wonderful soap opera. a guy who is trying to get out of the shadow of his father but inherits the house designed by his father. >> in the end he embraces it. which i thought was a beautiful experience. there is reward that people will see tonight because one of the questions i asked tony whose father won a presidential medal of the arts, he designed julliard here in new york and hundreds of other buildings around the world, very famous.
4:29 pm
you see the house tony and his wife now live in, everything he did to escape his father's reputation he is now restoring the homes that his father became so famous for. in it i have asked him the last time he talked to his father. i do ask a lot of people, the heirs, when was last time you spoke to the person who loved you enough to leave you something so beautiful? he said it was in a letter. his dad was 94. peter wrote for first time in to his son that he was proud of him. he loved him. david: never said it before in 94 years? >> you have to watch it before, the episode what it meant for him to say in that time in that way. david: wow. >> for me to be in the room, sometimes i can't even believe it. the other very powerful episode, folks, you have seen roller coasters and dinosaurs and goofy fun stuff, these two episodes are so heartfelt, david, they have such meaning. holocaust survivor's daughter learns of his experience at auschwitz.
4:30 pm
makes it a mission through a diary she inherited with clues to find all the nazi looted art. wait until you see it. david: like the golden girl movie we saw. >> this is our "strange inheritance" version. two great new shows. thank you. david: we'll be watching. jamie colby. >> 9:00, david, call you to be sure. david: don't call me. put my phone on answering service. >> good one. david: meanwhile carly fiorina is firing back at the president's stance on global warming. she isn't the only one. melissa: germany's latest concern is not terrorists coming under the guise of refugees. it is threat of extremists at home. home. we'll be right back. ♪ our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat
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>> sadly hillary clinton and president obama are both delusional, when they say that our most pressing national security issue is climate change. it is not. it is isis. our most pressing national security challenge is isis followed very closely by iran and possibly russia. david: carly fiorina isn't the only one blasting president obama's priorities as he joins world leaders at the climate summit. the president may put climate issues one of the the top issues facing country, americans rank it as number seven with terrorism taking top spot. we have guy benson,, and michael balboni, former director of homeland security. michael, is it delusional?
4:35 pm
>> hard to imagine if you train your troops and have a tactical response to prevent a paris from happening that you have to consider climate change. literally, how do you resource against that? do you buy vests? do you buy weapons? what do you do against climate change. david: it is in paris. paris, two weeks ago, three weeks ago, was the site of the horrific attack. >> it is almost ironic that you will be talking about this. david: guy, could this hurt democrats chances? i know the president will be gone but hillary clinton is linked to the administration. could this hurt her chances of becoming president. >> i think it should. if american vote remembers watching, for example, the most recent democratic debate, where you had participants in that debate directly linking causal relationship, climate change and terrorism and isis while also refusing -- david: prince charles has done it too. >> i understand that. >> we all respect his foreign policy views. >> they draw the direct line
4:36 pm
which is ludicrous but we will not say the words, radical islam, that causes a lot of voters step back to wonder if those people are serious and capable of defending the country. david: michael, we want to take a little bit of a shift here. there is filmmaker, ari horowitz, a friend of the channel. he went between several trips between turkey and greece with immigrants, very dangerous trip. he brought a video camera. he spent time in refugee communities. while he was in turkey he spotted what he says were some isis recruiters. let's play the tape and get your reaction. >> while i was in turkey, ostensibly fighting with us to fight against isis, my fixer walking down the street. see that guy over there. that guy is isis. see that guy over there? david: among refugees? >> people recruiting refugees. david: interesting. they would take people off the boat and say we want you? >> essentially. david: this is a concern or should this be a concern? certainly more than climate change. >> absolutely, what you have is group of individuals looking for
4:37 pm
shelter and jobs, looking for something to get them in the community. they're approached, say, come to, not only preserve you and your phamly, but preserve your religion. come to this mosque. listen to us. get involved in our community the way we see the world. that is certainly radicalized view. the big problem, who is countering that. david: right. let me just ask though. ari horowitz, is not international member of interpol or anything like that. should there be people there, maybe incognito, police officials, international sources to track these people if they're out in the open? >> absolutely but it is not -- david: do you think there are? >> i think european community are struggling how to resource this to make sure they know who is coming across their shores. david: guy, there is deep concern of americans that they are already here. >> there is interesting story in the "wall street journal" suggesting that maybe the concern is not so much are there terrorists and isis members who are already in isis posing as refugees and entering the united states which is one concern but
4:38 pm
what about this group of, as you mentioned, huge displaced group of individuals, coming into western countries. david: right. >> going to seek out some familiarity at a mosque, then falling into the hands and falling prey to recruiters and radicals? david: in fairness to some people who worked with refugees and have for decades, they say the screening process in the united states is very thorough. that it takes two years. there are eye scanners and everything that they don't have in europe we have here. so the refugees coming into the united states are not as vulnerable as those now in europe? >> well i think that it's clear maybe people coming into the united states are less likely to be hardened isis members already. although again doing background checks on people coming out of a completely failed state that really doesn't exist, frankly, i think there are reasons to question how deep that vetting can possibly go realistically. but again if you're coming into western europe or united states, you've been ripped away from your homeland and coming to a
4:39 pm
new place. if you end up showing up at a mosque where you're feeling alienated and nervous you might be more vulnerable to being recruited. that is something obviously our homeland security folks need to watch. david: most americans feel more vulnerable to terrorism than they do to climate change at moment. only 3% of the americans put it at top of their list. michael, guy, appreciate it. melissa? melissa: donald trump doubling down on his claim that he saw thousands of muslims in new jersey cheering 9/11 attacks. i have a good memory he says. really you? decide. taking -- why the syrian refugees would rather be there than here in america. all that is next. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force.
4:40 pm
their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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4:43 pm
many people saw knit person. i've had hundreds of phone calls to the trump organization saying we saw it. it was dancing in the streets. i saw it at the time. i stick by it. hundreds of people have confirmed it. melissa: guy benson is back along with hadley heath manning from the independent women's forum. noelle nikpour a republican fund-raiser. let me start with you. this is the formula. ignore substance what he said. it is always about something that people are attacking veracity and trueness of it. he says it is not true and he says it is true. he says more outrageous things. he says something. the press goes crazy and talks about it. keeps him in front of the headlines of the his people go crazy in positive way even if it seems like he is wrong and everyone else thinks he is crazy, sort of serves everyone's purpose and makes whole thing bigger. what part of that am i wrong? where am i going wrong? >> melissa, i love you, that's fantastic. donald trump is political cowboy. this is what he does.
4:44 pm
he rides in on his horse and tells it like it is. he is like, hey, america, deal with it. fact check me, do whatever. he stands by it. this is donald trump. this is his brand. we know donald trump is this. you know, how many things has donald trump said in the past that were just off you know? melissa: right. >> hey, he is getting away with it. look, whatever he is doing is resonateing. people like the take no prisoners attitude. melissa: guy, it is still resonating this same trick we keep see it week after week. he does something outrageous would sink somebody else. instead gives him pr. his people love it. is it dwindling that effect or does it keep building on itself? >> doesn't hurt among his own supporters. melissa: that is what matters. >> that is what matters now. you have to win a republican primary. he has roughly 26, 27%.
4:45 pm
it has been very stable for a very long time regardless what he says. the question is, let's say he wins the nomination. say the polls are borne out and he moves on to the general election. as he has put forward this freak show of fake statements and personal insults over a span of months, his personal favorability ratings have plummeted among independents and democrats. the broader electorate that will actually choose our next president. it is not hurting him among his slice of the republican electorate. it has hurt him among the broader electorate. melissa: the other side of the argument is, it is just a numbers game. who can inspire their people to come out in greater numbers. you don't need a wide swath. you need your people to show up and be rabid. he is very good at that. is there a numbers game he wins general anyway because he whips his people into such a frenzy anyway, hadley. >> i agree with your analysis, melissa, about supporters and non-support is.
4:46 pm
people made you have their minds. basically a handful of states will elect the next president because of electoral college system. so national polls don't tell the whole story. i want to point out we spend every minute we're talking about the latest or next inflammatory remark we're not talking about public policy issues facing the country. that is unfortunate diversion. melissa: that hasn't worked. let's talk about policy for a second with ben carson. he went to jordan to meet with syrian refugees. let's listen to this. >> we're hearing they all want to come here to the united states. that is not what they want. they want to go back home. melissa: this is something, noelle, squarely on policy something we're talking about right now. he is a little late to the game. does this kind of tactic, is this more effective? >> well, i think what people are seeing what ben carson himself admitted to, he can learn. he has a great mind and he has
4:47 pm
an open mind and he can absorb knowledge and make decisions based on that. so what we're seeing, in my opinion, as a political strategist is a learning tour from ben carson. now, i will tell you one thing. i do appreciate, you know, his viewpoint on what he's seen and how he, you know, comes to his analogies. it's pretty much spot on. he is there the in field. he is getting feedback. he is not a politician which people like. so i feel like it's a pretty authentic opinion. melissa: hadley, is it about seeing someone who can learn or do we need someone who already knows to get into the white house? do we need a leader who decided on their opinions and decisive and knows what they're doing as opposed to someone learning on the go. >> certainly someone with knowledgeable opinion about the foreign policy issues facing the country will resonate better with the subset of public that cares about foreign policy
4:48 pm
issues and domestic economic issues will drive the next question. the syrian refugee crisis not only one of the more pressing issues facing united states but also our european allied nations. >> we have to go, guys, thank you so much. david: hillary clinton getting a megabillionaire boost. presidential candidate will campaign in omaha, december 16th with little help from somebody in omaha. deirdre bolton with details. >> you said it. hillary clinton is going to be in omaha, nebraska, december 16th. warren buffett is going to be there campaigning for her. so the two issues most likely to come up in conversation tax reform. that is a big one. minimum wage and income inequality in general. david, you know this warren buffett is worth something like $63 billion. he has famously said he considers it unfair less, lower income tax than his executive
4:49 pm
assistant which i'm sure she suggested he give her a raise. meantime he is in a different tax bracket. he pointed out that he is unfair. we know he proposed or actually president obama propose ad so-called "buffett rule." if you make over a million dollars a year, you would have to pay at least 30% in federal taxes. one area where warren buffett and hillary clinton do not see eye-to-eye is minimum wage. so we'll see if there is a little bit of discussion there, if that comes out to show some of the differences but income inequality and tax reform likely to be the two main subjects, david. david: income inequality from a megabillionaire. deirdre, see you at the top of the hour. "risk & reward." you don't want to miss it. see you then, deirdre. melissa: ronald reagan said the most terrifying words in the english language are, i'm from the government and i'm trying to help. david: ouch. melissa: how government busy bodies are trying to rage your fridge, for your own good of
4:50 pm
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let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ melissa: nancy state busybodies are using a new strategy to get you stop drinking soda at ballot boxes. they are trying to put soda taxes on the ballot in as many as dozen cities next year as chain restaurants in new york city must start putting warning labels on salty dishes that exceed recommended daily limit for salt. i can't even talk about, i'm so upset. joining me jonathan hoenig and hadley heath manning are back with us. let's start with the taxes, hadley. what kills me about this, so totally regressive. they say they're helping you out. billionaires like michael bloomberg out there putting for the these taxes that hit mostly lower-income people who consume more of the sugary soda and
4:54 pm
consumes a higher portion of their income. i mean, to upper class people, paying a little bit of tax on sugary soda, who notices? this really hurts people they usually want to help. >> you're absolutely right, these are regressive taxes. voters should think twice before raising tack e taxes on neighbors and themselves but they are costly and ineffective. they simply find calories elsewhere. they may drink less soda but drink more alcohol, for example. if we want our neighbors to be healthy, turn to personal responsibility in this area. forget about government regulations. >> jonathan, on heels of this, talking about putting salt content on menus. they had the calories on there. now they will go for salt. in classic fashion the feds will come out with their own salt guideline. that will not be for another year. they will force restaurant owners and people in new york to deal wit, do test, spend money and year from now they will do
4:55 pm
it again, federal guidelines will be different. government at its best. >> absolutely, melissa. it will be salt. it will be cholesterol. then types of fats. we already gotten rid of trans fats so, as you point out, every time government steps in interfere between legal trade between a consumer and supplier that costs everyone involved money. this is really about control. the ugly parentallism to say that the government knows how much of this particular soda or any type of product you should buy should outrage people. it is all about control. that is the whole thing especially obamacare and government control. he is writes the checks makes the rules. the fact that public pays for health care gives them good justification to raise prices on sugary drinks. melissa: hadley, i go back to the idea that the government knows what is good for my family better than i as mom in the household know what is good for my family. that seems like what is behind all of this and making money for them. >> that's right.
4:56 pm
occasionally the government will revise some of their guidance when it comes to dietary restrictions so it is unclear where they get the information or if that information is really up-to-date with the latest information about diet and medical needs for different people with different diets. we are individuals and having a one-size-fits-all standard is problematic. melissa: thank you very much. david. david: michael bloomberg was at the restaurant i saw. he asked for the salt shaker and pouring it on like there was no tomorrow. melissa: did you take a video and tweet it? david: i'm telling everybody now. melissa: that is what i would have done. david: black friday deal unlike no other. one company made 70 grand without selling a thing. melissa: hmmm.
4:57 pm
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melissa: a deal like no other, fifth for nothing, may sound ridiculous but teen made $71,000 for the deal, i don't
5:00 pm
understand this. david: company is splitting company among 17 employees each gets about 4 grand, several employees gave some to charity there is a sucker born every moment. melissa: that does it for us, "risk & reward" will explain. >> defiant that proves nothing will deter us, from building the futeuwe like for our children, what greater rejection, for those who would tear down our world that could marshals our -- than marshals our best efforts to save it. deirdre: terror suspect salah abdeslam is still on the run. this is "risk & reward," i am deirdre bolton. president obama said com combats climate change will prove to are but the el the terrorist effort


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