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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 30, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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reporter: i'll be watching. it's fantastic. jamie colby thanks for stopping by. thank you for stopping by on "risk and reward," "making money" with charles payne starts now. reporter: wall street not impressed with the markets look ahead. president obama talking about the vietnam war and martin luther king junior *. one gop candidate said the refugees don't want to come to america. the suspected planned parenthood shooter appeared in court today. will car joins us in aspen, colorado. reporter: today is the first
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time we have seen robert lewis dear. since authorities say he killed four people and shot nine others at a planned parenthood in colorado springs. he's represented by the same public defend more represented james holmes. there are reports he told investigators after his arrest, quote, no more baby parts. the judge read dear his rights. he will appear in court to be formally charged. the district attorney will decide whether dear will have to face the death penalty. swasey was shot and killed along
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with carr stuart and jennifer markovsky. all three were parents. if. charles: on the left you had a lot of people including the president of planned parenthood who didn't even wait for the capture of the gunman before spouting out about gop rhetoric. heather, it's been a while. we might was going to be politicized. i was filling in for neil cavuto. it was a delicate line you had to walk. since then it's blown up and there is a lot of finger pointing. >> the evidence pints to the idea that planned parenthood provides abortion and it has to do with the political
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environment all together. ultimately it's not going to matter from a legal perspective. he will be tried not for domestic terrorism, but for three first degree murder charges. domestic terrorism is something most these times of places want to have these crimes defined as. most of these cases will not be prosecuted under domestic terrorism because then you have to profit intent to -- you have to prove the intent to influence public policy. it gives more protection from the police when these events happen. charles: michael moore tweeted while the gop was warning us about isis, it's a white christian. michael moore says this is a terrorist act and it's the faulty of republicans. that's a threat for anyone but
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perhaps michael moore. >> there is a lot of political receipt -- a lot of political rhetoric. no one thinks shootings up a planned the parenthood he equates'. i think what we have here is hijacking a political issue. obviously emotions run high. this is a complex, emotional issue for many people. but if you try to astein collective guilt to people who oh imroirts point of view is cynical. charles: we had a police officer who was killed, an iraq vet that was shot when he went back in to try to help. i hope that's not lost.
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>> i agree, and i agree with heather whether this should be considered a domestic terrorism issue. it's not domestic terrorism. we have a nut case who decided to go into plan the parenthood. but the problem i have with all of this, friday when this thing was going down, immediately the president makes a statement pertaining to gun control. this isn't about gun control. this is about a mental health case. immediately the politicians want to jump on this subject and make it politically expedient for them. charles: i are was talking about this moment to moment as it occurred. they brought in armored vehicles to shield the people who were pinned down. you talk about an effort to demilitarize the police
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department. the trial started in the case of freddie gray in baltimore, we have unrest in chicago, we saw what happened in ferguson. what do you make of this notion that police should not have this equipment we have seen in action help to save lives? >> i think it's ridiculous. it's politicians making knee jerk reactions. we need this type of equipment to better police on the streets. look at the paris attacks and the weaponry those guise had when they attacked and killed 149 people. you can't tell me our law enforcement here in the united states should not be prepared to deal with the kind of weapons we saw in paris. the kind of weapons we had over there, trust me, we need to bring them over here. our law enforcement need to be
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better armed. charles: france has tough gun control laws yet these guys running around with guns used by military. the idea that strict gun control is the answer, it's not. maybe if one or two of those people in the planned parenthood building had a gun there might have been fewer deaths. >> this man should not have had access. there are a lot of unanswered questions. when people are jumping to conclusions without all the answers, over the course of a case you get discovery and time to discover more information. it would be easy to say so, but it's not the truth. >> apparently there have been 9 run-ins with the law. peeping toms.
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animal cruelty. his ex-wife said he's prone to anger. these people lurk among us. the idea to take guns from everyone to take guns from even the police to make them less effective boggles the mind. i think that's the wrong knee jerk reaction. >> many allegation surrounding him, i think he was a repeat criminal and this is what it escalated to. one of the thing that has not been responded to. the hero for who went in to respond to this shooting and i'm glad they have the tools to do that. charles: it's tragic but people tried to help other people and that's often lost in these kind of things.
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the state department releasing another batch of hillary's emails. the latest emails, 320 have been deemed classified. fox business' peter barnes in washington with the latest. reporter: 5,100 new private emails. this time around the statement department retroactively redacted 329 of them because they contained classified information that should not have been sent under department rules. here his one from 2010 on iran secret talks on the deal. here is another one secretary clinton had concerning a phone call with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. under department rules she said she knew about, any communication involving a head of state is automatically classified whether it's marked classified or not at the time.
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this one is not classified but it is interesting. it's from her daughter chelsea the night of the benghazi attacks in response to her mother's initial private emails. she wrote, i'm so sorry about the state department officer killed in libya and the ongoing precariousness. it's reminder how long it took modernism to take root in the u.s. charles: over 300 emails redacted, classified information. this doesn't look good. >> though i'm not so sure the american public cares as much as they used to. you talk about those email man joart of them have to do with foreign policy. i think it may serve her showing
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her per tease in that area. charles: i think the redacted emails speak to something. she is riding high in the democratic polls but the truth worthiness continue continues tt her. >> what happened in libya, publicly saying one thing and privately saying another. she has gotten herself into a pickle. foia officers holding on to classified materials. i think it's a political cache' 22 for her. charles * she also had trouble finding -- charles: she also had trouble finding the show "homeland." reports that the paris terrorist attacker is thought to be in
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charles: an intense two-week manhunt has been under way for salah abdeslam. investigators have been look for the belgium-born french national since attacks. reports have come through today that he has evaded western authorities again and he's back in syria. we have a former intel officer on the chancellor of the world
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of politics. even. it's not true, it's been over two weeks and we still don't have the supposed mastermind of those attacks. >> you may see more and more this. the individual escaping. there are two things going on. one is their ability to communicate with easily obtained highly encrypted communications, play station, for example. charles: how does that aid them getting through these dragnets. there were a lot of arrests. there was a scene in belgium. how do they continue to be one step ahead? >> it's not just playstations.
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there are a number of apps that can be used on phones. i think it depend on how many contacts he has. if he has a whole bunch of contacts and he find out it's easier to go north than south, having communications and not being alone on on the run is a big deal. also we are at second anniversary of the changes snowden brought about as a result of presidential directives passing after he committed what i would call his treason. under those circumstances, in presidential directive 28, we are supposed to treat even terrorists like this, have much like american citizens with their rights to privacy. you would see the united states used to provide lots of useful information on terrorists to foreign countries like belgium. it might be harder now because
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of snowden's treason. charles: you say the could be an inside job. >> the ambassador is right when you look at the high-tech. but also we have to look at the low tech human element. isis is well financed. if he's in syria, there had to be people along the way. there had to be somebody in my view on the inside that helped get him out. charles report inside of european intel operations? >> we have seen tonight world war ii and the cold war. people are emtbhind tell operations. if you think about world war ii, the french underground. what i'm talking about is people being embed and people being bought off to execute an escape. charles: what about that, ambassador.
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it's frightening if it's even plausible. >> when, i think that's a good point. isis has a lot of money. they had 150-200 take trucks lined up for months with a million dollars a day of money for them. they kept producing it and finally we got around to bombing the trucks after a year of fiddling around. isis is wealthy because of the oil. charles: the goal right now is to hold the climate temperature to 2 degree celsius. is climate change the greatest threat or a scheme for
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>> it's delusional for president obama and hillary clinton and anyone else to stay climate change our near-term most severe security threat. president obama continues to think somehow our behavior causes terrorism. so he says the climate change summit is a pourful rebuke. no, it's not. the terrorists don't care that we are gathering in paris other than it provides a target. charles: that was presidential candidate carly fiorina dismissing the idea that climate change is a major security threat. but 63% of americans think climate change is a serious proper lefnl and 36% think the government shut be doing more to address it.
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but the question is, does president obama have this priorities mixed up? again, if you believe that there is some danger of getting 1 degree warmer the next 100 years and sit would destroy all life on the planet it wouldn't be as urgent as what we are seeing with isis and america's direction with $18 trillion in debt. just a couple. >> here's what's urgent. the legacy of president obama is urgent in his mind. he can fight climate change. he doesn't know how to fight isis. if you are president obama which one would you put throughout as the biggest threat? obviously it's climate change. he's going to paris to try to reestablish himself as an
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important person on the world stage. he has been belittled by xi xi jinping and vladimir putin. charles: success see where people say the must be important. but when you talk about pry foartle, it's come on, give me a break. >> the number of americans that think this is a concern is on the decline. we are more interested in the economy. even if this is an idea where president obama thinks he can succeed in foreign policy, he's not being successful. killing xl ended up being a more car boyn -- ended up being a moe
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carbon intensive decision. three sheets of paper is the effect on ocean warming. >> sadly, his leadership comes down to having encouraged to the president of china to a goal of peaking emissions in 2030. charles: they can blow it out of the water but you have got to peak in 2030. he wants this so bad it's like the iran deal with the nuclear stuff. these small places demanding for money from the west. they are saying you want to us play ball, give us more, more, more. we started at $100 billion a year. where does this go from here?
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>> this is a potential wealth exchange. the pope has talked about this. president obama would rather have the united states interests take apart here which is what people do. we have cheap energy. that's what the united states has. and any real serious effort to diminish carbon fuels puts us at a disadvantage. charles: china, momentum. they will be part of that imf basket. donald trump got into a shouting match over the 9/11 claims on "meet the press." beale be right back. with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio.
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>> i stick by it. hundreds of people have confirmed it. >> this didn't happen in new jersey. there were plenty of records. >> it did happen in new jersey. i have hundreds of people who agree with me. >> because they agree with you don't make it true. you are running -- for president of the united states. your word matter. >> take it easy, chuck. i have a very good memory. i saw it somewhere on television many years aguy and never forgot
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it. charles: that was donald trump claiming he saw hundreds of moderate muslims cheering in knowledge rsh on 9/11. -- cheering in new jersey on 9/11. marc donald trump is not back down on his or any other claims. and chuck todd tried to take him to task. i think i would call eight technical draw. but many people feel like the media is being unfair to donald trump an doesn't let these things go by. >> we can have a reason be conversation. but you have to look at the back drop and the context. republican voters are delighted
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that donald trump is calling the media out because the media is made up of advocates for democrats. charles: tammy, i saw you earlier on fox news having a similar conversation. there is no doubt with the core followers, this only makes donald trump stronger. will he gain enough to win the overall election with this strategy? too we know his style. northern this is surprising. we need to get over that. i would have loved to have had that kind of passion from chuck todd and the republican candidates going after mr. trump going after obama in 2012. going after hillary. suddenly there is some passion.
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chuck todd sounded like a radio talk show host. but he's suppose to be a journalist. so this an interesting thing to watch unfold it is a kind of hysteria. it's unbecoming. everyone else is starting to look liking fools if they can't handle donald trump. charles: the republicans who aren't taking him on head-on are hanging in there pretty well. >> it looks foolish. they look like whiney little girls. charles: ben carson says syrian refugees aren't interested in coming to the united states. >> their main desire is to be repay the glad it their homelands. the reasons the camps are not full is because they are not
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support by the international community. the international community is saying how can we bring refugees here rather than how can we support a facility that's already in place that the refugees are finding perfectly fine when it's adequately funded. charles: turning this question upside down on its head. people saying if you leave them out there, let's bring them here because that's the american thing to do. >> it many the american thing to be compassionate. we can be the benevolent super power without bringing 10,000, 25,000, or whatever the number is, without bringing them to the u.s. isis said they will infiltrate that community. so it's irresponsible for to us bring them here. we can help them in the middle east. that's what dr. carson was
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saying it reaffirmed that we can help them. we know that isis said they will infiltrate that community. charles: on the left they are saying you have got 3.4 million syrianings are. syrianingmillion -- syrian refu. >> a krits christian nation has to protect itself first. the tor tore -- the story that y have a great vetting process is nonsense. the thing about carson, this is a deft move on his part. he says my leadership is informed by going there on the ground and finding out facts on my own. this puts a spotlight on the refugee crisis in a whole new
6:37 pm
way which is why don't wev ask them whether they want to come here. but we should not let them in because we cannot insure protect and safety of americans. charts chart r. charles: do you feel like this may be the spark or turn that he need to get back on track? >> dr. carson planned this trip over two months ago. so he did this in the same way he decided to go to the border because we are talking about immigration. he want to be on the ground. he want to be in that space and ask the tough questions of people involved. you have to understand the people who understand dr. carson, they know that he is a manga they arin they -- they a man gathering the information. many people will think it was
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steve rogers and ron wheeler are back with me. i don't know if the nsa's program has saved any lives or tracked anyone down. i would assume that it has. but it would cost the privacy. is it worth it? >> apparently president obama doesn't understand what the president of france understands. when you are at war the rules of engagement change. i understand the civil issues. but when you are at whatever got to use every tool possible to protect you're citizens. based on my experience i believe the nsa has saved lives, period. charles: here is the thing, though, people are saying, you know, we have this information, we have had a lot of information, go back to 9/11. the agencies have it but they don't share.
6:43 pm
even in paris one guy was a suspected terrorist, he had to check in weekly. he missed a few check-ins. it seems even with the information he slipped through our fingers which makes it a critical question what do we give up as individual if we are not going to use the information properly. >> my colleague steve rogers is 100% correct. when you are in a war you have to do those types of things that some people may look at as infringe upon their rights, their privacy. but until we get this thing under control, we'll have to change the rules for a period of time. the nsa surveillance program, it isn't like the nsa was listening to your phone call when you call
6:44 pm
your grandmother in oklahoma. they were listening to calls from yemen to the united states to pakistan and places like that. i think that's what they are supposed to do. charles: i think because president obama to your point doesn't take it seriously, it seems we have thought it as a police action instead of a war. >> that's right. rod is correct. who cares if grandma is talking to junior? charles: she may be telling him that secret recipe. >> connecting dots. phrases, words, that's what they need to connect dots and that's what you will get through this type of surveillance. charles: i have had mixed feel degrees on this but we have got to protect this country at this particular time. a wall street executive said
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and talk to unitedhealthcare about our plans, like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ charles: we know wall street can be a tough place to work. a former bank of america executive is speaking out. she said her dismissal was like quote a random act of violence. joining us, the host of "strange inheritance." but a random act of violence i feel is taking it too far. you can argue whether she was a scapegoat when they had to pick
6:49 pm
a lot of scape goats. but a random act of violence? reporter: that's not a term you throw around likely. as a lawyer you have to have the facts to back that up. the things that she is complaining about, i would say thank you, sally *. sally. and someone wouldn't accept her invitation on linkedn. she is trying to defend herself this is not the way to do it. women have harder time network than men. >> women are brilliant net workers. i was a partner of a squall street firm. it's a tough world. she ended up twice in very, very prominent positions at the long
6:50 pm
ends of a power struggle. it wasn't random. she could have lined up the personalities going forward and the importance of the businesses she ran and she could have forecast what was going to happen. my guess is at some level she probably knew that. random, no. violent, no. let's keep word like that that are trigger words for serious issues. charles: she walked away with a lot of cash. >> she said it felt like. she is entitled to her feeling. she has helped women and start sad women's investment firm. she has done a lot with what sounds like a bad deal. charles: but using words like that. we understand the power of words. she knew that that was going to hit really hard. does that action discourage young women from trying to
6:51 pm
follow her path? >> i don't think so. most young women are strong and confident and they won't be .discouraged by words like that. what disappoints me about her. i don't know her or her case, but i can tell you this, if you don't have an attitude of gratitude especially at the top you are not setting the example we want for young women. charles: i want you to tell us about "strange inheritance." reporter: depicting the love of a child and the love of a parent for each other. both of them happened late in life, but they are on a mission to preserve incredible legacy ofs. one of and famous architect and one of as auschwitz survivor. wins the die river one and the beautiful home of another. the diary you have to see to believe.
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charles: ... reporter: this more content on the web. i hope these two will share with others. the history lesson in each loofnt and legacy are outstanding. charles report idea of keeping -- charts keep --charleg something alive. reporter: did you hear from my mom today? you know how much flame means to me. my mom watches you religiously. hi, mom. charles: the new show starts tonight on the fox business network. senators john mccain and lindsey graham are urging congress to send troops to iraq.
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we'll be right back. . (0209fox555a.ecl)
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>> assad is a major cause of the officer. refugees, i can nos how urgent it is that wee i destroy isil. charles: senators john mccain, and lindsay gram, urging washington to send 20,000 troops to syria and iraq. united nations so far said more than 4. 3 people have left syria, '2300 have settled in the united states
6:57 pm
ambassador, a lot of folks are divided on this. some say troops on the ground would help many saying it would not, but it does feel like steady as she goes is not working. >> it is deja vu. senator mccain, and graham, urged a surge it worked. president obama decided to withdraw, completely, as a result, not that willing assad even though he said he crossed a red line, as a result of this approach that obama administration has we have started now to see something very much like the mess that
6:58 pm
existed when the surge was urged some years before. how many times do we have to go through this, before people realize, if you fight a war, you have to fight. >> fighting a war to win would be a novel thing. president obama had his surge. the need to get out responsibly, i call it retreating responsibly, it is too little to late to send in ground troops? >> this is end of 2015 for any plan to work, you have to have a commander in chief who cares, whose heart is in it, who is a warriors, if there is anything we know about barack obama, that is not it. i would be putting at risk the 20,000 troops. you don't want to relieve yourself in direction of mec
6:59 pm
-- mecca, the rules of engagement who it at risk. john mccain lost to this man, he will say what needs to happen, this is a insult, and highlights the problem. charles: waiting two years for the right new president to make this decision is a long time, a lot of bad things can happen between now and then with this plan. >> only exit strategy for american troops is body bags for goodness sakes, what about the young strong men, the refugees, they should be doing the fighting, the point is this, when we -- if, i hope we don't, but if we beat isis what do we do when we cam face-to-face with putin's army.
7:00 pm
>> and the iranians. >> massive bombing let the others take care of this. >> iranians and russians with boots on the ground now. charles: thank you very much. at home we love when you watch every night 6 p.m., tell your friends about the show, here he is, lou dobbs, keep it on fox business. lou: i am lou dobbs. president obama opening a summits of world leaders in paris, declaring that fighting climate change is in his opinion, the only way to fight terrorism, pledging billions of dollars for a climate deal. it is not clear where he will get that money, this is our president's way of conducting diplomacy without a paper trail, without a role for congress there is no treaty, nothing signed but our president's announcement that quote, an agreement has been reached. we take up this leadership at


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