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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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s&p 500 is above 2100. [closing bell rings] this is the first time in a month that it has gone up over a month. melissa, who would guess back in august or even september we would be at 2100 on s&p right now. melissa: crude oil is above 41 bucks. gold going higher today as well. david: gold is up, everything is up. a lot has to do what the fed said. the fact that bad news on economy means good news for the market. melissa: while markets wait for tomorrow here is everything you need to know right now. the u.s. military will send additional forces to fight isis in iraq. defense secretary ash carter said on the hill outlining white house new plan to defeat the terrorist group. blake burman is in d.c. with the latest. reporter: hi, there, melissa. defense secretary ash carter says additional u.s. forces will indeed be headed to iraq. testifying before the house armed services committee today, carter didn't not reveal exact number or kind of forces but did say this group could conduct
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raids and those missions could consist of entirely u.s. forces or even be mixed with local soldiers. >> being able to, when occasions arise and that really means intelligence fed, to conduct raids like that, you anywhere in the territory of syria and iraq, that's what we're talking about, a new way of achieving our objective there, one of several. there will be more. reporter: that announcement came after president obama defended his isis strategy in paris where he attended a global climate change summit. the president equated fighting isis to battling climate change saying issue is the pace but we will eventually prevail. the president said the challenge will last quite some time. >> isil is going to continue to be a deadly organization because of its social media, resources it has and the networks of experienced fighters that it
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possesses. it will continue to be a serious threat for some time to come. reporter: as far as the new forces to iraq, that would be on top of the roughly 50 special operations forces that are being dedicated to syria as well. melissa, david? melissa: blake, thank you so much for that report. david. david: hillary clinton seems to be flip-flopping whether or not to put boots on the ground to fight isis. just a few weeks after she urged congress to approve the use of military force against the terror group she said this. >> i agree with the president's point that we're not putting american combat troops into syria or iraq. we are not going to do that. this -- >> under no circumstances would you not do that? >> well, at this point i can not conceive of any circumstance where i would agree to do that? david: joining me retired lieutenant colonel james carafano, heritage vice president of foreign and defense policy. colonel, forget the contradiction for a moment. let's deal with the fact what she said.
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aren't there already boots on the ground in iraq? >> yeah. it is coined of one of these meaningless statements. we have forces that are actually even the president acknowledges actually, could actually come under fire. we've got troops there providing logistics and training, everything else. the notion somehow we don't have a full commitment in iraq is, i think, it's arguing, one of straw men arguments which is kind of meaningless. david: the key question how do you defeat isis if you're serious about the goal of defeating isis? are there enough troops now there to do the job between the trainers and special forces? >> yeah, well the answer, that's pretty easy, the answer is absolutely not and the announcement from the secretary of defense, this is like saying we show up at a five-alarm fire and one guy there with one fire hose and the guy says, okay, bring me another guy with a fire hose. it may have some tactical
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impact, in terms of effect, listen, these are guys that control a third of a country, several million people and hundreds of millions of dollars of assets and you have got 50 guys, well we'll add more guys. does anybody credibly think that materially defeat isis? david: let me just repeat for you the words of hillary clinton. i can not conceive of any circumstances where i would agree to put combat troops back into iraq or syria. that's taking something off the table for a commander-in-chief. that is not a smart thing to do, is it? >> no. as a matter of fact, look, even if this president is not going to do anything different. even if the next president came in on day one acknowledged america is at war, isis is a threat to us, we'll take care of it, it might take them months or even a year to put something together. so what we've already told isis, today is, look, worst-case scenario, we're not coming after
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you for like two years. so if you're the head of isis and you have a country and millions of people and you've got two years before you even have to think about fearing americans striking back in serious way, what would you do? david: well there's one exception to your rule that you just laid out. if isis mounted some kind of a paris-style attack here in the united states, i bet all these politicians would change their tune, don't you? >> well i think there's other scenarios as well. let's say jordan destablizes and falls apart. this is a country with 50% refugees now. let's say iraq, baghdad falls. you know, let's say iran invades iraq, i think there are a lot of scenarios which -- this is argument why we have to care about this. if you have a terrorist state in the middle of the middle east, that can very likely lead to expanding regional wars. and it will be a base of transnational terrorism. i can't conceive with this, you're literally playing with
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fire, giving kids matches, telling them to play in the basement, and say i can't conceive of where there might be a need for this, after paris? that is utterly questionable assessment. david: colonel james carafano. thank you very much. melissa? melissa: on the same topic we're now hearing that approximately 200 special operation forces, including intelligence personnel, pilots to position them, mechanics to maintain their aircraft, a quick reaction force and other support personnel inned a is did will be headed to iraq in the next few weeks. this is according to ash carter. david. david: well the state department has released nearly 8,000 pages of hillary clinton's emails while she was secretary of state. the largest batch to today, over 300 of those emails, contain now classified information. here all the details fox news's ed henry. anything stick out to you per using these emails? reporter: david, you and i were talking off the air about some
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emails in iran and they are included in some of these emails that are now classified. let me explain why. in this new batch as you say, nearly 8,000 pages, there is at least 328 the state department says now been deemed to have classified information. what does that mean big picture? there has been a series of these document dumps and we have now reached 999 clinton emails that had some kind of classified information in them. why is that significant? go back to march when hillary clinton, this whole story started, she had the press conference at the u.n., she said there was no classified information at all on her server that she sent or received. obviously her argument has been it was not marked classified when sent or received. various intelligence experts said, no, no, this was sensitive information. she should have known, whether it was marked or not doesn't matter. all to is being investigated by the fbi, on the iran matter, very sensitive iran nuclear deal, all kind of details and what not, there are some emails i wept through where the subject
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is iran and they're just completely blacked out now. so what she and her aides were sending back and forth about iran now being many months and years later, being blacked out, redacted, suggests they were talking about very sensitive information in real time that was going over that private server. we heard before experts saying russians, chinese, north koreans, all trying to hack that server. this is the again subject of that fbi investigation and why it is so important and overshadowing that campaign. david: why one would think the secretary of state would know information about iranians nuclear program would be classified coming over a private server. that is no good. ed henry, thank you very much. melissa? melissa: donald trump's remarks never fail to be scrutinized by media spotlight but what about hillary clinton's actions? as ed said she made claims that she had no classified e-mails, none, zip. after over 1000 emails have been
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found the media has no further questions. joining me howard kurtz, "mediabuzz" host and fox news analyst. you had great argument how they treat this differently and every single thing on trump is sliced and diced. why do you think there is different treatment? is this is about bias or something more at work? >> one of the factors the hillary clinton email has been with us a few months. originally broken by the new york times t take as bigger bombshell to make front page or top of the newscast story. a lot of people writing about lighter stuff in this latest document dump. she couldn't figure out what channel "homeland" was on her cable system. one interesting exchange from benghazi after her famous testimony, what difference at this point does it make, only one of other advisors mark penn said that wouldn't play well with the public. everyone in hillary land was saying she did a great job. we are have known she sent a lot
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of emails from the home server which turned out to be classified. there is nothing that makes for a bombshell allegation for media right now. melissa: that's part of it. the thing really interesting, almost doesn't seem like being proven a liar matters anymore in politics. even if you take it one step further. because you look at donald trump, and a lot of things media pressed him on, pressed him on he seems to have said that were not true. then hillary clinton, she lied about the emails, she lied about benghazi, lied about taking fire coming into bosnia, it doesn't seem like it hurts you any longer. is that possible? >> no. i think that hillary clinton has paid a cost on benghazi. i mean thousands and thousands of stories have been written about it. particularly something we've known for a couple years, that was reinforced when she had the 11-hour appearance before the congressional committee about the way in which she was describing the impetus for the attack in libya one way while privately telling chelsea and
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others that it was not had nothing to do with video. melissa: are voters paying attention to that? seems like they sort of accept she lies on regular basis and that's fine. same thing on both sides. to be totally fair and balanced trump's people don't seem to mind when he exaggerates at very least as well. >> when the media accused donald trump of getting his facts wrong or not telling the truth, his fans love him even more because they don't trust the media. melissa: right. >> in the case of hillary this is baked into the cake with her low honesty numbers and face it the democratic campaign is over in most people's opinion and her chief opponent bernie sanders famously said he doesn't care about her damn emails. you don't have opposition keeping it alive as a story. so it tends to be more incremental. it is a complicated story as well as you point out, melissa. melissa: howard, lots of stuff to keep you busy for sure. thanks for coming on. david: we have something to keep us busy, breaking news.
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some good news. facebook ceo founder mark zuckerberg and his wife priscilla had a baby girl and her name is max. this is put up on facebook moments ago. they have written a letter to their baby and hopes for her generation. all posted of course on his facebook page. melissa: would have to be. there you go. congratulations to them. david: congratulations. meanwhile government waste is alive and well. wait until you hear some of the crazy things your tax dollars are being used for. details of a new report coming up. melissa: ted cruz says overwhelming majority of violent criminals have one thing in common, they're democrats. they will weigh in on that. and unpack it. good luck with that one. david: saudi arabia looking to steal a title away from dubai. that's a hint right there. ♪ on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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melissa: a portion of bulgaria's airport in capital of sophia, remains closed after they received word explosives were in a van parked outside. police are checking bags found inside after van. no explosives were found so far. david: pipe bomb exploded on overpass near a istanbul metro station. five people were hurt. some train operations were halted at height of evening rush hour. security increased in europe's largest city. we'll bring updates on that. melissa: authorities arrested three men in italy and one in kosovo, all suspected to be part after terrorist cell. this is according to italian police. they are reported to have made threats against pope francis and
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inciting racial hatred. david: here are a few stories on our radar. puerto rico avoid ad default on government debt by making a bond payment but warned of future defaults. the governor had this to say to the senate judiciary committee. >> why starting today the commonwealth of puerto rico will have to claw back revenues pledged to certain bond issues in order to maintain essential public services. we have taken this difficult step in the hope that congress will act soon but let us be clear. we have no cash left. david: sounds like it is broke. the commonwealth faces its next debt deadline january 1st. back here chicago's police chief was fired today following days of protests over release of dash-cam video of a white police officer shooting and killing a
4:18 pm
black teenager. the officer faces first-degree murder charges in the death of laquan mcdonald. what could be the world's tallest building is scheduled to open in 2018 in saudi arabia, after $1.2 billion in funding was secured. the kingdom tower as it is called will reach over 3200 feet. it will have more than 200 floors. the world's tallest building currently is in dubai. but this would exceed it. melissa: wow, a little scary i think. coming up why those delicious salty french fries will come with a warning label that no one will read at least in new york. the latest big government nanny state effort to keep you healthy as if you didn't know salt was not great for you. and the country's largest police union is asking the nfl to allow concealed handguns at stadiums but is mixing beer and firearms a good idea? or could it keep you safer? we'll see. that's next. you total your brand new car.
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jo -- melissa: breaking news, chipolte pulling sandwiches from stores. they are being pulled from nevada, colorado. no report of illnesses so far, starbucks is pulling sandwiches from the store. david: wake of paris attacks in nation, nation's largest police union, is asking nfl to reconsider gun policies. roger goodell, said national fraternal order of police asking league to make exceptions on ban of carrying guns for retired law enforcement officers assuming they hold valid permits for concealed weapons. joining us former nyc police commissioner howard safir.
4:23 pm
commissioner what do you think of this. >> not a good idea. unless they have been trained and unless they have been coordinated unless they go exactly what they are going to do they become more of a danger than a help. david: this letter was written by chuck can't ture bury, president of the from personal order of police quite a few years, since 2003. he represents 200,000 companies. he has a lot of pull on his side. >> well intentioned. more guns he is thinking make a better tactical response of the it is just not true. now if these officers trained with security and police, at these stadiums, there is technology where you could identify where they are very quickly with high resolution cameras, but, probably unlikely. david: now, commissioner, after what happened in paris, i can't tell you how many people i talk to said, if only one of the people in the concert hall, for example, 89 people were killed, just one of them was licensed to carry a concealed weapon, they could have shot people, shot the
4:24 pm
shooters, prevented maybe dozens of deaths. >> unless they're trained, unless they're great marksmen, a handgun against a ak-47 is not very effective. i understand the intent is all good intensions but it should be left to the professionals. david: if there is a paris, god forbid, there is a paris-style attack at stadium here would opinions change on this issue? >> they could but i doubt it. i have nothing against people carrying weapons that are licensed and who are properly trained. if you're in mcdonald's or restaurant somewhere, somebody comes in with a gun you might have a positive effect. a trained terrorist group with automatic weapons, highly unlikely. david: but it is bitter than nothing, is it not. >> sometimes it is not. it is worse sometimes than not having one at all, you could end up injuring people that are trying to help you. david: commissioner howard safir, thanks for coming in. >> good to be with you. david: melissa? melissa: i want to know how the government is spending your hard-earned money?
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be careful what you wish for. you will not like the answers. montel williams says america's future is not so bright and donald trump has something to do with it. our panel is going to weigh in. ♪ i accept i'm not the rower i used to be.. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i will. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. that really mattered to me. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke.
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melissa: so you may have shopped till you dropped this black friday and cyber monday but the government is splurging all year long with your money. yea. according to senator james lankford's new report of
4:29 pm
questionable government expenditures this year, taxpayers paid $42 million for a natural gas station in afghanistan whereby the way they have no natural gas. 375,000 for a study of senior citizens dating habits. that is just the beginning. here to weigh in, liz macdonald, dan henninger of "wall street journal," jessica tarloff. emac, give me run-down on some of the other good one. >> the other good ones, well the $40 million tax credit for donald trump to build a lucks suri hotel in washington, d.c., historic tax credit, renovating old post office building down there, some are complain about that. melissa: that's nice. >> solar panels for a brewery. melissa: nice. >> money to study heiress tore race conference in miami. melissa: important. >> and tobacco use in russia. deficit spending is still defying laws of gravity but this is increasingly opportunistic spending. sort of like beltway henhouse
4:30 pm
echo chamber if one politician gets it the other one wants it. melissa: yeah. >> that seems to be going on still in washington, d.c. melissa: dan, we look at this list every year. we have a good time with it. i kind of weep afterwards and nothing changes. >> i have a modest proposal. melissa: okay. >> i've said this before. senator lankford came up with $105 billion in spending. why don't we give every member of congress $10 million in mad money. they can do whatever they want with it. wouldn't add up to $5 billion put hard caps on discretionary spending an controls on entitlements spending. they could take 10 million and play wit for all of these crazy things. melissa: i like that idea. what do you think, jessica. >> i don't hate it yet. give me a few minutes. i'm sure i will come up with a reason. entitlements, we're paying social security to dead people. that is going bankrupt. we really need to address that. a few things in it "washington free beacon" didn't like i think are interesting. we spent 1.2 million to build
4:31 pm
robots to help the elderly get dressed. that i think actually could end up paying dividends for us. don't have to have personal care with everyone living so long. melissa: isn't the problem though, when you have the people spending money so far away from people making it inevitably you don't make the sane decisions? >> that's a good point. d.c. still think it is a boom time. melissa: or their money. they didn't earn it. >> they to hallucinate into reality all sorts of pork-barrel spending projects. other thing, jessica brings up a good point, spending social security money, sending it to dead people, there is now legislation that says, stop spending money, losing money on dead people. melissa: we need a law about that? it wasn't already illegal to send dead people social security money. >> that's a really good question. it has to be illegal. if it isn't, they should be arrested for not making it illegal. one of the biggest things in there is indeed collapse of obamacare co-ops. those costs and fact we've been
4:32 pm
reporting for several weeks now. melissa: yeah. >> you bring up a good point, melissa, like, ready, fire, aim spending in washington, right? still so haphazard. we thought it would go away when they got rid of pork barrel earmarks. it hasn't stopped. melissa: jessica, this is the problem with so much being done at federal level. they're so far away from where the money came from, it is not their money anyway. they don't produce anything. they just take a piece of what everybody else has earned. this is the problem with big government. the money is just not spent wisely. it can't be. >> no doubt we could cut back on size of bureaucracy. it would-be hoof the administration or new administration to say, everybody, i want itemized list what is really going on here. if you need to create a task force for it, fine. have someone look at chickens we have running on treadmills or how many dead people are getting social security. melissa: that is what this is. >> it has become a joke to certain extent. coburn used to get up and talk about it, everyone couple days we would discuss it but nobody
4:33 pm
remembers. >> democrats and -- >> not just democrats. >> hang on. they want to always raise taxes without cutting spending. that is the point. melissa: absolutely. and that government is a joke in general. >> i don't think it's a joke. i could cut a little. >> we're having a good laugh, anyway. melissa: david. david: auto sales are set to post best sales numbers in november in 14 years. one major driver, strong suv sales. demand is so strong, many dealers are facing shortages of most popular models. this as president obama is meeting in paris with world leaders to tackle what our country's biggest threat is climate change. is it possible suv-loving americans don't really share his concern? joining me, gary gastelu, automotive editor. i think it is very simple, gary. maybe i'm wrong, but while gas is cheap people like suvs, they don't pay a lot for gas and feel safer in these cars, is that about right?
4:34 pm
>> feel safer, more room and get better fuel economy than a couple years ago. it is not just americans. suv and crossover sales were up 20% in europe where this climate change conference is taking place. americans don't deserve the bland for this if there is blame to go around. david: the president wants everybody to buy electric cars. he hates gas guzzlers even though they get good mileage. they get a big subsidy, that goes to rich people who buy expensive electric cars. americans are still not buying. >> they will have the co2 targets. you have to make a good deal for people to buy them. incentives will have to be there for years. david: are you suggesting that while gas is cheap and people are clearly buying suvs and they're not, the electric cars are not moving off the lots at all, should we continue with these subsidies or is it time to get rid of them? >> incentives have to be there.
4:35 pm
listen, not just financial subsidies, hov access, things like that. the reason tesla sells so well because it's a fast sports car. if it putted around like a economy car no one would buy it. that is what most of the electric cars do. people like tesla because -- david: be clear about it, gary. millionaires like tesla. the cheapest ones cost $80,000. most people can't afford to buy one. think prefer to buy sv for 30,000. get much bigger car, pay minimal charge for gas. >> exactly. that's what they're doing. more people are doing that for sure. sales in the u.s., up 15% this year for suvs. pickup seas are up as well. and car companies can not make enough of them. david: gary, good to see you. thank you very much. appreciate it. melissa: in ironic twist climate talks in paris will be responsible for emitting 300 tons of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. makes perfect sense.
4:36 pm
"wired" magazine crunched numbers and carbon here is the math in case you want to follow it. around 50,000 people are in attendance coming as far as away as new zealand. average distance per traveler is 9,000 miles round-trip. most traveling in planes. boeing47 flown at capacity gets about 16 1/2 miles per gallon of jet fuel. so that works out to be 27 million gallons. each gallon of fuel released 21 pounds of carbon monoxide which takes you to about 575 pounds or 300 tons if you just go ahead and round up. david: unbelievable. melissa: amazing. rumors out on the next apple iphone and it is thinner than ever but the slim change could cost you extra in phone accessories. we have the details on that coming up. david: plus senator ted cruz connecting one party to most violent crime. our panel weighs in next. >> here's the simple and undeniable fact.
4:37 pm
the overwhelming majority of violent criminals are democrats ♪ ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ [ birds squawking ] my mom makes airplane engines that can talk. [ birds squawking ] ♪
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david: democrats and violent criminals. senator cruz says there is a link. >> here is the simple and undeniable fact. overwhelming majority of violent criminals are democrats. media doesn't report that. they go in and fight to give the right to vote to convicted felons why? because the democrats know convicted felons tend to vote democrat and so the media never reports on any of that. doesn't want to admit any of that. david: joining me now, julie roginsky, former political advisor to senator frank lautenberg and fox news contributor. dan henninger is back with us as well. dan, is he right? >> well, democrats are soft on crime because they want felons to vote for them and media is
4:41 pm
soft on democrats as well, i think he is probably right on that. but look, these republicans are out there at the moment, because of donald trump trying to prove who is the angriest conservative and ted cruz scored a lot of points in that cnbc debate going after the media. remember that? so i think he is going back to the media well again. there is some truth but trying to build up support out there. david: julie, i hold in my hands a article from none other than "mother jones" magazine. into the right-wing -- >> i'm happy you read "mother jones." david: particularly when it agrees with ted cruz. says the obama administration wants 6 billion americans to get back their right to vote, 6 million americans, could conceivably fall into this category that ted cruz is talking about, that would vote democratic if they were given right to vote. >> i don't know how they vote, right? much like donald trump -- david: democrats push to give them the vote so they would be grateful to get the point. >> you know who is great on criminal justice reform.
4:42 pm
here i am about to compliment a republican. rand paul has been a leader on criminal justice reform. for all i know they register libertarian. david: that would be interesting. >> vote for rand paul of president. media is covering this up, same way media covering up thousands of muslims protesting jersey city in 9/11 of the doesn't exist. david: watch "o'reilly factor.." o'reilly producers are hot on the job whether trump is right or whether modicum of truth there. dan, ted cruz also made the point media is always trying to pin violent crime on republicans. there are a number of prominent examples. there was the sarah palin was blamed for the guy who shot congresswoman gabby giffords, remember that? colorado movie killer james holmes. abc's brian ross claimed that was tea party guy and he didn't do his homework and it wasn't. what do you think of his charge there, does it stick? >> he was talking about the planned parenthood shooting out here in colorado springs. yeah, there is something to that they try to base these people in
4:43 pm
right-wing extremism survivalists and all the rest of that crazy stuff whereas, they sort of do not attach criminals on the street to the democratic party. so, i think ted cruz kind of had a point there. >> wait, it is ted cruz himself who said that the shooter in colorado springs, i quote, transgendered leftist. that is coming from ted cruz. david: we're talking about the media. he is talking about the media of the does the media have tendency to pin violent crimes on republicans? >> i'm last person in the world would blame sarah palin what happened to gabby giffords. fib who did is wrong and colorado shooting with james holmes. when a presidential candidate said transagainerred leftist. david: he did register as woman, you know that. who knows why. he did. >> who knows why. blaming this on tran againsterred community is little insane for ted cruz. david: but the media deserves some blame for that? >> the media, for ted cruz, no.
4:44 pm
david: picking on conservatives when they don't deserve to be picked on. >> they're always trying to say it is about guns, david. issue is gun control. we know the media supports gun control. therefore the republicans are against it. and they have to take some blame for this. ted cruz is entitled to push back that sort of typecasting. david: dan, julie, thank you very much. melissa? melissa: the iphone 6s, and 6s plus are bound to be popular gifts for the holiday season but speculation has already begun about one thing about the iphone 7, that will be missing. according to japanese blogs, apple will get rid of headphone jack standard on its phones and other devices for years. deirdre bolton joins us now. >> so you need a separate adapter, melissa. that is the bottom line. i don't know how many series of equipment you have gone through. i have a quite a few versions of ipads, iphones. i have all kinds of adapters.
4:45 pm
looks like the trend will continue. from the consumer angle there has been pushback. listen, even if i lose that little white cube i already have to go to apple store to pay $30. now i will have to have another whole set of equipment. you know, listen, just is testing the halo effect that we have come to know through apple. so, melissa, you said it. not for this version but looks extremely likely for iphone 7. melissa: no, sir much of a surprise. deirdre, we'll see you at the top. hour for "risk & reward." david. david: doesn't seem to hurt their sales. battle for the white house, why the 2016 race is driving one veteran who says business days of our lives might behind us. kylie jenner is breaking the internet. we'll tell you what that is about, coming up. if youthen you'll know howouth, uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva
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4:49 pm
david: whether on equal treat street or main street here who is making money today. record number of tickets last week, peace attended things gaving week in its history. today is giving tuesday. bill gates is teaming up with snapchat to join a party the bill and melinda gates foundation plans to donate $3 million, no, $3 for each use after decorative world aids banner on snapchat. the foundation will give as much as $3 million to combat aids. no one can keep up with this kardashian or any kardashian. kylie jenner released new lipstick line. when she announced product on social media, the website crash, but when it recovered the lipstick sold out in a minute. melissa they wanted me to do that. why, i don't know.
4:50 pm
melissa: definitely, no doubt. donald trump thinks he can make america great again but is he one of the reasons montel williams thinks the glory days are over? a veteran and host of the montel williams show wrote in his recent fox news op-ed, quote, make america great again, reads donald trump's slogan but the rhetoric i've been hearing past two weeks from my former party leads me to wonder for the first time in my adult life if america's best days are in fact behind us. here to weigh in brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. dan henninger back along with julie row grins ski. brad, i will let you take the first whack at this. how easy it is to tell us terrorists are those who look different than us, have different face, but truth often times they look like robert lewis dear, the mentally insane planned parenthood shooter. >> look our best days are ahead. look at our history. in 1776 we declare independence. takes us 11 years to get a
4:51 pm
government together. within 100 years we civil war. two world wars, civil war, korean war, america is tested all the time. debbie downers say america's best days are behind us. they're never behind us. as long as we stay together as country and stay principled, not one person that drives the country, our entire nation. i think montel is wrong. not even one vote is cast. i would say to montel, look the glass is always half full. melissa: he is watching at home. that is what he tweeted. tell him directly. >> i hope so. montel the best days are ahead of us. with your help and american people's help our best days will be better than forefathers. melissa: julie what do you think. >> montel, i hate to say this, i agree with brad and everything he just said. throughout our history people always said our best days are behind us. as brad said we had horrible dark days. just because there are people like donald trump in the world, doesn't mean there weren't people like donald trump in our history. there have been many times. father coughlin being one.
4:52 pm
we had them over and over. snort mccarthy being another. our days were not behind us thin. they are not behind us today and i fully agree with what brad just said. melissa: dan henninger, what he said we're tearing ourselves apart. watching what is going on the outside. in process of disagreeing what both the cause and solution is, we're attacking each other and it is an ugly time. he is concerned it will not turn around if i may paraphrase. i think that is the real point he is trying to get at. what do you think of that? >> he did raise that in his piece. i think there is something to that. i don't know whether montel would agree with this or not, wind the tape back to 2008, when a guy running for president named barack obama and running on the phrase, hope and change. and now seven years into his presidency, this has to be the most fractured united states has been in living memory. and it is indeed true that people are at each other's political throats. and they won't give any quarter whatsoever to one another. melissa: yeah.
4:53 pm
brad, you know he says the danger we fear from outsid jihadi terrorism, another september 11th is real but in my eyes far greater danger what we're doing to ourselves as nation. i wonder when you're confronted with something so ugly and so scary and terrifying as terror, there become as very open and fervent discussion about what we need to do differently in order to prevent this, stop it, first of all, to prevent it from happening again. in a lot of ways being very honest and not being pc and getting very critical may be part of having a real, honest dialogue how we got to this place no, brad? >> look, there is no question about it but on the other hand we can't sacrifice our principles because our enemy uses our humanity and our laws against us. we fight with one hand behind our back. that's for sure but that doesn't mean we're going to be defeated. if anything, it means we have to double down and make sure that we confront our enemies and look, this isn't a nation-state like there was in world war ii
4:54 pm
or world war i. this is guerrilla warfare, new set of rules we've been fighting since 2001 and america will prevail. we always prevail. the question is, who is going to be the next leader to take us there? just like ronald reagan did after the malaise of jimmy carter. it is going to be done. melissa: all right. thanks to all three of you. david. david: well you better watch out, uncle sam is coming to town and your french fries may never taste the same. >> the oh. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow! when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. melissa: don't say we didn't warn you today new york is first city to retire high salt warnings on menus. david: laura i think gel in the news -- ingel in the newsroom with latest. >> reporter: you may want to make sure you are not wolfing down an entire day's worth of
4:58 pm
sodium in one shot. that is the idea behind the warning system. diners will see black warning labels with a salt shaker icon next to the item with recommended daily minimum of sodium, roughly a teaspoon of salt, chains that don't comply run the risk a $200 fine each time a violation is logged. they hope it helps people eat healthier. >> many new yorkers are not aware of the connection between high pressure, and stroke and heart attack. >> reporter: national restaurant association, calls the new rules cumbersome, saying printing the new menus
4:59 pm
is a financial hardship. so far in this consumer reaction is mixed. >> more information, the better, we're so much more aware of what we're putting through our bodies these days. >> too much salt now, then too much pepper, then too much sil cilantro? it's too much. >> reporter: is too much cilantro bad for you? remember. >> back to you. melissa: thank you so much, amazing, assumption is you don't know what has a lot of salt, a lot of people really don't know that a lo of people don't know that salt is linked to high pressure, who did you not know that. david: you can see the
5:00 pm
president, right there between the two bouquets there is a salt and pepper shaker. melissa: that is it for us, "risk & reward" starts right no now. >> i don't think they are gaining strength. from the start, our goal has been first to contain. we have contained them. isil does not represent islam. they are a bunch of killers with good social media. what greater rejection for those who would tear down our world, than marshals our best efforts to save it. this is an economic and security imperative we have to tackle now. deirdre: this is latest on president obama's climate change vision. welcome to "risk & reward," i am deirdre bolton, here is the president on his counterterrorism strategy. >> we have to choke them off. we have to choke off how they make money.


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