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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 2, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EST

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that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. among our guests mayor bob scales. be with us, you don't want to miss it. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: hello, there. welcome aboard s.s. -- i'm watching another pile of flap jacks pile up as the state department releases another batch of hillary clinton scintillating emails. now what is left is the subtle nuances. she is an overly sensitive war hawk surrounded by people. when hillary clinton cracked her
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head hollywood heavyweight harvey weinstein couldn't get to her directly. so he offered movies for her to watch while she was convalescing. but it wouldn't have done any good because they found an -- an email from huma. it seems their sol sole sole jos to keep them secret. he writes near record-high favability numbers. that was a long time ago. he says she is a hard worker. and gracious person. the most important quality for a
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diplomat. chelsea uses a fake name diane reynolds. she also signed an email using her secret service code name energy. while the rest of her emotionally groveling staff, they talk into a banana and con if firm suspicions the cash grab weren't just the work of a master manipulator. she has just enough gas in the bag to turn our country into the hindenburg. liberals push for more gun control after the colorado
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shooting. while pair is is spinning, others are spinning out of control. he went to world traveler and now he's here, so are you. good choice, i'm kennedy. hello, the state department's latest release of hillary clinton's emails brings the number of classified emails to nearly 1,000. what does it say about her? catherine ward, the managing editor within richard fowler, host of the richard fowler show. and on his left, tom, the host
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of "red eye." to the left of richard fowler, even bernie sanders -- >> i'm not that far to the left. kennedy: we'll have a fantastic conversation. what was the best thing we learned from the batch of emails. >> she don't know how to use the tv dial. this a guide. she wants to know where "homeland" is. what i do as my guide, i alphabetize it. if you want to find fox news you go to "f" and find it. kennedy: i feel when i'm reading emails, it's like reading emails from my mom. i love my mom, and she should never ever, ever be president. so a thousand classified emails.
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don't give me the shenanigans malarkey how they were later classified. this information is born classified. how will we be able to trust her with this abuse of power as secretary of state. >> i wouldn't call it abuse of power. kennedy: of course you wouldn't, because you are a democrat. >> i think the american people are over her emails. look at the headlines. nobody is talking about the emails. people care about making sure ends meet. they care about making sure their kids get good christmas gifts. they don't care about hillary clinton's emails. kennedy: if she were a republican former secretary of state you would be saying something different here. but i would be saying the same thing. catherine, i think richard on so level is right. i don't think it's unimportant. i think it doesn't matter.
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>> they are objectively mostly uninteresting. hillary is her own anonymous. she is wicky leaking her own dumb stuff. everybody makes a big deal. then we find out she is confused about jewish foods and doesn't know how to use the tv guide. i agree hillary's emails are like this beautiful illustration of mommy. i could have received most those emails from my mom. but it mostly doesn't matter and the american public does recognize that to their credit. kennedy: the f.b.i. are the ones that matter. they are not looking to see if the emails are boring. they don't care about the 99.5% of the emails that are pointless and exhausting. they are worried about the fraction of 1% that may
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compromise national security. >> if the f.b.i. was going to indict her they would have don't already. to some extent, the people, one, they don't care, and i think it makes her more personable. she is a normal american. middle aged women can't use a tv guide. >> that's not a quality i look for in my president. >> do you think george bush could have found the guide? kennedy: dick cheney would have come over and shot the tv. that's where i don't like the. >> that's why i don't like the issue of competency. i think it's overdone. it's not that hard to be
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president. we talked about experience with obama. he's plenty experienced it's not the competency, it's what they do. obvious live she is qualified to do bad things. kennedy: it's the bad judgment and abuse of power. we know who runs the world. donald trump and chris christie are in a verbal shoving match over trump's claim thousands of muslims were cheering in new jersey after 9/11. >> it's wrong. it's factually wrong. everyone can determine if they think it's outrageous. in the context of donald, outray just is a high bar. kennedy: chris christie got some endorsements in new hampshire. when will people start caring about donald trump's half-truths.
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>> the donald supporters could care less. the more he makes up these crazy statement, the more they adore him. he had 100 pastors going to endorse him but he got more people to support him. he has played the media game better than any candidate in the field, including hillary clinton. >> he invented his own rules. but he told chris christie to be careful what he says. >> i think that's so often when you look at trump's tweets about someone else, they are kind of creepy. listen, christie you better watch out when you have say outrageous things. that could work the other way. i think christie should be thrilled. if trump is attacking christie that means christie is up.
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kennedy: if a then b, if b then a. am i right? >> trump is right. it's try that this doesn't hurt trump and it does hurt christie. when you say it's going -- when people try to criticize trump it never works. and i do agree. you made a good point that it's similar to hillary, i think people look at hillary's bumbling with the remote and they think she's a regular american and they look at trump and they say i remember the same things he did. it was a confusing time. it makes him seem more real. he's a regular guy. >> all the polls say he's going to be the nominee. he hard brass republican is don't worry, he's going to disappear. the more they say it, the more his poll numbers increase, and
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the more the likeable candidates go. >> if you find yourself looking to chris christie as a voice of reason. kennedy: coming up the panel returns. president obama says climate change may be the greatest threat to humanity and the world. is he forgetting one or two others? hillary clinton slamming down the gender card in her political ad. >> i hope you can help and save the earth and fight for world peace. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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kennedy: so romantic. president obama said climate change affects everything and is a looming economic and security threat that must be tackled now. should we maybe be a little more concerned with things like terrorism, global debt and 75 other issues? let's ask the party panel. they are back. catherine ward, and richard fowler. climate change is going to kill us all.
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is this a lame duck issue for the president? >> i think the climate change summit has become the new version of peace in the middle east. you get to the end of your presidency and think i should do something of lasting import. the obama focused on the climate change summit that will last for 14 days. he has given it his best shot and he says you guys were worried about terrorism? this is just as important. kennedy: climate change is long term, it could swallow us well. the oceans could rise and swallow ebb tire continents. >> in africa we are dealing with water short ands and droughts. i think terrorism is very important. kennedy: are we talking about ethiopia?
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that's one of the most drought-stricken countries in africa. tell me how many terrorist groups are in ethiopia. >> i'm not saying there is a direct correlation. drought is a problem we have to fix and terrorism is a problem. his defense secretary was on capitol hill talking about how they are going to take on isis. kennedy: they tried to scare us with ebola. >> the ebola hysteria was not the president. kennedy: that was the nih saying there would be 10 million cases of ebola in africa by march. but linking climate change with terrorism is like linking the flu epidemic with the housing bubble.
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they are both pretty bad. but i'm pretty sure they didn't have anything to do with one another. >> the droughts are causing people to move out of the rural areas into the cities. and climate change legislation closes factories leaving people to become unemployed and become terrorists. let the factories open. let them have their jobs and they won't become terrorists. kennedy: and they can go to truckstops and get h.i.v. but that's what obama is saying the climate change is causing terrorism. >> it's a lasting problem and we have to take on terror.
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>> is terror new snf course it's not new. and it's not a hotter-term problem. >> in copenhagen let's use experts and polls. it turns out people are far more concerned appropriately so about stuff like let's try to get clean water and cure disease. that's connecting -- kennedy: climate change is always last on the list. >> but it's always on the list because it's an issue that affects america. we have to take a break. but don't worry, you are coming back for me to slap around and i like the sound of that. hillary clinton is using little
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kids in her latest campaign ads. president obama and other liberals say shootings like planned parenthood don't happen in other countries.
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sure, tv has evolved over the years. it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger.
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it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. kennedy: president obama responded earlier today to last week's shooting at a planned parenthood shooting with this. >> this just doesn't happen in other countries. my hope is once again this spurs a conversation and action. local governments are going have to act to make sure that we are preventing people who are deranged or have violent tendencies from getting weapons that can magnify.
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kennedy: here to have that conversation about gun control is emily miller. the chief investigative report at fox 5 shais nbc and emily get your gun. let's talk about the first thing he said. this doesn't happen in other countries. sometimes that's the toughest issue to tackle for people who believe in gun rights. what do you say when that's the first thing gun control advocates tell you? >> can you imagine being one of the family members of the people shot in paris when the president of the united states comes to their city and says this doesn't happen in other countries when three people die in colorado? it was so insulting. of course, it happens in other
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countries. guns are in he country, there is violence in every country. it's insulting. if i were the french i would demand he apologize. kennedy: it was tone deaf and insensitive. you are right not enough time has gone by for the proper perspective on this terrorist attack. but he seems to default to his typical talking points to how there need to be more gun prohibition. literally you could cut and paste his press conferences together. if there were 10 of them they would say the same thing. it hasn't helped the conversation. he talks about the new normal. but he won't talk about the abnormal. he won't talk about psychological illness in this country and that would be a more appropriate discussion for him to have. >> i agree completely. if the president of the united
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states would be honest about violence. violence is not the one off psychotic guy in colorado. that's a one-off. that's a meantially ill with a long history of hitting his wife and he's psychotic. that's an easy one to jump on. but what's hard for him to deal with is the majority of the people killed by gunfire, they are inner city. i deal with this on a day-to-day basis. i never see the president talk about all the people who are killed. d.c., baltimore, chicago, 50% decrease in homicide. violence stems from various things, uneducated kid. people don't value life. the basic evilness of human beings. thing that could be addressed
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which is the case in colorado which is mental illness and hoist am not being effectively treated. kennedy: there are gun control laws on the books in colorado. i want to shift to the national fraternal order of police. they are asking them to lift the ban on them carrying firearms to sporting event. >> whenever you have any law enforcement retired or active with a firearm you are safer. when i see my friend who are police officers off duty it makes us all safer. what stopped in paris? when the french police finally went in and shot them or they blew themselves you have because the french police were coming with guns. in colorado the police did an
12:27 am
amazing job to catch this guy to put him on trial. but as far as specifically on that issue, it's great to have people in a large arena who are arms. kennedy: other than law enforcement to help knew thattize the situation -- to help neutralize the situation, people are going to think if i'm going into gun-free zones that's going to be a ma -- a magnet for psychos. people with guns who are murderers are crazy and they will expect to die in the end. but they are not going into police stations or other places with guns. kennedy: when i have millions of illegal guns.
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who do you think will snap them up? bad guys who are out to harm unarmed civilians. coming up, new footage from batman versus superman shows the unthinkable. batman fighting superman. find out how star wars diehard are taki
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kennedy: when you are surround by hammerheads, come to me and we'll throat less popular guy overboard. this is the topical storm. when around toddler everything is magic. but what's most magic of all? automatic sliding doors at grocery store. watch his little guy.
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that haunted grocery store wasn't equipped with automatic sensors and it hasn't been in business for 30 years. that wasn't a child, that was a ghost. we all condemn darth vader for his obliteration of the planet and his soda tax, but can we judge them before we surfed a mile in their storm suits? party waves. that's amazing. now let's hear it with the john williams sound track.
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that reminds me of "star wars" episode 2. his metaphor for off the charts. we all love the movie "train your dragon." but what if you could train it to fetch lobster for you. if you don't have a dragon, how will you afford store-bought lobsters. we have the solution. train your dog to fetch lobsters. he gets it in his grip. those labradors are amazing creatures. alex's dog isn't fetching
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american lobsters to get his snout snapped off. he's grabbing clawless lobsters. topic number four. everyone is getting excited. this trailer for the new film batman versus superman "dawn of justice" came out. we get a clear picture of the upcoming battle between batman and superman. take a look. batman is ben affleck? ben affleck? that's batman's secret identity?
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i always assumed it was millionaire play boy bruce wayne. no wonder superman wants to pummel him. topic number 5. a sandy worm hole in australia. the sheilas and men at work were enjoying a ride when a sand tornado sprouted out of nowhere with the annoying sounds of a drum circle filled the summer air. the party-goers thought they were hallucinating. here is some footage of a technofest in new zealand that was nearly ruined by a hard-core tornado. watch.
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if you have any stories you want to see in the topical storm tweet me @kennedynation. establishment republicans still lobbing bombs at donald trump. the panel returns to tell you why this app may change everything. >> i don't remember, that's what
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amerivest selects the funds and manages your portfolio. is it run by robots? no no, you can talk to a person anytime.
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'cause i don't trust robots. right...well, if the portfolio you're invested in doesn't perform well for two consecutive quarters, amerivest will reimburse your advisory fees for those quarters. i wasn't born yesterday. well, actually it looks like you were born yesterday. happy belated birthday. thanks. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. kennedy: hello, great to see you, wearing less. hillary clinton's latest campaign ad plaifs the gender card with high octane pandering.
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>> dear mrs. clinton. dear secretary clinton. dear mrs. clinton. i'm 9 years old. i'm excited that you have the chance to become the first woman president. from george washington to obama it's ridiculous there has never been a female president before. kennedy: 44 boys is just too many. will this ad capture the elementary school voting bloc? that's actually not bueno. girls are bad at math. that's not a surprise. >> but she ran against obama. of course, it's too many for her. >> it many silly we are pulling the girls out and i think it's
12:41 am
politically unwise as well. kennedy: isn't it great watching a politician exploit children? >> it calls to mind for me the stadium of north korean children singing to their leader. this idea of kids being -- moreover it's the implication that hillary is going to end killing with guns which is something one of the little girls would see. she is not going to end killing with guns and her being a lady has nothing to do with it. kennedy: we are learning she had a cozy relationship with senator lyndsey graham. richard, if you were herred a adviser. >> i'm not the one putting the ads together. but this one is for the girls.
12:42 am
kennedy: that's condescending. what you are saying, this is for the girls? girls don't vote. women vote because you have to be 18 years old. >> it's a song about women empowerment. there are two in the running and either of them could be the nominees of hire parties. >> you could see that as a pro carly ad. kennedy: the killing with guns, it's not going to stop under you either. john kasich and donald trump. they locked horns in the last debate. >> it seems like he suffers from a chronic condition that
12:43 am
involves the movement of his arms. >> he said i don't remember. kennedy: trump insists he did not intentionally mock the reporter because he makes that hand gesture all the time when he's on the stump. is donald trump worthy of teddy roosevelt? >> i think you are asking the wrong person. i'm not a republican voter and if i were i would probably vote for john kasich because i think he's the best at governing. donald trump says the craziest things. in you take the comment, who said that, was it the third reich or donald trump? kennedy: you violated godwin's
12:44 am
law. invoking hitler and the nazis? >> when you make an argument, they rob, they steal, they are racist. and you get the same thing. they lie, they steal, they are rapists. >> i don't think hitler followed up with not all of them. when you follow up with not all of them, you are okay. >> we now established trump not quite as bad as hitler. kennedy: it takes a great mind like katherine ward to reduce it to it's sense. >> i get the impulse on the part of other candidate. jeff did that ad about trump being not a republican, a new yorker and i think the impulse
12:45 am
to be like if the republican voters could just see he's totally awful, they would realize and maybe he just missed this thing where he mocked a disabled man. but the theme of tonight's show is voters don't care. if you recall joe biden. kennedy: voters don't care. >> joe biden made what could arguably be seen as a similar gaffe when he asked a senator to stand up when he was chair bound. admittedly, when biden do it he's an adorable crazy uncle. when trump doing it he's hitler. kennedy: we'll see you on "red eye." midnight east coast time. bye now.
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[♪] kennedy: i love it.
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that's a clip from joseph rev runs show where he globe trots with his wife. he was a member of the hip hop group and he became a practicing minister after being inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame. great to have you guys here. >> we are happy to be here. we know about you. kennedy: the first time i met you was in 1992. i was talking about how much i love sandwiches and a receptionist said do you realize who that was? >> i was incognito. kennedy: now you are celebrating your love and family on the road. what's the best part? >> with a rap group you travel and you are touring.
12:51 am
you have the tour bus. you hit the stage and get back on the tour bus and go to the next town. with this i went to all the places i went to throughout the 80s but i brought my family. i got to see the thing that were a blur to me. kennedy: and you have got to slow down. you guys have different ways of experiencing the world. >> she wanted cup of coffee and it took me two hours up a mountain. >> it was blue mountain. >> just call room service, can i have a cup of blue mountain. it would take two minute. i feel like i'm going to fall. at the top of the mountain it was range. >> but it was beautiful. >> beautiful rain. >> they have more than coffee there.
12:52 am
the beef patties were good. >> their chicken is so good and rice. kennedy: was there a time when you were worried about your family? >> they call it dubai, i call it don't buy. she wanted to buy everything. a gold suit. it was suppose to be inexpensive jewelry. when i came into the store she had a big gold necklace. cheaper than what? kennedy: that's less expensive and a lot of things. >> we went to dubai, i want to change the name to don't buy. >> there was an unsafe situation in iceland. >> first of all, it's cold. land of ice.
12:53 am
>> everything you say. kennedy: there is so much more. >> we went whale watching. the whales wouldn't come up. kennedy: romantic, right? >> we were trying to whale watch and the whale would not come up because it was too cold. we were waiting for hours. and he peeked up but went back underground. >> we did almost tip over in iceland. we had a great time. kennedy: i'm going to travel the world with you guys. >> rev runs around the world. kennedy: i'll be wear mike adidas. you guys awesome. come back any time. >> thanks, kennedy. kennedy: $105 billion brought
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down the outhouse by the government. $50,000 to study tobacco in $50,000 to study tobacco in ru i'm definitely able to see savings through using the car buying on usaa. i mean, amazing savings.
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kennedy: well, welcome back. senator james langford listed this year's fumbles. $800 billion in regulations. here to explain the septic tank of flushed dollars. >> i was going to -- to tree name it the super sized pork projects. you feel like you falling through the looking glass when you look at what's going on. kennedy: it's the super stupid ones that are good for a laugh.
12:58 am
reporter: the first one is to study to study senior citizen dating. the university of texas at austin got this money. they said we need to study this because dating and relationships can be just as harmful to your health as obesity, and drinking. kennedy: $375,000. for match doll dot come for senior citizens. donald trump got a $40 million tax credit to build a luxury hotel in the old post office building in washington, d.c. it's going towards remember vailgt. kennedy: he got it under the guise of historical registry. you will see the next one, mining shakespeare.
12:59 am
shakespeare without words. that's the virginia theater company got that money. studies of the use tobacco in russia. kennedy: that's how the government should work. it falls under the coach appropriate government activity. >> my favorite is it's getting so bad sat social security tax dollars going out the door to dead people, senator tom corker wants to introduce legislation to stop improper payments to deceased people. that's the name of his bill. it should be stop. kennedy: it should point's called the weekend at bernie's bill. if you can't take uncle hall water skiing thenned the government should stop paying him. thank you for watching tonight. don't forget our gift to you
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