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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 2, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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u.s. sending more troops to iraq as threat escalates. a pair of major announcement from zuckerberg. they are selling near all of their facebook shares for charity. giving it away, details on that coming up. amazing $45 billion in stock. stock is on the rise this morning on premarket, the company is considering selling its internet business, is what that means for the company and ceo marisa myer coming up. take a look at futures this morning. dow industrial expected to open at 25, nasdaq in the plus column. investors wading on adp report
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as well as speech from janet yellen this afternoon. in europe this morning searching for direction, take a look at the numbers. inflation data and you have gains across the board. s&p up and 30 points higher. look at the dax in germany. take a look at the action there. nikkei average but wig rally overnight in china. the other majors pretty much flat. finally a win for the philadelphia 76ers after a 18-game losing streak. kobe bryant's return to hometown. bryant received warm welcome. front runner donald trump still way out in front holding a 10-point lead over senator marco rubio who has knocked ben carson
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out of the second position. carson tied with ted cruz and jeb bush at 5% right now. let's take a look at the polls right now. anthony scaramucci, what do you make of the polls? >> anthony: what we see as we get closer, maria, the whole thing flips over. i was looking at polls in 2007 into 2008, john mccain was in this position. a lot of people say jeb bush is a different guy than john mccain. there's one thing that jeb has that the other guys do not have, he has endorsements of all the senior leadership in the major primary states that he needs to win. that's usually where the vote comes out. that may have happen and i accept on certainly he needs to get a kick-start in campaign if he wants to get up there. senator brown were on show
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yesterday at 4:00 o'clock. >> maria: i saw that. >> anthony: senator brown's backward. marco rubio seems to be the guy that people have been following relative the jeb on the establishment side. we will see -- >> dagen: aren't you shocked at least some people are shocked regardless of what trump says, regardless of who he offends he is still leading? [laughter] >> anthony: he has to be real shocked. >> maria: she's -- he's coming on the show today. >> dagen: this is the twitter, social media candidacy. he's communicating with people right now. >> anthony: you have to give the guy enormous amount of credit. he has been working the lines
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and talking the crowds, he has gotten better at it. >> maria: yeah. >> anthony: the first say anything modern presidential candidate. >> maria: yup. >> kevin: i'm not popular in saying this because i'm not a republican. you have a horse who can run which is trump, he's way out in front and they're trying to catch them. he's actually quite impressed me. it doesn't surprise me that he's challenging him and start to go get heat from cruz and trump. >> maria: a lot of people feel like this field has the most debit -- debt. >> kevin: people like me that don't like either party, look at these guys, they can't open their mouths and articulate what
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anybody is saying at any point in time. >> anthony: it's probably going to go to an outsider. marco rubio or is it a bush and it looks like dr. carson is fading so it's going to be one of those guys possibly against donald trump. >> kevin: there's impressive candidates in top five, but when we were in top 30. come on, gets these guys off the stage. >> dagen: this is where some of the worry comes in from people who work within the party and other elected officials is that you have a woman running on the republican side, you have people of latin backgrounds, very diverse people, african american famous surgeon with no political experience and you have donald trump who is taking shots at all those groups of people.
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>> maria: not ted cruz yet. >> dagen: 40% of the latino vote if they're going to take the white house. romney, what did he take 23%. they need today list the tide and the tide is going out with some of the comments from trump. >> anthony: white voters are not turning out as the numbers they used to turn out. if romney got the same white turnout as john mccain that would be the 45th president. >> maria: what do you know about polls? >> dagen: it's the same with all the major polls. they have to poll. i can look at in the break, i will look at the methodology. >> maria: some people are wondering if polls are really accurate as at this time a year ahead of the election.
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>> dagen: fox news is half on the done. >> anthony: yes, i'm supporting, x, y, z. i think that's where you see the changes. howard dean was beating. >> maria: new report in "the new york times" head line is weary of donald trump, gop leaders are caught in a standoff. leading republican officials now fear mr. trump's domination would lead to wipe out, defeat of gains republicans have made. do you think the fears are legitimate? obviously gop does not want donald trump as their face. >> dagen: talking about the gains that they made. look at the candidates that are
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running for republican nomination. woman, diverse backgrounds of these individuals but with trump and some of the things that he says, this is orgt to november abc poll, trump is viewed unfavorably of women and 74% of nonwhite voters. that's not the direction the republican needs to go in. he says what he wants to say and he spent an awful lot of time trying to justify the comments of thousands of thousands people celebrating. >> maria: he's still talking about it. >> dagen: he got in a twitter war. god bless the man, he's got energy. kevin cech probably closer 90% of people that don't like trump. this is people with money. they're not really his friends, maria, we all know that. i think that this is start to go
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seep its way with the koch brothers. calvin coolidge, that is not donald trump. >> anthony: that's why people are frozen. if you say something bad about him, he comes back at you, he shows up at mornings with maria, all these other shows, you add up the amount of negative for him, free air time. in the millions of dollars, counter acting what people are saying about him. why would the koch brothers go after donald trump? i don't thaip -- they want that. >> dagen: to that point, there was a story that i read yesterday that jeb bush and his super pac have spent almost $29 million on television ads, trump has spent $217,000 on ad. less than 1%.
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>> anthony: his time on tv is free -- [laughter] >> dagen: i have a good stat for later. we have some hours to cover. i'll save it but it's about how critical we overestimate, we are underestimating the impact on on the national election if trump gets nominated. i'm going save it. i'm going to save the stat. >> anthony: he's got twice the subscription base of the wall street journal. >> kevin: we are pretty popular. he should start buying us dinner. >> maria: that's a good point. mark zuckerberg welcoming their first born, 45 million-dollar surprise. we will have details on generous charitable donation. president obama plan to go
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rejecting the plan to close guantanamo as to costly. house votes to block epa power plant rules. stay with us. ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought.
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tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. >> maria: welcome back. president obama wants to see the prison at guantanamo bay close
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but not at the price of the pentagon. cheryl casone with the story. >> cheryl: good morning, everyone. pentagon rejected plan to close prison. president obama asking for a revised blueprint, long-term priorities while still in office. agreeing 300 billion-dollar offer, the measure will renew the export-import bank through september 2019, separate the budget for amtrak from the rest of the passenger network and will set safety priorities. finally zuckerberg and wife announcing they will give 99% of their facebook shares, that's $45 billion today anyway to solve the world's problems.
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the news comes after they celebrate the birth of their baby daughter max. this would be the largest gift. he's only 31. he's got time to change his mind. i don't know. [laughter] >> maria: giving away 99% of the holdings, 45 billion in stocks, it's so extraordinary. what a number, keith? >> keith: fantastic thing to see. it's great for him. just to see that kind of decision. there's some tax impolitic cases to doing that. there's a lot of reasons for planning foundation and creating a tax set up that makes a lot of sense. path across having children are start to go get his tax planning decisions up at the forefront where as like a 45 or 85-year-old ceo has done that. >> dagen: 138 billionaires that have sign to giving pledge. buffet is giving 95% and gates
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through gates foundation. >> maria: he'll keeps percent. >> keith: could you live on that? [laughter] >> maria: poor baby max. >> dagen: avoids the creation of paris hiltons in the world. people who don't really have any kind of core source of -- i'm a dj today. >> maria: it's a great story. [laughter] >> dagen: you have to watch your pennies, you can't be out buying yachts. >> maria: do you think he's selling some of it? >> keith: that's how you get
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cash in the account, no? >> dagen: who is better to decide what to do with the wealth that you created, the government or you in giving it to charity? >> maria: there you go. republican presidential showing donald trump still has lead, campaign spokesperson will join us next, coming up, we will back in a moment. ♪ ♪ the pursuit of healthier.
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>> maria: back, news alert, 200 additional operations to battle isis in iraq. secretary of defense ash carter confirming the orders in his testimony before the houston
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services committee. watch. >> to build on that momentum we are sending on president obama's orders and the chairmans and my advise special operations forces to syria to support the fight against isil. >> maria: joining us fortune senior editor nina easton. what do you think this means for the fight on isis? >> the president's top general said that, in fact, isis is not contained and never has been even though the president just in the day before the terrorist attacks in paris claimed that they were contained. here the thing that people need to remember. it's not just about syria and iraq anybody, it's about libya too. isis has taken over in libya where it's become a failed state under this administration.
6:23 am
>> maria: yeah, that's true, dagen. yesterday there was news that the libya component is getting very much worse. >> dagen: nina, is there any reason to think that you have additional troops that have been announced, that the obama administration will ramp up the fight in a way that will try to contain isis within the next year before the next presidential election? >> well, i think what we've seen -- we have seen the house be reactive. this is white house leading from behind. they are feeling compelled to tip-toe essentially into the battle. if things get worse, we will see more. there's wiggle room by the white house, our arab allies, saudi arabia and jordan, which were in the isis fight have turned their attention to yemen and other places. you have to get them in the fight and on the ground out
6:24 am
there. >> anthony: do you think is what the pentagon would recommend to the president or the white house cut back the special force recommendation in the pentagon? >> i don't -- we obviously don't know that right now. we will see what comes of news reports come out of that. it's clear that as i said, the president's to be general, head of the joint chief of staff went farther than the white house is willing to say about our ability to contain in the past at least our ability to contain isis. the military guys are willing to go farther in saying that this is a problem that we haven't been able to stop. >> anthony: you're being very diplomatic, nina. [laughter] >> dagen: again you blame benghazi on a video. they didn't learn from that. somebody clearly wrote this for the president to say. a very carefully chosen word to say that was just wrong.
6:25 am
>> containment was wrong. >> maria: climate change. >> i think what a tenure he had in paris and citing climate changes the most important threat. it's a real political tenure on his part. >> keith: it's about two-thirds of americans agree with me, he's basically cherry-picking data. it was quite hard to listen to, i might add. >> maria: when he was talk to go paris. >> keith: climate change. he was cherry-picking data points. >> maria: that's certainly -- people are criticizing the fact that he is talking about climate change being the biggest thrait -- threat the world faces. [laughter]
6:26 am
>> i would not criticize him for going to the summit. fact that china, which is the world's biggest polluter was at the table, it's good. it's not the most immediate crisis facing us. clearly isis and al-qaeda that we should be talking about. those are the most immediate threats. by the way, i wonder if he'll be talking if we getter ris groups weapons of mass destruction. >> keith: it's incredible to listen to. [laughter] >> maria: we will see you nina. coming up another big change could be come to go yahoo. we are going to tell you if the board is supporting marisa myer as there talks about sale. coming up in a minute.
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mcdowell, keith mccullough and wall street week host skybridge capital founder anthony carlucci. the koch brothers pledging to spend one billion dollars on the 2016 race but will not pick a candidate yet. they are not ready to launch an attack on donald trump, that coming from the new york times. the u.s. sending more troops to iraq as the global tariff threat as the lightly-carter, saying we will rely on special operations troops to battle radical jihadists in syria and iraq. at perv announcements from mark zuckerberg, announcing the birth of their daughter and may are selling facebook stock to
6:31 am
charity. amounting to $45 billion, one stock to watch is yahoo!. and the wall street journal reporting the company is considering selling its internet business. what that means for the struggling company and marissa meyer coming up. and a broader average, and opec meeting this week and janet yellen. investors waiting for the adb report, and the speech from janet yellen comes this afternoon. and the s&p 100 up 36 points, inflation data trickling in, but emi date of for european economies. ahead of the ecb meeting, trickling in the morning coming and weaker, that was the inflation data. in asia markets mixed, shanghai
6:32 am
composite, big moves in shot up better than 2%. breaking this morning quinnipiac university release a brand new national survey of the republican presidential field showing donald trump still in the lead by a wide margin. joining us is national spokesperson put the trump campaign, thanks for joining us. >> good morning, thank you. maria: interesting of the resiliency of donald trump. we see him riding high, leading polls once again, the latest one, do you worried that his rhetoric is alienating certain populations like muslims, the mexicans? >> no i don't, not at all. today the gop is in full panic mode because donald trump is not only on top but actually went up. and he is winning, and when according to this poll which is another thing they said would never happen. i don't think his, quote,
6:33 am
rhetoric is alienating everyone. he is speaking the truth, standing up for american citizens and legal residents in this country so the people that are, quote, being offended are not going to be nattering in the election. we have to put americans first, have to put security first, he is leading in jobs, economy and terrorism, all three will be huge factors in the election in november. maria: will he be able to be hillary clinton when it comes to the general election? >> i think so. everywhere we go so many people have come to donald trump supporting donald trump because he has policies. his name alone says prosperity. if donald trump put his name on something he will bring the best and brightest to make it happen. everyone knows this. as far as hillary clinton goes talk about her record. we haven't even started on her
6:34 am
yet. >> do you think you need the republican party and the establishment to help to win the presidency or did you don't think so? >> i don't think we need the establishment but i doubt the establishment will support donald trump or anyone who isn't from the establishment, history shows in the elections has to their guy or girl doesn't win they don't support the person that win the primary so we don't expect that. >> is there a pivot in your future where it looks like he will be the nominee and there's something going on in the party? >> i am wondering where the party loyalty situation has gone. there was a push for donald trump being a head the whole time to signed his loyalty pledge but here we are today where he is still ahead and we don't see that from the other side. i would assume there are some in the establishment that would support because they want to win. republicans always talk about
6:35 am
winning but when it comes down to it we see they are not going to support their nominee. dagen: with donald trump in the lead and holding the lead in such an easy fashion, getting to these petty verbal jousting matches or even on twitter whether it is one of the other candidates, chris christie, washington post writer being called a dummy, that was one of his recent tweets, at which point is it just beneath him? he is ruling the roost, just ignore it? >> he probably should ignore it but donald trump is donald trump. he made a promise to the voters to say i will be who i am and that is what he does. if you go after him he goes after you, no secret. that is donald trump being donald trump. >> at some point the american presidency as an gravitons and a president tweeting people as president calling people
6:36 am
dummies, you think that makes sense from a marketing perspective? >> bite than he will be too busy to be on twitter so i doubt that will happen. >> but he will be trump when he is running for president. >> you will be trump but the won't be tweeting. don't misconstrue what i said. >> will he be calling people names? if this is who he is why not do that as president? >> i guess we will have to see. it will be up to donald trump but here is lifting. we are not in the old political paradigm and this is why so many on the inside are confused about this phenomenon of donald trump. in a promises to voters to be himself and is winning period. dagen: is he the only one with access to his twitter account? are other people helping him? >> there's someone else who does help. maria: in terms of his strategy
6:37 am
to defeat isis who is advising him militarily? >> he has talked to several generals and other military officials, there is huge support among veterans for donald trump and they all reach out to him. maria: said we would bomb the x why is he over him. what did he mean? what is the strategy? >> what they are doing now, bombing the oil, you have to hit them at their wealth which is the oil. he wanted not only to bomb the oil but take the oil which is something he thought we should have done a long time ago. why wouldn't we have done that? maria: what do you think? sp dagen: we were bombing, seemed like the intelligence -- we were targeting refineries -- because of rules of the engagement because they were worried about civilian casualties and also we misjudged that isis had gotten
6:38 am
away from finding the raw product. it was a partial mistake on u.s. strategy. >> if you send a message to the establishment, what would it be? >> it is time for the establishment to embrace it base of voters and embrace donald trump. these are voters that a going to need to win in the general. maria: we will see you soon. shares of yahoo! surging following reports of major changes on the horizon, nicole petallides on that story this morning. nicole: good morning. according to the wall street journal yahoo!'s board is finding a series of meetings this week to discuss selling off its core internet business. also on the agenda how to make the most of ali baba which is currently worth more than $30 billion. directors will discuss whether to proceed with a plan to spin off its investment in the chinese ecommerce giant.
6:39 am
talks about marissa meyer's lack of progress turning around this company. yahoo! shares this morning are jumping in a free-market, upwards a couple points. you see closed at $33.71, so you are seeing it to the upside, the meetings that begin today go through friday with a lot of private equity firms, looking at the core business. can she do it? one guy at the table wanting to buy yahoo!. >> isn't that a great announcement did we will sell what we have that is worth something and sell our core business. after that, what does yahoo! do? who are they? at the end of the day a lot of people absolutely need them to say we will sell everything and why not? maria: started suggested they hold on, hold the spinoff of ali baba and sell the internet business. >> that is the point.
6:40 am
dagen: the value is negative, has negative value based on overall market cap and separate evaluations. dagen: the core business has a negative value, basically you have to pay somebody to take off your hands. that is the way the market is valued. maria: top executives, losing their faith and marissa meyer. dagen: isn't the word sticking by marissa meyer? >> they like her a great deal but i think direction only the vision that she had was difficult to execute because of all the competition. dagen: i don't think if you are a board member i will say this. i don't want to get into a situation where just like you are showing marissa meyer the door. you get into the optics of how awful that would look. how awful that. >> yahoo! is breaking their
6:41 am
story, reports of her demise are greatly exaggerated. they are engaging mackenzie. what do we do with our terrible business. >> buffett says you can have a great management team, really bad business. they have been in decline 15 years. maria: we will take a short break, your day every day on "fbn a.m." on the fox business network right before "mornings with maria". we will be right back.
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maria: a new winner in the music streaming business pandora. cheryl: spotify is the most popular music streaming service and a report by mobil analytics from saying it tops revenue, active users can download in many countries. pandora maintain the top spot for most active users in the united states. you wouldn't think families that make more than one hundred thousand dollars would need help with rant but many communities even outside the high price cities like new york and san francisco are setting aside apartments for six figure families. holder lottery for 15 units with below market rent, family of four with income of 118 grand
6:46 am
would qualify for this command changes your perspective on who is rich and you may want to shop early for your christmas trees this year. actor and oversupply for the past decade some areas may see fewer christmas trees available for the holiday season. at the number of farms growing christmas trees has declined substantially, prices are going to increase, retailers worry there won't be in a trees available throughout the season closer to christmas so whether you are a holiday spirit present are not, go get your tree. maria: busy day for markets and the entire week a lot of economic data, we are awaiting the latest report that is out at 8:15 a.m. on the east coast and 2:00 p.m. eastern today, the federal reserve's take how the economy is recovering with the latest beige book report. wells fargo senior vice president of wealth and retirement david carroll for more on this and the outlook for the new year. thanks for joining us. so much happening in markets. before we get to the economic
6:47 am
data let me get your take on what is going on behind the headlines, redemption and hedge funds, a lot of hedge funds being losses for the month of november and the year, the commodity sector continuing to be under pressure and an economy that is real slow, equities are up 2015, but nothing to write home about. how would you assess the situation today going into 2016? >> we saw a marked shift in investor attitudes at the end of the second quarter, assets flows, slowed down, retail trading activity slowed down, and i attributed it to markets topping out, valuations were pretty full, then the pull back in august. we have seen liquidity build, generally we have seen our investors become more tenuous into the next year. >> how do you think of that in the context of the economic cycle, this is not your first radio, we see it -- three economic cycles, ceos at an end
6:48 am
of the second quarter said profits have peaked, and subsequently in the round table, the index, profits being guided down. how do you tell people that is okay and just to own stocks on the face of it? >> you have to look behind the numbers and pool energy out through quarter earnings of about 6.5% excluding energy on the s and p 500 which is not bad year over year. we feel the outlook for next year is positive. another 3% gdp growth for the year. equities are the elite place that will be inflation-adjusted and long run people should stay invested and not -- >> if we fact checked that, financials down, it is not just energy. the indicator is, one of the worst numbers we have seen signaling a recession below 50. do the leading indicators change
6:49 am
your mind at numb to% to 3% gdp and what if the market and bond yields are right, expectations here? >> expansions don't die of old age toledo see anything on the horizon that will trigger a definitive bullish on the economy. >> economic cycles dial page. >> it different thing going on. if you look at the data, 35 years where we go into recession every seven years or so a new need 300 basis points of stimulus from the fed to keep the economy growing so we had a deflection point where we cannot get the 300 basis points, what do you say to a client, they are a policy, what do we do now, we are long in the tooth and can debate whether the expansion will end not. keith could be the global warming presence at the table as relates to the economy. what do you say?
6:50 am
>> we take a long-term view of these things and don't time the markets, we believe in diversifying clients' portfolios which include exposure a round world, you know happened with the emerging markets, mildly more positive on emerging markets but that -- coming into the second half. >> not worried the fed has no. left in the chamber? >> i am concerned about it but we need a return to normalization. the real economy leon of the first rate increase. maria: that happens in two weeks. >> what that has a real credibility -- >> i think they should. the people i hear be caving -- the rate hike into a slow down. you have never seen it because it never happened, never raised rates with i s m below 50 so just get out of it. >> last time we raised rates there was no iphone. maria: any sectors that will be leading this bullish stance?
6:51 am
>> we like technology all year long, consumer durables we like, and in general we like europe, great values for large cap industrials. maria: thank you so much. we're coming off of a record weekend for retailers but wait until you hear how well the deal did on black friday. you don't want to miss this, stay with us.
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maria: black friday setting shopping records but this is an interesting stats, more americans had their backgrounds checked purchasing guns on black friday than any day on record, 185,000 background checks
6:55 am
according to data released by the fbi, it doesn't necessarily mean that all of those background checks meant 185,000 guns were purchased but this is a huge increase from last year. dagen: some folks getting blocks under the tree. a data a few take your pick, have at it. i am from the south. registry for guns this christmas. dagen: they probably do. i will research that in the next hour but i will say this is continuing a trend but doesn't it make you wonder that if people are more concerned about the threat of terror in the united states, you heard the discussion about former police officers and security officials taking concealed weapons into sporting events it does raise the issue. maria: this doesn't happen in other countries.
6:56 am
but it is not true because we look at the numbers and did that happen and it is in paris where you set it. >> if you are fact checking obama you are barking up the wrong tree. god's honest truth on everything. dagen: all for more women hunting. you live in new york city. dagen: next hour house majority leader kevin mccarthy on proposed changes to the u.s. visa system in the wake of the syrian refugee crisis. we are back with kevin mccarthy in a moment. stay with us. when a moment turns romantic
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maria: happy wednesday, i am maria bartiroma and the it is december 2nd. joining me is dagen mcdowell,
7:00 am
keith mccullough and wall street week host anthony scaramucci. breaking news from the campaign trail, new polls from quinnipiac university, donald trump dominating the republican field but a new phase in second place, marco rubio pulls ahead of ben carson and the koch brothers planned to spend a one billion dollars on the race in 2016 but they will not pick a candidate just yet another thing they are not ready to do, launch an attack on front runner donald trump. charles koch tells me what he is looking for any candidate a few weeks ago. >> we need someone like calvin coolidge or william gladstone who will change the trajectory of the country and both of them create marvelous prosperity, improved though welfare system, helped the poor, made government more efficient.
7:01 am
maria: jeb bush dropping a hint on what his potential running mate would be. it would make for another historic election. >> will be elected president, i would have my vice president, i think she will be a great partner. jedi say that out loud? maria: ash carter on capitol hill saying we will rely on special operations troops to battle radical jihadists in syria and iraq, sending more troops to syria and iraq. major announcements from mark zuckerberg announcing the birth of their daughter max, and selling facebook stock for charity. details coming up, 99% of their shares valued at $45 billion and giving it away. yahoo! stock is up in free market, the wall street journal reporting the company is considering selling its internet business. what that means for the struggling company and marissa meyer coming up. to the broader markets we go,
7:02 am
we're waiting on the adb report, and later at 2:00 p.m. eastern we had a speech by janet yellen this afternoon. ahead of that, off of the best levels of the morning and a gain of 13 points, the nasdaq, the major averages searching for direction earlier, the s&p is up 35 points at 1/2%. the cac quarante is higher but the dax index turning negative, down a fraction right now. overnight in asia big move in china, shanghai composite gaining 2-1/4%. the other major average mix, the nikkei down 1/3%. our top story the new york times reporting, quote, leading republican officials strategists in fierce dispute over how to stop donald trump from gaining the republican party nomination. donald trump dominates the rest of the republican field.
7:03 am
and just released in the last hour, what do you make of the blockbuster story here. you are jeb bush guy donald trump will not quit. he keeps moving. >> she kept in the imagination of what is going on on the republican side. he have to remember republicans have a talk radio movement, tea party movement, donald trump even though he doesn't have the same views as these people has tapped into the danger is they feel. dagen: some people are centered around birth e-mails. >> donald trump may not have the same political philosophy, give it to them, donald a. bidding called by quinnipiac, i vote for it them. and it has never happened in the republican party. it may but it never happened so it will be interesting. dagen: from the last hour, 16%
7:04 am
of republican primary voters, if you have 25% of them, 4% of america, it doesn't have as much significance as you might think in the quinnipiac people in a head to 5 matchup, clinton 47, donald trump 41. and marco rubio, the fox news channel poll, most of the leading contenders, all of them beach hillary clinton but marco rubio beat her by the biggest margin. >> in erica eventually the 3 change. of you haven't read the demographic history every 25 or 30 years people go for younger president, they did this with jfk, try with obama but it was a mistake there. people do get tired of the establishment, both parties look
7:05 am
like a broken branches of marco rubio if he can retain the brand of the republican party might be a big asset people looking forward to. >> quinnipiac poll shows hillary, the gatt has lessened or hillary is beating donald trump. dagen: hilary duff 5 to head matchup is 47% to 41%. >> marco rubio 50-42. marco rubio is the one they are afraid of. >> that is interesting. >> what worries me is this is a high school popularity contests, a hiring process, let's look at what jobs entail and requisite resumes and has the best experience, would lead to growth, security, and prosperity for future generations of america. if you look at everybody on the field, a hiring someone for that job you would be the one i would
7:06 am
hire given -- there should be 50,000 applicants, the magnitude of that job. >> what is the difference between marco rubio and bush? -- >> very talented guy. this is that freedom -- the 3d chess game that he is not ready for. i like him, nice person, jeb bush has the experience. >> would you say you and iron competent? >> i would not -- dagen: wouldn't vote for you -- dagen: that is the issue. i could run a business but i am not going to be -- maria: jeb bush has the experience running florida and the good job, created jobs, created economic growth or lending economic growth, that is where experience comes in. >> the bushes were present for
7:07 am
12 of the last 30 years, use the brand, you have -- some of the made mistakes, your dad or your brother make mistakes, you have presidential experience and we need experience. >> the against big turning points whether it is teddy roosevelt, jfk, obama, people vote for use and change and that is something to watch out for is what i am saying. maria: on to this top story, additional special operation forces being sent to battle isis in iraq. fox news setting a u.s. official who says approximately 200 new troops would be sent to the region in the next few weeks, and this is part of the, quote, specialized targeting force announced by defense secretary ash carter in testimony yesterday, for the house armed services committee. want to bring in senior correspondent geraldo rivera who is still in paris, france. i saw you yesterday in the
7:08 am
audience when president obama was speaking from paris. what is your take? are we getting close it to a real strategy to defeat isis in your opinion? >> whether the president of the united states likes it or not the united states is being dragged kicking and screaming into war. we are at war with isis. that is clear. i want to quickly reference your previous conversation about donald trump. it may just be a coincidence but at the same time donald trump was demanding we bomb isis, that is what he would do if president, that is when president obama gave the green light to finally bomb oil trucks and oil facilities in northwest ceo or rather northern syria and northwest iraq. i believe paris has changed everything. you were here. the savage attacks the gills so many, winded so many others, disrupted so many lives in >> reporter: europe, france is now at war with isis, germany
7:09 am
which has had a very pacifist country since world war ii for 70 years, they are sending over a thousand troops, sending a frigate to protect the french aircraft carrier. even as we speak the british parliament is voting to support a motion by david cameron allowing the british fighter-bombers to attack in syria. i think there is war against isis, civilization recognizes they are an existential threat and the united states and special forces unit you describe is now going to escalate, the president of the united states wants to to or not. maria: the reason obama is doing this is because donald trump brought it up first? >> i only point out the timing. i don't know what is motivating the president. i hope and expect coming here to paris and recognizing how the city suffered the worst violence since world war ii moved in to
7:10 am
understand that isis cannot be ignored. i think it is clear that his policy has been to on noaa rather than to destroy isis, that is changing before our eyes. >> what about the president's relationship with other allies we have in terms of his decision making in the current fight? >> president holland, let me start with the french president, has escalated the language to match but reality. president francois hollande being bloodied by this awful attack that attacked so many lives brought the spotlight to the weaknesses in europe where you can travel from one country to the other without a visa where many of these averages that killed these innocent civilians travel freely from syria through turkey, what an
7:11 am
ally turkey has been for isis records to go back and forth and allow oil to be sold in turkey. he has, president francois hollande has said listen, this is a fight, it is them or us, this is not something that can be treated, global warming is an issue that is for the generations. i don't in any way be little the conference that happened here, the largest gathering of world leaders in the history of the planet in the words of president obama. i don't be little that at all but it is clear europe and the united states are now recognizing that isis is a bleeding wound. it is even them or us. lynne attacks with machine guns. maria: is it enough? that is the debate. people are wondering, not having out and out new brown troops to back up what we have already in place is going to be enough?
7:12 am
>> we need a sunni army. john bolton is right, we need to create a country where sunnis can be safe, work and live and prosper and take care of their children and educate their children, there needs to the reconfiguration of the middle east, sunni armies for sure in this fight. i don't know which one will step up to the plate. i hear the king of jordan saying come on, britain, get in here. i don't see the jordanian legionnaires finding yet in syria or iraq. we need some sunni forces on the ground. what happens if they take ramadi? said baghdad iraqi government takes ramadi, a sudanese city, the sunnis are not going to appreciate the iraqi shiites who have been robbing them and discriminating against them ever since the united states pull out of iraq. you need some international monitor. don't for a second suggest this is going to be easy but there is no doubt that the united states
7:13 am
is now at war with isis. you hear about special forces group today and another unit next week and another in the month to come but the very territorial integrity of the islamic state i think is very fragile that they will fall. maria: be saved in paris. geraldo rivera still in paris. at yahoo! the company could be shaking up the core business. keep it here, back in a moment. can a business have a mind?
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maria: the house and senate reach an agreement at a major transportation bill. cheryl: good morning, everyone. congressional negotiators are agreeing on a $305 billion measure to fund highway and mass-transit projects for five years, the longest in nearly two
7:17 am
decades we have had this kind of agreement, this would renew the export import bank through september of 2019, separate the budget for amtrak's northeast corridor, and safety priorities, checking salad recall stemming from the e coli outbreak, cost cutting other major grocery, and this is happening in more than a dozen states. contaminated salary from california was found to be the source last week and the fda saying of the recall includes 150,000 products, and vegetable trays. >> these are major names. and finally, facebook's ceo, they will give away nearly all
7:18 am
of their wealth in today's dollars, $45 billion to help solve the world's problems. and we have pictures, they became parents, she was born last week, they posted the news on facebook, shock to anybody here, is going to do this eventually. he may not start selling stocks right now, but that is the eventual plan and he had lessons learned with regards to charitable giving. maria: in-line with bill gates, you have to believe this makes a big difference. >> he was up at columbia and said something i will never forget that rich people are either revered or reviled the. if you want to be reviewed you have to give your money away and bill gates was going through the joe klein antitrust stuff at the time, you got to start giving money away, it will change your
7:19 am
whole persona. >> when the warren buffett decide to give his money away? when he was 80? >> not when he was 30. >> his entire career -- >> he said he wouldn't give the money away, it was compound and at a rate faster, helping society with this largess. >> the point is that there is a generational difference between rich guys saying i got to give up whereas this millennial generation fundamentally believes in sharing. he represents that sharing and this is a big deal for 31-year-old, warren buffett didn't give it away. dagen: within the last ten years. dagen: the tv commentator i heard earlier not on the fox network saying this is so great to see because not enough wealthy people give money away to charity and i went shut up! shot up! >> america is the most
7:20 am
philanthropic country on the planet. little list of givers. it is long. dagen: the amount they give away as astonishing. >> in the earlier hour is coming from people to people, as opposed through the government. dagen: government or individual, private citizen. maria: coming up next, kobe bryant receiving a warm welcome from philadelphia. the winless 76 is not showing that brotherly love. that and sports headlines back in a minute.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
maria: big night in sports has one in b 18 and one golf great had troubling news. jerrod max with all the details. >> good morning, and the philadelphia 76 is need a victory to avoid being the first team to start the team and kobe bryant was in town, final game against 76 years and the pregame introductions he received. >> five time nba champion, where he won that title in 1996. kobe bryant! >> but that was the longest
7:25 am
introduction out of philadelphia sports arena since apollo creed fox rocky balboa. he came out flying, in the first 90 seconds kobe bryant nailed not one, not two but a trio of three point shot. the night could not have begun in more magical fashion for the philadelphia native. he scored and dished out assists. what a start but then reality. this is why kobe is going to be retiring. kept trying to capture the magic but a few rabbits jumped out of his hat after the only going to, missed 13 of 14 shots from long range, kobe finished the game with 20 points, 26 shots and the philadelphia 76 is won again 103-91 says knapsack 28 game losing streak. dagen: worst in nba history.
7:26 am
>> worst in the history of the united states professional sports, 28 interrupts but no longer so, they finally get -- >> university football team. and five days in the last 19, i thought that was bad but they were 0-18. >> bolden state warriors get 20-0. >> somehow rate cut bill help. dagen: kobe is hung up on his legacy. he is down. and he is fixated on it. >> the other night when lakers fans showed up everybody received a black envelope with heroes and villains and this is kobe's brand to the end of his season.
7:27 am
>> more cost cuts, what is behind the banking landscape, check out what this means to morgan stanley and to is getting cut back in a minute. hey, i see you're working on your portfolio.
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. . maria: good with all due respect morning welcome back once he december 2 with me fox business network dagen mcdowell, hedgeye ceo keith mccullough "the wall street journal" week host sky brimming capital founder anthony scaramucci top stories 7:30 a.m. on east coast breaking news from campaign poll new polls from quinnipiac university donald trump in front of the competition losing grown depend hillary rodham clinton no trouble for clinton two top republican senators looking for details about possible leaks from the government review of her e-mails, they say, this left wrong expression tomorrow stop sooebt messages were not sensitive u.s. sending troops to iraq as global terrorist threat skwlaits defense secretary ash carter yesterday
7:31 am
on capitol hill said we will rely on special operations troops to battle radical jihadists from syria and iraq announcements from facebook mark zuckerberg he and wife announced birth of daughter that also they are selling nearly all of their facebook stock 99% they want to sell for charity. that amounts to 45 billion dollars. current prices of facebook, another stock to watch yahoo! up in premarket this morning, "the wall street journal" reporting the company considering selling off its internet business what that means for company and ceo, coming up, to know broader markets expecting higher opening for broader look at this reversal this morning, dow jones industrial average now indicate lower, the s&p 500 also indicated lower nasdaq, is -- barely in positive territory with fractional move a big week for economic data, today investors awaiting adp report, that comes out less than an hour from now, also, later today a speech from federal reserve chair janet yellen, this
7:32 am
afternoon, begins 2:00 pm eastern may very well impact markets going into the close. in europe this morning, major averages searching for direction inflation data coming in week ft 100 up half a pr cent cac quarante in paris dax in germany down almost half a per cent in asia standout china shanghai composite off better than 2% 2 and third per cent in fact nikkei lower hang seng higher kospi in korea lower, by three-quarters of one per cent, the low interest rate environment a toll on banking morgan stanley, planning to lay off hundreds of people, in division due to dlainz in revenue joining us right now president chief investment officer, a long tootime financi services investor of the bank good to see you a always a pleasure. >> take on morgan stanley cutbacks, has been an issue, unfortunately we are talking about more job cuts this morning.
7:33 am
>> the rest of morgan stanley doing well plashl wealthy management side continues to jove shadowed the profitability 69 company. >> they shifted the focus to wealth management. >> they have done a pretty nice job, and -- numbers not pulling through. >> terrible quarter though recently, not like, you know, shooting lights out that is why -- >> it wasn't a wealthy management. >> wealthy management is bullish side. >> firing people wrong side fed raising rates you are going to see pickup in yield curve, net interest profbt so forth. >> timing is a question with higher rates, more profoundly however you know proprietary side limited the liquidity thing to bear when people rush for exits. maria: that is the issue companies making money forced to put all in reserve a crimp in activity, now you've been really seeing lots of slows you are right in the middle of some good takesovers.
7:34 am
>> correct my funds had over 12 emergmerges we sue a story i new york we saw geosmall recently banks. >> multibillion-dollar market caps -- >> it is almost like all the growth slowing stories when rates surprising to down sided growth slower banks don't make as much as you well know should not they all merge. >> exactly, don't forget regulation crimping profits, i know yield curve isn't favorable, either, think about the cyberwork they have to do all technology, upgrades they have to do, so scale does matter. >> interesting -- >> why inflows is it people anticipating the yeel curve more favorable to the banks? is it case desperate for yeeltd they can't get it anywhere with any kind of safety. >> well -- >> performance this year, i mean, let alone, you know my funds, just index alone has outperformed s&p a dramatically especially
7:35 am
regional banks if you look at, past performance, you look at the redeem bank in those versus s&p overtime, we had a lot of decision to beaten indices agency well. >> regulatory czar of united states you too much regulation too little what would do you. >> pendulum swung so far to too much regulation i think really hurting flow of moeven the businesses, a great piece out recently that talked about big banks running so much less to smaller businesses letting on line -- >> isn't it perverse that like, to anthony's point the reason great performance is because of regulation, and people need to merge, and because to dagen's point not getting yield 13r5ed expansion you are getting yield spread compression to own banks you wouldn't you don't -- because they need roll them up. >> yes and no parts of the economy the great economic o growth southeast in particular. >> good point tax policy states have favorable tax
7:36 am
policy huge inflows of migration, tennessee, like carolinas. >> and, you know we're seeing very good you know, growth you know companies are relocating want to be near ports a lot of good southeast ports panama cappal, don't have to sell but doing it anyway. >> thinking of selling one fund you can short in what are you short. >> well you know i never name companies, but you know -- >> roughly. >> -- i am not short -- but i will tell you parts of the country, right, gave in that is southeast being brothers do you want to be long banks in energy patch? >> i -- we're going to hear from janet yellen i thought going to tell us texas economy is rocking, trying to raise rates rocking higher seriously, texas banks big problem. >> problem, not big problem but problem, i mean, profitability not going to be about terrific they have got to right some stuff off not just worried about direct energy i am worried about indirect. >> right.
7:37 am
>> what happens i was just talking to a guy in dallas in dallas monday, and he was talking about a hotel in energy patch that was sold out for a year, now they are 33% occupancy. >> got that -- >> that is a great point, what about the fed, thigh fed raises rates? >> they have to raise rates, i mean the market is -- is believed they are going to raise rates believes they are going to raise in september they didn't look what happened. so geowhat happened. >> look what happened market sold off really hard, after that. maria: then you had a rally in october. >> you did. >> big rally in october. >> expected to not raise rates, so i think that you know the fed does not want to surprise markets, i think it was her you know first test reason i on this one hope she gets it right this time. >> markets raise rates market rally? >> a lot of it is baked? >> okay. so if they don't raise rates what is the fed see that is really bad, they raise rates you might see profit taking however europe is really under a wet u.s. financials, so they
7:38 am
are going to want to play, you know, so any sell-off should probably be bought especially financials. >> what do you say bank stocks. >> i love the carolinas bank north carolina, i love some acquire rs out of arkansas, home bank, and not household names but subrogate really, really fast. >> no those guys are -- well, most are buyers, yadkin about vavenl franchise i think worth more they have been a buyer a great franchise lot of have a will. >> great to see you thank you so much, up next anticipated release of "star wars" film more real for die-hard fans what disney is doing to bring you in the middle of the action next back in a moment. ♪ ♪ i was born this way
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7:42 am
. maria: welcome back new arsts the.k.,n anterrist id. cher: tt isighthis newsrossg wa to ing u brish licerresng ur m nor of ndon srupng trori ploing men t chged t poce s the restare t coecte ts paicul poi to
7:43 am
the centerrori attk in paris. . >> that is not what wife seen we all need to run! cheryl: and we for somed all viewers we had to bring this to you more peeks into "star wars" film another trailer dagen and i turned into complete gooekz dagen turned me into a geek about starcars totally i can't wait for this december 18, that is the big release, for "star wars," also guys we are offering excusme "star google card you bored viewers in stores starts day december 18 view with a card you bored viewer. >> in times subscription if you live in new york -- sent out. >> neighbor, but no, i actually read it digitally i
7:44 am
didn't get that -- >> i just -- [laughter] >> fap of back to. >> loyal journalist gets the hard -- >> likes to ink on hands. >> you didn't get cardboard thing it is cool, it is very jool put iphone in it cool. >> "new york times" at home outdoor rink we have a fire pit great, fantastic. >> cheryl continue your headlines. cheryl: we're good -- >> if you want to. maria: you will like it cheryl thank you waking waves possible shake-up at yahoo! jo ling kent has that. jo ling: potentially filling out internet business yahoo! board considering this challenges for the company according "the wall street journal" officials drink to comment to fox business but report says board will consider future of yahoo! core
7:45 am
businesses in several upcomings meetings yahoo! appears stiebdz to plans to spin off 15% stake in al ai baba next year even after irs declined to approve the spin-off risking a massive tax bill for that move, that stake is worth 32 billion dollars. last month activist investor asked company to hold off sell business instead, ceo has been struggling to turn the company around, the last three years we are looking at a serious decline, year to date but actually up 4 1/2% premarket so investors like. >> it well off loss don't forget this company, has to report numbers day damnest thing, 26 in september a heck of a move. >> up to 3371 right now premarket, jo thanks white house pushing for up to 10,000 syrian refugees resettled in u.s., congressional republicans are look to go make it easier to track anyone who enters the country on
7:46 am
visaa kevin mccarthy will be with us explaining it all next, back in a moment.
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
maria: welcome back, the white house announce changes to the u.s. visa waiver program, trying to stem the flow of extremists into the country lawmakers say measure does not go far enough joining us house margin leader congressman kevin mccarthy thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks fostering me. >> this is obviously, front and center with most important to american people right now, tell us what you think of the white house moves what needs to be done. >> well, it is good some moves they have made because these are some of the recommendations that we made in our report, even just a couple months ago, and some of the bills that have been
7:50 am
moving through the house, now i chair a counterterrorism homeland security task force we put all the chairman from appropriate committees in we are looking at the visa waiver program you are never -- remember 38 countries, a lot of them european, and if there are in those countries they can come to america with no personal interview, and just stay here 90 days, you have more than 5,000 western pass sorts passport show willed toasters iraq and sire fought we have not been tracing them a lot of gaps in vulnerability we want to look at passports make sure everybody has biometrics make sure somebody traveled to iraq sir five years not coming through without a personal interview in the process make sure we takeaw takeaw takeaway you are vulnerabilitys. >> everybody weighing in heads of his foreign affairs armed servicess appropriations
7:51 am
judiciary homeland security intelligent committees but this seems obvious; right? how do you do it how do you track them, most effectively? is this a biotech biometric rather technology, within the pass portraits or how specific. >> there is certain things that you can do first of course you want every country if they have privilege to be in this program biometric, in passports we have chips in ours today, secondly, you want to make sure, everybody is interlinking especially in europe with interpol people go on line to be able to come through if that is not reported people don't know, then the most important thing, you've got to track the moment of of where people are going, when you look at it happen mastermind in paris, the thing that he bragged about ability to move freely throughout europe. they have the ability with waiver program to come to america, so we've got look at most of the time if going to
7:52 am
iraq or syria or being trained western passport holders. >> this visa waiver program was enacted in 186 brings almost 20 million people, to the united states, every year. we needed another terrorist attack to get you know, to scrutinize this program even closely? >> you know what? we had already been working on thes, candice miller passed a bill out of committee on this, we are looking at especially what happened with paris, are there addition we need to make we had a meeting yesterday with task force i think you will see tomorrow in avail of a bill just as our refugee bill, even went to the floor with the president didn't approve it, it had more than two-thirds support very bipartisan american people want protection of homeland you will see this bill move through a very strong bipartisan vote next week. >> a minute ago you said enabled folks to move throughout europe we now expect that mastermind behind paris attacks is back in syria
7:53 am
meaning he was in paris was able to just move throughout, and leave get back to brussels apparently, back to syria. >> exactly, and france is part of this bram belgium a part of this imagine we have got to make sure there are a lot of galdz and vulnerabilities we protect about if president disagrees i think you will still see this on his desk. >> what is answer to defeating isis congressman is congress getting more aggressive when it comes to fighting isis will we see any declaration of war each talking about we are at war with isis and yet are we stepping it up enough? >> well i know what? in congress we have passed many times, sent to president we don't want to contain isis we want to destroy isis, you look at chairman of joint chiefs, just yesterday, in a hearing, said we have not contained them, we with the president inside our defense bill we want a strategy, for defeating them president has authority to fight them when brought back to us, the
7:54 am
authorization it would actually tie our hands greater, to fight them that is not where this congress wants to go we want to make sure, that we protect america but also defeat isis. maria: i mean. >> i think we need clear strategy. >> is it a fair statement at this point congressman that isis has infiltrated syrian are refugee program. >> i think for sure, and one thing that you found when we did our refugee bill, remember, we looked we are the largest humanitarian country in the world, we want to continue to be that. but when you look at what is going on in iraq, syria, all we did is add the fbi to the verification before somebody comes an important element, why? because you know fbi director is not appointed politically he is 10-year term the intelligence that they are able to get inside fbi but also someone coming from syria, you can't get the data on intelligence from them why bring them in? then you can go to the wholly argument is that really best
7:55 am
thing to do with refugees, why wouldn't you create a safe zone, so they can stay with their family stay within region when that country comes back together, they can be there that is a better use of money. maria: the end of the day you need president obama's buy-in, right when you say use of money let's talk about allocatinging capital this is going to be a big fight, what will this mean in terms of practical spending for example the defense budget 600 billion dollars, how that is money going to spend going to be allocated are you expecting going to be cut? >> no, if you watch we just did at a budget agreement, now we're coming to next week, we will have our boum bill omni we increased defense spending because it is gone on a cut we now have the smallest navy smallest air force going back to world war ii or worl war inumbers in size of navy and army not protected us around the world we want to make
7:56 am
smart investments we have to reform the process i think the chairman of armed search and seizure is has done a tremendous job when he actually was forward looking how to deal with this we need a xhar commander in chief believes he has to create a strategy to defeat them if you look at acts calling them jv saying yemen is capital those are false failed prospects we need to change that direction. maria: do you agree with the president's plan now ash carter yesterday announcing that we're going to have more special operations teams in iraq? >> i think that is a start, but the first thing i would say, what is the clear strategy overall to twedefeat them you need ground to be able to target pinpoint we need a coalition but we need a strategy, that we win they lose, and no other option. >> quick, congressman what do you think about new quinnipiac pol donald trump still on top establishment continues to get crushed?
7:57 am
>> well the one thing you want to look at looking for somebody entrepreneur strong will changing washington you may -- trump has been in lead a while what i need is moment of of marco rubio big movement up i think you are going to see rubio cruz moving up stronger come january talking about different leaders inside the republican party going for president. >> always a pleasure to talk with you thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> see you soon congressman mccarthy. we'll be right back
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
. maria: good morning happy wednesday welcome back maria bartiromo it is wednesday, december 2, with me fox business network dagen mcdowell, hedge. cheryl: ceo keith mccullough he wall street week host anthony scaramucci, monica crowley joining us top stories 8:00 a.m. east coast breaking news from campaign trail this morning, new polls from quinnipiac university, donald trump still dominating the republican field losing ground
8:01 am
to hillary clinton in a head-to-head match up for a general election what this could mean for 2016 race coming up more troops headed to iraq defense secretary ash carter yesterday on cap hill says we will rao on special braigs to battle radical jihadists in syria and iraq, mark zuckerberg and wife announcing birth of daughter, issue and selling nearly all facebook stock for charity, 99% of his stock valued today at 45 billion dollars, that is being sold, for charity. one stock to watch yahoo! stock up premarket the "the wall street journal" reporting the company considering selling its internet business no comments from yahoo! on that, to fox business what this means for struggling company ceo coming up, on broader markets futures have been losing steam all morning, this morning, we are expending a lower opening for the dow jones industrial average but we have gains for s&p and nasdaq this morning, very much a mixed showing, waiting on host one of economic data, for
8:02 am
example, today we are -- adp report should be out about 10 minutes from now, we've got all numbers for you, that usually sets the tone for markets, adp report, expected shortly. in europe major averages searching for direction as well inflation data coming in week ft 100 up 28 points, earlier in weak ft led by banks higher in europe the cac quarante in paris, dax in germany under selling pressure markets in asia stand out shanghai composite china up better than 2%, on the session, the nikkei lower hang seng higher. finally a win for the philadelphia 76ers after 18-game losing streak, the win spoiling kobe bryant's return to his hometown though receiving a warm welcome city of brother will love a day after announcing his retirement the end of this season. all right quinnipiac university, national poll shows donald trump, still in clear front-running position, for the republican nomination way ahead of the gop field
8:03 am
blake burman in washington with details good morning. >> that is right good morning to you as well, no stopping donald trump, for the moment, according to the latest national quinnipiac university poll out this morning, trump he e-mails atop the rest of the republican field the support from 27%, of republican primarily voters as that as you can see 10 clear of the next group, marco rubio 17, dr. ben carson and ted cruz 16, now trump and carson battled for the top spot in the polls in october, trump topped every national poll in november, as we break occupant into the december now just 61 days to iowa, the "new york times" is reporting this morning that many leading republican officials strategies donors fear a trump nomination would lead to terminal electoralwipeout down ballot, refereed to take on businessman part of fear breaks through in quinnipiac poll shows if trump you were to take on hillary clinton in hypothetical general election
8:04 am
matchup he would lose by 6 points, if it were a clinton rubio matchup that gap closes to basically a tossup 1 point difference, the poll though also has clinton topping carson and cruz so good numbers for her there. the poll concludes with this i will quote he says, secretary clinton and bernie sanders have to be hoping trump is gop's guy bit of good and mixed there for trump. maria: that is a good point, and you know blake, it is not just beating trump robert is a clinton spore i retweed it your that i can new quinnipiac poll shows hillary clinton beats everybody in the gop field. >> have that is -- >> well, and i -- to blake's point there have been other polls have shown hillary clinton losses to -- last week, yeah so this is very fluid i wouldn't put money on any candidate anybody who tells me they know who
8:05 am
republican nominee is going to be is lying nobody knows we've not seen a dynamic like this before, ever, in fact trump still so dominate when he can literally a say anything, and getaway with it because his supporters are so tired of three things, weak politicians, political correctness that has been destructive, and a cup media trump hits all things with full passion, they are willing to basically forgive anything he says. >> what would richard nixon say? >> i think richard nixon obviously not here to comment-on this i think would be fascinated by don dew's candidacy never establishment politician richard nixon came from california republican establishment hated nixon sort of a trumpesque figure within republican party i think would be as if inmatesed. >> a discontentchy guy cheater a lot of there is a lot of things i can go off on back to point on placing your money, if somebody gave people a
8:06 am
market to bet against the spread of trump to the field here if you gave me that today i would take it all day long, a short seller of trump, the lead versus the field, to me the field is narrowing, anthony has different views on bush, i have some that are developing on rubio, but one of the comments made earlier is that rubio is quite surprising -- >> life support -- >> i am work that right is now. >> what do you think about rubio on spread trade if frul. >> rubio incredibly talented latino so much going for him, i think he has competition, i do think the final four if we can use that language, final four are going to be donald trump, ted cruz marco rubio, chris christie. >> jeb bush is done, out of this race i if i this room for establishment candidate it is going to be chris christie still has some life in him. >> ted cruz coming across very well moving up in polls as well. >> very very long. >> i want -- >> bush why do you think he
8:07 am
could not get into the final four. >> because i think we are dealing with a different kind of year, if this had been a normal political year yes jeb bush, about establishment figure successful governor of a big swing state a lot of money over 100 million dollars, in super pac so on, he would have been, it and a lot of people assume this would be a normal year this is not a normal year, 8 years of barack obama destructive policies people want a change, the conservative base does not trust establishment, they've been burned so many times they sent republicans to washington in wave elections nothing changed. >> that is yp trump resonates he is right likes energy he does he acts like -- personal opinion down the want to be there, he needs to show more are vim, vigor, something about hillary clinton, and donald trump, she beats him head-to-head matchup ip clinton's big problem arc plea
8:08 am
not trustworthy, 60% say clinton is not honest or trustworthy against 36% who say she is look at donald trump, donald trump, 59% voters nationwide say trump not honest or trustworthy, the difference. >> nobody cares about this numbers on trump because he is not a politician, mrs. clinton on national scene 25 years, and for the duration has been a cereal liar everybody knows this it is -- baked in -- >> -- all, why -- beating everybody how do you say that? >> go ahead. >> two reasons, number one, because the kreer yal liars about it will into cake with clinton's people already assume that, that is why the republicans if she is nominee -- >> i am a liar but effective. >> that is why the republicans -- should not -- not that is why republicans should not be raising that because people are -- they should be attacking her on competence not that the second reason why she is winning because left
8:09 am
has been very successful in changing the nature of the country, demographics, with illing he immigration, a built in advantage. >> why some republicans some conservatives get upset with donald trump, playing a little loose. whether you want to call it fibing a stretching the facts if you run against hill don't give you don't want to head-to-head, look -- almost as untrustworthy as she does according to poll looks almost as untrustworthy as she does. >> you might be right about that then you might be wrong, because -- [laughter] -- like. >> i don't know how voters are going to come down on this, you could be right you could be wrong he is a completely different personality noup politician people like willing to forgive him everything i
8:10 am
can do it when he says build a wall on southern border six months people believe it he can put a billed up in manhattan that amount of time. >> how significant do polls changing in new hampshire and iowa. >> i am not sure how to answer that, because voting is as much an emotional act as intellectual one people spend vote the way they spend money think about it want to feel good about it with trump right now the fact that this has gone from a summer, to an autumn winter roms telled me this is really real whether he with an translate enthusiasm to on the ground infrastructure, and get out the vote activity, that is still a bit unknown. >> more presidential before this is other. >> here is what i think, this whatsoever i think donald trump running a rope are a dope i think playing fast and loose to dagen's point about all this as we get cloture tore iowa new hampshire going to show up on debates and
8:11 am
flatten everybody with being completely on point. >> do you? >> wow. >> anymore your camp on that a smart guy you an entrepreneur adaptive prnersonality. >> i could be he totally wrong about this i think what you are watching is much more sophisticated and thought out operation than people assume. >> we have to wrap who is vice president. >>et if it is donald trump iet fiorina or martinez out of new mexico i think he needs a woman on ticket, i see a woman -- >> carly fiorina -- >> wow. >> all that? >> if you have. >> he is going to turn -- >> if you have if you have hillary top of the ticket the ticket possibly needs a woman. maria: we look to you next week. >> where he i is right now whether you like over time are or dislike him. >> let's see how he does binary option go for it. >> i want to hear what you write about this week back on that monica with us this
8:12 am
morning we will he be right back, stay with us.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
. maria: waiting on november adp number go by to be out 10 seconds right now estimate 190,000 jobs created, for the men and women of november, this is the adp report typically tells you what to expect for the jobs 217, 217,000 jobs created month novak better than expected on 217,000 jobs, created keith mccullough your analysis on this november adp number coming out right now. >> rates should go up on this, yesterday was a big down day for bond yields the market loved that because again, it backed off, the expectations that fed would raise rates into a o slowdown, so any bullish late cycle employment data if you don't know what late cycle is read up late cycle happened the end of the story employment happens the end, late cycle job gains, are what fed looking for to raise interest rates i read this up for interest rates probably flat to down for stock market
8:16 am
on that type of news the stock market everything is like bad news, yesterday ism report the worst number we've seen all yearlong the market removed it, so good news is probably bad to down for stock market today. maria: your thoughts 217,000 jobs. >> i agree with keith on rate increase you have to raise given magnitude on job front my wooirgz i was saying earlier on show about lack of ability to have he monetary stimulus when economy is skreenl going to need if it late cycle i agree with keith we probably are the fed usually needs to put 300 base points stimulus into our compromise i to keep us growing, can't do that -- the fiscal side not going to fixis congress and president can't get along going to run into a rough patch at some point 2016 early -- >> hike in cut basically you are saying hikes that you can cut you got to have snieblt that is the issue. >> and more bond behind --
8:17 am
gets bad enough strongest areas at least in terms of those of the consumer, you have the saving you are going there is concern out there savings rate at 3-year high, but you have auto sales whatever is reliant on cheap easier credit housing auto sales prominently hit. >> going into a presidential election cycle politics very interesting, couple weeks ago i said on this show that i didn't think the fed was going to raise rates through next november, right, because political pressure guess what a headlined this week that said democrats trying to perturb fed not to raise rates. >> whole point then going to start asking for a qe 4, entirely new to everybody else, of course, rubio running on antifederal reserve, he said he would remove janet yellen so again there is a and next series of debates had if indeed we are right economy continues to -- >> -- guantanamo bay will not remove janet yellen. >> you just let term expire.
8:18 am
maria: they want this they don't want to no more nato. >> herbert walker bush upset with alan greenspan in 1991 slowing down economy he he him and ross per ot. >> carter blamed volcker for raising rates said a main reason he didn't win people delusional. >> adp better than expected does that tell us jobs number better than expected,o ecb meeting, january jenn as well. >> a seasonal factor here that doesn't get readjusted in the november december period you have had last year two biggest job numbers of the year in november and december would i not be surprised if job number up to flat so area quote expectations most important point fed sees that will raise traits fed fund futures comply it opposite of that would shock the market. maria: does that mean if seeing the higher rates o going into slowdown we go into recession. >> first of all, the first
8:19 am
time any careers been 20 years federal reserve will raise rates into an ism below 50 or slowdown that has not happened, so prepare for that, you don't know what that looks like. >> only 25 basis points i think market of digest it the economy will digest it if telling me 150 base point move here next 12 to 18 months would i be superworried about where we are economic cycle wise. maria: short break, 00 u.s. special forces headed to iraq to couple capture 2350i9 kill isis fighters former nato commander will be with us to tell us if this pan would work, back in a minute.
8:20 am
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here at td ameritrade, they love innovating. and apparently, they also love stickers. what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals,
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a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. . maria: welcome back, a new study finds there are hundreds of active isis supporters on line in the united states, cheryl casone with story.
8:23 am
cheryl: that is right incredible maria, approximately 300 american or u.s. based isis supporters identified as recruiters for the terror group researchers at george washington university saying recruiters primarily use twitter to encourage individuals to attractively to iraq or syria to join self-proclaimed isis caliphate or to plan attacks within united states staying approximately 250 americans, have traveled or have attempted to travel to iraq or syria, while 900 active investigations in progress against isis supporters get this maria all 50 states. incredible report from university, back to you. maria: really is, they are using online so effectively, additional operation forces to battle isis in iraq 200 troops sent to the region within few weeks director of emerging market strategy urasis group
8:24 am
thanks for joining us. >> what is your take in terms of of the whole russia component of this u.s. russia he relations in the face of basically putin pushing america out of the way in syria. >> i think of the many objectives and aims in sir nonmore consequential than difference of opinion russia and united states how to deal with isis both agree isis a threat should be dealt with disagree on strategy for doing that, americans say in order to deal with isis you have to remove the -- first, because brutality pushes people into armed of isis, russians say hold on secretary if you are go fog remove isis -- backing him. >> backing him -- i will get to in a second but their view is that in order to deal with isis you need strengthen assad if you remove isis from syrian territory who is going to rule that territory so rirnz are working hard, to back assad to present a fait accompli the
8:25 am
option for the west, assad run syria or isis, both sides are right the americans are right, but skuni isis preys on suni grievances, we have seen in iraq in syria we have seen in libya, libya we have seen in yemen, so that that kind of conflicting -- philosophical approach is may go out. >> what does it mean if they can't come together. dagen: what is the endgame? if you cut a keel with putin want to extract something from you probably going to cost a lot more down if road. >> i think irexactly propriety putin usual russia's role in syria to get something that is to weaken eu sanctions against russia, right russia economy going to cop attract close to 4% putin no idiot understands that from illegally to repair that with europe why he knows for europeans the refugee crisis is the single most important political challenge that is true eu level true at
8:26 am
country level, in europe, he knows the europeans need to deal on syria he is guy who can bring it home. >> vladimir putin has longer term goals reestablish longer strerm strategic presence in syria, thip away at nato what the whole conflict with inefficiencying is all aboib turkish all about to again control of global oil supply with pipelines being built through the regional vladimir putin wants a hand in that doesn't he -- >> i think he does but immediate end is really about repairing that economic relationship with europe, right? russia has interest having a seat at the table key region of the world it is a geo political feather in cap the real issue very clear he wants to u to use syria levin to prayer economic rip primary challenge for russia. >> sound we are backed those intentions why don't we let isis tiek assad or we take
8:27 am
thim out eviscerate isis. >> you need to commit large numbers of ground troops. >> exactly. >> that is something for which there is neither strong public sport or strong strategy, right. >> our troops can certainly take out isis the question is what next, right, u.s. very good at taking territory from people not so good at being occupying nation building force the legacy of the first iraq war. >> president does not want casualties, he wants to do air strikes, because he figures that is not -- comaktimpacting casualties. >> casualties on other side so-called congressionally damage helps recruitment. >> thanks so much alex joining us urasis group be right back. stay with us. the pursuit of healthier.
8:28 am
it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. ...
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8:30 am
>> isil is going to continue to be a deadly organization because of its social media, the resources that it has and
8:31 am
the networks experienced fighters that it possesses. it's going to continue to be a serious threat for some time to come, but i'm confident that we are on the winning side of this. maria: and that was president obama remaining confident with his strategy to defeat isis, this as secretary of defense, ash carter, announced yesterday on capitol hill that new special operations troops will be sent to fight radical jihadists in syria and iraq. joining us right now is retired navy admiral and nato supreme allied commander in europe, good to see you, sir, thank you for joining us. >> you bet, good to see you. maria: first, let me get your take from what you just heard from president obama. i want to incorporate, of course, what's going on with russia and how that complicates the relationship among nato countries, but first, what's your response to what the president said in terms of getting our arms around isis and defeating this group? >> i think this is a necessary first step.
8:32 am
it's certainly necessary, unfortunately, maria, it's not sufficient. but it is a good step because with these special forces groups can do are three things, they'll gather intel on the ground and they're effective at doing that, number two, they'll direct strikes so our air campaign will be more effective. number three, they can conduct raids and kill and capture leadership from the islamic state. that will be effective, but it will not be enough to take this threat away from us. maria: why do you think the president has stayed so adamant in terms of getting more aggressive against isis? you know, he continues to say he's worri but if you're at war, you're at war. >> that would be my view. and i think there's a lot of middle east fatigue in the white house, they have come out of wars, in their view, in iraq and afghanistan, unfortunately, neither of those stories are done. so, i think we're going to have to overcome our antipathy to
8:33 am
troops on the ground. that doesn't mean we need 150,000 troops like in iraq and afghanistan. what it means 15 to 20,000 ground troops, i think we are going to build to that number, this is a step. maria: it seems like ultimately he's got to go there and perhaps this is leading forward that. let me turn to the russia story and, of course, the downing of that russian aircraft by turkey. a lot of people mentioning article five of danato. and how this confuses the fight among nato countries. >> article five, of course, is the treaty line that says an attack on one nation will be regarded as an attack on all. the fact that turkey has downed the russian aircraft, puts russia if they retal yit in a military way and attack turkey, that brings nato into the fight in a serious way. that's why you're seeing russia amping down the rhetoric and
8:34 am
trying very hard not to turn this into a military confrontation so i don't think we'll go there. what is really interesting to look at, maria, is whether or not nato as an alliance will come into the fight against the islamic state. i hope they do because it brings terrific capability. it's 28 nations, 52% of the world's gdp and three million troops under arms and aircraft, we can use that in the fight against the islamic state. i think that once the climate summit is over, you'll see them turn to the islamic state and whether or not to bring nato in the fight, i hope they do. maria: it's interesting. isn't nato in this fight now, particularly after turkey downed that russian jet? >> nato nations are in this fight. so, you're seeing britain, france-- britain, in fact, today, is having a debate with parliament whether to increase the strikes in syria. you're seeing the united states, turkey is somewhat in it. but the entire alliance, 28
8:35 am
nations know they're not 100% into this so adding them as a collective block would be s salutory against tunited states. face it, this is what putin wanted. his economy is based on oil and he's trading conflict, to the russian people, he is looking like the protector, but he got them into the situation in the first place bayou crane. do you think this is all by design? >> i think that putin has a plan to keep assad in power and i think he'll probably be effective at doing that, on the other hand, he's got to respond to the russian people outraged by the shootdown of the jet. so he will use military power against the united states. he'll see this as two different problems and of course, the
8:36 am
uberchallenge for putin is the russian economy going down the next few years. he's got a complex fact pattern he's got to deal with. i think he'll continue to back assad and increase his force and try to negotiate his way to inks is as relief. that's his goal. maria: what should nato do in regard to the muscle that isis had. we know that isis is the most powerful terrorist group we've ever seen. they make much of their money by selling oil on the black market and a lot of people believe turkey is buying that oil on the black market. so, should nato countries be getting involved stopping this caliphate, isis, getting more powerful by selling this oili? >> absolutely. two ways to go after that, in the cyber world to go after their finances and moving money.
8:37 am
maria: why aren't they, why haven't they? >> they are, they are doing it and it is an area in way nations really are uncomfortable a lot of times sharing information across the alliance because cyber is so sensitive. but i think the cyber push is the next big infantry against the islamic state's finances and the second thing is to go after the oil, maria, the same way we go after interdicting heroin or cocaine. it's a commodity, you can go after the source, after the transit zone, after the supply side in turkey. so those are the two fronts going after the finances and you're right to put your finger on it as a key. maria: so you think that nato gets more involved after the climate summits in paris and america gets more aggressive. how many thousands of troops on the ground do you expect president obama to ultimately succumb to? >> well, i'll tell you how many troops i think we need. maria: all right. >> and i think that number is somewhere around 15,000.
8:38 am
right now we've got about 3500, maybe 4,000 with the recent additions so he we've got to add about 10,000 troops. again, that's not like trying to drink the whole sea. this is not 150,000 troops. so we need to get up to about 15,000. we need to push allies to put about 6 or 7:00 alongside us and then energize the peshmerga and the forces, those are the ground troops we need. we continue the bombing campaign, the special ops, i think we'll see at that isis is not ten feet tall. maria: by the way, we keep hearing from our guests we've got the smallest navy we've seen. you're a four-star navy admiral. what do you have to say about the state of our defenses today, the fact that we do have the smallest navy ever? >> well, the good news, it's a very capable navy in terms of its combat abilities, but maria, numbers have a quality all their own. in other words, no matter how
8:39 am
good a ship is, it can't be in two places at the same time. so i'm very concerned about the size of our fleet. we need at least 330 ships to really meet our global commitments. i don't see that as part of the current narrative coming out of the governmentment i think we need to increase it. the story is too much the same on the other side in the army and air force, we live in a very dangerous world. maria: we do. thank you, add mal. we appreciate your time this morning. >> narngs a lot, maria. maria: we'll see you soon, james stsvridis. before we take a break, some of the best moments you may have missed earlier in the program. >> down to an outsider, and an establishment person. you know, at the end. day, is that field narrows so the question would be, is it a marco rubio or is it a bush. >> yeah. >> it looks like dr. carson is fading and so it's going to be one of those guys.
8:40 am
>> it's not just about syria and iraq anymore, it's about libya, too. isis has taken over in libya where it's essentially a failed state under this administration. >> donald trump is not only on the top, but he actually went up, maria, and he's winning among women according to this poll which is another thing they said would never happen. so, now, i don't think his quote, unquote, is alienating anyone. he's speaking the truth. standing up for american citizens. >> i think we need a return to normalizati normalization. i think the economy yawns off the first increase. >> you think it happens next week. >> i think it does. >> some folks are getting glocks under the tree and it's continuing-- >> glocks? >> well, a ruger, you take your pick, have at it, baretta. maria: you know a lot of guns. >> i'm from the south. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear
8:41 am
from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it.
8:42 am
we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> welcome back, the house and senate reaching an agreement on a major transportation bill. cheryl casone on it now. >> you bet, maria, lawmakers agreeing on a measure to fund highways and mass transit projects for five years, that's the longest in nearly two decades and also included in this bill, reviving the import-export, they agreed, this is congress. this morning, guys, mcdonald'ses testing changes at
8:45 am
600 restaurants in california, launching a system where employees would serve customers at their tables. mcdonald's is testing a new menu at the same stores. beef patties and grilled cutlets with a variety of bun options and finally this for-- i'll have a holiday story as we get closer to christmas. fans of "the christmas store", bid for a chance to stay in the house where it was filmed. this is a 120-year-old house, maria and bidding goes until next week, it's on ebay and the bidder also gets to have a little fun toy tied to the movie. did you ever see the movie. maria: i have not. i've seen it years ago, but not like in a hundred years. dagen: and it's on looped.
8:46 am
maria: you know what i mean. i saw it years ago, i haven't seen it in a long time. >> one of the only things beating fox business in the ratings are the holiday shows general way. the hallmark channel doing just as well as fox. maria: thank you, cheryl. i didn't know you were going to answer that. and making waves, a possible shake-up. >> the road ahead is looking rocky for yahoo!. the company board is considering selling off the core businesses according to wall street journal. and they're declining to talk to fox business. the board will reconsider the future of the core business in upcoming meetings. yahoo! appears to be sticking to its plan to sell off the 15% stake in alibaba next year, even after the irs declined to approve the spin-off with that huge tax bill. 32 billion dollars, and marissa
8:47 am
mayer has failed to turn around the company in the last three years. it's popping 4% on the news in the pre-market. maria: thank you so much. we'll be right back. you're watching "mornings with maria". stay with us. the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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8:51 am
options and after nine weeks of builds, we may see a draw. and we're waiting for ecb monetary policy and janet yellen just to name a few things. a busy morning, much and more with "mornings with maria".
8:52 am
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8:55 am
she's got a great record and personable and i had dinner with her at the conference. maria: you would recommend her as a running mate? >> no, i didn't say that. i said she's terrific. a big problem with the running mates as the sarah palin, they've got to do a ton of opposition research to figure out. maria: i think a lot of people like nikki haley and talking about her in the chris christie campaign. >> she's up there. got to be in the top two or three candidates for vice-president. >> she's dynamite and fantastic and when you're doing a choice, you have to keep in mind whether or not they can visit their state. south carolina is going to go republican anyway, what can she bring to the table. and i would say the governor of a swing state, new mexico, that would be more critical to a calculation. >> a great public speaker and a good record. maria: a good point. >> she's got the latino connection. but everybody has to be vetted
8:56 am
and that's the big issue right now. maria: and the next president will have to deal with the threat of recession. keith mccollough. >> who is talking about that? the global warming guy of the economy because i follow the data. gdp has just, for those of you who haven't. dagen: global cooling because you throw cold water on it. >> you're not talking about a guy talking about raining when it's raining. maria: the gdp report, keith, the impact from the-- >> you're in this bizarro world, money managers who crushed it as opposed to those who have been crushed, those who haven't been positioned for growth slowing. and the reality is that wall street is trying to get to the compensation gig by the end of the year and more talk of that as opposed to what the market is actually going to do in the next three to six months and my point would be in line with the
8:57 am
atlanta fed. they cut to 1.4%, which is just inside of the number. dagen: a 9% cut. maria: isn't that a bizarro world in and of itself? federal reserve raises interest rates as they cut their gdp forecast, so, again, this is again, never happened before. i assume it's all going to end quite well. so, no worry about that. >> i'd short the market right here. hopefully you do, too, there was short selling and there was in july and here in the s&p 500. >> don't forget about the former president charles evans, federal reserve yesterday. basically saying, look, i'm afraid of the fed raising rates into a global slowdown. they're talking about it, some of the governors, talking about it being compelling. it's mixed up right now, but i think they have to raise rates. i think that keith and i would agree on that, they have to raise rates. if they don't do a 25 point basis move, it will shock the
8:58 am
market, oh, what do they know and what is going on? people are going to lose confidence. the economy is doing well enough right now to justify a 25 basis point rate increase, the first one in nine years. >> this is where we differ. i do agree with anthony if they don't raise rates this'll completely shock the market from expectations perspective. there's a thing called the fed funds futures curve which basically says you have to go because you said you're going to go. but if you raise into the slowdown, i disagree, the economy has been slower than many, many people have thought this year and at its slowest points here in the fourth quarter. you look at retail sales, it's not just amazon. yesterday's pmi number, had four handles and it's bad. maria: the consumer has not shown up yet. dagen: the consumer hasn't shown up-- >> going to have to get it up. dagen: the consumer discretionary stocks year to date, best performing sector in the s&p 500.
8:59 am
maria: what about actual spending, the consumers and the back drop for the consumers. dagen: lately it's been worrisome because like people are saving their money, they're not out there spending it. saving rates right at a three-year high. i think you are seeing some retailers do okay. some retailers do all right. but a lot of them are in the toilet frankly. i'm saying i've been off and you're right. >> i'll go all uni-bomber on dagen here. the reason that people say consumer discretionary is up, because discretionary has had a 10% weighting in amazon, 7% in disney, those are the two companies driving consumer discretionary. dagen: nike is here an all-time high. maria: by the way, i don't think you're going to see sales on athletic wear or ipads. there are certain things that people are going to buy this holiday, includes athletic wear and technology. >> all the companies that have done well, they don't go on sale. maria: right, exactly.
9:00 am
that's what i'm saying. >> donald trump pulled out, says loser, you're huge. maria: dagen mcdowell, keith mccollough, anthony, thank you for being here, everybody. that will do it for us, and "varney & company" starts now. take it away. stuart: i shall indeed. it's one of the big news days with news for donald trump, and isis, contained or not? and a $45 billion gift to charity. good wednesday. we'll start with trump. he he's first and marco rubio is second: isis is contained, no, it's not says his top general. 250 troops are on their way overthere. facebook guy mark zuckerberg


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