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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  December 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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board of supervisors. they pledged their full support and resources that they have to help solve this as well. we'll work together to investigate this case as once the scene is secure. to work hand in hand with the city of san bernardino as we do with other high-profile events. i will now have dave bowditch, assistant director from fbi say a few words. >> thank you, sheriff. the fbi is here with state and local partners as well as partners from the atf. we're here essentially to assure all wounded are extracted and ultimately public safety is the number one goal at this point. we will work as the law enforcement community to assure we've done everything we can to find, locate and apprehend these subjects. at this point i know one of your questions is going to be, is this a terrorist incident? i will tell you right now we do not know if this is a terrorist
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incident. so we start from the beginning. working with our local partners. we take the presumption it may be, it may not be, but we will work hand in hand with them from the beginning. if things change we're here from the get go and there is no steps lost as the investigation proceeds. at this point i will turn it back over to the chief. >> so very quickly, after the initial response we have several hundred people that were in the building that are not injured. those people have been taken to a safe location and they are part of the investigation. in addition to that we know this is human incident and this is a tragedy. we know we have a lot of folks very concerned and very worried about their loved ones and they have been at that facility today. we set up area at hernando center here in city of san bernardino for framly members to go for information. we'll push out information to the family members as we can. the sheriff department put out
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crime tip hotline number, if anybody has information we would very much like to hear from you. with that i will take a couple questions. reporter: do you have any information on this that what is happening apparently upwards of three gunmen stormed into? >> i don't. i heard everything it was a meeting to potential, like a lunch-type gathering maybe for holidays. that is not confirmed. that is very preliminary. my understanding that most of the people that were wounded, most of the victims were all centrally located in one area of the facility. >> any weapons or body armor have been recovered. >> in terms of employees my understanding the facility has both state and county employees as well as folks that work for a number about organizations. the inland regional center serves a number of organizations that treat mental illness type issues and that sort of stuff. i don't have any idea -- i know state and local county employees work there. i do not know if any are victims or who they are at this point.
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[inaudible] >> i do not have any information that children were involved. >> weapons used, number much people involved, given what you have in the way of evidence, witness accounts, anything else you characterized this as organized event? what were these menussing and shooting people with? >> preliminary information that these people came prepared. they were dressed and equipped in a way that they were prepared and armed with long guns, not handguns. i do not know what type of guns. >> [inaudible] >> don't know. >> were any weapons recovered at the scene? >> we don't have any weapons recovered at this point. >> could you move to the left a little bit. there is a shadow. thank you. >> thank you. >> [inaudible] >> the preliminary number we have right now there are 14 people that are deceased and our count is another 14 people that have been taken to various hospitals for significant
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injuries potentially related to gunshots. we have number of other people that may have minor type of injuries. they fell down during the course of fleeing or something of that nature. 14 we believe are wounded. >> [inaudible] >> video evidence of what happened? >> i would imagine there are but we're not that far in the investigation. >> [inaudible] he. >> the whole thing? -- >> still being searched? is there possibility that there are more deceased or wounded inside of that regional center. >> i think that could be a possibility, yes. i don't think we're comfortable saying no at this point. >> have the bomb techs recovered anything that is or looked like ied in the building? >> as the teams were going through the building searching for suspects and victims. there were things in the building not immediately identifiable that caused some concern. as a result of that we do have some bomb techs on sight and checking some of that out. i do not know if they were
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brought in by the suspects. i do not know if they are bombs of any sort. our teams are moving through. that needs to be looked at more closely. >> no -- [inaudible]. haven't scene anything apart or destroyed anything. >> i have no information on that. >> [inaudible] >> have you found any vehicles you believe are related to -- or -- >> not that i know of at this point. >> witnesses said the gunmen said anything? did they say anything? >> we don't have anything specific from the witness. we're still in the stage talking to them. >> are there any other active scenes at this point? >> this is the only active scene we're working? >> what about security that may have been shot inside? >> that is part of the investigation. i just don't have that at this point. >> can you talk about the suspect vehicle that yukon suv? >> that is all we have. yes generic. upwards ever three suspects. >> suspects wearing camouflage? >> i never heard of camouflage. >> upwards of three, does that mean there could be more than three?
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>> i have been repeatedly told the number is three. keep in mind this is information flowing in as people are talking to witnesses very quickly. as we put everything together some of this may change. we know these are fluid situations. some of the information we put out now may change a little bit in the future. >> any description about these suspects? >> as far as people in the area we're doing everything we can to keep this area safe. we're addressing other facilities in the area that we think may be similar or may be similar or have any information or credible threats to any other facilities at this point. we're all heightened sense of the word. we ask public be on heightened sense of alert. if they come across information, contact us and let us investigate. >> any suspects at all, sir. >> not from what i have. >> were they wearing masks, chief, the gunmen? >> one report i heard masks were involved but i don't know that to be definitive. >> [inaudible]. leads that you're pursuing right now?
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>> yes. >> chief, did gunmen say anything at all during the attack, during the shootings? >> i'm not that i'm aware of. >> any sort of threats made prior to this incident? >> that is part of the investigation. we'll not talk specifically about that right now. >> [inaudible] >> thank you to you and to the chiefs, all the fire chiefs and everything for your guys response. i appreciate that. >> thank you very much. >> [inaudible] >> a few minutes. >> based on how well-armed you think these suspects are, what are you responding with? how are you equiping your people in the field? >> well our people into the field go into the field with what they have. we have number of officers that have high caliber weapons, they carry assault rifles with them. mostly officers carry handguns. officers arrived on scene an initial work to go into the building to clear it went in what they have -- >> [inaudible] >> we do not know where the suspects are the.
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>> can tau buck the fbi, how is the how fbi is getting involved with this? maybe they have a representative? >> historically some of these investigations can turn into potentialal federal prosecution type thing. which don't know at this point if that is the case. better to have them on scene at the beginning to they know what we know and are active to the vision. the federal government bring to the table tremendous resources to help us do our job. >> [inaudible] >> can you talk about that? >> we have no information at this point to indicate this is terrorist-related in the traditional sense people may be thinking. obviously at minimum we have domestic terror type situation that occurred here. >> any description at all? >> we don't. >> [inaudible] >> only thing i'm comfortable saying at this point is that the information we have is that they
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came prepared to do what they did as if they were on a mission. >> how long were they inside shooting? >> i don't know specifically. several minutes. >> were the gunmen still there when the police arrived, when the initial responding officers arrived? >> we don't know. our police officers have not engaged or exchanged gunfire with anybody but we don't know if they were on scene when they arrived. >> but were the vast majority of the dead and wounded one centralized location within the facility? >> yes, in the same general area of the facility. >> making assumption but i'm sorry if it is assumption that they had targeted that particular room, those toke lar people? >> i think we're too early in the investigation to make that assumption. we don't know what the motive is. >> did they take hostages? were they told this was just a shootout? >> we don't have any information that they took any hostages? >> what kind of weapons were used or describe what kind of weapons they use, sorry? >> long guns is what i told. i think people speculated what
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type of long guns those r i don't want to put out a specific type of gun. i will say it's a long gun, not a handgun. >> [inaudible] >> they came in with a purpose. >> do you have any threats prior to this. >> i don't have specifics on that. >> with that, we'll cut this off. we'll be back every hour on the hour to provide a update even if we don't have anything specifically. we'll come back on the hour every hour to provide you with a update. >> at top of the hour? >> at top of the hour is fine. [inaudible]
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deirdre: they will give updates in 45 minutes time. meantime we want to remind you some of the details what we know so far. numerous people have been shot with at least 14 people dead in san bernardino, california. the shooters have not been accounted for. that is to say we are in a live incident. authorities are looking for one to three shooters. witnesses say that men came in with body armor and masks and began shooting in conference room. we'll tell you about it in just a minute. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. the shootings start the around 11:00 a.m. pacific time to 2:00 p.m. eastern time. this is where it took place, the inland regional center. this is non-profit facility for treating individuals with developmental disabilities. according to the institution's
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facebook page they serve 30,000 people a year. they have about 600 staff members. the target was probably a group much people who rented the space from the disability center. also possible that they were driving black yukon su have. one witness saw it reportedly driving away slowly from the scene. suv has been found but has been abandoned. joining me for this hour, former cia covert operations officer, mike baker. former nypd officer, bill stanton, and former reagan defense deputy assistant secretary kt mcfarland. glad to have you all here. start with you, bill, you're beside me here in new york, along with kt, based on what you see here what is most likely scenario? >> one in three, more than one shooter shows a conspiracy. the fact they have long guns an vests shows a next level, to me either an organized hit, maybe persons or persons in that
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meeting, could be narc corelated, or terrorism. one of those three. deirdre: kt, you and i were going to talk about the threat of isis terrorism more international front based on study from gw university, whether or not this is terrorism what they think of traditionally, coordinated effort to bill's point and really stressing our law enforcement. >> i think this is an important point to make whether it is domestic terrorism or international islamic extremist terrorism, whether this is what we look forward to in american society, we don't have enough resources to deal with it. for example, to follow a terrorist, you know, government is looking at closely, somebody who could go operational at anytime, that takes two dozen government employees, state, federal, nsa. deirdre: i wrote you about that from paris. i was telling you that i had understood, at least in france's
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case there are 11,500 people deemed to be sympathizers. i said it is true that you need 23 people, whether law enforcement locally, federally, administratively, per threatening person. >> yeah. deirdre: you said that is a low number. >> that is a low number. europe they're saying higher numbers. >> everybody has to be on a-game. >> everybody has to be on a-game. not like they go home. it is 24 hours. that huge commitments of resources. we don't have people trained to do that we don't have budgets to support these people. if this is the new normal we have to rethink those resources. deirdre: i want to bring in mike baker, former cia ops officer. what do you think about what kt said, if this is the new normal we don't have enough resources to manage it? >> you never have enough resources and can't prevent anything. we have to exercise caution.
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bill brings up good point, is this a drug hit. the fact they came in with egress plan, clearly had desireexit. desire to exit the attack site puts it in different category from what unfortunately we become used to with random psychopath shootings with mentally ill. i think we have to be a little bit careful about the motive >> >> i hear what you were saying. be cautious and be careful that is always wise
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information with breaking news situations. i heard what you said we don't know that moment that is what we heard from the briefing at the top of the our. but you'll know you have been light in the situation in such as this one what is going on right now? what will you be doing if you were still part of the cia? >> it is a secondary issue at this point. also the etf and fbi there are so many moving parts it is hard to understand how difficult this is that this stage with the shooters on the loose. they are gathering as many witness statements as possible but mayor not reliable and then you have 10 different reports. they're looking at the backgrounds of all
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individuals who may have been the target and they are working over the issue be obviously so there are so many issues being done but look at that scene people have said to me i am watching this they all seem very called. that is a good thing that is what they are trained to do. if you're not do research -- doing your training training, unfortunately they have to practice constantly. deirdre: i will ask you the same question. if this happened in new york city what would you be doing with the police force? to make that is a different animal of 40,000 people and extended agencies. right now i look at how
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smart and quiet they were to get in and get out. looking at security cameras, traffic patterns to see which way they have gone. the backup call call, interestingly, all the careful planning that went into this. they ditched the car. deirdre: the one witness who said that it is the same black issue be when he noticed it the car drove away so slowly never calling attention to itself. >> this is the new paradigm what he did and how he described the car that is the best way we will combat violence like this in the future. to deputize americans to be observant. >> on twitter there was a
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lot in that area and waterman is the address it was on south waterman avenue another said he actually went there just to bring people to the hospital to help out. and a nod that is the hindrance but people want to reach out. >> it is the double-edged sword with social media. of the bad guys are as smart as we think they are there also monitoring social media and the news as we speak. deirdre: i am sure law enforcement has greater challenges even don't tweet out your location. >> house speaker paul ryan is expected to comment. there is the capital tree
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lighting ceremony this evening in washington d.c.. we will take you there. in the meantime ashley webster is here in new york. what you tracking? >> simply saying they came prepared and they were on a mission. that is very clear from what we have heard so far. why did they burst into that particular building or conference room? we felt all that is the most innocuous with the county department of public health that conference room today was having a holiday luncheon. but we do know the regional center to provide services was the target of recent
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complaints and therefore was the red herring. deirdre: now we go to washington d.c. and paul reilly and. >> talking about the ongoing tragedy in california today. the would like to have a brief moment of silence for those who are affected please keep the victims and their families in your prayers right now. this is my first time holding in hosting this ceremony now i can appreciate everything that went into it. 4,000 miles of travel, too thousand handmade ornaments, hundreds of essays written by hundreds of students including our special guest.
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deirdre: that is house speaker paul ryan speaking for the national tree lighting ceremony in washington d.c. bar right now you're looking at a live feed from a local partner in san bernadine no california. we're speaking about the language of us in pretty now is using. >> i will sing the focus is on the conference room where most of the fatalities were reported. at the time it was rented by the san bernadino department of public health to whole day holiday banquet so it seems strange that was targeted or what may have led to that but i was just
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saying this special services center targeted had complaints that they were cut back those that provide that special services. deirdre: we can see something like 30,000 people receive support from that center we will contact you shortly i know you have something to say on that subject. >> is there any connection to the veterans administration? this isn't just a of a bunch
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of people who were playing paint all. is there some connection that we don't know of course, there veterans association? deirdre: to your point and there were wearing masks and party all -- barring a body armor and heavy armor and weapons unfortunately they were efficient. >> the fact they're wearing a mask they were not willing to give up their lives. >> so they don't want to be identified in they want to get away. >> to bring you back in here to have great perspective of national law enforcement work together i heard you say you find reassuring that it sounds called the day are
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still a large. >> does no good to panic they arbitrate -- trading all the time for this but let you don't see is like come on the water but movement underneath so you look at the way this functions that would hesitate to say like? luka for now they turn out the mastermind in the brilliant execution that it suv that they have abandoned i guarantee there will be clues of the fact but the amount of work that it takes to get there we're only so quick whether it is a drug
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hit or terrorist related that will sort itself out. deirdre: just to recap 14 fatalities confirmed from the san bernadine no police conference that also made comments my colleague is with me now. >> we're getting new information six patients one individual is in critical condition and receiving surgery over at the medical center ted patients have been taken in under their care as well arrowhead regional stepping in with one in critical condition
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either listening to our talking to police services to see multiple leads as the lock down the streets but we do know they're looking at a couple of individuals driving suv wearing military fatigues as they continue the manhunt. >> joining us on the phone former new york governor for 2016 from what big picture pointed you, actually he is not with us right now but i will ask you this talk about that potential connection. >> it would be irresponsible to say but sinecure throwing
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out idea is looking for possible motives. >> talk about terrorism on the international scale. >> he said something about edward snowden about being in the information age how is this a new challenge? >> with metadata down because it cut down on our ability to work with a foreign intelligence agency they said he will not protect us and we will not cooperate it isn't somebody that went to ivy league college you'll find out we
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all kind of giggled but the real thing that revealed the sources and methods it took the curtain away. >> anyone that wants to attacks fellow citizens a gave this person or these people the play-by-play. >> we saw this they're not talking to each other the same way they have seen in the playbook and you know, you are covering it nobody saw that coming.
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>> even if the act is not terrorism how quickly we will get them or not we're joined by former governor nobody has forgotten you were governor jerry 9/11 had to see the challenges of law-enforcement local and national? >> k.t. makes a good point now isn't just the foreign sources but also don't have domestic capability the way we did so little not enough information we know it is
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unjust drug dealers who want to come through the southern border in particular and don't have that capacity for some of whom there is no question who want to attack as we don't know who caused this but clearly with the well acted terror. deirdre: i am glad you said that for the victims and their preemies they don't care who killed their loved ones at least one person is is in critical condition fighting for his life. >> to them it doesn't matter but it clearly was an act of terror by other domestic or international or islamic but we will find out but in any event to hear the fbi director say there is in the
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neighborhood of 1,000 isis leads they are trying to follow that they think is such an imminent threats to think we will add on people coming from syria and no one to apply to corporate as indicated radical islam and we have to be more proactive and from a standpoint to make sure only people who want to be a part of america. >> on that note sophar every threatening person with ted
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domestic or international terrorist it takes at least 23 law enforcement and a local and national and administrative level from the big picture point of view. >> you don't put a price tag on human life it is whatever is necessary that is the most important role of government rather intelligence or military to control the border and has not made it the priority it has to me. deirdre: if there's one piece of a vice what would you give to president obama right now?
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>> we have to destroy isis and al qaeda training camps and planning facilities to organize social media capability now before they attacked again and. we don't know in any way they were involved in this horrible event, the reno they want to be and we have to be proactive overseas otherwise we will just continue to react. americans have been radicalized they don't have to tolerate that and tuesday to the radicalized people in america. deirdre: a point well made governor pataki.
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>> governor of california california, this is happening in your state to the south so what is your take? >> we have to bring this madness to halt rather see in the upper columbine or shooting congresswoman gifford, of colorado springs , there is too much mass shooting going on their behalf to get congress attention with then national rifle association those are mentally ill should not have the gun. deirdre: hold that thought if you don't mind when to
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rejoin a news conference right now with the mayor of san bernardino. >> i do have some information to keep the media apprised. -- our city is very
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resilient. and we have the team were to work together. and we'll give a reporter to every hour.
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>> thank you very much. deirdre: you just off line your screen the mayor of san bernardino giving an interview. i want to rejoin the former governor of california. you made the point of how many mass shootings there are. 351 basket shootings is even higher than 2014 the point is it is high and climbing. what can be done? >> first of all, we needed greater sense of outrage. at least 15 people were slaughtered today they have people who love them, children they were raising and parents, it
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isn't just the people who were carelessly done down -- gunned down. we shouldn't say that is too bad. we should demand we can live and a safer society. >> with the congress to realize there first obligation of was a governor online 11 -- online 11. so that should be a the highest priority there is a lot of things they can do with the county
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sheriff, police, highway patrol, and as well as the congress and of president. deirdre: thanks for the time k.t. you are talking as we were going over some statistics. pre-hundred 51 mass shootings. how do we do better? >> people say it happens all the time we just never connect the dots. deirdre: he just alluded to how many sites is in california while he was governor so how do you know, ? >> but what has happened
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they have developed software with a database so for example, there was a ring of snatchers the well-connected the dots was social media but they used database analysis how many people have their purses snatched? left in the front seat, iraq that atm and back in 90 seconds of purse was on. they found a pattern so they went all up and down the east coast on 95. ben all were very close to the entrance and exit ramps. so which license plates are
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in at the same time. >> we can be more efficient so look at political correctness that will kill us if we continue. it is an about defending anybody you're hurting anybody's feelings of using common sense and statistics. the last time i checked matt has a prejudiced. numbers are numbers and if you investigate and profiling is not a dirty word but using race as a component of a complete profile there is nothing wrong with that. >>. >> we don't have ethnic profiling also because more conservative religious groups so what we do was look for behavior patterns because they all behave the
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same it is looking for a behavior patterns gramm is on her way to disable with the grandchildren wiry giving them the same focus? he bought a one-way ticket with cash and doesn't have any luggage. so with 89 percent of their resources have a nice time in the zeroth that is once or twice. >> i will bring an my colleague the with standing by with the very latest. >> there has been reaction from the outset all across capitol hill from the presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle sending out tweets for their
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condolences and prayers for the families and the first responders. we're getting reaction from those that are politically close. the congressmen who represent the district has already put out a statement that says he is headed back home flying cross-country to get back here that his prayers are with the victim's family. that the out-of-control gun violence epidemic has come to the community. president obama gave an interview to cbs and was previously scheduled but after it happened and of
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course, he was asked he spoke with cbs to say there are not parallels anywhere else in the world as it relates to mass shootings to what we see in the united states and he called for common sense gun laws that need to happen all levels of government focusing on a few things but the viewer of the no-fly listed the united states said you should not be able to walk into a gun store that is an example that he gave. you saw paul ryan at the tree lighting ceremony is a story politically.
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deirdre: the very latest from washington d.c.. and about 15 minutes, said there will be another update from san bernardino police. they are planning on doing the updates every 60 minutes. to recap this is very much alive situation with 14 people were killed earlier today and the inland regional center that serves about 30,000 people per year
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that has about 670 staff members and you heard the update from my a friend and hopefully with lifesaving surgery. the shooters are heavily armed with semiautomatic weapons wearing body armor and a ski mask they seem to have vanished there is no other word for it so the national police, a cia and fbi is looking for them. and there was a suspicious device dismantled me a robot id is concerned that was a package that it has been dismantled so is no longer a threat that is the latest of
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the skeleton of details you heard my a conversation earlier talking about the psychological profile whether domestic or international. dr., thank you for joining us. what do you make of the psychological profile of someone who wants to kill his or her fellow citizens? limit before i heard there were three shooters seven series seen this before but we have had to reset our thermostat to renew normal. that it is domestic terrorism with organized crime were gang-related hits but these people went in
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with a premeditated fashion and they meant to kill large number of people. they have the means to do that and they were motivated with the exit strategy. it was very coordinated and premeditated. deirdre: in in your experience to people work closely enough with law-enforcement? would your limitations about someone's mental state and the intent to do harm? >> eric is the difference between safety as we have the power of their threat of imminent harm the efforts are frustrated because they're not able to do that but as you can see it is very important to consider
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public safety in these manners. deirdre: date you for joining us, a forensic psychologist. our n.y.p.d. special investigator, you say that press should not get ahead of itself. hough when details are you most concerned? >> i want to extend my heartfelt sorrow people don't realize there are police officers and first responders to go out to knock on doors to tell loved ones they have been injured. as far as the press is concerned with a 24 hour news cycle everybody is running ahead to get it on the air as quickly as possible, a police don't let
5:51 pm
it out the tell what the perpetrators to hear as much because of the first thing they do is pull over to exit the suv maybe create another crime to carjack someone in some. deirdre: going down the street with a red shirt i would get rid of the church. we cannot get ahead of the we have to stop the rumors with two independent sources you cannot use hearsay. somebody said somebody to weeded and their father told them but that is a third-party. no way is that a witness. deirdre: your point is well taken even with so much emotion to either obfuscate the details n.y.p.d. special
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investigator, michael thank you for the time. updating of the injuries and my colleague has the latest. >> deirdre, we have done the math across the country over the past several years and have figured out this is the deadliest shooting cents newtown of 2012. we have a list and this is the deadliest shooting as authorities are saying that more than 14 people have been killed there are least 16 hospitalized right now. but as we see it now there continues to be a trend in the united states.
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deirdre: 334 days this year year, 351 mass shootings going by the fbi a definition for people or more. in about six minutes there will be another press conference. is the san bernardino police what they know so far and what they don't know and taking questions from local reporters. a former n.y.p.d. officer is the fox news national security analyst. as we wrap up our time is the most significant take away? >> were they looking for one or to specific people?
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deirdre: why that conference room? >> why did they take out all of them? >> because they have the ammunition or the time they have gps internally and where that call was before it got there. where were they? >> that comes nicely into that discussion. with that metadata as a tracing those license plates and hopefully we will get some pictures what is your biggest take away? >> whether the mayor or the governor to say what is
5:55 pm
going on? why don't they say here is the situation? don't go to the mall. we have a leader who tells the other people to see my kids are at school one of my supposed to do? i'm suppose to go to the christmas party.
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dierdre: sergeant you have 17 years of s.w.a.t. experience. what would you be doing right now if you were involved in this live situation? >> like we were just talking about, my concern is the next mass shooting fp.
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any law enforcement agent within 3 hours of san bernardino i would have a high alert calling in any extra off-duty officer i have. to make sure we don't have these shootings. i'll tell you, these people don't go to malls and theaters. get your kids from school. don't have them in a situation they can get involved in a mass shooting. stay home if you can and protect yourself. this is going to unfold one way or another. whether they finds them in a mass shooting or they go to another location, the raid will be imminent. this will come to an end. dierdre: for people who don't know about all of your experience, you were the lead shield during the col urge by high school shooting. what happens when they finds hopefully they will these three shooters if there are three.
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>> ideally we find them in a remote location. you will have s.w.a.t. teams do a raid on them. if i was running the operation, get the team ready, the s.w.a.t. team ready. get in there and take them into custody. if they want to fight, kill them. dierdre: what are the chances given that operation seemed so well planned out that they are prepared for that. that they would take hostages. i'm assuming you as a s.w.a.t. team member have to prepared for every scenario. however you deal with mass shooters there can't be negotiation. the run in colorado was rare. they show their going to kill. so you get through that door and take them out as quick as possible.
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before they can hurt anybody else don't give them that opportunity. dierdre: we thank you for the time. sergeant grand white. he was the leading in the s.w.a.t. team member during the col you have by shootings in colorado years ago. bill, you are in a private security company now who advises? >> i actually trained with them. they hit me six times before i could get my gun out. these guys are beyond reproach. they will do their job and do it well. bill, thank you so as much. a former nypd officer.
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kt mcfarland. a quick recap of what we know before we turn things over to charles payne. 14 people have died today in san bernardino. there are 14 who are injured, perhaps more, still unknown motive that we know about. so one to three shooters on the loose. charles pain continues our coverage now. charles: breaking news. 14 fatalities are reported in san bernardino california. adam? reporter: the information


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