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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 3, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> something is going on. something is going on. they're after that guy. gun, gunshot, gunshot. >> we don't have the motive at this time. >> cheryl: breaking news this morning. overnight police identified the suspects in the tragic shootings in san bernandino, california. as you heard the authorities do not have automotive for the shootings but they have not ruled outer rism. good morning, everyone, i'm cheryl casone. >> of
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>> nicole: of course, we will keep you up to date. let's check out stock futures. s&p up 10. welcome to fbn:am,our first look at what's moving in morning markets and the latest breaking news and to what expect on your day ahead. >> cheryl: offense holiday party erupted into chaos as two shooters opened fire. here is what we know this morning. police have kill it had two suspects. they have been identified at 28-year-old fayet saruq. the police say they don't have a motive but terrorism is not being ruled out.
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robert, what can you tell us this morning? >> opened fire on 200 people attending the event at which fa farook was an employee there. he was basically a very quiet unassuming person, good employee , conscientious employee. of course, the fbi on the scene. investigators telling fox that they do not think that this was a spontaneous state. investigators telling fox that they do not think it was spontaneous because when they came back to the party the two shooters were building military tactical gear.
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they were carrying assault weapons, this is not something just happened at the party. the fbi, they're not ruling outer rism. >> i know one of the big questions that will come up repeatedly is this terrorism and i am still not willing to say that that we know that for sure. >> tashfeen malik a 27-year-old. tashfeen malik. it is his wife. made her on line. came back from a trip in saudi arabia with him. police saying very little on name and age. we are not going to get anything scheduled at least from police until this morning. you can hear police helicopters still surveying the area.
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we are not going to get anything till 9:00 a.m. eastern time expect today hear from the chief of police. we will keep you posted. right now we will get back to you in the studio. >> nicole: i've been hearing reports from what they were wearing, roll out pipe bombs and they were prepared for sustain fight with military tactics, rifles, pistols, this was not just somebody who walked out of the water and was upset. these sounded more, what are you hearing? >> absolutely, that's what investigators are telling fox. a couple of miles is where the shootout occurred in the black suv and they found them at nearby redlins. they were investigating to see if there were explosives or not and continue to follow up and
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look through that home there through any possible leads as to, you know, what's behind this. as the investigator telling fox it's not something spontaneus. have to look deeper into that before they make connections there and trying to figure out what the connection is with tashfeen nemalik. unclear whether they have more information or ready to share more about her. go pros attached to them as well. time to update the video before the police shot them. unclear what happened with the video there. we are still waiting on more details on that. >> nicole: we look for more development on the horrific situation. robert following.
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thank you, robert. >> cheryl: matthew graham. first i want to pick up on what our correspondent talked about. the fact that they were prepared. military tactics. this was not some kind of random incident. the gopro camera unless you wanted that video to be seen. what does that tell you as we try and understand what these two people were doing and what the motive was, which we don't know in. >> in wearing the gopro it's exactly that. traditionally within traditional jehad practice, making making making the death video is
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typically important, maybe doing the act or prior to the act, suicide bomber in coast afghanistan back in 2009 that killed an entire contingent of americans there. so it's one of those things that in order to spur more activity within your group or to kind of champion the charge you make that video, you send that video out on the web and others can be inspired by that. >> nicole: matthew, this is nicole petallides. i wanted to ask you about the people that were trying to flee, under desks, a neighbor reportedly from one of the reporters there actually said a neighbor had seen over the last three weeks or so suspicious activity at their home in the garage, people coming at night and was afraid to report it because of racial profiling, didn't want to get in trouble for that.
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what kind of situation are we in at this point that people are living in fear and are afraid of racial profiling. what would you say about this kind of situation going forward? >> well it goes beyond a race, it goes beyond nationality. whether we are seeing here, throughout the world as these attacks are happening individuals and the biggest discorning is a husband and a wife who make a conscious choice to kill people that they know based on an ideology that they believe it. in order to assimilate and be at that party, go back, put your kit on and arm yourselves and go back in the same situation. it goes to you can't identify this t metrics that we are using
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and this goes to the france attack as well as, the metrics aren't working because this isn't something that's external. this is internal. and when they chose to act, they act. >> cheryl: let me ask you this, matthew, another thing that we learned is that indeed, that these -- that tashfeen malik was a saudi national, they had been to saudi arabia together. they had come back and they had a child, a 6 month old baby that was left with a relative according to reports when this attack happened yesterday. does this fit the profile? i know the fbi counterteorism group is involved in this investigation. what are the experts going to look for. are there classic sign that is you can point as a terrorism expert that this is more than a disgruntle employee.
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15 of the 9/11 1 hijackers were saudi national. the state religion of saudi arabia is wahabism. islam, conservative, ultra right-wing, if you will. that's entirely key of what's going on here. >> cheryl: matthew graham. thank you for your insights very valuable this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> nicole: david ezpinoza were trying to close business and saw chasing going on, david capture much of the chase and shootout and shared story, exclues i have story on fox news, on the kelly file. >> all of a sudden you saw what? >> we saw the suv, normal
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traffic stop by the police, they didn't stop where they were supposed to and all of a sudden we heard the gunshots in the window shatter. we took cover, they passed us. i was recording at the time. i recorded something. from there the second stop -- maybe 50-80 yards from us the second shooting occurred, took cover and then the last of the shots. it was a pretty scare moment. you guys were outside. they were outside of the fence anyway. you thought it was a traffic stop, you guys were going to go home anyway, when you heard the gunfires as you see on the video, holy smokes. >> yes, i saw the parade of all the police officers coming in the units, fbi, atf all chasing them. this is them. we saw part of their faces, i just couldn't believe that that was them and it's happening
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right here in front of us. >> sur real, very sur real. now it's happening here. >> one of your bosses said that he heard ak47's. obviously the speculation. they had powerful weapons. we heard from the press conference, now knowing that troubling. >> having that right in front of us, some of the employees that i was talking to outside of the -- escorting outside, was let's take cover, duck, they were scary noises. if you want to show the video one more time. i want to ask you when you look at your phone and looked at the video again, pretty amazing. >> it sure was, i actually recorded that and it's happening and listening to the gunshots specially the gunshot, listening to those, it's really ugly. >> cheryl: some eyewitness accounts from the scene last night in los angeles.
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we are going to have the latest on the tragic shooting in san bernandino, california. suspects have been killed by authorities and have been identified. thatthat happened overnight. jury watching fbn:am, your first look at morning markets and breaking news. >> based upon what we had seen, they had to be some degree of planning that went into this. i don't think they just ran home and put on the tactical clothes, ran back and put clothes on a spare of a moment thing. ♪ ♪
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>> nicole: now to breaking news this morning. office holiday in san bernardino
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, california erupted into chaos. here is what we know in this breaking news. police have kill it had two suspects. 28-year-old syed farook and 27-year-old, his wife tashfeen malik. 17 wounded, police say they don't have automotive yet but terrorism is not being ruled out. syed was born in the usa. got his wife and came back to america and they had a baby. >> cheryl: indeed the saudi arabia connections seem to be a key detail that we are just now learning.
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>> reporter: we have learned just in the last hour. farook's coworker very recently he met his wife tash feeb online. he went over the saudi arabia, spent some kind of extended amount of time over there and brought her back to the united states. they also ended up having a baby, a 6 month old baby that they evidently left with one of the grandparents when they went on the shooting rampage according to authorities. witnesses say he was absolutely terrifying. he was at the holiday party and ended up leaving in a state of anger and a short time later he came. they had ar15's which we now learn were legally purchas. one men was in the restroom.
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others say they locked for cover. anything that they had a lock, they tried to do anything they could to stay safe. listen to one social worker who was hiding when the bullets were flying. >> they yelled down the hall and said there's a shooting downstairs. there's a shooting downstairs. i didn't know what to do or say, i was just numb, i was in disbelief. i called my kids, if manager happens to me, if there's a shooting, be safe. what else can i do. >> during the shooting the people who were trapped inside started calling and texting their loved wungz. one woman texted a family member, please pray for me. there's also a father who had a daughter trapped inside. take a listen to him. >> she told me that they were -- she thought it was a thrilled. they went outside and told to go back in. she was shuttled in a room.
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police showed up. they were taken outside. thank god there weren't more casualties. >> reporter: as the investigation continues we are getting two different pictures of who farook was. he was quiet, nice, he kept to himself and never would have expected this. they also learned about saudi arabia trip. neighbors just a couple of miles where we were, in the last 3-4 weeks there was a lot of suspicious activity, late-night work going on in the garage, a lot of packages being delivered. one neighbor says she had -- she was alerted so much, she thought about calling authorities but ultimately decided not to, cheryl, because she says she did not want to rakely profile her neighbors. >> cheryl: real quick, do you have any idea when we're going
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get the next update on the investigation? >> reporter: yeah, they are planning on having the press conference later this morning and certainly a lot of questions and one thing that many want answered as well is that we don't know a whole lot about tashfeen malik. we have heard about farook and his background. people who knew him are painting two different pictures of him. what we don't know anything about is malik. we know that she's 27 year's old. through back channels we are hearing other information. authoritieses have been very tight-lipped about her being here. she was one of the gunmen who went into the center and started shooting and ultimately helped kill 14 people and sent 17 others to the hospital. >> cheryl: thank you very much. >> nicole: coming up we will have the latest on the tragic shooting in san bernardino shooting. the suspects have been identified.
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we will have live reports from the scene. you are watching fbn:am, first look at morning markets and breaking news.
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>> something is going on, something is going on. there they go. they're after that guy. they're after that guy. [sirens] >> gun, gunshots, gunshots. >> we haven't ruled out terrorism. >> nicole: police identified the suspects in san bernardino california, they are a man and woman. you heard the authorities say they're not yet have the motive for the shootings, that they have not ruled out terrorism. witness accounts and so much more.
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good morning, i'm nicole petallides. >> cheryl: good morning, everyone. after yesterday's selloff. i want to heck out u.s. stock futures right now. much higher open. the dow pointing higher by 101 points and s&p pointing higher by 12 and a half and nasdaq pointing higher by 32. asia big selloff. we do want to welcome you to fbn:am, first look at what's moving in today's markets. we have a lot of breaking news from the night and what to expect, of course, for today. >> nicole: right now to the top story. an office holiday party a christmas party in san bernardino, california. here is what we know. the police have killed the two suspects. they have been identified as 28-year-old syed farook and wife tashfeen malik. police say they don't have a
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motive, terrorism not ruled out. the task force is involved in the investigation. shooting occurred in the christmas party and the attack and then over to their apartment there were shootings and that's where they died. third suspect was reported arrested and we are waiting for more development. >> cheryl: right now let's bring robert gray, he's with us once again. robert, good morning, we had will carl earlier. was this home-grown terror, no one knows and no one is saying, what are the authorities telling you. i believe it's 2:27 in the morning there? what are the latest of authorities and particularly the police? >> reporter: we are hearing from investigators. they're telling fox that it wasn't just a disgruntled employee.
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the investigators say, he left the party and he and his reported to be wife tashfeen malik 27-year-old did return to the party and had weapons, both arm or, ar15 rifles and pistols, two of which were bought legally, and they return back and they looked to be prepared for sustained battles. they had aed's, pipe guns, weapons, a lot of ammunition with them. this was not a spur of the moment. obviously it's early right now to say but they do think it's the two involved. that's what they are telling us. they have -- they're both dead and shot dead. they did have a 6-month-old baby. when they returned to the party they were wearing masks.
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authorities are saying by wearing masks, it does seem they had intention of surviving the attack and moving on. they did leave after the shot up the holiday party they disappeared for a while and police found them at the redlands residence. of course, that is the vehicle that they were tipped off to look for was a black suburban. what happened in the interim, we don't know if they up loaded video for some particular reason. we don't know if they reloaded and got more of the pipe bombs. authorities are saying ahanotu going into the car they found remote control cars with explosives and one authority calling them and ied factory in there. the fbi not ruling out terrorism at this point. we are not going to know 9:00 a.m. local time. the police chief will hold conference at the time. >> cheryl: of course, following the latest developments
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throughout the day here on fox business, robert, thank you very much. >> nicole: we have so much more coming up here in the next block. we are going to be speaking with a terrorist expert to talk about this tragic shooting and give us the latest development. you're watching fbn:am, first look at morning markets and breaking news. >> all of a sudden you saw what? >> we saw that suv normal traffic stop by the police, maybe they didn't stop where they were supposed to and all of a sudden we just saw, heard the gunshot and the window just shattered.
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>> i know one of the big questions that will come up repeatedly is is this terrorism, i'm still not want to go say that we know that for sure. we are definitely making some movements that it is a possibility. we are making some adjustments and investigation. it is a possibility but we don't know there yet and we are not willing to go down that road yet. >> cheryl: that from the fbi late last night as they try to understand the motive which is still unknown this morning as to why these two individuals would open fire on these innocent
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people in san bernardino, california. >> nicole: what do you make of what you heard so far. we are learning more as it develops and farook travel it had saudi arabia, came back. the way he assimilates, five years at the office. they through him a shower for the new baby and turns around and does this, killing all the friends, i mean, what do you think about the tactic? >> well, first of all the fact that they integrate in society in the hypothesis that he was terrorists, he snapped and then he committed an act of terror. authorities are saying they don't have that ultimate link. how do we operate as analysts? on the one hand you have a very heavy environment worldwide, isis threats, operations taking place in paris and other places,
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but you don't have that onelink which is a statement they made, facebook picture, any narrative that proceeded this, so what you do is is it possible for a frustrated individual to go back home to bring his wife to have ak47's all weapons, whar those weapons were, military and implement military-style operation to execute people and leave. for the purpose of either psychological, no. you know the other nonterrorist reasons. >> cheryl: the answer to question, they are calling ied factory, pipe bomb, interchangeable words, roll-out
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bags that had multiple pipe bombs. this was a mission, they were up for a sustained fight. that's what authorities had found in the home. at the same time and this is what i find so strange. in these other attacks that we have seen in particularly in paris, when they entered the baticlan, they were yelling. >> yeah. >> cheryl: all witness reports thus far, so far the witnesses are saying that they were silent. they didn't say anything and, again, to nicole's point, he came to the party he left and returned with his wife. is this the beginning of a terror and acted out. what does this all say to you? >> well, the fact that they had masks, the fact that they withdrew, tactical and left in the car, this was not a suicide mission. that's clear. go in and kill.
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now, because they -- >> cheryl: would this-would it -- you're saying this looked like a suicide mission and that seems to be the case here, at the same time, we didn't see -- we saw the same type of situation unfold in paris with some of the gunmen getting away, correct? >> that's correct, in many cases around the world you have suicide missions or missions to eliminate and withdraw. remember in paris the next day there was the woman who had the suicide vest and blew up herself trying to cover for comrad. suicider and others are not. in this case, it seemed that they were not at this point in time. but what comes here is the environment, i mean, we discover more and more about the past, that takes hours, a come of days, we will see the idea logical element. just one.
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training, tactic. it can't be two persons at the same time psychological frustration. >> nicole: walid, where would they be looking? computers, writings? how would they not know whether something has been up loaded, downloaded, whatever? how are they breaking this down? what do they need to find to know and make a decision whether this was a fluke or terrorism? >> right. as you just mentioned to the audience what the government had discovered in terms of weaponry, in terms of what they founded is already the maximum.
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this is terrorism without the t. to go on social media, to trips. they mentioned that they were gone to saudi arabia and back. the trip by itself. everybody goes back and forth. who did they meet? >> nicole: how long would this take quickly? >> two or three days t government should have that information. >> nicole: we thank you so much for your incredible insight in this to -- horrific story. >> cheryl: coming up, we will have the latest on the tragic shooting in san bernardino, california, 14 people are dead and the suspects of the shooting have been identified. we are going to have live reports from the scene. you're watching fbn:am, first lock at morning markets and breaking news. >> i have no idea why would he do that, why would he do something like this.
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i have absolutely no idea. i'm in shock myself. ♪ ♪
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>> something is going on, something is going on. there they go. they're after that guy. they're after that guy. gunshot, gunshot. were we don't have a motive at this point. we have not ruled out terrorism. breaking news this morning. police identify it had suspects in the tragic shootings in san bernardino, california, they are syed farook and tashfeen malik. they do not have a motive for the shootings and they have not ruled out terrorism. good morning, i'm cheryl casone.
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>> nicole: after yesterday's selloff over 150 points in dow. that's more than half than half percent. welcome to fbn:am, your first look at what's moving in today's markets and the latest breaking news and what to expect on the day ahead. >> cheryl: latest development that is we learned overnight. this was an office holiday party in san bernardino, california, erupted into chaos as two shooters opened fire, here is what we know at this hour. police have killed those two suspects, they very identified as 28-year-old syed farook and 27-year-old tashfeen malik. 14 people were killed, 17 were wounded. terrorism is not being ruled out. the fbi's joint terrorism task force is involved in the investigation.
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>> nicole: fox news when will we hear from authorities? >> reporter: they are expecting a press conference a little bit later and at that point we are hoping for a lot more information. we learn that had the guns that the suspects used per purchased legally. farook was an environmental health specialists with the county. he was at the christmas party as an employee, as a county worker and then we learned that he left at some point in a bit of anger according to witnesses and when he came back according to authorities he came back armed and ready to do damage with his wife, the witnesses didn't know it was him because both were wearing tactical gear, ar15's,
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semiie -- semiautomatic handguns and stormed the conference room and started shooting, witnesses describe a scene of pure terror. one man was in the restroom. others locked themselves in rooms, closets. witnesses started calling loved ones, texts everyone they could. active shooter going on right now in the inland regional center, please pray for me. take a listen to family member who is had their loved ones trapped inside. >> the guy came in next to her office and they started shooting and they locked thementses in her office. they had seen bodies on the floor.
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>> there was a shootout on my work and she was scared. i texted her back and i said what, we told her to stay down and i loved her and we got in the car because she never responded. >> absolutely terrifying when your daughter texts you and says she's scared. >> there's nothing you can do. >> people who knew farook are painting two different pictures. coworkers say that he was quiet and kept to himself. they thought he was living the american dream in san bernardino, neighbors who live very close by to where the scene, a couple of miles in redlands california, they live right here in farook's apartment n recent weeks there had been a lot of suspicious activity, a lot of middle easterners, their words going in and out and that it was so suspicious that they thought about calling authorities but they did not because they did not want to
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racially profile. >> nicole: innocent people. will carl, thank you so much. >> cheryl: most cops here don't have training in a shooting situation. 70,000 law enforcement officers have been taught to respond to active shooters. how prepared are the cops in this country in an emergency like this. let's bring retired tactic and self-instructor steve. i have to say for many is shocking to hear that police don't have the training that they need, but what do they need to do and what do we need to do if we find ourselves in an active shooting situation as these innocent people did yesterday? >> steve: i believe 70,000 is specific to texas. police across the country are doing active shooting training. are doing in a very effective way. since 9/11 we have actively been engaging and updating our
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tactics in response to these threat that is we're having today. >> what >> nicole: what kind of advice, these people come in with guns, masks, what should we do? >> run, hide, fight, barricade, play dead. in a situation like this where there's no exit, it's a very difficult thing. as a matter of fact when virginia tech came about, i recreated it and i had students attack the shooters and they did so effectively. when something like this they are relying on the comply factor, which is the shooters. no one thinks about this. everybody's reaction is going to be different. >> cheryl: thank you for the insight today as we all think about our safety this morning. >> nicole: we'll be right back, everybody
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>> nicole: our own roberto ert gray joins us again with a recap. good morning, to you robert. >> reporter: hey, good morning. right now what we are hearing from authorities two shooters in today's -- yesterday's rather shooting. two dead suspects. they were wearing military guard. it doesn't seem like it was a spontaneous issue where one of the suspects left early returning with his reportedly wife to begin shooting there. the police chief at a press conference saying police officer recovering. not a life-threatening injury there. the couple had a 6-month-old
5:55 am
baby they reportedly drop off with relative so the reports are from authority is they intended to survive the attack. right now back to the studio. >> nicole: thank you robert gray in san bernardino, california. >> cheryl: we will be right back and check global market action before we hand it over to mornings with maria
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>> nicole: taking a look at the global markets, shanghai composite is a story, fourth day in a row. led by european markets. we wait for ecb at 7:45 this morning. the other two indices more than 1%. futures here after selloff yesterday, 105 for dow futures. s&p up 13 and turning it right over here to commodities. mixed bag. opec, we will wait for the job's report and here is a look at the currencies, euro with the seven-month low. waiting on all the news.
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now we return it right over. 2.19. for the treasury yield as well. we turn it right over the mornings with maria bartiromo, mornings with maria, continues in breaking news. >> maria: thank you so much, nicole. good morning, everyone, i'm maria bartiromo. police identifying two suspects in the tragic footing, syed farook and tashfeen malik. they have a 6-month-old child. 14 people killed and 17 wounded. the deadliest mass shooting in the u.s. in three years. still working to find the motive and terrorism remains a possibility. >> i know one of the big questions that will come up repeatedly is this terrorism and i am still not willing to say that we know that for sure. we are definitely making some movements that it is a possibility. we are making some adjustments to investigate. it is a possibility but we don't know that yet and we are not
6:00 am
willing to go down that road yet. >> maria: developments are happening fast. chaos erupting in holiday party of county workers. ending with police killing the two suspects, listen to what some witnesses experiencessed -- experienced last night. >> all of a sudden we saw suv, maybe they didn't stop where they were supposed to, all of a sudden we heard the gunshots and the windows shattered. >> that's my sister. the first thing is you freak out, you see everything like this on the news but you never think it's going to happen to you in your family. >> absolutely terrifying. heart wrenching when your daughter texts you because she's scared. and there's nothing you can do. >> maria: we have life report this morning from the scene. we will bring you the latest developments as they come in. you are watching the breaking news on the


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