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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  December 4, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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now the official designation by the fbi that san bernardino is now the single deadliest terror attack on u.s. soil since september 11th, 2001. we are awaiting on the fbi. thank you very much, mr. jasser, bill, and greg, liz, to you. >> it is official. san bernardino designated as the single deadliest terror attack on u.s. soil, on u.s. citizens since 9/11, back of course in 2001. exactly two days, 48 hours after the shos rang out in san bernardino, california and 14 innocents were murdered by suspects, one who pledged allegiance to isis, the san bernardino shooting is now being called an act of terror by the fbi. still, we need to tell you there are a lot of unanswered questions, but it does possibly all come down to one facebook post by the female suspect in the case along with the
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evidence revealed here, inside the house of horrors where the two san bernardino suspects holed up and where police found at least 12 pipe bombs and thousands and thousands of rounds of ammunition, there you see a koran, that was sitting there, of course. if any of this is giving you the chills. how about the fact there was a pipeline of guns funneled along the eastern seaboard every day, and there, the baby seat where a six-month-old baby of the nightmarish couple probably sat not knowing what evil her parents were leading to. we want to bring in guests, and by the way, we have jeff flock standing by at the press conference. we have a press conference moments away by james comey, the head of the fbi. we have the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, tony, it's officially terror and the fbi has to be very careful with
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exactly what it decides and how it puts this out. but a house of horrors, paired with all kinds of stuff that's coming out on the web, what is your best assessment at the moment of how far, how many tentacles there are from this one couple? >> well, that's difficult to say. it's been my opinion all along it was terrorism from day one, but the logistics of what this couple had to have had, you don't do these things in a vacuum. photos from the crime scene from the residence showed a bag full of pipes. pipe bombs, reportedly. it appeared to me that bag was probably delivered to them that way. whether or not those are full of pipe bombs is yet to be seen. that's to be investigated still. but it's quite a fete to gather this kind of equipment and this material without some support.
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liz: there is hard evidence and then there's electronic evidence. the female suspect in all of this, tashfeen malik, and i am guessing, tony, that this is really the lead piece of evidence, although the fbi is disinclined to give too many details here. she posted something on facebook where she pledged allegiance to isis just after she pulled off these horrific 14 murders of innocent people, and then deleted it. she tried to get rid of it, but what did they do? they were able to get it back. officials can recover anything on a computer. that's exactly what they did. >> well, and what people need to understand is what goes out on the internet is always out there. it doesn't go away. liz: now that's actually, and our point is, that's helping the fbi. >> absolutely. and in this -- we saw this before, i believe it was a garland, texas shooting where they pledged allegiance to isis. this is a trend that we're seeing and the investigators are going to start looking for
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in heaven forbid future attacks that are going to occur. this electronic messaging, it's out there, it's going to happen. liz: okay, cair, we've been hearing a lot about this in the last 17 minutes, c-a-i-r. this is a website, the council on american-islamic relations. i'm looking at it right now. it looks like a completely organized website here, but they apparently followed one of the suspects either facebook or i believe twitter possibly. would investigators go to cair, c-a-i-r and be looking at something like that? >> i'm not familiar with that website. liz: nor were many of us. now we are. >> right. certainly if there is a link to the suspects, that lead, that investigative lead will take investigators there. they'll be tracking that down and trying to see what the connection is. liz: okay. can we get a shot here? marco?
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i want to show people. in essence it's talking a lot about immigrants. can we dissolve to that? can't get to that. okay, here it is. america's a landful of immigrants and talk about the civil rights and how you see here the director condemned terror attacks in paris, and yet they seem to be very, very in key here with the brother-in-law of the suspect. we're not making any conclusions here, that's very important to do. i wonder tony if maybe the best clues are going to come from the web? >> well, it's possible. i remember seeing that news conference as it was occurring by those individuals. it was interesting that it came out rather quickly, but you know, the muslim community needs to get out in front of this, this extremist issue. they're going to be a key role in this in order to stop the
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radicalization or self-radicalization, not only the muslim community but the american public as a whole needs to get out ahead of it to see if it can be slowed down or stopped. liz: tony, stay in the chair. as the fbi announces they are now investigating this as terror, jeff flock was at the news conference in san bernardino just minutes ago. jeff, the fbi feels it's got enough to call it terrorism. the assistant director confirmed it via facebook connection, what else do you have? >> the key word finally used. i was listening into the chief of the redlands police force, where the house was where, the bombs and the weaponry was found talking to reporters here as well. they have now boarded that location up, but the police are done with that. a couple other points that have not been otherwise brought up. cell phones were found crushed.
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you talked about erasing the facebook post. cell phones were crushed and thrown into a trash can. police recovered those. telephonic contact between one of the perpetrators, wouldn't say which one, but we presume mr. farook, with him and someone the subject of a terrorism investigation, they confirmed that as well. here's the other headline, though, and there's the chief as well, the chief from san bernardino has come over to answer a few more questions. the headline to me is no one else being sought at this point in connection with this. as far as we know these are the only two connect to this, liz, that puts people a little bit at ease, even though they said the t-word now for sure. liz: i have to say, i was not at ease at the very top of this news conference, jeff, when the chief of police right off the bat revealed that movie theaters in san bernardino have to beef up security after
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police said it appears there's suspicious people, who appeared muslim were casing movie theaters just a few days ago. >> reporter: right, two incidents with two people who appear to be muslim, i don't know how you -- appear to be of middle eastern descent, appeared that way. somebody was apparently taking pictures. a separate person, a separate vehicle was asking questions about schedules and that sort of thing. could this be nothing, there's no indication that there is anything to that, but apparently posts had come and social media and the chief wanted to clarify. that i leave you with a shot of the chief walking away. he's come back to ask or i should say answer questions about that because he says he wants to be as transparent as possible. no indication we've got a problem or anybody out there or a threat at this point. liz: let's say this off the bat. that police department has done an incredible job, and i think
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that people are very appreciative of being kept in the loop about every single detail, but there is very little reason i can come up with why anyone would be caught photographing movie theaters at midnight, which is exactly what the police chief said, a very sharp eyed security guard noticed, and again, this leads to more concern, more worry, but the fbi has said, and that assistant director said during the news conference. go about your business, remain calm, let's bring in a former fbi special agent. manny gomez, keeping cameras trained, a split screen on the police chief in case he ends up saying something. jeff flock will flag us and we'll interrupt. manny, you are former u.s. marine, nypd sergeant, great expertise here. from what you heard at the news conference, what pops out at you the most? >> the fact that they were casing these movie theaters
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which tells us they're looking at soft targets. they're not looking at hard targets where law enforcement is expecting them. they're looking at targets where they have the most capacity to inflict the most casualties and the most death and they're looking at targets that are going to be easy. liz: yeah, well, every target it appears as i'm looking out the window on 6th avenue might be easy. we can only hope as the fbi and as law enforcement look at every single detail including electronic fingerprints and traces which apparently these suspects tried desperately hard to erase that we perhaps are safe in most communities right now, manny, right? >> listen, we shouldn't be scared. we should hold our heads up high and continue our everyday business as we normally do. we just have to live in a world where this is the new norm and we need to be aware aware of
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our surroundings, aware of the possibility that this realistically could happen any time, anywhere. with that in mind, just know what you're going to do, heaven forbid you get caught up in one of these situations. know where your escape routes are. know where you could potentially have a safe place to hide if necessary, and be prepared mentally to defend yourself and defend your life if need be. liz: i want to flag our viewers, that we are minutes away. it's imminent. the head of the fbi now, james comey, is about to have a news conference. we will take it the minute he gets before that podium. minute he starts speaking, we will bring that to you and make sure you get every single detail on this. in the last hour and a half, this story ramped up. the fbi is saying it's a full-on investigation into terrorism, that was two days ago right during this hour, a
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massive situation unfolding as 14 people shot, we know so much more about what happened in that car. what happened in the apartment of the two suspects, and what they were trying to do. the question is how far do the tentacles reach? is jeff flock still with us? no. jeff flock is running, he's trying to make sure he's getting other issues. another thing i need to point out, the dow jones industrials erased and on top of that added even more to a very major rally here. yesterday at this time we were down close to 300 points, now up 386. so the markets are not shaken or stirred by what's going on. manny, tell me what james comey has to say before the public? sorry, he's not there. tell you we are waiting for james comey who is the head of the fbi, and as soon as that comes -- it's going to happen in a few minutes.
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. liz: we've got this breaking news out of the opec meeting that just broke up in vienna. number one oil prices are dropping like a rock. down 2.5% in the after-market, down 2.7% during the regular session. why? opec decided not to cut production. number two, in that meeting, unbelievable, the iraqi oil minister apparently saying, quote, if russia won't cut oil output, why the heck should we? and iran one-upped iraq and said not only won't we cut our production, we'll boost it. it all means one thing, elliot warren was right. at the nymex, and you had said weeks and weeks ago this thing's going to 40 and below and i think at the time it was at $48 a barrel. opec cannot find religion, they cannot be smart in cutting output. listen, consumers love it. >> you know, liz, facts are stubborn things, keep reading that on the web every day.
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there's 500 million barrels of storage. another 40 million barrels sitting in ports in the gulf of mexico alone and 700 million barrels in the u.s. strategic reserve. there's over a billion barrels sitting around on united states territory right now, right? there is plenty of oil. it's still going to go lower. liz: and by the way, goldman sachs says oil risks falling to $20 per barrel if the market remains oversupplied. so where do we go from here? $40.06 tell me what happens monday. >> monday? there is always somebody who is the last to get the message. always some guy who can take it up to 42 bucks to give it a last shot. this is going to $33. that's a big low, and i'm not going to argue with goldman, i think lower from there too. liz: i can't believe. we have the quotes from the iraqi and the iranian oil minister. i want to say this too, you have the oil ministers overall, the secretary-general saying
3:19 pm
iran is complicating things because it's going flood more than a million barrels on top of this. i think he's right, folks, we'll continue with fits and starts to see the price go lower. thank you very much. >> sure thing. liz: back to jeff flock. he was at the news conference in san bernardino, california. the fbi feels it has enough to confidently call this at least an investigation into terrorism. the assistant director confirmed the connection via facebook, and now as i see much of that has cleared. when is the next press conference? the next update? >> it has moved from the local authorities to specifically an fbi investigation, and the fbi just came to say they're not going to do any more press conferences. no further updates today here, but the local authorities are going to continue to protect the local community, but it now, all the questions go to the fbi because it is a terror investigation, and you know,
3:20 pm
what the director here said is essentially what we've been saying for the last couple of days. planning, heavy weaponry, the connection to terror group, pretty much, it's a terror investigation. over my shoulder, that is the facility, it's kind of eerie, you see all of the cars in the parking lot? those are the cars left behind by the victims, many of them at that gathering where the shooting took place and, of course, they have not relieved them. they did, the police told us, the house where all of the armaments were found, the pipe bombs were found and the rest, the police are done there, they have boarded that up. no access to that, reporters got access to it earlier, the chief was talking about that is what i was listening in earlier talking about how people shouldn't go through there now, but it's an fbi terror investigation, and they take it from here.
3:21 pm
liz: jeff, stand by, please interrupt us if you've got anything more. we want to bring back tony may, the former atf explosives expert. we saw the dumpster, they were literally diving into it, the police officers trying to find, and the detectives, any possible detail. are they looking for residue? what else. this is obviously, and now the fbi confirms an investigation into terror, not what people were calling it earlier, workplace dispute, disgruntled employees, they don't manufacture two dozen pipe bombs, right? >> well, typically not. not in the workplace violence. that's a spur of the moment or heat of passion kind of event. in this particular case, it's clear that the suspects were planning something, and was it the work holiday party at the center? who really knows? it had been reported that perhaps that was a trigger that started this whole thing off.
3:22 pm
you know, that's all speculation. the fact of the matter is we had two individuals, individual that's now reported as self-radicalized that was amassing weapons, amassing ammunition as well as explosive devices to create some kind of a -- some kind of havoc. liz: some kind of havoc. they certainly caused horrifying havoc. you know the victims are named. the police have released the victims' names, 14 of them. breaks your heart. all different ages, all different ethnicities, quite frankly, and regular folks who are just trying to make a living and trying to work. we never want to forget that human element of the victim aspect, but tony, it's hard when all we're hearing about is 1600 rounds of ammunition. these rifles. you can trace the rifles yet? how far are they in the process? >> it was my understanding that the guns have already been
3:23 pm
traced by atf, that's one of the things they do, and do a very good job of that. it was determined that the shooter bought the handguns for sure, a couple of years ago, he -- clean background, no issues, there nothing to prevent him from buying those, but that's a tactic that several years ago at least three or four years ago, maybe longer, that al qaeda was switching to. theya were looking for operatives that had clean backgrounds, clean passports to freely travel between the countries without raising suspicion. and you know, this guy had a clean record. he was able to purchase guns legally, and there's nothing wrong with that. it's just eventually at some point in time either after the guns were purchased or for the purpose of buying the guns he became radicalized and decided to go on the jihad, if you will. liz: getting this update now. james comey wants his news
3:24 pm
conference to be off the record. it is no longer a news conference, and tony, thank you so much for clarifying, but we want to at least let our viewers know. we know at the top, james comey, the head of the fbi would be speaking to the press. he's not. it's off the record. as soon as we get details out of that, that we are allowed to report, we will absolutely get to them. as we continue to follow the story and the details as they emerge, the dow jones industrials is really on a rock 'n' roll situation. we got an unbelievably solid, i'm not saying spectacular, solid enough jobs report of a build of 211,000 that the markets love it and anything with it, even a rate tightening by janet yellen come december 16th. dow is up 363 points. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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fox news's adam housley. i want to explain this clearly so you understand. the fbi's james comey, the director, is going to make a statement shortly. with him now will be attorney general loretta lynch. she apparently, according to adam housley was dispatched by the white house to be with fbi james comey at the upcoming press briefing, and much of the briefing is off the record until it starts at 3:15 p.m. eastern, but lynch will be there, quote, according to adam housley of fox to ensure he doesn't take it too far because there is still an ongoing disagreement behind the scenes between the white house and the fbi on how to characterize the description of the san bernardino attack. so if i can understand this correctly, it appears that the white house is not on the same page with the fbi. as you know the fbi says it is an investigation into terrorism at this point in san
3:30 pm
bernardino, and perhaps the white house doesn't want the fbi to get too aggressive in going after the terrorist angle. again, this is what we are hearing from both fox news's adam housley and the clear cut comment we will have james comey making a statement. now you will see next to him attorney general loretta lynch dispatched apparently from the white house to make sure that both sides will get the take that they would like on this. we're just reporting this, as i promised you, and i always will promise you, we will keep you posted and give you the real facts. here's another fact, the dow jones industrials is jumping with exactly 30 minutes to go before the end of the session by 363 points. this is a tgif moment for the markets, solid jobs report number for the month of november. now the s&p jumping 41 points, the nasdaq up 103. exactly at this time yesterday, the numbers were the same but
3:31 pm
completely in the red. at the moment looking at a real rally that erased the numbers from yesterday. i want to bring in larry, chief investment officer from sfg alternatives at the chicago merc, is this the jobs report? finally we get clarity we will see a rate tightening with janet yellen and we're okay with that? >> you know i think it's a little bit of everything. i think simply the last 24 hours we drained this swamp of assumptions made over the past four or five weeks. trade is crowded, the euro dropped from $1.10 to $1.05. 10 year rates from 222-236, and the stock market rallies back. i think we're sticky with boredom, we're recalibrating to where we were in the beginning of november. yesterday hurt badly. what we saw this morning definitely the tailwind and that's giving us extra oomph to
3:32 pm
end the week being up as much as we are. liz: yeah, a 16-basis-point jump in the 30-year treasury yield is interesting, not a lot of fear at the moment. i want to let our people know, thank you so much larry, that the event with the fbi is now beginning. it's what we call in journalism a pen and paper event. it's initially off the record and people will be able to report once they get out. fox news is there, fox business is there. we will report what we know in just a moment from the fbi with of course loretta lynch, the attorney general dispatched by the white house to be with him. i'm coming right back, don't move.
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3:37 pm
as we've always told you about this matter, it is an evolving investigation. we also told you we'd keep you informed about this investigation. recently there was a press conference in the local area with the assistant director in charge of the los angeles office providing more operational details. director is going to give you a further briefing as well. as you saw from that and as we indicated yesterday, the fbi has taken the lead in the investigation. they continue to work with our local partners who are outstanding partners also along with the atf and u.s. marshals as well as we continue to investigate this. a lot of new information that's come to light and the director is going to give you more insight into that. thank you all for being here today. >> thank you, madam attorney general. let me begin by echoing the attorney general's remarks, our hearts continue to ache for the people lost and wounded in san bernardino and their families, and also want to say a word of gratitude and say how impressed we were with the response of local law enforcement in san
3:38 pm
bernardino. they were simply amazing. we are all very lucky that really good people become police officers in this country, and i want to say a word of thanks the folks we don't talk about much, the people who rendered emergency care and aid, the emt's, the docs, the emergency specialists are the people that are the angels of the business and thank you to them. we're here today because we want to make sure you understand this is now a federal terrorism investigation led by the fbi. and the reason for that is that the investigation so far has developed indications of radicalization by the killers and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. and we are spending a tremendous amount of time, as you might imagine, over the last 48 hours trying to understand the motives of these killers, and trying to understand every detail of their lives. we are going through a very large volume of electronic evidence.
3:39 pm
this is electronic evidence that these killers tried to destroy and tried to conceal from us that we now have and are exploiting in trying to understand them. we are keeping our minds open as we always try to do. i know there are a lot of good questions that folks want answers for quickly, but i hope you know about our work. we aspire to do it quickly but most of all aspire to do it well and carefully. there's a lot of evidence in this case that doesn't quite make sense, so we're trying to be thoughtful to understand it and make sense of it so we understand the full extend of what we have here. let me offer you, though, a couple of specifics on the investigation. first, our investigation to date, and again it's only two days old, so far we have no indication that these killers are part of an organized larger group or formed part of a cell. there's no indication that they are part of a network.
3:40 pm
again, i quickly add it is early, we're still working very hard to understand but wanted you to know that so far we don't see such indications. second, there is nothing in our holdings about these two killers. i have seen reporting where folks have focused on reports that they were in contact, one of the killers was in contact with people who had been the suspect of fbi investigations, either investigations that were closed or were still open. i would urge you not to make too much of that. there were no contacts between killers and subjects of our investigations. there was such a significance that it raised the killers up onto the radar screen. we're obviously looking very closely at the contacts but don't want to you overindex on that just yet. it is, as i said, 48 hours old. there is much about this that doesn't make sense for even those of us who do this for a living. that is the reason we have hundreds of people running down leads all over the world on this and spending tremendous
3:41 pm
amounts of time as we sit here trying to understand the electronic record around these two killers. let me close by saying something the attorney general and i have said before, and that is we know that this is very unsettling for the people of the united states. what we hope you will do is not let fear become disabling, but try to channel it into an awareness of your surroundings to get to you a place where you are living your life, but if you see something that doesn't make sense, you say something to somebody. when we look back over our cases over the last 10, 15 years, in almost every case we find somebody saw something whether it was a family member or friend or co-worker and didn't say something to law enforcement. wrote an innocent narrative over facts that were making them feel uncomfortable or hair standing up on the back of their necks. please don't do that. we have worked very, very hard since 9/11 to get to a place where if you tell a police officer or deputy sheriff or
3:42 pm
call the fbi and say i saw something next door that seems off or saw something online that seems off, it will get to the right people and we will investigate it quickly and responsibly. we investigate in secret so we don't smear innocent people. we don't run and bang on the neighbor's door, if you see something, we investigate. if there was nothing there, no harm done. if there was something there, great harm may be avoided. we ask you, please channel that sense of fear into something healthy in awareness of surroundings and let us work and investigate and fight terrorism while you live the lives that are so wonderful in this great country of yours. thank you for this, and we will take your questions. >> okay, so the reason it went to color bars in this business is because now it's off the record. it's now being reverted to a pen and paper situation, and anything that comes out of it will hopefully be able to get that you we are allowed to
3:43 pm
report, but that was fbi director james comey very ginger leexplaining what he has so far but in a direct way. to his right, attorney general loretta lynch and adam housley of fox news reported right before this that there is tension. the reason she was there was that apparently, according to adam housley, she was dispatched by the white house to make sure the tone is appropriate. i am quoting what we're hearing, and that to ensure that, quote, comey doesn't take it too far because there still appears to be behind the scenes a little ongoing tension between the white house and the fbi. in fact it's characterized by some as a battle over how to handle the descriptions of the san bernardino attack. so let me bring in peter brookes, the senior fellow for national security affairs at the heritage foundation. couple of things at work here, the dynamic and the tension between the fbi and the attorney general's office or the white house.
3:44 pm
that in a way is slightly secondary but certainly, if not equal to what's going on here, that is that comey is saying no indication that the two suspects were part of a large terror group or terror cell. no indication so far. what's your best guess where it takes us now? >> well, i think this is one of the big questions. after the paris attacks, i think people want to know whether this was perhaps islamic state inspired or isis inspired or al qaeda inspired or directed by a foreign terrorist organization such as isis or al qaeda. this is very, very important. were these people lone wolves who were radicalized online or perhaps by an individual here in the united states? what about their travel overseas? did that have something to do with it? and like i said, the big question many of us are asking is was this something inspired or directed like we saw in paris. if it is directed, it shows a new trend here in the united
3:45 pm
states. the terror plots this year, and there have been 11 or 12 depending if you include chattanooga. you buy home-grown terrorists that were inspired by foreign terrorist organizations, all isis in this case. is that the same thing we have here in san bernardino or do their travel overseas have something to do with it and were they directed by a foreign organization? there's a lot we need to know, there could be additional plots that could be directed by a foreign terrorist organization that could be in the works or planning stages. liz: could still play out, and the reason we specifically wanted a banner here at the bottom of the screen, this one in particular, and it says, folks, california shooting shows signs that the attackers were radicalized. that from fbi director jim comey. and it is, as said he, a federal terrorist investigation now. so i think you're very correct in bringing up the paris situation.
3:46 pm
as the days went by, really only 48 hours two, days ago during this hour when it started to blow up out there. i think as the days go by, paris showed us way more information becomes available. we know that the suspect had gone to saudi arabia relatively recently. we know that there is a website that was following them and that's the cair, c-a-i-r and know that the female suspect in all of this, the wife, is somebody who had said right around the time on a facebook page post that she then erased, but, of course, our investigators are smarter than those people are that she was pledging allegiance to isis. so it doesn't feel like the end of the road just yet, party. >>. >> no, no, there's a lot we need to know and need to know it in a hurry and in a quality way as the fbi director pointed out. the fbi looks to work on facts,
3:47 pm
not allegations. we hear breaking news that is disputed or denied later on, but the fact of the matter is they've got to make sure there's not another security threat out there and figure out how this one happened? how -- and the lessons we can learn from it and defend better against this thing? how do we counter this better in the future? they're under a lot of pressure right now. liz: peter, what do you make of the reports from adam housley there is perhaps tension from the fbi and the white house through attorney general loretta lynch that perhaps the characterization of this as full-blown terrorism is something that they don't agree on at this point? >> well, obviously, the terrorism can be an important word in how to describe this. now my understanding, i'm not a lawyer, but when the fbi calls this an act of terror, it changes some of their investigative powers, that's something i'd be interested to hear something more about, actually. there's a legal standpoint but
3:48 pm
obviously a political and emotional issue involved here. we've had a couple of terrorist attacks here in the united states. i think fort hood was. we had the boston marathon bombers and this could be a third one, chattanooga could be a fourth one since president obama took office, and then the benghazi issue, this is something a little more politically explosive than just the clinical use of the word terrorism. liz: peter brookes of the heritage foundation, thank you very much. >> thank you. liz: when peter talks about how this should be characterized, we can unfortunately characterize it as this. the san bernardino shooting with 14 dead is now the single deadliest terrorist attack on u.s. soil since 9/11 back in 2001. we've got the closing bell about 12 minutes away. we're going to be right back. back to jeff flock. he's on the scene, and we have rod wheeler, who's a detective as well, who flew out there to
3:49 pm
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. liz: so just moments ago we heard from fbi director james comey and attorney general loretta lynch about the ongoing investigation of the san bernardino shootings which is now an investigation into terror. let's bring in rod wheeler, former d.c. homicide detective, fox news contributor. you're on the phone from san bernardino, i don't know if you heard, comey said signs the attackers were radicalized, they have seen those signs now. they see them, rod. now what? >> that's right. a couple of things that jim comey said, and i listened to the press conference they thought was significant. of course what you mentioned, liz, was significant but also said that they had agents all around the world following up on leads. now that's kind of an indication to people in law enforcement that this situation, these suspects obviously had some ties to other countries.
3:53 pm
and we already know that, we know the background so far, what we know of the woman, we know somewhat of the background of the guy. both of those things are significant in this investigation, and then the third thing he said that i thought was interesting is that there's a lot of things that they still don't understand, evidence they found, and i was thinking the same thing, a lot of evidence that's not adding up. liz: which part, rod? what's not adding up to you? >> you know the main thing that's not adding up to me as a law enforcement professional, and i talked about this yesterday, i'm not sure, i think on your show. when the shooters left the original crime scene, where were they going and what were they intending to do with all of that ammunition that they had in their car? in addition to that, you know, at the home where the garage was where they're calling the ied bomb factory, that place was rigged as if they were not expecting to go back there, if they were not expecting to go back there, the question is
3:54 pm
where were they expecting to go? and quickly, liz, the third thing that is significant, who else assisted these people? and i think director comey believes they had help by someone, but who that someone is, we don't know yet. liz: well, there you are, and i don't know if you could see this or if you heard us reporting this, but attorney general loretta lynch was dispatched by the white house to go be with them, that according to adam housley of fox news. we're not sure why, but apparently there's a little tension between the two sides how this should be characterized, but it could be way bigger, who knows? and don't want to ignore this part of it. the san bernardino police chief at the top of his news conference that was supposed to be about the two suspects, felt compelled, rod, to mention that in the past, i believe couple of days, two people who looked suspicious were seen to apparently be casing some movie theaters and photographing them
3:55 pm
late at night in the area. so who knows if the pipe bombs were going to be planted? we cannot certainly make conclusions. >> no, but -- >> we have more questions than answers. >> not only questions, that information is good information that we in law enforcement implore people to call in. that's what comey was talking about, liz, when he said if you see something, remain anonymous but you have to let us know. if law enforcement does not know, we can't do anything about it. in this case, as you know, real quickly, some of the neighbors and i talked to some of the neighbors on the street where the suspects live, they said they saw certain things. there's an alley that runs behind the suspects' house. everybody had to see people going and coming from the alley, that's a busy alley but no one reported anything, liz. liz: yeah, well, i think the whole situation is a gigantic question mark still. though thankfully for the hard worth of local police who are not in charge of it anymore,
3:56 pm
it's a full-on fbi investigation. their initial work on the local level was absolutely brilliant. comey was sure to mention that, and i don't want to ignore this gave a real nod to the emt, first responders and the doctors and called them angels, i'm sure you would agree, rod. >> absolutely. liz: thank you very much. back to jeff flock on the scene in san bernardino and a tiny bit more contextual information that we got from comey, what are people on the scene saying right now out there? >> the same thing that rod was saying, struck by the evidence that kind of doesn't add up. i add a couple things to that, one, first of all, the female, all those that are experts on this is a very unusual. she's just had a baby, very unusual for a woman to be in this role in the first place, that just had a baby. the family says we didn't see this coming at all. in fact, they were living the
3:57 pm
american dream. he had a full-time job that pays reasonably well, working on masters degree, they just had a baby, he just got married. this doesn't add up. and points that rod made which is they have all of this weaponry, all of these bombs, they don't take that all with them, they booby trap the place instead and hit the target they hit is their christmas party. his christmas party. not exactly a high-profile target if you are trying to do something to gain a lot of attention. a lot of this doesn't add up and hopefully in the next few days and weeks, the fbi says, we'll get answers that make more sense. but right now, it doesn't make a lot of sense. liz: with the same people who had just given that couple a baby shower for the six-month-old baby. >> crazy. doesn't make sense to us. liz: lot of people are saying the same thing. as you watch when we saw today,
3:58 pm
we had local news reporters able, jeff, to get inside the house and the apartment and walked in, i just found it fascinating to see that we couldn't get into the garage which is where the 12 pipe bombs were apparently fashioned, but certainly seen the dumpster diving by police, and they were able to put together a lot of loose ends quickly. i would imagine there's more being done on that scene now. >> i think there's a lot more we don't know that they already have gathered. they mentioned the phones they found in the trash can, they recovered the computers as well, which is already apparently borne some fruit, so clearly there's a lot of other stuff. they've got a lot of questions today about that location because reporters did go in there, and the police said you can't just ask reporters or anybody else traipsing through there. they shut that back down again, police are totally done with that location, and but this one, of course, here, as you
3:59 pm
can see still cut off. liz: jeff flock, on the scene. thank you very much. so in this one hour where a lot has happened, not the least of which is the fbi director saying that the two suspects were at least in the process of being radicalized. those are the signals that the fbi has been able to receive and figure out. there's got to be so much more and i'm sure david and melissa will get it to you the second it happens, and cannot ignore a significant rally on the friday closing out the week up 363 points. >> any other day when the market is up a full 2%, 363 points right now. that would clearly be the top story, but there is so much breaking news on the terror story out west. we want to get for that. we want to get to both.
4:00 pm
>> >> this is a spectacular day. no other way to describe that when you see a whale that is down they keep putting it in the middle east but all indices are way up very interesting when stocks up to this extent you don't expect to see gold up as much as it was. it is a full $24 it tells you what is happening but a spectacular day on wall street let's go to ashley webster. the markets are incredibly strong today. why?


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