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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> >> this is a spectacular day. no other way to describe that when you see a whale that is down they keep putting it in the middle east but all indices are way up very interesting when stocks up to this extent you don't expect to see gold up as much as it was. it is a full $24 it tells you what is happening but a spectacular day on wall street let's go to ashley webster. the markets are incredibly strong today. why?
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>> spectacular is a good word up 166 points. moving into the positive as he almost close out 2015 we have a very strong jobs report coming up to 8:30 a.m. and that gave clarity to the market in yesterday's selling was overdone we are expecting a rate hike from janet yellen and we will find out. money coming in, and the banks did very well across the board, a jpmorgan up nicely and morgan stanley oil, opec surprisingly by 1.5 million barrels per day that just adds to the glut of oil. almost $40 it went below 44 while.
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i just want to mention barnes & noble is down 70% for most of the day to day and of weak demand for its tablet. >> i go there once a week. i guess i've really what they're. breaking news coverage do details on suspects of the san bernadine no shooting the fbi now leading the investigation classified officially as an act of terror jeff flock joins us now from san bernardino. >> this does change things and that is what people have been saying using that keyword that it is a
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terrorism investigation going strictly to the fbi. why? a number of reasons look at the planning involved as they indicated that the al said it is a female member of the team pledged allegiance to isis on facebook as it was carried out. if you need a confirmation that wasn't. in both confirming that. the fbi director just a short time ago said the evidence does not add up. >> we found to sell phones and a nearby trash can they were crushed. we have retained those agreed to continue to exploit the data.
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we do hope those digital fingerprints will take a store their motivation. >> that is an important question that is not answered. we don't know specifically what the motivation was. a lot of things don't add up why that target? why was there so much argument back at the house? it was booby trapped. a lot of unanswered questions. melissa: the media was allowed into the suspect's home? was there any mention of this at a press conference? >> it was a huge question some got in and some didn't but was inappropriate to days after? going through with a robotic device to turn his back over
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to the landlord who said you can come in and the police pointed out this is not something you can just open to the public to come through. no question if it was compromised the fbi got what they needed and that is all they needed. we will take them at their word. melissa: like to the media go through the house? i will talk to judge napolitano about the implications of all of that later. i have never seen anything like that's. david: in so many ways. bad for an six is key to the investigation a source confirming earlier today the female shooter pledged her allegiance on facebook. the executives said she posted this just as the attacks began.
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there is fascinating stuff here. >> that post was not taken down her but by facebook in the aftermath and all of the evidence available online. we also know they were pledged to support but not necessarily in touch with bigger. facebook has a policy about allowing any type of support or celebration or propaganda of isis or any terrorist group they will take down the material. this is in sync with a lot of other social reorganizations like twitter. but facebook has been praised to be more active to contain the situation on facebook and spreading propaganda but facebook says
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they're working with law-enforcement to continue the investigation and going forward. melissa. david: could they still retrieve it? >> and that is investigated. >> the male suspect was in touch in social media under fbi scrutiny. >> that is an indication and there but what we hear from law-enforcement, and by destroying devices but the fbi director just talked about it is he.
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the 19 hijackers many and their co-conspirators were viet the financial evidence that means the fbi can do things like track terrorism financing more aggressively. because with their co-conspirators and watch and follow them with a wire transfers also looking at currency transactions. they can also seize assets and file warrants for a subpoena and also invoked racketeering laws. the fact that they ratchet to a terror investigation and tracking the money trail
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with the attacks of san bernie dino. david: the fbi a sure the white house not so much. >> a piece of evidence that has pushed us off the cliff that we are investigating this as an act of terrorism. >> that is a bold statement causing friction between the fbi and the white house with the overseas battle how to handle the san bernardino attack. joining me now host of special report, thanks for talking to us. this seems to have caused tension. we sent attorney general lynch over to temper when he was saying. >> i have heard one report that was the case that the
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white house was concerned that the director rigo little further on this investigation there is this reticence by the white house to get ahead of specific facts there are many reasons politically and otherwise but it is a pattern when it comes to terrorism investigations. the first instinct is to not call it terrorism then when is lead investigators to lead the way. melissa: wants it is designated as terror the fbi takes over but beyond that what you think this is the largest factor of domestic terrorism? >> it is base with no al
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qaeda of the run factored into the pitch be made. but now it is a legacy thing and not wanting to get ahead of things in case it isn't terrorism. but i will tell you it has been a couple days and many people on the ground said common sense shows you that handing over there six month old daughter before they would gear up with bombs and guns and tactical gear that is that the single deadliest terrorist attack on u.s. soil since then 11 is seems like it was terrorism all along. melissa: what about 2016 going forward? and then to change the race a little bit.
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>> gan to jettison to the top and gallup is tracking the same way. that may shift before we go back to the economy that drives most elections but it will factor into how you feel and the terrorism and the threat of terrorism. melissa: that is true if it is the money or fear that impacts you. david: or both. media f takes a tour of the suspect's house going through what could be evidence? judge nippon apollo -- napolitano gives us the update. >> and other outrages cover on terrorism and gun-control
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this is where the mainstream media is on this. melissa: free-speech comes under fire today. >> they're doing work in the garage but she did not want to profiles been a piece of the cost of people being shouted down because they express an opinion that the of left wing doesn't like this is what happens. i have asthma...
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david: the fbi reveals their data as we pastern the massacres and joy terror case. is now the time to restrict
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the nsa? we have never middle east terrorist analyst here. i have to switch with breaking news because the developments i dunno if you call a rivalry or a dispute on whether or not this is terrorism what are your feelings? >> the fbi will is one is to push it to be a terrorist attack it gives them so much more authority and puts them in charge of the investigation. with the media given total access to a crime scene of that decision did not reflect tension at the lower level because in all my years of covering terrorism i have never seen reporters given such access. >>.
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david: but it seems pretty clear to most of america and is a terrorist attack but now the lauren simoneti are coming in. do you think it is an overreach to call this a terror case. >> with the analysis of the operation that was conducted as a military operation. but more important is the kinds of weapons that were there so from the perspective they should take the lead on not one. so maybe a the cia with twitter needs to be investigated. david: because data collection has been an important part of the investigation, we take back
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to the nsa they just change the rules liberally on sunday they cannot hold all the data that has and has to be held by the telecom companies as chairman of the silent -- senate intelligence committee there is the support for the yet even the leading republican candidates senator cruz and senator rubio disagree. senator rubio once the old law brought back senator cruz says no. it was far too broad of a collection and the congress has settled this as reasonable. the fbi at the law enforcement has the fold of this couple.
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we don't know if they can resurrect the damage done. david: the council of american relations says u.s. actions in the middle east partly to blame. this is an organization co-conspirator of a terrorist case somehow they got ahold of the relatives of the perpetrators even before it was public should this investigation be investigated -- civic it is a political organization but there is a debate of its milk members to be involved with militants networks even knew he has put care of their list of terror
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organizations. melissa: german parliament votes overwhelmingly to join the air campaign against isis in syria although the german troops will not be directly involved they're sending planes and equipment. the e coli outbreak linked to chipolte restaurants has expanded to the total of nine states the sources not know but investigators say it is produced. u.s. embassy in nigeria says terrorist groups they plan an attack of hotels that are frequented by westerners. there were reporters to be vigilant world where crowds may gather. david: the female shooter pledged allegiance to isis
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melissa: the female killer is still a big mystery after the rampage yesterday pledging allegiance to a isis of face but -- facebook and decide arabia 25 years so did she radicalize her american-born husband? note cia former operative they'd you for joining us. gosh, what do you think of these reports to make it seem like she was the one who started this?
4:26 pm
they met on-line is a possible that was the plan all along? >> it is entirely possible and women of radical islam take the lesser role but it is the opposite actually women and are ready for the g hyde they take a place of honor and power however terror can get here through whatever means. what she fishing along? with the idea that she will get a visa to do here to do something like zero lire to
4:27 pm
be attacked. and by far the most interesting and important element of this story and to be in inconsequential person up ben and tell them that with her to come back his apparent change, religious devotion and patterns change so that travel alone should provoked monitoring of their whereabouts. melissa: it is the home of mecca where muslims go for the pilgrimage and that is
4:28 pm
meaningful. >> it is. over the embassy's overseas the people that gave her the be set what does that he said the best job they had the looking at the top down approach to assure those that we give a the t32 don't fit a certain profile that we can revisit a lot of things. melissa: we appreciate your time to read probably why we do need a pause before we let more people live and. look at the major market rally. it is over 2 percent every single average. across the board.
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melissa: reporters receiving access to the apartment of the san bernardino shooter. judge napolitano sounds off. david: taking a stance against prayer and an assault on religion just what we needed the most and peggy noonan need your prayers she says. >> radical islamic terrorism. i will tell you we have a president refuses to use the term. he refuses to say it. there is something going on with him that we don't know about. phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow! melissa: as seen from earlier today the media was let into the suspect's apartment. it seems they are looking at key items. dash napolitano joins me on the phone. what happened? >> it is hard to believe it is not. this crime was committed about 48 hours ago as we speak.
4:34 pm
and it is almost inconceivable the fbi and local authorities could have gathered all the evidence that they need it the 48 hour time period. some of that evidence was pointed out earlier today by david asman has been polluted by the matter in which it was moved. i don't believe the media. our job is to gather information in realtime as quickly and accurately and fairly as we can. and then to permit what will arguably be the destruction of the evidence is a head scratcher. melissa: i am surprised there wasn't fingerprint residue but favors surprised not to see that around? >> i don't know what means they used to capture fingerprints. there is a lot of digital
4:35 pm
techniques that our more sophisticated did what we see on television. we want to see where and how they were cleaned if there were fibers that could only be placed from other countries and to wear those fibers are indigenous. there is so much technical information available to law enforcement with the everyday things that we touch it and use it has been polluted and destroyed forever. >> the white house seems to shy away from these records sending loretta lynch over to the press conference.
4:36 pm
what do you make of that? >> i think the reports are accurate. i tip my hat to our colleague to reveal that i noted the fbi director well, he is a straight shooter consonant law-enforcement professional who could not care less about the politics in order to suit the of political agenda with the nonsense of global warming as a threat to to our safety. he will not go along with it whether loretta lynn to standing next to him or not. melissa: thank you for helping out. >> a day of press conference now the suspect will hold a press conference 20 minutes from now.
4:37 pm
meanwhile the terror attack in san -- in san bernardino rather uniting against a common enemy has divided over political battles of gone - - gun control of privacy. carly fiorina is fighting back against politicizing the tragedy. >> this is the cost of people being shouted down because they expressed an opinion that the left-wing does not like. this is what happens. people stop talking and we cannot stop speaking the truth or saying something if we see something that that is the cost. you cannot demonize the messenger because you don't like the message. david: we need to be united against the terrorist threat man the author of the time of our lives, peggy noonan.
4:38 pm
>> it is a strange time whether what looks so clearly like a terrorist attack some people are so reluctant even in the white house. >> it feels eccentric and obvious to is the country it was a jihadist attack. with every indication by what happened in paris that we in the united states officially cannot be uncompromising as france. but to say that means we conclude it is terrorism.
4:39 pm
it makes them look inadequate. >> it makes it more difficult to fight the enemy >> it cuts down on resolve with the force from the people that is needed? i have never seen a moment like a disco -- this. >> now talking about a whole argument of the government has too much information right now with the new nsa rules restricting how much data the nsa can collect will that change as a result
4:40 pm
? >> we are entering an era where that debate welcome back but perhaps with a greater urgency. with a profound personal privacy not only a national security question but your dignity as a human being. and a separate person from the other person i am not the knee jerk type of person did say difficult question to work 31 where does that end? to become through a united position in california over is there so much antagonism that continues?
4:41 pm
>> this group isis nobody knew existed five years ago. and with other attacks like france and interior to figure out the best ways to fight that. if they would be frank and honest with what we're facing i remember looking at the soviet union to say that is an evil empire. it as as if they said what is obvious to me. sometimes you have to say the hard things. people feel more confidence
4:42 pm
in that adds to uncertainty. when they had the leader that does not give it to them straight or at all. david: the time of our lives is the name of about. melissa: the target for isis he is on the list for speaking now. next. but as a symbol of hope. stay with us. e've built powerful technology to alert you to your next opportunity. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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melissa: the pop star targeted by isis making her video revolution allenby isis front-line in a rack now a main target receiving death threats for the music
4:46 pm
to promote freedom for her native kurdistan and joins me now. what has it been like to be targeted by isis? >> i try not to think about it much. lot of people ask me are you afraid? melissa: do you have security? >> some places definitely the middle east and i am pretty good at hiding. and then those that are burned alive and killed. there is no place for fear. >> how big of a problem is it in the world? to say this is not our fight? what is the message to
4:47 pm
everyone. >> we ask america so these things wouldn't happen this was their plan but the is like this have to happen so people can understand how the endangered we are. they will not stop until we are dead. >> with the idea of vladimir putin has moved into the idea now germany is committing planes and france having airstrikes. >> people don't know since april there has been no support for peshawar to a -- peshmerga. melissa. david: american troops on the ground for special forces operations?
4:48 pm
there is debate how involved we should be. >> it is set to you to decide that. but what has occurred coming from a the peshmerga family we can handle this but we need help. we don't have bullets but baghdad doesn't sell weapons so there is no solution. melissa: your video has had more than 4 billion views is there a difference to get the word out? >> my musical not survive in the battlefield but to share the message to the world music will live for ever. melissa: thanks for coming in and be safe. david: over in france the paris cafe hit is reopening today the first of those venues to do so.
4:49 pm
>> five people killed on november 13 at the cafe. we did everything we could to be essentially erased the nightmare. we repainted it to let people get back to life and then to enjoy that evening. melissa: we will be watching at the top of the our "risk and reward". the daily news coverage one day after a horrific shooting it did. steve forbes weighs in on the shocking front-page. the pursuit of healthier.
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david: it would be very hard for the "new york daily news" to run a cover worse than yesterday's insult to the prayers made for the terror victims in california today they did it, with cover equating terrorists in california with the head of nra in the bottom right. you see him, wayne laperriere. is "the daily news" anomaly or revealing truth the way mainstream media feels about terrorist and it case us? we have steve forbes and john tam mini. steve, is this really what the mainstream media thinks is going on? >> in a raw form. daily news did not bother to disguise it. they have profound, religious believe in gun control, that would make everything perfect. france has gun control yet had
4:54 pm
huge arsenals. belgium has gun control. portions of a city were controlled by terrorists. they ignore facts and go with their own fantasy is,, threat of terrorism sort of diminishes the importance of terrorist threat, doesn't it? >> reflects president's attitude. if you down play it will go away. we're overreacting that these are glorified street gangs. doesn't sew the threat to our security. david: john, crime or terrorist threat is gun control is this a view that a majority of americans share? >> no i don't think so. let's face it, the american mainstream media tends to swing left and love to take tragic anecdote to turn it into statistics and trend.
4:55 pm
reality of gun violence over in united states over 20 years declined. gun ownership is easy to obtain. there are lower levels of gun vie ends are. making a argument not rooted in fact. i say they're making exploitive argument. david: steve, how much longer can media to against the common sense of american public. >> until they go broke. david: could that happen? could "the daily news" if they continue in this line completely go broke? >> internet has more to do that than anything else. we've been losing relationship. now that people have alternatives, people are turning to alternatives. i think "the daily news" also alienating a big portion of their readership in new york with their prayer insult. david: john, free market win out. free market condemn to death essentially or to bankruptcy those institutions that deny what the public believes? >> i think the free market
4:56 pm
already has been winning. certainly "the daily news" is in big trouble financially. it already has been failing. more broad sense speaking to steve's point about alternative media, americas has long been clamoring truth about news. they didn't historically get it. they're getting it now. you're seeing difficulty at "new york times," "washington post." some traditional media. david: john, steve. thank you very much. appreciate i. you can cam steve, john, myself every saturday "forbes on fox." on fox news. melissa. >> families of two suspects in the california massacre are expect to take the mic any minute. we'll have it live. i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity.
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of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? david: the family of the two suspects in the california massacre will be holding a press conference any moment. kind of strange we call them suspects. i think it is pretty clear they're the ones. >> a lot of news today.
5:00 pm
story continues to develop and change. keep your eye on it. david: deirdre bolton has all of that. also the way paris recovering from its attack. she was right there. thats does it for us. have a wonderful weekend. "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: we are monitoring as my colleagues just told you a press conference scheduled to begin at any moment in california. it is going to be given by the family lawyer of the shooter syed farook. his family attorney, david chesley. we will bring you there as soon as it starts. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. the fbi is probing the san bernardino attack as terrorist attack. >> based on information and facts as we know them, we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> this is now a federal terrorism investigation led by the fbi. and the reason for that is, that the investigation so far has


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