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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  December 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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story continues to develop and change. keep your eye on it. david: deirdre bolton has all of that. also the way paris recovering from its attack. she was right there. thats does it for us. have a wonderful weekend. "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: we are monitoring as my colleagues just told you a press conference scheduled to begin at any moment in california. it is going to be given by the family lawyer of the shooter syed farook. his family attorney, david chesley. we will bring you there as soon as it starts. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. the fbi is probing the san bernardino attack as terrorist attack. >> based on information and facts as we know them, we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> this is now a federal terrorism investigation led by the fbi. and the reason for that is, that the investigation so far has developed indications of
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radicalization by the killers, and of bow tension inspiration by foreign -- potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. deirdre: the attack left 14 people dead, 21 people wounded. investigators are looking a facebook post by tashfeen malik implied others were involved. the facebook post was in different name and shows a pledge to isis. earlier, numerous journalists wept into the shooters apartment in redlands, california. jeff flock was there. any clues that were found in any that speak to larger potential connections? reporter: deirdre, i was not one of the journalists that traipsed through the house t was a bizarre scene, landlords of couple allowing reporters and members of the general public to traipse through the house after the fbi had left it.
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the fbi said they were done. so that happened. in terms of what they found, the fbi already recovered two cell phones that had been crushed and thrown into a dumpster. in addition, recovering computer evidence as well. which led to that post on facebook, which apparently was not in the name of tashfeen malik but, they believe that she did post it, expressing her allegiance to, to isis. right at about the same time this shooting was takes place. kind of bizarre. as i said, there was an attempt to delete that digital footprint and, apparently not all together successfully. as you said, waiting on this press conference now. members of the family of syed farook's family have been talking to reporters today and said they really did not see this coming. they don't know why this happened. so we'll see what more they have
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to say when they talk to reporters shortly. deirdre: thank you so much. jeff flock joining us there from san bernardino, california. fbi director james comey spoke moments ago. >> we have no indication that these killers are part of an organized larger group or formed part of a cell. there is no indication that they are part of a network. deirdre: with more on a potential network, digital trace, investigators found two crushed cell phones in a trashcan nearby. investigators still able to exploit data from phones, glean new clues into the shooting. former israeli defense force counterterrorism commando is with me, aaron cohen. aaron, welcome. investigators say the suspects attempted to destroy their digital fingerprints. what do you make of this facebook posting that has since been removed but apparently showed a posting from malik
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right at the same time the shootings started? >> deirdre, i make that those are two very strong connections to the terrorist group isis. the first point being that they destroyed evidence. it is known in the catosphere to destroy any evidence of communication there. are blogs on internet actually teach how to use secure communication, the way let's say one of our special operations might do when they're overseas. number two, the fact that the facebook post went up and quickly taken off, means that one of the instructions that is given on these blogs to these would-be jihadists to get as much propaganda online as possible so that the message can spread, the word can spread. lineage can be drawn between the terror attack, deirdre, and the
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rest of the jihadist community. deirdre: what president fact it wasn't in her name? is that her trying to protect her mission or is there something else there? >> that's a good question. i think that is her trying to protect her mission in order to keep potential intelligence agencies off their tail so they can be successful carrying out the attack. almost doesn't matter whether it is her or not that puts up post. there was a post that would have gone up or stayed up directly correlated with that attack which has tremendous psychological impact through the propaganda through social media. so it almost doesn't matter at that point. deirdre: almost doesn't matter. i want to ask you. you worked in israel. you as a society have to face a threat of everyday people, lives being put in jeopardy. what can the u.s. learn from israel? >> the first thing, excellent question, deirdre. the egos with the intelligence community have to drop. intelligence agencies have to
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play nice. mossad and shabak didn't always play nice. that was our internal security service. they had to get their act together to share information. they are much better at it. political correctness and security are two different things. you can't allow any correctness when it comes to intelligence gathering, conducting operations abroad, hardening of our infrastructure here for proper multilayer, and allowing any political correctness to get in between the insulation measures and these terrorists. ultimately at end you will fail. deirdre: aaron i'm cutting you off with reason. i'm sorry for that. we're going to listen in to the family of the shooter farook speaking out through it is attorney. >> the fbi chief james comey came out and said there was no sign that the alleged shooters belonged a larger organization, like a larger organized
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terrorist group or terrorist cell. so i, they're trying to, or they, they have come up with some things where they're trying to say that they were inspired by some groups but there hasn't been any clear, smoking gun evidence that they were part of any particular cell or any group. they're pointing to things that they saw on facebook under different account names in the case of tashfeen malik. she supposedly had a facebook account set up kind different name say visited some group that may have been, had ties to, you know he, to more, you know -- >> as more information keeps coming out we'll identify which facts are accurate and facts that are not. that is whole point of us meeting with the fbi we've been
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meeting with agents of fbi. wer were at their office in riverside for about four hours yesterday. we'll finish up monday hopefully with other family members of the as more facts come out the types of relationships each family member had we'll be relating that to you guys had. >> what can you say right now? what do you know about what inspired them? >> what we can say from our four-hour interview or investigation that took place with the fbi yesterday, that none of the family members had any idea this was going to take place. they were totally shocked, rahin, syra, iba, the brother and sisters of the alleged shooter. had no idea to the point where when they got word that there was an incident that had taken place they were worried about the health and safety of syed and tashfeen because they had so, it was, there has never been
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any evidence that either of the two alleged shooters were aggressive, had extremist views. they were, they were totally shocked that this could take place, as shocked as anybody else was. >> the family members knew at -- tashfeen's officer in law. the information we have is shocking and they were surprised at information that came out. there is no official, there is no official discrimination of what the reason was. when we actually were discusses everything with the fbi yesterday. and they're still going through their facts and diligence as we are as well. >> if there is anything remarkable about the investigation that took place yesterday, it is no ties could really be established to the point of frustration on the part of the fbi. i mean you know if there's, if the most evidence there is to
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any affiliation is a facebook account under another person's name, that is supposedly just visited some site, then that's hardly anything at all. and throughout the whole process, the investigation yesterday, it got to the point where the fbi actually said, look, let us explain ourselves. we're trying to find evidence or information that could cause us to believe that, that syed farook was in some way affiliated with this incident, something inspired him to be involved in this incident. and, but the problem we're having is we're not finding any evidence of any behavior that would lead show us that this would be the alleged shooter. and so, you know, why is that happening? and we were all like, well, we don't have any explanation for you other than that there is no evidence. none of the family knew of him as being extreme or aggressive
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or having, any extreme religious views. >> i think what the media should also be cautious about just because he had a religion, he was muslim, it had nothing to do with these acts. islam does not agree, does not support any type of actions that occur like this. it does not support killing. it does not support murder of innocent individuals. the family would never support anything like this. they're giving their hearts and their prays everything else they can do to citizens, to victims that lost their life that day as well. >> if two of them indeed did not have any ties to groups -- [inaudible] what point do you want to make? >> media is not making allegations. fbi is. >> fbi hasn't made, the media is leading with assuming this is a terrorist situation. >> the assumption fbi is making this is investigation into possible terrorist attack.
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>> every investigation fbi does with muslim will involve some type of investigation. >> [inaudible]. we're relaying information. what do you think the motive is then for the shooting? >> i mean there's, there was information about the fact that his coworkers has kind of made fun of him, for example, and his beard. he was a very isolated, introverted individual with really no friends we could identify, like maybe one friend or no friends. and so i guess what we would say is that, when an incident happens like this, when a christian goes to shoot up a planned parenthood, or an extreme catholic goes and bombs an abortion clinic, all the headlines don't say, extremist radical christian, christian catholic, christian catholic, like now every headline is saying muslim and attaching muslim to it. i think there is tendency to take cookie cutter version or
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paradigm of a terrorist time event and super impose it on a situation just because that person of muslim belief or tradition. i don't think we should jump to too many conclusions. we need to protect the muslim community. we're seeing a lot of inning -- infringements upon rights of all us. we're talking about political candidates could be our next president saying we should register all muslims and mosques should be investigated and looked into or families of terrorists should be killed without due process. or latest thing that was said, it was known that it was going, that it was terrorist act that was committed simply because the person had an islamic last name. i think any of us sitting here could say, look, if somebody said that they knew a heinous criminal act had been committed due to religion, just because it was a person of a certain last name, and, let's say it was
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committed, it was alleged to be committed on behalf of kruse -- christians and it was on batch of jews because you had jewish last name, your faith is constantly attacked i have some friends and people i work with are muslims. every muslim community around the world is in state of remorse and condemnation of these acts. no one supports it. just as no christian or catholic would say, oh, yeah, that's a good catholic that bombed that, that abortion clinic or shot up that planned parenthood. but not even, we can't even use that example as of yet, like the fbi chief james comey said, there has been no evidence that they found yet, this is his words in the "l.a. times," as of 1:00 p.m. today, that they are linked to a larger organized terrorist group or terrorist cell. all there is, this is much the frustration i think of the fbi, and everyone because we all
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want, we all want an answer. we're all angry. we're all frustrated. we're all sad. we want justice. but unfortunately things, some things in life are not as clear-cut as that. all there is thus far is some nebulous thing that somebody looked at something on facebook. i mean any one of us may have looked at something on facebook. doesn't mean we believe in it. i have checked out a britney spears post and i hate britney spears music. doesn't mean you condone whatever you look at or read or you fully believe and you're acting on behalf of whatever you look at or read. we just have to be protective of religious freedom in our country. of our fourth amendment rights. you know, just recently the landlords let journalists into the apartment of syed farook. >> there are media outlets going through this taking pictures, people who are not either one of the suspects.
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invading personal space. sending inappropriate pictures as well. this is the whole point of the fbi investigation. it is to determine what level and what actually caused this. and david said, "l.a. times" has reported what james comey has said. we're waiting to get more information as well. >> favorable of isis what should people make about that? >> what do you mean favorable attitudes? >> supposedly expressed sympathy towards isis. what should people make of that? >> what evidence is there of that? what are you pointing to? what ways did they express sympathy. >> his exact quote the investigation developed radicalization of killers and inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. he did say there is no indication being part of a local cell or bigger cell but these are his words. >> he is trying to say it was inspired by but, what i have read so far, we're all learning because the investigation is on going. we're the attorneys for the family, not the investigators.
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so none of us have all the information right now. but from what i've read, all i have seen, somebody looked at something on facebook. there was another thing, there was another article i read that the fbi had investigated people who syed farook allegedly spoke to. even those people the fbi had investigated nothing came up for any of those people. this is danger we're getting into. >> are you saying that do not believe there will be any connection to foreign terrorist organization? >> i think we're saying we have to wait for the investigation to be done before we make any kind of determination. >> isn't that what the fbi is saying now? >> i think the reports have been coming out now is that clinging to terrorist group -- >> they're investigating. >> they're investigating. but until the investigation is done it can not be made any type of determination there was a group. if there was connection to anybody.
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and moment that we start doing -- >> are you saying we should not be pursuing these developments as they emerge? because the fbi is going through the process and it's a process. >> yes. >> and as they get information and as they find out they're reporting. so i -- >> i think idea of terrorists has been reported since this, since this incident happened. i think as more information comes out, then the media can start making reports. as we get -- >> we are reporting. >> you shouldn't be making reports or statements there is connection to terrorist group until there is factual link. >> we're criminal defense attorneys. we look for actual evidence. so we can't jump to conclusions is what we believe. you know. >> we listened to what the fbi says because the fbi is gathering evidence. so we have to, we consider the fbi a credible source. >> right. yeah. i mean, i just think that what we're looking at is, like i
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said, when there is, when the fbi chief has literal came out and said they found no link to a larger terrorist group or terrorist cell, i think people need to listen to that and consider that. and, every headline, until, there is absolute clear evidence, every headline doesn't have to say muslim massacre, or muslim shooters because it's going to cause intolerance and what we need right now is forgiveness. i think although this is, there were muslim people, and muslim families involved in this incident, and, as a, primarily christian nation, i think we're a people of mercy and forgiveness and i think we need to avoid bigotry, stereotyping. anything that we would be uncomfortable happening to us as christians we should try to avoid doing that to muslims as well. >> [inaudible] >> some of the reports you heard
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that lung these acts to terrorism prematurely? >> i don't think we're here to criticize. >> we're here to protect the clients. they happen to be muslims and muslim community and also to stand up for the victims and grief for the victims and saying we're remorseful what took place. the muslim community doesn't support or condone what took place. every muslim leader has come out and said this is not a muslim act. when someone goes crazy commit as act that could be totally work-related doesn't make a statement on behalf of entire religion. we're trying to protect people. at same time we're still in mourning for both family and victims t was tragic. it's horrible. and, and, we're trying to heal the nation i think as a whole. >> [inaudible] >> family see any evidence of terrorist sympathy, did they see any evidence of disgruntelment in the work place, of unhappiness in his life?
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>> there was a mention where he got teased about his beard. but there was nothing else about that. he usually shrugged off any type of jokes people made about his facial hair or appearance. >> that is his family or friends. >> that is what the family said. >> in the conversations with people you represent did they mention these go people ever discussed isis as general conversation? >> they never did. and that's, you know, that's why we're being, we're just, we're just making sure that we're not overzealous in our characterization of these events one way or another until, until very, until strong evidence comes out showing that this was indeed affiliated with something. and, i mean, i guess the frustration was we sat through the four-hour interview with the fbi -- >> that is investigation is not done yet. we still have more interviews we'll be conducting with the fbi that's why i do caution making any type of judgment for before
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everything is done. >> during that investigation, we as attorneys, as criminal defense attorneys practicing 10 years, we're looking for evidence, things of substance substantiate link or tie to something just as fbi was. when we sate there for four hours being interview with family members no one could identify any links or any radical or extremist behavior, any attempt to be forceful or hostile or aggressive in any way to force people to adhere to certain religious beliefs. any odd or strange or angry behavior before the time. shooting on behalf of the alleged suspects. nothing was there. not so much i'm siding with someone one way or the other but i'm just -- being objective. that has been my job all these years. i'm reporting what i have seen during that investigation. there was no evidence of anything. then what we're hearing now from the media, i'm just saying from an objective perspective has
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been very tenuous. so i just, that is my feeling. i don't feel like we ought to be overzealous in our characterization of the events until we have more evidence. >> these are family members in the home. >> in what home. >> in the suspects. >> okay. >> did they ever see any evidence what has been described by police? bomb-making, large caches of ammunition? anything to suggest -- >> family members knew that syed had two handguns. he kept them locked up. they also knew he was licensed for them. the family members had get-togethers on occasion but wouldn't go through the rest of his house an inspecting the house. this was a brother they had no idea, something like this could happen. >> there was never anything like, there was never any evidence of pipe bombs that were seen around. in addition i would also just
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say, i mean, you know, it has been horrible and, you know as americans we all want to protect one another, make sure we're in safe and secure society. for example, statements about number of round there, as gun owner myself i have about 4 or 5,000 rounds bullet i keep at home. you buy them in bulk because they're cheaper that way. government keeps outlawing different types of bullets and different types of guns at different times. shortages of bullets occur very commonly where homeland security will order two million of a certain kind of bullet and you can't get that bullet. it is not available for many months. so especially if you're target shooting, not at all uncommon to own 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 rounds to have with you when you get them at cheap price. you stock up. and you know, one of the main things i want to make sure happens is that not only is anyone discriminated against as
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a result of this incident but we continue to protect our freedom of religion, and also our second amendment rights to bear arms. we can't have this announcement by the president every time there is an incident like this we need to ban all guns. those rights are important to us as americans. we died for those rights and, and they shouldn't be denied. >> anything that you can say about tashfeen's education? >> all we know about tashfeen's education she grew up in pakistan until about 18, 20 years of age and moved to saudi arabia. she was educated. i read reports she was a gp or pharmacist. none other than family about education. >> she is not a pharmacist. >> she is not a pharmacist. >> she is housewife. she take care of child. mother lived with them at the house. she is primarily a housewife.
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she only came here since 2014. >> [inaudible] >> i'm not one to -- >> what the family had to say? >> she has only been a mother about six months. the family knew her as she was caring. she was soft-spoken. very basic information what they have seen of her. >> she was typical housewife. >> [inaudible] >> she spoke english and erdu as well but it was broken english. >> did she a simulate in the country and to the culture? >> for the year she was assimilating here she was fine. >> she maintained certain traditions of fasting an prayer five times a day. she chose not to drive voluntarily. these are all benign, this is, these are things that, you know many muslims do and it doesn't mean anything necessarily. >> trying to get anything new about her -- a good source which is the family. >> i think what we're seeing there is like, she was a very,
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very private person. she was, she was, she kept herself pretty well-isolated. she was very conservative and i think one of the dangers is since everyone does know so little she is easy to pin things to her or stigmatize with. she has been the one that the media done a lot of that too because there is no picture and, so, or there is not a lot of information about her. so i think we need to guard against that. but unfortunately i wish i could answer the question better. there is very, there is very little information we have about her, other than the fact she was caring housewife. >> one of the things i can tell you guys, i had discussed with the family about the housewife is that they're very traditional. in the sense family would go over to the house, they wouldn't all be together in the room. the women would sit with the women and men would sit with the men. that is very traditional way of acting. it wasn't anything that was different. men did not interact with her. the brothers did not actually see her face. they didn't see her face because
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she did wear a burka. she was totally covered. they knew her as syed's wife. >> did she speak english. >> she spoke broken english but her main language was erdu. >> there was a lost planning to get whatever they were wearing that sort -- can you paint a picture of us for the family, when they did x, y, z, that sort of now they, now we realize that is what -- >> no. the family, to be honest with you thought syed's hobby was building cars. he liked to go in his garage and work on things. they never invaded his personal space. that was his man cave of sorts. used to go into the garage and build things. he used to build shoe racks for his officer instead of her buying one. they were in shock. this was remorseful and hit them as hard as anyone else. >> didded family ever go into
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the garage? >> they went in there to go in there and work on things like his car. hesitater would be playing together but that was it. >> never notice any of guns? >> they were aware of guns at house. but they were aware the guns were locked up in a case. >> when we're talking about guns, we're talking about like what from i understand, two nine millimeters and there was two rifles. we know that was target shooting before then. but there was definitely never evidence of any other things. >> did you notice level of syed's mechanical ability? he had this hobby -- >> it wasn't something he had gone a formal education but something he picked up watching his father. reading books. he read books about cars mechanics. mostly car books that he was reading. he was learning as he went along.
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>> you said he been made fun of -- >> teased. >> teased about his beard. is that something that he talked about a lot? i know there was a interview that he had very strong religious beliefs and his wife talked about that. did he say, there is guy at work who has been harassing me or -- >> i think just a general conversation that he had with the family when he explained somebody made fun of my beard. >> we can't lead to further intolerance or in addition there are times these things happens in all sects of american culture. someone is made fun of or antisocial person and they lash out and do bizarre things like in columbine or wherever. you know, in colorado recently. it it is hard to attribute to
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religion ever islam or muslim people. all muslims are condemning this act. we're praying on behalf of victims. we all feel terrible about what happened. >> work place type of shooting, there is always some sort of sign leading up to, you're saying family did not see any sign whatsoever except for this beard? >> family said he was made fun of the beard. he said somebody made fun of myofacial hair. he had to have hid trimmed because of job can the county? he was pretty private person, to share information. that is why family information was conveyed to us. that is what happened in the work place. >> conflicting information how couple met? do you have any idea about their personal history? >> the couple met through online dating website t was marriage website. they had met, interests that they had matched up. >> was it muslim website or?
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>> we don't actually know what kind of website. we were trying to find more information about the website with the fbi as well. it was on going. >> when. >> it was 2013. >> the family also talked about this as well as fbi. >> during the investigation. >> [inaudible] >> excuse me? >> [inaudible]. >> met online in sometime in 2013. >> met in 2013 and ended up getting married to closer to 2014 time period. >> did they meet him anytime before that? or was that the first time? >> he had went out there for a hajj. they went ahead and they met and got married a short time after that. off
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>> >> i wonder if the family members fragile? bin rashid was very soft-spoken. the women would communicate with her. said she was very soft-spoken and vice. >> they know nothing about her? >> saudi arabia that is all we go stick the family members? >> yes they have of threats threats, phone calls, of facebook has been deactivated everything. although the shooter was misidentified so that was a
5:34 pm
bad situation to be the active shooter. >> the packets series? the image she was 18 or 20 she went to saudi arabia to get married. >> i think there has been confusion so they're going off with her they did not drop their off she lived there and she was taking care of her grandchild up at that point. they had the stomach flu so they said they would go to the doctor. >> if the mother lived with them did she not notice anything?
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>> i guess what i would say that this is the stereotypical situation of what takes place every time there is any event like this most of the time no one knows much about the shooter and that is the case here. the mother stayed to herself i think she stayed upstairs so she would have been separate and not know much about what was going on in the rest of the house. everybody else's surprised by these incidents but everyone was in shock there was a tendency to look for religious affiliation of the extremist group, friends, a list of people that go to a wedding to find some type of a terrorist network and the fbi are all answers through a security and to be protected but nothing came up and that is what is so
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shocking about all of this side feel the need to emphasize that so much because we have a tendency to characterize that in that way. but use it to those interviews that is what happened cannot linking this to religion or terrorist.
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>> [chanting]. >> what we knew is the sister went back to pick up
5:38 pm
the mother and wish to back the computers were unplugging and she had said i have not read about the digital information i will say. >> is merged recently will be getting once we discuss the different media that they destroyed as well. they have been more than cooperative to assist the fbi in the investigation. >> the family is in complete shock. the everybody has their own life. the family is in complete shock. >> [inaudible]
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>> edits the ongoing investigation. when we finish that we will give you more details. we cannot discuss that right now. >> [inaudible] >> child protective services from what we understand. we are trying to get the baby back but it looks like we will not get the baby and tell at least monday when the hearing is set for the trials. child protective services is trying to get to a family member. >> you know, which family member? >> i think the older sister.
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>> whatever motives, you said one. >> it has been very thin and as you can see from the statement of the fbi chief. there is no connection. we all want justice to make sure we find out to be protected in the future but at the same time that we need to be protected and respectful of one another religious freedoms. that is what i would say. the motive is unclear it could be a disgruntled worker, and then rub was coming from different types
5:41 pm
of groups and and tell me can see monday and tuesday then we can see for kobe of the interviews then as well. >> [inaudible] >> no. >> [inaudible] >> no type of degree in saudi arabia. we will be finishing this up on monday or tuesday. >> those are two new lawyers for the family of sayeed
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farook from the incident and san bernardino that killed 14 innocents and wounded 21 others. as you can tell to their comments they are painting couple as living the american dream the family had no idea of the couple's radicalization. but what we do know about the equipment found in their home with rounds of the ammunition. aaron was with me before this started. speaking before taking a break before the press conference there is a lot of messages including the
5:43 pm
media. i heard a couple of key words from my a psychological profile describing sayeed. i heard the word introverted , isolated, a growing a beard, very quiet. those are all tells unfortunately. those that may be want to connect with something much greater while wanting to carry out the isis style attack. deirdre: for his wife and seems she was even more isolated than he was. described by the family of lawyers as a typical housewife but it seems she had no contact with anybody
5:44 pm
else with the exception of the mother. >> yes. and it isn't uncommon i have a lot of experience in the middle east and in countries like pakistan and saudi arabia and riyadh where she fled to to marry sayeed it is traditional to take a back role to be led. p.m. thinking sayeed was very much in charge of the relationship she was willing to go along with anything he put forward because it is a very tough region for women. they're constantly put behind the man and i just under cover as an arab and we have to learn about the culture they are covered, they're not driving
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so he was very much in charge. >> not even the gremlin who was caring for their child who was on another floor did not seem to have contact with her son-in-law talks about the isolation. we will play a summation of the points the lawyers made. >> statements made about the number of rounds. as a gun owner myself, i myself have four or 5,000 rounds i keep at home. you buy them in bulk because they are cheaper that way and the government keeps outlawing different types of guns and different types of bullets. deirdre: just to close the loop on second amendment rights that does not explain that a pipe bomb or the volume -- a material.
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>> i agree. there is nothing wrong with purchasing any additional trade law enforcement across the country for he is right you can buy it in bulk and be cheaper if you are an average shooter i get it. law-enforcement purchases in bulk and here in california if it's very expensive. i get it but i have a problem with the statements the attorneys are putting out the way they're trying to frame the fbi director statement is not linked to a larger terror organization. here is the problem. doesn't have to be. there were pipe bombs in the residence you cannot go by that i your local shooting club. you do not learn how to manufacture unless you are part of an on-line community that teaches you have to make those types of tools.
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that is kerry dangerous there much more lethal as far as that nation. -- a destination. >> they want to make sure there is no discrimination but credo and have time to worry about evidence read the fbi focused on preventing another attack of a sleeper cell that is activated based on the internet or social media than why did killing another dozen people. deirdre: thank you for your time. a former israeli counterterrorism commando. we want to replace some comments that the lawyers said from the farook family
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lawyers. >> nothing was linking this to religion or terrorism. deirdre: a brigade deputy director also a distinguished fellow at the heritage foundation, said they did they give for staying with us but my guest said rewording stuck out to him. isolated, introverted and quiet what does this mean to you as someone who has worked in intelligence? what does this say? >> i am very concerned when we look at the requirements of intelligence we need to be able to collect every piece of evidence we possibly can especially abroad in terms of the
5:49 pm
foreign collection that the president put out in the executive order to years ago did you very nunez the president's policy directive 28 that concerns me a great deal because now we place privacy standards akin to the fourth amendment on to for a collection. deirdre: essentially say that intelligence experts cannot do their job. >> get live with them. the you create a condition with a feel they will not cross a certain line or evening get close they will not collect. you need to collect information abroad to the fullest extent possible through intelligence that is with this specifically
5:50 pm
addresses. as you look at that data oftentimes you don't know any advance the nuggets are the data points you will need to make that connection -- with the kind that act they will undertake at a future date based on planning and communications around the globe. deirdre: the fbi is chasing leads around the of world but now 14 people are dead. i have a terrorism expert here with me. to what extent are their behavior patterns that other law-enforcement can find first? >> i heard as highly sharia
5:51 pm
compliant. a study found 80 percent with high degrees of compliance and the promotion of jihadist literature so when i hear something like that every says my antenna. deirdre: i want to play a baby fbi director statement. >> when the fbi chief literally has said we have found no link to a larger terrorist group bent people need to consider that and every headline until there is absolutely evidence every headline does not have to say shooters or massacres
5:52 pm
because it will cause intolerance. >> that is obviously one of the of lawyers or one of the shooter's families making reference to what we heard earlier i will paraphrase director kobe but he said there is no direct hit - - indication they're part of a terror cell or a network. but that is a lot of the ammunition and material support to people just want to have on their own. >> but if you're interested to carry out a jihadi attack to kill as many people as possible that seems to be the agenda perhaps they did not have ties to a network that we don't know what that was yet but in terms the islamic state said do not
5:53 pm
wait to be contacted the man behind the ideology said g. hyde is the individual obligation. said the deal we're out there looking for the one golden nugget said if this individual is islamic state or al qaeda. deirdre: you are saying inspired by a philosophy is something that they can choose to adopt. >> it is a question of indoctrination. is true they go looking for propaganda then how did they know they were looking at? what did they a understand about the call for the caliphate? or the call for jihad? why is that legitimate? who taught them those things are a legitimate?
5:54 pm
deirdre: i will play another statement the farook family lawyers about the wife. >> she has only been a mother about six months so the family knew her she was carrying, a soft-spoken very basic information a typical housewife. >> she spoke english and also erdu as well. deirdre: have you track someone like this? coming in on the fiancee visa and was keeping tradition that we associate with the united states. deirdre: an example where due diligence is required in the visa process. i cannot tell you of all those conditions were met
5:55 pm
two years ago or 18 months ago but that question and that i have is in the vetting process what intelligence was applied to understand the individuals coming to the united states? in the process of radicalization as it is said you don't have to belong to this cell or the organization. deirdre: 80% of our reach happen online. >> exactly that is the concern we saw in chattanooga, a conditioning cruz social media and prime source of lear's seen constantly with the primary
5:56 pm
for mayor of radicalization where not even a physical is in the process so what makes the hard to ferret out the conditions to ground -- grant that visa in advance of a bite to know the diligence. deirdre: it is difficult for law enforcement if the family itself had no idea what was going on that is what we just heard. >> there is no evidence proponent of the family knew of him to be extreme more aggressive or any extreme religious views. >> the media should be cautious it had nothing to do with the act. >> have to reconcile a family having no idea?
5:57 pm
>> i begin by saying i am skeptical of that claim mumbai to see more evidence before i am willing to affirm that claim is seems unlikely there was no knowledge on their views under the doctrine issues. >> is a possible for the family to have zero idea? >> i find it difficult but i am very happy that director comey has taken it on as a counter terrorism investigation but were there no changes at all in behavior between the husband and wife in the family of any type of engagement with outsiders?
5:58 pm
i find that difficult to believe but we will let the investigation ferrets that out. >> said tashfeen was under of the layperson to have contact with was grandma or perhaps her husband and. >> but with the counterterrorism work to allow law enforcement and intelligence officials look at dr.. can we ask them their views on the caliphate and toward the organization and would we know if they lie? deirdre: your best advice
5:59 pm
moving forward how do average people go to a rock concert without being fearful? >> to be on the lookout with god patterns of behavior. bill reedy the most robust intelligence collection abroad in terms of signals and human intelligence with open source capabilities.
6:00 pm
i'm glad for both of your contributions. thanks for joining us. make mone -- "making money" stas now. charles: the f.b.i. is calling the southbound shooting an acts of terrorism. >> there is another piece of evidence that pushed us off the cliff to say we are investigating this as an act of terrorism. charles: the attorneys for the farook family holding a press conference. they seemed to defend the suspect swieg can't zwrowm conclusions. >> there hasn't been any clear smoking gun evidence they were part of any particular cell or group.


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