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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 4, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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have great weekends, hug your family, go to the game, and thank you for watching the show, catch us every night at 6:00 p.m. if you can't see the show, make sure you dvr it. it's been a big week with a lot of news and only one person can put it all together. lou dobbs. he's next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. it took three days but the fbi today announced it's treating the san bernardino massacre as an act of terrorism. that's something president obama has gone to great lengths to avoid saying. fbi director james comey today addressed the media. here he is. >> the investigation so far has developed indications of radicalization by the killers and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. so far we have no indication that these killers are part of an organized larger group or formed part of a cell.
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there's no indication they are part of a network. lou: the director's comments come after investigators learned that the female shooter, tashfeen malik, declared her allegiance to the islamic state on facebook, about 11:00 a.m. wednesday, roughly the time that the shooting began. investigators have also learned that malik and farook tried to destroy hard drives in a bid to cover their tracks and communications, and crushed cell phones crushed in a trash can near their home. the media getting an upclose, unexpected look into their home today. after the couple's landlord unexpectedly opened it up to reporters. we'll have a full report what's been learned so far in this investigation. that's coming up in moments. and talking with former assistant director of the fbi in new york, gill gavin.
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former fbi agent bobby ciccone from los angeles. president obama defending his view that climate change is a greater threat to americans than terrorism. president obama told cbs news that, quote, climate change could lead to a rise in violent extremism. i have no idea what that was, our apologies. and the president stunned just about everyone in one of his extemporaneous lectures declaring that you can't build a border wall to stop climate change. i know. let me repeat the president's sentence, you can't build a border wall to stop climate change. make of the president's statement what you will, i can't make sense of it at all. and turning to the quantifiable, a new poll shows the republican front-runner is indeed the front-runner and by a wide margin. donald trump has a 20-point
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lead against his next closest rival. this is his biggest lead yet in the republican race, not bad considering nearly every major strategist and political savant declared trump to be unserious or saying he would fade after the first months of his candidacy. now sputtering and plauding with money masters against the front-runner. we'll talk about all that and more with our political panel in tonight's show. top story, the fbi finally admitting the san bernardino massacre was an act of terrorism. the deadliest radical islamist attack on american soil since september 11th. we know the female shooter pledged allegiance to the leader of the islamic state before she and her husband killed 14 people and wounded 21 others at a san bernardino christmas party. the shooters tried to destroy cell phones, hard drives and the fbi investigators are
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looking overseas in search for those who may have supported them financially aided them or directed them. fox news senior correspondent adam housley is in san bernardino with our report. >> as of today, based on the information and the facts as we know them, we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> reporter: two days after wednesday's deadly shooting, the investigation officially in the hands of the fbi. >> we have uncovered evidence that has led us to learn of extensive planning, obviously, we've uncovered evidence of explosives, multiple armaments. >> reporter: evidence that authorities tell us includes a facebook post where tashfeen malik pledged allegiance to isis and leader moments before the massacre. it was removed by facebook and reported to law enforcement. >> i'm aware of the facebook post you're mentioning, and i saw the same thing you did. we don't know what's there yet,
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continuing to look into it. >> reporter: the couple tried to erase digital footprint by damaging personal devices. >> those cell phones were actually crushed. we have retained those cell phones and do continue to exploit the data from the cell phones. we do hope that the digital fingerprints that were left by these two individuals will take us towards their motivation. >> reporter: fbi director james comey making a statement as there is apparently friction between the fbi and the white house on how to characterize this attack. >> the investigation so far has developed indications of radicalization by the killers, and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. >> reporter: lives that appeared normal as we look inside the apartment of malik and syed farook, the room contained furniture, baby items, documents, and several copies of the koran.
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farook passed a background check and paid the rent on time. >> no problems. >> reporter: the complete chaos comes to light from those who arrived first on the scene. >> it was unspeakable. the carnage that we are seeing, the number of people who are injured and unfortunately already dead, and the pure panic on the face of those individuals still in need in needing to be safe. >> reporter: lou, the state department said they stand behind their screening process for visas and have no plans to make changes in light of the report that tashfeen was interviewed by officials before she came to the u.s. and screened in pakistan. lou? lou: adam, thank you, adam housley. we will take up the very issue as you expect tonight. the court battle over syrian refugees has taken an unusual turn tonight, perhaps a hopeful one at that. the state of texas withdrew efforts to reblock the
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settlement of syrian refugees in texas. that scheduled for next week. the texas state attorney general's move comes after the obama administration reiterated in federal court the state had no authority to block the resettlements but the white house provided texas with the requested additional information about the proposed 21 refugees who would be resettled in texas next week. not entirely dropping his lawsuit against the administration, the attorney general says he still wants a hearing next week to further assure the state government that the administration will consult with them before resettling any and all refugees. the republican presidential candidates have been blasting president obama over his insistence that tens of thousands of syrian refugees be resettled in this country over the next several years. here's donald trump last night. >> well, and the president is somebody, you know, you could
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say he's a fool in a certain way, because everybody is saying don't do it, he's very arrogant, very stubborn. he doesn't want to listen to anybody, and he's so wrong. lou: trump's message resonating with voters. the billionaire populist not only the republican front-runner but expanding lead in the race for the republican presidential nomination. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: with eight weeks to the first votes, donald trump's conventional wisdom defying lead in the polls is growing. trump hit a new high. 36% in the latest cnn poll. doubling ted cruz who surged to 16 and is in a virtual three-way tie with ben carson who slid to 14 and marco rubio at 12%. the rest of the field is under 5%. >> i know what you're saying. >> reporter: trump got a smattering of boos at the
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republican jewish coalition forum for refusing to embrace jerusalem as rightful capital. when more than once, he seemed to stereotype the acumen of jewish donors and activists he got applause. >> is there anybody that doesn't renegotiate deals in this room? this room negotiates. [ laughter ] >> perhaps more than any room i've spoken. [ applause ] >> maybe more. >> reporter: cruz moved into second place and at a gun range in iowa promised to defend the second amendment against arguments by the president and others. >> that is not a solution to the terror attack indeed, the fact that we are a free citizenry who exercises our constitutional rights helps keep us safe. >> i don't want to hear any more about the president talking about gun control. we need bomb control. >> reporter: rubio and cruz lobbying rhetorical grenades over security policy for weeks.
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rubio suggested the president put privacy ahead of security when the ncaa's bulk collection of phone data was curtailed. rubio opposed the move when cruz and rand paul supported. >> have you had republican support them in that effort. >> reporter: several republican candidates will be in iowa for a cattle call sponsored by the koch brothers, trump is in iowa having a rally on his own where he doesn't have to share the stage with anybody else, lou? lou: carl cameron. stocks surged following the november jobs report, a very good report, showing the economy created 211,000 jobs. the unemployment rate unchanged at 5%. the number of americans not participating in the workforce exceeded 94 million for a fourth month in a row. the labor force participation rate finally rose ever so slightly and investors loved it.
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the dow ended up 370 points on the day. the s&p up 42, the nasdaq up 105. and for the week, the dow, the nasdaq managed a quarter of a percent gain, the s&p up less than a tenth of percent. but gains they were. we're coming right back, we've got a lot to talk about tonight. stay with us. the fbi declares the san bernardino shooting an act of terrorism, and the fbi director says there's no indication the terrorists are part of a cell or network. so why did they destroy all their communication devices? and why is this investigation leading the fbi overseas if no one else is involved? former agents bill gavin and bobby ciccone join us next to answer those questions and more.
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their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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. lou: a strange, a downright strange news conference today, farook family attorneys cautioning the public and the media against rushing to judgment about the san bernardino couple they referred to as alleged shooters. a number of times. one attorney even tried to paint a picture of tashfeen malik as a soft-spoken traditional housewife.
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>> she was like a typical housewife. she did maintain certain traditions from what i understand, in terms of fasting and prayer five times a day. she chose not to drive voluntarily, but these are all benign, you know, these are things that, you know, many muslims do, and it doesn't mean anything necessarily. lou: i don't know of anyone who had suggested that that would mean anything. of course, malik pledged allegiance to the leader of the islamic state before she and her husband carried out the san bernardino massacre as well. that does mean something. and breaking news, we have just obtained the first image of the female shooter tashfeen malik, it was first obtained by abc news, the first picture as we say now coming in. joining us the former assistant director of the fbi in new york, bill gavin, former fbi agent in the los angeles field office, bobby chacon.
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good to have you with us as well. gentlemen, an extraordinary day in which, from the l.a. office first, it was declared that this is an act of terrorism, the director himself this afternoon from washington reiterating that point. bill gavin, how important is it that the fbi unusually for it declare it to be an act of terrorism this early in the investigation? >> well, i think, lou, you and bobby and i all agree that this was a terrorist act to begin with. the bottom line is that the bureau has to do what they have to do in terms of supporting that contention, obtaining the evidence, obtaining all of the linkages to show that it was, in fact terrorism. they did that today. it's going to -- i think it's going to slowly evolve as well. you've seen that the director made two statements today.
7:18 pm
one he said it was an inspiration on the part of terrorists who recruit and radicalize one of the terrorists. this is going to evolve, i think, into the direction to do these acts somewhere down the line. he also said, and this was an important factor, too. we're doing all that needs to be done here and overseas. that will show you where the mind-set is in bringing this to the conclusion, i think, that we're going to have more involved than the two people acting individually. lou: and from an investigative sense, bobby, we're talking about right now, we've seen two phones crushed. obviously, these terrorists, these two people, trying to destroy whatever evidence of who they had been communicating with. hard drives, they tried to
7:19 pm
destroy, unsuccessfully. again, trying to wipe out their footprints, and their connections. if that is -- hardly an investigator, a clear statement they had something to hide in the nature of those they were communicating with and the information and communications they were receiving. >> well, absolutely. i think there's no doubt in most of the investigators's minds that there's connections to these people that helped them with the planning and the arming of themselves. sheer volume of material that was purchased and gathered to put these things together. so i think that the assumption is going forward that they had assistance, and there's maybe not a network per se out, there but people out there who they were in contact with both here and possibly overseas that assisted them in facilitating the attack. lou: our correspondent adam housley in san bernardino, bill
7:20 pm
gavin, talking about the tension, if not outright conflict between washington and the los angeles office of the fbi on declaring this to be an act of terror. the department of justice in this administration is the most highly politicized. the fbi has been able to reserve itself as an island that is -- david bowdich, the assistant director said an apolitical agency, but these are tensions that are all too apparent between the white house and the justice department. i thought it was very bad optics for the attorney general to be sitting next to james comey as he was having, what turned out to be a brief statement. we thought it was going to be q&a as well. she looked more like a minder, and the signal was cut from the press conference before questions could be taken. these are very bad optics,
7:21 pm
would you not agree? >> i do agree with you, lou. the bottom line is, and the thing they take most seriously and have the most faith in is we have a director by the name of james comey who is a man of impeccable integrity, and nothing is going to defer him from doing the right thing. he's not going to be persuaded by the white house, by the attorney general, to do something other than what he thinks is absolutely correct. i can assure you of that, if it comes down to somebody trying to force him to do it, you'll see some horrible results. lou: well, i want to turn to you, bobby, for the last question. we are looking at a number of just large questions, the semiautomatic weapons, long guns, two .9 millimeter handguns, a rented vehicle, the large black suv that ultimately
7:22 pm
was shot to pieces as these two terrorists were fleeing the scene of their heinous act. where is this all going to lead us? there's a lot of money swashing around here for a man making reportedly $51,000 a year, it looks like there was financial support and there was larger, larger involvement by people beyond certainly the residence that journalists were able to take cameras and enter today and where the couple lived. >> sure, this investigation has dozens of avenues to be followed, including many here in the states as well as many overseas. and i think that from the first minutes of this investigation, they've been pursued. i don't think the declaration today by mr. bowditch changed anything, from the bureau standpoint, from the working agents and bureau standpoint,
7:23 pm
we've been investigating this from the beginning as a possible terrorist attack. from a political, government posture it changes a few things. from the ground level, investigators it didn't change anything, there were leads sent out that night to track down the issue, especially the female where, she was from? her background? who she was associated with over there? things like that. i think that the investigation is proceeding. i think this may speed it up. but i think they've been going at full speed since the first few minutes after. lou: bobby, thank you so much. bill, thank you, and as bill pointed out on this broadcast and thanks to both bobby chacon and bill gavin in the early hours of this terrible event. we were all discussing this as a terrorist act to be certain. and we want to thank you for your continued insight into what is happening with this investigation, gentlemen.
7:24 pm
you know what? and i want to complement again, the san bernardino police, their actions in responding to this terrorist attack were extraordinary, and i just want to say all of us here on this broadcast salute you and all of the folks in law enforcement there in san bernardino. great work. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, we have a simple question -- we just like to hear what you think. cast your vote at and follow me on twitter -- links to everything found at a minnesota sheriff captured a close call on video. the yellow medicine county sheriff's office just released this video of a truck heading
7:25 pm
east on highway 67. the white car blew straight through the intersection, the speeding car past the truck, grazing the vehicle leaving a cloud of dust in its wake. the driver of the car was chased down, arrested and pleaded guilty to, you'll never imagine, a dwi. the obama administration insists it has the most rigorous screening and security vetting processes for refugees and immigrants into the country. how was one of the san bernardino attackers to get through the screening? i'll have a few thoughts for you here next. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow! . lou: senators jeff sessions and ted cruz are calling on the obama administration to release the immigration documents of the dead terrorist tashfeen malik. her travel to this country as well as the immigration history of syed farook's parents, and
7:30 pm
this is what the senator said in their request, quote -- sessions and cruz revealed they've identified 12 people brought into the country as refugees this year who have now been implicated in terrorism. despite that, the u.s. state department today said there are no plans to review their visa process. here's state department spokesperson elizabeth trudeau being grilled by reporters on the so-called fiancee visa. >> is this visa process as rigorous as other immigrant visas? >> yes. >> just as rigorous? >> yes. >> and what makes it so? background checks? fingerprints? >> so this is a multistage process. you're looking at fingerprints, face-to-face interviews.
7:31 pm
you're looking at screening. lou: yet here's the response from white house press secretary josh earnest when asked if there is a difference in vetting someone for a so-called k-1 fiancee visa versus a syrian refugee. >> refugees seeking to be resettled in the united states are subjected to the most rigorous, intensive screening of anyone who attempts to enter the united states. the standards for individuals who enter on the visa that you just described is not as strict. lou: and so, the fbi is investigating the san bernardino shootings as an act of terrorism, and one of the terrorists made it through what our state department claims is rigorous screening. the obama administration continues as a pattern, as a matter of behavior to spin away legitimate and critical concerns rather than to act, to
7:32 pm
be certain and to be straightforward, to be certain that we know who is coming into our country and who puts our public safety and national security at risk. our quotation of the evening, the american people have the right to know, but this administration only seldom and then begrudgeingly honors their right to know. they work far harder at obfuscating truth and reality. i turn to norm augustine for our quotation of the evening. he said -- there you have it, clear and straightforward. more obfuscation. we're coming right back. new presidential polls out and jeb bush, john kasich, marco rubio and other establishment candidates aren't near the top. we'll let you guess who is. we don't want to mention his
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decreased appetite, and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney failure. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. . lou: president obama today took a rather long winded and inartful attempt to hit back at donald trump. here's the president trying to defend his view that climate change could lead to terrorism. >> the only people that are
7:37 pm
still disputing it are earth some republicans in congress or folks on the campaign trail. >> you can't build a border wall when it comes to carbon emissions or global temperatures or the oceans. lou: trump said this week that obama's climate change warning is, quote, one of the dumbest statements i've ever heard in politics, end quote. joining us the blaze tv news anchor amy holmes, and jamie weinstein, good to have you with us, jamie. >> good to be here. >> the dumbest statement. you can think of any that would trump it, as it were? >> well, it was a stupid statement, no question about it, and, in fact, i don't think president obama believes that. if he really believed that climate change was the great threat it was to the world, and the number one threat, he wouldn't have wasted his first year in office working on economic bailout and increasing health insurance coverage from
7:38 pm
85% to 90%. he didn't do that. i'm not sure that president obama believes what he's saying. lou: what do you think, amy? >> worse than a political statement. this is from our commander in chief. the person whose primary responsibility it is to defend our country, fellow citizens from terrorist attacks. when he goes on about climate change, it's not only stupid, it's a non sequitur and seems to suggest his attention is not properly focused on the job at hand, trying to defeat terrorism. lou: frankly trying to put together the wall, illegal immigration, climate change and terrorism is a little too much for the president. i don't know how to characterize it. we'll leave it with mr. trump's view. jamie turn to the latest poll, trump 22 points ahead of his
7:39 pm
nearest competitor, his rival. this is, i would have to think, a seminal moment on the campaign trail for the 2016 campaign process, what do you think? >> turns out still nothing can stop donald trump. nothing he can say or do that hurts him. he was accused of making fun of a handicap report or the campaign trail. make up what he saw after 9/11. controversies were all over the media, and all it did was increase his popularity. lou: i got to stop you, jamie. i'm really kind of annoyed a little bit. >> okay. lou: about this. because he did all that you said. well, what about hillary clinton and getting shot at in kosovo? what about president obama and counting 57 states. >> or president obama saying
7:40 pm
something so bold as he was in the special olympics, do you remember that? lou: the national media has unfortunately a selective zest for attacking stupid statements and incorrect and inaccurate statements. if everybody is judged the same way, tally hoe. >> i don't disagree with you, i'm not sure that exonerates what trump said. lou: whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, jamie, come on. i didn't say specifically. but the statement is inaccurate. all that you said was true. this is not me saying exonerate anyone, i'm saying treat everyone exactly the damn statement. >> my only point, lou, even despite the controversies and the media going after him and pointing them out incessantly, it hasn't harmed trump at all, he's gained popularity. lou: amy, when will it dawn on the national media, left, right, liberal, whomever, not what he's saying, what he's
7:41 pm
doing, the way in which he's galvanizing the attention of the american public. >> right. lou: and what the other folks running are not doing. this is a seminal moment in the poll if this stands up. >> you're seeing the national republican senatorial committee is starting to get the picture that donald trump is painting and donald trump is identifying the issues that are important to voters. climate change is not one of them. i'm sorry, president obama, that's not at the top of the list. illegal immigration, terrorism, how are we going to make sure we vet people coming into the country, as apparently we tried to do with the killer bride in california, but failed. lou: and we'll tell you who the killer bride is some other night. amy, thank you for bringing her up. jamie, appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: president obama keeps downplaying the threat the islamic state, european nations ramping up efforts to destroy
7:42 pm
the radical islamist terrorist, general jack keane coming up. we'll be right back. stay with us. approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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jeb bufrom our president:h you will not hear we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything.
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. lou: germany joining the fight against the islamic state in syria within, well, certain limits. german lawmakers voted to send reconnaissance jets, a frigate,
7:46 pm
as many as 1200 soldiers to provide noncombat support. french president hollande applauded the german move during his visit to the charles de gaulle aircraft carrier, the french carrier used to conduct strikes against the islamic state targets and the u.k. yesterday started launching airstrikes in syria for the first time. joining us former army vice chief of staff fox news military analyst general jack keane. great to see you. looks as though germany and france and the u.k. are joining the russian mission against the islamic state and the united states has only an ancillary role. >> well, i wouldn't go quite that far. lou: how far would you go? >> it is largely symbolic. the germans don't intend to fire a shot at the enemy. they're providing tankers, reconnaissance aircraft, they've got a frigate that's going to protect the carrier, that is a good thing and soldiers in a noncombat role.
7:47 pm
the brits, it is stunning that for a year plus, lou, the brits only ran airstrikes against iraq, and never against syria which is the center of gravity for isis as we all know is from syria, it comes all of the hell that isis is imposing on the world, and yet they were defiant until the paris attacks is what finally gave them spine, and the only reason they did that is because the public opinion started to shift in germany and also in britain because of those attacks and the fear that has beset the people. we don't recognize it, but in europe, there has been a level of consciousness and fear surrounding those paris attacks that nobody has seen for many, many, many years as something we recognize going back to 9/11. lou: and in this country, the first radical islamist attack, a significant attack, if you
7:48 pm
will, in san bernardino. at the same time, this president will not refer to the islamic state, he likes to talk about isil, which it is not by the way, by any definition, you can argue isis, the attempts to control language here are only matched by their efforts to appear to be fighting when, in fact, what they're doing is marking time with a number of sorties and missions that are being launched in syria and iraq by u.s. forces. >> yeah, i mean, what is happening now after paris and "charlie hebdo," two major attacks in paris, the failed train attack, and what you're seeing in the united states, it's absolutely clear that isis, radical islam, al qaeda are clearly able to motivate and inspire people to kill fellow citizens at home. that's the harsh reality we've got to come to grips with. we are not on a global stage stopping the expansion of al
7:49 pm
qaeda or isis for that matter. our strategies in both cases are significantly inadequate. and this president will probably convince himself he doesn't have to reassess to do anything, send a couple of hundred fresh operations guys, i think this is the seventh incremental change in the fore structure that we have. the strategy is going to say what it is. we're not going to get the focus, won't get the sense of urgency and resolve that we need. frankly what will happen is more attacks in europe and possibly the united states, and i hope that doesn't happen. the only way to stop that from happening is defeat and destroy isis and get after the al qaeda once and for all. lou: general jack keane, as always, good to have you here. >> good talking to you, lou. lou: the farook family attorney spewing propaganda calling the female shooter a typical housewife and the couple alleged shooters. i take it up with some of our
7:50 pm
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. lou: joining me tonight, radio talk show host sam sabot. let's start with donald trump.
7:54 pm
is trump's lead insurmountable? >> for the other candidates? i don't know. but he certainly has brought the right message to the party. >> have a chance? it's over. 170 days at number one and now has a 20-points lead? richard nixon said when there is a big movement to stop x, bet on x, it's too late, you can't stop them. lou: publicly in full view in broad daylight trying to assassinate the candidates i of donald trump? >> i'm surprised it's not bigger. i would have thought they would have come out with more guns blazing and they haven't brought it in my opinion.
7:55 pm
>> i think they are afraid of him. they are afraid of what he will say or do. lou: let's just jump in for just a second. >> the dead people will be the other guys. just remember that. remember that. okay, go ahead. hello. >> testing. testing. >> how are you? >> hi, thank you so much for stepping up to the plate. i just want you to know you somehow, look around, you tapped into the american consciousness. lou: you can tell that's a large crowd in raleigh, north carolina. he has them in the palm his hand as well. we were told there were two disruptions and trump told the security people to get the protesters out of there. one of the groups was black
7:56 pm
lives matter. we don't know hot other group was. the q and a session talking illegal immigration. >> a presidential candidate no teleprompter speaking for an hour. projecting strength, power. >> the other thing is people don't feel safe. look what just happened. people don't feel safe. the woman they are blaming most of the thing on, she was allowed in, she was given a visa. she passed muster. they investigated her and let her in and the government wants to bring in all these syrian refugees. and trump is saying hold on a minute. maybe not quite that fast. lou: james comey in a brief statement talked about the american people being afraid an doesn't want americans to be afraid to the point of paralysis.
7:57 pm
but it's stunning to me that top federal officials are accuse the american people of being fearful, concerned yes. and my question becomes, who the hell does this administration think we are. that's an insult to he american to talk like that. enough with the nanny state and the moronic condescension on the part of this administration on the part of american people. we are better than that and they better catch up to who we are. >> we elect a liberal college professor who can't focus on isis and terrorism. he's trying to solve a hypothetical science problem. i'm not worried about ice in the 22nd century. he's caught up in all these lies.
7:58 pm
he can't even speak the truth. i'm glad they came around to admitting what the rest. america knew from the outset basically, that this was a terrorist attack. maybe it's workplace violence. it's not going to fly anymore. lou: they wanted to peddle that and apparently straining relations within the f.b.i. itself whether it's james comey or the isn't director in los angeles of the f.b.i. >> they make america feel like nobody is in charge right now. lou: they are in charge language and political directness. meanwhile, hillary clinton presses forward dominating the democratic race. we have 30 seconds here. is she away scot-free as they say? >> no. no. it cannot be.
7:59 pm
but it does matter because her political career has to be over. she is inheriting the obama fiasco, it has to be over. lou were we thank you both for being with us. 95% of you said it is the appropriate time for both political parties to work together to end political correctness in reference to the terrorist attack in san bernardino. 5%. a few of your comments. follow me on twitter at
8:00 pm
loudobbsnews. we thank you for being with us tonight. that's it for us. conservative commentator pamela dwellen among our guested monday. have a great night from new york. >> gunmen were throwing grenade into the crowd. what might happen during mass shootings if citizens had guns. many americans do own guns to protect themselves. but many politicians and the media want more limits. >> do you think reinstating the ban on assault weapons and banning high capacity magazines would do any good? yes. john: politicians say student don't need to protect themselves. and we must teach kid that even things that look like guns are evil.


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