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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 6, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> you said you can't stop us now. sometimes time does. three, section, two seconds, one. we'll see you next week. \s good morning. we await a major speech from president obama tonight as americans fear for their safety remains high following the san bernardino attacks. good morning, everyone. welcome to "sunday morning futures." will the president called it an act of terrorism tonight? a live report from the white house coming up. plus we're learning more about where the shooters got their guns. former fbi assistant director james cal strom is with me live. former ambassador to iraq, christopher hill, on what it all
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means to the fight against terror. we're looking ahead on "sunday morning futures." we begin this morning with president obama preparing to make a rare oval office address tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern focusing on terror and guns following the vicious mass chuting in san bernardino. kevin cork joins mess live from the white house this morning. good morning. >> good day, you're right, maria, first time in over five years he'll address the nation from the oval office. and they're saying he wants to assure people that, we're expecting him to highlight increased cooperation with our partners internationally in the battle against terrorism. yes, as you can well imagine the president will once again talk about the need for sense imgun reform. he may have tipped his hand in his weekly address. listen.
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>> right now people on the no-fly list can walk into a store and buy a gun. that's insane. if you're too dangerous to board a plane, you're too dangerous by definition to buy a gun. >> of course, it's no surprise "new york times" is walking astep with the worries on this writing in an editorial it is not necessary to debate the peculiar wording of the second amendment. no right is unlimited and immune from reasonable regulation. meanwhile, the president's national security team convened in the situation room yesterday breaking down the latest bell gens, though the white house said in a statement as of yet they you have conned no indicate that they formed part of a broader trifl cell. isis is claiming the two obviously are doing their bidding. again tonight's speech should be a relatively lengthy one, we're told by some sources it could
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range in that 20-minute range and we'll have the coverage throughout. back to you. >> thank you very much. the president's speech coming automatic two attacks one on a tube station in london yesterday where police say a man stabbed three people better being arrested. the other in san bernardino on wednesday. the atacked killed 13 people, wounded 21 others, the debtliest terror attack since 9/11. james comey said they had no ties to terror cells or networks, so what is the fbi looking at to indicate that? >> james calstrom is the former assistant director of the fbi. thank you for being here. that's what everybody wants to know -- does this represent a bigger cell? a bigger network? >> look, a long time ago, the heads of these crazy terrorist
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organizations have told their followers, you know, they put out the word state at home. donnell come back here anymore, and you do your jihad against the great satan, the united states, so nobody should be surprised there wasn't a particular courier or there wasn't a particular might. it's not necessary anymore. when -- i'm not comparing winston churchill to terrorism, but when he talked to the nation, he didn't give an individual, he said we'll fight on the streets and in the fields. >> so it doesn't matter that there's no evidence there's not a cell. >> it's a motivation they buy into, okay? in many ways they buy into it. the radical mosques all funded by saudi arabia, our supposed ally, right? they bring over the preachers from saudi arabia, and you know, that wahhabi sect they preach is
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very violent. people should not be surprised at what's going on. >> james comey was adamant in terms of the resources the fbi needs. what do you think the fbi needs in order to be effective in making sure the public feels safe? >> the fbi needs more human resources. it needs review of the attorney general guidelines so they don't have to jump through as many hoops to do simple things. the fbi needs more technical capability. >> and data, right? >> the nsa program, which was harmless in my view -- look, i'm a patriot. i don't want anybody infringing on my rights. that program was not aimed at you unless you're a bad guy. so you come up with a terrorist and say here as the terrorist and here os the phone, you want to know very quickly who the other members of this conspiracy could be. you know, tracking the phone data is a quick way of doing it.
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the phone companies don't keep their reports anymore, ladies and gentlemen, so nsa steps in and collects this, so an agency like the fbi can quickly make the analogies and on the spider web of who may or may not be part of the conspiracy, and that could save lives. >> this is such critical information. we know now they tried to destroy their digit at footprint and smash their phones. i'm glad you brought up the attorney general. last week we sea lo redia saw loretta lynch and james comey. what was your take away from that press conference? >> i've known loretta -- she was the u.s. attorney here in the eastern district. a fine woman. i always had deep respect for he, but i was taken back by what she said about speech the is
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free speech dead in the united states? >> she was afraid of muslim speech and rhetoric that was going to -- >> radical muslims, does that get me into her target range? where does it stop? and what about the people marching, saying kill the cops? burn them like hot dogs or whatever they say. is she going to go after that speech? i think everybody should reread the constitution. >> in fact we're at a moment in time when the so-called ferguson effect has police pulling back. of all the times of having the citizens afraid, just like the neighbor did not call in the suspicious activity -- >> they didn't want to be racial profiled. >> the attorney general squares that with the public. we want the public to tell us things. we want the cops to be not aggressive but out there.
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we want them looking at things and making sure. they're really our first line of defense, the patrol officers in these little towns, right? i spent five years doing that in new york, getting all the local police more involved and more intelligent. everything coming out of washington is negative to this thing. that has to stop. >> we'll see if the tone changes tonight. how did we miss this, jim? when you look at the fact that the wife was clearly in touch. she then pledged her allegiance to isis. the husband also had connections to al qaeda, do you call it home-grown terrorism? >> i don't know about that. it's just my speculation. i think the wife was radicalized before she came here. i'm guessing that eventually we'll know that that's not even her name. she's got some other name. >> but if she was radicalized before she came here, about the
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terrorists figure out a whole new way to infiltrate by getting jihadi brides for everyone. >> there's many ways. we have a wide-open border. you can get in here in any way? phony identities are, you know, a hundred bucks, you can change who you are. so the notion that we have the deputy of national security director says we have all these layers, well, there's layers of xwrks s., you know, because you only know what you know, okay? maybe they know this much because -- they don't know this much. what's it doing for us? >> apparently because she was here on a fiancee visa. >> we're going to see them take any course and as many courses to get in here t another thing that just knocked me cold, and i'm not sure if it's true, but i read an article that we're not
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accepting any christian refugees. what is that about? i mean -- >> the president said no to certain christians, i don't know if this is an overall rule and what's behind it, but certainly obviously we're -- >> it should be looked into. >> why would we not let in christians? >> maybe someone thinking we have too many christians already. i don't know. it's crazy. >> jim, thank you for your insights this morning. we'll be talking seal. and you were the first, by the way on the fox business network to call it terrorism. you were straight out the way you saw it. thanks for that. last wednesday on my morning show. what changes will come to the laws? steve ska lease is with me, next.
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speech tonight at 8:00, this as congress is expected to take up a bill regarding immigration. the female shooter came to the united states on a so-called fiancee visa. joining me right no is louisiana congressman steve scalise, the house majority whip. good to see you. thank you for joining us. we know that ms. malik came to this country on this fiance visa. what kind of vetting went through getting her here, she clearly lied about where she lived and it just went
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unnoticed. >> as we're finding out more about this, we put together a task force week ago in the house with some of our top committee chairs that are involved in all of the different aspects of homeland security, and we came up with a number of items that have to be addressed legislatively. we started by passing a bill, re interpartisan to require vetting. the fbi director said they don't even know who are coming in from syria, and we identified there's problems with the visa waiver program. there's about 38 countries in the world that participate. there's been some loopholes we want to close up and if you want to be a country that operates in that program, you need to up your game. >> so i mean, is it fair to say this woman received the kind of
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vetting that we're doing for the syrian refugees, i guess, is my point. >> i can't tell you exactly on her case specifically, but we've identified that the visa waiver program has serious loop holes. look at the western countries that participate in this, we've seen numbers over 5,000 westerners have been recruited by isis and have gone to some of the countries where they're recruitling and training people. we ought to be tracking folks who are part of that and making sure that the countries that do have this, requiring things like biometric data to reduce the fraud that goes look with passports. >> you're also working on mental health -- we've obviously been talking a lot about gun control on the heels of this astrosity. what do you do in terms of the guns in this country? talk to us about the answer of ending some of in violence.
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>> it's unfortunate when you have any kind of incident. the first thing the president wants to do is talk about gun control. before facts were coming in that this was even related to terrorism. shows how out of touch he is. he should be laying out his plan to defeat isis, which the president hasn't even done california has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. france has some of the tough it's gun control laws in the world, so taking the rights away from citizens to own guns is not the answer. >> hopefully we'll hear from the many tonight about terrorism and defeating isis. late out the next week, talk to us about the december 11th deadline and allocating capital. >> the funding of government expires december 11th. we've been in negotiation for week now to try to come up with
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a bill that properly funds government and addresses a lot of the approximate through different riders and things we have to rein in federal agencies. everything from the e. p a to the i.r.s. that are killing jobs to try to at those things as well, and also increase defense spending. the president hats gutted our military over the last few years. we're living in a dangerous world, so we're reprioritizing defense. >> are you going to be able to get the votes you need, given the fact that the funding of planned parenthood is going to be in the way to get the necessary votes? >> you know, our members have been engaged in this for weeks now. we obviously passed a lot of bills that address the probable we're negotiating to try to get into this final bill, but our members have been engaged in this.
6:19 pm
we've had meetings with our lead appropriation committee members as we're negotiating the final details. >> i'm glad you mentioned the rely la torrie environment, because i think that's what business is focused on. the epa as obamacare as really a detriment. >> it's not just businesses. if you look at some of the latest proposals to epa on power plants, it would cause roughly a 15% increase in in people's electricity bills. your lower to middle class families will be hit the hardest by the regulations. it's not really a benefits to consumer, just some radical environmentalists say they want to put proposals. the epa will put it out there and it would cause an flex of 15%, the family should be able to spend that on buying more gives for the family.
6:20 pm
>> do you think we'll see a government shutdown? >> i don't think we will. we've been laying out how to fund these governments at a time when american families wand to see thinks things addressed, and the president needs to lay this out. maybe he touch it is on it tonight, but i don't think the president has done an adequate job, the real threat of terrorism coming into america. >> congressman, good to have you on the program. >> great to be back. >> congressman steve scalise there. the next talks happening on american turf. u.s. allies pumping more air and sea power into the fight against isis. what's the strategy? will it help this i'll talk with chris hill, former u.s. ambassador to iraq. that's next on movie. "sunday morning future
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sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. welcome back. the u.s. is sending 200 more special-ops troops to fight isis in iraq, but iraq isn't rolling out the welcome matt, the prime minister saying the country does not need more manpower. this as isis controls larger stretches of iraq. all of this as the uk, france and germany have all ramped up their support for the u.s.-led coalition to take out isis. joining me right now, ambassador christopher hill at the university of denver, former national security council senior director and former u.s. ambassador to iraq. good to see you, sir.
6:25 pm
thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. tell us what you think is most important. >> well, let, assad and the varies rebel groups almost all of whom are sunni groups. there's been an effort to put together this process, and knolls in sort of movable feast moves to new york. so can they come up with something that the outside countries great with. whether it's russia, turkey and other, but also to get to some of the middle east states will agreed to, include saudi arabia. so cleanly there's some problems there. they talk about elections, but elections kind of validate the majority of the country, but democracy consists of majority rights, but also minority protection. so i think they have a long way
6:26 pm
to go in that process. the second issue is how to intensify the fight. what we have seen in iraq is what one of seen for a long time in iraq, you very much complicated view that somehow they feel very uncomfortable with foreign troops. many iraqis have said directly we love your troops, but to others they give a different message. i think clearly we need to work through it. what we know and what we have known for many years, what we knew with respect to al qaeda is we cannot allow these terrorist groups to hold territory and plan and plot attacks against us. >> we know that isis was a part of al qaeda. isis came out of the al qaeda in rack, how is it possible this group has become to powerful and so well funded? >> first of all, it's powerful, because it enjoys impunity where
6:27 pm
it operates in western iraq and eastern syria. syria is a complete no-man's-land. with respect to western iraq. the shia-led government in iraq, shia have been kind of on the hold, reluctant to be liberating sunni lands for other sunnis, so there is a real problem there. i think when we look into some of the funding for these groups, certainly there's the issue of the out in the area. the british have been launching attacks from some of the oil infrastructure that isis has been able to benefit from, but i think we also have to look at islamist side groups whether in the arab peninsula, whether in the emirates, saudi arabia, elsewhere getting into isis. there are a lot of people who do not like eye says means and say so, but they kind of appreciate that isis has pushed back it is
6:28 pm
shia in the arab land. so this is a problem we need to get on top of. >> what is your assessment of the british joining the also, also picking up their pace in terms of air strikes is this what it's going to take? >> this is an all-in process. we need as many friends and allies in, and certainly we should welcome the european involvement. obviously we have huge problems with the russians, and we could forget about ukraine as we try to come up with a common approach in syria, but i really think we need to work on these areas within the region. where are the saudis on this? why have they essentially withdrawn their forces in
6:29 pm
dealing only with gemmen? can egypt play a role? and what about turkey? there is all kinds of properties that i think require an intensified -- >> you make a good point. i don't know why the sawyeris have been so quiet. if you look at a map there's a good reasons why, yet that's what's happened to yemen, you have an al qaeda element there, you also have this houthi tribe, which is a shia-based tribe. whether they're getting material or just moral support, clearly the saudis are worried. they look at the northern flank and wore about the increased shiaization of the baghdad government, the fact that it's been kind of an elusive concept to bring more sunnis into that process.
6:30 pm
this is a lot of criticism for not doing a lot of outreach to the sunnis. i would add to the fact that the sunniss have not done a lot of outreap -- if you're saudis in the middle of this and you've a tough success process with your internal political process, there's a lot to work about. of course we no that ms. malik send several years in saudi arabia before coming to the u.s. before that arranged marriage, ambassador, thank you. we'll see you soon. >> my pleasure. we'll have -- how the couple's no matter how fast the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain.
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as we await the president's speech, we want to look at the latest revelations of the background of the husband-and-wife killer team that carried out this bloody massacre in california. eric shawn has that angle. >> good morning, everyone. last sunday on this program we reported how the recent terrorist attacks had been committed by relatives. and the two striking paris --
6:35 pm
who would have thought a husband and wife would now be added to that list? >> they need partners. they need people to trust. they need people to carry the weight. they need people to die with. and who are they going to die with than their own kin? >> it seems almost an impenetrable challenge, piercing the marriage to have stopped them. in their apartnership we are told secretly planning and stocking up without even their family supposedly knowing about it. >> none of the family members had any idea this was going to take play. they were togetherly shocked. >> it turns out farook's mother lived above them. >> and his sister's -- >> she lied about him. she didn't know he felt that way
6:36 pm
she knew, and a lot of other people knew, too. we better be vigilant. >> it turns out they apparently were on the government's radar, according to "the washington post" saying, quote, u.s. officials have said that one or both of at tackers had proefly been in contact with individuals whose extremist views came under scrutiny with the fib, though the contacts were described as so innocuous that the bureau saw no reason to probe further. >> raising the very real possibility that she was a radicalized plant prepared and trained for terror before she even came into our country. this is fbi director james comey who has said more than 900 ongoing investigations of isis operatives, recruits and sympathizers here in our country right now who have not struck yet. maria, thanks very much. ed rollins is former principal white house adviser to
6:37 pm
president reagan, a longtime strategi strategist. jude it's miller is at the manhattan institute for policy research a pulitzer prizewinning author and journalist. robert wolf is the founder and ceo of 32 advisers, the former chairman of ubs and former fund-raiser for president obama. thank you all for joining us. what is the president going to say tonight? >> i think he's going to strike a balance between one defeating isil, discussing both the u.s. and the coalition strategy. i think he's going to discuss common-sense gun reform, something like if you're on the no-fly zone watch list, you shouldn't be able buy guns and he play bring up things likes what representative scalise brought up, the waiver reform and the need to change that program as well.
6:38 pm
i think the timing is right, there's obviously a nervousness out here in the understanding, and the receipt riggs is beyond reproach. >> the president has got to speak, because people are nervous and they are afraid, ed rollins. >> they should be afraid. >> we're now in the season of hanukkah and christmas parties, and this guy was in a room of people who had no idea of his leanings. republicans want to protect gun rights and democrats want to take them away. if you want to go through the whole drill, you can saw what causes problems with this. we have those as freedoms. guns are freedoms, and you're not going to take it away. >> that's the thing.
6:39 pm
by the way, even secretary clinton as well. they went right to gun droll, judy. >> yes, she did, but she's right in saying 90 deaths this day in in this country, irrespective of the terrorism component should be something that worries americans. i don't think you can blame what's happened on guns, but you can certainly deal with the problem they are too easy to get and it's much harder to stam 14 people to death than its to kill them in a minute with weapons that have been changed and made illegal until california rules t the. >> there's no way you're going to take guns back, on the black friday, 185,000 people went out and i problem you this week there will be even more. >> that's because they don't
6:40 pm
think the government is able to protect them. >> i don't think it's a credibility gap. i mean, you know, as you know, my wife worked at sandy hook promise. this is the anniversary of newtown. we need sensible gun reform, and we need sensible policy on mental health and wellness. they have a thing called say something that's prevented school issues. i think we need the right balance. this is not only about the second amendment, but about doing smart things. secretary clinton and the president when they came out and said if you're not on the no-fly list, how can you be buys -- that's common sense, not attacking gun control. as a person if they're not on the fly list, i don't want them to have a gun. the secretary has been so reluctant to call out terrorism. talking about it when we want to
6:41 pm
hear his solution, maybe that's where the -- >> he's still on the same line, and they made this very partisan. harry reid and others saiding this the republicans' fall. that's crazy and absurd. this is an american problem and how do we deal with it. a lot is education and basically we have to have more intelligence. >> thissic be partisan. it's when -- i mean, virginia, cool coal, california, 500,000 acts of gun violence per year in the united states. 35,000 people die from gun violence. this is common sense. >> but what about terrorism? what about the fact that isis is now in america? >> listen, you know since sep 11, this is something we this about every day in our life. we can't have any of this loopholes, and we have to fight
6:42 pm
them to the end right now. >> that's what people want to see the president talk about. let me get "mediabuzz" host howie kurtz. what is coming up in 20 minutes? good morning to you. >> good morning. we're going to drill down on the media's role in this debate. and the spectacle, the bizarre spectacle of tv reporters ransacking and rummaging through the terrorists' apartment in california, which prompted an apology from msnbc. >> that was unbelievable, howie. we'll see you up next. the impact on the race to the white house, as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures."
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welcome back.
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the mass shooting becoming a major focus on the campaign trail. watch. >> in california they didn't have guns. they were slaughtered. i think it would have been better if they had guns in that room somebody could protect. they could have protected themselves. this one was terrorism. >> shouldn't be conflaying the two. we need to go after the terrorists and do more to save the lives of americans every single day from homicides, sue sides, and these terrible accidents. >> there's never been a time in the history of this country where we needed prayer more. >> these are radical islamic terrorists, jihadists. >> actually marco rubio also made some comments on various interviews and came across very strong in terms of standing up to the terrorists. we're back with our panel. what's your take on what came out of the campaign trail? >> donald trump has moved even further ahead. >> 37%. >> no offense to mrs. clinton, but it's the same old stuff.
6:47 pm
it's not about this issue, it's about gun control, that sent what people want to hear. >> and no disrespect, she did not say to repeal the second amendment. i think she had a pragmatic response going after terrorism and common-sense gun reform. >> except california is the strongest -- >> i actually think kill this, kill that, it's great red meat, but it does not help the country today. but basically the strongest gun laws in america are in california. >> that's true. >> par i had extremely you can't have guns. it's not about gun control. >> i didn't say it was. >> neither did mrs. clinton she said it's about both. i think that's where ultimately -- >> she has a whole year to debate it. every republican broadband on the other side. >> a week before when the guy went into planned parenthood and the south carolina shootings, the virginia shootings. that was a terrorist act. they just happened to not come from the middle east. there's a combination of things
6:48 pm
going on, there's no question we have to look at home-grown and those coming in on terrorist acts, but we have to also look at gun reform. >> let's talk about homegrown. >> there's no excuse, maria that the fbi is stunned as portraying this as a new form of terror this was a fundamental revolutionary report that said our problems is home-grown islamic radicals in this country, and the fbi fought that thesis every inch of the way. now we know that they were correct, but the nypd has known it all the along, which is why we've been able to thwart 16 attacks in new york city. >> you're saying home-grown terrorism is nothing new. >> nothing new, and the fbi should have been on this problem a lot time ago. >> it is overstretched, as jim said. you need local law enforcement involved. >> i think this visa waiver is a
6:49 pm
hue story. the fact ms. malik was on this fiancee visa, ability to get into this country, she lied about where her address is. we're letting in his syrian refugees, of course if you want ton an isis fighter, you're going to lie about everything. are you going to get in? >> the whole visa program, part of it was literally for the pro-business. travel and tourism is our biggest export, so we changed visa reform over the last few years, of which by the way the bipartisan jobs council were a major part of it, because we needed to pick up travel and tourively at low dollars. that's write china and brazil and others changed their visa -- now it's a protectionist reason. i will tell you, a few years ago, everyone was screaming, hey, we can't have vita reform,
6:50 pm
where it's an outliars, and we have to find the right balance. >> i want to continue this conversation, because this slidda program is something that needs to be looked at. more, our panel is back to at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow!
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hgoogle voice response:t inachim sigsa. how long does milk last? google voice; one week after the sell-by date. how much vitamin c is... is in an orange? set timer for twelve minutes. google voice: ok, twelve minutes. where can we find donuts around here? coffee? what about crepes? how about a bagel? what is the most important meal of the day? google voice: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. your take on the visa waiver program? >> i think it will be very scrutinized. i think there's no desire to control the congress. >> isn't it extraordinary the amounts of weaponry this couple had in now what's being called a bomb-making factory of a garage? how did they afford these guns?
6:54 pm
who's funding them? where did they get 13 pipe bombs? this is all yet to be determined, but it does race concerns about -- the problem is there were neighbors who sauce the shipments coming and going, but a couple were hesitant to say something, because they didn't want to be branded as racist. we've got to go back to the nypd slogan if you see something, say something, and you're not going to get sued for 15 million as going after clock boy. >> the clock boy that went to the white house, by the way. >> i think there will be a whole debate on what we need to know and not know. there is a possibility wet get into the cell phone -- so this
6:55 pm
whole debate on the patriot act and what's privacy versus protection. >> it feels like national security -- >> something else is going to happened. there's always imitation of this stuff. my sense is the first act was a distraction. they were clearly going to do more. >> i notice there's a gun control debate to have. the probable is the president has so weak in terms of terrorism. people don't want to say what it is. >> you know i wouldn't agree with that, i think that i think we have to do more. how do we make sure we're protecting the country the best we can in by the way, part of it is making sure this coalition
6:56 pm
works so we can defeat isis the right way. >> most people in the country basically el know what -- >> i'm an american -- >> we're all americans. and we all basically have a second amendment and first amendment, great freedoms in this country and basically we don't want to eliminate our freedoms. at the end of the day democrats are not going to basically go against the nra. hillary may talk about it, but at the end of the day this is going to be a big issue and americans will be more concerned about owning guns. >> i don't think we should not make the 2016 election about gun reform, but it's a topic. that's all. >> i think it's about terrorism. and national security, guys. we'll be right back. ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return.
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i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? welcome back. the one thing to watch. >> getting bills through that the president will sign. >> december 11th is the deadline or government shutdown. >> and the president would be
7:00 pm
the one to shut it down. >> robert wolfe? >> i'm very concerned with gdp and strong dollar in '16. >> i'm looking at the gop and how they split tonight on "war stories" -- >> nobody intended to come back. >> december 7th, 1941. the japanese unleashed a secret weapon, midget submarines. >> we thought it was a german u-boat. >> a lone destroyer sank a midget submarine an hour before the air attack on pearl harbor. >> we've got a midget sub. >> now its discovery is rewriting history. >> this probably is important. >> tonight we prove the first casualties of the pacific war were the japanese. that's next on "war stories." >> good evening.


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