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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  December 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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> [speaking in french] melissa: that is pretty good, u2 playing first of the two shows that had been postponed due to the terrorist attack. david: here is "risk & reward." >> there are 19 type -- pipes in that house, pipes that could be turned into pipe bombs is all of the components are there, many of you had concerned or questions about did the female radicalize the male in this case, the answer circumstance we still do not know, we've learned and believe that both subjects were radicalized and have been for some time, we have evidence that both subjects -- participated in target practice, that target practice in one occasion was done within days of this event, we
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found evidence of planning, participation, finances. we want to find out everyone what participated in the preplanning, if there was anyone else. we do not see any evidence so far of a outside of continental u.s. plot, we may find it some day, we may not, we don't know, we will leave no stone unturned. deirdre: new details emerging on the california killers, officials saying that the couple had been radicalized for some time, this is ris "risk & reward," i am deirdre bolton. former fbi counterterrorism op practicetive, eric o'neill is with me now, for someone who knows what it takes to fight terror and terrorism, what is the most important element in protecting citizens in this new normal. >> counter intelligence.
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we need to support the fbi, make sure that the fbi has every tool possible to do the work that they need to do too protect us here. domestically, that extends to intelligence gathering overseas issue we need to know what is happening before it happens. deirdre: i want to ask you, donald trump's campaign just put out a statement. i'm good to read, barring all muslims from entering the country, the u.s., until the terrorist problem is under control. what do you make of a suggestion like that from the leading g.o.p. candidate. >> there is one problem with that, we need muslim-americans to help us in counter intelligence to stop terrorism. we need them on our side. there needs to be support from the community, by alienating that segment of the population we lose a very good asset that could give us intelligence.
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deirdre: i want to ask you, and show our viewers at the same time, a new photo, when husband and wife killers came back to u.s. for first time as a couple, last year, syed farook, a u.s. citizen from chicago, his wife tashfeen malik pakistani, they are going through customs in chicago o'hare's international, in oval office address president obama spoke about the shooter's trip to saudi arabia, and his return, less than 2 weeks later with malik, who was on a fence servica. >> i ordered them to review of visa waiver program, where female ternist san bernardino originally came to this country. deirdre: what loopholes if any need to be closed or reexam ended. i know she passed screening something like 3 or 4 times. >> that screening is not a
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counterterrorism or intelligence level screening, like you would think with a drew background -- true background check, it is somewhat more cursory, maybe it has to be enhanced. i am coming back to the fact that we don't have the assets here to look at every single person. you end up in a triage situation, you try to spend your resources in the best way possible. two people coming over with a fiance visa, americans do that all of the time. my wife is from germany. so, you know is that where we spend our assets looking for terrorists. deirdre: i hear what you are saying that the fbi needser to support, the government needs more support could the counter intelligence, you said it right off of the bat is the most important element. on that note, i want to ask about the nsa mass
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surveillance program, just 4 days before the san bernardino massacre was stopped, it was shut down. in your experience. in the fbi would this prevent you the shut down, they can't even with a warrant get the historical phone records, would this be frustrating to you if you were still working on this case as an fbi agent? is there a work around that we don't know about? >> i think as an investigate on are i would be angry, when you are were the gun you are trying to solve a crime, you want every single asset possible, to me that is an asset sitting there that is not be touched by the fbi, there is a problem there. the fbi is using the warrant process to go direct to the found companies, but i would be -- i would want that information that is sitting in the database, and i would question why it is not -- >> it feels it would give more time if there is any connection to anyone else,
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that couple, more time to hide their tracks, but many agree that this war has become a digital rob. -- one. hillary clinton said that silicon valley needs to disrupt isis. >> technology is often called the great disrupter it has been, and work and communications so much else, we need to put the great disrupters to work in disrupting isis, and stopping them from having from open platform for communicating. deirdre: we want to let her sound play, you said that is interesting, i feel why can't the government recruit and pay the next generation of wiz kids, this is the one thing of many our country has going for it, whole technological at advancement, what about getting next generation to crack the codes. >> i agree with you. i think that we should be the
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government, should be pursuing that. we should be engaging more directly in the cyber warfare, that is going on. if you look at this anonymous has done more to hack isis than we have. and so i think we need to take a hard look at ourselves and what we're doing to stop them, and take some significant action. deirdre: peter teal, many know as first official money in case book said we wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters in some ways criticizing the entire -- this is before these events whether they are paris or san bernardino -- but just an idea this silicon valley is working toward consumer base apps not necessarily those that help keep everyone safer. >> true, social media is how so many criminal across the board connection, and stay under the radar. some companies now, when we look at them for security, we
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suggestion they monitor social media about them to get the clues for criminals there are after them, we need to delve hard into social media start squeezing isis and other criminal and terrorist groups off their source, we cut their communications, we could take great steps to slow them down. deirdre: we know from twitter, facebook, snap chat, the volume is difficult, if it is known they are monitoring, they would go off line, using soy called dark net, eric o'neal is joining me, former fbi counter terrorism on the practice -- operative. deirdre: president obama called on congress put into place. >> congress should act to make sure no one on a no-fly list is able to buy a gun.
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>> records show san bernardino shooters fort hood shooter, boston bombers and chattanooga shooters were not on any travel restrict list. nmy political power panel is her here. what is your take to this from the president? >> i think that basically no-fly list is a typical pc obama partisan solution, it has nothing to do with stopping radical islam. he wants the backdoor, the second amendment, last night's speech, he has no idea what he is doing, and he has no idea thousand tackle radical islam, let alone saying radical islam. deirdre: what did you make? even president supporters saying why even make that speech? there was very little meat, little change.
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>> we're a very divide country right now in terms of gun violence prevention and gun reform. we need to find a place to come together. >> gun f -- violence is at a 30-year low. a 30-year low. deirdre: your point about evolution, and evolution of law, i want to ask you both, ford, a campaign statement, from donald trump. saying, all muslims should be barred from entering the united states until -- i am quoting campaign statement -- the terrorist problem is under control. ford, what is your take? >> i think that soundsly a
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highly misguided solution that the wring well with republican grassroots, donald trump understands something that president obama does not, that is the fire in this nation with respect to the radical islam terror. deirdre: is the idea that as ford just said, donald trump at this moment, even if this is extreme is showing leadership that many people feel that the president is not. >> no, leadership is not creating a enemy out of a peaceful class of religious people, millions of people that follow of law, and we're a country with religious freedom, we're the land of the free. to say an entire population of people that can cause this country harm is ridiculous, and front -- -- >> kelly, the problem here -- kelly, let me say this. deirdre: i am so glad you are here, we'll continue. >> problem is only 33% of americans approve of how obama is handling isis.
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>> that has nothing to do -- >> we have to leave it there. ford oconnel, thank you. >> kelly. >> thank you. >> my next guest said forget gun control, we should be more concerned about refugee control, coming up one governor who wonders why the president was silence last night about the 10,000 refugees comes to the u.s., he is our gift, next. you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your
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sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. deirdre: two families of syrian people, 12 people in total are arrives in texas today, the state was first to sue the u.s. government to prevent the refugees from entering the u.s., the white house said no state has the authority to block the
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incoming of refugees. governor, you said that president obama should have addressed refugee crisis last night as we spoke from the oval office, what opportunity did he miss? >> he missed an opportunity to include in his strategy in working with governors and state and lekal officials i local officials in public safety. when there is a security breach, it is usually a local police officer, or local state law enforcement officer that will prevent the attack from occurring or respond. like we saw in california, he did not mention one time in his speech the strategy of working with each of the governors whose responsibility is, including the guard, and state highway patrol, and the -- >> governor to be clear, you didn't hear anything from the administration from any member of the administration? >> none.
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the speech only mentioned working like this is a washington problem, when there is a breach in homeland security that is a state and local problem, we are the people that are responding to the vie liements, and we'r violence, we're people that see the activity. we have to be a team. deirdre: to play devil's advocate, what if i say, wen 't it takes 3 to 5 years for refugees to be screened, to say people who are arriving in texas today, this process started like 4 years ago. do you trust the system? do you say, when you see an even in san bernardino, no one can trusts system? >> how can you trust the system, even the president last night, mentioned that there is a problem with the visas. and if there is a problem with the u.s. vice athink of problem we're having in some middle eastern countries, in which there is so embassy, how do you do a background check
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with no embassy to do that background check. deirdre: or if it is unfriendly country. >> we have a up to time doing background checks on u.s. citizens at times, much less foreigners, where they do not have an embassy, and there is a civil war going on sent. deirdre: what is the one thing you would advise the administration had they reached out to your point, it feels like someone should have said, if we're going to do that, what is the best way to do it? number one concern. >> for example with refugees, tell us who is coming, where they are going. when they are coming, when their -- their names and background, right now there is little or no communication. none. deirdre: i want to ask you -- >> the mote miscommunication, and lack of knowledge and
5:19 pm
collaboration between federal and state government has got to i improve. deirdre: donald trump's campaign put out a statement saying that the u.s. should bar all muslims from entering the country until, i will quote the statement, the terrorist problem is under control. what is your take on such an extreme position? >> i do not agree with that i, agree with making sure we do a legitimate background check to see if there any involvement of that individual, potential terrorist activity. and right now, i don't have real confidence in the government doing that,s specially in countries, in which there is no embassy. that is what we're asking for cooperation with the president. is, let the governor's and our own homeland security organization, and each of 50 states, communicate to us, let us know, we found out through newspaper when the president decides to go from 2000 to
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10,000 refugees coming from syria, we were not told that, the newspaper let us know. it makes a difference with our own database, if we suspicious activity we can know who we're observing and their real names and backgrounds, right now that communication is going on with the nonprofits on the states, nonprofits are not in the security business. deirdre: than thank you for your time, governor from north carolina. >> my next guest said that hil hillary clinton is getting tongue tied saying radical islam. >> we're at war with radical islamic terrorism and this president continues to deny that, so does hillary clinton. we need to create a strategy that is complete for the aniling a of -- annihilation
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>> the problem is that sounds like we're declaring war against a religion, it helps to create a slash -- clash of civilizations that is a recruiting tool, using this to say we're in a war against the west. deirdre: hillary clinton having a semantics issue with isis, donald trump tweeting this out after president obama's speech, well, obama refused to say, he just can't say we're at war with ra radical islamist terrorists, how important is the terminology, for nonradicals to hear a division made by american leaders. >> it is extremely important, you can't engage the reformist if we don't say there is a problem within the house of islam. you could not have a strategy
5:25 pm
out that, i think that hillary clinton is taking her talking points from qatar foundation or the islamist movement, as a muslim it is insulting to think we're not adult enough to deal with the fact that we have a problem in the house of islam, we ends up articulating a blasphemy law. because muslims will get -- when in middle east, that is the problem they're having, they will tell you, new news -- pollutio please call it radical islam. deirdre: ignoring that is almost inciting racism? >> right, i find it to be bigoted, it says that islamic republican of iran, then they
5:26 pm
deserve to be running our religion and dictating what is notice lamb -- islam, isis does not come out of thin air, if we're going to modernize our faith, if rearring go have to a seat against a large global movement that is significant and identify that root cause of radical islam is political islam that needs preform, she has to call it that, and engage us. and bridge us to the table. deirdre: in france, the french government closing mosques where radical materials have been found or weapons have been found. donald trump made this comment on face the nation. >> if you have people coming out of mosques with hatred, and with death, in their eyes, and on their minds, we'll have to do something, john, we can't just say we're not going to look at it, i made that statement, a number of weeks
5:27 pm
ago, it took a lot of whatever, people were not thrilled with it. and now everyone seems to agree with me 92 this goes to your point in that moderate, normal, muslims should reject and have an opportunity to out wordily reject -- outwardly reject extremists? >> absolutely, there were 15 of us organizations that got together, made this declaration we're against islamic state, we are against caliphate, for the equality of men and women, things that many mosques may reject, and that is what we want to do use that as a tool to figure out which refugees are with us and against us, which muslim organizations are with us versus those islamic, unfortunately the lack of presession, and border line madivism, is opposite reaction from hillary clinton. which is both leave us with no solution, and alienate the very people you need to be part of this solution for a form, so, our country is
5:28 pm
fought many wars, we were fighting an en he whether vietnam or ses jeff union ecold war we fought an an mih me -- we open our door we knew recould vet the ideology, from need be to be a pause button, to say we're going to close the doors is not -- is not only what isis wants but the iranian regime, and ever other large political islamic entity that wants to destroy reformists like myself, they want america not to be that beacon of freedom. deirdre: you mentioned donald trump, his campaign put a statement out 20 minute ago,ing ising that u.s. bar all -- suggesting that u.s. bar all muslims from entering the country, until the terrorist problem is under control, say that will play into hands of our enemies? >> that might be a statement that might work with the masses from a demagogue
5:29 pm
perspective but that is surrounder to radicals, it says that america is going to do about what isis wants, and hillary is doing the same thing, which is letting radicals identify islam not push back against it, i hope both sides of the extremes wake up and realize, that freedom loving muslims that want to reform, like the french shutting down 3 months, you top defeat bad ideas, you bring the ant septic of sun light, that we allow hate speech in america as long as it does not preach imminent violence that works. when country shut down mosques that fueled radicalization. deirdre: thank you so much for your insight. >> thank you. deirdre: when we come back, president obama said that u.s. air campaign in syria is working, my next guest said these leaked agreements from isis show that the terror
5:30 pm
group as logged big wins and is building an empire. >> in iraq and syria, airstrikes are taking out isil leaders, heavy weapon, oil tankers, infrastructure, since the attacks in paris or closest allies, including fran, germany and the united kingdom have ramped up their contribution to our military campaign. which will help accelerate our efforts to destroa stro destroy is glil w isil. >> we heard same strategy that brought us to this point is the strategy he will continue, he honestly believes there is ay can lea -- a coalition fighting against isis, that iso absurd there is no coalition. it could've been brenda. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula
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deirdre: a new detail from california massacre, bombs left as social services facility by the shooters who killed 12, and wounded 21, were programmed to hurt first responders, it is not work, but this is a vicious strategy often seen in the middle east. mcclain is with me now. aaron, this whole indent is so upsetting. but that strategy, does that speak to a larger group of people even though for the moment, law enforcement is telling us that those two people were self radicalized not connected to a cell? >> so this news about the
5:35 pm
explosive devices left at the facility, is not in and of itself necessarily evidence they were connected in terms of direct operational control to a larger terrorist group. these are what you call secondary devices, to target, as you point, out, folks responding to an initial attempt to kill people, you can read about in magazines published by isis and al qaeda. and you see in the movies, the fact they failed probably speaks to lack of -- training but this concerning. deirdre: from what i understand, that the shooters and the stoppedders both ended up breaking or so thes off, some of -- setting off some of the internal sprinklers which may have damaged some of the electronics, which was life-saving. >> luck sno lucky. deirdre: i want to ask about comments dr. ben carson
5:36 pm
released, suggesting all u.s. visitors register and be monitored while they are here according to a spokesperson working with him for his campaign, this as republican rival donald trump calls for a ban on muslims entering the u.s., through a campaign statement, is this the way it fight terrorism? >> that -- well i have not seen that statemetn from the carson campaign. it sounds pretty broad, if you talk all visitors. this is very, very high. it does not strike me immediately as a good idea. i have not heard it specifically. the trump proposal does not strike me as a good idea, but reason why you are seeing the proposal made is, because, motorcycle carson and trump no doubt correctly sense that people are losing patience with the obama administration's response, they do not believe they are safe, they do not believe that
5:37 pm
this administration is protecting them, so you see these proposals. deirdre: last night from or -- oval office even a lot of supporters of president obama said that the tone was off, with no information, no passion about okay, we're facing this attack, this challenge here is how we're dealing with it. i want to bring in, bernie sanders, candidate on democratic ticket, tweeting a response to donald trump in reference to barring muslims, writes, u.s. is a strong nation, when we standing in we're weak when we allow racism and xenophobia to divide us, he cc's the real donald trump. there is enough opinion to go around, you have actually, been in service. what is the number one constructive point if you have a meeting with president obama
5:38 pm
you would tell him right now. >> well i, i think first thing to do is finish the job with isis, the poll numbers you see showing now a narrow majority for support against a narrow amount of support for ground action against isis is evidence of fact that people are losing faith with this president's strategy, they believe, i think, that if isis ceases to exist there would be fewer opportunities for radicalization, that seems to be the case in california. no directly controlled attacks conducted by isis that we saw in paris or the russian airliner in egypt. if the job needs to have american troops, such as special operate troops to fight alongside iraqi partners, so be it or limited loose of conventional forces like in afghanistan, so be it maybe that is what it needs to involvement quit -- right now letting this go on this this
5:39 pm
protracted fashion is costing lives. >> aaron if you for your service, u.s. combat marine veteran, joining me now, now managing editor for washington freebie con. >> thank you. deirdre: when we come back. loretta 1 -- loretta lynch. >> we'll have that concern vision when we comeback.
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5:42 pm
>> we examine a number of issues related to chicago police department use of force, including deadly force. and it accountability mechanism. >> u.s. department of justice is open a civil right
5:43 pm
investigation into chicago police deputy after laquan mcdonald was shot numerous times by a police officer. what is your take on loretta lynch's investigation? >> i wish the obama administration and a g lynch would take the same approach in our country going after the terrorists, here there are confirmed 72 members on the dhs, that are on the terrorist watch list, that is where instead of supporting our protectors in law enforcement, heroes who risk their live to protect us they are going on an all out attack across america. deirdre: you say, this government is tougher o
5:44 pm
police forces right now than they are on people who attack civilians. >> in law enforcement we call this a clue. that obama and loretta lynch, if there is a cop who is bad, that is one cop, we fire them, if there are criminal charges okay, but you do not malign the entire law enforcement profession, this is what obama, and holder before lynch did, making out that all cops are bad, undermining the essence of our protectors. >> we know that is not true, playing video from san bernardino attack where there was a police officer basically comforting potential victims by saying, don't worry, i will take the bullet before you. i want to ask you, about u.s. attorney general also weighing in on last week's mass shooting. saying that her greatest fear is not terrorism.
5:45 pm
>> mya great taste fear as a prosecutor, to protect american people that rhetoric will be acompanynied by acts of violence. deirdre: rhetoric, i want to ask you, donald trump issuing a campaign statement, or his campaign is issuing a statement, calling for a shut down of all muslims entering the u.s. until terrorist problem is under control. and i want to highlight a response that he is garnering from candidate lindsey graham, responding, to the trump statement, trump campaign statement, saying every candidate for president needs to do the right thing, and condemn donald trump's statement. he is putting at risk the lives of interpreter, american supporters, diplomats and the troops in the region by making the bigoted comes. i know you are supporting citizens and serving your
5:46 pm
community at a local level, does lindsay gram have -- lindsey graham have a point? >> they both have a points, i am frustrated at failure of obama and this administration, not like we intercepted a communique from isis, saying they will attack america. they have announced it to the world, they bombed paris, they said guess who is next, we're next. if you just had someone threaten your life, you called 911 you would ex peak m expect me ear a co a or a cop to deal work. here our country is just sitting on the hands allowing these threats to continue, we need to get up, go over to where they live, and destroy them, otherwise they are coming here too destroy us. there are two options, i do not support the fact that you shut down all our ports of renty to people of a certain path, in law enforcement. we arrest people or pursue
5:47 pm
people of interest basis the on conduct, we have an intelligence network in our military that is robust, if has the capability to go after the people, this is where we fail to do that. the president needs to wake up, do his job, go after the people, who have given the indicators to us in law enforcement and arrest these people take them into custody, and stop them, then go over to isis, this caliphate, and destroy them where they are at. deirdre: you have a retired u.s. combat marine with us who was just saying the same thing, thank you sheriff for your time. >> thank you. deirdre: when we come back, critics say that president has not been downplaying california threat, but all threats, a congressman said americans deserve the truth. >> before paris ehe said isis of contented. before san bernardino he said america was save from isis.
5:48 pm
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>> the week that female pledged her ally -- to al-baghdadi, they tried to destroy those computers now investigation is ongoing to find out what is connection with isis, and raqqa and in united states, what was going on, i believe a minimum inspired but very well-being directed by the internet communications. deirdre: house homeland
5:52 pm
security committee chair michael mccall, hillary clinton also calling on silicon valley on block or take down isis videos. >> we need to put the great bisrupters to work. -- disrupters to work in disrupting isis. deirdre: robert 80% of those in the u.s. charged with supporting isis either communicating or were recruited via social media, how can tech companies do more to help the u.s. combat terrorism? >> tech companies are tasked with policing their own networks for a variety of disturbing content. i would say that this is
5:53 pm
without a doubt disturbing content, if it is there to disrupt the homeland they willingly should do something about it. deirdre: what about idea that best and brigh brightest can do a sab a -- with u.s. government. >> those in a position of trust, those that have been vetted, security clearances by government officials would be in a position to assist. you know we have very bright minds here. that could go along way in to derupting isis ideology. deirdre: robert siciliano thank you. >> thank you. deirdre: cyber expert. you were with us friday.
5:54 pm
our attorney will weigh in after this. >> statements made about for example number of rounds that were there. as gun owner myself, i myself probably have 5,000 rounds of bullets. >> they still were was building cars, this is -- you could go in his garage he liked to go on thing. they never invaded his personal space, that was his man cave. surprise!!!!! we heard you got a job as a developer! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am...
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>> there was nothing linking this to relationship or terrorist-related activity. there was no evidence. none of the family knew of him
5:58 pm
as being extreme or aggressive or holding extreme religious views. every headline doesn't have to say muslim massacre. >> he used to go into the garage and work on things. they didn't invade his personal space. >> his co-workers made fun of his beard. >> they never saw her face because she did wear a burka. >> she did fast and pray five times a day. >> she was caring and soft spoken. it was bay i can information. >> she was like a typical housewife. i myself have 4,000 to 5,000 rounds of bullets. dierdre: some details have come out since those lawyers made those comments representing syed
5:59 pm
farook. jamie colby is with me. i want to ask you first and foremost. as an attorney, did you watch that friday? jamie: i watched every second of it. derequire was compel. dierdre: it was compelling and confusing. jamie: i didn't find it compelling. it wasn't relevant how many rounds of ammunition he has. i wouldn't call her a typical housewife even if she did this at the last minute. now their credibility is being impaired. dierdre: you are saying they are not good lawyers representing their clients. jamie: the military this my heart. so we went to the u.k. to tell
6:00 pm
an incredible winston churchill day it's pearl harbor day so we- so we salute all those who served. anybody who collects toy soldiers will love it. dierdre: this is "risk and reward." thanks for joining us. make money starts right now. reporter: good evening, i'm judge andrew napolitano filling in for my buddy charles payne. the f.b.i. tea nownsing the couple accused in the terrorist attack in san bernardino has been radicalized for some time. donald drum' saying he would ban muslims from entering the united states.


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