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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 7, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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day it's pearl harbor day so we- so we salute all those who served. anybody who collects toy soldiers will love it. dierdre: this is "risk and reward." thanks for joining us. make money starts right now. reporter: good evening, i'm judge andrew napolitano filling in for my buddy charles payne. the f.b.i. tea nownsing the couple accused in the terrorist attack in san bernardino has been radicalized for some time. donald drum' saying he would ban muslims from entering the united states.
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a new rule that would allow non-profits to handle the donor information, private, personal information and it's causing a controversy. the f.b.i. knows farook and tashfeen malik have been radicalized for some time. there is no evidence so far of an international plot. >> we have learned and believe both subjects were radicalized and have been for quite some time? how did that happen? the question we are trying to get at is how did that happen and by whom and where did that happen. i'll tell you we don't know those answers at this point. jeff? reporter: i was at the press conference with the f.b.i., atf and local law enforcement. they don't have that assessed yet completely. was it someone overseas.
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some one in the u.s.? could it just be the internet? temperature however you figure it, necessity were radicalized for some time and that extended to making sure before this event took place that they knew how to shoot straight. >> we do have evidence that both of these subjects did some -- participated in target practice in some ranges within the metro area or within the los angeles area. that target practice was done within days of this event. reporter: pretty amazing. also another interesting twist to this. we learned that it was one year ago where this room took place that the staff of the health department of which mr. farook was part engaged in shooter training. if a gunman came in and attacked them, they were trained about
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what to do with that in that very room. at this point we haven't confirmed whether he was there for that training and used that to plant all but it gets bizarrer throughout the day. reporter: joining me is james wolsy, the former cia director. thanks very much. how did these people slip through the cracks? >> there are so many cracks, so many ways in the modern society that one can community kate. it's interesting to follow this before it won't provide secret sauce that there is one way that's better than another to keep this from happening. whether it's social media, play in station, apps, whether it's meetings and chatting after you have been at the mosque, there
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are lots of ways that these connections occur. husband and wife, brother and brother. and it's good to know them and understand them, but they will not give us an answer that looms over all the others. >> they had an arsenal in their garage and basement. today we learned that they had pipe bombs set to go up as soon as first responders arrived, which is a signature technique of theirs. wouldn't authorities who sort of monitor the sale of weapons and must monitor the sale of some weapons, shouldn't they have been tipped off to the extraordinary accumulation of fire power in that house? >> one would think there would be some way to keep track of the raw materials, maybe not. as far as the rifles are concerned, i'm no expert were but it sounds like these are the sort of weapons one would have
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as hunting rifles to shoot dear or bear. and they are not automatic, they are semi-automatic. so you are basically telling people if they can't buy a weapon like that they can't be a dear hunter. and that sounds to me awfully very much in violation of the second amendment. reporter: when you rant c.i.a. it was in -- when you ran the c.i.a. it was the pre-internet era. reporter: we didn't have the nsa listening in on the what it does today. are we sort of too grown to the computer tube and failing to have what you guys call human intelligence on the ground? are we relying too much on technical dat achieved through
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the computer and not enough from face to face * interaction with -- face to face interaction with people? >> we don't get to choose. satellite photographs and human intelligence. i used to say if you are doing it right the satellites will tip off the spies and the spies will tip off the satellites. they work together the way a combined arms operation by the military. you don't just go in with infantry. you go in with infantry and helicopter gunships. this is going to be like that. we have to get everything rking together and supporting one another in surprising ways. that's why you need creative people in these jobs. this is not a law enforcement and find out about terrorism. this is not a routine gumshoe thing. it's something where you need smart people getting inside the
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heads of terrorists and figuring out how they communicate with one another and how they do a and b and figuring out how to report it. reporter: last night president obama addressed the nation from the oval office. after the terror attack last week in california, the speech was an effort to calm understandably heightened fears. before it wasn't the dramatic shift in strategy many per expecting. instead he used it as a political platform to draw down on the opposition's agenda. >> the strategy we are using now, they are fighting to gain control of their own country. it won't require us sending a new generation of americans overseas to fight and die for another decade on foreign soil.
6:08 pm reporter: donald trump's campaign announcing a new proposal on protecting the united states and it calls for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. candidates quickly responding to trump's statement. jeb bush tweeted, donald trump is unhinged. ben carson is saying everyone visiting our country should be registered and monitored. i do not and would not advocate being selective on one's religion. chris christie says this is the type of thing people say when they have no experience and don't know what they are talking about. we do not need to endorse that type of activity, nor should we. martin o'malley tweeting. removes all doubt, he's running for president as a fascist
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demagogue. john kasich releasing this statement. this is most outrageous divisiveness that characterize his every breath and another reason yes is entirely unsuited to lead the united states. senator bernie sanders tweeting, the u.s. is a strong nation when we stand together. christian whiten and tammy bruce are with us. are you surprised what donald trump said earlier today? >> no. this is a conversation that has to be had. we had 14 years of the policies of the bushes and at kasichs. and look wait got us. what's appeal being this for the american people, especially after president obama's statement last night is it has specifics.
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this an actual idea that temperature new. the mistake is saying muslims versus nations that have a major terrorist aspect like pakistan, afghanistan, libya, syria, where you can limit the muslim aspect and it's just about muslims dangerous for this country. reporter: can anyone survive running as a candidate in this country calling for a religious test? >> i don't think so. trump makes life harder for people trying to get beyond political correctness and solve problems like crime coming from illegal immigrants and the fact our government isn't screening out islamists. so really he's just writing talking points for hillary clinton. it's not just the moral reason
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why we shouldn't be saying these thing. it also wouldn't be effective. it makes the haystack too big. we need to screen people based on behavior and travel and based on whether they want sharia. not on just their religion. reporter: is he taking polls? is someone telling him this is going to resonate? >> i don't think he's as much a politician to be doing this based on polls. but he's recognizing we have to have some sort of idea idea. al qaeda declared war on us. even obama did this when it came to the issue of iraq. it was a six-month temporary delay in allowing anyone in. this is about national safety. we can demagogue it any way we want as politicians. but it has to be thought about
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who the enemy is and whether we can catch our breath. reporter: did you have problems with the president's speech last night? >> he appeared to be reacting without doing anything. the specific thing he called for taking guns away from people on the no-fly list blatantly unconstitutional. the other policy thing is asking congress to retroactively bless his plan for fighting isis. so there is nothing in there that would prevent san bernardino or defeat isis. >> that's why donald trump is doing so well because there are no answers right now. reporter: chris and tammy please stick around. more and the breaking news. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. what do you think about that? i have asthma...
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judge napolitano: more on that breaking news of donald trump calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. christian, does this help him with certain elements of the republican party whose support he need in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina? >> i think it does. there is a tremendous amount of frustration, especially the last 7 years. we haven't eaten islamists demonized. we saw them embraced. obama reached out to iran. it will be counter productive.
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what we need to do is get muslims to turn on the islamists. we need american muslims to call out those who want jihad and sharia. what trump's proposal does is push them toward the jihadists. judge napolitano: does this show donald trump as a strong person in comparison with the president when he makes a statement like this on the 7th of december. >> it portrays him as a leader. you may not like where he's leading you to. but i have to disagree with christian a little bit. i don't adhere to the notion that muslims in general or if we offend them or they don't like our position that they get pushed to a genocidal crazy theory. i'm going to assume they are like the rest of us in america
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that want safety for their families. when we talk about i am graights's different than if none of this had been occurring it addresses in a temporary way where there is no controls, obama admitted there is visa issues. so i think this might help at least people feel a little safer. judge * isn'safer. judge * isn't this in stark contrast? donald trump, i am change it with the stroke of a penn. >> there is an alternative to defeating isis. they have been at war with him for a year and a half.
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judge napolitano: ted cruz responded to donald trump's statement this way. well, that, that is not my policy. is he planning on running for vice president with donald trump? >> it was very politic. that's why you see ted cruz taking over in iowa. whether yo you are evangelical r not, you want someone who is a leader who has some control over themselves who can manage and negotiate the environment and knowing what actions need to be taken. something is going to have to change dramatically. this only going to get worse.
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maybe ted cruz is going to have a few answers as well. judge napolitano: tamara is joining us on the phone. what do you think what the donald said today? reporter: that's sad. i think it's unfortunate that america is a melting pot. america is suppose to be the land of mont a gathering of peo. judge napolitano: do your buddies the democrats like this? or do they fear he might be touching a raw nerve of millions of americans who actually agree with him. >> i think it's both, to be honest. there are a lot of muslims who need to vote for somebody. and i don't see how any muslim
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is going to vote for donald trump after what he said. i don't know how mexicans can vote for donald trump after what he said. but at the same time, donald trump has a way with creating drama and creating a way for people to talk about this. things everybody is concerned about. we are concerned about muslim extremism. judge napolitano: before we close out the segment. until this past weekend chris christie had not criticized the donald. he cite sides his harshly over the weekend and again today. ted cruz barely laid a glove on him. ted cruz is the only still standing republican seeking the nomination who has not criticized the donald. >> i think there is. if the iowa caucus were held today he would win.
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he realizes donald trump is raising important issues and donald trump is our party's howard dean. i think he will fade as we get closer to the polls in january. but you can take that momentum and address the issues smarter, if you will. more on donald trump. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of every muslim entering the united states of america. be right back with you. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins.
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for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. judge napolitano: donald trump calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. joining us, jan morgan, the gun cave range owner. you are a wonderful and notorious defender of basic american values.
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>> the second amendment. judge napolitano: stopping people at the bordered by virtue of their religious beliefs? >> i think it's funny that he stood up in front of the world and said he's going to do what i'm doing at my gun range. i declared my shooting rank a muslim-free zone. now ranges in five different states are together same thing. what he means, and he's not saying all muslims are terrorists. he's not saying forever he's not going to let muslims in this country. but until we get a handle on this, we need to deal with our own internal homegrown jihad and islamic terrorism here before we start opening our doors to let more islamists and more muslims into our country.
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judge napolitano: painting a stark contrast between himself and the president of the united states. christian, think of what the donald has done. every news network is talking about what we are talking about. we are not talking about chris christie or lyndsey graham, we are talking about the donald. the stark contrast with the president of the united states. great politics or something he will regret. christian first. >> it's good if you are trying to build your brand and elevate your personality. but ultimately it's not going to get you qualified to be put in park of the great left military on the planet and given the awesome police powers that are incumbent upon the presidency. that's why he does well in the pry mayorive season. but when voters -- going back to
6:28 pm
that howard dean example if you look at iowa where you have to stand up in front of your neighbors and our pastor and say who you are going vote for. judge napolitano: tammy, you are not a great fan of the donald. >> i'm a critic. judge napolitano: we both criticized the president's speech. does this make you like him more? >> if you like him, this is the reason you like him. this is refreshing. we are at sea. people are wondering where the leadership is. if americans are afraid part of the reason they are afraid is because of the leadership issue. moist's an existential issue as oh -- now it's an existential issue. it's right here at home and we want answers. judge napolitano: joining me by
6:29 pm
phone is dr. zuhdi jaser. you are one of the best moan muslim mayor chance the united states. what do you think of donald trump's latest proposal. >> it breaks my heart. my family escaped syria in the 60s. language matters. our country has been through wars. immigration papers today still say are you a member of the communist party? unfortunately he see both sides of this equation. hillary clinton unwilling to call it radical islam because she thinks there is one islam. and donald trump's response putting all us muslims into one box. both are pandering to different groups. judge napolitano: can you
6:30 pm
support donald trump if he's the republican nominee with what he said today? >> that's a tough question. i have to tell you have i don't think he epitomizes the principles of the cons. i would have difficulty supporting a president who doesn't use language that's precise. we had a summit three days ago in which we laid out a declaration. it saddens me a presidential candidate doesn't reach out to muslim reformers. i'm not sure he wants to meet with me. >> if you have read his 125eu789, he says to do this until our country temperatures representees can figure out what's going on. this is not a blanket dynamic, i think the statement should be read in that context. because we are at sea. judge napolitano: thanks for
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we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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judge napolitano: the controversial nsa surveillance program making news after last week's terror attack.
6:35 pm
some folks think it has expired. under the new freedom act authorities can only obtain roughly two weeks of phone records for syed farook and tashfeen malik. many are questioning the reforms. joining me ambassador james woolsey. and jamie colby. jamie, should the nsa be able to listen to every phone call and read every text message? jamie: they shouldn't be able to listen to everything, but if you you have nothing to hide you shouldn't care tough listen. though we are under an oath to protect privacy. i believe there are privacy rights that have to be protected. the two year rule doesn't just reflect niece individuals, it's anybody. so not being able to go back for
6:36 pm
a period of time to decide whether radicalization happened in some way or any other threat is inhibiting to our law enforcement. judge napolitano: ambassador woolsey, the two-we are rule applies to the ability of the nsa to get this information. it doesn't limit the f.b.i. to get a search warrant to get all their phone records. >> absolutely right. with warrant they can do that. but we had since the 1940s something called a nail watch where the post office could be ordered to keep track of an individual's letters that he wrote out, that he got, and both the address and the return address and the postmark. but not to open the envelope. not to get inside.
6:37 pm
if you had the collection of those letters and someone turns out to rob a bank and you want to see what was going on and you get a warrant. you can get inside the envelope. judge napolitano: you rant c.i.a. for a couple of years in the clinton administration. what would you change? >> i would go back to before these so-called reforms passed. they made it extremely difficult to keep track of the outside of the envelope. here we are talking about cell phone calls and emails. and but they made it impossible to keep track of what was on the outside. and therefore have made it extraordinarily difficult to pull things together since the government won't hold them anymore once they have a warrants. but the nsa has not been listening in on the substance of
6:38 pm
people's communications in the united states. >> it's not even that hidden. it was on social media there was evidence. judge napolitano: why wasn't the nsa watching the social media. judge napolitano: tonight at 9:00 on fbn jim rrp i'm back and tonight two amazing episodes. one about winston candle. he wore special dentures to maintain a lisp. someone inherited them. there they are. you get to do all sorts of things as the host of strange inheritance. and i saw a toy soldier collection of massive proportion. some of them paints by faberge artists. tonight 9:00 and 9:30 p.m.
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usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. online and on the usaa app. judge napolitano: republican presidential candidate slamming the president's plan.
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>> the no-fly lists are pop late with a substantial number of americans because they share a name with someone else. the notion that a radically haiftd who is on the no-fly list is going to walk into a gun shop to purchase a gun is absurd. they are using this to push gun control. judge napolitano: that was
6:43 pm
florida senator marco rubio slamming president obama's demand to deny gun purchases to anyone on the no-fly list. christian, first to you. does it make any sense that the government would take away a person's right to keep and bear arms. a natural and fundamental right according to the supreme court because some bureaucrat put them on a no-fly list. >> the way you stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with the gun. the right to keep and bear arms was not put in our constitution so you could go to hunt ducks it's a political right. attorney general lynch showed us when she says anyone engaging in anti-muslim speech that edges toward violence would be
6:44 pm
prosecuted. look at where gun control is enacted. places like chicago. beruit has strong gun control and they have a terrorist problem there. judge napolitano: can the building in san bernardino, where this tragedy took place is a no-gun zone. if you are taken off-duty cop licenses to carry 24-7, you would have to check your gun at the door and you would have been a sitting duck in there. don't the crazies know that? don't know note soft under belly to attack because the government stripped us of our rights to defend ourselves? >> i can't believe we are still having to have this discussion. it defies logic. you look at california. how effective was the gun-free
6:45 pm
zone in protecting the lives of these people. you look at paris, france. there is a whole gun ban there, but how well did that work? how did that work for the citizens of paris, france. president obama going back to the gun control agenda, what he need to do, if he's sincere about attacking mass shootings and stopping islamic terrorism, he need to start with his own department of homeland security. judge napolitano: donald trump argued if paris, france were not a no-gun zone there would have been a lot less deaths. seeing these snooghts schools, within here is what's so bizarre about this. you know what the american people have been doing for the last week? they have been buying guns.
6:46 pm
i know people, homemakers who never had a gun. they are afraid and they want to own a gun. here is the point. president obama is trying to disarm the american people and the first thing you want to do is buy a gun because they are afraid. judge napolitano: donald trump calling for a complete shutdown in muslims entering the united states. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers.
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judge napolitano: donald trump calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. joining me a former trump advisor. and dr. zuhdi jaser.
6:50 pm
does this help or hurt him in the republican primaries where there are not that's muslim voters in those primaries? >> i would think there are conservative voters who adhered themselves to the immigrant notion of conservatism as our founding fathers fought against theocracy, there are muslims fighting against theocracy. the components of pandering is not going to work. faith tests don't work. there is two enemies in syria. also arab fascists. and they are not muslim.
6:51 pm
they are infiltrating american propaganda and security. the american syrian was feeding and getting money to isil and buying their oil. judge napolitano: how impractical would it be for donald trump's proposal to become law. there would be a religious test for entering into the united states and if you are the member of one religion you can't get in no matter what. >> i'm not a lawyer so i can't address the legal aspects. i think it's a mistake to under estimate the political appeal of what trump said. just like the attack on 9/11 created a perfect storm that elected michael bloomberg mayor of new york city. i think between paris and san bernardino you may have a perfect storm in which trump's
6:52 pm
rhetoric is exceedingly popular and appeals to people who are not familiar with the technical issues. judge napolitano: governor o'malley used the "f" word, fascist in this campaign. do you support them calling trump a fascist? >> i don't think we should be calling names. it's completely un-american. this is not how we do things. we don't have a religious test for entrance into the country. what about the men and women who fight for america who are stationed abroad and they are muslim. can they come back or are we going to keep them where they are? i am indliend agree with mr. stone about the fact that this will continue to appeal to
6:53 pm
trump's base that is riled up about this issue it's very disappointing and disheartening on behalf america that we have gotten to that point. but donald trump as exceed all expectation and odds. judge napolitano: donald trump calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. we are awaiting a donald trump speech in south carolina. right back with you. . (0209fox555a.ecl)
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judge napolitano: breaking news we're awaiting a donald trump speech in south carolina after a controversial proposal he released today. calling for a complete shut down of muslims entering the united states governor pataki tweeting, donald trump's proposals are idiotic. back with me now.
6:57 pm
rodger are you surprised at donald trump's staying power? he has been number one since the day he announced. his increase in the polls are getting greater. >> look these are cataclysmic times, there is a great volatility among voters who are disgusted with the corruption and rhetoric from the white house. trump is real, unscripted, uncoached, he is genuine, speaking to frustrated voters, i am not surprised. he could very well run the table on early primaries and caucuses. judge napolitano: is there anything that donald trump could say that would cause you to support him consistent with his statements today? >> well you know, in a leader we' someone to bring people
6:58 pm
around him to help him make decisions and policy that are reason, i would like him to show that he is going to work with muslim reformers, take commander in chief position in one he educates america. when we look at naming the enemy, he needs to understand that there are muslims among them that are our best assets, if he does not articulate that up front he is doing what hillary clinton is, saying that islam is one islam. she wants to say it is beautiful, and he wants to say it is all bad, both are wrong. you cannot engage reformist and our best assets, it bad policy there are nonmuslims are part of the operation who are enemies working with iran. judge napolitano: jessica, if you advised hillary clinton to respond to what the donald
6:59 pm
said, what would you tell her to say. >> to say what she has said, she tweeted out saying she disapproved of his comments. this would make us less safe as a nation. this is how you brew hostility and aggravate people, we as doctors saying we want moderate muslims to be on our side about this. to be proactively against the radical movement. and use to rhetoric, that feeds into, that i would say that donald trump is proving president obama's point about why he won't use the term radical islamic. people can't tell the difference. they are lumplin lumping them together. judge napolitano: jessica, thank you all for joining us,
7:00 pm
we hope you join charles every night on fox business channel, before we get to lou dobbs, remember what happened in united states 74 years ago today. lou: i am lou dobbs, a development on campaign trail tonight, one that is likely to cause a huge amount of controversy for donald trump. trump due to appear at a campaign rally. we're looking into the auditorium right now. mount pleasant, south carolina. we'll go there in a moment, when trump arrives, today he called for a ban against all muslim immigrants into u.s. until as he put it, until we can figure out what going on, those comments have kicked off a firestorm of criticism, and condemnation from his


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