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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 8, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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farook's account. another day of losses as you can see here. that sort of set the tone for global markets. breaking news, latest reading of optimism showing that owners are feeling worse about the economy today and the outlook is weak. we will talk to chief economist bill and get more on that coming up. take a look at oil. that was a move yesterday. setting a negative tone. fractional rebound here but still bellow 38 a barrel. 37.91. checking the action overseas this morning. in europe decline across the board as well. down about half a percent a piece. in asia overnight, following that china economic data and the sharp drop in oil prices, exports were down for the fifth month and shanghai composite.
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chipotle outbreak spreading further up the east coast. 30 students at boston college got sick even after eating at a chipotle over the weekend. we are going to have more on that story. massachusetts the tenth state of reporting cases linked to chipotle. i didn't do we told you about the wall street analysts were downgrading it on this worry and, of course, that's exactly what we are seeing this morning. all tears at u2 concert last night. back to our top stories, muslims entering the country. blake burman joins me now in washington with the latest. >> blake: donald trump wrote and reaffirmed yesterday that he wants a total and complete
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shutdown of muslims entering the united states until, quote, our country's representatives can figure out what is going on. in it trump cited a june online poll from the center for security policy showing roughly half of the 600 muslims surveyed feel they should have a choice of being governed and roughly a quarter feel it's legitimate to use violence of those who offend islam. trump continued to point to that poll saying there's tremendous amount of hatred. >> it's going to get worse and worse, you're going to have more world trade centers, it's going to get worse and worse, folks, we can be politically correct or stupid but it's going to get worse and worse. >> blake: the reaction to condemn was swift by many of trump's rivals in the white house race. jeb bush for one tweeting, donald trump is unhinged, policy proposals are not serious.
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carly fiorina question legality of trump's stance. >> that overreaction is as dangerous as barack obama's underreaction. we are going to violate the constitutional rights of citizens because of donald trump. i don't think so. >> blake: press secretary said last night, maria, that it's contrary to american values, it's believed muslim make up a quarter of the world's population. >> maria: thank you so much. joining us is national review reporter. alexis. thank you very much, your reaction to trump's comments. >> this is what he does when he drops in the poll. all of a sudden we have this really outlandish statement and, you know, in the past it's helped the polls, so maybe he's just trying to do that again. >> maria: wow, you think so.
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i know he has made, you know, outrageous comments after dropping in the poll, is that simple, you guys, dagen? >> dagen: he gets cheers when he says things. the university poll did show ted cruz leading in iowa, there's been sharp review. you can talk about the other presidential candidates who have come out against this, but we had one of the leaders of the southern baptist convention come out yesterday in a blog post and said, anyone who cares about religious liberty should denounce this reckless rhetoric. religious liberty commission of the southern baptist. >> jon: this goes back to the
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founding of the country. he's attacking that. i don't know how that plays with the base. >> well, i mean, the rally in south carolina last night, he got huge cheesier about saying it. everyone else in the republican party saying, this is completely this is just wrong. >> maria: reason the republican party is afraid of donald trump, he is doing to do something and say something that just, you know, blows up. they don't want him as a face. >> jon: i wonder if he wants to become president, he says more and more outrageous. i think he's testing the limits of what people are -- >> maria: it's red meat to followers.
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>> jon: red meat for that 19%. maybe he's building a next base for the book that he's going to write. sometimes i wonder that. >> i think it torpedos business career. there's a base for this in politics. businesses are not going to be associated with this kind of stuff. >> jon: he's a reality tv star and book writer and he can get a lot of people watching his net show. >> dagen: if you think about, though, what he's talking about, he want to identify people based on religion and ban them from coming into the country. what if you're muslim american citizen or even born here and you lee the country and you're on a vacation and want to come back in, i thought it was funny -- >> maria: look at everything. >> dagen: i thought it was -- not funny like chuckle but weird
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that he talked about the mainstream media wants to surrender constitutional rights. well, the first amendment is freedom of religion and free press. you know, donald trump -- >> jon: we have to call this what it is. that is what they do when they lash out in entire groups of people. i think we have to call this what it is in this case. i mean, it's a little disturbing that a lot of people would support a guy who is talking about lashing out an entire group of people. >> maria: alexis, are people going to turn against him? you have to check the polls after he said it, i guess, it just feels it's read meat for the followers? >> that's the question the entire time. he attacks john mccain for not being a war hero and we we all sat there and said, this is it.
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the polls keep going up. he's a five-political gravity. i wonder if this is too far. there has been a much -- normally people are very lightly, they don't want to get pulled into the vortex and this one everyone just came out and said, absolutely not, that is fundamentally wrong. >> maria: yeah, we will see about that. thank you so much. >> thanks. >> maria: bad burritos forcing students seeking medical attention. then lebron james signing a lifetime contract with nike it's a big one, the numbers behind that deal. take a look at some of the other headlines. chinese companies are trapped in log jam. government red tape leaving 675 companies waiting to sell $63 billion worth of stock.
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>> maria: welcome back, u.s. air strikes taking down isis official. >> cheryl: this is some good news. good morning to you, guys, pentagon confirmed the u.s. air strikes last month killed head of the islamic state in libya. targeted in november 13th air strike that is according to pentagon officials. we are watching the story for
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you today. you heard it first on mornings with maria. more problems for chipotle, boston college has more than 2 dozen students got sick. according to one bcc student the restaurant is really popular. >> almost every night around 6:00 o'clock mostly bc students. >> cheryl: no word if the illnesses are linked to the e. coli outbreak. and finally lebron james signing a lifetime deal with nike upwards of $300 million, maybe more. this make the biggest single athlete guarantied in company history. james says he is humbled by the deal. >> i'm just grateful that, you know, nike and everyone over there just believed in a skinny 18-year-old from ohio and i'm
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happy to be a part of such a great company. >> cheryl: this comes on the heels that he made friends with him in miami after playing -- they played the heat, of course, cleveland, he didn't play, they split the check. [laughter] >> maria: wow. >> jon: he was replaying his role in train wreck. he's still a good guy. >> dagen: he sat the game out and went clubbing. he sat the game out and went clubbing. >> cheryl: miami fans were angry and calling him names, fans that were trying to talk to them and security guys were pushing them all away. come on, be gracious. >> dagen: this deal is unbelievable. it shows the longevity of the
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brand. jordan run like art, thousands and thousands of dollars some of them. >> jon: that's a really good point. the arc of his career is pointing on the downside. >> dagen: jordan, they have -- they will sell forever. >> maria: 90% share in china. under armor, nowhere like china. >> cheryl: do you worry when the big companies sign the athletes and then he does something really bad. like i don't know cheating on his wife repeatedly. overspending, maybe. >> jon: seems to be a pretty good guy. >> dagen: he's the king, cheryl. >> maria: lebron james. >> cheryl: you bet. >> maria: coming up small
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business after three months of no change, we break the numbers when we come back. stay with us, a lot happening this tuesday. ♪ ♪
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>> maria: welcome back, breaking news just moments ago. small businesses confidence fell last month after three months of virtually no change. optimism dropped 1.3 points in november to 94.8.
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chief economist of the nfib joining us right now. good to see you, bill, thank you for joining us. >> always a pleasure. >> maria: what's going on with small business, why the optimism decline? >> you handle the good news we have that we make optimistic about the future. that's really the issue. all the things that they carry about to uncertainty about the economy, to uncertainty about economic policy, regulation, none of those things are talked about, they're not being addressed by anybody, it doesn't sound like they would be, these are the things that worry small businesses, nothing good is happening there. the sale numbers are not great, we still have more and sales are trending down than trending up. expected real sales are in negative territory about 1 percentage more. the owners think the real sales volumes over the next three months will be down rather than
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up and twice as many owners think that six months from now the economy will be worse than it is today. >> maria: wow. >> not a good picture. >> maria: obama care, one of the big pressures. it's still the same factors that are pressuring small businesses. >> jon: what i would like to hear from bill is where your index is? how does it compare to where it's been in the past before we headed into recessions, is there anything in your end that suggests we might be going into a downturn next year or the year ahead? >> probably not into downturn. what you see a continuation. some okay spots. we did have a nice 4-point bump in the percentage of owners who reported making capital
6:22 am
expenditures lead by equipment and autos. who knows, we will have the see. plans for capital outlay are still in the lowest cortile. three out of four have been higher in the past 40 years. the picture is really not good on that side. they aren't going to do worse, they're just not -- >> jon: how about on hiring and inflation? any signs that hiring is going to keep pace with what's been pretty good and any signs that companies have power to increase prices? >> maria: or wages. >> our indicators suggest that will continue in the same mode, we have the net percent of owners with a hard to fill job
6:23 am
opening is high, but the net percent that create new jobs, make employment higher in the next three months, that number is historically pretty good. we think we can continue with the 200,000 jobs of payroll survey, kind of a scenario going forward. on the compensation side, the percent of owners who say are working raising compensation is the highest we've seen in expansion and historically are quite high. more firms are raising comp out there. we don't know how much goes to wages or how much goes to benefits. it's one of the key issues of headache-home-pay and consumer spending. the market looks like it's getting tighter even though employment is not growing dramatically. >> jon: that sounds pretty good. what's the soft spot here? >> no improvement in sales, no improvement in the expectation
6:24 am
is going to grow. we are no maintenance mode basically. barbershops, we have to have a few more barbershops, a few more firms opened. i mean, you get that 1% growth for the business sector just from the population growth and you have spending on increasing amounts of maintenance, everything is getting older. so we are not going to jump out. again, if you look at the job creation numbers, go back to 1983-1990 expansion we did 639,000 jobs a quarter. it's not -- the tax policies are all different in 1983 versus 2009 and i think that matters, but just not getting any strength in the small business sector. >> maria: and then there's the
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decline in oil as well, bill. bill, thanks so much. we appreciate your time this morning. crude oil prices with seven-year lows. check out the impacts of falling oil prices, back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, i am maria bartiroma, is tuesday, december 8th and joining me is dagen mcdowell, wall street journal's correspondent jon hilsenrath, top stories at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, republican from ronald donald trump sparking a raging again for comments on muslims entering the united states. >> donald j. trump is calling
6:29 am
for total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. maria: most of his rivals, jeb bush calling him unhinged, chris christie saying this highlight his lack of political experience. on democratic side hillary clinton taking a break from the convene frail to have lunch with president obama and the white house. the administration said it was a social occasion. new information from the massacre in san bernardino, officials looking at a $28,500 deposits in to syed farook's bank account two week before the attack. another day of losses, we expect a weaker opening for the broader average. the dow industrials expected to open 100 points. one reason the market turned negative in a big way, a fractional rebound of crude oil $37.92 a barrel. tech stocks overseas, pretty
6:30 am
stiff decline to close the board. from 3 quarters of 1% to 1%, dax index down, in asia overnight, chinese exports down for the fifth month in a row. a lot of economic data out of china. in today's session qualcomm, stock is down 1% is needed imposes will antitrust charges, if the charges are confirmed, qualcomm faces a fine of 10%, 10% of its annual revenue. stock opened down this morning, crude-oil futures at a low level in seven years, phil flynn is that the cme with a latest than your take on oil's wild move, a real negative sentiment in the market. >> there really is. up peck became unhinged, they are not even making a pretense that they are going to restrain production, every producer for
6:31 am
themselves and that went into negative settlement. in reality it doesn't mean much more oil but it is below sentiment. the impact, china's economic data is very weak, but the oil demand is up dramatically, 450,000 barrels, up 470,000 barrels from a year ago so they are still betting on that and the good thing about this is gasoline prices, aaa says gasoline prices could fall below $2 a gallon national average for the first time since 2009. that will make a somewhat better in the stock market. maria: down 6%. joining us is raymond james chief investment strategist, good to see you, thanks for joining us. what do you think the impact is of this decline on the price of oil? >> there seems to be at tight correlation between the design at the price of oil and wheat stocks. i don't understand it but it appears to be the r squared over
6:32 am
the last few months. maria: energy earnings a big portion of the s&p and that is why earnings were down over all because of energy but when you look at the commodity complex and how things have slowed down and collapsed in terms of commodities, iron or copper or all this because of the weakness in shiny is that reason to avoid stocks? >> i don't thing so. what is going on in china is a compositional change in their economy. the slowdown in the purchase of those iron ore and steel and commodities in general, if you look at the other side switching to domestic demand if you look at iphone sales up 80% year over year, if you look at nike sales up 30%, the importation of higher quality is up 26% so creating domestic demand which i think it's a good thing for china.
6:33 am
>> going up, the beating going on in the jump bond market, i wonder what you make of that and if that is also a sign stocks might turn over. in the past 10 did to see stocks going away, junk-bond iron not doing well. >> i think a lot of of high-yield complex has to do with bankruptcies that will come from good rich petroleums of the world and energy complex. i spent three hours with ron baron and this energy team at the gm building and they think the carnage is not over yet in the junk bond. >> that is contained to the energy -- this broadening of something that will affect the stock market? >> i don't think so. the real carnage is the energy complex. if you take energy earnings out of the s&p 500 which you can't
6:34 am
really do but if you do earnings are not that bad in the overall aggregate. the check looking at master limited partnerships do you worry about individual investors who reach for yield in energy stocks, almost like a replay of 2008 with the bank stocks. how much devastation has happened there? >> the business model for the upstream is broken. they need to fortify their balance sheets and i don't know anyone who will do a deal for them. the midstream as warren buffett said was the total collected, energy has to come through pipes and storage area and the mid streams have been sucked down with the upstream switch sensitivity to energy prices, midstreams don't have price sensitivity to the price of crude oil so i think buying amid streams here between now and year end will be a winning
6:35 am
strategy. dagen: you put more money on them? dagen: of someone else had ridden the mall way through? >> the problem with this business, i have been in the business for a long time that people refuse to manage the risk. in the intelligent investor, and the management of risks, things will come in. and limiting the downside. >> the federal reserve meeting in two weeks, are you expecting fed to raise interest rates, what is your 2016 prediction? >> i think the fed will raise rates. the economy is stronger than profess the figures suggest.
6:36 am
we were average less night, and -- it was packed. we travel all over the world's, it was -- maria: living well life. >> what will the market do when the fed does raise rates? is this one of those cases where once that happens people go out and buy again? >> i think the fed raising rates is a positive sign, they think the economy has gained enough traction and we think the gdp will accelerate 3% of market and did this. is that what you're saying? maria: 2016 was the capital. >> i like all the sectors. technology looks cheap to me. the two sectors i don't like our steeples and utilities. a lot of portfolio managers i have seen this week haven't believed the rally we have been in so the tried to hang out in health care and utilities and
6:37 am
staples were pretty expensive to me. >> are you worried? we're seven years in to this expansion. are you worried that it is getting aold? >> if past is crazy we have a few years left. maria: unless she increases interest rates into a global slowdown which is what we talk about all the time on this program because of the industrial projects being in recession is she going to raise rates just as we are seeing the global slowdown accelerate? >> she is going to raise rates but we have had lunch with janet and i think she will be true to our word, i think she raises rates in december and waits four months to see the impact on the economy, the real-estate market and various equity markets and
6:38 am
bond markets before she takes another rate hike. it was being other people. maria: she did suggest she would raise interest rates and cut them later. >> talk about raising rates into a global slowdown, that tells me the dollar is getting stronger. how do you played that? how do you played a strong dollar trade? >> i think the dollar peaked last week on the announcement by the ecb and mario draghi. i think the paris tragedy gives mario draghi huge cover to do more quantitative easing and europe looks undervalued. maria: thanks, chief market strategist, offering of free trip to interesting destination. new details next before we take
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maria: jeff bezos clashing with donald trump on twitter. dagen: that is right. jeff bezos had only tweeted 3 times in his life until the name tweet number 4 at donald trump writing this. he said we reserve him proceed on the blue origin rocket, send him into space, included a send donald to space-tag and promotional video of rock and landing from blue origin, his privates the company, the sector donald trump criticized jeff bezos. accusing him of having amazon use the washington post as a, quote, tax shelter, in 2013. also this this morning. eagles of death penalty in stage for the first time since the massacre in paris at the end of you 2 concert. the front man bono getting an initial introduction to the band. >> these are our brothers, they were robbed a of the stage three
6:44 am
weeks ago and we would like to offer them hours tonight. cheryl: it was their second and final show in paris sector scheduling in light of last month's attack. you are a dog person but i want you to meet this lucky catch, this short haired the law and receive new state of the art titanium alloy prosthetics. this is vincent. he got the new thing at iron with the university, he can't jump yet, takes a couple years for this to work for the cat but he is doing pretty good, he will be jumping soon. maria: i love this story. thank you for bringing this. >> they are a little short. maria: i know too much about that. >> i am saying what a lot of people are thinking, but legs
6:45 am
look a little short. maria: air bnd, raising private equity funding, making the third most valuable privately held technology company in the world. my next guest is the ceo of your storage which reported earnings after a $3 billion ipo in october. good to see you, scott. a great time to talk about this. we are talking about but explosion of data we have got. how is business going? >> business has been great. most recent quarter we had half billion dollar revenue run rate and still growing in triple digits, 167 year over year. maria: does it feel different to be a public company versus a unicorn? a private company which is valuation? >> i never much loved the term you know corn. we set out to build a real company, not a mythical beast. part of getting public was shedding that marker, talking
6:46 am
about but reality of the business, this is a large market that is not well served by the incumbent vendor and we saw an opportunity to disrupt. >> why did you choose to go public? there is a lot of talk about how hard it is to be a public company. what were the advantages? >> money in the bank is certainly one. the transparency of working in public companies, an opportunity to talk about the business can share the level of destruction we are bringing to the overall market place and we had the luxury of receiving ground from public investors and a public company and it is time when you have numbers like pure, systems company in history faster than any storage network, security company and we felt we could go public at a time of is horseshoes thing. maria: i your customer's large businesses or small and madcaps, a sort clientele has changed.
6:47 am
heat used to be one company was used for storage needs a common area and saw accompanies taking market share from the big guys. >> is reflective of that change, most of the technology in the dissenters were developed 20 years ago, so much as change in the world. flash memory and the clallam model are the big ones, we got both of those disruptions and a great success selling into traditional enterprises, 59 of the fortune 500 using as but we also sell into modern cloud oriented companies like linkedin and worked a service. dagen: how much are you hiring and are you having trouble finding people with qualifications? >> in our field, hiring is good. we had highest customer satisfaction of the business today. for field personnel sales support, want to work with customers delighted by the product, it is a really great environment, silicon valley, talked high-grade engineers, it is an extremely competitive market for injured during so we
6:48 am
have to work hard. the net what perks are you offering? i and serious. >> one of the big appeals is we offer people the chance to be an entrepreneur. there are larger companies, google and face book held their personal become great computer scientists and we can give them a front row seat, learning all aspects of the business, sometime down the road they can start their own business. maria: small-business optimism has continued to decline because of the regulatory environment. how do you see in terms of obamacare, eta, dodd-frank, is the regulatory situation a burden, does it put a limit to growth? >> i would say the truth is this is a work in progress, we are republic co. a little over 0 months now, you get a year lat before you have to fully implement sardines oxley so this
6:49 am
was a work in progress. this is an administrative tax. that is why companies are waiting longer. we strongly believe in the governance model of public companies, is the right way to run business long term so we had time as a private company and now we are public. >> how many employees do we have? >> just over 1200. >> you are there in terms of obamacare. and and you offer everybody health benefits? >> we offer health benefits today. again is part of the competitive climate for talent in silicon valley you have to take care of your employees and provide real benefits. >> we will be watching. more chipotle customers getting sick after eating in the northeast, we will talk about what that means for the company's future and where are the problems at chipotle? we will look at that next. no matter how fast
6:50 am
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maria: more people getting sick at chipotle. nicole petallides with the story. nicole: good morning. more than two dozen students at boston college got sick after eating at a chipotle over the weekend. the massachusetts department of health is trying to determine if the cause of sickness is linked to the nikolai albritton. messages will be the tenth state to report cases of e. coli link to chipotle. the stock is down 10% over alaskan and closing at $5.51,
6:54 am
the bid is 518, 521, the 8 continues for joy coin. now involved with quarter they expect sales to slip 8% to 10%. that will be the first time in company history they are going to be seen with sales and is understandably far. >> company releasing a statement on the incidents, no confirmed cases of legal i connected to jacobi in massachusetts. it is getting confusing, equalize and massachusetts, of the numbers have been increasing in terms of where this problem is. >> this sounds to me like a company that has grown so fast and needs to get better control of its operations whether it is happening in massachusetts or not, happening in up police, they have an operational issue. dagen: they don't have control because these college students get sick and capote saying we need to await confirmation whether they got it from this
6:55 am
restaurant or not, we don't have a handle on what is going on and i want to say at least fear, you are going to see a knock on affect. maria: nine 6, ten, mass. possibly -- 23% just for this quarter, talking sales dropping roughly 10% for the quarter. when do they come back with that. when you get equal rights, three to four days, could be one day or ten days but that is part of it but investigators looking into is this. maria: 51 people have been sick in nine state. do we know specifically what the problem is? we talk in the past that it was the lead is. what do you know in terms of where the problem is at chipotle? nicole: i don't want to elaborate because i've not seen this in debt. i heard it was produced related
6:56 am
and part of the salary and onion makes. >> the question, is this coming from a supplier or the way the free pair of low food, of this is the kind of thing it is a strong brand. my kids loving eating at chipotle. they need to get a handle at this quickly and convince the public and parents of all these kids who want to go there that they have got it under control. >> that is what it was. they want the produce at chipotle. maria: the centers for disease control and prevention host an update friday basically saying 52 people in nine states have been sickened, 20 hospitalized, no deaths but obviously this has created a real scare for people. it has been an incredible story. >> minnesota, pennsylvania. >> the problem is this is a place where parents take their kids so parents are making that decision, moms and dads worried
6:57 am
about their kids's help making a decision whether to go through the door or not. now allows downgraded stock. coming double be joined by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, air force general richard myers, back in a minute. here at td ameritrade, they love innovating. and apparently, they also love stickers. what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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maria: top stories this morning, donald trump sparking outrage yet again, commenting on muslims entering the united states. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total complete shutdown. muslims entering the united states. maria: most of his rivals click on that proposal, jeb bush calling from an inch, chris christie saying highlights, what this means for the 2016 race coming up. new information on the massacre in san bernardino. fox news exclusive, officials looking at at deposit of $28,500
7:01 am
in to syed farook's bank account two weeks before the attack. futures point to another day of losses, weakness across the border worsening this morning, dow industrials above 121 points, nasdaq and s&p weaker has to do with oil. the big mover in the trading session, seeing is a fraction rebound on a price of oil, crude oil trading below $38 a barrel, near a 7 year low. stocks in europe declined across the board down between 1, and 1-1/2%. weakness following the drop off in the price of oil, economically out of china china exports fell 45th one 0 month of november as a result the shanghai composite down 2%, the average in japan better than 1% much of the lee's equilibrate may be spreading further up the east coast. investigators is morning looking at a possible link to the outbreak after 30 students at boston college got sick after
7:02 am
eating at chipotle overs will begin. massachusetts could be the tenth state to report cases of people linked to to public and much of kobe shares down 10%, yesterday wall street analysts were downgrading their ratings on chipotle ahead of this as people expected that the news would get worse. plenty of cheer is that the you 2 concert in paris, the eagles of that metal making a surprise appearance, christmas day for the first time since a terrorist attack where 90 people were killed. startling developments in the investigation into how the husband and wife of the terrace team goal of the massacre, jeff flock covering the story from riverside. jeff: good morning. i come to you from the home of the man authorities yesterday identified as the man who purchased the two assault rifles used in the attack. his home here in riverside, calif. behind me you can still
7:03 am
see the damage inflicted by federal agents as they rated it over the weekend. he is not believed to be a suspect in but shooting but is a childhood friend of syed farook and obtain the rifles and somehow transferred them to syed farook. there is evidence emerging that the shooters used those rifles in the days leading up to the shooting as they attempted to hone their shooting skills. >> we do have evidence that both of these subjects did some -- participated in target practice, and some ranges in the metro area or within the los angeles area. that target practice in one location was done within days of this event. >> there was also evidence this morning of new information coming from our friends at the fox news channel that there was
7:04 am
a transfer of nearly $30,000 in the weeks leading up to the shooting into the account of syed farook. the first thought is it was perhaps financing the shooting. they're looking into the possibility of is a loan taken out by syed farook. the access $10,000 of that, $30,000, made $5,000 transfer to is another for a fee of syed farook and authorities said they are looking closely at tashfeen malik and what she knew and when she knew it. maria: of the search for -- the fight against isis intensify as, the pentagon confirmed u.s. air strikes killed a group's top leader in libya. joining me is chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, air force general richard myers. great to have you on the program. thanks for joining us. what is your take on where we
7:05 am
are given what we know in terms of the downed leader in libya and the air strikes with our friends in europe have joined the fight. >> people are undervaluing airstrikes, effective, our friends in the pentagon have been effective in containing isis and knocking off their leadership said that is important to understand, probably not sufficient in the long run but a good step. maria: they are effective but a lot of db, your friends and colleagues telling you it depends if they have been effective but feel they are missing the targets. can't possibly be effective without ground troops coordinating with the air strikes. where are you on this? >> people on the ground in afghanistan, one of the things we put in special forces with air force folks that could decimate targets, became accurate and the few people could swing the whole pie in the
7:06 am
conflict for the taliban. it was amazing. i think that is what they are working towards. maria: what do you recommend? things have changed after the paris attacks in san bernardine know that the american public is much more attuned to what is happening and like to see an aggressive stance. >> some things changed is the public's awareness but i don't think anything has changed. this is still the jihadists have not changed. it started a long time ago and is still going on and it is nice people are more concerned today but it will take a concerned public not just in the u.s. the friends and allies to deal with this and i think the tension we had back in the. administration is how much time do we devote to the larger sort of grand strategy against this sort of extremism and how much do we devote to just tactical issues of the date?
7:07 am
we need dudes in the ground in syria, this or that? tactical situation, i assure the tension exists, people want to take it to a bigger strategy. probably worried -- is important. maria: when you look at the situation of the two shooters of the san bernardino massacre, the fodder of syed farook is saying his son was agreeing with isis for a long time, as a problem with israel, would make hostings on facebook, how did we miss the? if someone is out there publicly saying islam will rule the world, you will die of terrorism he says to one of his jewish colleagues, how do we miss all this? >> the best thing you can have on your side is good intelligence and how he missed that i don't know but they didn't connect the dots of 9/11 in paris, they of the information and saw how quickly they went after perpetrators because they knew they didn't
7:08 am
connect the dots and what is going to happen. we need to reinvest in our intelligence sources and enable the domestic folks like the fbi, military to do their job. maria: which is why this debate over the metadata program is so important because the fbi feels they got their hands tied because technology companies encrypt data making it impossible for them to track these lease >> debate our freedom in the united states, if we think about this, think intelligence is important to stopping them, we have to rethink that. maria: do you buy into the idea this range marriage, the wife, tashfeen malik radicalized her husband and if so is this all old new window the terrorists figured out a way to get to america? fact you did have a jihad bride marian american citizen? >> who knows?
7:09 am
it is certainly plausible, they are very clever in how they motivate people and recruit people. it would not be surprising. maria: not as clever but rage, selling oil on the black market. to what do you attribute this power is that this group has been able to obtain? had you ever seen anything like it? >> financial is one of the issues. when i was still in but military al qaeda didn't act like that nation state. isis does to some degree. they're financed pretty well, you in predators in the last few days that we are going after their oil assets. we need to do that, we need to totally cut your finances off. maria: feels like is obvious we should have been doing that but i know the president does not want any casualties, individual casualties. >> it is always part of that
7:10 am
calculation, the military and state department and others and you have to be balanced and that. you can violate the law of armed conflict, you have to be responsible and we don't want to change our culture, we want to maintain our values. maria: couple from cnn shows most american majorities say suspend ground troops to fight isis. i recognize it is the debate the american people don't want their children fighting another war but we have a poll saying no, we need ground troops. where are you on this? we probably need ground troops? how significant? >> we should see what happens to 150 or so to see what effect and what impact they have on the battle and be prepared to ratchet up if we have to and i am sure those are debate, nothing being daily in a situation to assess where we are to get the assessment in the
7:11 am
region, what we need and those back-and-forths going on. maria: do you think our friends in the region will send their troops? other arab nations? >> that is key. if we are going to get serious about this threat the gulf states have to participate. so far they have been willing to sit back. maria: they are upset with america. the fact that the president through a red line and didn't cross it and syria didn't do anything because syria crossed the red line and the fact we didn't support the head of egypt and the fact sheets pull troops out of iraq, they got mad about that. >> there's a lot of repair work in diplomacy in the region, they're worried that iran and is sending, that is not good. we need to work that and when we work that, perhaps we can get some to join this fight. part of that is the cavett both ways, the clarence get on with it. maria: that iran deal -- >> i don't think so.
7:12 am
the world is not perfect, it pushes the problem down a ways and gives a chance to have some dialogue which in the end is what we need. maria: good to have you on the program. thanks for your web sites. we will take a short break, we will be right back, stay with us. looking for 24/7 digestive support?
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maria: donald trump's comments unmuzzle is drawing swift condemnation. cheryl: this is interesting, donald trump announcing the new plan that would ban all muslims who travel into our country. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. maria: this after his recent remarks on muslims prompted strong criticism. trump said he saw thousands of muslim americans celebrating the 9/11 attacks in new jersey. also this morning iran tested in
7:16 am
medium-range ballistic missile, senior u.s. official telling fox the test was conducted nov. 21st. the missile has a range of 1200 miles a is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. ballistic tests by iran are banned under a 2010 security council resolution. eagles of death metal taking the stage at the end of the engage concert, first time since the terror attack in paris, and after rescheduling their original dates in light of last month's attacks. i want to go to these comments by donald trump, everything we stand for resignation, john kasich outrageous divisiveness but i think the new hampshire gop chairwoman saying he is a republican, and constitutional, an american, and the heads of the republican party in south carolina and i would joining him in the primaries. dagen: i would say beyond politics is what is important
7:17 am
and i talked about this last hour with one of the leaders in the southern baptist convention which i would like to point out the is organization is the country's largest protestant denomination, almost 16 million people. anyone who cares about religious liberty should denounces this reckless rhetoric. we must never lose in a time of war precious freedom, we must have security, we must have order, we must not trade freedom for an illusion of winning. the danger as he points out is you ban muslims from coming into this country, who is next? you start taking that tack. it can always be turned on you. >> his followers are going to say trump isn't saying, isn't trying to interfere with free practice of religion in the united states. that is the argument they will make. i am not justifying it. they make they will make the argument he is just a let's
7:18 am
pause it until our leaders figure out what is going on. this morning on twitter announcing -- dagen: ann coulter is saying go trumbo, complete the supporting this idea. probably on some americans at the rally cheering for this to support this idea. dagen: women, mocking people, the jewish religion, it is all ok and then this, keeping muslims out of the country. people are fans of his, everything he says. >> i wonder if you wants to be president. if he is a rational person he has to realize a large the germans of the population is not going to get behind the idea is -- >> he alienated mexicans, alienated women.
7:19 am
made some tough comments. >> thinking about this thinking about what his prospects are, he has to be doing the numbers, his whole numbers don't go up even among republicans above 20% so is he just trying to stir up a lot of interest in this small base? whatever is next donald trump? cheryl: ted cruz is winning in iowa. people do say that when the polls we can for donald trump something else happens and he comes out and says something outrageous i don't know. we will see, thank you. up next lebron james finds of lifetime contract with nike, how he celebrated the big win next, futures slide even further this morning, dow features down 9%, looking at a decline of 150 points on the dow industrials, real unraveling going on for equities, back in a moment.
7:20 am
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maria: a major endorsement, jared max. >> at the tuesday. the most recognizable basketball player in the world, lebron james sign a lifetime of agreement with 19. sports joins like michael jordan and tiger woods largely associated with the company never believed to have gone a written deal like this, how much is it worth, no exact figures yet but far surpassed the $3 million contract, kevin durant of oklahoma city this
7:24 am
past summer with nike lifetime deals very rare between corporations and athletes, david beckham has won with ed diaz, derek of the chicago bulls but this is the first for 90. >> i am grateful, everyone over there believed in a skinny 18-year-old from akron, ohio and that is a big part of it. >> certainly interesting, new york post reporting saturday night after it the he were playing the cleveland cavaliers lebron with a new team against his old team sat out the game and saturday night was seen at a nightclub in south beach, was supposed to be missing the game because of fatigue and is out partying with other friends and apparently -- >> after that huge deal, picking up the check. >> today's world does nike feel
7:25 am
the need to issue a public statement access? we do not in any way represent this type of work ethic for lebron james, this reactionary type of mentality? >> this has potential to be a great deal for nike of lebron has the longevity we were talking about that michael jordan had. by wonder if lebron ten years from now is a big public figure wants to renegotiate his deal. >> valid take lebron james to get his first-ever lifetime deal with nike to is a plant, could he ever not michael jordan from being the brand of 19, the 34 of air jordan. 14 different lebron sneakers that when you look at this, how long will it take before you don't see michael jordan and lebron james? dagen: thank you for making sure he did not cover the cowboys. how about the cowboys? >> three tie for first place.
7:26 am
>> great news for the new york giants might have saved tom coughlin. dagen: giants/eagles in first place, have to bring up the giants'. >> sports pages to they already looking at the next coach. can he finish the season? dagen: i still stand by that hash tag last night. good stuff. coming up donald trump makes more controversial comments on the campaign trail but has he gone too far this time? back in a moment.
7:27 am
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> . . maria: welcome back good tuesday he moring i am maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, december 8, with me fox business network dagen mcdowell, the wroj steve correspondent jon hilsenrath top stories 7:30 a.m. east coast, republican frontier donald trump out rainl again this time comments on muslims coming to united states, listen.
7:30 am
>> donald j. trump is calling for a total complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. maria: most rivals took on that o proposal jeb bush calling trump unhinged chris christie saying this healths lack of political experiencing on democratic sidehill hill taking a break from trail yesterday, to have lunch with president obama, at the white house. administration says, it was mostly social carings. >> massacre in san bernardino fox domestic abuse exclusive officials looking at 28,000 o he he 28 a 4-up deposit into farook's bank account two weeks before the attack, turning to markets this morning, things are worsening it looks like we are getting a sharp sell-off opening of trade to look it has to do with oil prices moving lower, the dow jones industrial average lows of the orange right now decline of 162 points, nasdaq and s&p 500, also weaker we get retail sales number out end of the week that could be a market mover right now we look looks
7:31 am
like markets are -- are trading on oil, to look at oil extending yesterday's decline in fact, back below 38 dollars a barrel, as oil goes down, stocks are following suit, and also going down. as the commodities complex collapses continues to collapse this impacting emerge marking s&p 500 earnings, checking action in europe declines across the board today as well, that on heels of sell-off yesterday u.s. stocks ft cac dac down you between 1, 1 1/2% asia oofrnt weakness sharp drop in oil set tone for china chinese economic data out exports down for a fifth month in a row in november, shanghai composite down almost 2% kneecake average down better than 1%, watching cqualcomm done more than 2% eu imposed form antitrust over pricing if confirmed qualcomm faces up to
7:32 am
10 tax revenues annual revenue stock down, on qualcomm this morning also looking at chipolte down this morning, top stories strong reaction to comments by donald trump regarding muslims entering united states, blake burman in washington with the latest, good morning. >> good morning to you as weldon don wrote and reafirm offed yesterday he wants a total complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states, until quote our country's representatives can figure out what is going on. trump cited an online poll from center for security policy taken in june, of 600 muslim americans, as the base for this latest policy position, that pol shows half respondents feel they should have choice of being governed according a sharia law while roughly a quarter feel, it is legitimate to use violence to punish those who o fend islam. >> this was an incentive, for security policy, very highly respected group of people i know actually, this is people living in this country.
7:33 am
25% of those polls agree violence against americans. is justified. muslims. >> center for security council policy defended its polling yesterday, while others did he announced it online polls are generally viewed as less reliable than more time tested method, georgetown utah affiliate group also says that poll should not be taken seriously. the reaction was swift by many of trump's riflz john kasich writing a quote more of the outrageous divisiveness that characteristics his every breath and another reason why he is entirely unsuited to lead the united states from kasich yesterday as you said maria apprenticeship up and down the reaction swift against trump. >> thank you blake burman markets here futures extending the losses this morning, dow jones industrial average at lows of the morning right now,
7:34 am
with a decline of 150 points, want to bring in value vooir founder chief research analyst howard recess encalifornian thanks for joining us what do you think is driving selloff. >> justified you had a huge rally in the beginning of october, legs in november, it was warranted coming off a deep a stealth over the summer, well, it began to deteriorate in november you stopped seeing all i got is leadership big megacap stocks of the stay on larry drivers now you've got negative crosscurrents started to hit under the surface you've got deterioration in the dow transports the best measure of really where the manufacturing sector is going utilities, utilities are the a barometer for interest rates the transports and utilities off 15%. >> year to diet. >> off 15% from highs,
7:35 am
virtually year to date, high yields people sort of looked high yielded market not just emergency the high yield market mahas gotten dryered 570 base points the spread between governments, and high yields, that was 200 basis points lower in may, that was 300 basis points lower the end of 14, m&a, you or go to yie yield markets small caps off significantly. >> right. >> you've got eroding profit margins every time have foretold a recession. >> federal reserve, probably going to raise interest rates into a slowdown we know that the industrial side of the economy is -- >> this is what i want to ask you we talked earlier about this where are we in this business, cycle towards the end of it and is that what all this market behavior is telling us? or are we more in the middle which is what fed seems telling us, because they are just starting to raise interest rates now. >> you have a lot of crosscurrents in the economy,
7:36 am
this is no question about it, i think we will continue to muddle from compromise economic perspective much more concerned about the back end being the global, for the manufacturing certificatisector consumer better jobs data pretty good wage growth but at the end of the day, if you mix it all together, and look at what the global and manufacturing is doing, i think that is going to outweigh and i think as we move deeper into 2016 you are going to begin to see the economy -- >> do we go to recession in 2016 if industrial side is in recession does the rest follow suit. >> more likely 17 you often get first year of a presidency. >>ive it is important that we talk today about the consumer you raised, talking about oil prices, failing, that is it that is a net benefit to american consumers and at the time of christmas, you know getting more the pump. >> -- job cuts in energy. >> it is. >> not all positive. >> but there are a lot of other parts to the economy.
7:37 am
>> a fabulous benefit a fabulous tax credit effectively. >> we haven't seen the it -- >> that is exactly what -- >> it itself really positive until it happens, but it hasn't happened. >> overall retail spend if somebody was to tell you two, three years agouring going to see oil down 60, 70% you would have expected a much more vibrant economy associated with 5% unemployment, wage growth. >> consumers are saving helping pay debt repair savings not a bad things will will help spend in the future right. >> he we will see. maria: i mean you make a lot you make a lot of assumptions, yes, oil prices coming down, would be a positive for consumers they have more money in pocket you assume they are going to spend that and. dagen: spending in some places, they are doing it at amazon starbucks mcdonald's there are a lot of old school companies that are doing great guns here right. >> retail has been generally on the ground there is no question brick and mortar is
7:38 am
horrible space likely to continue to deteriorate retail as a whole fine i think that is very underappreciated today the reality is not so -- i don't see it being sustainable for that long, given the context of the global economy. >> we talk about just one quick thing, sorry jon, walmart still even despite warning on earning 5 straight quarters of sales growth in the company. maria: third of value is here. >> because they are raising wages and that is cut into earnings, for the quarters to come. >> more -- >> picture as opposed to the economic picture, in terms of of the stock picture you are going you are seeing revenues that issue now going down in s&p, and you are seeing labor costs are, that are creeping up yes you could take other side say okay. we are going to pay people better finally overdue the pollity of wealth has to begin to contract you can see positive benefits but at the end of the day if you have a worldwide global falloff you
7:39 am
have oil 37 dollars is not great for anybody! what you get -- >> to that. >> what returns in the stock investors in 2016? >> 16 -- modest a recession beginning in 17 i that i decent probability of it you begin to foretell that, in 2016 so as we move later in the year you are going to see market erode if we get a modest did you recognize will i will be surprised i think by second half of the year there is a bear market. >> you are selling. >> we're -- >> raising cash. >> we are. >> howard good to have you on the show this you so much, airlines bringing back -- only for a limited time, levy stadium in san francisco the first smart stadium the game they love the man hidden technology makes it possible is here back in a minute. ♪ ♪ you know i love you, can't
7:40 am
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>>. . maria: welcome back, a paris brown air france flight from sfroon diverted cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: that is right air answer from says plane landeded in canada because of
7:44 am
an anonymous threat it was the third air france flight diverted in less than a month, also this, the largest destroyer ever built for the u.s. navy is heading out to sea 4.4-billion-dollar uss zumwalt left from back iron works in maine has electric propulsion powerful missiles and guns a stealth design to reduce radar signature, sky mall, remember sky mall, back, new jersey company purchased sky mall at bankruptcy protection, and paid to have sky mall as a small insert in united inflight malignancy hymn ferz at least through the end of the year also an amtrak tro new york d.c. buy things i never knew you needed, you never needed you still buy them. >> yes, you are right. i will do that, thanks cheryl. >> new numbers from gardiner respectful by 2018, 3.3 billion connected things from will buildings to streetlights
7:45 am
will be in use in cities around the world, my next guest says the infrastructure is dated lacks capacity and security to handle this new economy, ceo, lloyd carney good to have you on the program. >> thanks for having me. maria: why do you think this is going the internet talking to cell phone a lot of date. >> we talked about important things, not that important right now your fridge knows i need more toasty but there are things that really drive data knowledge that help you better interact with customers first start you are finding, major banks major retailers getting better information on customers, drives data pools large pools more commission you have you put analysts toward it better you address your customers we own the storage space 10 sights mark share in high end storage,s.
7:46 am
>> where does -- a unknown company that you trust 90% fortune 2000 on leading edge out there i think it is collecting more data driving more analytics softer base networking, and sort of base consumer interaction. maria: are companies paying for it we are having debate with global economy we know your last fiscal first quarter, view on where things people were word i that you know you are having a miss the federal slowdown you talked about, how strong really is the economy right now. >> you know, we -- we had a great year last year, this. >> put in context, 20 years strong now, we had highest revenue year, the year ending october. about we have five years of eps growth, we have five years
7:47 am
of operating margin growth on 26%. maria: a great story. >> yeah product margins 6 % a year from now sitting here saying we had another record year, another record growth across the board. we have a strong q4 a lot of customers pulled into q4 from q1 we called q1 down appropriately. >> you said a federal slowdown. >> federal cycle end in september most big deals get done last, of the federal year over 25 growth in that block great federal growth last year this is slow month, so we adjusted down we have gone year-to-year from skwe coaster big problem cyberspace chinese have a division that does cyberarmy navy marines this thousands of engineers,
7:48 am
hacking every day. >> that is right. >> absolutely. >> let's look at the private sector the really coming back to what maria asked about companies are they spending are people investing in technology right now? to make themselves more efficient, the data don't look like there's a lot of investment going on in this economy. >> where we sight in the marketplace, we -- no won knows who we are you kwie my equipment from emc. >> talk about -- >> -- what companies are investing in, is improving those date links. storage is growing up 25% over the next 5 years. >> you look at, storage growing 25% so people are storing more information, there is you know, all of us. >> i have a grandson two years old -- video file of grandson blowing up my mobile network storage is growing we connect only two people in whorld that
7:49 am
kind of stormy we see growth, you keep in other date longer so not that year insulated the other thing talking about not on here people are afraid of -- whether a bittelatest retail to amazon. >> doing something better than you do at cheaper cost. >> right. >> data is data driven you are right. >> what revenues next year. >> we're going to see 2 to 3% on the overall top on core business 8 to 12% growth going to continue to see, growth in epf, operable marnlz shifting to a lot is software driven the reason why, the -- what is uber doing they are -- solving the problem infrastructure in place there is more reason yello cabs can-do do what they are doing didn't use tools weable enabled customers to
7:50 am
use tools. >> give one change that you see, in the next five years, as a result of all that is going on right now how is the general sort of like the person the average guy and gallon out there how is their life going to be different. >> i think the average person out there is going to have better access to their personal information. better control over it you are seeing the sheering off, people worried about it now right, millenials don't care tweeting everything doing, don't care about personal security, you are going to see that shift, going to be better for us better access to what you need when you need it, versus having you know a plethora of people in there all over, and the collide you talk about the cloud, the cloud more previouslant more private cloud public clouds not just top four or five hooib scale guys you are going to see another layer of clouds being built that supports global extension. >> amazing stuff great to have you on the show. >> thank you for having.
7:51 am
>> we will watch, lloyd carney aband b third highest all veried private company in the world details next. hey, i see you're working on your portfolio. need a little luck? uh... no, i have td ameritrade's investing tools and education, so i'm confident that i'm making smart financial decisions. but thanks! okay... trisha, you need any luck? i do not. eric? i'm all set. nice word play by the way. "my name's luck." thanks, sully. i got it. you don't even work on this floor!
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'17 airbnb third most valuabling privately held intelligent company in the world. jo ling: good morning a massive fund-raising airbnb confirmed raising 12.5 billion dollars in private money in latest round pushing valuation to more than 25 billion dollars, and airbnb did not say in filing how much revenue generating this year "the wall street journal" reports expects to bring in 9 hundred million dollars, in 2015 alone, airbnb think offed mort valuable start-up in world
7:55 am
after uber chinese make cell phone maker shall me. >> an ipo is a couple years away could be good news, for the private market especially, as cooling off a little bit, right down to snapchat and drop boxing evaluations by fidelity blackrock don't bode very well good news for airbnb. >> because people felt that part was overheated. jo ling: also competition, home away acquired by expedia threatened by aband b hilton saying not threatened but saying so what are they thinking. maria: good point jo this you southwest air also ceo gary kelly with us talking implications of lower prices on airlines. >> take a look at items on auction block keep it right here fox business network. anncr: when the attacks come here...
7:56 am
...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
7:57 am
7:58 am
maria: welcome back, good morning. i'm maria bartiromo, happy tuesday, it is tuesday,
7:59 am
december 8, with me fox business network dagen mcdowell, the wroj chief commitment correspondent jon ask hilsenrath top stories 8:00 a.m. republican for that reason donald trump sparking outrage again. >> donald jichl. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. maria: -- quick to take on that proposal jeb bush call trump quote unhinged, chris christie says this healths lack of political experience, what this means for the 2016 race on the program, the sell-off for stocks on wall street an hour away from opening bell a decline almost 200 points on the dow jones industrial average. another big day of losses is what we are looking for and it is largely driven by the price of oil. look at oil right now seeing more losses here, on the verge of breaking below 37 dollars a barrel right now, as oil prices decline, that has an
8:00 am
impact on markets that has impact on other commodities the about implications are real stocks selling off talk about this with ceo southwest air also gary kelly coming up, you would think this is a positive, for the airlines, get his take on that, of course, travel in this new normal, new information massacre in san bernardino story a fox news exclusive officials looking at 28500 dollar deposit by farook's bank account two weeks before attack the latest there, then there is chipolte the e. coli outbreak may spread further up east coast investigators looking into a possible link, to o outbreak after 30 students at bonn college got sick boston college got sick after eating at chipotle. >> massachusetts could be 10th state reporting e. coli linked to chip tea down 6% this morning expecting an issue for markets today, iphone fans
8:01 am
rerejoicing apple unveiling batter case for iphone 6, 6x that i can have god had the extended a better police up to 25 hours this battery stinks i am thrilled about that for sure. >> good morning -- >> you are right. >> strong reaction to comments made by donald trump regarding muslims you entering united states, blake burman in washington with details blake. reporter: donald trump wrote and reaffirmed yesterday he wants a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states, until quote our country representatives can figure out what is going on trump cited online poll from center for security policy taken in june of 600 muslim americans as the basis for his latest position spornts feel should have case governed according a sharia law a quarter feel it is legitimate to juice violence to puppish those who defend islam.
8:02 am
>> going to get worse and o gores you are going to have more world trade centers, going to get worse and worst folks, we could be political correct and we can be stupid but going to get worst and worst. >> center for security policy defended its polling yesterday, others denounceed it only polls are generally viewed as leps reliable than more time test methods and georgetown university affiliated group said that should not be taken seriously the reaction to condemn swift by many rivals in the race carly fiorina echoed many who question legality. >> that overreaction as duress as barack obama's under reaction. we're now going to violate the constitutional rights of citizens, because of donald trump, i don't think so. >> have donald trump on a couple of the morning talk shows over the past hour or so, week of listening in, has not changed tune or stance at all once again he is defending what he said, and also
8:03 am
pointing to that poll. >> maria. maria: unbelievable thank you blake burman, fox news contractor judy miller you've been all over of the world, and really watching this, for -- for so closely what do you think about comments. >> look i think that donald trump has the amazing ability to unify the republican party and all america against statements like this. and if anybody should be banned it should be orange haired billionaire builder reality tv show hosts if we keep him out of the country -- this is not serious, the poll is not serious, but he has an amazing way of absolutely demanding the cameras stay on him what this is all about, this will be rejected his numbers are already falling in iowa, they will fall in hampers, i don't see him as serious candidate congratulations to all of the real conservatives from the beginning said this man is not fit to be president. maria: dick cheney was out.
8:04 am
>> denouncing this as well, is it just to put in some perspective there is any precedent for the united states treating ethnic religious group like this we're getting tweets saying this is the way we treated japanese. >> -- >> let's go back, let's go back, way back in american history when we did things like that really threatened, by the way, as opposed to now, now we have a national security challenge that is not ripping this can i apart at seams, the president exchanges the divisiveness of america in the face of this challenge, donald trump is making a mockery of it. every country has its right wing crazies every country has a marie le pen donald trump is america's marie le pen right wing candidate of france. >> the issue. >> in a small.
8:05 am
>> can you rally -- >> donald trump in terms of his commentary. >> she is more experienced than he is, that is the issue -- on twitter and i know that the -- the loudest voices take center stage evidence of donald trump himself. but people who are his fans and his supporters will argue this tooth and nail, they will say this has nothing to do with the first amendment it is just keeping this one religious group out of the country for the time being until we figure it out, they have an excuse for everything that he ever said as he does himself he says one thing and sticks by it lake thousands and thousands of people cheering after the towers fell yet to prove that. >> to find the threat, you -- you compared this to you know real national security threat during world war ii, how serious is this threat to the homeland? >> the reason this threat is deadly serious is that the weapons of terror are better
8:06 am
now, our country is more unified easier to move around the internet enables them to spread message new capabilities but there is nothing new about either the homegrown threat which has been with us since 2007, since identified by the initiative ypd, a pioneering report radicalization in the west homegrown threat fbi thought that notion homegrown able to be radicalized here for years, until case after case shows it was true what we have to do is hone strategy and between a capability at local level, as the nypd has done, to get inside the communities most vulnerable to this kind of radicalization. >> let me ask you about th intelligence officials saying
8:07 am
isis tarltd refugee to enter u.s. do you believe isis has in fact infill at any rated the flow of refugees coming into america. >> i don't know what i do know is that it has refugee population is the most heavily screened population in the world, the people i worry about are the people who are coming from countries -- >> wasn't screened very well lied on application where she lived, in pakistan completely missed not that great vetting. >> it is is not a fiancée. >> she didn't come in as refugee. >> that is fair. >> the refugee program is subject to so much scrutiny maria in fact people who worked with us, in iraq and afghanistan who i worked with there, people who safe american lives on the ground, have not been able to get into this country after they and their families are in jeopardy overseas because the screening is so intense. >> short of donald trump
8:08 am
solution which is to -- for religion ban if muslim what is the country need to do to tighten up that element of the security? >> i think first we definitely need a review of the various categorize entry where vulnerability is start with facts, second of all you start with ramping up local capabilities, among your law enforcement people. the ability to know when something is wrong, in a neighborhood, and, yes, you reach out to the muslim population the overlay we are going to -- when families of thesis people their friends, say you know, something is wrong here, this person is different, something is not normal if you see something say something, it is not sexy but it is effective helped thwart 16 attacks in new york city floo the point making early malik came into this country in 2014, in 2014, we
8:09 am
were all it was part of the zeitgeist to worry about terrorists from certain areas of the middle east and she got right through. >> yes, she did she got through on a visa waiver. >> in recent years we have gotten away from vigilant in this country 9/11 unfortunately has become a more distant memory there has been a push towards political correctness why donald trump is popular you can't say something, you can't target people, that a move in that direction away frintelligence work data collection recent history moved away from really looking for terrorists in this country every way, shape or form. >> i don't think we dropped our guard on that relative to where we were in 2004 -- >> what about the neighbor who saw the a deliveries to the house and suspicious this is what dagen is talking about, she thought something not right here all these.
8:10 am
>> didn't want to be accused of being bigoted. >> you are right. >> get back this is why trump is resonating. >> exactly. >> the other story that is fox news request exclusive, firms are looking at this bank deposit that went into farook's bank account two weeks before this attack in san bernardino. almost 30,000 dollars. >> right. >> what is that all about. >> we don't know yet i mean this is this is how a terrorism investigation evolves you get a fact another fact another fact by next week, we are going to know a lot more about how he financed the purchase of the weapons, look he had a arsenal in his house nobody knew nobody said anything, nobody caught it. >> mother says she knew nothing. >> well -- >> unlikely. >> we have to go i will be quiet but according to cathrinl's report he go converted 10,000 dollars to
8:11 am
cash withdrew money at union bank branch in san bernardino days before shooting at least three transfers of 5,000 dollars that appeared to be to his mother. where did this money come from? >> remember, he -- >> a child the baby. >> bomb-making factory in the garage. >> you know -- it is very hard to get inside a community or a family. but it is really up to the people who are being accused of aiding and abetting this kind of terror to do whatever they can to help identify. >> suspicion in our society, that i isis wants, there is people against people. >> yoofrng that happened i think the president identified that in kind of preemptive self-approach but that hasn't happened. it is not going to, unless people like donald trump really prevail -- >> nothing happened at all -- >> we haven't had an issue of this phobia, of course, now
8:12 am
donald trump comes out says this, and what -- >> what we have had stepping back from for example mayor de blasio first thing to stand upon quote of dr. unity nypd job to identify where, issue muslim americans or those vulnerable to radicalization live congregate when modifications drourz normal part of law enforcement if you are investigating the mafia you look at the italian american community. it is not a form of bias, and yet it was the first thing he did, 33 ap stories last year that two years ago won pulitzer prize said there was intimidation in law enforcement against americans i have never detected at nypd. >> neither have it, judy mill here and there "time" magazine announcing short list for 2015 person of the year you will not believe who made the top 8, you got to stay with us for
8:13 am
this tell us if you think appropriate, to look at markets looking at sharp o sell-off open of trading futures extending throughed down 1280 points on dow jones industrial average, as oil prices below 37 dollars a barrel, back in a moment. type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are. man woman or where you're from. city country we're just everyday people fighting high blood sugar. ♪i am everyday people. farxiga may help in that fight every day. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. one pill a day helps lower your a1c.
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call our specialists today to get up and running. graen. . . . maria: workers' comp. back eagles death metal visiting the bataclan theatre in paris after last month's terror attack there. cheryl: that is right good morning, well we do want to show you some brand-new pictures that we just got in a few moments ago from paris california rock band visiting the bataclan theatre for the first time since attacks last month if you listened closely you can hear crowds that were there cheering them, upon the return, to the site. eagles death metal took stage for the first timeba since massacre in paris the end of
8:17 am
u2 concert bono giving emotional introduction for the band. >> these are our borrowers, our fellow trouub odors robbed of their sage we offer them ours. >> the second final show reconceptualizing original dates in light of last month's attacks finally "time" magazine with list of candidates for the 2015 person of the year, among the 8 are the leader of isis if finalists indicate gin lanier vladimir putin, yes donald trump, the to is a person of the year unveiled in nbc day show tomorrow in 2014 went to ebodilya fighters i looked at several that controversial decisions adolf hitler joseph stalin some figures they have put on the cover in the past,
8:18 am
osama bin laden i think. >> correct. >> khomeini guy in the 1970s, or vladimir putin won it few years ago. >> putin as well in my opinion this will will be a horrible mistake for the magazine i cannot imagine this day and ankle california last week going to come out put isis leaders, that is person of the year? >> what -- >> cover of a magazine, are you out of your mindtime magazine? >> i'm seeing. >> they put hitler on in 193, he is about as bad a guy as you can imagine. >> philadelphiadale news cover portrays donald trump as the fuhr today. >> -- magazine that is the thing. >> this "time" magazine. >> the point of the time person of the year is? >> it is. >> a person. >> people who are they say somebody who matters a person who matters. >> so they certainly, got our attention.
8:19 am
>> i think it will be -- >> i am guessing trump but -- philadelphia newspaper cover says new fuhr, ffrments u-r-o-r but a pose like himself look like hitler. >> divisive. >> people will see they feel very strongly one way or the other about him. >> great choice this year, up lifting choices. >> would you like what -- >> -- okay, you are right, thank you. up next donald trump comments sparking traioutrage again marks selling off this morning oil following below 37 a barrel first time almost seven years you want to stay with us as we navigate open trading about an hour ago back in a minute. ♪ ♪
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
jones. . maria: twitter feed on fire over donald trump, backlash following comments calling to ban all muslims from entering the country. >> going to get worst and gores you are gonna have more world trade centers, going to get worst and worst folks. we could be politically correct or stupid, but it is going to get worse and worst. maria: want to bring in, best-selling authorize businessman robert, who has coauthorized twobooks with donald trump thoughts on comments from dumpster. >> well, first of all, donald trump kiss good friend of mine, i think the mistake he
8:24 am
is making is confusing muslim a religion with terrorists and so real issue is terrorism not muslims. i think that is kind of the -- inflammatory nature what he is talking about. >>, of course, that is what he is talking about that is the point saying this, and he enraijsdz everybody, everyone knows what you said muslims are not you know terrorists. . >> right. reminds me of -- in vietnam one did i cad commanding officer i watched north vietnamese kick south vietnamese butts i said why is it their vietnamese, fight harder than our vietnamese, and as a japanese american, i went through that, i wasn't part of world war ii but my family went through that discrimination about being
8:25 am
japanese what it did for my family is seven uncles went to fight in both germans and japan he hopefully muslims will rise up say, this is our fight. you know, the muslims have got to say this is our fight too. not donald trump's fight. maria: yep that is a good point. >> japanese american how do you take what he said? does it i want settle bother you say you are a a friend of donald trump's as a japanese american how do you take that what he said. >> well, donald trump is one of t don most respectfully persons i have met i worked with him 12 years he is a great guy, i think he is stirring up you know for political reasons, america's resentment towards you know xenophobic should we say unfortunately it is religious more than you know
8:26 am
fanatics what you call it stupidity. >>. dagen: would you pick up the phone call him and say, hey, bud, i have some advice for you -- >> dial it back? >> we'll i don't think -- certain things not worth doing, but i would consider it, you know -- i -- i just think it is sad that we're mixing up people with terrorists and criminals, that is tragic. >> what do you think he is up to why do you think he is taking such ininflamery stances? i think you have to ask him that i was not -- i have not personally called him on that issue. but it is sad. i don't think it is worthwhile. >> has anyone asked him if we're going to ban muslims why don't we ban you know whites why don't we ban you know, unitarians from you know college why don't we ban -- i
8:27 am
mean who is next? >> i don't know. and i think that is why we really should be addressing how we intend to fight these guys. more than anything else. that i think really that is the issue, isis was doing a lot of good stuff in that really upsetting a lot of people and the world hope of will come down upon them maybe there is -- you know, maybe there is a good in the bad that people will finally start -- i think turkey was great whether she shot down a russian jet at least taken the battle to them unfortunately the battle is now on american soil. and i don't know how you fight those guys, there is no easy answer how do you fight terrorism when there is no fixed infrastructure no fair and accurate to say no warehouses no har1230 bomb. >> writing another book with donald trump. >> i would love to a great guy i really i think he is a best man for the job right now
8:28 am
given the state of the world economy. now, he is upsetting a lot of people, but i have friends who say even though i don't like the guy he sayings what i am thinking i think that is secret to his success, is all these politically correct people are saying god i wish i had comuts to sa gusts to say ws a i go. >> would you vote for him. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> even though what he said unsetel you would still vote for him. >> as i said the last program in thanksmaa for having me on the show when i look at kwafgs will you a candidates including hillary donald trump is the only person at this time who is qualified at this point in history to take on the world economic and global situations we are in right now. >> not ben considers aon marco rubio we kind of need a strong
8:29 am
leader what happened when they take out sad scad take out a tyrant who appears next are anarchists we have anarchy all over the world we need somebody who is more tyrannical, strong leader should we say. maria: robert good to have you on the program so appreciate your time this morning. >> always, thank you. >> see you soon, oil prices, big story of the morning from markets, 37 dollars a barrel, broken, first time in seven years, we have got action straight ahead. from the acadecme group back in minute.
8:30 am
... ...
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8:32 am
>> welcome back. the markets are selling off this morning, take a look, we're expecting a decline in the dow jones industrial average of 180 points. second straight day of sharp declines. futures are near the low of the morning and we're an hour away from the opening of trading. crude oil now at the lowest level in seven years, falling below $37 a barrel. just in this program this
8:33 am
morning, the price of oil has fallen below $38 and then below $37. phil flynn is at the cme with the latest. the sharp selloff in oil, what is driving this? >> it's concern about the global economy. you know, oil tried to rebound after the dramatic selloff yesterday, but had a hard time because it's not getting any outside help. the data out of china this morning was very disturbing because a lot of people look to china as the only beacon of oil demand growth. they forget the fact that right now, oil imports in china were up dramatically last month and probably continue to be strong. they're not really concerned about that because they're more concerned about a global economic slowdown. you know, the other thing we haven't talked a lot about this from weighing on prices, have been the incredibly warm temperatures in the midwest. i mean, the temperatures in the midwest could be as much as 40 to 50 degrees above normal. you're not even getting your typical winter demand growth for oil.
8:34 am
so it's just like the perfect storm. too much supply, not as much demand. it's just killing this market right now. back to you. maria: sure is. thank you so much. phil. down below $37 a barrel for oil. the decline in oil prices likely will have an impact on the airline sector. joining us from southwest airlines, gary kelly. you're releasing news right now, passenger traffic was up 13.9% in the month of november and you're talking about key metric, ref into you per available seat mile now flat. people were expecting that to be up. characterize that for us right now. >> that's of course the month released this morning so traffic demand is really strong and we had a solid revenue performance in november. there's a little bit of a shift between december and november taking place this year, but it's still a very competitive environment out there, so the fares are a little softer than we thought for the quarter, but still, on a trip equivalent
8:35 am
basis, we'll have an increase in revenue year over year and i'm very pleased with our performance. >> what impact does a move like this this morning on the price of oil, have on your business? >> well, today it's very positive. that just means we'll be paying less for gas and that pretty much drops straight to the bottom line. >> one of your biggest expenses? >> absolutely. so at the margin, that's really good. i think all of us have concerns about job growth in the united states and capital investment and that's a big part of the economy. so there are pluses and minuses, but on a net basis, that's good for transportation. >> you talk about it dropping to the bottom line, are we going to see it in the form of lower air fares? >> you're seeing it now. that's why our unit revenues are flat to down slightly and we're trying to manage the business to have stable revenues keep our fares low. don't charge back-fees, we don't charge change fees and
8:36 am
offer our customers great values. dagen: what about advanced bookings? are you seeing any-- >> not at all. we are having to work a little harder to attract customers, that's the fares are softer for the year. we can get people on the airplanes and looks like december will be a strong month. maria: and largely domestic. so you're not seeing an i am kt pa-- impact for the international travel. >> we're 99% domestic. our international footprint is caribbean, mexico, central america, very close. our record load factor up for november and bookings are strong. >> where do you think we're in the business cycle? do you think we're in late stage and headed toward recession or do you see american consumers having pretty well and keeping you aloft. >> it doesn't feel late. it's been such an abnormal recovery, such a sluggish recovery and it feels like we're in for more of the same as best we can tell for next
8:37 am
year, but it doesn't feel like things are about to fall apart. >> any wage pressures? are you raising the pay for flight attendants and others? >> i think the economy is such that it's driving job growth and i think we've got to work harder to recruit new employees coming into southwest airlines and we're definitely having success, financially, and we're rewarding our-- >> what kind of raise are your workers going to get this year? >> i think we're consistent with the rest of the u.s. you know, low single digits, but we have a profit sharing plan that all of our employees participate in and have an all-time record profit for 2015. maria: so where are the trips that you're seeing the most interest at this point? you're talking about leisure travelling, largely, right? or is it business? compare the two for us. >> and we're consistent with the rest of the industry. most of the passengers on an airplane are travelling for leisure.
8:38 am
so, roughly a third to 40% of the traffic is business travel. and that has been pretty consistent this year. so, i think that both segments of demand are strong and i don't see any signs of weakness in either. dagen: gary, what about new routes? >> well, dallas love field is our big story. dallas love field's federal restrictions were modified in 2014 so we've increased our flight activity either by 50% and seeing record levels of traffic. so that's been the marquee headline. >> how is the texas economy holding up to this oil spill, oil patch? >> by all signs it's holding up fine. there's clearly some weakness in the oil and gas sector, there's some job loss there, but on a net basis, the overall economy is growing and people are still feeling good. >> what was behind that big move in traffic numbers, up 14% for november? to what do you attribute? >> i think it's all the things we have been talking about. with lower fuel prices, it's a
8:39 am
very competitive environment in the industry, so fares are lower and continuing to be brisk. for us we're growing aggressively and launched international flights out of houv houven-- houston so we're aggressively winning markets and all feels good. >> it's working, gary, thanks for being on the program. gary kelly, ceo of southwest airlines. "mornings with maria" starts every day at 6 a.m. eastern on fox business network. here are moments you may have missed from earlier in the program. >> we have to call this what it is. this is what fascists do when they lash out at entire groups of people and i think we have to call this what it is in this case. >> if we're going to get serious about this threat, the gulf states have to participate and i think so far they've been willing to kind of sit back. maria: and have everybody split the bill.
8:40 am
after that huge deal, maybe pick up the check? >> you can buy the things you never knew you needed, which you needed and buy them. maria: yes, you're right. >> we talked about the important things. it's know the that important that you need more toast or something, but when you drive data knowledge. storage is growing at 25% over the next-- >> any way you look at. storage is growing at 25%. business expenses,
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>> welcome back. serious market currents this morning. we're expecting, losses on dow jones industrials. and oil below $37 a barrel. nicole is on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the action. nicole: good morning, maria. traders are looking at oil below the $37 mark. haven't seen that since 2009 and hitting that level since 2009. for the year, the s&p 500 energy index is down 22%. looking at names chesapeake and marathon. these things are down 5%. 3 1/2%. yesterday, we saw on the s&p 500 energy group overall a dozen names hitting 52-week lows. phil flynn gave us a look at it as well, talking about the fact that it hasn't been too cold, that's one reason. global demand is a concern. you put that into it and then you have overall futures
8:45 am
looking down 170 points on a weak economic number as well. in china, those exports, which game in for the fifth month in a row to the down side. utilities, miners, oil, all of these things are under pressure. maria: thank you so much. we'll keep watching that. a goldman report recently said that they thought oil was going to $20 a barrel. >> and they said $200. maria: they said at the very top. very true. new problems for chipotle, that is happening now in massachusetts. cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: boston college saying two dozen students, including two members of the basketball team getting sick after eating at a chipotle restaurant. massachusetts department of health is looking into if it's linked to the recent e. coli outbreak. the chipotle is closing that location pending that investigation. they released a statement, there are no confirmed cases of
8:46 am
e. coli connected to chipotle in massachusetts. more questions this morning, watch that stock. also this, walking dead star, norman retis bitten by a female fan. the fan was in line for a photo opportunity with the actor. and he posted the photo with the words "do not bite me", obviously the woman lost remaining photo tubts they had planned with the actor after she bit him, back to you. maria: no comment? coming up-- thank you, cheryl. dagen: i would have smooched him, but maybe not bit him. maria: okay. the market is selling off this morning, and the dow industrials, prices are falling below $37 a barrel for the first time since february of '09. back in a minute.
8:47 am
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>> welcome back. the market is selling off this morning. the futures indicating a sharply lower opening. so the broader averages for stock prices. the dow is down almost 200 points after oil falls below $37 a barrel. jon, let's get some thoughts, this is a serious reaction to oil. >> i think there's good news, oil supplies are falling because of the supply and the weather is warmer. it's a bad thing when it's falling, demand is so week overseas. dagen: in energy and stocks and bonds, people are concerned that a lot of these-- or some at least will be going out of the business and i think that that is of great concern to your point what's happening
8:51 am
in the energy economy in the country. >> it hurts the energy economy, but it's not bad for the rest of america. dagen: the russell 2000 closed down more than 10% from its high during the summer and looking at small cap stocks you've got highly leveraged companies taken to the wood shed. that's worrisome. maria: and does it fall on the fact of price of oil. when we see oil drop like this, it impacts the emerging markets and the energy group, which was really the strong part of this economy for a long time. maybe it will mean job cuts. >> we had the ceo of southwest on, saying business is pretty good, record bookings in november, it's not all bad stories. maria: all right. dagen: i'm going to leave it with you, you'll make fun of me if i disagree with you. maria: and dagen and jon hilsenrath, great to see you this morning. and up next it's this, you could be some of t-- owner of some of the joan
8:52 am
collins outfits, dynasty. first, a clip of her in her glory days in batman. check this out. >> batman and robin, you're finished, i say, for hidden inside of your car, commissioner gordon is lurking and soon he'll tell me whoever you are. [laughter]
8:53 am
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>> you're broke, you're wiped out. >> you heard him, blake, you're wiped out and finish. i now own this house. >> this house, are you insane? >> no, i'm perfectly sane. so take this junk and your blond tramp and get out of my home! . maria: i love it. joan collins, one of hollywood's most glamorous stars, award winning actress, accomplished producer and award winning author.
8:56 am
and perhaps one of her biggest roles, the vixen alexis on "dynasty", and some of jones personal items, including outfits from dynasty. >> thank you, this lovely early hour. maria: congratulations, we're all a big fan. we bumped out of the last segment with you on batman. so, what a range. >> oh, well, that's what you try to do with an actress, you never see me play a witch in hansel and gretel, unrecognizable. maria: perfect, perfect. when you look back at your career, what's your most-- >> the fact that i guess i've been doing it so long and managed to sort of stay more or less relevant and more or less get offered work. i'm doing, you know, the royals now. i just did the absolutely
8:57 am
fabulous movie, so i have a book out, the san trope lonely hearts club, on amazon. maria: i love the title. >> it's a murder mystery and romance and it's quite raunchy in a way. maria: and "the royals". i took the liberty of putting on one of your rings here. >> how about that. maria: and you wore this on dynasty a lot? >> many times and in life. in fact, i was wearing it at an event and she looked and she said, elizabeth taylor said i know it's not real, but it's so pretty. maria: this is on the auction block. >> yes. maria: why did you decide to auction some of your clothing here? >> when i was on dynasty, i got rid of the great big house i had in hollywood and everything went in storage, hats, gloves
8:58 am
and millions of things. and i had so much stuff and beautiful dresses and wonderful pieces of jewelry. maria: this is gorgeous. >> yeah, why not other people have a go at it so that's what i did and i cleared out a couple of huge storage spaces, but, and a closet, but i still don't have room in my closet for my clothes. maria: and you wore some of these fabulous outfits on dynasty and why you chose these to auction. i feel like this red sharp shouldered dress i've seen it. >> yes, you have. and actually on awards and events. i did design this with nolan miller. maria: you designed a lot of your own clothes. >> a lot of them are in the auction because there was a scene in which i come in and-- rather businesslike as it were, i wanted a business like look and take it off and look kind
8:59 am
of seductive. maria: that is seductive. tell me about this one, this is a designer necklace. >> this is from gianni versace. maria: that makes any outfit, by the way. >> yes, maybe i'll have it back. and he gave that to me. maria: joan, i've got to tell you, we're all-- we were all big fans of your sister and i know this is the first holiday without your sister, jackie. >> yes. maria: our condolences, a wonderful woman. >> and wonderful woman and writer and sister, very sad. maria: we are you're getting together for the holiday? >> we're getting together in london, a huge amount i have to say because jackie had a lot of children and grandchildren and so do i. it will be nice, but sad, it will be very sad. maria: what a phenomenal family with the two of you, these are on the auction block now.
9:00 am
>> yes, how would you like to wear these? these are eyves st. laurent. they're so heavy, you have to look them back. maria: that's quite an earring. these are great. >> some are almost museum pieces and this is a copy of the necklace that jackie kennedy had and that was copied from the necklace that the duchess of windsor had, and i wore this many times. maria: of course, the letters from all of the men who loved you so much, like warren beatty, i saw that as well. joan collins, thank you for joining us, julien's auction is where all of these are. stuart, so sorry, pass it to you. apologies. stuart: no problems, maria. joan collins is joan collins, i've got it. maria: i'll say. stuart: no muslims allowed, trump said it last night and yet again, he dominates the


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